Happy post

“It was pretty hard reading that post yesterday”.

My husband told me.

I know. But what can we do? If we carry on pretending this stuff isn’t happening, they will just carry on assaulting innocent children and covering it all up….

That’s the problem, isn’t it? We want, so want, the world to be ‘good’ and ‘perfect’ and ‘happy’.

And there IS so much that is still so good and so happy going on.

But the bad isn’t going to go away all by itself, however much we want it to.

It’s going to go away – permanently – when enough of us take our heads out of the sand, and start really praying for God to destroy all this evil once and for all.


And here is where I want to talk about hitbodedut again.

Rebbe Nachman teaches us, for an hour a day, you look at the bad, you get to grips with the bad, you pray about the bad, you dance and clap about the bad – especially the bad that resides inside ourselves.

And then for the other 23 hours – be happy!

Not the ‘fake happy’ that comes from a Prozac prescription, or an escape into Netflix, work or shopping.

A real happy, that comes from taking the time to connect back to God, and dumping all our issues and problems on His shoulders, and asking God to show us what we’re meant to be doing in the middle of all this madness.

And trusting that He will let us know.

Because anyone who calls out to Hashem from a place of sincerity and humility, with a broken heart – God answers them.


That hour a day of ‘looking at the bad’ and engaging with it, and wrestling with the world of lies, keeps me sane.

But the 23 hours a day when I paint, cook, walk around, chat with a friend, go to the Rav’s prayers (some days….) work on my fiction novel, take a trip out somewhere interesting, play my guitar….

That also keeps me sane.

 Good mental health depends on both: acknowledging the ‘bad’ and the evil – particularly within ourselves, for an hour a day.

And then spending the next 23 hours happy, that we’re riding this wave with Hashem, and that He’s guiding everything, and that even the blackest, baddest stuff CAN AND WILL turn around for the best, once WE make some sincere teshuva.


So much is so hidden, right now.

So many of us are trying so hard to hang on to ‘truth’ and to ‘goodness’, while the world of lies just ramps up louder and louder.

Two days ago, there was a massive fire in the forest in Jerusalem that’s near my house, around 9pm at night. We had a great view, if you can call it that, as the whole mountainside lit up bright orange, filled with smoke, and the fire raged for at least an hour.

Man, that’s going to look brutal tomorrow, I thought to myself. It’s going to be bleak, black carnage.

The next day, I opened the blinds, and low and behold: If I hadn’t seen a massive forest fire going on with my own eyes for an hour the night before, I would have no idea that anything had happened at all.

Because there are a bunch of trees on the hill in front of the ravine where the fire raged, and they were untouched. 

And so, it looks like nothing at all happened.


Strange to say, that forest fire gave me a lot of chizzuk.

I think a lot of my readers are going around lighting fires under the world of lies, both in their personal lives, and nationally, and globally. We see a few of those lies whoosh, burn and crash. And we think to ourselves yay, a huge bit of the world of lies just got vaporised!

But then the next day, we find our good friend still believes that Covid shots are totally ‘safe and effective’.

Or we read another post blaming what happened at Meron totally on the ‘chareidi animals’, while completely exonerating the corrupt police.

Or we read more rubbish about planned ‘monkey pox’ pandemics, or more ‘interfaith’ cack, or more puff pieces about how President Zelensky is the best Jewish leader since Moshe Rabbenu….

And then we think to ourselves:

Wait a minute…. What’s going on here?!? Where did all that clarity, all that truth, all that effort go?!?

Because yesterday, we mamash saw the world of lies burning down with our own eyes.

But today – apparently nothing at all has changed.


Take heart, dear reader.

Before Hashem destroyed the Temple physically, via the Romans, it was first ‘destroyed’ spiritually.

That’s why it was said that the Romans just ‘ground flour that had already been ground’.

But that principle works the other way, too.

Our Temple has been rebuilt, spiritually, already, and is just waiting to be revealed in this lowly, physical world.

Each time we incinerate another bit of the world of lies, we are bringing that time closer and closer.

Even though right now, the mask keeps moving back into place, the scenery keeps just rearranging itself, and the world keeps appearing as though ‘nothing has changed’.

But all that’s an illusion.


My husband suggested that I try to write a ‘happy post’ at least once a week, to counter some of the harder things that we’re uncovering here.

If I planned anything I write – at all! – that would be a great idea.

As it is, I just sit down and start typing, and whatever God decides I’m going to write about today is what appears on the site.

I don’t plan anything.

But I can tell you that we are approaching that time when the ‘happier posts’ are going to start showing up a lot more, all by themselves.

Because the world of lies is mamash on its last legs.


