The MSM is apparently telling everyone that ‘Russia is stalled’.

***UPDATES: New Video of Ukranian neo-Nazis indoctrinating their children***

That seems to be fake news.

There’s a guy called Gonzalo Lira who is an American living in Ukraine’s second biggest city of Kharkov.

He’s been ‘live streaming’ footage and news from Kharkov during the war, the last few days.

Watch this, where he explains that Russia is actually winning the war, and that he believes that all the ‘fake news’ about Russia being ‘stalled’ etc is just propaganda to set up a ‘false flag’ involving a chemical attack in Ukraine.

He covers a lot of ground, very clearly.

Watch here:



I’m near the center of the city, and over the last seven days it has been clear that the Russians are getting closer and closer.

I see them getting closer and I hear the bombs getting closer. I know for a fact that surrounding towns have been captured, either from news reports, or from people who live in these towns and have told me personally.

Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine, and the third most important target, the first being Kyiv and the second being the main Ukraine army in the east (some 60,000 man strong).

I know that they are about to completely capture Mariupol and I know that the Zelenski regime is not able to re-supply the various armies, so I understand what is happening: the Russians are winning. GL


Remember, everything is being sweetened by our teshuva and prayers, and Rav Berland, and the passing of tzaddikim of R’Chaim Kanievsky.

I’m trying to get to the Rav four days a week, to join in with the prayers there, and I can feel how much is being sweetened, with all the niggunim being sung about Uman at the Rav; and all the clapping and dancing to sweeten the judgments.

Usually, the prayers at the Rav start quiet and subdued – reflecting the real ‘heaviness’ in the world – but by the end, there is so much singing and dancing and clapping.

There is such a good, hopeful ruach there.

Take heart, dear reader!

Everything is really being sweetened, behind the scenes, and nothing is going ‘to plan’ for the evil people – not with ‘Covid 19’, not with the mac-cinations, not with the war in Ukraine…

It’s all being ‘turned around’ for them, which is why it’s so very hard to know exactly what’s going on right now.


Anyway, this guy gives Zelensky’s government a week or two, max.

And then, he thinks the whole war will be over by the end of April, once Mariupol falls – unless there’s a ‘false flag’ to give NATO and the USA a green light to get into the war in Ukraine.

And that’s when things will start to get even more interesting.



A reader just sent me a link that lead to this:


Highly, highly, highly recommended.

Here is one of the videos it brings, showing the extent of Ukrainian neo-Nazi indoctrination of their children:


Again, we have to ask:

How many of the 25,000 non-Jewish Ukrainians brought into Israel by the Frankist-Freemason puppets we call ‘our government’ are affiliated with these Azov Battalion neo-Nazis?

What background checks were made?

When are these people going back to their motherland?


BH, more people are starting to wake up all this – it’s heartening to see so many dyed-in-the-wool ‘patriots’ in the USA calling out the BS, and refusing to respond to corrupt media calls to ‘nuke Russia’.

One more must-watch video from David Sorensen’s site above:


Like most real journalists in the world right now, Sorensen is being heavily censored. If you feel like donating to his cause, he is certainly putting together some first-rate honest journalism at the moment.


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More and more, I’m coming to the conclusion that ‘reality’ is almost totally fake.

By reality, I mean the things the ‘news’ tells us.

And the things we are taught in school about ‘science’ and ‘history’ – and just about everything else, actually, except probably the rules of English grammar.

(But I’m prepared to be proven wrong about that, too.)

The reason I’m underlining this right now, is because most people are screwed to their TV screens waiting for ‘news’ about Ukraine, and the upcoming war there.

And I just want to caution us all, not to fall for all the propaganda around this.


First of all, remember that Putin and Biden and Bennett and all of them ALL work for the same person, the same evil group pulling everyone’s strings from behind the scenes.

The ‘New World Order’ needs a distraction from its badly failing Covid 19 scamdemic, so a world war is a great way to get people’s minds off what is actually happening to us, day to day, thanks to our corrupt governments and military.

At the same time, of course these things have an element of ‘reality’ – just ask the families of the hundreds of thousands of people who developed fatal attacks after taking the Covid 19 shots….

So, we can’t fall into the mistake of thinking yeyeh beseder, without some serious teshuva and prayers, asking God to sweeten everything that’s going on.

It’s a very narrow bridge, between ‘fake reality’ and ‘real fakeness’, which is part of why this current test is just so head-wrecking, spiritually.


I want to update you with a couple more ‘messages’ from the Rav’s WhatsApp group, and then let’s finish with some greenscreen fakery from NASA.

