I’ve been getting a few emails about ‘Monkey Pox’.

Even the lamest fiction writer couldn’t write a script as bad as this, and anyone would believe it.

I’m really hoping it’s so ridiculous, that even hardcore ‘Covid 19 believers’ will start to question what’s going on here, and finally wake up.

Because hope springs eternal!

In the meantime, for those still wavering between starting to believe that most of the ‘conspiracy theories’, ahem, on this site are actually rooted in cold, hard facts, and wanting to believe that our media, government and health ministries are good guys and only tell the truth and care about people – take a look at this:


It’s from March 2021, and it runs through a ‘Monkey Pox Pandemic’ scenario.

Here’s a few screenshots:



Note the dates, for when all this ‘Monkey Pox madness’ was meant to begin: May 15, 2022.

They are bang on cue!


Are these people prophets, or what!

We know that prophecy has gone, except for remnants remaining in children and the mentally infirm, and here we see it with our own eyes.

You can find the NTI website, HERE.

It’s got a whole bunch of international people sitting on its board, including, of course, someone from the State of Israel, named Gideon Frank.


I started looking at the Van Leer Group two weeks ago, when I was trying to track down more of the funding behind the so-called ‘Modern Orthodox’ movement that is really just a front for Frum-Reform agendas in the observant community.

Bernard Van Leer traces back to a bunch of Sabbatian-Frankists – fancy that!

HERE‘s their website – and take a particular look at Fay Twersky, HERE.



Bill Gates, Yad Hanadiv of the Rothschilds, all mixed up together with an institution that’s putting out reports like this:

The Precision Medicine Data Environment in Israel


And isn’t it another enormous CO-INC-IDE-NCE, that the Israeli who sits on the board of NTI, who just happened to run an exercise for a ‘Monkey Pox Plandemic’ back in March 2021 – slated to start in May 2022 – also sits on the board of the Van Leer Group?


Why should you care about all this?

If you take the time to read through the PDF on Precision Medicine Data, you’ll find lots of very interesting things, including the fact that Israel has decided to a) collect your genetic material ‘anonymously’, without your consent, and b) to even drop that ‘anonymous’ bit of the requirement, when it suits them to use your specific bio-information, explicitly connected to your name and identity:

From page 22:


See that highlighted area at the top?

In plain English, it says that if the State of Israel decided that your personally-identifiable genetic information is ‘essential’ for the provision of a medical treatment or service, or for the ‘ongoing operation of a health organisation’ – they can use it WITHOUT YOUR INFORMED CONSENT.

Now, are you starting to understand why they’ve been pushing their weird swabs up everyone’s nose, the last two years? 

It’s to create a genome ‘database’ for their precision medicine venture, where they can pretty much use your identifiable DNA for ANY REASON THEY COME UP, without your informed consent.


BTW, NTI was founded 20 years ago by Ted Turner and Sam Nunn.

This snippet from Wikipedia:

NTI was founded in 2001 by former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn and philanthropist Ted Turner. It serves as the Secretariat for the “Nuclear Security Project”, in cooperation with theHoover Institution at Stanford. Former Secretary of State George P. Shultz, former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry, former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger and Nunn (the “four horsemen of the nuclear apocalypse“) guide the project—an effort to encourage global action to reduce urgent nuclear dangers and build support for reducing reliance on nuclear weapons, ultimately ending them as a threat to the world.

Hey, Henry Kissinger is involved.

Phew. I am now totally reassured that everything these NTI guys are up to can only be for the broader good of humanity.

(Sarcasm = off.)


So, what is this ‘Monkey Pox’ really all about?

(I mean, apart from giving them another excuse to try to push more lockdowns, social distancing, fear porn and nanotech GO injections mislabelled as ‘vaccines’?)

Here’s what the people at LaQuintaColumna think:


I am currently reading an amazing book called ‘The Invisible Rainbow’ by Arthur Firstenberg.

Spend ten minutes listening to this, and you’ll start to really understand way more why ‘5…G’ and wifi, and electricity grids and telecommunications broadly, have been negatively impacting human health for the last 250 years.


As always, TBC.

I am now going back to my break for another week, as I really need it.

But don’t get sucked into ‘Monkey Pox Madness’ this time around.

It’s exactly the same formula used to create ‘Covid 19 fear’, to launch their fake pandemic two years ago.

But this time, hopefully many more of us are wise to their game, and are starting to see that the real ‘pox on humanity’ are the evil people who rule us.


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Let’s learn more about these ‘Jewish-Christians’, and see how they’ve been shaping history behind the scenes.

(You can read Part 1 HERE.)

First, a note on the sources for this information.

Much of it has been gathered together in a book called ‘The Secret Legacy of Jesus: The Judaic Teachings That Passed From James the Just to the Founding Fathers’, written by Lutheran Minister and adjunct Professor of world religions at Penn State, Jeffrey Butz.

In turn, one of the main places where Butz got his info was from a work written by ‘Hebrew Christian’ Hugh Schonfield, called The History of Jewish Christianity, (1937).

You can read that HERE.


Before we continue, I went to check out ‘Hugh Schonfield’ on geni, to see who he’s related to.

I hit the motherlode.

HERE is where you can see his profile on geni.

If you keep clicking back on his mother’s side, you get to a whole bunch of ‘Cohens’, ‘Boas’s’ and ‘Goldschmidts’.


Because I’ve been eating and sleeping these family trees for two years, I can tell you that the ‘Boas’ family were very wealthy parnessim in Amsterdam; they were known Sabbateans – and they were also the supporters of the Goldschmidt bankers in London, and the ‘bad Baal Shem’ of London, Dr Samuel Chaim Falk.

Here’s the relevant snippet from THIS post:

Falk’s main financial backers in Amsterdam were the wealthy Sabbatean ‘Boas’ family – now conveniently scrubbed out of Jewish history (possibly because Frank’s second wife may have been a ‘Boas’.)

Falk’s main financial backers in London were the Goldschmidt banker-brothers, and he also hangs out with the ‘Chief Rabbi’ David Tebele Schiff.


Falk is the guy who began the ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’, and who also encouraged the creation of a bunch more secret societies like the Asiatic Brotherhood – all practising black magic, and preaching a creed of ‘universalism’.

Here’s another pertinent snippet:

Falk spent the last 5 years of his life on developing a ‘Judeo-Christian Freemasonry’, where Jews wouldn’t be pressured to convert to Christianity.

It looks like this was the ‘Egyptian Rites Freemasonry’ that was later ‘marketed’, if you can call it that, by Falk’s protege Cagliostro (aka Joseph Balsamo from Italy, who may well have been another Sabian-Sabbatean, even before he met Falk.)….

Remember, Frank was the son-in-law of ‘Dr Falk’, and the putative father of Falk’s six grand-daughters – all of whom married back into the ‘orthodox’ Jewish community of secret Sabbateans….

Defacto, Falk created a ‘new mystical religion, which would…transcend all sectarian divisions.”


OK, let’s get back to ‘Hebrew Christian’ Hugh Schonfield’s family tree.

If you trace it back, you see that he descends from the ‘who’s who’ of court Jews and Sabbatean-Frankists from the last 400 years, who I ‘ve been writing about here for months.

Gluckel of Hameln is in there; there are ‘Schwabs’ in there; there are tons of ‘Goldschmidts‘ and ‘Bacharachs’ in there, there are ‘Spiras’ and ‘Hildesheimers‘ in there.

And there are also ‘Rothschilds’ in there – the real family tree, not all the fakes ones I’ve been ploughing through the last few months.

If you go HERE, and click ‘direct descendants’ mode on geni, it will show you how the original surname of the Rothschild family was BACHARACH.

It will also show you that the Rothschild bankers ‘descend’ from the famous court Jew, Josel of Rosheim (Loanz).


We came across ‘Josel of Rosheim’ recently on the blog, here:

Akiva of Salonica, Ephraim Fishel, and ‘Christian Jews’

Snippet from there:

We know ‘Hayyim Samuel Jacob Falk’ well.

He’s the demon-commanding, black-magic practising, Order of the Golden Dawn-founding father-in-law of false messiah Jacob Frank….

And ‘Eliyahu the Baal Shem of Worms’ – aka Eliyahu Loanz – is also related to another famous tax-collecting Court Jew, namely Josel of Rosheim.

(Josel of Rosheim’s family were also accused of performing satanic ritual murders.… All this is starting to hit very close to home, isn’t it?)


This is the same family that ‘the Rothschilds’ descend from.

This is the same family that ‘Hebrew Christian’ Hugh Schonfield descends from.

And Hugh Schonfield is the guy who wrote a book explaining the true history of ‘Jewish Christians’, over the last 2,000 years.

You see how all this hangs together more and more, the more facts we uncover?


So now, let’s quote a little from Hugh Schonfield’s book, before I go back into ‘summing up Jewish-Christian history’ mode.

Gentile Christianity has been intelligibly enough preoccupied with its own rise to power and influence, and in the first flush of that power it sought by anathema, suppression and wholesale destruction of documents to overthrow the witness of Jewish Christianity…. Far from becoming a futile anachronism, its spirit and human activity has persisted until the present day, and is even now undergoing a revival on a scale unknown since apostolic times.

Jewish Christianity has always existed to supply that of which the Church has stood in need — the Messianic vision…. if the true preaching of the Kingdom of God had been carried out according to the Gospel injunction, the horrors of warfare would have long since ceased between so-called Christian countries. The only diplomatic corps that Europe would require would be “ambassadors for Christ.”


Plain English: ‘Jewish Christianity’ has always existed, despite the persecution of the Catholic Church, and it’s follower consider it to be the ‘authentic’ version of xtianity.

And the guy who is writing its history is descended from all those ‘court Jews’ with strange xtian links, and ties to other false messiahs like Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH and Jacob Frank, who in turn have been clearly linked to the Freemasons and other secret societies on this blog.


Now, it’s time to fill in a bit more ‘Jewish-Christian’ history.

The following outline follows that set out in Butz’s book.


In 313 CE, Constantine’s ‘Edict of Milan’ sets the scene to start treating ‘mainstream’ – i.e. gentile / pagan – xtianity more kindly.

At the same time, that means that the Jewish-Christian groups like the Ebionites, and the ‘breakaway’, more gnostic Elkecaites, start to be persecuted very seriously, to stamp out their ‘heresy’.

One Elkecaite who has a Jewish father and Persian mother, Mani, moves up to the more religiously tolerant Sassanid empire of the Persians, and creates another version of so-called ‘Jewish-xtianity’ but with a way more pronounced, devil-worshipping Gnostic creed.

This becomes known as ‘Manicheanism’ – and before Islam shows up, is a serious rival to the Catholic and Byzantine churches, in terms of how many adherents it has.

Butz writes on page 256 that it was:

‘likely that the Desposyni [i.e. Jesus’ blood relatives] were leaders of the Elkesaites in Mesopotamia’, and in contact with Mani.


Conventional history says all these Jewish-xtian groups including the Ebionites and Elkecaites ‘disappear’.

But, there are traces of the Ebionites in Saudi Arabia still, even in the 11th and 12th centuries.

And the xtian-gnostic groups who don’t believe that Yoshki was fully divine are said to have ‘Arian tendencies’.

Take note of that term: Arian.


In the meantime, these evolving Jewish-xtian groups start to organise themselves more like a ‘secret society’, thanks in part to all the persecution.

The Manicheans, for example, now divide into the elite ‘Elect’ – who know all the secrets – and the ‘Listeners’.

The ‘Elect’ are:

‘[E]ntrusted with the furthering of Mani’s mission, and they were bound to a strict ascetism including vegetarianism and celibacy’.

(Just to confuse us all more, sometimes these Manicheans are also known as ‘Mandeans’, and also as ‘Sabians’.)


In the meantime, many of these underground Jewish-xtians seem to migrate further North, particularly settling in the South of France.

Butz writes that there is a Jewish state in that area at that time, called ‘Septimania’.

Personally, this whole idea needs a lot of double-checking, going forward, because this is exactly the same period of time that ‘Khazaria’ had a lot of renegade (Sadducee / Karaite) Jews from Babylonia move up, as we covered in previous posts HERE and HERE and HERE.

So either the same sort of thing happened twice, in both ‘Septimania’ and ‘Khazar’, or Septimania is being used as a historical decoy.


Point is, the ‘Jewish-xtians’ were still going strong.

And over the next few centuries, Manicheanism (the more gnostic version of ‘Jewish-Christianity) starts to ‘morph’ again, into three specific movements, called:

The PAULICIANS – based out of Armenia, around the 6th century CE.

The MESSALIANS (also known as Euchites) – based in and around Mesopotamia, from the 4th century on

The BOGOMILS – began around the 10th century, and quickly spread throughout much of Europe.


This snippet is from HERE:

Bogomilism was a Christian neo-Gnostic or dualist sect founded in the First Bulgarian Empire by the priest Bogomil during the reign of Tsar Peter I in the 10th century….

The Bogomils called for a return to what they considered to be early spiritual teaching, rejecting the ecclesiastical hierarchy.

Their primary political tendencies were resistance to the state and church authorities. This helped the movement spread quickly in the Balkans, gradually expanding throughout the Byzantine Empire and later reaching Kievan Rus’, Bosnia, Dalmatia, Serbia, Italy, and France (Cathars).

They did not use the Christian cross, nor build churches, as they revered their [own bodies] and considered their body to be the temple. This gave rise to many forms of practice to cleanse oneself through purging, fasting, celebrating and dancing.


Meanwhile, this snippet from HERE shows how more of the evil practices that came to be the hallmarks of these devil-worshipping ‘Jewish-Christian’ sects were being rumoured, even a thousand years ago:

 Michael Psellos, a Byzantine monk, accused Bogomils and Euchites of orgiastic practices such as incest and homosexuality.

Furthermore, he argued that children born from these promiscuous activities were brought before a Satanic assembly after eight days, offered up to Satan and then cannibalistically eaten…. Euthymios Zigabenos is another source for these accusations.

The idea of these unholy acts can be tracked back to alleged practices of certain Gnostic sects.


Jacob Frank was hanging out with some Bogomils in Podolia / Ukraine.

This snippet comes from a post called ‘False Messiahs’:

  • The ancient sect of Jewish-Gnostic-Sabians were known to be present and active in the Ukraine / Podolia, at the time that “Frankism” really took off.

“Has’sidism and Frankism… belong to the long chain of heretic sects that goes back to the early Christians and the Gnostics…..from that remote corner of eastern Europe, the forest and mountain country of eastern Galicia and the adjoining Ukraine which saw the last offsprings of gnostic Manicheism and the Bogomils.


There is so much to unpick and sort here, the information can become overwhelming – even for me!

So for the rest of this post, let’s just focus on one area where these underground ‘Jewish-xtian-gnostic’ groups really took off: Northern Italy, and the South of France.

In these areas, the Bogomils influenced a new movement called the ‘CATHARS’, which suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the 11th century.

This snippet comes from HERE:

As Dualists, Cathars believed in two principles, a good god and his evil adversary (much like God and Satan of mainstream Christianity).

The good principle had created everything immaterial (good, permanent, immutable) while the bad principle had created everything material (bad, temporary, perishable).

Cathars called themselves simply Christians; their neighbours distinguished them as “Good Christians”. The Catholic Church called them Albigenses, or less frequently. Cathars.


Before we go on, I want to underline that ‘Good xtian’ thing, because the Cathars called themselves ‘Bon hommes’.

The Ebionites before them called themselves ‘Tobim’, or tovim – good.

And here’s one of those weird hook-ups that kind of makes a very big point, in a very simple way.

On geni, you see that the progenitor of the Goldschmidts and the Rothschilds (and Hugh Schonfield’s ancestor….) is called ‘Joseph de Bonne’ – ‘Joseph the good’. And that he hails from France – the same region as the Cathars.


But here is where we see he has a ‘double identify’:


In this version, Joseph de Bonne is called ‘Joseph HaLevy Goldschmidt Stadthagen’.

And that family tree leads us straight to ‘Jewish rabbinic royalty’, plus a whole bunch more court Jews, including the Oppenheimers.

(I will be unpicking this family tree for months….)


Back to the Cathars.

Here’s another telling snippet about what this Jewish-Christian-Gnostic group actually believed:

[The Cathars] largely regarded men and women as equals, and had no doctrinal objection to contraceptioneuthanasia or suicide. In some respects the Cathar and Catholic Churches were polar opposites. For example the Cathar Church taught that all non-procreative sex was better than any procreative sex. The Catholic Church taught – as it still teaches – exactly the opposite.

Following their tenet, Catholics concluded that masturbation was a far greater sin than rape (as mediaeval penitentials confirm). Following their principles, Cathars could deduce that sexual intercourse between man and wife was more culpable than homosexual sex.


Does any of this sound familiar?

Most of the nobles and aristocracy in the South of France become Cathars in the 11th and 12th century.

And most of the people.

So much so, that the Catholic Church was almost totally replaced. Pope Innocent III doesn’t like that – at all! – so he organises a crusade against the Cathars in the South of France, which comes to be known as the Albigensian Crusade.

It began in 1209, lasted 20 years – and killed a million people.


Who else is hanging out in ‘Cathar France’ at this point?

  1. The Knights Templar
  2. The Knights Hospitaller

These groups don’t participate in the crusade against the ‘Cathars’.

Interestingly, this is also the same time and place where we find RASHI (1040-1105 CE), and his group of scholars.


Butz claims that RASHI was a frequent and welcome guest at Count Hugo De Payens Court, in Troyes.

That’s a claim that needs more double-checking.

But what IS true, is that Hugo de Payens (1070-1136) was the first Grand Master of the Knights Templar, who set up shop in the Holy Land.


And so we see there is a lot of cross-over with these ‘Jewish-Christian-Gnostics’, and Eretz Yisrael.

In his book, Butz comments on the fact that the Knights Templar effectively become the first ‘multinational corporation’ in the World, and also set up the first real international banking system.

Honestly, I need to do a whole separate post about ‘Knights Templars’ and modern-day freemasonry, because there’s a lot of information to consider.

But let’s sum up the main points, from this post.



