Yesterday night, I went to the Tombs of Calev ben Yefuneh, and Yehoshua bin Nun.

***Updates on R’ Pinto and Rav Glazerson videos***

The last couple of weeks, I’ve really been feeling the need to go to as many holy places, holy graves, as I can, to get a ‘spiritual booster shot’ to keep me going, in the crazy times we are living in.

So yesterday, me and the bloke drove up to the outskirts of an Arab town called Kifel Haris, near Ariel, and with a few hundred other people, we walked in.


These visits are always co-ordinated with the IDF, who basically shut the town down for three hours, between 11pm-2am, so Jews could come and visit the graves.

I’ve never been there before, but I could feel – and hear! – the Rabbenu vibe a mile away, not least from the two Na-Nach vans that were competing with each other for loud Breslov Trance music, at the entrance of Kifel Haris.

So much for sneaking in unobtrusively….


Calev ben Nun was so powerful (for my husband) that he said he felt a bit dizzy, and had to get out of there.

I honestly didn’t have that experience – but we women are always kind of stuck on the outskirts of these events anyway, so it’s always diffused energy.

I still really liked it, tho.


Then we walked up, to the main square of Kifel Haris where there were a couple of stands handing out what looked like cholent to the pilgrims.

Cholent on a Monday?!

Things are always a bit weird, by the True Tzaddikim.

Again, my husband went inside the tomb, and I kind of hung around outside not sure where to go, until a teenage chassid told me pointedly that there was an Ezrat Nashim –  a women’s section.


I followed the nod of his head, and saw that a tent had been set up attached to the back of the tomb, where the women were praying.

So, I grabbed a Tikkun Haklali, and tried to join them.

All of a sudden, I started to feel really hot and overheating – and not because there was a crush in that tent, which was open on 3 sides.

It was that familiar feeling of being ‘micro-waved’, even in the middle of an otherwise cool night, that until yesterday night, I’ve been attributing to my own hormones and stress.

I left the tent, went back to the middle of the square, finished the Tikkun HaKlali, then looked up.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.


As well as building a massive electricity pylon right next to Yehoshua Bin Nun’s tomb, they have also built a massive 5G antenna on the water tower that is literally just a metre away from the grave.

All of a sudden, the penny dropped that the strange ‘overheating’ I’ve been experiencing for months, especially at night when it’s cooler, is a symptom of being ‘irradiated’ with radio waves.

Now I know that, I’m sharing it with you, and we will hopefully all start to pay closer attention to what our bodies are trying to tell us, about what is really going on with all this ‘super-safe’ WiFi, and smart phones, and 5G towers.


Now, I’m going to share what might be a strange insight with you, that I’ve been sitting on for a few days, but yesterday’s visit to Yehoshua bin Nun kind of confirmed the hunch.

Last Shabbat, when I was still feeling totally overwhelmed by all the dangerous 5G going on in my neighborhood – and the world – I walked down to the Kotel for some solace.

I put my hands on the wall, and I could feel some kind of heartbeat pulsing out – which has never happened before.

I was talking to God about all my fears about the 5G, and the radio-modulable graphene oxide, and all the rest of it, when I suddenly realised something:

They are deliberately positioning the 5G antennas near me to kind of ‘ring’ the Kotel, and Har HaBayit.


5G antenna on Mount Zion Hotel, Derech Hebron.

As I pondered why they would be doing that – I mean, hardly anyone lives directly in close proximity to the Mount Zion Hotel, which has the Begin Centre behind it, and the empty ‘Gei Ben Hinnom’ valley directly in front of it – this is what came to me:

The klipot always encircle the light.

The ‘power’ of Har Habayit, of geula, is starting to resound louder and louder, and that’s why I can literally feel it now, pulsing out with my hands. That good energy, that healing energy, that energy of teshuva, and holiness and connection to God, and true spirituality, is getting stronger and stronger.

Har Habayit is it’s source, in the physical world.

And THAT is why they racing against the clock to try and ‘hijack’ the holy, good, electro-magnetic-spiritual vibe that is starting to vibrate in the world.


But the holy energy is so much stronger than their evil nanotech shots and 5G directed energy weapons.

How do I know that?

Because I’m very sensitive to EMFs – which is part of why I freaked out so much, about the 5G ‘smart’ lamp-posts and new antenna in my neighborhood.

Yet on Shabbat and Yom Tov, I can feel that the negative, unhealthy EMFs around me have somehow been subdued and ‘neutralised’.

