Long-term readers of this blog will know I’ve been a Trump sceptic right from the start.

It just always seemed so odd to me, how so many people believed that a bankrupt billionaire with very bad middot could literally morph into some sort of ‘moshiach’ just by taking office.

But of course, there were so many rabbis (ahem) explaining how Trump was a non-Jewish ‘Moshiach ben Yosef’; and there were so many dumb bloggers repeating that message – and even getting into fights with anyone who dared to question the idea – that I mostly stayed away from the subject of Trump.

Until 2019, which is when I started publically questioning the whole idea of America being some good, benevolent country, that only does goodness and righteousness in the world.



There was an interesting discussion over on Daisy’s blog, HERE, that got me thinking about the whole idea of ‘controlled opposition’, and how Trump, and other people we know, fit into that.

As we’ve stated here a few times, the swamp is controlling both sides of the debate, the argument, the political process, ‘the great divide’.

Whatever the subject is, you can be sure that the swamp has representatives on both sides of the fence, especially with the political system, but also when it comes to every great ‘debate’ or controversy.

How do we know who those ‘representatives’ are?


They never really get shut down.


And for those who want to tell me that Trump was ‘shut down’ on Twitter the last two weeks, the answer is: so what?

It’s a ‘deep cover’ tactic.

If they hadn’t shut Trump down for 2 weeks right at the end of his Presidency, then more and more people would have realised that nothing was going to change, anyway.

The swamp are masters of manipulation and human psychology.

They had half the free world ‘hanging out’ for Moshiach Trump to finally reveal himself, and perform the miracle to ‘clean up the swamp’.

And in the meantime….. those people weren’t doing anything else spiritually constructive, and they were totally living in a fantasy world that ‘Trump will fix it’.

And of course, Trump himself had no intention of ever ‘cleaning up the swamp’ because if he had, don’t you think he’d have made a tiny bit more progress, over the last 4 years?


What can we learn from all this?

#1 – taken from a recent prayer put out by Rabbi Eliezer Berland, is that POLITICS = AMALEK.

That applies to all politicians, everywhere.

It’s just one big circus, one big distraction, fooling the whole population into thinking that their vote, their decision, their ‘candidate’ is going to represent their interests, and enact the changes they want to see in their society and world.

Even if an individual politician isn’t totally corrupted (big if…) personally, they are still serving a system that is so corrupt, that no-one who isn’t corrupt will ever be allowed to obtain real power.

And that is true, wherever you happen to live in the world.


#2 – So many of those rabbis and ‘commentators’ are still misleading people, publically.

If these people had an ounce of humility, they would put their hands up, apologise, and make some serious teshuva for siphoning-off 4 years of Jewish yearning for geula, and Jewish prayers for Moshiach over to ‘Moshiach Trump’.

(And let’s not even talk about all the prayers, mitzvahs and Jewish yearning that’s been ‘siphoned off’ towards other false moshiachs, over the past few decades….)

And I’m willing to bet good money that once they get over this latest ‘disappointment’ and failed prediction, they will be back with another round of pointless distraction and fake Torah.

They aren’t going to retire any time soon, but you for sure can switch them off, and stop listening to all their distracting drivel.


#3 – The only way to get to the truth is to pray on it yourself, and stop looking for shortcuts.

How do you know I’m bona fide, and not ‘controlled opposition’?

You don’t.

At least, you don’t unless you are doing some soul-searching, and you are double-checking if the stuff I’m writing sits well with your soul, or not.

Is the stuff on this blog bringing you closer to Hashem, or pushing you further away?

When I bring advice and segulot from Rabbenu, or from Rav Berland, are those things helping you, calming you, reassuring you – or not?

These are big questions, they are important questions – and nobody can answer them, really, except you.


Stop looking for shortcuts and ‘rabbis’ and commentators to make important decisions for you.

It’s your life, in your hands, and YOU are the only one, really, who can know which path is best for you, and which path Hashem is taking you down.

