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How’s that, for a snappy title?

If you’re still with me, kol hakavod – this post will actually get easier from here on in.

Over the last few weeks, there have been more and more headlines about things and people ‘collapsing’.

I was on the phone to my mum yesterday, who did a good job of summing up all the fear porn currently being churned out about the state of the British economy.

Electricity and gas prices are going through the roof….

The pound is tanking and going through the floor…

A bunch of pension funds nearly took ‘early retirement’ themselves yesterday, before the Bank of England apparently  stepped in and saved the day…

And interest rates are apparently about to spike up so dramatically (in an effort to prevent the pound being worth less than the paper it’s printed on….) that most people with mortgages are going to be squeezed in some very horrible ways.


If we didn’t have a spiritual context for all this – a ‘moshiach and geula’ context – this would probably also be worrying me a great deal, too.

As it is, I know that the ‘world of lies’ has to collapse before the world of truth and geula can really sprout, and anyone who thinks that we are getting into geula with our current way of life totally intact, if a bit battered, is probably in for an enormous shock.

The blueprint for what is going to happen with geula is what happened in Egypt.

At some point, people will have to stop fudging the issue of whether they actually really believe that Moshe Rabbenu can lead them out, and sustain them in a ‘desert’ where probably won’t be Starbucks, Netflix and bank accounts….

And that’s why it’s so very important to keep working on our emuna and bitachon now, and to get used to the idea that God doesn’t need supermarkets to feed us…

Or ‘doctors’ to heal us… (I tried, unsuccessfully, to type that without rolling my eyes….)

Or ‘omnipresidents’ – whatever the heck that is meant to mean –  to lead us out.


He just needs us to:

a) Believe in God

b) Believe in His true tzaddikim (and no, Donald Trump is not on that list) 


c) Believe in ourselves.


The first two are hopefully obvious – although many people get stuck, tachlis, even with A and B.

So many people spout so much nice-sounding, flowery stuff about ‘having emuna’ and ‘having bitachon‘, and ‘being ready for geula and  moshiach’ – but tachlis?

We can’t move into the ‘world of truth’ if we refuse to move out of the ‘world of lies’.

And that world of lies includes everything you see on TV and YouTube, pretty much everything you read from ‘officialdom’, including our governments and politicians, and a very big part of what we ourselves assume and believe – about everything.

So, let’s now move on to the discussion about how to really believe in ourselves, the good way, and collapsing people.


If you live on the moon, or are totally offline (lucky you!) then you might not be aware of all the people who are now collapsing all over the place.

The MSM is effectively ignoring this story, or pretending that ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’, as it’s now so snappily called, has always been happening, because people eat their food to fast…. or too slow…. or don’t get enough sleep…. or get too much sleep…. or play badminton…. or live on the wrong side of the road….



People are dropping dead from the GO nanotech in the Covid shots.

And before you rush to call me a ‘conspiracy theorist’, take a look at this:


So many of the horrible, life-threatening, life-changing side effects, including ‘sudden death’, that so many people are experiencing from these shots were included in ‘official bumpf’ that came along with these shots, right from the beginning.

Just most people didn’t bother trying to read up about what they were letting themselves in for when they rolled up their sleeve, and instead, preferred to ‘trust the experts’ like Bibi and Donald Trump, that this stuff is ‘safe and effective’.



I have never seen so many videos of people dying suddenly, in such strange ways, as I have done the last few months.

 These people aren’t ‘fainting’ because it’s hot.

They are literally keeling over dead, as they walk around, drive a bus, shop in the supermarket.

And social media is (apparently….) full of these videos and these stories. Like this:


Or like this guy, driving a bus in Turkey a couple of days ago:

(From the La Quinta Columna Telegram channel, HERE.)


You can go and look up ‘Sudden Death’ yourself, it’s currently trending massively across social media networks like Twitter, HERE.

You’ll probably learn a lot of very interesting, very important things along the way.

If you let yourself.

Which is where we now get into the ‘how to believe in yourself’ portion of this post.


So many people confuse ‘believing what they were taught at school’, or by their parents, or by the brainwashing-MSM and ‘experts’, with ‘believing in themselves’.

But really, these two things are usually literally poles apart, especially for a believing Jew.

The ‘you’ we’re talking about here, the real you, is the small, still voice of your soul, that part of us that is a piece of Hashem Himself.

The ‘real you’ doesn’t talk in soundbytes picked up from the brain-washing propaganda machine.

It doesn’t repeat, like a parrot, that ‘the Queen did her duty until the end’, or that ‘Zelenskyy is a heroic freedom fighter’, or, that Covid shots are ‘safe and effective’, and ‘masks reduce your chances of infection and transmission’.


Usually, the language the ‘real you’ talks in isn’t even verbal.

It’ll be that funny feeling you get, that something is not quite right here.

Or that uncomfortable sense that there is something ‘below the surface’, that could change the whole picture.

It’s the part of you that wants to ask questions – even difficult, uncomfortable questions that might provoke a reaction, from some of the people who have become brainwashed zombies.

Or that wants to do ‘inexplicable’ things, like calling up that relative you’ve been feuding with for years, to tell them you’re sorry and that you love them.

The ‘real you’ will give you clues, all the time, that you are crossing dangerous lines, believing dangerous lies, losing that connection with Hashem, with truth – with yourself!

If you’ll let it.


Of course, letting that part of you have the floor, even just for a moment, and accepting what that real part of you has to say, is the whole trick here.

And without regular hitbodedut, it’s very difficult, honestly.

But not impossible.

Especially now, when God is knocking down more and more of the lies, and collapsing more and more of the ‘certainties’ and false assumptions our world is currently built upon.


Thousands of young athletes dropped dead from heart attacks over the last year.

How do you explain that?

How do you explain that more people got serious ‘Covid’, or even died from ‘Covid’ (apparently….) the more times they shot themselves up with ‘safe and effective’ Covid shots?

How do you explain that Donald Trump did precisely NOTHING to change anything the four years he was president, and actually ushered in ‘Operation Warp Speed’, where the US was just as locked down, masked-up and force-vaxxed as communist China?

(And Trump is STILL enthusiastically pushing these killer nanotech shots…. There is literally no bigger red flag to wave in front of your face.)

How do you explain all these journalists and TV presenters, and even the Queen’s funeral escort, fainting and dying all over the place, on screen?

How do you explain that Turkish bus driver, and the young guy who died in the supermarket?




Economies and people and narratives seem to be collapsing all over the place.

And there is a very narrow bridge to be trod, between going into ‘losing touch with reality’ mode, where synagogues will sprout wings and magically fly to Israel, where Moshiach will give everyone a detached palace and servants to live in, and buying in to all the fear porn that our corrupt, bought-and-paid for MSM continues to churn out.

Believe in yourself!

Believe that your prayers, your teshuva, can literally turn everything around for the best, in the blink of an eye!

Believe that God is running the world, and that God is behind every single thing that is happening right now!


Ein Od Milvado.

God is our King – but also our loving Father.

Remember what we prayed on Rosh Hashana.

Even if we’re just His servants, God is going to treat us kindly and fairly and compassionately.

But we’re NOT just His servants.

We’re also His children.

