the dream

Lots of us seem to be asking the same question at the moment.

And it’s this:

Why has God let all the evil people run the show for so very long?

Why has He let evil flourish in the world for all these years?

It’s not an easy question to answer.


Last week, I had a very powerful dream.

I was in some ‘facility’ where they torture children and other people – probably Montauk, in Long Island.

I was being shown around, and they were describing all the yucky things they do to render people without a conscience, and therefore capable of the worst cruelty.

Strangely, when I woke up, I didn’t feel scared to death, like I usually do when I have these ‘brushes with evil’ in my dreams.

But I did feel, with every atom of my being, that this evil needed to stop. NOW.

So I spent the next few minutes just praying this prayer, over and over again:

God, please destroy the evil in the world to its very foundations.


Friday night, one of my kids had a massive meltdown.

She just started sobbing her eyes out about how there is so much evil in the world, that God must be a bit ‘evil’ Himself, to let all this happen.

I tried to shut her up, initially – we don’t question God! We don’t suggest God is anything but totally, 100% good!

But once the dust settled, I realised that she was just expressing the same question I have at the moment, about why God has allowed evil to rule the world for so very long.


I believe it’s for a good reason.

But that doesn’t mean that I can understand what’s going on here – at all.

The more I look into things, the more lies I discover.

The more I learn about how the world is really working, the more I understand that it is built on a pre-determined plan for war, starvation, suffering and abuse of human beings.

How can God want such a world as this to continue?

How could He let such a world like this devolve in the first place?


I know many of us are having the same sorts of questions bubbling up at the moment.

Sometimes, it’s just so very hard to keep hanging on to faith and emuna, even though I KNOW that’s the only path that’s going to get me through this in one piece, whatever happens next.


Increasingly, I’m finding it hard to tolerate the mask fascism.

The last few days, I have snapped at 2 different shopworkers who told me to put my mask up.

It’s a problem, because I am getting to the stage where I just can’t do it anymore.

And if I need to do it to continue to buy my groceries… well.

It’s a problem that I don’t know how to solve.


Now, the State of Israel is attempting to coerce me into getting ‘vaccinated’ by all these little ‘rules’ that are taking away my basic human rights.

This week, for the first time in months, we went out for supper, to give me a rest from cooking every single day.

We didn’t have the ‘green passport’ – such Orwellian descriptions! – so we were told we had to sit outside at the two tables reserved for ‘Coronavirus lepers’.

My daughter was with is, and she started to whisper to us: Now I’m starting to understand how it was for the Jews in the holocaust, when they had to wear their yellow stars.

I wish it was a joke, an exaggeration, a dramatic teenage turn of phrase.

But the truth is, I’m also starting to understand how it was for the Jews in the holocaust, when they had to wear their yellow stars.


At the same time, this battle is 100% mental.

Because yesterday, I took the Jimny out with a friend of mine to a forest near Jerusalem, and we sat playing our guitars (badly…) in the sun for an hour.

And then later on, my husband and I went to the Kotel to join the small prayer gathering for the Rav (of course, with the cr*ppy masks and plastic waiting pens.)

And then yesterday night, some of the juvenile delinquents we are acquainted with invited us to come to a party they were throwing, to celebrate one of their friends getting out of the army.

I sat there sipping a bitter lemon in a glass bottle (trying to fool the crowd that it was something alcoholic) and watched all the chain-smoking young people with weird haircuts just enjoy themselves a little, BBQing steaks under a cloudless Jerusalem night sky.

All so normal….

Kind of.

One of the neighbors called the police because of the music (I guess they didn’t like 80s soft rock) – and then everyone rushed to ‘mask up’.

In the end, the police just gave a small fine for playing loud music at 11.30 at night, and then left.


I came home so disorientated.

Am I living in a corona-fascist police state that’s trying to institute a secret eugenics agenda to get rid of ‘surplus people‘, or not?

Or is everything ‘back to normal-ish’ now, and I can forget about Moshiach and geula coming any time soon?

And if it’s the former, that’s really, really horrible and I can’t deal with it any more.

And if it’s the latter – am I bad for feeling some relief that maybe the madness of the last year is starting to recede?

