My husband, God bless him, is my harshest critic.

Before I write stuff here, especially ‘controversial’ stuff, I usually discuss it with him first – and his first tendency is to take everything apart, and to believe nothing.

Over the years, this has caused not a few arguments, but increasingly – and especially when I’m dealing with such high-level things as I’m currently writing about – I’ve come to appreciate this trait of his. He’s a lawyer, and he’s very good at picking my arguments apart.

That’s useful, because once all this stuff has passed muster at home, I know it’s 99% bullet-proof, and then I can write about it publically.


One of the things he asked me yesterday is ‘how can I claim genealogies are being faked and manipulated on’?

It’s a good question, and here’s the answer.


Let’s start with a conversation I had with someone who is directly related to some ‘big rabbis’, but off the grid of the official history. When this person put up their family details a few years ago, they were contacted by 2 of the (at least…) 3 people who I believe are ‘gatekeepers’ on geni, paid to divert the truth off into convenient ‘false narratives’.

One was called Malka Mysels, and the other Yigal Burnstein.

There is also a third ‘geni gatekeeper’ who pops up again and again in the most unexpected places, called Keith Hanit.

Long story short, my correspondent came to feel increasingly uncomfortable about the information they had posted up about their family history.

After a short period of time, they decided the safest and best course of action for their family would be to just delete their whole profile – which was challenging the ‘official narrative’ – and come off geni.

I am 100% sure there are many more people out there who have had exactly the same experience.

How can I be so sure?

Read on.


When I started researching the ancestry of ‘Benjamin Broda’, son of the Eshel Avraham Avraham Broda / Rovigo and alias of Benjamin Rivlin of Shklov, the secret Frankist ‘tzaddik’ who remained in the Jewish community, I stumbled across the following interesting discussion on geni, from July 2020:

Here’s the potted version of it, but I highly recommend you click through and read it for yourself, to see how the manipulation of geni is working in real time.

Someone called Lee David Jaffe started a discussion underneath the profile for ‘Benjamin Braude, ABD Grodno’ about his great grandmother, a woman called “Slawa Brodowicz (1800?-1847)“. Here’s a short version of what he was asking:


I’m the 3rd great-grandson of Slawa Brodowicz (1800?-1847) and I’m looking for corroboration about her parents. I’ve found many entries for her in JRI-Poland records, mostly the births and marriages of her nine children, but only one includes her maiden name Brodowicz. Otherwise, I haven’t found any documentation that indicates the names of her father and mother.

There are more that 2 dozen family trees that include Slawa in various genealogy sites. Most indicate her father was Benyamin Broda (spelled variously) 1745-1818 and her mother was Rachel Mayer b. 1760….

Other trees report that Slawa’s father was Ick (Icko or Isaac) Brodowicz (1775-1840). JRI-Poland includes a record for Ick’s death in 1840 in Wiżajny, Suwalki, where Slawa lived. Ick’s parents were Abram and Hydyna…


Rachel Mayer has been identified in other places as the daughter of Rivka Shoshana Jacob, one of the (hidden….) daughters of Jacob Frank, and his first wife Chana Josefa Falk, the daughter of the ‘bad’ Baal Shem of London, who I wrote about HERE.

Jacob Frank had these 6 daughters before he ‘came out’ publically as the leader of the Sabbateans in Podolia that later morphed into full-on Frankism. Many of them married big Torah scholars in the Jewish community, and trying to track down their descendants is proving a really tricky job.

For example, if it can be proven beyond a doubt that Rachel Mayer, grand-daughter of Jacob Frank, married Binyamin Broda, and that Binyamin Broda’s daughter Leah Golda became the mother of the 4th Lubavitch Rebbe…


You can see why that might cause some problems.


So, let’s go back to that discussion about ‘Slawa Brodowicz’ – the purported sister of ‘Leah Golda’ and Chaim Broda.


One of the ways that people are ‘hidden’ on geni is that instead of giving a specific name for them, they are referred to as ‘wife of so-and-so’, etc.

