I’ve been quiet about the Covid shots and the nanotech the last couple of months, waiting to see ‘what happens next’.


In the meantime, the number of stories I’m hearing of very young people just dropping dead of unexplained heart attacks...

And of people getting very aggressive cancer ‘out of the blue’….

And of people just feeling ill all the time, for no obvious reason….

Are just multiplying all the time.


A few months’ ago, there were headlines like this one:

But in my own dalet amot, I only heard of a couple of cases – both of which came out of the blue, and were extremely aggressive.

Now, that is changing.

In the last week alone, I’ve heard three ‘new cancer’ stories.

And honestly, I’m a little scared of how much more stuff is about to start coming out, and how many more people are going to be dealing with some very serious illnesses before the dust finally settles.


Meanwhile, over on LaQuintaColumna, they have been working very hard to continue to pin down the patents and the methodology being used with the graphene oxide nanotech contained in these ‘Covid 19’ shots.

They are at the stage now where they have 600 separate pieces of ‘peer reviewed’ research making up the picture of how these shots work to create graphene oxide nanotech ‘operating networks’ inside the human body.

(Take a look at THIS PDF, for a good, clear overview of MAC addresses being emitted by ‘vaccinated’ people. Or, take a look at this video, from a few months back:)


And they have the full names of the scientists who have developed and patented this GO nanotech.

And they’ve also finally pinned down the the people who are really behind all this (Spanish with English subtitles):


It’s DARPA, US military intelligence and the American Airforce.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, that probably isn’t shocking you.

(THIS link leads to a few of the recent posts here that refer to DARPA. On the old blog, I had a whole bunch of stuff that showed that DARPA and NASA really just continued the work of the Nazi scientists brought over to the USA, after WW2, as part of ‘Operation Paperclip.)

But as this information, as these links, finally start to get solidified, and as this understanding finally starts to sink in. that the people behind the biggest attempted global genocide ever is the US military….


More and more of us are going to realise that America is truly the most evil nation in the world, and very possibly also in human history.


For us in Israel, we will have to come to terms with the fact that our ‘best friend and biggest supporter’ actively pushed these killer shots on the Jewish people, via their cutouts in Pfizer and their stooges like Netanyahu and the rest of our corrupt military, politicians and medical establishment.

The scope of what is really going on here is going to make all that stuff about the zionists collaborating with the Nazis look like child’s play.

We are heading into a very painful, very disturbing period of ‘ultimate truth’.

Sometimes, even a million words aren’t enough to really convey what I’m really talking about….


Covid plandemics, poisonous GO nanotech that creates ‘injectible mesh electronics’ in the human body, MK Ultra, rampant pedophilia, human trafficking and exploitation….

All these things are connected together.

When ‘the narrative’ starts to unravel in one area, it starts to unravel in all of them, because it’s the same people, the same satanic ideology, behind all of this.

My brother put it simply: So many people are literally going to drop dead from shock, when they actually understand what is really going on.

What has been going on for years, decades, centuries.

How much we’ve all been lied to.

And how ‘evil’ all this really is.


One more thing:

Can we please stop pretending that Trump is anything other than ‘controlled opposition’?

Trump is a freemason. Trump was bailed out of bankruptcy by none other George Soros. Trump’s uncle apparently stole the patents from Nikola Tesla (and may even have killed him…)


Trump was the American president when DARPA and US military intelligence started their ‘Covid 19’ war against humanity.

Trump is not a ‘good guy’, and ‘Q’ is – and always was – a psyops to get people with their eyes at least partially open confused and pointlessly hoping for JFK Junior to show up and bail the whole world out of this mess – kinda like a non-Jewish version of Moshiach.


Take a look at this headline.

Ivana Trump just ‘fell down the stairs’ of her apartment and died.

‘Accidents’ like this, that happen exactly when court cases are happening, always get me thinking wow, that’s a CO-IN-CID-ENCE.


Trump is real estate mafia.

This is just one example of the many, many reports setting this stuff out clearly:

Donald Trump’s Mafia Connections: Decades Later, Is He Still Linked to the Mob?

And here he is, still pushing the Covid shots:


There’s a parable in the Gemara about R’ Yehoshua and R’ Eliezer, who are sailing in a boat when they come to what seems to be a small island.

They dock their boat, go ‘on land’, and build a fire to start cooking some lunch.

What they don’t realise is that the ‘island’ is really a massive sea creature, who flips over when the heat of the fire starts to burn it’s skin.

Luckily for R’ Yehoshua and R’ Eliezer, they get back into their boat before it totally flips – because otherwise they’d have drowned.


