You remember that I tripped across an expat Chilean journalist in the Ukraine who was actually telling the truth about what was happening there?


He’s alive.

He was picked up by the SBU, but apparently the huge amount of interest in his case helped him to be released unharmed.

Thanks to readers for sharing the update – look at the comments to see a short video he made.

Strange to say how relieved I feel that he’s still alive.

Also, another warning to me to not jump to conclusions so fast, given the huge amount of disinformation swirling around.

BH, we should only hear more good news, closer to home.


Not that fluffy, ‘Disney’ version, where Zelenskyy is a worthy successor to Moshe Rabbenu, and where all of the millions of neo-Nazis in Ukraine are just brave ‘freedom fighters’.

No, the real truth about the violence, murder and torture that has been going on for years in the Ukraine, with Zelensky just the latest ‘puppet leader’ of the country – deliberately installed as a kind-of Jewish dictator, to forestall any suggestion that Ukraine is actually being run by Nazis, mamash.

Here’s the post that Lira pinned to the top of his Twitter Feed, last month:


He last updated his social media on April 15th – almost a week ago.

He’s based in Kharkov, where the main fighting has now moved, so I didn’t know if just the internet was out – or something worse.

Now, it seems that Zelensky’s SBU secret police found his hiding place, kidnapped him, tortured him – and killed him.

The below from HERE.


As a journalist myself, this kind of thing hits very hard.

War is not a joke. Mamash.


Here’s Scott Ritter’s take on this:


It’s the last day of Pesach today, our festival of freedom.

I can’t tell you how much I’m hoping for the real ‘freedom from evil’ to manifest in the world more strongly, very soon.

But that process starts with us.

With each one of us.

Who finally makes a decision in our dalet amot to stop living in the world of lies, to stop ‘going along’ with things that we know to be bad and evil, deep down, and to be brave, and to start standing up for what we know – deep down – to be true and good.

There is strength in numbers.

And even a very small person can achieve some very great things, when they connect themselves to God.


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‘The Khazar Empire’ is slowly creeping into the online  discussions about what is really going on in Ukraine right now.

But as usual, a lot of deliberate disinformation is being jumbled up with some real facts, as the ‘anti-Jewish’ modern secret societies, rooted in the Swiss Knights Templars and the Jesuits, continue to use the real Jews, and the authentic Torah, as their scapegoat for their own brand of satanic / gnostic evil.

If that paragraph already blew you away, the good news is that I’m going to keep this post very simple, and just stick to the subject of identifying the real origins of the Talmud-hating Karaites, and their links to the Khazars.

BH, once more of these subjects are properly birur-ed, it will get way easier to slot them into the bigger picture of ‘real Jewish history’, without getting overwhelmed or lost in too much information. 


Let’s begin.


EXHIBIT 1: The official history of the Khazar Empire

A few weeks’ ago, a reader sent me the link to a very interesting post on the Mayim Achronim blog, entitled:

The Surprising Story of Russia, Ukraine, and the Jews

It sets out the whole official history of how these ethnically Turkish Khazars – ‘converted’ en masse to Judaism, in the 8th century. Here’s a snippet:

At the turn of the 8th century, a new power arose in the lands between the Black and Caspian Seas.

This power was the Turkic people known as the Khazars. Around 740 CE, King Bulan of the Khazars made a fateful decision to convert to Judaism. Many in his royal family converted with him. The Khazar kingdom continued to spread far and wide, and its coins (bearing the inscription “Moses is the [True] Prophet of God”) have been uncovered by archaeologists as far as England to the west and China to the east….


The kingdom of the Khazars was located exactly where Ukraine is today, and the Khazar capital ‘Sambat’ is known today as Kiev.

When some Slavic people settled a new city in Novgorod, the Khazars repeatedly raided it. So in 862 the Slavs called in Rurik, the king of Scandinavia, to come and protect the city. Rurik and his son Oleg (who came to be known as the ‘Rus’) were good military strategists, and by 882, they had even conquered the Khazar capital of Sambat – aka Kiev.

Here’s another snippet of the ‘official history’ of Khazaria, as set out on the Mayim Acharonim blog:

The Rurik Dynasty continued to wage war with the Khazars to the south for decades.

The famed “Schechter Letter”, one of the greatest historical finds for understanding Khazaria, describes the battles fought against the Rus by Khazarian kings and generals with names like Benjamin, Aaron II, and even Pesach! By the end of the 10th century, Khazaria had all but disappeared.

Some have posited that its many Jews fled north and west, giving rise to the Ashkenazi Jewish community (for why this is incorrect, read here).


That link leads to another post on the Mayim Achronim website called:


The Origins of Ashkenazi Jews

There’s a lot to unpack in that article, and I think I will have to come back to it again in a ‘Part II’. But for now, here are the takeaway points:

Historians credit the Khazars with checking the rapid Arab conquest, and preventing a Muslim takeover of Europe from the East. It is said that around 740 CE, King Bulan grew tired of his people’s backwards pagan beliefs and converted to Judaism…

Then came a huge discovery from the Cairo Geniza.

Now known as the Schechter Letter (as it was discovered by Solomon Schechter, 1847-1915), the text is a correspondence between a Khazari Jew and a Sephardi Jew, most likely Hasdai ibn Shaprut (c. 915-970 CE).

The letter includes a brief history of Khazaria, and states that Khazaria’s Jews originally came from Persia and Armenia, from which they had fled persecution.

One of their descendants, named Sabriel, eventually rose to Khazarian nobility, and finally became king. His wife, Serach, convinced him to go public with their Jewish heritage, and they did, inspiring others in the kingdom to convert to their new king’s religion.

The Schechter Letter confirms that the majority of the Jews in Khazaria were not actually Turkic converts but migrants from Persia and Armenia. Shortly after the letter was written, the Khazari Kingdom fell apart in 969 CE.


Let’s sum up as we go along, to make this easier to follow.

  • In the 8th century, the kingdom of Khazaria was located in what is modern Ukraine.
  • It was a rich, powerful kingdom with a very wide trading network stretching from Great Britain to China – where Khazarian coins have been found.
  • It’s rumored that in 740 CE, the Khazarian King ‘Bulan’ decided to convert to Judaism, along with much of his nobility. Ethnically, these Khazarians were said to be Turkish.
  • Solomon Shecter found a letter in the Cairo Geniza dating from the 10th century that set out a different explanation for how ‘Khazaria’ became Jewish.
  • That letter stated that Jews from Persia and Armenia escaped to Khazaria, and over time, one of the community named Sabriel became the king of Khazaria.
  • King Sabriel’s wife Serach than convinced him to ‘go public’ with his Jewish faith.
  • The Kingdom of Khazar ended in 969 CE.


Why does the history of long-gone ‘Khazar’ really matter?

There’s a long answer to that, and a short answer that we’ll stick to, for the purposes of this particular post.

As the ‘official narrative’ about what is going on in the world, I’m seeing more and more sites and comments saying the following sort of things:

  • The (fake ‘Jewish’) Rothschilds are behind everything (partially true).
  • The State of Israel is 100% owned by the Rothschilds (partially true).
  • The State of Israel is behind everything (not true – but the State of Israel is being used as a convenient scapegoat by the real culprits, i.e. Swiss Templars and Jesuits).
  • The Rothschilds descend from these converted ‘Jewish Khazars‘ (deliberate disinformation – read on.)
  • Ashkenazi Jews are all descended from converted Khazarians, and therefore not ‘ethnically Jewish‘, nor do they have a ‘DNA link’ to the land of Israel. (Sounds like it could be true, but actually is totally false – read on.)
  • The Khazarian nobility were actually worshipping Moloch, practising all sorts of evil black magic, and probably built their massive trade empire at least in part thanks to their practise of kidnapping their Slavic neighbors, and selling them as white slaves. (Amazingly – this is probably true. There is nothing new under the sun.)


And now, there is a new calumny being spun against real Jews, off the back of this admixture of truth and lies about what was really going on in Khazar a thousand years ago.

To get a feel for what I’m talking about, take a look at this (speed it up to 1.5 or even 1.75):

DNA Under Siege: Bioweapons Developed in Ukraine Specifically Target Abrahamic Bloodline

It’s the Stew Peters show interviewing ‘Dr Aryiana Love’, who I have been suspicious of for a while, as part of the ‘controlled opposition’ designed to keep blaming Israel and Jews, for the sins of the satanic-gnostic ‘xtians’ who are really behind all this.

Let’s keep piecing all this together.



There is evidence that the first Templars in the Middle East – a very small, elite group of nine wealthy knights – went to the Sabians in Harran before they did anything else, to try to learn more of their ‘occult’ ancient Egyptian knowledge, on the direct orders of Bernard of Clairveaux.

Snippet from Wikipedia:

The Sabians were identified by early writers with the ancient Jewish Christian group the Elcesaites, and with gnostic groups such as the Hermeticists and the Manichaens… [T]hey appear to have gravitated around the original pro-Jewish Hanputa of the Elcesaites, from which the prophet Mani seceded. These Hanip Sabians are later identified as the pro-Torah Sampsaeans.


(Stay with me, here, I will connect all this back to the Khazarians – and to the Karaites – shortly.)


Let’s unpack that Wikipedia snippet, above, to understand a bit more who we are dealing with.


were an early Jewish-Christian group who stayed much closer to Torah Judaism, and therefore Torah morality, but who still had heretical writings and rejected the role of Judaism’s prophets.

(They are very possibly connected to the Karaites. More on this shortly.)



The ‘prophet’ Mani grew up with his Jewish-Christian ‘Elcesaite’ parents in the part of Persia that is now known as Iran, before forming a breakaway group.


Mani’s new religion, Manichaeism, took off like a rocket, and for a few centuries before Islam, it was the biggest rival religion to Roman Catholicism in the world.


This Jewish-xtian prophet Mani taught a creed that sounds almost exactly the same as what became satanic Sabbateanism (based on satanic xtian-gnosticism.)

Snippet from Wikipedia:

Manichaeism taught an elaborate dualistic cosmology describing the struggle between a good, spiritual world of light, and an evil, material world of darkness.

Through an ongoing process that takes place in human history, light is gradually removed from the world of matter and returned to the world of light, whence it came. Its beliefs were based on local Mesopotamian religious movements and Gnosticism.


Manicheism taught that ‘Mani’ was the final prophet after:

  • The Persian idol worshiper Zoroaster;
  • The Far-Eastern idol worshiper (if he even existed….) Gautama Buddha, and finally,
  • The formerly Jewish heretic who went to Egypt to learn black magic, before starting his own ‘anti-Talmudic’ religion, Jesus. 


Another snippet from Wikipedia:

Manichaeism was quickly successful and spread far through the Aramaic-speaking regions.

It thrived between the third and seventh centuries, and at its height was one of the most widespread religions in the world. Manichaean churches and scriptures existed as far east as China and as far west as the Roman Empire.

It was briefly the main rival to Christianity before the spread of Islam in the competition to replace classical paganism.


It seems at least possible that the real ‘religion’ of the rulers of Khazar, who had Jewish roots, was actually the same devil-worshipping religion of the Sabians, that had a ‘Jewish-gnostic-xtian’ fig life covering it’s darker side.

Remember, the coins of the Khazar empire were found in the same places where these ‘Manichean churches and scriptures’ were located – places like China and the British Isles.

And the Khazarian rulers came from Persia – exactly the same place where the Jewish-xtian Elcesaites were located, and then later the followers of the Jewish-xtian Prophet Mani – who basically taught a doctrine of ‘redemption through sin’, i.e. removing all the spiritual light from the world to hasten ‘the end’.

That doctrine then showed up again a few centuries later, as the key plank of Shabtai Tzvi, and then the Frankists.

And as we know, the Rothschilds were Frankists, whatever else they were.

And as we know, the Knights Templars were also very interested in the occult knowledge of the Sabians.

There’s more.



The last two weeks, I’ve been reading a book that was published in 1870 by a xtian scholar named William Harris Rule, called ‘History of the Karaite Jews’.

It’s pretty dry… but I learned some very interesting things. I will sum up the main points as bullets, to make this post easier to read, but I may well expand on some of this information in future posts.

