Picture of 6 quiz questions asking what's preventing people from making aliyah

What’s stopping you from moving to Israel – take the quiz


I think I’ve covered most of the main challenges and concerns people have about moving to Israel. If there’s something I missed, please feel free to add it in to the comments section, and let’s start to figure this issue out a bit more, together.
For sure, there are some very real, very solid concerns and obstacles in the path to getting to the Holy Land. I know many people who really do want to come, but can’t seem to get here, for one reason or another. So let’s see what’s the biggest issues that are standing in the way, and then I will do my best to put some resources together here on the site, that might help you to find a way past them.
Also, take a look at the aliyah category, for some more pertinent information, discussion and background.
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  1. Rachel Erman
    Rachel Erman says:

    Rivka, I just can’t agree with the idea behind this quiz: that ideally, everyone should make Aliya as soon as possible, and our task is just to help them get past what’s stopping them.
    What about someone who is doing an important job chutz laaretz and can’t easily be replaced. Just some example: a yeshiva or Beis Yaakov principal, a kiruv professional, a lawyer who helps Jewish causes and can do it best just where he is. Is it right to recommend these people “to find a way past” their real life missions in order to come live in Israel?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I hear you, Rachel, but it comes down to where you think we’re holding in the whole ‘geula and redemption’ process. Let’s go back to Mitzrayim – when it was time for the Jews to leave Egypt, staying put in Cairo because you have a job and a mission to run a Beis Yaakov meant that you wouldn’t make it out. If we’re at that stage in the redemption process, people need to make plans to move to Israel ASAP. If we’re not at that stage – then there’s more room to manoevre.

      But then, let’s go back to pre-war Europe, 1938. How many kiruv professionals, Beis Yaakov principals and ethical Jewish lawyers wound up as smoke above Auschwitz? And could something like that happen again, God forbid? There are a ton of irreligious Jews in Israel now, there are a ton of schools crying out for quality head teachers, whatever the spiritual ‘mission’ is today, most people can find an equivalent here in Israel. I’m not saying it’s easy to make aliyah, but I am saying it could be necessary, even though it’s not easy.

      You and others are more than welcome to have your own view. So many people disagreed in Egypt, and so many people also disagreed in pre-War Europe. Israel also has its dangers, it’s true, but I’d rather face Hamas rockets and terrorists here than ISIS bombs or white supremacists bullets anywhere else. And at this stage, it really does look like God is sending a very loud message that chutz l’aretz is no longer where He wants the Jews to be. Whether the process of redemption is going to take another 8 minutes or another 80 years is anyone’s guess, but personally, I prefer to err on the side of caution, and to encourage people to at least start looking at their options to return to Israel.

      Ultimately, that is God’s stated outcome for the Jewish people, the only thing that’s unclear is the timing of it all.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Honestly, we can’t. We can’t know anything. That’s why we need to have emunat tzaddikim, and to trust our real rabbis to tell us what stage we’re at – and all of the genuine rabbis are saying we’re almost there and Moshiach is at the door, including Rav Chaim Kanievsky.

          There are a lot of false leaders out there today, particularly but not only in chutz l’aretz, and a lot of even ‘religious’ people don’t actually want Moshiach, they don’t want the world to change, they don’t want to live a more spiritual life, deep down, so they are very easily convinced by all the fakers telling them to go back to sleep and carry on as usual.


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