I’ve been in a very thoughtful state of mind, the last couple of days.

***Updates below***

Like all the rest of us, I was ‘indoctrinated’ from the youngest age with the ‘scientific’ worldview that our earth is the third planet out from the sun, and revolving around it.

This brainwashing is so strong, that even when I’ve come across ‘flat earth’ references over the last few years, I automatically dismissed them as the ravings of primitive lunatics.

Even though so many of our authentically Jewish sources and sages would line up under the ‘flat earth’ banner.

More on this in a moment.


So the last couple of days, I’ve been pondering on a lot of things.

Like, if all this ‘flat earth’ stuff is true, and the firmament 70 miles above our heads is bounded by an impassable stretch of radioactivity (= the Van Allen belts), and also girded by a vast, impenetrable belt of water (= the ‘waters above’, from Genesis) – then what really happened to all those astronauts who ‘died’ when the Challenger exploded in 1986?

(Shmirat eynayim friendly).


Was all that faked, too?

I started looking around and what can I tell you?

The answer appears to be ‘yes’.


I found THIS video dubbed into English from the original German, that’s of course not available on Youtube.

Here’s a screenshot, and then I’ll tell you what they discovered.



They found compelling evidence that at least six of these seven ‘dead’ Challenger astronauts were still alive, 30 years later.

And four of them are even still using exactly the same names.

And the other two are (oh so conveniently….) claiming to be the ‘identical twin’ of their astronaut brother who apparently blew up on the Challenger.


If you want more of the proof, go watch the video and decide for yourself.

(BTW, I tend to watch all these videos speeded up to save time, especially when the narrator talks very slowly.)


So now, let’s get down to brass tacks, and let’s try to figure out what our authentic Jewish sources say, about the shape and creation of the world.

This is not going to be an exhaustive list, and I’m extremely happy for more sources, and more discussion, to spark off from this.

All this stuff needs to be properly examined, in a respectful way, while we all try to figure out just how much of our ‘brainwashing’ was exactly that, and how much was actually ‘truth’.

It’s a very difficult process, because when these ‘certainties’ suddenly dissolve, it can feel like the floor, the foundation, goes with it.

But take a deep breath, hang on to God’s hand – and let’s do this together.

For ease and clarity, I’ll bring the full quotes below first, then sum up the main points at the end.


Source 1: Rebbe Nachman of Breslov in Sichos HaRan

This is published in English as ‘Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom’. On page 142, (marked as point number 40, but the English translation doesn’t always follow the original Hebrew), we find this, part of a discussion on why it’s so important to avoid ‘philosophy’, specifically defined in this passage as false speculation about the order of creation.

Rabbenu teaches us:

The world is a rotating wheel.

It is like a dreidel, where everything goes in cycles…

All things have one root….

For the world is like a rotating wheel. It spins like a dreidel, with all things emanating from one root.


(This is a very brief excerpt of a very awesome lesson. I highly recommend you read the whole thing, it contains many hints and clues about what is really going on, in relation to this subject. I’m just bringing the bare bones here, so the post stays ‘readable’.)

Here’s the ‘typical representation’ of how the ‘ancient Hebrews’ viewed the world:

Earth as ‘dreidel’ – I stuck in the brown stem, to make the point.


This idea of the (flat…) earth as a type of rotating ‘dreidel’ is also connected to ‘zero point energy’, toroidal energy, vortexes, and a whole bunch of other things that will increasingly come into focus as ‘real science’ going forward.

For now, take a look at THIS and THIS post.

We have a lot of ground to cover, so I’m going to keep things short and focussed, but be aware that each source contains a million things to really think about and discuss in more depth. This is just an overview.


This screenshot comes from the What on Earth Happened? documentary.


In the documentary, Ewaranon, explains how these familiar symbols of xtianity and Islam are actually hinting at much deeper secrets, pertaining to the real story of the creation of the world and planet earth.

Let’s just take a look at that right-hand image a little closer.

It’s patterned from the famous ‘Astronomical Clock‘ of Prague.

It’s not a coincidence that it’s Prague – so many of the ‘interesting characters’ I’ve been writing about in the Real Jewish History series, from the Maharal of Prague on down, have had some very close ties to Prague, throughout the last 500 centuries.


