Remember the discussion of the non-Jew who wanted to convert just so he could get to wear the clothes of the Kohen HaGadol?

I always found that idea a little far-fetched, if I’m honest.

What, you are going to turn your whole life around, keep Shabbat, keep kosher, get circumcised, etc, just for the chance to wear a fancy turban and a tunic with pomegranate adornments on its hem?!


But not for the first time, I’m understanding that nothing our Sages taught was stam.


In this post, we’re going back to that ‘Jewish king’ of the Khazars, Sabriel / Bulan, to uncover a few more mysteries.

(Click to read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series of posts, tracing the links between Khazars, Karaites – and Kristians.)

Just to recap, there are at least two versions of the story of how Khazar came to have a ‘Jewish’ king.

The more mainstream story, as brought down in the Kuzari (which was written 400 years after the event is meant to have occurred….) is that the Khazarian King ‘Bulan’ wants to stop being a pagan, for unspecified reasons, so brings a Jew, a xtian, and a muslim to ‘dispute’ with him, so he can pick which religion he wants.

The Jewish rabbi – identified as Isaac Sangari – persuades the King, and hey presto, he converts to Judaism along with his subject.

Isaac Sangari is buried in the Karaite cemetery in the Crimea.


Then, there’s a second story, that seems to me to be more factually correct, based on the letter found in the Cairo Geniza by Solomon Shechter.

That letter, between a Karaite Jew and a Sephardi, basically says that a bunch of Persian and Armenian Jews fled to Khazaria to escape ‘persecution’ from the authorities.

As at that time, the Muslim authorities basically gave the Jewish community leader called the Exilarch the political power to rule over his own Jewish community; and also as the Karaites themselves explain that the ‘Exilarch’ was usually a senior ‘Rabbiner’ Jew – i.e. a Jew who actually believed in the Talmud and the Oral Law, and that they were being ‘persecuted’ for not following it by the Exilarchs –

We can deduce that most if not all of the ‘Jews’ who were fleeing to Khazaria at this time were heretics, of one stripe or another, including a lot of Karaites, but also including a lot of Jewish-Gnostics, and followers of the (demonic, half-Jewish, formerly xtian-gnostic-Jewish) Prophet Mani.


According to this second, repressed story, one of these Jewish heretics, ‘Sabriel-Bulan’, joined the Khazar nobility, then somehow rose up the ranks to become King of Khazar.

And then his Jewish wife, Serach, convinced him to ‘come out of the closet’ as a Jew, at that point, and to make public teshuva.

Of course, if his country was already filled with a bunch of closet Jewish heretics running away from Rabbinic rules in Persia and Armenia, that would explain how overnight, ‘Khazaria’ apparently acquired a sizeable Jewish population.

And it would also explain how the Karaites were such a strong segment of the Jewish community in Khazar, which otherwise doesn’t make so much sense.


Now, let’s see what supporting evidence we can find for both, or either, of these stories – and what else we can learn about was really going on in and around Khazaria, at that time.



You can find that HERE, screenshot below:


This family tree shows that the uncle of ‘Bulan-Sabriel’s father was none other than the Eastern Roman Emperor, Justinian II.

Justinian II was one of the cruellest Caesars of what we know as ‘the Byzantines’.

Before we get to him, let’s take a step back and try to understand who these ‘Byzantines’ really were.


By the 6th century, the Roman Empire was so huge, it broke in half.

There was the Western Roman Empire, with its capital in Rome, and its popes in the Vatican – which effectively ended in 476 CE, with the sack of Rome.

And then there was the Eastern Roman Empire, with its capital city in Constantinople (now modern-day Istanbul)  – which continued on for around another 1000 years, in various forms.

Snippet from HERE:

According to most Western history books, the Roman Empire ended in AD 476, when the last emperor, Romulus Augustulus, was deposed.

Here is where Orthodox Christians will object — the Roman Empire did not fall in 476; only the weak western half did.

In the East, the Empire lasted for almost another thousand years, until the Ottoman Turks captured Constantinople in 1453.

Most modern historians call this the “Byzantine Empire,” but that’s a misnomer used to hide the fact that the empire based in Constantinople was, in fact, the Roman Empire.


That Eastern Roman Empire is known historically as ‘Byzantium’. It set up its own ‘pope’, had its own ecumenical councils, and the Emperors of the Eastern Roman Empire aggressively ‘missionized’ their version of xtianity in the territories it controlled.

Those territories include much of what became Russia and the Eastern European countries.

And that version of xtianity became known as Greek / Russian Orthodoxy.


Now, if you go HERE, you’ll find a really good description of what a blood-thirsty, back-stabbing, plain evil ruler the Emperor Justinian II really was.

(Google translate from the Russian.)

Even as a kid, his servants were scared of him, and he had a reputation for torturing animals in barbaric ways.

As an adult, his sadistic personality really came into its own, and he kept his subjects and his neighbors in a state of abject terror with his cruelty and oppression.

Not surprisingly, there was an uprising – and in that uprising, Justinian II’s nose was slit (or cut off, depending on the version) – because there was a rule that someone with a physical deformity couldn’t be the Emperor.

Long story short, Justinian got round this by having a second prosthetic nose made out of pure gold, and staged a temporary come back with the help of the Slavs of Bulgaria.

But then, he turned on the Slavs of Bulgaria, too, and a second coup occurred that saw Justinian and his only heir, a son, murdered in the streets.


Here’s two key points to remember about this psychotic mass-murdering Emperor, who was the defacto ‘leader’ of what we now call the Greek / Russian Orthodox xtian church:

  1. The Greek Orthodox church made this insane mass murderer a ‘Saint’.

(Screenshot from HERE:)


2. He made a big name for himself in the church by especially persecuting the followers of the half-Jewish, xtian- gnostic-demon-worshiping ‘Prophet Mani’.


3. He was married to a woman called ‘Theodoria of Khazaria’.

She was a princess of Khazar, and Theodoria’s brother was called Busir, the Khagan, or King of Khazar.

Busir’s children were Barjik Al-Khazari, and Princess Glaven, who married King Constantin II of AbKhazia – what we know as modern-day Georgia.


Barjik’s son is our man, ‘Bulan-Sabriel’, the guy who is meant to have either converted to Judaism, or just come out of the closet as a pre-existing Jew.