That book states that:

  • The Karaite Jews came into being in the time of Shimon Ben Shetach.
  • They were ‘students of Shammai’, under someone called ‘Ben Tabbai’ – who was meant to an opponent of Shimon Ben Shetach.
  • These Karaites totally rejected the Talmud (I’ll quote from their own writings below.)
  • Torah Jews frequently claimed that the Karaites descended from the Sadducees (Tzadukim) heretics.
  • They had close connections with the kingdom of the Khazars.
  • William Harris Rule frequently comments on the fact that there is a huge amount of overlap between the beliefs of the Karaites, and xtian beliefs.


Here’s a snippet from some of the early Karaite writings against the Talmud, promulgated during the reign of the Roman Emperor Justinian, in 529 CE (pg 78, History of the Jews):

“[W]e utterly prohibit, as it neither agrees with the Holy Scripture, nor was it handed down by the Prophets from above, but is the invention of men who speak from the earth only, and have not one thing that is divine in them. Therefore, let them read only the words that are sacred, opening the sacred books themselves, and not concealing what is said in them, nor bringing in vain words that were written elsewhere” – written in Babylonian manuscripts – “contrived for the purpose of setting aside the plainer words which they contain.”


Just like the xtians, the Karaites / Sadducees / Elcesaites-Manichean Jewish-Gnostic xtians / devil-worshipping Sabians all hate the Gemara with a vengeance.

Pay attention to this. It comes up a lot.


On page 79, Rule says this:

“[T]he name of Karaite does not yet occur in history, but first comes to view about the middle of the eighth century, in connection with the Chozars, a rude but powerful nation north of the Caucasus, among whom the Karaite Jews must have been for a long time well known.”

This is where I really started to sit up.

Those ‘Chozars’ and the Khazars we’ve been discussing here, and Rule is telling us that the Jews that were located in that region were actually ‘Karaite Jews’.

Compare and contrast this with what we learned from the ‘Shechter Letter’ from the Cairo Geniza, that introduced us to the Jews from Persia and Armenia who escaped to Khazaria, at exactly this time, where one of their number, Sabriel, became the king of Khazaria.


Rule then quotes a Russian historian called Karamsin, who describes how these ‘Chozars’ “have possessions on the Sea of Azof…”

This is the same ‘Azof’ that the neo-Nazi, Jewish-oligarch funded ‘Azov Battalion’ is named for.

Rule continues to quote Karamsin (pg 80) saying:

“Their government was mild and under it persons of every religion enjoyed perfect freedom. Their chief settlement lay north-west of the Caspian Sea, which was called the Sea of Chozar.”

This is the Donbass region at the heart of the current war between Ukraine and Russia. 

According to Rule, the Khazars were finally kicked out of the region in 945 CE, by King Sviatoslaf, “and their name, otherwise almost forgotten, was preserved in the archives of the Muscovite.”

The war in Ukraine has some very deep, very hidden, historical roots.


In the meantime, CO-INC-IDEN-TALLY, the main stronghold of the Karaites at this time is in the Crimea – i.e the exact same area.

It’s the city of ‘Djufut Kale’ in Crimea, where the Karaite gravestones go back at least as early as the 6th century, and possibly even back to 330 CE – the exact same time that the Jewish-gnostic-xtian-Persian Elecaites and Manicheans were starting to spread out in the region.

You can see the Wikipedia page for that city HERE – and let me quote more of the deliberate historical disinformation you’ll find under the title ‘Legends’ there:

Another legend, fostered by the Karaites to show the antiquity of their sect, says that Karaites were brought there from Persia at the time of the first Exile.

The early settlers of the city exercised great influence upon their neighbors, the Khazars.

The ḥakam Abraham Firkovich, who was very skilful in falsifying epitaphs and manuscripts, pretended to have unearthed at the cemetery of Chufut-Kale tombstones dating from the year 6 of the common era, and to have discovered the tomb of Sangari, which is still shown by the Karaites.

According to Harkavy, however, no epitaph earlier than 1203 can be seen at the cemetery of Chufut-Kale, called “Vale of Jehoshaphat”; and the tombs do not belong to Karaites, but to the old Rabbinite settlers called Krymchaks.


(The Krymchaks are also interesting… but let’s stay focussed. I’ll probably come back to the Krymchaks another time.)


I’ll bring two more bits of information, then I’ll sum it up and call it a day.


While I was in the middle of reading Rule’s book, above, one of my readers sent me an email about finding the reference ‘Bchor Satan’ in the Gemara.

If you remember, ‘Bchor Satan‘ was the name of R Marvin Antelmann’s book exposing how the (not-so) secret Sabbatean was excommunicated for advocating adultery, incest, pedophilia, and fathering a child with his own daughter, amongst other things.

(Honestly, a lot of other things…. You can read more about that HERE, HERE and HERE.)

My correspondent had just come across that phrase in the Gemara, in Tractate Yevamot 16a, and told me to go look it up.

I did.

And that’s where I found a reference to a group of people called the ‘Karduyites’ or alternatively, ‘KARTUYITES’.


Here’s the snippet, but please go read the whole thing yourself, for more context:

The third ruling of Chaggai the prophet is discussed: And we may accept converts from the Karduyites and the Tarmodites.

The Gemara questions this ruling:

Is this indeed so? But Rami Bar Yehezkel has taught the following Baraisa: We may not accept converts from the Karduyites.

The Gemara answers:

Rav Ashi said: The word KARTUYITES (and not Karduyites) is what was stated by Rami bar Yechezkel.

Support for this is stated:

This accords with that which people say, ‘Kartuyites are genealogically unfit’.


Artscroll Notes 15 and 19 explain what’s going on here.

Note 15 states:

The Karduyites and Tarmodites were heathen peoples, but they were alleged to include descendants from Jewish women who had married gentile men.

The child of a union between a Jewish woman and a gentile man is Jewish; there is a question, however, whether he is a regular Jew or a mamzer. According to the view that he is amamzer, the Karduyites and Tarmodites should be suspected of being mamzerim.

If so, they could not be accepted as converts [for although mamzerim are Jewish, it is unwise to accept them as ‘converts’, lest they marry regular Jews and cause a proliferation of mamzerim in the main community (see Rashi’s commentary to 17a on the words beginning ‘yoma teva’.]


Note 19 states:

Rami bar Yechezkel was referring only to the KARTUYITES, who were ineligible as converts [possibly because they were suspected of being mamzerim, (see Note 15.)

Note 20 states:

The word passulim (‘unfit’) for marriage denotes mamzerim and similarly disqualified persons, as opposed to gentiles, who upon conversion are able to marry regular Jews.


The similarity between the word KARTUYITES and KARAITES is very striking.

And I think it’s another hint to who these ‘Karaites’ really were, and just why the hated the  ‘Rabbinates’ and their ‘Talmud’ so much – that said explicitly that regular Jews shouldn’t marry them, as they were ‘genealogically unfit’ for marriage, because they were suspected of being mamzers.

It’s probably a good place to add here that Yoshki himself would thus be considered to be a mamzer, given that the Talmud states his father was a gentile Roman soldier, and his mother Miriam (aka ‘the Virgin Mary’) was a prostitute….

And of course, this is one of the passages that the Jesuits and xtians – together with Jonathan Eybshutz, in Prague – historically tried to censure out of the Talmud.

So many ends start to tie themselves up, when the real information comes into view.



In all the research I was doing about Jacob Frank, and the weird links between so many of our ‘leaders’ and the Karaite rabbis and communities, that had strongholds throughout Podolia (know modern Ukraine), there were a few towns that kept coming up as strong ‘Karaite Jewish’ communities.

They include:

  • Brody;
  • Lutzk;
  • Lublin;
  • Troki – very close to Vilna

This is a snippet from a post from the old site, where I tripped over the real family tree of false messiah of Jacob Frank, when I was trying to track down more info about Rabbi Shalom Shachne Shor, the Karaite father-in-law of the REMA and chief rabbi of Lublin.

I tripped over THIS genealogy site, from Holland, while I was trying to track down more info about Shalom Shachne Shor.

It’s the family tree for one ‘Jacob Lob Benjamin Frankel’ (d 1791).

I am 99.9% sure he is the real Jacob Frank. Finally.

His father is Judah Leib Frankel (tick…), his mother is an ‘unnamed’ daughter of R’ Yaakov Shor, who descends from the Shor family via Shalom Shachne Shor (and is probably a ‘secret’ Karaite. He’s the ABD of Lutzk, which you’ll recall from above is a known Karaite stronghold, as is Brody). These links have been totally scrubbed on geni, and the mythical ‘BABAD’ family have been introduced instead:

His grandfather’s brother was the infamous Elisha Shor (Wolowsky), the ‘leader’ of the secret Sabbatians in the Jewish community.

On his maternal grandmother’s side, Jacob Frank(el) descends from the Isserles clan, and is 6 generations away from the REMA.


There is a lot more to unpick here, to be sure.

But this post is plenty long enough already.

OK, let’s sum up the main points:

  • In the 8th century, the kingdom of Khazaria was located in what is modern Ukraine.
  • It was a rich, powerful kingdom with a very wide trading network stretching from Great Britain to China – where Khazarian coins have been found.
  • It’s rumored that in 740 CE, the Khazarian King ‘Bulan’ decided to convert to Judaism, along with much of his nobility. Ethnically, these Khazarians were said to be Turkish.
  • Solomon (Shneor Zalman) Shecter found a letter in the Cairo Geniza dating from the 10th century that set out a different explanation for how ‘Khazaria’ became Jewish.
  • That letter stated that Jews from Persia and Armenia escaped to Khazaria, and over time, one of the community named Sabriel became the king of Khazaria.
  • King Sabriel’s wife Serach than convinced him to ‘go public’ with his Jewish faith.
  • The Kingdom of Khazar ended in 969 CE.
  • The Sabians (xtian-gnostic-satanists) were directly connected to the Knights Templar, and gave them ‘occult knowledge’.
  • The Sabians may have been connected to Manicheasm, another Jewish-gnostic-satanist sect from Persia that spread throughout the near and Far East, and also throughout the Roman Empire before the 8th century.
  • It’s at least possible that the ‘mysterious Jews’ who settled in Khazar and became its rulers were practising some form of Jewish-gnostic-satanist ‘Manicheasm’.
  • The ‘Karaites’ also had a strong presence in Crimea and Khazar at this point, and strong connections to the Khazar kingdom.
  • The Karaites also hated the Talmud and ‘rabbinic Jews‘ with a vengeance, and had a belief system that overlapped greatly with christianity.
  • In Yevamot 16a, we find a discussion of the ‘KARTUYITES’ – suspected mamzers who the Sages suggest are unfit to marry into the wider Jewish community. There is strong similarity between the words ‘KARTUYITES’ and ‘KARAITES’.
  • Yoshki sounds very much like a proto-Karaite, with his pronouncements against the ‘corrupt rabbis’ and insistence on the Old Testament to be read without any connection to the oral law.
  • Yoshki himself fits the description of a  ‘Kartuyite’ – i.e. a person with a non-Jewish father who is suspected of being a mamzer.
  • There were many Karaite strongholds in Podolia (Ukraine) and Crimea, including Lublin and Djufut Kale in Crimea.
  • Jacob Frank, the false messiah, descends from the Shor family of Karaites – and both he and the Sabbeteans before him taught a doctrine very similar to that of the Jewish-gnostic-satanic prophet Mani.



According to the author of the Seder HaDorot, Rabbi Yechiel Halperin, the Kuzari was apparently written by R’ Yitzhak Almangari.

He writes:

“I saw in the Sefer HaEmunos that the episode concerning the Khazar king and the Chacham is authentic, and that the Chacham’s name was R’ Yitzhak Almangari.

The aforementioned king was converted by R’ Almangeri some 400 years ago before Yehuda HaLevi. The previously mentioned Rabbi recorded the entire episode in the Khazar language; R’ Yehudah HaLevi transcribed it into Arabic and then R’ Shmuel ibn Tibbon translated it into Hebrew.”


Interestingly, R’ Yitzhak Almangari was buried in the Karaite cemetery in Crimea (see page 83 of The History of the Jews).

Which suggests that the Kuzari was a Karaite!

If it even happened at all, and was not just a ‘cover story’ for this real sect of Manichean Jewish-gnostics from Persia, who had connections with the gnostic-satanist Sabians, and apparently became the rulers of Khazar in the 9th century.