And He’s doing all this just so we stop running away from Him, and from our real selves, to finally take a deep breath and start talking to Him, and to start reconnecting again, spiritually and emotionally.

That’s it.

That’s all.

But it’s everything.


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I just got an urgent message from Uman.



We’ve just recieved an urgent message from Ukraine, that they urgently need to raise $100,000 before Rosh Hashana.

There is a much larger story to tell, which BH we will give more details of post Rosh Hashana when everyone has safely returned home.

But in the meantime, we are putting out an urgent call to all readers, all followers of the Rav, to please help the kibbutz for Rosh Hashana 5783.

You can donate HERE on the site, and the money will be sent directly to the people who are trying to fundraise the enormous amount required to [I’ll tell you what’s really going on post Rosh Hashana, but trust me, it’s really important…].


But each person who helps [with what I can’t tell you about] at this time is really just helping themselves and their families – as well as Am Yisrael.

In the past, we have seen time and time again how these large payments required from the Rav’s community are actually a type of ‘pidyon klali’ for Am Yisrael, or a redemption payment to sweeten the judgements looming over the whole nation.


5783 has the potential to be an extremely turbulent, troubled year, G-d forbid.

The headlines are still full of ongoing pandemics, food shortages, energy shortages, crazy inflation, massive earthquakes, civil unrest, potential wars….

There are a lot of things that need to be ‘sweetened’ for each of us, and for Am Yisrael, and for the world generally.


So, please help the kibbutz in Uman.

And in the process, you will also be helping yourself and your family, by paying the traditional ‘pidyon’ before Rosh Hashana, to sweeten any harsh judgments.

And also helping Am Yisrael to move into the next stage of the geula process, as easily and painlessly as possible, in a world gone mad.

Go HERE to the Rosh Hashana Donate page, and please give as much as you can.


A few months ago in May 2022, Rav Berland, shlita, gave over a class HERE, where he said the following:






Go HERE to donate, and every penny is going straight to the fundraising effort in Uman for Rosh Hashana.

Ashreich, whoever overcomes their yetzer hara to be a part of [this very important thing] for Rosh Hashana 5783.

May we hear good news!


In less than a week, it’s going to be Rosh Hashana 5783 – and I am feeling totally unprepared for it, spiritually.

The last couple of years, I feel I’ve been typing up a whirlwind, trying to figure out stuff, warn people, piece mysteries together etc etc etc.

Until recently, I really felt like I was working to some unknown deadline, that wasn’t giving me any peace.

The last few weeks… that has started to change.

Baruch Hashem.


So, I’m planning to take the next week off until after Rosh Hashana, unless there is something important to blog from Uman.

I need to get offline for a bit, just sit somewhere green and think for a bit, and try to get my own spiritual house in order a bit more, before the Yom haDin.

On that front, I want to sincerely apologise to any of my readers (and there are probably quite a few of you…) who I have upset, insulted or hurt this year.

Please forgive me.

At the end of the day, I’m a flawed human being who gets a lot of dissing, and sometimes, I diss back.

And sometimes, I also rush to judgment, and I judge harshly, and I let my own bad middot guide my writing a little too much, even when I;m trying to walk a more ‘kind’ path.

So, please forgive me, dear readers!

And in the merit of forgiving me for any pain I’ve caused you, whether accidentally or deliberately, may Hashem also forgive you, and grant you the most wonderous of wonderful years, in 5783.


I also wholeheartedly forgive everyone who has hurt my feelings this year, or dissed me, whether accidentally or deliberately.

JR and Nachum deserve a special mention here, and I want you gents to know that I forgive you both 100%, and I also ask you to forgive me, too, if I hurt you with anything I’ve written here (especially the stuff that was specifically aimed at hurting your feelings…;-))


And lastly, I’m sorry if I haven’t been responding to emails very much the last few weeks.

I’ve been very preoccupied with a million thoughts, and a billion Frankists.

BH, after a good week off, Rosh Hashana, and a new start, I will be a better email correspondent again.


Baruch Hashem, I am so blessed to have this blog, and so blessed by (most of…) the people who spend some of their precious time reading this stuff.

And I really feel as though together, we ARE changing things for the better.

I feel like our tolerance for others, for different opinions, for human frailty, our compassion for others, and a bunch of other very good things is starting to shine out more and more, both in the comments and the emails I get from people.

There is so much good out there, and within us, still.

Bezrat Hashem, 5783 will be the year when the good within finally transforms the bad without, all the dinim are finally sweetened, and Hashem will finally be openly revealed in the world, together with Moshiach Tzidkenu.



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Is it OK to help people gain from dealing in prostitution, child trafficking, drugs and arms dealing?

If you then use that money to build a Talmud Torah, or a hospital, or a Jewish State?
In last week’s Parsha,  Ki Teitzei, we read this (23:19):

“You shall not bring a harlot’s hire or the exchange for a dog to the House of Hashem, your God….for both of them are an abomination of Hashem, your God.”


Even if you can get a million, a billion, a trillion from, say, helping the mafia to launder its funds….

Or, say, helping the CIA-nazis carry on their MK Ultra experiments on Jewish children….
Or, say, by working with people like former SS member and founder of the Bilderbergers, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands….
And you’re going to use all that money only to help Am Yisrael!!!
All you’re going to do with it is build Talmud Torahs, and hospitals, and schools, and roads, and buy lots and lots and lots of weapons to defend the Jewish homeland (oh, and to carry on secret experiments on super hi-tech ways of controlling and eliminating ‘the enemy’, many of which are evil and the opposite of ‘ethical’….)
Even so.

Is it OK to help people gain from dealing in prostitution, child trafficking, drugs and arms dealing?


Yes or no?

And does the answer change, if the person who is doing all this is a Holocaust survivor?


Well, my break lasted a whole half a day….

But I got to see a nice park in Raanana, and to spend an hour and a half praying at the Rav’s on Ido HaNavi St, where the Rav was clearly trying to ‘sweeten’ something big.

We were clapping and singing and jumping for an hour, before we even got to Ma’ariv.

And each time I thought to myself I’ve had enough of jumping, I’m tired… I’d see the Rav jumping.

And he’s 84, and a couple of years ago they almost had to amputate his leg.

So, if he was jumping… I had to make more of an effort myself. Of course.


Then yesterday night, I tripped over a huge piece of missing info about the Sha’agat Aryeh, that I will try to write up in the next post.

(It happened as I was actually trying to shut down some of my billion tabs. I started reading one of them, and realised that it was giving me the answer to something I’d been puzzling over for months, but hadn’t really ‘noticed’ before. Mamash, siyatta di shmaya.)

But in the meantime, let’s knock this ‘Trump is Good’ rubbish into the trash, once and for all.


Long term readers will know that I never bought into the ‘Q’ stuff, not even at the beginning.

I can’t take credit for this – I just keep asking God to show me what’s true, and when it came to ‘Q’, I always got the impression that it was some security service psyops, pitching one of the ‘mafias’ that lead our world against another, or something like that.

I.E., it was a result of a war for ultimate control between the Bloods and the Crips, not the result of some holy, magnanimous push for geula, and a happier, kinder world for us plebians.

And right from the start, I didn’t buy the idea that Trump was a ‘good guy’, who was going to save the world.


Why not?

