Baruch Dayan haEmet

There was a fatal crash in Uman that killed one of the pilgrims, and injured 11 more.

You can read more HERE.

I think maybe this crash, and the person who was killed in it, ‘sweetened’ things for everyone else heading home from Uman. I certainly hope so.


The government is still up to something.



Eli Bin, MDA Director General, said: “The State of Israel has assigned Magen David Adom the task of rapid tests in Ukraine. The tests we perform in Ukraine are a new type of molecular test that provides a result in about half an hour. Magen David Adom teams are deployed in 30 stands in each terminal and near the site marking Rabbi Nachman’s tomb and will provide the result to all those returning to Israel.”

“The task is to prevent the entry of sick people or new strains of the virus into the State of Israel. This is MDA’s mission, we will carry it out and return to Israel safely.”


Once you know that ‘Covid 19’ is graphene oxide / radiation poisoning, it changes the whole picture.

And it makes you ask question about these strange new ‘molecular tests’ that aren’t explained anywhere but seem to contain very dark particles (= toxic reduced graphene oxide), which will magically ‘create’ a serious epidemic of seriously ill people after it’s been shoved up everyone’s nose in Uman (= perfect manufactured excuse to ‘ban’ Uman Rosh Hashana next year.)


But notice how empty the ‘corona testing centre’ is in Uman….

BH, we should just hear good news, and all the pilgrims should return home safe and sound, and whatever harsh decrees were hatched and formulated – both for Rosh Hashana in Uman, and for the rest of us generally – should be totally cancelled by the two people who died this year in Uman.


There is something weird happening in Uman.

I put the original post below this one, to keep all this info together, but we need to do a lot of praying that everyone who went to Uman will get back safely.

Here’s some more updates:



 It has emerged that Ukrainian police in Uman have been given lists of names and photographs of Hilltop Youth, presumably with suitable warnings that they could be dealing with extremely dangerous people. And the Ukrainian police haven’t simply been monitoring them.

They have been making arrests, spot-checks of pockets and luggage, and taking fingerprints. They have even searched the apartments where the youths are staying, rummaging through possessions and making threats.

“It’s obvious that the Jewish Department of the Shabak is behind all of this,” the mother explained. “The boys arrived in Kiev on Friday, nine days ago, and stayed in a Chabad House there over Shabbat. While they were there, an Israeli approached them and said, ‘I know who you are, and we know where you’re going.’ Supposedly it was a chance meeting but of course it wasn’t.

It was someone from the Shabak.”


The State of Israel is just using ‘Covid 19’ to continue it’s anti-semitic, anti-Torah, anti-religious people agenda.

Hilltop youth are for the most part the best of the best.

Not angels, but mamash some of the most sincere, idealistic Jews you can find anywhere.

That’s why the State of Israel can’t stand them, and is targeting them for persecution non-stop – including now in Uman.


This is what one of my contacts emailed me this morning, from her husband who is there in Uman at the moment:

This is what my husband is reporting

No loud music at night

No vendors on the Main Street and less vendors in general

No bbgun sales by vendors

Passport checks

Metal detectors on the block posts

National guards presence like never before (those brand new uniforms with blue berets) etc

Nobody likes it Locals, vendors, hotel guards etc

Also no English program shiurim.

Low energy

They had a concert good music good bands and most ppl just left after several minutes. And the bands kept playing to empty hall.



I was there last year for Rosh Hashana, and the Uman police and army presence was overwhelming then, especially in the days leading up to Rosh Hashana.

But by Rosh Hashana itself, it kind of all faded out and went back to being ‘background noise’.

But I’m watching the live cams of Pushkina Street HERE and I can see that it’s looking very subdued and kind of ’empty’ this year.

And I also keep seeing packs of Ukrainian police and military, 10 at a time, in different colored uniforms, roaming up and down the streets. Way more than last year.


BH, please keep praying for all these holy pilgrims to make it back to their homes safe and sound.

Even if you don’t hold by Uman, Rosh Hashana, or disagree with the principle, the people there are Jews, including some of the very best Jews, and the State of Israel is working with the Ukrainian authorities to pull off a ‘something’ again.

