In the courts of law, which is where this madness will finally screech to a halt, there are some interesting developments.

  1. Over in Argentina, their equivalent of the ‘FDA’ – called ANMAT – was forced to concede in court that the Covid 19 shots (Astra Zeneca) DO contain biotoxic graphene oxide, that has not been admitted to anywhere, by the manufacturers:

“In the framework of the court case entitled “POZZI, Liliana Graciela on investigation of causes of death,” an official response from the ANMAT confirmed that “the graphene is located within the components” of the vaccine Covid 19, AstraZeneca applied in the country….

The vaccine investigated corresponds to the batch CTMAV534, “Vaccine Covid 19 Vaccine AstraZeneca” that would have entered the country through the mechanism Covax in April of 2021.”

This is now a fact proven in court.

( has a full write up, with the link of where you can see this admission on ANMAT’s site, HERE.)


2. Over in France, there’s a court case apparently being brought by an insurance company, where they argued they shouldn’t have to pay out on a life insurance policy for someone who died as a result of having an ‘experimental Covid’ shot – as this should be considered voluntary suicide:

“The court in charge of the case has accepted the objections of the insurer considering, “in law, the accession to the experiment of phase three, in which the safety tested is non-existent”, it causes the death of a French citizen would be considered a “fatality on a voluntary basis”, that is to say, risk not covered by the contract and legally admitted as a suicide.”


As I was writing this, I sent this to a French legal expert, and this is what they responded:

This message has been circulating for a while in the French blogosphere. So far I have not been able to find the judgment and have not identified the lawyer who was in charge of the pleading I suspect it to be an hoax…despite the fact that IMHO the legal argument is valid. But so far there is no court decision on this matter.

So even here, we have to tread carefully and continue to do the birur between truth and lies.


3. Over in the Dutch parliament, a newly-elected ‘protest politician’ called Gideon Van Meijeren publically called out the Dutch Premier, Rutte, on his ties with Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum:


4. While over in Lakewood, some brave journalists are finally starting to call out the US government and community leaders, over pushing the most dangerous jabs specifically onto pregnant Jewish women:

Snippet from HERE:

In a card provided to me from a pregnant woman that was vaccinated in CHEMED it stated “Moderna Lot #: 039K20A.” This lot was given at a time when there was an extreme push to vaccinate pregnant women with the COVID-19 vaccine.

A quick look at the various databases ascertains that this lot was by far the deadliest lot ever to be released by Moderna. Worse yet, the adverse events created by this vaccine lot affect females more than males by a ratio of 3:1.

This particular Moderna lot vaccine dwarfed every other Moderna lot in all metrics.

It has close to 5,000 adverse events reported and the highest levels of disabilities, life threatening illnesses, and death. As a matter of fact, according to MedAlerts this lot included 97 deaths, with the runners-up not even coming close.

According to information provided by whistleblowers, we believe that the underreporting factor of the VAERS database is approximately 45. Doing simple math (97 x 45) would leave us at 4,365 deaths for this lot alone.


Slowly, slowly, all the lies are being exposed.

(Honestly, still a bit TOO slowly for me, but what can you do. Hashem has His own timetable for this.)

Here in Israel, we have PM Bennett openly abusing children, by ‘force stabbing them’ with needles, against their wishes:

(Not shmirat eynayim friendly):


And here is what Ido Bachelet, the inventor of the ‘DNA Origami’ nanotech, together with Jeffrey Epstein-funded eugenicist George Church is now up to:

Snippet from HERE:

Calcalist was first to publish that Israeli biotech startup 1E Therapeutics has raised $120 million in a seed fundraising round.

A deal of this size for an early-stage biotech company is exceedingly uncommon. 1E’s Seed funding is thought to be the largest of its kind for an Israeli startup in the field. Although little is known about 1E Therapeutics, it is thought to be involved in drug development.


Here’s how all this works:

1. Make people ‘sick’ by flooding their body with ‘radio-tunable’ graphene oxide and DNA origami nanotech in the Covid shots, that can perform all sorts of ‘operations’ in their body, making them even more sick – and don’t tell anyone about what you’re really doing.

2. Next, set up a ‘pharmaceutical start up’ to help ‘cure’ this avalanche of diseases.

3. Send different ‘instructions’ to the radio-tunable GO and DNA origami nanotech, making the ‘disease’ or ‘problem’ go away – but pretend to cure people via a special, super-expensive, cutting edge ‘therapy’.

4. Laugh all the way to the bank.


But the tide is turning.

On the trams and buses in Jerusalem, the ‘pull your mask up Karens’ are now firmly in the minority.

And they know it.

They can feel ‘the crowd’ is no longer with them, so even when they go into their pantomime of ‘pull up your mask’, they are doing it way more politely – and often having to back down.

I’ve been eating out quite a bit the last two weeks – no-one is asking for a ‘green pass’.

Despite all the spin and fake news, the information that it’s the ‘jabbed’ people who are filling up the hospitals; and that the Covid tests are all fake is slowly but surely getting out there:

(Not shmirat eynayim friendly.)


Hold on, dear readers!

Things are turning around underneath all the fake headlines and ‘scary’ news (which I no longer really engage with – and honestly, I am feeling way happier!)

