It’s hard to hang on at the moment.

Here in Israel, they are trying to take our minds off the State-sponsored murder of 45 people at Meron – and its subsequent cover up – by trying to start another war with the Arabs, this time focused on Har HaBayit and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

I live a 15 minute walk from Har HaBayit, and on Friday night I headed down there with one of my kids, to go and remind myself that Am Yisrael Chai v’kayam!!!

The whole walk down the ‘Derech HaShalom’ road was creepy.


I literally didn’t see another person, or even another car, until I got to the bottom of the Mount Zion carpark entrance, where there were two Border Police standing.

These days, I find it very hard to relate to the police with anything but suspicion and dislike, and it’s a struggle for me to keep that out of my face, so I turned away from them and walked down the steps, behind the bus stops at the Dung Gate, to the entrance in the wall just before it.

Baruch Hashem, there were relatively a lot of people at the Kotel, still, and for the first time in a year, I could approach the wall with no barriers, no ‘corona stewards’, no time limits on how long I was allowed to stand there.


I stayed five minutes, then turned around to come home.

I got to the pedestrian entrance next to the main Dung Gate, where the cars and buses drive out, to find that in the meantime, someone had blocked it up with a police-issue double gate.

I stared at it, totally perplexed, for a few seconds.

Ima, this is starting to be a bit creepy, my daughter stage-whispered to me.

How did they get this gate up so fast? And why are they blocking the exit?

I didn’t know the answer to either of those questions.

In the meantime, I took the opportunity – with my daughter – to see close up how these police double-gates work, and how they are impossible to ‘tip over’ when interlocked, and how you can only try to kind of move the standing gate forward or backwards, with a lot of pressure.

I came home with the idea I had to look into the gates at Meron a little closer.


Mount Zion carpark was also now blocked off, with lots of red police tape.

There was just a very strange feeling in the air, and I turned and said to my daughter:

I hope they aren’t going to try and pull another ‘false flag’ stunt here tonight.


The last few weeks, (months…. years….. decades…..) we’ve been bombarded by one manufactured, pre-meditated ‘crisis’ after another.

Remember the manufactured ‘Tik Tok Intifada, from a couple of weeks ago?

That didn’t take off as planned, and mushroom into a full-on war between Jews and Arabs in Israel, so then the government had to go back to the drawing board, to try to figure out something else.

Then we had more ‘manufactured panic’ about Iran and it’s nuclear weapon, with lots more sabre-rattling on both sides.

Then, we had the pre-meditated murder at Meron, which was meant to have been WAY WORSE then it actually turned out, thanks to some enormous miracles that prevented the bleachers that were held up with just one screw in the Toldos Aharon complex from collapsing.

If that had happened as planned, no-one would even have known that the only exit out had been deliberately blocked by the police.

And the Jewish religious world both in Israel and abroad would have been dealt an unspeakably heavy blow that would have taken at least a generation to recover from.


Immediately afterwards, there was the ‘manufactured-to-order’ terrorist attack up in the Tapuach junction, that killed one young man and seriously injured two others.

But still, the ‘crisis’ didn’t ignite properly, to enable our dear leader to continue his dictatorship indefinitely, under the banner of a ‘serious security crisis’ that would sweep all such pesky details as not having a mandate to govern under the rug.

So now – we are back to the tried-and-tested formula of ‘violence on the Temple Mount’ and ‘rockets from Gaza’.


It’s taken me years and years to realise this, but now it’s so obvious:

All of these things, all of these ‘crises’ and ‘wars’ and ‘conflicts’ and ‘disasters’ – they are all being planned and executed by exactly the same people.

Our leaders and politicians are just puppets, and the real power lies behind them.

And that ‘real power’ is the one who sets one people against another, and who invents mythical ‘Covid 19’ pandemics, and who orders rockets to be fired from Gaza, and airstrikes to be made in Syria, and Arabs to start rioting on the Temple Mount.

And Jews to be killed en masse, in Meron.


I was discussing all this fake news, all this ‘manipulated reality’ with one of my friends, who like me, is finding it hard to hang on sometimes.

So much apathy… so much yeoush… so many lies being told, so little it seems we can do, to really fight against ‘the powers that be’ that have all the money, the connections, the clout.

When she told me this:

Rivka, I was reading the story of someone who was being crushed to death in Meron, and who almost gave up. He said later that he had a friend there on the wall, who was dripping water on to his head and telling him:

Just hang for one more minute! In one more minute, this will all be over! Just hang on one more minute!

And that’s what got him through.

And that’s what is going to get us through, too.


I’m also here, trying to hang on one more minute, as the air around me fills with more police sirens and more ‘manufactured violence’ again.

After this Covid-19 year, after Meron, after all the other stuff we’ve all been going through, it’s very hard to keep going some days.

Some days, I just want to stop the world and get off, and go and find some quiet corner where I can just sit and wait out the rest of these ‘birth pangs of Moshiach’.

But then, I remind myself:

Just one minute.

Just hang on for one more minute, don’t give up.

Because salvation from all this evil is so very close.

And it comes in the blink of an eye.


PS: I found video of the actor who was at Meron, whose ‘director’ asked me to hold his tripod while I was praying there last week.

It’s probably the worst acting I’ve seen in a very long time, honestly, and shortly after this clip at the ramp is when all those arguments started up.

When you watch this, you’ll see why.

As Rav Pinto said months ago, all the ‘news’ is bought and paid for.



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When I took the car up to Meron on Monday, I didn’t really know why I was going.

I mean, it was already three days after the disaster, what did I think I was going to find, or see, that hadn’t already been cleaned away or covered up?

But still, my heart was giving me no peace, and so I found myself arriving in Meron at approximately Monday lunchtime.

I was surprised to see it was still full of people, so much so that parking was difficult.

Somehow, I still got a spot right next to the complex, and then I set out to try to find out what I was actually doing there.


I walked around the bleachers area first, where Toldos Aharon had lit their bonfire, and where 20,000 people had been pinned into an area with just one exit, instead of the four exits the Israel Fire and Rescue Association had recommended in their report.

There were still some of the police barriers at the top of the stairs leading down from Rashbi’s tomb, that they hadn’t managed to pack away yet.

I glared at them, then walked around all the bleachers, trying to see if any of them – or anything else at the back there – looked like it had ‘collapsed’, even a little bit, like all those strange media reports rushed to tell us had happened.

(More on that a little later.)


Everything looked sturdy, normal, solid.


Then, I had no idea where the tragedy had actually occurred, and I wasn’t about to start asking people to show me.

That just didn’t seem appropriate.

So, I found a quiet corner inside the women’s section of Rashbi’s tomb, and decided to eat my sandwich, while I pondered what to do next.

God, I don’t know why you sent me here today, or what you want me to really ‘do’. I don’t even know where this place is, and I’m not going to ask. So, if you want me to find, or to do something, please show me. 

Otherwise, I’m just going to say some of the Rav’s ‘Perakim Nivcharim’ for the souls of the departed, and go home…


I finished my sandwich, benched, then headed out the front of the complex.

An old lady was sat on a bench, chewing a boureka. She looked me up and down, then told me:

If you came to light a candle, it’s down there.

She pointed me down to the left side of the Rashbi complex, into a dark ‘tunnel’ of corrugated white metal that I only learnt afterwards was put up by the authorities ‘especially for L’ag B’omer’.

I walked down it, and I came to a small group of people, all chareidi, mostly men, who were standing at the bottom of the stairs and lighting candles for the souls of the departed.

I’d brought my camera, but it just didn’t seem ‘appropriate’ to start taking pictures then.


There was a stillness, a heaviness, a sense of palpable yeoush, when I first got there.

I overheard one man telling his three young daughters a little of his experience being caught in that killer crush on L’ag B’omer, but when they started to ask questions, he sighed heavily and said let’s not speak of it any more.

A dagger went through my heart when I heard that, because if we DON’T speak about it, then the people who planned all this are going to win! They are going to get away with it again!