If you look at the above profile for Benjamin Braude (aka Binyamin Rivlin), you’ll notice that no names are given for either of his two wives.

This is not an accident, or because they don’t know who these people are.

Again, we are dealing with the ‘leading lights’ of the Jewish community who intermarried with other ‘illustrious dynasties’ and wrote big books about their yichus.

The names are missing in all these crucial places, because the names would start to make connections that a lot of people don’t want.

Like, for example, potentially connecting ‘Benjamin Braude, ABD of Grodno’ with Jacob Frank.


So, back we go to the discussion with the poor Lee Jaffe, ggggg grandson of ‘Slawa Brodowicz’.

All of a sudden, a bunch of outsiders – including Keith Lawrence Hanit – have shown up, and have taken control of the information he’s trying to add into the ‘big picture’ about Benjamin Braude’s marriage and descendants. Here’s a little of what Lee is complaining about:

“I am sure that 3-4 days ago, R’ Benjamin Braude, A.B.D. Grodno was listed as the father of Slawa Ludwinowska and the husband of Rachel Broide/ Margoliot. I would not have begun this discussion under Benjamin otherwise.

As said, I’m new to Geni and I don’t now who Kevin, Samuel or Dimitri are or why they have taken a role, but someone has made changes that don’t make sense. I’m not interested in engaging in this discussion any further if this is the way this goes.”


Poor guy.

One of these ‘geni experts’ then lays into him, for questioning why they are trying to deliberately cover up the new information, like this:

“I trust that you and Mel Werbach are researching this properly and have put in a lot more effort and time than I have or plan on doing.

It does seem however that the issue of Slawa has led us into another mess which I’ve begun trying to fix. She had been attached to R’ Benjamin Braude, A.B.D. Grodno and he had been merged into Reb Sender/Alexander Ephraim Leb Broide/ Margoliot. I believe that merge was done based on which I’m certain is a load of nonsense.”


That link to zohariststhories is the blog of Athol Bloomer, descendent of Jacob Frank, and self-identified as a ‘Hebrew Catholic’ i.e., a Frankist.

Again, there is a lot of disinformation on Athol Bloomer’s blog too, but at least some of the information about Frank’s descendants is credible, and I’m standing a lot of it up on it’s own merits, from independent sources that are NOT Athol Bloomer, or linked to him.

As we’ve been discovering on this blog, Jacob Frank’s ancestors AND descendants have all been totally whitewashed out of official Jewish history.

And that process has also occurred for all the other notorious ‘Shabbatean prophets’ like the Eshel Avraham, and Hershel Zoref, and Mordechai Mokaich, and Yonatan Eybshutz, and Nathan of Gaza,, and even, for the descendants of Shabtai Tzvi himself, many of whom also remained within the Jewish community.


If you try to click on the family tree that Lee Jaffe put up on, referred to in his comments, you’ll see it’s now gone.

Lee’s last comment on geni was this:

“What I would like is to see some supporting sources for the existing records and the recent changes. Why would Slawa’s record be unlinked as a child or Benjamin and moved to his brother Sender’s offspring? And since we still don’t know anything about Rachel Mayer why would her link as wife of Benjamin also move to Sender? If there is good reason, I’d like to see that info.”


They got to him, just like they got to the other person who spoke to me firsthand, about their experience on geni.


Here are some other ways the information is being manipulated, concealed and distorted on geni:


Above, you’ll find the profile for Rabbi Avraham Kalisker, the head of the the chassidim in Eretz Yisrael who fell out with the Alter Rebbe, Shneur Zalman, after he published the Tanya in 1797. (I wrote about that HERE.)

It took me a week of breaking my head reading through a ton of other sources, and other geni profiles, and other information, to make the links between R’ Avraham Kalisker, Shneur Zalman, the Maggid of Mezritch and the Tzemech Tzedek, Chabad Rebbe #3.

R’ Avraham Kalisker’s profile links to no-one else’s.

No siblings, no real details about his parents, no descendents.

And it’s not because ‘they’ don’t know…. they really DO know.