The more we all notice what’s happening, the more we all pray about this, the less likely it will be that they will manage a ‘Meron Mark 2’, God forbid.

And may we all just have good news, this 5782.


I don’t have a good feeling about either of these headlines:


Apparently, they took the cameras off the Tzion in Uman two days ago.

My husband says this has happened before, so it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s nefarious. But I also can’t find any life feeds of the Tzion in Uman, and in previous years there were a lot.

It could just be me – so if you know of a live feed for Uman, please let me know and post a link in the comments.

BH, we just have to keep praying and noticing what’s going on, and hopefully that’s enough to deter any attempt to recreate what happened in Meron this year, lo alenu, in Uman.


In first, Uman Municipality collects ‘Tourist Tax’ from Rosh Hashana Visitors


In recent days, municipality inspectors accompanied by local police have been knocking on doors on Pushkina Street, which leads to Rav Nachman’s kever, and requesting receipts for the tax, as well as stopping passerby on the street and requesting receipts.

The tourist tax is 300 Ukrainian hryvnias ($11.11) per day, which adds up to 900 hryvnias ($33.34) for those who come just for the days of Rosh Hashanah.

The Uman municipality has warned that anyone who fails to pay the tax will be prosecuted.


Hey, what a CO-IN-CID-ENCE that they managed to get some of their favorite numbers in this ‘pronouncement’ – 11 and 33.

Always using their little numerology codes to ‘communicate’ with each other in plain sight, in front of us uber dumb members of the public, chortle, chortle.

That’s bad enough, because a lot of the people who go to Uman mamash are not wealthy, and this ‘tax’ could be taking the food out of their mouths.


But this is the headline that is really worrying me:

Meron Effect: Wire Reels Placed on Rabbi Nachman’s Zion in Uman


Israeli media reports said that in the wake of the Meron disaster, Ukrainian officials are putting much effort into implementing various safety measures ahead of Rosh Hashanah. They are especially concerned about the mass recital of the Tikkun Haklali at chatzos on Erev Rosh Hashanah, when tens of thousands of mispallelim gather together at the same time.

They are also implementing a “revolving gate” method for mispallelim to enter Rav Nachman’s kever on erev Rosh Hashanah to prevent too many people from entering at once.


Pay attention to this ‘revolving gate’, and these other ‘safety measures’, because it’s exactly the same modus operandi the police in Israel used to deliberately crush 45 people to death in Meron.

The police in Meron deliberately blocked the exits in the name of ‘safety’, and I am very worried that the police in the Ukraine (of course with the help of the Israeli police there) are going to try the same thing.


Let’s be clear, that anyone who went to Uman, and made that mesirut nefesh, is participating in a very holy, kadosh thing, regardless of what Rav Berland said about not going this year.

Each person is trying to serve God in their own way, and is trying to do the best thing, and I pray from the bottom of my heart that every single one of those holy pilgrims should go and return safely.

But we have to keep our eyes open about what the authorities here and there might be planning to do this Rosh Hashana.

It’s for sure not normal that the Israeli government didn’t try to close down Uman this year, given the current ‘Delta false panic’ going on here.


So, if you’re in Uman, or have information from Uman, feel free to send it along, so we can try to shine a public spotlight on events there, and try to ‘catch’ any attempts to block exits or otherwise hurt the Jews gathering there, God forbid.

And most of all, let’s all just pray that everyone should go and come back safely this year, and that the power of Rabbenu should finally nullify this awful evil in the world, once and for all.



Watch in real time, as they ‘create a crisis’ out of thin air in Uman that will require ‘strong safety and security measures to contain’ – and then use that to try to hurt and harm people there, God forbid, exactly like they did in Meron.

Please pray for all these holy pilgrims to go and come back safely to Uman, and if you are there keep your eyes peeled, and publically document and report anything you see that doesn’t look ‘right’ in the build up to Rosh Hashana.

Anything that is different, unusual, or strikes you as ‘weird’ or potentially problematic – send me an email and let’s pull it all out in the open, so it will be much harder for the authorities to pull off another Meron in Uman, God forbid a billion times.


