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Today, I had two emails from two different people, both basically asking me if Breslov is also ‘Frankist’.

I’ve covered this a couple of times, in different ways, in different places on the blog, but I took all this as a hint that Hashem is moving things to the stage where He wants things more clearly spelled out.

So here goes.

Let’s start with what was happening more than 200 years ago, and how so much of the schmutz that actually belongs to Chabad, and their family tree, was (and actually still is….) being projected onto Rebbe Nachman, and Breslov.


This is the first email I got on the subject today:

I’m reading this back article of yours [Close Mishpocha] from another one called Beating swords…

I’m reading down the story of Rav Nachman and I’m sickened by it… leaving his newborn son with Frankists to raise…?

How is all of this not Sabatean…? How is Rav Nachman and Breslov not treif as the day is long…? How can u be a follower…?

I don’t get it… please clarify… and this time you can’t just say Rav Nachman is the exception… the pearl or the diamond that miraculously emerged out from the mud… come on… for crying out loud… he himself left a son of his behind to become a pagan idolater and a who knows what else morality wise…


You can go back and read the Close Mishpocha article for yourself HERE, and I highly recommend that you do, before continuing, as there’s lots of new stuff to cover and absorb in this post.

Here is what I replied to my correspondent:

I checked the story of R Nachman’s son, and it’s made up.

Basically, Athol Bloomer is a Frankist descendent, ‘Hebrew Christian’. When I first started doing all this research, his stuff about Rebbe Nachman was one of the first things I came across, and I was totally shocked by it.
So I started digging, and it took me about two months to figure out that Athol Bloomer still has close ties to Chabad, and that basically all the Frankist connections from Chabad were being ‘projected’ onto Rebbe Nachman, and scrubbed out of the picture for the Alter Rebbe and his descendents.
Rebbe Nachman does descend from some Sabbateans on his father’s side, but it seems that his grandfather Nachman Horodenka was trying to make some sincere teshuva, which is why he left his son, Rebbe Nachman’s father Simcha, in the care of the BESHT to raise as a very young child, even though he himself was still alive.

There are a lot of mysteries to figure out still.

And one daughter of Rebbe Nachman did marry a grandson of the Alter Rebbe, Aharon Zaslavski, as a second marriage after her father died, and that Aharon Zaslvaski is in the middle of a LOT of open Frankists, same as all the Chabad Rebbes.
There are some diamonds in the dirt of these families. The BESHT is also from these ‘interesting’ people, the ARIZAL is also from these ‘interesting people’, and Rabbenu also is.
Where you have the biggest tumah, you also have the biggest light.
See here, for another discussion of how Athol Bloomer mixes up a lot of facts with fiction, apparently deliberately, even when it’s not as explosive as Rebbe Nachman and Chabad:

You can find an interview with Athol Bloomer on the ‘Association for Hebrew Catholics’ website HERE.

So, we have to ask ourselves:

Why would a missionising ‘Hebrew Catholic’ who descends from a number of Frankist families be trying to put shmutz on Breslov and Rebbe Nachman, while effectively covering things up for Chabad?

Again, go back and read Close Mishpocha in detail, but the basic point is this:

Time again, I have found stuff ‘projecting’ Chabad’s dirty laundry and dodgy business onto Breslov.

The Alter Rebbe had a son, Moshe Schneuri, who was PROVEN to have converted out to xtianity at least once, and yet all that got buried and covered up, while Athol Bloomer’s claims about ‘Frankist Rebbe Nachman’ got air time even on the Kotzker blog, which usually makes a lot more effort to try and clarify historical information, before posting it up.


Why am I a follower of Rebbe Nachman and Breslov?

Because right from the beginning, I found that Rabbenu’s advice and guidance really worked, to help me become a better person, and more connected to God and the spiritual side of things.

I read books like Rebbe Nachman’s Advice, or Wisdom (English translations of Sichot HaRan, Chayei Moharan) and I was amazed that here was a rabbi – a rebbe! – who was also struggling, sometimes, with feelings of yeoush. Who also could say that he knew absolutely nothing. Who could also own up to his faults and difficulties, in his service of Hashem, and show other people the way to get past bad middot like anger and depression.

It totally blew me away.

Because it was REAL.

It wasn’t hagiographic pap, like pretty everything else you’ll ever read about every Jewish rabbi or rebbe or leader.

