All my tabs are exploding out of all proportions again, so this post is kind of an ‘information dump’, to put more interesting things ‘out there’.

***UPDATES about the Sovereign Military Order Temple of Jerusalem, below***

First, Baruch Dayan Emet, Rav Chaim Kanievsky passed away two hours before Shabbat.

BH, a lot of dinim will be sweetened now, and a lot of things will start to move in a good way.

And all the evil that has been perpetrated in the name of Rav Kanievsky in recent months will start to be redressed, and the people responsible brought to account.


First, let’s get back to Adolf Eichmann, and his strange contacts with the Frankist-former-Jews in Israel, before WW2.

I got this helpful information over email:

I was so intrigued by the comment left on your latest post about Eichmann meeting up with Ben Gurion in Palestine in 1937 that I tried to find this picture of both of them online.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to however I was able to find a cropped picture of Eichmann in Palestine in 1937:
Apparently he didn’t meet with Ben Gurion but he does seems to have met with Feivel Polkes (a high level Hagana commander) in1937 in Berlin to discuss encouragement of German Jews to leave for Palestine.
Author David Cesarani even claims in his book Becoming Eichmann, that Eichmann and Feivel Polkes discussed in Berlin the possibility that the Nazis might supply weapons for the Zionist fight against the British Mandate in Palestine.
Sources for the above paragraph (I can’t say how truthful they are or not):


Lastly in 1960 Life Magazine published the confessions of Eichmann, who before he got captured by the Israelis had started telling his story to a German journalist, talking into a tape recorder for hours at a time.

Here is a link to his whole confession:
What I found interesting is in part 1 where Eichmann says the following:

In 1935 after I had been struggling with Hebrew for two and a half years, I had a chance to take a trip to Palestine. We were most interested in the Palestine emigration and I wanted to find out at what point a Jewish state in Palestine might be set up.

Unfortunately Palestine was then in turmoil and the British turned down my application for an extended stay. I did see enough to be very impressed by the what the Jewish colonists were building up their land. I admired their desperate will to live, the more so since I was myself an idealist.

In the years that followed I often said to Jews with whom I had dealings that, had I been a Jew, I would have been a fanatical Zionist. I could not imagine being anything else. In fact, I would have been the most ardent Zionist imaginable.


Thank you to my correspondent, for taking the time to piece all this together.

For all the people who think this Frankist-Freemason stuff is just ‘conspiracy theories’ (yawn), and who say that the Nazis, and the Bolsheviks, and the Labor Zionists (etc etc etc) weren’t just an outgrowth of those same Frankist-Freemasons, trying to destroy Torah-true Judaism in every way they could, please explain:

Why did Adolph Eichmann spend two and a half years trying to learn Hebrew, between 1933-1935?

And why was he trying so hard to visit Eretz Yisrael?

And why did he have so many ‘dealings’ with Zionist Jews who he apparently admired so much, he even told them that he ‘would have been the most ardent Zionist imaginable’?


You can read a whitewashed Hebrew Wikipedia account of Feivel Folkes HERE.


The fate of Feivel Folks remains shrouded in mystery to this day.

The Nazis saw him as having a high-ranking role in the Hagana (thus portrayed by Reichert), while in fact he did not actually hold any high-level position in the organization.

He may, however, have had ties to the Nazis under the orders of the ‘Irgun’ group, but it is not entirely clear what the aims and nature of the contact he had with the Nazis were.

He was also on a diplomatic mission in 1948 and 1949, when he was sent by David Ben-Gurion to talk with the Archbishop George Hakim to reach a settlement with the Arabs of Palestine.


So, on the one hand, we are being told that this guy – who met Eichmann twice, and then who met other Nazi officials like Reichert, was a nothing and a nobody in the Hagana.

And then, a second later, we are being told that this ‘nothing and nobody’ in the Hagana was sent by David Ben Gurion himself to try and reach an agreement with one of the leaders of the ‘Arabs of Palestine’.

This whole thing stinks, as usual, and as usual, all the collaboration and collusion between the proto-State-of-Israel Frankist-Freemasons and the Nazi regime (funded by Frankist-Freemasons in the US and Switzerland) is being spun as a ‘rescue operation’.



We will come back to Feivel Foulkes in another post soon, BH.

In the meantime, here’s another loose end to tie up:

Proof of US Biological Weapons in the Ukraine – from 2005.

This tweet is from George Webb, March 17th 2022 – and it shows one Andy Weber at the USA’s DTRA lab in Ukraine, in 2005, holding a vial of Anthrax to show Senator Obama.

Because of course, Anthrax is only ever used for defensive and / or therapeutic purposes.