If you check back in the Khazar family tree, it seems the Khazar kings descend from:

Mengsen of the Turks (not Jewish…)


Chinese Emperor Wen of Western Wei (not Jewish…)

Unless we can find some more Jewish roots for the Al-Khazari family, at this stage it looks to me that it’s more likely that ‘Bulan-Sabriel’ did convert, at least, in some fake, external way, and wasn’t a closet Jewish heretic.

Assuming, of course, that what’s described in the Kuzari is accurate.

And at this point, given how the main ‘Jewish’ protagonist in that story appears to be a Talmud-hating Karaite…. that’s starting to feel like quite a bit assumption to make.


There’s another important detail here that provides another suggestion for how both versions of the story might at least contain some kernel of truth.

King ‘Bulan-Sabriel’ was apparently married to a Jewish woman named Serach Al-Yehudi.

I’ve seen over and over again when researching real Jewish history, that the power-hungry ‘Erev Rav’ heretics in our midst always seem to ‘infiltrate’ non-Jewish royal families by marrying their beautiful daughters to the powerful rulers.

If you pay attention to the women, that’s where the real history comes into view.


Let’s sum up, before we move forward:

  1. There were two parts to the Roman Empire.
  2. The Western part – which is connected to ‘Roman Catholicisim’ – fell in 476 C.E.
  3. The Eastern part – which is connected to Greek / Russian Orthodoxy – only came to an end in 1453, when the Turkish Muslims captured Constantinople.
  4. The Byzantines‘ is just another name for this Eastern part of the Roman Empire.
  5. There were a number of ‘Jewish’ refugees in ‘religiously tolerant’ Khazar in the 8th century, but they seem to have been people who were ‘escaping persecution’
  6. Many of these people appear to have been ‘escaping persecution’ in Persia and Armenia by the authentically Jewish Exilarchs, who believed in the Oral Law, and were trying to enforce the Torah’s rules – i.e., the refugees in Khazaria were Jewish heretics.
  7. These ‘Jewish heretics’ included all these ‘Erev Rav’ types of Jews, like Jewish-karaites, and ‘Jewish-xtians’, and probably also some ‘Jewish-demon-worshipers’.
  8. At the same time, the (Greek Orthodox) xtian Roman Emperor Justinian II, who was a sadistic tyrant, was persecuting the followers of the Prophet Mani, called ‘Manicheans’, many of whom also fled to Khazar.
  9. Mani himself was (at most…) half-Jewish. His mother was an Armenian, and his father was part of a Jewish-xtian sect called the Elcesaites.
  10. Manicheanism continued to be a very big religion in places like China.
  11. The Khazar royal family partially descended from the Chinese Emperor Wen of Western Wei, and partially from ‘Turkic’ tribes.
  12. Justinian II married a Khazar princess he renamed ‘Theodora‘.
  13. Theodora’s brother was the grandpa of ‘Sabriel-Bulan’, the guy who is meant to have converted to Judaism after discussions with a suspected Karaite, Isaac Sangari.
  14. Sabriel-Bulan doesn’t descend from Jews himself.
  15. But, ‘Sabriel-Bulan’ was apparently married to a Jewish woman, Serach Al-Yehudi.


At this stage, we could jump off into a million directions with this post.

Many ‘conspiracy theorists’ are saying ‘the Khazarian mafia’ is behind so much of what is going wrong in our world, and that 95% of Ashkenazi Jews are ‘Khazarian’ – i.e. blaming the Jews, and especially ‘the Rothschilds’ for everything.

The reasoning behind this idea seems go like this:

  1. The pagan, demon-worshipping Khazar King Bulan-Sabriel ‘converted to Judaism’, together with most of his kingdom in or around 740 CE.
  2. He was ‘forced’ to convert by neighboring rulers, who were sick of his evil, child-eating, pagan-worshipping, demonic ways.
  3. So, the conversion was always ‘fake’, and the ‘Khazar Jews’ secretly continued on as devil-worshipping pagans – with a really good trade network.
  4. The Khazar kingdom got into wars with what become ‘orthodox xtian’ Russia over the next 2-3 centuries, and was finally defeated and dissolved in the 10th (others claim 13th) century.
  5. Those demonic-worshipping, fake-Jewish ‘Khazars’ then blended back into the Jewish community, to become ‘Ashkenazi Jews’.
  6. The Rothschilds – amongst others – descend from these evil ‘Khazar’ fake-Jews.


How much of this has a factual basis?

That’s really what we are trying to figure out here.

If you go HERE, you’ll find a very interesting discussion with historian Shaul Stampfner – that originally appeared in Ukrainian – discussing whether these  demonic, pagan Khazars were really ‘Jewish’ at all.

It’s entitled:

Jewish Nomads, or was the Khazar Khanite a Jewish State?


[A]rchaeology does not offer any proof of the conversion theory.

There are no grafitti. Some people connect the candelabras that were found during digs with Judaism, but these were not explicitly Jewish candelabra, simply a symbol of light. Burial rites did not change. Some rituals are generally banned in Judaism. But there are exceptions.

There is a coin that was made by the Khazars with the Arabic text “Moses, messenger of God”—Moses, not Mohammed.

And this proves the involvement of Jews in the production of coins in Khazaria. Jews were often specialists in this.

This may be proof of an anti-Muslim and pro-Jewish policy. But there is a saying: “One swallow does not a summer make.” It’s the same thing with coins. If the khanate had been Jewish and made coins, then there would have been more such inscriptions. But we have only one.

It is easier to state that there was a Jew who was engaged in minting coins in Khazaria.

Therefore, we still do not have proof. And when there is no proof, it is easier to say that this never happened.


It’s possible that Shaul Stampfer – a professor of Eastern European Jewish history is just ‘covering up’.

But what really struck me was this line:

It is easier to state that there was a Jew who was engaged in minting coins in Khazaria.

Because that fits the ‘pattern’ that I’ve come across again and again and again in my research of Sabbatean-Frankists, of Erev Rav ‘court Jews’ who are engaged in minting coins, international trade – and trying to oppress and subvert the authentic, Torah-true Jewish community from within.

And even today, we see exactly the same thing going on in Ukraine, where all these dodgy, apparently ‘Jewish’ oligarchs are busy acting as middle men for the forces of evil, acting as brokers and contact points for all the dodgy international deals being done to steal Ukraine’s natural resources and use it as a bioweapons testing lab for the US and NATO.