Because if they can ‘fake’ moon landings, and International Space Stations, and visits to Mars – do you think ‘faking’ some war scenes on planet earth is beyond them?

First, the updates from the Rav, from the last day and a half:

  1. The Rav [said] that the war of Moshiach will be much worse than the Holocaust. It was supposed to happen now But he pushed it off that even our grandchildren won’t see it. 

2. [From yesterday, 17.02.22]:

The Rav spoke about Russia again today and said that their true intention is to take over all of Europe, beginning with all the countries that the USSR controlled before its collapse. Ukraine they can conquer in a few minutes, they don’t need that much manpower for it. But for their true plan they do.

He said Jews are safe.


Please remember that the messages from the Rav are often not so straightforward to decode.

That said, the Rav has consistently been saying the war of Gog and Magog has been pushed off into the future – i.e. sweetened – for many years now, and each time they try to pull another major war out of their back pocket, it does seem to have fizzled.

So, lots of reasons to be hopeful, but still prepare for the worst, in which ever way you feel you need to.

And now…. back to NASA.


Really, it’s hard to believe how they got away with fooling us all with their ‘fake science’ for so long…


There’s a lot of these out there, if you want to do your own ‘NASA Greenscreen’ research, but I like this one, as it pulls a lot of material together very well, in a very short time span.

(And if you get bored, then have a search for ‘CNN Greenscreen’ too… Once you notice how people in front of a greenscreen appear, you literally see it everywhere.)

So, don’t believe everything you see online.

Stop engaging with the propaganda (aka ‘news’).

And instead of worrying yourself to death about Russia and WW3, say a tikkun haklali instead, take a walk, do a kindness for someone, spend 5 minutes doing hitbodedut on your anxiety – and that way you’ll feel way better.

Whatever seems to be happening (or not…) in ‘the real world’.


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Following on from the last post, here is some of what I’ve been learning about the Gunzburgs of Russia.

***Update: They are trying to hack my website again***

This is the message I just got, take a look at which post is being targeted, and which category – on a blog site with less than 10 posts:


I wonder why this information is so challenging to the people trying to hack my site again, if it’s just the crazy rantings of a ‘conspiracy theorist’….

If the site goes down, just check back in a day or two once it’s cleaned back up, even if I have to take everything back to zero and start again. Just getting the information out there in the first place is tipping the balance, spiritually


Nearly every ‘gap’ in the Jewish genealogy that’s been looming large for me the last two years appears to be neatly filled by a Gunzburg, or someone associated with them. Let’s take a look at what more we can learn about this most interesting of families.

The story goes way, way back, but let’s start HERE, for now, with the REMA and his (suspected Karaite) father-in-law Shalom Shachne, Chief Rabbi of Lublin:

The REMA’s daughter marries one ‘Eliezer Gunsburg’ (1555-1613), and they have a lot of children.

Their great grand-child is one ‘Asher Gintzburg of Vilna’ (1640-1687):


Jump forward a few more generations, and you’ll notice that the Gunzburgs are marrying in to the family of Jacob Peretz Klatzki, head of the Vilna Community.

Asher Guntzburg (1715-1791) marries Yuta Klatzki, and their daughter, Malka married Issacher Dov Ber Klatzki – the brother of the Vilna Gaon.

In the meantime, Asher Gunzburg’s grandson is one ‘Naftali Gunzburg’.


That ‘Naftali Gunzburg’ (1778-1797) is the father of on ‘Gabriel Gunzburg’

In turn, he is the father of Baron Joseph Von Gunzburg.


Here’s a snippet introducing this branch of the (Russian) Gunzburg family.

(Taken from: Money lenders of the Imperial Palace)

In the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries, there was probably no one in Russia who had not heard of the Barons Ginzburg. 

They were among the richest people in the Russian Empire. Among other things, they were successfully engaged in railway construction, were well-known patrons of art and no less famous gold miners.

And not only in Russia — family and business relations connected talented representatives of this family with Ukraine and Hungary, Germany and France; and one of them even became related to Baron Rothschild.


Joseph Guntzburg was also known as ‘Evzel’.

If you go HERE, you’ll learn exactly which Rothschild and which of his Gunzburg grand-daughters married each other, snippet below:

Evzel’s other children were also extremely beautiful and successful. Matilda was particularly charming. Fuld, the nephew of Emperor Napoleon III’s finance minister, noticed this and married her surprisingly soon after he first saw her.

All subsequent generations of Ginsburgs were attractive and quick-witted. The daughter of Fuld and Mathilde Ginzburg married a young man from the family of the most famous banker of that time, Rothschild — Eduard.