And HERE‘s a link to a story that Big Pharma has been using Ukrainians as ‘lab rats’ for years:


Another area of “dual-use” research conducted in the period up to 2019 is the development of a so-called “universal, smart” vaccine that can adapt to mutations of the influenza virus, and virus samples were imported from the United States. Experiments were carried out with ticks as carriers of Zika viruses, West Nile fever, Dengue fever, etc.

Funds for these and other inhumane experiments are carried out through grant projects of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. This issue was personally handled by ex-Minister Suprun, her deputy Pavel Kovtonyuk and the head of the National Health Service of Ukraine Oleg Petrenko. Funding also went through the already mentioned George Soros Renaissance Foundation.


Moving on.

THIS article explains some of the history of the Germanic-speaking Templars in Eretz Yisrael, in the 19th century.

It’s entitled:

Sarona, the Kirya in Tel Aviv was founded by the Templars, a Nazi-leaning Christian group.

I.e., the original ‘christian zionists’ of our times, but with some deep ties to the Swiss Templars who basically created modern Switzerland.

There is a very long story to tell here, and I am starting to work on it, but the more people also start to ponder these things, the faster the truth comes to light.


For example, as I was starting to research the pro-Nazi Templar community in Sarona (that place where chief Nazi Eichmann may or may not have been born), I got sent this over email by another reader:


I watched this video, and while I don’t agree with a lot of what he’s saying, a lot of what he’s saying about Switzerland being created by the demonic, lucifer-worshipping Templars after they were finally kicked out of Acco in 1291 makes a lot of sense.

Basically, Switzerland is the homebase of these demonic Templar-Crusaders, and if you look at the role Switzerland, and its bankers, and its ‘Davos meetings’, and its World Economic Forum has been playing – amongst many, many other things – it starts to make a very good case that Swiss Templars are the real ‘head of the snake’, here.

And then of course, that brings us full circle with the ‘German Templars’ who were in Eretz Yisrael in the 19th century, who had close contacts with the Nazis back in the Motherland – and the Frankist-Freemasons who got given the  job of creating a ‘fake Jewish’ State here.

I haven’t researched it yet, but I would not be surprised – at all – if these ‘German Templars’ actually end up being Swiss Templars, who speak German.


Last thing for now:

Here’s a Swiss banker you have probably never heard of before, but who seems to be one of those ‘missing links’, that start to change the whole picture of what was really going on with WW2 and the Nazis – and the State of Israel.

His name is Francois Genoud.


In the 1960s Genoud began supplying arms for Palestinian causes.

The Lausanne-based New European Order organisation, met in Barcelona in April 1969 where Palestinian groups received financial support and Genoud placed them in contact with former Nazis who would assist their military training, including pledged support designated for the Palestine Liberation Organisation. 

He was a close associate of Dr. George Habash and Jacques Vergès, and in September 1969 he contributed finances for the legal expenses of three Palestinians from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine following their attack on an El Al flight in Zurich, where he personally sat at their defense table.


Lots of stuff to think about here, lots more breadcrumbs to follow!

Feel free to dive in, and do your own digging around, as the more of us get involved, the faster the truth will surface.

And once more of that truth surfaces – everything will change for the better.



Check THIS out, it’s the website of the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem.

I just spent a while listing a whole bunch of info here – but the page closed before I saved it.

So here is the short version:

  • It’s 900 years old – but this ‘version’ of it was started in Paris in 1804, under the auspices of Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • It has close ties to the UN.

  • It’s has ‘Grand Priories’ all over the place – including a ‘NATO’ priory, that is totally setting off alarm bells.


It’s doing a lot of work in Israel to protect and strengthen xtian communities here.

HERE‘s is it’s charidee page:


I am willing to bet a lot of money that there is way more going on here, than meets the eye.

But at the least, we can say we’ve definitely surfaced a ‘Swiss Templars’ connection to Eretz Israel that is still operating today, out of Switzerland, and that seems to have a lot of fingers in a lot of strange pies.




HERE is another branch of this order, in the USA.

Pay attention to it’s mission statement, screenshotted below:


Gotta love that bit about ‘Keeping the Road to Jerusalem open to all people as our own’.

Again, remember these Swiss Templars have been pulling strings from behind the scenes for centuries, already.

At this stage, the more I hear about high ideals and ‘charidee’ – the more I start looking for what’s really going on, behind that o-so-pious facade.

Feel free to join me, in trying to figure this out.

But in the meantime, the Swiss Templars are starting to look more and more likely as the head of the snake, and the ‘power behind the throne’ of so much that is going wrong in our world.

