Yesterday morning, I was reading Ynet when my eyes went ‘funny’ again.

That happens occasionally, when it I get supersuper stressed out, internally.

I was reading a headline about ‘spiking Covid cases’ in Israel – or rather, spiking fake PCR tests in Israel being used to conjure more fear porn out of thin air, in order to ‘lock down’ the country again in another couple of weeks.

That stuff makes me very stressed.

And there’s nothing I can really do about it.


I closed the laptop, and took off with my husband to the Dead Sea for a day.

The green pass is coming back on Thursday, so we figured carpe diem on going to a hotel, for the first time in a while, and probably the last time in a while, too.

While I was there, I realised a few things.

Like, I need to go on a ‘news diet’ from all the Covid fear porn in the MSM the next little while.

There are enough other people with their eyes open now, fighting that particular battle, that I don’t need to be one of them at this stage.


Instead, I need to be focussing on the real information, the real ‘news’ that no-one is really talking about, still.

Stuff to do with how the world really works, and how human health really works, and how that’s all connected to Torah and emuna and emunat tzaddikim.

So BH, that’s what I’m going to be focussing on here, going forward.

And I have a LOT of awesome things to share with you.


Another thing I realised is just how much fear and yeoush (despair) is ringing around the world right now.

It’s pretty likely that’s going to increase, as our governments become more and more totalitarian, and as more and more people start to open their eyes and push back.

But remember:

The storm wind cannot be beaten while it’s raging, but it blows itself out very quickly.

Lie, cheat, fake, stay at home ‘with migraines’ for the next few weeks – whatever you have to do to, in order to avoid being coerced into doing something that you really don’t want be doing.

This stage is going to be intense – but short-lived.

So just keep buying time, and pushing things off as long as you can, until God comes to rescue us again.


And that’s the last thing to underline here, that our work right now consists of:




Pidyonot (charity…)

Nothing else is going to work to get this to turn around, really.

And if you really want maximum protection, then do all of the above under Rav Berland’s wing.

He’s the true Tzaddik HaDor, whatever else is going on, he’s the real deal, spiritually, and you will see for yourself how quickly things ‘lighten up’, at least in your own life, when you connect to the true tzaddikim out there.


In the meantime, I’m diving back into the research.

Not stam, but because that information holds the key to how this can really turn around into a way more beautiful, moshiach-ready, hopeful world much quicker than any of us really think.

Hang on, sweet reader!

The blanket is being shaken once more.

But all this is temporary, and soon the clouds will part again.


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I realised something this morning.

I realised that if I don’t find a way to really work on my emuna, and to bitul (nullify) myself to God, and His plan, then the ‘bad guys’ are going to win, whatever happens next.

Yesterday, my husband sent me this, with the subject line: What a CO-IN-CID-ENCE.

Nir Barkat set to become Knesset’s first billionaire

Here’s a snippet:

Yamina leader Naftali Bennett is also due a windfall from the anticipated sale of an Israeli fintech startup, in which he has equity, for billions of dollars.


You understand, of course, that this is the way they ‘buy off’ our political leaders, and hijack our democracy in plain sight.

No offence to Bennett, but the guy is clearly not the sharpest pencil in the box.

And yet, it’s AMAZING how all our politicians, clever and dumb alike, keep picking these stellar stock options, and keep making millions and billions…. and then roll over and do whatever the controllers behind the scenes tell them to do.


Last year, Bennett said this (check the one minute mark):

“In many countries, zero young people died.”


Now, PM Bennett is doing exactly the same as ex-PM Netanyahu – and whoever you put in the PM’s chair, nothing is really going to change, because they are all bought and paid for. 

So , we are in for more mask enforcement, more lockdowns, more coercion to get even young children ‘vaccinated’.

And the stress of all this has been really getting to me the last couple of days.


The last three days, I’ve seen more masks going back on again…

The security guard where my husband works told him from next week, the Police will start giving fines again for non-mask wearing again.

Going shopping for groceries is becoming an ordeal again.

And this morning, I literally felt like I just want to roll over and give up.

I can’t do another three months of this, God, I just can’t. It’s too much for me.

In the meantime, I’ve been snapping at my kids, totally self-absorbed in all my chronic stress, and unable to really ‘do’ anything much, because of my underlying anger and panic about what’s going on here.


This morning, as I registered my heart rate going through the roof as I put my shoes on ready to go out and get the challahs for Shabbat, I realised something.

If I carry on like this, the bad guys are going to win, whatever happens.

But what’s the alternative? To  just give up and stop caring? To stop fighting this anyway I can and just let them win?

To have some real emuna, the small voice whispered back.

To look past the evil politicians, and the dumb ‘law enforcement’, and to just see God.

God is behind all this, remember?


Ah, God.

You have sent me so very many tests the last few months, to polish up my emuna, and to get me working on so many of those bad middot that thrive in the current crazy matzav.

How much fear I’ve had to deal with the last few months.

How much worry.

How much anger and hatred.

How much I’ve had to try to get a grip on my ‘controlling’ tendencies, which have ballooned as I feel less and less in control of anything.