In fact, it was this Rothschild:

Édouard Alphonse James de Rothschild (24 February 1868 – 30 June 1949), also known as Baron Édouard de Rothschild was an aristocrat, French financier and a member of the prominent Rothschild banking family of France.

His uncle is Edmond de Rothschild, the guy who bought up most of Eretz Yisrael and who is now buried with his wife in a park in the middle of Zichron Yaakov.

And his son is the infamous Guy de Rothschild, who was one of the co-chairs of Rothschilds Inc, together with his British cousin Evelyn de Rothschild. According to people like David Icke, Guy de Rothschild was one of the leading ‘programmers’ in the MK Ultra program.


MK Ultra is for sure a thing.

Child-trafficking and trauma-based ‘mind control’ is sadly also definitely a thing, and was known to be practised by all those ‘reverse kabbalah’ families that you and I know as the Frankist-Freemasons.

I don’t know for sure if Guy de Rothschild was the ‘top guy’ in this program, as is claimed in many dark corners of the web, or if he was as connected to it as he’s reputed to be, but I’m bringing it here in the category of ‘at least possible’.

And his mum, Germaine Alice Halphen, was the great-granddaughter of Ezvel Gunzburg.


But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Baron Joseph (Ezvel) Gunzburg was married to a woman called Rosa Rasia Dynin.

She is a descendant of the Meir Panim, R’ Meir Eisenstadt, via his son Michael Eisenstadt of Kletzk. The Meir Panim was a secret Sabbatean whose brother, Mordechai Mokiach, actually proclaimed himself as the successor to Shabtai Tzvi.

The Meir Panim didn’t believe him – because he was a follower of another false messiah called Leib Prossnitz, who was teaching at the Meir Panim’s yeshiva in Eisenstadt – and one of his students was Jonathan Eybshutz.

What a small world!


And here’s another major Sabbatian in the Gunzburg family tree, that we learned a lot about:

Yes, it’s the Eshel Avraham himself, Rabbi Avraham Broda / Rovigo.

More on all these links to known Sabbatians in a a moment.


As well as making a ton of money in the liquor trade, and provisioning the Russian army, Joseph Gunzburg also acted as a shtadlan, or go-between for the Jewish community and the Russian Government.

He started a bank, went into gold mining, and leant the Russian Government 10 million rubles to help them finance their war against the Turks.

Which the Russian government defaulted on, plunging Gunzburg into bankruptcy. But he bounced back – a couple of times – and just kept diversifying his business. You can read more about his business empire, and how he became one of the richest Jews in Russia, HERE, and got honorary citizenship for himself and his family, too.


This is another good, balanced article on the Barons Gunzburg, in Russian, but Google translate:

The Kiev Rothschilds


Evzel’s son Horace married the banker’s daughter Anna Rosenberg. This marriage connected the Ginzburg families with several major financial dynasties…. Anna’s sisters were married to such famous bankers as Ashkenazi from Odessa, representatives of the top European businesses Warburg, Hirsch, and Herzfeld. 

Evsel and Horace Ginzburg even advised the Grand Duke of Hesse-Darmstadt on financial matters. Apparently, their advice was quite effective. Grand Duke Ludwig III appointed Horace as his Consul Plenipotentiary in St. Petersburg, but in addition, he granted him and his father the title of baron. In 1879, Tsar Alexander II, the son-in-law of the Duke of Hesse, allowed the Ginzburgs to use this title posteriorly…. 

We emphasize that the Ginzburg bankers, like the Ginzburg tax collectors, proved to be conscientious and diligent financiers who acted with considerable benefit for the clientele… 


But what I really want to focus on is what they say he did for the Jewish community.

Snippet from HERE:

[I]n 1859, thanks to Evzel Gavriilovich, a law appeared on granting Jewish merchants of the 1st guild and foreign subjects the right to live and trade outside the line of permanent settlement of Jews.

And in 1865, Ginzburg Sr. contributed to the creation of laws “On measures to facilitate the transition of Jews from the agricultural class to others” and “On allowing Jewish mechanics, distillers, brewers and craftsmen in general to live everywhere in the empire.”

At the same time, Ginzburg created a special fund under the Ministry of State Property to award the best Jewish farmers.


In 1863, Evzel founded the “Society for the Dissemination of Enlightenment among the Jews of Russia“, which, among other things, issued subsidies for the publication of Jewish newspapers and magazines – both in Russian and in Hebrew.

Ginzburg maintained this society exclusively at his own expense. He provided financial assistance to both scholars engaged in research on Jewish history and authors of popular science books in Hebrew. He also laid the foundation for the collection of rare books and manuscripts, known around the world as the “Collection of Barons Ginzburg”.