But they covered their tracks so well, this is probably going to take a while to really unpick.




Reader Vivian shared THIS link, which is connecting Switzerland to a lot more things, including the CIA, the Holy See  – and the World Jewish Congress.

Again, it’s going to take some time and effort to stand all this stuff up independently, and to do the birur, but the OSS – the forerunner to the CIA – is known to have begun in Switzerland, with Allen Dulles, before World War II.

That’s the same OSS / CIA who secretly brought all those Nazis over to the USA, and elsewhere, as part of Operation Paperclip.


Snippet about Dulles and OSS from HERE:

Allen Dulles is most famously known for his controversial operations during the Eisenhower and Kennedy Administrations as director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

This story of Dulles as CIA director is already well told and analyzed by historians. Less known is his central role in the Office of Strategic Service’s (OSS) operation in Bern, Switzerland during the Second World War.

Founded on June 13, 1942, the OSS was a key intelligence arm that assisted the United States’ military and diplomatic mission following the attack on Pearl Harbor. Dulles became the leading spymaster for the OSS and one of the most, if not the most, influential intelligence officers of World War II….

OSS Bern became one of the critical workshops for the nascent U.S. intelligence community, and its station chief became a key innovator of American espionage.… As the capital of neutral Switzerland, Bern was the center of diplomacy and espionage.…Dulles was able to influence the outcomes of the war and the planning of the peace.


A whole bunch of the USA’s leading lights also seem to have been ethnically Swiss, including Herbert Hoover, J. Edgar Hoover – and Barack Obama.

This comes from Wikipedia’s list of Swiss Americans page, HERE:

Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890–1969), President of the United States
Herbert Hoover (1874–1964), President of the United States
Barack Obama (born 1961), President of the United States (distant ancestors)


It’s interesting to note other names like Tucker Carlson, Steve Jobs, chess champion Bobby Fischer – and the Amish.

There are also some notable Jewish names on the list, including Albert Einstein, and these guys:


CO-INC-ID-EN-TALLY, I have a bunch of ‘Guggenheim’ tabs open at the moment, connected to Samuel Untermeyer.

I started researching him as part of my ‘deep dive’ into Freemason-Frankist-Zionists from Germany, that was a natural outgrowth of last weeks’ posts pointing up some of the links between the proto-State of Israel and Nazi Germany.

HERE is his (whitewashed…) Wikipedia page, and then I’ll bring a couple of the snippets that caught my eye:

 In 1911 he delivered “Is There a Money Trust?”, an address that prompted an investigation by the Committee on Banking and Currency of the U.S. House of Representatives, then headed by Arsène Pujo.

Untermyer was counsel-investigator to the Pujo Committee, famously cross-examining J. P. Morgan and other New York bankers. The Committee’s work resulted in the passage of remedial legislation, including the establishment of the Federal Reserve System….

Untermyer also identified as a Zionist and served as president of the Keren Hayesod, the agency through which the movement was then and still is conducted in America…

Journalist Maury Terry (best known for his work on potential links between alleged ritualistic sacrifices at Untermyer Park and the Son of Sam murders) reported that Untermyer belonged to the New York City temple of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.


Just to recap what you read above:

Samuel Untermeyer laid the ground work for the corrupt Federal Reserve System to be introduced in the USA.

I wrote about that HERE, and how the Jews involved in that project were all notable Freemason-Frankists, who were directly related to false messiah Jacob Frank, and also his father-in-law, the demon-worshipping ‘Bad Baal Shem’ of London, Samuel Chaim Falk.

Samuel Chaim Falk was the main ‘high priest’ of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, as I set out clearly HERE.

Those same Frankist-former-Jews behind the establishment of the FED, especially the Warburgs, were also notably involved in financing Hitler and the Third Reich.

And they are all related by blood and marriage to the Gunzburg and Rothschild families, too.


So, then I went to check out ‘Samuel Untermeyer’s’ family tree, and whaddya know?

If you take a look HERE (screenshot below), you’ll see that not only is Samuel Untermeyer descended from the Swiss Guggenheims mentioned above, he’s also a direct descendent of that same Gunzburg family that gave us Jacob Frank, the Vilna Gaon – and very probably, the Alter Rebbe of Chabad.


Samuel Untermeyer’s grandparents are Isaak Untermayer and Judith Guggenheim (the sister of the famous Abraham Guggenheimer).

Isaak is the great-grandson of Meyer ben Samwil Ulmo and Jitle (Gitle) Gunz.

Meyer’s ‘other’ surname is GUNZBURG.

Meyer ben Samwil Ulmo’s sister Rechel Gunzburg, is married to the Sabbatean ‘Eshel Avraham’ Broda, who is the direct ancestor of a whole bunch of Chabad Rebbes.

