Like you, I have no idea what’s really going on in the Ukraine.

I’m still not watching ‘official news’ sites – which are all propaganda disguised as ‘news’, whoever seems to be running them.

And the few sources of ‘alternative news’ I still plug into also need careful birur, because some of them are also ‘controlled opposition’, and even the ones that aren’t are doing their best to present factual information, but with so many ‘lies’ around and deliberate disinformation, it’s not always easy to do that.

Add in to all this, the fact that our ‘brainwashing’ has been teaching us for a century that ‘Russia is bad, Russia is bad, Russia is bad’.

Communism for sure WAS bad.

But as we are learning on this blog, the Bolsheviks were funded by Freemason-Frankists operating out of the West, particularly in the States.


Those Freemason-Frankists are now busy trying to force a great reset that will lead to ‘Communism version 2.0’, where we will all own nothing, and be totally reliant on obeying ‘the State’ even just to have food to eat, etc.

Without rehashing everything again, the point is that Covid 19 was clearly planned by those self-same Freemason-Frankists – and the bio nanotech in these Covid 19 shots is patented by DARPA.

So to be clear: America is actually the prime mover in this global Covid 19 genocide being rolled out to every corner of the world, with some help from the Frankist-Freemason network that basically has its tentacles everywhere in our so-called ‘democracies’.

That’s not me saying that.

It’s Klaus Schwab:


So now, does that automatically make Putin and Russia ‘the good guys’?

No, not at all.

It’s part of our ridiculous ‘programming’, that we’ve been taught to approach everything as ‘black and white’, ‘totally good and totally bad’, when real life is nothing like that at all.

Putin has also rolled-out the Covid shots, Russia-style, named ‘Sputnik’.

No world leader today is ‘good’, because we live in the olam hafuch, and they are all scumbugs, one way or another.

That said, I am inclined at this stage to believe that Russia and Putin are the lesser of two evils, based on the information that is in the public sphere – i.e., not very much at all.

And what I know for sure is that whatever is going on in the Ukraine, there is way more we aren’t being told about, and lots of information that could change the whole picture, that is not being reported.


Please take this following information with a huge pinch of salt, and do your own research into this, and come to your conclusions.

This appeared on one of the few ‘alternative media’ sites that doesn’t seem to me to be controlled opposition, and who usually do their homework on their articles.

And I have done some basic due diligence myself, and much of what this article says seems to check out – click on the links below, to see for yourself.

But who knows what is really going on?



What this post is saying, is that four months ago Putin asked the US to rein-in it’s ‘biological experimentation’ labs in the Ukraine – and the US refused.

That seems to be true, this is my own screenshot of that story from the South China Morning Post, from October 8, 2021:


And the Ukraine IS hosting a number of US biolabs.

This comes from the US Embassy’s own website, HERE:



Here’s a pertinent snippet from the US Embassy site:

BTRP has upgraded many laboratories for the Ministry of Health and the State Food Safety and Consumer Protection Service of Ukraine, reaching Biosafety Level 2. In 2019, BTRP constructed two laboratories for the latter, one in Kyiv and one in Odesa.

And here are some screenshots showing where some of these other US Biolabs in the Ukraine are located:


Putin is apparently bombing the places in the Ukraine where the US’s biological weapons labs are located:


If this is true, then more bits of this story to start to ‘fit’ a bit better, like this, from the Washington Post correspondent Paul Sonne, yesterday:


I was also perplexed as to why Uman is apparently being heavily bombed by the Russians, as it’s not near Donbass, and apart from Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov’s tomb, there is nothing there….

…Except a huge military installation, which is why getting to Uman was always so tricky, in the Cold War times.

So very possibly, there is another hidden US bioweapons lab onsite there, too.


I will stop there for now, but the point is this:

America, and its intelligence agencies, and its MK Ultra projects, and it’s Nazi-run NASA and DARPA is truly the biggest source of evil in the world right now.

That doesn’t automatically make Putin and Russia ‘the good guys’.

But, it may suggest they could be the lesser of two evils – i.e. still very evil, but just not quite as bad.

