Why does all this matter?

***Updates on Jacob Frank, below***


If you know that you are dealing with THE SAME FAMILY, just one branch is running the secular State of Israel, while the other branch is running the ‘ultra orthodox community’ of Israel – well.

You start to ask all sorts of questions about vested interests, and back-door channels, and also – why the heck aren’t we being told, that literally all these people are close blood relatives, who in turn are tied to suspected Sabbatian-Frankist families?

Sure, people can always make teshuva.

But we also know, that this world is an olam hafuch….and that the people who are ‘on the top’ are really way, way down there, on the bottom, spiritually.

And vice-versa.


So let’s see if we can tease out some more of the ties between the State of Israel, and the so-called ‘ultra-orthodox leadership’ here.

Let’s start with a guy called Yitzhak ben Tzvi, aka the Second President of Israel, after Chaim Weizmann.

Here he is, cuddly old guy that he is:

And here is some basic info to get us started, from the Wikipedia page:

“Born in Poltava in the Russian Empire (today in Ukraine), Ben-Zvi was the eldest son of Zvi Shimshelevich, who later took the name Shimshi.

Shimshi was a leading Zionist activist and one of the organizers of the first Zionist Congress in 1897, who in 1952 was honored by the first Israeli Knesset with the title “Father of the State of Israel”.

A member of the B’ne Moshe and Hoveve Zion movements in Ukraine, he was (with Theodore Herzl) one of the organizers of the first Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland, in the fall of 1897.

At that Congress the World Zionist Organization was founded, and the intention to re-establish a Jewish state was announced.”


Do you know who the ‘Father of the State of Israel’ is directly related to?


The Chazon Ish.

Shimshi’s wife, Yitzhak ben Tzvi’s mother, plugs us straight into the ‘Karelitz’ family tree. Both Yitzhak ben Tzvi and the Chazon Ish had the same grandpa, one Meir HaLevi Epstein.

Here’s how that breaks down:

Meir HaLevi Epstein >

>Shaul Katzenellenbogen (Epstein) > Rashe Leah Karelitz > Chazon Ish

>Yitzhak Eliyahu Epstein > Yente Koplowitz > Atara, marries ‘Tzvi Shimshi Father of Israel’


Let’s learn a bit more about that second president of Israel, second cousin of the Chazon Ish (and of course, also of Rav Kanievsky’s mother.)

Here’s some more tidbits from the Wikipedia page:

  • He set up HaShomer in 1909, the military defense organisation that prefigured the Haganah, which then became the IDF.

Here’s it’s kind of creepy flag (and notice that black hexagon thingy, right in the centre.)

Another interesting co-founder of HaShomer is one Alexander Zaid.

Here’s a snippet, which really has me scratching my head:

Zaïd was born in 1886 in Zima, a town in Irkutsk Oblast, Siberia. His father had been deported from Vilna to Siberia due to revolutionary activity and his mother was a Subbotnik.


I’ve been trying to track down ‘Tilla Sabatka‘, one of the mysterious ancestors of the Alter Rebbe for months.

For some reason, it’s another name that’s hidden in the mists.

So I clicked on ‘Subbotnik‘, just to see if there might be a clue or a link, and this is what I learned:

The Subbotniks (“Sabbatarians”) is a common name for Russian religious movements of Christian origin, whom majority belonged to Rabbinic and Karaite Judaism, the Judaizers minority to Spiritual Christianity, split from other Sabbatarians in the late 18th century.


There are three main groups of people described as Subbotniks:

  • Judaizing Talmudists: Subbotnik converts to Rabbinic Judaism, also described as “Gery”, “Talmudisty”, or “Shaposhniki”.

  • Karaimites or Karaite Subbotniks: also described as “Russian Karaites“, considering themselves as adherents of Karaite Judaism. They recognize only the scriptural authority of the Torah and reject the Talmud; however, it has been reported that they don’t practice circumcision.

  • Subbotnik Molokans sect: in contradiction to the previous Subbotnik sects, they recognize the Gospel, but also practice some of the rules and precepts of the Old Testament.



Say what?!?!?

This is the first I’ve heard of these Russian xtian ‘converts’ to Judaism, some of whom appear to have been orthodox Jews, at least nominally, some of whom become non-circumcising Russian Karaites, and others who become ‘Subbotnik Molokans’ who mixed up xtianity with Judaism however which way they wanted.

And we’re not talking about small numbers here, either. Back to Wiki:

A 1912 religious census in Russia recorded 12,305 “Judaizing Talmudists”, and 4,092 “Russian Karaites”, and 8,412 Subbotniks who “had fallen away from Orthodoxy”.