That whole family tree (see HERE) is literally crawling with Frankists.

And to crown it all, Samuel Untermeyer himself is also suspected of being an initiate of the (devil-worshipping…) Order of the Golden Dawn that was started by Samuel Falk, Jacob Frank’s father-in-law.

And, he’s a committed Zionist, and president of the Keren Hayesod.


THIS is the Wikipedia page for the Keren Hayesod, snippet below:

Keren Hayesod was established at the World Zionist Congress in London on July 7–24, 1920 to provide the Zionist movement with resources needed to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine….

Keren Hayesod established fundraising organizations around the world. Early leaders included Chaim WeizmannAlbert Einstein and Ze’ev Jabotinsky.


Hey, where is the HQ for the ‘World Zionist Congress‘?

If you said ‘Geneva, Switzerland’ – you’d be right!

And who funded the World Zionist Congress, and it’s predecessor, the Comité des Délégations Juives?

That would be the World Zionist Organisation.

And where was the World Zionist Organisation founded?

In Basel, Switzerland, in 1897!!!



Thanks to ‘Nachum’ aka ‘Norman Lamm’ aka who-knows-who-he-really-is being a bit of an asshole in the comments section, I realised there is a third ‘Jewish’ organisation that also has a connection to Switzerland, namely the World Jewish Congress.

HERE is the Wikipedia page for that, and this is a relevant snippet:

The World Jewish Congress (WJC) was founded in Geneva, Switzerland in August 1936 as an international federation of Jewish communities and organizations. According to its mission statement,the World Jewish Congress’ main purpose is to act as “the diplomatic arm of the Jewish people.”

Membership in the WJC is open to all representative Jewish groups or communities, irrespective of the social, political or economic ideology of the community’s host country.

The World Jewish Congress headquarters are in New York City, and the organization maintains international offices in Brussels, Belgium; Jerusalem; Paris, France; Moscow, Russia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Geneva, Switzerland.

The WJC has special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.


These organisations aren’t ‘meaningless’, like ‘Nachum Lamm’ believes.

This is where the real decisions are being made that affect you and me.

Here’s a few more snippets from the WJC page, to make that point:

WJC officials lobbied UN member states in favor of the adoption of UN General Assembly Resolution 181 of 1947, which called for the creation of a Jewish and an Arab state in Palestine.

On 15 May 1948, the day of Israel’s proclamation of independence, the WJC Executive pledged “world Jewry’s solidarity” with the fledgling Jewish state….


At the 13th Plenary Assembly in Jerusalem in January 2009, Ronald S. Lauder was formally and unanimously elected as WJC president, having previously served as acting president….

French banker Baron David René de Rothschild serves as chairman of the WJC Governing Board, and Lebanese-born Chella Safra from Brazil is the treasurer of the organization.Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor, the president of the European Jewish Congress was named as chairman of the WJC Policy Council.

Although the WJC Executive Committee comprises almost 50 members, including the heads of the 12 largest Jewish communities in the world outside Israel…


Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor is a Russian oligarch, and another person that sounds interesting, for all the wrong reasons.

And if you go to the WJC page and website, you’ll see that these are really the people who are dictating policy to the State of Israel.

And in turn, who is dictating it to them?

That is the question.


There is so much more to unpack, but can you see how Switzerland, Switzerland and Switzerland keep cropping up here?


The Knights Templar fled Acco to Switzerland, and took with them a load of occult, devil-worshipping ‘knowledge’; an international banking network; expertise in extortion and ‘protecting pilgrims’; expertise in smuggling goods and people; and tons of wealth, property and connections to royalty all over Europe.

They murdered all the native Swiss, took over, and when they stopped enlarging their own nation of Switzerland in 1515, they have not been involved in a single war for 500 years – while the whole of Europe around them has been just one big battleground.

No-one ever conquers Switzerland, even though it’s common knowledge that they hold so much of the world’s wealth in their secretive banking system.

Why not?

And in the meantime, everything from the Swiss-registered charity called the OSMTH – which is openly operating to keep Eretz Yisrael and Jerusalem ‘xtian’ – to Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, to the World Zionist Congress and the CIA and CERN – they are all based out of Switzerland.

Where Zionists, Nazis, American presidents and scientists all rub shoulders happily together, as they take their orders from the devil-worshipping Swiss Templars who are playing us all off against each other – and then blaming their own sins on the poor Jews.

Tatty, ad matai?!?!?


But we let a huge ray of light in on this very dark history now.

And it only takes a little light to banish all the darkness.