Well, if there is one thing that I urge every reader out there to do, it’s to evaluate the information ON BOTH SIDES OF THE ARGUMENT.

Most of us are trapped in a paradigm where we are taught to demonise everything ‘the other side’ says, and taught to gullibly swallow down and unquestioningly believe everything ‘our side’ says.

But the truth is, that there is ‘truth’ on both sides of a given argument, and that the whole trick here is just to keep praying, and asking God to help us tease out the truth from the lies.


And what was the truth about Trump?

He wasn’t a nice person – he was a brash, arrogant NYC real estate ‘godfather, and everyone knows that real estate in NYC is one of the dirtiest businesses around.

On top of that, he was a Freemason – although so much of that stuff has now been scrubbed clear off the internet. But six years ago, you could still find pictures, still find the hand gestures, still find some information that squarely pegged him as a Mason, because you can’t do business in NYC at his level without being a Freemason.

And then, there was the strange fact that none other than George Soros bailed him out with approaching $300 million of free cash, when Trump Towers was about to come crashing down.


One of my readers sent me THIS a couple of days ago over email, but I have a whole file of clippings somewhere on my PC from 5-6 years ago, telling the same story:


There were so many negative stories coming out about Trump back then, but so many of us were ignoring them, or claiming they were ‘fake news’ put out by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

Back then, it wasn’t that clear that ALL SIDES OF THE POLITICAL EQUATION are controlled from the top, just they give us plebs the illusion that some of these people are on our side, to keep us quiet, and have us carry on buying into the political process, instead of agitation for total revolution.

So, Soros had Trump in his pocket for over $300 million in debt, Soros could have triggered Trump’s bankruptcy…. and he didn’t.

What did Donald Trump agree to, in return, for that big favor?


Fast-forward to 2022, and thanks to the Q psyops, that’s got so many people fooled into thinking Donald is their man, to take down the NWO and unleash the ‘white hats’ who are going to save us all from the resident evil on our planet, people are literally still betting that Trump is going to stage some sort of miraculous come back, and ‘clean house’ the way he strangely just couldn’t manage to do in his first four years.

I was discussing this with my husband, and he remembers watching only ten minutes of the Presidential Debate between Clinton and Trump.

It was the ten minutes where Trump said the first thing he’d do if was elected was make sure Hillary Clinton would be arrested.

I can’t even find a clip of that statement now, on the internet.

Can you?


In the meantime, what I DID find is a whole bunch of ‘fake news’ stories dribbled out during the four years of Trump’s presidency with a bunch of baloney about how they had just secretly arrested Tom Hanks… and just secretly arrested Hillary Clinton…. and how the whole ‘Covid lockdown’ was just a clever Trump strategy to arrest the global pedo cabal before they could run away into their bunkers….

Remember all that?

And in reality, what actually happened to clean the swamp?





So then, let’s look at what Trump DID do, in his four years in the White House.

Someone who is familiar with the American political scene sent me his input, which I’m condensing below:

Trump brought us 5…G

Trump gave a press conference where he very clearly said: “We will be first with 5…G”.

Not for ‘free Tesla energy for all’ – like the Q anoners still like to think, but the weaponised 5…G I ‘ve been writing about here for a while.

Trump is a NYC real estate mafia godfather. He doesn’t give anything away ‘for free’ to anyone. And also remember, that strange incidence of Trump’s Uncle John being one of the people who apparently participated in offing Nikola Tesla in the first place, and stealing his work.

And before you want to throw the words ‘conspiracy theory’ at me, here is Dr John Trump himself, professor at MIT, giving an interview about Nikola Tesla’s work on a ‘secret energy weapon’:



(I really urge you to watch this interview, above, it contains some truly mind-blowing information, and it’s only five minutes.)


Next, Trump brought us the Covid shots.

This was the very last thing he spoke about as President on the tarmac at Andrews Airforce Base.

That’s when he was talking about having: “done the impossible… gotten the vaxx out in 18 months… a miracle etc…”

Like the very best puppet-politicians, Trump first talked up hydroxychloroquine, to lull us all into a false sense of security that the guy was really on our side.

In reality, what REALLY happened under the Trump administration?


The law is, that if there is a known remedy and therapy already out there in use then no experimental untested vaxx or medicine is permitted to claim Emergency Usage dispensation.

There was hydroxychloroquine, there was Ivermectin, already on the table.

What did the Trump administration do, instead?

This snippet comes from HERE:

“Trump officials repeatedly stalled the Food and Drug Administration’s plan to extend safety studies of coronavirus vaccines in fall 2020, as President Donald Trump pressed the agency for a faster timeline so the vaccines could be authorized before Election Day, according to emails, text messages and interviews by a congressional panel probing the pandemic response.”

The FDA’s ’emergency authorisation’ of the Covid shots happened on Trump’s watch, with Trump’s ACTIVE support to get these shots out.


Q-anon people like to tell you that Trump is a genius, off-the-charts, all-knowing mastermind.

But somehow, this ‘mastermind’ had no clue that the shots contained GO nanotech, that pairs up very nicely with the 5…G tech he also rolled out super-fast, to literally be able to control people?


But he somehow knew everything else about the cabal, just forget this key bit of information about what the Covid 19 shots were really designed to do?


Watch this, he’s still pushing people to get the shots today:


Next up:

Trump helped set the stage for the so-called ‘Capitol Hill Riots’, which were clearly a frame-up to put everyone else off the idea that they could take their freedoms back by using violence – or even, just peaceful civil disobedience.

I’m not going to hash the whole thing out here, but between the metal barriers being mysteriously REMOVED by the police, just before the rioters showed up, and all the ‘agent provocateurs’ in the crowd that were never found or arrested, despite being caught on camera multiple times, and the incredibly harsh sentences being handed down, it’s obvious that this was another planned ‘controlled opposition’ move.

And where is Trump in all this? You know, Trump, that guy that went on camera to tell all these people to go to Capitol Hill and ‘peacefully protest’?

Is he fighting for their freedom? Is he calling out all the entrapment, the obvious holes in the official stories?

Is he paying for lawyers for these people, even, or helping their families out?


He doesn’t care.


One last thing to say about this.

It’s understandable how non-Jews could fall for ‘Q psyops’ and believe that Trump is some sort of ‘second coming’ Messianic figure who is going to rid the world of evil.

(As if!!!)

It’s way harder for me to understand how so many apparently intelligent religious Jews could also be falling into this trap.

Especially at this stage in the game.

It seems to me there are two main reasons so many religious Jews ‘believe in Trump’.

One of them is the series of shiurim that R Mendel Kessin gave about Trump representing the ‘good in Esav’ – even though authentic Jewish sources state clearly that the ‘good’ in Esav is actualised via people from Edom converting out to Judaism, and also that the leaders of Edom / Esav can NEVER be good.

I will put those sources up as a seperate post, I wrote a whole big thing about it on the old blog.


And then, there was Chabad’s constant pushing of Trump.

There are some very dodgy links between Chabad and Donald Trump – and the links between the Trumps and the orthodox Jewish community of NYC appears to have been going on for decades, even before ‘the Donald’ was out of short pants.

