Just a quick post, before another monster ‘real Jewish history’ post goes up.

The last week or two, they have turned up the juice in the 5…..G system, now installed all over Eretz Yisrael and most other places in the world, too.

There is a direct connection between new ‘waves of Covid’, ‘waves of MonkeyPox’ – whatever – and the elevated levels of radiation that we are now being bathed in.

Remember, these are the main signs of ‘microwave poisoning’:


Lots and lots of people (in Israel, at least) are now complaining that their eyes mamash hurt, after staring at a screen; that they feel nauseous; that they have bad headaches etc etc

This is NOT ‘Covid’ (even though it will be called that.)

It’s microwave / radiation poisoning from the increased power of the 5…G that is now bombarding us via our screens and devices.


We are stuck between a rock and a hard place with all this, but here are my suggestions to minimise how much radiation we are absorbing, while God gets on with finding a more permanent solution to what’s happening.

  1. Turn off your home WIFI router whenever it’s not being used – especially at night.

When I take measurements with my RAD-o-meter, the radiation coming off the router is high up in the ‘dangerous’ zone, above the safe level recommended for an outside space. (And those supposedly ‘safe’ levels are really dangerous already, BTW….)


Right now, I can ‘see’ about 10 different WIFI networks from my PC – that’s 10 different routers in my neighbours’ homes, all irradiating my house. If more of us get into the habit of turning the routers off at night – and spreading the word to others about how important this is – it will start to help our bodies have a ‘break’ from the radiation, and renew.


2. Seriously consider ditching the smart phone, and returning to a Nokia.

If you’re stuck on Whats App (as so many people apparently are) – buy a tablet, and check Whats App once or twice a day, using the tablet.

When the smart phones are ‘streaming’ content (i.e. movies) the radiation levels being absorbed by the face are through the roof.

Also, get into the habit of turning the phones off, putting them in airplane mode, whatever it takes, at night.

(Be aware that iPhones continue to emit radiation even when ‘turned off’.)


3. Return to an ethernet connection on the PC, if possible.

Here in Israel, it’s effectively IMPOSSIBLE to do that now. I tried a few months back, and the router is configured in such a way now that I just couldn’t do it.

I still have my ethernet cable plugged in, and I have the PC set to ‘airplane’ mode – but I also need the wifi to be ‘turned on’ for the ethernet cable to work….

But if you live somewhere where ethernet is an option, please do that (and if you know how I can do it in Israel, or what router I need to order in from abroad, please let us all know in the comments.)


4. Turn the internet ‘off’ on the PC or phone, when you aren’t using it.

I was doing a lot of typing with the WiFi on a few months back, and I noticed it was giving me ‘carpal tunnel’ issues.

When I type with the WIFI turned off, my arms don’t ache, and my eyes don’t hurt anywhere near as much.

For example, I am typing this blog post ‘offline’ – when I’m done, I just save the text and refresh the page.


For how to actually deal with the effects of radiation poisoning itself, go back and read THIS post.

I am also doing an experiment with Mineral Miracle Solution, and I’ll report back on that in a couple of weeks, once the results are in.


The last thing to say is educate yourself about what is really going on with the radiation poisoning we are all being deliberately exposed to now, by our governments and military.

The less time you can spend ‘online’, the better for your spiritual, mental and physical health.

If you live next to a mast – like so many people now do – you really need to understand where a lot of your new, weird and debilitating health issues are now coming from, and how you can mitigate them, at least a bit.

It’s not ‘long Covid’, it’s not a new variant of Covid – it’s microwave poisoning.

And once you know that, you can start to respond accordingly, to protect your health better, with God’s help.


Yesterday afternoon, it got very gusty in Jerusalem.

It’s the kind of wind that signals that something ‘big’ spiritually is going on, and it blew and blew for hours.

I walked down to prayers by the Rav (first time I’d walked down in months and months and months), and I was actually a little cold, even.

The Rav came out half an hour late – and with tremendous koach.

Immediately, everyone in the crowd started clapping and jumping up and down, as part of Rebbe Nachman’s trusted techniques to ‘sweeten’ the harsh judgements.

When I’ve seen that in the past, it’s always been connected to something that the Rav is trying to ‘sweeten’, spiritually.

So, I stood there and jumped and clapped for 10 minutes straight – and then I had to leave to get something to eat with my husband.


I got home, and a friend called me to do a pidyon nefesh for her on the RavBerland site.

As is happening so very much, the women generally have a much greater intuitive grasp of who the real holy people are, while so many of the men are still sucking up the negative news stories, and working with their ‘logic’ – that is sending them in totally the wrong direction, when it comes to figuring out who the Tzaddik HaDor really is.

So, my friend has to do ‘secret’ pidyonot, where she sends me the money so her husband won’t know it’s going to the ‘cult’ of Shuvu Banim.


So at 10:30pm, I turned the PC back on – and that’s when I saw the government has apparently, finally collapsed.

Yair Lapid will be our new PM from next week, for 4 months, until elections on October 25th – which takes us up to Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan.

Cheshvan is the month when the world is meant to come and fight with the people of Israel, when the sea is meant to split anew – and when geula is meant to happen.

Trouble is…. we don’t know which ‘Cheshvan’ that’s going to actually be.

But we also know according to the Yalkut Shimoni that Moshiach is meant to be revealed motzae shvit – in the year AFTER the shemitta year.

So, I guess we’ll see what happens.


Unlike a lot of other people, I don’t think this Bennett / Lapid government is the worst we’ve ever had.

The more corruption we’re uncovering here, on so many fronts, the more I understand that the so-called ‘right-wing’ government of Netanyahu, that contained so-called ‘religious parties’ and their representatives were just as spiritually corrupt, if not more so.

Just they got away with it, because they were posing as ‘right wing’ and ‘religious’.

Netanyahu’s government encouraged all the LGBTQ+++ missionising in the country, and in our schools, and let a ton of pedophiles and xtian missionaries into the country, and the IDF, and everywhere else they could think of.

It pressed the ‘terrorist on’ button, every time they needed a quick ‘war with Gaza’, or a quick ‘Arab uprising’ to shore up their political power and take the public’s mind off their total corruption and incompetence.

And Netanyahu’s government is the one that played a leading role in the Covid 19 plandemic, first taking Israel into a totally OTT harsh lockdown (which the world then copied, on the understanding that ‘Jews in Israel are smart, and know what they are doing) – and then, forcing the Covid shots on everyone.

And of course, how could we forget the murders in Meron, planned and executed on Netanyahu’s watch, and almost certainly with his full permission.

(All extra-judicial killings in Israel have to be signed off by the Prime Minister. He knew exactly what was going on.)


So, Bennett and Lapid are WAY less scary to me than Netanyahu, and all his corrupt ‘fake religious’ cronies.

Even though Lapid is xtian-friendly, anti-Torah and spiritually corrupt, really he’s just more honest about who he really is, so he’ll ‘fool’ less people, and we’ll be more on-guard that the government is not our friend.


Every single politician out there is corrupt, and just a ‘pawn’ that wants power so they can fill their own bank accounts with the bribes that continue to flow in from the puppet masters behind the scene.


Here is what the Rav said, about the government falling:

The Rav said that we conquered Armilus, the government fell apart. (Armilus has 7 heads)


This is a clue as to who ‘Armilus’ really is.

Armilus doesn’t seem to be one individual person.

‘Armilus’ is the government itself.

If we’ve learnt one thing from the Bennett/Lapid government, it’s that it doesn’t matter who is in power, the evil agendas continue on regardless. You switch out the ‘head’ of the government – and whichever guy you pick at the polls, you get exactly the same evil, just it’s ‘dressed up’ a little differently for the audience, to maintain the illusion of democracy.

‘Armilus’ is the machinery that was set up to ‘lead’ the Jewish community into the abyss.


We can sit here and debate whether ‘Armilus’ is only the government of the State of Israel, or whether it also extends to all its institutions and Reform-funded NGOs and charidees, and all the corrupt ‘spiritual leaders’ on the frum side of the equation.

It could be that some of those ‘7 heads’ of Armilus are names we’ve never heard of, because they are pulling the strings behind the scenes.

But it’s clear that when the Israeli government itself gets to a stage where it can no longer operate and function, that’s a good sign that the whole ‘Armilus’ structure is about to implode.


So…. things are getting interesting again.

One last thing: the only politician I’ve ever heard the Rav speak badly of, publically, is Yair Lapid.

And I’ve seen the Rav publically ‘praise’ so many characters that are really bad – the more ‘praise’ he gives them, publically, the more I start checking them out because there’s an inverse relationship between the Rav’s praise, and how yucky they turn out to be, spiritually.

I have the feeling that Yair Lapid is going to be a totally wild card.

That doesn’t mean he’s good. But, it does mean that personally, I think there are still some big surprises in store, as we wind our way down into Motzae Shvit, 5783.