How much hitbodedut has been required, the last  year and a half, to just not go crazy from the injustice and evil of it all.

And to keep reminding myself that ultimately, Ein od milvado.

There is only God.


So, I realise I have to bitul again with all these mask diktats.

Not because I believe in them, not because I’m buying ‘the story’, not because I’m scared to fight back.

But because God is ultimately the One I am nullifying myself to, and not all those ‘Karens’ and police people.


Really, I don’t have a choice.

If I don’t adopt the ‘no-big-deal-just-bitul-to-God’ approach over the next couple of months, I can’t see how I can get through this without cracking up, mentally, whatever else is going to happen to turn it around eventually.

So, no big deal, to wear the stupid mask to buy my milk…

No big deal, to jump through all these stupid hoops again, God, as the evil government tries to coerce every last one of us into getting ‘barcoded’ with that DNA Origami vaccination that’s filling us up with graphene nanotech…

If that’s what You want God, it’s OK with me.


Because otherwise, I’m not going to cope with what’s coming down the pipe here, over the next few weeks.

And ultimately, all this is just a massive, ongoing lesson in practical emuna, working on my bitul, and understanding that I’m not in control of anything.

And really, I never was.


On a separate note, I got this over email:

Hi Rivka,

I would love to learn more about the story with Rav Berland’s situation. I would be grateful if you could send me more details regarding how he was set up and what the truth is behind the story the media tells.

Thank you


There are a couple of ways you can find out what happened with the Rav.

If you plug in ‘Rav Berland’ in the search box on this site, it will bring up a ton of articles from the last 4-5 years, so you can do it that way.

OR, you can download both volumes of One in a Generation, for free, and read them at your leisure.

Here’s volume 1, as a PDF:


And here’s volume 2, as a PDF:

Into Exile FINAL



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An hour ago, I got the following email ping into my inbox:

Dear Reuven and Rivka, 

I hope that you guys are all well.  [Daughter’s name] got engaged back on June 4th.  I’m really, really truly sorry but I just saw that our previous messages to you didn’t send. 

BS”H the wedding will be on [Date].  I hope that you & Reuven will be able to attend.  

Please note that we are only inviting people that have been vaccinated.  

-[Name of old friend]


Here’s what I sent back:

Wow, so very pleased for you all, please give a ‘mazal tov’ to [daughter’s name]. He looks very nice, and she looks very happy.
Reuven and I aren’t vaccinated, and that’s not going to change any time soon.
So sadly, we can’t attend the wedding.
If you change your mind, we’d love to come, but I understand that’s unlikely.
Sending you love,

I’ve known this person for around 15 years.

When we lived in the same city, way back when, we were very good friends.
I went to be this person’s after birth attendant, when she had a C-section a few years back.
We haven’t seen so much of each other in recent years, but it’s kinda sad, that this is the way they are sharing their really awesome good news, with a heavy dose of ‘vaccination apartheid’.

Last year, I got into a massive fight with this friend about face masks.

She has a serious auto-immune condition, and believes 100% in the quasi-divine status of the medical profession.
So when I told her how stressful I was finding all the mask enforcement in Jerusalem last year, man, did she let me have it with both barrels.
Because, you understand, people like me, who refused to wear pointless and health-injuring facemasks 24/7 were causing people like her to suffer.
She could no longer go out for a walk, because people like me weren’t giving her a ‘sterile’ space to be in, by refusing to wear our masks fully over our noses when outside.
How selfish people like me were! How irresponsible! 

I really like this person.

Or at least, I used to.
We’ve always had different opinions about different things, but that whole face mask showdown left us both with a really disgusting taste in the mouth.
She thought I was a selfish, uninformed pig who was putting her life at risk…
And I thought…. that the whole world is just one big mirror, reflecting back at you who you really are.
We tried to leave things on a kind of neutral note, but my friend made it clear that she’d lost all respect for me, and was struggling to keep me in the category marked ‘caring human being’.
On my last birthday, she surprised me by sending me a ‘happy birthday’ text.
And maybe I thought we’d turned the COVID corner after all, and could just go back to being happy to be occasionally in touch.

But now, I guess not.

There is so much information building up about how many people are dying from this shot, how many people are experiencing serious side effects, how many women are losing their babies in ‘spontaneous abortions’ in the first and second trimester (82%, according to a study that came out in the New England Medical Journal) – and of course, how many vaccinated people appear to be getting seriously sick from the so-called ‘Delta’ variant of COVID.

I could send my friend a million and one articles to look at.

I could tell her all about ‘DNA Origami’ and magnetic, remote-controlled nanobots, and evil agendas to radically reduce the planet’s population, and all the rest of it.

But I’m not going to.

Because there is no point.


She has her version of reality, and I have mine.

And I guess I won’t be going to her kid’s wedding, as a result of ‘vaccine apartheid’, and I guess that – even though everyone else will be FULLY vaccinated – she just doesn’t trust that vaccine enough to let one ‘unvaccinated’ person slip through the net and…. do what, exactly?

Infect all those vaccinated people with the COVID that the vaccine is meant to be protecting them from?

