Is it credible that the Megaleh Amukot was really a secret xtian?

(You can read Part 1 HERE)

In the last post, I brought some lengthy snippets of some correspondence penned around the 1770s, by one Simon Ashkenazi, a secret ‘Jew for Jesus’ within the Moravian Jewish community, who spoke of a secret society of similar ‘Jews for Jesus’ operating out of Amsterdam.

In that text, this ‘Simon’ states that the modern ‘Jews for Jesus’ movement basically started with Jonathan Eybshutz’s great-grandfather, Natan Nata Spira, aka the Megaleh Amukot.

That’s a very explosive claim to make.

But does it stand up, in the real world?

Let’s find out.


At the end of that document, which you can read for yourselves HERE, orthodox Jewish historian Sid Leiman adds in a number of notes, on the factual accuracy of the information.

Here’s a quick run down of what he says:

  • In 1988, historian Yehuda Liebes noted that the Megaleh Amukot died long before 1680, and so couldn’t have been the founder of this Jewish-xtian sect in Amsterdam.
  • Liebes identified this sect as ‘Sabbatian’ instead – and Leiman apparently concurs with this opinion.


Essentially, he argued that when the sect became disillusioned with Sabbatianism, especially with the death of its hero—R. Jonathan Eibeschuetz—in 1764, it adopted Christianity.

  • Another historian, Pawel Maciejko claims, “(without citing evidence) that the “Herrnhut documents are a contemporary eighteenth-century forgery.”
  • These documents were found in 1890, around 120 years after they’d been written, in 1890, in the central archive of the Moravian Brethren in Hernhut. 
  • The ‘Jew for Jesus’ Simon identified a number of people in his text. Many of these people actually existed in the ‘real world’, in the time and place he located them. These include:
    • The ‘Rabbi Porios‘ who was meant to be at the deathbed of Jonathan Eybshutz, in the text, is identified by Leiman as follows:

“Almost certainly, Rabbi Porios is to be identified with a disciple of R. Jonathan Eibeschuetz, R. Moses Isaiah b. R. Judah Porios, who served as dayyan (rabbinic judge) of Nikolsburg and was a vigorous defender of his teacher during the Emden-Eibeschuetz controversy.”


  • The missionaries mentioned by ‘Simon’, Burgmann and Latrobe were protestant ministers who were trying to convert Jews to xtianity”

Burgmann had served as a missionary to the Jews in Amsterdam prior to his assuming the post of pastor at St. Mary’s German Lutheran Church in London in 1768. Thus, it was no accident that Simon of Amsterdam came to Burgmann for aid…. Similarly, Latrobe was head of the Moravian Church in London from 1755 until his death in 1786.

(Ed. note: that makes Burgmann and Latrobe contemporaries of Dr Samuel Chaim Falk, the demon-conjuring Baal Shem of London, who was also Jacob Frank’s father-in-law.)


  • ‘Simon’ mentions one “R. Chayim Ashkenaas” who apparently managed to convert a lot of Jews over to xtianity / Sabbateanism, and then later serves as the rabbi of Kreutz in Hungary. This ‘Chayim’ is also Simon’s grandfather. Leiman identifies him as follows:

R. Hayyim b. R. Jacob Ashkenazi of Prossnitz served as chief rabbi of Deutschkreutz from 1710 until 1748.

(Ed. note: This Chaim Ashkenazi could also be the ‘Haim Malach‘ who was known as a very successful ‘prophet’ for the Sabbatean movement.)


I’m going to quote another lengthy snippet from Leiman again here, because I want you to really understand the import of what we’re being told here:

In the history of the society, we are informed that Simon left Hungary and came to Schwerin in Mecklenburg.

In Schwerin, he met with the chief rabbi on the eve of Yom Kippur and confessed to him that he had secret Christian leanings.

The chief rabbi was sympathetic and advised Simon to visit R. Jonathan Eibeschuetz.

Before taking leave of the chief rabbi of Schwerin, Simon learned that his name was Prossnitz and that he was a relative of Simon’s grandfather, R. Chayim Ashkenaas of Prossnitz.

Here, too, it is possible to check the record books.

The chief rabbi of Schwerin in the 1760s was R. Meir b. R. Jacob Prossnitz,a disciple of R. Jonathan Eibeschuetz. According to R. Jacob Emden, R. Meir Prossnitz was a notorious Sabbatian who belonged to the circle of Wolf Eibeschuetz [Jonathan Eybshutz’s son, and a known ‘Sabbatian prophet].

Indeed, Emden placed R. Meir Prossnitz under the ban in 1766.


  • Leiman believes this document was written in 1773.
  • Leiman doesn’t believe there was an “international Jewish-Christian sect” operating in the 18th century, and so feels it is unlikely that it was being headed up by Jonathan Eybshutz.

I have to say, on that last point I’m really coming to the conclusion that he’s wrong.

But maybe it wasn’t so much an ‘international Jewish-Christian sect’, but more a secret society that combined demonic practices and black kabbalah with an outwardly ‘pious’, Jewish-xtian exterior.

Exactly as we’ve set out at length in THIS article, about Shmuel Chaim Falk’s involvement in Rosicrucianism’s ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’ and the Asiatic Brotherhood.


Here’s some of the pertinent info from that post:

  • Falk’s main backers were the Sabbatean ‘Boas’ family in Amsterdam – the same city where this ‘secret sect’ is meant to be operating from.
  • Falk has close family in both Altona and Hamburg – the stamping grounds of Jonathan Eybshutz.
  • Falk spent the last 5 years of his life on developing a ‘Judeo-Christian Freemasonry’, where Jews wouldn’t be pressured to convert to Christianity – probably identical to the ‘Egyptian Rites Freemasonry’.
  • Falk has connections with Zinzendorf, aristocratic head of the ‘Moravian Brotherhood’ – the same organisation where these writings of ‘Simon’ are found, in 1890. Zinzendorf also creates an antinomian, immoral, totally deviant ‘inner circle’ for his movement called “the German Pilgrim Section or Der Pilger,” which acts very similarly to the Sabbatean-Frankists.
  • While in Hamburg, Eybshutz is connected to: “Elias Artista (Johannes Muller), the Rosicrucian patron of Swedenborg in Hamburg.“

Falk created a “new mystical religion, which would…transcend all sectarian divisions.”


  • Falk and Eybshutz had a ‘mutual adoration’ club going, that was also attended by relatives of Meir Eisenstadt, the Meir Panim. Meir Eisenstadt is explicitly named by ‘Simon’ in his writings as a secret xtian, and known in the Jewish world to have been a not-so-secret Sabbatean.


This snippet is from the letter of one of Falk’s adherents that I quoted HERE, that sets out a few more people ‘connected’ to the Sabbatean-satanist Dr Falk, aka ‘Rebbe’ Chaim Shmuel Falk, the Baal Shem of London:

Afterwards, [Falk] commanded this Moshe and another member of this holy Chevra, Rabbi Yaakov, grandson of R. Meir Eisenstadt (author of Panim Meiros), and they each lit a large candle. Then he commanded that the group enter barefooted into his room, and behold, we saw the holy man sitting on a throne, dressed like an angel…

The godly Kabbalist Rabbi Moshe David, known as Rabbi Moshe Ba’al Shem, wrote a letter to our master Rabbi Jonathan Eybeschutz, the famous Chief Rabbi of Hamburg, and told him all these great things and wonders regarding this holy man (=Falk). So R. Yonasan applied to him the words from the Tikkunim, that Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai said, זכאה דרא דהאי רזי עיתגלי ביה, “This generation is fortunate to have such mysteries revealed.”

The letter continues:

“I am grateful that I have been received into this Brotherhood, who by their piety can hasten the advent of the Messiah…my son, be very circumspect, and show this only to wise and discreet men. For here in London, this matter has not been disclosed to anyone who does not belong to our Brotherhood.”


In one of his footnotes, Leiman also brings some more information about Count Zinzendorf and the Moravian Brotherhood.

There, it says this: [T]he founding father of the reconstituted Moravian Brethren, Nikolaus Ludwig Graf von Zinzendorf (1700-1760), wrote as follows: “We believe in general, that the Time of the Heathen is not yet come. For it is believed in our Church that the Conversion of the Jews, and of all Israel must needs [sic] go before, ere the proper Conversion of the Heathen can go forward.”


Long story short….. so many of the real names and the real facts in ‘Simon of Amsterdam’s’ account actually fit in ‘the real world’, that it’s not so simple to just discount that he was plain wrong about the Megaleh Amukot being a secret xtian just because he got the dates wrong.

It’s not impossible that he was ‘massaging’ the year 1680 – the date of Eybshutz’s birth – to fit his story better about Eybshutz being the prophesied ‘savior’ of the Jewish people. When you are dealing with false messiahs, this type of fake PR stuff is typical.

For sure, there is an admixture of truth and lies in ‘Simon’s’ account, the whole problem here is trying to figure out what is what.


When we add in what we know about Falk, and Jacob Frank, and the Order of the Golden Dawn, the tale starts to become more credible.

So the main question, for me, is this:

Did the xtian world ‘seed’ the Sabbatean movement, by pushing the ‘Jews for Jesus’ idea and handpicking the false messiah Shabtai Tzvi and promoting him all over the place, to get the Jews back to Eretz Yisrael to fulfill their own xtian prophecies about when ‘the end times’ would come?

And then ‘Sabbateanism’, right from the start, was actually just another ‘xtian-zionist’ project?

Or, did the Sabbatean movement grow out of a pre-existing, secret, heretical ‘Jewish-gnostic-xtian’ sect that had carried on within the Jewish community for 2,000 years, and was always looking for ways to subvert Torah-true Judaism from within?

I.e., it was just the continuation of the Sadducee-Karaite-fake-Kohen-Khazars-Erev-Rav?

Or, are the people trying to sabotage the Jewish community from within actually descendants of the Erev Rav – the magicians who left Israel, relatives of Bilaam, the grandson of Lavan himself, who have always been trying to kill and corrupt us?

And then ‘Yoshki’ himself was just one on a long line of ‘false messiahs’ who were actually just pawns for this bunch of evil, demon-conjuring magicians?

I don’t know.

But in the next post, we’re going to do a deep dive on the ancestry of ‘Natan Nota Spira’, the Megaleh Amukot, to see if we can shed some more light on this.


Here’s why this matters so much:


THIS comes from the Daily Expose – a reputable investigative journalism site that’s done some sterling work fact-checking the stats on Covid 19 deaths, amongst other things, in the UK.

If we Jews don’t do this birur properly and fast…. I dread to think how all this is going to be ‘spun’ as the Jews’ fault, when the truth of what is going on here finally starts to go mainstream.

So, the race is on to get the truth ‘out there’, before all those xtians – and everyone else – just start spinning their own pack of lies to try and dodge the uncomfortable truth about who Yoshki himself really was….

It doesn’t get bigger than this.



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Did ‘HaKohen Al-Khazaris’ really take over the Jewish community?

That is the question (based on more of the information we uncovered in THIS post.)

There’s a lot that needs to be birured before we can really even try to answer that properly, so I decided to start trying to pin down more of the ‘fake Jews’ who have been leading our communities for the last at least 500 years (at least….).

The person I decided to start with was Natan Neta Spiro, the ancestor of known Sabbatean, Jonathan Eybshutz.

(If it’s news to you that Jonathan Eybshutz was indeed a Sabbatean – and one who practised incest and wrote books promoting it in the Jewish community – read THIS.)


Natan Neta Spiro (1585-1633) was known as the ‘Megaleh Amukot’ after his work of that name.

He’s been on my radar for a while as an interesting person, and one who seemed to have some very funny ideas, to say the least, that predated the false messiah Shabtai Tzvi by at least 30 years.

This snippet comes from YIVO, HERE:

During the eighteenth century, Spira’s name was linked to a putative Sabbatian sect, involving Jews and Lutherans, that was connected to Yonatan Eybeschütz.

Although the sect was established in the 1720s, its writings claimed Spira to be its founder, and maintained that he had received a divine revelation calling upon him to adopt the Christian faith.

Eybeschütz was, in fact, descended from Spira, and indeed was proud of this lineage. But the historical anachronism that ties the lives of the two men has not been sufficiently clarified. Indeed, Spira died 32 years before the birth of the Sabbatian movement.

The problematic connection is not entirely baseless, however, as scholars have claimed that Spira drew a great deal from Christianity and even revived various elements of the Jewish–Christian tradition that are found in midrashic literature. 


That YIVO entry continues:

A historical error may be the source of the mystery: it seems that Natan ben Shelomoh Spira of Kraków was confused with Natan ben Re’uven Shapira ha-Yerushalmi (d. 1667), who left Kraków for Jerusalem and was a kabbalist.

The latter raised money in Amsterdam for the Jews of Jerusalem and made contact there with Dutch and English Christians with millenarian views, who regarded him as the rabbi who would bring Jews to acknowledge the truth of Christianity.

Although Spira died before the rise of the Sabbatian movement and its subsequent Jewish and Christian incarnations, the fact that Jewish, Jewish-Sabbatian, and Jewish-Christian sources all link him to messianism and to Christianity arouses interest, and points to the complexity of the connection between the Jewish and Christian worlds in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.


So, I was trying to find out more about this ‘Sabbatean sect’ in the 1720s that was linked to both Lutherans and Jonathan Eybshutz, and of course, that’s proving quite challenging.

And it may also be some deliberate disinformation, because if Jonathan Eybshutz was linked to any xtian group, that would appear to have been the Jesuits.

As a young man in Prague, Eybshutz worked closely with the Jesuits, in particular, leader of the Prague ‘Inquisition’ Francis Haselbauer, to put out a heavily – and unusually – censored version of the Talmud in Prague, where all the passages deemed to be ‘heretical’ to xtianity and its founder was censored.

But where this censorship was particularly unusual, is that Eybshutz ‘rewrote’ the offending passages in such a smooth way, secretly substituting his own heretical ideas and opinions for those originally found in the Talmud, that it was almost impossible for a reader to understand which was ‘Jesuit-sponsored propaganda’ – and what was the original text.