In the meantime, here’s some more of their ‘breadcrumb stories’, put out there to ‘paint a picture’ for the gullible public:



“Infections were already confirmed in Uman and last night a critically ill Israeli was evacuated,” Dr. Salmon said. “There are already 7,000 Jews there and the number is expected to reach 20,000.”

In the course of the discussion, the committee approved tightening the supervision of Israelis traveling to Ukraine as well as requiring both vaccinated and recovered Israelis to present negative coronavirus tests prior to returning to Israel.

Earlier this week, a Kikar H’Shabbat report revealed that two Breslover chassidim in Uman tested positive for COVID, a man in his 30s and his 14-year-old son.

Breslover leaders have called on all travelers to Uman to purchases travel insurance policies since every year, there are cases of people with medical issues being flown to Israel from Uman and whoever lacks travel insurance is saddled with steep medical costs.


They won’t let you fly out to Uman without medical insurance, and it’s been that way for over a year already, since the beginning of Covid 19.

It’s subtle fake news, giving the impression that all Breslov chassidim are schnorrers off the State, just in Uman to cost the Israeli taxpayer money.

Don’t fall for the anti-Breslov / anti-Uman propaganda this year!

Remember, Elul is all about doing the big tikkunim that we maybe didn’t manage in the past. And there’s a lot of catching up to do, especially when it comes to Rav Berland and the pilgrimage to Uman.



I can’t find a livestream of Uman that is working.

This screenshot comes from the website – which now seems to be infected with some sort of virus, too.


There used to be 5-6 live streams of Uman, including inside the Tzion, and this year it’s very hard to find any.

Now I typed that, God sent me THIS, from the Breslovnews website, which I was visiting for a different reason (read on), so at least you can see what’s going on at the crossroads on Pushkina.


My friend C. also sent me this from the BreslovNews website:


Again, notice the ‘programming’ we’re all getting from the State of Israel, behind the scenes, to equate religious gatherings with ‘tragedies’, like that’s an inevitable law, or something.

In the meantime, did you know that 10,000+ people just attended the ‘FunJoya’ festival in Eilat?

No, of course you didn’t.

Because it wasn’t a ‘religious’ gathering, no Corona Tzar flew down to make ‘safety arrangements’, no bales of barbed wire were round around the gathering; no hysterical news stories appeared about ‘2 people being ill with Coronavirus at FunJoya’; and there were no plans to use Ukrainian ‘police’ to build revolving gates of death at the entrance and police the celebrants.

Do you see the total, breathtaking, hypocrisy that is going on here?

Read THIS, for more details:

Festival of Madness: who is to blame for the new coronavirus outbreak


Was it really impossible to cancel the massive Funjoya festival in Eilat? Ten thousand participants who will not be stopped by warnings, police officers, or common sense. Even the danger of an almost certain mass infection did not stop them….

Just a week ago, Omer Adam’s concert was held with 12,000 participants. No instructions were followed. All those who were supposed to control the situation stepped aside and pretended that it did not concern them….

At the end of Saturday, an important football match took place between Israel and Austria.

There were 13,000 people in the stadium. Chances of maintaining social distance? Equal to zero. Yes, there were checks within the framework of the green standard. Yes, there were periodic announcements over the loudspeaker asking them to put on masks. I was at a similar match about two weeks ago. Approximately 50% of the audience did not follow the instructions.


Unlike the panic-stricken writer of the above, I’m actually thrilled that so many people are openly flouting Coronafascism in Israel.

But the point is this: compare and contrast what is going on with ‘secular’ events to what is going on with religious gatherings.

13,000 people can gather in a football stadium, but no  more than 8,000 people can be at the Kotel (and I guarantee you, the coronafascists will be stomping around in full riot gear, ‘enforcing’ masks and 3 seconds davening at the wall for everyone.)

And compare and contrast ‘FunJoya’ – which is happening in the State of Israel’s own country – with the incredible amount of ‘control’ being exercised by the State of Israel over events in Uman, around Rebbe Nachman’s Tzion.


Remember, before anyone even gets to Uman, they have taken no less than THREE PCR tests, all of which came out negative.

One 72 hours before flying, one in Ben Gurion airport just before boarding, another one in Kiev upon arrival….

Sure, PCR tests are all a total crock and lie.