And sometimes, those answers may be contrary to what you want to believe, or what you think sounds ‘right’.


I’ve lost count of the times I’ve gone against the tide, because I was prompted to in my hitbodedut.

Like, when I started unpicking all the ‘narcissists’ and narcissism in my own life, and started questioning whether it really was OK for parents to manipulate their children with disapproval, criticism and guilt trips.

Like, when I started pondering what on earth was going on with the bizarre coverage of what was happening with Rabbi Berland, way before I’d come close to him in any way, shape or form.

Like, more recently, researching all this stuff with Yonatan Eybshutz, the rasha, and Jacob Frank, and all the secret sabbateans still in our midst.


All of these things – and many more – usually led me to some very uncomfortable realisations, and some very hard choices.

That’s what it really means, to ‘leave the world of lies’.

It’s painful. It’s challenging. It means you have to change things – often really big things – and to make a lot of teshuva, and to accept that a lot has happened that was wrong and bad.

And that I myself have done so many things that are objectively wrong and bad.


The problem is not reaching that conclusion.

The real problem is when people trip over their own human frailties, and human failings, and middot malfunctions – and then try very hard to continue covering them up.

Which is why, paradoxically, ‘Moshiach Trump’ has the potential to still be useful, spiritually.

Trump acolytes – you now have a chance to make some real, sincere teshuva.


Instead of fuming about ‘evil Democrats’; instead of complaining that you were ‘misled by others’; instead of pretending that really, you knew it all along – come clean.

At least to Hashem, come clean.

Put you hand up, and admit that you believed Trump was ‘the answer’ because you never really took the time to check him out in your own personal conversation with God.

You never took the time to question the assumptions ‘Moshiach Trump’ was based on.

You didn’t spend even a second to ask yourself what your own biases were, and how they could be coloring your take on ‘Moshiach Trump’.

And as it is with ‘Moshiach Trump’, so it is with a whole bunch of other things in our lives, too.


Trump, and all the ‘rabbis’ (ahem…) and commentators supporting him led so many people away from real answers.

You want a real answer to the massive – and growing – problems in the world?

There is only one way you are going to get it.

Start talking to God, and start figuring out which of your own plentiful bad middot are continuing to prop up that yucky ‘world of lies’, that is doing so much damage to all of us.

And then, start asking God to show you who is really ‘true’ and ‘trustworthy’ in the world – and who isn’t.

And be prepared to be totally shocked by the answers.


When my husband and I started doing that in earnest, around 6 years ago, it blew our three main ‘rabbinic advisors’ out of the water, one after the another, over a period of just a few weeks.

To say it was traumatic is a massive understatement.

But that process (eventually…) led us to the Rav.

And since then, life has continued to just get better and easier.


But don’t take my word for it!!!!

Do the experiment yourself, there is simply no other way.

If you are honestly asking God to show you the truth, He will.

About Trump.

About Covid.

About all these ‘rabbis’.

About Moshiach.

About what you and me really need to work on, and really need to fix.

And that’s when geula will really start in earnest – at least for you – whatever else is going on in the world.


PS: I had a thought about evil Biden, too.

Remember that Haman was ‘elevated’ by being invited to Queen Esther’s feast just before he fell.

We are much closer to things turning around than it may look.

Don’t buy into all the fear porn!

They are cranking things up because they have a very short window left to ‘vaccinate’ as many people as they can. Hang on just a couple more weeks, and let’s see what’s going on then.

Haman toppled within 24 hours of being ‘elevated’ – and God’s salvation comes in the blink of an eye.


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18 replies
  1. Ana
    Ana says:

    This is a good, reflective post and seems to have been waiting for publishing for a number of weeks. That’s fine.

    I don’t want to nitpick when so much of what you write is so interesting and insightful and helpful – but today you’re saying not to take “shortcuts” whereas yesterday you told us to take shortcuts (perhaps even the same exact word?) by donating money and making a pidyon with Rav Berland.

