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Many years ago, I read Ben Hecht’s book, Perfidy.


It was a year after I’d moved to Israel, and I was already starting to realise that the ‘PR’ generously spread all over the place about the State of Israel, and the reality of the evil bureaucracy here were totally at odds.

If you haven’t read that book yourself, you can do that HERE. But this synopsis, from HERE, sets out the basic details:

Rudolf Kastner was a prominent journalist representing this new [State of Israel] government and supported by its Prime Minister David Ben Gurion.

Ben Gurion desperately wanted to exonerate those British and Jewish men who had collaborated with Nazis, supposedly to save the lives of others.

Another man, Malchiel Greenwald, accused Kastner of testifying on behalf of SS Lieutenant General Kurt Becher and thus saving him from punishment for his war crimes.

Greenwald further accused Kastner of collaborating with the Nazis and contributing to the death of over 400,000 Hungarian Jews during WWII when Kastner served as a major leader of the Jewish Agency Rescue Committee in Hungary.

Kastner sued Greenwald for libel. The unfolding courtroom drama becomes intense as Kastner loses the case.

When faced with the possibility of being convicted under Israel’s anti-collaboration law (the one Eichmann was convicted under), [Kastner] was conveniently “assassinated.” 


(You may find it interesting to note that Merav Michaeli, the current leader of Israel’s Labor Party, is the grand-daughter of this same Rudolf Kastner. It’s a small world.)


Why did the ‘Jewish’ leadership of Israel refuse to save the Hungarian Jews?

Because those Jews in Hungary were the ‘wrong type of Jews’, for the State of Israel. Many of them were sincerely religious. Many of them were not in ‘peak physical condition’. Many of them held views that were ‘anti’ communism, secularism, atheism.

And so, the ‘Jewish’ (Frankist…) leadership that was running the show in both America and the proto-State of Israel decided they would rather spend money planting more trees in Israel, than rescuing a bunch of religious ‘useless eaters’ from being gassed in Auschwitz.


A couple of years ago, when I first started researching what had really happened to the 10,000+ Yemenite and Sephardi children, that led me directly to the MK Ultra ‘mind kontrol’ experiments being run by the Nazis in the CIA.

Long story short, the State of Israel pretended these children had died, but in reality, sold them to the CIA to be used in the most awful experiments imaginable, before these children were killed, often in bizarre ritual sacrifices.


For as long as I was thinking the ‘State of Israel’ was built as a Jewish State for and by Jews, this information was simply incomprehensible to me.

But once the penny dropped that the State of Israel has NEVER been a truly ‘Jewish’ enterprise, and was conceived right from the beginning as an anti-Torah ‘Freemason-Frankist’ project – that’s when a huge amount of information started to fit into the correct slots.


Before we continue, let’s just understand that these same ‘Freemason-Frankists’ have also been in power in the United States of America for the last 200 years; they have been working with European royalty for even longer than that; and they were the exact same people who created and funded what became the Bolshevik Revolution, in Russia.

Some of these people are Frankist former-Jews, but many of them are not.

And all of them have used their wealth and connections to exploit, destroy and control the world.


Why don’t more of us know about all of this?


The Freemason-Frankists have total control over the MSM; they control our political system, deciding who gets to be our ‘president-or-prime minister-puppet’; and they also control our brainwashing education system, that basically teaches kids how not to think, how not to question, how not to stand out from the crowd, and how not to stand up for truth.

But once you understand that, and you start to spot all the MSM lies, and the obvious disinformation from ‘experts’ and politicians designed to throw you off the scent – it gets way, way easier to start piecing real history together.


A few months ago, when I was researching more of these ‘Frankist-Freemason’ families who are still controlling the Jewish world, I tripped over this surprising piece of information:

Magda Goebbels – wife of the infamous Nazi, Joseph Goebbels – was half-Jewish.

This snippet comes from HERE:

The discovery of a new document in the Berlin archives suggests that Magda Goebbel’s biological father was Jewish. The document, which was discovered by writer and historian Oliver Hilmes, and was published in the German newspaper, Bild, sheds a new light on the wife of Joseph Goebbels .

