I keep getting messages that people can’t comment on my blog.

And also messages that people can’t see the posts about Jaaaacobbbb Frankkkk – also being ‘censored’.

And now, also messages that the ravberland.com blog seems to have been hacked.

I went to the prayers yesterday outside Ramla prison, and did whatever I could do.

This morning, I woke up so irritated and tired, I just wanted to run away from this whole matzav again.

Yalla, let’s go for a day’s hike in nature up North!!!

I told my husband.

What can I tell you?

None of those plans worked out, for a whole bunch of reasons, plus I spilled a whole cup of water over my computer, plus I just couldn’t find the sodding trail I wanted to walk, plus we got out the house two hours later than planned, plus I was just in such a bad mood, I couldn’t shake it all day until about 3pm, when we gave up on the idea of hiking (having already driven 3 hours up North….) and I just sat in the car to do some hitbodedut.

Finally, the clouds parted a little.


The last two days, I’ve been sleeping really badly.

I’ve literally been having dreams with the names of ‘interesting people’ just repeating themselves over and over again, for me to go and research.

But I’m sick of all the family tree stuff, so I have been ignoring these hints.

Let someone else do it. I’m sick of spending every spare minute trying to figure this stuff out, already.

But now I realise, I have to get on with it, and pronto.

For reasons I don’t really understand myself, it seems to be very important, somehow, to finally pin this stuff down more.

So, that’s what I am now focussing on the next few days again.

There is no running away.

The spiritual battle is raging on, and going up in intensity – and each of us has to do our part, however small.

So, that’s where we’re at, and that’s what I am concentrating on again, for this week at least.

BH, we should hear good news.



  1. I got some message that BH, the Rav IS coming out on Wednesday (I think to house arrest, but that’s still a very big step in the right direction, BH.)
  2. Also, the Rav is apparently saying the terrible suffering of the 9 months that began on Zot Chanuka has been mitigated (again, BH – that’s the power of prayer!)
  3. And lastly – and I haven’t checked this out to see he really said this first-hand, and even if he did, we know that nothing is for sure until it actually happens – geula really starts Seder night.

If I get more details, I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, take a look at this:

Rumble — More information + full summary in English (PDF translated by Orwell City): https://www.orwell.city/2021/12/nano-network.html

La Quinta Columna has shared a summary of the intra-body nano-network that forms after each inoculation the population receives.

The author of this summary is Mik Andersen, owner of the research blog Corona2Inspect, who’s a renowned scientist who has chosen to collaborate with La Quinta Columna and Dr. Pablo Campra’s research under a pseudonym.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    חזק ואמץ ממש תודה רבה לאל ממש
    Be strong and courageous always ממש Rivka 👍👍😃☀️🔥💧


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