I have a feeling now that this first domino has toppled, in figuring out what is really going on here, a lot more are about to follow.

Stay tuned.


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The Rebbe Rayatz, and a bunch of ‘open miracles’.

Yesterday evening, I got an email from a good friend of mine, who likes to research things properly, before coming to a conclusion.

That is the way it should be for all of us, of course, but usually it’s not. Usually, we just absorb whatever PR and propaganda our bought-and-paid-for media feed us, and then go smoke some weed to silence that inner voice that is telling us ‘something isn’t quite right here’.

(I don’t smoke weed, thank God. But I know a lot of people who do, to try and get their soul to shut up and leave them alone for a while, when the anxiety strikes.)

But I digress.


So yesterday, the following email landed in my inbox.

I’m first going to reproduce it here, and then below, we’ll try to unpack it a little, to see what more we can learn.


Over shabbat I’ve been thinking a lot about the 6th Chabad Rebbe and what was really going on with him. I feel a need to share the following with you, even though I know you already know a lot of the information:

1) Yitzchak Y. Schneerson is imprisoned by the Russian in 1927 and sentenced to death. The following people got involved in his rescue:

  • Rav Avraham Yitzchak Ha-Kohen Kook, Chief Rabbi of Israel, who sends a telegram to the American Joint Distribution Committee asking for help.
  • Yekaterina Peshkova, wife of Maxim Gorky, who had personal access to the highest officials in the Soviet bureaucracy.
  • Vyacheslav Menzhinsky, the national chairman of the Soviet Secret Police (the OGPU). Peshkova enlisted his help.
  • Dr. Joseph Rosen, head of the Agro-Joint, a humanitarian organization run by the American Joint Distribution Committee in collaboration with the Soviet government, primarily to support Jewish agricultural settlements.
  • Rabbi Meir Hildesheimer, head of the famed Hildesheimer Rabbinical Seminary
  • Dr. Leo Baeck, leader of Reform Judaism in Germany. Together with Rabbi Hildesheimer he contacted:
  • Dr. Oskar Cohn, the Jewish representative of German’s Socialist Party. Dr Cohn arranged a meeting with:
  • Nikolay Krestinsky, the Russian ambassador to Berlin, who pledged to do all he could to ensure the Rebbe’s safety and release.
  • Alexei Rykov, the reigning Premier of Russia at the time.
  • Mordechai Dubin, Lubavitcher chassid and also a member of the Latvian Parliment.
  • Louis Brandeis, the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice.
  • Herbert Hoover, who at the time was the Republican presidential candidate, had lobbied for the Rebbe’s release. Yitzchak Y. Schneerson met with him in 1929 when Hoover had become President of the USA.
  • ( Allegedly even President Calvin Coolidge got involved but I can only find this stated here and not in any other place)


2) The following people were involved in Yitzchak Y. Schneersohn’s rescue from Warsaw during World War II:

  • Max Rhoade, a Washington lobbyist hired by Rabbi Yisroel Jacobson the 6th Chabad Rebbe’s leading emissary in the US. Rhoade lobbied many people, among them were Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis and:
  • Ben Cohen, an advisor to President Roosevelt.
  • Robert Pell, US diplomat, who got contacted by Ben Cohen. Pell was at the time working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and he had become friends with a German diplomat called Helmuth Wohlthat.
  • Cordell Hull, US Secretary of State, who got contacted by Pell. Robert Pell informed Hull that he had an agreement with Wohlthat. Wohlthat had assured Pell to be of help in any cause of concern to American Jewry. Hull contacted Wohlthat asking for his help.
  • Helmuth Wohlthat realized that the only force that could do anything was military intelligence since Warsaw was occupied by the German military. Therefore he contacted:
  • Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, head of the Abwehr, the German military intelligence service. Canaris in turn employed the help of:
  • Major Ernst Bloch, was the one who together with two other officers, did the groundwork and physically located Yitzchak Y Schneersohn in Warsaw and brought him and his entourage to the Latvian border.
  • Louis Brandeis and Ben Cohen put pressure on the Roosevelt administration to grant Yitzchak Y Schneersohn a visa to the US.
  • Jacob Rutstein an American businessman, philanthropist, real estate developer and lumber magnate (who has a rags to riches story) was also instrumental in bringing Yitzchak Y. Schnnersohn to the US. Rutstein is reported to have assisted Rabbi Schneersohn in launching Lubavitch in America. In addition to being a founder of the United Lubavitch Yeshivas, Rutstein helped Lubavitch locate and purchase the building which would become its headquarters on 770 Eastern Parkway.


