In case you haven’t noticed, there is an all-out war against marriage going on today.

By ‘marriage’, I mean the holy union of a man and a woman.

I was translating some stuff from Rav Berland yesterday on shalom bayit, which gives the deeper kabbalistic reasons for why marriage and good shalom bayit are the foundations for rectifying our own souls, and the world.

The contrast with what is apparently being taught in Gur, and with all the LGBT123+++whatever stuff was so overwhelming, I decided to post up a big part of it, here.

It’s mind-blowing.

And it really helps us to understand that when these forces are ‘going against’ marriage between husband and wife, AND also ‘going against’ good shalom bayit between a husband and wife – they are truly destroying the world.



You can’t serve Hashem if you aren’t married

What was Nadiv and Avihu’s sin? ‘And they sacrificed before Hashem a strange fire’.

Nadav and Avihus were such righteous, holy, pure tzaddikim, that every moment they made was only for the sake of Heaven. How is it, that they ‘sacrificed a strange fire’? And why is this called ‘a strange fire’?

The Zohar says (Parshat Shemini, 37): Says Rabbi Pinchas, every Kohen in the world, each and every Jew, if he isn’t married, or if he’s married and he doesn’t have shalom bayit, if he’s a Kohen, he shouldn’t approach to do his holy service.

It’s not written in the Torah that a Kohen needs to be married, but we’re learning that every Kohen who is not married should not approach to do his holy work. And the same thing is true for everyone.


The wife of the Maggid of Mezritch passed away in the month of Elul.

So, after Simchat Torah, the Chozeh [of Lublin] sent to the Maggid of Mezritch: None of your prayers ascended. You were without a wife, so you should know that all the prayers you prayed, none of those prayers ascended above.

And this was even though he’d prayed with deep dvekut, as he did each year.


The woman is malchut

The woman is the sefira of malchut. And the man is called ‘Zeir Anpin’. Zeir Anpin is from the sefira of chochma until the sefira of yesod – these are nine sefirot.

But when a man is without the sefira of malchut, so then nothing ascends above.

Not only that nothing ascends above, rather everything goes to the waste matter, all his mitzvot go to the Sitra Achra (dark side). When a person doesn’t have shalom bayit, it’s the same thing. Everything that he does, everything goes to the Sitra Achra.

All his prayers, all his learning, instead of driving away the evil, everything goes to the Sitra Achra.


And this is what Rabbenu explains (Lesson 41), that the role of Nadav and Avihu was to drive away the dark side – but they did exactly the opposite. Because if you aren’t married, then the Zohar says: That all their holy work throughout all the years went to the waste matter, and they even strengthened the waste matter.

And it’s the same thing, for anyone who isn’t married, or who doesn’t have shalom bayit. Everything goes to the dark side.

And this is what happens when there is no ‘connection’ between the first nine sefirot, and the sefira of malchut.


Both sides need to be connected

It’s like when a person takes an electric cord, but he doesn’t plug it into the appliance, so then it’s just a cord, and the appliance also doesn’t work.

In order for the appliance to work, the appliance has to be connected to the two wires: one wire is to introduce the flow of electricity, and the second wire closes the electrical circuit within the appliance – and only like this, can the appliance work.

It’s like a battery, that has a plus end and minus end, cathode and anode, that if the wire from the bulb only touches one side, then it won’t light up. And it’s only when you connect the bulb also to a second wire, that connects it to the second end of the battery, that you’ll close the electrical circuit and the bulb will light up.

And without this, there just won’t be any current. Even if you connect it up to the most awesome 100,000 kilowatt turbine – this won’t help at all.


If there’s no current, there’s no output

It’s the same principle with a human being.

Man and woman, this is the nine sefirot, plus the sefira of malchut. This is what creates the closed circuit, the current, this creates the circuit that can then perform all the tikkunim within all the sefirot.

And when a person doesn’t join together [with his wife], he doesn’t have a connection, which is to say that he doesn’t have shalom bayit, then he should know that no mitzvot are ascending above.

The malchut is not being communicated with.

And in every place where the ‘male’ and ‘female’ aspects are not both found, a person isn’t making any tikkun (spiritual rectification). The malchut, knesset yisrael, isn’t dwelling between them at all.