Evzel Gavriilovich also obtained the highest permission for the construction of a Choral Synagogue in St. Petersburg, and for a long time remained the leader of the capital’s Jewish community. After his death in 1878, his son Horace became such a leader.


Evzel’s son, Horace, carried on where is dad left off, and was particularly prominent in demanding that the Russian Government put an end to the anti-Jewish pogroms, that were increasing in frequency and violence:

Horace Osipovich also responded immediately to every report of increasingly frequent Jewish pogroms.

He provided assistance to victims, hired lawyers to defend Jews from false accusations of ritual murder, and beat the doorsteps of palace offices, demanding that everything be done to prevent new pogroms.

It was he who led the Jewish delegation to the reception of the new Emperor Alexander III, demanding to prevent new pogroms.

As you know, then the tsar attributed the organization of pogroms to revolutionaries who sought to discredit him in this way, and promised to stop the riots. However, he did not fail to mention “Jewish economic exploitation” as one of the reasons for the pogroms, not particularly hiding his policy of introducing new restrictions for Jews.


This is turning into a monster post, and I’m not even half-way through, yet.

Let’s sum up this bit, and then I’ll try to pick up the pace.

  • The Barons Guntzburg came from Vitebsk; they maintained an orthodox lifestyle behind closed doors while also attending non-Jewish balls and rubbing shoulders with royalty;
  • They made a ton of  money in the alcohol trade, and as tax collectors for the crown, and then started a bank, and then when into railway building and gold mining.
  • They intermarried with the Rothschilds and Warburg banking families (amongst many others).
  • They were also connected to known Sabbatians the R’ Meir of Eisenstadt, and the Eshel Avraham.
  • They were very concerned about pogroms, and seem to have been doing exactly the same thing, vis a vis the government and Jews as we are told the 4th Rebbe of Chabad did, for his co-religionists, including pushing the idea of creating ‘Jewish colonies’ and promoting Jewish agricultural collectives.
  • They were the leaders of the Jewish community in St Petersburg.
  • They ended up spending most of their time in Paris, France.


Now, I would love to tell you how – and if – the Guntzburg family overlap with the Schneerson family.

There are for sure a great deal of similarities, from having honorary nationality and titles and wealth; owning a lot of land in the same geographical locations, promoting agriculture and farming amongst the Jews; having direct access to people very high up in the Russian government and trying to improve the lot of the Jews; and keeping their beards when most people around them were shaving them off.

(To name but a few.)

In terms of the family tree, the Guntzburgs and the Schneersons are related to the same people, and occupy the same sort of ‘space’, if I can call it that.

There is tremendous overlap between what we are told the Rebbe Rashab, Chabad Number 4, was doing in Russia, and what the Barons Gunzburg were doing in Russia at exactly the same time, as I covered in THIS post.

Here’s the problem:

It’s very hard to get behind the screen that’s been erected around this family’s history.


Here’s the little bit I found about Yosef (Ezvel) Guntzburg’s parents on Russian Wikipedia:

In January 1812, Gabriel Ginzburg and his wife Leia-Sarah (Leah), nee — Rashkis, had a son, Iosifevzel (Yossel). In addition to their son, they had two more daughters: Eleonora (Elka, Yelka, Elena), who married Chaim-Joshua-Geschel Rosenberg from Zhytomyr and Beile (Bella), who married Zev-Wolf-Yitzhak Merpert.


On French Wikipedia, I learn a few more, different, details:

Gabriel-Jacob Günzburg (1793, Vilna – 2 may 1853, Simferopol), is a Lithuanian financier and philanthropist Lithuanian.

Günzburg settled in Kamenetz-Podolsk after his marriage, and he lived for a certain time Saint-Petersburg. Its affairs were shared between many cities.

He was also responsible for representing the interests of Rothschild in Russia.

He applied his philanthropy in four cities, Vilna, Vitebsk, Kamenetz-Podolsk and Simferopol, in the latter, he built a hospital.

On the proposal of the Russian minister of finance, the tsar Nicolas I of Russia gives Günzburg the title of “honorary citizen hereditary Russia ” the October 22, 1848.


So, we start to see that Gabriel-Jacob Gunzburg was actually the agent for the Rothschilds in Russia, just as Jacob Schiff was to become the principal agent for the Rothschilds in the US, a 100 years later.

This starts to explain a bit more, why the history of the Gunzburg family has been so hidden in the mists.

I will try to unpick more of the people behind Gabriel-Jacob Gunzburg in a future post, BH.