But that doesn’t mean ‘Ukraine is a Jewish state’ – Zelensky, Kolomoisky and Pinchuk notwithstanding.


So now, where did this theory of all Ashkenazi Jews being descendants of converted Khazarians come from?

Writer Arthur Koestler called one of his books ‘The Thirteenth Tribe‘, and that’s where he put forward this infamous theory that Ashkenazi Jews descend from converted Khazarians.

Snippet from Wikipedia:

Koestler advances the thesis that Ashkenazi Jews are not descended from the historical Israelites of antiquity, but from Khazars, a Turkic people originating in and populating an empire north of and between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea.

Koestler’s hypothesis is that the Khazars – who converted to Judaism in the 8th century – migrated westwards into current Eastern Europe (primarily Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Hungary and Germany) in the 12th and 13th centuries when the Khazar Empire was collapsing.


Apparently, Koestler believed he would eradicate anti-semitism, if he showed Ashkenazi Jews were actually from the same gene pool as the rest of Eastern Europe, just practising Judaism.

Clearly, he was totally wrong about that, and all this claim did is give anti-semites another stick to beat the real Jews with.

And that was probably the whole point.


If you go HERE, you’ll find the family tree for Arthur Koestler on geni.



Hey, would you look at that!

He descends from the Jeiteles family – one of the main ‘Frankist Royalty’ families, connected to the Bondis, Taussigs, Rosenbergs, Brandeis’, Goldschmidts, Mayers, Schiffs and Picks.

Always the same names, always the same people.


But now, let’s go back to ‘Bulan-Sabriel’s’ family tree, as I’ve saved the best for last.

(From HERE):


What instantly took my eye is how these Khazarian kings –  sons with partial Jewish blood, from their mother Serakh al-Yehudi – started calling themselves ‘HaKohen al-Khazari’.

Say what?!?

All of a sudden, I remembered that long list of Karaite ‘Kahanas’, including the father-in-law of none other than the REMA himself, R‘ Shalom Hakohen Shachna (Shor) of Lublin.


According to the ‘Karaite History’ of Allan E. Goldenthal, ‘Kahana’, or ‘Kohen Tzedek’ was historically a Karaite surname.

He himself is ‘Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana’ – Zak, ‘zera kodesh’.

I can’t begin to tell you how many strange things and interesting people are connected to the Zak family tree.

It’s also at the very the heart of all the families connected to Shabtai Zvi, Jacob Frank – and Vilna.


Here’s a few relevant snippets – but go and read the posts yourself, because there is way more info there than I can cover here.

From HERE:

In this series of articles, it will also show you how easy it was for family members to transition from Karaite Judaism to Rabbinic Judaism and back again, because even though there was a marked schism, the divide was never so huge that one could not make a leap across the chasm when necessary. 


The next set of quote are from HERE (‘The Shalom Shakhna Controversy’):

As for family titles, these would never change. Once a HaCohen Katz, always a HaCohen Katz.

The family titles were cherished, practically held sacred, as the title is passed down from generation to generation as a badge of pride and honour…. ‘HaCohen Katz’ is such a title. It is more than simply a surname. It identified a dynasty and the rabbinical families respected these dynastic titles enough that no one ever tried to purloin or adopt such a title from another family if they were not entitled to it. It would be considered sacrilege to do so….

A member of the HaCohen Katz family suddenly calling himself Kahana, just wouldn’t happen, yet here are the biographers, the genealogists wanting you to believe this is exactly what did happen.

Heralding from the Schorr family, the last name [HaKohen Katz] could be an indication along with Charif or Sharif of the priestly function of preparing and presenting the burnt offering in the Temple.

As a high priestly family, the denotation of their purpose was not unusual, in the same way that other priestly families were denoted for their musical and singing abilities or their capacity to serve in the Temple as scribes.


Shalom Shakhna Schorr [REMA’s f-i-l] had been so strict in his interpretation of the law, basing his rulings on religious precepts, that even in Rome they had been paying close attention, adopting many of the same rulings made by this Rabbi from Lublin.


[R’ Shalom Hakohen Shakhna Shor] owed his public standing to the most part based on the connections he and his family maintained with the government authorities, including the court of King Sigismund I.

In 1541, Shakhna was officially appointed chief rabbi of Poland by the king as a reward for his collaboration. In this capacity, he mediated between the authorities and the Jewish community, and his appointment was meant to ensure the collection of taxes by any means, even by the power of excommunication that he wielded.

But he also wielded the authority to impose the death penalty, which was far more reason for anyone to pay their taxes than the threat of excommunication. The acceptance of his role meant following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, both of whom were the tax collectors for the Polish monarchy, ensuring that they shook the pockets of the Jewish community for every kopec owed, for which they were richly rewarded.

His father Yosef also operated a money lending business from which they wielded a tremendous amount of power over the Jewish community due to the personal indebtedness of certain families.


 In a description of one of the more severe punishments meted out by its singular judge and jury, being Shalom Shakhna, “a wicked man of evil deeds,” who’s crime appears to be that he was reporting secretly to the Polish government about the Jewish community and its leader, was to have his eyes plucked from his skull and his tongue torn out.


OK, what’s going on here?

And how does it connect to Karaites, Sabbatean-Frankists and the ‘Khazarian mafia’?

This is how these dots seem to be connecting up to me, but of course, go do your own research and come to your own (considered, fact-based) conclusions.

  • It seems more and more obvious that at least one branch of the Sadducees (who remember, took over most of the ruling and priestly functions in the Hasmonean Kingdom of Israel, operating at the time of the Second Temple) morphed into what we know as ‘Karaites’.

Remember, ‘Sadducee’ comes from the Hebrew name ‘Tzadukim’.