And they are deliberately hiding the information, because then we’d understand way more about how R’ Avraham Kalisker was linked, genealogically, to Shneur Zalman, and how both were linked to the Vilna Gaon, and how all of them were somehow linked to other people that they have tried to ‘whitewash’ out of official history.

So that’s another way the information is being obscured and distorted.


And then, we have things like this going on:


This is an ‘alternative’ profile that was put up for Moshe Shneuri, the Alter Rebbe’s youngest son who DEFINITELY converted to Catholicism in 1820.

Elsewhere, he’s identified as a ‘open’ Frankist.

In this profile, Moshe is identified as the SON of ‘Shalom Shachne Altshuler‘ – who we wrote about a lot in the last post, who is meant to have married Shterna Segal – aka, the wife of the Alter Rebbe.

That would possibly identify ‘Shalom Shachne’ as being one and the same as the Alter Rebbe, and link him possibly to being the son of R’ Avraham of Kalisker, and then Menachem Mendel (Chabad #3) would be the Alter Rebbe’s son, not his grandson.

Which would explain why he was raised in his home, and why the leadership passed to him, and NOT to one of the Mitteler Rebbe’s own children.


By contrast, in the official history, Shalom Shachne Altshuler is the grandson of the Maggid of Mezritch via his daughter Ruhama, who is meant to have married both R’ Avraham Kalisker, and also ‘Noach Altshuler‘.

According to Chabad, Shalom Shachne marries Shneur Zalman’s daughter Devorah Leah, and their son, Menachem Mendel, becomes the 3rd Chabad Rebbe, the Tzemech Tzedek.


Now, I’m not saying that the above profile is correct – there is so much disinformation going on, it’s almost impossible to tell.

What I AM saying is that there is clearly a lot of deliberate disinformation going on about the Chabad family tree, and instead of dealing with that honestly, they are instead going after the people who are posting up ‘dissenting information’ and bullying them to remove it.

On this profile, you’ll see that in big, shouting CAPITAL LETTERS, they have tagged this profile is DUPLICATE, SHOULD BE DELETED.

Most people will see that, and instantly dismiss this profile as erroneous and wrong.

But, I’m not most people.


To conclude.

I am seeing the tactics described above on so many of the profiles of so many important Jewish leaders and figures.

This cover-up is stretching across the Jewish world.

Take a look at who is managing the geni profile for the Vilna Gaon:


Well, who would have believed it!

It’s our hold friend Kevin Lawrence Hanit, the same guy who popped up to scare off Lee Jaffe, who was trying to connect ‘Benjamin Braude’ to his ggggg grandma Slawa Brodowicz.


Here’s another interesting discussion with ‘Kevin’, who is now busying making the Vilna Gaon’s family tree conform to ‘official history’:

“Kevin. By extracting names from Eliyahu’s Branches and inserting them in Geni you may be breaching the copyright held by the publisher Avotaynu.

Furthermore, the book was published nineteen years ago since when I have collected updates which require addition, deletions and amendments which I hope one day to incorporate in my database which hopefully may be made available on the internet in such a way that it cannot be tampered with.”


Poor Chaim Freedman (author of ‘Eliyahu’s Branches’).

He stopped updating his site a few years’ ago, despite having a wealth of new DNA information that links people like Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin straight to the Vilna Gaon.

My guess is that getting that ‘truth’ out there is currently a pretty dangerous business.

It’s easier to sit on it, than to open that massive Pandora’s box that yours truly somehow was dumb enough to start airing out.


Here’s another discussion on geni, where you’ll see how the ‘gatekeepers’ are deliberately keeping things mixed up, over even simple things like where the ‘Vilna Gaon’ was born, and how many wives he had:

There are many errors on GENI in the Gaon’s family. Three wives istead of two, two daughters with the same name Khiena, children who were not children. There are 14 mangaers of the profile – too many cooks spoilt the broth.
Users beware of the material presented here.
See my book “Eliyahu’s Branches, the Descendants of the Vilna Gaon and His Family” (Avotaynu 1997) or contact me, Chaim Freedman.


I could go on (and on and on….) with this.