Ad kan!

Again, I’m just putting the info out there, please feel free to help fill in more gaps, if you have additional information and insight.

But what’s clear is that the real story of the roots of the war in the Ukraine – and it’s implications for real Jews and Eretz Yisrael – is still to be told.

So stay tuned.


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I was planning to take today off, but all night, I was dreaming the words ‘synagogue in Uman’.


That was a reference to this:


I saw this yesterday, when a contact asked for some sources of information about human rights abuses being carried in Ukraine – by the Ukrainians.

So I started sending her some links, and that’s when I came across the first mention of ‘Uman’ I’ve seen in a long time, in relation to what is going on there right now.

I’ve been finding it strange that after the first week, there has been almost no information at all coming out about what is going on with the Jewish community in Uman. I have no idea if people are still there, if everyone left, if they are OK.

The internet is still working there, other people are still streaming content out of Ukraine every day – even content that is ‘anti’ the Ukrainian neo-Nazis who currently in power there – so the silence from the Jewish community in Uman is very strange.

Unless they all left?

If you do know more, please leave links in the comments section.


Here’s the thing: I have never seen a synagogue like this in Uman.

Me and my husband were trying to figure out where this would be.

We were last there in November, and there was nothing like this around area of the Tzion of Rebbe Nachman at that point – which is where you’d expect a synagogue to be.

And there’s no space in that area for a structure like this.

And it’s weird, that anyone would build a synagogue outside of the Jewish area of Uman – especially one that looks so ‘unprotected’ and open.


This is that picture of the synagogue blown up:


Try as I might, I can’t make out the words on it, apparently in Hebrew.

And we can see from this that the top story is just windows.

I was thinking maybe it was the old Kloyz in Uman, which you can read about more HERE.

This screenshot of the Old Kloyz comes from that site:


The new Kloyz was built right next to Rabbenu’s tomb, on Pushkina Street.

So, this ‘synagogue in Uman’ is stumping me.

But it’s becoming ‘an issue’ in the war – and that’s also worrying me, that the Russians are putting out reports about ‘Jews in Uman’ apparently snitching on where the neo-Nazis are storing their weapons, because those animals are violently murdering people in places like Mariupol and Kharkov for much lesser ‘crimes’.


If anyone can shed any more light on this ‘synagogue in Uman’, or what is actually happening to the Jewish community in Uman, I’d be grateful.

Because something here just doesn’t seem right.



Thanks to reader (and good friend!) C, for the following links:

Haaretz wrote an article about it:

And somebody toured the shul to show that it’s empty:


[Chabad Ukrainian Chief Rabbi Moshe] Azman also showed up to confirm nothing is in the shul:

(When I try to link to that tweet, it’s just bringing up the tweet above….so here is a screenshot:)


So, I read this and I started to wonder if it’s a Chabad shul in Uman?

And maybe that’s why I’ve never heard of it?

Then, C. sent me some more information:


I think this is the one, Kirya Neemana synagogue:

Here’s a screenshot:

Where it’s circled in red, that’s Rebbe Nachman’s tomb, and Pushkina Street – the heart of all the Breslov action in Uman.

Where it’s circled in yellow, is the ‘Kirya Ne’emana’ that I’ve never heard of before today.
It might not look like it, but even though it’s relatively close to the Tzion, in terms of the physical distane, it’s a million miles away.
Most of the Jewish visitors to Uman just don’t go to the places far beyond Pushkina unless in a taxi, because it just doesn’t feel so safe to walk around there, honestly, as a visible Jew.
So now, I’m still clicking around trying to find out who built that shul in the middle of nowhere, and who “Natan Ben-Nun of the Rabbi Nachman Foundation in Uman” actually is.
Nothing seems to be coming back to me in English or Hebrew for the ‘Rabbi Nachman Foundation in Uman’, or  – but maybe you’ll have better luck.
Back on the Google Maps page, there are a bunch of photos of the shul being constructed, and also THIS one, screenshotted below:
The central figure in this picture is R’ Yaakov Meir Shechter, head of the Breslov shul in Meah Shearim which was home to the psychos (related to the extended Schneerson family in Israel) who have been persecuting Rav Berland for at least the last 30 years.
It seems that this shul is connected to the Meah Shearim Breslov Shul (but I’m happy to stand corrected, as more information turns up.)

Meanwhile, there are some strange ‘reviews’ of this shul, including this:


And back on the Twitter feed of Ha’aretz journalist Sam Sokol (who is still telling everyone, repeatedly, that THERE ARE NO NEO-NAZIS IN UKRAINE!!!!) – I found the original video from Russia’s military saying that there are weapons being stored there:

(Again, the embed tweet function is playing up. Click HERE, this is a screenshot:)



In case you forgot, there’s a whole bunch of video and first-hand evidence showing that:

  1. There ARE a lot of neo-Nazis in the Ukraine – and some of them, like the Azov Battalion, were funded by ‘Jewish’ oligarchs like Igor Kolomoisky.
  2. Neo-Nazi ‘Azov Battalion’ is using Israeli guns, and former Israeli ambassadors to Ukraine have admitted meeting with Azov leaders.
  3. Some sort of ‘deal’ was struck between Azov and senior members of the Ukraine Jewish community to ‘protect Jewish religious sites’ in the Ukraine.
  4. In places like Mariupol, these Azov / Right Sector neo-Nazis have been caught on camera, repeatedly, using the basements of places like schools and even hospitals, as their bases and to store weapons.

Here’s a few Telegram channels you can check out for yourself, to get ‘the other side of the story’, that is totally missing from articles by Sam Sokol, and other journalists:

(These aren’t hyperlinked, so cut and paste.)

A couple of screenshots:


And finally:

First-hand witness reports of people who fled Mariupol nearly all seem to be saying the same thing:

The Ukraine army (aka Azov Battalion neo-Nazis) was using civilians as human shields; the Ukraine army was the one deliberately firing on civilians there; the Ukraine army itself destroyed 85% of the city.

Maybe THAT’s the reason none of the Western media seem to be running a lot of interviews with the people fleeing Mariupol.


In the comments, Ruth just put a link to another Telegram channel that seems to be updating info from some of the Jews still in Uman.

From what I’m reading there, it sounds like life is going on pretty much as normal in Uman for the Jewish community….

Which kind of seems incredible.

But long may it continue, and long may they stay safe, under the wing of Rabbenu.

Here’s that link:


B’kitzur…. all nice and confusing, still.

Let me just leave you with one last screenshot from this morning, from Gonzalo Lira’s Telegram channel HERE:


Before Covid 19, this would have seemed fantastic.


….It seems credible.




I went back to that blown-up picture of the shul, that claims to be showing weapons stored in the basement.

As Hava said in the comments, it looks like a ‘fake’ picture.

That’s partially because the upper story isn’t complete, there are still foundation wires sticking out the concrete, and the windows seem to be ‘hanging in space’. But we know it’s not an unfinished building, as we’ve seen people now walking around that structure, and it doesn’t look the same today.

So – these shots that the Russians are claiming show weapons being stored and moved from this shul seem to be from a while ago.

I’m just trying to piece all this together still, but that seems to be the facts.



If you go to THIS Telegram link, you’ll find a video where Al Jazeera is describing the stellar work of the Red Cross in Ukraine…. except when the ambulance pulled up next to them, it disgorged a whole bunch of Ukrainian soldiers, who have been using ambulances to transport themselves, much like our own Palestinian terrorists do.



That’ll do for now, or Shabbat just won’t get cooked.


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Here are some more translated comments from Rav Berland about the war in Ukraine, from the last two weeks.

Again, the Rav tells these ‘stories’ to sweeten the harsh judgements in the world, and if you study them carefully, you can pick up a lot of clues about what is really going on, that is not being reported in the fake news.

I have a much longer ‘story’ I’m working on too, which I’ll try to put up in the next day or two, at least, a big chunk of it, as it really helped me to get a better emuna perspective on all the terrible things going on at the moment.



Excerpt of a shiur given on Parshat Vayikra, 5782 (March, 2022)

(Someone in the audience says: Putin is the same gematria as ‘Nachman’, spelled without a ‘vav’.)

Yes, because only Rabbenu will subdue him.

Because now, Zelensky asked the Jews in Uman to pray for him in the Tzion. So there will be some miracle, because according to usual way of the world, he has no chance.

So, either Putin will regret [going to war], or maybe all the tanks will be burnt, because there are five million citizens in Kiev, so each one will burn a tank.


(Someone in the audience says: A million people already ran away.)

Yes, they stood on the 20 km road, and went around with loudspeakers, [saying] whoever has got an Israeli passport, they should come.

Because Zelensky is doing that now.

Like Rabbi Yaakov Galinsky, when he did the brit for the KGB commander. So after that, he met him in the street, and he asked him [the KGB commander] how were you not afraid [to do that]? So he [the KGB officer] replied, I know that now it’s bad for the Jews, but there will come a day when it’s good for the Jews. And I want my son to be worthy of that good.

So now, it’s good for the Jews, and whoever is a Jew, they immediately let him pass through [the border], even without a passport, and the non-Jews are exploding because of this.


Now, they conducted 200 children [Jewish children from Ukraine] from an orphanage, without passports.

Everything that the Ukrainians did [to the Jews] is being done to them.

But because Zelensky requested that they should pray [for him] in Uman, the war will be finished by Purim. The fear is from the pogroms, because when there is no government, there are pogroms, the same as happened by Ahashverosh.

They call this ‘Brigades’. Because Ahashverosh didn’t let people own a weapon, he just let them pile up all the tables by the door.

They [i.e. the people who wanted to kill the Jews in the Purim story] had to get back by dawn, because Haman only gave them permission to kill [Jews] for one day.

Whoever managed to survive until dawn was saved.

Like the person who told the story of how [in World War II] it was mamash the second where they [i.e. the Nazis] were about to break down the door [and kill him and his family].

He said, in the zchut of Rebbe Nachman!!! – so they (the Nazis) left, and he was saved.


You might also like this article:

I translated some of the Rav’s recent comments, from Purim 5782.

As always with Rav Berland’s conversations, there are awesome hints and illusions to a lot of different things, and I would caution you to not take everything below literally.

The Rav often ‘sweetens’ things by saying the opposite of what is really true – like when he calls Ishmael a sweet, innocent child, of like when he says that Haman is a ‘good guy’ with emunat chachamim.

But there are still a lot of hints ‘in the real world’ to pick up here.

BH, I have a few more excerpts I want to translate and stick up from recent weeks, so stay tuned.


Excerpt of a shiur given over on Purim day, 5782, during the visit of the Spinka Rebbe

[The Rav was previously speaking about Esther HaMalka and Mordechai, and how the decree of Haman – the descendent of Amalek – was turned around.]

Hitler was Amalek, and now Putin is Amalek.

What does he want? Already 90,000 people, and he’s not stopping. He’s gone totally mad. He’s worse than Hitler.

The Jews – he says, I’m not going to touch the Jews, but it’s impossible to tolerate [lit: suffer from] the ‘booms’ [of the bombs]. It’s written about Pharoah, I can’t tolerate the noise! He used to yell at them, stop!!! He used to hear ‘booms’ all day long, all the roofs were shaking.

In Ukraine, they damaged a beit knesset, and they damaged Chabad.

It’s impossible to continue to suffer from the booms. The noise is worse than the explosions.

Within the hail there was also noise, such loud noises.

Moshe promised Pharoah, [that he’d remove the plague] but he also told him tomorrow, not today.

Why not today?

The whole matter is the ‘tomorrow’ that they give a person another 24 hours, to uproot Amalek.

It makes no difference if it’s Putin or Khomeni, who says that he’s going to annihilate Am Yisrael.


I was with an Arab [in prison], in the same room. I asked him, so tell me, is Iran going to kill two million Jews? [I.e. if they drop a nuclear bomb on Israel.]

Us, we’re enemies, and them, who are Shi’ites, they don’t believe in the Koran, because they didn’t bring in Eli. There is one, [called] Eli, they buried him on the South side, a few kilometres away from Baghdad, and they didn’t put him in the Koran.