(Eyes roll back in the head.)


Her kid isn’t getting married for a couple of months.

A lot of things can change in that time.

A lot more information can come out about what’ really going on here -and the side effects of this experimental gene therapy pretending to be a vaccine.

A lot more people can finally wake up, and realise that COVID was never about fighting a disease, but only and always about trying to control humanity.

If my friend is one of them, then maybe I’ll get to go to that wedding after all.

But I’m not holding my breath.


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Over shabbat, I read an amazing book.

It’s called ‘Human Tuning: Sound Healing With Tuning Forks’, by John Beaulieu.

First, watch this, which shows how an oscillating Chladni Plate works, to turn ‘sound’ into form:


Basically, different tones cause the plate to oscillate in different ways, causing different ‘pictures’ to show up in the medium – usually sand – that is sprinkled on top of them.

But before that ‘new picture’ – that new vibe – swims into view, we first have a slide into chaos.

The old ‘picture’ disintegrates totally into a formless mass, and there’s a pause while the shape of the ‘next wave’ is coming into view.

That’s what’s going on right now.


We’re sitting here waiting for the ‘Moshiach picture’, the ‘Moshiach vibe’ to emerge.

And in the meantime, we’re watching the old picture, the old world – full as it is of so much evil and unhappiness – dissolve all around us.

And for many of us, that’s a very uncomfortable, anxiety-inducing process.

But that’s because we don’t understand how the world really works.

That chaos is the interlude to something truly beautiful, and way, way better developing.

Both in our private lives, and also in the world.


I took some time today to really think about this idea, and I have to say, it bought me a very deep feeling of peace.

Like you, I sit here watching everything falling apart, and watching all my certainties erode, and watching relationships break down all over the place, and watching everything ‘collapse’ – literally and figuratively.

And it’s been making me feel so sad.

Because I forgot, that this ‘chaos’ isn’t pointless or unnecessary.

It’s a necessary prelude to the ‘next picture forming’.

To that massive, spiritual energy shift that’s going to see a way better world forming, very soon.


We just have to hang on, in the meantime, and know that the ‘chaos’ is just another step in the geula process, but it’s not the end destination.

Hang on!

It’s hard to keep going some days, I know.

But I really got the message today, that God can be trusted to arrange things exactly how they need to be.

The chaos is painful.

It’s scary.

It’s uncomfortable.

But it’s also totally necessary, if we really want things to change and improve.

So just hang on a tiny bit more.

Until the next part of this process starts to materialise, mamash.


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I know a lot of the things I’ve been covering here recently fit in the ‘heavy’ box.

***Updates Below***

We live in a world of lies still, until Moshiach finally shows up, and uncovering those lies and acknowledging them is very ‘heavy’ spiritual work, for a whole bunch of reasons.

But I want you to know something:

There is still hope.

A huge amount of hope, that all this can and will turn around for the best.


You know me by now, that I don’t write fluffy things just to make people feel happier.

If I didn’t truly believe that there is still hope, I wouldn’t be saying it.

And I also know how difficult all this can feel, day-to-day.

There are so many people I can no longer have a truthful conversation with, at least about ‘vaccines’ and fake ‘pandemics’ and lying media, that sometimes it just feels pretty lonely.

And sometimes, I feel like hiding away for the next six months, until this dam finally breaks, and all the truth floods out by itself.


When I feel like that, I go and do some hitbodedut.

Or I drive off to a kever somewhere, and go and do a few Tikkun Haklalis.

Or I pay a small pidyon over on the site, because these things are what are really getting me through this period of sometimes overwhelming yeoush.

Really, that’s the only thing left for me to do, that’s actually going to make a difference.


At least – and most importantly – to myself!

And my frame of mind.

And my ability to continue on, day-to-day, amidst all the madness that is our modern world.


At the same time, I’m starting to figure out more clues to how this technology can be beaten, bezrat Hashem.

Long story short, and I will flesh a lot more of this stuff out once I’ve pinned it down more, all this ‘bio-tech’ is operating at a certain frequency.

If we can figure out the frequency, it can be jammed, or blocked.

Also, the body operates at a particular ‘frequency’ that according to one kinesiologist I spoke to a couple of days’ ago, can be ‘elevated’ – or dropped down – depending on the actions and thoughts of the person.

She’s been treating a lot of people for ‘side effects’ from the Covid ‘vaccine’ – even when they aren’t aware that their health issue is a side effect.

And she told me that the more spiritually-aware people are definitely being less affected, and that she is seeing that effects of the nanobot vaccine can be energetically ‘reversed’.


I have way more to write about this subject, and posting may be slow on this blog for the next few days, as I am reading, reading, reading everything I can get my hands on, to try and figure out more of a practical derech.

But the bottom line is this:

Human beings are way, way more than our bodies.

We are not just ‘animals’, that can be barcoded and ‘remote controlled’ by external electro-magnetic forces – although that is clearly very possible.


All this is midda kneged midda.

People who believe the are ‘only’ their bodies will effectively find that their ‘body’ has been hijacked by this technology, and that their soul lacks the force to stand up to the body’s impulses to think and act a certain (pre-programmed) way.