The writings about Rebbe Nachman showed a real person, with real struggles, who managed to overcome his yetzer hara and break it, to become ‘Rebbe Nachman of Breslov’.

And then, he left behind a ton of practical advice on how we could also follow in his footsteps, and do the same.


Rabbenu talks about his followers knowing the ‘real Hungarian wine’ of chassidut, because they’ve already tasted the good stuff, the real teachings that CAN help them to overcome their issues and bad middot, and feelings of despair.

There are a whole bunch of cheap imitations out there, as we’re increasingly discovering.
But anyone who is sincerely trying to follow Rabbenu’s path of doing an hour of hitbodedut a day, and dancing and clapping when hit by harsh judgements, and reading the Tikkun HaKlali, and paying pidyonot, and going to Uman – they will tell you that it works.
If you stick with it, life starts to be incomparably sweeter, and you find that slowly, slowly, truth and light expands more and more in your soul, and the darkness and bad middot start to get squeezed out.
So, I follow Breslov and Rebbe Nachman because it works to make me a better person, and to help me overcome my yetzer hara and stick closer to God.

Now, let’s get back to the historical side of things.

Breslov was ‘unusual’ right from the start.
Right from the start, while all the other Sabbatean-Frankist ‘chassiduts’ were rubbing each other’s backs and bigging each other up (internercine fights over which ‘rebbe’ should inherit the movement not withstanding) – the main Sabbatean-Frankist families were fanatically ‘anti’ Breslov, anti-Rabbenu, and ‘anti’ his teachings, especially about prayer.

They ‘projected’ their own Sabbatean-Frankist leanings onto Rabbenu himself, and started persecuting him and his followers mercilessly.

After Rabbenu’s death, the persecution went up levels and levels, with the leaders of the other chassiduts basically telling their followers it was OK to even murder Breslovers, and that every attempt should be made to persecute them economically and socially.
An assassin was even sent to murder Rabbi Natan Sternhertz, the Rebbe’s main pupil and editor of the Likutey Moharan, in his bed.

But the assassin broke into the wrong house in Breslov, and murdered the wrong ‘Rabbi Natan’.


And this persecution of Breslov and its leaders and followers wasn’t a ‘one off’.

It has continued down the years, almost non-stop.
I highly recommend you go and read the book Untold Tales of the Hasidim: Crisis and Discontent in the History of Hasidism, by Professor David Assaf. Chapter Three, in particular, describes some of the ongoing persecution being meted out by the other chassidic leaders themselves, to Breslov and its followers:
(You can download the full PDF of this for free on ReseachGate, HERE.)

This fanatical persecution of Breslov by other chassiduts always puzzled me a great deal.

I could understand the secular, xtian, authorities persecuting chassidut; I could kind of understand the (made-up….) ‘dispute’ between the Litvaks and Chabad (which I now think is another deliberate Chabad distortion of history, to hide what was really going on behind this argument, as I’ve written about elsewhere.)

But I just couldn’t understand why other chassidic rebbes would literally send people to try and murder Rav Natan in his bed….

Until now.

Rabbenu is the only one who was openly writing about ‘Jewish demon scholars’.

He was the only one speaking about Jacob Frank, for posterity.
And from what I can see, at this stage, there were literally just a handful of rabbis and rebbes left when Rebbe Nachman was alive, who hadn’t been ‘infected’ by the Sabbatean-Frankist heresy.
Even after Rabbenu died, the Savraner Rebbe (from the Wertheimer family of court Jew Frankists) wanted to marry his oldest daughter, Odel, after she was widowed – and R’ Natan told her not to do it.

Because he knew that it was part of the ongoing Sabbatean-Frankist attempt to ‘subvert’ Breslov, too, after Rabbenu’s death.

And this is also why there was no ‘Rebbe’ after Rabbi Nachman, because any subsequent ‘Rebbe’ could have been corrupted down the line, and if not him, his children, by intermarrying with the Sabbatean-Frankist ‘rebbes’ all around.

Are you starting to see, how so many of the ‘mysteries’ around Breslov start to clear up, magically, once you understand the true ‘Sabbatean-Frankist’ context?

So now, let’s talk a bit about what started to happen 50-60 years ago, when Rav Berland came on the scene, and started bringing in a whole bunch of baal teshuvainto Meah Shearim.

Today, it’s the yahrtzeit of Rabbi Levi Yitzhak Bender, zt’l.