The following snippet comes from this article:

Jonathan Eybshutz: censorer of the Talmud printed in Prague, 1728

According to William Popper (Censorship of Hebrew Books pg. 112, citing other sources) the permanent inquisition commission in Prague consisted of three Jesuits, including Haselbauer, not Dominicans.

Popper further writes (pg. 116) that Haselbauer enforced searches of Jewish homes for uncensored Jewish books, which would be confiscated.

Because of the unusually harsh situation, Prague’s Chief Rabbi David Oppenheim did not bring his amazing and famous library to Prague with him when he assumed office in 1702. Instead it remained in the custody of his father-in-law Leffmann Behrends in Hanover….

Under these conditions Rabbi Jonathan Eybeschutz, then a young rabbi in Prague with the title Darshan, obtained permission from Haselbauer to print a heavily censored Talmud.


Take a look at that post.

It brings the title page, and goes through three specific ‘changes’ that Eybshutz made to just one daf!

If you go HERE, you’ll find an essay by Frankist historian Pawel Maciejko called:

The Rabbi and the Jesuit: On Rabbi Jonathan Eibeschütz and Father Franciscus Haselbauer Editing the Talmud

Here’s a pertinent snippet:

[D]uring his early years, the most important controversy concerning Eibeschütz was not the dispute surrounding his suspected Sabbateanism and the heterodox writings attributed to him but rather the outrage engendered by his friendly relations with the local Catholic clergy and his alleged involvement in the publication of heavily censored editions of the Pentateuch, the Talmud, and the prayer book.

In the eyes of many contemporaries, the damage caused by the appearance of these latter publications vastly overshadowed any harm stemming from the heretical views expressed in Eibeschütz’s kabbalistic works and amulets.


At least some of what people were so upset about is that Eybshutz was deliberately distorting the Talmud to ‘promote’ his own view of a universal ‘one world’ religion that had a lot of similarity with large parts of xtian theology.

Moshe Hagiz was so upset by what Eybshutz was doing to the text of the Talmud, he formulated a request to have the Prague Edition burnt… Not something any rabbi would suggest in that era of mass Jewish ‘book burnings’, without some very weighty deliberation.

One more snippet, but please go and read the whole thing, to get more of a feel for just how ‘anti-Jewish’ some of Eybshutz’s amendments and additions to the Talmud were:

Eibeschütz believed that there was no final, fixed, and canonized text of the Talmud;…

Eibeschütz put himself in the shoes of the ancient sages and saw himself not as expurgating but rather as creating the text of the Talmud.


Remember, Sadducee-Karaites and xtians both shared a hatred of the Talmud, the Oral Law.

And that’s still going strong today, as the following screenshot shows:


Am I saying Eybshutz was a Karaite?

No – but he was a Sabbatean, that’s much for sure.

And the Sabbatean-Frankists certainly carried on and amplified the ‘anti Torah Jews and Torah’ attitude of the Sadduccee-Karaites, and the other ancient Jewish-xtian-gnostic groups that are all hidden in the mist, still.


So, I decided to try and pin-down Eybshutz’s links to the xtians a bit more, and to also start taking a closer look at his illustrious forbears, to see if I could figure out more of these links.

In the process of doing that, I came across this article on the xtian ‘Israel Today’ website:

Four Rabbis Find Yeshua (Jesus) – Israel Today


The first event that we know about happened in a small town in southern Poland, Pinczow (near Krakow), around the year 1680. Four well-known rabbis – Rabbi Krokeffer and Rabbi Sender, both from what is now the Czech Republic, and Rabbi Chaija Chajon from Turkey met with the Chief Rabbi of Pinczow, interestingly called by his people “Rabbi Megalleh Amukkoth” (the one who discovers deep mysteries).

This whole article is about how the xtians basically used a bunch of corrupt ‘rabbis’, starting in the 17th century, to launch what you can basically call the ‘Jews for Jesus’ idea.

You can read all about it HERE.

(Warning: puke bag mandatory.)


I’ve covered a lot of what you’ll learn there previously, but before we get back to the Megaleh Amukot’s xtian leanings, I just wanted to point out a few more things about all the ‘Jews for Jesus’ missionary activity currently going on in Israel.

Go HERE to read about the CMJ – going since 1809, and one of the earliest ‘xtian zionist’ organisations of modern times.

Go HERE to read about the ‘Messianic Jewish’ community currently hanging out in Talpiot’s Industrial area, snippet:

The current premise of the congregation is in the Talpiot industrial area. They own the fifth floor of a large building on Yad Charutzim 4. 

Go HERE to read about their ‘brand new’ congregation in Mevasseret Zion.

And go HERE to read the blog of Tuvia Pollack, a ‘4th generation’ Jewish believer in Yoshki who lives in Jerusalem.

And of course, all this is just the tip of the iceberg of all the ‘Jews for Jesus’ stuff still going on in the State of Israel.


They like to pretend there are no missionaries here, that it’s all ‘illegal’ for missionaries to live here, and to preach here and to convert Jews here – but of course, they are lying.

Two of my three neighbors in Jerusalem are families of xtian missionaries. One of them even moved here at the height of the Corona lockdowns, when the State of Israel wasn’t letting real Jews into the country….

Again, all these are clues as to who is really controlling the State of Israel.


Back to that weird snippet from the ‘4 rabbis find Yoshki’ article, above.

The first event that we know about happened in a small town in southern Poland, Pinczow (near Krakow), around the year 1680. Four well-known rabbis – Rabbi Krokeffer and Rabbi Sender, both from what is now the Czech Republic, and Rabbi Chaija Chajon from Turkey met with the Chief Rabbi of Pinczow, interestingly called by his people “Rabbi Megalleh Amukkoth”.


The first thing to notice is that the timing is totally wrong for the Megaleh Amukot, who died in 1633 – some 50 years before this meeting of ‘Jews for Yoshki’ is meant to have happened.

So I was about to discard this as a credible source…. until I remembered I’d seen something similar in THIS piece by reputable orthodox Jewish historian, Sid Leiman:


This screenshot is from page 6, go check it out for yourself:


This statement appears there word-for-word.

Here’s a snippet of the deeper story behind all this:

In 1772, a Jew from Amsterdam named Simon approached Pastor Burgmann of the Lutheran Church in London, seeking, as it were, spiritual asylum. He was knowledgeable in matters Christian and claimed that he had been baptized in Amsterdam by a secret society of Jewish Christians who were outwardly Jewish but secretly Christian.

Simon arranged for Burgmann to enter into correspondence with that secret society. The possibility that an entire group of Jews had converted to Christianity in one fell swoop intrigued Burgmann.

Ultimately, Burgmann referred the matter to the Moravian Brethren, an evangelical and pietistic Protestant community with an office in London.


Readers with sharp memories will remember that we already make the link between the ‘Bad Baal Shem’ of London, (and Jacob Frank’s first father-in-law, Dr Falk, and the Moravian Brethren, or Brotherhood, in THIS post.

Here’s a pertinent snippet:

Falk – and others – fused together the already warped Sabbatean theosophy with high-level Freemasonry rites.

One of the people Falk was in close contact with at this time was Count Nicolai Zinzendorf, who was another of these ‘two-faced’ people.

In one world, he was an upstanding xtian missionary, church leader, and xtian ‘zionist’, who had a big eye on getting Jews to convert….

Then in the other world, he was the leader of an occult group called the Moravian Brotherhood, who wanted to totally uproot society and get rid of all class structures. Zinzendorf’s Brotherhood had branches in Holland and in London, as well as in Moravia.

Moravia was the stamping ground of the Sabbatean Jonathan Eybshutz, and later became a stronghold of the Frankists who retained their Sabbatean-Frankist beliefs, whilst remaining the Jewish community. As we will discover, that was no coincidence.


In the 1750s, Zinzendorf developed a new, secret doctrine for ‘initiates’ to the top secret ‘German Pilgrim Section’ of his Brotherhood, which basically copied the worst antinomian Sabbatian practises of breaking every sexual taboo mandated by the Torah.


You see, how every new piece of information we dig up only serves to confirm the theory?

That’s usually a pretty good sign you are travelling in the right direction, if all the new pieces ‘fit’ the puzzle – and provide solutions for more of the mysteries.

Anyway, back to the first-hand account of how these more recent ‘Jews for Jesus’ apparently got started in the basement of the Megaleh Amukot’s basement, on the day of Tisha B’av.


Then R. Megalle Amukkoth stood up, took the 3 men by the hand and said unto them: “Strengthen yourselves ye men of
Israel, let us not this day mourn, but rejoice for the Lord hath spoken unto us and will redeem us.”

All these 4 men felt a certain joy and called directly upon the name of the Saviour and went in that moment into the cellar where R. Megalle Amukkoth had his מקוה .

There were always 3 witnesses as one of them plunged himself into the water, till after this manner they were baptized….

Here the Church of Christ took its beginning in Israel, without one of these men having ever seen the New Testament.


I’m just going to quote more snippets of this firsthand account of what appears to have been going on in this Jewish-Xtian community centred around the Megaleh Amukot, because the information is astounding:

The baptized were diligent in baptizing and converting their relations and friends, and to receive them into the community of Christ, so that 100 were baptized... They kept to the ceremonial law. Every day more were baptized on their belief of the chief articles of the Christian faith, and hereby it remained a long time.

Particularly in Prague, where so many ראשי ישיבות and many בחורים were, the Holy Ghost wrought powerfully and an uncommon blessing was spread abroad.


Yea, even in Prague and Moravia this pestilence [of these ‘true believers’ being persecuted by the Jewish community] got an ascendency.

They were persecuted, but the Brethren also suffered by it, because they were remarked as having a particular walk and fellowship together, therefore the Jews believed that they were also Sabsazebitem [Sabbateans].


This next snippet is mind-blowing:

It is still to be observed that Rabbi Chayim Ashkenaas, grandfather of our Baruch and Simon, and who was then a youth and afterwards Chief Rabbi of Kreutz in Hungary, and Rabbi Meir Eisenstadt, a friend of the former who was afterwards Chief Rabbi of Eisenstadt, where both of them were afterwards great blessing.

These youths were rescued from the Sabsazebitem and converted to the word of life, and afterwards brought many souls in Hungary to the true faith.


Meir Eisenstadt – the Meir Panim – was a known Sabbatean, whose brother was Sabbatean false prophet Mordechai Mokiach.

The Meir Panim was also one of the main teachers of Jonathan Eybshutz.

Back to the text.


R. Megalle Amukkoth in Pintschoff had much blessing in his labor, but did not live long.

At his death (as is known to all the Jews), he said that a child should be born in his family whose name would be יהונתן .
He would bring much salvation to Israel…

But there was a grandson of R. Megalle Amukkoth whose name was Rabbi Nathan. He was in Prague at the ישיבה .His wife was with child in Pintschoff…. But it came to pass that this Rabbi Nathan was converted in Prague, and as soon as he heard of the death of his grandfather and his prophecy, he returned home.

But it came to pass that when he came to Dresden in an inn where was at the same time a real servant of our Saviour, a preacher whose name was Mr. Meysinger.

Rabbi Nathan opened to him the whole secret, persuaded him to go with him to Pintschoff, and in case his wife should be delivered of a son, that he would after the circumcision baptize him. This was resolved.

They went to Pintschoff. A son was born, was circumcised, and baptized by the above preacher and called יהונתן .


This baptised son of R’Natan, the grandson of the Megaleh Amukot, is none other than Jonathan Eybshutz.

Back to the text:

By the endeavours of his Brethren and other circumstances, he [R’ Natan] was called to be Chief Rabbi in Eybeschuetz in Moravia. He accepted the call, sent his family before him, but he died on the road in Poland.

The mother and the boy were very poor in Eybeschuetz. But as the boy was very forward in his understanding, the mother resolved to bring him to Prague to study the Talmud. And to the astonishment of the Jews, he was so very forward that he was able to deliver a very acute דרשה to the Jews in the public synagogue when he was in his 10th year.

All the Jews with one voice said: This is the boy of whom R. Megalle Amukkoth prophesied.

The Jesuits sought to entrap him, but a divine providence watched over him.

At length the Brethren began to converse with him, to lay before him the word of God. The Holy Ghost was active. The Brethren prayed earnestly to our Saviour for him, and they at last found him in his 14th year in such a disposition that they could make it known to him that he was baptized.


[B]efore we treat the present state of the Church of Israel, we must tell how Rabbi Jonathan was appointed and inducted as a teacher and preacher in Israel.

You will easily conceive why Rabbi Jonathan was called to be Chief Rabbi of Hamburg, viz. because his labour was much blessed there to many souls, who were converted and who believed that he would have much more blessing in his old age, but in vain.

Satan, who guided the pen of Rabbi Emden, did much mischief therewith.


After reams and reams of more stuff about how Eybshutz learnt the Lutheran creed, and started baptizing people all over the place – God forbid!!! – we get to this strange segment:

Our Brethren look upon the Society [to convert Jews] established in London as a work of Grace… 

(They then mention the edict of the King of Prussia by which all the Jews who are not worth 1000 Dollars each should
leave his new acquired territory in Poland.

In this part of Poland are 39 Jewish Congregations out of which near 2000 poor Jews will be expelled….Therefore, it is the best time to pay attention to them.)

Our thought was that this godly Society should turn particularly to the Jews in new Prussia, make an address to them.
We believe that it would be with little trouble that we could send 100 or 200 families to the new colonies in America. Propose it to the Society…. 

These Jews have still some months respite. They believe that they shall by means of the Jews here and at London by
means of the Prince of Orange and the King of England to effect something.

The Jew congregation in Berlin have wrote about it to a certain Jew called Frank in London.

The Jews have collected 100,000 gulden to this end. 


This sounds like a clear reference to Jacob Frank, son-in-law of the Bad Baal Shem of London, who is known to have had links with the Moravian Brotherhood.