This image shows how what we think of as our ‘world’ is in fact just around a quarter of the total land mass on the surface of Rabbenu’s dreidel, or spinning wheel.


Every few hundred years, the whole land mass ‘cycles’ forward.

Some parts of the ‘earth’ that were under the sun’s rays now move out into the darkness, and start to freeze.

While other parts of the earth were NOT under the sun’s rays now start getting warmed up, and ‘ice caps start melting’ as that part of the world becomes inhabitable.

I don’t know about you, but this explains so many of the anomalies about ‘global warming’ – and global freezing! – that we’ve been seeing in recent years.

And even more importantly, it tallies up with so much of what Rabbenu is describing in the longer passage related to the snippet quoted above, in Sichot HaRan.


Source 2: The Tanach

Second day of creation (Bereishit 1:6):

God said, ‘Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it separate between water and water.’

So God made the firmament, and separated between the waters which were beneath the firmament and the waters which were above the firmament.


Fourth day of creation (Bereishit 1:14):

God said, ‘Let there be luminaries in the firmament of the heaven, to separate between the day and the night;

[A]nd they shall serve as signs, and for festivals, and for days and years; and they shall serve as luminaries in the firmament of the heaven to shine upon the earth.


Definition of ‘firmament’ (rakia) from Merriam-Webster:

Definition of firmament

1the vault or arch of the sky
Rakia / firmament is often described as a solid dome, which can be misleading. We aren’t sitting here in some big ‘snow scene’ called planet earth. But there is definitely something ‘arching’ above that splits the upper waters above the firmament from the lower waters on planet earth itself.
Here’s one possibility for what the ‘rakia’ might actually be:
The term Van Allen belts refers specifically to the radiation belts surrounding Earth.

As NASA and science has been lying about really everything, I won’t bring more of the official explanation here, about these Van Allen belts.

But let me just put this question out there, for now, and see if you can guess what the answer is yourself:

How did we get to the Moon when the Van Allen belts prevent us from leaving Earth’s lower orbit?


In the notes under those quotes above, from Bereishit, my Artscroll edition tells me this:

According to Ramban…the separation mentioned in this verse is between the wholly spiritual, extraterrestial aspects of Creation, and the tangible world that is within the province of man.

This is a very important statement, and I’ll return to it again in the future. But for now, just tuck away the information that there are parts of our world that are ‘accessible’ to us, and parts that are ‘extra-terrestial’.

Once we know that we can’t actually go beyond the firmament into ‘outer space’, because of the Van Allen belts (amongst other things…) – we have to start looking for that ‘extra’ territory closer to home.

And later on, we’ll explore some more information that appears to show that it really is there.


More quotes from Tanach

The book of Iyov (Job) has a LOT of interesting things to say on the subject of God creating the world, but here’s just a few that caught my eye:

37: 9-10

A tempest emerges from the inner chambers and cold weather from the constellations. By God’s breath He makes ice, and an expanse of water becomes solidified.


Here’s why that’s relevant to ‘flat earth’ theory.

This image, below, comes from the ‘Vibes of the Cosmos’ site, HERE.

It shows a ‘smaller circle’ that contains the land mass we know as our world today, surrounded by many more unknown continents.


Long story short, that ‘smaller globe’ shape is said to be bounded by ice on all sides.

I.e. there is no ‘South Pole’ at the bottom of an earth ‘globe’, but there is a wall of ice that functions as the ‘South Pole’ at the extremity around that ‘smaller wheel’ shape of the earth.

And that ice wall blocks people from travelling out into the ‘extra territory’ that is technically part of our earth’s plane, but NOT within man’s purview (exactly as described by the Ramban, above.)

This is the expanse of water [that] becomes solidified into ice, described by Job, above.


(Screenshot below from HERE).

More from Job:


Did you [i.e. Job] stretch out the heavens with Him, to be as strong as a molten mirror?

Here’s the Hebrew original of this last snippet:

תַּרְקִיעַ עִמּוֹ, לִשְׁחָקִים;    חֲזָקִים, כִּרְאִי מוּצָק.


I bolded the word ‘rakia’ in the Hebrew, so it’s obvious that we’re being told that the rakia (firmament) is being compared to a molten mirror.

Mirrors, generally, reflect things back.

A ‘molten mirror’ suggests something fiery, hot – or perhaps, radioactive.