But I understood him.

So, feeling some of that yeoush myself, that there was nothing more to do there in Meron, I found somewhere to sit near to the steps, and I pulled out the ‘Perakim Nivcharim’.


Three minutes later, a camera crew showed up accompanying a man who’d lost someone in the crush on L’ag B’omer, who had come to place a memorial candle.

The main reporter looked at me, and asked me if I was planning to be there for a while. I nodded. So then he whipped out his expensive camera tripod, and asked me to ‘keep it safe’ for him.

I kind of rolled my eyes at him – but OK. Whatever. 

All of a sudden, I got the idea in my head that something in the spiritual equation was changing, over there by the steps, and that some of the fire and passion and energy to NOT just roll over and let them keep killing religious Jews was sparking back up.


All of a sudden, I heard voices raised, as a massive argument erupted between an older ‘dati leumi’ sightseer who was trying to tell three teenage boys who had been caught in the crush that night that ‘there was no barrier across the exit’.

There were other people there who’d also been in that murderous crush, and also seen people die in front of the faces because the exit had been blocked by the police – but that older dati leumi guy was having none of it.

The police would never do something like that!!! 

He kept screaming, totally enraged by the suggestion that the police had blocked the exit, and that’s what had killed the 45 martyrs.

How can you say such things about the police?!? You should be ashamed of yourselves, to be saying such things as this holy spot!!!


An older man, a quiet type, who had also been there on the night came up and corroborated what the teens were telling the dati leumi guy:

There was a barrier here, my friend.

At that point, the dati leumi guy totally lost his cool, and stalked away muttering loud curses against all these people who were ‘speaking lashon hara and spreading sinat chinam’ against the police.

Why are you running away?! 

One of the teens called out after him.

Come back and listen to what he is telling you!!

But that was the very last thing the dati leumi guy wanted to do, because then his worldview of ‘the Israeli police’ – and probably a bunch of other things ‘State of Israel’ related – was going to come crashing down.

After 60+ years of brainwashing that the State of Israel, and its institutions, is only good, and only helpful, and only cares about the Jews…. Well.

You can see why he had to walk away, to preserve his sanity.


At that point, I’d finished my tehillim.

And the camera guy had retrieved his tripod.

So, I came over to the teens, and to a couple of the older men standing there, and eavesdropped on their conversation, while I started to snap a few photos.

That’s where I heard first-hand accounts of people fainting – and then dying – while the police looked on.

Of kids throwing up and passing out, as their fathers begged for assistance, while the police looked on.

Of how more and more people had been sent down that already packed and dangerously overcrowded metal ramp, that no-one knew had been blocked by the police at the bottom.

And then standing there, hearing those first-hand accounts and seeing the place where it had all happened with my own eyes, it was obvious that they were telling the truth.


The clarity of what had happened by the stairs that night suddenly blared out like a foghorn.

While I took a few more pictures, to share with my readers here on the blog, another camera crew from Channel 13 showed up, together with an assorted group of police officers, all in smartly pressed shirts and stiff uniforms.

This (very small….) group of police officers were being hailed as ‘heroes of Meron’ by the Channel 13 interviewer, who tried to position them by the steps where 45 people had been crushed and asphyxiated to death, thanks to the police.

Except, the interview kept getting interrupted by a very determined young yeshiva bochur, who kept repeating, loudly, the same mantra, over and over again.

Kol haKovod to the police who helped, and we love you as our brothers – but who put the barrier across the exit?


The group didn’t like that question.

And they were also being heckled by the three teens who started calling them ‘murderers’ and ‘nazis’ – not exactly the ‘feel’ they were after for their ‘heroes of Meron’ interview – so they decided to try again, by heading further down to the bottom bleachers.

The determined young yeshiva bochur followed them down there, and that’s when I started to take pictures of this obviously staged and heavily-managed Channel 13 interview with the ‘heroes of Meron’ – all three of them.

(It’s a side point, but my daughter told me she didn’t see any police on the night helping to carry stretchers.

It was the first responders, helped by a lot of the bystanders. So it’s amazing Channel 3 managed to dig up a whole three ‘heroes of Meron’ in police uniform. But I digress.)


Thanks to the heckling from the teens and the determined young yeshiva bochur, the Channel 13 TV crew had to keep changing locations, trying to find somewhere where they could shake them off.

They set up again, directly in front of the Rashbi complex – and at this point, the three heckling teenagers left the party.

Now, the Channel 13 TV crew were surrounded by lots of the sightseers who’d come down to light candles and see what had happened.

They were on more friendly territory again, surrounded by more of the dati leumi crowd who were raised to believe the State of Israel and its institutions are a holy, good ‘peel’ around the fruit.

This time, when the interviewer started again, with the ‘heroes of Meron’, there were at least three dati leumi people there trying to get the determined young yeshiva bochur to shut up:

Kol haKovod to the police who helped, and we love you as our brothers – but who put the barrier across the exit?


Why are you saying that?! What’s your problem?! 

Some older dati leumi guy started screaming at him, before telling him he should take off his tefillin, because he wasn’t acting the way a religious Jew should.

Some other guy told him to stop bothering the TV crew, and the ‘heroes of Meron’, and to go back to learning Torah, instead.

Then, an Arab cleaner came up and told him:

Leave them alone, God will deal with them.

(Which was actually the most cogent argument out of all of the people trying to shut the yeshiva bochur up.)


But now, the yeshiva bochur had really gotten under the skin of the Channel 13 TV crew.

I mean, the nerve of the guy.

There they were, trying to do an interview with the three police (out of who knows how many hundreds….) who’d actually made an effort to try to save some Jewish lives during the disaster on L’ag B’omer, and here was this guy, ruining it all, by asking a question about who had actually put the barrier across the exit that had directly lead to the deaths of 45 people.

I mean, c’mon!

What you are doing is a chillul Hashem!!! The Channel 13 interviewer screamed at the yeshiva bochur, while one of the cameraman actually tried to punch him.

In the meantime, the ‘heroes of Meron’ were starting to look increasingly uncomfortable, while the police handlers who were flanking them were just looking plain angry.


The yeshiva bochur, to his credit, stood his ground, and just kept repeating over and over again:

Kol haKovod to the police who helped, and we love you as our brothers – but who put the barrier across the exit?

At that point, one of the older dati leumi guys who’d been trying to shut him up leaned over and said to one of the police handlers, a woman, the following:

Honestly, it’s a good question. Who did put the barrier across the exit? And why did they block the exit in the first place?

At that point, some of the angry arrogance in her face evaporated, and she started to look very uncomfortable.

There’s an answer to that question, she snapped back.

I’d also like to hear it,  I chimed in.

Who did put the barrier across the exit, and why did they do it?

The policewoman turned her back on us, throwing over her shoulder:

There is no-one here to talk to.


And that, dear reader, is when I knew that this time around, the police, the government, are not going to be able to cover this up.

As the interview continued, another man walked past and called out angrily:

We know you are paying off the families of the victims, so they won’t lodge complaints against you.

And so, another piece of the puzzle slotted into place, as to why the ‘heroes of Meron’ were being welcomed into shiva homes where everyone was clearly very uncomfortable, and unhappy, that they were there, despite all the carefully choreographed shots of ‘grateful hugging’.


While all this was going on, one of the quiet, elder men who had been caught in the deadly crush asked the Channel 13 crowd if they’d liked to interview him, about his experiences on the night.

Of course, they didn’t.

I mean, who wants to hear first-hand testimony from someone who saw with his own eyes how the police in Meron deliberately blocked the one exit out of the Toldos Aharon complex, in the middle of a segment about the ‘heroes of Meron’?!

What was the man thinking?

How could he think that these journalists from Channel 13 were interested in getting to the truth?

Tut tut.


Today, as I write this, I know that there is still an uphill battle ahead of us, to get the real story out there.

But I can feel in my bones that this time, IT WILL GET OUT THERE.