He was a stepson, so they didn’t put him in. The Koran is stories, but it’s Jews who put it together. An Arab didn’t know how to read or write. The whole Koran – two Jews put it together, and the cut everything out, and took his big speeches, and then his small ones – and slowly, they conquered the whole world with this.

They got as far as France, almost to Paris. They got to Gibraltar. All of ‘Gibraltor’ is ‘Jabal Terel’. ‘Jabal’ means mountain, and ‘Terel’ was the commander of the Arabs.


Really, they hung Haman by mistake, because he wasn’t an Arab.

He was Persian. I don’t know why they hung him. So what, the Arabs you hang, but why hang a tahor (lit: pure) Persian?

He was a tahor Amalek – but he wasn’t an Arab.

Now, I came from his levaya (funeral), there were terrible cries, and Vaizasa cried. Vaizasa, he’s so short, so I promised him that he will be great, great, and he’s going to be taller. He’s going to go up, up to 50 amah.

On Purim, all the blessings are realised here, even those for Vaizasa. He will be [up] 50 amah, on the shpitz (peak / top).


What did they want from Haman?

Haman asked the king about every single thing. He had such morals, he had such emunat chachamim. About every single thing, his wife would tell him go to the king, and tell the king everything, and ask the king about everything. You’re not to take a side without the king!

He just made a single mistake. What was the mistake? The she [his wife] told him to go in the morning, go in the morning! You aren’t Breslov, and you aren’t Spinka, what are you doing getting up in the middle of the night?! They’ll say that you are a thief, suddenly someone will get killed, or they’ll shoot at someone, or they’ll rob a house – and then they’ll say you are the thief!

So what, if you were a Breslover or a Spinka, then that would be OK.

The Spinka Rebbe learns Torah the whole night, but you aren’t Spinka, so why are getting up in the middle of the night?! Go to sleep!

I tell everyone to be in their beds by 10pm.

That one time, if he’d have listened to his wife, then this disaster wouldn’t have happened, they wouldn’t have hung him.


A person just needs to listen to his wife’s voice. This is a shiur about shalom bayit.

From this, we learn that everything that the wife says – apart from [telling you to] break shabbat – this is the holy of holies.

It’s forbidden to go against what your wife says, even as much as a hair’s breadth. “Everything that Sarah tells you, listen to her voice.”

Even if it’s to throw Ishmael out of the house!

Ishmael had such amazing, long payot (side curls), down to his belly button. He didn’t have anything ‘bad’ about him, and he went around wearing a yellow kaftan. He was a nice child, he was a sweet child.

He said, why do you want to throw such a sweet child like this out of the house?! Stam, he’s shooting at birds, he’s not shooting at Yitzhak. And Yitzhak is not going where he’s shooting, Yitzhak is far away on the sidelines, he’s searching for Yitzhak.

Wherever Yitzhak is going, [that’s where] he’s firing his arrows. That’s why he’s called ‘Yitzhak’, after the word hitzim (arrows), that were fired at him. After the phrase ‘k’mitzhak bi’ (making sport of him), because of this, it looked like they were ‘sporting’ with me.

“And Sarah saw the son of the Egyptian convert that had been born to Avraham mitzhak (sporting / playing.)”


Now, the gates are being opened. All the gates are being opened.

Now, is the moment of ‘Purim’, and such a miracle has never been seen before.

You should know, that a miracle like Purim will never be again, even when Moshiach comes and there will be Gog and Magog.

Putin is not Gog and Magog, it’s stam, a meshuga (crazy person), stam, someone who is insane.

He’s already 69 years old, he was born the same year Stalin died. He recieved the soul of Stalin, to stam kill people.

Already, 90,000 people died, and already 20,000 Russians died.

Up until now, the Ukrainians already recieved $800 trillion worth of arms, from America, anti-tank [missiles], and everything. They didn’t have anything, not a weapon, nothing. From Holland they sent, from Germany they sent, from France, they sent weapons.

They wiped out all the tanks for them. The Russians still can’t enter Kiev.


The king said, on one day, I’m going to kill a whole people.

It’s impossible to conquer a single city in one day. Here, try with Kiev. Already  now, it’s been four weeks. The war started at 5 and 10 minutes.

There was one person here, R’ Shmuel Stern and his son, Yechiel. They got on the airplane five minutes before they blew up the airport in Kiev. Five minutes earlier, his son got on the airplane, and the airplane still managed to navigate to Israel.

Putin really doesn’t want to harm the Jews.


A motorcyclist was killed in Uman because a rocket fell there by mistake. Someone was travelling from Kiev to Uman – a secular Jew wanted to hide himself in Uman, but on the way there, there was shooting, and he was killed. Two Jews died, one secular and one religious.

But it’s impossible to murder a whole people in one day.


Translated from Shivevei Newsletter 255.

NB: The Rav is currently in hospital again.

Please pray for the continued good health or Rabbi Eliezer ben Ettia.


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It’s amazing, the difference a year makes.

***UPDATES – the weirdest bit of propaganda yet***

In January 2021, no less than ‘Time Magazine’ published the following video, taking an inside look at some of the neo-Nazis from across the world, flocking to Ukraine to get trained by the ‘Azov Battalion’:


Four years’ earlier, in September 2017, no less than the Guardian did a long piece on the Azov Battalion’s ‘training camps’ for their youth:

Entitled: Ukraine’s far-right children’s camp: ‘I want to bring up a warrior’



In Ukraine, the far-right Azov militia is fighting on the frontline – and running a summer camp for children. The Guardian visited the camp and followed 16-year-old Anton through his experiences.

Is Azov really a modern Hitler Youth organisation, or is it trying to prepare young Ukrainians for the tough reality that awaits them?


And then, here is the BBC’s ‘Russian propaganda’ from April 2018:

Entitled: Ukraine: On patrol with the far-right National Militia


Take a look at 7:33 minutes, where we are introduced to Arsen Avakov, Ukraine’s then Minister of Interior who apparently has ‘well-known links’ to the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.

He put the Azov Battalion on the Ukrainian government’s payroll, and appointed one of their commanders, Vadim Troyan, as his deputy.

Here’s a screenshot of that guy, because I really want you to understand that when the Rav said these people are the grandchildren of the original Ukrainian nazis, he meant it literally.


HERE‘s Arsen Avakov’s Wikipedia page, and here’s a relevant snippet:

Avakov was reappointed as Interior Minister in December 2014… and again in August 2019….

He was reappointed in August 2019 despite the plea of 24 NGO’s (including AutoMaidan, StateWatch and Transparency International Ukraine) not to re-appoint Avakov.

In a joint statement they claimed “Avakov is responsible for failing to reform the police, sabotaging the vetting of police officers, keeping tainted police officials and suspects in EuroMaidan cases in key jobs, failing to investigate attacks on civic activists and numerous corruption scandals linked to him and his inner circle.”…

In November 2014, Ukraine’s chief rabbi Yaakov Bleich condemned Avakov’s appointment of Azov Battalion deputy commander Vadym Troyan as Kyiv Oblast police chief, and demanded that “if the interior minister continues to appoint people of questionable repute and ideologies tainted with fascism and right-wing extremism, the interior minister should be replaced.”


Even this BBC journalist tells us that no-one knows who is really funding the Azov neo-Nazi ‘national militia’, and that regular people in Ukraine – back in 2018 – are worried about that, and also worried that the ‘national militia’ “appear to have been given the nod to act outside the law.”

(Pssst: the USA has been funding the ‘national militia’, with some help from George Soros and a bunch of other corrupt oligarchs.)


It’s amazing, the difference a couple of years makes, isn’t it?

If any of this stuff was put out now, it would be tagged ‘Russian Propaganda’.

BH, I am still almost entirely avoiding the MSM.

I am getting most of my information about Ukraine from two Telegram channels, of Westerners who are actually stuck there while the fighting is going on, and who seem to be way more informed and objective, as a result.

One channel is HERE, of Chilean expat and writer Gonzalo Lira.

I’ve screenshotted his latest post – but he’s worrying he’s going to get his door kicked in at any minute, and then murdered, by those friendly, cuddly neo-Nazi ‘Azov Battalion’ guys that we’re all meant to be cheerleading, here.


People have been posting up so many videos of atrocities on Ukrainian civilians – perpetrated by Ukraine’s own Azov Battalion, not the Russians – that Lira has just posted a a notice banning those types of ‘snuff films’ from his chat.

But I’m guessing you’re not hearing about that side of things, because it’s just ‘Russian Propaganda’.


If you want that ‘Russian Propaganda’ from its source, then try this:

Here’s a screenshot of some of what you’ll find:


It’s the Telegram channel for an aggregator of Russian news, translated into English, with lots of videos showing the other side of the story.

Basically, that Ukraine’s 30% Russian-speaking citizens are actually relieved that Russia invaded; that Azov Battalion is neo-Nazi through and through – and has been training other neo-Nazis from countries all over the world; and most of all – that Russia really seems to winning this war, and with minimal civilian casualties.


OK, so for the sake of balance, here’s some of the American and Ukrainian propaganda sites:

Let’s start with the BBC’s timeline of the war.

ABC News:


Here’s CNN:

They tried to reveal what life was like under Russian occupation. Then they disappeared

(Go back to Gonzalo Lira’s Telegram channel, to see what at least some of those people have been saying, and who is really ‘disappearing’ people in these areas….)


I tried to get some ‘official news’ from the Ukrainian government in English, but the site suspended it’s English service after posting up this last news story on June 14, 2021:


But the UKRAnews site is still going, and HERE‘s a story from yesterday that caught my eye:

(If you want another source of updates about human rights abuses in Ukraine, check out THIS Telegram channel. That’s where you’ll find information like this:

“A few weeks ago Zelensky released prisoners with combat experience from jails. What they didn’t tell you it’s that some of these prisoners are the infamous Tornado Battalion imprisoned for raping minors in front of their parents.”)


And lastly, the Yeshiva World News:


While we are on the subject of ‘defining propaganda’, I just saw the YWN story about two border police in Hadera, who were apparently just killed by ‘ISIS’.

At this stage of the game, I’m starting to believe that there is no terror attack in the State of Israel that isn’t somehow sanctioned by the military and intelligence services here.

How can these people say ‘this is ISIS’ so fast?

How could ‘ISIS’ suddenly be popping up in places like Hadera – when the whole State of Israel is now literally bristling with facial recognition AI cameras, that are so easy to ‘program’ to track suspected terrorists – or pedophiles! – all over the country?

And if it is really ‘ISIS’ – then remember that ISIS is funded and trained by the USA.

And there are some more weird links between USA-funded ‘ISIS’ and USA-funded neo-Nazis in Ukraine, like this, from 2015:


Maybe these ‘ISIS’ guys now apparently rampaging across Israel came in on some of the first flights bringing unvetted Ukrainian non-Jews into the Holy Land….

And what they’re calling ‘ISIS’ is actually just more of those Jew-hating neo-Nazis we’ve been writing about, now relocated to Israel….

I guess we’ll find it.


Nothing is as it seems.

So, continue to think for yourself.

Verify everything you’re told, before you believe it 100%.

And remember that even though Purim ended last week, it looks like we are going to continue living the Purim Shpiel for quite a while longer.


PS: I just got this email from a friend, so I’m adding it in here:

Just in case you want to get « objective » information on UA and RUS, I would recommend you to watch India Today:



Here’s one more news site that seems to have a lot of firsthand witness reports of what is really going on in Ukraine.

Some of it isn’t pretty, and I’m not watching that stuff myself.

But this link is to eyewitness reports of civilians who evacuated Maripol.

They are telling a very different story from the MSM we’re all being brainwashed with.

BTW – just to reiterate for the millionth time, I don’t think Putin is ‘good’, or that Russia is amazing. They aren’t, and I have no idea what’s the real calculations going on with all this.

All I’m doing is doing with the information that is coming out of Ukraine, and keeping things simple.

As always, do your own research and make up your own mind.




Just when you think the propaganda can’t get any stranger… here comes the YWN with the most bizarre story yet (in connection to the Ukraine.)

From HERE, screenshot below:


A Jewish oligarch with ties to Russia reportedly paid people to paint swastikas around Ukraine in the months preceding Russia’s invasion. The effort was part of a disinformation campaign to validate Russia’s claim that it’s trying to “denazify” the country.