The documents show that Magda, who later married Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda, tried to hide her Jewish heritage. Until now it has been believed that Magda’s father was engineer Oskar Ritshel who impregnated her mother Auguste Behrend in 1901, before they married. However only Behrend’s name is listed on Magda’s birth certificate.

In 1904 Behrend and Ritshel divorced and Behrend got remarried four years later – to Jewish businessman Richard Friedlander. The document found in the archives is Friedlander’s residency card, which states that Magda is in fact his biological daughter.


‘Friedlander’ is the name of one of those Berlin families who were closely related to Moses Mendelssohn and Daniel Itzig, and the so-called ‘Berlin Haskala’ – which was really just a re-branding exercise for the Frankist-Freemasons.

Here’s a snippet about closet Frankist David Friedlander, from HERE:

“As the son-in-law of the rich banker Daniel Itzig, and a friend, pupil, and subsequently intellectual successor of Moses Mendelssohn, he occupied a prominent position in both Jewish and non-Jewish circles of Berlin. His endeavors on behalf of the Jews and Judaism included the emancipation of the Jews of Berlin and the various reforms connected therewith….

Friedländer was concerned with endeavors to facilitate for himself and other Jews entry into Christian circles.

This disposition was evidenced in 1799 by his radical proposal to a leading Protestant provost in Berlin Wilhelm Teller.

Friedländer’s open letter “in the name of some Jewish heads of families,” stated that Jews would be ready to undergo “dry baptism”: join the Lutheran Church on the basis of shared moral values if they were not required to believe in the divinity of Jesus and might evade certain Christian ceremonies.


The Friedlander / Daniel Itzig (Joffe) family tree is a total, deliberate mess.

That’s a story for another time.

But what I can tell you is that the Jewish father of Magda Goebbels, Richard Friedlander, apparently died in Buchenwald. I guess that was the easiest way for the Goebbels to get rid of that awkward Jewish connection.

But that isn’t where Magda Goebbels’ Jewish connections end.

And here is where we come back to the question of just how ‘intertwined’ the Nazis actually were, with the ‘Jewish’ (Frankist…) leadership of what became the State of Israel.


If you live in Israel, you already know that there a whole bunch of main roads here called ‘Arlozorov Street’.

They are named for Haim Arlozorov. Here’s the ‘standard information’ we’re told about him, from Wikipedia:

Haim Arlosoroff (February 23, 1899 – June 16, 1933; also known as Chaim Arlozorov) was a Socialist Zionist leader of the Yishuv during the British Mandate for Palestine, prior to the establishment of Israel, and head of the Political Department of the Jewish Agency.

In 1933, Arlosoroff was assassinated while walking on the beach in Tel Aviv.


His Wikipedia entry contains some factual information – and a lot of ‘post-historical’ whitewashing, to try to hide what was really going on, with his murder.

At the time Arlozorov was shot dead in Tel Aviv, there was a power struggle going on between Ze-ev Jabotinsky and his ‘Revisionists’, and David Ben-Gurions lot.

I’m not falling into the trap of ‘romanticising’ Jabotinsky, because again, there were no real good guys in the picture. These political figures have all been spiritually corrupt, right from the start, regardless of whether they are wearing a ‘left’ or ‘right’ badge.

Long story short, when Arlozorov was murdered, Ben-Gurion’s faction jumped on the opportunity to falsely blame the murder on Jabotinsky’s Revisionists – and that effectively turned public opinion against the Revisionists, and ‘got rid’ of Jabotinsky as a contender for an alternative leader of the proto-Frankist-State-of-Israel.


(This is exactly the same modus operandi we’ve seen used closer to our own days, vis pinning the murder of Rabin on the ‘Dati Leumi’ camp; and pinning the Duma murders on Amiram Ben-Uliel; and pinning the Meron massacre on the poor chareidim themselves.)

They’ve been pulling the same stunt for almost 100 years.



Even though Ben-Gurion’s cronies found a couple of patsies to blame the crime on, and stitched up a case that was also accompanied by the usual propaganda ‘trial by media’ we recognise from our own times – ultimately, the convictions were overturned.