Wow, so much new information to try and assimilate here.

There’s a lot more to dig into, but I will stop here for now, and try to pick this up again in the next post, with God’s help.


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It’s entitled ‘An Orthodox Jewish father breaks his silence’.


He’s very brave to explain what happened to him, and the terrible impact it had both on him, and his family.

And his parents are also very brave, for telling their story publically.

They have been ostracised by their community for telling the truth – and it’s also caused so many problems within the family itself.

This is so very hard, for everyone who is involved.

But the main point here, is that we all need to stop covering this up.

This is much harder than it sounds, for many reasons.

We will come back to this topic of how to stop covering this stuff up in more detail very soon – in an halachically appropriate way.


This is the second documentary:

It particularly focuses on how the Chabad rabbis in Melbourne tried to cover all this up, and how they blacklisted Zephaniah Waks and his family, and made sure they were ostracised from the community for speaking out.

This is a screenshot of a text that a senior Chabad rabbi sent to Zeddy Lawrence, editor of the Australian Jewish News, attacking Zephaniah Waks during the Royal Commission proceedings where Chabad rabbis in Melbourne were put on the stand to explain their actions:


How can anyone justify this?

Please watch, and come to your own conclusions.


And while we’re at it, don’t forget THIS:


And this is not just happening in Chabad, or in Gur, or in Melbourne.

It’s happening in so many of the ‘orthodox’ communities, that devolved from Jonathan Eybshutz’s Sabbetean disciples and descendants.

It’s time to get to grips with this issue once and for all, and to uproot this terrible poison.



A friend just emailed me this. It so sums things up.


Also, I just had to remove the ‘Chabad’ tag from this post, as it wasn’t loading the site even for me.

This is one of the myriad ways all this information continues to be censored, so the abusers can continue abusing, while we all sit here none the wiser to what is really going oin…

Ad matai, Tatty?


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In this third and final part, the focus is on how Eybshutz and the Sabbatian-Frankists have warped today’s orthodox Jewish community.

Before I begin, let me tell you a story I heard approximately three hours ago.

It’s about a young chareidi boy, who was brutally raped by an older ‘chareidi’ man in the ‘chareidi’ community of Ramat Bet Shemesh in Israel, seven years ago.

Even the boy’s parents don’t know what happened to him.

They just think he ‘went crazy’, ‘got ADHD’, then started ‘acting out’ at yeshiva so he got kicked out, and finally got into drugs and went ‘off the derech’.


That boy was deeply traumatised by being abused by one of the evil monsters who live in our ‘frum’ communities all over the world, who continue to get away with destroying countless lives in this way because the whole system is geared to cover their crimes up.


Enough is enough!

How much longer are we going to pretend that this evil of rampant sexual abuse – an obvious hold-over from the Sabbatian-Frankist culture that has infiltrated all our major Jewish institution from the top down – doesn’t exist?

How much longer are we all just going to set here whistling, while this evil continues unchecked even, and perhaps especially, in the externally ‘frum’ world?

So, I’m devoting this particular post to all the unnamed, unheard, undefended victims of Sabbatian-Frankist abuse in the Jewish community, and particularly, the so-called chareidi world.

And believe me, there are a lot of them out there.


Now, let’s get back to the precis of R’ Marvin Antelmann’s book, Bekhor Satan.

(Click the links to read Part 1 and Part 2).


R’ Antelmann explains that the ruins of the Churva Synagogue in the Old City, built by known Sabbatean Yehuda Chassid and his group of followers, was a holy place for Neturei Karta.

Yehuda Chassid and his group of Sabbatean ‘true believers’ moved to Eretz Israel in 1700 (in preparation for the ‘second coming’ being predicted for Shabtai Tzvi. ‘Second comings’ are a big thing for many of these false messiahs.)

R’ Antelmann explains that according to Zvi Hertz Graetz’s history, the beliefs of this group of Sabbatians was very similar to xtianity. But according to a letter brought in the book ‘Tradition’, written by R’ Yehezkel Kahana, people in Jerusalem were scared to publish this information, because they feared the retribution of the ‘extremists’.

Who are these ‘extremists’ who practise a Sabbatian theology that resembles xtianity?

R’ Antelmann identifies them as the ‘Shomrei HaIr.’


Translated snippet:

“After the death of Yehuda Chassid in October 1700…his movement of ‘believers’, after a few years had passed, started to embrace Christianity.

The ideas that characterise this anti-Zionist cult are connected to Jonathan Eybshutz.


R Antelmann then brings a passage from Gershom Scholem’s work, where he describes how most of the Shadarim – the ‘messengers’ and shlichim that went on journeys on behalf of the community in Jerusalem, were actually Sabbatians.

As part of their travels, these Sabbatian ‘Chachamim’ would also serve as messengers between the ‘known’ Sabbatians, and those who remained secretly embedded within the Jewish community, and would also act as a conduit for the secret Sabbatian writings.

Scholem writes that the radically ‘anti’ Eretz Israel stance of this group of xtianised-Sabbatians was identified by R Yakov Emden, in his book Edot B’Yaakov (page 44), as coming from Jonathan Eybshutz’s own mouth, in relation to the passuk about ascending to Eretz Yisrael, that reads:

Not with strength and not with force, but rather with My spirit.

In his drasha given on Shabbos Chanuka, Parshat Mikeitz, Eybshutz writes:

“Because Moshiach will not do signs and wonders and make war with the enemies of Israel, and gather the exiles, and return Israel to its land. Rather, amongst the nations will be found chanina (grace?) [for the Jewish people], through the great wisdom of the Melech Moshiach.”

Ed. note: Eybshutz had a habit of switching what our Sages said for the exact opposite. He did this many, many times, including when he censored and rewrote large parts of the Talmud in Prague, in conjunction with the Jesuit Father Franciscus Haselbauer.

Again, Eybshutz didn’t just take words OUT of the Talmud, he actively rewrote it, to present his warped ideas in a ‘seamless’ way that made it appear to the reader as though they were part of the original text.

More on that another time.


Rav Antelmann then brings an excerpt of the Neturei Karta writings published under the title ‘Ahavat Yonatan’.

These writings appear to be based on the Neturei Karta understanding of some of Jonathan Eibshutz’s lesson.

Here’s a translated snippet:

“If you provoke and awaken the ‘love’ against Kibbutz Israel (i.e. going to Israel), and if everyone learns together to go to Jerusalem and all the nations agree – even in this case, as if it’s His will to go there, chalila, (God forbid that you should go) – because the end of the exile is hidden. And maybe, this is not the real time, rather it is just an et ratzon, for its own sake.

And today or tomorrow, they will sin, and they will be forced into exile one more time. And the next time will be worse than the first time. Therefore, the request is made to not go, until she will want. That is to say, until the time when all the world will be filled with knowledge, and from then on, the One who is above everything promised that there will be no-one missing from the nation of Israel at all.

And this is the true time, that it should come speedily in our days.

And therefore he said [the passage about coming out from Mevasseret with the feminine declention]. And from here it’s hinted to you….that your God will come by Himself, and redeem you, etc.


Rav Antelmann next brings a lengthy passage from the Or Sameach to refute these ideas.

I’m not going to translate that here, because the main point is that Neturei Karta revered Jonathan Eibshutz; apparently had very strong links to the Sabbateans that moved to Eretz Yisrael under Yehuda HaChassid, and went to great lengths to ‘defend’ Eybshutz’s reputation, posthumously, against academics like Gershom Scholem.



In this chapter, R’ Antelmann states that many of the ‘yehi ratzon’ prayers that are found in many commonly-used siddurim – including the ‘Kol Bo’, and those put out by Artscroll – were written by Sabbateans, with Sabbatean intentions (kavanot).

And the main Sabbatean who initially wrote many of these prayers is none other than ‘Nathan of Gaza’, Shabtai Tzvi’s main prophet and cheerleader.

He bases this on the book written by David Kahana called: Toldot HaMekubalim HaShabtim ve’HaChassidim (‘The Generations of the Sabbatean and Chassidic Kabbalists’, p150.)

Translated excerpt:

“And with his great cunning, Nathan from Gaza succeeded in ensnaring many of our brothers, Bnei Yisrael, and up until today, there are found printed in many machsorim and siddorim the prayers ‘yehi ratzon’ and most of the ‘Ribono shel olam’ [prayers].

And they are copied letter-by-letter from the book Chemdat HaYamim, and not a person puts it in his heart to find out who is the person that put these things out….” 


Ed. note:

Just to make it clear, that I am sharing quotations from R’ Antelmann’s book here. I don’t know which ‘yehi ratzon’ and ‘Ribonu shel olam’ prayers the statement above is referring to, specifically.

And in our days, many other similar prayers have been been written by people other than Nathan of Gaza. Each person should do his own birur.


Rav Antelmann then brings a passage from the Kol Bo machsor (screenshotted below) and says the following about it:

“The Sabbatean-Frankists showed that they greatly succeeded to ‘infiltrate’ Yeshu HaNotzri – or so to speak, ‘Yeshua Sar HaPanim’ – within [?] of the machsor for the Yomim Noraim, in order to make a connection with avoda zara at this holiest time – the blowing of the Shofar….

…And so, the idea behind this ‘yehi ratzon’ prayer is that Hashem should forgive Yeshu HaNotzri, and should give him [i.e. Yoshki] the job of being the ‘Sar HaPanim’, instead of the Angel Metatron.”


R’ Antelmann then brings a list of rabbis who have outlawed the yehi ratzon prayers, because of their Sabbatean connections.

The list includes the Nodah b’Yehudah, the Minchat Eliezer, R’ Eliezer Fleckeles – and of course, R’ Yaakov Emden.

He thing brings a list of further prayers that he says were written with the same heretical Sabbatean intentions, as listed by David Kahane, mentioned above.

Here’s a screenshot of the Hebrew:



The last chapter in ‘Bekhor Satan’ deals with the tricky subject of how part of the Sabbatean project to destroy Judaism from within revolved around trying to make orthodox Jewish observance so ‘hard’ and stringent, day-to-day, that many people would become disheartened and turn away from yiddishkeit.

R’ Antelmann explains that turning super-strict ‘humrot’ into ‘halachas’ is a very old trick, and that it’s not for nothing that Chazal taught that it’s forbidden to take away anything from the halacha – and also forbidden to add anything.

He then refers to Rashi’s teaching on Parshat Bereishit where he explains how the Primordial Snake was the first to turn a ‘humra‘ into a ‘halacha‘ – with terrible consequences for mankind.

[If you don’t already know, the snake told Chava that it was also forbidden to touch the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and when Chava saw she didn’t die from touching it, then she was easily persuaded that she could also eat from the tree, too, without dying.]


R’ Antelmann then says:

“Jonathan Eybshutz’s mussar sichot (moral teachings) take this path. In his book ‘Ya’arot Dvash’ there are a lot of moral teachings that he gave over the 10 days of repentance, in the communities where he served as a rabbi.”

The two examples R Antelmann brings from ‘Ya’arot Dvash’ involve Eybshutz forbidding women to wear wigs made from the hair of gentile women; and forbidding mixed dancing.

But then, Eybshutz found a solution for his rich Sabbatean friends who wanted to continue wearing these wigs: he paskened that it was permitted to make wigs from the hair of a Shabbos Goy.


Ed. note: These examples show just how fraught this whole topic is, and how complicated the birur.

I’ll bring more of my own opinions below, but I just wanted to share here that Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, had a custom of dancing with his daughters at their marriages.

One daughter, Miriam, refused to dance with her father, Rebbe Nachman because her father-in-law was against ‘mixed dancing’.

Rabbenu later said that if Miriam had danced with him at her wedding, she would have merited to have descendants. As it was, she had one child who died young, before she herself died relatively young. Miriam is buried in a cave next to David Shlomo Eybshutz, in Tsfat.


R’ Antelmann continues:

“And so, the Sabbateans wanted to increase the things that were minorly ‘forbidden’, and to expand the number of humrot (stringencies), and to make them ‘big deals’, and to bring things from every source to make more humrot, until many of the Jewish people would despair of keeping the halacha, and come to view it as something [heavy?], and impossible to endure.

And finally, they succeeded in introducing a few ‘leaders’, that we continue to suffer from them until this day, to distance the people from the ways of the Torah and the guarding of the mitzvot, following in the same footsteps as the Primordial Snake.”


He continues:

“The ‘Chareidi-Sabbatean’ stereotype lives as we’ve described: he looks ‘chareidi’ from the outside, but inside, he’s full of lusts. This is the stereotype that Jonathan Eybshutz himself belongs to. They run to fill every position in the ‘official religious’ world, and to be the heads of religious institutions….

[He then brings two specific, named examples.]

“These people wear black garb, they have beards and payot, and it was their custom to get up for chatzot. And whoever would have seen these people, it would have been very hard for him to believe [who they really were].

“The psychological approach used by the Sabbateans was to always emphasise small things in Judaism, and to over-exaggerate their importance, so that the truly important things would ultimately fall….”

He goes on to say that while the Sabbateans were externally obsessing over all these small details that really didn’t matter so much, they made it an unspoken rule to ‘ignore’ any number of major aveirot, including committing incest and adultery, eating neveilot, performing abortions, breaking shabbat, thievery and deception etc – which were all never spoken about publically.


Ad kan.


And so, we make a full circle, and return to the story I heard a couple of weeks’ ago, firsthand, of a 13 year old boy who was violated by a ‘talmid chacham’ somewhere in Ramat Bet Shemesh – in the frummest-of-frum area.

It’s an area where there are constant threats of violence and intimidation from ‘modesty patrols.

An area where neighbors will gang up on your for daring to bring a pet – a source of tumah – into your home.

An area where the advice given is to kick those kids who want MP3 players – let alone smartphones – out of the house, and let them live on the street, even at very young ages.

In this bastion of humrot, where every emphasis is put upon keeping up appearances, and every effort is made to force families to conform to the strictest, harshest interpretations of the Torah – child rapists roam free.