That ‘island’ is the world.

The ‘fire’ is all the mad things going on right now, that are causing the heat and the friction that will finally get our upside-down world to flip the right way up.

And the boat…..

Well, the boat could be a few things.

For me at this stage, I think it represents the Torah and the True Tzaddikim.


Remember this, from three years ago, even before “Covid” began?


In Sichos HaRan (translated into English as ‘Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom’, by the Breslov Research Institute), Rebbe Nachman tells us the following:

“It’s written about the time of Moshiach (Job 38:13): ‘To grasp the ends of the earth and shake the wicked from it’. However, one who comes close to a true Tzaddik, [he] can grab hold of him, and not be cast off. When we hold on to the Tzaddik, we can stay firm.”


That’s really the only way to get through the next few months in one piece.

Find a true Tzaddik and hold on as tight as you can.

Because things aren’t going to quiet down any time soon.

If anything, exactly the opposite.



I just found another video from 2020, where one of these academics actually spends 51 minutes, in English, telling you exactly how the tech works to create MAC addresses in human beings, that can connect them up to the ‘Internet of Things’.

Watch that here:


Here’s a few screenshots, to show you what they are really talking about:



Yes, that really is called ‘wirelessly reprogramming the genome’.


I know, we all wish this were just a bad joke, an episode of the X Files somehow made flesh, or a bad dream we’ll wake up from.

The main ( I won’t say only…) way to get this to stop in its tracks, and hopefully even to reverse, is by taking the science seriously.

This is not a joke.

If you’re still on the fence about what is really in the Covid shots, and what the science can already do, and what the psychos who rule our world (currently…) want to do next – watch the video, and understand all this is deadly serious.

And that there is a lot to pray about.


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Most people at this stage know ‘something is off’ with the Covid 19 narrative, but they don’t know what it is.

If they haven’t been following the story as it unfolds, there is a huge amount of ‘catch up’ required, to get them from the position of ‘this is just an experimental vaccine’ to ‘the shots are full of nanotech that can turn people into internet compatible, remote-controlled robots.’

That’s a big jump for most people to make.


The good news is, that more and more of the independent journalists and researchers out there are starting to gird their loins, to put more of this information out in a way that can ‘catch people up’ on the technology being used against us, faster.

One of these journalists is a guy called Richard Hall, who runs a site called ‘RichPlanet’, which you can see HERE.

He’s just put together a three part series that takes a closer look at a huge amount of the independent research coming out about what is really in these shots, with pictures, done in a way that can ‘catch people up’ on what is really happening, with facts and hard evidence.

Here below are the links to his documentary, on Odyssey, and HERE is where you can get them directly on his site (which is currently experiencing a lot of traffic – this only came out two days ago.)

> Part 1 – Alternative Link

>> Part 2 – Alternative Link

>> Part 3 – Alternative Link


And this is what these videos cover:

Evidence is mounting by the day, which shows that every make of COVID-19 jab is packed with carbon nanotubes and associated self assembling intra body nano network technology.

In today’s show we present evidence from many independent studies, produced in several different countries, which have carefully examined the contents of the so called vaccines. From this evidence we are confident that the jabs main purpose is not a vaccine.

It’s quite difficult to explain the evidence to a lay person, because most people are not familiar with recent advances in intra body nano technology.

In the show we explain several of the major developments within nano technology, and describe the characteristics of various components that are now in use or have been developed. We then show that these components can be identified within the ‘vaccines’ across all the manufacturers.

We need to move quickly to get this evidence to the public and to police forces, so that the vaccine centres can be closed down and quarantined, and the perpetrators arrested and sentenced with assault and grievous bodily harm with intent.


Personally, I think he’s still being over-optimistic, thinking that any of our police forces will shut this down, even when the evidence is so clear, that it’s mamash the biggest war crime ever attempted against humanity.

Rather, as more and more of us start to understand just how badly we’ve been duped and deceived by the olam hasheker, we’ll start to make more of the sincere teshuva required for all these evil people, all our puppet-leaders, and the puppet-masters behind the scenes to crumble all by themselves.

These people are all cowards.

They hide behind their positions and their body guards and their money, but when push comes to shove, they are weak cowards, and as soon as they sense they can’t push us around any more, or fool us any more – all their power over us evaporates.


On that note, I came across this weird clip from the Simpsons, that apparently ‘predicted’ a Canadian trucker convoy scaring Justin Trudeau out of office.