The next 3-4 months, we just have to hang on.

When you feel overwhelmed, despairing, like you want to give up – start clapping and jumping; start saying more Tikkun Haklalis; start joining the Rav’s prayers at 8:30pm every night, on Ido HaNavi Street, start paying your pidyonot to sweeten the judgements.

And start talking to God, about what is really going on, and what He really wants.

Rebbe Nachman already gave us all the advice we need, for how to get through the next few months.

But it only works if we follow it.


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A couple of years ago, I was looking for shiurim by the Breslov Rabbi Ofer Erez, and this is what popped up instead, on Youtube:


It’s ‘Lt Shachar Erez’, the IDF’s first openly trans woman.

(Or is it trans man? I can’t keep all the terms straight…)

I was reminded of this by THIS post, yesterday, on the Habayitah blog:


That interview with Shachar Erez is from 2017 – 5  years ago, already.

So, this has been a live issue in the IDF for years and years and years already… just it was creeping along under the surface, so we didn’t notice it.

But you know what gives me hope? A lot of hope, even? It’s the comments on the bottom of THIS story, from Arutz 7.

Despite their very best efforts to brainwash us all into believing a biological woman can truly turn herself into a biological man, most people aren’t buying it.

(At least, for now…)


The more I research all this stuff, the more I’m coming to the conclusion that LGBTQ+++ whatever is actually it’s own religion.

It’s based on a bunch of beliefs about biology and anatomy that are unsupported by anything scientific or factual, and that these LGBTQ ‘missionaries’ then try to push on everyone else, to get them to believe the same cack they do.

Recently, I was researching the Keshet organisation, which you can see HERE.



Plain English:

“We bully and intimidate other people into accepting our beliefs about biology and gender, even though that flies in the face of the Torah and science.”

Because let’s be clear, that if these Jewish organisations want to build ‘LGBTQ-affirming communities’, that means they are alienating people like me, who don’t want to live in a ‘LGBTQ-affirming community’ because that goes directly against my beliefs, that are rooted in the Torah. 


And in case you were worrying that there isn’t something like ‘Keshet’ specifically for the orthodox community, think again.

Let me introduce you to ESHEL.

Here is their mission statement:



If you check out their ‘Programs’ tab, you’ll find a whole bunch of things they are trying to do, to penetrate the orthodox community with their anti-Torah, anti-authentic Judaism beliefs, and ‘open hearts, minds and doors in traditional Jewish communities’.

Take a look at their ‘WELCOMING SHULS’ program.

This screenshot is part of their ‘Principles of Inclusion’:


How would you feel, if a Jew for Jesus appeared in your orthodox shul one day, and started telling you that you need to make the shul more ‘inclusive’ and supportive of their beliefs?

How would you feel, if that person told the shul that they should be ‘welcomed as full members’, and ‘participate and count ritually’?

And that if you didn’t make them feel comfortable, they were going to ‘leave Orthodoxy’?

That is the parallel for what is going on here, because the LGBTQ+++ ideology flies in the face of Torah-mandated morality, behavior and beliefs.


So, the more you make that LGBTQ+++ ideology ‘welcome’ in your apparently orthodox shul, school and community, the less you are making that space a place that welcomes Jews who genuinely believe in the Torah.

At this point, the rainbow flag is kind of acting like the crucifix, in terms of how ‘comfortable’ it makes a genuinely God-fearing Jew feel.

Yeah, sure, please set a up a few crucifixes all over the shul and school; and please also wear a crucifix pendant to shul and school, and talk about Yoshki every chance you get, and we will do our very best to make you feel comfortable and welcome, because hey, what’s the big deal about respecting the Torah’s commandments, anyway?


The big argument is that LGBTQ+++ will  leave the orthodox community, if they aren’t made to feel more welcome.

So leave!!!

What’s the big deal? Go and join a non-orthodox community that has no problem with your LGBTQ+++ beliefs, and learn as much Torah, and keep as much Shabbat, as you want to. 

Problem solved.


As I’ve said repeatedly, I have NO PROBLEM having LGBTQ+++ Jewish people at my table for Shabbat and Chag, as long as they are not trying to push their beliefs down my throat.

But if they are trying to get ME to change my beliefs about what God says is a man, and what God says is a woman, and what God says is a holy relationship that builds the world, instead of destroying it – then those people are missionaries.

And anti-Torah missionaries are not welcome anywhere near my shul, school, community or home, regardless of the specific creed they are pushing.


One more snippet about Eshel, and then let’s close with a story.

Here’s a screenshot of their ‘secret missionary’ program, which they call ‘ON ALLIANCE’:

Plain English:

We want to recruit people to become LGBTQ+++ ‘missionaries’ in the orthodox Jewish community, who will use their social media and other networks to push our anti-Torah beliefs onto their friends, families and communities.


This came to mind yesterday when a friend told me that someone had posted a whole ‘anti’ rant about the ‘What is a Woman’ documentary on the ‘Secret Jerusalem’ Facebook group.

You can watch that on Bitchute here:

(Highly recommended, but not at all shmirat eynayim friendly.)


I’d told my friend about ‘What is a Woman’ last week, and she was interested in watching it.

Now after reading that rant, she’s back on the fence about the whole issue, and has decided to basically stay out of it.

That’s exactly how these unholy ‘alliances’, and these secret LGBTQ+++ missionaries divide and conquer.

Already in kindergartens in Israel, they are abolishing the ‘Ima and Abba’ of Shabbat for young children, and encouraging the kids to have ‘Abba and Abba’ and ‘Ima and Ima’ of shabbat….

So, if you have kids, if you care, if you are a God-fearing Jew, or at least trying to be – at this point, you can’t ‘stay out of it’.

We are mamash at a cross-roads here, and every person who is willing to talk back to the LGBTQ+++ missionaries can tip the whole balance.


Again, people do whatever people do behind closed doors, and my issue is with the IDEOLOGY, and the missionaries who are trying to push their beliefs on other people.

Most of the people caught in the trap of actually living the LGBTQ+++ life are probably very nice, very miserable and went through an awful lot of trauma and difficulties in their life.

I’ve had a few of them at my table, and I see how much pain they are in emotionally and spiritually, in so many different ways.

They aren’t going through an easy tikkun.


But that doesn’t mean I’m going to turn the whole Torah on its head, just to try and please them.

I fear God, more than I fear being called a dinosaur, bigot or ‘trans-phobe’.

(BTW, is ‘christian-phobe’ a thing, too? How about ‘buddhist-phobe’? Just asking.)


This issue is not going away.

And sooner or later, each person will have to examine their heart, and figure out if they really do fear God – regardless of whether they label themselves ‘orthodox’, or ‘ultra orthodox’, or ‘chassidic’ or whatever.

That’s what all this boils down to.

If you think you can ‘reform’ the Torah, then you don’t fear God the way a sincerely God-fearing Jew should.

And if you think you can do things that are against the Torah in secret – like hurting small children or abusing your spouse – whilst calling yourself ‘chassidic’ or ‘ultra-orthodox’ – then you also don’t fear God the way a sincerely God-fearing Jew should.

God doesn’t care about external labels.

He just wants the heart.


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To celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, me and the bloke headed off to Mitzpe Ramon.

We were there 25 years ago, just after the ‘Ramon Inn’ first opened, and we thought it would be nice to go back and bring things full circle. One of the things we did all those years ago was take a jeep tour through the Ramon crater, or makhtesh, so we thought to ourselves: lets do that too!


Our first jeep tour through the crater was with a tour guide I will call ‘Ron’.

He picked us up from the hotel, and first drove us through a couple of the streets of Mitzpe Ramon itself. (Honestly, it really only has a couple of streets…)

There was no planning, in this town, there is no connection between the communities here, he told us, as he drove down one particular street.

Here you have a yeshiva; across the road you have a bunch of Russians, most of whom are xtians. Then, you have a community of Black Hebrews. Then the Chabad house, and across from them, a community of lesbians. We are having a pride parade here on July 1.

How can you have a pride parade in a community as small as Mitzpe Ramon, with its 5,000 residents?

Ron told us: Last year 700 people showed up for it.

We were stunned.


I learnt some interesting things from Ron.

The interesting things I learnt about the Ramon Crater is that it contained every element required to literally build the State of Israel – which was useful, because Israel was under international sanctions for years and years, and so couldn’t import the stuff required to make basic concrete.

But everything was there, in the Ramon Crater, and up until 2006 when production finally closed down, they’d shovelled out 1 1/2 billion tons of things like gypsum.

Ron also told us that they will never open the Degania dam, no matter how high the Kinneret rises, because if they do that, they will stuff up the potash works operating around the shores of the Dead Sea, which are apparently owned by the Ofer family, and the Chinese.

We’ll probably come back to the Ofers some time soon, they are a big part of the story of who really owns the State of Israel.


