Where are all these holy kids of Jerusalem being taken, for the horrific, Christian-themed ritual abuse they are suffering?


That has been the question that has given me no peace, for the last couple of months.

I had two main sites under consideration, both of which are connected with ‘underground tunnels’, in the Old City.

The first site is the complex around King David’s tomb.


There is a church called the ‘Coenaculam’ that is built mamash on top of King David’s tomb.

As part of my research into the ‘Jewish Christians’ centred around Yoshki’s brother James, who consider themselves to be the ‘original and best’ xtians, and who retained many Jewish practices, I started looking more at King David’s tomb.

As it seems to be the location of the ‘first church’ of James and those early xtians.

The satanic-gnostic Knights Templar took a very strong interest in the site, and they are the ones who built the Coenaculam.

And I had one reader tell me their first-hand experience of tripping into that place, and witnessing a bunch of people dressed in black outfits and hoods – like the KKK – apparently engaged in some sort of satanic ‘religious service’. They were promptly arrested by the police, and forcibly ejected from the premises….


So, if you go HERE, you’ll find some details of the illegal tunnel that was built underground in that area, by the Dormition Abbey, apparently by the Catholic Church, 12 years ago.



So that was one contender for the ‘tunnels under churches’ were so many of the ritually abused children from Nachlaot, and also now from Sanhedria, said they were taken.

The other contender appeared to be the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.


That Church is the biggest historical ‘draw’ for xtians in Jerusalem.

This comes from Wikipedia:

According to traditions dating back to the fourth century, it contains the two holiest sites in Christianity: the site where Jesus was crucified, at a place known as Calvary or Golgotha, and Jesus’s empty tomb, where he is believed by Christians to have been buried and resurrected.

The first building on that site was apparently erected by Emperor Constantine’s mother Helena in the 4th century. She’s the one who dug around a bit, and decided that was where Yoshki had been crucified and buried.

(The Talmud states he was hung on a banana tree for practising black magic and pulling the Jewish people into avoda zora… I know which version I’m going with.)


The building was destroyed and built many times, but the current structure pretty much dates from the time of the crusaders.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in its current form was, again, built by the satanic-gnostic Knights Templars.

And again, there are tons and tons of tunnels underneath it.

If you visit Acco, another Knights Templar stronghold, you’ll understand that these people were smugglers, amongst many other things, who handled large amounts of gold, silver, jewels, sugar and other things that today are in the hands of the mafia and our security forces (i.e. the taxpayer-funded branch of the mafia).

Acco is also packed full of underground tunnels, leading from one place to another, also built by these same satanic-gnostic Knights Templars.


In fact, there are so many ‘secret tunnels’ under the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the place is said to be in danger of collapsing.

(Amen, may that happen very soon.)

This screenshot comes from National Geographic, HERE.


When I went to the Rockefeller Museum in East Jerusalem a few weeks’ ago, I saw the original, massive wooden lintels from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, that were removed for ‘conservation reasons’ 90 years ago.

This short video does a good job of explaining where they were, who built them (the satanic-gnostic Knights Templars…) and what they looked like.


Here’s a couple of screenshots:


This first lintel is celebrating the life of Yoshki.

The area I circled is meant to be the last supper.

I zoomed in on it here.

If you look closely, like I did when I was at the Rockefeller Museum seeing these things up close, you can see that Yoshki is mamash ‘cuddling’ one of the disciples on his lap.

The idea that Yoshki was married to Mary Magdelene, and that his wife was also one of his 12 disciples, is a hallmark belief of ‘Jewish Christians’ and gnostics, like the Knights Templars.

No wonder the Church decided to remove these lintels….


Interesting as all that is, it was the OTHER lintel that really got my attention, when I went to the Rockefeller museum.

Up close, you can really see just how satanic and horrible it really is:

It’s a bunch of naked, tortured figures, encoiled in some sort of never-ending demonic serpent.

Nice lintel for the ‘holiest place in xtianity’….


Here’s something else you should know about the Church of the Holy Sepulchre:

It doesn’t belong to anyone xtian denomination, but is ‘shared’ amongst all of them.

The Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Armenians, Syrian-Coptic, Ethiopians etc etc – they all have a hand in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.


So now, let me share this with you, which I tripped over on the Hebrew-language Rotter forum HERE, yesterday.

This link brings a whole bunch of credible information about the Christian ritual abuse of small Jewish children that the State of Israel has been aiding and abetting for decades.

(Please screenshot and save the stuff on that site as much as possible, they’ve already scrubbed off most of the links.)

I will bring the screenshots in the original Hebrew, side-by-side with the Google-translated screenshots into English.

Then, I’ll sum up below, what we’ve learnt, and tie it all together.