Which makes that whole question of who really might be the ‘good’ in Esav – if such a thing actually exists – into much sharper focus.


One thing is for sure: The Jews in the Ukraine need our prayers, to stay safe and out of harm’s way, while all this is going on.

So, please pray for them.

And keep your ‘birur-o-meter’ switched on and operating to the max.

There is way more going on here, than meets the eye.



There’s lots of different opinions about this, and I am keeping a totally open mind here, about what is really going on.

I got this over email from a reader:

I don’t know what this is really all about either — ask 5 people and you’ll get 7 opinions — but it doesn’t make sense that this is about destroying biolabs in Ukraine. The US pushed for this war against Ukraine while doing nothing to defend it.

If they had labs there that were so important to them, one would think they would do a bit more than absolutely nothing to protect them.


And there’s more info being brought from the comments, that add more details and suggestions into the mix, too.

The only thing any of us really know for sure, is that we’re being lied to about what the real agenda is in the Ukraine – that much is obvious.

So, let’s just keep pulling the pieces together, as we find them, until more of a real picture comes into view.


Lastly, I got a call from a friend yesterday telling me that in her community, people are pointing to this as a fulfillment of the words of Chaim of Volozhin, who apparently got from the Vilna Gaon that when the Russians invade the Crimea, everyone should go and get their Shabbos clothes ready, as Moshiach is close.

Personally, I’ve been around that block on a number of occasions before, so here is some advice that you can take or leave, as you wish.

  • We are meant to live EVERY DAY in the expectation of Moshiach coming.

That means every day, we are meant to work on a bit more of our middot, and to identify a few more of the ‘blocks’ in our own lives, that are maybe holding that process up.

It also means that we hang on to the hope of Moshiach coming at the national and global level, too, which is particularly important when times are difficult.

But we don’t get carried away.

If you think you are going to ‘change something’ when Moshiach mamash comes, then really think about changing that thing today.

Whether it’s moving country, getting a little bit more serious about your yiddishkeit, quitting smoking, working on your short temper – start that process today!


But don’t do anything rash or stupid, that you are really going to regret if Moshiach doesn’t show up in the next five minutes.

Sit down, do some hitbodedut, get some real yishuv ha’daat, before rushing into any life-changing decisions because it looks like Moshiach really might be coming now.

He is close, for sure – but ‘close’ could still mean another 200 years.


Like everything, it’s a very narrow bridge.

And yetzers jump all over big world events like this, to pull us into giddy excitement, and then plunge us into spiritual despair, afterwards.

I’ve been researching ‘false messiahs’ and ‘false dates for geula‘ for 2 years now, and each time that time comes and goes, it causes a huge wave of apostasy in the ranks of Jewish believers, when it doesn’t pan out.

So: expect the best.

But still plan for the worst.

And make ‘preparing for Moshiach’ a feature of every single day, and not just because a bunch of Russians are now bombing the Ukraine.



Talking this through with my husband, he made two more points:

  1. He thinks it’s meaningful that Putin is specifically speaking of ‘de-Nazi-fying’ the Ukraine. in that Tweet, above.

Remember, Operation Paperclip brought all those ‘former Nazi’ scientists over to the US, and other Western countries, to basically continue where they left off, in agencies like DARPA, NASA, the CIA and the NSA.

NASA’s budget is more than $23 billion a year.

If they aren’t spending all that taxpayer’s cash on really ‘going to space‘ – that’s a lot of funding that can go to other black op programs that we are now enjoying, including the graphene oxide / DNA origami self-assembling nanotech in the Covid shots.


2. Re: Why the US isn’t defending it’s bioweapons bases in the Ukraine.

He’s of the view that they can’t.

Because if America directly gets involved in this ‘war’, then we really are looking at WW3.

There is nothing in between ‘leaving this alone’ and ‘America getting directly involved, very possibly leading to WW3’.

It’s possible that the Frankist-Freemasons running all this wanted a war – but on their terms, that would see them with their ‘broad coalition’ baloney, and months of tedious propaganda softening us all up to think the way they wanted, when  they invaded Iraq.