Just like the ‘Van Allen Belts’….


Here’s another strange thing that relates to this.

Where did that ‘expanded map’ of the earth come from, above?

Long story short, the guy who runs the ‘Vibes of Cosmo’ site HERE somehow managed to figure out that the full moon is a ‘reflected image’ of the land mass that was the newly-created earth.

When he ‘flipped’ the image, he got an accurate ‘map’ of flat earth, plus a bunch of continents most of us know absolutely nothing about:


There is way more to be said about this, but the principle that the rakia, the firmament, can act as a ‘molten mirror’ of earth is clearly set out by that quote from Job.


Job 38 also has a ton of relevant stuff.

I’m bringing some quotes below, without explanations for now, which you can ponder on yourself, to see whether they ‘fit’ more with a flat earth model described HERE, or with the heliocentric sphere model:

38:4: Where were you, when I laid the earth’s foundation?... Who set its dimensions?…. [O]r who stretched a line over it? Into what are its bases sunken, or who laid its cornerstone?

38:7 When the morning stars sang in unison… as He dammed in the sea with bolted doors.…and I constrained it with My limits, and I emplaced a bar and bolted doors...

38:13 To grasp the edges of the earth, and shake the wicked from it….

38:18 Have you contemplated up to the wide expanses of the world?.Where is the path where the light dwells? And darkness, where is its place, that you may take it to its boundary....?


Source 3: The Gemara

Again, this is only introductory thoughts, feel free to explore more yourselves, and to share your ideas and findings with us all here on the blog.

The Gemara has a lot of interesting sources. Here are some that caught my eye.

a) Chagigah 12a:

A Baraisa taught: Tohu is a green line that encircles the entire world, and is from [this line] that darkness emerges. As it says, ‘He made darkness his concealment around it’…


We are so conditioned to think ‘spherical planet’, that we will probably envisage this ‘green line’ encircling the entier world as going around the diameter of the globe.

However, if you take a look at this image again:

You can hopefully see how a ‘green line encircling the entire world’ could also work in the ‘flat earth’ model, too.

Within that ‘green line’ – the earth is literally green. It’s under the sun rays, and all forms of life can exist.

And outside that ‘green line’ of Tohu…. we have the ice wall demarcating the circumference of that all-encircling ‘south pole’, that sets the practical limit of the livable world, and ‘conceals’ the rest of the surface of the earth in darkness, as a frozen wasteland.

Flat earth theory fits the words perfectly.


Continuing with Chagigah 12a:

What is ‘Heaven’? (Shemayim)…

…Shemayim means fire and water. This teaches us that the Holy One, blessed is He, brought them, mixed them together, and fashioned from them the heavenly firmament (rakia).

This description works very nicely with the ‘flat earth’ theory that basically has the Van Allen Belts (the ‘fire’) delineating the ‘top’ of earth’s atmosphere, together with that impenetrable watery layer that are the ‘waters above’ the firmament.

Snippet from HERE:

Electrons are locally heated to extremely high energies within the Van Allen Radiation Belts, new study finds


By contrast, ‘spherical earth’ still doesn’t have a good explanation for these ‘waters above’, other than to suggest we’re talking about ET water trapped in comets….

And we already know that comets are NOT big, dirty iceballs, as described by NASA, from THIS series of posts I wrote a few years back.


Still in Chagigah 12a:

[The Earth] stands on twelve pillars. As it says: He set the borders of the nations according to the number of the Children of Israel, i.e. 12 tribes.

And some say: On seven pillars, as it says: She carved out its seven pillars.

R’ Elazar ben Shamua says: On one pillar, and its name is Tzaddik, Yesod Olam (Tzaddik, the foundation of the world.)


Think back to that ‘clock face’, or Rabbenu’s wheel, constantly edging forward.

Remember there are 12 ‘hours’ on a clock face, and 12 signs of the zodiac, as per the Prague Astronomical clock.

Think about how these 12 ‘pillars’, that are associated with the 12 tribes, who in turn are associated with the 12 signs of the zodiac, are ‘setting the borders of the nations’.

In the flat earth theory, this description works perfectly.

As time passes, the livable part of the earth ‘clicks through’ the face of the dial, and creates new borders where the land is liveable and under the sun’s warming rays – or returning to darkness and Tohu, as part of a frozen ‘off-limits’ wasteland.