And the real murderers of Chaim Arlozorov were never caught.


Let’s get back to Arlozorov’s Wikipedia page, snippet below:

During her school days, Magda Ritschel, who later became Goebbels’ wife, met and became close friends with Lisa Arlosoroff, Haim’s sister. Magda met Haim at university; they became lovers, and she became involved with him in Zionist affairs.

According to Lisa’s diary, Magda fervently participated in the debates of the group “Tikwath Zion” on the future of Palestine and learned Hebrew. She wore a necklace with the Star of David that he gave her as a love token, and they even planned to emigrate to Palestine together.

However, the relationship ended with Haim’s departure, as Magda did not follow. 


Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you.

That same Arlozorov who has his name plastered all over streets in the State of Israel was on very intimate terms with Magda Goebbels.

And Magda Goebbels used to wear a star of David, had a Jewish father, and planned to move to ‘Palestine’.

You can’t make this stuff up.

But here’s the sentence I really want you to focus on:

 Haim …. began to view Magda as his conduit to Goebbels to secure the Ha’avarah agreement. 

And here is where we really start to see that the proto-State of Israel appears to have been collaborating with Hitler and the Nazis, even before World War II.


Here’s another snippet from Wikipedia:

In 1933, Arlosoroff and German Reich officials viewed the British Mandate of Palestine as a land of opportunity for very different reasons.

In the eyes of the Nazi leadership, the remote British-controlled territory appeared to be a “dumping-ground” suitable to isolate thousands of anti-Hitler Jewish refugees from the world’s political arena.

In addition, a financial agreement with Zionist leaders for the transfer of the refugees would help bolster a German economy adversely affected by anti-Nazi boycotts.

For Arlosoroff and other Zionists, however, the potential mass transfer of Germany’s Jews along with their assets to Eretz Israel presented a historic opportunity to help guarantee the future establishment of a Jewish nation in Mandatory Palestine.


I’m deliberately picking out snippets from Wikipedia, as this is the information the ‘MSM’ wants us to know about the Ha’Avarah Agreement, between the proto-State of Israel and Hitler’s Nazis.

The ‘standard story’  is prepared to admit that there WAS such an agreement made, back in 1933!

But then it goes to great lengths to try to distort just why Hitler would agree to that, and why there was such a close, working relationship between Zionists and Nazis, at this stage of the game.

So, what’s the real story behind the Ha’Avarah agreement?

For that, we need to first take a detour to the Satmar Rebbe’s writings.


The following snippet comes from HERE, a post entitled:

The Satmar Rebbe’s Understanding of the Reason for the Holocaust

The following is a direct translation of the Satmar Rebbe’s own words:

[T[hey [the Zionists] also performed terrible actions to bring this about; for aside from the fact that even at the very beginning of their establishment for many years they “informed” terribly on the Jews to the nations, and spoke of them badly to the authorities, as though [the Jews] were highly dangerous to the nations and they had to be expelled from their countries, [which the Zionists did] thinking that it would thereby be easier for them to carry out their scheme to come to the land of Israel and to organize a government there.

We saw already then, in their letters, that great rabbis were greatly, deathly fearful that [the Zionists’] informing would bring about that which, for our many sins, did come to be afterwards.

Aside from this, there are verified reports of several cruel actions that they performed that indirectly brought about the entire terrible catastrophe…..

Furthermore, among those who have moved to Eretz Yisrael in these times, most of the immigrants from Arab countries were living peacefully and tranquilly in their countries, lacking nothing, until the establishment of the heretical kingdom in Israel.

Through the establishment of that State they began to suffer hatred and persecution in their countries, and the Zionists themselves aided this through their wiles, so as to increase the persecution until they would be forced to emigrate to Eretz Yisrael, destitute and with nothing, and they glorified their saviors, but the truth was the opposite – that [the Zionists] had brought about all of the destruction in the first place. (Va-Yo’el Moshe 123)


If you replace the words ‘Zionists’ with ‘Frankist-Freemasons’. all this will start to make way more sense to you.

The people we think of as ‘Zionists’ were actually spiritually-corrupted formerly-Jewish Frankists, who joined forces with a bunch of anti-Jewish Satanic secret societies 200 years ago.