And so, HaKadosh Baruch Hu warned, “And with this Aharon should come to the Holy”. What is ‘with this’? It’s referring to the sefira of malchut, that if a person doesn’t have the sefira of malchut, or in other words, if he doesn’t have a wife – then he should know that none of his spiritual endeavors will ascend above.


The wife fixes everything

So, it’s only when there is a man and his wife; and, when the man descends to the sefira of malchut, and he’s prepared to really connect with the sefira of malchut, that it’s possible to work tikkunim (spiritual rectifications).

And so, if the Kohen HaGadol doesn’t have a wife, it’s forbidden for him to enter the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur, which is the day which is supposed to rectify the whole year, the day that is going to decide the whole year.


Doesn’t this explain so much, so awesomely?

And doesn’t it show, that so much of what is going on right now, both within our apparently ‘orthodox’ world and without, is mamash destroying God’s creation, spiritually?

The ‘dark side’ knows how the world really operates much more than we do. And it’s using our spiritual ignorance against us to sow destruction and suffering.

But now we know:

Only the union of a man and a woman, in the holy bond of marriage, can fix the world.

And only when that man and woman are really ‘connecting’ to each other, and have good shalom bayit, does all the rest of their spiritual work – the prayers, Torah learning and mitzvot – start to ‘work’, instead of just going straight to the dark side.

So that is why there is a war against marriage and shalom bayit going on.



I had some email correspondence about this piece with someone who was extremely unhappy with the idea that a single man’s mitzvot, Torah learning etc don’t build the world, and just go to the dark side.

So, I wanted to just clarify a few things, here.

First, these statements are not ‘Rav Berland’s ideas or opinions’ – they are firmly sourced in the Zohar and the Gemara, amongst other things.

That’s part of what makes them so powerful.

At the same time, this comes from a book on shalom bayit aimed at men, so it’s coming from the perspective of encouraging people who are already married to work on their shalom bayit.

Also, the Gemara and the Zohar often make very ‘strong statements’ that sound very ‘out there’, but in other places they soften them down, or even contradict themselves. This seems to be how ‘Jewish learning’ is done, and this subject is no different.

Lastly, I asked my husband what he thought, and this is what he sent me:

My own view – for what it’s worth (obviously, it’s not necessarily correct as I don’t have enough knowledge) – is that this is a ‘lav davka’ situation. Meaning what the Rav spoke about is true, from one perspective, but perhaps not the complete picture, as I agree that non-married people can still daven, do mitzvot and generally help rectify the world.
I think the Rav used this Zohar to make a point, but sometimes statements in the Zohar are not so ‘black and white’ and there could well be more to it than just this.

The Rav argues subjects in a way that is very similar to many of the discussions in the Gemara.

It can take a while to get used to, especially in our ‘black and white’ world where everyone gets so fixated on there being only one ‘right’ way.
If we learn anything from the Gemara, it’s the art of discussing things from every angle, without getting too fixated on there having to be one ‘right’ answer to the question.
So, this piece was brought in the spirit of explaining just why the attack against the sanctity of marriage is so very bad, spiritually.
And it does a great job of doing that.
At the same time, I apologise to any single people who this piece may have upset.

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What’s going on right now is a massive opportunity for the Jewish community to finally fix the sin of ‘sinat chinam’.

And God is inviting each of us to do a bit of that ‘fixing’ in our own back yard.

Now that we know that ‘yichus’ actually has nothing to do with how easy or hard we find it to serve Hashem, really – in both directions – that  means that the whole shebang actually boils down to this:

Free choice, and working on our own bad middot.

I.e. whoever we are, there is still everything to play for.

And whoever we are, there are still choices that we ourselves can make, to really build the world, work on our own bad middot and rebuild the Temple – in our hearts.

And no-one is excluded from this work, not even ‘the biggest tzaddikim’, who have far more responsibility than us average Joes, for setting an example, in the area of cultivating true humility, and acknowledging their own bad middot.


Baruch Hashem, Rav Eliezer Berland is a paradigm for this ‘real’ approach to avodat Hashem.

And Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman, set the example for this, too, when he encouraged his student Rav Natan to write books like Chayei Moharan that really depicted Rabbenu’s struggles to work on himself, and overcome his own bad middot, and to uproot his ta’avot – lusts.

That was one of the biggest selling points of Breslov for me, all those years ago, that finally, I had a Tzaddik who I could relate to as a real human being – and who could also relate to me, and my struggles.