What I can already tell you is that the family is directly linked to Vilna, particularly the terrible machloket that erupted between Vilna’s Chief Rabbi, ‘Shmuel ben Avigdor’, and the kahal, that continued for 30 years, while the Vilna Gaon was there.

You can read more about that part of real Jewish history HERE, which is a partial translation of the Vilna community ‘pinchas’ on JewishGen.


Pride of place among the public leaders and rabbis of Vilna is reserved for Rabbi Yehuda Ben Eliezer Safra Vedayana (YSUD).

He made his fortune in trade, donated much money to the community and built a synagogue which bore his name (the Old Kloyz)…

In the argument between Rabbi Yonatan Eivshitz and Rabbi Ya’akov Amdan, Rabbi Yehuda Safra Vedayana supported Rabbi Yonatan and convinced the Vilna scholars and the Council to take his part.

During his time, Vilna had 12 Dayanim. After the death of Rabbi Yehoshua Heshel in 1749 Rabbi Yehuda forced the Kahal to appoint his son in law, Rabbi Shmuel Ben Rabbi Avigdor, to the position for life, in return for a large donation.

After the death of Rabbi Yehuda (1762) a sharp dispute developed between the Kahal and Rabbi Shmuel who wanted to appoint members of his family to public positions and intended his son Rabbi Israel to succeed him in office. For some 30 years, the conflict raged on, drawing into it powerful factions from Vilna and elsewhere and threatened the community’s autonomous standing.

The Kahal – the official leadership – opposed Rabbi Shmuel and accused him of corruption and taking bribes but he was supported by the ‘mob’ (the artisans who, despite their large number, were not represented in the Kahal), and later by the Hassids, who operated underground.


The YSOD had one daughter.

And that one daughter apparently wasn’t married to ‘Shmuel ben Avigdor’, like all the historians tell us she was, but one ‘Rabbi Jacob Gunzburg’, who I have a feeling is directly related to the later ‘Baron Gunzburgs’ we’re discussing.

Again, that would explain why all this was covered up.


So, let’s end this monster post with more of the connections the Baron Gunzburgs had in the world of finance closer to our times – and why that matters.

Lucky for us, the creator of the ‘Sputnick’ Covid, experimental gene-therapy shot that the Russians are using as their ‘Pfizer’ equivalent is one ‘Alexander Ginsburgh’.

I actually tripped over that piece of information on a Russian ‘fact-checking’ post, HERE, which went to great lengths to assure everyone that no, he isn’t at all related to the Baron Gunzburgs we’re discussing here, as being Rothschild agents in Russia.

As usual, there was no detail in that ‘fact-checking’ post, so I drew the opposite conclusion: he for sure is.


Luckily, some Russian ‘conspiracy theorist’ got there before me, and set it all out neatly, HERE.

The writer does a very good job of teasing out many of the links I’ve touched on above, between the Guntzburg family and the more familiar architects of that ‘New World Order’ I keep hearing about.

It’s in Russian, so Google translate it, if you can bothered.


So, as you can see, I have my hands full of yet more genealogical dumpster diving, trying to figure out what the links really are, between the Chabad Rebbes and the Guntzburg family.

But it’s all connected to Covid 19.

It’s all connected to the ‘Great Economic Reset’.

And it’s all connected to breaking apart the world of lies, so we can get to geula, hopefully the sweet way, as fast as possible.

And that’s the only reason I’m doing it.


PS: This is another post, in Russian, which sets out the links between Horace Guntzburg and Frankist-Freemason Moses Montefiore.

It’s always the same people, and the same names.


In hitbodedut a couple of days ago, I got the idea I should take a closer look at the 4th Rebbe of Chabad.

So, I’ve started to do that, with a lot of help from C., the person who put all the information together on how the Rebbe Rayatz was freed, twice, in very unlikely circumstances from a) Russian prison and b) Nazi Warsaw.

Here is what C. has managed to pull together, so far (all the numbered material below) and I’ll sum it up at the bottom.


1. He was the youngest of the Tzemach Tzedek’s children.

After the Tzemach Tzedek died a dispute ensued about who would inherit the leadership.
Rabbi Paltiel says in a shiur (sorry I don’t remember if it’s this one or this one ) that the Tzemach Tzedek had  around 1 million chassidim and just a minority of these chassidim followed Rebbe Maharash.
He had the least amount of followers compared to his brothers.
The majority of the Tzemach Tzedek’s chassidim followed the second oldest brother called Yehuda Leib Schneersohn, because he was the oldest son willing to lead and he had been close to the 2nd Chabad Rebbe, who had liked him very much.
Go HERE, if you want to read more about Yehuda Leib on Chabadpedia (Hebrew, but Google translatable.)

