I spent a lot of today on the beach with a good friend (and her baby son) who got cabin fever from being locked down for 3 months.

She is a ‘beach’ person (or at least was, in her former life, before making teshuva and having a lot of kids back-to-back), so we went to Palmachim beach. I had my ‘super-tznius’ swimming costume, she had her ‘modest swim dress’, and we were all set.


I didn’t like Palmachim very much. It was beautiful, but the waves were for surfers, not bathers, and the beach was full of hairy (men…), fat (women…) secular types, many of whom reminded me, in the strongest possible terms, why cellulite is totally unattractive.

Even when they are burnt brown, wobbly bottoms being bifurcated by stretch lycra and hairy-rug-eight-month-pregnant stomachs (on men…) are just not attractive.

Please pardon me, for stating the obvious.

But my friend was loving the ability to just relax on the beach quietly for a couple of stolen hours, so I just kind of walked up and down observing humanity and pondering on how sad my life would be if THIS was all I had in it.


Sure, it’s fun to bat around a hard black ball for a few minutes.

Sure, when the waves aren’t so strong that they can take your legs out from under you even when you are standing out of the water it’s fun to jump the waves for an hour or two.

But as a group of middle-aged hi-tech execs set up their yom kef behind me, all edgy tattoos and cut-off jeans, and expensive-looking grapes from the cool box, and even more expensive dyed hairdos on the women – I suddenly realised that the beach life is actually so empty.

That was useful. Very useful.


Because in case you haven’t noticed, I roared out of lock down with a serious mid-life crisis.

For a month, I was seriously considering learning how to ride a motorbike, and then toying with buying a pink moped. And I’ve bought my weight in new clothes the last 3 weeks. And I’ve barely had a day in the house, because I had a panicked feeling that I was going to get locked down again, and there is so much I haven’t done yet.

So many streams I haven’t paddled in, so many beaches I haven’t visited, so many natural beauty spots I haven’t seen….

Now, after almost 3 solid weeks of driving literally all over Israel pretty much every day, it’s finally starting to wane.

This morning’s experience, where I watched a bunch of expensively-dressed, miserable secular people trying to cover up all their anxiety with ‘opinions’ about Covid -19 and edgy tattoos and loud red lipstick has made me so very grateful that I spent the last 15 years chasing after God, instead of money and status.

I think I have about another week of full-on tiyuling going on, maximum, and then I’ll be ready to knuckle down again, and to start writing again here properly.

And there is so much to write about.


Like, about the fact that the State of Israel is refusing to allow Jews into the country, unless they already have an Israeli passport.

Given that the diaspora is currently facing its worse crisis since WWII, with Warren Wilhelm Jr (aka Bill de Blasio) living up to his German ancestry over there in NYC, and given that the State of Israel has always made such a big deal of being the country Jews could flee to when it all hit the fan, what’s going on now is totally scandalous.

My siblings all have Israeli passports, but their spouses and children don’t.

They are literally being told that they can come – alone – but the rest of the family can’t.

This makes no sense, logically, and is also immoral.

So, expect to see a replay of ‘Exodus’ happening soon, but this time with the State of Israel’s navy operating in place of the evil British, trying to prevent ships with Jews from docking in Haifa port.


And then, there’s the forces of evil’s ‘reset’ agenda going on, with digital currencies and global population control, and all sorts of scary biology. COVID-19 was only ever the ‘excuse’ to role out this plan, it’s not real, it’s a fake pandemic.

But they ARE right, that a Great Reset is going to happen soon – probably by Tisha B’Av 5781.

It’s called the coming of Moshiach, and once Rav Berland finally gets out of prison, things are going to skyrocket.


And then, there’s all the stuff with the ‘peace’ plan for the Middle East, which I haven’t even touched on yet.

And then, I’m having the growing urge to pull together One in a Generation 3 – which MUST mean more fireworks are imminent, as those books always coincide with some big things shifting in the geula process.

And a lot more, besides. Like DARPA’s link to Operation Paperclip Nazis…

And how failing banks ushered in the last round of Nazis, prior to WWII.

And how there is really nothing new under the sun….


So patience, dear readers.

My mid-life crisis seems to be drawing to a close, and in around a week or so, I will be back at my keyboard, and back answering emails, and generally back with more enthusiasm and emuna again.

I just need to visit a few more kivrei tzaddikim, to recharge the batteries, and then we will be ready for take off again, and the holy, good ‘Great Reset’ that is going to usher in the geula for real.

I can’t wait.


Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez on Unsplash


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5 replies
  1. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Weird… I have been dealing with exactly the same issues you have today: Operation Paperclip – watching a movie about them, looking for more info, reading about them; then the Great Reset,which I watched about really , really, a minute ago, before opening your website. I am also busy busy busy while aching to write – but no time, have to take care of lots of long neglected stuff…. something is clearly in the air, manifesting in slightly different ways with each of us. My main concern: SAVING THE JEWISH CHILDREN. How are we going to do that?

  2. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:


    Re: your article about the Psak Din of the Batei Din of LAST June, 2019

    My apologies, I had not noticed that the date on this Psak Din was LAST YEAR! For some reason – and we know there are no coincidences – I first saw that post when I opened your website, and assumed it was a new post you had just written, and that it was a NEW Psak Din from the Batei Din! My error, but this really doesn’t change the main issue at hand.This past Sunday Yissachar discussed the fact that the Batei Din are reviewing the whole situation, and so I honestly thought that they had come to a new conclusion.

    Still, I don’t think it is by accident that this happened: obviously there is a message there. And it seems to me we should seriously discuss these issues, and see if there is another way to expose what we know without possibly causing more harm than good. Is this why neither you nor I were able to spend our time writing these last few weeks? Maybe the best way, instead, is to go to the great Rabbanim and present THE REALITY OF THE WHOLE SITUATION to them? But can these Batei Din be relied upon to do their utmost after their last Psak Din about the Rav? That is a question that certainly deserves a reply.

    I still think that maybe, if possible, somebody should ask the Rav the question. I know, he is going through severe hardships in prison because of his horrible persecutors, but would that nevertheless be possible? Or did somebody before his imprisonment already ask him this very question, maybe?



    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I think the way to sweeten all these dinim seems to be via prayer, especially hitbodedut, teshuva, particularly about our own bad middot, and especially hakpada an anger, and by getting more of the ‘spiritual light’ out into the darkness, however you understand that.

      From where I’m sitting, I can’t really see any other options that will work. And BH, I have seen massive things move and shift in miraculous ways, with every prayer from the Rav that goes up, every book of his Torah that comes out, and every ounce of teshuva I try to make in my own dalet amot, especially in terms of working on my anger and trying to do Azamra. B’hatzlacha, Daisy.

  3. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:


    Thank you for your input. Sorry you were feeling down today; so was I. I liked your suggestions, they feel correct, although I can’t get myself to say Tehillim even though I would like to. Down too…. but finally at last today I posted something that took some digging; by the way it goes more or less along the lines of your post of today. Don’t get fooled by the title, there is a lot more “meat” inside.


    Be well, I hope this heavy cloud subsides soon – not easy!

    Kol Tuv



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