Snippet from HERE:

The Zadokite priesthood held office over the Temple of Jerusalem since the time of Solomon, although lost during the Babylonian Captivity and reestablished during the Persian Empire, and it is said to have passed to Onias I around the time of Alexander the Great. Antiquites of the Jews says that Onias I received Alexander the Great in Jerusalem…

  • These Sadducee-Karaites dipped in and out of ‘authentic Judaism’ as it suited them.
  • These Sadducee-Karaites (and other Jewish heretics) were very heavily represented in the Kingdom of Khazar.
  • King ‘Bulan-Sabriel”s Jewish wife Serach was very probably a Sadducee-Karaite.
  • Sadducee-Karaite’s don’t stick to halacha – they chop and change things to suit themselves, and their current circumstances.
  • Bulan-Sabriel’s ‘Sadducee-Karaite-Jewish’ sons decide they are going to call themselves ‘HaKohen Al-Kuzari’ – i.e. start identifying themselves as high priests. When you remember that The Zadokite [Sadducee] priesthood held office over the Temple of Jerusalem since the time of Solomon – this starts to make way more sense.
  • The regular Jewish community (‘Rabbinates’) tended to shun the Karaite community, and avoid intermarrying with them, not least because their genealogy, including practising patrilineal descent, makes them ‘genealogically unfit’.


Now, let’s drill down to specifics.

In another post about the Karaites of Crimea, Goldenthal says this:

Even in the Sefer Khazarim, which tells the story of Rabbi Isaac of Sangar, the rabbi makes certain that he pays homage to the Priests and Levites, as if they were still performing their services, as if not wishing to offend the King.

The reality may have been that the Priestly functions may have been performed exactly as had been done in the days of the first Temple.


This screenshot comes from Allen Goldenthal’s ‘Karaite History’, HERE.


Circled at the top is R’ Akiva HaKohen Katz of Salonica.

He’s the ancestor of (Sadducee-Karaite) R’ Shalom HaKohen Shakna Shor, the chief rabbi of Lublin with close connections to the Polish Monarchy, and the REMA’s father-in-law. And also, of R’ Shabtai Ashkenazi Hakohen Katz – the SHACH, who is my candidate for the true identity of false messiah Shabtai Tzvi.

In my old blog, I did a long post about how ‘R’ Akiva HaKohen Katz of Salonica”s family tree was a huge, deliberate mess, and also, about his strange links to ‘Eli HaKohen’, vis:

Speculative Evidence: R’ Akiva HaCohen Katz of Salonika

As it turns out there is a tantalizing factoid in the literature which the current yDNA findings may eventually corroborate. R’ Akiva HaCohen Katz of Salonika (ca. 1360-1400), according to legend and several rabbinical genealogies, is reported to have been a direct descendant Eli the High Priest, a Biblical personage during the time of the Judges and Samuel.

Eli is described in the Bible as a direct patriline descendant of Aharon the Priest via his son Ithamar (the same Ithamar claimed as a Priestly ancestor by the Samaritans).


Long story short….I am now coming to the conclusion that there is a direct link between these (Sadducee-Karaite) ‘Hakohen Katzs’ that lead directly to Shabtai Tzvi and the Frankist families, and the (Sadducee-Karaite) fake ‘HaKohen Al-Kuzaris’ of the Khazar empire.

I have a lot more avenues to explore, and a lot more things to try to pin down, to really make that stand up in real time.

But that’s now the conclusion I’m coming to.


To put this another way – it’s not so much that the ‘Jewish Rothschilds’ infiltrated into all these Royal Families etc to take them over, but rather, that these ‘fake Jewish’, anti-Torah, anti-‘rabbinic’ Erev Rav Sadducee-Karaites have been trying to take over the real Jewish community from within – for at least the last 2,500 years.

I’m truly starting to think that all the ‘false messiah’ problems we’ve had as a people – starting with the Sadducee-Yoshki himself – come back to these people.

They pull the same trick each time, wheedling up to the non-Jewish royalty to gain power and office within the Jewish community itself, and then abusing that power to enrich themselves and to try and pull the real Jews away from the Torah.


Just take a look at the SHOR family – always the SHOR family!

The Sadducee-Karaite R’ Shalom Hakohen Shakna Shor of Lublin – the REMA-s F-I-L- has a great-grandson called Ephraim Zalman SHOR – author of Tevuot SHOR, and brother of Avraham Haim SHOR, ancestor of the Alter Rebbe of Chabad.

Ephraim Zalman’s son is Elisha Shor Wolowski.

He’s the head of the secret Sabbateans who ends up converting out to Catholicism, along with Jacob Frank, together with most of his children. And his daughter, Chaya, is one of the most promiscuous ‘female prophets’ of the Sabbatean-Frankist movement.

Now, go back and read this post, from a few months’ ago:


OK, let’s stop there.

Another monster post, with lots more things to try to pin down, not least this split between the Eastern and Western parts of the Roman Empire.

And how the heretic Jews in our community (who really perhaps aren’t even halachic Jews…) are trying to ‘take sides’ in that battle between the chiefs of Esav…

But a lot more pieces are starting to slot into place, finally.



PS: Also go back and read this post, with lots more SHOR connections to the NWO:

Always the same names, always the same people.



I’m really just adding things here to keep all the information together, going forward.

On this Georgian history website, HERE, I found the following snippets:

In 737, Mervan ibn Muhammad, a famous Arab commander and later caliph, after capturing most of Transcaucasia, moved to Khazaria from two sides: through the Chora (Derbent Gate) and Daryal. He inflicted a crushing defeat on the Khazars, forcing the khagan to temporarily practice Islam


[T]he formation of the personality of Leon II was greatly influenced by his Khazar mother, who, unlike her sister Chichak (Irina), most likely professed either the traditional pagan or innovative Jewish religion, which King Obadiah made the state religion of Khazaria in the early 9th century…

…also think about the symbolism of the oldest tier of the 10th century palace in Lykhny, on the northern facade of which there is a cross inscribed in the six-pointed star of David.


Some representatives of the Turkic — speaking Jewish nationalities-Karaites and Krymchaks, as well as Iranian-speaking mountain Jews-consider themselves descendants of the Khazars.


The question is: what – or who – does that ‘Star of David’ really represent?

Because at this stage, we know it was something that the externally-Jewish, Sabbatean demon-worshipping ‘Baal Shems’ introduced widely to the Jewish community. But only over the last 2-300 years.


I also found THIS – about some apparently non-Jewish Turkic ‘Keraites’ in the same region, who may or may not also be part of the mix, here:

The Keraites were one of the five dominant Mongol or Turkic tribal confederations (khanates) in the Altai-Sayan region during the 12th century. They had converted to the Church of the East (Nestorianism) in the early 11th century…

Rashid al-Din, the official historian of the Mongol court in Persia, in his Jami al-Tawarikh states that the Keraites were Christians.