 Yehuda Leib Schneersohn moved to Kopust 2 months after his father’s death where he set up himself up as a Rebbe, but on Simcha Torah of that year he fell ill and at the beginning of Chesvan he passed away.

The Maharash apparently didn’t go to the shiva, but wrote THIS to his brother’s relatives (from Sefer HaToldos Admur HaMaharash):

5627 – On 3 Cheshvan his brother, the Rebbe Reb Yehudah Leib, passed away in Kapust. To his son – the Rebbe Reb Schneur Zalman and family – he sent the following letter of condolence:

I received your letter last Friday upon my return in peace from Vitebsk. What can I possibly say to you? How can I console you after such terrible misfortunes? Your loss is as great as the sea; who shall heal you? May He who gives strength to those who are exhausted send you comfort from His holy abode, as the Sages say in Midrash Rabbah (end of the first chapter of Eichah): “She has suffered in double measure, may she be comforted in double measure … Be consoled, be consoled My people, so says your G-d.” May He be the one “Who shall heal you….”Regarding my proposed journey to your community: In truth, it is my desire to be there. However, we have heard rumors of the epidemic in Mohilev (may G-d save us); moreover, I see no necessity for it, nor anything definite that might be gained from my making the journey. Besides, I have heard that it is certain that you will be coming to visit us immediately after the thirty days of mourning.

At that time we can confer properly about where you should settle and how to avoid the problem of conflicts (G-d forbid), so that in our camp only true love may dwell. May the good L-rd “lead you in paths of righteousness for the sake of His Name,”[15] to bring our hearts truly closer. May He bless us, among all of His people Israel, with peace. As you desire it, and as I – your uncle – desire it, from the depths of my heart and soul.


(signed) Shmuel.

2. So how did Rebbe Maharash end up with the official leadership?

Well a beit din was set up and they decided that the Maharash will be the one who will follow the Tzemach Tzedek as a Rebbe. Rabbi Schneur Zalman Fradkin was the one who set up this beit din and also among the rabbis who gave Rebbe Maharash smicha.
On a side note, Rabbi Fradkin’s daughter is the grandmother of British philosopher Isaiah Berlin.
According to Chabad lore the Tzemach Tzedek had wanted the Rebbe Maharash to be the leader after his death, see

3. Rebbe Maharash was wealthy and liked living in luxury:

First of all, everyone is aware of how outwardly he lived a very rich life style. He had a chariot that was the envy of the nobility, and many horses to pull it. His flatware was made out of gold, as was his watch. Furthermore, this mode of conduct, began already in his father’s lifetime.

It’s unclear though where all this wealth came from.


Rabbi Paltiel mentions in one of the shiurim that I sent you above that Rebbe Maharash had stocks and bonds and traveled for business around Europe.

THIS article mentions also stocks and maamad (the money given by chassidim to the Rebbe to use according to his discretion, this explanation is taken from the footnote of this article:
The Rebbe Maharash, although he conducted himself with extravagant wealth, also said that “Maamad is more precious than all preciousness.” Another time, he said that although he earned thousands a year in the stock market, “the pleasure in bread from heaven is Maamad money.

4. Rebbe Maharash traveled a lot around Europe, to meet other Jewish leaders, country officials and businessmen.

Between the years 5616 and 5626 (1856-1866) he traveled extensively throughout the country and abroad, in order to meet and influence important Jewish leaders. The friends that he made and the confidence he inspired at these meetings were to be of great assistance to Judaism in later years.
From 5630 to 5640 (1870-1880), Rabbi Shmuel again made many trips to various parts of the Russian Empire and abroad, with complete disregard for personal safety.
He had many personal friends and acquaintances among government officials, princes and nobles. “
Everything above is from here:
This pdf also shares this interesting tidbit:
He would make frequent trips to S. Petersburg to meet with government officials. He would also travel abroad, to Italy, Germany and France to meet with wealthy Jewish bankers. He developed an interesting tactic: He would ask those Jews to withhold loans to the Czar until he improved the condition of the Jews.

In Sefer HaToldos Admur Maharash, it says THIS, about the meeting between the 4th Rebbe of Chabad, the Rebbe Maharash, and Russia’s Minister of Interior:

[Ed. note: the bits in bold are kind of jaw-dropping…]

In one of his sichos, my saintly father-in-law the Rebbe relates another story that his father told him about this period.

