Covid 19

Two days ago, I woke up with this idea in my head:

“These swarms of nanobots literally have their own unique IP address….”

***Updates below***

(Taken from THIS blog post, on DNA Origami and the nanotech that almost certainly was present in those ‘Covid 19’ shots.)

How do IP addresses actually work?

This comes from HERE:

IP addresses are broken into two parts: network address and host address (host = the specific device on the network).

This is where it all comes together. The first few octets in an IP address identify the network. The exact amount of octets depends on the class of network. For example, in a Class A address, the network portion is contained within the first octet, while the rest of the address is used to denote subnets and hosts. In a Class B address, the first two octets are the network portion, while the rest is for subnets and hosts, etc.


Then, I remembered a comment I read, from the Israel Truth Times blog a while back, which I can’t find now, despite looking for it, but which made such an impression on me at the time I still remember it verbatim.

It said something like this:

COVID-19 stands for ‘COronavirus Vaccine IDentification 2019′


And then, I remembered about the ‘Internet of Things’, that the World Economic Forum has been talking about.

Here’s where you can read their ‘explainer’:


  • From fitness trackers to smart heating systems, the Internet of Things (IoT) describes the growing network of internet-enabled devices.

  • It’s also enabling smart cities and, in future, driverless cars.

  • Along with other emerging technologies such as AI, the IoT is part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  • COVID-19 has accelerated the use of IoT technologies, but questions around governance remain.


Here’s another pertinent snippet:

A 2018 analysis of more than 640 IoT deployments, led by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with research firm IoT Analytics, showed that 84% of existing IoT deployments address, or have the power to advance, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


You can see the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals HERE.

Reducing the population to ‘sustainably live’ on planet earth is really the unspoken, but implicit and over-arching ‘goal’ in all of this, of course.

And at least some people are saying that explicitly.

This comes from HERE:

In the discussion about the environment and our future, overpopulation should also be highlighted. The issue is often avoided in the debate – even though it is central. We urge the Swedish and other governments to act in the UN.


Then yesterday, one of my kids mentioned how everyone in Israel is complaining that the last couple of months, their internet has been really slow.

This puzzled me, as the last couple of months the nation ‘opened up’, and all the kids who were learning by Zoom went back to school, and all the businesses holding ‘Zoom’ meetings started doing it in person again, and all the exercise classes (or some of them…) moved back into the parks, homes and gyms.

And then of course, our ‘5G’ network in Israel started operating on October 6, 2020 – a month before everyone started being ‘Pfizer’d’:

Snippet from HERE:

Commercial 5G is officially launched in Israel. Fifth-generation communication services are offered by Partner, Pelephone and HOT mobile operators.Vesti.

According to the data, 250 5G base stations are currently installed in Israel, and several dozen cellular repeaters are launched every week. Base stations are already operating in Tel Aviv, Eilat, Yeruham, Dimona, Beersheba, Kiryat Shemonah, Afula, Ginosar, Haifa and Krayot, Herzliya, Jerusalem and Hadera.


So, if fewer people are online than a few months ago… and the 5G network is rolling out more and more stations all the time – why is our internet getting slower and slower?

Sit down for this next bit.


As we discussed in THIS post and THIS post, 8 years ago, Ido Bachelet discussed how his ‘DNA Origami’ could fit billions of remote-controllable ‘nanobots’ into a single syringe.

I’m going to bring the video again, below, and a snippet from what he said, below that:

TEDMED Israel 2013 Cómo los nanobots cambiarán la medicina (Dr. Ido Bachelet) from TROM on Vimeo.


Speaking at the TEDMED Israel conference…in April [2013], Bachelet held up a syringe, and said, “Here are 100 billion tiny robots, 50 nanometers in length….

“It is possible to ensure that there will be billions of molecules which react with each other. For example, it is possible to ask then to ‘count’, using chemicals, how many similar molecules are in their area, and then, when they reach a certain concentration, the oysters do not open. This protects the body from high concentrations of the drug,” says Bachelet.