    Tzedaka is wonderful and pidyonim can be as well… but when we hear “rabbis” or whoever sharing their thoughts about Trump, mashiach, current events or whatever why should we automatically discount what they say? Perhaps there are different types of people you’re referring to, but any shiur or rav I heard speak about Trump in terms of any sort of messianic process or whatever you want to call it, was never suggesting putting faith in the man or even not doing teshuva. My guide for starters to see if someone is reliable is usually to ask what they want from me – some people are looking for support, donations, whatever; other people simply suggest teshuva. It very well could be that I’m not familiar with what you’re writing about and that there were/are in fact people speaking about supporting Trump instead of doing teshuva or whatever it may be… perhaps I’m misunderstanding you.

    It is a bit concerning, however, to paint such a broad brush to automatically discount any rav, rabbi, talmid chacham or whoever, simply because they spoke about Trump as part of a messianic process or tried to understand the turbulence of current events through their understanding of Chazal and sifrei kodesh.

    I also don’t know one way or the other, but I would imagine that any legitimate tzedakah would be productive and helpful during these times. I’m not suggesting not following your advice to donate to/through Rav Berland, but it was recently presented as a “shortcut” as if it’s the only or the best shortcut.

    I don’t mean to be offensive or overly defensive, and I think your bottom line is right – do teshuva, speak to Hashem, don’t rely on any person (especially politicians), etc. Some nuances here might cloud the strength of your message, at least in my opinion…

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      In this post, I’m talking about using rabbis – or anyone else – as a ‘shortcut’ to making decisions.

      In the previous post, I’m talking about how doing a pidyon nefesh is a way to ‘short cut’ the suffering that we otherwise need to go through, to ‘pay down’ our spiritual debts. Money for blood.

      Charity is of course always helpful.

      And it helps to clean off a lot of dinim from a person’s soul.

      But it’s not the same as a pidyon nefesh with the Tzaddik HaDor.

      Here are two posts which explain more:



      Then, we circle back to what are discussing above: Read this, then do some talking to God to make up your own mind about whether doing a pidyon nefesh is the right thing for you.

      It’s a zechut to be able to give our charity to truly deserving causes and genuinely holy people.

      Not everyone is given it.

  2. nonee
    nonee says:

    Here is my 2 cents… i am goyim..
    I live in this upside down world too, i say: Follow NO one, no human, no matter who he/she be..
    Follow only Hashem, this I learned the hard way.

    Every one forms their own opinions and some follow other peoples opinions – to each their own- no problem..

    I have learned and the hard way too, that in the end its only Gd, Hashem.. there is no other, follow only Hashem period.

      • Nonee
        Nonee says:

        Moshe Rabbenu was one… He is now in Shamyim.

        No one can take Moshes’ place. Moshe was given the 10 Commandents. We are told to follow those nu? I know its supposed to be just 7 for noahides, (i consider myself to be one, even though i am not in any ‘noahide group’, and don’t intend to join any such group.

        I am trying to do what Hashem would expect of me. Like try to good and hurt no one, still working hard on all these sort of things.
        I have done and still doing ‘teshuva’, the best i can., which i also know never ends till life itself ceases here on this earth. No human can ever be perfect. No one, even Moshe was not.

        Tried following and listening to some Rabbis,from some i learned a bit, others i heard too, those who would predict this will happen – and then when it did’nt, made excuses that the Chosen had not done enough teshuva and then would come out with more predictions.

        Correct me if you think i am wrong; I think the more predictions are made, the more Hashem changes them. I feel he wants all humanity to place our trust only in H-m and not any human.

        I feel just try praying and read Torah, talk to Gd, do good as much as one can, stay away from gossip, and stuff like that would be the way to go.

        That is where i have am now. Then again, being a ‘goyim’ what the heck would I know. I try to do what I think i should as a human being, and with Hashem’s help and His love, I will keep trying Amen.