So, in 1912 there are 25,000 of these quasi-Jewish ‘Subbotniks’.

(Other estimates say there are 100 times more of these Subbotniks in existence.)

And of course, they moved en masse to Palestine:

Subbotnik communities were among early supporters of Zionism. During the First Aliyah at the end of the 19th century, thousands of Subbotniks settled in Ottoman Palestine to escape religious persecution due to their differences with the Russian Orthodox Church. Some Subbotniks had immigrated to Ottoman Palestine even prior to the First Aliyah…

[T]hey were not considered Jews according to halakhaThey Hebraized their surnames to assimilate. Within a short period, the descendants of Subbotnik Jews who arrived in Ottoman Palestine in the late 19th century had completely blended and inter-married into the wider Jewish population of Israel.


You know, even I’m flummoxed by all this.

Are these ‘Subbotniks’ Frankists who left Judaism, and then tried to rejoin it?

Are they something else entirely?

And what is Rav Kook doing in the middle of all this?

The Torah-centered Bnei Moshe movement ties with the Subbotniks and formed the majority of the port Jaffa’s population.

In 1904, later famous Zionist rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook was invited by them to become their rabbi. The appointment of Rav Kook brought them closer to the Jewish religious mainstream.


What is totally mind-boggling to me is that this issue of ‘Subbotniks in Israel’ seems to be an open secret.

Ariel Sharon’s mother was apparently a ‘Subbotnik’….

R’ Shlomo Amar apparently ruled that the Subbotniks would have to convert back in 2004:

In 2004, the Sephardic Chief Rabbi of IsraelShlomo Amar ruled the Subbotniks were not defined as Jewish and would have to undergo an Orthodox conversion. The Interior Ministry classified the Subbotniks as a Christian sect and ineligible for aliyah to Israel, because no one knew if their ancestors had formally converted to Judaism (and there is much historic evidence that they did not).

The ruling was abolished in 2014, with an attempt by the Interior Ministry to allow remaining Subbotnik families to immigrate to Israel.

Apparently, most of the city of Yaffo (that isn’t Arab…) identifies as ‘Subbotnik’…


Man, this story is getting crazier and crazier.

I just found a PDF about the Subotnik history HERE, which I’m going to read now, and then I’ll update you what else I find.

Total madness.

But you see, this is at least part of the reason all these ‘links’ are being scrubbed and misrepresented.

There is a lot more going on here that none of us plebs have any idea about.




(Probably the first of many, on this subject.)

There seems to be 2 distinct groups of ‘Judaising’ Russians here. One are Subbotniks, and the other are Molokans.

Both groups seem to be connected on some level with the Karaite community in Crimea, and also with the Karaite community located in Troki, near Vilna:

According to Karaite tradition, Grand Duke Vytautas of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania relocated one branch of the Crimean Karaites to Lithuania ordering to build them a town, called today Trakai. There they continued to speak their own language….

The Lithuanian Karaites settled primarily in Vilnius and Trakai, as well as in Biržai, Pasvalys, Naujamiestis and Upytė – smaller settlements throughout Lithuania proper.

The Lithuanian Karaites also settled in lands of modern Belarus and Ukraine, which were part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The Karaite communities emerged in Halych and Kukeziv (near Lviv) in Galicia, as well as in Lutsk and Derazhne in Volhynia.


All roads lead back to Vilna, one way or another.

A lot of the interesting families I’m researching are flagged as having ongoing, protracted correspondence and connections with the Karaite chachamim.

If you go back to this post:

You’ll see there seem to be quite a few links between the Shor family and Lutzk, and Troki – fingered as Karaite hotspots.


And if you go HERE – it’s a site run by a Karaite historian with a chip on his shoulder about ‘Rabbiners’ – you’ll find the amazing story of a ‘Rabbiner-Karaite’ intermarriage.

The Karaite historian explains that the ‘Kahana’ family were prominent Karaites….

And one Yaakov Kahana ‘intermarried’ with one Rivka Reisa Schorr, back at the end of the 16th century.

Here’s a screenshot of that family tree:


I’ve highlighted some of the repeated names that came out of that ‘Schorr-Kahana’ Karaite marriage…

Shalom Shachna is a particularly common one.

The original ‘Shalom Shachna’ was Rabbi Shalom Shachne Shorr, the father-in-law of R’ Moshe Isserles, the REMA.

This R’ SS Shorr was the Chief Rabbi of Lublin / Lvov, but seemed to have had peculiar karaite tendencies, in how he interpreted Jewish law.

When the case of a Jewish sinner came before him, he decreed that the man should have his eyes gouged out and his tongue ripped out, as punishment.