But for people who are operating out of their bodies at the soul level? Well.

It’s a totally different scenario.

Literally, their cells are vibrating at a different pitch, a different frequency, and the ‘instructions’ being sent electro-magnetically just won’t be able to ‘catch’ in the same way.


So there is still hope.

A lot of hope.

And the key to all this is putting the information together cogently, so more and more of us can first recognise the nanobot mountain before us, and then move to making the real teshuva that is required for our souls to start shining out, and then for our souls to connect so strongly to Hashem, the Creator of the world – no ‘DNA Origami’ tech can stand before it.

BH, I will lay out more details soon, but let’s start with this:


Sound waves are ‘frequency’.

God spoke the world into being.

Sound literally affects how molecules, how cells act and react. 

Or to put it a different way, sound can shape and change matter.

Sound = prayer.

Sound = music.


Rabbenu revealed the Tikkun Haklali, and the Rav, Rav Berland revealed the Pirchey Nevarchim – and both can literally change everything around, on the spiritual and physical plains.

I will write more soon, BH, to set out the facts and the science and the Torah that shine a light on the derech out of this mess that we’re in at the moment.

But for now, I just wanted you to know that there is hope.

And that your prayers have never been more needed, or more important.



This from reader Darin:

The Rav recently asked that anyone who could do at least one TK per day and one PN per week, specifically for him.

Apparently they strengthen and empower him in some way I couldn’t even begin to understand. The precise ratio will vary according to the person’s spiritual level and makeup.

Also that it’s important to say them in Hebrew, even if you don’t speak Hebrew – the words have more power in the sacred language for the purpose the Rav needs them for. Reading a transliterated version works, as long as you’re pronouncing the Hebrew words.

[Ed. note: I will try to explain more about why it’s important to say it in Hebrew very soon.]

And of course, the benefits aren’t just for the Rav. When we pray for the Rav, that frees him to pray for us, and for all of Israel, and for the world. In the 3-4 weeks I’ve been doing this I’ve seen some healing in members of my family [which might be a coincidence], a couple of small private open miracles [which probably aren’t a coincidence] and /major/ improvements in an area of middot I’ve been struggling with my whole life [which is not a coincidence at all!]. And it feels almost like I’m operating under a shield, in a bubble of some kind that is keeping the overwhelming majority of the world’s craziness at least several hundred miles away….

The reward in the World to Come for spiritual work, I’m told, is the amount of effort we make, even if we make mistakes or do things imperfectly.

It’s taken some effort to carve out the time to do even one TK per day, and even more effort to persevere with the apparent oddness of taking nontrivial time per day to read words out loud in a language I don’t even understand and not allowing non-believing family members to interrupt me while I do. [And on a side note, wow the PN takes a lot of effort to do! It’s at least 3x the size of a TK, and has /so many/ 5-6 syllable words! It must be powerful, because I always feel winded and exhausted when I’m done, like I just conducted several megawatts of spiritual power through my body.] I thank G-d for meriting to do it and hope to merit to keep it up indefinitely. Baruch Hashem!


HERE is where you can download the Prakim Nevarchim from the RavBerland site.

(I know, I have spelt this wrong a million times already, clearly a mental block going on.)

And click this link: Chosen_Chapters to download them from my site.


And HERE is where you can get a free download of an interlinear Tikkun Haklali.

(Or you can download and print the PDF of that from my site, bi clicking this: pdfslide.net_interlinear-tikkun-haklali)


Here in Israel, they are talking about another ‘lockdown’ and the return of masks.


Because they have millions of doses of Pfizer experimental nanobot gene therapy going to waste, which will pass their sell by date in July – and they are desperately trying to get as many kids barcoded (or ‘vaccinated’, take your pick) before then.

So, OF COURSE this variant is being spun as being super dangerous for kids….

And especially those kids in the age group they are trying to panic the parents into vaccinating.

Please, please, don’t do it!

Hang on just a little while longer, please.


And at the same time, the court in Israel cancelled the Rav’s latest hearing, pushed it off into the middle of July – and apparently are also trying to unilaterally extend his sentence again, even though they already agreed to a reduction last time.

Once again, we see that as the Tzaddik HaDor is returned to prison and persecuted more, our own situation worsens, and we also ‘return to prison’ with more lockdowns and masks on the horizon.

When o when are more people going to connect these dots?


Don’t get yeoush!

Just roll up your sleeves, and start praying, at least one Tikkun Haklali a day, and one Pirkey Nevarchim a week.

These prayers really do have the power, the koach to change reality.

More on that soon.

But in the meantime, there’s nothing else we can do anyway.

So, what do you have to lose?


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Some days, I kind of feel a little smashed up.

Like I got dropped on a hard floor – repeatedly.

Sometimes, this life is hard.

We are at the end of such a long process of exile, and our souls have stuffed things up so many times already, and there is so little ‘wholeness’ and ‘completeness’ in the world, and so many tikkunim to go through…well.

It’s like Rabbenu said:

“They have broken us, like a broken potsherd.”


