Yesterday, an Israeli news site published a video that clearly shows that the government put gates at the bottom of the stairs in Meron.

***Updates with more video***

HERE is the link, and I took some screenshots of the video below, too.

























On the one hand, I’m so relieved this video – and the truth – is coming out.

On the other, I feel pretty shaky and not a little nauseous at seeing this.

The implications – for the State of Israel, for the police, for the lying media, for the politicians including Netanyahu and Amir Ohana, who ‘arranged this’ – are awful.

No less than deliberate, pre-meditated mass-murder of the pilgrims in Meron, by blocking the only entrance out of the Toldos Aharon Complex, half an hour before the lighting took place, to maximise the numbers of people in the plaza – with no way out.


And Channel 12 deliberately lied about this, and tried to cover up the mass-murder in Meron.


We’ll pick this up again Motzash, BH.

I still have a lot of questions about the timing of everything, as the new video is about 40 minutes before people mamash started to suffocate and die, at the bottom of the stairs.

But the truth will out.

And those who are guilty will finally be exposed.



HERE is where you can see this first video clearly, plus a second video – that isn’t time stamped – which also shows a crush developing around gates at the bottom of the stairs:

(Shmirat eynayim friendly).


If you go HERE, you’ll find the Wikipedia page for the chareidi journalist who is putting these clips out, a man called Meni Schwartz.

Here is the part that is troubling me:

In 2020, he served as an adviser to the Haredi sector on behalf of the Ministry of Health[14].

Original Hebrew:

ב-2020 בחלק מתקופת משבר הקורונה שימש כיועץ מטה ההסברה למגזר החרדי מטעם משרד הבריאות[14]


That is just setting off the alarm bells that we might be dealing with more disinformation of the ‘controlled opposition’ variety, where they dribble out 80% of the truth but give it a ‘spin’ to lead to totally the wrong conclusions.

Like, yeah, there were gates there 40 minutes before, put up by private security guards hired by a rabbi (?! what) – but no gates and not police involved when the real fatal crush happened….

Stuff like that.

So keep your eyes peeled, check every bit of video for time stamps, and for differences in lighting and angles, and BH, we will catch the lies.


One thing to notice is when the ‘AREA 41’ sign goes wonky.

In the second video, you see a young man kind of climb up the pole it’s on, and knock the ‘Area 41’ side askew. It will be details like this that will help us to catch any lies in the timings of these clips that are being leaked to Meni Schwartz.


Also notice how the light of the Hatzalah HQ in Meron – that building at the bottom of the stairs, where 45 people were crushed to death before the very eyes of the police and Hatzolah – is on in this shot.

Elsewhere, we are told that the police inexplicably closed the Hatzalah building before L’ag B’omer.

So, who is sitting in there with the light on?

And if you want to tell me it’s Hatzalah guys, then why did it take them 10-15 minutes to start rescuing the people who were literally being crushed to death against the wall of their main HQ building?


Last thing to point out:

As well as building the ‘tunnel of death’ to turn an open, outdoor space into an enclosed tunnel that reduced the width of the passage by at least a third, I noticed when I went back some more strange ‘building works’ by the Hatzalah HQ.

In this shot, I’ve ringed a newly-built ‘add on’ that wasn’t there when I went back last week:


That new ‘building’ on the right of the existing Hatzalah HQ was built on what is usually an open concrete patio, that has a back door leading into the Hatzalah HQ.


I didn’t take a shot of the Hatzalah building when I was there – BH I will next time I go – but you can even see in this shot, that that mysterious structure to the right of the Hatzalah HQ has been removed.

That ‘mysterious structure’ in Area 42 was also built by the police just for L’ag B’omer, for a Hatzalah HQ that the police ordered closed for the night of L’ag B’omer, and which, CO-IN-CID-ENT-ALLY, ensured that area at the bottom of the stairs had NO ESCAPE HATCHES for the people being crushed to death there.

Just look at this again, and compare and contrast with the ‘open view’ above:


Can you see, how the whole area was deliberately built as a death trap?

The ‘Area 42’, above, is normally an open courtyard that leads to a slope down to the next level.

It could have been a crucial escape route for people to get out of that killer crush.

And so, it was deliberately closed off by the authorities, before L’ag B’omer 2021.


Here’s a clearer shot of this ‘mysterious structure’, built with the same suffocating white plastic sheeting, to the right of the wood-faced Hatzalah HQ:



Can you see, how closing that off contributed to the fatal ‘bottle-neck’ effect?

Why was it closed off?

What purpose did that ‘extra building’ serve, according to the ‘official account’?

And while you are pondering those questions, remember this:


Don’t let the disinformation fool you.

And keep doing the birur for every scrap of information that comes out, until the truth is finally nailed down.



I went back to the doctored footage from Channel 12, from immediately before the fatal crush began, which you can watch HERE.

In this screenshot, from 00:41, you can see a man at the bottom of the stairs resting his arm on one of the gates that was used to block the stairs:


As we see in THIS footage from earlier on, they simply moved the gates onto the stairs, then back to the wall, many, many times before the actual fatal crush occurred – presumably to check things were working as expected.


Here’s an even clearer shot of the gate, again from 00:41:


Go back to THIS post, to see how Channel 12 cuts the footage in all the crucial times, to disguise the fact that these gates were put back at the bottom of the stairs to cause the fatal crush, exactly as we see happening above with the ‘security guards’, earlier in the evening.

That was a trial run, to make sure the plan would work.

Hashem should avenge their blood.


Here’s a screenshot of the police exiting the ‘mysterious structure’ when the crush is happening:


Now, take another look at this screenshot from the Channel 12 video, from the 00:45:15 mark:

At this point in the video, you can see the crowd is still moving down the stairs, albeit it’s very congested.

What happened, to get the crowd to ‘slow’ enough to put the gates back at the bottom of the stairs and cause the fatal crush 3 minutes later?

I think the Hatzalah guy, ringed, could be a clue.

What is he actually doing, climbing up the wall at this point, minutes BEFORE the fatal crush, going against that flow of people?


Remember how at the beginning there were a few reports of ‘someone having a heart-attack‘ at the bottom of the stairs, and that’s what caused the crush to develop?

The following snippets comes from HERE:

“According to new testimony that reached Channel 13 News on Sunday regarding the tragedy Thursday night on Mount Meron, the root cause of the disaster was a heart attack suffered by one worshipper in the front row who lost consciousness and collapsed….

According to the witnesses who spoke to the Hebrew-language news site Sunday, when the masses began to fall, no policemen or others on duty blocked them.

Only when they feared for the safety of the man who had the heart attack – who was treated by paramedics on the spot – did they begin to work on controlling the situation, the witnesses said.”

(Screenshotted for posterity:)


How did the police ‘work on controlling the situation’?

At this point, they put the gates up, as we saw earlier – and deliberately caused the fatal crush that killed 45 people.

That suggests that the ‘heart attack’ – if it happened at all – was staged, and that the ‘hatzolah guy’ we see climbing the wall here, just before Channel 12 cut the video and splice in different footage, was actually part of that team of actors who created the ‘heart attack situation’ that was the excuse for the police to put the gates at the bottom of the stairs.