He says that the processes of mutual signaling and counting give the accumulated robots the capabilities of a computer.“We create clusters of robots, which together operate the laws of logic at the level of an eight-kilobit computer, like the camcorder I had when I was a kid….

“It is possible to include with the nanometer-sized DNA molecule a miniature antenna. When the antenna receives a signal, it causes a tiny change in the molecule, telling it to open or close, self-destruct, or attach to another molecule. The signal is sent from a transmitter outside the body, and the process is remotely controlled via the Internet.”


It seems safe to assume that in the intervening eight years, the ‘operating ability’ of these swarms of nanobots inside the body has probably accelerated way past an eight-kilobit computer.

Bachelet went to work for Pfizer in 2015, and his ‘DNA Origami’ work with these injectable nanobots disappeared overnight.


Now, let’s put the pieces together.

  1. ‘DNA Origami’ nanobots were contained in these ‘Covid 19’ shots.
  2. ‘COVID 19’ stands for COronavirus Vaccination ID, 2019
  3. These nanobots operate in the body, collectively, as a computer with AT LEAST the logic of a eight kilobit computer.
  4. These nanobots are remote controlled by the internet, AKA 5G, and also send information BACK to the internet.
  5. When computers access the internet, they are assigned a personal ‘IP’ address, which identifies them, which is made up of ‘network’ and ‘host’.
  6. People who were given the COronavirus Vaccination ID shot now effectively have a ‘bio-computer’, made up of these nanobots, in their bodies.
  7. All these ‘bio-computers’ – AKA you and me – are now accessing the internet, adding another 5 million devices to the information highway in Israel.
  8. The World Economic Forum has been talking about the ‘Internet of Things’ for years, and how ‘smart sensors’ will be continually sending information to and from ‘the cloud’.
  9. The COronavirus Vaccination ID 2019 plandemic was all about getting these nanobots injected into as many human beings as possible, to bring the ‘Internet of Things’ into being – and to help with the ‘Sustainable Development Goal’ of reducing the world’s population.



Are you starting to understand how all this worked, and why it was done?

There are so many implications for all this.

And I know most people out there simply can’t take in the magnitude of what I’m telling them, together with the scientists and the information that shows all this is very real, and was PLANNED RIGHT FROM THE START.

So let’s leave it there for now, and hope a bit more of this stuff starts to sink in.

But that’s probably why the internet in Israel has become so slow and unreliable, over the last couple of months, and also, why attacks on the national grid may actually end up being a very good thing.

Because God is still in charge here, let’s not forget.

And He’s definitely got a plan to turn all this around for the best.



So, back when I watched movies, before 2006, there was one that really stuck in my mind.

It was called ‘Minority Report’, with Tom Cruise in the lead as ‘Captain John Anderton’, head of the ‘pre-crime’ unit that used autists hooked up to computers who could see the future, and predict when murders were about to happen.

Long story short, there were scenes from that movie that really stuck in my head, including one scene where John Anderton is being recognised by eye scanners everywhere he goes.

Doors open and shut according to eye scanners.

Adverts change to ones that are tailor-made for the person walking past, according to all this biotech surveillance.

In the story, Tom Cruise has to have an eyeball transplant to go ‘underground’ and escape the surveillance.


So, I’m looking up some clips from that film, when I come across this, screenshotted below:


If shmirat eynayim isn’t an issue you can see the short clip here:


But do you see those two headlines from the film, in the bottom right corner?

Molecular nanotechnology?


Mechanical nanodevice triumphs!

And then I sigh a big sigh, as this film – directed by Steven Spielberg, part of the MEGA network connected to Jeffrey Epstein – came out back in 2002.

And was in turn based on a short story that was written back in the 1950s, by Philip K Dick.

Dick wrote a speech called ‘The Android and the Human‘, which you can read more about HERE.


In turn, you remember Jeffrey Epstein was funding a whole bunch of weird, eugenics-based biotech and science before he was suicided?

In case you didn’t, here’s a snippet from HERE:

Jeffrey Epstein and biotech research

Epstein not only donated his own funds, but also served as “an intermediary (with) other wealthy donors, soliciting millions of dollars in donations from individuals and organizations, including the technologist and philanthropist Bill Gates and the investor Leon Black.”