Next, Chagigah 12a starts describing the ‘7 Heavens’.

There’s a lot of very interesting references there, including a lot being said about the ‘song’ of the angels in the Heavens, which accords with the idea of sonoluminescence, or sound creating ‘light’ when combined with the medium of water.

We may come back to this Tractate again another time, but I just want to take a quick look at some of the sources flagged by Miriam in Rav Dovid Brown’s excellent book, Mysteries of Creation.


Here’s what she wrote:

Rabbi Dovid Brown’s book, Mysteries of the Creation [is an] amazing book [that] deals with so many issues including this one. I did think that the flat earth could be true and I wanted to hear the Torah view on it but that Rabbi didn’t believe it as he quoted a few places which claim that it is a sphere.

On page 86 (if you can get a copy) he lists 6 places which state it is a sphere.
Yerushalmi Avoda Zara 3:1,
Berayshis Rabba 63:14,
BaMidbar Rabba 13:14 and 17,
Esther Rabba 1:7,
Tosfos Avoda Zara 41A paragraph beginning with “keKadur”
And lastly the Zohar of VaYikra 10A which states the whole world is a revolving globe.


I don’t have hard copies of most of those sources being quoted, so I could use some help from readers to really pin this down.

Here’s what I’ve found online:

Yerushalmi Avoda Zara 3:1

See HERE for a discussion and to see the original Hebrew.

כל הצלמים אסורין מפני שהם נעבדים אחת בשנה. דברי ר’ מאיר. וחכמ’ אומ’. אינו אסור אלא כל שיש לו מקל או ציפור או כדור. ר’ שמעון בן גמליא’ או’. כל שיש בידו כל דבר.

“‘All images (tzelamim) are prohibited because they are worshipped once a year.’ – [these are] the words of Rabbi Meir. But the sages say: ‘It is only prohibited if it has a staff or a bird or a globe.’ Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel says: ‘Any [image] that has something in its hand.’”


That discussion continues:

[W]hen referring to the globe (kadur), the Talmud explicitly states that “the world is shaped like a globe,” thus symbolizing domination of the orbis terrarum or oikoumenè.

….Rabbi Yonah describes Alexander the Great ascending to great heights so he could view the world as a globe, and the sea as a platter or a bowl.

This section does not mention how Alexander reached that altitude. Medieval Jewish and non-Jewish traditions developed stories about Alexander and his flying machine….


This seems to suggest that we see the earth as a kadur (globe) when we’re viewing it from a great height.


I’m going to stop there for now – I’ve been working on this all day, believe it or not.

If anyone out there can post original Hebrew versions for the other sources quoted above talking about the ‘kadur’ or globe, that would be great.

There’s so much to think about with all this, I know.

BH, Hashem will help us to figure everything out.




A reader sent me this, a quote from the Midrash that makes it clear that Israel, Jerusalem and Har HaBayit are the true ‘centre of the world’:

Since you are now collecting Torah sources about the earth I came to think of this passage in Midrash Tanhuma about Israel and Jerusalem being the center of the world At this moment I wouldn’t be surprised if this would be true in a physical sense and not just in a spiritual meaning.


The ‘centre of the world’ is meant to be the semi-mythical place where you find the secrets to the electro-magnetic nature of our world.

Given that all our maps are corrupted and false, it’s really making me ponder whether the effort to wrest Har HaBayit away from the Jewish people, and to prevent the building of the Third Temple there, has got way more behind it than just mere religious ‘politics’.


Also, a few more basic points to help clarify things, going forward.

The EWARANON full documentary brought a clip of a team of amateur scientists who launched their own rocket ‘into space’ with a camera attached to it, to feed back the images as it flew.

When that rocket hit 70 miles – or 369,600 feet – the picture went black.

Those numbers are very interesting.


Nikola Tesla had a ‘Theory of the Universe’ that revolved around the numbers 3, 6 and 9.

“If you knew the splendor of the numbers 3, 6, and 9, you would have the key to the universe.” 

You can read more about Tesla’s theory HERE.


Point is, for this post, that if Tesla had calculated that the ‘firmament’ of a flat / dreidel earth was some 369,300 ft up (i.e. 70 miles) that would enable him to also do a bunch of other calculations about how to ‘bounce’ directed energy of that ‘roof’ so that it would hit, with great precision, a part of the world below.