This snippet comes from HERE:

Some 50 years ago, real estate developer Fredrick Trump donated the land for the Talmud Torah of the Beach Haven Jewish Center at 723 Ave. Z in Flatbush, NY, as can be seen from a promotional image released by that institution. The center is open and active to this day, offering programs for youth and the elderly, as well as an active synagogue.


I remember reading somewhere that Fred Trump donated this land to the Freiderikke Rebbe for a Talmud Torah, but now I’m having difficulty rustling up any information about the history of this particular Talmud Torah.

The official story goes that it was donated to the Rabbi of the congregation and holocaust survivor, R Israel Wagner.

More siyatta dishmeya, I just turned up the full story of R Israel Wagner, and his wife Esther Willig, HERE.

It’s full of a lot of the ‘miracles’ you come to expect from certain Jewish families in World War II, who all managed to escape the fate of six millions of their fellow Jews, as fake papers and ‘friendly Nazis’ appeared out of the woodwork to rescue them.

R’ Israel Wagner was the rabbi of La Paz, Bolivia, before moving to the US, and ‘persuading’ Fred Trump to give him an expensive bit of real estate for precisely ten bucks…


Man, I just fell down another huge rabbit hole here, with Rabbi Shraga Feivel Willig, father of Esther Willig.

Let’s park that, and finish up back with some of the interesting links between Trump and Chabad.


In no real order, we have:

  • Trump S-I-L Jared Kushner, married to Ivanka Trump, and popping into the Rebbe’s ohel before election day.
  • Charles Kushner’s Jared’s father, sits on the board of the Rabbinical College of America, this from Wikipedia:  “The Rabbinical College of America is a Chabad Lubavitch Chasidic yeshiva in Morristown, New Jersey.”
  • Trump’s legal advisor and fundraiser Rudy Giuliani was the ‘honorary mayor’ of the ‘children’s village’ Anatevka, in the Ukraine, set up by Ukrainian Chabad Chief Rabbi Moshe Asman. Giuliani also has close ties to Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, who are now serving time for making illegal contributions to the Trump campaign.

Read more about Parnas and Fruman HERE, and then you can watch this weird video of Giuliani, Parnas and Fruman giving a ‘shout out’ to Moshe Azman:


Then, we had the Politico report on the links between Trump, Chabad and Putin from 2017 that said this:

Starting in 1999, Putin enlisted two of his closest confidants, the oligarchs Lev Leviev and Roman Abramovich, who would go on to become Chabad’s biggest patrons worldwide, to create the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia under the leadership of Chabad rabbi Berel Lazar, who would come to be known as “Putin’s rabbi.”

A few years later, Trump would seek out Russian projects and capital by joining forces with a partnership called Bayrock-Sapir, led by Soviet emigres Tevfik Arif, Felix Sater and Tamir Sapir—who maintain close ties to Chabad. The company’s ventures would lead to multiple lawsuits alleging fraud and a criminal investigation of a condo project in Manhattan.


Go and read the whole thing, for more of the (known…) links between Trump, Putin and Chabad.

And remember…. this is still only the tip of the iceberg.



Please don’t tell me that Trump is ‘good’ and that Trump is saving the world with his ‘white hats’ and his buddies in the Kremlin.

Trump was a fantastic example of ‘controlled opposition’.

The best ones are never sniffed out, they are so good at fooling us all that they are working for ‘us, the people’, to ‘drain the swamp’.


The only person who is going to save us from this mess in Moshiach.

And in order for Moshiach to get here already, more of us need to be willing to move out of the world of lies, and into the world of truth.

And understanding that Trump = bad is a big part of that.



A reader sent me the following, that links Trump’s uncle, John Trump. also to CERN and Serco.

The Tesla papers that you touched on:
John Trump and Robert Van de Graaff went on to take that information and produced a
more advanced version of the of the cyclotron (particle accelerator), the piece of the equipment that forms the basis of all colliders and made possible what eventually became the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. They also learned from Tesla how to use the whole earth as a resonating body.
The secret weapon is CERN.
Trump’s uncle helped create it after they took Tesla’s notes. And Serco runs it today (administratively as well as all data processing).
5…G is only a part of the equation.
Turning off your devices helps keep some amount of the frequencies away from your immediate proximity that are being produced by those devices, but does not help to keep either 5…G (which is there whether your devices are on or off) or the effects of CERN (which are worldwide and can not be shielded against) from being operative. That is the sad truth.
But there are things that can be done to strengthen the body, and there are things that can be done to strengthen the soul.
Go HERE, to read more about the career of John Trump.
Here’s a snippet:
The National Academy of Engineering described John Trump as “a pioneer in the scientific, engineering and medical applications of high voltage machinery”.
James Melcher, Trump’s lab director, is quoted as saying: “John, over a period of three decades, would be approached by people of all sorts because he could make megavolt beams of ions and electrons – death rays… What did he do with it? Cancer research, sterilizing sludge out in Deer Island [a waste disposal facility], all sorts of wondrous things. He didn’t touch the weapons stuff.”
And if you believe that last line, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.
My correspondent also sent me this:

Trump and de Graaff worked with RCA at their lab at MIT. The British arm of RCA later changed its name to….SERCO.


If you don’t know what SERCO is, go and read THIS, from 2018 – written long before the GO nanotech in the Covid 19 shots showed up.

Here’s a snippet to whet your whistle:

This Serco list of 73 subsidiaries revealed a shocking correlation among;

(1) Serco’s business interests, (

2) the activities of the Senior Executive Service (SES), and

(3) the monstrous “Internet of Things” patents filed by Richard C. Walker, Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies.


In the Walker patents, human beings or people are labeled as mere “wet-ware.” “Wet works” is a spy euphemism for assassination… Walker does not even hide it, he states that his patents are intended to track and control everything and ever body in this world, even ino low orbit—The Internet of Things.


Also, I managed to track down another strange reference to Donald Trump supporting chassidic orthodox Jewish institutions with large wads of cash.

I got to it via this (now deleted…) article on Hidabroot, which I accessed from the WayBack Machine HERE:



Now, here’s where things get even more strange.

Boyan Hassidut was founded by Rabbi Yisroel Friedman.

R’ Friedman was a direct descendant through the male line of Rabbi Dov Ber, the Maggid of Mezritch (1704-1772), the main disciple of the Baal Shem Tov.

You know who else is a direct descendent of the Maggid’s son, R Avraham ‘the Malach’?

Have you heard of Chabad R Manis Friedman?

Did you know his brother is the chassidic singer Avraham Fried?

Did you know Manis Friedman’s son is another ‘chassidic’ singer Benny Friedman?

Go look the family of Manis Friedman up, you’ll learn a lot of interesting things.


You know who else is related to the Maggid of Mezritch?

The last five of the Rebbes of Lubavitch, who apparently descend from the Maggid’s sister, Ruchama Friedman.

(There’s a whole big mess that I’m still trying to clear up around the Tzemach Tzedek’s true parentage, but it appears that Ruchama Friedman was the paternal grandmother of the Tzemach Tzedek, whose son Shalom Shachne Altshuler apparently married the Alter Rebbe’s daughter Devorah Leah. That’s the official story.)