That boy who was assaulted in Ramat Bat Shemesh a few years ago by a ‘talmid chacham’ never told his parents what had happened to him.

Instead, he went totally off the derech and started doing drugs to try and dull the pain and shame, while his parents started dragging him all over the place to one shrink, one counsellor, one rabbi after another.

In these communities that are so focussed on humrot and external appearances, these terrible crimes of rape, incest and pedophilia – the hallmarks of secret Sabbatean-Frankists for the last 350 years – are all covered up, and never spoken about.

But that needs to change.


While this concludes the precis of Bekhor Satan, I have a lot more information to share with you in future posts about Jonathan Eybshutz’s ancestors – and also, his descendants.

Many of whom are heading up large swathes of the ‘ultra orthodox’ Torah world, both on the Litvak and the Chassidic sides of the equation.

While it’s true that just being a descendant of an evil person doesn’t make you evil, it’s also true that abusive behavior, and mentally-ill habits tend to be passed down from father to child, over the generations – until someone has the courage to acknowledge the truth, and to make a clean break.

Eybshutz had relations with his own daughter; wrote books encouraging other Jews to perform acts of incest and adultery – and was an arch hypocrite, who perfected the role of playing the ‘big tzaddik’ externally, while indulging in the worst sins behind closed doors.

And his descendants are heading up large swathes of the ‘ultra orthodox’ Torah world, both on the Litvak and the Chassidic sides of the equation.

Can you see the problem?


So, stay tuned.

We will definitely be returning to this topic soon.

Because personally, I am not going to rest until all these child rapists in the frum community are publically called out for their evil actions, and all the countless lives they’ve ruined, and countless numbers they’ve ‘abused’ out of yiddishkeit, and justice is finally done.



To read Part One of this precis of Bekhor Satan, go HERE.

And go HERE, for Part Two.



Let’s continue the precis of R’ Marvin Antelmann’s book, Bekhor Satan.

You can read Part I HERE.

Let’s continue with chapter 6:


In this chapter, R Antelmann deals with the question of whether the whole accusation against Eybshutz was really just because of ‘petty quarrel’ with R’ Yakov Emden, as the usual sources tell us was the case.

R’ Antelmann shows this is decisively not the case – because Eybshutz was very nearly excommunicated back in 1725 for being a Sabbatian, after his book Ve’Yavo HaYom Al HaAyin, first appeared.

R’ Antelmann states that many rabbis came out against Eybshutz back in 1725, including:

R’ David Oppenheimer (1664-1736) – Chief Rabbi of Prague


R’ Moshe Hagiz (1671-1751), a leading rabbi in Amsterdam, both raised the alarm about Eybshutz’s Sabbatean leanings while he was still a relatively young man.


R Antelmann brings a reference to Professor Elisheva Carlebach’s book The Pursuit of Heresy, (Columbia, 1990) which includes letters from some of the other leading rabbis who were writing against Eybeshutz for being a Sabbatian in 1725 – a full 25 years before his first Sabbatean amulet was sent to the Yavetz.

Translated snippet of a letter written by R’Hagiz in 1725, about Sabbatean activities involving Jonathan Eybshutz:

“Everything according to the letter that I sent his lordship, about the abominations of Leib from Prossnitz [another famous Sabbatean ‘prophet’, and teacher of Eybshutz] to R’ Jonathan from Prague….and that which was not done at that time [i.e. the last time the problem of the secret Sabbateans arose] now needs to be done enthusiastically….and a strict herem should be pronounced, that no Polish bachor should go and study with R’ Jonathan of Prague….

….[C]lear announcements should be made in Mannheim and in Lita (Lithuania), that he should be known, in addition to this, as one of those apikoruses and cofrim (heretics) who pakru b’ikker (figuratively, denies the very fundamental thing of Jewish faith).

And I will send to him [i.e. R Hagiz’s correspondence] this book that begins VeYavo HaYom Al HaAyin, which is full of words of lust and associated prayers, that have never been before….”


The other rabbis who also publically warned against Eybshutz long before R Emden himself became involved include:

  • R’ Nechamia Risher (grandson of the ‘Ba’al Shvut Yaakov, R Yaakov Risher)
  • R’ Shmuel Hellman of Metz – the rabbi of Metz before Eybshutz took up the position
  • R’ Yaakov Yehoshua Falk, the Pnei Yehoshua
  • Leib Pesseles
  • R’ Yosef Prager – a close relative of Eybshutz, author of ‘Gahalei Esh’, who publically turned against him for his Sabbatianism
  • R’ Aryeh Leib Lowenstam (R’ Yakov Emden’s brother-in-law.)

And other Batei Din in addition to the Council of the Four Lands also came out ‘against’ Eybshutz, including the Beit Din of Venice.



In this chapter, R Antelmann addresses some of the better-known treatises that were put out by ‘historians’, that still managed to whitewash Eybshutz’s Sabbatean links, despite the enormous amount of clear evidence pointing in the opposite direction.

R Antelmann splits them up into two main camps:

  1. Writers with clear links to the Reform and other ‘anti-orthodox’ movements, including people like Mortimer Cohen.

Cohen wrote a book called “Jacob Emden, Man of Controversy’, in 1937, where he basically put all the blame for the dispute firmly on the shoulders of that grumpy, petty-minded guy, Yaakov Emden, and suggested it was a personal grudge match, nothing more.

Cohen was a Reform rabbi, which prompted R Antelmann to start digging into why a ‘reform rabbi’ in America would be so concerned with proving Jonathan Eybshutz ‘innocent’ of being a Sabbatian, in the 1930s.

What he discovered was correspondence that showed that Cohen was the ‘rabbi’ of a secret group of Communist-Sabbatians located in Philadelphia.

Translated snippet (from page 44 of Bekhor Satan):

Tzuntz, the Sabbatean, from the Eybshutz family, and David, the son of Moshe Hess were [Mortimer Cohen’s] friends. It’s well known that Moshe Hess [WHAT] Karl Marx as the first leader of the Communist movement….And so it happened that an ‘apikorus rabbi’ defended the honor of an ‘Jewish gaon’.


2. The second group of ‘ulterior-motivated historian’s identified by R Antelmann are people who belong in the ‘frum’ camp, who he suggests were trying to protect the good name of orthodox rabbis, l’shem shemayim.

He includes in this list frum author Yekutiel Yehuda Greenwald, who wrote the book הרב ר’ יהונתן אייבשיץ in 1908.

You can see that book for yourself HERE.


Ed. note: After a commentator put a link to this book, I went to find out a bit more about R Yekutiel Yehuda Greenwald. On geni, he has no ancestors at all – which is interesting, given that he lived in relatively recent times and was a well-known personality.

So, I took a look at his wife’s family instead. She is a Rubin, who descends directly from the SHACH via his son Moshe of Podhajce – via all the usual interesting intersections in the communal family tree.

(The SHACH is my leading candidate for the ‘holy alter ego’ of the false messiah Shabtai Tzvi, which is another massive cover-up story that we didn’t even start to unpick here, yet.)

So, just like Neturai Karta, it seems highly unlikely that any of the ‘frum’ apologists for Eybshutz were really acting l’shem shemayim, but rather because they had close family associations with the secret Sabbatian-Frankist movement, that they were trying to keep covered up.


The last paragraph in this chapter takes us back to the bombshell charge about Eybshutz having a mamzer son with his own daughter, by the name of ‘Moses Berachyia’.

In Part I, we brought the source for that from R Yaakov Emden.

Here, R Antelmann shares a second source for that accusation, written by a xtian kabbalist who was a contemporary of the early Frankists, called Franz Yosef Molitor.

This is Molitor’s original words, in German:


Translated snippet (page 45, Behkor Satan):

“It was accepted amongst the xtian nobles that Eybshutz was a Sabbatian. [Molitor] wrote that Moshe Schonfeld was the grandson of Jonathan Eybshutz.

According to the source that we brought from the Yavetz’s seforim, Eybshutz fathered an illegitimate child with his daughter, who was known by the name Moshe Berachyia. Is it possible that the identity of ‘Moses Dobrushka’ is really the same as the mamzer ‘Moshe’, and the is both the son and the grandson of Eybshutz?

And that the Sabbatians managed to forge his papers by way of paying bribes to the government clerks, to hide his identity?


Ed. note: You’ll remember that Moses Dobrushka was a key player in many of the Frankist-Freemason schemes that later played out on the wider world stage, including the French Revolution.

He was also one of the founders of the Asian Brethren secret society, that had close links with Chaim Samuel Falk’s ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’; and that the Asian Brethren used Eybshutz’s writings as the basis of many of its ‘black kabbalah’ rituals and rites.

And as I’ve written about on many previous occasions, ‘Moses Dobrushka’s’ family tree is totally obscured.



In this chapter, R Antelmann brings the passage in Tractate Sanhedrin 89a, which states:

“The Rabbis taught in a Baraisa: There are four categories of people who require proclamation after their sentences are carried out. These are:

  • HaMasit – the Instigator

  • Ben Sorer Umoreh

  • Zaken Mamreh – a Rebellious Sage

  • Zomeimim – false witnesses.”

Ed. note: The Artscroll footnote 9 for this passage explains that:

“The requirement for such a proclamation is derived from the fact that in each of the Biblical passages that speaks of these four criminals, the verse states that all Israel shall ‘hear’ of their punishment, and shall be fearful of committing similar acts themselves.”


He reminds us again of the main text of the herem that was placed upon Jonathan Eybshutz by the Council of the Four Lands Beit Din in 1756, that stated that Eybshutz:

“Like a Satan hamastin (instigates) Israel (to commit sins)” – that he is the author of the ‘pornography’ that deceives people to transgress eishet eish (adultery) and sins of arayot (immorality and incest), such as a father cohabiting with his daughter, etc.”

Antelmann notes the use of the identical language – hamastin = haMasit – used by the Beit Din against Eybshutz, and used in the above Gemara.

Then he makes a plea that all Jews, and particular religious Jews, and even more particularly, talmidei chachamim, should uphold the words of the Gemara, and ‘proclaim the sins’ of Jonathan Eybshutz publically, instead of continuing to cover them up.



Translated snippet:

“Thanks to the disinformation campaign around Eybshutz, there are those who want to say that the Council of the Four Lands was ‘anti’ chassidut, and that’s why they excommunicated Eybshutz, and also outlawed the study of the Zohar before the ages of 30 -40.”

Rav Antelmann explains this wasn’t the case, and then brings a lengthy quote from a Hebrew book called Sippurim Chassidim by Professor Gedalya Nigal from Bar Ilan University, to prove the point.


Ed. note: In the 30+ years since this book was written, and particularly in the last year on this blog, we’ve been fleshing out a lot more of the true story about who these ‘chassidim’ really were, i.e., groups of secret Sabbateans who later were partially ‘sweetened’ by the Baal Shem Tov’s movement.

So many of the Baal Shem Tov’s students came straight from the ranks of these ‘secret Sabbateans’ who then made teshuva, and came close to the BESHT’s holy way of doing things.

(It should also be underlined that at the time of the BESHT, and before Eybshutz’s book came out in 1725 that encouraged incest and adultery as ‘mitzvot’, God forbid, the Sabbateans in Podolia believed in Shabtai Tzvi as the ‘messiah’, and other very problematic ideas.

BUT, for the most part, they weren’t engaged in the sort of wholesale immorality that came to characterise the Sabbatian-Frankist movement in Podolia from 1725 on, and which also characterised Baruchia Russo’s Donmeh, in Turkey.)

This whole subject is totally fraught and very complicated, because after the BESHT’s passing, many branches of ‘good’ chassidut were once again hijacked by the Sabbatian-Frankists, making it very hard to know who was really a true Tzaddik who’d made sincere teshuva – and who was an unrepentant, two-faced, devil-worshipping Sabbatean-Frankist.

More on this another time.



R’ Antelmann explains that the Sabbatian-Frankists put around many ‘scary legends’ and stories about the horrible things that would happen to anyone who tried to question Eybshutz’s innocence, and who would try to reprint or publish any of the Yavetz’s writings on the subject.

Ed. note: I experienced this myself, two years ago, when I was also put off from researching this by a ‘scary story’ of someone who died in their sleep, just for committing the avera of considering republishing R’ Emden’s books….

R Antelmann brings a famous example of one of these scary ‘stories’ – which is then thoroughly debunked as being totally fabricated, by historian Sid Leiman.

You can read the story in full – and discover which famous rabbi was the person who was spreading that story around – HERE.


Here’s another snippet of the sorts of false ‘doom and destruction’ legends the Sabbatians circulated, about the people who were calling them out, like the Pnei Yehoshua, (from Sid Leiman’s website, HERE):

 Nathan Nota Eibeschuetz adds in the postscript that “starting at [his wife’s] funeral, Falk proclaimed that his punishment was due to his opposition to my [i.e., Nathan Nota Eibeschuetz’] Master, Teacher, and Rabbi, my father the Gaon [Jonathan Eibeschuetz].

The Pnei Yehoshua never said any such thing.

But it sure is an effective way of scaring people away from closer examination of what was really going on with the Frankist-Sabbatean movement headed up by Eybshutz at that time.



This is a very brief chapter, where R Antelmann talks about the decree of herem that was decreed by the moetzet gedolei haTorah in the USA, against the reform and conservative movements, in 1956.

Both the reform and conservative moments were began by known Frankist-Sabbteans.

He brings that psak din, and also more context about who these Sabbatean-Frankist-Reform-Conservative people really were, like this:

The Frankists, chassidim of Jacob Frank, used to transgress the very worst sins described in the Torah, as though doing this was a ‘mitzvah’, according to their own religion.

They prayed to their leaders as though they were a god, and believed that Shabtai Tzvi was the revelation of the Moshiach.


He also describes how R’ Chaim Rappoport led the excommunication of these Frankists in Brody in 5516 (1756), together with a loud blowing of shofars.