(It’s on Youtube, so not sure how long this is going to stay up…)



For once, I’m buying the ‘factcheck‘ that’s debunking the trucking clip as a fusion of two different episodes.

That’s actually reassuring to me, as it means it was a real grassroots movement, with real people standing up and fighting back – and not just a part of the ‘scripted reality’.

That’s good to know.



Keep praying for God to show you what’s true, about everything, and keep an open mind about everything right now.

The olam hasheker is starting to disintegrate, but it still has some surprises and shocks up its sleeve, and we all know that the evil is going all out now, because it’s on its last legs.


The takeaway point is that no-one is going to fight this battle for you.

Each of us has to take the responsibility to do our own birur, take our own stand in our own lives, and to align ourselves with God, truth and justice, in whatever way we need to do that.

What’s going on with the Covid 19 shots is really only a very small part of that process.

It’s part of a much bigger ‘test’ that God is giving us all, to get real, to own up to our own mistakes and bad middot, and to have some humility, that whatever we thought we knew, we really don’t know anything.

That’s scary.


All our props, all our ‘crutches’ are being whisked away now.

But the good news is, once that stuff is gone, we can really start to understand that Ein Od Milvado.

There is only Hashem.

You can’t rely on corrupt doctors, corrupt politicians, corrupt police and judges, corrupt journalists, corrupt scientists, corrupt ‘social activists’, corrupt rabbis, corrupt bureaucrats, corrupt entrepreneurs.

There is only Hashem.

That’s really where all this is headed. And the quicker we understand that, the easier the rest of this process will be.



So, after that Simpson’s ‘prediction’ I went to see what else they’d predicted.

There’s a lot of videos out there, but this one brings some pretty amazing ‘coincidences’ – including Flanders reading something online about a ‘flu shot that lets them read our minds’….

You can’t make it up.

(Not shmirat eynayim friendly, thanks to Lady Gaga half way through.)



It seems as though the Simpsons also predicted the following things, for 2022:

  • A worldwide takeover by ‘killer robots’
  • A Zombie epidemic, sparked off by poisoned burgers
  • World War III.

Somehow, it’s just not as funny as it used to be.


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It seems like everyone in the world at the moment is sick.

I’ve had two kids with official ‘Covid’ the last two weeks, and I’ve also been feeling not so hot this week.

In the meantime, the snow has been falling here in Jerusalem, and 5…G antennas have been flowering all over the city for the last few months, and are apparently starting to work…

But there is still hope on the horizon.

Maybe, even a lot of hope.


First, I’ve come across this excellent video, that explains so much, so well, about what ‘Covid 19’ really is, who is behind it, and how the nanotech works, tachlis.

He explains this with a very level-headed approach, that really does try to look at all the information critically, not just running off with one-sided approaches that sometimes do more harm than good.

This really sums up so much, so well, please do watch it (speeded up….)


In the meantime, I’ve also been continuing to learn a great deal about sound, and it’s ability to heal the human body.

BH, I will try to some that side of things up in the next post.

But everything can and will turnaround for the good, BH, if we just stay close to God and the Torah and the true tzaddikim.

Don’t forget that prayer is sound…. and if sound by itself can heal the human body, imagine what ‘sound’ that is actually ‘prayer’ can do.

(Yes, that’s part of why the Rav sometimes spends literally an hour singing lecha dodi. It’s doing really amazing things in the world, that we can’t even begin to understand. Yet.)


I also want to share this, (below) from Chananya Weissman, that I felt was really excellently written, and summed up so much of ‘the problem’ with what is going on with Chaim Walder.

Before I do that, let me just spend a paragraph telling you about ‘gang stalking’.

First, go HERE if you want more information, including how ‘gang stalking’ was first developed as a psychological intimidation tactic by the Stasi in East Germany – but then quickly spread to ‘intelligence’ communities all over the world.

Tactics include – but are not limited to – slander, blacklisting, “mobbing” (intense, organized harassment in the workplace), “black bag jobs” (residential break-ins), abusive phone calls, computer hacking, framing, threats, blackmail, vandalism, “street theater” (staged physical and verbal interactions with minions of the people who orchestrate the stalking), harassment by noises, and other forms of bullying. In some cases, the harassment escalates to physical violence.


The more I read about ‘gang stalking’, the more I’m spotting that modus operandi in our own Jewish community.

And of course, there’s a pronounced ‘online / social media’ gangstalking aspect to all this, too. It’s really something to think about, and to ponder. I’m starting to wonder if I’ve also been at the sharp end of some of these tactics, particularly a few years’ back, when I first started publically ‘coming out’ as a defender of the Rav.