William of Rubruck, who encountered many Nestorians during his stay at Mongke Khan’s court and at Karakorum in 1254–1255, notes that Nestorianism in Mongolia was tainted by shamanism and Manicheism and very confused in terms of liturgy, not following the usual norms of Christian churches elsewhere in the world.


We need to take a closer look at ‘Manicheism’, probably.

Maybe, after I actually do a bit of cleaning of Pesach.


You might also like this article:

While we’re all pondering what’s really going on in the Ukraine….

***Updates below***

Here’s some fake footage of the ‘war’ there, that was shown on Spanish TV as a ‘live update’ of bombing in Ukraine.

It’s taken straight from a gaming video SFX, as you can clearly see, in the video below.

After that, it then segues into more footage of the ‘war’ in Ukraine – that is exactly the same footage as an explosion from China, from 2015.


Why does anyone need to ‘fake’ footage of a real war in the Ukraine?

Keep your eyes peeled.

The whole timing of this is just SO convenient, two minutes after every world government starts lifting Covid 19 restrictions, at exactly the same time, all over the world.

We can’t trust the media, we saw them lie in Iraq, lie in Meron and now lie in Ukraine.




This is from Nonee – a British guy stuck in Kiev, who put up a video yesterday from the centre of Kiev showing that then and there at least, it’s still totally peaceful.


Again, I’m not saying nothing is happening.

What I’m saying, is that our media works for the evil cabal who planned Covid 19 in lockstep across the globe…. and now, apparently, there’s a ‘war in Ukraine’ – exactly as they lift Covid 19 sanctions, in lockstep, across the globe…

This guy summed things up very precisely:


I’m seriously considering kinda ignoring this ‘war in Ukraine’ stuff for the next few days…

After all, if I’m writing pieces entitled ‘don’t engage with the propaganda’, maybe I really should follow that advice myself, and tell you about my visit to the Dead Sea and carry on with Bekhor Satan…




After Daisy’s comment below, about ‘United Hatzalah’ being in the forefront of all this, and of course, they never lie about anything…. or play ball with politicians for nefarious ends about anything…. (except Covid 19 and providing fake witnesses for Meron atrocities caused by Directed Energy Weapons, where 45 people died RIGHT NEXT TO THE UNITED HATZALAH HQ IN MERON, while United Hatzalah apparently didn’t send anyone to help for 10 minutes….)


Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


Here’s the link Daisy kindly provided to the United Hatzalah fundraising page – because, they never let a good ‘humanitarian crisis’ go to waste!

And here’s a snippet from their description of what is going on:

In contrast to Russia’s lies that allegedly bomb only military targets, all Ukrainian cities are aggressively bombarded with an attack that has suddenly started from unexpected directions at all, apart from heavy airstrikes and tanks and armored vehicles and missiles, there is also a Russian invasion of tens of thousands of infantry and paratroopers.

There are many civilian casualties on the Ukrainian side and severe damage to homes and kindergartens.

Ukraine’s government has declared of a military administration, is a terrible situation in which we can not survive too long “Chas Veshalom”.


Even without further investigation, the BS-o-meter is pinging off loudly.

I’ve been to the Ukraine at least 16 times, and driven all over it. I have NO IDEA what a Ukrainian kindergarten looks like….

You know why?

Because kindergartens are not a big feature of Ukrainian life.

So, it’s weird that dafka Russian shells are apparently specifically damaging kindergartens in a country where I have never seen a single kindergarten, despite repeated visits.

(You get a point for every instance of ’emotional manipulation’ you spot, in the Hatzalah PR material, You will probably need to write them down, to keep track.)


Here’s some of the videos they are putting up;

  1. Breslov chassidim apparently being rescued from Uman:

Take a look at the people on that bus – they are totally not stressed out in any way, as you would expect from people who are apparently living in an area that is under heavy Russian shelling:


Hey look at this!

Another promo video from the ‘Chief Rabbi of Odessa’, encouraging viewers to donate money to Hatzalah Ukraine for their rescue attempts there- FROM FEBRUARY 17TH, 2022.

I.e., before the ‘war’ even started.

Talk about ruach hakodesh.


Now, here is Shlomo Rosilio, spokesman for United Hatzalah, who seems to be a regular fixture on Fox News:


Here’s some weird stuff that I’m picking up, as I go along:

  1. The story that the bus drivers in Ukraine all apparently ‘disappeared’ as soon as the shelling started, so now there are no buses to evacuate people, as planned.

Ukrainian bus drivers will literally sell you their mother for $10.

And most of them are just very tough people, emotionally and mentally.

I find it highly unlikely that a bunch of these bus drivers would just ‘disappear’ like this, and miss out on making some money, whatever the circumstances.


2. Around the 1.35 minute mark, Rosilio makes a weird statement that:

“Right now, we are working on really hard to get more people out of that city. I’m not going to mention any cities, but Cherkassy Oblast.”

Cynic that I am, this is a huge red flag – why not mention the specific cities that are apparently being so brutally bombed by the Russians?

Could it be, that once you have details like city names, it makes it way easier to check against social media postings and footage from those cities, that could provide a ‘double-check’ on the information being put out by Hatzalah stooges and paid propaganda MSM?


3. Pay attention to the footage being shown as ‘evidence’ of this war in the Ukraine.

So far behind Rosilio, I’m seeing a few clapped out, derelict buildings. There is no shortage of buildings like that in the Ukraine.

I’m seeing a big traffic jam in Kiev – which could also just be a regular rush hour, but what we’re being told is people ‘heading for the borders’.

I’m seeing a close up of a broken window pane (ooo, brutal!)


At the 2:10 minutes mark, Rosilio turns the camera to show a tank in the city square (of Odessa – I know that because I saw him make a big deal of ‘the tank’ in the middle of Odessa, in a separate video.)

The Fox anchor asks him if that’s a Russian tank – and no, of course it isn’t.

It’s a single Ukrainian tank, that’s been parked in the same spot in Odessa for at least two days, while United Hatzalah takes pictures of it, and tells people lies like this:

[A]ll Ukrainian cities are aggressively bombarded with an attack that has suddenly started from unexpected directions at all, apart from heavy airstrikes and tanks and armored vehicles and missiles, there is also a Russian invasion of tens of thousands of infantry and paratroopers.


I’m just not seeing that in any of the footage.

Are you?