The point is…. it’s interesting that ‘Fred Christ’ and Donald Trump have such a close relationship with a bunch of orthodox Jews who are all such close mishpocha to the Maggid of Mezeritch, the Friedman clan, while John Trump is busy stealing the tech from Tesla that leads to CERN and 5…G, and ‘the Donald’ has rolling out 5…G and ‘Operation Warpspeed’ as his two main claims to fame.

Clearly, we still have a way to go, before we really figure out what is actually going on here.

But we’re inching ever closer.


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For some reason, I wrote that title with Ashkenazi spelling…

On Friday night, I had a little taste of geula.

An English-speaker from Rav Berland’s community called me up, and asked me if he could come for Shabbos, with two friends.

I thought about it for a mo, then told him Sure!

Why did I think about it for a mo?

Because I knew my kids would be home for Shabbat, and in the past, they have been fairly ‘anti’ people from Shuvu Banim.


When we lived in Musrara, 7-8 years ago, we tried to invite some of the English-speaking kehilla who were hanging out at the Rav, but it was hard on the kids.

They were going through their rebellious teenage stage, and here were a bunch of people who preferred the women and men to sit and separate tables, and who were often wearing shawls.

One time we went to my husband’s then chevruta for Sukkot, and there were two tables – one for men and one for women – with a mechitzah dividing them. I watched my then 14 year old stab the plastic table cloth into shreds with her fork, and I knew she wasn’t happy….

That was before all the controversy about the Rav erupted full-force.


Once that happened, my kids and their dati leumi friends got very ‘anti’ for a while.

There I was, writing and researching books about what had really happened with the Rav that showed it was all made up out of whole cloth, and writing long screeds on my blog trying to explain the truth of what had really happened to other people.

And in the meantime, me and my husband had about two years where we couldn’t even mention the words ‘Rav Berland’ without setting off World War 3 with our kids and their friends.

It was a very challenging time.


About two years ago, something fundamental started to change in the equation.

I think probably it was triggered off by ‘Covid 19’, when my kids started to understand that a lot of the things I’d been telling them about just how corrupt the State of Israel really was, actually were true.

And then Ahuvya Sandek was killed, deliberately, when the police car chasing his ‘flipped’ the car he was in by expertly ramming it, and the police officers involved just stood there for 40 minutes and watched, while Ahuvya slowly died from the injuries he sustained by being crushed underneath the car.

From that point on, both my kids were firmly of the view that the police in Israel were ‘anti religious Jews’ – and capable of doing even the most evil things.


Slowly, slowly, they started wanting to discuss more about what had really happened with the Rav, and while I wouldn’t say they are raging Rav fans even now, they have a lot more respect for him and his kehilla – and also for their parents, for being associated with it.


This was the first time in years we were having out-of-the-closet ‘Rav people’ for Shabbat, and I hoped it was going to be OK.


I went to the Rav Friday night, walked back – and I could hear a strange American voice coming from the couch.

My kids were talking to someone one of them had met in the Shuk, an American 20 year old who was touring across Israel for a month before going back to university in the States.

Long story short: She was touring around with the ‘Green Olive’ tour company, had been to places like Ramallah and other areas where she had apparently been tear-gassed by the IDF, was a card-carrying member of J-Street – and the rainbow straps of her backpack clued me in that there was other stuff going on here, too.


But she was actually very nice, very respectful, and was happy to be challenged (gently) on her opinions.

She also made me laugh, when she told me that Jews for Jesus had set up a ‘free coffee’ shop on her campus to missionise to the Jewish students there, and that she and her friend were taking them to task for ‘cultural misappropriation of the Jewish identity’.



I still have no idea about the three guys who are coming for Shabbat, and how all this is going to jive with the ‘anti-Zionist’ J-streeter with rainbow straps who bluntly stated she didn’t believe in God.

But it for sure was going to be an interesting night.


Long story short: It was one of the most special Friday nights I think I’ve ever had.

Not because people were hiding what they really thought or think, and being all fake ‘politically correct’.

Everyone was saying exactly what they thought, about a range of hugely ‘controversial’ topics – and everyone around the table was still respecting the other person, even though they often violently disagreed with what they were saying.


One of my guests told us the story of his near-death experience, that happened around 5-6 years ago, when he was caught in a fire in Jerusalem.

He wasn’t burnt – at all – but he inhaled smoke, and it nearly killed him. In fact, it did kill him – he had a clinical death for 20 minutes.

He told us that during that time, he was being judged in the heavenly court by three rabbis: Rav Dov Kook of Tiveria, Rav Chaim Dovid Stern of Bnei Brak, and the head of the beis din was the Rav, Rabbi Berland.

The Rav stood up in shemayim, and decreed that he should go from mavet (death) to chaim!!! (life).

(Tachlis, someone also paid a pidyon nefesh for him, and the Rav himself came to pray for him at the hospital, as well, but the bottom line is that he recovered, fully, and without any negative side effects from being clinically dead for 20 minutes….Amazing.)


My guest also gave over a couple of other things that he ‘got shown’ when he was technically dead.


It’s difficult to grasp that.

But when someone who has been dead for 20 minutes tell you that’s what he saw – you believe him.


Another thing he said is that it really is an ‘upside down world’, and the people who we look down on the most in this world are usually the holiest people.

We diss other people for being less learned… less ‘observant’…for not living in Israel…or maybe, for living in Israel…for serving in the IDF… for not serving in the IDF…for learning full time in yeshiva…for not learning full time in yeshiva…for going to Uman for Rosh Hashanah…for not going to Uman for Rosh Hashanah….

What do we know, really?

There are for sure evil people in the world doing a bunch of evil things, but most of the people you and I know in our day-to-day lives are actually mostly just doing their best to try to figure things out and ‘do the right thing’.

Even though of course, so many of us have some very strange ideas these days about what ‘the right thing’ actually is, thanks to all the deliberate inversion of moral values and confusion being sown all around.


That Friday night gave me a lot of hope that the Jewish people are going to pull together, and really pull through the madness that is currently prevailing in the world.

Do I agree with J-Street philosophy?


Can I still see the good in my ‘J-Street’ guest, as she tours the poor Palestinians and decries the actions of the IDF?

Yes, I can.

And for her part, she sat through a three hour meal with a bunch of religious Jews, including a large percentage of ‘Shuvu Banim’ talking openly about some of the miracles they’ve witnessed first hand from Rav Berland.


Who’s Rav Berland, and why is he so controversial?

She asked me.

Go and look him up afterwards, I told him.

But just know that most of what you read is based on a bunch of media lies.



Achdus is the name of the game.

Achdus, where we continue to respect the other person, even when violently disagreeing with some of their ideas. Where we continue to recognise the good parts that still exist in the other person, while not ignoring the ‘bad’, or stuff we don’t like.

And where we don’t put our fellow Jew in the ‘enemy’ camp, just because they tell us things we don’t like to hear, challenge our assumptions, or believe things that we don’t.

That was the taste of geula I got on Friday night.

And I’m hoping that it’s going to take root in a bunch more places now, going forward, not least on the blog.


Shabbos day, one of my kids came over to me and told me:

I really enjoyed it yesterday. Please invite more people from Shuvu Banim for Shabbos.

What can I tell you?

Moshiach must almost be here, mamash.


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As you might expect, the last post hit a nerve with a few people.