I got SO dissed all over Facebook (lead by a lot of people who today I know are paid ‘social media influencers’); I had people writing me abusive emails all day long; my ‘blog’ on the Jpropaganda was summarily suspended; and it really has felt – for years! – as though any avenue I tried to pursue in my own writing as a ‘career’ has always been attended with so many bizarre difficulties and unexplained dead ends….


(As a side note, I am still getting emails from people telling me that they have friends ‘warning them away’ from my blog, because I support Rav Berland.)

Also, the ‘weird noises / vibrations in the home’ aspect to all this also rang bells for me, because when I was living in Musrara, there was a time when I literally felt as though the ‘unexplained’ vibrations in my apartment were ‘dismantling my body’, somehow.

Weird as that sounds.

(As another side note, there is the biggest 5…G antenna I’ve ever seen stuck on top of the City Hall Building in Jerusalem, in Musrara. My daughter thinks the government is trying to kill off a bunch of clerks that it’s impossible to fire, due to the labor laws in Israel. She could be right.)


And now, over to Chananya:

The Woke Walder Train

The media has decided that Chaim Walder was guilty of the most heinous crimes. Of course, they cover their derrieres with terms like “alleged”, “accused”, “suspected”, and references to a kangaroo court, but they make it quite clear where they expect everyone to stand on this matter, as they typically do. We must whitewash the crimes of certain people – they have narratives and we must be sensitive – but Chaim Walder was the epitome of evil. With him, anything goes.

I will state for the thousandth time that I have no idea what Walder did or didn’t do, neither do you, and neither do the people issuing screeds against him. None of us support abusers, or covering up for them, or ignoring the plight of victims.

Those who engage in such rhetoric to censure and censor voices of sobriety are themselves being abusive. 


There is nothing virtuous about people who do this.

They are opportunistic phonies chasing the perceived moral high ground or they are pushing a deeper agenda. They couldn’t care less about victims – really, what have they ever done for actual victims? – and will eagerly victimize whoever stands in the way of their agenda. We should not be intimidated by their emotionally manipulative behavior or allow them to hijack the conversation. 

Several so-called “leading rabbis” have been playing this game, contorting Torah sources to suit their agenda, ignoring the copious Torah sources that are inconvenient to them, and engaging in emotionally manipulative rhetoric. I’ve asked them to answer a simple question: What would be the Jewish law if someone were to spread anonymous rumors about you? Rabbis who are unwilling to answer straightforward questions are in the wrong line of work, but none of these victim-protecting talking heads has responded to this one. They just disappear.


Yes, we are allowed to ask hard questions about what is being reported, challenge the procedure that was followed, draw different conclusions than the ones they demand from us, and still be firmly against abuse.

Not only do we support actual victims of abuse, we also support a sane, sober procedure that follows the Torah in all its details, and protects everyone from being railroaded. 

In fact, even those who are guilty of heinous crimes – not merely accused or strongly suspected, but undeniably guilty – must still be treated according to the parameters of Torah law. We cannot simply declare that someone is evil, therefore anything goes. In fact, although the Torah commands us to eradicate evil from our midst – and to be ruthless about it – the Torah also commands us to show compassion even for those who must be eradicated. Mankind has never and will never determine a more “moral” combination of ruthlessness and compassion than what the Torah outlines for us. 


Consider the following, about a heinous criminal who must be stoned to death. Before being cast down and stoned, the sinner is stripped of his clothing. This is so that even a thin fabric will not prolong the agony of his death by a single moment. According to Rabbi Yehuda, a man’s genitalia are covered, but not his backside, whereas a woman is covered from the front and the back. According to the Rabbis, a man is stoned completely naked, not a woman. (The biblical sources and reasoning are discussed in Sanhedrin 45A-45B.)

A scoffer might ask what difference this makes, and why we should concern ourselves with such things. After all, we are dealing with a wicked person who is condemned to death. So what if he suffers a little longer? So what if he is shamed by his nakedness? Bring it on! He deserves it!

No, he doesn’t deserve it. He deserves precisely what the Torah commands, and not a tiny drop more. Rabbi Yehuda and the Rabbis debate what God in His compassion wants us to protect a heinous sinner from more: gratuitous physical suffering or gratuitous emotional suffering.

The Gemara then asks why an adulterous woman, whose punishment is intended in part to deter such behavior in others (Yechezkel 23:48), is covered on both sides to protect her dignity. Why not stone her andhumiliate her as much as possible? That will deter others even more!

