I just got sent this via email, and it deserves it’s own blog post, for easy reference and sharing around.


First, here’s the email I was sent:


“On Thursday (30/9), the Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH) posted a message on Facebook regarding the side effects from the Pfizer vaccine, noting that that vaccine was safe and that there were very few cases of side effects, inviting people to look at the presentation on their website.

Subsequently the post was flooded with thousands of responses of people (with full names and often pics) describing adverse side effects, many severe,  and debilitating. 

Including many cases of death of relatives and friends.   

In response, it appears that the Ministry of Health deleted many of these comments, claiming it was only deleting responses containing foul language.


Responses continue to pour in all the time.

Below is the link to the post – at this point of time, over 20000 responses have been posted.

Thousands of those responses from vaccinated individuals paint a terrifying picture of a health system in complete denial of vaccine injury reports, denying repeatedly any possible link between the vaccines and reported serious adverse events and blocking any option of reporting these injuries.

MOH also disabled  the translation feature of the comments of FB, even though English is one of Israel’s official languages.



A link to  a PDF of the machine translation of over 10,000 of the comments that were not deleted:


A link to the Hebrew mainstream media article:



I downloaded the PDF.

If you are worried about accessing the PDF from that unknown link, I am also sticking it on my website here:



Here’s some screenshots:

Israel Ministry of Health Let’s talk about the side effects


These screenshots are just from the first 5 pages of the Facebook responses….

And that document is literally over 900 pages long.

Here’s a few more screenshots, from random page 74 on – so you can see it’s literally FULL of the same things, thousands of people all sharing their pain about their own injuries, and the people they know personally in Israel who have been killed and seriously injured by these Covid shots:


Again, all this has been saved in the PDF – all 964 pages of it – which you can read for yourself below:


For the first time in a while, I’m feeling optimistic again, that finally, finally, the truth is going to come out – and those who are guilty will face justice, for what they’ve done to humanity in the name of ‘Covid 19’.

So, share this around and warn people to not go near any more of these poisonous shots.

In the next post, I will try to pull together some more ‘detoxing from the toxic shots’ information, BH.



To keep all this info together, I just found a graphic that is meant to show the huge, sudden spike in deaths (generally…) in Israel, beginning straight after the roll-out of the third shot:



I’m currently tinkering around on that site, trying to replicate this graph, and a few other things besides.

I’ll keep you updated, what I learn.


There is also a website and forum called The Israeli People’s Committee who are actively trying to pull information together about adverse reactions to Covid shots in Israel.

Of course, this is the Ministry of Health’s job, and of course, they blatantly haven’t been doing it, and have been doing everything in their power to break the link between deaths and injuries from the Covid shots, and the injections themselves.

THIS is the website – they have a lot of information in English, too:



And lastly, there is another death to report, of a 41 year old, fit Breslov chassid, called ‘the Chareidi Ninja’.

Rav Yishai Amino died today in the Rambam Hospital in Haifa after he fell ill with the Coronavirus a few weeks ago. Rav Yishai was also known as the “Charedi Ninja” as he taught many classes in self defense and Ninjutsu (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ninjutsu) and was the owner of the Breslov 24 Media website where he gave classes online in Breslov Chassidus.

He was 41 years old.


He was teaching a lot of ‘off the derech’ ex-Chareidi boys, including some of the ones I had living in my house for a while.

He was a very good person.

And I’ve been told (unverified), that he was fully ‘vaccinated’ against the Covid 19 that is meant to have killed him yesterday…

Baruch Dayan Emet.

Here is Rav Yishai in action. He’ll be sorely missed.

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5 replies
    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The mental illness was there long before Covid came along… As soon as we get away from God, and from that spiritual aspect of life grounded in the Torah, we are more than half-way cuckoo to begin with.

  1. Nonee
    Nonee says:

    Hi Rivka, guess you and readers know already that Fb and whatsapp, had a ‘glitch’ and is down world wide.

    I had a good laugh..:))
    Yes, Gd is in charge and evil being kicked back.. Hurrah!!


  2. Angela
    Angela says:

    Thank you for your work. thank you. I broke down and cried reading the comments in the PDF.

    Then your reminder “As soon as we get away from God, and from that spiritual aspect of life grounded in the Torah, we are more than half-way cuckoo to begin with” helped me to see the true reality and gain strength and hope.


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