According to that writ of herem, it was forbidden to marry a Sabbatean, or to let them teach students, or to use them as sofer stams, amongst many other prohibitions established then.

At this point, a large section of the Sabbatean ‘cult’ transformed into the Frankists, with Jacob Frank at the head of the movement.

But another group of Sabbateans simply went ‘under cover’ in the orthodox Jewish community.

And in the last few chapters, that I will do in a separate post, R Antelmann traces some of their deleterious impact on the frum community – continuing into our days.


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‘Bekhor Satan’ is the name of a book written by R Marvin Antelmann about the excommunication of Jonathan Eybshutz.

As part of the process of getting more of this information ‘out there’, below you will find my precis of the main material brought in the book, which was originally written in Hebrew with a short English ‘addenda’ at the back.

In this post, I am just setting out the information in that book, with minimal explanation or additions from me.


Before I do that, I just wanted to state two things for the record:

  1. While I’m putting this information ‘as is’ from R Antelmann’s book, everything still requires more double-checking and birur, to really get to the bottom of what went on, here. Also, I don’t necessarily agree with everything R Antelmann concludes, as personally I am still in the process of doing that ‘double-checking’ myself.
  2. The reason I’m doing this, is because Jonathan Eybshutz’s legacy of ‘secret Sabbatianism’ is still distorting the orthodox Jewish world today.

For example, many of his descendants are heading up branches of chassidut, and were big poskim in Bnei Brak – and that’s just the ones that are known.

As you read on, you’ll see why the frum descendants of Jonathan Eybshutz wanted the whole matter of him being a Sabbatian-Frankist hushed up so badly, and his reputation ‘whitewashed’.

And you’ll hopefully also understand why the time has come to take another look at what really happened between Jonathan Eybshutz and Yaakov Emden – and other rabbis, who were also trying to combat the growing Sabbatian-Frankist problem in the Jewish world, back in the mid-1700s.

Let’s begin.


Let’s start with the Chapter Headings in the book, then I will give a precis for each chapter:


All snippets below are my free translations from the original Hebrew, unless otherwise stated.



Here, R’ Antelmann introduces himself, and explains why he is writing this book.

He also explains how he was called to defend himself in a Beit Din for his statements about Eibeshutz, after his first book ‘To Eliminate the Opiate‘ was published – and how he came through that process vindicated.

Snippet (from Antelmann’s English notes, at the back of the book):

“This book deals primarily with the halachic problems surrounding the life and deeds of the Sabbatian satanic gaon, Jonathan Eibeschutz, (1690-1764), who was excommunicated by the Vaad Arba Aratzot [Council of the Four Lands] – which was considered the supreme Rabbinic Court of Europe – on 20 Sivan 1756.

His excommunication was part of a total ban against the Sabbatian and / or Frankists, whose “wives are whores and children are mamzerim to the 10th generation.”

Heretical books were banned and named, such as Eibeschutz’ ‘V’avo HaYom El HaAyin, a book advocating adulterous and incestuous s*xual relations on spurious kabbalistic grounds, characteristic of Sabbatian theology, prompting the Court to warn persons not to study the Zohar until the age of 30 or 40, when one has been saturated with halacha.”


Ed. note: If we consider a generation to be 25 years, that means that the stigma of being a mamzer if you were descended from Sabbatian/Frankists ended in 2006 – 250 years after this ban of excommunication was pronounced.

Also, since R’ Antelmann wrote this work well over 20 years ago, other scholars have come out with additional evidence that:

a) Jonathan Eybshutz was indeed the author of the infamous book of Sabbatian theology that promoted incest called ‘V’avo HaYom El HaAyin’.

b) The amulets he wrote showed conclusively that he was still a secret Sabbatian, and hadn’t made teshuva, at that late stage of his career.



R Antelmann explains that before he published ‘To Eliminate the Opiate’, he discussed the information about Eibeshutz with a number of other leading rabbis.

He set out the sources for the information about Eibeshutz from the following books (all in Hebrew):

  1. Rav David Kahana’s bookAl HaSabbateam
  2. Prof. Moshe Perlmutter’s bookAl Yachso LeSabatuot
  3. Prof. Gershom Shalom‘s book, Lekat Margoliot

And was given permission, in writing, to continue with the publication of ‘To Eliminate the Opiate’ volume 1.

But then, when the book actually came out, one of his rabbinic advisors reversed his position and even summoned R Antelmann to a Beit Din in Boston for writing negative things about Eybshutz.

Antelmann got the Beit Din moved to the jurisdiction of the chareidi community of Los Angeles instead – and emerged victorious.

Translated snippet:

“[The Los Angeles] Beit Din ruled that anyone who wanted to accuse Eybshutz of doing evil was permitted to do so, inasmuch as – at the very least – he had permission to follow the opinion of Rav Emden, z’l. The Rav who gave this psak was one of the students of the Chofetz Chaim, z’l, called R’ Chaim Uri Etner, z’l.”



In this chapter, R Antelmann describes more of the background about R’ Yaakov Emden’s (1697-1776) fight against the Sabbatian-Frankists, as described in many of his books.

His books are written in a modern, lucid Hebrew, and contain a mixture of what we’d call ‘investigative journalism’, history, eye-witness accounts, polemics, philosophy and letters between R’ Emden and other rabbis.

Antelmann explains that R Emden (also known as ‘Yavetz’) wrote his books as part of a much wider ‘war’ against the Sabbatian-Frankist movement.

His main work, ‘Megillat Sefer’, (which you can download HERE) was published by a student after his death, which lead to accusations that Yavetz himself didn’t actually write it.


Antelmann explains that most of the ‘investigative journalism’ conducted by Yavetz has already been shown to be factually correct, by our times.

[Ed. note: and if that was true 30 years ago, it’s even more true today, when we know that Eybshutz’s amulets WERE Sabbatean; that the Nodah be’Yehuda characterised him as a Sabbatean in correspondence he had with Austrian officials; and that he was the author of the incest-and-wife-swapping treatise, V’avo HaYom El HaAyin.

And don’t forget that here on the blog, we’ve also been making a number of other connections with leading Sabbateans identified by the Yavetz, including Chaim Samuel Falk, founding black magician of the Order of the Golden Dawn and Jacob Frank’s first father-in-law.]


Nevertheless, after 200+ years, most of the criticism we hear is still being directed against R Yaakov Emden – and particularly from within the world of Torah.

He then brings a quote from Gershom Scholem, who put out a book about the Sabbatians called ‘Leket Margoliot’ in 1941 – which instantly invoked the ire of Neturei Karta.

Scholem wrote (translated snippet):

“I thought to myself that after 200 years (!) – we’d finally got to the time where we could talk about the Sabbateans with a little more understanding… I thought that – but I was mistaken. Neturei Karta are ‘guarding the city.'”

Neturei Karta – and others – in the Torah world immediately accused Scholem of wantonly injuring the honor of the ‘holy gaon of Israel, Rabbenu Yonatan Eybshutz’ – and made every effort to shut the conversation down.

[Ed. note: I’ve covered on the blog previously how the founders of Neturei Karta descend from the interesting families I’ve been researching here. Perhaps that explains their strong reaction to Scholem’s factual investigation into the roots of the Sabbatean-Frankists.]


R’ Antelman goes on to say that after more than 200 years, it’s really time to investigate and check Yavetz’s claims against the Sabbatean-Frankists, and Eybshutz.

Not from the side of ‘attacking the Torah’, like a secular academic, but from within the dalet amot of halacha.

He concludes that Yavetz’s books and the information and warnings they contain weren’t just written for his generation – they were written for ours, too.



R’ Antelmann turns to the question:

Why do so many Jews, including so many talmidei chachamim, believe that Jonathan Eybshutz is ‘clean’ of any suspicion of being a Sabbatean?

He explains the following:

“On the 2nd Marcheshvan, 1753, the Council of Four Lands publicised a statement against Yavetz, where they praised Eybshutz greatly…The statement was recorded in the Pinkas of the Council of the Four Lands, as recorded by Yisrael Halperin, Mossad Bialik Yerushaliyim, on pages 392-3.”

This is a screenshot of that statement, from 1753:

Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 13 – מגילת ספר – מהדורת כהנא עם הגהות והוספות – Warshawa 1897


And here’s a main snippet, from amidst all the paeons of praise being sung about Eybeshutz:

“The honor of his Torah and his ‘tzaddik-ness’….is such that he is not to be ‘suspected after’. And all those who ‘suspect after him’, it’s as if they are also ‘suspecting after’ the Shechina.”

It then continues:

“Who is the man who will fill his heart and raise his hand to ascend the mizbeach (holy altar) by printing the books of the Yavetz, and his writings….those worthless books, as described…”

It then goes on to encourage people to literally burn Rav Emden’s books in the streets!

And forbids people from entertaining any more doubts about Eybshutz’s holiness and behavior.

It’s signed: Rav Abraham of Lublin.


Then in 1755, Eybshutz himself published a defence, called ‘Luchot Eidot’, which contained writings of many rabbis – nearly all his own students, some of whom were later shown to also be Sabbateans.

In that self-same book, R Antelmann says that Eybshutz includes a known song of the Sabbateans, called ‘Ayelet Ahuvim’ full of allusions to Shabtai Tzvi, which Yavetz describes as a ‘shir shel pagim’ – or song of ‘desecration’, referring to the type of pagam habrit the Sabbatean-Frankists were notorious for.

But in Luchot Eidot, Eybshutz says that this is all wrong, and that the song is only designed to:

“Awaken love and dveikut to HaKadosh Baruch Hu, and His Shechina.”


There is also a letter in Luchot Eidot, apparently supporting Eybshutz, from none other than the Vilna Gaon.

In his rebuttal to Luchot Eidot, (which you can download HERE), Yavetz states that this letter was forged, and R’ David Kahana, in his book about the Sabbateans (page 61) agrees with this assessment:

“The truth that the letter was forged in his name is in fact the case.”

R’ Antelmann explains that the Jewish community by this points was already full of secret and not-so-secret Sabbatean-Frankists, including at every level of community leadership, both lay and religious.

One of these Sabbateans was a man named Shimon Rogoler, who was a Dayan in Vilna – he is the person likely responsible for forging the letter that appeared on the last page of the Luchot Eidot, in the Vilna Gaon’s name.


[Ed. note: You can read more about this ‘Shimon Ragoler’ HERE, and you can also read the text of the letter purported to be from the Vilna Gaon, included by Eybshutz, and make your own mind up about what really happened there. Here’s a snippet:

The 300 rabbis who supported Eibeschuetz were mostly disciples of his who, for the most part, were not distinguished as Kabbalists. That they supported Eibeschuetz comes as no surprise. But the Gaon was not a disciple of Eibeschuetz, and was a distinguished Kabbalist. 

Interestingly, there is also a man who’s been on my ‘watch list’ for a while, named ‘Avraham Ragolerwho is shrouded in mystery, and listed as the Vilna Gaon’s brother (and / or son or even uncle, depending, on what you read.)

This ‘Avraham Ragoler’ was run out of town very quickly on a cart – this is clear sign that you are dealing with a Sabbatean.

The custom was to put these Sabbateans on a dung cart once they were discovered, and to railroad them out of town.

He also has a lot of very interesting influential descendants, including Obama advisor Cass Sunstein, and writer AJ Jacobs.]


What most people don’t know, is that the ‘psak din’ in favor of Eybshutz from 1753 was totally reversed, in 1756 – when Eybshutz and his books were excommunicated, along with the other Sabbatian-Frankists.

Here’s that statement, from page 16 of Bekhor Satan (my free translation – the language is very tricky for me to decipher, so feel free to amend any mistakes you spot):


“The Parnas of the holy Council, Rabbi Abraham, from the holy community of Lublin, and his son, Rabbi Pinchas, reverse themselves from the former [position].

What can we say and what can we speak about how the Satan seduced us, [as a result of] how many [threats of] damages we had to endure, both to our souls (i.e. physical safety) and also to our money, from every side?

[So] that all of the former writings were libels against him [i.e. Yavetz], words of falsehood.

And today we will clearly state that he is ‘Yonatan Bekhor Satan’, who ‘satanises’ Israel.

And so we, the holy Council, proclaim a herem against his books and against his amulets.

(From the Pinkas of the Council of Four Lands, p 416)


The statement from 1756 continues by excommunicating the Sabbatean books:

“And the worthless sefer V’avo HaYom Al Ha’Ayin.

And whoever has in his hand these seforim of tumah (spiritual impurity), that we are talking about, or a parchment of the amulets of these reshaim, the likes of whom have never been heard or seen before, the herem also rests on them, if he doesn’t burn them…”


Ed. note: What changed, between 1753 and 1756?

The answer is Jacob Frank and his followers, who ‘came out of the Sabbatean closet’ publically, and that’s when the Rabbis started to realise that wife-swapping, incest and other disgusting, evil antinomian behavior had become widespread amongst the Sabbatian-Frankists – including the thousands of ‘rabbis’ and talmidei chachamim in their ranks.

From Wikipedia:

“One of (Frank’s) gatherings in Landskron ended in a scandal, and the rabbis’ attention was drawn to the new teachings. Frank was forced to leave Podolia, while his followers were hounded and denounced to the local authorities by the rabbis (1756).

At the rabbinical court held in the village of Satanów (today Sataniv in Ukraine) the Sabbateans were accused of having broken fundamental Jewish laws of morality and modesty.”

At that point, even the threats and bribes of Eybshutz and his followers wasn’t sufficient to shut the argument down, because Yavetz accusations against the Sabbatians were being unavoidably shown to be true.


In the rest of this chapter, R Antelmann comments on how the only book of halacha that Eybshutz published in his own lifetime was the ‘Kreti U’Pleti’.

Meanwhile, other books like ‘Bnei Ahuva’ (printed 1819) were published by known Frankists only many years after his death, including by his secular Frankist grandson, Gavriel Eybshutz.