The more interesting stuff that we learnt from Ron is that people like him – staunch secular ‘zionists’, in their 60s and 70s – are totally despairing of what is happening in this country.

Ron told us that he has an only son, and he forbid him from going into a combat unit in the army, after what happened to Elor Azaria.

The only safe way to serve in the army today is behind a desk, he told us. The politicians are corrupt and the judges have ruined everything. I’m sure they are getting bought secret apartments in Miami, or something. If it was up to me, I’d have Smotrich as PM, and Ben Gvir as his deputy. And there are a lot of people like me. I really fear for what is going to be here, in another 10 years. I don’t know what sort of country we will be passing down to our children.

Ron doesn’t like religious people very much, although he likes to quote a lot of Tanach.

And so, he is caught in a very despairing paradigm, where ‘religious people’ are the enemy… but ‘secular people’ are even more the enemy. And the biggest enemy of all, according to Ron, are the Muslims, who he feels are going to take over the whole country, one day, and nothing and no-one can stop them.

I really got the impression that Ron was kind of waiting to die, as his own personal ‘answer’ to what is going on today in Israel…But I digress.


The following morning, we decided to retrace the route through the crater we’d taken with Ron, in our own little jeep.

We bought it second hand after the first lockdown, as a way to get away into untamed nature, a little, when all the masks and Covid restrictions and horrible police were suffocating me to death.

We’ve been driving it for around two years, and we’ve ‘off roaded’ quite a bit in that time, on less and more challenging routes.

So, I got a detailed map of the crater from the nice lady at the reception desk, that clearly showed all the trails marked, and their degree of difficulty, and we headed off.


What can I tell you?

Either the map was totally and utterly wrong. And / or the markings showing you where to go where either totally missing, or totally wrong, too.

I’m pretty good at following maps – we don’t have Waze or a satnav, because I have a map book in our car, and a really good sense of direction. But somehow or other, we got totally lost yesterday morning, in the Ramon Crater.

The path we were following, that was meant to be suitable for 4×4 driving, suddenly brought us to a really steep incline, full of dust and boulders. It looked do-able, just about – and I mean, it’s not like they would mark a trail as suitable for 4×4 if it was totally UNSUITABLE for any vehicles except dirt bikes, right?

Not right.

Long story short, half way down, my husband couldn’t get the brakes to ‘catch’ on the dust, and we found ourselves gliding into a boulder. Before we got there, though, Hashem decided we should instead get caught on a big bush, which stopped the car in its tracks, as we kind of dangled sideways.

I was yelling at him to hit the brakes… and when he told me he was hitting the brakes, I knew we had a problem.


I started clapping my hands furiously, to ‘sweeten the judgements’, as Rabbenu teaches.

I didn’t stop clapping for the next two hours.

Miraculously, my husband managed to restart the car, back it up a little, and to guide it down the rest of that steep dirt pile.

Phewee… now hopefully the trail would even out, some, and go back to being drivable again.

Some hope.

Next we know, we are going up and down some MASSIVE HILLS, all dirt and dust tracks, and each one loomed massive ahead of us, like a mini-Mt Everest.


After ten minutes of that (I’m still clapping furiously…) , we get to a sign post in the middle of the desert, at the intersection of 4 paths.

And that’s when I realised that the map I had was totally wrong, and that I had no idea where we actually were.

Because while the signposts were saying that the trail we’d just come down was 4×4 suitable, we already knew from experience that was a lie. And I couldn’t even find one of the other locations being signposted on that whole, big map we had of the crater by Mitzpe Ramon.

When you are stuck in the middle of a desert terrain, with massive, huge cliffs everywhere, you can’t just drive around and hope to find your way. It’s dangerous.

At this point, we both started to feel notably anxious.

I redoubled the clapping, and then we decided to ‘go right’, because the Gemara teaches that whenever you don’t know the way, you should ‘go to the right’.


We drove on really slowly, and then 10 minutes later – a miracle.

Three angels were in a landcruiser just ahead of us, taking measurements for some new electricity pipe thing, in the middle of the desert.

Hey, do you have any idea how we can get back to Route 40 from here? My husband asked them.

Meanwhile, I gave him the map to show them, so at least I could try to get our bearings and figure it out myself, if they couldn’t help us.

One guy looked at the map with a perplexed expression on his face.

Where you are right now isn’t on the map, he told us.

Well, that kind of explained the problem we were having.


Long story short, they said we should follow them out of the wilderness.

There’s one big incline on the way, but yiyeh beseder, they reassured us.

I told my husband I was just going to keep clapping, until we were finally back on some tarmac. He told me to go right ahead.

At least we probably won’t die in the desert now, I told him. Worst comes to worst, they’ll give us a lift out and we’ll just end up losing the car to the bedouins…


Twenty minutes later, the ‘big incline’ suddenly loomed into view, and that feeling of anxiety intensified.

It was like a 60-70% incline, up a mountain of dirt.

Totally impossible for us, in our small jeep without a 2.0 engine and totally exaggerated tyres.

Lucky, there was a ‘snake path’ by the side, which meandered from side to side around a bunch of boulders, that lead off down ravines on both sides. That was the ‘easier’ option.

Long story short… our car got stuck half way up, because we didn’t have the revving power of the landcruiser we were following. Yet again, we found ourselves tilted close to a bunch of rocks, seemingly unable to move forward or backwards.

(I’m still clapping furiously….)


The angels ahead of us stop, and one of them walks back down the hill.

Can I try and drive it up? He asked my husband.

We were only too pleased for him to try, because at that point, we were basically cacking ourselves.

It just doesn’t have the koach to continue up the path, my husband told the guy.

Join the club, I thought.

Somehow, tho, that guy revved the engine through the roof, managed to get it past the small rock that had been holding the car back, and swung it around so that he didn’t go over the side of the ravine, and continued straight up the path.

An open miracle!


(I’m still clapping….)

We walk up, get back in, and they reassure us that the worst is over.

I’ll believe that when I’m back on Route 40, I whispered to my husband. Let’s never do this again.

Half an hour later, the same thing happens again.

Another very steep incline – but not as drawn out – and again, our small-engined jeep is struggling to find the koach to continue.

Again, the angels ahead stop, again the guy walks back to us, again, he revvs the car through the roof, and somehow manages to get it up the hill.

(I’m still clapping….)


They turn right on a path clearly marked with a big skull and crossroads, because it goes straight through an army firing zone.

I really hope these guys checked beforehand, that this is an ‘off’ day for the army….

I’m still clapping.

Then we go past a Bedouin encampment, and the road finally starts to resemble more of what we’d got used to, as a regular 4×4 track in Israel.

Route 40 – tarmac!!! – suddenly looms into site, and the angels stop again, to tell us which direction to take, to get back to Jerusalem.

We were miles and miles away from Mitzpe Ramon.

I still can’t understand how we managed to get so totally lost.


Nothing happens for nothing, and I learnt a lot of important things from this whole episode.

The first thing I learnt is that the deep South of Israel is still very undeveloped, and that ‘off-roading’ there is way more dangerous, partially because of the terrain, but mostly because the paths and tracks just aren’t properly marked, so it’s very easy to take the wrong turns without realising it.

But the main lessons I learnt yesterday, were 100% spiritual, and here’s a rough outline of what I got.


  1. If you don’t have an accurate description of the terrain, then even if you are ‘following your roadmap’ to a tee, it can still lead you off the edge of a cliff.

The only accurate ‘road map’ is the Torah, which is God’s ‘user manual’ for how to find our way through this labyrinth called ‘life’ in one piece, and to actually get to where we’re headed.

Connected to this, is the idea that you also need ‘guides’ you can really trust, and who are willing to put themselves out for you, in order to help you reach your destination in one piece.

That is the TRUE tzaddikim.


2. Even when you think you know things, and you’re ‘prepared’ and experienced, God can and will throw you curve-balls where you’ll end up feeling totally lost.

When that happens, don’t start blaming yourself, or your spouse, or your kid, or your friend. No-one makes ‘bad decisions’ on purpose, not even retards. It’s just sometimes, Hashem blinds us to certain things, or kind of ‘fools us’ in to thinking that certain stupid ideas are good and useful.

Hashem is orchestrating everything that happens to us, to a) pay down old spiritual debts (aka ‘tikkun’) and b) get us to develop our emuna, and to pray, and to work on our negative character traits.

And that’s why we sometimes make really bad decisions, or take wrong turns in life.


3. Clapping away the judgements REALLY, THE HECK WORKS.

We met the three angels 10 minutes after I started clapping, and we met no-one else – at all, the whole time – until we were by the Bedouin village.

Without those three angels, we would probably still be driving around the crater… or worse.


4. Don’t give up half way.

That was really the main message that came through again, and again and again, yesterday.

It’s true, I really wanted to give up about 3,000 times yesterday.

Hanging off cliffs in the middle of no-where is not really fun. And we were feeling pretty paralysed and ‘stuck’ and scared at various points in our drive.