Stand back, stop, there’s a heart-attack going on here, stop, stop!!!

So the crowd slows, stops – enough to put the gates in at the time when the Reb Dov Shvil is maximally packed.

And the rest is sadly history.


All the pieces of the story are now coming together.

And don’t forget, there was meant to be a ‘collapse’ of some structure too, in the Toldos Aharon complex, shortly after the only exit out was blocked by this mythical ‘heart attack’ operation, that would lead to a ‘stampede’ – and many more people dead and injured, God forbid.

But that part of the plan didn’t work.

Which is why they are now scrambling to explain things that they planned on being able to totally cover up, with the ‘structure collapse = killer stampede’ story.

Ah, Hashem.

Ad matai?



Baruch Dayan haEmet

There was a fatal crash in Uman that killed one of the pilgrims, and injured 11 more.

You can read more HERE.

I think maybe this crash, and the person who was killed in it, ‘sweetened’ things for everyone else heading home from Uman. I certainly hope so.


The government is still up to something.



Eli Bin, MDA Director General, said: “The State of Israel has assigned Magen David Adom the task of rapid tests in Ukraine. The tests we perform in Ukraine are a new type of molecular test that provides a result in about half an hour. Magen David Adom teams are deployed in 30 stands in each terminal and near the site marking Rabbi Nachman’s tomb and will provide the result to all those returning to Israel.”

“The task is to prevent the entry of sick people or new strains of the virus into the State of Israel. This is MDA’s mission, we will carry it out and return to Israel safely.”


Once you know that ‘Covid 19’ is graphene oxide / radiation poisoning, it changes the whole picture.

And it makes you ask question about these strange new ‘molecular tests’ that aren’t explained anywhere but seem to contain very dark particles (= toxic reduced graphene oxide), which will magically ‘create’ a serious epidemic of seriously ill people after it’s been shoved up everyone’s nose in Uman (= perfect manufactured excuse to ‘ban’ Uman Rosh Hashana next year.)


But notice how empty the ‘corona testing centre’ is in Uman….

BH, we should just hear good news, and all the pilgrims should return home safe and sound, and whatever harsh decrees were hatched and formulated – both for Rosh Hashana in Uman, and for the rest of us generally – should be totally cancelled by the two people who died this year in Uman.


There is something weird happening in Uman.

I put the original post below this one, to keep all this info together, but we need to do a lot of praying that everyone who went to Uman will get back safely.

Here’s some more updates:



 It has emerged that Ukrainian police in Uman have been given lists of names and photographs of Hilltop Youth, presumably with suitable warnings that they could be dealing with extremely dangerous people. And the Ukrainian police haven’t simply been monitoring them.

They have been making arrests, spot-checks of pockets and luggage, and taking fingerprints. They have even searched the apartments where the youths are staying, rummaging through possessions and making threats.

“It’s obvious that the Jewish Department of the Shabak is behind all of this,” the mother explained. “The boys arrived in Kiev on Friday, nine days ago, and stayed in a Chabad House there over Shabbat. While they were there, an Israeli approached them and said, ‘I know who you are, and we know where you’re going.’ Supposedly it was a chance meeting but of course it wasn’t.

It was someone from the Shabak.”


The State of Israel is just using ‘Covid 19’ to continue it’s anti-semitic, anti-Torah, anti-religious people agenda.

Hilltop youth are for the most part the best of the best.

Not angels, but mamash some of the most sincere, idealistic Jews you can find anywhere.

That’s why the State of Israel can’t stand them, and is targeting them for persecution non-stop – including now in Uman.


This is what one of my contacts emailed me this morning, from her husband who is there in Uman at the moment:

This is what my husband is reporting

No loud music at night

No vendors on the Main Street and less vendors in general

No bbgun sales by vendors

Passport checks

Metal detectors on the block posts

National guards presence like never before (those brand new uniforms with blue berets) etc

Nobody likes it Locals, vendors, hotel guards etc

Also no English program shiurim.

Low energy

They had a concert good music good bands and most ppl just left after several minutes. And the bands kept playing to empty hall.



I was there last year for Rosh Hashana, and the Uman police and army presence was overwhelming then, especially in the days leading up to Rosh Hashana.

But by Rosh Hashana itself, it kind of all faded out and went back to being ‘background noise’.

But I’m watching the live cams of Pushkina Street HERE and I can see that it’s looking very subdued and kind of ’empty’ this year.

And I also keep seeing packs of Ukrainian police and military, 10 at a time, in different colored uniforms, roaming up and down the streets. Way more than last year.


BH, please keep praying for all these holy pilgrims to make it back to their homes safe and sound.

Even if you don’t hold by Uman, Rosh Hashana, or disagree with the principle, the people there are Jews, including some of the very best Jews, and the State of Israel is working with the Ukrainian authorities to pull off a ‘something’ again.

The more we all notice what’s happening, the more we all pray about this, the less likely it will be that they will manage a ‘Meron Mark 2’, God forbid.

And may we all just have good news, this 5782.


I don’t have a good feeling about either of these headlines:


Apparently, they took the cameras off the Tzion in Uman two days ago.

My husband says this has happened before, so it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s nefarious. But I also can’t find any life feeds of the Tzion in Uman, and in previous years there were a lot.

It could just be me – so if you know of a live feed for Uman, please let me know and post a link in the comments.

BH, we just have to keep praying and noticing what’s going on, and hopefully that’s enough to deter any attempt to recreate what happened in Meron this year, lo alenu, in Uman.


In first, Uman Municipality collects ‘Tourist Tax’ from Rosh Hashana Visitors


In recent days, municipality inspectors accompanied by local police have been knocking on doors on Pushkina Street, which leads to Rav Nachman’s kever, and requesting receipts for the tax, as well as stopping passerby on the street and requesting receipts.

The tourist tax is 300 Ukrainian hryvnias ($11.11) per day, which adds up to 900 hryvnias ($33.34) for those who come just for the days of Rosh Hashanah.

The Uman municipality has warned that anyone who fails to pay the tax will be prosecuted.


Hey, what a CO-IN-CID-ENCE that they managed to get some of their favorite numbers in this ‘pronouncement’ – 11 and 33.

Always using their little numerology codes to ‘communicate’ with each other in plain sight, in front of us uber dumb members of the public, chortle, chortle.

That’s bad enough, because a lot of the people who go to Uman mamash are not wealthy, and this ‘tax’ could be taking the food out of their mouths.


But this is the headline that is really worrying me:

Meron Effect: Wire Reels Placed on Rabbi Nachman’s Zion in Uman


Israeli media reports said that in the wake of the Meron disaster, Ukrainian officials are putting much effort into implementing various safety measures ahead of Rosh Hashanah. They are especially concerned about the mass recital of the Tikkun Haklali at chatzos on Erev Rosh Hashanah, when tens of thousands of mispallelim gather together at the same time.

They are also implementing a “revolving gate” method for mispallelim to enter Rav Nachman’s kever on erev Rosh Hashanah to prevent too many people from entering at once.


Pay attention to this ‘revolving gate’, and these other ‘safety measures’, because it’s exactly the same modus operandi the police in Israel used to deliberately crush 45 people to death in Meron.