My email is full of people bringing their own piece of the puzzle to this attempt to find clarity and justice.

Too many people are asking questions, too many people can’t sleep at night, too many stories are leaking out about what the police did, and didn’t do that night in Meron.

The desperate ‘spin’ will continue for a little while longer, but I can tell you one thing about our craven media:

As soon as they realise that the general public is not buying their lies anymore, they will instantly ‘switch sides’, in an attempt to save their own credibility (and jobs….).

We aren’t there yet, but I’m starting to see the beginning of that process, in some of the pieces I’m reading, and some of the stories that are starting to make it into the mainstream.


If ‘the media’ becomes irrelevant – if more of us wake up and realise that they are just government-sponsored propagandists, paid to manipulate the gullible public – then they will be out of a job.

And things are stretched so far in that direction now with the ‘story’ they’ve been telling about Meron, they will have to ping back hard and fast, if they want to keep being able to fool us, that they at least sometimes tell the truth.

There is blood in the water now.

The police and the politicians and everyone else who planned murder in Meron this year will be exposed, and justice will be done for the 45 victims.

It’s just a matter of time.


Kol haKovod to the police who helped, and we love you as our brothers – but who put the barrier across the exit?

And why?



Israel National News put up this article this morning (for 5 minutes…):



In documentation obtained by Channel 13 News, ambulances can be seen evacuating the injured, but not allowed to return and treat other injured people who are still at the compound. “We were not allowed to enter the site, the police blocked us,” the paramedics claimed.


And more first-hand testimony is coming out, that the single exit out of the Toldos Aharon complex was blocked by 10 burly policemen, who were pushing people back up the stairs and the ramp, just before the ‘disaster’ (in Hebrew):

Google translated snippet:

“[Q]uite a few dozen seconds after we passed the entrance to the path, a lot of policemen and at least one policewoman came to the entrance to the path and blocked the exit.

Anyone who knows this area at the time of L’ag B’Omer, this year and every year knows that police officers do not walk around in the mehadrin area at all [i.e. the area cordoned off for just men]… And certainly there are no policewomen in the whole area.

Suddenly at least 10 policemen appeared in one shot?!?! They were at the ‘disaster’ long before the first responders and Magen Dovid Adam !! And after the disaster – most of them (not all!) did not reach out at all… they were not determined and urgent to help, to say the least.”


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Ten minutes ago, I got back from Meron.

***Update: Video of police blocking the exit in Meron, below***

Or at least, I got back from trying to be in Meron. We left at 1.30am, and the plan was to get there for around 4.00 ish so we could catch the last bonfires and daven the sunrise minyan.

At around 2.30am, I got a frantic phone call from my daughter, who had got a job as a sadranit in the tomb of Rashbi this year.

Her job was to move the crowds of women in the kever along, so no-one would stay more than a few minutes inside.

She – sadly – had a birds’ eye view of everything that was happening outside.


I had no idea that anything was going on.

The first thing I knew was when my daughter called me up sobbing hysterically that ‘lots of people had got mashed outside’ and 15 people (at that point) had died.

What? What are you saying?

She tried to explain that people had got crushed in ‘the new way that the police built’ – and I was really struggling to understand what she was saying.

But as soon as I understood that the police had built a new, blocked off ‘way’, and that’s where people had been crushed to death – I felt in my bones that whatever had happened in Meron, this was no accident.


Yesterday, before I went up, I read a bunch of yucky warnings from the Israeli government bemoaning how they wouldn’t be able to enforce their ‘green passports’ in Meron, and making ominous statements like this:

A senior official involved in preparing the plan for Lag Ba’omer on Thursday told Kan News that, “Anyone going to Meron needs to know that his blood is on his own head, and that he may be exposed to coronavirus patients who are walking around unsupervised.”

Even in Covid-19 world, the statements sounded totally OTT and melodramatic.

Now, I’m wondering if it wasn’t someone trying to warn people away because they knew what was going to go down there.


So we’re driving up in half-stunned silence, when my friend in the USA starts texting me updates.

What actually happened? I asked her, as our cars always seem to have difficulty picking up the radio, even when I want them to.

The bleachers collapsed, she wrote back.

Ah. That made more sense…. I know Meron well, and I just couldn’t understand how so many people – at that point 30 – could be crushed to death the way it’s normally configured – at least not outside the tomb itself.

Then I was thinking about it, and I thought:

How would the bleachers collapse, just like that? They are permanent structures?

Again, the horrible thought arose that what had happened couldn’t be an accident.


On the approach to Karmiel, where we usually park n’ ride, we passed a convoy of around 12 ambulances, one after another, with lights blaring, on the other side of the road.

That’s when the tragedy started to get real for me, and I started to feel pretty sad.

In the meantime, I had more texts coming in from various people, and was checking on another teen in my home who’d gone up to Meron.

Thank God he was OK, physically, but he was caught in the middle of the crush and found himself stepping on other people.

As soon as I finish typing, I’m doing a pidyon nefesh for him, and for my daughter, to hopefully avert any massive PTSD trauma from experiencing all this.


There was a lot of weird stuff going on.

Usually, you can’t get past Karmiel on the 85 into Meron, but while their were police cars on the road, they didn’t stop us.

Or anyone else.

So, we travelled on to Tsfat, and arranged to try and meet our daughter there, once the transportation out of Meron would start up again.

In the car on the way, I got another text from my friend in the USA:

Do you think this was planned by the government?

> Yes.

It just came to me after I lit my candles for the souls of those killed.

> It was my first thought.


My husband counselled me not to jump to conclusions, but my heart was whispering to me all night that this was no accident.

In Tsfat, we drove down to the old cemetery, and I went to say some Pirchei Nevorchim for the people who were dead and injured.

Or at least, I tried to.

For the first 20 minutes or so, I just felt kind of numb.

I was watching all the blue and red lights whizz up and down the road leading from Tsfat to Meron. In the dark, they really stood out.

Then, a group of chareidi men started trying to dance and sing a little, on the men’s side, and I had such mixed feelings about that, even though I know Rabbenu teaches that dancing cancels the harsh decrees.


As I was sitting there pondering all this, I got another text from my friend in the USA:

It’s a privilege to dance before the fire of Hashem. I think we need to dance before Hashem more.

How did she know, what I was looking at right then, and what I was thinking?


As the sun started to rise, I had the Ari pretty much to myself, as all the men went to daven netz.

I was in text contact with the teenagers stuck in Meron, and as the magnitude of what had happened sunk in a bit more – and what they both saw and witnessed – I started davening fervently that they shouldn’t have any long-lasting PTSD from all this.

And that somehow, this horrible incident should lead to some ‘healing’ for them, and for Am Yisrael, and not more pain and heartache and destruction.


It took my kid more than 3 hours to make the short trip between Meron and Tsfat.

The buses were jammed on the road, hardly moving.

When she finally showed up, I just gave her a big hug, as she settled down in the back of the car to sleep.

She didn’t want to talk, just sleep.

It’s an escape route from reality.

I totally get it.


In the car on the way home, more texts arrived from other friends who knew we were going up to Meron, checking we were OK.

And also telling me that no bleachers had collapsed after all.

So, what really happened?


That argument will probably continue to rage for the next few weeks.

But here’s what I read when I came home and logged on to see ‘official news reports’ of the tragedy:

Some of the pilgrims blamed the police for locking the gatherers in closed off areas, and essentially creating the crowd that then led to the stampede. 
“A policeman saw the crowd but instead of opening an escape path for people, he threatened them with pepper spray,” Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Yossi Daitch who was at the scene told the Behadrei Hadarim website. 
United Hatzalah CEO Eli Pollack told The Jerusalem Post that the incident occurred when large crowds of people streamed into a closed-in complex, crushing dozens of people against fences
Two hours before the unfathomable mass casualty occurred, Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Yossi Deitsch warned the police that a tragedy was imminent, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

Deitsch told B’Chadrei that he took part in the Boyaner hadlaka two hours before the tragedy and already then he felt the dangerous crushing force of the crowd. “I was being crushed in an unprecedented manner,” he said.