  • Hugh Schonfield is a ‘Hebrew Christian’, who writes The History of Jewish Christianity, in 1937.
  • He’s also related to the Boas, Cohen and Goldschmidt families, known to be a) court Jews, parnassim and b) wealthy supporters of Shabtai Tzvi, Dr Samuel Chaim Falk, and Jacob Frank.
  • Gnostic-Jewish-Christianity has been going on for the last 2,000 years, and particularly popped up again in France in the 11th and 12th century, as part of the ‘Cathars’ movement, that was put down by the Catholic Church.
  • The Knights Templars also began in France, at the same time that the Cathars was going strong.
  • Meanwhile, the Gnostic-Jewish-Christian ‘Bogomils’ had a very strong presence in Kievan-Rus – what is today known as Ukraine – amongst other places.
  • False messiah Jacob Frank was apparently in touch with these ‘Bogomils’ in Podolia.
  • So many of the ‘court Jews’, including the Rothschilds, appear to be connected to these ‘Jewish-Christian’ groups, who maintained a belief in Yoshki for the last 2,000 years, whilst trying to stay ‘culturally Jewish’.
  • The movement of Mani in the 4th century is when the ‘Jewish-Christian’ group called the Elkecaites really started to incorporate more devil-worshipping, ‘dualistic’ beliefs, that basically state there is a ‘good God’ and a ‘bad God’, chas v’halila, and that the ‘bad God’ is the one who created the material world.
  • This Gnostic belief system also teaches that ‘releasing’ people from their human body (i.e. killing them….) is the biggest kindest you can do for someone, and the way to achieve spiritual ‘Nirvana’.
  • So, instead of blaming the Jews for all the world’s ills, all the anti-semites out there can hopefully now start to understand that it is ‘believers in Christ’ who are really causing so much of the evil in the world, and mamash worshipping the devil. (A person can hope….)


There is still so much to write, not least about how all this ties in with people like Jonathan Eybshutz, and his censorship of the Talmud and gnostic-xtian tendencies.

And also, how it connects back to Dr Falk, and his ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’.

And also, how the Armenian church fits into this – with it’s ‘all seeing eye’ symbolism and connection to the Old City of Jerusalem, and the Templars, and the Armenian convert who lived in Jerusalem at the time of Yoshki, etc, Queen Helene of Adiabene.

And last but not least, where the whole question of ‘Christian Zionism’ and the State of Israel fit into this picture.

I guess we’ll get to all that in due course.

But in the next post, I want to go back to the beginning, to see if we can get a clearer picture of when Yoshki was actually alive, and what else was happening in the Jewish world, at that time.

I think we’ll learn some very interesting things.



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Hopefully, you had a day to let the first post ‘sink in’ a little, because there is a lot more information to share on this subject.

Part of the problem with all this research is the sheer amount of lies we’ve been told about EVERYTHING, which means that each knot you untie leads on to a million more ‘loose ends’ and ‘mysteries’ that are connected to the web of lies unravelling.

So, knowing how to parcel all this out, so you have enough information to follow what’s going on, and how I come to these conclusions, but without overwhelming you with data, is quite the challenge.


In this post, we’re going to continue the discussion that was started in the last one, HERE, which sets out the hypothesis that Shabtai Tzvi and the SHACH are actually the same person.

As always, use this as a starting point, and go and do your own research and investigation – and hitbodedut!!! Lots and lots of hitbodedut, or talking to God in your own words, to ask Him to show you what is really going on here. Because honestly, that’s the most important part of this ‘birur’ process, not all the information I’m putting together here.

And with that, let’s dive in to more strange details about the SHACH and Shabtai Tzvi.


On the OU website HERE, you’ll find a 9 part article called:

The Daughter of the Shach

Here’s a collation of the summaries from each section:

Rabbi Shabtai HaKohen, one of the most prominent of all our rabbis, lived in the Latvian town of Prinsk. Rabbi Hacohen is known by the name of his famous book, “Siftei Cohen” – lips of the Kohen – abbreviated as Shach. He was still young when he wrote the book, and it led to his having a reputation as a Torah genius. But he was not wealthy at all. His wife was ill, and after a period of pain and suffering, she passed away. Rabbi Shabtai was forced to take care of his six-year-old daughter Esther, who was also quite ill. His only consolation was in the study of Torah.


He was forced to flee from the Cossacks, and he had to leave his sick young daughter in the snow, thinking she was dead. The King of Poland found her and his physician made every possible effort to revive her. When the rabbi returned a while later he could not understand what had happened to his daughter’s “body.”


Esther was taken in by the King of Poland, whose physicians managed to save her life.

She was raised as a daughter of the king and as a companion for Princess Maria. In spite of great pressure, Esther insisted on maintaining her Jewish faith and on eating only kosher food.

One day, when she was playing with Maria, Esther suddenly jumped on Maria with a scream and dragged her off the bench where she sat – [rescuing her from being bitten by a poisonous snake].


 But she did not feel comfortable living in a Christian home. The people allowed her to eat kosher food, but they repeatedly tried to convince her to convert and become a Christian.


When a fire broke out in the palace, Esther took advantage of the great tumult and ran away. All the people came to the sad conclusion that she had perished in the fire.

At about the same time, her father [the SHACH] also despaired of finding her, until he heard a rumor about a young Jewish girl in the home of the King who maintained her faith. He decided to go there and check if this could possibly be his long lost daughter.


On his way to look for her, [the SHACH] was caught by bandits who threatened to kill him, but he discovered that the head of the gang was a childhood friend, the Polish man Vratislav. The chief told the rabbi how he had reached such a low point in life.


 The SHACH was released, but meanwhile the bandits captured Esther and suggested to their chief that he should marry her.


[The bandits] offered to release her [Esther] to the Jews for an enormous sum of money.

Rabbi Menachem, one of the leaders of the community of Vilna, redeemed her and adopted her as his daughter.


[Esther] eventually married Rabbi Menachem from Vilna.

Years later, the Prince of Poland decreed that the Jews must pay a huge sum of money. Esther went to visit Princess Maria, her good friend, and they had a very emotional reunion after many years of separation. The Prince witnessed their meeting and offered to give Esther a prize for having saved Maria’s life.


In the last part of the story, we are told this:

After a moment of thought, the Prince said:

Esther, my wife’s dear sister, I am willing to give you the fine of one thousand gold coins that I demanded from the Jewish community of Vilna. You can collect the money and do with it whatever you want.”…

Meanwhile, Rabbi Shabtai continued writing his important book “Siftai Kohen,” known by its abbreviation, SHACH. He wanted to print a second volume, but he did not have the necessary funds. He decided to take a trip in an effort to gather contributions in order to publish his book, and he arrived in Vilna.

Rabbi Menachem and his wife Esther were happy to have Rabbi Shabtai as a guest in their home. Of course, the rabbi did not recognize Esther, just as she did not recognize him…..

And then one of the people added, “To the life of our host [R’ Menachem Mann], the son-in-law of the King!”….

Just at that moment Esther came into the room. Rabbi Shabtai looked at her and he gave a great shout. “My own Esther! My dear daughter!” He took hold of Esther and hugged her warmly. “Father! Father!” Esther cried. “Who would believe that I would ever find you! And who would believe that my father is such a famous rabbi!” And Rabbi Shabtai replied, “I am not great. You are the great one! After you spent so many years in the palace and kept to your Jewish faith, nobody is greater than you!”…

Rabbi Menachem donated all the money needed to print Rabbi Shabtai’s book of commentary on the Shulchan Aruch, and the multitudes of Yisrael study this book to this very day. 


There is so much to unpack in this ‘story’.

For sure, it’s been embellished by the storyteller, but the basic ‘facts’ are these:

  • The SHACH loses his first wife at a young age.
  • He has a daughter with this wife called ‘Esther’, who somehow gets lost in a forest during the Chmielnicki riots.
  • This daughter is found by the King of Poland, and is quasi-adopted by him.
  • This daughter maintains her Jewishness in the King’s palace, despite being pressured to convert to xtianity.
  • She’s good friends with the King’s daughter, Princess Maria.
  • She escapes from the palace when it burns down.
  • She ends up being ‘adopted’ by R’ Menachem Mann of Vilna – and then ends up marrying him, when his own wife dies.
  • She is eventually reunited with the SHACH.
  • Her husband, R’ Menachem Mann of Vilna, pays to print the SHACH’s book, Siftey Cohen.


How much of this story – that we are basically teaching our children is ‘all true’ – stands up to scrutiny?

Let’s find out.

We’ll start with the easier stuff about who printed the SHACH’s works.

One of my readers sent me this yesterday, from HERE:


Here’s the relevant snippet:

Fundamental commentary and novella on the Shulchan Oruch Choshen Mishpat, by R. Shabse Katz (1621-1662), known as the SHaCH. Published by his son-in-law R. Menachem Manish…

In the introduction to the sefer R. Menachem Manish writes that before his passing, the SHaCH instructed him to publish this sefer, but the printing was postponed due to financial constraints, after which the SHaCH appeared to him in a dream, urging him to print the sefer without further delay.

Includes approbations by R. Heschel of Cracow; R. Yonah Thumim (Kikayon D’Yonah) and R. Sheftel Horowitz (son of the Shelah).

With a poem written by the author in the shape of a star on page 2b.

The year of publication (1663) is referred to on the title page as “Yemei Ha’Moshiach”, as it was printed in Amsterdam at the height of the influence of the tragic episode of the false Messiah, Shabtai Tzvi.

Following Shabtai Tzvi’s conversion to Islam in 1666 and the devastation which followed, many of these original title pages were destroyed.


So, we can see that R’ Menachem Manish was the SHACH’s son-in-law; and did print the SHACH on Choshen Mishpat for the first time in 1663 in Amsterdam – a year after the SHACH is supposed to have died.

And that the year of publication, 1663, is referred to as:

“Yemei Ha’Moshiach”, as it was printed in Amsterdam at the height of the influence of the tragic episode of the false Messiah, Shabtai Tzvi.

And that most of these original title pages were destroyed, after the apostasy of Shabtai Tzvi in 1666.


But now, we have a massive kooshia here (at least, for those people who aren’t agreeing with the hypothesis that SHACH = Shabtai Tzvi):

Gershom Scholem states that the SHACH died in 1664, (the Hebrew year 5424).

And my reader took the time to translate the SHACH’s tombstone to try to verify that statement:

כי שם

חלקת מחוקק ספון וטמון

צנצנת המן פדגוג ואומן
כל רז לא אנים ליה ולא כמון כמעשי
ידי אומן הרב הגאון המפורסם
מורינו ורבינו רבי שבתי בהגאון
מוהרר מאיר הכהן הגדול הנמשח
בשמן בעל שפתי כהן נזר הזמן
סליק למתיבתא דרקיע בחצי הזמן
יצאה נשמתו באחד דאדר ראשון
וביום החמישי בשני בו נקבר ונטמן
שנת היום בא משיח לגאול עם לא אלמן
והוא לחיי עולם הבא מזומן

ומיתת צדיקים לכפרה ולט

This carved and sealed stone [this is an expression from Tanach, in a sense of praise)
A jar of mann, pedagog, artisan.
No secret was hidden from him and it was readily known to him like the workings in the hands of the artisan.
Moreinu and Rabeinu HaRav HaGaon Shabtai Cohen the son of the Gaon Meir HaCohen HaGadol who is anointed with oil
The writer of Siftei Cohen crown of time
He went of up to the yeshivah of shamayim in half the time
His soul left on the 1st of Adar Harishon [so in a year with 2 Adarim?]  and on the yom hamishi on the second [does it mean the second of Adar or that he was buried the day after he died???] he was buried
and sealed here the year the day moshiach comes to redeem if not alman?
and he lives and is invited  to olam haba
and the death of tzaddikim is capara [and the last word I can’t see properly].


There is no specific date on this very strange tombstone, but Scholem says that phrase:

 שנת היום בא משיח לגאול

alludes to what that year is, i.e. 5424 – 1664.


As mentioned in the last post, that tombstone is brand new, and is kind of ‘stuck’ on an old grave in Holleschau.

Also weird is why the specific names are ‘whited out’ – the whole point is that this is the tomb of the SHACH, so why make those details, dafka, so hard to read?

It gives no specific date of death for the SHACH, but the date it’s meant to be alluding to is one year AFTER the SHACH’s son-in-law printed his Siftey Cohen in 1663, apparently posthumously, because the SHACH is meant to have died in 1662.

And that allusion to the person buried in the grave being “A jar of mann” also strikes me as strange.

You write something like that – a pun on a name – for someone named….Menachem Mann, for example.

But how is this ‘jar of mann’ meant to be connected, in any way, to the SHACH?


We are going to park ‘Menachem Manish’ for now – but we will return to him probably in another post, as the Baal Shem Tov’s second wife Chana descends from him, and his wife ‘Esther Hatzaddika’ – the daughter of the SHACH we’re taking a closer look at here.

And I just tripped over a bunch more strange links in Vilna, connected to him and his family, that will require some time to process.


Let’s move on, as this is only the beginning of the high weirdness in this post.

Next, let’s try to figure out who the mother of ‘Esther Hatzaddika’, daughter of the SHACH, actually is.

On the My Heritage genealogy website HERE, we find this entry for the wife of the SHACH, Yenta Leah Meisels:


So now, the plot thickens!

You remember in the last post, I brought 4 accounts of Shabtai Tzvi’s third wife ‘Sarah’, who is meant to have also being ‘orphaned’ in the Chmielniki massacres, then raised as a xtian in the home of a Polish noble, before becoming a tart and then marrying Shabtai Tzvi?

I.e., a very similar tale to that being told about the SHACH’s daughter, ‘Esther HaTzaddika’?

According to this, the SHACH’s wife is called Yenta Leah Meisels, (and /or Ashkenazi), and her mother is meant to be one ‘Sarah’, the daughter of the MaHaRSHa, Shmuel Eidels (1555-1631).

That family tree is also a huge mess, with tons of misinformation and ‘discussions’ going on – specifically around this mysterious ‘Sarah’, who seems to have at least two different identities, and at least two different husbands.

We will park this information too, for now, but it’s VERY pertinent to how some very prominent families in the Torah world are directly linked to Sabbatean-Frankist families – and how they covered it up.

(The MaHaRSHa’s grandson is the Megaleh Amukot, Natan Neta Shapira).


So, back to the miraculous tale of ‘Esther HaTzaddika’.

In one of the many discussions at the bottom of the SHACH’s geni profile HERE, one of the contributors tried to research this story further, to see if there was any possibility it could be true.

According to these commentators, the grave of the SHACH in Moravia is shaped like a book, and what’s written on the outside of it is… the story of Esther HaTzaddika.

In Hebrew.

A whole big discussion then takes place on geni, with one commentator saying that the story – even though it’s written on what is meant to be the SHACH’s grave (!) is false, and / or it took place with the SHACH’s son, instead, R’ Moshe of Podhajce.

Here’s a snippet:

My chavrusa is a direct descendant of The Shach…Adopted Princess is true.

It is also standard curriculum, as I understand it in the Bais Yaakov schools.

(Emphasis mine.)

So then one contributor girds his loins to investigate further, and this is what he discovers.



This is remarkable.

If ‘Esther daughter of the SHACH’ was really taken in by Polish nobility during the Chmielnicki uprisings, that suggests that there had to be some sort of blood tie between the family of the SHACH, and the apparently gentile Radziwill family, who were ruling Poland at this time.

Because Polish nobles don’t just take in half-dead, anonymous ‘strays’ they find in forests, regardless of what Bais Yaakov and Walt Disney says.


Where all this is leading us is deep, deep down the rabbit hole of just how ‘Jewish’ most of our leading rabbinic families really are.

And just how ‘Jewish’ so many European royal families really are.

Alt-historians like Miles Mathis (who generally has a very good, fact-based methodology, but who seems to be drawing some wrong conclusions) says that most of the European royal families got ‘invaded’ by crypto Jews.

You can understand why he got that impression.

I’m of the view, at this stage, that the Jewish people got ‘invaded’ by Sadduccee-Karaite-Gnostic-Manichean-Sabians – or whatever their latest ‘incarnation’ actually is.

And that the Swiss Knights Templars, amongst others, are bang in the middle of this whole, hot mess.

But the bottom line is this:

Many of our leading ‘rabbinical royalty’ families have some very deep, very strange links with xtianity, and with royal families, that have gone on for centuries.


I have touched on this topic before here, a couple of times already.

Go back and read these:

Crypto Jews and Royal Families

There, you’ll find an excerpt from the Rebbe Rayatz of Chabad’s personal memoirs, which you can read for yourself HERE, (p169) talking about some weird account about a ‘Nachum’, who is an agent for some (made-up name) Polish Count, who is discussing selling some of his boss’s estates to a Swedish royal called ‘Prince Johann Cambari’.

According to the Rebbe Rayatz that ‘Prince Johann Cambari’ is really a secret Jew, who wants to return to the Jewish faith.

Here’s a snippet:

I tried to track down this Swedish ‘Prince Johann’ from the 16th century, and very quickly, I got to this guy:

John III of Sweden, who was married to Catherine Jagellion.

Alternative historian Miles Mathis has had the Jagellions fingered as ‘crypto-Jews’ who took over a whole bunch of European royal families in a bunch of his research papers.


Alexander Sender Shor, and Prince William


Let me sum up what I just told you, then we’re going to bring it back around, to the ‘Mary Walsh’ we have in the Queen Mother’s family tree:

> Sir Moses Montefiore’s paternal uncle married Juana Rodriguez.

>Her sister Maria was the mother of Frances Roger Kissane (another crypto Jewish Catholic) in Ireland.

>Frances Roger Kissane married SarahJacob Frank’s daughter.

>And then Juana’s son Moses Augustus Montefiore – first cousin of Sir Moses Montefiore – married Mary Kissane, the daughter of one ‘Captain John Walsh’, who was the son of Yehuda Wolowski Schorr, the son of Elisha Schor.

>Captain John Walsh’s sister was a woman named Charlotte Sarah Jane Grimstead. She was the mother of Charlotte Lyon-Bowes, whose son, Claude Bowes-Lyon is the paternal grandfather of the present Queen of Britain, Elizabeth II.


Or to put it another way, the Lubavitcher Rebbe and the Queen seem to both be related to the infamous ‘Shor’ family.


I  have so much information to sort through at this stage, before I can synthesise it for you in a way that’s hopefully easy enough to digest.

But for now, suffice to say that all these ‘stories’ that we’ve been told about Jewish ‘rabbinic royalty’ in Europe do contain a nugget of truth, mixed in with all the lies.

Including this one:



When King Stephen Bathory of Poland died in August of 1586, a schism immediately arose concerning which branch of the Polish royal family was the true successor to the throne.

Polish law mandated that the throne could not remain vacant for even a short period of time and required that, in the event of a feud, a rex pro tempore – temporary king – be elected.

Nicholas Radziwill was by that time a very powerful force in the government and recommended that the impartial and very reputable Saul Wahl be crowned king. Saul was quickly approved and became “King of Poland for a day”!


You can read about ‘Nicholas Cherny RadziwillHERE.

His family castle was the Dubingai castle that burned down in the time of ‘Esther HaTzaddika’.

On geni, we see that ‘Shaul Wahl King of Poland for a day’ is related to ALL the ‘interesting’ families I keep writing about here.

Like the SHOR family, mentioned above:


And, like the Sabbatean ‘Meir Eisenstadt’, the Meir Panim himself (bottom arrow), via his mother ‘Esther Ashkenazi’, who may or may not be the same as the ‘Esther HaTzaddika’ daughter of the SHACH:


And many others, too:

Snippet from HERE:

Rabbi Meir [Katzenellenbogen, the grandfather of Saul ‘King for a day’] had a descendant, Isaac who married Abraham Luria whose descendants were Jehiel Luria, and then Solomon Luria who was the well-known Maharashal born in 1510 and died in 1573.     