Rabbi Levi Yitzhak was one of the last true Breslovers to be by the Rebbe on Rosh Hashanah, before the communists effectively made the gatherings illegal, and murdered most of the small, spiritually-sincere group of Breslovers left in Uman, before WW2.

You have to understand, that real Breslov was NEVER politically connected.

It’s followers were NEVER wealthy businessmen and merchants with government connections and askanim.
Breslov only ever attracted people who really wanted to learn how to serve God, and overcome their own bad middot.
When Rav Levi Yitzhak Bender made it to Meah Shearim after the war, he found a tiny group of Yiddish speaking ‘Breslovers’ most of whom were not actually keeping Rabbenu’s instructions – at all – about things like doing hitbodedut, getting up for chatzot, reciting the Tikkun Haklali etc.

So, the true ‘flame’ of Rabbenu was kept alive by R’ Levi Yitzhak – who most people had never heard of, because he kept a very low profile for most of his life.

That flame only started to develop into the roaring fire of Breslov today, when Rabbi Berland came along and started learning from R’ Levi Yitzhak, and bringing baal teshuvas into Meah Shearim.
There’s so much to say, but let’s sum it up like this:

Most of ‘old school’ Meah Shearim, including the Breslov bits of it, descend from Sabbatean-Frankist families who still have strong links, even today, with the secular Zionist state of Israel. Just it’s all hidden.

So, when a sincere outsider like Rav Berland showed up, and now he’s bringing in a bunch of baalei teshuva who want to do things properly – and presumably, who could also start blowing the whistle on all the disgusting, abusive ‘minhagim’ we’ve been learning about recently, that go on in these hard-core Sabbatean-Frankist communities – he quickly became Enemy Number One for the ‘Breslov’ psychos in Meah Shearim.
And the rest is history.

Let’s pull this back around to Chabad, now.

Chabad ‘historian’ Chaim Dalfin put out a book a while ago called ‘Breslov & Chabad’.

I learnt a lot from that book, which at some point, I hope to come back to.

For now, it’s enough to know that I learnt that the only reason Chabad has a tent up in Uman on Rosh Hashana is because they are trying to do ‘outreach’ for Chabad there; and that some of Breslov’s ‘newer’ leaders, like the Koenigs of Tsfat, actually come from long-time Chabad families.


Why am I mentioning this?

Because as Breslov’s ‘star’ started to rise, around 50 years ago, and as Rabbenu’s teachings lit up the hearts of hundreds of thousands of baalei teshuva – the Sabbatean-Frankists suddenly woke up to the ‘threat’ of what was happening, and all of a sudden, Breslov was flooded by a bunch of ‘new Breslov’ leaders.

People like R’ Eliezer Shick, the so-called ‘Tzaddik of Yavniel’. And people like R’ Gedaliah Koenig, a chabadnick, who built up Kiryat Breslov in Tsfat right on the most historically significant bit of the Old City – completely destroying what was underneath.

And people like R Yaakov Meir Shechter, the rabbi of the official Breslov shule in Meah Shearim that is home to the Breslov psychos (who are part of the extended Schneerson family…) who have been the main, State-sponsored persecutors of Rav Berland.


And of course, there are also the Na Nachs, and people like R Yoel Roth, who grew up in strong Satmar chassidic homes, but all of a sudden, are now Breslov.

Which brings us on to the second email about Breslov I got today:

Did you read this?


Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Tuesday that his daughter Noa had given birth to a baby boy. The child is the fifth grandchild of Netanyahu. Netanyahu received the news while visiting London.

Netanyahu’s daughter Noa, 42, is a ‘ba’alat teshuva’ (returnee to Orthodox Judaism). She is married to Danny (Daniel) Roth, and the two are members of the Breslov hasidic sect and live in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem.

The children of Noa and Daniel are named Rachel, David and Shmuel. Noa is the daughter of Miki Haran – Netanyahu’s first wife.

And this:



I checked out Daniel Roth, Netanyahu’s son-in-law, a couple of years ago, when I was first getting into all this.

The Roth’s aren’t Breslov.

If they are anything, they are Chabad.

(From HERE.)

Or maybe, Gur:

If you go HERE, it’s an old ynet article about the bris of their second son, which links the Roths to R’ Avigdor Nebanzahl and Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh.

Point is, none of these people and places are Breslov.


This snippet about Daniel Roth comes from Ha’aretz, HERE:

For some years, DanielRoth has been trying to launch a business based on ties between Israel and China. Among other things, he founded companies and a public-benefit corporation, through the law firm of Netanyahu’s close associate David Shimron.