How to put those pieces back together?

Is it even possible, to put their pieces back together?

Pieces that got broken over the last 5781 years of history, and that are still chasing their shleimut… endlessly.


These were my thoughts, when a friend called me and told me about kintsugi pottery.


Kintsugi is a Japanese art-form, where broken pottery is kind of stuck back together with gold and silver.

It’s beautiful.

Way more beautiful than the original, unbroken, pottery ever could have been.


We are living in the time of the second set of luchot.

The first set got smashed by Moshe Rabbenu.

And ever since, we’ve been living in a reality where it’s the second – and third, and fourth, and 85th – attempt is the one that really sticks, the one that is really ‘meant to be’, the one that really gets there, somehow.

Modern life can be so very hard, emotionally, because we all put so much effort in to so many things – and somehow, so often, it just gets smashed to pieces.

What, I’m going to start again?

I’m going to try again?

Who has the energy, who has the koach to keep going, when so much just ends up being smashed apart again?


That applies to relationships.

It applies to our teshuva process.

Sometimes, it applies to our finances, our careers, the gashmius foundation of our lives.

Sometimes – the darkest times – it applies to our faith and emuna.

And even Rabbenu experienced this.

“They have broken us, like a broken potsherd.”


At those times, it’s hard to imagine that what was ‘broken’ can ever be whole and useful again.

I’m in pieces on the floor, here.

I can’t even get out of bed in the morning, how do you want me to turn this relationship around, turn my life around, turn my teshuva process around?!

How do you want me to fix the world, God, when I am so broken myself?


The answer is to just bring our broken pieces to the True Tzaddik, and let him get on with the job of putting us back together.

With the ‘gold’ of appropriate judgment, and the ‘silver’ of appropriate compassion.

Sometimes, it’s a long, drawn-out, painstaking process.

So many shards to deal with, so many sparks of previous lives that need gathering up, and replacing in the correct spot.

The work requires a lot of patience.


But at the end, if we don’t give up and walk away, the vessel is finally made ‘whole’ again.

And is far more beautiful than before it got all smashed up.

As long as we don’t give up in the middle.


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After months of masks, followed by Meron mass-murder, followed by the 4th intifada and another war… Israel is apparently now going back to ‘normal’.

And honestly, I think that’s the most head-wrecking part of all this.

The ‘normal’ that suddenly pops back up, after months and months of people living on their nerves, and their emuna, and sitting here feeling like it’s the end of the world, and that Moshiach must be just around the corner.

And then that all disappears again, somehow, and we ‘go back to normal’.


Of course, we aren’t really going back to “normal”, although many of us are trying.

I watch my kids trying to do some of the things they used to love so much, before all this madness began, and I can see that the ta’am, the taste for the world of narishkeit has pretty much gone.

They go to the beach, and it’s not so great.

They go out to the shuk, and it’s OK – but really not so great.

They go shopping – and they really aren’t enjoying it so much (not that they ever really did, but it’s definitely even less enjoyable than previously.)

And I’m also experiencing that.


Maybe, partly, I’m just so totally and utterly fried-out from one ‘massive drama’ after another, that I’ve kind of shut down and gone into zombie mode.

Especially before the tragedy happened in Meron – like, for weeks before that happened – I was feeling kind of ‘numb’ and finding it hard to really engage with the world, with people.

Since Pesach, it’s been hard to cook, to clean, to find motivation to do anything much.

And then Meron happened, and I barely slept for 3 weeks, while I was working on what really occurred that night, and how the police (taking orders from above) murdered 45 people in cold blood.

By Shavuot, I totally collapsed.

I was sick as a dog for about 4-5 days, and I just wanted some space, some peace and quiet, without having to think about other people.


When you’re a mum, you just take the responsibility for things going on in the house.

If there is no food in the fridge – that’s down to you.

If there are no clean clothes, and the plants aren’t being watered – that’s down to you.

But sometimes, when you’ve been stuck with people in your face, 24/7, for over a year – well.

It can get kinda hard to keep the level of ‘service with a smile’ up.


And then, there’s how hard all this has been for the other people in my house.

One kid has been doing ‘zoom university’ – non-stop! – all year.

Until Pesach, she’d barely left the house for eight months.

The other one has been trying to complete her bagrut matriculation exams this year.

BH, she has a great school that doesn’t believe in medical fascism, so she’s managed to evade being tested for ‘Covid’ every single week just to go back to class – like nearly all the rest of her friends in other schools.

And she’s managed to evade being locked down for two weeks solid in dorm – like so many of her peers in other schools.

But until recently, she’s still had to deal with the non-stop ‘threat’ that non-vaccinated students wouldn’t be allowed to sit their exams.


Poor kid, each time she revises for the bagrut, there’s been another lockdown…. or another ‘medical fascist diktat’ that we’ve had to find a way around, or a mini-pogrom, or a war….

It’s really great we’re ‘going back to normal’, but I can tell you that my kids’ generation is already sitting there questioning what the point of ‘normal’ is.

If it was hard for them to be motivated to do stuff before – or at least, stuff that ‘normal’ people are meant to do – now, it’s even more difficult.