        Have to confess… I like reading ‘some blogs’ and i want to stop that too. Some blogs yes, too many no no..

        When talking to Hashem I know Hashem listens to even me a goyim, and Hashem has even helped and answered questions i have had and asked H-m and I thank H-m.
        Rivka, I love a lot of what you write.. and i think you are special in many ways. I do admire you in many ways. Your honesty first of all. Your efforts and determination in looking for truth. That I guess is your calling and kudos to you.
        Hashem bless you and yours and I shall say to you now:
        Shabbat Shalom 🙂
        May it be relaxing and peaceful for you and your family and all Jews everywhere, Amen.


        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          “Nonee’, there are deep Jewish sources that talk about the True Tzaddik and how the soul of Moshe rabbenu returns in every generation, as part of that generation’s potential Moshiach candidate.

          You don’t have to believe deep Jewish sources, but I don’t have to accept your arguments and opinions as being equivalent to real Torah – because they aren’t.

          Take a look at this article for something of a brief introduction to this subject:


          Here’s a snippet:

          The true tzaddik comes for one reason only: to reveal Hashem. The true tzaddikcomes to reveal that Hashem exists in the world. That a person shouldn’t think that he is acting through his own power, that he can walk, that he can do things alone, that he can run alone, that he can act alone without needing Hashem. Because even though here he bangs his hand, and there he knocks his leg, still he thinks, “I walk. I run. I do things.” A person thinks that he is running the world: he walks; he breathes. They can show him in one second that if something small in his body moves a thousandth of a millimeter, then he is finished! Immediately he needs operations, tests, x-rays, only then does he understand that he is not Elokim, that he is not an angel, that he is not running the world….

          The whole reason that we come to this world is to know that we aren’t doing anything, that Hashem is ruling the world. We only need to see the G-dliness, to see Hashem—in every situation to see Hashem, with every movement to see Hashem, with every thought and word to see Hashem. A person moves his hand or his leg, it is all Hashem. Hashem is moving his arm. Hashem is moving his leg. A person lives in the world; he thinks he is a ‘Chevreman’. He builds buildings. He builds yeshivas. If he doesn’t realize that Hashem is doing it all, then it’s all just a Tower of Bavel.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Oh, and as discussed over email, OF COURSE GOD LISTENS TO AND LOVES NON-JEWS.

          Can we please stop going round in a circle over this point?

          If you are reading things that are taking you further away from Hashem, and your faith in how much He loves you, I suggest you stop engaging with those sites and that material.

  3. True Tzadikkim
    True Tzadikkim says:


    “Haman toppled within 24 hours of being ‘elevated’ – and God’s salvation comes in the blink of an eye.”
    The main point in our life is not to get SAFEK about that Hashem Himself is in control and all evil is used by HIM for good.
    There is no evil, only lack of Light, not enough EMUNA.
    May we all be blssed with EMUNA that help us to survive this and see the last Purim Shpiel.
    Then all these Avanim Tovot in Bet ha Mikdash!Ayy!

  4. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    I am afraid you simply don’t have the whole story, Rivka, and you’ve got it all wrong – at least as far as what’s going on in DC. Here, listen from at least 14:00 minutes.
    It’s got nothing to do with Trump being a “Moshiach” as you put it. It has to do with Trump being the legitimately elected president of the United States, and Biden being the clear usurper of that country, and the military apparently being in charge so as to restore true order IN THE US. What does it have to do with being Moshiach??? 😊

    Shabbat Shalom


    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      There are so many people in the xtian world – and also in the orthodox Jewish world – who related to Trump as some sort of non-Jewish ‘Moshiach ben Yosef’.

      That was a mistake.

      And it blinded many people to Trump’s obvious flaws and limitations, and got them to believe, fairy-tale like, in his ability to ‘drain the swamp’.

      Where was God in all that?

      Where was the connection to our real tzaddikim?

      Where was the emphasis on us working on our own middot and lack of emuna?