Even if that’s pushing ‘Moshiach’ off again, another 200 years?


It was easier, in some ways, when I had no choice except to stay at home, in the first lockdown.

Living half in and half out of the madness, as it’s been for almost a year now, is probably harder, psychologically, then just having a more stable ‘bad’ to deal with.

Every day, the goalposts change again.

Every day, I wake up in a world where I have no idea what’s coming next, good or bad, or how I’m meant to be reacting to it.

But this I know:

I want the evil to be destroyed, totally, NOW.

I don’t want God to wait any more, to be hidden any more. That’s my dream, that’s my prayer.

I want that evil destroyed ASAP.

And I’m really hoping, God does too.



This song from Yair Elitzur kind of also sums it up:

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  1. nonee
    nonee says:

    Shalom Rivka, Thank you for expressing and saying so much of what i too am feeling, I know there are many out there who feel the same as you wrote, that is, wishing Gd would just get rid of the evil ones, and please send us Mashiach.
    I as non-Jew just following or trying my best to follow Torah and therefore Hashem, still feel sometimes so stripped of any will to carry on, to just give up… then .. i read some posts, like the one you wrote now, and i feel my spirit strengthen up a bit to stand once again, and move forward with hope and looking up to Heaven.
    I am not strong as you are, and perhaps many like you. Perhaps i need to work more on my trust and faith in the Creator.
    You and others hurt too, but yet you stand up and pour out on your blog encouraging words from your heart, to make those like me, hold on. You bolster many with courage, energy and waken a weakened dying faith. You did that for me, today, believe me. I thank you.

    Your daughter when she mentioned how she could now imagine, how the people must have felt who had to endure so much in the holocaust. God bless her. Your children are blessed in having such a courageous and wisdom filled mother. I truly mean that.
    You have helped me that is for sure.
    Thanks once again Rivka.
    May our combined sincere prayers to Hashem from all good peoples of the world to soon send the Mashiach reach up to Heaven, and may it happen soon. Amen.

    I wish you and yours, a peaceful and restful Shabbat Shalom

  2. Elisheva
    Elisheva says:

    The start of this article with your daughter resonated with me as I remembered being a student in the 1960s and also being disillusioned by G-d ‘allowing’ terrible things to happen. This was the time of CND and ban the bomb marches and there were reports of some massacre of innocent people (I think it was in Africa somewhere), and everyone was worried about the end of the world. Someone pointed out that G-d puts us in a situation where the only thing we can do is choose how to react to it, positively or otherwise. That is our only choice. The wheel turns, life goes on, G-d is eternal.

  3. Hava
    Hava says:

    Rivka, from one of the articles you linked to (“Eugenics in Israel…”):

    “Says [historian Rakevet] Zalashik, “In the early stages, when a new therapy is adopted, there is tremendous enthusiasm and euphoria, and reports of a success rate of 90 percent or higher. Later on, the reports become more reserved, and the question is asked whether the therapy was really helping all the patients or only some. In the third stage, someone declares that these therapies are not working, and at the same time a new therapy arises.

    “Some of these therapies were completely unjustified to begin with…”

    She was talking about insulin therapy for schizophrenia, something I had never heard of. I wonder whether we could apply this to all “therapies” that have been inadequately tested – like the closures we’ve been through, and the vexx!nes we’re being “encouraged” to take now, and how long it will be before we realize all this was completely unjustified.

  4. Miriam
    Miriam says:

    I happened to read this right before this post :

    In it, we are told there is no evil, there is only Hashem. There are no wicked people, everyone is coerced and we need to love even the ones who seem evil. We need to look at the world and all of its people with a good eye that can’t see evil. That sounds like such a great concept but how is it possible to just not see it? If we see it, does that mean we have a bit of that same evil inside us which is mirrored?