So my question is, what are the odds that Yitzchak Y. Schnersohn was saved not only once, but TWICE with the help of top officials in the US and in cooperation with officials of countries, who hated and persecuted the Jews.
How is this possible???

Another question, if this amount of help was able to be mobilized in order to save Yitzchak Y. Schneersohn why wasn’t this help used to save more Jews during World War II????


These are both good questions.

I don’t really have the answer for them – particularly not that last one, which honestly is pretty disturbing on a number of levels – but what I want to do know, is to add in some more details, to see if we can fill out the picture, a little, about the Rebbe Rayatz’s contacts in high places.

Ready? Let’s begin.


EXHIBIT 1: Video of the Rebbe Rayatz becoming a citizen of the USA, in 1949


Here’s a few things that struck me about this video.

  1. Two US Supreme Court justices came to 770 to administer the ‘oath of citizenship to the Rebbe Rayatz.
  2. The United States government passed a special law, to enable the Rebbe Rayatz to have the citizenship ceremony done in 770, instead of coming into court, like everyone else.
  3. These two Supreme Court justices where then happy to hang around ‘recreating the ceremony’ for a second time, so the photographers could get better pictures.

Does anything about this strike you as strange?


Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the people who helped the Rebbe Rayatz get out of prison in Russia, the first time around, to start to feel out their connections with Chabad:

  • Rav Avraham Yitzchak Ha-Kohen Kook

Snippet from the biography on the Merkaz HaRav website, HERE:

Rabbi Kook was born in the town of Grieba in the Doynsk district of Latvia to his father Rabbi Shlomo Zalman and his mother Pearl Zalta (Palman). As a child, he was educated by his father who was a misnaged, but was connected with Chabad chassidim from his mother’s community (her father Raphael Palman was close with the Tzemach Tzedek)


  • Yekaterina Peshkova

Here’s what caught my eye about her, for this post, from her very short Wikipedia entry HERE:

After 1922, she was chairwoman of the subsequent organisation the Assistance to Political Prisoners (“Pompolit”).

Here’s the strange bit of all this, from a PDF called Exiled to Palestine, The Migration of Zionist Convicts from the Soviet Union 1924-1934, on Research Gate:

[There was] a time in the early history of the Soviet State when a small number of Zionist activists were allowed to substitute their sentences by going into exile to Palestine instead of Siberia.

In spite of the Bolshevik leadership opposing in principle to the idea of creating a Jewish national enclave in Palestine…

Given the draconian methods of the Soviet state, this relative tolerance was remarkable, although it only lasted from 1924 to 1934 and only about 1000-3000 were permitted to emigrate.

Although the leaders were often arrested there was no concerted effort to demolish the organizational base of the Zionist Youth movements or the parties. Even the Hechallutz farms continued to operate largely unhindered until 1926.


Peshkova was responsible for this very surprising policy.

It’s at least possible that she herself was one of the many ‘closet Jews’ with Frankist-Freemason tendencies, that were at the very top of the command structure, in the nascent Soviet Union.

(BTW, most of what we’re told about the ‘communist revolution’, and who was really behind it, is a lie. We’ll come back to this another time.)


This guy became known, notoriously, as ‘Stalin’s Executioner’, and his JOB was to hunt down and eliminate anyone who was involved in ‘anti-Soviet’ activities. Does it strike you as strange, that someone who had no qualms about killing and torturing literally hundreds of thousands of people for these activities would be willing to help the Rebbe Rayatz to get out of prison and leave the country?

How do we explain this?


  • Dr. Joseph Rosen, head of the Agro-Joint.

Here’s what stuck about him, from HERE:

From 1915 to 1918, Dr. Rosen directed the Baron de Hirsch Agricultural School in Woodbine, N.J.

I first came across the name ‘Maurice de Hirsch’ when I was researching the women trafficking and prostitution ring run by the Jewish mafia in Poland and Argentina, that was called ‘Tzvi Migdal’. Here’s a snippet about Maurice Tzvi Hirsch, from Wikipedia:

Moritz (Zvivon Hirsch, commonly known as Maurice de Hirsch, was a German Jewish financier and philanthropist who set up charitable foundations to promote Jewish education and improve the lot of oppressed European Jewry. He was the founder of the Jewish Colonization Association, which sponsored large-scale Jewish immigration to Argentina.

HERE is his family tree on geni – and man o man, did we just trip into the biggest ‘New World Order’ Frankist-Freemason bankers spiders’ web, there.

I’ll come back to this another time, BH, but when I researched the topic last year as a result of what came out about Jeffrey Epstein, there were at least some suggestions that Maurice de Hirsch’s ‘Jewish Colonization Association’ was basically a mafia front for trafficking Jewish women from the shtetls all over the world.