And maybe, Putin beat them to the punch so they are now on the back foot.

We forget, that all these evil people are also just flawed, limited people, at the end of the day. And that things go wrong, and mistakes happen, and God mixes everything up for them, all the time.


So, TBC.


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9 replies
  1. Yosef from the Galil
    Yosef from the Galil says:

    Why should we care at all if the antisemites kill each other? Let the goyim all destroy each other and leave us alone!

  2. Daisy
    Daisy says:


    I can’t find the exact source, but there was an article somewhere that listed all the people who have participated in their lifetime in the Davos training, and work with them. I recall clearly that Putin was one of them. So he is definitely not clean at all – they all work together to destroy the world, it seems to me…

    …with the Frankists AND THE POPE pulling the strings – at least that is the way it was before Francis. I have not followed Francis closely, no time. But with him being a Jesuit ( i.e part of the darkest Vatican forces, and as a pope that makes him a black pope!) and a white pope at the same time, I don’t see why things would have changed since Benedikt.

    I wrote a minibook ” Bird’s Eye View on H1N1″ in 2009, a comprehensive review of everything that was going on in the whole world with that vaks WHO operation: a foretaste of the current “cov” one. It is worth reading it if you have the fortitude: long and full, full, full of details ( I have my reasons for not sharing the link as you can imagine). And besides that tons of other articles about the whole saga. I remember – but I can’t find the source at this hour, almost 4:00 AM – that already then big Ph.. did vaks tests on people in Eastern Europe with many of them dying. So it’s not a new occurrence. Amazing that you found all of this out. I do find your comparison of both maps quite convincing, no doubt!

    What I did find out also tonight, surprisingly, is that Donetsk is one of several locations in the world with natural H2 gas, which is in great demand these days, for weaponry by nations, but also for health-giving H2 water by naturopaths, etc. (had you heard about H2 water? That is a topic I just started learning about, and I have to say it is quite convincing and interesting. Did you know that Israel is one of the few places in the world where sources of H2 water exist? Not listed in the article below, though. I wonder where exactly).

    So it is quite possible that one of the reasons Putin wants to get his hands on Donetsk is in order to grab this very precious natural resource for Russia: the Russians know its value, have researched it for quite a while already; we are way behind.

    So Putin is maybe trying to save the poor Ukrainians and Russians etc. from Big Ph. But he is far from being a good guy, he is deep into the muck himself. Part of Gog U Magog, no doubt. Notice in the above article that Turkey is also full of places with H2 gas natural sources, another good incentive for Putin to cross the Bosphorus, if and when he does – isn’t that a sign that Gog U Magog has begun, or something along those lines? (I forgot the details.) I don’t know if it plays a role, I just find it interesting that his campaign is getting closer and closer to several locations with lots of that precious commodity: Donetsk, Israel, and wanting the Black Sea port with resulting easy access to Turkey. Is there a connection?

    • האיש
      האיש says:

      The sandstone chambers of La Maná, Ecuador gush with a sacred springwater subsequently discovered at the ancient subterranean habitation site. The La Maná springs still resonate an intense energy that has been the focus of thorough international investigation. This spring water is of such selective purity that it has been considered a technological feature of the inhabited cave.

      SNIPET :
      In an effort to produce mass quantities of healthier H2O, Chinese scientists have come up with a new method to change water’s chemical composition. It involves making light water.

      Natural water has tiny amounts of D2O molecules, deuterium and oxygen, mixed in with the dihydrogen monoxide. Deuterium, also called heavy hydrogen, is an isotope of hydrogen that contains one proton and one neutron. In North America, typical drinking water has a deuterium concentration of about 150 ppm, roughly equivalent to a few drops per every quart.

      SNIPET :
      Klein’s gas is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. Sound familiar? Yep, it’s water.

      Electrolysis is a process that uses an electrical charge in water to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen. But coming out of Klein’s gas generator, the H2O 1500 electrolyzer, it’s not water, he said. Klein, president of Hydrogen Technology Applications Inc., calls it HHO, or the brand name Aquygen.