And honestly – I’m in the same boat.


I have a lot of stuff to be getting on with, in theory.

More books to write, old books to sort out re-printing, plans to make, ideas to pursue….

And I have no energy or motivation to do any of it.

I’m also just kind of ‘floating along’ here, doing whatever God gives me to do in the day, in the hour, but otherwise, I can’t really think about ‘the future’, or make any firm plans to try and follow through on.

Last week, I was in the middle of a war and another intifada (apparently….)

The week before that, I was knee-deep in the Meron murder cover-up.

The month before that, I was agonizing over the idea that the government here was steadily stripping away every freedom I had, as a human being, in an effort to force me to be ‘vaccinated’.

And now…. it’s all apparently disappeared again.

We’re going back to ‘normal’.

For at least the next 10 minutes.


Yesterday, they announced that from June 1, they are cancelling all the ‘green passport’ medical apartheid in Israel.

It sounds like good news – but I’m so jaded about this government, and their secret agendas, and their mass-manipulation policies, that I don’t take anything they say at face-value, any more.

When it suits them, they say this.

And when it doesn’t, they say ‘we manipulated another ‘spike’ in Covid mutations, so now we need the biggest lockdown you’ve ever seen in your life’.

Because all of this – everything – is just fake news.

And you can make fake news up on a whim, it doesn’t need to be ‘logical’ or based on anything.


So what’s the takeaway message, here?

At least for me?

That any existence outside of Torah, mitzvot and good deeds – i.e. a spiritual life – is pretty meaningless.

But the last few months, there has been such an onslaught going on that even that stuff hasn’t been coming as easily as it used to.

BH, if not for the talking to God every day, if not for Rebbe Nachman’s teachings, if not for Rav Berland’s prayers – I would be in a real mess.



Let’s stop there for today.

I have breakfast to make for my kid, as part of ‘going back to normal’, before she goes off to school.

They cancelled her bagrut again today, that she’s been studying all weekend for.

She’s in a funny mood.

I don’t blame her.

Somehow, ‘going back to normal’ can feel more challenging than the total abnormal we’ve all got used to, over the last year and a bit.

Now, I’m meant to be straight back into writing books again, and making plans again, and putting together great suppers again… right?

And the kids are meant to be going straight back into straight A’s at school, and believing a university degree will get them a job, and buying into all the lies about how ‘normal’ people are meant to live, and what they are meant to be focusing on and chasing after.

Except they can’t. And I can’t.

And really, neither can anyone else.

So the ‘normal’ is anything but.


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For the last three weeks, I’ve been a woman possessed.

From the time the atrocity in Meron occurred, three weeks ago today, I’ve barely slept and I’ve been totally consumed with ‘getting the truth out there’, any way I could.

BH, with a lot of siyatta di shmeya, and a lot of help from a lot of other people here on the blog and elsewhere, we’ve pulled enough of the picture together now into that PDF, that I’m kind of feeling like my job is done.

That’s not to say I won’t come back to it if God gives me a nudge to do that, but now that BH it looks like there will be a State Commission of Inquiry after all, and that more and more people are opening their eyes to what really happened in Meron, I think I need to take a break from the subject.


It’s been SOOO intense the last three weeks – mini-pogroms and wars notwithstanding – and I need a rest.

Which of course, means going back to ‘fun’ stuff like writing about evil fake vaccines and trying to track down more Freemason-Frankists…

And I also want to press ‘pause’ on the lashon hara l’toelet that I’ve had to engage in the last few weeks, to really try and stop the police cover-up in Meron.

When bad things happen, we have to explore them, we have to deal with them – but it’s a mistake to keep looking for the bad, once the ‘job has been done’.

(I’m clearly going to fall back into speaking lashon hara again… but at least I’m trying to not to. Like all of us.)


So, let’s end this week with a miracle story from Meron, which you can read the full story of HERE, in English.


His life was saved when he yelled out that he was going to do a pidyon nefesh with Rav Berland.

And he also clearly describes how the exit was blocked by the police – and from what he describes, the police seemed to have blocked the ‘Reb Dov Shvil’ at both the top of the metal ramp for people who were ascending, as well as at the bottom of the stairs – which is another piece of information that needs careful scrutiny.

But not by me.

BH, it’s gone enough ‘mainstream’ now that other people are asking the questions, and with God’s help will find the answers:

(This link was sent to me by MR – ta!)


Life is crazy right now, mamash.

Especially in Israel.

But geula is so close, you can smell it in the air.

And we just have to hang on for one more minute.


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Just a quick post, to ‘update’ you on the situation in my bit of Jerusalem.

The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and things are eerily quiet where I live, in a ‘mixed’ community right next to the Old City.

This morning at around 6:30am, I thought I heard a group of protesters, or something, close by, but I couldn’t make out if they were chanting in Hebrew or Arabic, and I didn’t have the sense of ‘panic’ I get when something feels off.

Yesterday, my husband went to work with no problems.

I went to the supermarket with no problems.

My kids went all over the place visiting friends etc with no problems.