I’ve written about this a lot already, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE, but the bottom line for this post is that the State of Israel WAS NEVER a ‘Jewish’ endeavor.

Right from the start, it seems to have been some sort of ‘Christian Zionist-Freemasons’ project, fronted by formerly-Jewish Frankists, to force all the Jews back to Eretz Yisrael, and then coerce them into dropping their Torah observances.


Let’s just set out what that ‘Ha’Avara Agreement’ with Nazi Germany actually said, taken from the Jewish Encyclopaedia:

HAAVARA, a company for the transfer of Jewish property from Nazi Germany to Palestine.

The Trust and Transfer Office Haavara Ltd., was established in Tel Aviv, following an agreement with the German government in August 1933, to facilitate the emigration of Jews to Palestine by allowing the transfer of their capital in the form of German export goods.

The amounts to be transferred were paid by prospective emigrants into the account of a Jewish trust company (PALTREU – Palestina Treuhandstelle zur Beratung deutscher Juden [Palestine trust office for consulting of German Jews]) in Germany and used for the purchase of goods which the Haavara then sold in Palestine.

The proceeds, in Palestine currency, were paid to the emigrants living in Palestine.


The rate of exchange was adjusted from time to time by the Haavara according to the disagio, necessitated by the subsidy which the Haavara granted the Palestinian importers, to make up for the steadily deteriorating value of the Reich mark, so the German goods could compete with other imports.

The ensuing disagio, borne by the emigrants, accordingly increased from 6% in 1934 to 50% in 1938.

The major part of the transfer proceeds provided the 1,000 Palestine Pounds (then $ 4,990) necessary for a “capitalist” immigration certificate of the Mandatory administration, but also for other categories of immigration, such as youth aliyah, students, and artisans as well as for the transfer of public funds.


The transfer, which weakened the boycott of German goods declared by many Jewish organizations around the world, met with considerable opposition. The controversy was settled at the Zionist Congress in Lucerne (1935) which decided by a vast majority in favor of the transfer and placed the Haavara under the supervision of the *Jewish Agency. The Haavara continued to function until World War II, in spite of vigorous attempts by the Nazi Party to stop or curtail its activities.

The total transfer amounted to LP 8,100,000 (Palestine Pounds; then $ 40,419,000) including LP 2,600,000 (then $ 13,774,000) provided by the German Reichsbank in coordination with Haavara.

The Haavara transfer was a major factor in making possible the immigration of approximately 60,000 German Jews to Palestine in the years 1933-1939, and together with the money invested by the immigrants themselves, in providing an incentive for the expansion of agricultural settlement and for general economic development.

Through the *Ha’avarah, the transfer of Jewish assets to Palestine, some £6,000,000 were saved and infused into the economy of Erez Israel (Ereẓ Israel) [[Land of Israel]] to its great benefit.

(from: Zionism; In: Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 16)


To sum up where we’ve got to so far:

  • Magda Goebbels, wife of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels, is half-Jewish.
  • In her youth, she dates leading Zionist Haim Arlozorov, wears a Star of David, and spends evenings excitedly discussing her bright future in ‘Palestine’.
  • When Arlozorov moves to Palestine in 1921, Magda stays put, and they break up.
  • Magda marries Joseph Goebbels in 1933, with Hitler as their best man.
  • Also in 1933, Madga and Arlozorov are apparently ‘back in touch’, while Arlozorov finalises an agreement with the German Reich called the ‘Ha’Avara Agreement’.
  • That agreement helps to ‘break’ the economic boycott on Nazi Germany, by enabling German Jews to transfer their assets to ‘Palestine’, and then draw an income from the Ha’Avara trust to live off, when they also move to Palestine.
  • 60,000 German Jews are ‘encouraged’ to move to Palestine in this way.
  • £6 million pounds (in 1933) was ‘infused into the economy of Erez Israel’ from Nazi Germany by 1939, ‘to its great benefit’.


According to the Bank of England inflation calculator HERE, that £6 million in 1933 would be worth around £457 billion, in today’s money.