The ‘Jewish oligarch’ in the story is one Pavel Fuchs.

HERE is his Wikipedia page.

And here is a snippet, which suggests that there is something of a much bigger story, starting to loom into sight here:

In June 2008, he negotiated with Donald Trump about the construction of Trump Tower in Moscow, but the businessmen were unable to reach an agreement….

Fuks sold all his business assets in Russia in 2011 and 2012 and he has not been in Russia since 2015 due to political reasons in not supporting the Russian aggression in Ukraine. Pavel Fuks started to invest in Ukrainian assets in 2014, as he sees it as a country of great business potential.

In 2017, Fuks hired Rudy Giuliani‘s law firm to help improve his city’s public image.

On 1 November 2018 Russian sanctions were imposed against 322 citizens of Ukraine, including Fuks.


Definitely one to watch.

And if you believe that the only reason there are swastikas on walls in Kharkov is because a Jewish oligarch paid someone to paint them…I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.



I did a bit of digging, and strangely, there is something to this story – not the ‘paying for swastikas’ angle, which simply sounds ridiculous, but the ‘connections to the highest echelons of Russian mafia’ angle.

Take a look at THIS, and then THIS (Google translate the Russian.)

Here’s a snippet:

[A]s a result of the acquisitions of Pavda Fuchs, the Sakhalin [natural gas] field, the largest in the Kharkiv region, was taken under control. It is clear that gas is a lot of money, but still it was surprising why the” construction scammer ” Fuchs suddenly rushed to buy gas wells in Ukraine, and why in these two regions?

Wasn’t this an element of Russia’s “hybrid war”?

After all, Fuchs is not some kind of” left-wing ” oligarch, he has worked for many years in close contact with companies and banks directly connected with the Kremlin.

And the fact that he was not punished for numerous scams could indicate that the Kremlin is keeping him on the hook – and may force him to perform certain tasks. By the way, Fuchs has already received a new Ukrainian passport (in December 2016), although he still has a Russian one. So whose interests will Pavel Fuchs, a citizen of two conflicting countries, protect?

Definitely one to watch, going forward.


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Apparently, Vladimir Zelensky gave another stellar ‘performance’ on Sunday night.


This time, it was to the Israeli Knesset.

Watch it below:

(You might want to get in the popcorn… and the sick bag.)


I mean, it’s lucky this guy has so much experience as an actor and comedian in front of large audiences….

I mean, how useful, that this guy knows how to work crowds and play his part….

And that he had a few years ‘acting the part of Ukrainian President’, before he got to this main event, when all those rehearsals are paying off.


Sadly for Zelensky, his audience in Israel wasn’t so friendly.

Here’s some of what he was saying (from HERE):

Zelensky opened his address with a quote from Golda Meir, a native of Kyiv, and claimed that Ukrainians and Jews worldwide share a connection “in the past and the present.”

“I don’t have to convince you that our peoples are connected, the Jews and the Ukrainians in the past and the present, terrible times.”

We’ve been covering at least some of those ‘connections’ between the people running Ukraine and the people running the State of Israel – and pretty much everywhere else – here on the blog recently.

Including, this:


But I’m sure – very sure – there is still a lot more to  learn about those ‘connections’, going forward.


Underneath that video, above, of Zelensky’s ‘performance’ for the Knesset, you find this telling comment:

Let’s rewind the tape to 1 Jan 2022: Israeli embassy in Kiev condemns nationalists for honoring Nazi collaborator Bandera:

“Israel condemns the nationalist march in honor of Stepan Bandera. Any attempt to glorify those who supported Nazi ideology defiles the memory of Holocaust victims in Ukraine. We are demanding thorough investigation of the antisemitic manifestations that took place during the march in accordance with the law adopted in Ukraine in 2021,” the statement reads.

Earlier on Saturday, Kiev and a number of regions of Ukraine saw torchlight marches timed for an anniversary of Bandera’s birth. In Kiev, the demonstrators marched along the city’s main streets to a point very close to the office of President Vladimir Zelensky.

Stepan Bandera is one of the ideologists of Ukrainian nationalism. During World War II he collaborated with Nazi Germany and up to 1959 he led the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN, outlawed in Russia).

The OUN’s military wing – Ukrainian Insurgent Army (outlawed in Russia) commonly referred to as Banderites – is responsible for many war crimes, including the slaughter of about 100,000 Poles, Czechs and Jews in Western Ukraine. Thousands of Ukrainians had been fiendishly murdered for refusal to collaborate the nationalists. (Volhynia Massacre)


In 2010, Bandera was named a “Hero of Ukraine” by the outgoing President Viktor Yushchenko, sparking anger in Europe, Poland and Israel.

He was stripped of the title in 2011 under Yushchenko’s replacement, President Viktor Yanukovych, but when Yanukovych was ousted in 2014, Kyiv’s City Council renamed the city’s Moscow Avenue Stepan Bandera Avenue after the Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine.

There are monuments to Bandera throughout western Ukraine and in 2018, the authorities in Lviv, just 46 miles from the Polish border, announced that 2019 would be the ‘Year of Stepan Bandera’, again sparking protests from Israeli and the Polish government.


See, I told you it was a good idea to have the sick bag handy.

Now, let me show you another Zelensky ‘performance’, this time from 2014, when he was still just a famous Ukrainian comedian / actor, and not actually the President of the Country.

By way of context, this clip comes from an hour long video showing the ‘Russian side of things’, that was shared by Reuven, as a comment on THIS post.


I found that video very interesting – and also, very disturbing.

It has a lot of clips showing people being mutilated, bombed and killed by Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

So, I ‘screenrecorded’ about 5 minutes, to give you a flavor of the main arguments – minus any graphic pictures and video – which also captured Zelensky’s ‘performance’ about the neo-Nazi problem in Ukraine, back from 2014.


The bit where Zelensky starts giving the ‘Heil Hitler’ nazi salute is just HILARIOUS!!!!!



All this is just a ‘show’ to smooth the path for tens of thousands of Ukrainian neo-Nazi Bandistas – who may, or may not be as ‘Jewish’ as their President Zelensky –  to move to Israel, under the ‘Law of Return’.

That’s the main point of Zelensky’s performance for the Knesset on Sunday, whatever else was going on.

Screenshot from HERE:


I mean, Ukrainian neo-Nazis in large quantities are presumably really needed for the State of Israel’s police, or something.

Don’t forget, as Zelensky himself stated it so succinctly:

“I don’t have to convince you that our peoples are connected, the Jews and the Ukrainians in the past and the present, terrible times.”

Anyone who saw what happened at Meron last L’ag B’omer understands that this is a totally true statement.


UPDATE:  After reading this, one of my readers emailed me a link to this news story and video from the height of the Covid lockdowns in Israel.

It’s entitled: Police superintendent meets 13-year-old haredi girl who was confronted by police

In case you forgot, this was a video of two Israeli policemen trying to abuse a young chareidi girl by giving her a ticket for walking around in the fresh air with her mask under her chin.

That’s not even the interesting bit.

The interesting bit is the second, shaven-headed policeman who is fully masked, and has NO NAME TAG ANYWHERE.

This same policeman stays totally mute throughout the video, and doesn’t seem to understand a word of what is being said.

My correspondent is speculating that this is one of the infamous ‘Ukrainian Policemen’ that we know have been visiting Israel, including during the Meron DEW atrocity, to ‘observe’ what a great job the Israeli police are doing here. [Sarcasm off].

Here’s two screenshots:




I was discussing quantum physics with my husband, and how it’s basically a law of physics that the ‘observer’ of the experiment changes the reality of what occurs.

Sometimes, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, despairing and apathetic, about what small people like you and me can really do to change all this.

I told my husband this:

There doesn’t need to be a majority, or even a large minority of people ‘seeing truth’ and wanting real peace and geula for that to happen. There just needs to be enough of us ‘observing the experiment’, with eyes of prayer and emuna, for everything to change around for the best.

I believe this wholeheartedly.

We will just keep quietly ‘observing’ from the sidelines, praying for God to enlighten us about what is really true here – and in all areas of this ‘world of lies’ we live in – and having the simple emuna that God is really in charge here, whoever may be currently tripping across ‘the stage’ and apparently running the performance from the shadows.

There is nothing else we can really do.

But doing this mamash changes the whole experiment around, for the best.

With God’s help.



I just came across this, footage from 2015, when the Ukrainian army was shelling Donetsk with massive civilan casualties.

It says its graphic content – but the video got ‘blacked out’ by Youtube from about the 4th minute on, just leaving the English subtitles and the audio, which tell their own story.


Again, super corrupt USA-puppet Petro Poryshenko – good friend of Joe Biden – came into office, signed the document aligning Ukraine with the EU, and then started shelling his own people in Donetsk and Luzhansk, when they voted to secede from Ukraine, after the EuroMaidan coup in 2014 replaced the democratically elected president Yanukovoych.

Yanukovoych was in favor of Ukraine strengthening economic ties with Russia, and this was enough for the EU / USA to make him persona non grata, and to fund the EuroMaidan coup – using Asov Battalion and Right Sector neo-Nazis – to replace him with super-corrupt Poryshenko – and plunge Ukraine into civil war.


As I find more things to help to do the birur, I will try to share them here.



Here’s another update from Gonzo, about what is going on Mariupol.

There is some swearing here, be warned, but the insights and information he’s sharing are very important. Gonzo is currently very scared of being ’rounded up’ by the Ukrainian secret police, the SBU and murdered, as has happened to others.

For example, mayor of a small Ukrainian mayor Vlodimir Struk, back in 2014 when all this started (snippet from HERE):

In Luhansk region, the mayor of the UGIL-controlled Kremenna Luhansk region was found dead, Vladimir Struk (ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Party of Regions). 

Earlier, he suggested that local deputies start communicating with Russia and the LPR.

His murder is the third murder of a sitting mayor since the beginning of the anti-terrorist operation. Before that, the mayor of Starobilsk was killed Vladimir Zhivaga and the Mayor of Kryvyi Rih Konstantin Pavlov.


He’s saying that he’s hearing first-hand testimony that the Ukrainian ‘army’ (aka neo-Nazis) are using civilians as human shields in places like Mariupol (listen at the 25 minute mark).

He said that many of the ‘Ukrainians’ in Mariupol are actually ethnically Greek, as they were brought in from Greece by Catherine the Great to farm the region there. And when those Greeks in Mariupol went back to Greece, they started saying that the Azov Battalion are using people as human shields – and they’ve have no reason to lie.

Listen yourself, come to your own conclusions.


Here’s the story from Greek Times site:


In speaking about their escape from Mariupol through a corridor, one refugee speaking in Greek with a distinguishable Ukrainian accent said to OPEN TV: “I remember when leaving Mariupol, Ukrainian soldiers stopped us and threatened us.”

Russian soldiers in tanks were trying to calm us down after all of that,” she added….

The woman’s account of being attacked by the Ukrainian military matches that of another ethnic Greek from Mariupol who said he could not escape the besieged city because he would be killed by the neo-Nazi Azov battalion.

In late February, with Russian forces besieging Mariupol, in which 120,000+ ethnic Greeks live in and its surrounding villages including Sartana, SKAI news spoke with Mr Kiouranas who lives in the city and described the Ukrainian “fascists.”

When asked by SKAI news if he planned to leave the city, Kiouranas responded “how can I leave? When you try to leave you run the risk of running into a patrol of the Ukrainian fascists, the Azov Battalion.”

“They would kill me and are responsible for everything,” he added.


These are the people the State of Israel is arming, and bringing over to ‘observe’ Jewish civilians here in the middle of Covid lockdowns and Meron police-planned atrocities.

Draw your own conclusions.



The UN wrote a report about Human Rights abuses in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine (amongst others) back in March 2016. You can see that report HERE.

Here’s some snippets from the executive summary:

5: Ukrainian armed forces continue to position themselves near towns and villages while armed groups have embedded deeper into residential areas, further endangering the local population. The risk of re-escalation of hostilities therefore remained high.

12: Residents of territories under the armed groups’ control are particularly vulnerable to human rights abuses, which are exacerbated by the absence of the rule of law and any real protection. OHCHR continued to receive and verify allegations of killings, arbitrary and incommunicado detention, torture and ill-treatment in the ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ and ‘Luhansk people’s republic’.