But if we hadn’t continued inching forward, cautiously, we really would have been in trouble.

So, don’t give up ESPECIALLY when you hit the tough spot. That’s when the prayers and the clapping need to go up, massively – but don’t give up.


5. We can’t do this by ourselves.

So many people say to me they don’t need a rabbi, they don’t need a spiritual guide.

They have the right roadmap – the Torah.

They have the right ‘vehicle’ – a good brain, good middot, a good spiritual grasp of life.

But the truth is, in our lowly generation – we still can’t do this by ourselves.

The vehicle is good, but it’s simply lacking the strength to drive up some of the mountains we now have before us.

Sometimes, we have to get out of the driving seat – aka ‘throw our brains aside’ – and just let Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman get that jeep up the hill, or tell us to turn ‘right’ into an army firing zone….

Otherwise, we end up stuck, despairing – or worse.


6. Appreciate everything.

The last thing I learnt, is how I should mamash appreciate every small, little thing, that God is doing for me.

For example, I spent two hours yesterday really appreciating tarmac.

Now when I drive up hills on the motorway, I’m seeing that whole experience through totally different eyes.


Am Yisrael is currently still on the ride of our life.

We are still driving through the desert, and up and down cliffs, on our way to geula and moshiach.

There are so many dangers, on all sides.

And there is no ‘safe, easy’ way out of the predicament we are already in.

The parallel is obvious.


I came back to a couple of messages from my contacts by Rav Berland.

  1. Is that the situation is seriously hotting up again (even though it looks to us like everything is ‘calming down’ at the moment, because it’s the olam hafuch.)

2. Is that the Rav is trying to sweeten things by taking on more bizayon – hello, Channel 13 expose number 258!

3. The Rav is asking people to start saying 7 Tikkun Haklalis a day, until Tu B’Av.

Personally, I don’t know if I can manage 7 a day, but I can certainly manage 3, so that is what I’m aiming for now, BH.


I know, this has been a long, arduous and exhausting few years.

And it’s not over yet!

So take a breather if you need, but don’t give up in the middle.

The end is looming into sight.

And there’s just a few more Everests to climb until we get there.

Only with God’s help, and by following the advice of the true tzaddikim.


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This morning it’s blowing a gale again in Jerusalem.


In fact, it’s been really windy the last 4-5 days, on and off, in a way that feels very meaningful.

These are the winds of change.

Because more and more of us are starting to wake up, and starting to realise that things CANNOT go on the way they have been.

On so many levels.


Following on from THIS post, about how the anti-Torah Frankist-Freemasons are now turning their attention to a full-on ‘trans’ assault within the orthodox Jewish world, continuing their efforts to ‘shatter orthodoxy’ from within, I got sent another email telling me about someone called ‘Yaakov Smith’.

Here’s a little of what it said:

In 1989, I spent a few weeks in the Old City and a lot of time hanging out with residents and Aish families.
One of the most charismatic figures I met was someone named Yaakov Smith, married with six children from toddler to young teenager. They mekaved many.
At a time when Aish’s Discovery seminar was still 4 days long and very intense, he and his wife taught several classes.
Only some months after we met, they got divorced. Later, he came out as homosexual.
Anyway, long story short, today he is known as Yiscah Smith. He’s on the faculty of Pardes.

(Warning: it’s another ‘diet aid’ alert!)

Here he is today:


Man, how many times is God going to put up with ‘orthodox institutions’ spitting in the face of His Torah?

I don’t just mean individuals who think they know better than God which gender they are meant to be.

I mean the whole ‘open orthodoxy’ / modern orthodox movement as a whole, which really should be more honest, and rename itself:


Because that’s what it really is.


Let’s pop the lid on the ‘Pardes Institute of Jewish Learning’, and see what ucky creatures slither out.

First, let me draw your attention to their newly updated ‘S*xual Harassment Prevention’ code, which you can see HERE.

Here’s their working definition of s*xual harassment:

B. Key Definitions and Israeli Law

S*xual harassment is unwelcome conduct of a s*xual nature.

It includes s*xual advances, requests for s*xual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a s*xual nature, when:

o Submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly in connection with a person’s ability to participate fully in their education;
o Submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as a basis for academic decisions affecting the individual; or
o Such conduct interferes with an individual’s academic performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or demeaning environment.

S*xual harassment also includes sexual violence, which refers to sexual acts that are against a person’s will or where a person is incapable of giving consent.

S*xual harassment can take many forms, physical, psychological, or verbal…


Here’s another snippet:

C. The Right to Self-Define Gender

1. Individuals have the right to define their own gender, and should be treated and referred to accordingly.
2. All-gender bathrooms are available on each floor. Additionally, each individual is entitled to define their own gender for the purposes of bathrooms.
3. When participating in the mechitza minyan, individuals can sit on the side that best conforms to their gender identity as they define it.
4. Each minyan has the right to define its criteria for counting towards the minyan. The egalitarian minyan counts anyone who is Jewish according to any major denomination, irrespective of gender identity.

The mechitza minyan counts trans-men who have undergone genital surgery. Every individual is trusted to present themselves faithfully as counting with respect to gender and halakhic status.

People will refrain from asking particular members intrusive questions in order to determine halachic status.

5. On Pardes overnight trips, students will be assigned to share rooms with members of their same gender. In cases where gender identity may cause discomfort for anyone, students may request roommates in a way that is comfortable for all in the room.


It seems to me that an orthodox Jew learning at Pardes is being subjected to ‘s*xual harassment’ non-stop by this institution.

Let’s replay the definition:

S*xual harassment is unwelcome conduct of a s*xual nature.

It includes s*xual advances, requests for s*xual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a s*xual nature, when:

o Submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly in connection with a person’s ability to participate fully in their education;
o Submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as a basis for academic decisions affecting the individual; or
o Such conduct interferes with an individual’s academic performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or demeaning environment.


Woe betide any female student who is uncomfortable using a bathroom together with a man dressed as a woman….

Woe betide any God-fearing Jew who is trying to find out if that ‘guy’ next to him really counts towards a minyan…

Woe betide any man or woman who doesn’t want to spend a night ‘rooming’ with the opposite sex….

Just try complaining about how your right to pray, pee or sleep in a genuinely Torah-observant way is being compromised by Pardes’ rules, and then you’ll quickly see that if you don’t ‘submit’ to Pardes conduct, against your will, you will:

  • find your ‘ability to participate fully’ in your education curtailed;
  • your conduct will be used as a ‘basis for academic decisions affecting’ you – and for sure-
  • you’ll instantly be plunged into a ‘intimidating, hostile and demeaning environment’.

Whaddya mean, you can’t room overnight with ‘Jake’?!?!?!?

Whaddya mean, that Joseph-ine doesn’t count in a minyan?!?!?!?

What sort of barbaric, bigoted, criminal person ARE YOU, exactly?!?!?



This is FRUM REFORM in action.

And why you should care, is because this institution is boasting on its website that:

[T]he Pardes Educators Program was created with the assistance of the Avi Chai Foundation and today produces more Jewish day school teachers than any other program.

These brainwashed ‘frum reform’ teachers from Pardes could be the ones teaching your kids in all those ‘dati leumi’ schools….

No wonder so few of my daughter’s ‘dati leumi-educated’ friends still believe in God, or still hold by the morality set out in the Torah.

Sigh again.


So, who’s funding the Pardes Institute?

Let’s head over to the History page HERE, to try to figure that out.


Pardes began with the unacknowledged support of the World Zionist Organization, which provided the physical facility and overhead, with salaries coming from student tuition. This arrangement continued until 1987, when the Institute became an independent, self-sustaining entity.

So, right from the beginning the secular, Zionist, Frankist State of Israel was behind this organisation.

Quelle surprise.

Today, the Avi Chai Foundation seems to be giving Pardes a lot of money, especially to train their ‘frum reform’ teachers to indoctrinate your children with anti-Torah tumah.

You can find the ‘Avi Chai Foundation’ website HERE.

The ‘About’ page is full of the usual weasel-words about being committed to the Jewish people and the State of Israel, blahdy blah, but really…. it smacks of yet another ‘Frankist-Freemason’ cut-out, designed to ‘shatter orthodoxy from within’, by subverting the next generation of Jewish teachers.


So, what can you and me really do about all this?

Bottom line, for all the ‘fancy words’ and ‘political correctness’, most people are actually moral cowards, sheeple, who will ‘go with the flow’ because they are worried about paying their bills and covering their mortgage.

For as long as ‘the stick’ is only on one side of this equation – i.e. people worry that they will be fired, ostracised, banned from completing their studies at places like Pardes for not following the ‘trans’ propaganda, 99% of them will fall into line.

But, if more of us start to complain to our schools – more of us start to make a fuss, and to really start questioning whether ANY school that considers itself to be genuinely ‘orthodox’ should be accepting FRUM REFORM-indoctrinated teachers from places like Pardes…. then this will start to change.