It’s inevitable that when we’re discussing important ideas, cherished beliefs about the best way forward for the Jewish people, wherever they might live, that passions will be stoked and tempers may occasionally flare.

A few days ago, I asked my husband to pick me up another one of the Rav’s prayer booklets called Kabbalat Bizyonot (‘to recieve humiliation’)

When I remind myself that all the yucky comments I get are 1) usually deserved and 2) paying down my many sins, that’s when I can continue writing things and exploring important subjects that will probably trigger an avalanche of yucky comments, without getting too upset or defensive about it.

Bezrat Hashem.


Some of those comments came over email from someone who I still respect a lot, who identifies himself as a follower of the late R’ Meir Kahane.

He lives in chul, and he strongly dislikes the State of Israel.

Here is a little of our email exchange, which I will keep anonymous as the point is to not try to embarrass or attack him back, God forbid, but just to explore some of the very important issues that came up as a result, here on the blog.

It began with the verdict the Supreme Court handed down, rejecting the appeal of Amiram ben Uliel.

We were all upset about this enormous miscarriage of justice, but my correspondent then decided to springboard off of that, to start attacking the Breslov belief in prayer and personal teshuva being the main ‘weapon’ in the ongoing fight against evil.

Here’s a little of what he said, paraphrased to respect his anonymity:


You finally have to admit that dancing and clapping and jumping up and down and reciting endless Tikkun Klalis is just not going to be enough.

It’s just not strong enough to get the job done all by itself in order to take down and permanently remove the thoroughly evil Erev Rav once and for all.

And I just know that had Amiram prevailed yesterday, you were going to ascribe credit to your Rav and to Rav Nachman had Amiram prevailed yesterday.

You would have said that their approach, their derech had “sweetened all of the dinim” for Amiram.

But now perhaps you clearly see how crucially we need a war and a revolution –  a physical one not just a spiritual one.

Rabbi Kahane was right!!! The path of David HaMelech, Shmuel HaNavi and the Chashmonaim is the correct approach and is the only way to go, going forward…

“Tremendous faith in the Al-mighty and a truly strong Jewish army is the true and only path to the geulah shelaymah…” Rav Meir Kahane H”yd.


We’ll come on to the question of whether Rav Meir Kahane ‘was right’ in a moment.

First, let’s set out what Rebbe Nachman says about how geula shleimah really occurs:

Mashiach will conquer the entire world without firing a single bullet.

Siach Sarfey Kodesh 1-67

So we see, there is a profound contrast between what Rebbe Nachman is teaching, and what the late R’ Kahane taught.

Who is right?

Let’s see if we can tease that out a bit more.


Before I got into Breslov, when I first moved to Israel 17 years ago, I read a few books by R Kahane, including Uncomfortable Questions for Comfortable Jews.

He argued the case about the corruption of the State of Israel very eloquently. When it came to stating the problems in Israel, I think it’s fair to say that R Kahane was 100% right.

Here’s an example of where R Kahane was right:

“Democracy and Judaism are not the same thing.”

In our days, it’s obvious that ‘democracy’ is an illusion, as our puppet politicians are bought and sold by the real powers behind the throne to progress policies and ideas that are increasingly against what’s best for the people.

Covid 19 and ‘climate change’ policies made that blindingly obvious.



When it comes to discussing the ‘solution’ to our problems and issues in Israel, it seems to me that R Kahane was wrong.

Let’s explore why.


What did R Kahane advocate, as being the ‘solution’ to Israel’s problems?

Let’s go through the main ideas.

He wanted an “exchange of populations”, where the Arab citizens of the State of Israel and the newly-acquired territories of YESHA would be bused out of Israel.

The following is a quote from Uncomfortable Questions for Comfortable Jews (p.250):

All Arabs who are prepared to accept the State of Israel as the exclusive state of the Jewish people and of no one else, will be allowed to remain in the land with the status of “resident stranger”, as per Jewish laws.

They will be granted personal rights, but no national ones. They will have general economic, social, cultural, and religious freedom, but will not be citizens of the Jewish State and will have nothing to say in its future in any way.

Accepting this status, they are welcome to remain, and are entitled to all the respect and decency that Judaism demands we grant to all humans who are resident strangers in our land and who bow to its laws and concepts.


In theory, it sounded like a possible solution.

In practise – it was totally unworkable. Here’s what R Kahane suggested should happen to Arab citizens of Israel who weren’t happy to become ‘resident strangers’ (from his book ‘They Must Go’):

Those who refuse to accept noncitizen status shall be compensated for property, but not given a bonus, and shall be transferred only to Arab – not Western – lands. The transfer shall be effected peacefully, if possible, but if the Arab still refuses, then forcibly and without compensation.

Tachlis, which Arab country was going to accept these people?

Where was the money meant to come from, to pay for all this?

And let’s just think about what it really means, what it really would have looked like, to ‘forcibly’ move millions of Arabs out of Israel.

That means using violence to get these people out of their homes, and onto buses, somehow.

That, in turns, would have meant lots of dead and wounded people.

Are you comfortable with this scenario, tachlis?

Because I’m definitely not.


So, it’s a theoretical idea, but tachlis, it was never a real, workable solution.

Back in the 1948 war, God did an open miracle, and many of the Arab residents of Israel ran away from the country under their own steam, urged on by their own leaders to leave while the Arab forces conquered Israel and massacred all the Jews here.

That happened in a few places, most notably Tsfat, which today still has no obvious Arab population.

When God does things, miraculously, they result in a lasting bracha.

And miracles like this occur when the Jewish people pray and make some sincere teshuva, especially about their own bad middot, lack of emuna and arrogance, thinking that we run the world instead of understanding that Ein Od Milvado.


Another key ‘prong’ of R Kahane’s approach was the ‘tooth for a tooth’ reaction to Arab violence against Jews.

Here’s a direct quote from him:

 “I approve of anybody who commits such acts of violence. Really, I don’t think that we can sit back and watch Arabs throwing rocks at buses whenever they feel like it. They must understand that a bomb thrown at a Jewish bus is going to mean a bomb thrown at an Arab bus.”

That actually happened.

Some of his followers attacked a bus full of Palestinians ‘in retaliation’ for Arab violence and went to prison for it, to give just one example of this idealogy in action.


Let’s ask the question: Is this behaviour halachically acceptable?

I’m not a posek, but I still know that Jewish law operates on the basis of the guilty parties being punished for their crimes after their case is heard in a beit din, and the evidence of their guilt is presented.

If a particular Arab throws a stone at a particular bus – go and find the Arab, hear his case, and deal with him as the halacha mandates we should.

But to just go out and start ‘throwing stones’ at Arab buses randomly?

How is that meant to help, tachlis? 

All it does it create more ‘victims of violence’ with more grudges against the other side, who in turn also want ‘vengeance’.

It’s a recipe for permanent war and violent unrest.

There has to be a better way.


Where did R Kahane’s approach actually lead, tachlis?

He himself was murdered in cold blood, after he was repeatedly persecuted by the security establishment and banned from participating in the Knesset on the grounds that his policies were ‘rascist’.

His son and daughter-in-law were also gunned down by ‘terrorists’ who almost certainly were cut-outs for the State of Israel.

The State also used the caricature of the ‘violent, gun-toting Kahanists’ as their fig leaf when they were arranging the massacre at the Mearat HaMachpelah, which was blamed on Baruch Goldstein.