Before 1933, the Freemason-Frankists had tried the same trick in Russia.

Don’t forget, it was Freemason-Frankists like Jacob Schiff, who financed the Bolshevik Revolution, to put another bunch of Freemason-Frankists in power there, too.

As I’ve written about in a lot of previous posts, there were strange ‘agreements’ between the Bolsheviks and the Zionists, too.

Like, the agreement that Bolshevik prisoners could choose to ‘commute’ their sentence of performing forced-labor in Siberia, with going to ‘Eretz Yisrael’ instead, to work the land there.

And this option was offered to non-Jews, as well as Jews.

(I’m still working on this side of the story, stay tuned.)


Then in the early 1930s, those same Freemason-Frankists also paid for Hitler to take power in Germany.

Again, this is documented fact, just go and read the book by historian Anthony Sutton, HERE, called:

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler

And once again, we see a strange tie-up between the Freemason-Frankist-Zionists, and the Nazis, where the proto-State of Israel makes an agreement to bring wealthy German Jews and their capital to the proto-State of Israel.

But then turns around 11 years later, in 1944, to refuse to pay a penny to the Nazis to ‘ransom’ 800,000 religious Jewish ‘useless eaters’ from Hungary, who subsequently get gassed in Auschwitz.


And now…. we are up to Ukraine.

And the same strange story is playing out again, before our very eyes.

If you are young, educated, connected or have money; or if you are a brawny, ‘anti-religious’, or ‘unreligious’ Ukrainian non-Jew – then Israel welcomes you with open arms!

You are JUST the sort of person the Frankist State of Israel wants to have here.

And Israel is very happy to have another war bring so many new (irreligious, or even anti-religious, and especially non-Jewish Ukrainian neo-Nazi) immigrants into the country, to try and counter all those frum useless eaters they are trying to get rid of.



At the same time, we see the same Freemason-Frankist-Mafia networks all over the world are piling in to try and make sure a big, international war really does happen in Ukraine.

To further destabilise the world.

And to further increase prices of everything, to lead to food shortages and even more global unrest.

And to further control and censure their populations.

And once again, they are ensuring that ‘externally Jewish’ people are prominent on all sides of this war, (and also, of the whole ‘Covid 19’ genocide) so that when it all finally hits the fan, they have their ready-made scapegoat for who is to blame.

And then even more Jews in the diaspora will be forced back to Israel, to try and avoid the oncoming tsunami of anti-semitism.


Perfidy, perfidy, and yet more perfidy.


As King Shlomo says, there is nothing new under the sun.

Why should we be shocked, that the State of Israel is arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine in 2022, when the proto-State of Israel was mamash helping Hitler himself, back in 1933?

And we still didn’t get the full story yet, of how all these people are really connected.

But we will, BH.

The truth is pouring out of the cracks all over the place, and they won’t be able to hide who they really are, and what they have really done, for too much longer.



Author Edwin Black wrote a book about the links between the proto-State of Israel and Nazi Germany called The Transfer Agreement.

In that book, he claims that:

  • The Third Reich agreed to transfer 60,000 Jews and $100 million to Palestine, to help build up the proto-State of Israel.
  • For their part, the Zionists – with their negotiator Arlozorov – agreed to try to halt the worldwide anti-Nazi economic boycott of Germany, that could have topped Hitler from power, had it continued.
  • German authorities worked with Zionist groups to organise a network of 40 ‘agricultural centres’ and training camps in Germany, where Jewish emigrants would be trained in agriculture, before moving to Palestine.

Again, we saw the same thing in Russia 50 years earlier, with the Jewish agricultural colonies being agreed with the Frankists in the Kherson area, amongst others.

The deception is mind-blowing.



Just to be clear, I am very much in favor of all Jews moving to Eretz Yisrael.

It’s still the Holy Land, and it’s still where Jews should be. Honestly, everyone probably WILL be much safer here, as things continue to unfold. And ultimately, God is just using all the actors in this show, good and bad, to encourage Jews to return to their homeland.

But that doesn’t mean I can continue whitewashing the Frankist construct called ‘the State of Israel’.


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