This screenshot comes from the Jpost, HERE:


Now, take a look at this blog post about ‘Danny Roth’ from the Times of Israel, back in 2016:



In case you were wondering, ‘IoT’ stands for ‘Internet of Things’.


Danny Roth is helping build greater trade and deal flow between Israel and China.

His China Israel Exchange develops programs and initiatives with government, academia, and industry, with the goal of strengthening the economic and cultural ties with both nations.

Focusing on digital health, Roth has an upcoming road show of Israeli companies…the program will feature 16 Israeli companies in IoT (Internet of Things) and digital health….


Remember, this was six years ago, already.

When Covid 19 was still just a twinkle in Netanyahu’s eye.


HERE is the main website for Roth’s China Israel Exchange, still going strong.

Here is it’s mission statement:


We’ll stop here.

You can just go on for ever with this stuff, but I just wanted to really spell out that there are HUGE differences between Breslov chassidut and Rabbenu’s path, and all the other ‘Sabbatean-Frankist’ groups out there.

I’m not saying that all of Breslov is good.

There is a ton of ‘fake’ Breslov too, today, as more and more people have tried to hitch their wagon to Rabbenu’s rising star.

And I’m not saying that things that aren’t Breslov are automatically ‘bad’.

The birur continues one person, one soul at a time.

And even if people come from ‘bad’ families, they can always make teshuva, and become some of the best people in the world.

Especially if they’re following Rabbenu’s advice, and treading in his footsteps to get out of the muck.


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It’s kind of hard to move on from a post about the living dead.


My husband and I were discussing the idea a lot yesterday, half hysterically laughing and half really not finding this so funny.

Once I figured out that my Savta wouldn’t be climbing out of her wall in Har HaMenuchot (because she died 5 years ago, long before Covid ‘vaccination-nanotech’), I relaxed a little bit.

She was a formidable woman in life – one of the most determined people I’ve ever met (and also bonkers….) She would make an unstoppable zombie, God forbid.


So then, my husband (who did a biology A-level at high school) explained that even if you could somehow ‘takeover’ a body and get it to move with remote-controllable nanotech, you would still need things like muscles, etc, to actually do the work of ‘lifting the leg’ etc to walk.

I found that thought comforting.

Especially after a commentator also explained that the Jewish tradition is for bodies to be buried without a casket, specifically so that they will decompose faster, so that the soul can finish its ‘link’ with the physical shell – and all the harsh judgements associated with it – and move on.

Basically, the body wouldn’t have to ‘get out of’ a casket, but there would be very little left of it anyway, to try and break your windows or pop up through your floorboards.



This morning, I got an email from another reader telling me this:


That sent me to this article:



Amongst the non-Jewish nations, there are still customs to ’embalm the dead’ before burying them, I guess partially because they sometimes display the deceased in caskets at the funeral home, for people to come and pay their last respects (?)

The link between all this and ancient Egypt is obvious.

But figuring out the specifics of what is REALLY going on here is still going to take a lot of time and siyatta deshemaya.



I missed a second email that also said this:


He sent me this link to a video about Galvani’s experiment with a dissected headless frog that lead to the creation of the ‘first battery’:


This video above is talking about leiden jars and static electricity…. which brought me straight back to this weird text that I ended up subscribing to Scribd to read, but don’t really know what to do with, as I found it so disturbing:

Long story short, the Egyptians were using static electricity, plus black magic using ‘electrified sperm’ to transform matter.
The researcher seemed to think they were using this knowledge to do the usual lead-into-gold type stuff, but now the dreadful thought is occurring to me that they were using this knowledge to ‘bring the dead back to life’…. which fits with so much of the other stuff we know was going on in ancient Egypt.
And…. also overlaps with the formerly ridiculous (!) notion of bringing dead people back to life as part of a Covid 19-graphene-oxide inspired Zombie pandemic…
And of course, that links us back to the ‘Golem’ practical kabbalah / black magic stuff that was going on in Prague, that started me off on the Sabbatean-Frankist-devil-worshipping-Sabians track a while back, too….
I can’t even keep up with myself.

Do I really think we’re going to have a bunch of nano-graphened, embalmed dead people rising out of the grave to wreak vengeance on humanity?

I would say 95% not.