And then again, they hid behind that fig leaf when they murdered Rabin then blamed it on their own agent provacateur Yigal Amir.

And let’s bring this bang-up-date: the so-called ‘Price Tag’ movement is what enabled the State to blame the Dumah massacre on the Hill Top Youth, and to justify torturing confessions out of people like Amiram ben Uliel.


We can’t beat ‘Esav’ at his own game, of using violence to achieve an outcome.

The State was super-happy to have a bunch of gun-toting ‘religious settlers’ show up, that it could then use to demonize the whole movement, while the State carried on committing atrocities in their name that it then used to smear these ‘settlers’ even more.

The Hill Top Youth are still being persecuted, tortured and even killed today, in the name of ‘national security’.

It’s all part of the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy being used to keep good Jews at each others throats here, while the forces of evil continue to rule us.


So, how does more violence solve our problems in Israel?

If you look at what’s happened already, it should be clear that more violence doesn’t solve any problem, it just complicates the situation even more.

Why is this?

Because God has set things up, that we will have Arab terrorists to deal with, and ongoing threats of war and nukes to deal with, until we really make sincere teshuva and come back to Hashem wholeheartedly.


Rav Berland has said repeatedly, that all the terrorists and Nazis and Al Qaidas – they are all just created from our own sins.

If we make teshuva, then the terrorists and Nazis will disappear all by themselves.

Here’s another more recent statement from the Rav, from the prayer gathering in Hevron last week, that around 25,000 people attended (!)

One doesn’t need any weapon, doesn’t need the army, doesn’t need anything!  

The moment that we go with the Tikkun HaKlali, then we conquer – “and the toil of nations they inherited” (Tehilim 15:44) — we conquer the whole world!! 

And this year, may we merit to a complete redemption, speedily in our days, Amen


Let’s end with my email correspondent’s view of this approach (paraphrased).

I’m afraid your view of Torah-true Judaism is rather jaundiced by a galut-ridden mentality beaten into us by the goyim for 2000 yrs.

Rav Binyamin Kahane writes in the end of his Haggadah of the jewish idea that the greatest kiddush Hashem there could ever be is not just for Hashem to do all the avenging for us and to make His name great once again throughout the world.

Greater still would be the witnessing of that same people who had been ground down under the boot of its oppressors for all of history and for them to arise and shockingly give back to the nations a little taste of their own medicine… mida kneged mida.

Nothing could be more fitting or higher than that level of standing up for Hashem’s honor in the world and avenging our own.


I totally disagree.

Vengeance is the Lord’s.

Violence, klei Hamas,  is the craft of Esav.

And personally, I find it very hard to believe that having a bunch of Jews ‘nuking Gaza’ – or Iran – or throwing stones at Arab buses, or using violence to mass-deport Arab citizens out of Israel would look like a ‘kiddush Hashem’  to anyone.

We ‘stand up for Hashem’s honor’ by spreading His light in the world, and showing that ‘nature’ doesn’t exist, Ein Od Milvado, not by jack-booting all over the place and shooting people down.


Again, I am not speaking against the memory of R Meir Kahane as an individual.

I know he inspired a lot of people, and I don’t know enough about what was really going on to have an opinion either way.

This is a discussion of his ideas, his ideology.

And at least for me personally, I can’t see that his main ideas could ever really have been workable solutions, in the real world, to the problems we face as a nation.

So call me a follower of a ‘galut-ridden, xtian-inspired, medieval superstitious’ version of Judaism all you want, when I say I prefer ‘God’ to ‘guns’.

But if you look tachlis at where the violent, hate-filled approach to solving our problems actually led, my ‘medieval superstition’ still looks like the better option – by a long way.


I’m very happy to discuss these ideas respectfully here on the blog, and I think it’s very useful that we air out these different approaches to resolving our problems, as a people.

But PLEASE try and avoid attacking me personally, or resorting to insults instead of dealing with the real questions raised in this post.

I know this stuff gets people very hot under the collar, but if you think I’m wrong, please stick to pointing out where you think the error lies, instead of having a go at me for being a terrible example of humanity.



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One idea that keeps getting sent my way is that we should somehow stage a ‘violent revolution’ against the powers-that-be.

If I was an unbelieving non-Jew, who really just viewed the whole world as some big ‘shoot out’ with the guy with the biggest gun winning, then maybe that would be something that would interest me.

But I’m not.

I’m a believing Jew, and I believe that God runs the world.

And I also believe that all the ‘evil’ we have to encounter in our lives, both on the national and personal levels, is only powered by our own sins.

We make teshuva, properly, and come back to Hashem, sincerely – all these ‘problems’ disappear by themselves.


But a lot of people don’t like that idea.

Even in the Jewish world, a lot of us are still believing that ‘acting like Esav’, and using guns and violence to ‘eliminate evil’ is the only way to go.

I cannot disagree with that idea strongly enough.


Where did using guns and violence to ‘resolve our problems’ really get us, as a people?

It landed us in a country where violence is the only language most people speak to get their own way, and their ‘problem solved’.

And that’s why you get elbowed out of the queues by people pushing to the front, that why you get psychos screaming at you for not ‘solving their problems’ fast enough, that’s why you get people mugging others, people assaulting others, people forcing themselves on others in so many different ways, people hurting others….

All this is a version of that same idea that ‘using violence solves my problem’.

And it’s about as un-emuna – ANTI-emuna!!! – as you can get.


God is running the world.

Whatever God decides to do, He decides to do.

There is a mitzvah for me to defend myself and to ‘rise and kill first’ if someone is literally coming to kill me – but it stands to reason, it’s obvious, that if I can find ANY OTHER WAY OF DEALING WITH MY ATTACKER THAN KILLING HIM, THAT’S PREFERABLE.

Because human life is sacred.

And respecting the sanctity of human life is what really separates a truly God-fearing person from those who are cheapening, degrading and destroying human life, all around us.


What follows is an excerpt of a piece I wrote around two years ago.

It’s still relevant today.


Last week, we read the final parsha, Vayechi, in Sefer Bereishit, where Yaakov Avinu calls his sons to him for a final blessing. When he gets to Shimon and Levi, he castigates them for adopting the ‘stolen craft’ of his brother Esav. Rashi explains there:

Klei Hamas – ‘stolen tools’. This craft of murder is in their possession by theft. It is from the blessing of Esav. Yaakov admonished them, “It is his [Esav’s] craft, and you robbed him of it.”

The full verse from the Torah reads:

“Shimon and Levi are brothers, klei hamas are their weapons. Into their design may my soul not enter! With their congregation do not unite, O my honor! For in their rage they killed a man, and in their wish they hamstrung an ox. Accursed is their rage for it is mighty, and their wrath for it is harsh. I will divide them in Yaakov, and I will disperse them in Israel.”

Clearly, Yaakov Avinu is very unhappy about his sons – forbears of the Jewish people – acting like his brother Esav, and killing people left, right and centre whenever they got angry and ‘felt justified’ in doing so. This is not the Jewish way.

The voice is the voice of Yaakov – it’s the voice of prayer, the voice of emuna, the voice of knowing that God is really running the world.