The dam is about to break.

And the flood of truth cannot be stopped.


PS: Take a look at the image on this post, from a reputable Spanish news site, talking about China and 6G:


The authentic Jewish people are being set up as the scapegoats for all this!

Keep your eyes peeled, and whenever and wherever you can, you need to start letting people know that many of the people speaking on behalf of ‘the Jews’ are not really part of our Jewish community at all.

It’s the hardest biruri of all, I know.

But after this…. geula.


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There is a strange ‘quiet’ here in Jerusalem at the moment.

People are still going about their (pretend) normal lives, still shopping, still working, still doing most of the things (pretend) normal people do.

But underneath, you can feel that we are all holding our breath at the moment.

“Something” is about to break, something is about to change, but none of us know what, or if it’s going to be obviously good, or less obviously good.


Me personally, I seem to be spending most of my time at home at the moment.

After two weeks of bidud following my weekend away in Uman, I actually realised I prefer being home than out right now.

It was great, not to have to deal with the ongoing mask fascism, the ongoing hassle of stepping around all these ‘issue’ and ‘conversations’ with people who think that I’m a conspiracy theorist, because I happen to investigate and evaluate way more than they do, and try to keep an open mind and really notice what’s happening.

Right now, I don’t feel like eating so much. Don’t feel like interacting with people so much. Don’t feel like ‘going out’ very much, at all, even to places like the Kotel.

I’m not depressed or even miserable.

I was pretty scared, honestly, of what is happening, until I made a big effort last week to turn my ‘fallen fears’ into more yirat shemayim, and to just leave it up to God, if I live or die, and however He wants my life to unfold.

Most days, I’m still dancing and clapping away the ‘bad’, and feeling much happier and calmer as a result.

But underneath…

I feel that ‘something’ that we can all feel, if we put down the weed, the phone, the Facebook, the deadline, for just one moment, and quiet our minds.


I’ve had quite a few people asking me why I deleted my blog, if I’m just going to carry on writing the same sort of stuff anyway.

There’s a few answers to that.

One answer is that I deleted the blog with the intention of going in a different direction, more just spiritual housewife stuff, I guess more like this post, which takes me 10 minutes to write as opposed to the hours and hours and hours the other posts take me, piecing all that info together.

But then when I sat back down at my keyboard…. God had other plans.

And kind of ‘against my will’, I find myself writing what I’m writing, even though I know I’m just going to invoke a lot of criticism and bizayon.

So that’s one answer.


Another answer, is that I deleted my back posts to lower my profile, and to protect myself going forward.

Because you see, if I was the ‘crazed conspiracy theorist’ some people like to think I am, just making stuff up all over the place with no basis in fact or investigation, no-one would be trying to hack my blog and to take it down.

They wouldn’t white out posts, they wouldn’t block people from commenting, they wouldn’t stick my blog on some ‘shadow banning’ list which means often, people can’t even access it.

I know how much sourced information goes into the posts I write.

I know that I don’t pull things ‘out of thin air’, but back them up with solid facts that can’t be disputed.

That doesn’t mean my conclusions are always correct, btw, as with so much being continually covered up and hidden, there is an element of permanent speculation involved, until more of those lacunae in real information are filled in.

But the point is this: I deleted the back posts, because they contain a lot of true information that I felt could potentially put me in danger.

The lower my profile is, online, the easier it is for me to carry on researching things in detail, and writing about them, without drawing attention.


I really am trying to write this blog for God.

If I get the message to stop tomorrow, I’ll stop.

Every time I write some of these ‘controversial’ posts, I have another wobble about whether I’m doing the right thing again, and I have to go and check in with myself, with my soul, to see what it’s telling me.

I’ve had emails from people this week telling me I must have lost my mind, to be questioning the ‘tzaddik’ status of certain individuals, and threatening me with all sorts of spiritual calamity if I continue.

Since when are Jews not allowed to put facts together, and ask for an explanation of behavior that is puzzling to them?

People had no qualms doing that the last few years with some of the strange behaviour they saw Rav Berland engaging in, and in a much less respectful and polite way than I’m going about this parallel process of birur.

If someone has a good explanation, for why the Rebbe Rayatz didn’t write any letters to the US State Department asking them to intervene for the Jews of Europe during World War II, but DID write letters asking for his books and silverware to be rescued, I’m very happy to hear it.


And I’m also happy to hear an explanation of why so many government ministers, including rabidly anti-Torah personalities, are still sucking up to the Mesichist side of Chabad 30 years after the Rebbe died:


And I’m also happy to hear what’s really going on with this (below, and how the former Rebbe was so connected to the spiritually corrupt Presidents of the US like George (National Socialist) Bush and Ronald Reagan, these presidents were sending him letters wishing him happy birthday and congratulating him on his wedding anniversaries.

Asking these questions doesn’t make me an apikorus.


This is a world of lies, don’t you know?

It’s about to collapse.

And each person has to check very carefully who and what they are holding onto, for support, to see whether that thing, that person, is rooted in deceit, or rooted in honesty.

If it’s rooted in honesty, it will carry you through this next stage of the geula process.

And if it’s rooted in deceit…it will drag you down with it.

God forbid.