The police in Meron deliberately blocked the exits in the name of ‘safety’, and I am very worried that the police in the Ukraine (of course with the help of the Israeli police there) are going to try the same thing.


Let’s be clear, that anyone who went to Uman, and made that mesirut nefesh, is participating in a very holy, kadosh thing, regardless of what Rav Berland said about not going this year.

Each person is trying to serve God in their own way, and is trying to do the best thing, and I pray from the bottom of my heart that every single one of those holy pilgrims should go and return safely.

But we have to keep our eyes open about what the authorities here and there might be planning to do this Rosh Hashana.

It’s for sure not normal that the Israeli government didn’t try to close down Uman this year, given the current ‘Delta false panic’ going on here.


So, if you’re in Uman, or have information from Uman, feel free to send it along, so we can try to shine a public spotlight on events there, and try to ‘catch’ any attempts to block exits or otherwise hurt the Jews gathering there, God forbid.

And most of all, let’s all just pray that everyone should go and come back safely this year, and that the power of Rabbenu should finally nullify this awful evil in the world, once and for all.



Watch in real time, as they ‘create a crisis’ out of thin air in Uman that will require ‘strong safety and security measures to contain’ – and then use that to try to hurt and harm people there, God forbid, exactly like they did in Meron.

Please pray for all these holy pilgrims to go and come back safely to Uman, and if you are there keep your eyes peeled, and publically document and report anything you see that doesn’t look ‘right’ in the build up to Rosh Hashana.

Anything that is different, unusual, or strikes you as ‘weird’ or potentially problematic – send me an email and let’s pull it all out in the open, so it will be much harder for the authorities to pull off another Meron in Uman, God forbid a billion times.


In the meantime, here’s some more of their ‘breadcrumb stories’, put out there to ‘paint a picture’ for the gullible public:



“Infections were already confirmed in Uman and last night a critically ill Israeli was evacuated,” Dr. Salmon said. “There are already 7,000 Jews there and the number is expected to reach 20,000.”

In the course of the discussion, the committee approved tightening the supervision of Israelis traveling to Ukraine as well as requiring both vaccinated and recovered Israelis to present negative coronavirus tests prior to returning to Israel.

Earlier this week, a Kikar H’Shabbat report revealed that two Breslover chassidim in Uman tested positive for COVID, a man in his 30s and his 14-year-old son.

Breslover leaders have called on all travelers to Uman to purchases travel insurance policies since every year, there are cases of people with medical issues being flown to Israel from Uman and whoever lacks travel insurance is saddled with steep medical costs.


They won’t let you fly out to Uman without medical insurance, and it’s been that way for over a year already, since the beginning of Covid 19.

It’s subtle fake news, giving the impression that all Breslov chassidim are schnorrers off the State, just in Uman to cost the Israeli taxpayer money.

Don’t fall for the anti-Breslov / anti-Uman propaganda this year!

Remember, Elul is all about doing the big tikkunim that we maybe didn’t manage in the past. And there’s a lot of catching up to do, especially when it comes to Rav Berland and the pilgrimage to Uman.



I can’t find a livestream of Uman that is working.

This screenshot comes from the website – which now seems to be infected with some sort of virus, too.


There used to be 5-6 live streams of Uman, including inside the Tzion, and this year it’s very hard to find any.

Now I typed that, God sent me THIS, from the Breslovnews website, which I was visiting for a different reason (read on), so at least you can see what’s going on at the crossroads on Pushkina.


My friend C. also sent me this from the BreslovNews website:


Again, notice the ‘programming’ we’re all getting from the State of Israel, behind the scenes, to equate religious gatherings with ‘tragedies’, like that’s an inevitable law, or something.

In the meantime, did you know that 10,000+ people just attended the ‘FunJoya’ festival in Eilat?

No, of course you didn’t.

Because it wasn’t a ‘religious’ gathering, no Corona Tzar flew down to make ‘safety arrangements’, no bales of barbed wire were round around the gathering; no hysterical news stories appeared about ‘2 people being ill with Coronavirus at FunJoya’; and there were no plans to use Ukrainian ‘police’ to build revolving gates of death at the entrance and police the celebrants.

Do you see the total, breathtaking, hypocrisy that is going on here?

Read THIS, for more details:

Festival of Madness: who is to blame for the new coronavirus outbreak


Was it really impossible to cancel the massive Funjoya festival in Eilat? Ten thousand participants who will not be stopped by warnings, police officers, or common sense. Even the danger of an almost certain mass infection did not stop them….

Just a week ago, Omer Adam’s concert was held with 12,000 participants. No instructions were followed. All those who were supposed to control the situation stepped aside and pretended that it did not concern them….

At the end of Saturday, an important football match took place between Israel and Austria.

There were 13,000 people in the stadium. Chances of maintaining social distance? Equal to zero. Yes, there were checks within the framework of the green standard. Yes, there were periodic announcements over the loudspeaker asking them to put on masks. I was at a similar match about two weeks ago. Approximately 50% of the audience did not follow the instructions.


Unlike the panic-stricken writer of the above, I’m actually thrilled that so many people are openly flouting Coronafascism in Israel.

But the point is this: compare and contrast what is going on with ‘secular’ events to what is going on with religious gatherings.

13,000 people can gather in a football stadium, but no  more than 8,000 people can be at the Kotel (and I guarantee you, the coronafascists will be stomping around in full riot gear, ‘enforcing’ masks and 3 seconds davening at the wall for everyone.)

And compare and contrast ‘FunJoya’ – which is happening in the State of Israel’s own country – with the incredible amount of ‘control’ being exercised by the State of Israel over events in Uman, around Rebbe Nachman’s Tzion.


Remember, before anyone even gets to Uman, they have taken no less than THREE PCR tests, all of which came out negative.

One 72 hours before flying, one in Ben Gurion airport just before boarding, another one in Kiev upon arrival….

Sure, PCR tests are all a total crock and lie.

But, the point is that even according to the rules of Corona-Calvin-Ball, the people getting to Uman have been tested 3 times for Corona, and came out negative.

And the same cannot be said for FunJoya.


This is the ‘controllers’ last gasp, their last chance to really make all this coronafascism stick, which is why I think they are going to try something right before Rosh Hashana 5782 in Uman.

But this time, I don’t think God is going to let them do it.



You might also like this article:

You remember, I was in Uman this time last year.

***Updates below on how Bet Shemesh is bribing school principles to vaccinate their pupils***

We had the most crazy trip of our life, as we tried to get into Uman ahead of the State of Israel inspired ‘cut off point’ for travel to the Ukraine, that kept getting pulled back earlier and earlier.

My husband, the lawyer, checked the small print of the last ‘cut off point’ for travel to Uman, and long story short, it was 12 am Friday night.

Early Wednesday morning, me and my family took our various flights all over Europe – because Israel had already stopped direct flights to Ukraine – to get into Ukraine legally, ahead of the 12am deadline.

Long story short: The Israeli government illegally pressured the Ukrainians to illegally stop all frum Jews at the airport – and me and my kids nearly got stuck in Giuliani airport in Kiev for a week with no food.

The point is: the Israeli government changed the rules while we were in mid-air.