They don’t turn the WIFI off just because it’s Shabbat, and I don’t live in a ‘frum’ neighborhood, at all. In fact, most of my neighbors aren’t even Jewish.

So we can’t say that is the explanation.


What it seems to me is that on Shabbat and Yom Tov, the energy of the ‘world to come’ that’s going to happen when Moshiach shows up is already radiating out clearer into the world.

And it is totally neutralising all the bad ‘energy’, and destructive electro-magnetism, being used to hurt and harm humanity.


One more insight, then let’s talk about Rav Pinto.

Rav Berland, and before him, Rav Arush, have always pushed their students to only live in Jerusalem.

Living in Jerusalem is very challenging, even before Covid 19 fascism showed up, and the last two years, it’s been one of the most ‘policed’ and suffocating places in the world, because of all those force-masking force-vaxxers.

Then when all the 5G showed up on my doorstep too, I had a bit of a crisis last week, and was wondering out loud why my rabbis want me to live somewhere where it’s so stressful and tense.

The answer I got back was amazing:

When Moshiach finally is revealed, BH very soon now, Jerusalem will be the first place where the people who have been hurt, will be healed.

It’s not stam, that the Rav wants his students to live here.

And there will be very big benefits for the people who have made the mesirut nefesh to do that.


And from Jerusalem, that healing will spread out across Eretz Israel.

And then, to the rest of the world.

But the strongest light will be felt here.

I have loved ones who have been injected with these awful shots, and my daughter is now seriously dating someone who has been jabbed three times…

There has to be an answer, a treatment, a true ‘cure’ for the damage that is being done to humanity.

And that treatment is primarily spiritual, and will initially pulse out from Har Habayit – and then be ‘amplified’ by the True Tzaddikim.

And that is why, it seems to me, they are carefully building their 5G towers right on top of anything with kedusha, to try and stop that from happening.


I saw that yesterday at Yehoshua bin Nun.

I saw it last week, when I noticed another massive 5G tower literally right next to the tomb of Yosef HaTzaddik in Shechem.

I’m seeing it all around the Old City, literally ringing the Kotel.

And now I’ve noticed it, I’m sure we’ll be seeing this all over the place.


Now, a word about Rav Pinto.

You should know by now, that the lying MSM lie about everything, and distort anything they can, to try and manipulate, confuse and weaken the public, spiritually.

Yesterday, THIS ‘news story’ about Rav Pinto apparently pushing people to ‘vaccinate’ showed up on Arutz 7.

I found it pretty weird that Rav Pinto – who hasn’t said a word about Covid for almost 2 years – would apparently be coming out now with strong statements ‘to vaccinate’, when the truth about how these killer shots are killing and maiming tens of thousands of people in Israel (conservatively…) is finally starting to come out.

This morning, I got this email from my friend H:

I have strong suspicion that they pulled out an old video (about « regular « vaxxx) and out of its context.

He looks much older now. What do you think?


I think she’s right.

Here’s a screenshot of a video of Rav Pinto speaking in April 2020, last year (from HERE):

Compare and contrast the above with what is meant to be a video of him speaking right now:


The glasses are different, the style of clothing is different, the hand gestures and ‘look and feel’ are just totally different.

So, I’m just flagging this as a ‘don’t rush to judgment’ – and certainly, don’t believe anything the lying MSM tells you.

I saw from the Rav, Rav Berland, how much they manipulated and faked videos and recordings to create a ‘reality’ out of thin air.

And also remember how Channel 12 News deliberately falsified the video of what happened by the stairs of Meron...

The media has an agenda to serve it’s Frankist-Freemason ‘controllers’, and they lie about everything.


Heads up:

It’s very possible, even probable, that at some point when the Rav is finally out of prison, some ‘video’ or ‘statement’ will also come out from him, purporting to tell everyone they have to rush off and impale themselves on a Covid 19 shot.

It will be another test, another birur, to see who finally learned their lesson, about believing the lying media over listening to the true whisperings of their own soul.

Forewarned is forearmed.

But it will still be a very hard test to pass.



Following on from the comments, flagging videos from Rav Glazerson that appear to say ‘vaccines will save us’, this is what my Hebrew-speaking friend sent me:



Here 9 months ago (video above, from December 2020), Rav Pinto was saying that they’ll have the vaccine and it won’t help and then they’ll bring something else instead and it won’t help etc, except for Hashem.