That’s a karaite interpretation of Torah… which doesn’t hold by the oral Torah. So while the Karaite historian is fudging that side of things, it seems to me that the Shorr family may well have had deep connections to the Karaites even before this open ‘intermarriage’ between Yaakov Kahana and Shalom Shachne’s great-grand-daughter, Reisa Rivka Shorr (aka Charif Margolis).


Also, notice how this same family then also seems to have intermarried with the Oettingen-Wallersteins.

That’s a royal house of non-Jews located in what is now Germany.

See HERE for more details.

None of us know this stuff, I know.

It’s all been hidden from us plebs.

That so many of our Jewish communities ‘leaders’ either spent centuries as open xtians; or were actually Karaites; or even, converted non-Jews (and sometimes, not even converted) as part of the whole ‘Judaising’ movement that periodically convulsed various parts of Europe.



This is such a mess.

And is seems to be affecting so many of those prominent families with yichus in particular.

Which is probably why they’ve tried so hard to keep all this hidden under wraps or centuries.




Something tells me, this is going to be a really longgggg post.

I went to look up more of that Shalom Shachne’s family tree, this time on the JewAge website, that they’ve not done as good a job of scrubbing the facts off of.

Here’s a screenshot:


Shalom Shachne was married to the ‘unknown’ daughter of Jacob Koppelman Halevi Pollak, and Esther Fiszel.

One of Esther’s brother is called Ephraim Franczek Fiszel, we’ll come back to him another time.

The brother I want to focus on in this update is called Moshe Stefan Fiszel Powditzky.

Here’s a snippet about him:

[He] served as a creditor to kings Jan Olbracht and Aleksandereven before his conversion to Christianity.

In 1494, he represented the interests of the Jewish community in their disputes with non-Jewish residents of Kraków, and in that same year he was arrested with other Kraków Jews.

He served as collector of Jewish taxes in Great Poland (1499, 1503) and as director of the salt storehouse in Poznań (1504).

In 1499, when the Jews of Gniezno accused him of excessive tax collection, he received the support of the archbishop of Gniezno, Cardinal Fryderyk Jagiellończyk.


After converting to Catholicism (between 1503 and 1504); Stefan was ennobled by Zygmunt the Old, receiving the Koran coat of arms. His sons Jan and Stanisław also converted to Catholicism.

Their godmother was Elizabeth, the widow of King Casimir the Jagiellonian.

Stefan divorced his wife, who chose to remain Jewish. In 1510, with the king’s permission, he purchased the village of Powidz, from which he took his new surname, Powidzki.


You see what I mean?

Always the same story:

Tax-collecting, greedy people with Jewish blood, who somehow think nothing of ‘switching religions’ to maintain their status and financial clout in the non-Jewish world, all the while staying connected to the highest echelons of supposedly ‘Jewish’ religious society, via their family ties.

Stefan Powditzky is the brother-in-law of Shalom Shachne Shor, Chief Rabbi of Lvov and the REMA’s father in law.

Did anyone ever teach you that in school, when they were going on and on about just how ‘saintly’ the Jewish community was, in the good old days?


But that’s not the only mischief this extended family network is up to.

(BTW – go check it out for yourselves, they are literally in the middle of almost everything I’ve been flagging as an issue, or trying to track down, over the course of the last year.)

I think I just found the real Jacob Frank.

I knew that the real Jacob Frank HAD to have come from a connected family, in order to pull off what he pulled off.

Finally, God had mercy on me, and I tripped over THIS genealogy site, from Holland, while I was trying to track down more info about Shalom Shachne Shor.

Here’s the screenshot:


So, you see that guy way over on the left hand side, called Jacob Lob Benjamin Frankel (d 1791)?

I am 99.9% sure he is the real Jacob Frank.


His father is Judah Leib Frankel (tick…), his mother is an ‘unnamed’ daughter of R’ Yaakov Shor, who descends from the Shor family via Shalom Shachne Shor (and is probably a ‘secret’ Karaite. He’s the ABD of Lutzk, which you’ll recall from above is a known Karaite stronghold, as is Brody).

These links have been totally scrubbed on geni, and the mythical ‘BABAD’ family have been introduced instead:


His grandfather’s brother was the infamous Elisha Shor (Wolowsky), the ‘leader’ of the secret Sabbatians in the Jewish community.

That’s the guy Jacob Frankel had to convince, that he was the ‘next coming’ of Shabtai Tzvi, and who later converted out to Catholicism along with his children.


On his maternal grandmother’s side, Jacob Frank(el) descends from the Isserles clan, and is 6 generations away from the REMA.

If that wasn’t reason enough to try and cover all the tracks here – and it is – let’s add this in to the mix:

The Baal Shem Tov was also a close relative of Jacob Frank(el).