Notable descendants of this family include Rabbi Menakhem Nakhum Twersky of Chernobyl, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, Lord Immanuel Jakobovitz who was the Chief Rabbi of the British Empire, Martin Buber, Karl Marx, Moses and Felix Mendelsshon, Baron Guy de Rothschild and Helena Rubenstein plus many others.  


Also, be aware that this story of the ‘King of Poland for one day’ was deliberately made up by one of my husband’s ancestors, R. Zvi Hirsch Edelman (Chen Tov), who was a scholar working at the Bodleian Library in Oxford, in the pay of the Rothschilds.

(He went mad and died in an insane asylum… See? I also have some yichus….)

Why would someone make something like this up?!?!?

We all want to know.

More and more, I think we’re finally on the cusp of figuring that out.


You might also like this article:

I  have been musing on writing this post for well over a year.

And each time…. I ducked it.

Let someone else open that big can of worms…

But the last few days, I have come to the conclusion I can’t really ‘duck’ these issues anymore, however disturbing we might all find the information.

First, let’s be clear that I am not making any definitive statements in this post. With all the ‘disinformation’, cover-ups and deliberate lies that have gone on to obscure Shabtai Tzvi’s true identity and real connections, the most I can tell you is that this is a working hypothesis, that seems to have an awful lot of circumstantial information that supports it.

If you don’t buy the hypothesis, that’s ok and totally your prerogative.

God gave each of us a brain, and He is thrilled when we think for ourselves.


That said, my soul is becoming very wearied with certain commentators here who just mock me, personally, and seem incapable of discussing information without trying to always prove that everything I’ve written is BS.

As noted above, this is a working hypothesis, not a statement of fact.

There are a number of giant ‘holes’ in the stories of both the SHACH and Shabtai Tzvi, and until and unless more factual information comes to light, all anyone can do is ‘stretch’ the information they do have, over them.

So, feel free to have your own opinion, and even to express that here on the blog – but do it respectfully, and perhaps with at least a modicum of humility that you also don’t know everything.

Ergo – there’s at least a possibility that this hypothesis is more ‘correct’ than the current history we’re all being fed, that contains some ginormous, demonstrable, lies.

And with that, let’s begin.


First, here is my hypothesis, laid out bare bones:

False messiah Shabtai Tzvi and halachic codifier Shabtai HaKohen Katz are actually one and the same person.

How did I come to this conclusion?

Read on.



The false messiah ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ was not born and raised in Smyrna (now Izmir) in Turkey.

The earliest reports of him being in Smyrna are from 1650 onwards – and even then, he was only there for a short period of time before he was ‘banished’ for his strange behavior in shul.

Also, in Gershom Scholem’s book ‘Sabbatai Sevi: The Mystical Messiah, 1626-1676‘, he brings evidence that Shabtai Tzvi could not speak either Turkish, or Arabic, and had to have his brother translate for him, when he was dealing with the Turkish rulers.

This makes no sense, if he really was born and bred in Smyrna (present day Izmir, in Turkey).

Excerpt from pages 106-107 of Scholem’s book:

The name Sevi [Tsvi] is unknown among Sephardim, either as a personal or family name, and is likely that both the name and the family are of Ashkenazi origin. Emanuel Frances [a contemporary anti-Sabbatean] tells us that Sabbatai ‘belonged to an Ashkenazi family that came to live there’….

In the account of envoys from Poland who visited Sabbatai in  1666 [this was the TAZ’s son and son-in-law], we are told that he [Shabtai Tzvi] rebuked of them in German (or Yiddish)…..

[W]e know that before 1666 [Shabtai Tzvi] had no command of Turkish…

Long story short, there is no evidence that places ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ in Smyrna, before 1650, when according to the dates accorded to him, he would already be 24 years old.


In terms of his family, his father ‘Mordechai Sevi’ apparently dies – conveniently! – in 1663, at the same time as Shabtai’s uncle, Isaac Sevi.

This information about his immediate family only showed up, again conveniently, in 1935, and also conveniently, by that time the tombstones of his relatives were claimed to have all been destroyed in World War I.

He has two brothers, Elias and Joseph, who are meant to be traders in Smyrna with connections as commercial agents for the British and Dutch, and maybe, he had a sister too.

No-one knows anything about his mother, or her family.


While ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ was apparently married at least three times before he converted to Islam in 1666, nothing is known of his previous two wives, who he apparently divorced shortly after marrying them.

Then he married a third wife, ‘Sarah’, in 1664, who also has a very strange story, based on the fact that she was orphaned in the Chmielnicki massacres of 1648 onwards, in and around Poland and Lithuania. The following is taken from p 194-5 of Scholem’s book:

“The four accounts which we possess all agree that Sarah grew up as a Christian. In spite of the many fantastic details, the accounts show certain similarities and points of contact….

[1] In Ragstatt’s version, the orphaned girl was adopted by a Polish nobleman.

When she had reached womanhood, her father’s spirit appeared to her, told her that she was Jewish, and commanded her to return to her ancestral religion. Her [Polish] stepfather died, and the family wanted her to marry, but she was miraculously transported through the air to Persia, where her father had fled the Chmielnicki massacres…then to ‘Asia’.”

[The angel that’s transporting her around then tells her she is going to marry ‘the messiah’. Ragstatt was a Jew who converted to xtianity after the debacle of Shabtai Tzvi.]


[2] Leyb b. Ozer had heard from ‘reliable reporters and rabbis, and also from my late father,’ who had seen and known the girl and heard her own story, that from the age of six she lived in a Polish nunnery.

When she was 16, her dead father (who had been a rabbi in a Polish community)…commanded her to wander from one city to another until she found the messiah, who would marry her. She was finally sent to Amsterdam, whither her brother Samuel had fled from Poland.


[3] Baruch of Arezzo [a Sabbatean believer] recounts….she had been forcibly baptised and was thereafter brought up by a Polish noblewoman who wanted to marry her to her son.

On the day before the wedding, her father, who had died two years earlier, appeared to her and gave her a ‘garment of skin’ inscribed ‘She will be the messiah’s wife’.

[She ended up in Leghorn for a few years, and then went to Egypt, where she married Shabtai Tzvi in 1664.]


[4] [In] De La Croix’s account [a French xtian writer]…Sarah was forcibly abducted from the house of her stepfather (who was a famous rabbi) and brought to a Polish nobleman who wanted to convert her….


Scholem also states:

All sources record rumours about her licentious life.


(You’ll see in a minute why I’m bringing these sources in so much detail.)


Shabtai Tzvi himself seems obviously ‘psychotic’.

By turns, he’s ‘illuminated’ and not needing sleep or food, and singing psalms 24/7 while also engaging in his bizarre behaviour that goes against the Torah; alternating with ‘depressed’ periods where he secludes himself and regrets his bizarre actions while ‘illuminated’; and then ‘normal’ periods where he behaves mamash like a pious ascetic, fasting, learning Torah and regularly scourging himself and practising kabbalistic mortifications of the body.

The first concrete reports of this mad behavior are dated to 1650 – and even then, are only given over many, many years later, by a Sabbatian believer and ‘first friend’ of Shabtai Tzvi named Moses Pinheiro.

So for the first 24 years of his life… there are no records of him doing or saying anything crazy.


Shabtai Tzvi is obsessed with another false messiah, aka Jesus.

And also seems to have deep knowledge of ‘xtian’ doctrines pertaining to faith and redemption.

Again, quite a strange thing for a ‘mad Jewish man’ from Turkish Smyrna…


He’s obsessed with avenging the Chmielnicki massacres that happened in and around Poland, from 1648 on.

To the point of even making statements that the only xtian blood that is going to flow ‘once the messiah is openly revealed’ is in Poland and Germany.

He also apparently knows how to speak Polish, German and Yiddish.

But NOT Turkish and Arabic…


There are many, many more ‘holes’ in the official story told about Shabtai Tzvi, but let’s stop there, for now.

And turn our attention, instead, to the official ‘story’ told about Shabtai Hakohen Katz, author of many works including the Siftey Cohen, from whence he gets his nickname, the SHACH.


You can find the SHACH’s Wikipedia page in English HERE.

Here’s the standard story, told about Shabtai HaKohen Katz:

Shabbatai HaKohen was born either in Amstibovo or in Vilna, Lithuania in 1621 and died at Holleschau, Moravia on the 1st of Adar, 1662.

He first studied with his father and in 1633 he entered the yeshivah of Rabbi Joshua Höschel ben Joseph at Tykotzin, moving later to Cracow and Lublin, where he studied under Naphtali Cohen.

Returning to Vilna, he married the daughter of the wealthy Shimon Wolf, a great-grandson of Moses Isserles, and shortly after was appointed to the Beit Din as one of the assistants of Moses ben Isaac Judah Lima, author of Chelkat Mechokek.

In 1655, during fighting between Polish forces and the invading Swedish army in the Northern War, Shabbatai HaKohen fled Vilna with the entire Jewish community.

After a short stay at Lublin he went to Prague and later to Strážnice in Moravia, from where he was called to the rabbinate of Holešov, where he remained until his death in 1662.

While in Holešov, he gained the friendship of Magister Valentino Wiedreich of Leipzig [a christian]. The Shakh′s grave in the Jewish cemetery of Holešov still exists and is visited by people from all over the world.


I went looking for who this ‘Valentino Wiedreich’ was, and I got to an archived copy of the Jewish Encyclopaedia, HERE, that said this:

During the period he was rabbi in Holesov he became friendly with a Christian scholar. In the library of the academy in Leipzig there is a holograph of a Hebrew letter dated Feb. 3, 1660, which Shabbetai wrote “to him whom I love as myself, the philosopher magister Valentino Wiedreich.”

Shabbetai informs him that he has sent him the book of Elijah Bahur and asks him to keep in touch with him (Bikkurei ha-Ittiniy 10 (1829), 43-44)


Doesn’t it strike you as strange, that someone like the SHACH is described as being bosom buddies with a xtian philosopher?


Here’s some more basic details, then we’ll start to dig down, into some of the reasons why I believe Shabtai Tzvi and the SHACH are actually the same person.

  • His magnum opus, Siftey HaCohen, is published in Cracow in 1646.
  • He witnesses the Chmielnicki massacres beginning 1648 first-hand, and even writes an historical account about them in a work called the ‘Flying Scroll’.
  • He is an exact contemporary of ‘Shabtai Tzvi’, but apparently dies sometime between 1662-1664 – the year before ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ takes centre stage as the false messiah.
  • He has a reputation for overturning other people’s legal decisions and ‘walking his own path’, this from Wikipedia:

Shabbatai HaKohen was regarded by his contemporaries as more than usually learned.

He frequently contested the decisions of his predecessors, and followed an entirely new path in the interpretation of the Talmudic law. He made light, too, of the decisions of his contemporaries, and thus drew on himself the enmity of some among them, including David ben Shmuel HaLevi, author of Ture Zahav, and Aaron Shmuel Kaidanover, author of Birkhat HaZevach….


So now, let me explain how I even got started on this hypothesis, that Shabtai Tzvi and the SHACH are alter egos.

When I was trying to figure out who Jacob Frank really was, I spent literally days and weeks and months poring over family trees on Geni, and elsewhere, trying to piece together the family relationships of leading Sabbatean-Frankist families, including the Rothschilds, Montefiores, Shors, and Eybshutzs, amongst many others.

Very quickly in that process, I could see that there was a massive cover-up around Jacob Frank’s genealogy, and that while ‘official history’ was trying to make him out as a nobody from Salonika, he was actually a close relative of ‘Jewish royalty’, yichus-wise.

While I’ve made a lot of progress starting to sort his family tree out, I am still going through that process of birur today. But one thing I learnt to spot was the inexplicable inconsistencies in some of the family trees on Geni that always suggest ‘massive cover up happening here’.

And one of those family trees belonged to the SHACH, Shabtai Kohen.


At this stage, over a year ago, I simply couldn’t understand why anyone would be going to such lengths to confuse everything around the SHACH’s family tree – in all directions – so thoroughly, when he lived a full 80 years before Jacob Frank really began his career as the Frankist false messiah.

One day, I was looking at this portrait (below) of the SHACH, when I suddenly heard that inner voice whispering at me:

You are looking at the real Shabtai Tzvi.

This is not something that can be logically explained at all, but it’s happened on many, many occasions that I get these flashes of intuition, that seem totally ‘out there’, and then when I start researching them to see if they are actually credible, they nearly always pan out.


So, when I first heard that little voice whispering at me – I shut my computer, took all my research and ‘family trees’ upstairs, and dumped them in a box for the next three months.

Because at that point, I didn’t even want to start down that path of checking whether ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ and the SHACH could be the same person.

For obvious reasons.

Over the next few months, I had so many arguments, both internally, and also with my husband about what to do about all this; I had so much new information coming out, about Jacob Frank, about the Sabbateans, and about the contours of a wider problem, that suggested the Jewish community had been corrupted from within, for millenia.


Much of it I put up here on the site, but everytime ‘Shabtai Tzvi = SHACH’ stuff started to coalesce again, I’d stop the research.

Because I didn’t want to challenge anyone’s faith in our true Tzaddikim unnecessarily, or stir things up any more than I had to.


Long story short, I came to the conclusion this week that I’m not going to have any ‘inner peace’ until I finally get this hypothesis ‘out there’.

I could write reams more about the struggle I’ve had with all this, behind the scenes, but you hopefully get the idea, and in the meantime, let’s move on with the information.


The more I was looking at the SHACH’s convoluted family tree, HERE, the more I realised how so many of the leading Sabbatians in Poland and Hungary, who then gave rise to the leading Frankists etc, were directly related to the SHACH.

That includes the Meir Panim, Meir Eisenstadt, (teacher of Jonathan Eybshutz) and his ‘Sabbatean-prophet’ brother Mordechai Mokiach, amongst many others.

That didn’t really make a lot of sense, if ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ was a native of Smyrna, and lived and died with his hard-core followers in Turkey.

BUT, it made way more sense, if the SHACH = Shabtai Tzvi.


Next, I kept tripping over descendants and relatives of the SHACH with the strange surname ‘Mi Geza Tzvi’ – which translates as ‘from the root of Tzvi’.

This was often shortened to ‘Mi Geza’, so initially I was translating it as ‘from Gaza’ – which was a weird enough surname in itself, for a guy who apparently lived his whole life in and around what is now Poland – until one day, I tripped across the full version of Mi Geza Tzvi.

From the root of Tzvi.

Why would the SHACH’s descendants be called ‘from the root of Tzvi’?

And then, why would the path between these descendants and the SHACH himself be so convoluted?


Here’s one example, “Admor Zeev Wolf Koch, Of Tcherni Austraha, Of Geza Tzvi.

Here’s a screenshot, of how he’s just kind of ‘hanging’ there, with no parents, and with some very interesting descendants that include the former ABD of Safed, R’ Avraham Heller – whose descendants are still playing a very big role in the State of Israel, even in our days.

(BTW, that ‘R’ Mordechai Wolf Zeev of Karlin’ is the nephew of R’ Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev’s wife, who is also bang in the middle of all the ‘interesting’ family trees I’ve been researching…. It’s a very small world.)





Here’s another example, ‘Aharon Moshe Mi-Geza Tzvi of Brod’, founder of the first chassidic community in Jerusalem (apparently…), screenshot from Kestenbaum, HERE.

This bio comes from HERE:

“Rabbi Aharon Moshe MiGeza Tzvi [1775-1858] was amongst the great Chassidic personalities, and a disciple of the Chozeh of Lublin and the Saraf of Strelisk.

He studied Torah and kabbalah in Brod and then in 1839 immigrated to Israel. He is considered to be the founder of the Chassidic community in Jerusalem and headed the Kollel Chassidim in Jerusalem. He mourned for the destruction of Jerusalem throughout his life and passed away in 1845. His famous will was published in Chernowitz in 1858.”


If you go back to the GENI (distorted…) family tree HERE, you’ll find many ‘Mi-Geza Tzvis’ descending directly from the SHACH.

I’ve screenshotted some of them, below – and let me point out at this stage that’s it’s a common trick that the disinformers pull, to kind of ‘switch yichus’ between the husband and the wife, to throw people off the scent of what is really going on, so don’t be fooled by the fact that the ‘Mi Geza Tzvi’ tag is being stuck on the SHACH’s son-in-law, instead of his daughter.

There may be another theory that explains this satisfactorily – and if there is, I’m happy to hear it – but at this stage, it started to seem more and more likely that ‘Shabtai Tzvi = SHACH’.


The next clues came from the Hebrew Wikipedia page for the SHACH, HERE.

Here’s a Google translated snippet:

During the war between the Polish-Lithuanian Union and Russia, he was exiled from Vilnius [Vilna] when it was occupied by the Russians in 1655 and wandered from place to place, until he arrived in the Austrian City of Halichoi (in present-day Czech Republic), where he was accepted as a rabbi, but died a short time later.

Legend has it that he lost his daughter Hilda in the forest when he fled his home in 1655, the year the Russians occupied Vilnius, and a local king or minister found her, and raised her as a princess, she maintained her Jewish ancestry, and found her father who identified her as his daughter.


I learnt a number of important things from the Hebrew Wikipedia page:

  1. The SHACH apparently wandered around a great deal, incommunicado, before apparently getting to Hollichau and apparently dying there either in 1662 or 1663.

2. There is a lot of confusion about the year he is meant to have died, which is strange because his grave in Hollechau – with a brand new tombstone – should be able to clear that fact up instantly (see screenshot to the left – and I’ll put a close up of this at the bottom of the post, if someone out there can help me decipher it).

3. There is a very weird ‘legend’ about the SHACH losing a daughter named Hilda, who is raised by a xtian as a princess, before being ‘reunited’ with the SHACH.


Last things first: does that strange ‘legend’ about the SHACH’s daughter remind you of another strange ‘legend’, brought above, this time about Shabtai Tzvi’s third wife, Sarah?

(In case you are wondering, I haven’t been able to track down any daughter of the SHACH named ‘Hilda’, in all my searching.)

For Hebrew readers out there, there is another long discussion of this SHACH legend on the Toladot blogspot HERE, where the SHACH’s long-lost daughter is replaced with his sister, Esther Ashkenazi.

(Or maybe, it’s the sister of the SHACH’s wife….)

But either way, this ‘holy virgin’ reclaimed from the non-Jew’s house ends up being the mother of grandmother of the secret Sabbatean the ‘Meir Panim’, Meir Eisenstadt, and his brother, the not-so-secret Sabbatean prophet, Mordechai Mokiach as brought above.

This ‘legend’ about the SHACH just smacks of the same Sabbatean-Frankist lies that now jump out at me from a mile off.

But why would anyone make up such a weird story about the SHACH being reunited with his long-lost sister like this?