In the recent video of him he did NOT say that anti vax are Satan.
He quoted people that say that “the vaccines are Satan.”
But it definitely sounds like he has changed his tone in the past year. 
Re: the Torah codes video [from Rav Matityahu Glazerson], I just understood that it says: vaccines I will save them.
It’s really not clear from it whether it means I will save them from or with vaccines. There are words missing to really understand. It could be interpreted either way. 

It says: חיסונים אשיעם 

The verb is just “I will save them” 
That’s all that can really be understood from it. 

As my husband said, this is similar to what used to happen with the ‘Urim and Thumim’.

It would spell out the letters, but how people interpreted them could still give totally the wrong message.
That’s how the ‘KOSHER’ woman, Hannah, was mistakenly thought to be ‘SHEKOR’ – drunk, by Eli, the Kohen HaGadol in Shiloh.

In terms of rabbis inexplicably ‘changing their tune’ about the Covid shots being a good thing, let’s go back to our tried and true formula, from HERE:


At this stage, there are basically 4 categories of ‘rabbis’ and ‘rabbinic leaders’ who are publically pushing the Covid 19 ‘vaccinations’, and complying with all the ridiculous, unscientific, coronafascist diktats about when and how to pray etc.

Anyone who is using their rabbinical position to coerce others to get ‘vaccinated’ falls into one of the following categories:

  1. Spiritually corrupt fraudsters – Who range from ‘plain vanilla’ arrogant people with very bad middot all the way up to mamash, the totally spiritually-corrupt evil masterminds who are orchestrating much of the trainwreck that has become our Jewish community, from behind the scenes.
  2. Bribed – Bribes can include having the Misrad HaBriut pay for your massive chassidishe weddings; or being the recipient of ‘prizes’; or having mafiosos mamash funding your kollel, or school, or shul; or drawing a salary or payment in any form from the State or government; and also being ‘bribed’ by special recognition and honors, like honorary degrees etc.
  3. Threatened – That harm will befall them or their families; or that they will have their characters publically assassinated (like THIS); or that the State will arrest them on trumped up charges and then refuse to ever even bring the case to trial, unless they roll over and make a plea bargain, just so they can not spend the next 10 years in prison.
  4. Senile.

Nuff said.


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30 replies
  1. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    My son too desired to visit kivrei tzadikim before the start of the new zman tomorrow. So that has been our tiyul yesterday and today.

    So far we’ve been to the Ari (and others) in Tzfat, Habakuk, Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi. We went Meron, which I had never been to before. We even went to the house of Ishas Shunamite in the middle of an Arab village. We still have yet to go to Rabbi Akiva and Ramchal. There’s probably others.

      • Re_Isha_Shunamit
        Re_Isha_Shunamit says:

        Speak of Isha Shunamit, I’ve long been convinced that many extreme phenomena of this world, aren’t quite the way people think. Rather they’re as Isha Shunamit’s deduced.

        To give examples which Isha Shunamit would concur with:

        (1) Fire at Triangle Coat Factory early 1900s, OJ girl withstood working on Shabbos, at great angst, risking being thrown out by her relatives. IMO (just as with Shunamit) that caused a kitrug, so fire broke out on that floor.

        …now fast-forward to:

        (2) a very similar happening. A few shemitta’s ago, an Israeli farmer kept shemitta. That same year, surrounding farms were wiped out by fire YET aforesaid farmer (whose farm was in midst of theirs), was spared. It was publicized in frum media as a miracle, omitting the kitrug part, knowing people can’t handle that.

        Here’s more:
        (3) Relayed by the Lelover Rebbe a”h. An Israeli guy was in a fury that his neighbor’s sukkah encroached his parking spot. Despite the Charedi’s plea’s, the chiloni insisted it be dismantled, then parked his car. Soon thereafter, a stone loosened from the building and demolished the car. IMO, it was either a kitrug or ayin horah. In other words, had the Chiloni relented, the stone wouldn’t have loosened.

        (4) During an early Israeli air-raid siren, a group of people ran to a Miklat and slammed shut the door. But yet another guy who’d been frantically tailing them in the hope of refuge, was left outside. He banged, pleading to be admitted. Those inside, refused to risk opening the door. Soon thereafter BOOM, the miklat was bombed and exploded. Those inside were killed; the guy outside was saved. So again, IMO, this was either Ayin Horah, or else a kitrug.
        …In other words, incident #3 and #4 were same theme, different scenarios.

        These stories (just like Isha Shunamit concluded) can all be entitled:
        “Bechira Booby-trap Ahead – Beware potential kitrug!”