I had a lot of issues with bad depressions and feelings of totally yeoush, before I hit Breslov.

And then, I started reading about how Rabbenu sometimes also had days when he despaired, and couldn’t carry on talking to God because of it…. but how he always picked himself up, broke through that yeoush and returned to Hashem.

Rabbenu had been there before me – and he charted the way to get out of all the bad middot, and the sadness, and the despair and all the other issues that prevent us from serving Hashem and building the world by refining our own characters.

And that information forms the real foundation of his teachings.

And Rav Berland is carrying on where Rabbenu left off.


Below, I’m going to bring a translated excerpt of R’ Natan’s Likutei Halachot, which lays out some very important ideas about ‘free choice’, in connection with the True Tzaddikim and overcoming the Erev Rav.

Before I do that, tho, I want to tell you about a bar mitzvah I went to yesterday, in a penthouse overlooking the beach in the Gush Dan area.


We have close family who made aliya last year, and it was their son’s barmitzvah.

Our family members are not ‘frum’, and down the years, we have had massive clashes and blow-ups around just about every family gathering you can imagine, beginning with my own wedding, and then snaking through a bunch of other weddings, funerals, stone settings – and even, my ‘good bye’ party, which my in-laws decided to hold in the 9 days, totally against my wishes.

Long story short, most of these ‘family gatherings’ have resulted in the sort of acrimony and bitterness that would make what happened with Kamtza and Bar Kamtza look like child’s play.

And so…. the barmitzvah appeared on the horizon.

But this time, things were totally different.


Over the last few years, me and my husband have paid innumerable pidyonot to the Rav, on behalf of ourselves and other family members, to try to ‘heal’ so much of what has gone wrong.

Those pidyons have worked in big and small ways – to the point that even our ‘unreligious’ family members have paid a pidyon or two, now, as well.

And yesterday, we could all see the effect of what happens when you connect to the True Tzaddikim, and also make an effort to identify and work on your own bad middot.


The barmitzvah and party were held in the Omer, at the time when you’re not meant to attend gatherings with live music.

The party was a ‘cocktail party’ – in every since of the word! – and totally not the sort of thing that me and my husband like, or are suited to.

In the past, my yetzer would have been working overtime, giving me justifications for why we shouldn’t go, why we definitely shouldn’t dance, why we definitely shouldn’t approve of all the OTT gashmius and untznius behavior, etc.

This time, I had one clear message in  my head:

This is family, and family are celebrating a big milestone in their son’s life, and instead of thinking about yourself, the whole time, Rivka, in your super-duper-holy-way, why don’t you think about what you can do for them, and the barmitzvah boy, instead?


And this insight mamash changed the whole picture.

Instead of sitting in the corner dissing everything and everyone the whole night, and feeling holier-than-thou, I decided I’m going to do my best to really celebrate that barmitzvah with our extended family, even though we were way out of our comfort zone.

Because what’s the point of coming, just to sit in a corner with a sour face and making my hosts feel bad about themselves, and their celebration – and us?


It’s only today, the morning after, that I realised just how ‘big a deal’ yesterday was – because make no mistake, it was still very hard not to fall back into the mindset of ‘Kamtza and Bar Kamtza’, while we were there.

Some close friend of the hosts from the UK stuck his hand out to me to shake when we were introduced, and I saw the look of panic flit across my brother-in-law’s face, because in the past, I have flat-out refused to shake hands with people back in the home country, no matter how embarrassed that made them.

This time – I shook hands.

And chalked it up to mesirut nefesh for shalom bayit.

And I still got overwhelmed by things like the saxophone-playing young woman with pink hair and tight black leather, and indulged in a bit of ‘quiet tutting’ before I got over myself again, and just found somewhere else to go and sit, where I didn’t have to eyeball her.


In these small, myriad ways, me and my husband did our bit, to fix the sin of sinat chinam.

And on the other side of the equation, my sister-in-law did her bit, too, by accepting us totally as we were – with payot, headscarves and totally NO cocktail dress, and with strictly kosher food, and with an understanding that we should come as we were, with no other instructions about how to behave or dress.

It’s huge.

As I type these words, I really feel how ‘huge’ it was, yesterday, because there has barely been a family get-together that has no resulted in all out, acrimonious warfare for 25 years, since my husband first got ‘frum’.