(If you disagree with my premise that ‘Shabtai Tzvi = SHACH’, so there had to be a whole lot of shuffling genealogies around to protect all the rabbis directly related to him, whose descendants with Sabbatean tendencies have been running the show in the ‘orthodox’ Jewish community for a very long time. And still are.)


If you go to Esther Ashkenazi’s family tree HERE, you’ll see that all connection with the SHACH seems to be carefully scrubbed off her profile, despite all the evidence linking her directly to the SHACH, one way or another.

Why is that?

(Here’s a clue: see all the illustrious rabbis that she’s ‘officially’ connected to, both up and down the line, and then start to understand why such a magnificent cover-up of who Shabtai Tzvi really was had to happen, after it all went so spectacularly sour.)


The next clues came from Gershom Scholem’s book, Sabbetai Sevi: The Mystical Messiah, 1626-1756.

I still have 200 pages to go, and this ‘hypothesis’ is still a work in progress, but here’s a few of the things that I took from that book (so far, with lots more still to come.)

  1. A physical description of ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ as being physically tall and imposing, having a ‘swarthy appearance‘ and black, rounded bead, – together with the only contemporary, accurate sketch of him (on the left.):

2. Shabtai Tzvi is described as only starting his ‘manic-depressive’ stage in 1650 – i.e. two years into the Chmielnicki massacres in and around Poland and modern-day Lithuania.

This date is very meaningful, as we’ll see below.

3. He is expelled from Smryna by the Jewish community sometime between 1651-1654.

And then spends the next few years wandering around in obscurity, before popping back up in Jerusalem and Egypt, and couple of years before he began his career as a ‘false messiah’ in earnest.

4. Something very profound happens to ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ in 1648 – the date the Chmielnicki massacres begin, in and around Poland.

This excerpt comes from p 136 of Scholem’s book:

“When he [Sabbatai Sevi] passed through Aleppo, he told us… how in the year 1648 the Spirit of God descended upon him one night while he was walking at about two hours distance from the city in solitary meditation, until he heard the voice of God speaking to him, ‘Thou art the savior of Israel, the messiah, the son of David, the anointed of the God of Jacov, and thou art destined to redeem Israel, to gather it from the four corners of the earth to Jerusalem….’

From that moment on, he was clothed with the Holy Spirit and with a great illumination; he pronounced the [ineffable] name of God and performed all sorts of strange actions as seemed fit to him by reason of the mystical tiqqun intended by them. Those who saw him did not understand his actions, and in their eyes he was like a fool.”


Before I bring the last bit of stunning info, for this post at least, I just want to bring you the strange statement that Scholem makes about the gravestone of the SHACH, in his book on Shabtai Tzvi.

Excerpt from page 559:

[N]one of the numerous known inscriptions on tombstones from the years 1666 in the cemeteries of Frankfurt, Vienna, Hamburg and Prague make any reference to the advent of redemption, though earlier tombstones speak eloquently of messianic expectations.

Here, Scholem brings just one example – the tombstone of the SHACH, where he says this:

In 1664, the rabbi of Holleschau in Moravia, the renowned Talmudic scholar R. Sabbatai Kohen… died, and his epitaph gives the date of his demise as ‘the year MESSIAH SON OF DAVID’ (numerical value in Hebrew, 424′.)

Apart from the strange CO-INC-ID-ENCE, also notice that each time there is talk of the SHACH’s death, no-one can keep the year straight.


And so, to the last bit of information that turned up just yesterday, and that I find totally stunning, to be honest.

It comes from the Otzar Forum, in Hebrew, HERE, where I found a discussion of the following story, involving the SHACH, messianic expectations for 1648, and the same sort of ‘deal’ that I first heard about in connection with R’ Eliezer Berland, R’ Dov Kook, and the murdered Baba Elazar, back in 2016.

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go and read THIS first, entitled: The Deal: How three of our biggest Tzaddikim took it upon themselves to save Am Yisrael from the harshest Divine judgments.)


Here it is in Hebrew, than meet me below for a free translation into English:




And I heard in the name of our teacher, the Gaon and Rabbi Isser Zalmen Meltzer, ztzl, that there is a continuation to the subject under discussion.

And that this is that after his conversations with the Sitra Achra, that was undertaken by the great kabbalist Rabbi Shimshon, ztzl, he asked a ‘dream question’ [i.e. a question to be answered via a dream from Heaven] that would reveal to him from shemayim what he should do, in order to rescue his people from the awful gezirut of 1648-9.

And so, he recieved an answer to his ‘dream question’, and was responded to thus:

“That if two of the Gedolei HaDor would agree to sacrifice themselves, and to return their souls to HaKadosh Baruch Hu before their time [in the aspect of ‘the death of tzaddikim atones’ – Tractate Yoma 42a; and see ‘Gur Aryeh’, Vayikra 17a, ‘After the death of the two sons of Aharon’….] it would cancel the gezirah.”


R’ Shimshon said to himself then, that he was prepared [to sacrifice himself – i.e. that he knew himself to be one of the Gedolei HaDor], and he approached the SHACH, [the second Gadol HaDor, of that time period], and asked him to be prepared to sacrifice his soul, and to pass away from the world before his time, in order to sweeten the gezirah.

And the SHACH responded to Rabbi Shimshon that he needed to think about the matter, and promised him an answer within two days.

When two days had passed, the SHACH said to R’ Shimshon, ztzl, that he was prepared to partner with him in this matter – but on condition that he would be given another three months of time.

And when R’ Shimshon asked the SHACH about the meaning of this – because each day, there was an increased quadruple curse [upon the nation?], of killings and murders and persecutions and waves [of violence] – (i.e. the decrees of 1648-9 were the most violent that the sons of his people ever suffered) – and why should we wait such a long time, in such a situation, when each day there were murdering hundreds more of our brethren, God should have mercy?!

The SHACH answered R’ Shimshon, and these were his words:

“I need another three months in order to finish writing my commentary, the Siftey Cohen – [the SHACH’s commentary on the Shulchan Aruch.]”


When three months had passed, the SHACH completed his commentary on the Shulchan Aruch, and R’Shimshon and the SHACH passed away from the world, and the decrees of 1648-9 were cancelled.

And the gaon and rabbi Isser Zalman Meltzer, ztl, asked how can we understand the behavior of the SHACH, that he gave evil another three months to murder and persecute…. and everything just in order for him to add to his writings a few more chiddushims and clarifications? This is a ‘SHACH’ that is very hard to understand!

The author of the ‘Even HaEzel’ (i.e. Isser Zalman Meltzer) continued with awesome words…..[that the SHACH reckoned that] the chances of Am Yisrael to come through the decrees of 1648-9 [were small], but without the [merit of the] commentary of the SHACH on the Shulchan Aruch, the decrees of 1648-9 would have been many times worse, than they were with the commentary of the SHACH.


There is a lot of discussion about this story, including a PDF of the source document for the story, on the Otzar forum HERE.

The ‘R’Shimshon’ in the story is Rabbi Shimshon of Ostropoli, who did die a martyr’s death in 1648.

For the purposes of this post, here’s a couple of things to point out:

  • The story can’t have happened as described, as the SHACH completed his commentary in 1646, and according to conventional history, he only passed away sometime between 1662-1664.
  • Isser Zalman Meltzer (1870-1953) was a big ‘religious zionist’; and his original surname was ‘Eisenstadt’, which suggests he could belong the SHACH’s wider family, descended from the SHACH’s sister via the known sabbateans Meir Eisenstadt and Mordechai ‘Mokiach’ Eisenstadt.
  • I.e. – this is a ‘family history’, intended to justify the SHACH’s lack of mesirut nefesh for Am Israel.


Back on the Otzar forum, we discover there are different versions of this story, including this one:

(Hebrew screenshot, followed by a free translation into English):

And by the way, it is accepted that before the riots of 1648-9, three tzaddikim  received a message from Heaven that if they would agree to pass away al Kiddush Hashem, then they would atone for the children of Israel.

And each of the tzaddikim would atone for a third of the nation of Israel.

And these were the three elders:

  • Rabbi Shimshon of Ostropoli,
  • Rabbi Natan of Nemirov, and
  • The SHACH – [Shabtai HaKohen]

Rabbi Shimshon and Rabbi Nathan accepted this upon themselves, and they were killed al kiddush Hashem.

And the Shach argued that he still needed to compose his essays, and indeed a third of all Israel were murdered al Kiddush Hashem [in the Chmielnicki massacres of 1648-9].

Hashem should avenge their blood.


For the purposes of this post, and my hypothesis that the SHACH = Shabtai Tzvi, this story provides a strong explanation, for why someone like the SHACH could have lost his mind to the point of ‘devolving’ into false messiah Shabtai Tzvi.

Imagine: you are told by one of the leading tzaddikim of the generation, that if you agree to die al kiddush Hashem, you will avert the looming harsh decrees, and personally save a third of the Jewish nation from horrible death and destruction.

And you refuse, because you’re an ambitious young man who first wants to get his Torah novellae ‘out there’ and known.

And then, you witness the horrible destruction that did indeed occur – the SHACH was a first-hand witness, and even wrote a historical account of the massacres that was published in 1651, in Amsterdam.

And then…. your conscience gives you no rest.

And all that suppressed anger at God for letting it happen, and suppressed guilt from not doing what you could have done to stop it yourself, literally overwhelms your psyche…

And even though you still have lucid, ‘holy’, pious and ascetic stretches of time, increasingly, you escape into ‘messianic madness’, where on some subconscious level you try to ‘force the coming of Moshiach’ – by proclaiming yourself a ‘Moshiach’ –  to rectify the situation, bring geula – and finally give your guilty conscience some rest.

Honestly, doesn’t this sound at least possible?


How did a ‘madman from Smyrna’ win over so very many big rabbis to his cause?

But if he was a rabbi with the stature and learning of the SHACH – who then went ‘mad’ after the destruction witnessed in and around Poland from 1648 onwards – doesn’t that explain a lot?

Doesn’t it make to easier to understand, how this ‘talmudic genius’ could create arguments for antinomian behavior and ‘tikkunim’ that could sway even the biggest kabbalists and most holy individuals?

And doesn’t it start to explain so many of the other ‘mysteries’ we have been dealing with here, including warped family trees, Sabbatean-Frankists specifically clustered, dafka, around our ‘biggest rabbis’ – and the overall horrible mess all parts of our Jewish world is currently in?


This is my hypothesis.

I am still working through a lot more information, including the other rabbis who were known Sabbateans within the Jewish community – and whose descendants have been wreaking havoc for the last 350 years.

These people are still in the positions of power, and that’s a big part of why all this ‘real Jewish history’ is still being actively suppressed and covered-up.

By the lies are falling, one by one.

Because you can’t keep the truth hidden forever.


Can anyone out there help me to translate this tombstone, meant to be for the SHACH, in Holleschau cemetery?

In particular, I’m looking for the date of death given on this tombstone, but all information would be appreciated.

Ta in advance.








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In this third and final part, the focus is on how Eybshutz and the Sabbatian-Frankists have warped today’s orthodox Jewish community.

Before I begin, let me tell you a story I heard approximately three hours ago.

It’s about a young chareidi boy, who was brutally raped by an older ‘chareidi’ man in the ‘chareidi’ community of Ramat Bet Shemesh in Israel, seven years ago.

Even the boy’s parents don’t know what happened to him.

They just think he ‘went crazy’, ‘got ADHD’, then started ‘acting out’ at yeshiva so he got kicked out, and finally got into drugs and went ‘off the derech’.


That boy was deeply traumatised by being abused by one of the evil monsters who live in our ‘frum’ communities all over the world, who continue to get away with destroying countless lives in this way because the whole system is geared to cover their crimes up.


Enough is enough!

How much longer are we going to pretend that this evil of rampant sexual abuse – an obvious hold-over from the Sabbatian-Frankist culture that has infiltrated all our major Jewish institution from the top down – doesn’t exist?

How much longer are we all just going to set here whistling, while this evil continues unchecked even, and perhaps especially, in the externally ‘frum’ world?

So, I’m devoting this particular post to all the unnamed, unheard, undefended victims of Sabbatian-Frankist abuse in the Jewish community, and particularly, the so-called chareidi world.

And believe me, there are a lot of them out there.


Now, let’s get back to the precis of R’ Marvin Antelmann’s book, Bekhor Satan.

(Click the links to read Part 1 and Part 2).


R’ Antelmann explains that the ruins of the Churva Synagogue in the Old City, built by known Sabbatean Yehuda Chassid and his group of followers, was a holy place for Neturei Karta.

Yehuda Chassid and his group of Sabbatean ‘true believers’ moved to Eretz Israel in 1700 (in preparation for the ‘second coming’ being predicted for Shabtai Tzvi. ‘Second comings’ are a big thing for many of these false messiahs.)

R’ Antelmann explains that according to Zvi Hertz Graetz’s history, the beliefs of this group of Sabbatians was very similar to xtianity. But according to a letter brought in the book ‘Tradition’, written by R’ Yehezkel Kahana, people in Jerusalem were scared to publish this information, because they feared the retribution of the ‘extremists’.

Who are these ‘extremists’ who practise a Sabbatian theology that resembles xtianity?

R’ Antelmann identifies them as the ‘Shomrei HaIr.’


Translated snippet:

“After the death of Yehuda Chassid in October 1700…his movement of ‘believers’, after a few years had passed, started to embrace Christianity.

The ideas that characterise this anti-Zionist cult are connected to Jonathan Eybshutz.


R Antelmann then brings a passage from Gershom Scholem’s work, where he describes how most of the Shadarim – the ‘messengers’ and shlichim that went on journeys on behalf of the community in Jerusalem, were actually Sabbatians.

As part of their travels, these Sabbatian ‘Chachamim’ would also serve as messengers between the ‘known’ Sabbatians, and those who remained secretly embedded within the Jewish community, and would also act as a conduit for the secret Sabbatian writings.

Scholem writes that the radically ‘anti’ Eretz Israel stance of this group of xtianised-Sabbatians was identified by R Yakov Emden, in his book Edot B’Yaakov (page 44), as coming from Jonathan Eybshutz’s own mouth, in relation to the passuk about ascending to Eretz Yisrael, that reads:

Not with strength and not with force, but rather with My spirit.

In his drasha given on Shabbos Chanuka, Parshat Mikeitz, Eybshutz writes:

“Because Moshiach will not do signs and wonders and make war with the enemies of Israel, and gather the exiles, and return Israel to its land. Rather, amongst the nations will be found chanina (grace?) [for the Jewish people], through the great wisdom of the Melech Moshiach.”

Ed. note: Eybshutz had a habit of switching what our Sages said for the exact opposite. He did this many, many times, including when he censored and rewrote large parts of the Talmud in Prague, in conjunction with the Jesuit Father Franciscus Haselbauer.

Again, Eybshutz didn’t just take words OUT of the Talmud, he actively rewrote it, to present his warped ideas in a ‘seamless’ way that made it appear to the reader as though they were part of the original text.

More on that another time.


Rav Antelmann then brings an excerpt of the Neturei Karta writings published under the title ‘Ahavat Yonatan’.

These writings appear to be based on the Neturei Karta understanding of some of Jonathan Eibshutz’s lesson.

Here’s a translated snippet:

“If you provoke and awaken the ‘love’ against Kibbutz Israel (i.e. going to Israel), and if everyone learns together to go to Jerusalem and all the nations agree – even in this case, as if it’s His will to go there, chalila, (God forbid that you should go) – because the end of the exile is hidden. And maybe, this is not the real time, rather it is just an et ratzon, for its own sake.

And today or tomorrow, they will sin, and they will be forced into exile one more time. And the next time will be worse than the first time. Therefore, the request is made to not go, until she will want. That is to say, until the time when all the world will be filled with knowledge, and from then on, the One who is above everything promised that there will be no-one missing from the nation of Israel at all.

And this is the true time, that it should come speedily in our days.

And therefore he said [the passage about coming out from Mevasseret with the feminine declention]. And from here it’s hinted to you….that your God will come by Himself, and redeem you, etc.


Rav Antelmann next brings a lengthy passage from the Or Sameach to refute these ideas.

I’m not going to translate that here, because the main point is that Neturei Karta revered Jonathan Eibshutz; apparently had very strong links to the Sabbateans that moved to Eretz Yisrael under Yehuda HaChassid, and went to great lengths to ‘defend’ Eybshutz’s reputation, posthumously, against academics like Gershom Scholem.



In this chapter, R’ Antelmann states that many of the ‘yehi ratzon’ prayers that are found in many commonly-used siddurim – including the ‘Kol Bo’, and those put out by Artscroll – were written by Sabbateans, with Sabbatean intentions (kavanot).

And the main Sabbatean who initially wrote many of these prayers is none other than ‘Nathan of Gaza’, Shabtai Tzvi’s main prophet and cheerleader.

He bases this on the book written by David Kahana called: Toldot HaMekubalim HaShabtim ve’HaChassidim (‘The Generations of the Sabbatean and Chassidic Kabbalists’, p150.)

Translated excerpt:

“And with his great cunning, Nathan from Gaza succeeded in ensnaring many of our brothers, Bnei Yisrael, and up until today, there are found printed in many machsorim and siddorim the prayers ‘yehi ratzon’ and most of the ‘Ribono shel olam’ [prayers].

And they are copied letter-by-letter from the book Chemdat HaYamim, and not a person puts it in his heart to find out who is the person that put these things out….” 


Ed. note:

Just to make it clear, that I am sharing quotations from R’ Antelmann’s book here. I don’t know which ‘yehi ratzon’ and ‘Ribonu shel olam’ prayers the statement above is referring to, specifically.

And in our days, many other similar prayers have been been written by people other than Nathan of Gaza. Each person should do his own birur.


Rav Antelmann then brings a passage from the Kol Bo machsor (screenshotted below) and says the following about it:

“The Sabbatean-Frankists showed that they greatly succeeded to ‘infiltrate’ Yeshu HaNotzri – or so to speak, ‘Yeshua Sar HaPanim’ – within [?] of the machsor for the Yomim Noraim, in order to make a connection with avoda zara at this holiest time – the blowing of the Shofar….

…And so, the idea behind this ‘yehi ratzon’ prayer is that Hashem should forgive Yeshu HaNotzri, and should give him [i.e. Yoshki] the job of being the ‘Sar HaPanim’, instead of the Angel Metatron.”


R’ Antelmann then brings a list of rabbis who have outlawed the yehi ratzon prayers, because of their Sabbatean connections.

The list includes the Nodah b’Yehudah, the Minchat Eliezer, R’ Eliezer Fleckeles – and of course, R’ Yaakov Emden.

He thing brings a list of further prayers that he says were written with the same heretical Sabbatean intentions, as listed by David Kahane, mentioned above.

Here’s a screenshot of the Hebrew:



The last chapter in ‘Bekhor Satan’ deals with the tricky subject of how part of the Sabbatean project to destroy Judaism from within revolved around trying to make orthodox Jewish observance so ‘hard’ and stringent, day-to-day, that many people would become disheartened and turn away from yiddishkeit.