Rabbi Nachman answers in the name of Rabba bar Avuha: 

אמר קרא ואהבת לרעך כמוך ברור לו מיתה יפה 

The verse says, “Love your fellow like yourself”. Choose for him a nice death.


If we must execute someone, we must, but we have no right to increase their physical or emotional pain any more than necessary.

This teaching appears repeatedly in the laws of capital punishments. We must treat even the worst of sinners as we would want to be treated. We cannot pardon them, of course – punishment must be administered according to Torah law – but we are forbidden to pile it on just because we are “right” and they are “bad”. 

Compare the Torah’s exquisitely measured balance with the unrestrained reactions of the MeToo, cancel culture maniacs when they place someone in their crosshairs.

Anything goes. The more the better. Each one tries to outdo the other in their orgy of mob justice. Anyone who displays the slightest hesitation or restraint is reflexively classified as “bad” and will receive the same unrestrained fury. The people he thought were his friends will turn against him and tear him apart without any compunction. Once they flip the switch, it’s over.

This behavior is not only abominable according to the Torah, it is actually the way of idolatry. One who serves God carefully measures his every action, and learns from the Torah how to properly balance conflicting needs. Idolaters have no limits. Once they decide something is “good”, then more of it must be “more good”, with no end. 


This is why those who are at war with God are constantly pushing the envelope.

Whether they are attacking the traditional family, promoting sexual perversity, corrupting children, race-baiting, or forcing masks and dangerous injections, there will always be one common thread: an absence of limits or boundaries. The definition of what is “good”, along with the definitions of so many other things, will constantly change as they advance their anti-God agenda. Whatever is virtuous today will be scorned tomorrow as “progress” marches on.

The fraudulent, hypocritical “rights activists” will never clearly define an end goal after which they will stop fighting, because they live for the fight itself. Like the false gods they serve, they will never be satisfied with the suffering they inflict on decent people. There must always be more blood.


We see the same pattern with those jumping on the bash Walder train.

This train, like all the others, has no brakes. It careens forward and steamrolls everything in its path. It has no precise destination, after which it will come to a quiet and permanent rest, but an endless vendetta of destruction in the name of moral virtue. The more the better.

Those driving this train – idolatrous priests who set the agenda, and the media that broadcasts it on their behalf – do not want us to pause, to breathe, to think. They want us to react, overreact, and become hysterical. They want to desensitize us to limits, boundaries, and responsible, balanced behavior. They want to normalize atrocities, to turn decent people into savages who destroy each other – all for the benefit of the people on top.


Those who serve God behave with intelligence. Those who serve idolatry behave with impulse. 

The Walder situation is just another example of idolatrous priests manipulating people to act and react impulsively. We are not supposed to ask hard questions about what really happened, how a secret trial by a kangaroo court can be condoned, let alone trusted, or how justice and compassion should be balanced even if someone is guilty. We are supposed to become savages and normalize unrestrained malice against anyone who is classified as “bad”. And we are supposed to enjoy it. 


Their latest “novelty” is burning Walder’s books by his grave.

Normal people do not burn books in cemeteries, and virtuous people do not cheer them on. These are sick people, as sick as the abusers they claim to be opposing. Tomorrow they will classify other people as “bad”, and they will burn their books too. Maybe it will be you. Maybe it will be holy books.  Those who fail to proceed with caution when it’s someone else in the crosshairs deserve it.

The Torah opposes everything about how the Walder situation has been handled. We are not cruel even to those who must be punished. We must be sensitive to the slightest unwarranted physical or emotional pain to someone about to be executed. We do not behave like idolatrous sadists even if someone is “bad” and we are “right”.

Those who do not protect the God-given rights even of the guilty trample on the God-given rights of the innocent.


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Finally, the evidence of what is really in these ‘Covid shots’ is starting to come clearly into view.

In the midst of all the deliberate disinformation, and accidental misinformation, the Spanish researchers at LaQuinta Columna have repeatedly been delivering the goods on what’s really in these shots, with solid, fact-based evidence backed up with a plethora of scientific literature.

The last few days, they have been making one breakthrough after another.

If you have time and inclination, first watch these videos (with English subtitles, from the website), and if you don’t have the patience for that, meet me below, where I’ll sum up the main findings, with some pictures.


In a single drop [of the Pfizer vial] that has been left to dry, it has been possible to observe microstructures that would explain the phenomenon behind the generation of MAC addresses.



As explained and proved by biostatistician Ricardo Delgado, certain qualities of electro-frequencies and radiation, in conjunction with biological processes, would make it possible [for the graphene oxide in the Covid shots to] create a network within the body.