    Currently, I am about at my threshold. I’ve been there for a while, holding on but now I’m losing my grip. The sheker in the world is too overwhelming. I need the truth to be revealed now and like you say, not to be going back to any kind of normal life and then see moshiach in another 200 years. I want the bandaid ripped off completely and everything raw and exposed! So, how does it work – the not seeing evil that we know is there, knowing Hashem is the evil as much as the good as he is everything and really that means nothing is really evil, the idea that if sheker is evil then that also doesn’t really exist and everything is truth and good because that is all Hashem is and the rest is not real…I desperately want to be part of the fight against evil but does it exist as we see it, as Hashem shows us? Or, is it our job to know it’s there and then figure out a way to see beyond the surface that looks evil yet has pure goodness right below the surface and the evil was just the outer shell? It sure is hard to convince ourselves of such a thing but it seems it must be this way. Will Hashem really destroy Amalek completely (as in the physical evil people of the world) or is Amalek sort of like the outer evil we see which will be destroyed but all of the essence will remain which is pure good and moshiach will just reveal what’s been there all along?

    I feel like my search for truth is relentless and new evil is uncovered daily which just seems to lead me further into it with a very strong pull as it does you but what is my purpose? To uncover it all or to realize that it isn’t really evil, it is just a mask over the true goodness that is all Hashem? I feel like the world is colliding with an alternate universe which is obviously all good. I see it in glimpses and yet I don’t really because the two worlds are not yet merged into one. Is that what we’re all waiting for? Not for Hashem to save us from evil but just for Hashem to lift up the curtain which veils our perfect view of the world with only goodness?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      This is the problem: if a person adopts this approach ‘too soon’ – i.e. before Moshiach and geula really are here and revealed – then they can so easily fall into the trap of believing ‘evil’ is ‘good’.

      That’s exactly the ‘reverse thinking’ of all these Frankist-Sabbateans who went to the dark side, because ‘evil is good’.

      My understanding of this is that on no account can we excuse or ignore BAD BEHAVIORS, BAD ACTIONS, EVIL IDEAS AND THOUGHTS – but we still have to seek out the humanity in the person doing the ‘evil action’ etc, and to understand that there is still some good within them, at the core, which is their soul.

      In other words, everyone can make teshuva, and no-one is ‘irredeemable’ until the last breath.

      Think of Eleazar ben Dordya, who got his world to come in a moment of searing real teshuva.

      That teshuva happened to kill him, physically, it was so intense – but it saved his neshama, and he got a part in the world to come.

      It could well be something similar is going to happen here. The ikker is the neshama, not the body.

      So, to recap:

      Everything emanates from good – from God, who is always and only good.

      But then, we have the free choice to take that ‘good’ and make of it either a sam mevet, or a sam chaim (potion of death or life).

      To say ‘everything is good’ leads to a world of total chaos, where bad and evil are ignored, justified or even encouraged as ‘good’.

      This is what the Frankist-Sabbateans (and their more recent incarnations) did and are doing.

      Clearly, it’s wrong, it’s totally bad. But it’s a very fine distinction.

      Also, these statements from the Rav have to be taken in proper context. For every one statement like the one you quote, there are 10, 20, 100 where he is telling us we have to believe that WE are the reason for the world’s problems and ills. Me, myself – with all my bad middot. I’m the reason all this ‘bad’ stuff is going on in the world, and I have to knuckle down, stop making excuses and start fixing my bad middot.

      These things go together. Hashem is only good – and I’m the real problem here.

      God forbid, not ‘Hashem is doing bad things, and I’m perfect’.

      I wrote more about that here:

  5. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    This is a rewritten version of my heartfelt post yesterday; I hope I won’t forget any major part of it.( I added something just now: a link to this very important article/podcast by Mike Adams that I think everybody should hear:

    So, back to my post from yesterday.

    I wrote this to you after arriving in Mexico City, drained, exhausted.

    Hi Rivka,

    I want to share something that happened to me on the plane from Madrid to Mexico yesterday, which I hope will renew your trust in Hashem’s Hashgachah when it comes to evil in this world, and what WE can do about it. I have a feeling this will be right up your alley, Rivka! And it makes me understand why the Rav asked for OUR help: yes, he does need our help: he needs our PARTNERSHIP in his mission!