And when more of us stop playing these people’s Orwellian word games – stop calling them ‘orthodox’, when they really, really aren’t, they aren’t ‘open orthodox’, or ‘modern orthodox’, they are FRUM REFORM – then that will also start to be a big game-changer.


Most people don’t question how ‘orthodox’ these institutions really are, when they see the word ‘orthodox’ in their descriptor.

Yeah, it could be ‘open orthodox’, or ‘modern orthodox’ – that’s enough to make us think these people respect the Torah and at least might be truly God-fearing.

That’s why they insist on retaining the ‘orthodox’ bit in their titles.

But once we understand we are dealing with FRUM REFORM…..everything changes.

In an instant, we understand that there are NO ‘orthodox female rabbis’ out there, just FRUM REFORM ‘Rabbas’ and ‘Rabbanits’.

And that no truly God-fearing, orthodox institution is pushing the trans agenda – but tons of FRUM REFORM institutions are doing the bidding of their Frankist-funders, to ‘shatter orthodoxy’ from within.


So, get the definitions straight in your head.

And don’t be scared to start pushing back against all these PC ‘Frum-Reformers’ who like to pretend they represent orthodox Judaism.

They don’t.

And for our children’s sake, we need to start telling them that very loudly.


PS: When I was browsing the Pardes faculty page HERE, I came across this entry:

The ‘Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance‘ – JOFA – is also very connected to FRUM REFORM’s flagship ‘yeshiva’ for frum reform-smicha of women, YESHIVAT MAHARAT (that we talked about in the last post.)

And Koren books is happily publishing all this FRUM REFORM propaganda, from FRUM REFORM ‘rabbanits’, while still pretending they are an orthodox imprint.

You see how this works?

Ad matai, Tatty?



I got an interesting email from Chananya Weissman on the topic of  his experience with ‘ortho fems’, much of which I’m sharing below, with permission.


Right before covid craziness took over the world, in the very beginning of 2020 was the most recent Daf Yomi siyum.

There was a big buzz in the “Jewish media” about women finishing the cycle in record numbers. All the coverage of this was favorable, naturally, with nary a question about why this was happening, for what reasons, who was behind this trend, and if this was a positive development with no conceivable downside.
I did a little digging and quickly found this was being driven by feminist entities that were on the very fringes of Orthodoxy even if we were to be generous.
I wrote an article exposing this and raising concerns about the women’s Daf Yomi movement, which I posted on my blog at the Slimes of Israel. The Jewish Press published a slightly edited version.
[Ed. note: I probably would…. ortho fems are still probably the most nutso of all the interesting people I’ve crossed swords with here on the blog, not least because they are so self-righteous, hypocritical, arrogant and quick to stoop to dirty tactics to shut you up.]

I don’t think I ever wrote something that went so viral, so quickly.

The Times of Israel article was shared thousands of times, far more than anything I ever posted there. There were long threads all over Facebook. The Jewish Press devoted a whole section in the letters to the editor just to responses to this article, after someone urged people to bombard them with angry letters.
Not surprisingly, almost all the reactions were overwhelmingly negative, filled with the usual personal attacks, vulgarity, straw men, emotional reactions, and attempts to cancel me.
Some people contacted me privately and thanked me stating what they were thinking, but the public reaction was a torch-bearing mob.

Most of these seemed to come from “modern Orthodox” women in Beit Shemesh and Efrat, as well as completely irreligious people and even non-Jews, who suddenly were all in favor of Gemara study.


One “rabbi” from Efrat wrote a long Facebook post against me, filled with specious arguments and personal attacks, that drew a lot of attention and was also printed in the Jewish Press….

The Slimes of Israel eventually banned me from posting on their blogs after I criticized one of their darlings, Benny Lau. I didn’t even name him, just noted that he was a token rabbi at the feminist Daf Yomi siyum. That was simply too much for the Slimes of Israel, who do not tolerate any less than respectful remarks against any rabbi, of course…
[Ed. note: Benny Lau – and his father, Meir Lau  – descend from the notorious SHOR family I keep mentioning on this blog. Quelle surprise.]
I’ve continued to hammer the feminists and their ilk ever since, and encourage everyone to wake up and get in the game.
This garbage is a real threat to the Jewish people, and even people who aren’t personally affected (or don’t think they are) need to speak out and make it clear this trash is not kosher, period.
Here are the links:
Ad kan, from R’ Weissman.

Ladies, it’s really up to us to stand up to the ortho fems, because they can’t just smear us with the same ‘sexist’ tactics they generally use with everyone else.

I’m not a man. I’m not a self-hating woman. I’m also very educated, and articulate, and not just chained to my kitchen sink washing dishes and having babies.
And I still think that all this ‘ortho fem’ stuff is totally poisonous, and just out to ‘shatter orthodoxy’ from within.
The Women of the Wall are wielding their Torah scroll, like a battering ram at the Kotel, and all these ‘PC’, abortion-pushing, trans gender embracing ‘rabbas’ are wielding their ‘smicha’ in the classroom and online, to try and batter down our traditions and our children’s morality.

But with God’s help, we will overcome.


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What’s going on right now is a massive opportunity for the Jewish community to finally fix the sin of ‘sinat chinam’.

And God is inviting each of us to do a bit of that ‘fixing’ in our own back yard.

Now that we know that ‘yichus’ actually has nothing to do with how easy or hard we find it to serve Hashem, really – in both directions – that  means that the whole shebang actually boils down to this:

Free choice, and working on our own bad middot.

I.e. whoever we are, there is still everything to play for.

And whoever we are, there are still choices that we ourselves can make, to really build the world, work on our own bad middot and rebuild the Temple – in our hearts.

And no-one is excluded from this work, not even ‘the biggest tzaddikim’, who have far more responsibility than us average Joes, for setting an example, in the area of cultivating true humility, and acknowledging their own bad middot.


Baruch Hashem, Rav Eliezer Berland is a paradigm for this ‘real’ approach to avodat Hashem.

And Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman, set the example for this, too, when he encouraged his student Rav Natan to write books like Chayei Moharan that really depicted Rabbenu’s struggles to work on himself, and overcome his own bad middot, and to uproot his ta’avot – lusts.

That was one of the biggest selling points of Breslov for me, all those years ago, that finally, I had a Tzaddik who I could relate to as a real human being – and who could also relate to me, and my struggles.


I had a lot of issues with bad depressions and feelings of totally yeoush, before I hit Breslov.

And then, I started reading about how Rabbenu sometimes also had days when he despaired, and couldn’t carry on talking to God because of it…. but how he always picked himself up, broke through that yeoush and returned to Hashem.

Rabbenu had been there before me – and he charted the way to get out of all the bad middot, and the sadness, and the despair and all the other issues that prevent us from serving Hashem and building the world by refining our own characters.

And that information forms the real foundation of his teachings.

And Rav Berland is carrying on where Rabbenu left off.


Below, I’m going to bring a translated excerpt of R’ Natan’s Likutei Halachot, which lays out some very important ideas about ‘free choice’, in connection with the True Tzaddikim and overcoming the Erev Rav.

Before I do that, tho, I want to tell you about a bar mitzvah I went to yesterday, in a penthouse overlooking the beach in the Gush Dan area.


We have close family who made aliya last year, and it was their son’s barmitzvah.

Our family members are not ‘frum’, and down the years, we have had massive clashes and blow-ups around just about every family gathering you can imagine, beginning with my own wedding, and then snaking through a bunch of other weddings, funerals, stone settings – and even, my ‘good bye’ party, which my in-laws decided to hold in the 9 days, totally against my wishes.

Long story short, most of these ‘family gatherings’ have resulted in the sort of acrimony and bitterness that would make what happened with Kamtza and Bar Kamtza look like child’s play.

And so…. the barmitzvah appeared on the horizon.

But this time, things were totally different.


Over the last few years, me and my husband have paid innumerable pidyonot to the Rav, on behalf of ourselves and other family members, to try to ‘heal’ so much of what has gone wrong.

Those pidyons have worked in big and small ways – to the point that even our ‘unreligious’ family members have paid a pidyon or two, now, as well.

And yesterday, we could all see the effect of what happens when you connect to the True Tzaddikim, and also make an effort to identify and work on your own bad middot.


The barmitzvah and party were held in the Omer, at the time when you’re not meant to attend gatherings with live music.

The party was a ‘cocktail party’ – in every since of the word! – and totally not the sort of thing that me and my husband like, or are suited to.

In the past, my yetzer would have been working overtime, giving me justifications for why we shouldn’t go, why we definitely shouldn’t dance, why we definitely shouldn’t approve of all the OTT gashmius and untznius behavior, etc.