OK, here’s the takeaway points:

The Spanish researchers got a tip from someone ‘on the inside’ that they should let a drop of the Cominarty / Pfizer vial ‘dry’ on a slide for a few days, and watch what happened.

So, they did that, and what they saw is that over time, as the hydrogel evaporates, they could very clearly see the graphene oxide contained in these shots ‘self-assembling’ into different shapes.

Initially, the shapes were very simple.

But over time, they continued to develop and to ‘self-assemble’, until the researchers found themselves looking at this:


Here’s some of the ‘stages’ of the graphene oxide self-assembly, that happened along the way to this nano-circuit board:

This shows two distinct pieces of graphene oxide in the hydrogel solution.


After a couple of days pass, these separate graphene oxide pieces line up, and start to fuse together.


A little more time passes, and the graphene oxide has now ‘self-assembled’ itself into this nano-structure – where you can see the first circuits starting to form.


Here’s one of the more ‘sophisticated’ structures that they see ‘self-assemble’ as the days progress.


Until finally, we get to this:

“What we see here is what’s formed on the last day of observation. By then, the components and the circuitry could be seen a lot better.”


Here’s a snippet from the researcher Ricardo DelGardo, explaining what’s going on:

[W]hen this material is injected, let’s say, that the parts of the puzzle are separated.

And once inside the body, through by action mechanisms of the organism itself, and the surrounding electromagnetic radiation in the environment, the pieces join together.

Self-assembly is the term.

And more and more complex structures gradually appear.

Let’s say that they’re certain parts of a micro-router or a micro-rectenna.  And these are, as I say, self-assembling to form a more complex artificial structure. 


Now, let’s take a look at the scientific papers describing this type of self-assembling nanotech, on the Corona2inspect site, HERE.

Two days ago, the scientist who runs that site put up a post where he correlated many of the structures being found in the evaporated Cominarty / Pfizer vial with nanostructures described in the scientific literature.

It’s a very information-dense post called:

Identification of patterns in vaccines c0r0n@v|rus: Evidence of self-assembly DNA-Origami

If you have the head for it, head over and take a look yourself. If you don’t, here are the main takeaway images:

IMAGE 1: Auto-assembling DNA origami, in the scientific literature (highlighted yellow), and also compared with the images in the Pfizer shots (blue):


Here are those images broken down, with a sentence explaining what you are actually seeing (Google translated from Spanish, so a little clunky:)




Here’s a particularly interesting snippet, and then we’ll move on to some other related stuff:

“DNA hybridization has been applied to assemble nanoparticles in superredes with crystal structures that are surprisingly rich.

It was found that the three-dimensional structure of DNA double helix (fixed-pitch, fixed diameter) has more advantages than other materials to guide the nanoparticles to an ordered three-dimensional assembly (Nykypanchuk, D.; Maye, M. M.; Van-Der-Lelie, D.; Gang, O. 2008).

The specific recognition between pairs of bases, and the ability to control the length of the DNA strand and the sequence of bases makes it a powerful weapon for assembly at the nanoscale.

The programmability of DNA makes it a ligand-oriented structure, extremely attractive”.

This confirms that the self-assembly using DNA, not only allows you to build 2D structures, it can also generate 3D structures thanks to the links of the double helix of DNA, which allows you to use it to set up [structures in] all kinds of ways, including the cubic and prismatic seen in figure 4 (above).


This stuff is real!

It’s all too real.

And they are using the programmable ‘DNA origami’ technique invented by Israel’s very own Ido Bachelet, to guide the graphene oxide ‘puzzle parts’ contained in the Covid shots to come together inside the body, and build the nano-routers, nano-antennas, and all the other pieces required, to give people their own MAC code and to start ‘remote-controlling’ them via the internet.


I just found THIS video of Bachelet explaining, together with George Church, how his ‘DNA nanobot’ works.

You can only watch the video on Youtube itself, and as these things have a habit of disappearing, I’ve screen-recorded the whole thing, including this bit, below.

BTW, if the name ‘George Church’ sounds familiar, this could be the reason why:

(Dor Yesharim, anyone?)

It’s all connected.


Here’s the snippet I want you to pay attention to:


In other words, this stuff that they are finding in the Covid shots:

Is being made by GO combined with DNA origami, like this:


You recall that Ido Bachelet went to work for Pfizer in 2015:



Previously Ido Bachelet and Shawn Douglas have published work on DNA nanobots in the journal Nature and other respected science publications.

One Trillion 50 nanometer nanobots in a syringe will be injected into people to perform cellular surgery.