But if you’d have asked me two years ago whether they could inject nanotech into a person that could build it’s own wireless system that emits its own bluetooth code, take over the brains synapses,  and enable scientists to ‘remote control’ people via the internet, I would have doubted that even more strongly.

Yet, that is the world we currently live in:



More likely, the CDC’s ‘zombie pandemic‘ is a cover story for when we see live people ‘turned into remote-controlled zombies’ by the GO nanotech.

Don’t forget, readers on this blog are about a million light years ahead of most people out there, who still believe that people are dying from ‘Covid 19’, and that our governments and militaries would never secretly experiment on billions of human beings, in such a cruel, evil way.

Most people have never heard of ‘Ido Bachelet’ and his DNA origami; and while the idea of graphene oxide in the shots is starting to go more mainstream, most still have NO IDEA about the systems and structures this graphene oxide is building in the body, and how that connects to the ‘Internet of Things’.


So, when Aunty Flo starts lurching down the high street trying to knife people and chew their arm off, there has to be an ‘explanation’ for what’s going on, that is something other than the truth, namely:

‘Aunty Flo took 4 shots of Cominarty, and now emits a MAC code that enables Unit 8200 / NSA / MI6 to use her as a remote-controllable golem…’



I was trying to find that clip from the Japanese cartoon from a few years ago, showing people turning into ‘robots’ after being ‘vaccinated’ – predictive programming at its best.

I can’t find it.

But in the meantime, I turned up THIS instead, on a Russian site, which I Google translated to English, talking about how the data from Russians who took the Sputnik Covid shot was released over the dark web as long ago as May 2021:


(Skip the last 30 seconds, when the American guy who subtitled the video in English starts going on about Yoshki ‘coming back’ very soon…. more of that ‘Zombie apocalypse’ scenario.)

Is this video genuine?

I’d like to throw that question out to a few of my readers, who I know are in the PC field and know much more about the jargon than I do, to ask them for their considered opinion.


One opinion I got back is that this is very easily faked, and doesn’t show anything much.


But I can tell you this:

The MAC codes have been found by many, many other scientists already, all over the world, so the tech is definitely in place to be able to do this.

So, my guess is that it really could be a ‘back end’ view of all the data now being collected 24/7 by our evil governments and militaries, all working for the side of evil – and all attached to a personal ‘GPS coordinate’, so you can be found instantly anywhere on the planet now.



Let’s end with reminders of how to start detoxing from all this stuff, because there is no despair in the world!

The reason they are trying to make everyone have ‘boosters’ every three months is because the tech is biodegrading in the body much faster than they figured.

Go HERE for some ideas to get started – but there are more alternative health practitioners who are figuring this stuff out all the time, so don’t despair, just start researching and praying, and asking Hashem to send you the people and information and motivation you need to start getting this stuff out of your system.

But please, please, don’t take any more shots!

And when they start with the next ‘pandemic’ – not Covid, because that’s beating a dead horse again at this stage – don’t fall for it again.


The human body contains all these ‘viruses’ all the time.

When we’re healthy, and have a strong immune system, we don’t even notice them.

But when the immune system is weakened – or poisoned, or irradiated – that’s when we start to get really sick.

There’s a brand new film called ‘The Terrain’ that sets this information out very clearly, that you can watch for free over the next few days HERE.

To put this simply: they are controlling us with our own fear and ignorance, about how human health really works.

Forewarned is forearmed.

And this isn’t over yet.

Not by a long shot.



There are a few videos coming out from embalmers, that from what I can tell look genuine, even though they are coming out on the Stew Peters show, which I still have some reservations about.

These videos appear to be showing that the veins of at least some of the dead people appearing on these embalmers’ tables are filled with strange ‘white’ clots, that appear to be feeding off the blood clots induced in the veins to create a type of white ‘scaffolding’ material, that stretch the whole length of the leg, or limb, that the embalmer is trying to inject embalming fluid into:

(Not shirat eynayim friendly, as its Dr Jane Ruby, and also somewhat gross, for those with a weak constitution.)


Here’s a screenshot of the stuff the embalmer is finding, washed off, that they are now hoping to start analysing to see what it’s really made of:


Dr Jane Ruby discusses this stuff in more detail HERE – but they still don’t know what it is.

Just is seems to filling the veins of dead people who have been ‘vaccinated’ with Covid 19 shots, and has ‘rubber-like’ properties.

I’m sticking this video here, as it seems to me this could be a crucial part of our ‘zombie’ discussion.