    • Daisy Stern
      Daisy Stern says:

      … And I measured its EMF radiation with my Cornet Radmeter a couple of years ago: to the roof! I went to the police there and complained. Their reply? It’s the army’s.

      So?…. It was before Covid; I have a feeling I know who it was used against then. But now: almost all of K.A. and Jewish Hevron have the graphene oxide inside them. I can only imagine the consequences….

        • Daisy Stern
          Daisy Stern says:

          Hi Rivka,

          Here is the information about my Cornet Radmeter, for you and all your readers. Cornet is a US company that surprisingly manufactures its EMF detectors in Kfar Saba, Israel. The name of my detector is ED88TPlus. The name of the company is Radmeter, and their website is:

          Personal electromagnetic radiation meters

          There are better ones on the market as well, but this one is regularly mentioned by EMF specialists, it is on their list of preferred detectors. And it’s close to home, so why not, right?!

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            thanks for this Daisy.

            I ordered one!

            re: evil doctors – you chose to leave, when you saw how much evil is really going on in these hospitals and kupat cholim.

            The good ones leave, or openly protest what’s going on.

  2. Rachel in NY
    Rachel in NY says:

    Hi, Rivka… last night my friend (who is anti-vax and a student of the Rav) sent me this video in horror, it is Rav Glazerson on the Rav Pinto situation.

    I watched it and came away nauseous, and then 2 thoughts came to me. Either both Rav Pinto and Rav Glazerson have been fooled or taken over by a ruach ra, or maybe they were trying to trick the Satan and let the sheker “win,” as the Rav has spoken about before. I hadn’t considered the 3rd option you present here, that the video of Rav Pinto was totally faked. So my question is, how can we alert Rav Glazerson, who seems to have interpreted his Torah code tables to support that Rav Pinto is speaking the truth in favor of the shots. What do you think?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      There are a few points to make, in connection with this.

      1) Everything needs to be very carefully checked, and double-checked, and triple-checked, before we draw any conclusions.

      On that score, I’m trying to pin down EXACTLY what Rav Pinto is meant to have said, and then also to pin down EXACTLY what the phrase is, that Rav Glazerson is interpreting as saying vaccines will save us.

      From my very quick look at it, it seemed as though it could easily be interpreted the other way, that ‘God will save us from vaccines’.

      I’ve asked a Hebrew speaking friend to help me pin this down, as nuance is often everything.

      2) Each person has to do their own birur, and their own talking to God, to get their own clarity on what is really going on.

      The SM is an expert deceiver, and the deceptions come in all shapes and sizes. Ascertain what is true, what is not, who is coming from a good place and who is not – it’s only something that your soul can tell you, when you connect it back to Hashem and really beg Him to get to the truth.

      This process of birur is very difficult.

      And it’s not over yet.

      • Rachel in NY
        Rachel in NY says:

        I hear what you’re saying. I emailed Rav Glazerson and this is the response I got back:


        טבלת קודים בתורה מענינת ואקטואלית – חיסון לקורונה- תעצר המגפה

        ALL THE BEST


        So Rivka, I think he is being fooled by the fake videos also. I don’t speak Hebrew so I didn’t watch the link he shared above. But he needs to be “set straight” about this because a lot of people watch his videos. I truly believe he is one of the “good guys” and has the best of intentions, but he really believes that his interpretations are correct.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Yes, you are probably right that he is being fooled by so much of the ‘fake psakim’ that we’ve been dealing with here on the blog, and that others have been exposing, too.

          I don’t know how he will be ‘set straight’, except in the same way we all will, when the truth is finally exposed, and we’ll have to deal with the consequences of going along with the lies, wherever and however that turns out.

  3. האיש
    האיש says:


  4. Chaim
    Chaim says:

    First things first: Anyone can pay a guy on Fiverr less than US$ 10 to have any person say whatever you want in any video. You can even record it with your own voice and have someone make it sound like the person you want.

    So, Rav Pinto could well have had his voice modified.

    Now, for R’ Mattisiyahu, it doesn’t sound fake especially considering the content, so he might’ve either not be thinking so clearly or was just fooled by Rav Pinto’s fake record.

    3. Gematria is not an exact science. You can find all sorts of nice connections, and interpret everything completely wrong.

    That’s what happened here without a doubt. Just because a phrase is written “Vaccines, I will save them God”, it could mean 2 polar opposites as one camp can be “Vaccines”, and another second camp is “I will save them, God”. Same thing with finding Rav Pinto or Rav Berland in these videos.