I know, that’s not at all the picture you are being painted by the media, but that is my first hand experience, currently of Jerusalem.


I know people are dying in other parts of the country.

Or rather, I should say I think I know that, because the level of lies and media manipulation going on has ratcheted up so high, the last few weeks, I literally trust NOTHING I see in the media anymore, unless I can verify it personally.

There are so many things setting the BS-O-meter off about what’s going on right now, I don’t know where to start in trying to unpick it all to see what’s true and what isn’t.

So, I’m basically ignoring ‘the matzav’ at the moment, while I focus on trying to finish up my investigation into what really happened in Meron.

Which is taking a lot of effort, all by itself.


I will continue to update you with my own personal experiences of life in Jerusalem, in the meantime.

If I see something with my own eyes, or speak to real people about their real experiences, I will share that.

But the reason I’m staying mostly quiet about ‘the matzav’ is because so much of it feels like ‘fake news’ – but I haven’t got the ability to sort out the truth from the lies.

BH, God will finally rescue us from all this madness, and all these evil people, intent on plunging the world into more unnecessary violence, wars and human suffering.


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You want to know the real reason for this ‘upswing’ in violence the last couple of days?

***Important updates below***

Here it is, from 5:49am this morning:

Lapid and Bennett almost announced formation of gov’t

Security escalation prevented Yamina chairman and Yesh Atid chairman from asking President to swear in a government as early as next week.

And here in Israel, it’s not just ‘conspiracy theorists’ like myself who are starting to make these connections.

My kids belong to a hardcore, dati leumi ra-ra ‘State of Israel’ crowd.

Yesterday, one of them got sent a long message by a friend that basically said this:

I think Bibi is behind all this violence. Every time they are about to pick someone else for Prime Minister, the violence starts up again. And then when he’s ‘safe’ as Prime Minister, it goes away again.


I was so pleased when she told me this.


Because it means that the zeitgeist of understanding what is really going on here, and who is really behind it, is starting to go mainstream.

Geula doesn’t require everyone to open their eyes and start to understand and acknowledge the truth.

It just requires a critical mass of people – and we are fast, fast approaching it.


A lot of my kids’ friends live in Maaleh Zeitim.

That’s the Jewish neighborhood at the top right hand of the Mount of Olives cemetery, that’s usually heavily guarded by magavnikim and always at the heart of so much of the violence that goes on, in and around the Old City.

Yesterday, one of the cars driving out of Maaleh Zeitim got pelted with stones and rocks, leading to a horrible smash up – where an Arab rock-thrower basically got run over at high speed, but then bizarrely got up and walked away.

The whole story is setting off my BS-O-Meter, I’m not even sure why, but here’s the real story I want to tell you about Maaleh Zeitim.


Two days ago, the brother of one of my kid’s really good friends in Maaleh Zeitim were walking back home in a group of his friends, when some Arab teens ambushed them and started pelting them with rocks.

So, the brother and his friend started throwing rocks back, in self-defense, and then managed to get home.

A little while later, the police showed up – and arrested the friend’s brother.

The family have no idea what’s happening with him, and haven’t been able to speak with him.

BH, after everything that’s happened with the Rav, and with the murder of Ahuvya Sandek, and with the mass-murder project at Meron – we’re all praying he’s OK, and not being harmed.


Yesterday, my husband told me the Border Police stormed Al Aksa mosque, and fired stun grenades at the worshippers.

There were no rock-throwing terrorists there, no-one was doing anything except lying on the floor and prostrating themselves to Allah.

My husband is a-political, really hates all the ‘conspiracy theory’ stuff and plays a very straight bat.

Even he told me:

Why would they do that, on Yom Yerushalayim, at the end of Ramadan, except as an act of deliberate provocation to the Arabs?



Then also yesterday, my daughter told me an (unconfirmed…) story that in Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza, they ‘accidentally’ killed three small kids, and there is footage of that.

She said to me:

Everyone is going to really hate us now, and it’s going to go crazy….

Today – I can’t find that story anywhere.

Not even on ‘Israel-bashing’ websites like the BBC, which is so, so strange, to say the least.


Because – for sure – if there is footage of Israeli bombs ‘accidentally’ killing three small kids in Gaza – well, hell-ooo match to light the fuse on the tinderbox.

In fact, you couldn’t dream up a better ‘match’ to light the fuse than that story, if you were hell-bent on starting another war in the Middle East, to save your job and the NWO plans for global domination and the ‘Great Reset’, that are being co-ordinated out of Israel.

But somehow…. it didn’t happen.


This morning, I woke up (at 5am) to the worrying sounds of angry Arabs chanting something menacing over and over again a little way down the hill, close to my house.

(Which is close to the Temple Mount, close to the old ‘Green Line’, close to a lot of the ‘action’ that’s happening here in the Holy City.)

I lay in bed for five minutes kind of half-paralyzed with the fear that some group of crazy Arabs were going to come marching up the hill any minute, and start attacking Jewish homes.

Like mine.

God forbid, a trillion times over.

Then, I remembered that God is running the world, and that when a person is doing hitbodedut, that prevents harsh decrees from coming to the world.