This time, I had one clear message in  my head:

This is family, and family are celebrating a big milestone in their son’s life, and instead of thinking about yourself, the whole time, Rivka, in your super-duper-holy-way, why don’t you think about what you can do for them, and the barmitzvah boy, instead?


And this insight mamash changed the whole picture.

Instead of sitting in the corner dissing everything and everyone the whole night, and feeling holier-than-thou, I decided I’m going to do my best to really celebrate that barmitzvah with our extended family, even though we were way out of our comfort zone.

Because what’s the point of coming, just to sit in a corner with a sour face and making my hosts feel bad about themselves, and their celebration – and us?


It’s only today, the morning after, that I realised just how ‘big a deal’ yesterday was – because make no mistake, it was still very hard not to fall back into the mindset of ‘Kamtza and Bar Kamtza’, while we were there.

Some close friend of the hosts from the UK stuck his hand out to me to shake when we were introduced, and I saw the look of panic flit across my brother-in-law’s face, because in the past, I have flat-out refused to shake hands with people back in the home country, no matter how embarrassed that made them.

This time – I shook hands.

And chalked it up to mesirut nefesh for shalom bayit.

And I still got overwhelmed by things like the saxophone-playing young woman with pink hair and tight black leather, and indulged in a bit of ‘quiet tutting’ before I got over myself again, and just found somewhere else to go and sit, where I didn’t have to eyeball her.


In these small, myriad ways, me and my husband did our bit, to fix the sin of sinat chinam.

And on the other side of the equation, my sister-in-law did her bit, too, by accepting us totally as we were – with payot, headscarves and totally NO cocktail dress, and with strictly kosher food, and with an understanding that we should come as we were, with no other instructions about how to behave or dress.

It’s huge.

As I type these words, I really feel how ‘huge’ it was, yesterday, because there has barely been a family get-together that has no resulted in all out, acrimonious warfare for 25 years, since my husband first got ‘frum’.


And now, here’s Rav Natan, writing about the Erev Rav, and free choice, and how we can really only uncover that ‘free choice’ to overcome our own bad middot when we’re connected to the True Tzaddikim.



Likutei Halachot – The Laws of Blessings on Smell and Blessings of Thanks (4, 33)

This is an aspect of what we have seen, something confusing and strange, from which everyone is astounded. That after the Nation of Israel merited to receive the Torah, with such wonderous signs. And everyone merited ruach hakodesh etc. After all this, to hear that they acted in such a way, to sin by going after the golden calf…

And even though it wasn’t the Nation of Israel who did this, but rather the Erev Rav, afterwards some of the Nation of Israel did sin.

Nonetheless, even the few of the few who made this mistake, what was going on with them?


And even on the Erev Rav themselves there is still a difficulty, because even the Erev Rav had a huge spiritual awareness, as is apparent from the writings of the Arizal.

And certainly, even in them there was some small good, since they followed Moshe out of Egypt and threw away their families and households, and wanted to convert, since they saw tremendous signs and wonders from Moshe Rabbenu in Egypt.

And after all of this, after all the tremendous wonders that they saw with their own eyes in Egypt, and the splitting of the Sea and the war with Amalek and the Giving of the Torah with such tremendous signs and wonders, like its written ‘the great signs which you saw with your eyes, and the signs and wonders, etc.’

And after all this to do such an act, to make a calf for themselves as a god…[!?]


But, from all this, each of us can understand just how much free choice we all have, and just how much the Sitra Achra can overcome a person every day, because Hashem Who is Blessed created everything for the sake of free choice, because everything was created for the sake of man. Not for the sake of the angels.

And so too, the opposite, not for the sake of the animals or the plants, etc.

Simply, everything was made for the sake of man, from the beginning to end.

And the main thing is that man has free choice, because it is for this which is his work which is of so great importance, far more than the work of the angels, since they do not have free choice, and a man does have free choice. And it was for this that Hashem created everything, from start to finish.


So, it turns out that everything was created for the sake of free choice, and therefore free choice has great power.

So much so, that Hashem Himself, so to speak, is not able to cancel the free choice without cancelling the world.

Like our sages said, ‘everything is in the hands of heaven, except for the Fear of Heaven’.

And, on account of the greatness of free choice, for which everything was created, therefore the Sitra Achra has the power to overcome each time anew with all types of new confusions and ways to lead astray, such that he had the power to overcome Israel after the Giving of the Torah, so that they would create the golden calf.

And all of this happened because Moshe Rabbenu was absent from them and wasn’t among them.

So, the Satan confused the world until the made the golden calf, like it says there in the parasha, ‘and the people saw that Moshe was delayed…etc.’, [and they said] ‘come let us make for ourselves a god’, ‘because this man, Moshe, we don’t know what has become of him.’


So, it turns out that the main way the Satan overcame them was by hiding Moshe from them, and placing in their hearts the thought that Moshe had now disappeared.

Therefore, he managed to persuade them to do this thing, because on that day the Sitra Achra so powerfully overcame them, that no-one had the power to nullify him, except for Moshe if he had been there.

And this is what it means when it says, ‘and the people saw that Moshe was delayed.’

And our sages explained this [that the word ‘boshesh’ delayed] can be read as ‘ba-shesh’ [the sixth hour came], that it was a cloudy day etc. [ie, that the people thought the day had already passed and Moshe, who had promised to return that day, did not arrive.] That the Satan confused the world so much, such that this day was destined for calamity. And, specifically, at that time, after the six[th hour] had come.

And it was a cloudy day, and so specifically then the Satan had the power to overcome with confusion and heresy like this.

Specifically, on that day and at that time. So much so, that no one had the power to nullify him with anything, except for Moshe Rabbenu himself, who was the Tzadik of that generation.


And, since Moshe was at that time in Heaven, therefore the Satan succeeded at that time.

But, as soon as Moshe came down from the mountain, he subdued him and smashed [the tablets] and nullified the golden calf.

And he went back and received the second set of tablets. And returned to strengthen their emunah. But, even then, it was all in the power of the remainder of the impression of the foundations of emunah which remained engraved in the heart of Israel from the Giving of the Torah.


At the time of Receiving the First Tablets, because on the basis of this foundation of emunah, each and every Tzadik has the power in his generation to clarify to Israel the holy emunah, because on account of this foundation of emunah the Nation of Israel in each generation merit to come close to the True Tzadik, to request and to search for him until they find him.

And like we described above, therefore we need to make an effort to come close to the Tzadik of the generation specifically, so that we will merit that he clarifies for us the holy emunah each time, according to the day and the hour.

Because, even though at the time of the Giving of the Torah, Israel merited emunah through ruach hakodesh, as we described earlier.

And so too, through the Tzadikim and the prophets in each generation, who clarified the emunah each time more and more.

Nevertheless, we ourselves need in this generation to come close to the True Tzadik of this generation, in order that he can clarify for us the emunah according to the current period and time.


Ad kan.

Without a connection to the True Tzaddikim, the ‘Erev Rav’ in our midst will overwhelm us, confuse us and rule us, however ‘holy’ and sincere we ourselves might be.

Because only the ‘Moshe Rabbenu’ of the generation has the power to take them on, and destroy them.


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Yeah, I didn’t forget Pesach is arriving!

Just so busy with all the Jewish history stuff, I haven’t really been paying attention to Pesach-related stuff (aside from cleaning my house….)

So, just a quick post to let you know:

  1. You can do the mitzvah of Kimche dePischa for the families of Shuvu Banim HERE.

I just did that myself, and I feel very happy about it. A lot of these families are truly yireh shemayim, and many of the men are still learning Torah with a lot of mesirut nefesh, in a lot of different ways.

So, highly recommend you pitch in some cash to help see them through Pesach, as we all know the Sages’ dictum that the money for Pesach is two-sided: either you ‘give it’ to others, or you end up needing to ‘get it’ from others.

And I know which side of that coin I’d rather be dealing with.


2. There is a new Haggadah out in English, that contains a whole bunch of Rav Berland’s prayers and Torah insights for Pesach and the Seder night.

Breslov Haggadah


If you are in Israel, you can get one on the site HERE – or come to the Rav’s davening on Ido HaNavi, and ask for the guy who sells the Rav’s books there.

Everyone knows him.

If you are anywhere else in the world, it’s probably better to order it from Amazon HERE, as the shipping will hopefully be free and you’ve got a good chance of getting it before Seder night, if you order it today.

They deliberately left the Rav’s name off the cover, to make it ‘easier’ to use at the Seder table without having to get into discussions with people who still believe everything the MSM tells them is true…



3. My friend Annette has a post with some nice Pesach recipes HERE.

Try her Hazelnut Torte – it’s a really good recipe.


And I don’t really have anywhere to put this info, so I’m just tacking it on here, that the two Ukrainians who were killed in the terror attack in Bnei Brak last week were not Jewish.

So, of a total of 5 people killed in that terror attack, only two were Jewish – which is mind-boggling, as we’re talking about Bnei Brak here.