Following the awful Chanuka attack in the shul in Monsey a couple of weeks ago, I was personally horrified when I saw pictures of orthodox Jews walking around toting what looked like machine guns.

Killing people is not our craft, it’s the craft of Esav. Of course, we’re meant to defend ourselves with all means possible, and to make every effort to save our life (although why moving to Israel doesn’t seem to make it on to that list is a bit of a mystery to me, I have to admit…) But there is a world of difference between discreetly arranging security for shuls, schools and Jewish neighborhoods and strutting around for the media like Moshele the Terminator.

Esav is way, way better at killing people and murdering people than we are. It’s a very dangerous game to get involved. There are somewhere between 20-25 million people in the US with white supremacist tendencies. They are Esav mamash. A lot of them have machine guns. A lot of them are just waiting for ‘Moishele the Terminator’ to cross the line and actually kill someone, even in self-defense, so they can use that as a pretext to come after Jews all over the place.


Of course, what I’m writing here also has implications for the State of Israel, and for the whole idea that the IDF and the military is what is protecting the Jews here.

This is an idea that has profound, far-reaching implications, and I certainly can’t cover off all the angles in one post. But I will say that every time I hear apparently orthodox Jews advocating for ‘carpet bombing’ Gaza, and other extremely violent acts, I shudder. Is this really how Jews are meant to act and behave? Isn’t ‘carpet bombing Gaza’ a perfect example of klei hamas? Isn’t that just what the terrorists and the neo-Nazis would love to do to us, too?

Anything that puts Jews even tangentially into the same moral space as terrorists and Nazis has to be bad, doesn’t it?


These are big questions, they need to be dealt with and discussed carefully by our qualified Sages and rabbis, and let’s be clear that in the State of Israel, that’s simply not happening.

Our country is run by people who have adopted the ‘stolen craft’ of Esav as their main religion, and we are all paying the price for it. Which brings me to the next point I want to make, about how the idea that killing and murdering people is somehow the best solution to every problem gained so much traction in the first place.


A lot has changed since I wrote this two years ago.

Like, for example, these days the FBI is actively trying to track down and ’round up’ people with guns in the USA, who they consider to be a threat to the powers-that-be.

Woopy-do, great you have five machine guns in your cupboard – but how is that going to really help you, when they powers-that-be knock on your door and give you a choice between handing your weapons in voluntarily, or being arrested?

What, you’re going to dig yourself in and begin a shoot-out with law enforcement? 


You think you can out-gun a government, an army, who is spending billions and trillions on figuring out the best way to kill people who get in their way, and who has no moral qualms about murdering millions and billions of people?



Violence is not the answer.

Teshuva and prayer is the answer, long-term.

Of course, in the short-term, in the here-and-now, if I see a terrorist coming over to stab someone, of course I will do everything in my power to neutralise them and prevent them from hurting people.

That’s not ‘violence’, that’s Torah-mandated self-defence.


We are Jews.

We aren’t ‘Esav’.

Jewish wars, Jewish battles, have never really been ‘won’ with hi-tech ways of mass-killing other people.

Read Tanach, understand that all our successful wars were won with open miracles, and were fought by people who had emuna and truly believed in Hashem.

Even in our times, the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War were won by open miracles, not because the State of Israel had an amazing military.

It was corrupt and barely functioning then, and it’s still corrupt and barely functioning today.

Ask anyone who actually serves in the IDF and they will tell you the same.


Many of our problems appear intractable right now, because it IS going to take open miracles to solve them.

They only get solved by God, when enough of us start adopting the route of praying and following the advice of our true tzaddikim like Rebbe Nachman.

I sat in an airport in Kiev two years ago, under armed guard with a squad of Ukrainian soldiers as they put me and my family on a bus in the middle of the airfield and then had a doberman run around the bus to make sure no-one could ‘escape’.

I spent the whole hour clapping, because what else could I do?

An hour later, they let us off that bus.

And two hours after that, we were let out of the airport miraculously, and allowed to spend the next three weeks in Uman, for Rosh Hashana.


I have seen open miracles time and again, following Rabbenu’s advice and paying pidyonot.

People don’t like to hear that.

They prefer to think they could somehow ‘break out a machine gun’ and fight their way out of their issues.

That’s ridiculous nonsense, at best – and it’s also totally anti-emuna.

God is the One putting us in all these unsolvable difficulties, and God will solve them as and when He sees fit, once we get the message that we can’t do this stuff without Him.

So please, stop telling me that we need ‘an armed uprising’.

That stuff is for non-Jews, it’s for Esav.

Our way, our path, is prayer and teshuva, and following the advice of our real Tzaddikim, who really know what they’re talking about.

And each time we forget that, we pay a very big price for it.


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Join in online if you can’t make it in person:


The Rav has called for another prayer gathering, or atzeret, this Thursday evening, at 10pm in Hevron.

For more details or how to get there, or how to find a subsidised bus, call:

02 532 6502


02 800 8000

(And if you want to help meet some of the costs of putting on the buses, also call those numbers, and tell them you want to contribute.)


Alternatively, go to the ravberland.com site and try to join the live broadcast.

And remember, these prayers aren’t ‘for the Rav’, or for Shuvu Banim.

They are for us, you and me, and Am Yisrael.

And may we all hear good news, very soon.


See THIS for more info.

Things have kind of got ‘stuck’ again.

It’s happened so, so many times in the past, that you see a crescendo of truth building, a movement of awakening growing larger and larger, the penny dropping in millions and even billions of people’s minds….

And then it gets all stuck and ‘covered over’ again.

That seems to be what’s going on right now.

And throwing more ‘truth’ or information at the problem is not going to solve the problem, because the stuck-ness is spiritual.


So, let’s try this instead:


The Rav has called for another prayer gathering, or atzeret, this Thursday evening, in Hevron.

In the past, these atzerot have usually coincided with some big ‘uptick’ in the political or military situation in Israel, with the Jewish people – like a spate of new terrorist attacks, more rockets, more secret ‘discussions’ between corrupt politicians trying to sell us all down the river, that sort of thing.

More times than I can count, I have seen these prayer gatherings sweeten things in an openly miraculous way, including Israeli elections, and stopping the so-called ‘knife intifada’ from a few years’ back dead in its tracks.

I have no idea what this particular atzeret is aimed at, but for sure, it will produce a very big spiritual effect – not least for the people who participate.


So, if you’re in Israel – please consider going along, even for a little while.

And if you’re not – please consider joining in with saying some tikkun haklalis online, where I’m sure there will be a live feed from the event on ravberland.com.

Getting geula to come the sweet way requires spiritual effort, and a lot of prayers.

The alternative is to just kind of ‘suffer it out’, massively, which may appeal to you, I don’t know, but it certainly doesn’t appeal to me.

Things have gotten ‘stuck’ again, in a whole bunch of ways.

And these atzerot can get things moving again the sweet way.

Instead of the dramatically horrible way that could otherwise happen to ‘get things moving’ again….

(You read all the scare story headlines going around, you see how they’re still trying to pull the same propaganda tricks about wars, monkeypox and economic meltdowns, topped off with the climate change cherry.)

But prayers really do work.

Especially when they are connected to the Tzaddik HaDor, and a few thousand other sincere and genuinely God-fearing Jews.


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