Due to the crowding, he decided to give up on his usual custom of standing and davening at the western entrance, next to the area where the tragedy occurred, and returned home early.


44 people were crushed to death against ‘new fences’ that the Israeli Police erected in Meron, that weren’t there in previous years.

Every year, half a million people go to Meron – and it’s been that way for at least the last 5-6 years, and this never happened before.

Ma nishtana, halilah ha-zeh?

The new fences that the police erected, to pin visitors in like so many fish in a barrel, which totally changed the usual layout of the area.

And even when they were warned earlier in the evening by the deputy mayor of Jerusalem that this new situation they’d created was very dangerous, and leading to ‘unprecedented’ crowding – they totally ignored him, and let the inevitable tragedy occur.


So you tell me:

Was this an accident, or was it pre-meditated murder?



I’m so sick of the evil people running this country, and ruining this world.

I’m so sick of their evil, murderous vendetta against religious Jews and authentic Judaism.

Tatty, please.

I have no idea how this is going to affect my kid, and the other teen in my house that witnessed it first hand, and I’m already worrying about that.

It’s enough already.

Please turn all this horrible suffering around for the good, now.

We can’t take it any more.



More facts are coming out, that show the police deliberately created the situation that led to the carnage.

The only question is whether it’s manslaughter or pre-meditated murder.


“More than one person recounted that they saw police block off one end of the passageway to prevent further crowding. The fatal result was that the people inside the passageway were crushed to death….

“…One witness from Beit Shemesh recounted incriminating information about the police in a radio interview:

The whole time there were people passing through and everything was going smoothly. Suddenly there was terrible crowding. I looked up and saw five police officers who were simply standing there and stopping people from passing.

“People begged, cried, screamed that they’re going to die, that they can’t breathe, but they didn’t open the passageway. Children were fainting in their parents’ arms. When the police finally allowed people through, everyone collapsed one on top of the other.”


It’s very hard to explain this as just ‘negligence’.

You don’t block exits, and refuse to let people out of confined spaces, and threaten them with pepper spray if you’re trying to ‘prevent overcrowding’.

My daughter told me more details of what was going on that are very hard to explain or justify, in terms of how you would manage a situation if you were trying to save people’s lives, and not just trying to add to the crush and the confusion.

Like, for example, the police ordering all of the pilgrims to leave the Kever, all at once, and to head towards the exits, all at once.


This was not just the tragedy of ‘Toldos Aharon’.

They are starting to release the names, and so far, each person has belonged to a different community, a different city – even a different country.

This was mamash the tragedy of all of Am Yisrael.

And from the ashes of this very bitter L’Ag B’Omer, our nation will rise with renewed strength, with renewed achdut, and with a renewed determination to finally ‘destroy the evil within our midst’ once and for all.



This video is already being flagged as ‘inappropriate’ – the first stage to them trying to remove it. So, if you can’t view it on Youtube, below, I’m also uploading it straight on the site.

It’s very upsetting, to see how the police caused this situation to happen, be warned.

But we can’t duck the truth. We have to face it head on – because otherwise, they will just keep doing what they are doing to religious Jews in Israel.

And I don’t want to see any more people being killed.



“We need to close the holy site and limit the number of people.”

The State of Israel is waging an all-out war against religious Jews, and our beliefs and practices.

It’s going after everything holy.

But from all this, something very good is going to sprout.



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Apparently, there have been riots in Jerusalem.

I say ‘apparently’, because even though I live a 5 minute walk away from the Old City, in a mixed community with a lot of Arabs, I haven’t experienced anything out of the ordinary at all.

And I’ve been walking all over Jerusalem the last week.

It’s Ramadan at the moment, so there IS a lot of noise and fireworks (especially in the middle of the night…) but riots?

And other forms of ‘violence’ being reported (weirdly…) by all the news sites as apparently taking place in Jerusalem?

Well, I just ain’t seeing it myself.


After Covid 1984, I have to say it’s getting easier and easier to spot the media manipulation in action.

It works like this:

  1. Stage a ‘riot’ between ‘fanatical extremist Jews’ and ‘fanatical extremist Muslims’ – what both groups are actually rioting about, no-one knows and no-one talks about.
  2. Shoot / stage some provocative video of these ‘riots’ including soundbytes like this: “Death to Arabs!”
  3. Run some stories of bins being set on fire by bored young teenaged chareidim, gangs of boys getting into fights with each other, and people sadly dying in traffic accidents where they ram into traffic lights under the misleading title of: ‘Another night of violence in Jerusalem’.
  4. Get Joe Biden to ‘worry’ about the ‘shocking scenes of violence’ coming out of Jerusalem.
  5. Kick the media manipulation into higher gear with pieces like this:

6. Organise the ‘usual suspects’ to arrange a ‘counter protest, like this:

Following several days of violence and tensions in Jerusalem, a pro-peace protest was held in the capital on Saturday evening.

The protest, an initiative organized by the Peace Now NGO, was held at Jerusalem’s Zion Square in Jerusalem as a response to the “racist ideology” being spread across the city these past few days. The protest was attended by hundreds of people of all ages, all hoping to voice a clear opposition to violence, racism and incitement. 

7. Run stories about Syrians trying to bomb the Dimona Nuclear Reactor (it’s honestly hard to not laugh out loud typing this. If I wasn’t just bringing some real headlines from the last week, I’d be pulling a flunking grade for writing bad fiction.)

8. Encourage everyone to believe that ‘tensions are running high’ in Jerusalem, and that people here are living in a stage of siege.

9. (Presumably….) try to start World War 3 off the back of all this fake media manipulation, so King Bibi can stay in power for ever after all, and finish the job he started for Pfizer and the NWO.


Are you starting to see how this all works?

And we’ve been falling for it for decades and decades and centuries and millenia.

But maybe, just maybe, the illusion is about to shatter.

Not just for ‘Covid 1984’ – but for all the rest of the lies, too.



My kids showed me some of the videos of Jews being attacked in Jerusalem.

I’m not saying it’s not happening – what I’m saying is that things are being stage-managed.

People are being ‘directed’ – like actors in a play – to go and attack Hareidim; to stage counter-protests; to come out with sound bites designed to fan the flames instead of calming them down.

There is an agenda going on here.

Why would Arabs start to riot now, when they are closer than they’ve ever been to actually getting some real political power in the Knesset? It just doesn’t make sense.

But if you have corrupt politicians trying to hang on to their top job as long as they can…. well.

There’s nothing like a war to ‘bring people together’ and to encourage them to form ‘unity governments’ that otherwise nobody wants.

At least, that nobody wants with Bibi in charge.

Just so much of the reporting is striking me as ‘off’ about all this….

But I guess we’ll wait and see what happens next.


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There is so much going on behind the scenes at the moment.

In case you are wondering why I’ve slowed down posting, a little, at the moment – it’s because I am working on so many different strands of research, ‘behind the scenes’ that it’s hard to know what to focus on next.

I am tripping over facts and information that is literally changing everything I thought I knew about ‘Real Jewish History’, especially from the last 400 years on.


Shabtai Tzvi was NOT some nobody-crazy-person from Salonika who managed to con the whole Jewish world into believing in him.

Really, he was a massive Rabbi – a highly-respected Torah scholar and halachic decisor from what is now part of Eastern Europe.

And we are still quoting a lot of his Torah and halachic ideas, using his real name and real persona.


Why and how was it so easy to hide all this, for the last 400 years?

The short answer is: because ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ was descended from a long line of famous Torah scholars, the family he belongs to is one of the most ‘connected’ (and honestly, disturbing…) families in the Jewish world, and pretty much every big rabbi you care to mention is related to him by birth of marriage, one way or another.

These are big claims, I know.

But I’m sitting here patiently piecing the information together to prove them – and it’s very tedious and time-consuming work.

Behind the scenes.