And there are other strange details about this too, like the fact that the terrorist in Bnei Brak apparently told a group of young Jewish girls to run away, instead of just shooting them.

Sounds more and more to me that he was kind of ‘pressured’ into doing a terror attack, as opposed to eagerly hunting down Jews to kill in the street because he really wanted to.

So, who was doing the ‘pressuring’?

That is the question.








Well,  in the 16 hours or so since I last put a post up, a lots changed.

At 7.51pm, I got an email from a friend asking me if I knew about the prayer gathering – atzeret – being held for the Rav by the Kotel, starting at 8pm.

I didn’t until I got her email, but as I live very close by, after supper me and my husband drove up there, and had the privilege of joining hundreds other people from Shuvu Banim doing 7 Tikkun Haklalis, and one Pirkei Nevurchim.

There was a lot of koach yesterday night in those prayers, a lot of strength.

I’ve been at more of these prayer gatherings than I can count, and I have to say that by the time of the last few outside the prison in Ramla, you could feel that the whole community was getting pretty exhausted.

That’s when we thought the corrupt State of Israel was going to succeed in keeping the Rav behind bars for ever, God forbid.

There was so much yeoush back then, so much despair. And you could feel it in the prayers.

Then of course, everything turned around miraculously, and the very same people who had been persecuting the Rav for decades found themselves behind bars, for the same murder they’d tried to pin on the Rav.

That’s when I really started to believe in open miracles again.


So, back to yesterday.

At the end of the atzeret at the Kotel, I felt pretty good. As I was walking out of the Kotel Plaza, I heard some guy on his phone talking about a pigua – terrorist attack – in Tel Aviv. But I didn’t pay too much attention.

I got home at 11pm and went to bed.

This morning, I learnt that there was a terrorist attack in Bnei Brak yesterday, that apparently started at 8pm – the same time that the prayer gathering began at the Kotel.


That terrorist attack already has its own page at Wikipedia, HERE.

This is some of what it says:

The attack started at around 8:00 PM local time when Hamarsheh began firing at apartment balconies. The gunman then switched to targeting passerby on HaShnaim street, killing two pedestrians at a grocery store and a car driver. Hamarsheh tried to shoot another resident but the gun jammed.

He then left for Herzl street where he shot and killed a man who was trying to prevent his baby from getting killed. Hamarsheh engaged in a gun battle with two police officers who were called in to confront him, ending in the terrorist’s death. An officer was brought to Rabin Medical Center where he died from his injuries.

The attack came shortly after a man killed four people in Beersheba and two Islamic State terrorists killed two police officers in Hadera.

The perpetrator was identified by police as a Palestinian from Ya’bad. The Times of Israel reported that he was a 26-year old named Diaa Hamarsheh. According to the Jerusalem Post he was a Fatah affiliate who had been imprisoned in 2015 for charges of supporting terrorism as well as arms trafficking.


This morning, I went to pray by the Saba’s kever in Har Hamenuchat with a friend.

She told me that she knows Bnei Brak quite well, and she can’t understand why the terrorist would have gone to a side street like HaShnaim street to start trying to kill people, God forbid.

According to her, he needed to drive through some very busy streets like Jabotinsky, crammed with people and pedestrians, to get to the relatively quiet HaShnaim street. There’s nothing much on that street except a makolet and the Chabad yeshiva.



Then, I got home and I found this email:

Apparently 2 of the victims shot yesterday in Bnei Brak are Ukrainians and it’s unclear for long they had been in Israel.


They haven’t released the names of the Ukrainians yet, so no-one has any idea if they are even Jewish, or not.


Then, I had two conversations with my daughters, both of whom are feeling ‘weird’, sad – and not a little scared.

These girls were going to school in the Old City at the height of the ‘stabbing intifada’ in Jerusalem, a few years’ back.

And the youngest one was hanging out at bus stops on dangerous roads in the shtachim, waiting for buses or hitch-hiking, in the middle of the night, when the Arabs were shooting up bus stops all around that area.

She in particular doesn’t ‘scare’ so easily.

But today, she told me’s feeling scared, in these words:

It feels to me that they are killing way more people than they usually do. That it’s not just knives now, but real guns. And that the State of Israel can’t seem to stop them from doing this. And it’s also weird to me that it’s happening all over the country, not just in a particular place like Jerusalem.


For me personally, I’m wondering how we can have a police State of Israel, with facial recognition AI cameras literally set up at every crossroads and on every major thoroughfare in the whole country now – and apparently, the Shabak has no idea that a gun-running terrorist from Jenin who was in prison in 2015 is about to commit a terror attack in Bnei Brak with an M16?

AI facial recognition cameras can be ‘programmed’ to specifically recognise a face, or a particular feature, and to follow that ‘face’ or ‘feature’ around.

If the State of Israel somehow ‘forgot’ to program these known terrorists into the ‘facial recognition’ function of these cameras – then why the heck do we have these cameras in the first place?

(It’s a side point, but it seems they also ‘forgot’ to program the faces of suspected pedophiles into these facial recognition cameras, too….)


So, lots and lots has changed in the last 24 hours.

Not for the first time, it seems that the Rav called an atzeret to try and sweeten a decree that could have been way worse, even though 5 dead people is already 5 worlds lost.

As mentioned above, it makes no sense that a terrorist would get out of his car on a busy street like Jabotinsky – then make his way over to a sleepy side street to start trying to kill people.

I’m also waiting for the names of these two Ukrainian victims to be released, so we can understand a little more about how they happened to be in the line of fire in Bnei Brak.

And lastly, it seems to me that someone in the corrupt State of Israel has pressed the ‘terrorist on’ button again, to try and distract us from something they don’t want us to be paying attention to.

They did that last year, too, when the ‘terrorist on’ button got flipped very soon after they killed 45 Jews in Meron with Directed Energy Weapons – and realised that they’d left way more ‘clues’ behind than they intended to.


Remember, ultimately God is behind all this.

And also remember that this world is just a corridor, a world of ‘fixing’, where the soul comes to be refined and purged of all its dross, often in some very painful ways, before it gets back to the real, permanent, spiritual world.

I keep saying this, but it bears repeating: we have no idea who we were in a previous life, nor what ‘bad’ we did, that we got reincarnated in this lifetime to pay down and fix, somehow.

Nothing is happening ‘stam’, this is all spiritual unfinished business.

That doesn’t make all these deaths ‘ok’, and it for sure doesn’t excuse – in any way! – the murderers.

But it does make all this a little easier to bear, as we continue to lurch closer towards geula.

I have the feeling it’s going to be pretty hectic, between now and Pesach.

So hold on to your teshuva, charity and tefillot, keep saying your tikkun haklali, and start talking to God every day, if you aren’t doing that already.

Because God isn’t done shaking the blanket.



This is from Debka file, HERE:

 A common factor in all three was that all the perpetrators were on the books of the security authorities and two at least served time for security offenses. Yet their conspiracies were not picked up.

What does this sound like to you, that the ‘security authorities’ didn’t know what was going to happen – three times in a row, with automatic weaponry, by members of ‘ISIS’ – or the opposite?

That the State decided to flip the ‘terrorist on’ switch?




This is part of a comment left on the Tomer Devorah site, HERE. I think he’s on to something – that it’s actually not the corrupt ‘State of Israel’ itself that is flipping the ‘terrorist on’ switch, but the even more corrupt Americans, via (Jewish CFR member….) Antony Blinken:

Some days ago, the Americans “complained” because the Israeli pawns tried to not take clear side against the Russians, and Blinken came here to put the things straight….Suddenly , ISIS started operations in Eretz Israel…..May Hashem take revenge against the enemies of His people…

Man, enough is enough already. That country is literally neck-high in blood, murder and corruption.


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I was so disturbed by the implications of that last post, I had to take a few days off.

Honestly, I was also asking God some hard questions, about why He’s continuing to let this awful evil happen, especially to innocent children.

After a couple of days of difficult thoughts about that subject, I finally got some peace of mind back again, when I remembered what the Baal Shem Tov taught, about every single thing being a ‘tikkun’ for previous lives.

Who knows what we did, and who we were in our past lives.

Who knows, how many people we hurt, in terrible ways.

I also read something from the Rav, Rav Berland, that he said last week, and that really helped me a lot, and which BH I will try to translate later this week for the blog.


Point is, for a few days I just wanted to shut up the laptop and do a ‘Prophet Yonah’.

I really wanted to run away from all the ‘bad’ in the world, and just kind of circle the horses, and wait for Moshiach to show up quietly, without sticking my neck out any more.

I shut down all my tabs.

I started talking about spending my time doing more painting, and way less writing again….

And then, yesterday, I came across this, on a Telegram channel I went to check out because they had a picture of how our murderous, evil corrupt governments are even sticking 5…G transmitters down manhole covers, too – of course, without telling anyone.