I guess we’ll find out, in due course.


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Ever since I bought a few ‘orgone generators’, last week, my headaches have gone, my hair has stopped falling out, and I’m sleeping better.

***Updates below on the halacha of making orgone devices and permissibility of dowsing***

These are the plain facts on the ground.

BUT – I have no idea, how these things are meant to be working to do that.

When I try to measure what’s going on with my EMF ‘electrosmog’ thing, and the orgone pyramid I now put on my wifi router at home, it literally starts bouncing all over the place, from near 0 up to ‘your brain fries in 10 seconds’ 140 range.

[Video to follow].

So the last couple of days, I’ve been trying to figure out more of how these ‘orgone generators’ actually work.

Because the plain facts on the ground is that I’ve been feeling ‘irradiated’, for weeks and even months, and now, Baruch Hashem a million times, I’m feeling much better, health-wise.


As usual, there is a huge birur to do with this stuff, as so much of the ‘orgone-producing’ community is steeped in Eastern philosophies and religions, where the more esoteric side of human nature is not repressed and banished.

That’s why avoda zara had and has such a strong pull on people:

It IS real spirituality. But it’s coming from the dark side.

But now our governments and militaries are actively engaged in trying to affect, and even control, our minds and bodies with millimeter wave 5…G and other ‘directed energy’ weapons and devices, the whole debate about what really counts as ‘kishuf’ has gone into unchartered territory.

In the past, you’d hire a ‘Bilaam’ to come and curse someone for you, with their evil eye.

And now, you can use your own ‘AI-evil eye’ to track someone down and zap them with a frequency designed to harm them in some way.


Bizarre as all this sounds, this is increasingly the reality we live in.


So, I’m not pretending I have all this figured out, because I don’t.

I’m on the same journey you are, to try to make sense of what is going on, and to try to work out whatever steps I can take to ‘fight back’ against what is going on, both in the spiritual sense and in the ‘physical world’ where I still live, and where my body is still feeling the effects of being constantly irradiated and bombarded with graphene oxide.

I encourage you to also do your own research, and your own experiments, because that’s really the only way you’ll ever know if there is something to this ‘orgone device’ thing, or not.

But this is where I’ve got to, in my own exploration of the topic.


Watch this:


It’s a dowser showing, a little, how they can pick up some of the positive energy effects of ‘orgone devices’.

What struck me about this video was the use of the cotton swabs, to ‘get the DNA’ the dowser required to ‘lock on to the frequency’ of the person whose energy he was testing.

This video was uploaded in April 2019, in Canada – i.e, just before all the PCR tests we associate with ‘Covid 19’ exploded across the planet.


I watched this, and I was immediately struck by the similarity with the PCR tests we’ve all been forced to undergo.

Now, watch this short video about the Urban Barcode Project, from those friendly eugenicists at the Rockefeller-funded Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and DNA Learning Centre – who specialise in all things DNA:

(I’ve embedded the video to stop it ‘disappearing’, but you can see it in situ HERE.)



A DNA barcode is a DNA sequence that uniquely identifies each species of living thing.

Dr. Mark Stoeckle from the Rockefeller University talks about the history of DNA barcoding, from the first paper published in 2003 to the international consortium of researchers that exists today.

The latest video on that site, about DNA barcodes, dates back to 2014.

Cold Spring Harbor has gone strangely quiet, about recent advances in their stated goal to get the DNA of every living creature on the planet, so they can ‘barcode’ them…

Luckily, there are other people out there who are being a little more forthcoming.

Like these guys, for example:


Already by 2015, they’d completed a project called ‘Barcode 500k’, funded by the usual anonymous mix of ‘philanthropists’ and charidees and not-for-profits, who pay for all this eugenics-based ‘save the planet from people’ stuff.

Screenshot below:


Now, they are doing a new project, ‘BIOSCAN’ which conveniently launched in June 2019, just as they were putting the final touches to the Covid 19 plandemic.

Screenshot below:


HERE is where you can see their board of directors.

It reads like a who-who of interesting people. Here’s a couple of people who particularly caught my eye:


That IBM connection just keeps coming back.

You’ll recall from HERE that the Internet of Things was patented back  in 1996, by a former IBM employee called ‘Richard C Walker‘.

Without getting into all the birur required on that particular subject, I just want you to know about IBM’s Internet of Things website, below:




The tech for the ‘Internet of Things’ – to connect everything, including people, up to the ‘cloud’ and then start to make money from it – is already there, and being marketed.