Ed. note:

Why would antinomian ‘anti-Torah’ Frankists be spending their own time and money to publish halachic works?

You’ll find one possible answer to that mystery in Part II.



In this chapter, R Antelmann explains more about how history proved Eybshutz to be a secret Sabbatean.

We already covered the facts that:

  1. His amulets were undoubtedly ‘Sabbatean’.
  2. His books, including notably V’yavo HaYom Al Ayin, promoted twisted Sabbatean kabbalah about wife-swapping and incest being ‘mitzvahs’.

R Antelmann now brings some examples of the texts of Eybshutz’s amulets, to prove their Sabbatian nature.

(Ed. note: This book was written before that mystery was decisively settled by modern historians like Sid Leiman, see HERE.)

Antelmann writes (translated snippet):

“Leibele Prossnitz [another Sabbatean prophet, and principal teacher of Eybshutz at Meir Eisenstadt’s yeshiva] pronounced about him [Eybshutz] that he was the Moshiach. [The Sabbatians] had four Moshiachs: Shabtai Tzvi, Jacob Frank, Eliyahu HaNavi, and Jonathan Eybshutz.”

The initial letters of the names of these four ‘Moshiachs’ were a big feature of Eybshutz’s amulets.

(Image below is a picture of one of the amulets in Bekhor Satan):


R Antelmann then explains how Eybshutz gives Hashem a ‘corporal body’ in his books Ve Yavo HaYom and ‘Shem Olam’ – something that is clearly proscribed in Jewish law.

He explains how Moshe Perlmutter describes this at length in his book Al Yachso LeSabatuot, where he also states there is no doubt that Eybshutz wrote Ve Yavo HaYom, when you compare it with another undisputed book of his, the ‘Shem Olam’.

Antelmann writes (translated snippet):

“In xtianity, you find a few different signs of the beliefs of the heretics (Gnostic religions), namely [references to] the son, the ruach (spirit) and the ‘father’, that are left over from the heresies of the Babylon cult that was called ‘Barbelo’

According to many such writings from the [Gnostic] heretics, a live human being can ‘become’ God.

The Sabbateans accepted ‘Jonathan’ the same way the xtians ‘accepted Yoshki’.

The xtians, and the [Jewish] leaders of that generation understood what was really going on. But ultimately, the Sabbateans still succeeded in presenting Jonathan Eybshutz as one of the ‘gaons of Israel’.


Antelmann continues by bringing snippets of the testimonies presented to the Beit Din in Satanov in 1756, that started to expose the Sabbatean-Frankist practices.

Many of the people who participated in this Beit Din were Jews who had been ‘seduced’ into wife-swapping and adultery and incest after reading Eybshutz’s book, VaYavo HaYom, and who now wanted to make teshuva and try to return to the Jewish community.

Many witnesses explicitly stated the role Eybshutz’s book had played in their seduction to the dark side, to the Beit Din of Satanov.

Antelmann brings some of this first-hand testimony about the ‘wife swapping’ and other actions that was going on.


He also brings a snippet from the Yavetz’s book ‘B’hitavkoot’, where he describes some of the first-hand testimony he recieved from people who were trying to leave the ‘cult’ of Shabtai Tzvi.

This is the part where R Yaakov Emden states that Eybshutz had relations with his own daughter, deliberately, and that a bastard son was born of that liaison, by the name of ‘Moses Berachyia’.

You can find the Sefer ‘B’hitavkoot’ HERE, as a PDF to download, and if you feel like helping me to track down the snippet below in the original book, that would be fab-u-lous.


Here’s a translated snippet of what R Antelmann brings in Bekhor Satan, in the name of the Yavetz (above), page 38:

“…Moshe Berachyia, as described…[the Sabbatians] made a big deal of him, as described.

He’s from the old man, the sinner Eybshutzer, who had relations with his wanton daughter.

And it’s said of him that he is in his shape and likeness… And so they are very fond of him, and hug him and kiss him, and say of him that he’s a ‘great light’. 

And it’s said that also the wife (Elkele Spira-Frankel) of the old man, who’s been dead already for these last six years, used to be adulterous with others, as he himself did and does, him with eshet eish. Everything is for ‘tikkunim’ – i.e. the exact opposite – with keri (spilling seed.)


[Ed. note: Perhaps now it’s getting easier to understand why the descendants of Eybshutz who remained in the orthodox world are so keen to clean up his reputation….]


R’ Antelmann brings this snippet of Eybshutz’s ‘philosophy’ from his book Ya’arot Dvash:

“According to Eybshutz’s understanding, before the sin of Adam HaRishon, there was no such sin as ‘ervah’ (forbidden s*xual relationships) in the whole world…There was no issur around ariyot (forbidden relationships) or krovot (incest) at all…

And so, according to this, upon the tikkun (rectification) of the sin of Adam HaRishon as required, the situation will return to its former state, where close relatives (i.e. incest) will be permitted. (Ya’arot Dvash 281.)


Antelmann writes:

“By the Sabbateans, it was known that a brother would sleep with his sister, and a father would come to his children.”


[Ed. note: This sentence sums up why certain parts of our so-called ‘frum community’ has a huge, unacknowledged, child abuse problem.]


Then, he explains how more Sabbateans were ‘outed’, in the years after the herem was pronounced.

In Altona in 1668, a Sabbatean prophet by the name of ‘Shabtai Raphael’ from Greece was caught committing sins of ‘eshet ish‘ – i.e. adultery and s*xual immorality in Altona.

Meanwhile in 1667, Binyamin Wolf, a seller of tobacco who lived in Hamburg was also excommunicated for being a Sabbatean, so, he moved to Dessau and just carried on as usual.

Binyamin Wolf’s sister was Moses Mendelsson’s grandma.

Mendelssohn’s books were published by a non-Jew linked to the Freemasons and other secret societies we’ve been discussing here like the Order of the Golden Dawn, named Friedrich Nicolai.


Antelmann also brings a ‘legend’ that was put around by Eybshutz’s followers to emphasis ‘what a Tzaddik he was’, that has no historic basis.

Long story short, the legend explains how Eybshutz is meant to have saved the Jewish community of Metz from being expelled by their local ruler, or ‘Hegman’ with his great intelligence and ‘practical kabbalah’.

Antelmann concludes:

This story never happened.

There was no such ‘Hegman’ in Metz, and the ‘Hegman’ didn’t have the power, at that time, to do what was being described in the legend. This legend comes from the Frankists, and it has a ‘taste’ of hidden xtian beliefs combined with black kabbalah.”


Ed. note: The Sabbatean-Frankists published lots of these types of ‘incredible’ miracle stories about their leaders who remained in the Jewish community.

Partially, that was to encourage gullible Jews to become their followers; but it was also to ‘hide’ the black magic side of how so many of their ‘supernatural miracles’ were actually being done, i.e. by using the names of demons and performing black magic kabbalah.

Once you learn how to spot these Frankist stories, which really do have the same sort of ‘taste’ – sadly, you find them everywhere in the Jewish world today.


Let’s stop there for today.

I will continue with Part 2 tomorrow, BH, and then I’ll sum up the main points at the end of that post, and probably also pull this into a PDF, so you can download it, print it and send it to other people easily.

I know this isn’t easy reading.

But so much has gone wrong in our frum world, and we are now at the time where we need to stop dodging the issue, and to take a deep breath, and to fix it – with God’s help.



PS: I know this is a very emotional issue for many people.

I’m very happy to have the discussion on the blog, but please keep it civil. Any comments that bring different facts and different view points in a respectful way – particularly if sourced and referenced – are welcome.

But personal attacks will not be tolerated.

We’re all just after the truth here, whatever that ends up being.


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Back in November 2020, I had a very interesting email exchange with someone I’m close to in the chareidi world.

It was about Jonathan Eybshutz.

The person I was corresponding with had got wind that I was starting to research the Eybshutz / Emden ‘controversy’, as part of my initial attempts to figure out who and what were behind the ongoing persecution of Rav Berland, which at that time was heating up again.

And he made a very big effort to get me to put my energies elsewhere.

(Let me just make clear that I had and still have tremendous respect for this person, he’s mamash a very sincere oved Hashem, with much better middot than me…. Obviously.)


His main arguments were (paraphrased, to keep his anonymity, but I have the emails in front of me as I type):

  • There are ‘written witness statements’ who from people who claimed they falsely testified to R’ Yaakov Emden about Jonathan Eybshutz, except these statements somehow only surfaced five years after Eybshutz died, in 1764.
  • Eybshutz put out a whole book called ‘Luchot HaEidut’, which brought letters from a number of the ‘big rabbis’ of his day, defending him against the charge of being a ‘secret Sabbatean’.
  • When Eybshutz’s son,Wolf’, declared himself a messiah and apparently came out as a ‘Frankist’, Eybshutz was actually very upset about that (even though he continued to pay for this son, and to smooth the path for him in a million other ways….)
  • There’s a story that 8 years after Eybshutz died, he came to this renegade Frankist son in a dream, and told him to make teshuva – and of course, the son did! (So the story goes.)
  • Any ‘Shabatean influence’ that Eybshutz may have picked up was in the category of ‘eating the pips and throwing away the rind’, i.e. he was ‘elevating it’ in a kosher way.
  • The people who have written the bad things about Eybshutz are all ‘maskilim’, who were busy persecuting ‘true tzaddikim’ to serve their own ends.
  • Jonathan Eybshutz is mentioned in the sefer ‘Shmot HaTzaddikim‘, put together by R’ Natan of Breslov, so of course he must be a tzaddik.


At this point in the process, I have to admit to feeling really confused about what was going on.

What’s more, my friend sent my doubts to his ‘friend’ who had researched the issue, and even put out a pamphlet about it exonerating Eybshutz – who responded with the type of email I usually get from seasoned gangstalkers. It was pretty shocking.

It was the tone of that email that actually galvanised me to dig into this story a little deeper.

Because when you start disturbing the psychos, that’s probably the clearest sign you can get that you are on to something important.


So, I went back and started checking a few things out.

The first thing I noticed is that ‘Jonathan Eybshutz’ was only added to the Breslov Book of Names of the Tzaddikim as an addendum, long after R’ Natan had written the original version.

After we saw what happened with Rabbenu’s words being skewed to say ‘people should vaccinate’ – when he never even mentioned vaccines at all – we understand that some parts of the Breslov masoret have also been corrupted by the Sabbatean-Frankist-Freemasons in our midst.


I went back to my friend to tell him this, and the next thing he emailed me was a story he’d heard personally, from a rabbi of his in New York, about what happened to a guy who decided he was going to start reprinting Yaakov Emden’s book.

Apparently, he had a dream ‘from Heaven’ warning him not to do it, and then the day the printing was meant to start, he died.

That was quite off-putting, I have to say.

And that whole big book containing statements by ‘big rabbis’ exonerating Jonathan Eybshutz was pretty hard to explain away, at that point.

And every time I even so much as started to question the innocence of ‘Jonathan Eybshutz’ on my blog, I’d spark off a flood of emails telling me you’re wrong!!! Totally wrong!!! The guy is a huge tzaddik!!!

So I kind of gave up for a while, and shifted my focus elsewhere.


In the 17 months since that conversation, so much has happened, and so much that was hidden has now been revealed.

After yesterday’s post, I finally feel it’s time to revisit the real story of what happened with Jonathan Eybshutz, and to stack up the evidence for who this guy really was, and the enormous damage he did then – and continues to do now – to orthodox Judaism and the authentic Jewish community.


Let’s begin.


The first thing to state is that Jonathan Eybshutz’s ancestry places him very firmly in the camp of those ‘interesting people’ who seem to have had ‘Sabian Jewish-Gnostic’ tendencies, for centuries.

One of the most important things we learned over the last two years is that ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ was just one of the more successful ‘false messiahs’ this group of pretend Jews and pretend xtians have repeatedly dangled before the eyes of the orthodox Jewish community.


Eybshutz’s great-grandfather (1585–1633) was Rabbi Nathan Neta Shapira, III, aka the “Megaleh Amukoth”.

To keep this as easy to read as possible, I’m going to use bullet points as much as possible, and keep the snippets brief. These bullet points are based on the entry for the Megaleh Amukoth on the YIVO website, HERE.

  • He was a noted kabbalist, and was schooled in the kabbalistic tradition of Yisrael Sarug. (Yisrael Sarug reportedly stole the Ari’s kabbalist writings from the grave of his main student, Chaim Vital, and disseminated a warped version of the Ari’s kabbalah that all the ‘interesting people’ seem to have been studying.)
  • He “drew a great deal from Christianity, and even revived various elements of the Jewish-Christian tradition that are found in midrashic literature.”
  • Spira was of the opinion that the “Christian messiah was the opposite of the true messiah, and the Christian religion was a satanic version of the true faith.” While this sounds like a standard belief for an orthodox Rabbi to have, it’s also important to note that Sabian Jewish-xtian gnostics also see Yoshki as an interloper, or ‘rival messiah’ to John the Baptist (amongst others.)

Here’s a snippet of what I really want you to focus on:

Spira’s name was linked to a putative Sabbatian sect, involving Jews and Lutherans, that was connected to Yonatan Eybeschütz. Although the sect was established in the 1720s, its writings claimed Spira to be its founder, and maintained that he had received a divine revelation calling upon him to adopt the Christian faith.”


The Megaleh Amukot died in 1633, a full 32 years before the disaster of Shabtai Tzvi started to unfurl in the Jewish world.

Secular scholars are baffled by his links to the ‘Jewish-Christian’ world, that apparently pre-dates Shabtai Tzvi by three decades.

But, all this fits the ‘Sabian Jewish-Xtian-Gnostic’ thesis perfectly, where we posited that for at least two millenia, and probably closer to 3, 333 years, a group of ‘pretend Jews’ have been trying to subvert Judaism from within. And that these people externally look exactly the same as ‘authentic Jews’, and even have fabulous yichus.

(Especially as they have repeatedly muscled their way to the top of the Jewish community, particularly where there was money, influence or prestige to be had.)