In these territories, armed groups have established parallel ‘administrative structures’ and have imposed a growing framework of ‘legislation’ which violate international law, as well as the Minsk Agreements. 

15. OHCHR documented allegations of enforced disappearances, arbitrary and incommunicado detention, and torture and ill-treatment, perpetrated with impunity by Ukrainian law enforcement officials, mainly by elements of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). 


Are we now saying the UN was also putting out ‘Russian propaganda’ back in 2016, when it wrote these words?



Last one for today…

Our hero Zelensky has apparently now also banned all 11 of Ukraine’s opposition parties.

As of yesterday.

I.e. the day after he appeared at the Knesset doing his ‘performance’ for the MKs and saying this:

“I don’t have to convince you that our peoples are connected, the Jews and the Ukrainians in the past and the present, terrible times.”

I found that out from this clip, below of Tucker Carlson – once you get started on a certain topic on Youtube, it just keeps sending you stuff.


So, to sum up:

Zelensky is now officially a one party dictator, supported by neo-Nazis, funded by oligarchs who are deeply involved in so many different evils including human trafficking and connected to the World Economic Forum, in charge of neo-Nazi battalions who are using their civilian populations as human shields, and trying, really, really hard, to start World War III.

Because, you know, Hitler Mark II could never be a Jew…

Of course not.


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All my tabs are exploding out of all proportions again, so this post is kind of an ‘information dump’, to put more interesting things ‘out there’.

***UPDATES about the Sovereign Military Order Temple of Jerusalem, below***

First, Baruch Dayan Emet, Rav Chaim Kanievsky passed away two hours before Shabbat.

BH, a lot of dinim will be sweetened now, and a lot of things will start to move in a good way.

And all the evil that has been perpetrated in the name of Rav Kanievsky in recent months will start to be redressed, and the people responsible brought to account.


First, let’s get back to Adolf Eichmann, and his strange contacts with the Frankist-former-Jews in Israel, before WW2.

I got this helpful information over email:

I was so intrigued by the comment left on your latest post about Eichmann meeting up with Ben Gurion in Palestine in 1937 that I tried to find this picture of both of them online.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to however I was able to find a cropped picture of Eichmann in Palestine in 1937:
Apparently he didn’t meet with Ben Gurion but he does seems to have met with Feivel Polkes (a high level Hagana commander) in1937 in Berlin to discuss encouragement of German Jews to leave for Palestine.
Author David Cesarani even claims in his book Becoming Eichmann, that Eichmann and Feivel Polkes discussed in Berlin the possibility that the Nazis might supply weapons for the Zionist fight against the British Mandate in Palestine.
Sources for the above paragraph (I can’t say how truthful they are or not):


Lastly in 1960 Life Magazine published the confessions of Eichmann, who before he got captured by the Israelis had started telling his story to a German journalist, talking into a tape recorder for hours at a time.

Here is a link to his whole confession:
What I found interesting is in part 1 where Eichmann says the following:

In 1935 after I had been struggling with Hebrew for two and a half years, I had a chance to take a trip to Palestine. We were most interested in the Palestine emigration and I wanted to find out at what point a Jewish state in Palestine might be set up.

Unfortunately Palestine was then in turmoil and the British turned down my application for an extended stay. I did see enough to be very impressed by the what the Jewish colonists were building up their land. I admired their desperate will to live, the more so since I was myself an idealist.

In the years that followed I often said to Jews with whom I had dealings that, had I been a Jew, I would have been a fanatical Zionist. I could not imagine being anything else. In fact, I would have been the most ardent Zionist imaginable.


Thank you to my correspondent, for taking the time to piece all this together.

For all the people who think this Frankist-Freemason stuff is just ‘conspiracy theories’ (yawn), and who say that the Nazis, and the Bolsheviks, and the Labor Zionists (etc etc etc) weren’t just an outgrowth of those same Frankist-Freemasons, trying to destroy Torah-true Judaism in every way they could, please explain:

Why did Adolph Eichmann spend two and a half years trying to learn Hebrew, between 1933-1935?

And why was he trying so hard to visit Eretz Yisrael?

And why did he have so many ‘dealings’ with Zionist Jews who he apparently admired so much, he even told them that he ‘would have been the most ardent Zionist imaginable’?


You can read a whitewashed Hebrew Wikipedia account of Feivel Folkes HERE.


The fate of Feivel Folks remains shrouded in mystery to this day.

The Nazis saw him as having a high-ranking role in the Hagana (thus portrayed by Reichert), while in fact he did not actually hold any high-level position in the organization.

He may, however, have had ties to the Nazis under the orders of the ‘Irgun’ group, but it is not entirely clear what the aims and nature of the contact he had with the Nazis were.

He was also on a diplomatic mission in 1948 and 1949, when he was sent by David Ben-Gurion to talk with the Archbishop George Hakim to reach a settlement with the Arabs of Palestine.


So, on the one hand, we are being told that this guy – who met Eichmann twice, and then who met other Nazi officials like Reichert, was a nothing and a nobody in the Hagana.

And then, a second later, we are being told that this ‘nothing and nobody’ in the Hagana was sent by David Ben Gurion himself to try and reach an agreement with one of the leaders of the ‘Arabs of Palestine’.

This whole thing stinks, as usual, and as usual, all the collaboration and collusion between the proto-State-of-Israel Frankist-Freemasons and the Nazi regime (funded by Frankist-Freemasons in the US and Switzerland) is being spun as a ‘rescue operation’.



We will come back to Feivel Foulkes in another post soon, BH.

In the meantime, here’s another loose end to tie up:

Proof of US Biological Weapons in the Ukraine – from 2005.

This tweet is from George Webb, March 17th 2022 – and it shows one Andy Weber at the USA’s DTRA lab in Ukraine, in 2005, holding a vial of Anthrax to show Senator Obama.

Because of course, Anthrax is only ever used for defensive and / or therapeutic purposes.


And HERE‘s a link to a story that Big Pharma has been using Ukrainians as ‘lab rats’ for years:


Another area of “dual-use” research conducted in the period up to 2019 is the development of a so-called “universal, smart” vaccine that can adapt to mutations of the influenza virus, and virus samples were imported from the United States. Experiments were carried out with ticks as carriers of Zika viruses, West Nile fever, Dengue fever, etc.

Funds for these and other inhumane experiments are carried out through grant projects of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. This issue was personally handled by ex-Minister Suprun, her deputy Pavel Kovtonyuk and the head of the National Health Service of Ukraine Oleg Petrenko. Funding also went through the already mentioned George Soros Renaissance Foundation.


Moving on.

THIS article explains some of the history of the Germanic-speaking Templars in Eretz Yisrael, in the 19th century.

It’s entitled:

Sarona, the Kirya in Tel Aviv was founded by the Templars, a Nazi-leaning Christian group.

I.e., the original ‘christian zionists’ of our times, but with some deep ties to the Swiss Templars who basically created modern Switzerland.

There is a very long story to tell here, and I am starting to work on it, but the more people also start to ponder these things, the faster the truth comes to light.


For example, as I was starting to research the pro-Nazi Templar community in Sarona (that place where chief Nazi Eichmann may or may not have been born), I got sent this over email by another reader:


I watched this video, and while I don’t agree with a lot of what he’s saying, a lot of what he’s saying about Switzerland being created by the demonic, lucifer-worshipping Templars after they were finally kicked out of Acco in 1291 makes a lot of sense.

Basically, Switzerland is the homebase of these demonic Templar-Crusaders, and if you look at the role Switzerland, and its bankers, and its ‘Davos meetings’, and its World Economic Forum has been playing – amongst many, many other things – it starts to make a very good case that Swiss Templars are the real ‘head of the snake’, here.

And then of course, that brings us full circle with the ‘German Templars’ who were in Eretz Yisrael in the 19th century, who had close contacts with the Nazis back in the Motherland – and the Frankist-Freemasons who got given the  job of creating a ‘fake Jewish’ State here.

I haven’t researched it yet, but I would not be surprised – at all – if these ‘German Templars’ actually end up being Swiss Templars, who speak German.


Last thing for now:

Here’s a Swiss banker you have probably never heard of before, but who seems to be one of those ‘missing links’, that start to change the whole picture of what was really going on with WW2 and the Nazis – and the State of Israel.

His name is Francois Genoud.


In the 1960s Genoud began supplying arms for Palestinian causes.

The Lausanne-based New European Order organisation, met in Barcelona in April 1969 where Palestinian groups received financial support and Genoud placed them in contact with former Nazis who would assist their military training, including pledged support designated for the Palestine Liberation Organisation. 

He was a close associate of Dr. George Habash and Jacques Vergès, and in September 1969 he contributed finances for the legal expenses of three Palestinians from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine following their attack on an El Al flight in Zurich, where he personally sat at their defense table.


Lots of stuff to think about here, lots more breadcrumbs to follow!

Feel free to dive in, and do your own digging around, as the more of us get involved, the faster the truth will surface.

And once more of that truth surfaces – everything will change for the better.



Check THIS out, it’s the website of the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem.

I just spent a while listing a whole bunch of info here – but the page closed before I saved it.

So here is the short version:

  • It’s 900 years old – but this ‘version’ of it was started in Paris in 1804, under the auspices of Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • It has close ties to the UN.

  • It’s has ‘Grand Priories’ all over the place – including a ‘NATO’ priory, that is totally setting off alarm bells.


It’s doing a lot of work in Israel to protect and strengthen xtian communities here.

HERE‘s is it’s charidee page:


I am willing to bet a lot of money that there is way more going on here, than meets the eye.

But at the least, we can say we’ve definitely surfaced a ‘Swiss Templars’ connection to Eretz Israel that is still operating today, out of Switzerland, and that seems to have a lot of fingers in a lot of strange pies.




HERE is another branch of this order, in the USA.

Pay attention to it’s mission statement, screenshotted below:


Gotta love that bit about ‘Keeping the Road to Jerusalem open to all people as our own’.

Again, remember these Swiss Templars have been pulling strings from behind the scenes for centuries, already.

At this stage, the more I hear about high ideals and ‘charidee’ – the more I start looking for what’s really going on, behind that o-so-pious facade.

Feel free to join me, in trying to figure this out.

But in the meantime, the Swiss Templars are starting to look more and more likely as the head of the snake, and the ‘power behind the throne’ of so much that is going wrong in our world.

But they covered their tracks so well, this is probably going to take a while to really unpick.




Reader Vivian shared THIS link, which is connecting Switzerland to a lot more things, including the CIA, the Holy See  – and the World Jewish Congress.

Again, it’s going to take some time and effort to stand all this stuff up independently, and to do the birur, but the OSS – the forerunner to the CIA – is known to have begun in Switzerland, with Allen Dulles, before World War II.

That’s the same OSS / CIA who secretly brought all those Nazis over to the USA, and elsewhere, as part of Operation Paperclip.


Snippet about Dulles and OSS from HERE:

Allen Dulles is most famously known for his controversial operations during the Eisenhower and Kennedy Administrations as director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

This story of Dulles as CIA director is already well told and analyzed by historians. Less known is his central role in the Office of Strategic Service’s (OSS) operation in Bern, Switzerland during the Second World War.

Founded on June 13, 1942, the OSS was a key intelligence arm that assisted the United States’ military and diplomatic mission following the attack on Pearl Harbor. Dulles became the leading spymaster for the OSS and one of the most, if not the most, influential intelligence officers of World War II….

OSS Bern became one of the critical workshops for the nascent U.S. intelligence community, and its station chief became a key innovator of American espionage.… As the capital of neutral Switzerland, Bern was the center of diplomacy and espionage.…Dulles was able to influence the outcomes of the war and the planning of the peace.


A whole bunch of the USA’s leading lights also seem to have been ethnically Swiss, including Herbert Hoover, J. Edgar Hoover – and Barack Obama.

This comes from Wikipedia’s list of Swiss Americans page, HERE:

Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890–1969), President of the United States
Herbert Hoover (1874–1964), President of the United States
Barack Obama (born 1961), President of the United States (distant ancestors)


It’s interesting to note other names like Tucker Carlson, Steve Jobs, chess champion Bobby Fischer – and the Amish.