And now, here’s Rav Natan, writing about the Erev Rav, and free choice, and how we can really only uncover that ‘free choice’ to overcome our own bad middot when we’re connected to the True Tzaddikim.



Likutei Halachot – The Laws of Blessings on Smell and Blessings of Thanks (4, 33)

This is an aspect of what we have seen, something confusing and strange, from which everyone is astounded. That after the Nation of Israel merited to receive the Torah, with such wonderous signs. And everyone merited ruach hakodesh etc. After all this, to hear that they acted in such a way, to sin by going after the golden calf…

And even though it wasn’t the Nation of Israel who did this, but rather the Erev Rav, afterwards some of the Nation of Israel did sin.

Nonetheless, even the few of the few who made this mistake, what was going on with them?


And even on the Erev Rav themselves there is still a difficulty, because even the Erev Rav had a huge spiritual awareness, as is apparent from the writings of the Arizal.

And certainly, even in them there was some small good, since they followed Moshe out of Egypt and threw away their families and households, and wanted to convert, since they saw tremendous signs and wonders from Moshe Rabbenu in Egypt.

And after all of this, after all the tremendous wonders that they saw with their own eyes in Egypt, and the splitting of the Sea and the war with Amalek and the Giving of the Torah with such tremendous signs and wonders, like its written ‘the great signs which you saw with your eyes, and the signs and wonders, etc.’

And after all this to do such an act, to make a calf for themselves as a god…[!?]


But, from all this, each of us can understand just how much free choice we all have, and just how much the Sitra Achra can overcome a person every day, because Hashem Who is Blessed created everything for the sake of free choice, because everything was created for the sake of man. Not for the sake of the angels.

And so too, the opposite, not for the sake of the animals or the plants, etc.

Simply, everything was made for the sake of man, from the beginning to end.

And the main thing is that man has free choice, because it is for this which is his work which is of so great importance, far more than the work of the angels, since they do not have free choice, and a man does have free choice. And it was for this that Hashem created everything, from start to finish.


So, it turns out that everything was created for the sake of free choice, and therefore free choice has great power.

So much so, that Hashem Himself, so to speak, is not able to cancel the free choice without cancelling the world.

Like our sages said, ‘everything is in the hands of heaven, except for the Fear of Heaven’.

And, on account of the greatness of free choice, for which everything was created, therefore the Sitra Achra has the power to overcome each time anew with all types of new confusions and ways to lead astray, such that he had the power to overcome Israel after the Giving of the Torah, so that they would create the golden calf.

And all of this happened because Moshe Rabbenu was absent from them and wasn’t among them.

So, the Satan confused the world until the made the golden calf, like it says there in the parasha, ‘and the people saw that Moshe was delayed…etc.’, [and they said] ‘come let us make for ourselves a god’, ‘because this man, Moshe, we don’t know what has become of him.’


So, it turns out that the main way the Satan overcame them was by hiding Moshe from them, and placing in their hearts the thought that Moshe had now disappeared.

Therefore, he managed to persuade them to do this thing, because on that day the Sitra Achra so powerfully overcame them, that no-one had the power to nullify him, except for Moshe if he had been there.

And this is what it means when it says, ‘and the people saw that Moshe was delayed.’

And our sages explained this [that the word ‘boshesh’ delayed] can be read as ‘ba-shesh’ [the sixth hour came], that it was a cloudy day etc. [ie, that the people thought the day had already passed and Moshe, who had promised to return that day, did not arrive.] That the Satan confused the world so much, such that this day was destined for calamity. And, specifically, at that time, after the six[th hour] had come.

And it was a cloudy day, and so specifically then the Satan had the power to overcome with confusion and heresy like this.

Specifically, on that day and at that time. So much so, that no one had the power to nullify him with anything, except for Moshe Rabbenu himself, who was the Tzadik of that generation.


And, since Moshe was at that time in Heaven, therefore the Satan succeeded at that time.

But, as soon as Moshe came down from the mountain, he subdued him and smashed [the tablets] and nullified the golden calf.

And he went back and received the second set of tablets. And returned to strengthen their emunah. But, even then, it was all in the power of the remainder of the impression of the foundations of emunah which remained engraved in the heart of Israel from the Giving of the Torah.


At the time of Receiving the First Tablets, because on the basis of this foundation of emunah, each and every Tzadik has the power in his generation to clarify to Israel the holy emunah, because on account of this foundation of emunah the Nation of Israel in each generation merit to come close to the True Tzadik, to request and to search for him until they find him.