They had the same gg grandfather, R’ Moshe Leizer’s Isserles of Vilna.


Here’s how that breaks down:

Eliezer and Miriam Isserles > Rabbi Moshe Leizer’s Isserles of Vilna >

>Unknown son (could be Geni disinformation…) > R’ Pinchas Leizer’s Isserles > R’ Eliezer of Okopy > BESHT.

>Isaiah Isserles > Hana Isserles > unknown daughter (bat Yaakov Shor) > JACOB FRANK(EL).



I love it when (finally…) a plan starts to come together.

Let’s leave it there for now.

That’s probably enough head-wrecking info for one post.



Take a look at this:


It shows that the Vilna Gaon is also connected to the BESHT and Jacob Frank(el).

Here’s how (although I want to flag, that all these ‘half sisters’ are often used to try and camouflage direct links, so it could also be that gg grandfather of BESHT and Jacob Frank, R’ Moshe Leizer’s Isserles of Vilna, is actually also the direct ancestor of the Vilna Gaon, too.)

In the meantime, at the very least, R’ Moshe Leizer’s Isserles of Vilna wife is meant to be the ‘half sister’ of the Vilna Gaon’s ancestor, the Be’er HaGolah, R’ Moshe ‘HaChassid’ Rivka’s.


I’m going to break it down for you, but it’s easy to see there are too many generations on geni, to fit into the time slot.

Jacob Frank(el) dates: 1726-1791

BESHT dates: 1698 -1760 (which suggests that ‘unknown son’, above reaaly could be disinformation…)

Vilna Gaon: 1720-1797

Here’s how geni is breaking that down:

R’ Moshe ‘HaChassid’ Rivka’s, marries the sister of the wife of R’Moshe Leizer’s Isserles of Vilna >

R’ Petakhiah ben Moshe Rivkas > Rachel Nechama Rivkash (marries Eliyahu Chassid Kremer) > R’ Yissachar Dov Ber of Vilna > R’ Shlomo Zalman > VILNA GAON.

Just one big, happy family of Frankists, mitnagdim and chassidim….



There’s some more odd information about Yitzhak ben Tzvi, above.

This comes from HERE:

Together with Rachel Yanait in 1909, he organized a Jewish gymnasium in Jerusalem. 

After studying at the Galatasaray Lyceum in Istanbul, Ben-Zvi studied law at Istanbul University in 1912-1914 with David Ben-Gurion. 

In August 1914, they returned to Palestine, but were arrested by the Turkish authorities in 1915. They moved to New York and formed the Gehalutz movement there.

After returning to Palestine in 1918, Ben-Zvi married Rachel Yanait. They had two sons: Amram and Eli.


Turkey was the home of the Donmeh – the Sabbatian crypto-Jews who outwardly appeared to be Muslims.

There’s strong evidence that many of the ‘Young Turks’ who launched the secular revolution in Turkey (and who also, btw killed a million Armenians….) were actually Sabbatean Donmeh.

David Ben Gurion has long been fingered for being a Sabbatean/Frankist by many other readers, including Barry Hamish.

At least part of that evidence is his hard-to-understand sojourn in Turkey – which we see he shared with Yitzhak Ben-Tzvi.


Next snippet:

In 1948, Ben-Zvi headed the Institute for the Study of Eastern Jewish Communities, later named after him. Among others, the institute studied Karaites and Samaritans.


If you go back and re-read this post, you’ll see that this tie up with the Karaites and Samaritans doesn’t appear to be an accident.

Here’s another snippet about that Institute, from HERE:

The Karaite Jews. Several aspects of the history and culture of the *Karaite Jews are being investigated. These include an encyclopedia of Karaite personalities, a bibliography of Karaism, and a study of the inscriptions of the Karaites in Crimea.


And the weird stuff doesn’t end there.


This comes from the Russian Wikipedia:

From the words of Avraham Tehomi, Ben-Zvi ordered the murder of Jacob Israel de Haan in 1924.

De Haan arrived in Palestine as an ardent Zionist but he became increasingly critical of Zionist organizations, preferring a negotiated solution to the armed struggle between Jews and Arabs.

Here is how Tehomi admitted his involvement in the murder more than sixty years later in an interview with Israeli television in 1985:

“I did what the Haganah decided to do. And nothing was done without Yitzhak Ben-Zvi’s order. I don’t regret it, because he [de Haan] wanted to destroy our whole idea of Zionism.” 




Was Yitzhak Ben-Tzvi also a Sabbatean / Frankist, like so many of the other Labour Zionists ruling Israel?

And if yes, when did that ‘Sabbatean / Frankist’ tendency begin, in his family?



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