Remember what happened with the former Soviet Union?

It looked like it was going to continue forever.

Then one day, poof, the Berlin Wall came down, and the USSR imploded all by itself.

We are very close to that happening again.

Our corrupt governments and institutions are being shaken to their core, and while they look like they are going to stand forever and ever…

That’s just an illusion.


These days, who cares about the war going on in the Ukraine?

Hardly anyone.

Who is running off to get ‘Covid tested’, even though they have all the symptoms and have been feeling exhausted for weeks?

Hardly anyone.

Who is really buying into ‘Monkey Pox’ scare stories, or continuing to wear their mask now they don’t have to anymore by law?

Hardly anyone.

Even the people who still ‘believe the news’ are tuning it out and switching it off in droves.


Sure, there is still a plan to control the world, and probably kill most of it off.

But it won’t get there.

Everything is being sweetened, all the time.

That is the ‘good’ that I see 23 hours a day.

That is the reality.



Don’t give up.

Don’t despair.

Don’t switch off and go back into Prozac-land where everything is sababa because we can’t really feel anything, anymore.

Carry on fighting the evil!

Carry on feeling the pain of the world, and praying about it.

But know, that God has everything covered, and there is a plan going on here: His plan.

With patience and emuna and an hour a day of hitbodedut, we will soon see salvation sprout.

And we’ll also be able to hold on to our sanity while that process continues to play out.


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14 replies
  1. האיש
    האיש says:



  2. david
    david says:

    Great suggestion from your husband; I wanted to suggest you to write once every week something about Rav Berland. Maybe you can combine that with the “Happy Post”.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I would really like to write more about the Rav, and also to share more of his writings and Torah here, BH.

      I got a little put off by the trolls, to be honest. There has been a steady stream of them for years, and I’m totally sick of them!

      But BH, I would like to do that too.

  3. nechama
    nechama says:

    My happiness is getting ready for HAR SINAI!
    Yesterday I made the desserts
    Today it was the kugels and quinoa and salmon
    Tomorrow it’s the gefilte, chicken, roast potatoes.
    I don’t like to cook on Yom Tov
    No blech, too hot for the heat.
    All this makes me happy.
    And maybe if there is time, some parve peach ice cream!
    All this food! Yes, keep the body happy so the neshoma can soar.

    • Nechama
      Nechama says:

      1 can full fat coconut milk (400ml)
      1/4 cup coconut sugar (45 g) or brown sugar (55g)
      2 pounds, peaches fresh or fresh, sliced (6-7 peaches)
      1 teaspoon vanilla extract

      In a small sauce pan melt the coconut milk on a low heat. Add the coconut sugar and stir until dissolved. Remove the milk & sugar from the heat and let cool.
      Add the cooled coconut milk and sugar to a blender with the peaches and vanilla extract. Set aside one peach to mix in at the end so that I would have small chunks mixed throughout the ice cream. Blend until completely smooth.
      If you have an ice cream maker follow the steps according to the manufacturers instruction.
      For a no churn version add the ice cream mixture to a freezer safe container and place in the freezer for 4-6 hours. Every hour or so you’ll need to take out the ice cream and mix by hand until it’s done.
      After freezing completely you’ll need to let the ice cream thaw for about 10 minutes before eating.


  4. JR
    JR says:

    “Who is really buying into ‘Monkey Pox’ scare stories..?”

    There are no Monkey Pox scare stories. No official has declared the outbreaks to be a pandemic and no restrictions have been proposed. They have repeatedly stated that Monkey Pox is not becoming the “next covid”. The UK has revealed that only a tiny percentage of cases are among women. The only mandate requested is that those infected should not to (לשון נקייה) engage in their alternative lifestyle.

    Indeed the WHO has made it clear that they are not promoting the kinds of restrictions that were implemented for covid: “As of now, an effective response to monkeypox will not require the same extensive population measures as we needed for COVID-19 because the virus does not spread in the same way. “

  5. NiciesMan
    NiciesMan says:

    Hello Rivka.
    I tried contacting Rav Berland via the contact form on RavBerland.com, but I haven’t got any response. Do you know any other way of contacting him, as an American non-Jew? I would be so blessed by God if I could speak to him for a bit, the holy and wise man – sage – that he is.
    Also, do you think many people are going to care about/buy the monkeypox narrative? I hope not, but we’ll have to see..
    Thanks, and God bless you.

  6. Miriam
    Miriam says:

    One of the best things I read from others who took Covid too seriously is the lack of taking monkeypox seriously. They are mocking it already and I am hoping they won’t fall for any of it if media starts portraying it to be worse. That is a relief to me. I think they have had enough.


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