Connected to this, is another vein of research related to ‘xtian Jews’ – crypto-Jews who were senior ‘rabbis’ in the Jewish community, but who had a whole other identity as converted xtians, court Jews and even archbishops, in the non-Jewish world.

Again, I keep tripping over so many examples of this, and always, they are connected to same small number of ‘elite’, apparently-Jewish-with-wonderful-yichus families.

The same families that have effectively stitched-up all the positions of power and influence in the Jewish world for at least the last 600 years, and probably, way before that too.

This is the line of research that actually led to the ‘breakthrough’ piece of information that unlocked the real identity of Shabtai Tzvi.

Behind the scenes.


Then, there’s all the stuff with the eugenics agenda in the proto State of Israel, and how that is still affecting us today.

I will probably try to post something about that next, due to a plea from a reader for more information.

It’s not pinned down enough, really, to draw firm conclusions, but they asked me to put it out there anyway, so I will probably comply.

Because everything is a ‘message’ from God, and it seems to me that God wants whatever information I have already collated on this topic to be freely available now, while it’s still kinda half-baked.


Behind the scenes, I’m starting to feel that so much is moving and changing – in a good way.

The Rav is back out of prison, and in ‘house arrest’ in a better location.

As he moves out of incarceration, the rest of the world will follow him, starting with Israel.

Behind the scenes, something big is happening.

I can feel it.

And if you stop and think about it for a moment, I think maybe you’ll be able to pick that up, too.


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I noticed a funny thing when I tried to log on to the Jpost this morning.

Their page was all skew-whiff, except for the headings at the very top of the page, which read:


I found that kinda strange.

‘Pfizer News’ is now a main category of coverage on the Jpost?

We all know that that media outlets are bought and sold by the billionaire oligarchs behind Big Pharma, and big-everything-else in the world, but that just struck me as a little too obvious, even for the Jpost.

So, I clicked on, and here’s what I found:


It’s a whole mini-website, devoted to tracking how many people have had the Pfizer vaccine in Israel, and worldwide, replete with ‘puff piece’ bios of Pfizer and it’s CEO, Albert Bourla.

The dataset being used to track the number of vaccinations is truly impressive – and way beyond the budget of a the Jpost.

All this tells me, that the Jpost is receiving a hefty chunk of money from Pfizer to act as their propaganda mouthpiece in English-speaking Israel, and the wider Jewish community.


Also, for the first time ever, you actually find the Jpost talking about side effects from the ‘vaccine’, like this:

About the Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine received approval for emergency use by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – known as Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) – in December 2020. The world’s first approved messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine, it is administered in two doses of 30 micrograms given 21 days apart.

A Phase III clinical trial found that the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine is 95% effective at preventing laboratory-confirmed coronavirus with minimal side effects.

Pfizer side effects usually start within a day or two of receiving the shot and can last for equally as long. Most people simply experience slight pain at the sight of injection, but others can experience some flu-like symptoms that could even affect their ability to carry out normal daily activities.


Just re-read that for a moment, and ask yourself, does this sound like objective ‘news’, or does is sound like a PR operation for Pfizer?

But even more strangely, there IS actually some real, hard news about the Covid ‘vaccine’ on this mini-site, paid for by Pfizer, on the Jpost site.

The spiffy stats and graphics show this, in terms of the take-up of the vaccine in Israel, split up by age group:


While it shows that around 80% of Israelis over 60 got at least one Pfizer shot (poor them…), the good news is that only 38% of 16-59 year olds have had at least one shot.

And only around 20% of the 16-59 age group have had 2 shots.

That’s actually way, way less than I thought.

It’s still bad and awful, but not the overwhelming stats all the media sites want us to believe.

To put this another way, there are still at least a million adults over the age of 16 in Israel who haven’t been ‘vaccinated’.

So, I’m not as ‘alone’ in this as I thought.

And neither are you.


Here’s the last excerpt from that mini-site for now:


Here’s the bit I want you to concentrate on:

Will mRNA vaccines be dangerous in the long run?

While the world has begun inoculating itself with these completely new and revolutionary vaccines, virtually nothing is known about their long-term effects. However, most medical professionals believe there is no cause for concern.


(It’s a side note, but that ‘medical professional’ they quote – Michal Linial – is on record on the Jpost’s own site as saying she isn’t going to take the ‘vaccine’ herself for at least a year…)


Again, does all this read like ‘news’, or like propaganda for Pfizer?

This is on a permanent ‘mini-site’ appearing from the Jpost’s home page.

If this demonstrates the palpable editorial bias about Pfizer’s Covid shot (and it SO does) – then what does that tell you about the quality of the objective coverage readers have been getting from the Jpost about this Pfizer shot?


So, we have to ask the question:

How much did Pfizer pay the Jpost to provide all this positive ‘coverage’?

And given that the PM of Israel is currently facing corruption charges for something similiar (which is another smokescreen, btw – they want to give Bibi ‘immunity from prosecution’ now, so that when all the real information about these war crimes come out in a month or two, no-one can touch him) – is it even legal, for the Jpost to pretend to its readers it was providing ‘unbiased coverage’ when clearly the company is on Pfizer’s payroll?


While we are on the subject of who paid for what, I’m sure readers in Israel will find this headline reassuring:


Here’s the snippet:

Berlin gave the German company $445 million in an agreement in September to help accelerate the vaccine by building out manufacturing and development capacity in its home market.


Yes, folks, that Pfizer experimental gene therapy ‘shot’ being forced onto everyone here in Israel was funded by the German government.

This quote comes from that same Bloomberg interview:

Bourla said in an interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sept. 16: “When you get money from someone, that always comes with strings.”


Yes, it does.

That’s a good time to remind us all of this, from a couple of days ago:

And what did Israel’s ‘Ministry of Health’ promise Pfizer in return?


In the meantime, whatever else is lurking under the surface of all this, the Covid 19 shot is translating into big profits for Pfizer.



I guess that’s lucky, given the enormous amounts of cash Pfizer has been ‘donating’ to Israel’s Health Ministry, and paying across to the Jerusalem Post website.


BH, the Rav will find a way to sweeten all this.

That’s what I’m holding on to, that’s what is really keeping me going.

We need to do our bit, to pray, to make teshuva, to pay as much charity as we can, but ultimately, if we aren’t behind the Tzaddik HaDor, there’s really not so much difference you and me can really make to all this.

But if we’re connecting to the Tzaddik HaDor, and to Hashem – then everything can still turnaround for the best.



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The last few weeks, I’ve been finding it really hard to talk to God.

I’m still doing it, for an hour a day, but I can’t remember a time when doing hitbodedut was coming so hard.

Not even in the middle of a lot of tremendous suffering, on the personal level, have I found it this hard, for this long, to talk to God.

Usually when this happens, I know why:

I’m angry at Him.

And when you’re angry at someone, it’s hard to speak to them.


This morning, I was trying to drill down a bit more, to figure out what, exactly, I’m angry about.

Because honestly?

My own life is about the best it’s ever been right now, on so many levels.

And yet I am struggling to get out of bed in the morning, and I’m struggling to cook, and I’m struggling to do anything except really just stay in my pyjamas and hibernate. I’m acting as though I’m depressed – although I don’t feel depressed, and believe me, I spent enough time in my life feeling depressed to be able to make that distinction.

So, what’s going on?


That’s what I was trying to figure out this morning.

And here’s kind of where I got to.

I think I have a very big case of serious yeoush about what’s going on. Yeoush means despair, for those who don’t speak Hebrew.

I think everyone has their own personal package of yeoush going on right now, but for me, it’s based around the feeling I have that no-one really wants to hear what I have to say.

That kind of got underlined with this whole Covid plandemic.

I’ve spent hours and hours and hours carefully researching things, carefully piecing information together, carefully writing posts here, to try to warn people that things really may not be as they seem, and to encourage them to think for themselves.

But most people really just don’t want to hear.