By some miracle, we got out 10 minutes before Shabbat.

And last year, I spent 3 1/2 weeks in Uman, including over Rosh Hashana, seeing first-hand how the Israeli government pulled every move they could to prevent people from coming, and also tried to stop them from praying at the kever when they did come.

This is the video of the 2.000 thousands Jews who got trapped on the Belarus border with Ukraine, for 20 days ahead of Rosh Hashana.


NO MORE THAN 2000 people were in Uman last Rosh Hashana.

I know that, because I was there.

And you know that, because I was live-blogging a lot of it over on the site, because CO-IN-CID-ENT-ALLY my blog got hacked while I was in Uman.

Here’s a couple of those posts:

The Shocking Truth Behind the Humanitarian Disaster at the Ukrainian Borders

Remember This


The authorities were hoping for a huge ‘wave’ of sick, Coronavirus people to come back from Uman, that they could point to as proof that us dirty, infectious, religious Jews were spreading death all over the world.

(Probably, because they were spraying the area around kever with graphene nano-dust 24/7 and turning up the 5G…)

But they didn’t get it.

Maximum, there were 13 reports of Coronavirus-infected pilgrims from Uman.

I know that, because I was there, and I was live-blogging all the lies being told.


After what the State of Israel did in Meron this year – deliberately blocking the one exit out of Toldos Aharon so that 45 people suffocated to death – I’ve been really worried they were going to try and pull something like that in Uman, too.

Let me put it out there now:

God forbid anything should happen at all, but if anything ‘bad’ happens in Uman this year, know that it was 100% planned and designed by the State of Israel.

There are no coincidents, no accidents, just a bunch of Frankist-Freemason psychopaths mamash trying to kill people – and especially religious Jews. And especially, Breslov-connected religious Jews.


Why this matters, is because my husband has just bought a ticket to Uman, even though we both thought he wouldn’t go this year, as it’s just too fraught.

I don’t know if that means he really IS going – who knows what other tricks the State of Israel is going to try to pull off, against the pilgrimage on Rosh Hashana – but it means it’s at least possible.

So now, I’m paying more attention to the lies the State of Israel is telling about Uman, and Breslovers, again, which is why this caught my attention, on the Jpropaganda site:

Covid cabinet to review Uman travel outline on Sunday



“Last year, when coronavirus was was surging across the country and former coronavirus commissioner Prof. Ronni Gamzu said that allowing Israelis to travel to Uman in the Ukraine on Rosh Hashanah could lead to a spike in infections and they should not go, former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu caved to pressure from the haredim and said he would ensure that at least some of these Israelis could gather at the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.

Ultimately, some 30,000 pilgrims traveled to Uman, bringing plane loads of sick people back to Israel – most of whom then defied mandatory quarantine requirements, spreading the disease in their own communities and then to the rest of the country.”


I’m starting to think maybe some of the descendants of Joseph Goebbels ended up in Israel, and are now employed writing press releases for the government.

I mean, how Der Sturmer can you get?!

And I’m flagging this now, because I want you to understand the scope of the lies being told.

And I want you to understand that there is an underlying agenda to demonise people in Uman as ‘disease spreaders’ – which began last year, but failed miserably – as the prelude to whatever they are planning to do to the people who go for Rosh Hashana this year.



Sometimes the lies and the evil of this Frankist-Freemason government, and all it’s agents working for it within all of our communities, is overwhelming.

Those fake ‘leaders’ of ours keep us all separate, all divided up into camps called ‘Litvak’ and ‘Chassidishe’ and ‘Dati Leumi’ and ‘Chiloni’ and ‘Mizrachi’ and ‘Chabad’ and yes, even ‘Breslov’ – to keep us from joining together, and defeating them.

But that’s the secret koach of Rabbenu, and Rosh Hashana in Uman.

Yes, a bunch of people there self-define as ‘Breslov’, mamash.

But a whole bunch of people don’t.

Rabbenu brings the whole of Am Yisrael together – and whenever you go, you find every stream of Judaism there, religious and not religious, Sephardi and Ashkenazi, and all just accepting each other happily.

And that’s why they are trying to destroy Uman, Rosh Hashana.

And you find the same thing by the Rav, in his wider kehilla.

And that’s why they are trying to destroy him, too.


Our unity, our achdus, the togetherness of the small people with no yichus, no titles and no positions of leadership is what can get this to turn around for the good.

This problem we have is everyone’s problem.

The Israeli government is going to try to pull a ‘stunt’ in Uman, and they will try to blame whatever happens on the pilgrims that went to Rabbenu this year – exactly the same as they tried to do in Meron.

Don’t fall for it!

Keep your eyes open, and even if you aren’t ‘Breslov’, don’t get pulled into pointing fingers at the people who go there, and buying the lies that they are somehow ‘spreading Covid’, and deserve to shoved in a disinfection camp and ‘force vaxxed’ as a public health measure.

We are dealing with fascism here, mamash.


Let me end with this, that I was sent anonymously over email.

It apparently shows the principality of Beit Shemesh openly bribing school administrators to coerce pupils to get vaccinated.

Read it, and make up your own minds.

(And if anyone can send me that flyer with ‘the words of the great men of Israel’ who are being quoted as supporting this campaign, please do so. It’s good to keep all this information in one place.)

We are all in this together, against a small group of yucky people who have hijacked our religion, our communities, our Torah.

And when we finally figure that out, all this evil will finally fall.


Subject: COVID vaccination program in schools in Israel. Letter to school administrators.

Message: This is a letter to school administrators that a school appears to have sent accidentally to parents. Translated here to English. The letter promises financial prizes to administrators that meet quotas. Side note, the letter says that religious leaders support the program. This is untrue. Some do and some don’t. 


Hello everyone,

My name is Ari Hamanik, I manage the vaccination project in the educational institutions on behalf of the Beit Shemesh Municipality. For the benefit of those who were not at the zoom meeting this morning, here are the main points:

At the initiative of Mayor Dr. Aliza Bloch, the Beit Shemesh Municipality is launching a first-of-its-kind vaccination campaign in Israel that will vaccinate male and female students within educational institutions, with the backing of all relevant government ministries – health, education, defense and the Prime Minister’s Office.

It is important to emphasize that the operation is taking place thanks to the encouragement and support of all the religious leaders of Israel – Lithuanians, Sephardim and Hasidim alike – for vaccinating young people aged 12-18. Attached is a flyer with the words of the great men of Israel, which you can pass on to your parents.

Also attached is a letter that you will send to the students ‘parents with a basic explanation of the project, at the end of the letter there is an appendix that the parent returns signed with the student’s name, ID number and parent’ Before the medical staff, there is no need to attach an ID number.

You are asked to encourage, support and persuade the parents in every way possible to allow the children to be vaccinated, firstly to maintain their health, and secondly to allow a normal school routine even in the case of a child who is found to be verified.


The other stage in the project is a financial incentive that will be given to any director of an educational institution that meets the goals that will be set.

The exact details will be given to you later, but in general it is a differential reward depending on meeting the pre-defined vaccination goals.

As mentioned, in the first stage you will contact the parents today to start the project, we will contact you and coordinate the arrival time of the vaccine mobile to the institution, and in God willing we will complete the task for the best.