R’ Antelmann explains that turning super-strict ‘humrot’ into ‘halachas’ is a very old trick, and that it’s not for nothing that Chazal taught that it’s forbidden to take away anything from the halacha – and also forbidden to add anything.

He then refers to Rashi’s teaching on Parshat Bereishit where he explains how the Primordial Snake was the first to turn a ‘humra‘ into a ‘halacha‘ – with terrible consequences for mankind.

[If you don’t already know, the snake told Chava that it was also forbidden to touch the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and when Chava saw she didn’t die from touching it, then she was easily persuaded that she could also eat from the tree, too, without dying.]


R’ Antelmann then says:

“Jonathan Eybshutz’s mussar sichot (moral teachings) take this path. In his book ‘Ya’arot Dvash’ there are a lot of moral teachings that he gave over the 10 days of repentance, in the communities where he served as a rabbi.”

The two examples R Antelmann brings from ‘Ya’arot Dvash’ involve Eybshutz forbidding women to wear wigs made from the hair of gentile women; and forbidding mixed dancing.

But then, Eybshutz found a solution for his rich Sabbatean friends who wanted to continue wearing these wigs: he paskened that it was permitted to make wigs from the hair of a Shabbos Goy.


Ed. note: These examples show just how fraught this whole topic is, and how complicated the birur.

I’ll bring more of my own opinions below, but I just wanted to share here that Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, had a custom of dancing with his daughters at their marriages.

One daughter, Miriam, refused to dance with her father, Rebbe Nachman because her father-in-law was against ‘mixed dancing’.

Rabbenu later said that if Miriam had danced with him at her wedding, she would have merited to have descendants. As it was, she had one child who died young, before she herself died relatively young. Miriam is buried in a cave next to David Shlomo Eybshutz, in Tsfat.


R’ Antelmann continues:

“And so, the Sabbateans wanted to increase the things that were minorly ‘forbidden’, and to expand the number of humrot (stringencies), and to make them ‘big deals’, and to bring things from every source to make more humrot, until many of the Jewish people would despair of keeping the halacha, and come to view it as something [heavy?], and impossible to endure.

And finally, they succeeded in introducing a few ‘leaders’, that we continue to suffer from them until this day, to distance the people from the ways of the Torah and the guarding of the mitzvot, following in the same footsteps as the Primordial Snake.”


He continues:

“The ‘Chareidi-Sabbatean’ stereotype lives as we’ve described: he looks ‘chareidi’ from the outside, but inside, he’s full of lusts. This is the stereotype that Jonathan Eybshutz himself belongs to. They run to fill every position in the ‘official religious’ world, and to be the heads of religious institutions….

[He then brings two specific, named examples.]

“These people wear black garb, they have beards and payot, and it was their custom to get up for chatzot. And whoever would have seen these people, it would have been very hard for him to believe [who they really were].

“The psychological approach used by the Sabbateans was to always emphasise small things in Judaism, and to over-exaggerate their importance, so that the truly important things would ultimately fall….”

He goes on to say that while the Sabbateans were externally obsessing over all these small details that really didn’t matter so much, they made it an unspoken rule to ‘ignore’ any number of major aveirot, including committing incest and adultery, eating neveilot, performing abortions, breaking shabbat, thievery and deception etc – which were all never spoken about publically.


Ad kan.


And so, we make a full circle, and return to the story I heard a couple of weeks’ ago, firsthand, of a 13 year old boy who was violated by a ‘talmid chacham’ somewhere in Ramat Bet Shemesh – in the frummest-of-frum area.

It’s an area where there are constant threats of violence and intimidation from ‘modesty patrols.

An area where neighbors will gang up on your for daring to bring a pet – a source of tumah – into your home.

An area where the advice given is to kick those kids who want MP3 players – let alone smartphones – out of the house, and let them live on the street, even at very young ages.

In this bastion of humrot, where every emphasis is put upon keeping up appearances, and every effort is made to force families to conform to the strictest, harshest interpretations of the Torah – child rapists roam free.


That boy who was assaulted in Ramat Bat Shemesh a few years ago by a ‘talmid chacham’ never told his parents what had happened to him.

Instead, he went totally off the derech and started doing drugs to try and dull the pain and shame, while his parents started dragging him all over the place to one shrink, one counsellor, one rabbi after another.

In these communities that are so focussed on humrot and external appearances, these terrible crimes of rape, incest and pedophilia – the hallmarks of secret Sabbatean-Frankists for the last 350 years – are all covered up, and never spoken about.

But that needs to change.


While this concludes the precis of Bekhor Satan, I have a lot more information to share with you in future posts about Jonathan Eybshutz’s ancestors – and also, his descendants.

Many of whom are heading up large swathes of the ‘ultra orthodox’ Torah world, both on the Litvak and the Chassidic sides of the equation.

While it’s true that just being a descendant of an evil person doesn’t make you evil, it’s also true that abusive behavior, and mentally-ill habits tend to be passed down from father to child, over the generations – until someone has the courage to acknowledge the truth, and to make a clean break.

Eybshutz had relations with his own daughter; wrote books encouraging other Jews to perform acts of incest and adultery – and was an arch hypocrite, who perfected the role of playing the ‘big tzaddik’ externally, while indulging in the worst sins behind closed doors.

And his descendants are heading up large swathes of the ‘ultra orthodox’ Torah world, both on the Litvak and the Chassidic sides of the equation.

Can you see the problem?


So, stay tuned.

We will definitely be returning to this topic soon.

Because personally, I am not going to rest until all these child rapists in the frum community are publically called out for their evil actions, and all the countless lives they’ve ruined, and countless numbers they’ve ‘abused’ out of yiddishkeit, and justice is finally done.



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Let’s continue the precis of R’ Marvin Antelmann’s book, Bekhor Satan.

You can read Part I HERE.

Let’s continue with chapter 6:


In this chapter, R Antelmann deals with the question of whether the whole accusation against Eybshutz was really just because of ‘petty quarrel’ with R’ Yakov Emden, as the usual sources tell us was the case.

R’ Antelmann shows this is decisively not the case – because Eybshutz was very nearly excommunicated back in 1725 for being a Sabbatian, after his book Ve’Yavo HaYom Al HaAyin, first appeared.

R’ Antelmann states that many rabbis came out against Eybshutz back in 1725, including:

R’ David Oppenheimer (1664-1736) – Chief Rabbi of Prague


R’ Moshe Hagiz (1671-1751), a leading rabbi in Amsterdam, both raised the alarm about Eybshutz’s Sabbatean leanings while he was still a relatively young man.


R Antelmann brings a reference to Professor Elisheva Carlebach’s book The Pursuit of Heresy, (Columbia, 1990) which includes letters from some of the other leading rabbis who were writing against Eybeshutz for being a Sabbatian in 1725 – a full 25 years before his first Sabbatean amulet was sent to the Yavetz.

Translated snippet of a letter written by R’Hagiz in 1725, about Sabbatean activities involving Jonathan Eybshutz:

“Everything according to the letter that I sent his lordship, about the abominations of Leib from Prossnitz [another famous Sabbatean ‘prophet’, and teacher of Eybshutz] to R’ Jonathan from Prague….and that which was not done at that time [i.e. the last time the problem of the secret Sabbateans arose] now needs to be done enthusiastically….and a strict herem should be pronounced, that no Polish bachor should go and study with R’ Jonathan of Prague….

….[C]lear announcements should be made in Mannheim and in Lita (Lithuania), that he should be known, in addition to this, as one of those apikoruses and cofrim (heretics) who pakru b’ikker (figuratively, denies the very fundamental thing of Jewish faith).

And I will send to him [i.e. R Hagiz’s correspondence] this book that begins VeYavo HaYom Al HaAyin, which is full of words of lust and associated prayers, that have never been before….”


The other rabbis who also publically warned against Eybshutz long before R Emden himself became involved include:

  • R’ Nechamia Risher (grandson of the ‘Ba’al Shvut Yaakov, R Yaakov Risher)
  • R’ Shmuel Hellman of Metz – the rabbi of Metz before Eybshutz took up the position
  • R’ Yaakov Yehoshua Falk, the Pnei Yehoshua
  • Leib Pesseles
  • R’ Yosef Prager – a close relative of Eybshutz, author of ‘Gahalei Esh’, who publically turned against him for his Sabbatianism
  • R’ Aryeh Leib Lowenstam (R’ Yakov Emden’s brother-in-law.)

And other Batei Din in addition to the Council of the Four Lands also came out ‘against’ Eybshutz, including the Beit Din of Venice.



In this chapter, R Antelmann addresses some of the better-known treatises that were put out by ‘historians’, that still managed to whitewash Eybshutz’s Sabbatean links, despite the enormous amount of clear evidence pointing in the opposite direction.

R Antelmann splits them up into two main camps:

  1. Writers with clear links to the Reform and other ‘anti-orthodox’ movements, including people like Mortimer Cohen.

Cohen wrote a book called “Jacob Emden, Man of Controversy’, in 1937, where he basically put all the blame for the dispute firmly on the shoulders of that grumpy, petty-minded guy, Yaakov Emden, and suggested it was a personal grudge match, nothing more.

Cohen was a Reform rabbi, which prompted R Antelmann to start digging into why a ‘reform rabbi’ in America would be so concerned with proving Jonathan Eybshutz ‘innocent’ of being a Sabbatian, in the 1930s.

What he discovered was correspondence that showed that Cohen was the ‘rabbi’ of a secret group of Communist-Sabbatians located in Philadelphia.

Translated snippet (from page 44 of Bekhor Satan):

Tzuntz, the Sabbatean, from the Eybshutz family, and David, the son of Moshe Hess were [Mortimer Cohen’s] friends. It’s well known that Moshe Hess [WHAT] Karl Marx as the first leader of the Communist movement….And so it happened that an ‘apikorus rabbi’ defended the honor of an ‘Jewish gaon’.


2. The second group of ‘ulterior-motivated historian’s identified by R Antelmann are people who belong in the ‘frum’ camp, who he suggests were trying to protect the good name of orthodox rabbis, l’shem shemayim.

He includes in this list frum author Yekutiel Yehuda Greenwald, who wrote the book הרב ר’ יהונתן אייבשיץ in 1908.

You can see that book for yourself HERE.


Ed. note: After a commentator put a link to this book, I went to find out a bit more about R Yekutiel Yehuda Greenwald. On geni, he has no ancestors at all – which is interesting, given that he lived in relatively recent times and was a well-known personality.

So, I took a look at his wife’s family instead. She is a Rubin, who descends directly from the SHACH via his son Moshe of Podhajce – via all the usual interesting intersections in the communal family tree.

(The SHACH is my leading candidate for the ‘holy alter ego’ of the false messiah Shabtai Tzvi, which is another massive cover-up story that we didn’t even start to unpick here, yet.)

So, just like Neturai Karta, it seems highly unlikely that any of the ‘frum’ apologists for Eybshutz were really acting l’shem shemayim, but rather because they had close family associations with the secret Sabbatian-Frankist movement, that they were trying to keep covered up.


The last paragraph in this chapter takes us back to the bombshell charge about Eybshutz having a mamzer son with his own daughter, by the name of ‘Moses Berachyia’.

In Part I, we brought the source for that from R Yaakov Emden.

Here, R Antelmann shares a second source for that accusation, written by a xtian kabbalist who was a contemporary of the early Frankists, called Franz Yosef Molitor.

This is Molitor’s original words, in German:


Translated snippet (page 45, Behkor Satan):

“It was accepted amongst the xtian nobles that Eybshutz was a Sabbatian. [Molitor] wrote that Moshe Schonfeld was the grandson of Jonathan Eybshutz.

According to the source that we brought from the Yavetz’s seforim, Eybshutz fathered an illegitimate child with his daughter, who was known by the name Moshe Berachyia. Is it possible that the identity of ‘Moses Dobrushka’ is really the same as the mamzer ‘Moshe’, and the is both the son and the grandson of Eybshutz?

And that the Sabbatians managed to forge his papers by way of paying bribes to the government clerks, to hide his identity?


Ed. note: You’ll remember that Moses Dobrushka was a key player in many of the Frankist-Freemason schemes that later played out on the wider world stage, including the French Revolution.

He was also one of the founders of the Asian Brethren secret society, that had close links with Chaim Samuel Falk’s ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’; and that the Asian Brethren used Eybshutz’s writings as the basis of many of its ‘black kabbalah’ rituals and rites.

And as I’ve written about on many previous occasions, ‘Moses Dobrushka’s’ family tree is totally obscured.



In this chapter, R Antelmann brings the passage in Tractate Sanhedrin 89a, which states:

“The Rabbis taught in a Baraisa: There are four categories of people who require proclamation after their sentences are carried out. These are:

  • HaMasit – the Instigator

  • Ben Sorer Umoreh

  • Zaken Mamreh – a Rebellious Sage

  • Zomeimim – false witnesses.”

Ed. note: The Artscroll footnote 9 for this passage explains that:

“The requirement for such a proclamation is derived from the fact that in each of the Biblical passages that speaks of these four criminals, the verse states that all Israel shall ‘hear’ of their punishment, and shall be fearful of committing similar acts themselves.”


He reminds us again of the main text of the herem that was placed upon Jonathan Eybshutz by the Council of the Four Lands Beit Din in 1756, that stated that Eybshutz:

“Like a Satan hamastin (instigates) Israel (to commit sins)” – that he is the author of the ‘pornography’ that deceives people to transgress eishet eish (adultery) and sins of arayot (immorality and incest), such as a father cohabiting with his daughter, etc.”

Antelmann notes the use of the identical language – hamastin = haMasit – used by the Beit Din against Eybshutz, and used in the above Gemara.

Then he makes a plea that all Jews, and particular religious Jews, and even more particularly, talmidei chachamim, should uphold the words of the Gemara, and ‘proclaim the sins’ of Jonathan Eybshutz publically, instead of continuing to cover them up.



Translated snippet:

“Thanks to the disinformation campaign around Eybshutz, there are those who want to say that the Council of the Four Lands was ‘anti’ chassidut, and that’s why they excommunicated Eybshutz, and also outlawed the study of the Zohar before the ages of 30 -40.”

Rav Antelmann explains this wasn’t the case, and then brings a lengthy quote from a Hebrew book called Sippurim Chassidim by Professor Gedalya Nigal from Bar Ilan University, to prove the point.


Ed. note: In the 30+ years since this book was written, and particularly in the last year on this blog, we’ve been fleshing out a lot more of the true story about who these ‘chassidim’ really were, i.e., groups of secret Sabbateans who later were partially ‘sweetened’ by the Baal Shem Tov’s movement.

So many of the Baal Shem Tov’s students came straight from the ranks of these ‘secret Sabbateans’ who then made teshuva, and came close to the BESHT’s holy way of doing things.

(It should also be underlined that at the time of the BESHT, and before Eybshutz’s book came out in 1725 that encouraged incest and adultery as ‘mitzvot’, God forbid, the Sabbateans in Podolia believed in Shabtai Tzvi as the ‘messiah’, and other very problematic ideas.

BUT, for the most part, they weren’t engaged in the sort of wholesale immorality that came to characterise the Sabbatian-Frankist movement in Podolia from 1725 on, and which also characterised Baruchia Russo’s Donmeh, in Turkey.)

This whole subject is totally fraught and very complicated, because after the BESHT’s passing, many branches of ‘good’ chassidut were once again hijacked by the Sabbatian-Frankists, making it very hard to know who was really a true Tzaddik who’d made sincere teshuva – and who was an unrepentant, two-faced, devil-worshipping Sabbatean-Frankist.

More on this another time.



R’ Antelmann explains that the Sabbatian-Frankists put around many ‘scary legends’ and stories about the horrible things that would happen to anyone who tried to question Eybshutz’s innocence, and who would try to reprint or publish any of the Yavetz’s writings on the subject.

Ed. note: I experienced this myself, two years ago, when I was also put off from researching this by a ‘scary story’ of someone who died in their sleep, just for committing the avera of considering republishing R’ Emden’s books….

R Antelmann brings a famous example of one of these scary ‘stories’ – which is then thoroughly debunked as being totally fabricated, by historian Sid Leiman.

You can read the story in full – and discover which famous rabbi was the person who was spreading that story around – HERE.


Here’s another snippet of the sorts of false ‘doom and destruction’ legends the Sabbatians circulated, about the people who were calling them out, like the Pnei Yehoshua, (from Sid Leiman’s website, HERE):

 Nathan Nota Eibeschuetz adds in the postscript that “starting at [his wife’s] funeral, Falk proclaimed that his punishment was due to his opposition to my [i.e., Nathan Nota Eibeschuetz’] Master, Teacher, and Rabbi, my father the Gaon [Jonathan Eibeschuetz].

The Pnei Yehoshua never said any such thing.

But it sure is an effective way of scaring people away from closer examination of what was really going on with the Frankist-Sabbatean movement headed up by Eybshutz at that time.



This is a very brief chapter, where R Antelmann talks about the decree of herem that was decreed by the moetzet gedolei haTorah in the USA, against the reform and conservative movements, in 1956.

Both the reform and conservative moments were began by known Frankist-Sabbteans.

He brings that psak din, and also more context about who these Sabbatean-Frankist-Reform-Conservative people really were, like this:

The Frankists, chassidim of Jacob Frank, used to transgress the very worst sins described in the Torah, as though doing this was a ‘mitzvah’, according to their own religion.

They prayed to their leaders as though they were a god, and believed that Shabtai Tzvi was the revelation of the Moshiach.


He also describes how R’ Chaim Rappoport led the excommunication of these Frankists in Brody in 5516 (1756), together with a loud blowing of shofars.

According to that writ of herem, it was forbidden to marry a Sabbatean, or to let them teach students, or to use them as sofer stams, amongst many other prohibitions established then.

At this point, a large section of the Sabbatean ‘cult’ transformed into the Frankists, with Jacob Frank at the head of the movement.

But another group of Sabbateans simply went ‘under cover’ in the orthodox Jewish community.

And in the last few chapters, that I will do in a separate post, R Antelmann traces some of their deleterious impact on the frum community – continuing into our days.


You might also like this article:

Back in November 2020, I had a very interesting email exchange with someone I’m close to in the chareidi world.

It was about Jonathan Eybshutz.

The person I was corresponding with had got wind that I was starting to research the Eybshutz / Emden ‘controversy’, as part of my initial attempts to figure out who and what were behind the ongoing persecution of Rav Berland, which at that time was heating up again.

And he made a very big effort to get me to put my energies elsewhere.

(Let me just make clear that I had and still have tremendous respect for this person, he’s mamash a very sincere oved Hashem, with much better middot than me…. Obviously.)