There are also some notable Jewish names on the list, including Albert Einstein, and these guys:


CO-INC-ID-EN-TALLY, I have a bunch of ‘Guggenheim’ tabs open at the moment, connected to Samuel Untermeyer.

I started researching him as part of my ‘deep dive’ into Freemason-Frankist-Zionists from Germany, that was a natural outgrowth of last weeks’ posts pointing up some of the links between the proto-State of Israel and Nazi Germany.

HERE is his (whitewashed…) Wikipedia page, and then I’ll bring a couple of the snippets that caught my eye:

 In 1911 he delivered “Is There a Money Trust?”, an address that prompted an investigation by the Committee on Banking and Currency of the U.S. House of Representatives, then headed by Arsène Pujo.

Untermyer was counsel-investigator to the Pujo Committee, famously cross-examining J. P. Morgan and other New York bankers. The Committee’s work resulted in the passage of remedial legislation, including the establishment of the Federal Reserve System….

Untermyer also identified as a Zionist and served as president of the Keren Hayesod, the agency through which the movement was then and still is conducted in America…

Journalist Maury Terry (best known for his work on potential links between alleged ritualistic sacrifices at Untermyer Park and the Son of Sam murders) reported that Untermyer belonged to the New York City temple of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.


Just to recap what you read above:

Samuel Untermeyer laid the ground work for the corrupt Federal Reserve System to be introduced in the USA.

I wrote about that HERE, and how the Jews involved in that project were all notable Freemason-Frankists, who were directly related to false messiah Jacob Frank, and also his father-in-law, the demon-worshipping ‘Bad Baal Shem’ of London, Samuel Chaim Falk.

Samuel Chaim Falk was the main ‘high priest’ of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, as I set out clearly HERE.

Those same Frankist-former-Jews behind the establishment of the FED, especially the Warburgs, were also notably involved in financing Hitler and the Third Reich.

And they are all related by blood and marriage to the Gunzburg and Rothschild families, too.


So, then I went to check out ‘Samuel Untermeyer’s’ family tree, and whaddya know?

If you take a look HERE (screenshot below), you’ll see that not only is Samuel Untermeyer descended from the Swiss Guggenheims mentioned above, he’s also a direct descendent of that same Gunzburg family that gave us Jacob Frank, the Vilna Gaon – and very probably, the Alter Rebbe of Chabad.


Samuel Untermeyer’s grandparents are Isaak Untermayer and Judith Guggenheim (the sister of the famous Abraham Guggenheimer).

Isaak is the great-grandson of Meyer ben Samwil Ulmo and Jitle (Gitle) Gunz.

Meyer’s ‘other’ surname is GUNZBURG.

Meyer ben Samwil Ulmo’s sister Rechel Gunzburg, is married to the Sabbatean ‘Eshel Avraham’ Broda, who is the direct ancestor of a whole bunch of Chabad Rebbes.

That whole family tree (see HERE) is literally crawling with Frankists.

And to crown it all, Samuel Untermeyer himself is also suspected of being an initiate of the (devil-worshipping…) Order of the Golden Dawn that was started by Samuel Falk, Jacob Frank’s father-in-law.

And, he’s a committed Zionist, and president of the Keren Hayesod.


THIS is the Wikipedia page for the Keren Hayesod, snippet below:

Keren Hayesod was established at the World Zionist Congress in London on July 7–24, 1920 to provide the Zionist movement with resources needed to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine….

Keren Hayesod established fundraising organizations around the world. Early leaders included Chaim WeizmannAlbert Einstein and Ze’ev Jabotinsky.


Hey, where is the HQ for the ‘World Zionist Congress‘?

If you said ‘Geneva, Switzerland’ – you’d be right!

And who funded the World Zionist Congress, and it’s predecessor, the Comité des Délégations Juives?

That would be the World Zionist Organisation.

And where was the World Zionist Organisation founded?

In Basel, Switzerland, in 1897!!!



Thanks to ‘Nachum’ aka ‘Norman Lamm’ aka who-knows-who-he-really-is being a bit of an asshole in the comments section, I realised there is a third ‘Jewish’ organisation that also has a connection to Switzerland, namely the World Jewish Congress.

HERE is the Wikipedia page for that, and this is a relevant snippet:

The World Jewish Congress (WJC) was founded in Geneva, Switzerland in August 1936 as an international federation of Jewish communities and organizations. According to its mission statement,the World Jewish Congress’ main purpose is to act as “the diplomatic arm of the Jewish people.”

Membership in the WJC is open to all representative Jewish groups or communities, irrespective of the social, political or economic ideology of the community’s host country.

The World Jewish Congress headquarters are in New York City, and the organization maintains international offices in Brussels, Belgium; Jerusalem; Paris, France; Moscow, Russia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Geneva, Switzerland.

The WJC has special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.


These organisations aren’t ‘meaningless’, like ‘Nachum Lamm’ believes.

This is where the real decisions are being made that affect you and me.

Here’s a few more snippets from the WJC page, to make that point:

WJC officials lobbied UN member states in favor of the adoption of UN General Assembly Resolution 181 of 1947, which called for the creation of a Jewish and an Arab state in Palestine.

On 15 May 1948, the day of Israel’s proclamation of independence, the WJC Executive pledged “world Jewry’s solidarity” with the fledgling Jewish state….


At the 13th Plenary Assembly in Jerusalem in January 2009, Ronald S. Lauder was formally and unanimously elected as WJC president, having previously served as acting president….

French banker Baron David René de Rothschild serves as chairman of the WJC Governing Board, and Lebanese-born Chella Safra from Brazil is the treasurer of the organization.Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor, the president of the European Jewish Congress was named as chairman of the WJC Policy Council.

Although the WJC Executive Committee comprises almost 50 members, including the heads of the 12 largest Jewish communities in the world outside Israel…


Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor is a Russian oligarch, and another person that sounds interesting, for all the wrong reasons.

And if you go to the WJC page and website, you’ll see that these are really the people who are dictating policy to the State of Israel.

And in turn, who is dictating it to them?

That is the question.


There is so much more to unpack, but can you see how Switzerland, Switzerland and Switzerland keep cropping up here?


The Knights Templar fled Acco to Switzerland, and took with them a load of occult, devil-worshipping ‘knowledge’; an international banking network; expertise in extortion and ‘protecting pilgrims’; expertise in smuggling goods and people; and tons of wealth, property and connections to royalty all over Europe.

They murdered all the native Swiss, took over, and when they stopped enlarging their own nation of Switzerland in 1515, they have not been involved in a single war for 500 years – while the whole of Europe around them has been just one big battleground.

No-one ever conquers Switzerland, even though it’s common knowledge that they hold so much of the world’s wealth in their secretive banking system.

Why not?

And in the meantime, everything from the Swiss-registered charity called the OSMTH – which is openly operating to keep Eretz Yisrael and Jerusalem ‘xtian’ – to Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, to the World Zionist Congress and the CIA and CERN – they are all based out of Switzerland.

Where Zionists, Nazis, American presidents and scientists all rub shoulders happily together, as they take their orders from the devil-worshipping Swiss Templars who are playing us all off against each other – and then blaming their own sins on the poor Jews.

Tatty, ad matai?!?!?


But we let a huge ray of light in on this very dark history now.

And it only takes a little light to banish all the darkness.

I have a feeling now that this first domino has toppled, in figuring out what is really going on here, a lot more are about to follow.

Stay tuned.


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One of the things I’ve been writing about a lot over the last few years is how ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are always mixed up in this world.

Our brainwashing education system drums it into our heads that the ‘good guys’ are always good, and can rape, steal and murder with impunity, because they are ‘always good’.

And that the ‘bad guys’ are always bad, and can help old ladies across the street, and feed the poor, and give starving children a loving home – but they will always be BAD, nevertheless.

This is, of course, total baloney.

It’s the opposite of yiddishkeit, that always teaches that an ACTION can and must be adjudged as being ‘bad or good’ – but that God is the only one that can truly plumb the depths of a person’s heart, and aggregate their good and bad actions over a lifetime, to decide if that person is ultimately ‘bad’ or ‘good’.


So, ‘good people’ and ‘bad people’ = xtian idea.

‘Good actions’ and ‘bad actions’ = authentic Jewish approach.

A lot of people, even in the orthodox Jewish world, don’t like this idea very much, because as soon as you have to start evaluating actions, instead of making blanket statements about ‘good and bad PEOPLE’ – that requires a lot more effort and spiritual investment.

And of course, it also brings up certain things closer to home, that many of us don’t want to deal with.

Am I still a GOOD MOTHER if I routinely use anger and shaming to coerce my children into doing what I want?

Am I still a GOOD PERSON if I hit someone else’s car – or dog – late at night, and ran off without leaving any contact details?

Am I still a GOOD JEW, if I fell off the derech, and tossed the Torah out the window, and just did a whole bunch of things that Jews are just not meant to do?


We have been trained to think in this ‘black and white’ manner, and to torture ourselves with thoughts of why ‘we’re bad people’.

But the questions above are actually baloney.

The only real question is whether an action is ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

And usually, the answer to that is way easier to ascertain, once you get all the false logic out the way, for why ‘good people’ like us can never do anything bad.

And why ‘bad people’ like them can also never do any good.

What baloney!


With that introduction out the way, I want to share some more comments I’ve got over email, about what might be happening on the ground in the Ukraine.

But before I do that, I also just want to touch a moment on the question that Ein Od Milvado – that really, there is only God in this picture.

In my own dalet amot, I am totally, 100% responsible for my own decisions and choices and actions, BEFOREHAND.

I can’t make the decision to shoot a granny, God forbid, simply for being on the ‘wrong side’ of the equation and then turn around and wash my hands clean of it all by saying Ein Od Milvado  that’s what God wanted, so I did nothing wrong.

That way leads to total moral chaos.


There is a very narrow bridge to be walked here, as always, between taken responsibility for ourselves, and our own impact in the world, and still understanding that Ein Od Milvado.

It’s a very confused and confusing subject, finding the balance between histadlut and emuna – and many people have fallen into massive mistakes in this area, including yours truly.

The Breslov approach is this:

Before any decision, any choice, we have to do our best to beg and plead with Hashem to show us what HE really wants, and what decision HE really wants.

And then afterwards – we have to believe that whatever the outcome, good or bad, that is truly what Hashem wanted.


All of us make mistakes.

All of us.

All of us can be so easily fooled by internal and external yetzer haras that clothe themselves in mistaken assumptions that can’t be challenged, or a distorted picture that seems to point clearly to ‘the truth’ being something it really isn’t.

That’s why God created teshuva – and He wants us to use it.

So much of life really just boils down to admitting that we were wrong; that we have bad middot; that we don’t know as much as we like to think; that we are guided by the yetzer hara in a myriad subtle ways, even when we’re riding our hobby horse of ‘truth and justice’.

I know that’s certainly true in my own life, and on this blog.

Remember, the real war right now is the ‘war within‘.


We have to remember that the ‘globalists’ are actually running both sides of this war – as they probably always are – to achieve their own ends.

Those ends could include:

  • Having a great excuse to release more ‘dangerous pathogens‘ from ‘US biolabs in the Ukraine’ – what-ever.
  • Hiking up fuel prices and disrupting harvests and the easy flow of food and goods around the globe – something they’ve been trying to do for months and months and months, anyway.
  • Imposing more censorship ‘because we are at war’, and also using ‘war’ as an excuse to start taking down any independent social media etc – exactly like they’ve been doing, anyway.
  • Taking out the internet globally – that ‘cyber attack’ that they’ve been priming us for, for years.
  • Figuring out another way to pin everything on the Jews – because hey, Zelensky is a Jew…. and Putin is surrounded by Chabad Jews… and another Jew, Netanyahu, is apparently being asked to mediate….

The list goes on and on.

But the thing to remember is, Ein Od Milvado.


Don’t get confused:

Each person will be held 100% accountable for all their bad actions.

And each person will be given 100% of the merit they deserve for their good actions.

And that’s also true in our personal lives.

God doesn’t work on ‘aggregate scores’, where you can buy off adulterous affairs and murdering your business opponents just because you give millions to charidee…

We will have to pay for the bad we do – unless we make sincere teshuva – and, we will also get ‘rewarded’ for the good we do.