If there is an institution that is interested and can start as early as next week, feel free to update me and we will coordinate it.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a successful start to the school year, in the hope that everything will go well and that we will be able to maintain as routine a routine as possible.


שלום לכולן,

שמי ארי המניק, אני מנהל את פרויקט החיסונים במוסדות החינוך מטעם עיריית בית שמש. לטובת אלו שלא היו הבוקר בפגישת הזום, להלן עיקרי הדברים:

ביוזמת ראש העיר ד”ר עליזה בלוך, עיריית בית שמש יוצאת במבצע חיסונים ראשון מסוגו בארץ שיחסן תלמידים ותלמידות בתוך מוסדות החינוך, כמובן בגיבוי של כל משרדי הממשלה הרלוונטיים – הבריאות, החינוך, הביטחון ומשרד רה”מ.

חשוב להדגיש שהמבצע מתקיים בזכות עידודם ותמיכתם של כל גדולי ישראל – הליטאים, הספרדים והחסידים כאחד – לחיסון צעירים בגילי 12-18. מצ”ב פלייר עם דבריהם של גדולי ישראל שאותו תוכלו להעביר להורים.

כמו כן, מצ”ב מכתב שאותו תשלחו להורי התלמידים ובו הסבר בסיסי על הפרויקט, בסופו של המכתב מופיע נספח שאותו ההורה מחזיר חתום עם שם התלמיד, מספר ת.ז וחתימת הורים. הזיהוי של הילד בשטח יתבצע באמצעות גורם מטעם בית הספר שיזהה את התלמידים בפני צוותי הרפואה, אין צורך לצרף ספח ת.ז.

הנכם מתבקשים לעודד, לתמוך ולשכנע בכל דרך אפשרית את ההורים לאפשר לילדים להתחסן, ראשית כדי לשמור על בריאותם, ושנית כדי לאפשר שגרת לימודים תקינה גם במקרה של ילד שמתגלה כמאומת ח”ו.

השלב הנוסף בפרויקט, הוא תמרוץ כספי שיקבל כל מנהל מוסד חינוכי שיעמוד ביעדים שיוגדרו. הפרטים המדויקים יועברו אליכם בהמשך, אבל באופן כללי מדובר על תגמול דיפרנציאלי בהתאם לעמידה ביעדי החיסון שיוגדרו מראש.

כאמור, בשלב הראשון תפנו כבר היום להורים בכדי להתחיל ולהניע את הפרויקט, אנחנו ניצור אתכם קשר ונתאם מועד הגעה של ניידת החיסונים למוסד, ובעז”ה נשלים את המשימה על הצד הטוב ביותר.

במידה ויש מוסד שמעוניין ויכול להתחיל כבר בתחילת השבוע הבא, מוזמנים לעדכן אותי ונתאם זאת.

בהזדמנות זו אאחל בהצלחה בפתיחת שנת הלימודים, בתקווה שהכל ילך כשורה ונוכל לשמור על שגרה ברוכה ככל הניתן.


UPDATE: Thanks to M, for sending me the flyer that goes with it.

I have to say, it makes for pretty disappointing and depressing reading.

I’m really saddened to see R’ Badani and R’ Abuchatzeira, amongst others, putting their name to this. Man, this birur is becoming more and more brutal with each day that passes.

Here’s the PDF, and below that, a screenshot.

גדו״י חיסוני צעירים


Here is the Twitter account for Ari Homnick, the guy who is running this propaganda project in Bet Shemesh on behalf of the government.


Notice that he describes himself as a ‘media advisor’ and works for the frum radion station KolBerama.

(See? All the media essentially boils down to paid Government propaganda, including in the ‘religious’ world.)

Here’s his latest tweet.

Free translation:

Finally, finally, we are starting to vaccinate within educational institutions. A student of Kita Zayin in the Beis Yaakov  school in Bet Shemesh is the first to get the Corona shot within the school, according to an order issued yesterday by the Ministry of Health.

Man, this is totally nauseating.




I went to check out the Twitter page of the other ‘religious’ journalist, retweeted by Homnick, Yair Cherky.

Here is his top tweet:


Free translation:

The Director General of the Ministry of Education, Yigal Slovik, came with MK Moshe Gafni to Rabbi Kanievski’s house in Bnei Brak.

The CEO presented the curriculum for the coming year that includes serological testing, antigen testing and vaccination for students over the age of 12.

The Rabbi’s household said he gave his blessing to the move and instructed that the outline be kept as if it was his own.


On the Habayitah blog HERE, she just posted up a link to Chananya Weissman’s Rumble channel HERE, where he’s posted a 5 minute audio video in Hebrew, apparently from R’ Kanievsky’s daughter.

The daughter is saying that when he was first told about the ‘vaccine’, he came out very strongly against it, and said that no-one should take it under any circumstances.


It’s at least possible that R’ Kanievsky has been ‘hijacked’ by corrupt elements within his own household.

It’s at least possible, that he’s being held hostage about this issue in some way, and that’s why he’s apparently reversed his opinion on the Covid shots so spectacularly.

But the point is this:

There is no shortcut for thinking for yourself, and praying to God to give you clarity about what is going on.

And in the meantime, the war against our children rages on….



I went to check out that ‘Yigal Slovik’, the CEO of the Ministry of Education who was at R’ Kanievsky.

He’s a Brigadier General (Reserve) in the IDF.

This from Hebrew Wikipedia:

In 2020, Slovic will serve as head of the Counter-Terrorism Division at the National Security Headquarters of the Prime Minister’s office.

In June 2021, the Minister of Education, Yifat Shasha-Biton, announced her intention to appoint him Director General of the Ministry of Education. He took office on July 4 of that year.

Ask yourself, why do you need a Brigadier General who was working as the head of Counter-Terrorism at Israel’s National Security Headquarters to take a job running the Education Ministry – exactly a month before all this ‘force vaxxing’ of schoolchildren begins?

Do you have a good feeling about all this, because I dont.


If you’ll say that Yifat Shasha-Biton is ‘fighting for our kids’, I’ll say she is controlled opposition.

When I was checking out the Wolf Foundation, from yesterday’s post on Charles Lieber and the SYRINGE-INJECTIBLE MESH ELECTRONICS,  I noticed who is in charge of that Foundation at the moment:


And you see that guy to her right, Professor Dan Shectman?

I had a whole research project on him a few weeks ago, when I was looking into the tech that was used as part of the Twin Towers destruction.

It’s a post for another time, but he discovered ‘quasi-crystals’, and it’s all connected to stealth technology, directed energy weapons, and very possibly, what’s going on with 5G and ‘Covid’, too.

Yet again, we see what a very small world it is.


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It’s time to ‘zoom out’ from Areas 41 and 42, and take a closer look at what was being planned for the Toldos Aharon complex, the night of L’ag B’omer.

***Updates below***

Like many other people, the first real ‘news’ I heard from the MSM about what was happening in Meron on L’ag B’omer 5781, was reports that ‘bleachers had collapsed’.