And like we described above, therefore we need to make an effort to come close to the Tzadik of the generation specifically, so that we will merit that he clarifies for us the holy emunah each time, according to the day and the hour.

Because, even though at the time of the Giving of the Torah, Israel merited emunah through ruach hakodesh, as we described earlier.

And so too, through the Tzadikim and the prophets in each generation, who clarified the emunah each time more and more.

Nevertheless, we ourselves need in this generation to come close to the True Tzadik of this generation, in order that he can clarify for us the emunah according to the current period and time.


Ad kan.

Without a connection to the True Tzaddikim, the ‘Erev Rav’ in our midst will overwhelm us, confuse us and rule us, however ‘holy’ and sincere we ourselves might be.

Because only the ‘Moshe Rabbenu’ of the generation has the power to take them on, and destroy them.


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This is a translated excerpt of a shiur given by Rav Berland a couple of weeks ago.

It really helped me to shift my perspective into one of having more emuna again, after dealing with that horrible story of the 108 small, frum children repeatedly kidnapped from Jerusalem and assaulted in horrible ways – while the police here continue to totally cover it all up.

BH, I will translate more snippets from the Rav this week, and he’s saying a lot of things that are giving some much deeper insights into what is really going on at the moment.

In the meantime, here it is, and I hope it gives you chizzuk, too.


Words from the Rav on the Parsha

It’s like now, we read a story that occurred in the Shoah, that a grandfather said to his grandson, either you will be a Jew, or you’ll die. I don’t want you to be a goy.

He – the grandson – was placed with a priest, and the grandfather made a condition with the priest that under no circumstance should he be forced to become a christian. He agreed this with the priest, that he should protect his grandson from the Nazis, on condition that he wouldn’t missionize him.

Because that grandfather had saved the priest’s life when he fell in some pit with his wagon. There, in chutz l’aretz, everyone was falling into swamps and pits. (And so to show his gratitude, the priest agreed to save his grandson from the Nazis.)

In [the book] Kivsha Hashachora, he brings down [this story.] I read it, with the Rabbanit.


Long story short, he recounts how one person put his child with the Priest, and how he told him, if the Priest wants to baptise you, go and kill yourself, go and commit suicide. Jump from the window, and die.

[And in addition to this] he also made a condition with the Priest, that he wouldn’t baptise him. Ultimately, the Priest died after two years, so he [the grandson] ran away to the forests, exactly when the Shoah began in Poland, on the 17th of Elul.

After that, there were more pogroms, after this on the 25th of Av there was a pogrom, it was a year where they were doing pogroms without stopping.


This captain [in the Russian army] who saw how the Tzion exploded, he came to Poland with the army.

He was a Breslover. He was in the KGB’s Yevetskiya. He was going to be the biggest commander, but in the end he said that he was going to make teshuva, and that he’s going to go now and conquer Uman.

The first thing is to capture Uman, the first thing, everyone travels to Uman. Tonight, everyone is travelling to Uman, this is the first thing.

They fought precisely right next to [Rebbe Nachman’s] Tzion – the Germans and the Russians. And he [i.e. the captain] saw how the Tzion exploded, and even, which shell exploded it. He saw it with his own eyes.


After that, he got to Poland with the whole army, and he went into the beit knesset there.

He was still a bachor (young man). He got there with 10 falafel (Israeli slang for the shoulder epaulets that show an officer’s rank) on his shoulders,

He was a captain – they thought the KGB had come. This was the evening of Kol Nidre, everyone was petrified, they didn’t know whether they should just run away. He said: Don’t run away! I myself am also a Jew!

He saw how everyone was broken, and how they were so overwhelmed with fear, they couldn’t even pray.


He asked them: Who are you afraid of? Are you scared of me? You have nothing to fear! I’m not the KGB, I’m just a captain who is chasing after Nazis.

They said to him: No, tomorrow they are going to come and kill everyone! They are saying that tomorrow there will be pogroms, and they are going to kill all of the Jews. They already announced it! There is no escape, there is nowhere to run to.

He said: What, what is this ‘pogrom’? Who is going to do this pogrom?

They answered: All the goyim (non-Jews), all the Poles, all the hevra’men, all the gangsters of the city.

He replied, ain’t going to happen! I’m now going to stand watch over you!