By and large, the beneficiaries of his largesse had a deeper fund-raising relationship with him than they were willing to admit, and did their best to conceal the extents of their contacts.

Numerous Harvard geneticists, including George Church, have accepted Epstein donations. He has since then, like many others, issued an apology.

However, knowing what we know today, we should not take either their judgement or motives as valid. We should also make note of the fact that the same George Church appeared as a member of the anti-corona genetics team.

In another example, a Harvard scientist named Charles Lieber took “generous” donations from Epstein. The same Charles Lieber was arrested for the undisclosed Wuhan – Harvard connection, i.e. for setting up a secret biotech lab in China, allegedly to bypass the US regulations on biowarfare research.

His funding included more than $15M from donors such as DoD and National Institutes of Health (NIH). He “specialized in the area of nanoscience” and “became a ‘Strategic Scientist’ at Wuhan University of Technology (WUT)” that “awarded him more than $1.5 million to establish a research lab at WUT”.

An interesting article elaborating those connections was published on Joseph P. Farrell’s website, which reaffirmed that Lieber’s specialized research was nanotechnology aimed “to detect small viral particles in humans”.



Real life is getting way stranger, and harder to handle, than sci-fi dystopia.

That’s an unbelievable statement, but it’s true.

And I know it’s hard to digest all this, because I’m also finding it hard to digest all this, and I’m seeing how all this research is stacking up and coming full circle.

Mashiah has to be in the offing here…. because how can the world continue on in such a messed-up state, for any time longer?




Why does all this stuff always start to surface in great quantities when I’m meant to be cooking for Shabbat?

THIS article above actually links to a lot of factual information, including a presentation from the Bill Gates-funded ‘Moderna’ company in 2017 called Moderna: The Digital Biotech Company White Paper.

Here’s a screenshot of the bit I want to bring your attention to:


That headline reads:


Here’s another snippet, from page 3:

By using mRNA as a drug, Moderna takes advantage of this normal biological process to express proteins and create a desired therapeutic effect. mRNA is the software of life – so the very essence of our medicines is digital.


This meshes exactly with Ido Bachelet’s description of how his ‘DNA Origami’ nanobots are meant to function in the body.


Next, I went off to the Alpine Security website, to read this article:

Hacking Humans with Nanotechnology | Alpine Security

Here’s a few snippets:

Some nanotechnology ideas include a tiny device that gets injected into the body as a sensor or medical delivery device. This all sounds positive [sic, clearly], but there is a downside too…

Some digital security experts posit that a single nanoparticle in the body with it’s own processor could be hacked, but they also say that if someone had more than one particle in the body, which many treatments would require, a hacker could theoretically turn them into a network in the body, using the body’s own systems to communicate and do their bidding...

It might sound like nanotechnology hacking will happen far into the future, but some experts believe some experimental nanotechnology medical treatments will be in use in just two years. Additionally, medical technology already in use today has already been proven hackable…

One of the most obvious and dangerous applications for biomedical hacking is ransomware...If a hacker took over your inner nanotechnology devices, they could demand a ransom with fatal consequences. If you’re unable or unwilling to pay, they could easily turn your body against you and at the very least make you suffer or get sick, if not kill you…


If it wasn’t true, who could believe this stuff?

But it’s a fact that computers that are connected to the internet can and are hacked on a regular basis.

And if that ‘computer’ is us – well.

You can see the problem starting to swim into view here.

There’s no dates on the article, but it’s not talking about COVID-19 – at all – which would suggest it’s probably at least two years old.


Is this a good time to remind us all about ‘Officer X’, who got suicided in Israel a short while ago?

You remember he worked for ‘cyber security’, and was working on projects called ‘Genetic’, ‘genpass’ and ‘microb’ on his GitHub page, and was arrested abruptly back in September 2020, a couple of months before everyone got ‘Pfizer’d’ in Israel, and a month before they switched on the 5G network here?

An interview came out with his parents today where they are openly saying that their son was murdered by the Israeli military.