This story from the Jewish Press has already been changed to reflect ‘reality’, but here’s the original headline, as it was originally reported (thanks to reader Adelle, for capturing this before they went back and rewrote it):

Here’s a snippet:

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Yosef Chaim Ben Tzion who was one of the first responders at the scene and participated in the CPR relayed:

“A number of the injured are in critical condition and a large number of people were moderately injured after a grandstand collapsed with dozens of people on it.

“Doctors, paramedics, and EMTs from United Hatzalah who were providing medical security for the event rushed to respond and initiated CPR on a number of individuals while treating the others for their injuries.”


I bolded the bit I want you to pay attention to.

Does it strike you as at all strange, that there is a quote from a Hatzalah ‘First Responder’, explaining that a ‘large number of people were moderately injured after a grandstand collapsed with dozens of people on it’ – when that never happened?

And it was obvious – to all the first responders who were called in to help, right from the start – that they weren’t dealing with a ‘grandstand collapsing’?

So why were so many of the MSM outlets carrying so many stories – immediately! – that there was a massive structure collapse in the Toldos Aharon complex, that had killed and wounded a large number of people with horrific injuries?


In another scrubbed story, I’m pretty sure I remember seeing a quote from Eli Beer saying that the injuries being seen were so awful, they were reminiscent of the bus bombings in Jerusalem.

And there were lots of quotes in the MSM from first responders talking about people being ‘seperated from their limbs’, and first responders not knowing which limb belonged to which victim.


At the time, I put all this down to understandable confusion.

But then when the real story came out, as to what had occurred by the ‘Reb Dov Shvil’ stairs, and how 45 people had been asphyxiated to death – that slew of stories about ‘balconies’ collapsing in Toldos Aharon, and ‘stages’ collapsing in Toldos Aharon, and ‘bleachers’ collapsing in Toldos Aharon started to really bother me.

It also bothered me that so many of the MSM news site were running stories – immediately! – flagging the vast majority of victims as Toldos Aharon chassidim, including small children, and running ‘in-depth’ pieces about Toldos Aharon chassidut.

Like this:

What did these journalists know – or think that they knew – that even before the victims were identified, they were so sure they were all from Toldos Aharon?


It’s taken a week and a half to ascertain, beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt, that ‘the police’ deliberately blocked both sides of the only exit leading out of the Toldos Aharon complex sometime between 12:41 am and 12:44 am.

But now, we have to start asking ourselves why?

Why would the police do something so clumsy, so obvious, as to deliberately block the only exit, watch 45 people suffocate to death, and then try to brazen it out in the face of hundreds of eye witnesses – plus tens of videos – that clearly saw them do it?

For sure, they were out to ‘teach the chareidi world’ a lesson in Meron this year.

But what happened at the bottom of the ‘Reb Dov Shvil’ steps really only starts to make sense, if we put it in its proper context.


Let’s start with this.

It’s video that was uploaded to Chananya Weissman’s Rumble channel, HERE:


It’s in Hebrew, but here’s a rough description of what the guy who took it is saying, together with screenshots:

It’s a three story walkway, or stage, possibly part of the ‘mehadrin’ men-only route in Meron, OR part of the Toldos Aharon stage, in the Toldos Aharon complex.

Can any readers help to identify where this was, and what it actually was?

Either way, there were literally tons of people on it the night of L’ag B’omer – and it was all being held up by a single screw and two ‘jumbo’ hooks.

Here’s a screenshot of ‘jumbo’ hook #1:


And here’s a screenshot of the top of the handrails, secured by just one screw, and half hanging off the base:



Watch the video so see exactly how this compromised the structural integrity of the the three tiered stage / walkway it’s attached to.

The guy in the video explains that there was many tons of people on this structure the night of L’ag B’omer, and it’s only by some massive miracle that the whole thing didn’t collapse.

And the whole thing was being held up all night by this single screw, and two blue canvas straps attached to a couple of ‘jumbo’ metal hooks embedded in rock, on either side of it.


But there’s more.

Many of the eyewitnesses explained how the ramp was unusually slippery around the time of the atrocity.

Even two and three days after L’ag B’omer, people were still slipping on the ramp.

In this video – also from Chananya Weissman’s Rumble account – there’s a guy who walks through the whole route in Meron, pointing out a number of strange things.

In the screenshot below, you see him picking up coarse salt from the metal ramp – and he explains that coarse salt is used to absorb oil:


Next, he shows how many of the planks on the bleachers in the Toldos Aharon Complex weren’t actually nailed down:


Again, it’s not hard to see how things like this could have easily contributed to a mass-casualty event happening in the Toldos Aharon complex itself.

But there’s still more.

Next, he shows how the bleachers in the Toldos Aharon complex WERE STUCK TOGETHER WITH SILVER TAPE, instead of held together with metal bolts:



Let’s zoom in on that tape, shall we?


In the video, you can see that there was tape instead of screws all the way up this set of bleachers in the Toldos Aharon section, and all the way along them, too.

Take a look at around the 14th minute of the video HERE, as he walks along the bleachers located in ‘Area 51’.

But there is still more.


In this screenshot, you can see how one of the three storey-ed walkways connecting the different bleachers in the Toldos Aharon complex was constructed with it’s base on an uneven step.

I.e. the back left ‘leg’ of the base was on a step, making the whole structure unstable and liable to topple over when people walked on it, and especially if it was packed with people.

(I don’t need to tell you it really was packed with people on that fateful night – you already know that, don’t you?)


Here’s that same staircase – propped up on a chunk of wood.

If that wood got dislodged on the night of L’ag B’omer, the whole of the walkway would have toppled over, causing a lot of people to be injured and even killed.


We’re talking about a big stairway here, with at least 3 flights:


There were many, many other ‘engineering errors’ going on this year in the Toldos Aharon complex, and across Meron.

While we could chalk up one or two to laziness, or lax regulations, when you start to pull all the information together – and we’re still not done here, btw – it all builds up into a compelling picture that paints the following:

Someone designed this year’s L’ag B’omer celebration to be a mass casualty event.

There are just too many structures with serious problems that could have lead to an imminent collapse of almost every terrace, stage and walkway in the Toldos Aharon complex, if there weren’t a huge number of open miracles going on.


They only needed one structure to ‘collapse’ in that heavily overcrowded area.

In turn, that would have sparked a panic – the ‘stampede’ they were after – where thousands of people tried to rush down an oiled ramp, that had already been thoroughly ‘blocked’ at the bottom by a crush of people.

But no-one would have attributed that monstrous ‘crush’ – and the endless fatalities and injuries it would have caused – to police actions that deliberately blocked both sides of the exits at Areas 41 and 42 in a pre-meditated fashion just as the overcrowding in the Toldos Aharon complex reached its peak.

Instead, it would just have been blamed on the ‘collapse’ in the Toldos Aharon Complex.

Which in turn, would have been blamed on the chareidim, and the visitors for ‘overcrowding’ the site in contravention of the Fire and Rescue Services report.

And the real criminals here would have totally got away with murder.


Hashem loves us so much.

Heart-breaking as those 45 deaths were, this was meant to be way, way worse.

This was meant to have taken Meron and L’ag B’omer out of the picture forever, as a joyful occasion and a joyful event.