He stood on the roof and saved everyone. He didn’t leave a trace of them [the sonei Israel] Maybe they went to Gan Eden, I’m not entirely sure. Maybe [they went] to Mars. It needs to be clarified.


In any case, we are telling the story [of a Jew who left his child with a Priest], and he told him, if the Priest wants to baptise you, jump off the roof! Commit suicide! Take poison!

“It’s better that you die as a Jew, instead of being a non-Jewish young man!”

And this Priest kept his word, and he didn’t convert him. And when the Priest died, he didn’t have what else to do. He said that he was the son of [the Priest’s] sister, and that he had to go back.

He was pale, and he had blond hair. When the Nazis passed next to him, they used to hug him and kiss him, because they thought he was a German boy. He couldn’t stand that. He knew they were murderers, the people who had killed his grandfather and his mother, and his family.


One day, he went next to the fence – the wall bordering the ghetto. And he heard some girl crying out, maybe, you have some food? I’ve already been here for a few days, with no food.

He heard the girl crying, and he ran home, (took some apples and threw them to her.) He did like this for five days, then went and told the Jewish partisans that there was some girl hiding out by the fence. He didn’t know how she looked, but he knew that each time she was catching the apples.

She yelled at him, throw something, some food! She also didn’t know who was doing the throwing. She didn’t know if it was a Nazi, some ‘Nazi-Chassid’ from the nations of the world, some Pole. Whoever it was who saving her life, she didn’t know. She was a child aged 10.

Her uncle had hidden her under the bushes, next to the wall.

So, the boy called the Jewish partisans, and then he climbed over the wall and grabbed hold of her – and the Nazis didn’t see. Maybe, it was dark. He found her in the bushes and took her away to the forests – for three years. There was another three or four years, until the end of the war. So they brought her to the forest.


After she grew up in the forest, there was a trip to Eretz Yisrael. She was broken. She’d seen such awful things. She said, where was God? Where is God?!

When I was growing up, I always thought about where was God. I was a child aged 7. I used to answer them, about all their kooshiot (difficulties / questions). I was 7 years old, and everyone came back from the Shoah.

My cousin, and my uncles. Everyone used to come to me with a million difficulties, I used to talk. Even my father used to come to me.

I said to them, what’s all this? They went straight to Gan Eden! This was without any din! (Harsh judgements, that need to be ‘scrubbed off’ by a temporary stay in gehinnom.)

It’s written that a single ‘singe’ in gehinnom is far worse than the whole of Auschwitz.

[Ed. note: stop and think about this sentence for a moment. It encapsulates everything, about why there is so much suffering going on in this lowly world of ours – and why God is still only good, regardless of the suffering going on.]


[Those who were murdered in the Shoah], it’s six million people who made a ‘request’ of Hashem, that they wanted to come down in a generation of shmad (annihilation).

That they wanted to come down in this way, because they wanted everything to be atoned for.

No [stain of sin] remained for them! They asked Hashem for this! This is the whole reason they came down to the world!

It’s not like there was some mistake here. They chose this, and there was a pigua (terrorist attack) here.

All sorts of questions – but they chose this! They asked Hashem before they came down to this world, ‘send us down in a generation of shmad!’


Translated from the Shivevei Or Newsletter, 255.


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Back when I was starting to study ‘sound’ as a healing tool, three years ago, I tripped over something called ‘The Schumann Resonance.’

Three years ago, the links between human mental and physical health and extremely low frequencies (ELFs) were still being deliberately obscured.

So there was a lot of ‘disinformation’ about whether the Schumann Resonance was even really a ‘thing’; what it’s true frequency was, and of course, how much all this stuff is so very closely connected to human health, in just about every way.

If you go HERE, you’ll find one of those earlier articles about the Schumann Resonance, that has a lot of good background and material, but is kind of struggling to put it into the right context.


Anyway, long story short, I had a deep feeling that ‘sound was the way to go’, when it came to healing us human beings, so I kept researching, and that’s when I stumbled across Eileen Day McCusick and her book:

Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy

I read the book two years ago, found it very interesting – so I ordered some of her tuning forks, to do the experiment myself, because that’s the only way we ever really know, if something is going to ‘work’, if something is ‘real’, or not.

Here’s a snippet, describing what ‘tuning the biofield’ is all about:

A guide to the practice of Sound Balancing, using tuning forks to clear trauma stored in the human energy field.