His main arguments were (paraphrased, to keep his anonymity, but I have the emails in front of me as I type):

  • There are ‘written witness statements’ who from people who claimed they falsely testified to R’ Yaakov Emden about Jonathan Eybshutz, except these statements somehow only surfaced five years after Eybshutz died, in 1764.
  • Eybshutz put out a whole book called ‘Luchot HaEidut’, which brought letters from a number of the ‘big rabbis’ of his day, defending him against the charge of being a ‘secret Sabbatean’.
  • When Eybshutz’s son,Wolf’, declared himself a messiah and apparently came out as a ‘Frankist’, Eybshutz was actually very upset about that (even though he continued to pay for this son, and to smooth the path for him in a million other ways….)
  • There’s a story that 8 years after Eybshutz died, he came to this renegade Frankist son in a dream, and told him to make teshuva – and of course, the son did! (So the story goes.)
  • Any ‘Shabatean influence’ that Eybshutz may have picked up was in the category of ‘eating the pips and throwing away the rind’, i.e. he was ‘elevating it’ in a kosher way.
  • The people who have written the bad things about Eybshutz are all ‘maskilim’, who were busy persecuting ‘true tzaddikim’ to serve their own ends.
  • Jonathan Eybshutz is mentioned in the sefer ‘Shmot HaTzaddikim‘, put together by R’ Natan of Breslov, so of course he must be a tzaddik.


At this point in the process, I have to admit to feeling really confused about what was going on.

What’s more, my friend sent my doubts to his ‘friend’ who had researched the issue, and even put out a pamphlet about it exonerating Eybshutz – who responded with the type of email I usually get from seasoned gangstalkers. It was pretty shocking.

It was the tone of that email that actually galvanised me to dig into this story a little deeper.

Because when you start disturbing the psychos, that’s probably the clearest sign you can get that you are on to something important.


So, I went back and started checking a few things out.

The first thing I noticed is that ‘Jonathan Eybshutz’ was only added to the Breslov Book of Names of the Tzaddikim as an addendum, long after R’ Natan had written the original version.

After we saw what happened with Rabbenu’s words being skewed to say ‘people should vaccinate’ – when he never even mentioned vaccines at all – we understand that some parts of the Breslov masoret have also been corrupted by the Sabbatean-Frankist-Freemasons in our midst.


I went back to my friend to tell him this, and the next thing he emailed me was a story he’d heard personally, from a rabbi of his in New York, about what happened to a guy who decided he was going to start reprinting Yaakov Emden’s book.

Apparently, he had a dream ‘from Heaven’ warning him not to do it, and then the day the printing was meant to start, he died.

That was quite off-putting, I have to say.

And that whole big book containing statements by ‘big rabbis’ exonerating Jonathan Eybshutz was pretty hard to explain away, at that point.

And every time I even so much as started to question the innocence of ‘Jonathan Eybshutz’ on my blog, I’d spark off a flood of emails telling me you’re wrong!!! Totally wrong!!! The guy is a huge tzaddik!!!

So I kind of gave up for a while, and shifted my focus elsewhere.


In the 17 months since that conversation, so much has happened, and so much that was hidden has now been revealed.

After yesterday’s post, I finally feel it’s time to revisit the real story of what happened with Jonathan Eybshutz, and to stack up the evidence for who this guy really was, and the enormous damage he did then – and continues to do now – to orthodox Judaism and the authentic Jewish community.


Let’s begin.


The first thing to state is that Jonathan Eybshutz’s ancestry places him very firmly in the camp of those ‘interesting people’ who seem to have had ‘Sabian Jewish-Gnostic’ tendencies, for centuries.

One of the most important things we learned over the last two years is that ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ was just one of the more successful ‘false messiahs’ this group of pretend Jews and pretend xtians have repeatedly dangled before the eyes of the orthodox Jewish community.


Eybshutz’s great-grandfather (1585–1633) was Rabbi Nathan Neta Shapira, III, aka the “Megaleh Amukoth”.

To keep this as easy to read as possible, I’m going to use bullet points as much as possible, and keep the snippets brief. These bullet points are based on the entry for the Megaleh Amukoth on the YIVO website, HERE.

  • He was a noted kabbalist, and was schooled in the kabbalistic tradition of Yisrael Sarug. (Yisrael Sarug reportedly stole the Ari’s kabbalist writings from the grave of his main student, Chaim Vital, and disseminated a warped version of the Ari’s kabbalah that all the ‘interesting people’ seem to have been studying.)
  • He “drew a great deal from Christianity, and even revived various elements of the Jewish-Christian tradition that are found in midrashic literature.”
  • Spira was of the opinion that the “Christian messiah was the opposite of the true messiah, and the Christian religion was a satanic version of the true faith.” While this sounds like a standard belief for an orthodox Rabbi to have, it’s also important to note that Sabian Jewish-xtian gnostics also see Yoshki as an interloper, or ‘rival messiah’ to John the Baptist (amongst others.)

Here’s a snippet of what I really want you to focus on:

Spira’s name was linked to a putative Sabbatian sect, involving Jews and Lutherans, that was connected to Yonatan Eybeschütz. Although the sect was established in the 1720s, its writings claimed Spira to be its founder, and maintained that he had received a divine revelation calling upon him to adopt the Christian faith.”


The Megaleh Amukot died in 1633, a full 32 years before the disaster of Shabtai Tzvi started to unfurl in the Jewish world.

Secular scholars are baffled by his links to the ‘Jewish-Christian’ world, that apparently pre-dates Shabtai Tzvi by three decades.

But, all this fits the ‘Sabian Jewish-Xtian-Gnostic’ thesis perfectly, where we posited that for at least two millenia, and probably closer to 3, 333 years, a group of ‘pretend Jews’ have been trying to subvert Judaism from within. And that these people externally look exactly the same as ‘authentic Jews’, and even have fabulous yichus.

(Especially as they have repeatedly muscled their way to the top of the Jewish community, particularly where there was money, influence or prestige to be had.)


What is this mysterious “putative Sabbatian sect, involving Jews and Lutherans” that Jonathan Eybshutz was part of, long before the amulets controversy?

I have no idea. Apart from this one mention, it seems to have been scrubbed out of Jewish history.

As I keep saying, they are lying about pretty much everything, when it comes to Jewish history of the last 400 years. But never mind, because we have plenty other information to go on, in the meantime.


Now, let’s skip over to Marvin Antelman’s ‘To Eliminate the Opiate Volume 2’, (which you can read HERE), where we learn the following:

Eibeschutz was born in 1690, and lost his father in his youth. When Eibeschutz grew older, his mother sent him to Prossnitz to study in the Yeshiva of Rabbi Meir Eisenstadt, a secret Sabbatian sympathizer.

It was here that he studied under the tutelage of Judah Leib Prossnitz, who initiated him into Sabbatianism.[Sheindel Zunz] the mother of the now fatherless Jonathan Eibeschutz, who sent her son knowingly into Sabbatian studies, was a member of the Schiff family.

Professor Judah Leibes in his book, Sabbatian Secrets (in Hebrew) citing Rabbi-Professor S.Z. Leiman, quotes a document (p. 214) which states Eibeschutz’s family had him secretly baptized by a Christian cleric named Maysinger on the day of his circumcision


Let’s sum this bit up:

Jonathan Eybshutz descends from a long line of ‘interesting people’ who are nearly always found at the juncture between Judaism and xtianity, learns at openly Sabbatian yeshivas, and is recorded by reputable historians as undergoing baptism, when he was 8 days old.

Does this sound like ‘tzaddik material’ to you?


OK, so a person is definitely NOT their yichus.

Everyone can make teshuva, for sure. So now, let’s turn to the question of what this man actually did, in his own life.

First, let’s get the subject of the amulets out the way.


What I was taught about the Emden / Eybshutz controversy is that it was basically just a clash of personalites, a storm in a teacup about whether Eybshutz was a ‘secret Sabbatian’, which was always portrayed as no big deal, really, either way.

A few years ago, original copies of these amulets – drawn in the star of David, a favorite symbol of the Sabbatians – appeared out of the state archives in Metz, and were examined by historians including Sid Leiman.

The historians came to the conclusion that Eybshutz’s amulets were unmistakably ‘Sabbatean’.

But that’s really just a sideshow.


What Yaakov Emden really accused Eybshutz of, was the terrible crime of committing incest with his daughter.

Sabbatean-Frankists were routinely doing this, at this stage, as part of their ‘religious’ beliefs:

Eybeschutz – who, besides his work as a city rabbi and rosh yeshiva also worked as a trial lawyer and customs agent – was accused by another great rabbi of his day, Yaakov Emden, of being a closet follower of the false messiah Shabatai Tzvi….

Emden also accused Eybeschutz of having incestuous s*x with his own daughter, something followers the false messiah were rumored to do for kabbalistic reasons.


We don’t know this information, we never hear about this, because Yaakov Emden’s books are nearly all out of print.

And whoever dares to think about republishing them is told all these ‘scare stories’ by the Frankist-Freemasons in our midst, to scare them off.

As a result, so many of the pertinent details and information that would change the whole picture for many of us, are simply unknown and surpressed.

Do we really think that a person of the calibre of Yaakov Emden would make up awful slander like this about another rabbi?

Especially, when that ‘rabbi’ and his followers were violent thugs who were known for their bullying tactics and physical and political intimidation of opponents?


If you go HERE, you’ll find a very interesting recent post on the Kotzk blog, entitled:


That post is a precis of some research by history professor Professor Pawel Maciejko, who is one of the few people who seems to be trying to unravel more of the historical onion enwrapping Eybshutz and the Frankist-Freemasons in our midst.


Maciejko took a closer look at a famous Sabbatian book that Eybshutz was always the main suspect, for who wrote it, called:


The literal translation of this title is:  “I shall approach the eye today”.

We all know how these Frankist-Freemasons like all their ‘eye’ symbolism, the reminder of Bilaam, the original guy who knew how to commune with Hashem via black magic arts and intimate connections with his donkey…


I highly recommend you go and read the whole post on the Kotzk blog, which is written very tzniusly, given the subject matter.

The upshot is this:

  • Va avo hayom el ha’ayin is a rabbinic-styled work of kabbalah-pornography, that shocked everyone who read it to their core.
  • It advocates a Gnostic-Sabbatean theology that claims to be rooted in a ‘higher Torah’ that negates the Torah of Moshe, the Torah of authentic Judaism.
  • It uses a lot of ‘double-language’ and innuendo to suggest (based on Genesis verse 2, that describes Adam and Eve’s lack of shame before the fall) that things like incest and other forbidden relationships are not only OK to engage in – they are a positive mitzvah, and how you rectify the world.
  • Jonathan Eybshutz wrote this disgusting book.


So, let’s sum up as we go along.

  1. Jonathan Eybshutz comes from a line of ‘Jewish Demon Torah Scholars’ who appear to have mysterious links with Sabian-Jewish-Gnostics who ‘infiltrated’ the Jewish community who knows how long ago.
  2. His great-grandfather, the Megaleh Amukot, may have recieved a ‘divine revelation’ telling him to become a xtian.
  3. His mother is a Schiff – part of that infamous nexus of Frankist-Freemasons who bankrolled the Bolsheviks; bankrolled Hitler, and almost certainly also bankrolled the creation of the Frankist State of Israel, too.
  4. Credible historians with no axe to grind report that Eybshutz was baptised as a Lutheran on the day of his circumcision.
  5. He learns at the yeshiva of a known Sabbatean – Meir Eisenstadt, the Meir Panim, whose brother Mordechai is a famous Sabbatean-Moshiach-wannabe.
  6. His main teacher at that yeshiva is another known Sabbatean, Yehuda Leib Prossnitz, who publically confesses in the Prossnitz synagogue to sacrificing ‘to the devil and demons’, before he is forced into exile.
  7. He has some weird connection with a ‘putative Sabbatean sect involving Jews and Lutherans’ in his twenties, based around the writings of that selfsame great-granddad, the Megaleh Amukot – and the sect’s writings state the Megaleh Amukot had a ‘divine revelation’ telling him to convert to xtianity, many decades before Shabtai Tzvi even appears on the scene.
  8. As a young man, Eybshutz is caught writing a book advocating incest and engaging in other forbidden relationships.
  9. Rabbi Yaakov Emden actually publically accuses Eybshutz of engaging in incest with his own daughter – but that information is totally hidden from the Jewish world today, and we’re told that the whole fuss was only about some amulets he wrote.


The main chiddush of Jonathan Eybshutz, tho, was his barefaced hypocrisy.

When they were gearing up to excommunicate Eybshutz back in the 1720s, for his connections to that Sabbatean-Lutheran group, and for secretly authoring the incest-pushing Va avo hayom el ha’ayin, Eybshutz pulled a remarkable stunt, by publically and frequently denouncing the Sabbatean movement.

And that threw so many people into confusion, because if someone is publically calling those Sabbateans out, he really can’t be one himself?!?!?

Can he?

This became a standard ploy of those two-faced Sabbatean-Frankists, who became increasingly skilled at deliberately ‘running confusion’ around what was going on with them, and their true beliefs and actions.

In one world – Torah-learning angels.

And in another world – Black-magic performing demon-worshippers.


I just want to bring two more snippets from the previous blog post HERE, that refer to Eybshutz.

First, this:

In the latter city [Hamburg], the “Asiatics” drew on the Sabbatian teachings of Rabbi Jonathon Eibeschutz, who had earlier maintained a mysterious relation with Elias Artista (Johannes Muller), the Rosicrucian patron of Swedenborg in Hamburg.


That whole ‘Elias Artista’ connection is also really disturbing.

Take a look at THIS:


The advent of the modern age brought with it a widespread belief amongst physicians and chemists, particularly in Germany, that God in a not too distant future would be sending a person, capable of revealing all nature’s secrets to humanity, that person being Elias Artista.

His disclosures were to coincide directly with the end of this iniquitous world and the beginning of a messianic age (a golden world or the millenium).


And here is a snippet of the letter written from the Sabbatean follower of Chaim Samuel Falk, aka the Golden Dawn’s Dr Falckon:

Afterwards, [Falk] commanded this Moshe and another member of this holy Chevra, Rabbi Yaakov, grandson of R. Meir Eisenstadt (author of Panim Meiros), and they each lit a large candle. Then he commanded that the group enter barefooted into his room, and behold, we saw the holy man sitting on a throne, dressed like an angel…

The godly Kabbalist Rabbi Moshe David [Meisels], known as Rabbi Moshe Ba’al Shem, wrote a letter to our master Rabbi Jonathan Eybeschutz, the famous Chief Rabbi of Hamburg, and told him all these great things and wonders regarding this holy man (=Falk). So R. Yonasan applied to him the words from the Tikkunim, that Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai said, זכאה דרא דהאי רזי עיתגלי ביה, “This generation is fortunate to have such mysteries revealed.”


Again, notice that connection to the ‘Eisenstadt’ family, as well as to Jonathan Eybshutz, who is actively praising a man who was almost burned at the stake for practising sorcery and engaging in incest and open immorality.


How did Eybshutz get away with mamash subverting the Jewish community from within – and so thorougly, that it’s still happening today, with yeshivas all over the world still learning his other works on a regular basis?

There were a few contributing factors:

  1. He was a brilliant Torah scholar.

Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, goes to great lengths to warn us about Jewish Demon Torah Scholars, in Likutey Moharan, I:12. But even today, so many of us have trouble understanding that just learning Torah doesn’t make someone a tzaddik.

The Torah – and particularly the more esoteric and hidden mysteries of the kabbalah – is ‘a potion of life AND a potion of death’.

People with bad middot learn the kabbalah, and then conceptualise things in a totally destructive way, including ‘personifying God’ in ways that should never even be dreamed of.

The phenomenon of ‘Jewish Demon Torah Scholars’ is still going on today.


2. He was very well connected.

His own family, and his wife’s family, were connected to a whole bunch of rich and powerful movers and shakers in Prague and elsewhere. Some of them were Jewish, but Eybshutz was also deeply connected to leading figures in the xtian establishment, in ways we are still trying to figure out.

All of these people put pressure on Eybshutz’s accusers to back down.

For example, when the Pnei Yehoshua, R’ Jacob Joshua Falk (1680-1756), excommunicated Eybschutz in 1752, he had his rabbinical contract terminated and was summarily run out of town, by Eybshutz’s Sabbatean followers, including Veitel Haim Ephraim.


3. Many of the leading rabbis of that time were also ‘secret Sabbateans’.

And so many of those ‘Sabbatean rabbis’ are the ones we are still being taught were tremendous paragons of virtue today, because their descendants and acolytes basically took over the whole Jewish world.

The ‘winners write history’ – so you can see, that anyone who was on Eybshutz’s side is lauded, in our history books, and anyone who wasn’t is marginalised and ignored.

Again, let’s put it out there, that once you know what Eybshutz was actually being accused of, and once you understand the weight of the evidence against him, and just how serious the situation really was, how could any ‘non-Sabbatean’ rabbi have supported him?

(To see the calibre of the people we are talking about, take a look at that book of rabbis who openly wrote in support of Eybshutz, in the Luchot Ha Eidot, mentioned above.)


4. His followers were violent, amoral thugs.

Again, there is nothing new under the sun. These people have always used violence and intimidation to cover their tracks and get away with murder. The people who opposed Eybshutz often found their livelihoods cut off, were ostracised by the community, threatened, and even feared for their lives.

This was the case with both R’ Emden and with the Pnei Yehoshua, who both fell afoul of Eybshutz’s bank of proto-Freemason-Frankist supporters in the Jewish world.


5. His followers and relatives ‘muddied the trail’ by spreading fake stories and censoring history.

This snippet comes from To Eliminate the Opiate Vol. 2, p 26:

[W]hen the evidence continued to mount as to Jonathan Eibeschutz’s complicity with the Sabbatians, and Eibeschutz was on the verge of publicly proclaiming his Sabbatian affiliation and flouting it in the face of the European Jewish community, Rabbi Jacob Emden informs us in his autobiography, Megilat Sefer, that extreme pressure was applied by the Altona-Hamburg Sabbatians against Eibeschutz not to reveal his affiliation.

The purpose of this was to create a shadow of a doubt in the minds of many Rabbis, which was subsequently exploited by a barrage of Sabbatian propaganda that Eibeschutz was innocent.

Man, did that ever work.


The last thing to say, is that I’m not convinced – at all! – that we’ve bottomed out the full story with Jonathan Eybshutz, and his Freemason-Frankist descendents, yet.

While I was researching this, I went back and started looking more closely at his son, ‘Wolf’, the guy who is meant to have been a Frankist, self-proclaimed ‘Moshiach’, but then who apparently made teshuva at the end of his life.

So much is hidden about him, so much is concealed….

I had to go to German Wikipedia just to get more of a basic feel for who he really was, HERE.


Here’s a snippet (Google translated from German):

With his father, he moved to Metz, and Altona. As a teenager, he came to Vienna, fell into bad company and began to lead an adventurous life. 

In Turkish clothes he traveled around for 15 years in Hungary, Podolia , and Moravia. He claimed to have prophetic visions, and played the role of a Messiah, which he knew to gain a following

Several times he met with the Sabbatian Jacob Frank

In Moravia, he made friends with the Dobruschka family, the followers of Jacob Frank in stock. He also met with the followers of the sect leader Berukhiah Russo (aka Osman Baba, 1677-1720), whose daughter, or granddaughter, he took to wife. 