None of this is ‘conspiracy theory’, it is cold, hard fact.

And not coincidentally, IBM also played a key role in enabling Hitler to carry out the holocaust, too.

This snippet comes from the Wiki page for a book called IBM and the Holocaust:

Published in 2001…[the book] outlined the key role of IBM’s technology in the Nazi genocide, by facilitating the regime’s generation and tabulation of punch cards for national census data, military logistics, ghetto statistics, train traffic management, and concentration camp capacity.

There is really nothing new under the sun.


Anyway, let’s get back to the orgone devices.

‘Orgone’ appears to be another word for ‘ether’ – that 5th element that is really the ephemeral, impossible-to-measure ‘stuff’ that the whole physical universe is made of, and that connects us all together.

I’m still researching the basis of how all this is meant to work, but I found this video very helpful in understanding the basics:

(3 1/2 minutes long, shmirat eynayim friendly.)


I know that the ‘discoverer’ of orgone, Wilhelm Reich, has quite a story, and that the FDA and the establishment totally destroyed him, and confiscated his research and papers.

To my mind, that tells me a lot about whether there is something really here, or not.

Reich referred a lot to the ‘creative energy’ involved in reproduction, in his work.

(He was initially a student of the Frankist Sigmund Freud – but he broke with Freud and went on his own path, just FYI.)

We know that this is the most powerful ‘energy’ in the universe – and that is why shmirat habrit is so important, and emphasized by Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman, in reference to the Tikkun Haklali. All the evil in the world is ‘nourished’ by the sparks of this creative energy that they capture, when people don’t conduct themselves appropriately.

That’s part of why there has been such a sustained attack on marriage and personal holiness.

That’s where ‘the other side’ is getting all their koach from…



I decided that to figure this out properly, I need to try and make my own orgone energy devices, so that’s what I’m going to try to do, the next few days.

I will keep you updated.

And feel free to join in with this conversation.

I’m not pretending to know everything, at all, about how all this is meant to be working.

But I do feel that there is something potentially very good and positive going on with orgone devices.




Taken from: Alternative Medicine in Halacha, by R Raphael Szmerla, p94-7, 4 pages of clear explanation, but here is the bottom line:

It is thus clear that dowsing does not constitute a form of nichush, kesimah or kishuf, and therefore is permissible (as long as it is not used for predicting the future.)

Rav Elyakim Schlesinger of London, who practices dowsing with rods to determine the exact location of graves, told me the following:

“Dowsing is a natural phenomenon. I learned it from the Jerusalem elders who have been accustomed to do so for generations in searching for graves.

In particular, I recieved this knowledge from Rav Shimon Anshin, z’l, who learned it from previous generations.

Whether one dowses to find graves or water, or to test for allergies, it’s all the same. Others dowse with a pendulum.

Those who worry about kishuf, etc, are questioning a practice that has been permitted by our leaders for generations. The truth is that it is a natural phenomenon, and one should not be troubled by new misgivings.”…

The above ruling that dowsing is permitted is the opinion of other contemporary Gedolim and Poskim, such as Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky, Rav Mordechai Gross, Rav Pesach Eliyahu Falk, Rav Gavriel Krausz and Rav Shamai Gross, among many others.”


Pages 119-124 of that same book deals with ‘The Halachic Status  of Geobiology’.

Again, bottom line is that there is no problem with using devices, even if we don’t 100% understand how they work, to ‘defuse’ or deal with geopathic ‘stress’ from the environment.


“People who believe that darchei ha’Emori includes anything that has not been recognized by science might view geobiology as questionable, because many geopathic energies are of a subtle nature that cannot be measured by scientific instruments.

However, we have clarified that this is not the definition of darchei ha’Emori, as we find that Chazal permitted many segulos even though we cannot understand how they work.

Rather, the prohibition against darchei ha’Emori includes only non-Jewish practices that have not been empirically justified.

By contrast, the identification of geopathic energies is not based on superstitious beliefs of ancient origin, but on careful assessment through techniques that have yielded reliable information in other areas….

[A]lthough geobiology deals with energies not recognised by science and promotes their neutralization through unconventional procedures, it remains a discipline that has nothing to do with darchei ha’Emori and is permitted.”


Bottom line, there is absolutely no halachic issue with making orgone devices.

So, have a go!