• Provides a precise map of the energetic biofield that surrounds the body, showing where specific emotions, memories, traumas, and pain are stored.

• Details how to locate stored trauma in the biofield with a tuning fork and clear it.


I started experimenting with Eileen’s tuning forks and method about 18 months ago – mostly just on myself.

Because 18 months ago, the idea that ‘sound’ could somehow ‘clear’ serious trauma and pain out of the system, and help me to stay healthy, sounded pretty looney-tunes, even to me.

So, I did some small experiments, noticed some interesting stuff – but then got completely consumed in other subjects, like what really happened to kill 45 people at Meron; and what’s really in these ‘Covid’ shots.

I had no idea, back then, how sound and frequency are so tightly connected to both these topics. But now, I do.


At the same time that the horrible idea was swimming into view that the State of Israel had deliberately targeted the pilgrims in Meron with some sort of ‘Directed Energy Weapon’, I noticed a whole bunch of new ‘tech’ going up on every street corner in Jerusalem.


The similarity between the ‘horn antennas’ used at the bottom of the stairs in Meron, and the ‘horn antennas’ suddenly showing up at parks and intersections all over Jerusalem was just too obvious to ignore.


I know this is difficult to hear.

I’ve had emails from people telling me that ‘for sure, these speaker-thingies are being put up all across Israel for a good, helpful reason’…

But when I ask them what that ‘good, helpful reason’ actually is – they have no idea.

It’s a case of the eyes clearly seeing, but the brain trying to explain things away, to keep us in the comfort zone, where we don’t have to worry that our government and military really ARE trying to kill us.


Below, I spliced the clip of the starlings in Spain colliding after being caught in a DEW / 5…G energy beam, with what happened in the crucial minute after the ‘horn antennas’ in Meron got switched on by the fake Hatzalah guy.

Draw your own conclusions.


I’m not going to rehash all of the info I’ve put up about 5…G and the human body here.

If you are interested, take a look at the following posts:

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Let’s sum things up by saying that any scepticism I had about sound being an agent of destruction – but also a very powerful agent of healing – has now totally evaporated.

For three months, since Sukkot, I was in a very difficult space, mentally.

I was full of fear about what the future holds; I was fearing the ‘tech’ I see everywhere; I was fearing what’s really going to happen, when they have all their tech in place, and finally switch the 5…G on, fully – probably some time in the next few months.

Because I was ALREADY feeling the negative health effects of all the new antennas going up every 100 metres in Jerusalem.


And I had no idea what to do, to try to stop this from happening.

And I’m not injected with anything, Baruch Hashem.

(More on that in a moment.)


At this stage, one of my readers, who is a mathematics whizz, started sending me some very interesting emails.

Many of them are ‘over my head’, in terms of the equations and ideas being shared, but last week, I got sent this:

The coming year is (5) 783 = the Schumann Resonance

Along with a whole bunch of links, which I’m just going to put below.


If you are interested, click on:

Similar Spectral Power Densities Within the Schumann Resonance and a Large Population of Quantitative Electroencephalographic Profiles

The following short video is shmirat eynayim friendly, and explains in 2.5 minutes some of the basics, of how solar and geomagnetic activity can affect the human heart, amongst other things:


This screenshot comes from HERE:



Here’s where things got even more interesting – and started to develop a particular ‘Jewish’ twist, that gives me some real hope that we are about to see some massive open miracles.

My reader sent me this:

Here is the 783 in a different order:


Looking at the sound of the Shofar, you can see that the frequency is 376. You can therefore also get 378 as well – here is the ‘783’, again.

THIS link, to the ‘Vibration Data Newsletter’ from January 2007 discusses ‘Shofar Acoustics’.

Here’s the image of the ‘sound of the Shofar’, from page 8:


Here is the sound of ‘387 Hz’:


Then, he sent me this:


When  I read this, I got goosebumps.

783 – breaks down to 26.

387 – breaks down to 26.

26 is the gematria of Hashem’s ineffable name, the Tetragrammaton, Yud Kei Vav Kei.


Over on, they recently put up a video covering the information they got from a whistleblower at Spanish cellcoms company, Telefonica.


Basically, 5…G operates across a range of frequencies, but the one frequency our NWO governments are focusing their 5…G efforts on is:

26 GHZ

Snippet (translated from Spanish, so a little clunky):

Graphene acts with the transistor phenomenon.