      Trump became yet another ‘false idol’, sadly, and that’s a big part of the reason Hashem got him out of the Whitehouse. Just as Trump was ushered in ‘miraculously’, he’s been ushered out ‘miraculously’.

      The Democrats are evil and for sure stole the election. But that’s what God wanted.


      Because they take us away from Hashem and emuna, and have us arguing over stuff that is ultimately totally pointless, and just taking us away from our real spiritual work in the world.

  5. Mary M
    Mary M says:

    Agree! I too had things in my life that were stuck and not moving forward even with all my tefilos and trying all different ways and methods it was all still very hard and challenging. Somehow I was lead to the Rav and only once I started to connect myself did things get a bit more easier and clear in a very profound way. Took me years to understand why it was that way.
    Of course it was all my tefilos that got me there but ultimately connecting to true tzadkim gives one calmness and clarity. I just want to add that connecting to tzadkim does not mean that your not connecting to Hashem if anything I feel closer to Hashem then ever before I just know that I am also connecting to kedusha in this physical world through the Rav and it only enhances my relationship with Hashem …

  6. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    But again, Rivka, you are missing the story: listen to those few minutes in that video in order to understand what is REALLY going on in DC: Trump is out, in Florida, but while in office he put everything in motion for what is developing! I don’t know why you think that even Xtians don’t see G-d’s Hand in all of this. People are shlichim of Hashem: you, me all of us on this blog, and everywhere – and so is Trump. So he got the job to put order in this mess. In addition I am surprised you don’t accept the concept of Teshuvah for him too; yes, he did bad things, but when it comes to draining the swamp you haven’t seen the end of it: he put things in motion with the military, etc. AS AN AGENT OF HASHEM. Things are happening in Washington under the radar, it’s like watching a movie unfolding, the story is far from over. And if at the end we do see the swamp drained, – there is still time – then you WILL see that he did the job he was assigned to. I think we will still see positive changes in America.
    Of course Hashem is pulling the strings, no doubt: isn’t it what Ge’ulah is all about? But who is to say Hashem doesn’t get the help of various people? Even Trump???

    And I certainly don’t ignore the part of the Tzaddikim in all of this, but I am also not blind to facts unfolding.

    What will you say if at the end the swamp IS drained? Will you still deny that he did his part, masterfully by the way, in the unfolding? Don’t you see that ROME is the problem, it’s ESAV, it’s Amalek? If he can remove the seat of power of Rome in the US then he will have accomplished an incredible feat; next is London, i.e. the Rothschilds, and if the Rothschilds fall then Israel is free! Did Trump do it? Hashem did it THROUGH Trump – just like He wrote the book about Rav Berland THROUGH you. Exactly the same thing. We are all Hashem’s agents, as long as we do what is right, as long as we serve Hashem. What’s a servant? Somebody who does the work of the Master, right?

    Shabbat Shalom!


    PS: And by the way I am extremely grateful to the Rav for all I have learned from him: I try to follow his guidance re: the Tikkun Klali and the “new” Pesukim, will try to read Megillat Esther on Motzaei Shabbat, etc. I am in no way disparaging his greatness, Chal veChalilah. But you also have to give credit to people who do good things.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      So, I listened.

      He’s basically saying that Trump handed over power to the US Military – and he thinks that’s an amazing thing.

      Because he’s still beating the drum for the ‘holy’ US Military that only does good and great things in the world…

      Which I don’t believe.

      Things have to be at such a crazy ‘low’ in the world when we start cheerleading military government as a good thing.

      I’m not saying Biden is ‘good’. I’m saying ALL of the politicians and top players in the US, and elsewhere are Amalek, including the top army guys.

      Don’t forget, the US military brought over thousands of top nazis; created ‘DARPA’ to continue nazi science covertly; and has been funding all the ‘UFOs’ and so much of all this dark ‘medical’ science.