You can read that on the Mako news site HERE (in Hebrew):

Translated headline:

Father of officer who died in prison: “my son was murdered, and now his good name is also being murdered. We’re angry at the military.”


The truth is coming out.

I just hope we can hear it.



7 replies
  1. Vivian Corey
    Vivian Corey says:

    Hi Rifka this is all part of their Luciferian agenda.The jab has a component literally like the teeth of the snake that lights up called(I kid u not)”Luciferase”!Basically a holographic tattoo(sound familiar?)That is a human bar code!!!This way they get to (they hope)remotely control humanity with the ability to track and monitor behavior,location and ultimately tied to the central bank cryptocurrency.You see where this is going?China already has a social credit system based on the CCP’s designation of a ‘good ‘person vs a ‘bad’person.Hashem yerachem!Moshiach will destroy everything they are trying to do!They are AMALEK!!!

  2. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:


    What you are bringing here is mind-blowing; fantastic work, thank you!

    There is just one assumption – or at least, this is the way it appears to me – that you are making: granted, Ido Bachelet got funded by Pfizer starting in 2015, and then suddenly origami-DNA vanished from sight. But isn’t it an assumption to declare that because of these factors, and because of the way the origami-DNA carries “medicine”, i.e. mRNA, or the spike protein, or whichever part of the vax it refers to, and because we know there is a nanolipid ( hydrogel) carrier for the mRNA in the Pfizer jab, and because Bibi made a deal for Israel with Pfizer, that it automatically means this is the system used by the Pfizer’s jab? What if that technology was used for other medications produced by Pfizer and not for the jab? Of course it is a long shot, but the fact is, until a vial is examined thoroughly all the way down to nanobot level, we can only assume that this is what they did in the case of the jab. Disagree?

    BTW I watched a very interesting video last night, an interview of Dr. Madej, right along what you are presenting:
    In it she makes interesting points: e.g. vials HAVE TO be analyzed thoroughly by a third party. Definitely worth watching!
    Shabbat Shalom from the US.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      You are right, Daisy, that there are a lot of assumptions still going on. That’s because we haven’t got any real information to go on.

      What got me to make that assumption in the first place was wondering why magnets, spoons and i-Phones are sticking to the injection site. That lead me to the ‘magnetic nanobots are real’ post… and the rest followed on from there.

  3. michal rus
    michal rus says:

    oiy wow
    feelslike we are in a sci fi psycho movie!
    things seem SO backwards
    bH this is TAMUZ
    hashems name is reversed but when we change our perspective and when we lift up our fears, and other fallen middos to Hashem in tefila we are going upwards… and so the neam of Hashem gets said in the correct order. tamuz- the month to to tikun of our eyes and see “straight” see good see Hashem hidden within everything

    and why does this all happen when you need to prepare for shabbos? bec we are now in the Erev shabbos of time and this is when there is so much bilbul, but also when we do all the cleaning up the last bits to make our home, and our hearts and minds and souls clean for Shabbos, and for Yom shekulo shabbos (time is getting short. we have work to do on our individual and collective tikunim )

    may we try our best and keep davening always
    thank you
    good shabbos

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Thanks for this.

      Here’s a snippet for interested readers:

      “To achieve control over hormone release, Dekel Rosenfeld, an MIT-Technion postdoc in Anikeeva’s group, has developed specialized magnetic nanoparticles that can be injected into the adrenal gland. When exposed to a weak magnetic field, the particles heat up slightly, activating heat-responsive channels that trigger hormone release. This technique can be used to stimulate an organ deep in the body with minimal invasiveness.”

      And at the link below, you can see Dekel’s research, and also his network of other Israeli scientists, all working on similar nano-biotech projects:

      And here’s another snippet about this project from HERE:

      The nanoparticles remained in the adrenal glands for all 6 months of follow-up and did not disrupt the structure of the organs.”

      These magnetised nanoparticles are hanging around in the body for AT LEAST six months. Maybe, this is also why they are trying to introduce new shots every six months, to replace them as they wear out? (That would be something approaching good news, at this point, to know for sure if these things stop operating after six months…)


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