About the ‘Agro-Joint’ specifically, I found this, from HERE:

One of the interesting moments shared by Irena Ezekieleevna was a story about life in Moscow at the beginning of the XX century, in a mansion in Granatny Lane, 7. The Groer family moved there in 1924, after Irena’s father was appointed deputy director of the Agro-Joint in the Soviet Union:

“In those years, Joint enjoyed great prestige in the USSR. The mansion in Garnet Lane was completely at the disposal of Joint and its employees. On the first floor there was an institution, and on the second floor lived the families of the management of “Joint”. Everyone lived very amicably. It was a small state in greater Moscow.


Irena’s father was later rounded up, in 1937, as part of Stalin’s purges, and Dr Joseph Rosen tried to help his former colleague out:

Joseph Rosen, the director of the Joint in the USSR, tried to save them, got a meeting with Molotov. Molotov replied that nothing could be done, as they had confessed everything. Much later, we realized that at the time of this conversation, my father was no longer alive…We never heard from my father again.

So… the guy who used to work for the Soviets and believed in Communism got executed, and Joseph Rosen couldn’t help him. And the guy who used to apparently work against the Soviets, and was apparently doing everything he could to undermine Communism, got a free pass and was let out of prison and allowed to leave the country.

Does this sound right, to you?

Let’s continue.


HERE‘s his family tree on geni, and you’ll notice that these Hildesheimers are directly related to the (Frankist-Freemason) Bondis, and the Eibshutzs.

And in turn, the Hildesheimers are also descended from that same Shor family I’ve been writing about the last few days.

Ozer Shor is the GG-granddad of the Alter Rebbe of Chabad.

Ozer’s brother, Zvi Hirsch Shor, marries Chavalish Shapiro, the daughter of Natan Neta Shapiro III, the ‘Megaleh Amukot’. Their daughter Chava marries Rabbi Yeshaya Naftali Hildesheim, and their great-grandchild is Jonathan Eibshutz.


And here’s those Schiffs too, ancestors of Jacob Schiff who funded the Bolshevik revolution, in the exact same family tree.



Moving on – there’s a lot to cover!

Here’s a snippet from Wikipedia about him:

Leo Baeck became the “honorary head” of the Council of Elders (Judenrat) in Theresienstadt. As such, he was protected from transports and with his protection list, could also save his relatives from transports, among others his grand-niece Ruth (b. 1925). Moreover, Baeck became “prominent”, which meant that he had better accommodation, better food and could receive mail more often.

Hannah Arendt in her book Eichmann in Jerusalem examined Jewish cooperation with the Nazi authorities during the Holocaust, and names Baeck as one of those functionaries who withheld the truth from their communities of the end awaiting them, believing it more “humane” to bear the secret since “living in the expectation of death by gassing would only be the harder”. 


[Pass the sick bag.]

Here’s a few more pertinent details about Leo Baeck, from HERE:

[He was] head of the German Keren Hayesod (Foundation Fund for Palestine land purchases). Baeck was the president of the German B’nai B’rith.

I haven’t covered the role of B’nai B’rith, and its connection to all the Frankist-Freemasons yet. But BH, I will.


Of the list that remain, Louis Brandeis was a known Frankist.

You can read more about Mordechai Dubin HERE.


Let’s end this with a few more thought-provoking pieces of information, on the rescue of the Rebbe Rayatz from Warsaw, by the Nazis themselves, in 1939.

EXHIBIT 2: Video interview with Bryan Rigg, author of Rescued from the Reich, How One of Hitler’s Soldiers Saved the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Here’s a Tablet Magazine piece on this story, too.
HERE‘s the book on Amazon, and below I bring some more snippets from that book, to think about:
“Although the Rebbe had made a public statement in 1940 on behalf of all Jews in Poland, his organization now did not request help for Jews under Nazi oppression or ask that Hitler’s atrocities be made more public.

As historian David Kranzler says, “Chabad focused on its mission to rescue American Jews from assimilation and rebuild its community, working against incredible odds. It focused on its own mission.”


“The Rebbe’s obsessive quest on behalf of his library has unsettled many.

Historian Ephraim Zuroff, an Orthodox Jew, asks, “How can one justify expending even a small amount of resources and energies to try and save the rebbe’s library at a time when the rescue of lives should have taken precedence?” One wonders why no one talked about using the funds and political contacts necessary for retrieving the books to save more Jews, but the Lubavitchers never discussed this matter.
As Zuroff writes, Lubavitchers “do not consider such a set of priorities controversial or in any way problematic.” In other words, if the Rebbe wanted it to be done, then such an order was not questioned.
According to Rabbi Shalom Dovber Levine, head of Chabad’s library and archives, “There was something very secret and holy in building the Library from the start…. In the worst times of depression in Russia and Europe, he gave his life for it. He viewed it as part of the rebuilding of the Lubavitch movement.”