But, the point is that even according to the rules of Corona-Calvin-Ball, the people getting to Uman have been tested 3 times for Corona, and came out negative.

And the same cannot be said for FunJoya.


This is the ‘controllers’ last gasp, their last chance to really make all this coronafascism stick, which is why I think they are going to try something right before Rosh Hashana 5782 in Uman.

But this time, I don’t think God is going to let them do it.



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Whatever is going to happen the next few weeks, we need to be brave.

***Update on Uman below***

Brave enough to stand up for truth, if we need to.

Brave enough to admit we *might* have been wrong, about some very important things.

Brave enough to go back to try to fix the mistakes we *might* have made.

Brave enough to stop playing it safe all the time – because in case you hadn’t realised, that’s a big part of how we got into this mess in the first place.


I’m currently working on some more stuff for you – probably just as eye-opening as the last few blog posts – but while I pull that together, I just wanted to update you on the matzav in my bit of Israel.

On the masks front – way, way fewer people are wearing them than the last time they imposed a mask mandate indoors, and even the Karen’s seem to be getting a little tired of constantly telling people to mask up.

(Now I’ve said that, watch me get into a massive fight tomorrow with a mask-obsessed Karen…)

And way, way few people seem to be believing the government propaganda that there is any pandemic going on here.

And even if there is, more and more people are saying so what?!? Are we going to stay masked up and locked-down forever?!? Let’s move on with our lives!!!


Slowly, slowly, an eye is creaking up over there, a mind is opening up, over here.

It’s not at the tipping point…. yet. But it’s building towards it.

I had a phone call yesterday from someone telling me that so many of these leading rabbis and rabbanits – especially with schools and institutions for ‘gap year’ students from abroad – accepted huge amounts of cash from the government’s bribers-in-chief to make it mandatory to be fully vaccinated with the Covid 19 shots, as a condition of acceptance.

That specific information – and those specific names – will undoubtedly be coming out soon.


Rav Uri Sofer also told us very clearly that while many rabbis are simply petrified to speak out – in case the government does a ‘Rav Berland’ on them, too – many others are also just plain corrupt.

There are a lot of ‘rabbis’ out there who accepted huge wads of cash, like hundreds of thousands of shekels, to actively ‘recommend the vaccine’ to their followers.

Again, that specific information – and those specific names – will undoubtedly be coming out soon.

And then ask yourself: what’s going to happen next, in the orthodox Jewish world?


While you are pondering that, let me tell you about my trip to the Dead Sea this morning.

I went down to an area that usually has free access to the Dead Sea – and has been that way for years – and where a lot of people typically camp out, sometimes even for months at a time.

Today, I discovered that even with a jeep, it’s was borderline impossible to take a car anywhere near that area.

The government has gone in, and deliberately bulldozed huge piles of uneven rubble all around the path.

I watched one poor car that had somehow managed to drive down that huge pile literally spend over an hour just trying to drive back up it.

And they couldn’t manage it.


It’s quite a walk by foot to the campground there.

And if you are carrying heavy stuff by hand…. well.

A lot of people will just give up and stop going.

And I can’t help but suspect that’s the whole point, because I know so many people were ‘escaping’ to that area, when the lockdowns were being implemented, to try and just breathe a bit, and interact with other people without worried about the police popping out of a bush and fining them massively for having a conversation.


At the same time, there are again more and more stories of rivers and campgrounds that are known to be clean in the North being closed down again.

The excuse is the same one given a couple of years back, if you remember, in what was probably a trial run to see just how gullible and dumb all we little people really are, when it comes to believing the media and propaganda.

This comes from YNET back in August 2018 – the year before Covid 19 took off.

Strange how familiar all this sounds…


Number of leptospirosis patients in Israel rises to 42

During emergency discussion, Deputy Health Minister Litzman says his ministry is monitoring streams in northern Israel for the bacteria; ‘things are under control,’ assures ministry director-general.

I remember being up in the North when all that was happening, and still going to the streams, and speaking to the people who lived and worked right next to them.

To a man, they couldn’t understand why the media and government was spreading what they claimed was ‘lies’ about the purity of the water, effectively destroying that Summer’s tourist trade.

And to prove their point, they were washing their faces in that water enthusiastically in front of our eyes.