And then, once I realised that, I also realised that this is kind of the story of my life.

Last week, I unexpectedly ended up in Caesarea with my husband. Long story short, he really needed the toilet, and we knew where there were public bathrooms in Caesarea, so that’s where we headed.

Our best friends used to live in Caesarea, so we know the place really well. But we haven’t been back for a couple of years, because our former best friends went through a truly awful divorce, and the place is now synonymous (for me…) with a lot of sadness and heartache.

For years, I was begging my friend to start really praying about her husband’s bad middot. For years, I was having discussions with the husband himself, about things that needed some attention – not least, his very unhealthy relationship with his parents.

I wrote about that HERE.

Long story short, his parents basically ruined his marriage, and then her parents basically ruined the divorce.


How different things could have been, if they’d both been talking to God and working on their bad middot, and going to Uman, and trying to learn more of Rebbe Nachman’s advice.

Instead, where that family used to be there is now a jagged crater.

And if I’m still feeling it so hard, a couple of years after it imploded, I can’t imagine how my friends and their children must be feeling about it all.


Two days ago, I gave a lift to someone who has cancer.

She was moving out of Jerusalem for 3 months, to go somewhere for treatment, and needed a ride. In the car, she was telling me a bit of her life story.

She’s a baal teshuva, married to another baal teshuva, but now in the process of trying to disentangle herself. She’s been married for two decades to a man addicted to alcohol and drugs, who has a massive anger issues.

For 20 years, she was trying to make that marriage work, but now her body is breaking down from the stress, and she can’t do it anymore.

She was telling me about her amazing ‘Rav’, who her husband is close to – and I secretly found myself getting annoyed.

What, this guy couldn’t tell her husband that his bad middot was destroying his marriage and his kids? This guy couldn’t tell the husband he needs to be doing an hour a day of talking to God? That he needs to take responsibility for his anger, instead of pretending like it’s no big deal?!

Most of all, I was upset about all these ‘rabbis’ out there who are keeping people away from the light of the Rav, Rabbi Berland.

Because I know from myself, that so many of my issues only started to resolve themselves when I finally got to the Rav, and could tap into his spiritual koach to really start overcoming my own anger issues, and self-righteousness, and black-and-white thinking.

Until that happened, I was also destroying my children with my own two hands.

All with the best of intentions, of course.


But who wants to listen to this?



Last week, I tried to do a mind-map, to set out goals and aspirations for the next few months.

In the past, I used to do a lot of mind-maps, and I used to get a lot of things done, as a result.

This time around, I wrote down a few headings, and waited for some ideas and inspiration to show up.

Man, it was painful.

I sat looking at the heading called ‘Books I want to write’ for around 5 minutes, until I found myself scrawling this underneath it:

There is no point writing any more books. No-one will read them.

And much as I wish that wasn’t true, I know it is.


So here I sit, with all this yeoush, feeling like the world of lies has kind of won, at least, in my dalet amot.

I know that ‘the troof’ isn’t always what God wants to be told.

I also know that God’s seal is truth, and that for as long as we’re telling ourselves and others lies, we are stuck in a sick world, with apparently ‘unsolvable’ problems.

I’m kind of stuck on the horns of a furious dilemma, as so much of what I’m researching, and so much of what interests me, and so much of what I want to share is a ‘truth’ that no-one wants to hear.

And it’s been that way for years.


Man, I’m feeling sad writing this.

I know, you probably don’t want to be reading it.

What can I do?

My blog is kind of my last sanctuary, the place where I promised myself to tell the truth, even when it’s painful, even when it reveals me in less than glowing colours – and even when people don’t want to hear it.

Ahh, God.

This world of lies is killing me.

But it seems that ‘the world of truth’ is a very lonely place to hang out in.



First, thanks to everyone who took the time to write or call me after reading this (and also those that didn’t, but had the thought that at least in theory, they would have wanted to reach out.)

I really appreciated your chizzuk, and it reminded me that I’m not alone in all this.

There are so many people like ‘us’ out there, but it seems we’re mostly distanced apart, spread evenly around the globe, as part of Rabbenu’s ‘grid system’, to make sure he’s got the whole world covered with someone who is connected to Rebbe Nachman and the Rav, and trying to get to the truth.

That by itself brought so much comfort – to have all these insightful people sharing their own wisdom, and their own chizzuk and their own emuna.

Thank you!

BH, I am getting back on the horse now.

One of my friends told me that expecting instant results from all this is ridiculous (I’m paraphrasing) and the point is to write for God, and not to write for egotistical reasons and self-gratification.

She’s right.

But sometimes (often…), that’s hard.

But since when was anything truly meaningful in life easy?



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Man, I’m so utterly sick and tired of the current situation.

If it’s the birthpangs of Moshiach, then of course it’s still being radically sweetened.

But even so, the last couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling more and more exhausted by the dystopian novel that is currently life in 2021.

And I’ve been caught on the horns of a furious dilemma:

Part of me wants all the horrible ‘predictions’ about all these horrible gene therapy pretend ‘vaccines’ to start happening in real time, obviously, already, so I can finally put some of that indecision behind me, and feel ‘vindicated’ for not going down that path and not buying into the propaganda.

And then, another part of me feels so, so sad if all those horrible ‘predictions’ turn out to be true, and people start dropping like flies or suffering awful illnesses, or who knows what else.

And every part of me just wants this whole, horrible, Covid-19 c*appy situation to just go away, already.


Probably like you, I’m exhausted by everything going on.

And I’m also sick and tired of all the research I’m doing into all these fake Jews, and all this fake news, but every time I want to leave it alone…. I get a steer that it’s important, and I need to continue.

But I sometimes have yeoush from all this, because it’s such a big project, it seems it’s never going to end.

I am someone who works best in bursts of energy, even intense bursts of energy, which have a specific ‘end’ point. And this whole saga just keeps on going and going and going, like the Energizer Bunny.

I’ve kinda been hoping Moshiach would just show up by now, and get me off the hook with having to keep doing all this grunt work, but so far, that hasn’t happened.


So today, I asked my husband if we could go up North, to the Kever of Rashbi, so I could try to recharge my batteries a little.

I have to tell you, the North is SO beautiful right now. It’s been a very rainy winter, and the Kinneret is the highest I’ve seen it, in the 15 years I’ve lived here.

It’s also a very deep blue colour.

And the mountains all around are sprouting grass, and weeds and spring flowers, and are just so green I almost didn’t recognise what I was looking at. I’m used to things looking brown, yellow and orange, not luscious, gorgeous green.


We went a little ‘off road’ to get to Meron, and that meant that we passed a whole bunch of Kevarim I’ve never been to before.

I felt too tired, spiritually, to really pray much today, but even so, in each place I felt I was picking up some clues about what’s going on right now, that I wrote down so I could share them with you, dear reader.

As I got a lot of chizzuk today.


Here’s where I went, and here’s the ‘clue’ I got from each place:

#1: Rabbi Kruspedai.

He was a student of Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai, and while he only has a small mention in the Gemara, he has more of a mention in the Zohar.

In each of these kevarim, there are usually a list of quotes or statements they’ve made, so you can learn some Torah in their names, that they gave over. By R’ Kruspedai, he was talking about Amalek, and how Amalek went to Bilaam for advice on how to beat Am Yisrael.

Bilaam told Amalek that because of the zchut of Avraham Avinu, they would never be able to beat the Jews, but because they also descended from Avraham (via Timna, the concubine of Elifaz, son of Esav), they could still fight them.

For me, this passage underlined how ‘Amalek’ is family, and how our true enemies really just come from ‘within’.

No-one else would have the strength or ability to take us on.


#2: Rabbi Yosi Deman Yokrat.

There was no ‘sayings’ of his, but there was a prayer stuck on the wall from Likutei Tefillot, asking that we be able to bind ourselves to the True Tzaddikim, so I said that instead.