  1. The story of one mother amongst many.

Her children told her they had been taken to churches
And she, like others, decided to check for herself.
She took her children and asked them to show her where they had been taken.


In the evening, I asked my children [plural – this mother had more than child ritually abused in Nachlaot] to show me where they were taken.

As I don’t know the way from Meah Shearim to the Old City, I said to them that they should go before me, and I would follow after them.

They went from Meah Shearim to [the road] Shivtei Yisrael, and from there, to Highway 1, and from there turned to the walls [of the Old City].

From far away, already, they told me, and pointed to it: “This is the parking place, where they dropped us off.”

In the dark, I couldn’t even see that this was a parking area. But when I got closer, I could see a sign there, that said ‘haniya‘ (parking).


We went down in the direction of the parking lot, and there, they showed us the place where the children of the Old City used to wait for them.

[Ed. note – I’m not sure what ‘children of the Old City’ are being referred to here…]



From there, we were led towards the stairs of the stairs of Sha’ar Shechem [the Damascus Gate], where we entered in [to Muslim Quarter of the Old City.] I was shivering from fear, but the children were cheerful and relaxed.

They carried on straight, and when we got to a fork in the road, they immediately turned to the left, without even thinking about where they need to go.

Then they carried on straight, for a few more minutes.





When we went past the next shop, the children announced:

“This is where they bought us drinks. the servant of the priest would come out with us, to buy them.”









After a few seconds, we got to the next store, and here they told us that they were bought whatever they wanted.


We continued to go on, until we got to this ‘doll’, which I’d already heard a lot about beforehand, in the house, when they were describing the church to us.

They told us that by the church, there was some sort of ‘doll’, and we didn’t understand – at all! – what they were talking about. Now, we saw it.










The children stopped at this building, turned a little to the left, then pointed through the gate: “Here is the church.”

Here is where we had the ‘merit’ of greeting the Catholic Church – [or] the Armenian Church, according to what we saw written there. We didn’t go with them inside, despite the fact that the children had no problems, and no difficulty with going inside. It was clear that they knew the place very well.


They told us that from this church, they used to take them to a different church, which was the ‘big church’ with the ‘big priest’.

They used to get there via a tunnel, so they were unable to show us how they got there, from here.


***[Ed. note: Can any readers help me to identify this church? More on this below.]***






But, in one of the stalls that was selling postcards on the street, the children pointed with no hesitation to the following postcard, and said: “This was the ‘big church’.”

We bought the postcard, and then we verified afterwards what the church was called.

It’s called (lit:) the Greek Church, (the Church of the holy burial) – [the Church of the Holy Sepulchre]. And it is one of the biggest churches.


We returned home, and the children were happy and satisfied, that they had managed to ‘include us’ in these places, that were there.


So, now we’re starting to understand why the police keep yelling there is no organised pedophile ring in Jerusalem, preying specifically on frum, Jewish children.

Now, we’re starting to understand how every investigation is strangely undermined and inexplicably called off, before anyone can be charged for their crimes, and this satanic ritual pedophilia in Jerusalem can be stopped.

At the top of the tree, we have about 10 different xtian churches, and their satanic clergy, freely using and horrifically abusing observant Jewish children in their satanic rituals, down in the basement of the Knights Templar’s satanic ‘Church of the Holy Sepulchre’.

Much lower down the chain, there are a bunch of xtian missionaries who have infiltrated the Jewish community, nearly all with American passports, pretending to be observant Jews when they aren’t, sowing dissent and confusion and ‘shutting up’ any question and opposition from within.

And they are joined by our corrupt, Sabbatean-Frankist ‘rebbes’ and rabbis and religious leaders, so many of whom actually descend from people like Jonathan Eybshutz, who wrote the Frankist manual on how things like incest and terrible immorality are a ‘mitzvah’.

And of course, also by the corrupt politicians, police and judges, who EVEN IF THEY AREN’T SABBATEAN-FRANKISTS THEMSELVES, ARE UNDER STRICT ORDERS NOT TO ROCK THAT ‘XTIAN’ BOAT.


Now, do you understand how this massive, organised, satanic, ritually-abusing pedophile ring has managed to run ‘undetected’ for decades and decades in Jerusalem?

The State knows all about it.

The police know all about it.

There is not a square millimeter of the Old City of Jerusalem that is not under the watchful eye of police CCTV cameras….

And it’s been like that for at least the last 20 years.


If the police and the State wanted to, they could close down the ‘Church of the Holy Sepulchre’s’ satanic ritual abuse ring today.

But they don’t want to.

Because that is going to give them the biggest headache, politically and diplomatically, they’ve ever had.

And so in the meantime…. our children will continue to be sacrificed on the altar of appeasing all these ‘good christians’.