What is this mysterious “putative Sabbatian sect, involving Jews and Lutherans” that Jonathan Eybshutz was part of, long before the amulets controversy?

I have no idea. Apart from this one mention, it seems to have been scrubbed out of Jewish history.

As I keep saying, they are lying about pretty much everything, when it comes to Jewish history of the last 400 years. But never mind, because we have plenty other information to go on, in the meantime.


Now, let’s skip over to Marvin Antelman’s ‘To Eliminate the Opiate Volume 2’, (which you can read HERE), where we learn the following:

Eibeschutz was born in 1690, and lost his father in his youth. When Eibeschutz grew older, his mother sent him to Prossnitz to study in the Yeshiva of Rabbi Meir Eisenstadt, a secret Sabbatian sympathizer.

It was here that he studied under the tutelage of Judah Leib Prossnitz, who initiated him into Sabbatianism.[Sheindel Zunz] the mother of the now fatherless Jonathan Eibeschutz, who sent her son knowingly into Sabbatian studies, was a member of the Schiff family.

Professor Judah Leibes in his book, Sabbatian Secrets (in Hebrew) citing Rabbi-Professor S.Z. Leiman, quotes a document (p. 214) which states Eibeschutz’s family had him secretly baptized by a Christian cleric named Maysinger on the day of his circumcision


Let’s sum this bit up:

Jonathan Eybshutz descends from a long line of ‘interesting people’ who are nearly always found at the juncture between Judaism and xtianity, learns at openly Sabbatian yeshivas, and is recorded by reputable historians as undergoing baptism, when he was 8 days old.

Does this sound like ‘tzaddik material’ to you?


OK, so a person is definitely NOT their yichus.

Everyone can make teshuva, for sure. So now, let’s turn to the question of what this man actually did, in his own life.

First, let’s get the subject of the amulets out the way.


What I was taught about the Emden / Eybshutz controversy is that it was basically just a clash of personalites, a storm in a teacup about whether Eybshutz was a ‘secret Sabbatian’, which was always portrayed as no big deal, really, either way.

A few years ago, original copies of these amulets – drawn in the star of David, a favorite symbol of the Sabbatians – appeared out of the state archives in Metz, and were examined by historians including Sid Leiman.

The historians came to the conclusion that Eybshutz’s amulets were unmistakably ‘Sabbatean’.

But that’s really just a sideshow.


What Yaakov Emden really accused Eybshutz of, was the terrible crime of committing incest with his daughter.

Sabbatean-Frankists were routinely doing this, at this stage, as part of their ‘religious’ beliefs:

Eybeschutz – who, besides his work as a city rabbi and rosh yeshiva also worked as a trial lawyer and customs agent – was accused by another great rabbi of his day, Yaakov Emden, of being a closet follower of the false messiah Shabatai Tzvi….

Emden also accused Eybeschutz of having incestuous s*x with his own daughter, something followers the false messiah were rumored to do for kabbalistic reasons.


We don’t know this information, we never hear about this, because Yaakov Emden’s books are nearly all out of print.

And whoever dares to think about republishing them is told all these ‘scare stories’ by the Frankist-Freemasons in our midst, to scare them off.

As a result, so many of the pertinent details and information that would change the whole picture for many of us, are simply unknown and surpressed.

Do we really think that a person of the calibre of Yaakov Emden would make up awful slander like this about another rabbi?

Especially, when that ‘rabbi’ and his followers were violent thugs who were known for their bullying tactics and physical and political intimidation of opponents?


If you go HERE, you’ll find a very interesting recent post on the Kotzk blog, entitled:


That post is a precis of some research by history professor Professor Pawel Maciejko, who is one of the few people who seems to be trying to unravel more of the historical onion enwrapping Eybshutz and the Frankist-Freemasons in our midst.


Maciejko took a closer look at a famous Sabbatian book that Eybshutz was always the main suspect, for who wrote it, called:


The literal translation of this title is:  “I shall approach the eye today”.

We all know how these Frankist-Freemasons like all their ‘eye’ symbolism, the reminder of Bilaam, the original guy who knew how to commune with Hashem via black magic arts and intimate connections with his donkey…


I highly recommend you go and read the whole post on the Kotzk blog, which is written very tzniusly, given the subject matter.

The upshot is this:

  • Va avo hayom el ha’ayin is a rabbinic-styled work of kabbalah-pornography, that shocked everyone who read it to their core.
  • It advocates a Gnostic-Sabbatean theology that claims to be rooted in a ‘higher Torah’ that negates the Torah of Moshe, the Torah of authentic Judaism.
  • It uses a lot of ‘double-language’ and innuendo to suggest (based on Genesis verse 2, that describes Adam and Eve’s lack of shame before the fall) that things like incest and other forbidden relationships are not only OK to engage in – they are a positive mitzvah, and how you rectify the world.
  • Jonathan Eybshutz wrote this disgusting book.


So, let’s sum up as we go along.

  1. Jonathan Eybshutz comes from a line of ‘Jewish Demon Torah Scholars’ who appear to have mysterious links with Sabian-Jewish-Gnostics who ‘infiltrated’ the Jewish community who knows how long ago.
  2. His great-grandfather, the Megaleh Amukot, may have recieved a ‘divine revelation’ telling him to become a xtian.
  3. His mother is a Schiff – part of that infamous nexus of Frankist-Freemasons who bankrolled the Bolsheviks; bankrolled Hitler, and almost certainly also bankrolled the creation of the Frankist State of Israel, too.
  4. Credible historians with no axe to grind report that Eybshutz was baptised as a Lutheran on the day of his circumcision.
  5. He learns at the yeshiva of a known Sabbatean – Meir Eisenstadt, the Meir Panim, whose brother Mordechai is a famous Sabbatean-Moshiach-wannabe.
  6. His main teacher at that yeshiva is another known Sabbatean, Yehuda Leib Prossnitz, who publically confesses in the Prossnitz synagogue to sacrificing ‘to the devil and demons’, before he is forced into exile.
  7. He has some weird connection with a ‘putative Sabbatean sect involving Jews and Lutherans’ in his twenties, based around the writings of that selfsame great-granddad, the Megaleh Amukot – and the sect’s writings state the Megaleh Amukot had a ‘divine revelation’ telling him to convert to xtianity, many decades before Shabtai Tzvi even appears on the scene.
  8. As a young man, Eybshutz is caught writing a book advocating incest and engaging in other forbidden relationships.
  9. Rabbi Yaakov Emden actually publically accuses Eybshutz of engaging in incest with his own daughter – but that information is totally hidden from the Jewish world today, and we’re told that the whole fuss was only about some amulets he wrote.


The main chiddush of Jonathan Eybshutz, tho, was his barefaced hypocrisy.

When they were gearing up to excommunicate Eybshutz back in the 1720s, for his connections to that Sabbatean-Lutheran group, and for secretly authoring the incest-pushing Va avo hayom el ha’ayin, Eybshutz pulled a remarkable stunt, by publically and frequently denouncing the Sabbatean movement.

And that threw so many people into confusion, because if someone is publically calling those Sabbateans out, he really can’t be one himself?!?!?

Can he?

This became a standard ploy of those two-faced Sabbatean-Frankists, who became increasingly skilled at deliberately ‘running confusion’ around what was going on with them, and their true beliefs and actions.

In one world – Torah-learning angels.

And in another world – Black-magic performing demon-worshippers.


I just want to bring two more snippets from the previous blog post HERE, that refer to Eybshutz.

First, this:

In the latter city [Hamburg], the “Asiatics” drew on the Sabbatian teachings of Rabbi Jonathon Eibeschutz, who had earlier maintained a mysterious relation with Elias Artista (Johannes Muller), the Rosicrucian patron of Swedenborg in Hamburg.


That whole ‘Elias Artista’ connection is also really disturbing.

Take a look at THIS:


The advent of the modern age brought with it a widespread belief amongst physicians and chemists, particularly in Germany, that God in a not too distant future would be sending a person, capable of revealing all nature’s secrets to humanity, that person being Elias Artista.

His disclosures were to coincide directly with the end of this iniquitous world and the beginning of a messianic age (a golden world or the millenium).


And here is a snippet of the letter written from the Sabbatean follower of Chaim Samuel Falk, aka the Golden Dawn’s Dr Falckon:

Afterwards, [Falk] commanded this Moshe and another member of this holy Chevra, Rabbi Yaakov, grandson of R. Meir Eisenstadt (author of Panim Meiros), and they each lit a large candle. Then he commanded that the group enter barefooted into his room, and behold, we saw the holy man sitting on a throne, dressed like an angel…

The godly Kabbalist Rabbi Moshe David [Meisels], known as Rabbi Moshe Ba’al Shem, wrote a letter to our master Rabbi Jonathan Eybeschutz, the famous Chief Rabbi of Hamburg, and told him all these great things and wonders regarding this holy man (=Falk). So R. Yonasan applied to him the words from the Tikkunim, that Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai said, זכאה דרא דהאי רזי עיתגלי ביה, “This generation is fortunate to have such mysteries revealed.”


Again, notice that connection to the ‘Eisenstadt’ family, as well as to Jonathan Eybshutz, who is actively praising a man who was almost burned at the stake for practising sorcery and engaging in incest and open immorality.


How did Eybshutz get away with mamash subverting the Jewish community from within – and so thorougly, that it’s still happening today, with yeshivas all over the world still learning his other works on a regular basis?

There were a few contributing factors:

  1. He was a brilliant Torah scholar.

Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, goes to great lengths to warn us about Jewish Demon Torah Scholars, in Likutey Moharan, I:12. But even today, so many of us have trouble understanding that just learning Torah doesn’t make someone a tzaddik.

The Torah – and particularly the more esoteric and hidden mysteries of the kabbalah – is ‘a potion of life AND a potion of death’.

People with bad middot learn the kabbalah, and then conceptualise things in a totally destructive way, including ‘personifying God’ in ways that should never even be dreamed of.

The phenomenon of ‘Jewish Demon Torah Scholars’ is still going on today.


2. He was very well connected.

His own family, and his wife’s family, were connected to a whole bunch of rich and powerful movers and shakers in Prague and elsewhere. Some of them were Jewish, but Eybshutz was also deeply connected to leading figures in the xtian establishment, in ways we are still trying to figure out.

All of these people put pressure on Eybshutz’s accusers to back down.

For example, when the Pnei Yehoshua, R’ Jacob Joshua Falk (1680-1756), excommunicated Eybschutz in 1752, he had his rabbinical contract terminated and was summarily run out of town, by Eybshutz’s Sabbatean followers, including Veitel Haim Ephraim.


3. Many of the leading rabbis of that time were also ‘secret Sabbateans’.

And so many of those ‘Sabbatean rabbis’ are the ones we are still being taught were tremendous paragons of virtue today, because their descendants and acolytes basically took over the whole Jewish world.

The ‘winners write history’ – so you can see, that anyone who was on Eybshutz’s side is lauded, in our history books, and anyone who wasn’t is marginalised and ignored.

Again, let’s put it out there, that once you know what Eybshutz was actually being accused of, and once you understand the weight of the evidence against him, and just how serious the situation really was, how could any ‘non-Sabbatean’ rabbi have supported him?

(To see the calibre of the people we are talking about, take a look at that book of rabbis who openly wrote in support of Eybshutz, in the Luchot Ha Eidot, mentioned above.)


4. His followers were violent, amoral thugs.

Again, there is nothing new under the sun. These people have always used violence and intimidation to cover their tracks and get away with murder. The people who opposed Eybshutz often found their livelihoods cut off, were ostracised by the community, threatened, and even feared for their lives.

This was the case with both R’ Emden and with the Pnei Yehoshua, who both fell afoul of Eybshutz’s bank of proto-Freemason-Frankist supporters in the Jewish world.


5. His followers and relatives ‘muddied the trail’ by spreading fake stories and censoring history.

This snippet comes from To Eliminate the Opiate Vol. 2, p 26:

[W]hen the evidence continued to mount as to Jonathan Eibeschutz’s complicity with the Sabbatians, and Eibeschutz was on the verge of publicly proclaiming his Sabbatian affiliation and flouting it in the face of the European Jewish community, Rabbi Jacob Emden informs us in his autobiography, Megilat Sefer, that extreme pressure was applied by the Altona-Hamburg Sabbatians against Eibeschutz not to reveal his affiliation.

The purpose of this was to create a shadow of a doubt in the minds of many Rabbis, which was subsequently exploited by a barrage of Sabbatian propaganda that Eibeschutz was innocent.

Man, did that ever work.


The last thing to say, is that I’m not convinced – at all! – that we’ve bottomed out the full story with Jonathan Eybshutz, and his Freemason-Frankist descendents, yet.

While I was researching this, I went back and started looking more closely at his son, ‘Wolf’, the guy who is meant to have been a Frankist, self-proclaimed ‘Moshiach’, but then who apparently made teshuva at the end of his life.

So much is hidden about him, so much is concealed….

I had to go to German Wikipedia just to get more of a basic feel for who he really was, HERE.


Here’s a snippet (Google translated from German):

With his father, he moved to Metz, and Altona. As a teenager, he came to Vienna, fell into bad company and began to lead an adventurous life. 

In Turkish clothes he traveled around for 15 years in Hungary, Podolia , and Moravia. He claimed to have prophetic visions, and played the role of a Messiah, which he knew to gain a following

Several times he met with the Sabbatian Jacob Frank

In Moravia, he made friends with the Dobruschka family, the followers of Jacob Frank in stock. He also met with the followers of the sect leader Berukhiah Russo (aka Osman Baba, 1677-1720), whose daughter, or granddaughter, he took to wife. 

He competed with Jacob Frank to the leadership position of the Podolian and Moravian Sabbatians.


The genealogy for the Eybshutzs is such a deliberate mess, I’m still trying to unpick it all.

But I read the above, and it struck me that ‘Wolf Eybshutz’ and ‘Jacob Frank’ seemed to have been doing very similar things, at exactly the same time, with exactly the same people.