Someone sent me this over email, a couple of days ago, headlined in the Jerusalem Post from 2009:



An audio interview with Bryan Mark Rigg, which gives a lot more details about the Rebbe Rayatz’s rescue from the Nazis in Warsaw, by the Nazis themselves.

It’s very interesting, for a lot of reasons (you’ll find more on the two semi-trailers of books and silverware from Europe that were delivered to 770 in 1941, around the 19 minute mark.)
As always, remember that EVERYONE has their own biases, and part of the birur is to put the filter on the information coming in, to ask ourselves what is really happening, here? What is really true? 
I don’t agree with everything being said in this interview – at all! But there is a lot of information here that needs more consideration, and more birur.


What’s clear is that the Rebbe Rayatz, and Chabad, had a huge network of connections at the highest levels of governments across the world before during and after World War 2.

But this network was apparently never tapped to rescue other Jews during the Holocaust – not even Mordechai Dubin’s family.

Now that I’ve finished listening to this interview, I’m even more astounded about what’s gone on here.

As always, listen to it and come to your own conclusions.


This is an upside-down world, mamash, where the lowest of the low are praised as being the ‘highest of the high’ – and vice-versa.

There are so many good people on the frontlines of Chabad, so many good souls in that organisation.

BH, Hashem will guide us all back to the truth very soon.



After a bit more digging, I discover that Yekatarina Peshkova does have Jewish ancestry (color me shocked…)

If you go HERE, you’ll find an article talking about one “Yeshua Zolomon Sverdlov”.

Apparently, the Sverdlovs were a very prominent Jewish family in the whole Bolshevik uprising-thing, in Russia.

Yeshua Zolomon Sverdlov changed his name to Zinovy Alekseyevich Peshkov. If you go HERE, you’ll see his ex-wife is one Lidya Peshkov.

The Peshkov’s niece, Ida Auerbach, married the notorious Jewish head of the Soviet Secret Police (Vyacheslav Menzhinsky’s successor) Genrikh Yagoda – apparently ‘Russianised’ from Enoch Yehuda.


Genrikh Yagoda was mamash a monster.

Snippet from Wikipedia:

Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda  was a Soviet secret police official who served as director of the NKVD, the Soviet Union’s security and intelligence agency, from 1934 to 1936.

Appointed by Joseph Stalin, Yagoda supervised arrests, show trials, and executions of the Old Bolsheviks Lev Kamenev and Grigory Zinoviev, climactic events of the Great Purge. Yagoda also supervised construction of the White Sea–Baltic Canal with Naftaly Frenkel, using slave labor from the GULAG system, during which 12,000–25,000 laborers died.


Take a look at the entry for ‘Naftaly Frenkel’ – another ‘Frankel’ showing up in interesting circumstances, where no-one apparently knew where he came from, who then buddies up with Yagoda to commit crimes against humanity.

Point is….. there were so very many Jews, former Jews, tied up in the Bolshevik revolution.

That’s not the chiddush.

The chiddush is that many of these people were probably Frankist-Freemasons, and probably connected to other Frankist-Freemasons all other the globe, in the ways that are not externally obvious.

And not unusually, we find Chabad and the State of Israel somehow bang, smack in the middle of all this.

Yagoda’s son moved to Israel and died here in 2003.

The State of Israel was also a ‘communist creation’ – a Frankist-Freemason idea – right from the start.

And it’s true colors are coming out more and more.



The more I dig around Yekaterina Peshkov, the wife of Maxim Gorky (who changed his name from Alexei Maximovich Peshkovthe more confused I get.

On Yagoda’s Wikipedia page, it says this:

Yagoda’s wife was Ida Averbakh, one of whose uncles, Yakov Sverdlov, was a prominent Bolshevik, and another, Zinovy Peshkov, was the adopted son of the writer Maxim Gorky.

Maxim Gorky is apparently not Jewish, but writes a whole bunch of stuff supporting Jews, and his wife, Yekatarina, arranges for political prisoners who are Jewish to switch Siberia with ‘working the land’ in Eretz Yisrael.

And somehow or other, Maxim Gorky ends up ‘adopting’ this Jewish guy, Yeshua Zolomon Sverdlov, even though the dates and ages don’t really seem to fit this at all, as they should be the same generation, or Yeshua Zolomon could even be older…

One thing I can tell you for sure:

We are being lied to.

All the time.