That is to say, it multiplies the frequency at the same time as the damage it causes inside the body since it is toxic or cytotoxic inside the body.

Moreover, depending on the radiation it absorbs, this toxicity is dependent on that radiation.

I want you to look at this article now, which is about 26 GHz graphene transistors exactly. Exactly the same frequency that the government is now going to launch in our country, and that will be launched everywhere. 

Notice. Why 26 GHz? 

Because that’s the optimum signal multiplication frequency of graphene transistors. Do you understand, therefore, that 5G and its 26 GHz are precisely to wreak havoc with these graphene transistors inside the body? Or that they act as transistors? What a coincidence! 


And in case you still didn’t understand that the Covid shots contain self-assembling graphene oxide nano-routers, LaQuintaColumna just released some new images, with another bombshell report to follow soon:

WARNING: Best to watch the subtitles and turn the volume off, for this video.

He speaks really loudly, because he’s so upset about what he’s just discovered in the Pfizer shot, image below:



So, the whistleblower at Telefonica shared a confidential report that said:

The human body cannot withstand 26 GHz.

When they turn 5…G on, sometime in the next few months, at that range – we will all be dropping like flies. Or like starlings. Or like the people at the bottom of the stairs in Meron, God forbid.


’26’ is also the gematria of Hashem’s ineffable name.

And ’26’ is also what you get when you break down 783 – the 7.83 of the Schumann Resonance, the (5)783 of the coming year, motzae shvit, when Moshiach is meant to be revealed.

And 26 is also what you get when you break down 387 – the sound frequency of the Shofar, and the ‘opposite’ of 783.

The only way we can get rescued from what is coming down the pipe is by crying out to Hashem, calling out to Hashem, blowing the shofar of repentance, both literally and figuratively….


While I was putting this post together, I got sent two more bits of information, one of the more ‘technical’ side, and one on the more ‘spiritual’ side.

Technically, I got sent a link to a promo for THIS event, which I watched last night:


The Sound of Music: Medicine of the Future live presentation by John Stuart Reid!

Snippet, followed by some screenshots of the presentation:

Over 20 years ago, acoustic-physics scientist, John Stuart Reid experienced a seemingly miraculous healing of a painful lower back injury during cymatics experiments in Egypt’s Great Pyramid. Inspired by this event he has intensively studied the biological mechanisms that activate the body’s healing response, without use of drugs. 

In his illuminating presentation John Stuart Reid will distill for us some of the important biological mechanisms discovered during his 20 years of research and will share with us his intuitive sense that the Sound of Music will become The Medicine of the Future.




John Reid ended the presentation by basically saying that the right music can literally heal old, diseased red blood cells, and create new, healthy red blood cells.

Think about that for a moment.

You can see more of his research HERE, and also download an app that enables the user to ‘visualise’ the sound of the music they are listening to:

(THIS one, that shows the effect of ‘meditation’ on a person’s speaking is even more cool…)


And the spiritual dimension to all this, as always, comes from the Rav, Rav Eliezer Berland.

For the last couple of years, the Rav was repeatedly making ‘throw-away’ comments about how everyone need to learn how to play a musical instrument, and how playing music, singing and dancing were going to bring geula and the Moshiach.

Initially, I thought all this was a metaphorical statement.

(But I still took the hint to start learning how to play the guitar….)

Now, I’m starting to understand, again, that the Rav was being very specific.


It’s Rosh Chodesh Shvat, 5782, tonight.

Here is the pray the Rav wrote to say for the molad of Shvat, 5782, and I’ll translate some of it below:



חודש השירה, ר”ה לאילנות לב”ש א’ שבט, לב”ה ט”ו בשבט, ומהמולד מתחילה הארת שירת המלאכים בסוד השירה בסוד גאלת שבט נחלתך.

The month of song, Rosh Hashana of the trees according to Beit Shammai, on [Sunday night], the 1st of Shvat, according to Beit Hillel, Tu B’shvat (15th of Shvat).

And from the molad, the emergence of the song of the angels, which is the secret of the song, which is the secret of [the geula of Shvat, which is your inheritance].

(The stuff is square brackets is not the literal translation, but the more hidden allusion.)



Let this month of singing, and angels’ song leading to geula begin already!

There is not a moment to lose.



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