Instead, Hashem confounded their plans, the true tzaddikim sweetened the decree – and those 45 martyrs were taken as a korban, to sweeten it for the rest of us, and to start publically unravelling the real evil that’s controlling so much of the Jewish State, and the Jewish world.

And we aren’t done unpicking this yet.


In the next post, I want to take a look at what else was going on in Meron that night, beyond the Toldos Aharon complex.

But before I do, let me leave you with this, which comes from yesterday’s Jpost:


LAHAV 443, the so-called FBI of the Israeli police, launched a dawn raid on the engineers’ homes yesterday, and took them in for questioning.

LAHAV 443 were behind the first ‘framing’ of Rav Berland, so I’m not exactly filled with hope that this investigation is going to be straight and after the truth.

But, given all the irregularities I detailed above – which we all know are just the tip of the iceberg – I thought it’s actually a good sign, that the engineers who signed off on the safety plans for Meron are being questioned.

They for sure know exactly where all the structural faults were, and what exactly they were designed to do.

And it also shows that whoever is investigating this, they are at least following the correct trail to get to the truth.

So we’ll see what happens next.




This comes from the Yeshiva World [Fake] News site, and I’m reposting in its entirety, to prevent this information from ‘being disappeared’ off the net in a week or two, when they start re-writing history again:

The two safety engineers detained for questioning on their role in the Meron disaster placed the blame for the tragic incident squarely on the shoulders of the police, Yisrael Hayom reported.

During their interrogation, the engineers asserted that they faithfully and professionally fulfilled their jobs but their recommendations were not implemented by the police.

“The disaster happened only because the police chose to ignore the professionals despite the fact that the police themselves required the organizers to hire safety professionals.”

The engineers said that they transferred a report of the safety pitfalls at the site to the police as early as April 25. According to documents that were revealed in the Yisrael Hayom report for the first time, the safety engineers demanded as early as January that all the hadlakos at Meron be carried out at the same time in order to prevent large amounts of people from moving from place to place. 
Unfortunately, this recommendation was not heeded.

“We warned about crowding not because of COVID but because of Shabbat,” the engineers said. “We estimated that masses of people would arrive all at once and that’s what happened.” 

Furthermore, following a safety assessment of Meron last month, the safety engineer sent a letter on April 26 to the police officer at the Northern Police District responsible for licensing and security, stating that a balcony erected on the site “narrowed the entrance of the emergency exit leading to the Toldos Aharon [stairs]. In an emergency, this obstacle poses a danger and can lead to a bottleneck.”

The safety engineer further warned in the letter that “due to the expected large crowds, all emergency exits must be accessible.”

The safety engineers’ lawyers issued a statement saying: “It is very unfortunate that instead of putting their own house in order, the police are seeking scapegoats.”

“Our clients recommended in writing to various parties to carry out actions to reduce the safety risks at the site. The written recommendations were submitted months before the event. Ultimately it seems that the recommendations were rejected due to pressure from various parties of interest, who were vocal then and are silent today. The conduct of our clients was never lacking. They are experienced professionals who did their work in the best way possible but whose recommendations were not heeded.”

Following their interrogation, the engineers were released to house arrest for five days, according to a statement by the police.


We’ll come back to what the engineers are saying in a different post.

But it sounds like they identified the problematic areas that could lead to serious safety risks for the police – and then the police used that information to design things in Meron specifically to cause a ‘mass casualty event’ this year.



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Things are starting to fall apart, for the government and the MSM that serve them.

Rebbe Nachman talks about how the Tzaddik is a ‘bone in the throat’ of the sitra achra, that then causes it to ‘throw up’ all the good it swallowed from the beginning of time.

We have the zchut of starting to see that happen, in front of our faces.

In the merit of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, and the 45 murdered martyrs who were killed this L’ag B’Omer, in Meron.


One of my friends sent me a photo copy of a page in Aramaic from the ‘Idra Rabba’.

This explanation of what that it comes from Zissel:

TheIdraRabbais a section of the Zohar inserted into Parshas Naso where Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai gathers nine of his students to reveal Kabbalistic mysteries he had refrained from teaching until then. During the Idra three of the Sages passed away including Rabbi Yossi ben Yackov who was then buried at this location.


I’m reproducing it here, then I’ll explain why it’s so significant:

Idra rabba 45 martyrs


The underlined parts speak of 45 holy souls who are killed on L’ag B’omer.

This was written 2,000 years ago.

I don’t understand Aramaic, so I’m trying to find someone to translate the whole page, but I was told that it also explains that these 45 souls are actually ‘soul sparks’ of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai himself.

I’ll confirm or amend this statement, once I find someone to translate it, BH.

But knowing this information already started to reassure me – greatly! – that there is a much bigger, greater, good plan going on here, behind the scenes, to dismantle the evil in the world.


The True Tzaddikim are the ‘bones’ in the throat of the sitra achra.

And the 45 holy souls who were killed al kiddush Hashem in Meron this year mark the turning point, where all the lies are going to crumble away, all the bad people are going to start exposing each other, and destroying themselves in the process – and revealed good is finally going to reign, both here and in Israel.


Over on the site, they also had an excerpt of a shiur given over by the Rav on April 11, 2021 – almost 3 weeks ago – where he explained this:

There was a decree of annihilation – and Rabbi Shimon saved us

Here’s a snippet:

Now, I read about the Pressburg Yeshiva, that 60 years ago a bus turned over on the return from Meron [on L’ag B’omer], on the Rosh Pina road, on the bends, on the turns.

And the Rosh Yeshiva and the mashgiach were killed, and another 40 students were seriously wounded.

The Rosh Yeshiva and the mashgiach ascended straight to Gan Eden….

….In the merit of Rabbi Shimon, all the gezeirot (negative decrees) will be cancelled now.

There was a decree that all of Am Yisrael would be wiped out.


That excerpt comes from a much longer shiur that I actually read on Shabbat.

BH, more of it will be translated, because the Rav was talking about a horrible decree that couldn’t be spoken about, and how it’s a greater ‘sin’ to run over a cat than it is to crush a human being to death, and a bunch more ‘clues’ that clearly showed he knew what was coming down the pipe.

But the point is: all this terrible loss of life in Meron is already starting to turn around for the good.

How do I know that?

Well, I can see the strange stories that are starting to appear in the MSM about what happened in Meron, and I can smell the government’s fear in the air.

Here’s a couple of examples:


Exhibit 1:

Government, police planning to blame Supreme Court for Meron disaster

Here’s a snippet:

Officials working in the Ministry of Internal Security have apparently already consulted with the Ministry’s legal adviser and are planning to shift blame toward the Supreme Court, which prevented, they allege, the then-Finance Minister in 2013, Yair Lapid, from wresting control of the Meron holy site from the religious bodies supposedly in control of it….

Ministry officials are not the only people in fear of what an inquiry might reveal. 

Mako writes that police officers involved in the disaster are already taking legal advice and gathering evidence with the aim of absolving themselves of all guilt. Mako suggests that the various other bodies involved in the management of the site are likely following suit.

Meanwhile, internal police inquiries as well as the Police Investigations Department (PID) are refraining from questioning those officers who were present at the scene.