Do the experiment yourself: go look up some of the people I’ve mentioned here, and see how many dead ends you run into, how many ‘duplicate profiles’, how many people seem to be married to 4 wives, how many times ‘Keith Lawrence Hanit’, or ‘Malka Mysels’ pops up to keep things confused and muddled – even on totally random profiles.

It’s got to the stage that when I see their names on a profile, I just KNOW that something is being carefully managed or covered up. And that in itself is also proving useful, going forward.


The Jewish nation has a right to know what REALLY happened, concerning so many of our leaders in the past.

Chabad, in particular, has been the main conduit for so much that we have been taught to believe was factual history.

They are the source for the whole ‘dispute’ between the Vilna Gaon and the Alter Rebbe.

They are the source for so much of the history of the Jewish communities in Europe before that, and the stories about the Maharal of Prague and his descendants.

If we can’t trust what they have been telling us, that has implications for every area of modern Jewish life, in particular, what really went on around the creation of the State of Israel, and WHO is really pulling the strings here, behind the scenes.

And of course, let’s not forget there’s another branch of the family – the Rothschilds and Schiffs and the Oppenheimers and the Wertheimers – that also needs to be reintegrated into this mix.


I’m coming to the tentative conclusion that ‘Rothschilds and Schiffs’ are also the same family.

And that all this is somehow connected to the Bacharach family, via the known Sabbatean R’ Yair Chaim Bacharach (aka the ‘Chavas Yair’), and R’ Yeshaya Horowitz, aka the ‘Shlah Hakadosh’.

But I can’t figure all this out by myself, and time is running out to ‘unpick history’ so we can move forward into geula the sweet way.


I’ll let you know if what I wrote here passed the husband test.

But in the meantime, please help me to figure this out.

It’s important.

Because we really ARE just one big family, and once we’ve internalised that, all the petty squabbling, and all the ‘divide and conquer’ strategies the elitists have been using to keep us at each other’s throats, and so weak, disorganised and far away from God, will disappear.

And we can get geula the sweet way.



I forgot to mention another way the ‘gatekeepers’ are distorting history on geni.

They also give deliberately incorrect birth dates for key individuals – often ranging across almost a century! – which makes it very hard to see who came first, who is the father, who is the son, and then enables them to ‘rub out’ some descendants, while also fabricating others.

Again, so much of this information is extant in the pinchasim of the kehillot, which carefully kept track of births, marriages and deaths, much like the Chief Rabbinate of every country continues to do today. And where those records were lost or destroyed because of tragedies, much of the information has still been stored in non-Jewish sources, much as the civil register of births, deaths and marriages functions today, alongside that of the Jewish community.

Why go to all this trouble?

Because so many of our ‘big families’ were directly and obviously connected to known Sabbateans and Frankists.

(And then later on, these ‘secret’ Sabbateans and Frankists effortlessly morphed into the leading lights of the haskalah and reform and Zionist movements.)

That doesn’t mean every member of those families were necessarily Sabbateans and Frankists, but it DOES mean that we can’t just assume that everyone in the position of a ‘big rabbi’ with ‘good yichus’ was certainly operating from the side of good.

Because that just wasn’t the case.



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4 replies
  1. Elisheva
    Elisheva says:

    This is interesting Rivka.
    I read somewhere a long time ago that there was an insistence in Spain that the leaders of the community had to come from the Ashkenashi part of Europe as they didn’t ‘trust ‘ the Sephardim. Have you come across this and where if any where do the Sephardi community fit in?
    In Morocco I understand that the in-comers from Spain after the expulsion considered themselves with better yichus than those Jews who had lived there previously. Is there any connection?
    It does seem that the Sefardim were not infiltrated (to any great extent before the Alliance movement), by the Reform movement but is that true for the Frankists?
    I know it’s away from what you’re looking at now but maybe a look later on perhaps?

  2. Milka
    Milka says:

    I received an article from a friend exploring the source of star of David as a Sabbatean symbol and not really a Jewish symbol. Is it possible to research the possible historical implications of that….?


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