Just now, I looked him up HERE, and now I can see why there were no sayings from him – he was an extremely harsh individual, who prayed that his own kids would be taken from the world, so they shouldn’t trouble their Creator, or cause other people to sin….

I guess it just goes to show, that we have to be so very careful who we choose as our ‘Rabbi’, and / or spiritual guide.

Because even if someone is holy and knows a lot of Torah, if they are stern and judgmental, that can still bring so much destruction to the world – and it seems, especially to their own families.


#3 The Idra Rabba

Here’s a brief description of ‘the Idra Rabba’, from Zissil:

The Idra Rabba is a section of the Zohar inserted into Parshas Naso where Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai gathers nine of his students to reveal Kabbalistic mysteries he had refrained from teaching until then. During the Idra three of the Sages passed away including Rabbi Yossi ben Yackov who was then buried at this location.


There are quite a few tombs there, not just Rabbi Yossi – all unmarked.

My husband opened up a copy of the Zohar, and read a passage which basically said this:

At the time that Hashem smote the Egyptians with the magefa (plague), He healed Israel.

I started to feel a little happier.


#4 Joint graves of Rabbi Bena’ah and Elchanan, the father of the Prophet Shmuel

Rabbi Bena’ah was the rabbi of R’ Yochanan, and he had some interesting things to say, including this:

Whoever occupies himself with the Torah for its own sake – his learning becomes an elixir of life to him, for it is said, ‘It is a tree of life to those who grasp it’; and it is further said, ‘It shall be as health to your navel’; and it is also said, ‘For whoever finds me, finds life’. 

But, whoever occupies himself with the Torah not for its own sake – it becomes to him a deadly poison, as it is said, ‘My doctrine shall drop [ya’arof] as the rain’, and ‘arifa‘ surely means death, as it is said, ‘And they shall break [ve’arfu] the heifer’s neck there in the valley’  (Taanit 7a).


That was interesting.

But there was also another quote about R’ Bena’ah going to 24 different ‘interpreters of dreams’ when he had a dream – all of whom told him something different.

And then, all 24 of these different interpretations actually occurred to R’ Bena’ah.

Which brought home to me, again, that idea that we don’t live in a black and white world, where there is only one answer, one possibility.

The choice is not between ‘it’s all just a ridiculous conspiracy theory’ and ‘everyone is going to get sterilised, ill, or drop dead’.

There could be a million other possibilities going on here, that aren’t obvious or known or imagined, yet.

I felt a bit more happier.


#5 Rashbi – Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

I couldn’t stay long there, because most of the people inside were wearing masks, and I am becoming increasingly allergic to the idea of wearing masks.

So I walked in, kissed the tomb, then walked out the back door to go up the hill and sit by the tomb of:


#6 Rabbi Yochanan HaSandler

A lot of the interesting people I’m researching claim descent from R’ Yochanan HaSandler, and I wanted to go there and pray for some clarity about what’s really going on.

On the bench where I sat, there was a booklet containing one of Rabbi Nachman’s Sippurey Maasiot, or ‘Stories of Ancient Times’.

It was the story of the King who decreed destruction.


You can read the whole thing HERE, starting on page 56.

I am still pondering the hint, but suffice to say it’s a story about a King who expels the Jews from his state, but some Jewish anusim (i.e. crypto-Jews) stay behind because they want to retain their money and status. One of these crypto-Jews becomes a minister to the King and saves his life when the other ministers are plotting to overthrow him.

The King then gives him the privilege of being able to wear his tallit and tefillin openly, as a Jew.

There’s a lot more things going on in that story – which ends with the destruction of the King’s descendents by fire.

I need some time to pray on it, and to mull it over a bit more, before I have more of an idea of what the ‘hint’ is really telling me.


Next stop: #6: R’ Yose of Peki’in.

He’s buried in a totally gorgeous spot in ‘the Baal Shem Tov’s Forest’, across from Tzfat.

There, we read the story of how R’ Yose had died, and how the tears and ‘argument’ of his young son with Hashem brought him back to life again, miraculously.

It was techiat hametim.

Friday night, one of my kids got very emotional, and was sobbing about how Hashem could let so much evil happen in the world.

Initially, I was trying to shut her up – because we don’t question Hashem!!!!

Except of course, we do.

And except of course, I also do, sometimes, and I also feel very upset and angry with God about all the apparently ‘bad’ things happening in the world.

I heard that story of R’ Yose’s kid, and I realised that my daughter’s tears on Friday night, and her broken heart about the state of the world, were also very precious to God.

And who knows what open miracles they might also have sparked off.


Last stop, #7: R’ Shimon Ben Menasea

His quotes included a saying about mamzerut being something ‘broken’ that can’t be fixed.

(Although the Gemara here seems to disagree, and explains that Moshiach will fix that particular problem…) and then this:

“Israel didn’t see a good sign until they asked for: 1) Malchut Shemayim, 2) King David (Moshiach) and 3) Beit HaMikdash.”

I guess that’s about as clear cut a ‘hint’ as you’re likely to get.


I’ve got a bit more energy back now, thanks to the kivrei tzaddikim.

I’m still tired, internally, I’m still confused about what exactly God wants from me right now, and how to give it to Him.

But despite all that, I’m feeling calmer and happier.

Thank God for our true Tzaddikim.

And may God help all of us to recharge our batteries, and to keep going, and keep having as much emuna as we can, to weather our current difficult circumstances.


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The fear of ‘coronavirus’ is starting to recede in Israel.

And the fear of the government – and the police – is also starting to disintegrate.

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know that one thing I’m not usually guilty of is misplaced optimism. I try to keep things real, I try to keep things grounded in real emuna, as opposed to that fake ‘it’s all going to turn out great, with no teshuva, no prayer and no changes made’ stuff.

But it seems to me, something has really changed here now.


It’s the small things that give it away.

Here’s a little of what I’ve been noticing, over Purim Meshulash:

Nearly all the ‘Jewish’ (ahem….) news sites have now disabled comments on nearly all of their articles. The Jpost is a strange exception to that – I have a feeling it’s being used as a kind of bellwether by the power behind the throne, to gauge public real, unvarnished public sentiment so they can calculate their next moves here in Israel.

But from what I can see, the power of the media to keep telling us that black is white – and vice-versa – is crumbling with every new post going up.

We figured out so many of the lies and manipulations with ‘Covid 19’ reporting, and now more and more of us can spot the same tactics being used with things like this strange ‘oil spill’; and the convenient ‘aggression’ from Iran.


There’s massive pushback happening against ‘green passports’, massive pushback happening against curfews, massive pushback happening against ‘social distancing’.

I heard megillah in two different places this year, and no-one asked for a green passport.

I didn’t wear a mask in either of my megillah readings, either, and while I was definitely more the exception than the rule, no-one told me to put one on.


More and more, I see people walking around outside mask-less.

So many of those who were scared to death, literally, by fearmongering propaganda about Covid-19, got the shot, and now are sleeping easier at night.

That makes them less likely to attack other people like Coronavirus pitbulls, and for that alone, I guess it’s a good thing.

And many, many others literally just don’t care anymore.

The police are barely giving tickets out for anything, here.


Even in Jerusalem, that was meant to be ‘locked down’ with a night-time curfew 3 nights in a row – so many people just ignored it.

One of my kids even managed to hitchhike, with 2 friends, out of Jerusalem to some Purim ‘affair’ out in the sticks in the middle of the night.

Others of the young people who frequent my house went down to Mahane Yehuda yesterday – with thousands of others – and ‘pushed back’, peacefully, against the police by basically refusing to budge from Mahane Yehuda, and to just keep coming in again, when they were thrown out.


Don’t imagine for a moment that this is happening because the police here are ‘nice’.

As an institution, they are violent psychopaths, same as the politicians and senior bureaucrats directing them.

But they get their ‘power’ from the people, and the people are increasingly not listening, and not interested.

The ‘spell’ is breaking up all over the place, and more and more of us are seeing through the lies, and understanding that the police, the government, the army, the media – they aren’t our friends.