So, I did al natilat yadayim really fast, and then started my hour of hitbodedut.

The minute I began, the menacing chanting that had been going on for half an hour just stopped, and all I could hear was the chirping of dawn birds.


Prayer is the answer.

Sincere, heart-felt prayer.

That’s how we get all this violence to go away, that’s how we stop all this madness, all this evil, from consuming the world.


What’s going on right now in Israel is so, so strange.

If you follow the headlines, you can see how everything has been deliberately constructed over the last few weeks to lead us, ‘inevitably’, into another war with the Arabs.

They have done their level best over the last few weeks to create violence, strife and division in Israel, between all communities at all levels.

Jew vs Arab

Religious vs Secular

People who go to Meron vs People who don’t believe in going to Meron

The list goes on and on and on….

And yet, everything is being continually sweetened.

As fast as they create the ‘tinderbox’, the ‘explosive situation’, the ‘excuse for escalating things even higher’ – it somehow fades as fast as it appears.


What’s going on here right now is totally abnormal, and clearly touching the realms of openly supernatural.

We’ll see what today brings, but right now in Jerusalem, there are no sirens – of police cars nor rockets – and all I can hear are birds chirping outside my window.

For sure, they aren’t done yet, and there will be more ‘deliberate provocations’.

But I don’t think they are going to be able to light the fuse this time around, no matter how hard they try.

And with each renewed attempt to stir things up, more people are seeing through the facade, and understanding that the people who are running the show here are really bad.

We only need a critical mass to open our eyes and understand that.

And once it happens – the evil will meltdown all by itself.


PS: I’m still working on what happened in Meron, and I think I’ve found footage of the ‘mysterious barrier’ that blocked the left-hand exit out of Area 41.

It was hidden in plain view, as so many things are.

BH, I will do that post a little later on today, World War III notwithstanding.


Prayer to avoid anger and slander against background of a snake



One of my readers, Ana, just sent me this via email, which I’m reproducing below:

Regarding the JPOST article you referenced in your most recent post (WATCH: Attempted lynching of Israeli driver during Jerusalem riots – The Jerusalem Post (, what’s with the photos?

They did a re-enactment?

The scene in the photos in no way depicts anything that happened in the video – not to mention that the Jew already has a bandage on his head and the blood looks very suspicious… and the article said that the two Jews were transported to the hospital.

They were transported after the photo op with the policeman or they went back later in the day to reenact it? Also notice the slick police interview embedded in that article.


I have images blocked on most sites, including Jpost, so I didn’t see the fishy pictures.

Here’s what they show:

The driver of the car fighting with Arabs next to his car – with his head apparently already bandaged.

There’s also a ‘police hero’ shot of a cop ‘saving his life’ by taking out his gun and waving it around.


Go take a look yourselves, and see what it is you are really looking at, instead of just believing the ‘story’.


So then, I asked my kid to check in with her friends in Maaleh Zeit – the community where all this is meant to have happened in Jerusalem – to see if anyone knows who the driver actually is.

Guess what?

No-one in Maaleh Zeit knows him.

But they think he’s a soldier serving in a regiment that’s somehow connected to the Rabbanut.


I know that road pretty well, and unless you are going to visit someone in Maaleh Zeit, you just don’t drive down that bit. There is nowhere else to go except DEEP into Arab Jerusalem.

I know this, because two years I tried to figure out if it was a shortcut to anywhere and I got myself trapped up a mountain in the middle of a bunch of Arabs, where I had to reverse around corners, up hills, while half the street came out to watch.

NOT a fun experience.


Other weird things that immediately struck me about that ‘lynch’:

Why were the frigging car doors unlocked?

I have a super basic 8 year old car – and it’s locks all the doors automatically when you start driving with central locking.

Even if you don’t have central locking (big if…) – you are being pelted by stones in an Arab neighborhood, you feel ‘trapped’ on the street, and NO-ONE in the car thinks to lock the doors?



Also, how come not one of those many Arabs who got ‘run over’ at high speed can be seen anywhere in the area, or at least trying to limp away in slow motion?

Who gets mowed down by a car like that, and then just gets up and runs off?

And not just one, a few of them.


And then, the driver of the car – with his forehead bandages that have no blood on them, and with his totally unbruised, unblemished face – even though there is apparently blood all over the front of his shirt – then goes back to his wrecked car for a photo shoot, holding massive bits of building tile that were apparently thrown at him?

People, are we really this dumb, to keep on falling for this stuff?

It’s giving the term ‘bad actor’ a whole new dimension.


Lastly, let me remind you of this story, where two cops were caught dressing up as chareidim in Jerusalem a couple of weeks ago, titled:

Undercover cops dressed as chareidim attacked by Arabs in Jerusalem’.


And now, tell me again:

WHO is lighting the fire in Jerusalem, and WHO is deliberately stirring the pot?

Here’s a clue, from 5:49am this morning:

Lapid and Bennett almost announced formation of gov’t

Security escalation prevented Yamina chairman and Yesh Atid chairman from asking President to swear in a government as early as next week.

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