While I’m still officially having a week off – Baruch Hashem!! – here’s a few more things to throw into the mix.

  1. A New American program featuring Dr Lee Merritt, explaining how the human body develops proteins that are very similar to those found in ‘snake venom’ when exposed to pathogens:


Takeaway message: When we are being ‘poisoned’ or infected in some way with something that affects our physical health, our immune system produces the same sort of ‘spike proteins’ found in snake venom.

Dr Merritt doesn’t believe that they are poisoning the water supply, but does believe Dr Ardis has tripped over some more pieces of the puzzle, about what is really giong on.

(I’m putting the phrases above in commas, because personally, I no longer believe this is about ‘spike proteins’ for SarsCov-2 – that has never been isolated in any lab, anywhere in the world.)

But the basic principle seems to be that when we are being ‘poisoned’ with something – anything! – our immune system produces molecules that are very similar to those found in snake venom.

And that’s also why substances that ‘block’ snake venom – like nicotine – can also help to take down the very serious health reactions that are being blamed on ‘Covid 19’, and / or caused by the Covid shots, which have been proven beyond doubt to contain biotoxic graphene oxide nanotech, amongst other things.


So, how are they really ‘poisoning’ humanity, to get us ill, and to prod our own immune systems into over-producing stuff that acts like snake venom in our bodies?

Here’s my thoughts:

  1. Nano-particle sized graphene oxide in the shots

Again, this is proven fact, not conjecture.

Here’s a few posts to go back and read:

Proven in court: Graphene Oxide in the Covid 19 shots

Follow the science – soundwaves and graphene oxide

Green dust and inner work

Pictures: what’s really in the Pfizer vaccine

And it seems likely that the graphene oxide could also be secretly being used as part of the ‘filtration’ system in the water, plus being aerolised via chemtrails, and also finding it’s way into our food – hence the phenomenon of ‘magnetic meat’.


2. Acute Radiation poisoning via 4G / 4G+ and 5…G rollout

Watch this:


It’s US Colonel Andrew Huff explaining (back in 2011….) how the symptoms of Acute Radiation Sickness:

“Would be just exactly like a terrible flu. A person would have a headache, they would feel very tired, they would have a little bit of a fever, they might have some vomiting. At higher doses, all of this would be more severe, and come on more rapidly.”


So, ‘Covid 19 / Marburg virus / Congo Haemorraghic virus etc’, or really just acute radiation poisoning, ramped up by the newly-rolled out 5…G masts that are probably all over your neighborhood now, as they’ve appeared all over mine in Jerusalem, over the last 6 months?

Remember, graphene oxide amplifies the signal, so the more ‘Covid 19’ shots you get, the more ill you get – from the amplified 5…G microwaves.

And many people are also being straight-up poisoned, chemically, by the GO nanotech too, which explains most of the immediate serious side-effects from the shots.


Bottom line:

There is a ‘snake venom’ angle to all this, but not the simple version that first appeared, of snake venom in the water.

We are being poisoned, collectively.

Via the GO in the shots, for sure.

But also, via the electromagnetism and microwaves in our atmosphere.

More on this post-Pesach.

Enjoy your chag, in the meantime.

Just as God redeemed us from Ancient Egypt’s ‘magic’ and evil, so He will do it again in our times.

BH, very soon!


In 2011, the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) put out a spiffy PDF, advising citizens on how to be prepared for a ‘Zombie Pandemic’.


You can get to that PDF yourself HERE, on their website.

Below is a screenshot of the cover:


Apparently, a slew of articles appeared in March last year, pushing the idea of a forthcoming ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ – even in apparently ‘sensible’ media like Forbes.

And this one, from the USA Today website:


And this one, from a newswire service, snippet below:

According to CDC officials, if zombies ever did start roaming the streets, the agency would conduct an investigation much like one for any other disease outbreak. The CDC would provide technical assistance to cities, states, or international partners dealing with a zombie infestation. This assistance might include consultation, lab testing and analysis, patient management and care, tracking of contacts, and infection control (including isolation and quarantine).


Way back when, Amazon also had an apparently ‘spoof clause’ in their terms and conditions, that said this:


That article on the Guardian is pretty old, so when you follow the link to the AWS ‘Terms of Service’ website, HERE, you can no longer find that paragraph at ‘57.10’.