[The story, as told by the Rebbe Rashab, follows]:

This happened in the year 5639, when incitement to carry out pogroms began in Russia (may it not happen now). My father traveled to Petersburg numerous times. Father was assured in various government circles that they would put a stop to the pogrom incitement.


After the Kiev-Niezhin pogrom broke out in 5640, father traveled to Petersburg immediately upon his return from a brief trip abroad. Through the intercession of Professor Josef Bertenson, Father was received by the Minister of the Interior. Father was very embittered by the prevailing pogrom situation.

Aggressively, he reminded the Minister of his promise that the government would put a halt to the pogrom-incitement. He informed the Minister in no uncertain terms that such treatment of the Jews would cause outrage abroad.


The Minister replied that he was well aware of the great powers of the foreign Jewish Capitalists. But he was also aware that their relations with Russian Jewry were not very cordial, and that they bore no sympathy – in fact, they bore hatred – toward the rabbonim.

Father reacted strongly to this, saying that if he understood the Minister correctly, the Minister was not familiar with the psychology of the Jews and their brotherly love. “To me,” Father said, “are addressed inquiries from the influential Capitalists abroad, asking how they should react to the tragic news concerning the situation of Russian Jewry. They ask what they can do to ensure the safety of Jewish lives and property in Russia.”

“What do you mean by this reply?” demanded the Minister in an angry tone.

Father: I will make no reply at all until after I hear the government’s answer to my mission regarding this situation.


The Minister: Lubavitcher Rebbe! Are you threatening the government with reaction by foreign Jewish Capitalists?

Father: The Minister need not take this as a threat, but he should consider this as a serious fact. Non-Jewish Capitalists will also support this, for humanity in general reacts strongly against such barbaric deeds.

The Minister: Does this mean that the Lubavitcher Rebbe, with the assistance of foreign Capitalists, is about to cause a revolution in Russia?

Father: The Russian government officials themselves will eventually cause that to happen, with their negligent bureaucratic leadership.

Beginning on the evening of that same day, Father remained under arrest for two days in his room in Hotel Serapinsky on Zabalkansky Boulevard. When he was allowed to go free on the third day, Father went to the Minister to receive a reply regarding his mission. He was told that he would receive an answer within two weeks’ time.”


5. There is no officially released photo of Rebbe Maharash.

However, there are people within Chabad who might have a picture of him.
This short clip is from ‘Stump the Rabbi’, asking why there is no picture of the Rebbe Maharash, even though such a pictures seems to exist:
[Ed. note, as usual with the Youtube clips they try to subtly censor, without giving the game away that this is what they are doing, I can’t get that video to ’embed’. In my book, that makes it even more worthwhile listening to.]
Back to me, now.
In THIS article, we learn that even though it’s a great mitzvah to have a picture of the Rebbe to accompany you while learning his Torah (which is a general idea you find in a lot of chassidut, not just Chabad) – portraits of the 4th Rebbe of Chabad were apparently intentionally not made.

Or at least, intentionally not made public.

Even though he lived in a time when photographs were being taken of many other people.
Even though he hob-nobbed with the rich and famous, and even though he was apparently very wealthy himself.
But these pictures do seem to exist, somewhere in the murk, at least according to this snippet from the comments on the above article:
“I have seen TWO photos of the Rebbe Maharash, one with a bandage and one with a talis, I have heard a rumour that they were smuggled out of Barry Gurary’s house though I have not substantiated it.
This is a snippet from one of the posts about real Jewish history from the old blog:

The last thing to share with you from the 6th Lubavitcher Rebbe’s memoirs concerns another member of the Batlan – Portugali family, named Binyamin.

He is another son of ‘Baruch Batlan’ (Alter Rebbe G-Grandfather). Here’s the snippet from the memoirs:

“He was accepted as a rabbi in Grodno, a city famous then for its great scientists. From there, Binyamin’s name became known throughout Poland and Lithuania, as well as in Jewish communities outside these countries.”


HERE he is, on geni:


Binyamin Broda (Portugali’s) second wife is the grand-daughter of Jacob Frank(el)

Via Frank’s daughter Annie Rosa (Rivka Shoshana) Mayer. And in turn, she is the mother of Chabad’s Rebbetzin ‘Leah Golda Alecsandrov‘, mother of the Chabad Rebbe number 4 – according to the Rebbe Rayatz’s own memoirs.


According to what’s currently on geni for her, the picture looks a little different:


This shows that Rebbetzin Leah Golda Alecsanderov, direct descendant of the Sabbatian ‘Eshel Avraham’ Broida / Rovigo and of Jacob Frank, is the paternal grandmother of the 4th Chabad Rebbe’s wife, Rivka Schneerson.