As he continues speaking about the ‘Russian soldiers’ all over the place, the clips behind continue to show a bunch of Ukrainians – most of whom look happy, relaxed and smiling, which is very strange even in normal times – getting and off of buses.


These are clips from a war scene?


In the meantime, the more I watch, the more I’m convinced this is all scripted propaganda.

There are no shots of real Russian soldiers doing anything in real time, just stock photos of an old woman with a bloody bandage around her head…shots of firefighters up ladders with their hoses….

Yesterday night, my daughter showed me video from an Israeli news channel of a big queue of cars, with another frum ‘crisis actor’ explaining in Hebrew that he – and everyone else – was queuing up to get across the Polish border.

I did what I always do with these videos – slow it down, and take a closer look.

After 3 seconds of scrutiny, I saw that this ‘queue for the Polish border’ was actually a queue by an old-fashioned Ukrainian gas station, off to the right – while the actual road continued on straight ahead.

Man, that’s a WEIRD border arrangement….


Around 4 minutes in, the Fox anchors asks Rosilio if:

“Have you seen damage from the missiles overnight?”

He says, “Yes, I have” – but he is clearly not a very good actor!

Yet, there are no shots of that damage…. even though he’s clearly got his i-Phone handy, and can take some amateur video of this damage, same way he’s taking lots of video of that lone Ukrainian tank, parked for days in the middle of a very peaceful-looking street in Odessa, in the middle of this ‘war’.



Just keep watching the background clips to this interview, on mute, and then see what impression you get, about what is really going on in Ukraine right now.

Because the world of lies seems to be spinning madly again.



I was sent this link, which seems to be making some useful points:

But as always, adopt maximum critical thinking with all this stuff (and / or – totally ignore the whole subject, because the bad side just feeds off the fear and worry it can engender from us all.)

Your call.


Rebbe Nachman explains what happens when there is ‘war’ in the world.

***More updates, on how to legally refuse to wear a mask in Israel, below***

This is what he says (taken from the English translation ‘His Wisdom’, discourse 77):

The world is full of strife. 

There are wars between the great world powers. There are conflicts within different localities. There are feuds among families. There is discord between neighbors. There is friction within a household, between man and wife, between parents and children.

Life is short.

People die every day. The day that has passed will never return, and death comes closer every day.

But people still fight and never once remember their goal in life.


All strife is identical.

The friction within a family is a counterpart of the wars between nations.

Each person in a household is the counterpart of a world power, and their quarrels are the wars between these powers.

The traits of each nation are also reflected in these individuals. Some nations are known for anger, others for blood-thirstiness. Each one has its particular trait. The counterparts of these traits are found in each household.

You may wish to live in peace. You have no desire for strife. 

Still, you are forced into dispute and conflict.

Nations are the same.


A nation may desire peace and make many concessions to achieve it.

But no matter how much it tries to remain neutral, it can still be caught up in war.

Two opposing sides can demand its allegiance until it is drawn into war against its will.

The same is true in a household.


Man is a miniature world.

His essence contains the world and everything in it.

A man and his family contain the nations of the world, including all their battles.


A man living alone can become insane.

Within him are all the warring nations.

His personality is that of the victorious nation.

Each time a different nation is victorious, he must change completely, and this can drive him insane. He is alone, and cannot express the war within him.

But when one lives with others, these battles are expressed toward his family and friends.


There may be strife in the household of a Tzadik.

This too, is a war between nations.

It is also the war between the twelve tribes, such between Ephraim and Judah.

When the Moshiach comes, all wars will be abolished.

The world will have eternal peace, as it’s written (Isaiah 11:9): “They will neither hurt nor destroy…”


One of the main reasons I gravitated towards Breslov, 16 years ago, is because Rebbe Nachman was one of the rare ‘Rebbes’ who actually addressed the real problems of real people.

Yeah, sure, it’s great to hear all those pious discourses about overcoming anger – and Breslov also has a lot of practical advice on how to do things like that, too, like THIS – BUT.

Sometimes, there is way more hiding out ‘under the anger’ than just the mere fact that your middot suck, and you need to do some major work on yourself.

That’s where lessons like the one quoted above fill in a very valuable piece of the puzzle.


Sometimes, even when we don’t want to get into fights and strife, that happens anyway.

Especially, when the winds of war are blowing around in the world generally, and we are affected by them.

The last few days, I’ve certainly been experiencing these ‘winds of war’ in my personal dalet amot, in a very pointed fashion.

Yeah, sure, I also have bad middot and I still have a lot of work to do on overcoming my anger – but that’s ALWAYS the case.

What I’m saying, is that the ‘winds of war’ blowing around Ukraine are also showing up in our own lives right now, in a million different ways, and once we are aware of what’s going on, and why, it makes it much easier to approach these bust ups with the right perspective.


What’s the right perspective?

To know that Ein Od Milvado.

Like you, I hate when people have a go at me. Nobody likes being publically called out and shamed, and especially not in a public forum.

That’s just how God made us.

The last couple of days, Baruch Hashem, I’ve had a lot of that going on, both here on the blog, and also via email, and also – bizarrely – by the grave of Yehudah, the son of Yaakov Avinu.


Yesterday, I dragged my husband off to the grave of Yehuda, in the middle of the city of Yehud, because I felt an urgent need to just sit and pray quietly for a bit, somewhere holy and ‘away’ from Jerusalem.

Time to rebalance….time to reconnect to my neshama…time to take a breath and just get away from all the machloket for a bit….

Gveret, either put on a mask or get out.

I looked around to see a middle-aged guy sitting by the door, who had a mask over his mouth but under his nose, gesturing wildly to a pack of blue masks on a table.

I looked at my husband, he looked at me – and we decided to ignore him.


But the guy wasn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer.

He stood up and launched right into a bullying tirade about how I either needed to put on a mask, or get out. (There was just the three of us in the kever, with a few people outside, who it now seems to me had been ‘bullied out’ of there before we came.)

I continued to ignore him – mentally, I decided I’m just going to kiss the tomb, then go out and do my praying under a tree next to it.

But my husband, rational, kind person that he is, decided to try and reason with the guy, that it’s halachically forbidden to pray with a mask on (see update on this below) – and that anyway, there was no one else around and the grave, even though roofed, was practically outside.

Next thing I know, my husband and the guy almost came to blows.