The DNA nanobots have been tuned to not cause an immune response.

They have been adjusted for different kinds of medical procedures. Procedures can be quick or ones that last many days….

The team says it should be possible to scale up the computing power… to that of an 8-bit computer, equivalent to a Commodore 64 or Atari 800 from the 1980s….

Bachelet is confident that the team can enhance the robots’ stability so that they can survive in mammals. “There is no reason why preliminary trials on humans can’t start within five years,” he says.


That article was written back in 2015.

So understand, those ‘preliminary trials on humans’ are now in full swing.

Guys, we’re just following the real science here, and look where it’s taking us!

Some more points, then we’ll end with another clip.


This GO / DNA origami nanotech IS IN ALL OF THE SHOTS, not just Pfizer.

In Dr Pablo Campra’s initial report (HERE), he put vials from Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Moderna and Janssen under the microscope, and he found graphene oxide in ALL of them. 

Whatever brand of ‘Covid shot’ you are taking, it’s just a cover to get this nanotech into your body.



The more of this stuff you let them pump you full of, the more of these ‘networks’ are being self-assembled in your body.

Graphene oxide seems to start biodegrading by itself within 3-6 months.

That’s why they want everyone having a ‘booster shot’ every three months now, because that is how they can maintain this MAC-code generating nano-network in your body.

Stop taking the shots!

Stop complying with the PCR tests (which are also laced with this same nanotech)!

Give your body the chance to start flushing this stuff out.

See HERE for some more ideas for how to actively detox from these shots, but please, please – don’t take any more!



Different batches of the ‘Covid shots’ appear to contain more of this bio-toxic, poisonous nanotech than others.

Commentator Hava clued me into this, but now I have tracked down a website where you can put in your batch number, and see if your ‘batch’ is one of those highly associated with serious disability and death:

For Pfizer, the really bad batches appear to be the ones that begin with EN or ER for adults, and the one that begins with EW, for kids.

Apparently, you should have the information of which ‘batch’ of this poisonous stuff you got injected with in your medical files, or in your ‘green pass’ documentation, in Israel (?)

If you know where to find that information, please share your knowledge in a comment.


And now, let’s end with this, the intro from HERE:

(Not shmirat eynayim friendly.)

Almost everyone I know ‘with Covid’ at the moment is triple-‘vaccinated’ – and one person I know ‘with Covid’ had 5 shots!

Two Astra Zenecas, and three Pfizers.

They are lying about everything, in case you hadn’t figured that out yet.

But it seems to me, so much truth is starting to come out now, that anyone who really wants the truth, can start to find it.

And more people are waking up, and joining that category, every single day.


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I was planning to take today off from the PC, but so much information is coming out about the GO nanotech in these shots, I feel obliged to share it.

Off the back of the Dr Pablo Campra’s recent microscopy review of what is really in these shots, which you can read in English HERE and HERE, (the second one talks specifically about ‘nano-structures’) a number of other scientists are now getting to grips with what the nanotech in these shots is actually designed to do.

One of them is ‘Mik Anderson’ – pseudonym for another Spanish scientist who is trying to stay anonymous, for obvious reasons, while he figures this stuff out.

He writes on the Corona2inspect blog HERE, in Spanish.

In the last couple of days, they translated his latest report into the wireless nanorouters that more and more evidence is suggesting is in the Covid shots, into English, with pictures.


You can download the full PDF below (it’s hosted on my site, so hopefully should be free of any ‘malware’ issues):

I’ve screenshotted the main images, and they tell the gist of the story easily enough for most people to grasp.

If you can handle the more technical explanations, download the PDF above and read it.













We’ve been here before, there are so many clues hiding in plain sight.



Everything written above is based on scientific papers, patents and materials that are already ‘out there’ and in operation.

This is not ‘made up’ – if you have the time and inclination, you can spend a couple of hours looking up all the terms used, and you’ll find reams of scientific papers and research, explaining exactly how they are designed, used and manufactured.


Don’t forget: All this can still be turned around for the good, even if someone has been triple-jabbed.

Here are some reasons to remain cheerful, even if you were MAC-cinated:

  1. The tech isn’t working the way they hoped it would.

Only 40% of the people ‘fully vaccinated’ are emitting MAC codes.

And many people – even here in Israel! – have still not even had one Covid shot, as MK Gadi Yevarkanrecently pointed out publically on Israeli TV, where he said:

43% of the public in Israel isn’t ‘vaccinated’ (i.e. with 3 doses)

And 33% didn’t even have a single shot.