    There are many ways to interpret this info.

    So, while we might not know for sure what the correct interpretation is, don’t be bogged down by what he’s saying.

    These vaccines are bad without a shred of a doubt, and to suggest they will somehow be benefit for mankind is beyond ridiculous.

    As for who the real culprit is or what caused him to say these things… that’s pretty much irrelevant.

  5. nechama
    nechama says:

    What is the fuss all about? If one is in their right mind, one will know that whatever is contrary to Hashem is osser, no matter how convincing it is. Therefore, so far the ‘other side’ is doing its best to CONFUSE everyone. More testing. Do not be confused, be centered and fixed on Hashem! Ain Od Milvado. Yes I’d like one of those “monitoring devices” too.

  6. Attn_rivka
    Attn_rivka says:

    The truth is, all the complex chats over the past 2 years about Covid and vaxes have bored me, why? For the simple reason that everyone had allowed themselves to become diverted and distracted from a simple fact that Dr. Zelenko had helped so many people via HCQ, after which it was SO very obvious that the media suppressed him in order to push the vax agenda.

    So regarding everyone who allowed themselves to be distracted by the lies, and who felt they had to resort to complex discussions about it, it just bored me, because the shenanigans surrounding truth-suppression had been so in-your-face obvious to anyone with eyes/ears to see/hear.

    Long ago i experienced the same in school. When everyone thrived on hashing and re-hashing the same topic over and over again, I felt like a fish out of water, and just felt like going to sleep.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Chas v’shalom, you should be so bored about a topic that’s literally killing and maiming millions of people all over the world.

      There’s a weird timbre to your comment.

      Maybe, spend less time reading ‘boring’ sites like mine, and spend more time talking to God about how to work on bad middot like arrogance and a lack of compassion for your fellow human being?

      • Attn_rivka
        Attn_rivka says:

        P.S. Rationally speaking, I’d also like to point out that you took my words out-of-context, and disregarded my entire explanation. The media specializes in doing that too, aided and abetted by Google and company. And frankly, i’d venture to guess that Dr. Zelenko and like-minded doctors are also probably bored by the ongoingly rehashed discussions and debates on a topic which has SIMPLE PROVEN SOLUTIONS that have/are being deliberately withheld.

        If the entire populace had all along remained focused on THAT, and collectively demanded TRUTH-BASED solutions, rather than surrendering to the tyrants, then all debates and friction would be unnecessary.

        So why did they buy in to the lies?

        To offer a simple analogy: You see your friend’s two toddlers repetitively debating about the color of a strawberry.
        Toddler1 says: It’s red.
        Toddler2 says: Uh uh, it’s purple.
        Toddler1 says: Uh uh, it’s red.
        and on and on, and on and on.

        You know it’s red. Your friend knows it’s red.
        So…none of you are bored, huh?
        Same here. There’s all sorts of complex discussions and debates about vaxes, antibodies, and on and on. Yet I know it’s proven that HCQ and zinc work. Prophylactics work. Ditto blood donations and other techniques.
        So…why should complex discussions animate me?
        By the same token, why should complex discussions about King James Bible animate me?

  7. Attn_rivka
    Attn_rivka says:

    Excuse me, but aside from your statement being the epitome of harsh judgmentalism, implying that everyone in the OJ world should have only one way of thinking despite their very-different experiences (as one rav termed it – “a Sedom bed” – when referring to classrooms)…
    …you commented very passionately about Covid fatalities, but would you comment as passionately on the topic of severe chronic pain which I myself have experienced for decades upon decades since childhood? You better believe, I’ve been =living= the phony sickcare system WAY before Covid was thrust on the scene. And you know what? That’s enough to make =anyone= “arrogant” with respect to topics associated with the New Church (currently labelled “healthcare” and “wellness centers”).

    Have you ever seen the TEDx talk by attorney Kate Nicholson on pain (or might it bore you)? If you do view it, you might understand an alternate facet of the =total= human-experience (not =just= Covid) which some of us have been enduring, compliments of the FDA. Also – are you aware that years ago, an MS patient (in midst of undergoing stem cell treatments in the U.S.) was forced to stop cold-turkey and relocate her treatments outside the country (medical tourism), compliments of our wonderful health tyrants? Did you ever see this site patientsforstemcells? Did you know that the FDA lawyers enact all sorts of twisted legal rulings to prevent genuine repaircare from taking root? Such as labelling one’s =own= body a drug, thus you’re forbidden from having your =own= adult-stem-cells repair your =own= body? Note that neuropathy is only the tip-of-iceberg of my experience – don’t get me started on venous issues which have been worsening the neuropathy, and which =again= the FDA is blocking Americans from getting a much less-risky treatment which is already in practice in Europe.