I don’t know which version is more factually correct, and I will BH do some more piecing of pieces together to try to figure it out.

But here’s the takeaway, from this post.


Over HERE, we already set out clearly how the Alter Rebbe’s family is part of the infamous ‘Shor’ family of Sabbatean-Frankists, and that all that got covered up.

You can understand why that is, because having ‘Jacob Frank’ as your first cousin is not really something any bona fide Rebbe wants on their CV.

Over HERE, we started to unpick how so many of the ‘Jewish bankers’ like Jacob Schiff, who funded the Bolshevik revolution, CO-INC-IDEN-TALLY are also in the Alter Rebbe’s extended family tree.

Here’s another screenshot, from Rebbetzin Leah Golda Alecsanderov’s geni profile:


And now, we can add into this the comments made by the 5th Lubavitcher Rebbe himself, about his father, R’ Shmuel,the 4th Lubavitcher Rebbe:

The Minister replied that he was well aware of the great powers of the foreign Jewish Capitalists. But he was also aware that their relations with Russian Jewry were not very cordial, and that they bore no sympathy – in fact, they bore hatred – toward the rabbonim.

Father reacted strongly to this, saying that if he understood the Minister correctly, the Minister was not familiar with the psychology of the Jews and their brotherly love.

“To me,” Father said, “are addressed inquiries from the influential Capitalists abroad, asking how they should react to the tragic news concerning the situation of Russian Jewry. They ask what they can do to ensure the safety of Jewish lives and property in Russia.”..


The Minister: Lubavitcher Rebbe! Are you threatening the government with reaction by foreign Jewish Capitalists?

Father: The Minister need not take this as a threat, but he should consider this as a serious fact. Non-Jewish Capitalists will also support this, for humanity in general reacts strongly against such barbaric deeds.

The Minister:

Does this mean that the Lubavitcher Rebbe, with the assistance of foreign Capitalists, is about to cause a revolution in Russia?


And the last thing to remember, is all those ‘Zeitlins’ and ‘Tumarkins’ that we strangely already found at the top of that Bolshevik tree – and the list of ‘closet Jews’ who took over Russia in the name of communism is growing longer each time I take a look at it.

Did the 4th Lubavitcher Rebbe, closely related to Jacob Frank in a bunch of different ways, really “cause a revolution in Russia, with the assistance of foreign Capitalists” – who he also seems to be closely related to?

And if yes, how does that change what we think we know about who and what really caused the Russian Revolution – and all the other things we think we know about history generally, and Jewish history in particular?

It’s probably time we found out.



PS: When I was trying to find an image for this post, I stuck in ‘Maharash’ and came back with a lot of different pictures of the the Rebbe Rayatz (No.6), who was said by the last Lubavitcher Rebbe to look very similar to the Maharash.

I screenshotted one drawing in particular, that took my eye:

Because he reminded me very much of this person:

This is Baron Horace Osipovich Ginsburg, one of Russia’s wealthiest industrialists.

You can read more about him HERE, on Wiki. Here’s a snippet:

G. O. Ginzburg was one of the seven founders in 1872Siberian Commercial Bank[3]. In 1874, he became one of the co-owners of the Berezovsky gold mining business together with Colonel V. I. Astashev, Count P. A. Shuvalov and was a managing partner of the Berezovsky business….

In addition, the Gintsburgs were among the founders of the Kiev Private Commercial Bank, Of the Odessa Accounting Bank, owned the Partnership of the Mogilyansky Beet and Sugar Factory, which owned a sugar factory and farmland in Podolsk province.

In 1892, the Ginzburg banking house fell into a deep crisis. The government refused to support the bank that was in debt and introduced a temporary administration, the Gintsburgs lost interest in banking and switched to gold mining. Horace Ginzburg headed, and then established control over the richest Lena Gold Industry Association.

Ginzburg conducted extensive charitable activities, was at the origins and headed a number of public organizations aimed at improving the situation of Jews in the Russian Empire. In particular, he headed the central committee The Jewish Colonization Society, which organized the resettlement of poor co-religionists outside Eastern Europe. He repeatedly petitioned the Reich authorities to repeal anti-Semitic laws.


Is it just me, or does he sound like he’s doing exactly the same things as the Maharash, at the same time, and in the same places?

And look at that link up with The Jewish Colonization Society, that we already started taking a look at in relation to Maurice de Hirsch, as being potentially part of a people trafficking operation linked to the ‘Tzvi Migdal’ prostitution racket.


The pigeons are coming home to roost.

Hold on tight, it only gets more interesting from here.



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