      “You get a huge energy response,” Klein said. “But this gas is very, very safe.”


  3. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    The red line for Putin has been consistent for years now. No Nato expansion to Ukraine, period. This is not that hard to understand for those who think. America still holds by the Monroe Doctrine to this day (that the Western Hemisphere is America’s playground and everyone else keep out), even though it cannot enforce that policy now. It almost started a world war over the Cuban Missile Crisis, and what’s going on in Ukraine is even more egregious. This was off the table while Trump was president, but was toyed with before (to the point of engineering a coup in 2014), and has gone into high gear since Biden assumed office. Everything else is just window dressing. Putin does not harbor any desire to rule over Ukraine or Ukrainians, one of the most corrupt nations and people on earth.

    Is he “good”? Obviously not. He might not be a member of the globo-homo club, but he is a member of some club, because Russia is a member in “good standing” in both the “space club” and the “nuclear club,” and he’s obviously not spilling the beans on those two clubs.

    Both Russia and China must know what’s coming. Because, while America and the West embrace degeneracy to a degree unimaginable even a few years ago, both of them are expending great effort to put down efforts to spread the degeneracy to their nations and get their people to clean up their lives and tackle the corruption widespread in their nations. Consider Xi’s war on corruption and degeneracy. Gender-bending males and females in particular in media are being told to get their act together or are forced out of their positions. He is attacking companies at great expense that, were they in the West, would be considered untouchable and admirable.

  4. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    “I recall clearly that Putin was one of them.”

    True, Klaus Schwab was caught name-dropping him. Even if true, it doesn’t mean Putin was on board. We really don’t know. His actions belie the West’s rhetoric though. His rhetoric has a kernel of truth in it, which makes it more compelling.

    Good Shabbos.

  5. Darin Sunley
    Darin Sunley says:

    Bioweapons or no bioweapons, if the KGB overthrew the Mexican government and installed some guy who’s foreign policy was openly and blatantly “Russia is awesome! We’re going to join the Warsaw Pact any day now, and put Russian bases all along the US border! It’s gonna be great!”, the US wouldn’t put up with that for a tenth of a second.

    That guy would be so dead his suicide note would be published a week before he had a heart attack in his car while the brakes failed while shooting himself three times in the back of his own head, right after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

  6. michal rus
    michal rus says:

    “If you think you are going to ‘change something’ when Moshiach mamash comes, then really think about changing that thing today.”

    this Rivka, is the emes of what all these many different crazy things in the world boil down to.
    weather its the c19 and the gee or the attacks in placeswhere there are the bye o lbs or man dates or coruption inside or outside the community/country/world…or any other of the zillion wacky things going on and making us freaked out its all for this one line you said

    and all the “prophecies” and mesora or this siman of moshiach, or this gadol saying this or that regarding moshiachs imminent arrival…its all this
    if we plan to repare for moshiach by changing into our shabbos clothing and awaiting the announcement….those shabbos clothing may be a beautiful mashul for being ready with our finest self. and this is what you always bring us back to Rivka. teshuva

    so putting on our shabbos clothing externally may be somethig soe people might do. but the ikkar is to garb our neshama in the finest maasim and middos.
    and i thank you so much for bringing me back to this focus.
    together as we do birur of the garments we may have that are not befitting a ben/basmelech, and we try to keep the “shabbos clothing” middos active and refraining from anger or any conversations that are distrcting to shabbos or our purpose as Hashems chosen people we are on the right track, getting closer to geula
    thank you and hatzlacha to you and us all

    achakeh lo b’chol yom sheyavo , beH may it be soon, and may we all be safe and continue along the path of teshuva, ad Hashem Elokim and welcome moshiach in the embrace of our Father

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Beautifully put – and I think you hit the nail on the head, Michal Rus.

      It’s not ‘external’, all this is just a mashaal for getting our real ‘garments’ – i.e. our mitzvahs and especially middot refinement – in the best order we can, before Moshiach finally shows up.


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