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Ya know, a long time ago one of my readers told me the NASA landing on the moon was faked.

When I first heard that (oh OK, it wasn’t just the first time I heard that. I was in denial at least the first 28 times I heard that) – I considered it a ludicrous conspiracy theory.

I mean, governments just don’t lie to their citizens like that!!!

And how many people would have to be in on that secret, and lying about it for years?


Does that sound logical to you?

(As Mr Spock and my husband would say.)


I was tootling around on Bitchute trying to track down any solid evidence that Celine Dion really is a man, when all of a sudden, this video popped up in the feed.

It’s the out-takes from the ‘Apollo Moon Landing’, filmed in the Nevada Desert.

I was in the middle of watching it (guiltily, in case my husband came downstairs and caught me conspiracy-bingeing again) – when the worst happened.

I kept it playing while I was flipping my potatoes for Shabbat over in the pan, and Mr Logical came downstairs and caught me red-handed.


What’s that, Kirk?

He asked, raising one quizzical eyebrow.

Err, it’s the out-takes from the moon landing, I told him, mentally preparing myself for another argument about life, Jim, but not as we know it.

Maybe he was just so relieved that it wasn’t a video of Celine Dion being ‘transvestigated’, or even worse, singing something, he decided to watch it with me.


What can I tell you?

Mr Logical now seems to be convinced that the ‘moon landing’ was faked after all.

But don’t take his word for it.

Have a look yourself (it’s shmirat eynayim friendly, not a female alien in sight) – and make up your own mind.




PS: No wonder they threw WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange into prison, on trumped-up charges, and are still trying to throw away the key.

And you have to ask WHY this video got taken off Youtube, and censored everywhere, if it’s just a fake. What’s the point? What’s the harm? It’s not affecting anyone’s health, or reputation.

Just showing that our government and media collaborate to lie to us about just about everything.

And we all know that now, already.



Hava wanted to know if ‘Apollo Astronaut’ Buzz Aldrin had been asked about the moon landing hoax.

Whaddya know?

He was.

Take a look at this:


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16 replies
  1. Darin Sunley
    Darin Sunley says:

    The only good argument I’ve heard against the moon landing being faked was xkcd’s: “It’s been 50 years. If NASA was willing to fake great accomplishments, they’d have faked another one by now.” 🙂

    • Ana
      Ana says:

      If it was really faked, it was truly a first class job and huge conspiracy. If they achieved their Cold War aims with the job, why would they risk further chances of totally blowing the cover of the elaborate lie? They must know that tafasta meruba lo tafasta…

      By the way, just a question for Rivka – how would this impact your previous posts about Operation Paperclip and the CIA and development of the Saturn V rocket and everything else?

  2. Noach Santo
    Noach Santo says:

    If you survived the subtitles and got the point, you might want to see this too. These are real images of what we call “planets”:


    HaShem created the stars for signal and alert. There is certainly a mystery in them. In Bereshit 1:16, where it is written that HaShem created the lights = meorot, something is not complete, because the word is strangely missing the letter vav. In this verse, He created two types of lights: the Sun, bigger, to govern the day, since it does not appear at night, and the stars, smaller, to govern the night, since they do not appear by day. Note that the word Moon is not mentioned, that it is not smaller than the Sun in any eclipse and that it appears commonly during the day too, that is, it does not govern either day or night. The moon we see is a hologram of a real object. The sun is the focal point of the plasma above the dome. The “planets” are stars with their own movement. The Earth is not a “planet”, but a single kingdom.

  3. Noach Santo
    Noach Santo says:

    Where are the images of the man on the moon, this NASA and Hollywood co-production signed by S. Kubrick? In fact, almost the entire film The Shining was dedicated to demonstrating this. Undoubtedly, a small step for a fake, but a big fake for humanity. The landing was nothing more than a televised hallucination. Since that time, there are those who believe in television. An astronaut has as much ability to go to the moon as a boy who puts on a cape and jumps off the couch. Frankly, the support base of the module that it allegedly took in 1969 appears to be made of sewer pipe, curtain rods, laminated paper, adhesive tape and a canine canister. Whoever believes in these washing machines, stoves and tiffin boxes, who never left the dome, suffers from Nimrod syndrome. The only thing that has been taken into outer space is the deluded human imagination. The world is blind and the proof of this is the images that NASA shows with its actornauts. This agency established a world authority on all information related to outer space and astronomy. Pseudoscience believed to be truth is nothing more than scientific beliefs with unbelievable scripts, where the reproducibility of the act is simply ignored.

  4. anonymous
    anonymous says:

    With no intent to damage your belief in this conspiracy theory, I would like to bring to your attention that this particular clip from Bitchute was not put out by wikileaks or Julian Assange. It simply combines clips from the 1978 movie ‘Capricorn One’ with clips from Nasa.

    Like most of these hoaxes the truth usually becomes very clear after about 5 minutes looking up the the origins of this clip. Here it is https://youtu.be/wb2J90A4PKo

    I think you ought to post this for the integrity of this site.

    This site presents nice ideas, just be careful if you want people to take you seriously and not to lose creditability altogether, try to do a bit of research before posting such incredible ideas.


    Also watching the full interview of Buzz Aldrin with an open mind it is clear that he is saying “we didn’t go there (again) because it costs too much money.” But this may be up for interpretation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4UP6nRMuGs

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Thanks for this.

      I sped through the 41 minute clip you linked to above, and I agree that at the very beginning of the Wikileaks clip, there is a shot of the director from Capricorn One.

      But I couldn’t find any other shots from the Capricorn One footage where they were showing the same stuff being shown in the WikiLeaks clip. Can you help me out here, and find the exact same shots in that Capricorn One footage – with the time stamp, for easy comparison – so we can finally see where the truth lies.

      And another thought crossed my mind when I was reviewing this stuff, which is: how was their a camera on the moon recording the descent of the astronauts before they actually landed there? I’m sure there’s a simple answer to this question, so please help me find it.

      Really grateful for your input.


      Just to be clear, I think this sort of discussion is really healthy, and really useful for everyone. I’m not pretending to be infallible, or to have all the answers. And so I really am very happy to have respectful ‘arguments’ about where the truth lies, that are rooted in facts and information and sources, and not just opinion.

      So thank you, anonymous, for taking the time to comment and to bring this up.

      BH, together we’ll figure it out properly.


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