    OK. So while waiting to enter the plane, on line, I noticed a woman ( or possibly a trans) dressed very strangely, wearing heavy satanist jewelry including a nose ring hanging in the middle of the face, her/his head shaven on one side, long on the other, the kind of person you would find in a witches group radiating a nasty vibe. It so ‘happened” that this weird person got seated right in front of my seat. I wasn’t watching a video, but she was, I couldn’t help notice her screen, it was very colorful so I looked, and saw a kind of movie I had never in my life seen before, but that I have heard Hollywood is making a lot of lately: satanist stuff, incredible violence, each character radiating more evil than the next, totally reckless murder, assault, disregard for human life, deliberate, joyful destruction of others, narcissism at its ultimate, psycho stuff, satanist too: you could actually see devil horns on some of the characters, bright neon lights, twirling, just a horrible show. And this woman was sucking it in, bathing in it. I was watching too, I had never before seen anything like this, it was interesting in a horrible, devilish way. After a couple of minutes of this stuff, maybe even less, I felt I had to cleanse my soul from it, because every sight left a mark on me. (I have to mention that I had looked at her with disapproval before, when she had turned around, and I could see she felt my repulsion. So I decided to say a Tikkun Klaki: I took out my little book I carry with me, which also has some Zohar in it – and I had not even started yet, when all of a sudden, as I looked up while saying the Tehillim, she wasn’t there anymore, her video got turned off: she had gone to the toilet,and she stayed there for a very, very long time! I felt this was no coincidence at all: the holiness of the Tefillah made her disappear! Either she couldn’t handle the kedusha, or the kedusha made her leave. But the whole time I was saying the Pesukim there was quiet. Then later again she started watching a video filled with horrible abuse by children against children, dismemberment, you name it, evil children assaulting innocent ones. I was watching because I wanted to see what she was into: bizarre, evil, hurtful, hateful, gleeful murder, theft, every sin in the book. So I had a glimpse into this kind of creatures mushrooming these days, the horror “they” are trying to turn people into. And sincere, Tefillah with Kavanah made it disappear! Rabbi Nachman was absolutely right about these Pesukim, and so is the Rav. And you see, with OUR thoughts, OUR prayers, OUR mitzvot, we can make evil disappear; and that is why the Rav needs out help: the more holiness, the more evil will disappear.

    I was asking myself: why did Hashem send such evil neshamot to the world? Or are there really no evil neshamot, only traumatized people going each their horrible ways, and who maybe can be corrected? I don’t know, but I can tell that the Tikkun Klali has a profound effect.

    And I also asked ( maybe that is why the comment was scrubbed, or was it because I dared say something bad about LGBT alphabet soup?): what can we do to make the evil rulers of Israel disappear? With MASSIVE Tefillah, Tehillim, HEARTFELT TIKKUN ( Klali!) FROM ALL AM YISRAEL, is that it? That’s a tall order. So we do need to help the Rav. to get every Jew in the world to start to say heartfelt prayers, say Tehillim, and speak to Hashem one on one, until evil disappears from the world, and especially from Am Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael. Rav Amon, whom you introduced to us, Rivka, says it so well here:

    Kol Tuv to you and to all readers from Mexico, and I will keep you posted if more interesting incidents of this sort happen. OK?

    Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Nissan Tov: Pessach coming so soon: is the Geula going to follow??? B”H!


  6. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    OK, very weird. Now I could see it: what it took was for me to comment again and all of a sudden the latest comment appeared here too. Weird system, but good to know for next time. No foul play here, just a glitch it seems. Good, and B”H! I did NOT like the idea of not being able to access your blog! And since we are here now, I will add part II of my earlier comment, here:

    Rivka, look at this video from about 58 min: it describes exactly what I saw in the video of this woman/ tra..n..s psycho. It is real: more and more brainwashed everyday people have this sick mentality!

    I feel that I have seen our enemy face to face: the evil, the satanic mindset. And what I saw was only the “little people” manifestation. Imagine raising this mindset to the level of Bill Gates the Hitler/Haman of our time, and all his “elite” crowd, the continuation of the Nazi regime, and what we are facing is pure horror, the Samech Mem himself: and against that, ONLY HASHEM, ONLY TEFILLAH, ONLY KEDUSHAH, ONLY THE SHECHINAH can fight the SamechMem. And our REAL Tefilllot are the conduit to bring the Shechinah to this world, aren’t they? While we still don’t have the Beth Hamikdash? And Mashiach needs our help!!

    Do you understand what I mean?


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