    That’s because our lovely health system is like a Sedom bed (or like socialism) where individuals’ unique symptom-clusters don’t count. Rather, just the tyrants’ ideas of “utopia” counts, thereby providing them the motive to either offer one-size-fits-all outdated treatments, or the green light to murder millions. But individuals =do= count to Dr.Zelenko, and some other scattered doctors, lawyers and politicians.

    And, again, I don’t mean just Covid. As an example, long ago, Rav Refael Shmuelevitz came to the realization about the villainy of health tyrants (who, had to be circumvented thru a compassionate-use law to enable him to get treated for ALS and more). I believe it’s that which motivated him to go public – he’s on YouTube.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Man, I’ve seen you put these comments up on just about every Jewish blog out there.

      Every one in the world has their own share of pain right now, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual….

      There is no one in the world who isn’t feeling pain.

      We can either sink into it, let it take over our lives, and become embittered individuals that can only think and obsess about our own pain – or we can try to transcend it, and take it back to God.

      That’s the choice for all of us right now, whatever ‘shape’ their pain happens to take.

      • To_snide_comment
        To_snide_comment says:

        Ms.Levy, you’ve drained me big-time, in ways I doubt you’ll ever know. In response to yet more of your cynicism, I ask, why not emulate neurologist Joel Salinas (of mirror-touch synesthesia) rather than the guy in that sukkah tale i posted? Or the CIA? Do you spy on all commenters, or only those who courteously comment in ways you’re not used to? Are you capable of reading comments non-cynically? Or bothering to internalize the fascinating Kate Nicholson on Pain (TED talk)? Do you favor treating those who don’t fit your “ideal median” to a Sedom-bed? Hint: the ideal-median of today, is that it’s politically-correct to empathize with Cancer and Covid; much less so, with worse forms of suffering that are out of the limelight. Individuals don’t matter – only the State’s dictates.

        If only via a dream Rebbe Nachman of Breslov would enlighten you as to every nitty gritty of your assumptions. FYI, I have a close relative who had a serious case of Covid last year. Yet despite my own burden, “heartless me” did my best to reach out, within my limitations. I CANNOT EMPHASIZE ENOUGH that despite truth-based solutions to Covid and neuro conditions (HCQ, MSCs etc.), the public mostly falls for FDA distractions, leading to needless debates and friction.

        THAT’S PRECISELY HOW THE DARK SIDE WANTS IT. The D.S. loves when frum scientific-types misconstrue others. So, to any readers who’d like a peek at what I do appreciate, that would be Star Trek’s Voyage Home hospital scene, Astral City (No parallel rachamim-themed video in OJ circles), and TEDx Synesthesia Dickinson, among others. And it may come as a shock that this “arrogant embittered person” loves the Rad Halaila dance, by the Dudaim. What scientific personalities need to work on, is reducing complicating judgmentalism. That way, these geniuses, online or offline, might elicit a calm world. Not bitterness.

  8. Ahavat_reyacha Alternatives
    Ahavat_reyacha Alternatives says:

    Your use of derogatory secular terminology in response to Other-Than-Covid, proves that your passion about Covid is not sourced in the middah of V’ahavta L’Reyacha but rather one or more of these possible alternatives:

    (1) You or a close acquaintance had Covid, thus nogea l’davar; (2) Your teva is scientific, so you find sci-analyses way more within your comfort zone than empathy; (3) It’s in vogue now, both politically and rabbinically, to express angst over a plague which, due to the fickle public not having vehemently, and with strong focus, demanded HCQ and other proven remedies, is actually a faux plague. It still is ongoingly preventable thru prophylactics (Zelenko Slays Globalists – on Rumble). So you’re comfortable joining the party line, despite that the plague has been needless, thus faux. On the other hand, since it was never in vogue for doctors, the rabbinate or the public to express collective angst for those with non-fatal but chronic pain, you choose to join the socialist hashkafot of the majority (a.k.a. Sedom Bed), rather than favoring the hashkafot of a Moshe Rabbeinu or Henny Machlis, both of whom were concerned for the individual – where he or she was at.


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