More ghosts from the past, who are still walking around today.

My daughter showed me this video yesterday.

It’s two Israeli guys sitting in their brand new Tesla car, with motion sensors, next to a graveyard in Shilo, Israel.

The Tesla’s motion sensors starts picking up ‘people’ in front of the car, by the graves – where there are no people.

Take a look, see what you think.

(There is a swear word, when the ‘ghosts’ start to show up in quantity, FYI.)


I’m doing a lot of research at the mo, so posting might be light on the blog this week.

(Usually, I say that then end up posting up 5 massive things in a row, so we’ll see.)

But it seems a lot of things are finally starting to ‘move’ spiritually, at least in my dalet amot, despite everyone in the whole world being sick at the moment.

The trees still look dead on the outside, but on the inside….

The sap is rising.

Happy Tu B’Shvat