After cursing me that my prayers would come to nothing, and telling us both that we were reshaim gemorim, the guy then decided he was going to lock us into the grave.

I’d been trying to ignore him, so I wasn’t aware of what he was trying to do until he’d closed one swing door, and was attempting to shut and bolt the other one.

At that point, my husband stuck his foot in the door, and they started having a physical push and shove over the door – and I got up and walked past them, totally amazed at what was going on.

Because while I’m a crazy psycho with Moroccan genes, my husband is totally not.


Long story short, somehow, once I got out, the guy got back into the kever – and I shut the door behind him, and locked it.

Just for 3 seconds.

Just to show him, that when you start threatening all sorts of horrible things against other people, God has a way of causing you to fall into your own trap.

And then I unlocked it, and went to sit under a tree to say some Tikkun Haklalis.


There was an older guy outside, a chassid, who had been watching all this happening, with consternation in his face.

After a minute, he went over to the kever and opened the door (we realised at that point that even without locking it, the guy was trapped in the kever, as that is how the door is made – you can’t open it from the inside.)

Then, he came over to my husband, and started trying to apologise for the guy’s behaviour.

He’s just worried about the Misrad HaBriut, he’s a good guy really, he told us.

There are cameras all over the place now, he’s just worried the Misrad HaBriut will shut the place down, if people aren’t wearing masks….

I didn’t know whether to believe him – I’ve been in plenty of kevers the last few months, all over Israel, where masks are really not a ‘thing’ at all – but I could see he was trying to make peace.


Ok, I said to myself.

I’ll go and apologise to ‘the Tzaddik of the kever’, it’s the right thing to do.

So I went over, said sorry – and then I could see in his face that the guy was totally unrepentant, totally uninterested in ‘making peace’, and just looking for another opportunity to continue telling us how ‘wrong’ we both were, just in more polite terms now.

My husband got more of the lecture than I did, poor guy.

But the older chassid seemed relieved we’d ‘made peace’ with the Tzaddik of the kever, so that was something.


In the car on the way back home, we were discussing what had happened, and whether there was something we could have done differently.

After doing some hitbodedut on it later on, I realised that the right thing to have done was to just get up and leave, and go outside to pray.

I was going to do that anyway, and I should have speeded that process up, because when you’re dealing with ‘tzaddikim’ like this, who are so convinced that their own view point (however faulty…) is the only one that matters, there is no point in arguing.

Then, I also remembered this teaching from Rabbenu, which helped to explain why everyone is so agitated at the moment, and why these ‘wars’ are erupting all over the place in our lives right now.


And the last thing I remembered, is that when you accept an insult with love, that wipes away all your sins.

I always have a lot of sins that need wiping away, and for sure, I was going to get ‘hit’ with a million mekatrigim for putting up R’Emden’s books on the site.


Did I accept all that guy’s insults with love?

I dunno.

On the plus side, I didn’t insult him back, and I only said to him (with maximum sarcasm) ezer Tzaddik!!! a couple of times.

I also didn’t curse him in my heart, or wish bad things on him before, during or after our visit – which for me, is a big deal.

And I went over to apologise – and I bit back the urge to say ezer Tzaddik!!! again, when he pointedly refused to apologise back for what he’d done to us, after telling me he wasn’t being makpid.

On the minus side, I DID lock him in the grave.

But only for three seconds.

So, I don’t know if it really counts, as an ‘accepting the insult with love’ event.


The world is very tense right now.

Everyone is frustrated, up-tight, angry, worried, scared.

Most people are just waiting for some poor ‘victim’ to come along, that they can take all their frustrations out against, whilst hiding behind noble excuses and rational reasons for why they just had to try and lock some people into a kever, for the ‘crime’ of not wearing a mask…


But ultimately, Ein Od Milvado.

Even the psychos are  just from Hashem, and everything that happens to us – and to me – is totally, 100% deserved, and actually a deep discount on what I should really be getting.

When I remind myself of that, I feel better again.

And probably, I have more of this stuff waiting in the wings, because I’m not done yet, with sharing important information about how and when our Jewish community was hijacked by Frankist-Freemasons, and how their spiritual  descendants are still corrupting everything around us today.

I can’t stop myself from getting angry, at least, not always, and apparently not at the moment.

But I can always do some hitbodedut, introspect, figure out where there is room for improvement, and apologise.

And guess what?

So can you.



(Translated from page 31 of the Shivivei Or Newsletter, number 250):

Now, they announced that Putin is not going to war. This morning, they announced that he met with the president of France, and that he calmed him down, because it looks like he got out of bed on the wrong side, because he doesn’t do an hour of hitbodedut, so he has nothing to calm him down.

And the French president appeased him, to the point where he said, ok, the soldiers will stay there for another month, to show that I am a gibbur (figuratively, ‘a guy you don’t mess with’) – but I’ve already backed down from the idea of having a war.

Today, this morning, they announced already that no [there won’t be a war….]

Those who are in Uman, they need to be told that they should be calm, and that they don’t need to prepare food, and they don’t need to leave Uman, and that it’s possible to travel to Uman quietly.

He [Putin] announced to [unclear], and also had a conversation with the German Chancellor – he also met him, and he said to him, what, do you want another Shoah?! What, to kill another another few tens of thousands of people, for what?! Because you got out of the wrong side of the bed? What’s the matter with you?!

The nations of the world are bored. They don’t have the Gemara, and they don’t have dancing, and they don’t have singing.


Just to add, that dancing and singing and learning Torah are key ways the Rav and Rabbenu explain change and sweeten the harsh judgments in the world.



Apparently, I misheard what my husband was saying about wearing masks while praying being against the halacha, but maybe that’s a good thing, because now I had to go and see if there are sources for saying that, while I was updating the article.

I went back to R Chananya Weissman, to ask him if that concept is something I totally made up, or if I had actually seen something that said that.

Here is what he kindly sent me:


  1. This snippet from an interview he did HERE with an Italian journalist:

Last question: what does the Torah in regard to closures and masks?

I refer you to some of my articles on the topic and I’ll be happy to clarify any point, if necessary:

There is also a lot more in this regard, and offered as a contribution from other rabbis. 


I quote here from an e-mail that someone has shared with me, and that was not attributed:

“The masks are associated with the idolatry in the ancient jewish sources. 

