I gave you a lot to read this week (!) so this is just a shorter post, to draw some more conclusions.

I was reading through some more info and comments on all these ‘Jewish orphans’ from war-torn Ukraine – who may, or really may not be Jewish at all.

As I said in THIS post, it seems highly unlikely that a city like Odessa, with a Jewish population of 12,500 in 2012, would have 350 Jewish  orphans that need shipping out to Israel.

(BTW, on the ‘Tikva’ website HERE, they now say the Jewish community has grown to 45,000 Jews. That also sounds like a massive increase, in just 10 years, but what do I know…)


Commentator Inna said this:

I live in the community that is very active supporters of Tikva orphanage in Odessa.

Constant fundraising and gala parties with art sales and fashion shows in New York. To a normal mind from former Soviet Union knowing who the Jews were there it is almost impossible to conceive that there are Jewish orphans.
Never saw a Jewish mom leave her child. If not the mom then family would take over.

It is just not in our blood to leave kids.


Here’s a screenshot from the Tikva website, talking about how many orphans they’ve saved in the last 20 years:


Again, I’m not saying they aren’t working with orphans, and doing a bunch of good things.

For sure, they must be doing some stuff with kids, in Odessa.

What I’m questioning, tho, is whether these kids are really Jewish?

And when I read things like ‘there are still 2,500 desperate Jewish children waiting to be rescued’ – in a community of 45,000 Jews – I find those figures very hard to believe, honestly.


Then over email, I got this from someone else, also talking about this Tikva orphanage in Odessa:

Apparently some organisation called Tikvah raised $1.6 million for Jewish orphans in Ukraine: https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/323251.
This organization has a strange feel to me. They even have a CEO, Refael Kruskal, who says he’s Haredi and the Kyiv Chief Rabbi, and they have a large board of trustees (who all work for free, right?).
Their website makes it sound like Ukraine is some sort of 3rd world country where rachmana litzlan. Jewish orphans roam the streets (not true). But I guess that’s how you raise funds….
Arutz 7 had an article about “refugees from Ukraine” landing on an aliyah flight, including the “Chief Rabbi.” 
[Ed note: This was R Shlomo Baksht. You can read about him HERE – on a Wikipedia page that was clearly started by a great admirer of his, just two days ago.]

Now I really wonder where they are taking these kids in Medinat Yisroel.

From the pictures of the buses, it looks to me like Chabad’s so-called 140 orphans and this organisation’s so-called 170 orphans are one and the same and a lot of tzedekah is being raised off this ‘story.’

When I read this stuff together this morning, a few cogs started to whir in my brain about another possible angle to all this.

This headline comes from HERE, from March 2021:

Despite the fact that they have the Knesset bought and sold; and the Chief Rabbinate bought and sold, and so many ‘leading Rabbis’ secretly working for them, the Frankist-Freemasons who run the State of Israel still know that they can’t shove this law down the public’s throat, without a huge amount of pushback from the regular Jews who live here.

Even ‘secular’ Jews, even Jews who don’t consider themselves to be a tiny bit religious – most of those Jews in Israel simply won’t agree with this law, to accept Reform and Conservative ‘conversions’, thereby totally corrupting the definition of ‘who is a Jew’ forever more, in the State of Israel.

This is a line in the sand that 99% of the Jewish population just won’t cross.

So….what could change their mind?

How about a bunch of cute, war-torn orphans from Ukraine – with no papers, and big questions about whether they are even Jewish at all?

Who wouldn’t want to ‘bend the rules’ – just a bit! – to get these cute orphan kids pronounced ‘Jewish’ so they can stay in Israel, regardless of the enormous, destructive precedent that would then set for the rest of the Jews here?
What, you’re going to call these poor, orphan kids’ ‘Jewishness’ into question?!?!?
It’s all just a puppet theatre, a big show, to manipulate the public into falling into line with the real Frankist-Freemason agenda.
(In case you were asleep, the real agenda is to totally uproot authentic Judaism in the State of Israel.)
Sigh again.