Amongst other things.

We’re back to this idea of acoustics, of using the ‘cavity’, the space, to amplify the sound.


Modern science teaches there is no firmament = no ‘space’, in the sense of a cavity you can ‘bounce’ energy off.

But we know from the Torah that there most definitely IS a firmament…

Now, are you starting to see more of why ‘true science’, defined as a real, workable understanding of how the natural mechanisms in our world, including the harvesting and transmission of ‘free’ energy, cannot operate in tandem with the atheist world view and ‘space, the final frontier’ nonsense of NASA?

Now, are you starting to grasp how ‘flat earth’ and ‘free energy’ might go together?

And why so much effort has been put into uprooting both these ideas?


One last thing, for now.

Yesterday, I was being mocked by someone who wheeled out the question of ‘why don’t we fall off the edge’?

The answer is simple.

The ’round shape’ that is apparently our quarter of the earth’s surface is hemmed in on all sides – except possibly the North – by a massive wall of ice, aka ‘the South Pole’.

No-one can transverse it.

And that ice sheet continues for miles.

So, before you could get anywhere near the ‘edge’ of the world – which presumably, would also have some sort of electro-magnetic toroidal forcefield operating, as a natural ‘repulsion’ field in any case – you’d first have to spend six months slogging through the South Pole.


Could a plane fly there and back?

Probably, yes.

Probably, they have.


Don’t take my word for it.

Check it out for yourself, see what you find.


This is going to be quite an extended process of birur, and I for sure don’t have all the answers or anything near.

What I do have, is a desire to know the truth about our natural world.

God’s seal is truth, remember.

And wherever the truth is going to take me, that’s where, with God’s help, I’m going to go.



I went looking for some clips of ‘amateur’ space rocket launches.

I found this at the top of the list:


I sped-watched through – and then some weird stuff started catching my eye.

Like, how come the ‘live feed’ from the rocket is cut after just a few seconds for every single launch, then ‘replaced’ by some sort of sci-fi special effects?

Like, this is meant to be the ‘live feed’ from one of the launches that then, inexplicably, starts showing ANOTHER rocket next to it, that conveniently blasts off into space…

Say what?!?!?


Then I went back and noticed more weird stuff, like in many of the shots of ‘planet earth’, the surface is actually convex – i.e. the edges are curving UP, not down:

Say what?!?!


And then, I noticed there were more ‘special effects’ going on, like this weird filter effect that shows the video is being filmed through a ’round shape’ on an angle, that distorts the view of what you’re really seeing:

The yellow arrows show the edge of the round filter.

The red arrows are pointing to the ‘equipment’ holding it in place.

You want to tell me this is just the ’round lens of the camera’ filming it, fine.

Then tell me why you don’t get this same ‘distorted round’ effect on the videos you are shooting at home, using a round lens.


So next, I spotted this – footage from the rocket before it takes off, that clearly shows they are filming through a ‘fish eye’ lens to distort the picture:




That truck is parked upside down inside the crust of planet earth!!!!

What amazing technology we have today.

[Sarcasm off]


But really, you tell me:

Why would you be filming through a fish-eye lens to distort the view and to make a flat horizon look ‘curved’?

What possible reason is there for doing this, if we say they aren’t trying to lie about the world being a spherical shape, as opposed to a flat, wheel-like dreidel shape?

Use a regular lens and prove it!!!


Last, there were some weird SFX blips on some of the clips ‘in space’, like this weird, clearly animated black line.

I guess they were going to turn this into some more ‘metallic frayed rope’, or something, but someone forgot.


I went to look up who owns the copyright on these videos of ‘amateur rockets’ shot into space.

Whaddya know?

All the footage is licensed under NASA, and also under ‘RosCosmos‘.

This from Wikipedia:

RosCosmos: A Russian corporation that manages the country’s space industry, created in 2015 by transforming the Federal Space Agency Roscosmos.


Ah, isn’t that sweet!

Russia and America working together after all, to put out videos of ‘amateur’ space rocket launches that appear to be anything but ‘amateur’, and that are using fish eye lenses and bad special effects to paint a picture of our planet that is….spherical.

I think I need to give this update it’s own post.


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