      Like this:


      And this:


      Here’s a snippet:

      Bill Gates Partners DARPA For New DNA Nanotech COVID-19 Vaccine

      Does that sound familiar? DARPA is the US Military and NSA.

      And we’re meant to be happy that these guys are apparently poised for a military coup, post Trump?

      And now, he’s saying FEMA has been activated.

      Two years ago, the net was full of ‘FEMA Death Camp’ stories….

      And now, they’re ‘good guys’?

      A lot about this just simply doesn’t feel good or right.

      Although I agree that stuff is definitely moving.


      The more I listen, the more I’m coming to the conclusion that the Health Ranger is more of the ‘controlled opposition’.

      Really, there’s going to be a number of audits in a couple of months time, and then the Biden presidency is going to be ‘overturned’ and ‘the real president, Trump’ will be back.


      Does that sound credible?

      If they could steal the election in the first place, you don’t think they could quash all of this stuff?

      I think this is basically more of the same ‘siphoning off real change, real teshuva’ to more of the same circus…

      • Daisy Stern
        Daisy Stern says:


        I appreciate your reply, seriously. But DARPA is CIA, NOT the army: those are two separate bodies, and Trump DISEMPOWERED THE CIA. I know all about Bill Gates and the CIA/DARPA, all that stuff, I actually posted videos of that stuff on my blog too. Now we are speaking of the military that will restore order in the US and remove the bad guys. At least that IS the plan. The guys in charge are not at all on the side of DARPA, on the contrary. They exposed what the CIA AND DARPA did and continue to do.

        Anyway, time will tell. Hashem is in charge. If Trump did good then Hashem will help him just like he helps all people who serve Him. If he was a fraud and is evil then he will pay the price like all the evil ones. The question is when….??? We shall see.
        Shavua Tov

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          No, DARPA is the military – and the NSA, and all the rest of the yucky stuff, all rolled into one big, evil mass that they pretend is ‘seperated’ from all these other agencies by a few different letters.

          This from Wikipedia:

          The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is a research and development agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military.….DARPA is independent of other military research and development and reports directly to senior Department of Defense management.

          Do you really think this project was ‘shut down’ in 2004, like is says on Wiki, or did it just get morphed into what we are witnessing now, ‘behind the scenes’:

          “On February 4, 2004 the agency shut down its so called “LifeLog Project”. The project’s aim would have been, “to gather in a single place just about everything an individual says, sees or does”.”

          And do any of these DARPA / US Military projects sound familiar:

          Neural implants for soldiers. (2014)
          PREventing EMerging Pathogenic Threats (PREEMPT)
          SafeGenes: a synthetic biology project to program “undo” sequences into gene editing programs (2016)
          SyNAPSE: Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics
          DARPA Grand Challenge: driverless car competitions

          I could go on and on – but the point is that the US Military is not ‘good’ – it’s bad, it’s awful, it’s just as much a part of the problem as the CIA and all the rest. Probably, even more so, because it’s more ‘behind the scenes’ and still has the veneer of being ‘holy’ to so many ‘patriots’.

          Darpa was created as a home for the worst Nazi scientists, with the full backing and approval of the US government and military.

          The rot goes very, very deep.

  7. Aron
    Aron says:

    Politics is a sideshow. Real politics is behind the scenes. What we see is a football game. Red team has the ball, then blue team etc. Red is dor hamabul, blue is dor haflaga. Whichever world you’d rather live in, you “support” the symbols of that side and “oppose” the symbols of the opposite side. Mind control = restrict your choice to two versions of the devil’s world. Since they perfectly oppose each other, the drama makes it feel real. But it’s not. There’s actually very little power in dc.. the real power centers on this side of the world is mainly in the new york/boston area and also los angeles and miami areas. In any case, none of that really matters.. even the real power is not even mazalot and of course Israel is above mazalot.. to the extent we place ourselves above that mindset. No one can touch anyone without going thru Hashem.. and the more a Jew lives in his heart knowing that Hashem is the only power over him..


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