The Torah urges us to refrain from any practice that has the slightest connection with idolatry (Deuteronomy 7:26 and elsewhere). The Code of jewish Law does not recognize the masks as a garment that is acceptable. (Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 301:20. Shabbos 66a; Ref ibid 30b. Or Zarua Hilchos Shabbos 84). 

The masks symbolize division and separation from God.

Likutei Torah of Rabbi Isaac Luria says that there is no garment to the mouth or nose. Similarly, Rabbi Shalom DovBer of Lubavitch writes in Sefer Maamorim 5665, that there is a garment for the mouth. Rabbi Moses Cordovero writes in Tomer Devorah the mouth and the nose must always remain uncovered, in the likeness of the Divine.

The Jewish law does not permit to undergo the hardship or oppression of the breathing, in the name of a supposed public benefit, because the ‘public health’ is not a value in the Torah (discussed at length in one of the articles that I mentioned above).


And also this:

2) Mask policy in Judaic thought

From the blog of R Michoel Green. Snippet (but go read the whole thing, as he brings a lot of Torah sources in the footnotes there:)

2)      It is forbidden to wear a mask during prayer. [17] It is not appropriate to stand before a king wearing a mask on one’s face. How much more so before the King of kings, the Holy One blessed be He.

[17] Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch in a recent responsum.

See also Rabbi Daniel Green’s recent article:

“Orach Chayaim 91:5, that one must be dressed during prayer as one would while greeting dignitaries. Wearing gloves, alternatively, is prohibited (S.A. Admur Hazokein, based on the Bach and Magein Avraham). See Piskei Teshuvos Ibid., that this prohibition includes wearing pajamas (as per Mishna Berura Ibid. s.k 11), work clothes for laborers or hospital staff, etc., which would normally not be worn while entertaining important guests, and that even a scarf during cold weather should be avoided during the Shmone Esrei itself (as cited in footnote 40, quoting Imrei Emes Likutim pg. 118, in the name of the Sfas Emes and Chidushei Harim, and Zachor L’avraham chapter 7 ois 19, that the Toldos Aharon was unhappy when a healthy person prayed wrapped in a scarf.”


Furthermore, one is prohibited from praying whilst holding a load that isn’t for the purpose of prayer. [18] A mask is a load according to halacha.

18] Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 96:1.


Ad kan.

For now.



Here’s the secular law in Israel, on claiming the right to NOT have to wear a mask, from HERE.

The Ministry of Health’s own site: 

No Certificate Required:

The law does not require any certificate, document, or other proof of one’s inability to wear a mask. All that is required is for the individual to say that he is exempt.

The Minister of Health, Nitzan Horowitz was asked to explain this point in the Knesset on 28/7/21. 

He answered:

“Indeed, the law has defined an exception that a person due to mental, intellectual or medical disabilities significantly has difficulty wearing a mask, or is prevented from doing so due to his disability that is supposed to cover the mouth and nose, he will be exempt from the mask obligation. The thing is, the law does not define how this exception is made in practice, simply giving an exemption.

Therefore, the wording of the regulation – I can tell you this clearly – does not impose an obligation to present a certificate for the purpose of the exemption and therefore the same person can also verbally claim his right to explain the situation. We will refine this situation among law enforcement agencies so that they know. If you want, you can also ask for a note from a doctor or a letter, if you want, but it is not mandatory.”


So, basically anyone who tries to force you to wear a mask after you say ‘ani pator’ is BREAKING THE SECULAR LAW.

Now, how does this piece of information start to change the picture?

Here’s how you say it legally, in the Hebrew:

When asked to put on you mask you don’t have to explain why, simply say “אני פטור על פי חוק יש לי קושי משמעותי”


Ani patoor(a) al pi hok. Yesh li koshi mashmaoti.

Please, someone out there print some T-shirts with this on it….


Hey, that website also has some stickers to download and print off, here:אני-פטור-מעודכן.pdf

I think I’ll pull this stuff out in a separate post tomorrow, just to make sure everyone sees it.


You might also like this article:

Just a quick one, with what I’ve been told the Rav said about the upcoming War in Ukraine.


  1. The Rav said that Russia’s invasion was delayed to Sunday-Monday
  2. He also said that people staying in Uman can stay, those that want to come back should book their flight by Sunday-Monday


I just got sent a third message (as of Feb 16, 2022):

The Rav now said it might turn into a world war, but this generation is protected from another Holocaust. The Tzaddik is protecting the generation.

I am not following the fake news at all, btw, so I have no idea what everyone is being told is happening, just passing on the stuff from the Rav’s hotline.


The last few days, the Rav has been singing a lot of Uman songs at the prayers with him at 8.30pm every night, outside in Ido HaNavi.

When I went with my husband two days ago, we both had the impression something was being sweetened over there in the Ukraine, so whatever we are all reading in the fake news, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if whatever the ‘war’ turns out to be, it’ll be much less of a big deal than they are making out.

Our leaders would just lurve to have a massive war in the Ukraine right now, to take everyone’s mind off the Covid-19 genocide and tyranny that is starting to implode on every front.


While I’m mentioning the Rav, two more things:

  • B’ezrat Hashem next week Monday Feb 21 (20 Adar aleph) at 7pm there will be an English Shiur from the Rav at his house for those who want to join the English Kollel of Shuvu Banim.

If you want more details about that, get on the Shuvu Banim WhatsApp group, by clicking HERE.


And lastly, the Rav’s community is totally cracking under the strain of having to pay millions of shekels in fines from the corrupt State of Israel, who have also banned the Rav from receiving any money directly.

They have asked that each person contribute 1,000 shekels (and more if they can manage it) to help pay off the huge debts, and to ensure the institutions still have the money they need to continue operating.

If you read THIS, you’ll see that when you give money to Shuvu Banim, with the intention of it being a ‘pidyon nefesh’ with the Rav, it counts as such.

I have to tell you, the last two years, I have been doing pidyonot all the time still, just donating the money via the website HERE – and it’s been working a treat, in a whole bunch of ways.

If it didn’t work, consistently, I wouldn’t be doing it all the time.

It’s as simple as that.


So, if I hear anything more about the ‘war in Ukraine’ I will tell you.

At the moment, my gut feeling is that it’s shaping up to be a ‘nothing burger’, because the Rav is constantly sweetening things behind the scenes.

But of course, that’s just my uninformed opinion, and I could well be totally wrong.