He competed with Jacob Frank to the leadership position of the Podolian and Moravian Sabbatians.


The genealogy for the Eybshutzs is such a deliberate mess, I’m still trying to unpick it all.

But I read the above, and it struck me that ‘Wolf Eybshutz’ and ‘Jacob Frank’ seemed to have been doing very similar things, at exactly the same time, with exactly the same people.

So now, I’m taking a renewed look at the warps in the family trees for both, to see if I can spot the aliases and distortions that could make a ‘Wolf Eybshutz’ into a ‘Jacob Frank’.


There’s already some weird links.

For example, Eybshutz had a daughter called ‘Schondl Eybshutz’ who married one David Ullmann – and that information has been completely scrubbed from the history books.

It’s at least possible that ‘Schondl Eybshutz’ = Schondl Dobrushka of Brnn.

Emden characterised Schondly Dobrushka as the ‘great whore of Brnn’, and ‘conventional history’ tells us she was the leading Sabbatian in Moravia and Jacob Frank’s ‘maternal cousin’.

That seems to be a lie.


Conventional history also tells us that Schondl Dobrushka’s son, Moses Dobruska / Junius Frey was the nephew of Jacob Frank, and offered the leadership of the movement after he died.

And that Moses Dobruska is the grandson of Jonathan Eybshutz himself.

I’ve been knocking my head against this information for two years, trying to figure it out, but, if Wolf Eybshutz = Jacob Frank….

That resolves the difficulty.


The rot in our Jewish communities, in our ‘orthodox’ Jewish communities, started a long, long time ago.

250 years ago, the rabbis and authentic Jews chose to try and ignore and minimise the problem of the Sabbatean-Frankists in their midst – and these people went on to totally corrupt our community and values from within and without.

There is nothing new under the sun.

That test seems to be rolling around again.

And this time, I hope we are going to pick the moral course of action, and not let someone’s yichus, Torah learning or impressive following stop us from calling a spade a spade – and uprooting the pedophilia, abuse, immorality and evil from our midst, once and for all.


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One of the things I can’t stress enough is the two-faced nature of the leading Sabian-Sabbateans, and the Frankist-Freemasons who then took over from them, within the Jewish community.

Many of these people excelled at portraying a ‘super-pious’ and ‘super-holy’ appearance for the outside world, all the time while engaging in totally awful acts behind closed doors.

Also, many Sabbateans got into the habit of ‘denouncing Sabbateanism’ publically, in order to persuade onlookers that they were totally free of that stigma. In modern parlance, we’d call this ‘projection’. In Baal Shem Tov parlance, we’d call this ‘the whole world is a mirror’.

And this very successful method of ‘bamboozling’ people by denouncing the very things you yourself are up to, secretly, in a totally OTT fashion, is continuing today.


In this post, I want to go back to ‘Dr Cain Chenul Falckon’, aka Rebbe Chaim Shmuel Falk, the ‘Baal Shem’ of London.

I want to show you how the two-faced nature of the Sabbatian-Frankists actually plays out, in real time, where they build a reputation as a miracle-working ‘Rebbe’ or Baal Shem within the believing Jewish community – and then build a reputation as a fountain of occult, evil knowledge for satanic secret societies.

At one and the same time.


The journey begins back with the Rosicrucian secret society called the ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’.

And in particular, with Chuck Furnace’s site, on the Wayback Machine, where I found a whole bunch of interesting resources on what Chaim Shmuel Falk was really up to, on the dark side of the spiritual fence.

Here’s how that site describes the Order of the Golden Dawn:

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was one of the foremost gathering and training grounds for the Magicians….

While the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (SRIA), Madame Blavatsky‘s Theosophical Society, Rudolf Steiner‘s Anthroposophical Society, Frederick Holland‘s Society of Eight and Johann Friedrich Falk‘s Kabbalistic College of London all held lectures, dinners and discussions about occult subjects, these interests seem mostly intellectual rather than practical.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn introduced practice and ritual to what had been discussion, including exercises to develop occult skills. In this, there was little practical Alchemy, which had been the goal of the Order of the Golden and Rosy Cross in Germany, and a strong focus on Qabalah…”


There is a disagreement about whether the ‘Johann Friedrich Falk’ mentioned above is actually one and the same as Chaim Samuel Falk, the Baal Shem of London, or his son.

But there are plenty of other sources that show first-hand that the Sabbatian ‘Dr Falkcon’ was teaching black magic, or ‘practical kabbalah’ to a bunch of non-Jews with a satanic bent.

The following information about him was very helpfully gathered together on a page called ‘hagiography’, HERE, linked to from the Chuck Furnace site.

Here’s some of what we learn from the ‘other side’ (bulleted, to make it easier to keep up with the information, and with the source for the information italicised at the end.)


  1. Falk came to London from Podolia, and was known to be a kabbalist.

He was also known to be a Sabbatian who practised the most ‘extreme’ form of Sabbatian antinomianism as taught by Baruchya Russo, which included awful sexual immorality, including incest.

In fact, Falk had nearly been burnt at the stake back in Poland when word of his black magic and incest reached the ears of the Archbishop of Cologne, but he somehow managed to escape to Amsterdam, and from there he moved to London.

[It’s possible that Chaim Shmuel Falk is one and the same as the ‘Chaim Malach’, a very popular Sabbatean preacher in Podolia who influenced a great many people, but who is proving very difficult to trace ‘in the real world’.]


Falk’s main financial backers in Amsterdam were the wealthy Sabbatean ‘Boas’ family – now conveniently scrubbed out of Jewish history (possibly because Frank’s second wife may have been a ‘Boas’.)

Falk’s main financial backers in London were the Goldschmidt banker-brothers, and he also hangs out with the ‘Chief Rabbi’ David Tebele Schiff.

But Falk’s secret Sabbatean fan club spread around the globe, even to places like Algiers, in North Africa.


Falk also had close family who were secret Sabbateans in both Hamburg and Altona:

The Dr. Falk who died in 1782 had … kinsmen in Germany. From Kalisch’s diary, it is clera that Falk maintained contacts with Sabbatians [viz., who may have been his own relatives] in Hamburg and Altona.


Altona is where people like R’ Yehezkel Katzenellenbogen and R’ Raphael Ziskind Kohen – married to one ‘Tamar Falk’ were hanging out.

There is a lot of funny business going on with their family trees, and also with the family tree of  other famous Falks, like the Pnenei Yehoshua. Maybe, we’re starting to grasp a little more of what that is all about.

While ‘official Jewish history’ likes to tell us that Falk had no children, he had at least one daughter, Chaya Josefa Falcon – who married ‘Jacob Frank’ and had six daughters with him, before she died.

(One of Frank’s grand-daughters, Lea Golda, became the mother of the 4th Rabbanit of Chabad….)


  1. The Falk family in London were running a co-ed ‘Qabbalistic College’ in London aimed at non-Jews.

And at the same time, Falk was also busy setting up a new, secret branch of Sabbateans based in London.

He became a wealthy man, and managed to buy a big mansion in Wellclose Square, which was home to his ‘private synagogue’. Count Rantzau, one of his non-Jewish followers, also writes that Falk had a separate meeting place in London Bridge, too, where his ‘initiates’ would meet.

In his diaries, Rantzau also fingers Falk as being a ‘Rosicrucian Adept’ and ‘Prince of the Jews’.


3. The secret Hebrew name of this organisation was inititally the Chabrah Zereh aur bokher.


  1. As his alter-ego ‘Dr Falk’, he taught occultists including Emanuel Swedenborg and Cagliostro ‘practical kabbalah’, aka occult black magic:

“The Dr. Falk who had such an influence on Blake’s Swedenborgian circle was Dr. Samuel Jacob Hayim Falk (1710?-1782), who lived in London for over forty years …

Other proto-Freemason-satanists who were in touch with Falk include:

  • Cagliostro
  • Pierre Lambert de Lintot
  • Russian actor, Dimitrevsky Narykov
  • Theodore the ‘King of Corsica’
  • The Duke of Chartres — Grand Master of the Grand Orient in Paris (visited Falk in 1777)
  • Simon von Geldern, the ‘Court Kabbalist’ of the Landgrave Ludwig of Hesse-Darmstadt.
  • French actor Jean Monnet, who wrote a fictionalised account of the ‘Jewish Rosicrucian’ who was teaching him and his friends Kabbalah, i.e. Falk.
  • Baron von Gleichen, Danish diplomat.
  • Waldenfels, a senior German Rosicrucian.


Emmanuel Swedenborg has a lot of connections with Jewish Sabbatean circles.

Before he met Falk, his brother-in-law, Eric Benzelius worked with a Polish Sabbatian who subsequently converted to Lutheran xtianity out of disappointment, when Shabtai Tzvi didn’t ‘rise from the dead’ as his prophets were predicting he would, in 1695/6 – 30 years after his passing.

That Sabbatian was a guy from Krakow called Moshe ben Aharon HaKohen, who took on the name Johan Kemper, post-conversion:

Snippet from YIVO here:

It is certain that he was active in one of the groups linked to Yehudah Ḥasid, which around 1695 began to prepare to immigrate to Palestine in order to await Shabetai Tsevi’s second coming in Jerusalem.

Mosheh ben Aharon was attracted to the preaching of the Sabbatian prophet Tsadok ben Shemaryah of Grodno, a former brandy distiller who appeared around 1694, traveled through Eastern and Central Europe, and foretold redemption in the year 1695.

Following the failure of this prophecy, Mosheh became receptive to the Christian message that Sabbatian expectations should be abandoned because the messiah had already come.


Benzelius’ son-in-law Ander Norrelius edited Kemper’s manuscripts in 1720, and also published his own treatise on the kabbalistic teachings of one ‘Knorr von Rosenroth.’

As well as hanging out with ‘Dr Falk’ in London, Swedenborg also spent time in the Jewish ghetto of Prague, were he apparently learnt about meditative states that could induce trances and telepathy.


  1. Falk spent the last 5 years of his life on developing a ‘Judeo-Christian Freemasonry’, where Jews wouldn’t be pressured to convert to Christianity.

It looks like this was the ‘Egyptian Rites Freemasonry’ that was later ‘marketed’, if you can call it that, by Falk’s protege Cagliostro (aka Joseph Balsamo from Italy, who may well have been another Sabian-Sabbatean, even before he met Falk.)

Cagliostro visited ‘Swedenborgian Lodges’ all over Europe, trying to coax them over to Falk’s new brand of satanic ‘Egyptian Freemasonry’. He was a big hit in North Germany, Vienna, Holland and also Poland.

“[T]he [Polish] Freemasons subsequently praised Dr Falk and Jacob Frank as true [Qabbalists].”

Remember, Frank was the son-in-law of ‘Dr Falk’, and the putative father of Falk’s six grand-daughters – all of whom married back into the ‘orthodox’ Jewish community of secret Sabbateans.

Cagliostro also met the Comte Saint-Germain in Vienna, who had become the ‘Rosicrucian mentor’ of Prince Carl of Hesse-Cassel.


  1. Defacto, Falk created a ‘new mystical religion, which would…transcend all sectarian divisions.”


7. Falk – and others – fused together the already warped Sabbatean theosophy with high-level Freemasonry rites.

One of the people Falk was in close contact with at this time was Count Nicolai Zinzendorf, who was another of these ‘two-faced’ people.

In one world, he was an upstanding xtian missionary, church leader, and xtian ‘zionist’, who had a big eye on getting Jews to convert.

This comes from HERE:

Over the years, Zinzendorf made several attempts to establish a Jewish “Kehila” (community). He organized mixed marriages of Jews and Christians according to Jewish rules, but never a large enough group was recruited to establish a separate community.


Then in the other world, he was the leader of an occult group called the Moravian Brotherhood, who wanted to totally uproot society and get rid of all class structures.

Zinzendorf’s Brotherhood had branches in Holland and in London, as well as in Moravia.

Moravia was the stamping ground of the Sabbatean Jonathan Eybshutz, and later became a stronghold of the Frankists who retained their Sabbatean-Frankist beliefs, whilst remaining the Jewish community. As we will discover, that was no coincidence.


In the 1750s, Zinzendorf developed a new, secret doctrine for ‘initiates’ to the top secret ‘German Pilgrim Section’ of his Brotherhood, which basically copied the worst antinomian Sabbatian practises of breaking every sexual taboo mandated by the Torah.

This snippet comes from HERE:

In the secretive interior section — called the German Pilgrim Section or Der Pilger — Zinzendorf revealed an esoteric doctrine of sexual antinomianism that bore striking resemblance to that of radical SabbatianismThroughout Swedenborg’s association with the Moravians in London, Zinzendorf was actively seeking contact with Sabbatian Jews, in the East End of London … .

In 1757-1758 the Count was stirred by reports from Poland about charismatic Sabbatian leader Jacob Frank.

And hey presto, another link up between satanic ‘xtian zionists’ and satanic Frankist-Sabbateans is formed…


  1. The brand of Sabian-Sabbatean-Satanism known as ‘The Illuminati’ was also brought to London at the same time that Falk was busy developing the Judeo-Christian new satanic religion called the ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’.

The people who introduced ‘Illuminati-ism’ to London were:


  1. Falk’s non-Jewish proteges create the ‘Asiatic Brotherhood’ in 1782, the year he dies.

In 1782, a Masonic convention is organised at Wilhemsbad by Royal satanists Frederick, the Duke of Brunswick, and Prince Carl of Hesse-Cassel.

The upshot of that meeting, which brings together occult satanists from all over the place, is the creation of a new secret society, called the ‘Order of Asiatic Brethren’, with the Duke of Brunswick and Prince Carl the new Grand Masters.

The ‘Asiatic Brotherhood’, as it’s also known, fused together Sabbatean theology and black magic kabbalah with the ‘theosophy’ of non-Jewish occultists including Swedenborg, Saint-Martin, and Georg Welling.

This is the same ‘Asiatic Brotherhood’ that Moses Dobruska, the nephew of Jacob Frank and grandson of Jonathan Eybshutz, is closely associated with.


The Brotherhoods main HQ is in Vienna, and a lot of Sabbatean-Frankist Jews join that branch.

Other lodges open up Copenhagen and Schleswig, under Prince Charles, and in Hamburg and Berlin, under the Duke of Brunswick.

In Hamburg, we come across another link between Jonathan Eybshutz, Falk and all these satanic-Sabbatean secret societies:

In the latter city [Hamburg], the “Asiatics” drew on the Sabbatian teachings of Rabbi Jonathon Eibeschutz, who had earlier maintained a mysterious relation with Elias Artista (Johannes Muller), the Rosicrucian patron of Swedenborg in Hamburg.


In case you are wondering what these ‘Sabbatian teachings of Rabbi Jonathan Eibeschutz’ are, it’s the infamous treatise VaAvo haYom el haAyin, that basically secretly glorifies things like incest with a very warped ‘kabbalistic’ explanation for why this type of evil ‘hastens the geula’.

In typical two-faced fashion, Eybshutz denied writing the work, but it was an open secret that he was in fact the author.

The book was totally banned and its ‘anonymous author’ excommunicated. It’s known that Jacob Frank drew some of his own warped philosophy from this work and that Moses Dobruska incorporated this work into the rites of the Asiatic Brethren.

(We can only imagine what… but clearly incest was a big ‘mitzvah’ for these people.]


  1. Another spin-off of the Asiatic Brotherhood is formed in Frankfurt, in 1807, called the Loge aufgehenden Morgenrothe.

Most of its members are Jewish, and it’s known as Aurore naissante in French, and ‘Rising Dawn’ in English.


In 1817, another branch of this Lodge is formed in London by the Duke of Sussex, but it apparently only lasts until 1822, when it’s closed by Anton Wolf, a representative of the ‘Mother Lodge in Frankfurt’.


A few more words about the ‘Asian Brotherhood’, before we sum everything up, and conclude with what all this means for the Jewish community today.

This from the Wikipedia page HERE:

It’s full title is “Order of the Knights and Brothers of St. John the Baptist, St. John the Evangelist from Asia to Europe”.

That’s significant, because we know that historically, the Sabians worshipped St. John the Baptist as their top guy.


Also from that same Wikipedia page, we learn this:

Initiated Asian brothers received the Hebrew order names at their initiation. 

Prince Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick, was admitted to the Order as a member of the Sanhedrin under the name of Ish Tzaddik (i.e., “a just man”), and Prince Charles of Hesse (who became Grand Master of the Order in 1786 after Justus) (in 1786) under the name Melchizedek.

In addition, Eckert’s brother, Hans Karl, was a member of the Sanhedrin under the name of Israel, Thomas von Schoenfeld [aka Moses Dobruska, Frank’s nephew and Eybshutz’s grandson] under the name of Zacharias…. as well as many doctors, lawyers, officers, and Jewish merchants.

Members of the Order also included influential Christian aristocrats (Prince Lichtenstein, Count Westerburg, Count Thun), wealthy Jewish financiers from Vienna (Nathan Arnstein, Bernhard Eskeles), as well as Rav Baruch ben Yaakov Shik from Shklov, Dayan (judge of the Jewish Court) in Minsk, and a reformer of Russian Jewry known for his Hebrew translations of Euclid. 


Notice, that last guy is Baruch Shick of Shklov, a leading maskil who is also meant to be one of the leading students of the Vilna Gaon, while hanging out with ‘Yehoshua Zeitlin’ in his Kherson mansion.

Other names to notice are Bernhard Eskeles and Nathan Arnstein.


I just want to end this by bringing a snippet from the letter of one of Falk’s adherents that I quoted HERE, that sets out a few more people ‘connected’ to the Sabbatean-satanist Dr Falk, aka ‘Rebbe’ Chaim Shmuel Falk, the Baal Shem of London:

Afterwards, [Falk] commanded this Moshe and another member of this holy Chevra, Rabbi Yaakov, grandson of R. Meir Eisenstadt (author of Panim Meiros), and they each lit a large candle. Then he commanded that the group enter barefooted into his room, and behold, we saw the holy man sitting on a throne, dressed like an angel…

The godly Kabbalist Rabbi Moshe David, known as Rabbi Moshe Ba’al Shem, wrote a letter to our master Rabbi Jonathan Eybeschutz, the famous Chief Rabbi of Hamburg, and told him all these great things and wonders regarding this holy man (=Falk). So R. Yonasan applied to him the words from the Tikkunim, that Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai said, זכאה דרא דהאי רזי עיתגלי ביה, “This generation is fortunate to have such mysteries revealed.”

The letter continues:

“I am grateful that I have been received into this Brotherhood, who by their piety can hasten the advent of the Messiah…my son, be very circumspect, and show this only to wise and discreet men. For here in London, this matter has not been disclosed to anyone who does not belong to our Brotherhood.”


You see what a difference there is?