Here’s that first picture:


But here’s the thing that really caught my attention:


Really, that’s all I want to do on this blog, is to encourage you to find the truth for yourself.

That’s why I’m very happy to post up conflicting opinions and opposing views, as long as they are phrased respectfully (and sometimes, even when they aren’t, depending on how many ‘diamonds’ I feel I need, at that moment.)

I’m not a paid-for-propaganda machine, trying to convince you that only my brand, my way, my political party, my ideas are the ones that are right.

I have my personal beliefs, that I’ve invested a great deal of prayer and inquiry and teshuva into, and I’ll defend those because they are part of me.

But mostly, I’m just trying to share impartial information about what is going on with 5…G, or the war in Ukraine, or the terrible child abuse occurring at all levels of the Jewish community, frum or otherwise, so you can make up your own minds.

Jews are meant to question, we’re meant to challenge, we’re meant to keep searching for the truth, however uncomfortable that makes us, and the people around us.

God’s seal is truth, don’t forget.


When I came across this meme, it kind of shone a path for me, out of some of the difficulties I’m having about how to share information in a ‘safe’ way.

Now I see, I don’t need to spell anything out, I just need to lay out some links, and let you, the reader, do your own research, and come to your own conclusions, whatever they may be.

Same way as I did.

So, here’s some dots, and please connect them yourselves, in any way you see fit:

This screenshot comes from HERE:


This screenshot comes from HERE:



Here’s a short video from Regavim about that secret tunnel:


And here is my last post:


Now, do your own investigations, and come to your own conclusions.



I feel a huge weight lifting off.

Sometimes, I feel like there is no way that we can ever ‘beat’ all the evil that’s controlling the world right now. They have our police, judiciary and military in their pockets. They control our media, our schools – and even most of our ‘rabbis’.

But then my soul starts whispering to me again: Ein Od Milvado.

That all this is really just a puppet show, carefully designed to bring the truth out of ourselves, and to encourage us to stop lying to ourselves, and to work on our own bad middot and lack of emuna.

When I remember that, it gives me a lot of hope, that this can and will turn around for the good, very soon.

Each person that reconnects to ‘truth’ within themselves – to God, essentially – removes the evil ‘world of lies’ from that part of creation.

And there are thousands, maybe even millions, of people actively engaged in that process now, every single day.


We get to geula one step at a time, one soul at a time, one ‘enlightened’, honest, courageous person at a time.

There is no other way.

And when I remember that, it gives me the koach to continue, because that’s when I realise that everything that is going on right now is actually bringing us leaps and bounds closer to that time of true goodness for all of humanity.

And then, I can tolerate the world again.

Just about.


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I gave you a lot to read this week (!) so this is just a shorter post, to draw some more conclusions.

I was reading through some more info and comments on all these ‘Jewish orphans’ from war-torn Ukraine – who may, or really may not be Jewish at all.

As I said in THIS post, it seems highly unlikely that a city like Odessa, with a Jewish population of 12,500 in 2012, would have 350 Jewish  orphans that need shipping out to Israel.

(BTW, on the ‘Tikva’ website HERE, they now say the Jewish community has grown to 45,000 Jews. That also sounds like a massive increase, in just 10 years, but what do I know…)


Commentator Inna said this:

I live in the community that is very active supporters of Tikva orphanage in Odessa.

Constant fundraising and gala parties with art sales and fashion shows in New York. To a normal mind from former Soviet Union knowing who the Jews were there it is almost impossible to conceive that there are Jewish orphans.
Never saw a Jewish mom leave her child. If not the mom then family would take over.

It is just not in our blood to leave kids.


Here’s a screenshot from the Tikva website, talking about how many orphans they’ve saved in the last 20 years:


Again, I’m not saying they aren’t working with orphans, and doing a bunch of good things.

For sure, they must be doing some stuff with kids, in Odessa.

What I’m questioning, tho, is whether these kids are really Jewish?

And when I read things like ‘there are still 2,500 desperate Jewish children waiting to be rescued’ – in a community of 45,000 Jews – I find those figures very hard to believe, honestly.


Then over email, I got this from someone else, also talking about this Tikva orphanage in Odessa:

Apparently some organisation called Tikvah raised $1.6 million for Jewish orphans in Ukraine:
This organization has a strange feel to me. They even have a CEO, Refael Kruskal, who says he’s Haredi and the Kyiv Chief Rabbi, and they have a large board of trustees (who all work for free, right?).
Their website makes it sound like Ukraine is some sort of 3rd world country where rachmana litzlan. Jewish orphans roam the streets (not true). But I guess that’s how you raise funds….
Arutz 7 had an article about “refugees from Ukraine” landing on an aliyah flight, including the “Chief Rabbi.” 
[Ed note: This was R Shlomo Baksht. You can read about him HERE – on a Wikipedia page that was clearly started by a great admirer of his, just two days ago.]

Now I really wonder where they are taking these kids in Medinat Yisroel.

From the pictures of the buses, it looks to me like Chabad’s so-called 140 orphans and this organisation’s so-called 170 orphans are one and the same and a lot of tzedekah is being raised off this ‘story.’

When I read this stuff together this morning, a few cogs started to whir in my brain about another possible angle to all this.

This headline comes from HERE, from March 2021:

Despite the fact that they have the Knesset bought and sold; and the Chief Rabbinate bought and sold, and so many ‘leading Rabbis’ secretly working for them, the Frankist-Freemasons who run the State of Israel still know that they can’t shove this law down the public’s throat, without a huge amount of pushback from the regular Jews who live here.

Even ‘secular’ Jews, even Jews who don’t consider themselves to be a tiny bit religious – most of those Jews in Israel simply won’t agree with this law, to accept Reform and Conservative ‘conversions’, thereby totally corrupting the definition of ‘who is a Jew’ forever more, in the State of Israel.

This is a line in the sand that 99% of the Jewish population just won’t cross.

So….what could change their mind?

How about a bunch of cute, war-torn orphans from Ukraine – with no papers, and big questions about whether they are even Jewish at all?

Who wouldn’t want to ‘bend the rules’ – just a bit! – to get these cute orphan kids pronounced ‘Jewish’ so they can stay in Israel, regardless of the enormous, destructive precedent that would then set for the rest of the Jews here?
What, you’re going to call these poor, orphan kids’ ‘Jewishness’ into question?!?!?
It’s all just a puppet theatre, a big show, to manipulate the public into falling into line with the real Frankist-Freemason agenda.
(In case you were asleep, the real agenda is to totally uproot authentic Judaism in the State of Israel.)
Sigh again.

Take a look at this wonderful piece of State of Israel propaganda:

It’s a bunch of singing Bnei Akiva girls, welcoming refugees from Kyiv, that just got brought to Israel by United Hatzalah.

How many of these refugees are really halachically Jewish?

Who cares!!!
There’s a war going on.
Only a monster would ask a question like that…
Again, the timing of all this is just SOOOO perfect.

Conversions are about to become the big news again in Israel, as soon as Lapid gets to finally sit in the PM’s chair.

There is nothing like 100,000 newly-arrived Ukrainian refugees in Israel – many of whom probably AREN’T halachically Jewish, because I doubt highly that anyone spent a few weeks checking out ketubas before they flew them out of Kiev this week – to totally ignite the emotional aspect of this debate, to steamroller any objections about ‘halacha needing to be followed’.


Next, I also got an email that said this:

Listen from minute 16 about Chabad in Russia:

This is an interview between R Dovid Smith (who happens to be a US chabadnik) and Tamar Yonah.
Around the 16 minute mark, R Smith basically starts explaining that a lot of the Chabad rabbis in Russia are basically working for the State, and are being controlled and monitored by the spooks there to ‘run propaganda’ for Putin, and affect public opinion (and government policy) in the West.
Amongst other things.

There is a lot more to say on the topic of the real connections between Chabad and communism.

I’m pulling the pieces together more and more each week, and BH, we’ll get to it soon.
But I thought the interview with R Smith is at least a giant step in the right direction, because we have to stop buying into Chabad propaganda that everything they do is good, and flawless, and amazing, and beyond question.
There are some very dark things going on, behind the mask.

No-one gets to be in the corridors of power like that, unless they are providing an invaluable service to the people there.

And the people in those corridors of powers, at least at the very top, are, without exception, evil scummers who will do anything to maintain their popularity, power and position.
(And that’s the best you can say about them…. The real truth about just how corrupt all this is hasn’t really got out there yet. But it will, BH.)
So…. lots to digest.
Lots to process.
But above all, keep questioning EVERYTHING, and don’t let the MSM and the propaganda take over your mind and soul with their lies and propaganda.
Every single Jew, every single person, who continues to strive to do the birur, and strives to find the truth in the midst of all the lives literally affects hundreds, or maybe thousands of others.
Keep holding up that small candle of ‘wanting the truth’.

Because that’s what is really lighting the path towards geula and Moshiach.

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