So now, I’m taking a renewed look at the warps in the family trees for both, to see if I can spot the aliases and distortions that could make a ‘Wolf Eybshutz’ into a ‘Jacob Frank’.


There’s already some weird links.

For example, Eybshutz had a daughter called ‘Schondl Eybshutz’ who married one David Ullmann – and that information has been completely scrubbed from the history books.

It’s at least possible that ‘Schondl Eybshutz’ = Schondl Dobrushka of Brnn.

Emden characterised Schondly Dobrushka as the ‘great whore of Brnn’, and ‘conventional history’ tells us she was the leading Sabbatian in Moravia and Jacob Frank’s ‘maternal cousin’.

That seems to be a lie.


Conventional history also tells us that Schondl Dobrushka’s son, Moses Dobruska / Junius Frey was the nephew of Jacob Frank, and offered the leadership of the movement after he died.

And that Moses Dobruska is the grandson of Jonathan Eybshutz himself.

I’ve been knocking my head against this information for two years, trying to figure it out, but, if Wolf Eybshutz = Jacob Frank….

That resolves the difficulty.


The rot in our Jewish communities, in our ‘orthodox’ Jewish communities, started a long, long time ago.

250 years ago, the rabbis and authentic Jews chose to try and ignore and minimise the problem of the Sabbatean-Frankists in their midst – and these people went on to totally corrupt our community and values from within and without.

There is nothing new under the sun.

That test seems to be rolling around again.

And this time, I hope we are going to pick the moral course of action, and not let someone’s yichus, Torah learning or impressive following stop us from calling a spade a spade – and uprooting the pedophilia, abuse, immorality and evil from our midst, once and for all.


You might also like this article:

I was doing some hitbodedut about where to go from here, and I was pondering what one of the commentators said on the last post.

She said this:


We have to focus on healing.

Once we realised that what we see is the world of lies, after that a time of healing has to come. What is exactly the truth. How does this world operate? What is required of us. I think there is a lot to be done once this explodes.


I was rolling that idea around in my hitbodedut this morning, and trying to think about what it’s going to take, to really heal from the world of lies.

Everything that’s gone on the last two years is just the climax, the apex, of two or even three millenia of ‘lies’. All that’s really happened the last two years is that the curtain has been pulled back more, the veil has been lifted, to show us all what’s been going on, all along.


So, back to the idea of ‘healing’.

I’m starting from a place of stating there is nothing new under the sun.

In all the research I’ve been doing into ancient history, and not-so-ancient corruption in the Jewish community, this principle has helped me so much, to figure out what is really going on.

I look around at what happened then, and I realise that exactly the same thing is still happening now.

I look around at now, and I realise that exactly exactly the same thing was happening back then.

And then most of the pieces of the puzzle fall neatly into place, because really, we just go through the same tests, the same situations, the same ‘dramas again and again and again, until we finally make the teshuva we need, to get it right.


So when it comes to ‘healing’, it seems useful to first break stuff down into the different areas that actually need ‘healing’.

The obvious area is physical health.

I won’t go into that today, not least because I’m sure that this will be the main obsession of most of the rest of the world, when they actually catch up to what is really going on here, particularly for the people who were injected with GO nanotech poison.

( has some good information on detoxing from the GO HERE; and HERE is where you find a very practical PDF from Ken Rohla’s site, on how to detox from being exposed to radiation.)


The next area is spiritual health.

Literally, as I wrote that heading, someone sent me the notes from the latest webinar on January 23, 2022, with R’ Yissachar Berg, one of the main English-speaking people close to the Rav.

Here’s  the main highlights of it:


*The Rav wants Torah learning to be the main focus right now. This is all he talks about.*

The focus now should be on Torah learning.

There is a new battle in town and there are new battle plans…. We are going to conquer the world without firing a single bullet… through prayer and Torah.

(The Rav’s prayers contain many insights into the Torah. He is referring also to the little prayer cards that were made.) 

There will be more shiurim and prayers that will be live, through the [] website, instead of the unfiltered YouTube, etc.


The Rav wants to set up more Kollelim in the Old City Yerushayalim.

This costs money, so supporters are needed.

*What is going to save us and bring the Redemption will be Torah learning.*

Learn for 8 hours, then an hour of dancing. Join in the Rav’s Tefillah when you can.

*The reason we are here is to pray and learn Torah. Prayer and Torah, Prayer and Torah, Prayer and Torah. That is our purpose. That is our whole life.*


Lately, the Rav has been talking alot about this present Israeli government and the evils that they want to put on the Jewish people.

*The main threat is the Israeli government wanting to uproot Torah observance. He is saying that this is the worst ever in all of Jewish history!*

They want to give away the Kotel, mess up kashrut, forbid learning Torah, and do away with brit milah and allow non-kosher conversions…etc.

*THIS is the War of Gog vMagog!*

And, all this is happening right now! Russia is not a threat, China is not a threat, Iran is not a threat.

Covid….the government doesn’t care that people are dying, they just care about getting re-elected. New strains of covid will continue to come out. The only way to fix this and be protected from it – is by learning Torah.

*The only thing to protect us, is learning Torah. Otherwise it is a dangerous situation.*


*The MAIN war is a spiritual war with the Israeli government as they are trying to prevent people from serving Hashem.*

*Increasing Torah learning is the only way to fight this.*


If someone can not get to the minyan and can listen by phone, it counts.

You are saying “Amen” so you are considered part of it. The Rav is talking about people who live here, someone who is far away, they are not being held accountable since they are not here. From a distance you can connect and that counts as if you were here.


UPDATE: Here is how to ‘join in’ via the phone:

From Israel 02-8008800

From the USA (845) 640-0007

From the UK +44 330 390 0474

Extension 29


Here are the daily ‘seder’ details, for learning more Torah together with Shuvu Banim and the Rav:

For men:

  • A reduction from 7 to 3 Tikkun haKlalis anytime throughout the day, it doesn’t have to be 3 at one time.
  • 8 pages of Gemara a day — use Artscroll or whatever is easiest for you.
  • 5 chapters of Rambam a day, (in addition to your regular learning).

There is a phone update at Extension 2142 (within Israel)to find out where they are holding every day.

Also, anyone (men….) can come to the Yeshiva in the Old City and learn.

The address is: Rehov Hebron 32. It’s in the Muslim Quarter, right ‘behind’ the Kotel.


For women:

  • 3 Tikkun haKlalis anytime throughout the day, it doesn’t have to be 3 at one time.
  • Learn one chapter of Rambam. (Ask for Rambam Mishnah Torah, or click HERE for an online version.)
  • Two chapters of Tanakh (Shuvu Banim women just completed Sefer Daniel chapters 9 and 10).
  • One book (one of the 5 books) of Tehillim every day.


So, I guess that answers a great deal of the question of ‘how to heal spiritually’.

More Torah and prayer, connecting with the Tzaddik HaDor from wherever you happen to be, and if you can’t do the ‘Torah and prayer’ thing so much yourself, to contribute to the kollels that the Rav wants to set up (and also, to the existing Shuvu Banim kollels!) financially.

More on how to do that, when I get more details.


Here’s a few more points, about ‘how to heal’.

  1. We all badly need to work on healing our relationships with our fellow Jews, (the real ones…) and especially those closest to us.

It boils down to fixing all those bad middot that have been boiling over, the last few years.

But before we can fix our bad middot, we first have to acknowledge that they actually exist.

And that’s usually the far harder part of the equation.


Most of us have been operating out of ‘survival mode’ the last two years, or ‘snake brain’ mode.

There are four main areas of ‘snake brain’ bad middot that flare up when we’re under stress:

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Depression / Despair / Apathy
  • Going into denial / living in ‘fake’ reality / keeping things totally superficial / abdicating responsibility for ourselves


I actually forgot I wrote a whole book about how to recognise what ‘survival mode’ you usually go into, under stress, and how to start dealing with it, tachlis.

You can get that book HERE.


For me, over the last two years, I struggled a great deal at various times with anger.

Usually, I’d have to go and do a six hour session to calm down, and / or read the Rav’s kuntres on anger (which let me tell you, works LIKE MAGIC, to defuse anger. The link takes you to a free, online version.)

But I’ve also struggled at various times with seriously just wanting to run away from everything, and every one.

And other times, with an enormous, crushing sense of despair about what was happening.

Baruch Hashem, I don’t have a stress response that goes into ‘fake, superficial, denying reality’ mode.

But everyone else in my house does, which means I’ve got into tons of arguments over the last two years, that have in turn led to: blowing up like a volcano; wanting to run away from the retards in my family; feeling totally despairing about why people can’t or won’t see what’s right in front of their faces.

(Rinse and repeat.)


So, the last couple of months there’s been a lot of work going on in my dalet amot to try to recognise my own bad middot, and to apologise to people who have been hurt by them – and also to forgive those who have hurt me, with their ridiculous, OTT stress responses.

Like, the people in the post office.

And the guy I got into a huge argument with in the supermarket when he told me I had to put my mask over my nose. (I still haven’t gone back there… but I have forgiven him in my heart. Mostly….)

And the witch who slapped my daughter on the bus, because she was drinking a cup of coffee and not wearing a mask.

(It’s a long, long list, I’m working on it.)


But there’s another element to this ‘healing’ process, too, and that’s the question of how we really heal our community, and our Jewish nation.

This government of ours in Israel, regardless of political affiliation or external appearance, is run by Torah-hating Frankist-Freemasons, backed up by Torah-and-Judaism-hating gentiles.

And the people pulling the strings behind nearly every Jewish community, secular, reform or pretend-orthodox, all over the world, are these self-same Torah-hating Frankist Freemasons, again backed up by Torah-and-Judaism-hating gentiles.

Whether these gentiles are nominally ‘xtian’, or devil-worshipping luciferians, that doesn’t really matter.

The point is, our community leadership structures are hopelessly corrupted – and they’ve been that way for a long time.


Let’s get back to the principle of there is nothing new, under the sun.

Why did Aaron make a golden calf, or at least, participate in making a golden calf?

He did it because he was scared to go against the leadership of the Erev Rav, who’d already killed Miriam’s son Hur.

That set up the paradigm for what was going to happen with every ‘false messiah’, and every corrupting movement of the Erev Rav, trying to subvert the Jewish community from within, since.

Let’s fast forward to Jonathan Eybshutz.

I learnt some more things about him recently, including that his famous ‘amulets’ were written in the shape of a Star of David – and that’s part of why people suspected him of being a Sabbatean, because this symbol was closely associated with that movement and belief system.

I also learned that it was his followers that went on the rampage against anyone who challenged him – and that even Jacob Emden was initially trying to avoid machloket with them, but Eybshutz and his crazy mob continued to attack him in every quarter, and even to threaten his life, which is when he started fighting back.

I learnt that nearly every ‘big rabbi’ who wasn’t themselves a secret Sabbatian (that’s not actually such a big list…) knew that Jonathan Eybshutz was spiritually corrupt, despite his enormous Torah knowledge – but preferred to cover it up, than to deal with offending his powerful family, or the local xtians that Eybshutz was very close to.

There is nothing new under the sun.


And the last thing I appear to be learning, is that there is a good chance that Jonathan Eybshutz is directly related to Jacob Frank.

As you can guess, the whole thing is totally mixed-up and deliberately convoluted, but I recently stumbled across a new piece of information about one ‘Schondel Eybshutz’, Jonathan Eybshutz’s daughter, who married a ‘David Ullman’ – both of whom have been totally scrubbed out of the official family tree.

That instantly reminded me of ‘Schondel Dobruska’ – mother of the infamous ‘Moses Dobruska’ who played a leading part in the French Revolution, and first cousin of Jacob Frank:

Moses Dobruška or Moses Dobruschka, alias Junius Frey was a writer, poet and revolutionary. His mother was the first cousin of Jacob Frank, who claimed to be the Jewish messiah and founded the Frankist sect….

[H]e became one of the main activists of the masonic lodge of the “Knights of St. John the Evangelists for Asia in Europe,” active in Germany and Austria between 1783 and 1790, which was the first German-speaking masonic order to accept Jews.


Dobruska is a made-up name – it’s the same name Jacob Frank took for himself, when he ‘converted’ to Catholicism.

And elsewhere, I’d read that ‘Moses Dobruska’ was none other than the grandson of Jonathan Eybshutz.

No wonder ‘Schondel Eybshutz’ got totally scrubbed out the family tree.

But that’s not all.


Another sister of Schondel, child of Jonathan, by the name of ‘Hitzel Eybeshutz‘ happened to marry one Benjamin Wolf Frankel.

She also apparently married a ‘Simon Halevi Brandeis’ – again, almost totally scrubbed out the picture and covered up.

I have a feeling Jacob Frank is hiding under all these made-up names, and deliberate distortions.

And that it’s at least possible that Jonathan Eybshutz is either the father, or the grandfather of Jacob Frank – as well as being the grandfather of the Frankist-Freemason Moses Dobruska.


If those real rabbis of ours back in the 18th century had stood up to Jonathan Eybshutz, and his brand of ‘secret Sabbateanism’ that totally corrupted the Jewish community and its values, how different the Jewish world would look today.

But they didn’t.

So now the test is back.

And standing up to ‘rabbis’ with tremendous yichus, but apparently very little in the way of morality or shame about abusing halacha and misusing their position to hurt others and benefit themselves is going to be a very major way that we ‘heal’ what’s going on in our communities, going forward.


I called this post ‘The Conversation’, because that’s what I’d like these ideas to spark off.

That we just continue talking about all these things, honestly, and trying to figure things out, honestly, and trying to support each other – and ourselves! – as we grope our way out of the world of lies.

As Inna said, the name of the game now is healing.

But for the real, systemic healing to occur, it has to be undertaken at every level – and the ‘poison’ in the body, both at the individual and the communal level – has to be acknowledged, isolated – and then dealt with properly.

May it be His will.