Before I forget, I think that church that has a tunnel that leads to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is the Armenian ‘Our Lady of the Spasm’:

(Screenshot from Trip Advisor – look at the shape of the entrance, and also, it seems to have the same letters on it, as the picture from above.)


If you see the route the children take from the Damascus Gate, this church fits perfectly:

It’s located at 36, Via Dolorosa.

This is the church’s official website HERE.


And here is how close it is, to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre:


This doesn’t mean only the Armenian Church is doing this.

ALL the ‘christian’ churches nested in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre are involved in this ritual abuse pedophile ring.



Ultimately, we only have Hashem to rely on.

Don’t we know that already?

And as more of us understand how our corrupt religious and secular leadership have totally sold us all out to the forces of evil, hopefully more of us will turn to God, to the true ‘solution’ for our problems, and beg Him to finally and permanently ‘uproot the evil in our midst’ once and for all.

When that earthquake does hit Jerusalem, I have a pretty good idea where it’s epicentre is going to be.

I used to think it was the Knesset…

Now, I changed my mind.

A little.



You can read more about this Church of the ‘Lady of the Spasm’, aka the Church of the Lady of our Dowager on Hebrew Wikipedia, HERE.

While the current structure was rebuilt in 1874, it’s built on the remains of a Crusader church – which means that it’s still feasible that ‘Templar Tunnels’ are located underneath, that link this church to the Templars’ Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

I am coming to the conclusion that most, if not all, the Templars’ structures in the Old City of Jerusalem are linked by subterranean tunnels.

That would certainly fit how the Templars operated in their other territories and cities, with Acco being a prime example.

The Armenian Cathedral of St James in the Old City was also built by the Templars, and is one of the few Crusader structures that has made it through to the 21st century intact.

As always in Jerusalem, the truth is well and truly ‘buried’.

But, it seems as though it’s finally starting to be revealed.



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4 replies
    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      No, I didn’t see this, thanks Daisy.

      When did this happen, do you know? And do you know what the ‘ceremony’ was that was being ‘celebrated’ there? More satanic stuff?

      • Daisy
        Daisy says:

        No, I don’t know, Rivka; here is what Rav Chananya wrote:

        “As reported by multiple people, a Jewish woman had the nerve to pray at a Jewish holy site in Israel after a group of gentiles showed up for a ceremony and she was told to leave. Out, Jew!

        She continued to stand there quietly praying where she clearly had no business being, and her very presence was a disturbance.

        What does she think this is, a Jewish state?

        Fortunately, Erev Rav police, most likely imported from Russia or Ukraine, know how to deal with Jews who think they can act like first-class citizens.

        Watch with nachas as they remove her! Sing Hatikva! Say a prayer for the brave police and soldiers who keep us all safe from Jews who dare step out of line!

        Moshiach can’t come soon enough to drain the swamp.”

        From the pictures it seems that she was praying outside, within earshot of men in Taleisim, so she was downstairs, not in the cenacle room. Would they have banished all Jews from Kever David altogether for a repeat of the satanic ceremony upstairs? No clue; all I can say is that had I decided to daven upstairs that same year, they probably would have roughed me up very, very hard instead of just dragging me out of there in handcuffs.

        Have they ever banished Jews from downstairs? When Shavuot fell on the same day as the xtian pentecost a few years ago, downstairs, the room Jews normally daven in, was reserved for the Armenians – or was it the Greeks? This year Shavuot started on Motzaei Shabbat June 4th, i.e. June 5th , while pentecost also fell on June 5th: so maybe it was a repeat of that same scenario? Why was the woman praying alone in the courtyard and not in King David’s room? Normally Jews pray inside, next to the tomb ( if it is the real tomb, I don’t know), so why was she praying outdoors? For the same reason? Was the enclosed room reserved for the goyish holiday at the expense of Jewish prayers once again -even to the point of violently assaulting a Jewish woman praying outside? Maybe somebody has information on that? How about the Diaspora Yeshiva? Or how about you, Hava?

        A total outrage, ein milim. May we all have the courage to confront those subhuman monsters, and whoever gave orders to brutalize her:

        Timche et zecher Amalek!


        • Hava
          Hava says:

          Daisy, I sent a comment here that has not been posted. I’ve also had trouble with the captcha on this site several times lately, so it might be that.

          Anyway, I’ve started going to Diaspora Yeshiva classes (actually Machon Roni, their women’s division) that are now being held in the Kever David complex, in what used to be the DY World Peace Center. Rebbitzen Mollie Goldstein teaches in Hebrew as part of their Spanish program, but anyone (women only) who understands it can come. Mondays at noon.
          Thanks and Shabbat shalom…


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