2. The shots contain various doses of ‘nanotech’, and some of the shots are placebos.

Which means that even if you had 3 shots, you may still not have a lot of GO ‘nanotech’ going on.

3. Graphene Oxide degrades within the body, between six months to a year.

That’s why they keep spraying more and more of this stuff down, sticking more and more of it on masks, and in medications, and in other products.

Because the body can degrade and ‘flush it’, and the main way GO exits is through the lungs, and the breathing process.

If you want more ideas for ‘detoxing it’ faster in a gashmi way, look at THIS.

4. As more of us understand what these shots contain, and what they are designed to do, there will be even more solutions coming online, to detox from the shots.

As I wrote HERE, I really think it’s possible to ‘block’ or ‘cancel out’ the frequencies that are being used to ‘signal’ the nanotech, and also to irradiate people, even if they haven’t been jabbed.

All this requires more knowledge of subtle energies – which is where this conversation segues out of the ‘material’ world, and into the spiritual.


5. Prayer, teshuva and charity cancel all the decrees.

On Shabbat, I was reading through Rav Berland’s booklet of prayers and teachings to overcome anger, which you can get on the site HERE.

(It was hacked, but now it’s back up, BH.)

I had a lot of anger welling up last week, and I wasn’t totally sure why, even…

So on Shabbat, I decided to try to get on top of it, and this booklet has helped me to defuse my anger totally, in the past.

So, I was going through it, when I came across this awesome prayer on page 43, which basically describes exactly what is going on with the Covid shots:


To merit being saved from the trait of anger that causes the blood to rise and flood the heart and mind, and doesn’t leave a person any good portion, rather it devours everything. It destroys the body and causes many extremely horrible illnesses.

Master of the Universe, Who can do anything, and from Whom nothing is withheld.

Merit me, and save me, from the trait of anger, that causes all kinds of hell [literally: demons] to control a person, and they are turned into an animal.

And all the defiled blood rises up to the brain and floods the heart, “for if the face is of a goat and the body is of a human and it is reading from the Torah, and guests arrive, he arises and slaughters it in honor of the guests.”

For a person who gets angry, he slaughters himself to the ‘other side’, and he becomes a sacrifice of the ‘other side’.

Because anger destroys everything and doesn’t leave any good portion within the person.

And all his senses are warped, and all his intelligence disappears.

And no resemblance of human form remains, and all illnesses control him due to anger and depression.

And his entire immune system is destroyed.

And he is attacked by all kind of lethal and aggressive viruses and diseases, that leave no part of the body undevoured.

And the body is completely destroyed.


The Rav often leaves ‘hints’ and clues in his prayers, about what is really going on.

I read this, and all of a sudden a spiritual response to ‘detoxing’ from these Covid shots popped into my head:

We need to make eradicating our anger a priority.


Because spiritually, anger is the ‘portal’ that enables our human soul to be ‘overtaken’, from the outside, by demons and demonic forces.

When we get uncontrollably angry, our human soul disappears, and we are literally controlled by demons….

Now, go back and re-read what I wrote HERE, about Operation Crimson Mist, in Rwanda.

Snippet below:

Recognising and working on our bad middot has never been more urgent.

[I]t seems to me that the ‘Crimson Mist / Active Denial’ tech can’t create something from nothing, when it comes to manipulating emotions – at least, in a ‘crowd’ setting.

It can only amplify something that is already there.

So, get to work on trying to uproot anger, arrogance, jealousy, egocentric selfishness, hatred, rage, resentment, grudge-bearing, self-righteousness – all that stuff that falls under the rubriquet of hakpada.

This tech can amplify the vibe of ‘hakpada’, and literally turn people into homicidal, destructive maniacs.


Remember what our Sages teach:

‘Demons’ control an angry person


HERE is where you can get Rav Berland’s Kuntres to Defuse Anger, in English and Hebrew, that just helps make the feelings of anger disappear like magic, when you read it.

You can also buy a hardcopy for $1, HERE.


That Kuntres is where I just found the prayer brought above, on page 43, that describes how ‘anger’ is the gateway into the human soul, that enables the demons to take over a person and ‘remote control’ them from the outside.

So…. our work is cut out for us.

There is hope, lots of it!

The world was only created for free choice.

But we have to get real about what’s going on with these shots, and literally put every effort into ‘detoxing’ from all the poison inside of us – starting with the bad middot, and especially anger and hakpada, or harsh judgements against our nearest and dearest.

Because compassion and forgiveness could really be the ‘vibe’ that totally negates this nanotech, once and for all.


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