So far, no permission has been given to order the officers to give testimony, apparently because the police are waiting to see if an independent commission of inquiry will be established…


Gotta love the justice in Israel!!!

They are only going to ask the policemen who deliberately blocked the exits in Meron to testify if they know an independent commission of inquiry will be established.

But the point is this:

Rabbi Nachman told us that at the end of days, the demonic, satanic ‘talkers’ take each other out.

They launch an all-out war against each other, and that is finally how they disappear off the face of the earth, and revealed good starts to rule.

We are seeing that happen in front of our faces – and it’s not going to be pretty.


Exhibit 2:

Another piece of so-obviously-fake-news from the Yeshiva World News website, that would be hilarious – except that it’s trying to cover-up how 45 holy Jews were deliberately murdered in Meron.

Here’s the ridiculous story the YWN site is now spinning, on behalf of the anti-Torah government and police in Israel:

A man collapsed after suffering an apparent heart attack. Participants who saw this, screamed for help from the police and from the medical teams who were present. They attempted to pick up the man while at the same time they stopped the masses from coming down the passageway.

This is what caused the bottleneck and the eventual collapsing wave of the people trampling one another to death.

According to these same eye-witness reports, the police were attempting to stop the throngs of people from trampling the man who had collapsed and those trying to help him and for that reason they closed part of the passageway.

This version of events makes a lot of sense with regard to how things developed and how such a stampede was possible while all of the barriers collapsed.


Is there anyone – ANYONE – in the whole world, who can read this story and believe it for even a second?

Surely, even YWN readers will have to balk at accepting that ‘this version of events makes a lot of sense’.

There were no reports made of anyone having a heart attack.

There is no evidence of that from the livestream video that you can see below (Yakov – is it possible to re-copy a section of this to Brighteon too, to stop this crucial evidence of what was really going on in the Toldos Aharon compound from being ‘disappeared’?).


The crucial section starts around 3hrs 37 minutes, and continues on for the next half an hour or so.

It shows there was no stampede.

There was no ‘terrible overcrowding’ in the Toldos Aharon compound- no more than any other year, when five times as many people are in Meron – and that people have space to move around and to dance.



Do you see what the YWN story did?

It took the blame off the police, and put it on the chareidim who were supposedly ‘blocking the passage’ by trying to help the mythical-man-with-the-heart-attack.

Those wonderful police!!!

They only shut all the exits down in the death-trap tunnel they deliberately constructed as a crushing bottle-neck leading out of the Toldos Aharon complex to stop that poor (pretend…) man with a heart attack from being crushed!!!

That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?


But all this is actually positive.

The lies being told now are so very big, you would literally need to be a brain-dead, lobotomised, soul-less ghoul of a person to believe them.

And Baruch Hashem – that’s not the real Am Yisrael.


Yesterday, my kid showed me a clip of an Israeli football player scoring a goal, then turning to the camera to make a ’45’ sign with his hands, and then to point at the heavens and make a ‘pray for them’ sign.

That guy wasn’t wearing a kippa.

He’s not ‘religious’.

But what happened in Meron is bringing the real Jewish ‘good’ out of so many people, so many neshamas, at a fundamental level, and starting to bring more and more of us together again.

From all background. Across all divisions. Breaking down all fake ‘political’ and ‘religious’ divides.

Am Yisrael Chai v’Kayam!!!

And the rule of evil is on its last legs.



I went back up to Meron today, with my camera, to try and pin more of the facts of what went on down, and BH I will do a big write up with pictures and maps and even drone footage (thanks Ch!) to show exactly where the fatal ‘crush’ happened.

While I was there, there were a lot of conflicting stories and accounts that I was overhearing, but all were in agreement that there was a barrier put up by the police, and that is what led to people dying.

But then, the details get fuzzy again.

I will BH pin down what is definite tomorrow, BH.


Now, re the ‘Idra Rabba’ quote, there are a few comments below that say it has nothing to do with the 45 martyrs in Meron, and that they are not soul-sparks of Rabbi Shimon.

Each person is very welcome to have their own opinion about this.

Personally, I’m coming from a place that says that EVERYTHING is a message from Hashem, so if a recording went viral making that connection between this Idra Rabba and what just happened in Meron on L’Ag B’Omer, that it still some sort of ‘message’ from Hashem – and still gives comfort.

At least, to me.

But people are entitled to live in a world where everything is apparently ‘random’, and there are no hidden messages from Hashem, and we can’t understand anything about how He’s governing the world, so we just have to sit here and wait for the next ‘unknowable, unstoppable, inexplainable’ blow to fall.

Personally, that sounds like a really horrible way to live life, but each person can choose their own path.


UPDATE 2: On this Idra Rabba:

Chaim posted the following up in the comments section below, which captures a lot of what I felt but didn’t have the words to express, together with more pertinent information:


One thing people need to understand about the Zohar is that it’s NOT PSHAT. You don’t just translate it and think you understood it.

Rav Kaduri used to read the entire Idra Rabba on Shabbat and say he had just reviewed the entire Kabbalah, because everything is included in it. The whole order of the formation of the worlds is described in great detail in the Idra Rabba, and it takes someone of that level to really understand what is being conveyed. Sometimes concepts that appear bad are in fact good, like the evil Lavan alluding to the extremely exalted level of the Lavnunit which Yaakov Avinu was zoche to receive.

I spoke with a serious (and real) Rabbi who learns and teaches Kabbalah (not, of course, on the level of Rav Kaduri but still) about the whole Meron incident.

He said that at first this passage might appear disconnected. However, since this episode with the 45 soldiers happened at the END of the Idra, this yinian is directly related to the end of the Seder Hishtalshelut and the end of the Tikkunim of the worlds.

The 45 holy Jewish men, according to this Rabbi, did something akin to what the 10 martyrs did (not on their level, of course), which is elevating Mayim Nukvin in order to prevent a much greater catastrophe.

He said, it was supposed to have many more dead, but because of the holiness of the day, the fact they were in Meron, and that they were holy, accepting the divine decree, they averted it.

This goes in line with the fact that one of the most fundamental rules of Kabbalah is that two concepts that have equal gematria are certainly connected, even more so since they appear on the same day (Lag Baomer and the Daily Zohar).

So the snippet brought here is ENTIRELY RELATED to what we are experiencing here at the END of times. The true meaning, however, we can’t know yet.

Also, 45 is Gematria Gimel Aleph Vav Lamed Heh = Geulah.


Next, another commentator shared a first hand video of someone who was there, explaining what he say in English.

It’s quiet audio, so pretty hard to hear, but still very worth the effort.


If anyone has an email for him, or phone number, can you please let me have it via the contact form here?

I want to double-check a few things.

BH, the truth of what really happened will come out.

One thing the eye-witness said which I hadn’t thought of is that even though the overall numbers were much lower than usual, there were more people there earlier, because L’Ag B’Omer fell on a Thursday night, leading into Shabbat.

Another thing he said is that there WAS terrible overcrowding in the Toldos Aharon compound – although it doesn’t look like that on the livestream, posted above.

So, I want to try to check a few more of these details out in depth.

Tov, tomorrow I will post up the pictures and maps, so we will hopefully all have a better idea of what actually happened, and what really caused it.



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