Take a look at this wonderful piece of State of Israel propaganda:

It’s a bunch of singing Bnei Akiva girls, welcoming refugees from Kyiv, that just got brought to Israel by United Hatzalah.

How many of these refugees are really halachically Jewish?

Who cares!!!
There’s a war going on.
Only a monster would ask a question like that…
Again, the timing of all this is just SOOOO perfect.

Conversions are about to become the big news again in Israel, as soon as Lapid gets to finally sit in the PM’s chair.

There is nothing like 100,000 newly-arrived Ukrainian refugees in Israel – many of whom probably AREN’T halachically Jewish, because I doubt highly that anyone spent a few weeks checking out ketubas before they flew them out of Kiev this week – to totally ignite the emotional aspect of this debate, to steamroller any objections about ‘halacha needing to be followed’.


Next, I also got an email that said this:

Listen from minute 16 about Chabad in Russia:

This is an interview between R Dovid Smith (who happens to be a US chabadnik) and Tamar Yonah.
Around the 16 minute mark, R Smith basically starts explaining that a lot of the Chabad rabbis in Russia are basically working for the State, and are being controlled and monitored by the spooks there to ‘run propaganda’ for Putin, and affect public opinion (and government policy) in the West.
Amongst other things.

There is a lot more to say on the topic of the real connections between Chabad and communism.

I’m pulling the pieces together more and more each week, and BH, we’ll get to it soon.
But I thought the interview with R Smith is at least a giant step in the right direction, because we have to stop buying into Chabad propaganda that everything they do is good, and flawless, and amazing, and beyond question.
There are some very dark things going on, behind the mask.

No-one gets to be in the corridors of power like that, unless they are providing an invaluable service to the people there.

And the people in those corridors of powers, at least at the very top, are, without exception, evil scummers who will do anything to maintain their popularity, power and position.
(And that’s the best you can say about them…. The real truth about just how corrupt all this is hasn’t really got out there yet. But it will, BH.)
So…. lots to digest.
Lots to process.
But above all, keep questioning EVERYTHING, and don’t let the MSM and the propaganda take over your mind and soul with their lies and propaganda.
Every single Jew, every single person, who continues to strive to do the birur, and strives to find the truth in the midst of all the lives literally affects hundreds, or maybe thousands of others.
Keep holding up that small candle of ‘wanting the truth’.

Because that’s what is really lighting the path towards geula and Moshiach.

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2 replies
  1. Eliora
    Eliora says:

    R Dovid Smith was fascinating and really get it about how the older generation of Soviet raised Russians think! Yes, he is stating the truth. I can attest that the brainwashing they received in the Soviet Union was/is so powerful. I could say that a thousand times, and it won’t be enough to convey it. My Soviet-raised Russian relatives, which live in a nice capitalist Western country, with a large house and have everything they need- they still love the Soviet Union and communism! They even still only watch the Russian government propaganda news. It’s like they are all stuck in time, and can’t accept that it’s not 1968 anymore.

    The younger generation of Russians is mostly like us; they want peace and freedom for all people. But the generation of Russians which grew up in the Soviet Union: you can’t reason with many, which want so badly to see the Soviet Union resurrected, no matter how many people need to suffer or die. It’s like their identity is wrapped up in it and their pride is based on Russia having a powerful dictator, because they attach themselves to that and it makes them feel personally powerful.

    This is the problem we always have with certain relatives. We know real people in Ukraine, friends and family, some being bombed day and night and others which left the cities for the countryside where it is safer. But yet, our Soviet raised Russian relatives, which live in a nice Western country and have access to all the media sources, refuse to even acknowledge that a war is happening!

  2. Daisy
    Daisy says:


    I have to say these children do look Jewish, at least the majority of them: they are so sweet! My heart breaks for them. They also don’t seem to be in a “trafficking” situation, do they? So maybe our suspicions are not well founded? And how can WE help those poor orphans, I mean the ones still in the Ukraine? I wish I had a way besides Hatzalah or the FJC, frankly. Anybody any ideas, besides praying for them??


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