Here, Falk sounds like a holy rebbe who is speeding up the geula and bringing Moshiach…

But that’s totally the opposite of who he really was, and what he was really doing.


There are a lot of ‘Eisenstadt’ descendants in a lot of illustrious people’s family trees.

And there are a lot of ‘Eybshutz’ descendants in a lot of illustrious people’s family trees, too.

Once you understand that ‘secret Sabbatean = person who practises incest and immorality as a mitzvah’, you start to understand so much more about what’s gone wrong in certain parts of our Jewish community.

You also start to understand why so many of the descendants of these Sabbatean-Frankists went to such great lengths to cover up their families’ past – and to totally distort Jewish history, in the process.

So many of the people who believe they have ‘impeccable yichus’ are probably mamzerim, mamash.


And the last thing to say, is that THIS is also the real reason why certain sections of the Jewish world, especially the externally orthodox Jewish world, apparently have a very big problem with sexual immorality and incest, behind closed doors.

Once you start tracing back most branches of chassidut, you find they are rooted in the same small group of families who are very closely linked to the secret Sabbateans who stayed hidden in the Jewish community.

That’s not to say all families, all chassiduts, have these problems, God forbid.

But it IS to say that many people were born into families where incest etc, was practised ritually for well over 200 years….

Today, most of them probably have never even heard of Shabtai Tzvi, but we know how these problems and issues are repeated down the generations, in any case.


I know this is hard to read.

But the cover-up has gone on for long enough.

We need to take a deep breath, pull back the covers on what’s really happening in our community, with compassion, and start the clean-up process in earnest.

It’s probably the single biggest thing we can do, to speed up geula and bring it the sweet way.

And that’s also why it’s probably going to be so challenging to get to grips with, for so many of us.


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Yes, you can guess it’s going to be another ‘interesting’ post, just from that title.

As these things usually do, it all started innocently: I was trying to research where the ‘lost’ ruins of S’dom and Amorra are, by the Dead Sea, to see if maybe we’d go down there yesterday, as my husband had a day off work.

A couple of years ago, someone sent me a ‘biblical archaeology’ clip that located the ruins – together with obvious signs of fire and brimstone – off down the 90, on the road to Eilat.

There are competing claims for the location, and I just couldn’t remember who in the heck the archaeologist was, who said he’d found S’dom and Amorra on the side of the Dead Sea I could actually visit, as an Israeli citizen.

I had the vague notion that maybe it was some xtian archaeologist guy, who went on to become a big ‘friend of Israel’, but as his name escaped me, I just plugged in some random terms with ‘xtian, Israel, archaeology, friend’ – and I got to the Friends of Zion website.


Warning: the following video may make you feel nauseous.


Sorry I had to inflict that on you, dear reader.

(Is is just me, or does Shimon Peres bare more than a passing resemblance to Davros, of dalek fame?)


Ooooo, that’s  kinda creepy.

Point is, I wanted you to understand just how ‘BIG’ the Friends of Zion organisation is, in Israel, and just how many of the usual interesting politicians in Israel are cosying up to them.

So, I realised that God must have put this ‘Friends of Zion’ stuff in my face for a reason, so I start scooting around, to see what else I can learn about them.


Here’s some snippets of his biography from HERE, that caught my eye:

(Bold emphasis mine.)

Dr. Michael D. Evans is an award-winning journalist who has served as a confidant to multiple Israeli Prime Ministers and leaders in the Middle East for more than two decades.

As an award-winning producer, Dr. Evans has produced 18 documentaries in Israel. His most famous, Let My People Go, spotlighted Natan Sharansky, who was at the time in a gulag in Russia. Dr. Evans asked President Ronald Reagan to seek Mr. Sharansky’s release, and the release of some 400 Jewish prisoners from President Mikhail Gorbachev….

He was a keynote speaker at the inaugural Jerusalem World Summit in Jerusalem, joining such notables as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Dr. Evans has founded dozens of pro-Israel enterprises. Among them the Evans Institute for Middle East Studies, the Jerusalem Prayer Team, the Corrie ten Boom FoundationMike Evans Museum, Churches United with Israel, Lovers of Israel, the Evangelical Israel Friendship Council, and the Evangelical Israel Prayer Breakfast. Recently, the Jerusalem Prayer Team funded the construction of the Mike Evans Museum in Jerusalem, now officially know as the Friends of Zion Heritage Center.

Dr. Evans has received the Ambassador Award from the State of Israel.

He was the only evangelical present at the White House signing of the Israeli/PLO Peace Accord, and was invited to the State funeral of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.



That’s a pretty impressive list, isn’t it?

And because I now know that the State of Israel is effectively being run as a Frankist-Freemason family business, with ‘pretend Jews’ and ‘pretend xtians’ on both sides of the equation, I decided to see if I could figure out a bit more about exactly who ‘Dr Mike Evans’ really is.

I had a lot of siyatta di’shmeya, and I got to this JPost ‘puff piece’ from 2012, pretty fast:


In that story, I learn that Mike Evans was in close contact with Menachem Begin, the Mossad director Isser Harel, and apparently also got Binyamin Netanyahu his first job with Begin’s government, and ‘predicted’ he would one day become prime minister of Israel….

Snippet 1:

“I made a call to Reuben to ask if I could meet with Begin again the next day because I knew why I came. Begin took the meeting, and this time when he asked me, ‘Why did you come?’ I said, ‘To build a bridge.’” He says Begin initially laughed, saying sarcastically, “You want to build the Brooklyn Bridge?” Evans replied, “No, to build a bridge between Christian Zionists who believe in the Bible and the Jewish people. A bridge of light.”

…. “That’s how modern Christian Zionism was birthed – through Menachem Begin. He is father of the modern Christian Zionist movement.”


I always thought that Menachem Begin was maybe the one half-decent politician the State of Israel could lay claim to.

It’s looking like I may have to revise that view.

But that’s not all I learnt.

I also found out that “Evans and Netanyahu went on to become good friends….”, and have been palling around with each other for over 30 years.

But that’s not even the really surprising thing. Read on.


Snippet 2:

Michael David Evans was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, on June 30, 1947, to a non-practicing Jewish mother, Jeana Levin, whose parents had emigrated from the former Soviet Union, and a verbally and physically abusive, anti-Semitic and alcoholic Christian father, Robert….

Indeed, after seven children, Evans says, his father’s vitriol toward Jews peaked when he became convinced that Mike, the eldest, had been conceived through an affair with a Jewish man….

To Evans’s shock, his mother later conveyed to him that his grandfather had been a rabbi in Minsk who was nearly murdered when a group of Christians attempted to burn down his synagogue as they accused him and his congregants of being “Christ killers.”

His maternal relatives went on to escape to Germany, but ended up in Auschwitz, says Evans.


Over HERE, on the ‘Churches United With Israel’ site, we have another, different version of the grandpa story, that goes like this:

Growing up, Dr. Evans heard from his Jewish mother that “Christians hate Jews.”

No doubt she believed that because her grandfather perished when his synagogue (in what is now Belarus) was burned to the ground by Nazis, killing everyone inside.


Who knows which version, if either, is true?

But I can tell you this:

We are right back at the heart of that pretend xtian, pretend Jewish, Frankist-Freemason nexus.

And the State of Israel is at its heart.

So, I tried for a couple of hours to look up ‘rabbis in Minsk’ from around the interwar period, with the surname ‘Levin’ who nearly got killed when their synagogue was set alight.

You’d think that’s a detailed enough search to turn up something concrete, so I could really start to see who else the big Israel-loving, evangelist xtian Mike Evans is actually related to, in the Frankist-Freemason firmament, on his mother’s side.

But nothing, nada, nega-nega torey.


Minsk is right up there with Vilna and Prague, when it comes to sourcing the roots of the Frankist-Freemason network, that is still ruling the Jewish world, religious and otherwise, even today.

And many of those Frankist-Freemasons subsequently turned into communists, Bundists and ‘Zionists’, so I’m not at all shocked to see that Minsk was a hotbed for all of this stuff,  in the first half of the 20th century.

You can read more on the JewishGen page for Minsk, HERE.

But in the meantime, my search for proto-Zionists from Minsk named ‘Levin’ turns up another interesting character you’ve probably never heard of:

Alter Isaac Levin – Poet, Insurance Agent, but mainly a spy


I trip over this guy at the Museum of the Jewish People website, HERE.

That’s where I learn the following information about Alter Levin:

Levin’s legacy is etched in his great contribution as a spy and underground agent during World War I.

Professor Eliezer Tauber… uncovered a diary that proved to be that of Aziz (Akyurek) Bey, the director of the Ottoman 4th Army’s Security Service.

Bey wrote in his diary that Levin’s business acumen enabled him to form ties with key figures in the highest ranks of the Turkish government.

In time, his colorful personality, fluent Arabic and adoption of Turkish attire and customs endeared him to Djemal Pasha, the Ottoman governor of Syria and the Land of Israel.

Levin became Pasha’s right-hand man and official aide, a role that gave him access to the Ottoman Empire’s deepest secrets.


Aziz noted that when World War I erupted, Levin played a central role in reporting strategy and tactics to British intelligence.

Levin used his insurance agent story as a cover and his Jewish employees as spies on behalf of the British. When Levin’s insurance agents visited the homes and military and government institutions of Turkish dignitaries to sell them insurance policies, they collected information about the army’s movements, the dignitaries’ social and financial status, and prevailing winds in Ottoman society.


Aziz Bey cites Levin as a key player in bringing down the Ottoman Empire.

He stresses the intelligence that Levin provided to the British regarding the Ottoman campaign to conquer the Suez Canal, believing that to be the central reason for the campaign’s failure. Nothing less.

Jewish prostitutes placed by Levin in Jerusalem’s many brothels during that period were vital to his spy network.


You know, when you’ve been writing about this stuff for two years, you start to get a 6th sense for interesting people, or the Sabbatian-Frankist-Freemason persuasion.

Apart from the fact that he’s a proto Zionist (which at this stage, is already an automatic red flag you are dealing with a Frankist-Freemason) – I also pay attention to the fact that Levin’s contact is called Aziz BEY.

There were not a few Donmeh-Sabbatian-Muslim-Jews called ‘Bey’ in the secular association of ‘Young Turks’, who overthrew the Turkish empire.

Known Donmeh-Sabbatians include:

Djavid Bey – Finance Minister.

And Refik Bey – editor of Young Turk newspaper Revolutionary Press, before becoming Prime Minister of Turkey in 1939.

(BTW, Refik Bey had some help editing the Young Turk paper from none other than Vladimir Jabotinsky, who moved to Turkey in 1908…. It’s a VERY small fish pond, all these people swim in.)


So, it’s not rocket science to at least suspect that Aziz Bey was yet another Donmeh-Sabbatian-Crypto-Jew, in charge of ‘overthrowing Turkey’ and making it totally God-less, the way the Frankists back in Europe were ‘overthrowing Russia’ along the same lines.

And he was closely connected to good ‘Zionist’ Alter Levin – who pretends to be frum while actually placing prostitutes all over the holy city, to help him gather information.

The guy is classic.


Here’s how that story on the ANU website ends:

Levin’s death was not surprisingly tragic:

On Sukkot Eve in 1933, he was found hanging from a palm tree in the yard of his Romema home. There was no suicide note or letter of explanation and the mystery has yet to be solved.

The question is, why every school kid in Israel knows the legendary and broadly documented story of the Nili spy network and its heroes, Sara and Aharon Aharonson, who spied on behalf of Israel during the same period – while Levin’s spy network is relegated to the shadows of forgotten history?


I can answer the last question: because all the clues that would show just how far this Frankist-Freemason-Sabbatian-Donmeh-Christian-Zionist web really spread, were (clumsily…) hidden away.

So, I carry on searching for ‘Rabbi Levins from Minsk’ who could fit the bill, to link up with Mike Evans and his family, but eventually I have to admit defeat.

What keeps coming back, tho, again and again, is the Wikipedia page on ‘Christian Zionism’.

The fifth time around, I finally decide to click on it, and read a bit.


We will come back to ‘Christian Zionism’ in a later post.

For now, let me state again that I am increasingly coming to the view that the State of Israel, and the Sabbatean-Frankist false messiahs and ‘aliyahs’ were actually all xtian-inspired and xtian-run projects, with some ‘converso pretend-Jews’ brought on board by these xtians to actually front the whole shebang.

Not just any old xtians, of course. Specifically, Puritans, Millenials and ‘Christian Kabbalists’.

There’s a lot of birur required here, and I will return to the topic soon, BH.


In the meantime, as I’m reading that Wiki page about ‘Christian Zionism’, one name jumps out at me:

Rabbi Raphael Chaim Yitzchak Karigal 

Snippet from HERE:

One of the first rabbinic luminaries to arrive to America in colonial times was Rabbi Raphael Chaim Yitzchak Karigal. Rabbi Karigal was born in 1732 in the ancient Sephardi kehillah of Hebron in Eretz Israel…

In 1772 Rabbi Karigal arrived to Newport, Rhode Island, a major Jewish community in the colonial era….

While in Newport, Rabbi Karigal came into contact with one of the leading non-Jewish intellectuals of colonial life, Rev. Ezra Stiles. Stiles was president of Yale College (click HERE to read “How Hebrew came to Yale”) and a famous Protestant minister.


A few months’ ago, I tried finding out more about this mysterious character  from Hevron, with close connections to Yale and Ezra Stiles – but hit a dead end.

So this time, I decided to try again. On the geni / ancestors / descendants front – there is absolutely nothing.

Which is a very good sign that there is really something, probably something big, that is being hidden.

But I get another clue that takes me in a different direction in the investigation, namely this, from the Hevron website HERE:

[Carregal] studied at the Chesed L’Avraham V’emes LeYaakov yeshiva which was founded in 1659 by Avraham Israel Pereira, a wealthy Marrano who had escaped in Inquisition in Portugal and was ordained as a rabbi at the age of seventeen.


What these sites never seem to tell you, is that Avraham Israel Pereira was a prominent believer in the false messiah Shabtai Tzvi.

The Holy Land was literally dripping with Sabbateans – that was the main group of people who were interested in settling in Israel at that point.

A few days ago, I was looking at ‘Avraham Israel Pereira’ in connection with the post on Jacob Frank’s Sephardi roots.

If you go HERE and Google translate, you’ll learn that Avraham Israel Pereira:

  • Was a converso Portuguese Jew who somehow managed to have a lot of money – and to keep that money, when he moved to Amsterdam and became head of the Portuguese Jewish community there;
  • Was a major supporter of Shabtai Tzvi, and opened up Sabbatian ‘yeshivas’ in Israel – including the one Carrigal was learning at;
  • Had close ties with the Dutch East Indies Company and the Amsterdam Stock Exchange;
  • Funded and supported the work of one Menasseh Ben Israel;


Menasseh Ben Israel is credited with persuading Oliver Cromwell to let the Jews return (openly…) to the United Kingdom.

This comes from that same ‘Christian Zionism’ page, linked to above:

A number of Cromwell’s close advisors, such as John DuryJohn Sadler and Hugh Peter, came into contact with Dutch-based Jews such as Menasseh ben Israel and advocated Jewish resettlement in England (they had been banned from the country since the 13th century).

Sadler, Cromwell’s secretary, even argued that the British were one of the Lost Tribes of Israel in his pamphlet The Rights of the Kingdom (1649) and thus kindred to the Jews, initiating British Israelism.

Other Puritans such as Jeremiah BurroughsPeter BulkleyJohn Fenwicke and John Cotton,[17] some of whom lived in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, saw Jewish re-entry to England as a step on the path to their eventual return to Palestine (all tied up within a millennialist eschatology, which would hasten the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and thus the final judgement).


If you’re interested, go click on some of those links.

You’ll start to understand more and more, how the ‘Jewish return to Eretz Yisrael’ was actually a xtian-inspired project, that was just ‘fronted’ by false messiahs like Shabtai Tzvi (and David Ben Gurion…) amongst others.

There is literally nothing new under the sun.

Just ask Mike Evans and Bibi.

But there is another part of this puzzle, that swung into view, when I started looking at the links between Christian Zionists and Sabbateans, and that was the ‘pretend-Jewish-Sabbatian-Frankist-Freemasons’ role in the slave trade.


When I was clicking around, looking for more info on R’ Raphael Yitzhak Chaim Karigal, who learned at the Sabbatean-friendly and Sabbatean-funded yeshiva in Hevron, I got to this:

Again, I just wrote a post about Abraham Touro, and Moses Hays, and all their connections to the Frankist-Freemason network and Jacob Frank.

It was interesting to see ‘Haym Isaac Carregal’s name included in the same list, so I clicked on – and got back to a whole screed about the (fake, Sabbatian-Frankist) Jewish role in the transatlantic slave trade.

Long story short…. he was a major slave trader.

And so were all his little Sabbatian-Frankist buddies in Newport.


If you go HERE and HERE, you can read some of what I discovered, for yourself.

(But read on, before you do that.)


If I didn’t know that these people really weren’t Jews, and were actually fake, anti-Torah ‘Sabbatian-Frankists’ who stand for the very opposite of real Judaism, I could also make the mistake that many of the anti-semitic sites make, of believing that ‘Jews are bad’.

Real Jews are awesome.

The real Torah is only Divine light.

Real Judaism is the most uplifting, compassionate and enlightening blueprint for living life you will ever find.

But these people were fake, pretend Jews, practising fake, external-only Judaism, with a whole bunch of xtian-inspired avoda zara mixed in.

Real Jews are compassionate – that’s one of the key signs that King David states could help you tell the difference between a real, and a ‘fake’ Jew.

And when you read what happened on these slave ships, you understand that these people were NOT compassionate. At all.



Before we move on, let me just state that while these crypto Sabbatian-Frankist Jews WERE playing a big role in the slave trade, there were other people behind the scenes, non-Jews, who were really holding the big cards in the game.

One of them was a French noble called Antoine Crozat, and his brother Pierre, snippet from Wiki:

Antoine Crozat, Marquis du Châtel (c. 1655 – 7 June 1738), French founder of an immense fortune, was the first proprietary owner of French Louisiana, from 1712 to 1717.

For 15 years, Antoine Crozat was responsible for the African slave trade, from which most of his wealth was derived.


There is a whole other story going on here, that requires a lot more birur.

And the French role in all this is hardly ever spoken about, or looked at. It’s on my list to get to it, BH.

So, part of this birur is to also understand that yucky as these pretend-Jewish-Sabbatian-Frankists really are – they were still just the ‘court Jews’ and the business agents, operating for the non-Jewish interests really pulling the strings, behind the scenes.


Well, that will do for today.

We learned a whole bunch of stuff about ‘Christian Zionists’ and their very strong, very long-standing ties with crypto-Jewish communal leaders.

There is really nothing new under the sun.

Just as corrupt pretend-Jews were used in the past, to waylay and deceive the real Jews, and to advance agendas that are THE OPPOSITE of Torah-true Judaism, so that is continuing today.

But finally, we are start to spot what’s really going on, and to start calling it out.


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