And they never really were.


Yesterday, thousands of chareidim walked miles and miles up the motorway, to get to Jerusalem on Purim Meshulash.

The government at the last minute pulled all the buses, both inside the city and intercity, for Jerusalem.

Do you know what sort of spiritual ‘koach’ came down for the good side, when all these Jews started walking 15 miles on Purim Meshulash, just to get to the holy city?

On the more ‘secular’ side of things, there were Purim parties being held up and down the country.

Ok, people got puking drunk, and they weren’t so tznius – but spiritually, hundreds of thousands of apparently ‘secular’ young Jews dafka went against the government’s rules to celebrate Purim.

They connected back to yiddishkeit, even at a very low level, to give all this ‘coronavirus propaganda’ and fearmongering two fingers.

That’s very meaningful, spiritually.


We aren’t out of the woods just yet.

The evil government, the evil State, is holding back because in order to keep the illusion of ‘democracy’ going just a little while longer – just enough to get everyone ‘encouraged’ to jab themselves with an experimental gene therapy with unknown and potentially massive negative side effects – they can’t send the police out onto the streets in full diktator style.

At least, not before the next election, on March 23, 2021.

But it’s clear that the ‘vaccination’ campaign has now gone as far as it’s going to go, without diktator-style violent coercion.

Whoever bought the line, whoever was overcome by panic and fear, whoever was pressured into participating in Pfizer’s mass medical experiment – they lined up and had the shot already.

But everyone else – at least half the country – is just not playing the game anymore.


After Israel’s second recent election (out of 4…), I wrote this:


Here’s a snippet:

A little while back, this site ran THIS interview with Rabbi Eliyahu Meirav, where he gave his eye-witness account of Rav Kaduri saying 40 years ago that Moshiach is imminent:

“When there will be will elections, but there won’t be a government.”

It seems that could be happening twice in a row, and that a third election (without any government being formed…) could conceivably be on the cards.


And that reminded me of this, from the Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin 98a:

Rabbi Simlai says in the name of Rabbi Elazar, son of Rabbi Shimon: The son of David will not come until all the judges and officers will cease to exist from among the Jewish people, and there will be no more autonomous government in Eretz Yisrael, as it is stated: “And I will turn My hand against you and purge away your dross as with lye and take away your base alloy. And I will restore your judges as at the first” (Isaiah 1:25–26).


There’s more. A little later on, Sanhedrin 98a continues:

Rabbi Yosei ben Kisma’s students asked him: When will the son of David come? Rabbi Yosei ben Kisma said: I am hesitant to answer you, lest you request from me a sign to corroborate my statement. They said to him: We are not asking you for a sign.

Rabbi Yosei ben Kisma said to them: You will see when this existing gate of Rome falls and will be rebuilt, and will fall a second time and will be rebuilt, and will fall a third time. And they will not manage to rebuild it until the son of David comes.


That Gate of Rome is the government, the whole political process, the State and it’s evil institutions.

It seems to me, there will be no ‘4th election after all.

Or that if there is, that’s kind of the last act, the swansong of the State of Israel, before it totally crumbles into dust, ahead of Moshiach finally being revealed.


Rebbe Nachman taught that Moshiach takes over peacefully, without firing a shot.

One day, more and more us suddenly ‘wake up’, and realise that the world is just one big lie after another, and that we don’t need to obey rules telling us to wear masks, or to avoid giving our loved ones hugs, or to have a piece of green paper in order to daven.

One day, more and more of us see through all the lies, all the manipulation, all the propaganda – and then our souls start to soar free, and all the evil disappears.

Because it only gets its power from us.

From we, the people.


Ein lanu Melech – we have no King – except for Hashem.

There is no ‘King Bibi’.

There are no Iranian nukes that can touch us, if Hashem doesn’t will it.

There is no pandemic.

All of this is just an illusion, to get us all to make teshuva, and to return wholeheartedly to God.


Over Shabbat, I read the ‘Purim’ part of Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s book on Jewish Holidays.

There was so much relevant stuff in there, so many awesome hints to what is happening today, it’s hard to know where to start. But the part that I wanted to share in this post is where the Rav says – repeatedly – that all of these evil people, these evil decrees, all the ‘bad’ in the world – we create it all with our own sins.

And if we, the people, make the teshuva we need to make – to identify our own bad middot, and to ask God to start to eradicate them – all the evil disappears by itself.


There is everything to play for here.

And on some fundamental level, hope is starting to blossom in Israel, despite all the draconian diktatorship, all the lies, all the spiritual oppression.


Let me leave you with this, the last message from Rav Berland before he left prison, shortly before Purim:


Gomarnu, it’s finished, the Corona is finished. There is no more Corona.

“Now, we are building the Beit HaMikdash. Now, this is the most critical moment.

Everyone is lighting candles here, just a little longer and there will be kiddush.

Just a little longer, and there will be dancing until the light of day.”


Hold on just a little longer.

The light is starting to shine.

The tanker is turning around.

And geula the sweet way is mamash on the doorstep – if we, the people, are holding on to the True Tzaddikim, and working on our own bad middot.



After reading this article (below), which explains how it’s at least possible that the leadership of the Jewish community has been hijacked – for millenia! – by pretend Jewish ‘Sabean-Mandeans‘:

A reader sent me this news story:

« Next week, [March 5, 2021] the Pope will hold a service the Vatican has named “Prayer for the sons and daughters of Abraham”. Reuters reported that the “inter-religious prayer service will be attended by Christians, Muslims, Mandaean-Sabaean, Yazidi and other religious minorities present in Iraq. »

These people are still very much alive and kicking, and the Pope is probably one of them.

I hope more of us will start to figure out that this isn’t a joke, or a purim shpiel.
The leadership of the Jewish community got hijacked by the ’70 sons of Haman’ a long time ago – and once we unmask them, and what they really stand for, so many other things will start to fall back into place.

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It looks to me like the government here is starting to panic.

With all this talk of ‘double masking’, and extending lockdowns forever (that btw, the police are hardly enforcing anywhere on the roads, even in Jerusalem….), and all this fake information to convince us that ‘everyone’ got the vaccine here….

I’m getting the impression that the wheels are finally starting to come off the bus.


It’s small things, like noticing that way fewer people outside are ‘masking up’ the way they used to.

Way fewer people are ‘policing’ other people now.

And I can also see from the fake coverage of the vaccine numbers, that all the ‘low hanging fruit’ has rushed out to vaccinate, but everyone else is holding back. (That’s still a horribly high number – around 2.8 million people who had at least one dose, but it’s definitely tailed off, in terms of numbers of new people being jabbed.)


The panic about ‘Covid 19’ has diminished radically.

I think probably because of the false panacea that is the ‘vaccine’, but it’s having the effect (ironically…) of damping down the hysteria, even as the medical situation looks to be worsening because of all the ‘vaccine’s’ side effects.


That’s a real problem for the government.

They govern by fear, they rule by fear, they have been using fear to destroy the economy and ‘lock us down’ and tie us up in greater levels of coronafascist insanity.

When the fear starts to fade – so does their power to manipulate.

Behind the scenes, I am hearing that something positive may soon be happening that really will change the whole picture, radically.

As soon as I can confirm that, I will.


And I’ve also just tripped over a whole bunch of additional information about the ‘Sabbatean Frankist’ network, in real time, and how it basically took over America – A LONG TIME AGO – as well as the education system.

I’m working through it all, and once I’ve got it into some sort of format, I’ll try to share it with you.

Each one of these ‘exposes’ is chopping off another tentacle, bringing more truth up to the surface, and shifting things along towards the world of truth.

But man, they require so much brain power that sometimes I just have to do it really slowly, so I don’t get totally overwhelmed.


Hang on, dear readers!

The sap is rising.

Things are about to start blooming and blossoming again.

But first – we have to get the rest of this difficult winter out of the way.

So bed down, keep praying, and don’t lose hope.

I have a feeling that evil is finally on the ropes.


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