How much water has flown under that bridge, since then.

But is seems to me, this horrible group of corrupt crooks that we spell p-o-l-i-t-i-c-i-a-n-s, and their sidekicks in the press that we spell a-r-*-e-h-o-l-e-s are up to their usual tricks again.

This is an all-out psychological war, you see.

Nothing more, and certainly less.

So, people aren’t being fined for camping in places they have always camped in up North because the rivers are somehow now ‘dangerous’. They are being fined to close down another avenue that gives people some respite from the totalitarian government decrees, and to break their spirits.

Nothing more, and certainly nothing less.

But if we can carry on being brave, and standing up to tyranny just a little bit longer, all this will change soon.


We are so very close to the tipping point, I feel it in my bones.

Really, not much longer and this whole house of cards falls down for good.

But the last leg of this process is going to be the most fraught.

On that score, I just wanted to talk about Uman.


The Arutz 7 English website had this strange article posted up on July 28:

Uman outline: Special terminal for Hasidim, testing in Ukraine

Charter flights will be significantly reduced. As long as Ukraine is ‘green,’ travel there will be allowed


Rav Berland said last month that people shouldn’t go to Uman this year for Rosh Hashana.

Even before I found out he said that, I just didn’t have a good feeling about my husband going to Uman in the current matzav, unless the Rav was out of prison and also going this year.

Not after what happened at Meron, where again, we saw the doors magically ‘flung open’ with very little resistant shortly beforehand, because they were planning a mass murder.


If you do go, may you be blessed with every blessing, stay safe, and come home safely.

Kol hakavod, for being brave in the merit of Uman Rosh Hashana!

But for me personally, I am abiding by the advice of the Rav, Rav Berland, and this year my husband is staying home from Uman Rosh Hashana – at least, unless something massive changes the whole picture before that.


It’s really going to be a nutso few weeks.

Prepare yourself mentally.


Ein od milvado, God is all there is.

Do whatever hishtadlus you need to do, but ultimately only fear Hashem.

Very soon, we will wake from this nightmare and be like dreamers, watching the whole difficult ‘reality’ melt away in front of our eyes.





I recieved this – twice, from different people – just now on email, so I’m sharing it.

There are rumors circulating that Rav Berland said to not go to Uman this year. This is a misunderstanding. I asked Rabbi Y. what is really going on, and this is the reply:

The Rav said everyone should do whatever they can to get to Uman. Shuvu Banim is planning as usual: tickets are being sold, flights are filling, beds are being rented in the shuvu campus.

Some people understood from the Rav that there will be tremendous difficulty this year. Some decided to go early and have already gone, others are going this week and next. R Nachman Horowits is going today.

The yeshiva flights are 2 weeks before RH. Others are waiting for final word if Uman will be open. Still others understand that just as last year Rebbe Nachman closed the path because the one who opened it was locked up and prevented from coming, they believe the same will happen this year that if the Rav is prevented from coming, there wont be Uman again.

There are daily prayers held that the Rav should get to Uman, that is the main thing to pray for now. If that doesn’t happen then this is the end of the Government of Israel. Their help in kedusha is the only thing that kept them standing until now.

There is also a strong belief that even though there is tremendous benefit in all the preparation and effort, in reality there wont be Uman. The Rav has hinted that the kibbutz will be in a certain place… like last year…. There is also a fear that Uman RH will be similar to Meron Lag Baomer, based on what was said last year that only if there is Meron Lag Baomer can there be Uman Rosh Hashana and we saw that exact replay last year.

Bottom line is that RH with the tzaddik is only about kissufim and mesirus nefesh can never and will never come easy. We won’t know and we can’t know until it happens. One thing we cannot do is sit with our arms folded אין כוחנו אלא בפה and ולא נדע איך נעבוד את השם עד בואנו שמה


FYI my husband davens every morning at Shuvu, and hasn’t heard a dickie bird about Shuvu Banim flights this year, so if there are flights, it seems they are being done way more discreetly than in previous years.

As always, each person needs to do their own hitbodedut, and the level of being by Rabbenu for Rosh Hashana is tremendous.

Just this year, at least for my husband and me, we don’t seem worthy of it.


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