And just telling God that it’s ‘OK’ for us to do bad things because we are really ‘good people’, or because the ‘ends justify the means’ – that just won’t wash, and it’s xtian hooey, designed to reassure an awful lot of bad, evil people that they are still ‘good’, and getting a free pass into heaven.


So now, some snippets about some of the bad things Russia seems to be up to, in the Ukraine, recieved over email:

Here are a few videos of police brutality in Russia right now. And some of general large-scale police activity.

There are so many police everywhere. From what I am seeing and heard from a friend, Russia has gone full blown Fascist in 2 weeks. Every protest is met with an overwhelming response of force and brutal crackdown.


Strange to say, these brutal Russian police don’t look that different from the brutal Australian police, the brutal Canadian Police or the brutal French police, who have been cracking heads of people for ‘breaking curfews’ and not wearing masks.


This is what I mean, about bad actions being ‘bad’, whatever the excuse being made for them.

And that ‘bad’ is currently ruling on all sides of the equation.

Back to the email:


The situation is really bad, especially in Kherson and several small towns like Irpin and Chernihiv.

I know people who for a week have not left the bomb shelter. There was supposed to be a humanitarian corridor to allow civilians through, but the Russian military shot at the civilians as they left, and several (including a mother and her children) were murdered.
The so-called humanitarian corridor which Russia agreed to open turned into a death trap for civilians trying to escape, so people now stay put. There is also a video on Twitter from SkyNews Australia where the reporters were shot at for trying to escape via a humanitarian corridor, and barely escaped, despite being marked as “Press.”
From what my husband heard via a Ukrainian friend, there is NO wide scale looting, and there are NO gangs of criminals running the place at gunpoint. The criminals have not all gotten guns and taken over.
Ad kan.
I encourage anyone out there with more first-hand information to share it online as much as they can.
There are people being killed and hurt on all sides of this equation.
And the first casualty of war is always the truth.
Two more things, and then we’ll leave this for today.

1) God is deciding who gets hurt and killed.

And there are no ‘accidents’ in that calculation.
Again, that doesn’t mean that we go all nihilistic and uncaring, because there is God’s own cheshbon for these things,, involving very deep spiritual considerations and gilgulim, which we can’t know and therefore can’t question.
But separate to this, there is OUR PART, to keep feeling other people’s pain, and to keep grieving loss of life, and to keep doing whatever God is really giving US to do, in whatever way, to respond in a way that leads to more spiritual growth, light, prayer, teshuva and goodness flooding into the world.
It’s a narrow bridge.
A difficult balancing act.

But, we’re getting used to the idea that these ‘narrow bridges’ are actually all over the place.


2) There are some serious implications looming up again for me, about whether any of these violent confrontations can ever really be ‘good’.

Again, there is a narrow bridge to walk between ‘rising up and killing’ someone who you know is coming to kill you.

And then, taking that as carte blanche to harass, torture and murder anyone you want, in the name of ‘domestic security’.


It suggests that the real war that our armies, or militaries and our ‘intelligence agencies’ are actually engaged in, is the war against you and me.

And that applies in the State of Israel, as much as anywhere else.


Let’s stop there for now.

I have no idea how long I’m going to be able to carry on writing, honestly.

The censorship looks like it’s about to go sky-high.

My blog is kind of the safest place online, as it’s not connected to any social networks, and it’s an independent site.

But if they want to take me offline, they will undoubtedly find a way.

So, let me just end by saying, the time to work on your real connection to Hashem and the true tzaddikim, especially Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and Rav Eliezer Berland, is now.

Right now, we can still buy their books, we can still listen to online classes, we can still connect, spiritually and otherwise, to our true Tzaddikim, and we can also start to do the daily hitbodedut that will really connect our souls back to God.

And really, that – combined with sincere teshuva, charity and prayer – is what is really going to get us through the next few weeks, until BH, Purim comes to turn all this ‘bad’ around.


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“What he wants is a world war.”


A new article on The Grey Zone fills out way more of the details about the fascist Azov Battalion, and its ties to ‘Jewish hero’ Zelensky. See below this post for more details.


The following translated snippets come from the Shivivei Or Newsletter 252, that brings the classes from the Rav, Rav Eliezer Berland, from previous weeks.

Excerpt of a shiur from Purim Katan, 15th Adar (alef) (16th February, 2022)

“Now, we are talking about this, that everything we are experiencing, this is a tikun (rectification) for the sale of Yosef [HaTzaddik, by his brothers.] everything that is happening to us, everything that…

And a person doesn’t know what is going to happen, in another 10 years, 20 years.

It could be, that some crazy person will arise suddenly, who makes a world war now.

Because what he wants [i.e. Putin] is a world war.

He doesn’t want Ukraine, he wants Romania.

Return all my countries to me!

He wants to regain territory.


In that same shiur, the Rav spoke repeatedly about the ‘guarantee’ from Reb Shayale, the Tzaddik of Kerestir, that whoever believed in him, his grandchildren would survive the shoah.

(Reb Shayale died in 1925, around 15 years before the shoah occurred, but said these words 30 years before WW2.)

Here’s another translated snippet from the Rav:

“Now, we are in the month of Adar, we are rectifying ‘and you spoke evil’.

Because all our life, we need to rectify the sale of Yosef – all through our life, in every generation, Auschwitz, everything.

What they did to Yosef, this was done to us in Auschwitz.

In every place, they threw living people into pits.

And in every generation, this comes back again, for as long as Moshiach doesn’t come, so there will be a few more Auschwitzs.

But this is not in our generation.


We need to pray for our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren that they will pass through this [and be saved].

It’s like what Shayale from Kerestir said.

There is a book called ‘The Promise’, that he [R’ Shayale] said this 30 years before the shoah, that in another 30 years time, there is going to be an awful shoah.

Whoever assists me (i.e. helps me, or provides a service for me, or attends me) with emuna, his grandchildren (will be saved from the war that is coming.)”


The Rav then tells the story from this book, written by a grandchild who believed in the promise that Reb Shayale had given his grandfather – and was saved from death repeatedly, in miraculous ways.

The Rav doesn’t say anything stam.

Every word, every letter is a clue.


Here’s another snippet from a different shiur, given a little later on Shabbat Vayakhel, 5782:

“Rabbenu (Rebbe Nachman of Breslov) is changing the government in Ukraine.

Because this year, they decided that they are not going to let a single person travel [to Uman] on Rosh Hashana, because Shuvu Banim made a balagan.

But they don’t know who is really from Shuvu Banim, and who isn’t, so they said that they aren’t letting anyone come.

So, Rabbenu is fighting against them.

Zelensky said that no-one is entering Uman, so he’s been removed.


Excerpt from a different shiur, on that same day of Shabbat Vayakhel, 5082:

“Now, Putin is conquering Ukraine, because Rabbenu is doing the whole war.

Everything is Rabbenu, and ‘war I have made’ – the whole war is Rabbenu!

Rabbenu is fighting against Ukraine, because two years ago, they didn’t let people travel to Rabbenu.

So, they made a blacklist and a ‘white list’, because there were 200 people on the blacklist, that they didn’t let them enter.

Because they entered Uman, the travelled with great self-sacrifice, so they searched for them in Uman.

They asked each person, how did you get in?

And they put them on a blacklist.


And in Belarus, 20,000 people got stuck there on the road [border].

So now, everything there is tanks.

So now we are travelling.

We will get visas from the Russians.


Because Hashem won’t forgive everything that the Ukrainians did in the Shoah.

Hashem won’t forgive!

‘God of vengeance!’ Hashem is a God of vengeance!

We are coming to say that now, in the prayers.

And Rabbenu [also] doesn’t forgive, and Hashem will take vengeance in the Ukraine, for everything they did.


Ad kan.

I’ve been struggling a lot the last few days, especially with feelings of sadness and despair about the state of the world, both within my dalet amot, and without.

When I read the Rav’s words on Shabbat, they gave me a lot of chizzuk, so I wanted to share them with you.

This war is not stam, or ‘unjust’, like we are being told.

Again, that doesn’t mean Putin is a good guy – he’s not, he’s awful.

But what it does mean, is that God has got to the stage of really starting to mete out justice to the enemies of the Jewish people, and that he’s using the ‘evil’ in the world to do that.

I just started to feel a lot more hope again, that this is going to turn around, somehow, for the biggest revealed good we’ve ever seen.


One last thing, and then I’ll leave this for today.

As you probably know, me and my family were in Uman that fateful Rosh Hashana, two years ago.

That’s when I got stopped at the airport with my two teenage girls – despite the fact that legally, I had made it to Ukraine before their deadline of closing the border for Israelis travelling to Uman, at 12 midnight that Friday.

I got there at 4am Friday morning.

And the Ukrainians lied to us that they’d changed the law, and brought the closure forward 24 hours.

Me and my girls – there was only us for hours there, until 3 more chassidim from the UK showed up later on – were put under armed guard.

No-one told us what was going on.

There was nothing kosher we could eat in that airport, and I’d been travelling for 2 days, via France and Portugal to get to Uman, so the food I brought with me was already mostly eaten.


That was bad enough.

But then these Ukrainians put me and my family, plus these three chassids, on a bus in the middle of the airport – for no obvious reason – and we sat in that bus being mocked by armed Ukrainian guards for an hour, while a vicious Doberman circled the bus, to make sure no-one tried to get off.

mamash felt like I was back in World War II.

All I could do was clap and pray the whole hour.


By some open miracle, they changed their minds 20 minutes before Shabbat, and released us.

We got a cab to the Jewish Centre and Hotel in Kiev, and I cried the whole way.

That was the first Shabbat since I’ve been married that I didn’t light Shabbat candles, because I thought I’d got to the Hotel way after Shabbat came in.

(Turns out, I was wrong about that, but at the time I wasn’t aware that there is more flexibility in ‘Shabbat coming in’ than I realised.)



Then in Uman, we were ‘policed’ constantly by at least 3-4 different types of police and Ukrainian soldiers, non-stop for 3 weeks.

I had to go to the market to buy food to feed my family, and each time I stepped out on Pushkina, I could ‘feel’ the hostility of those Ukrainian soldiers in the air.

Meanwhile back in Israel, the horrible anti-semites ruling here (which remember, at that point was Netanyahu, Litzman and Deri) kept making statements about how everyone in Uman was a criminal, and that there would be massive consequences to pay when we got back to Israel.

The whole thing was so stressful and horrible, it literally took me out for a year.


It wasn’t a Shoah, of course, Baruch Hashem a million times.

But maybe, just maybe, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

After I read the Rav’s words about God himself taking vengeance, I have started to feel way, way happier about what is going on.

Yesh din, v’yesh dayan.

And this process may be starting with the Ukrainians – but it’s not going to end with them, this time around.



I highly recommend you take a look at this article by Alex Rubinstein, on The Grey Zone:


Here’s a taster, of how ‘Jewish actor’ Zelensky was deliberately maneuvred into place in 2019, as a PR stunt to silence any accusations that the Ukraine really is full of neo-nazis.

And a key person funding those neo-Nazis is Igor Kolomoisky – the ‘president’ of the Jewish community in Ukraine (see HERE).

You can not make this stuff up.




The opening Shiur will be given by the famed talmid chacham Rav Yehoshua Cohen author of “Kerem Yehoshua”. Time: Sunday March 6th at 2:00pm Place: Bet Knesset Tikvat Shimon, Daniel street 5 in Musrara.

(Get the tram to the Iriya / City Hall stop by Safra Square, then it’s less than a 5 minute walk from there to the shul._

For those who are interested in joining the kollel either part time or full are requested to come to the Shiur.

לקראת פתיחת כולל חושן משפט לדוברי אנגלית בישיבה בעיר העתיקה יתקיים שיעור מיוחד באנגלית מפי הרה”ג רבי יהושוע כהן שליט”א מח”ס ‘כרם יהושוע’ לדרכי הלימוד וכללי הש”ס. השיעור יתקיים ביום ראשון ג’ אדר ב’ (06.03.22) בשעה 14:00 בביה”כ המרכזי תקוות שמעון רח’ דניאל 5 מוסררה. אברכים המעוניינים להצטרף לכולל מתבקשים להגיע לשיעור. בברכה המארגנים

For more information call: 053-315-5313


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