That’s because Amazon updated their terms of service back in September 2021 – and they moved the par about the Zombie Apocalypse to 42.10 now, screenshot below:


In 2013 – a full two years after the CDC’s stunt, the Canadian parliament also got into the ‘joke’:



Way back when, all this would have just seemed like a bizarre, but actually quite funny little joke.

But in a world where our governments and militaries have been forcing billions of people to get injected with nanotech that literally enables them to ‘take over the body’s processes’ – in a million different ways – I’m not finding this funny any more.


Below, is the latest video from Orwell.City

(Not shmirat eynayim friendly, snippet below the video).


These comments are from Dr Astrid Stuckelburger, in the video:

You have to understand that every virus or every disease, let’s say… Ebola. Ebola is Marburg. Ebola, for example, is Marburg. There’s a code. Every virus, bacteria, and parasite has a code. An electromagnetic code. Because we’re bioelectric beings. We’re all electricity and water.

OK. So, when you know that graphene is a receptor of electromagnetic frequency and has other properties of superconductivity and energy stockage… It can take the energy. You know, this code can be sent to people. And they can induce disease. Theoretically, they can induce any disease in people with a lot of graphene nanoparticles in their bodies.

But it can also induce behavior because we just saw this. We just explained. So this is very important because what they’re planning and predicting is, number one: Ebola. Ebola is a disease where people bleed. And it’s very impressive. So this is the first thing they’ll try….. 


So now, the scoop. I was sitting with a coroner. You know, who takes care of dead people in the morgue. I was speaking to a lawyer who was working with the coroner in Belgium. And one of the preoccupations is that graphene has… Or anyway, there’s, with the experimental vaccine, an identity. There’s a Wi-Fi signal…

[W]hen they change the blood, they look if the person has the identity in the blood or in the body. And the ID is still giving a signal in the dead body. That’s number one. 

The practice is done in the hospitals just to explain that they can verify that the identity isn’t in the blood. It’s in the body. OK. And the whole body. It’s not on your phone….

So now the scoop is that they also went to the cemetery, where people are buried….Even with people buried dead, you can see the identity…. It means that Michael Jackson was a visionary because it’s possible with DARPA, with graphene… You know… Taking control of the behavior of the body from a distance. 

Theoretically, it’s possible to make people dead alive just because of graphene, technologically. It’s crazy, but it’s possible, maybe.


I spent a few hours today in my ‘electromagnetic Faraday Cage tent’ today, as I’d been feeling a little rough again this morning.

Another friend sent me this email last week:

What do you think of this?


I found it interesting, because what they described as happening with their hearing and vision somehow being ‘zapped’ by directed energy waves etc, I think I’ve been experiencing myself.

When my hearing went funny a few days ago (BH, it’s fine again now), I was sitting at my computer, then I kind of ‘felt’ the energy drop down a level, in a way that’s hard to describe but it’s  like it took on a lower ‘hum’ than usual, but I still couldn’t ‘hear’ anything, just I felt it – and then my ear started popping on one side of my head, and continued that way for the next three days.

Baruch Hashem, when I went to prayers with the Rav last Friday night, it started to do way better again.


So much of what I’m writing about at the moment seems ridiculous.

And yet, you and me are living through this unbelievable reality, right now.

It’s a world gone mad.

A world where 5…G lampposts are being put up all over the place to monitor people and possibly also to ‘zap’ them with frequencies specifically designed to cause something to happen in the body and / or mind.

That something could still be turned around and used for the good, and for the complete healing of humanity, but the very evil people running our governments and military right now don’t have that intention.

So yes, I read this stuff about ‘Zombie Pandemics’, and ‘Marburg ‘viruses’ – that are all just really caused by zapping people with a particular energetic frequency – and it bothers me a lot.


I don’t really know how to end this one neatly.

BH, even my husband was bugged-out, when I showed him the Amazon Terms of Service, and the CDC website.

What else can we do, except pray to God to save us from all this, make a lot of sincere teshuva and get behind our True Tzaddikim?

That sounds like the only way to really prepare for what might be coming down the pipe.



We’ve been rolling this idea around a bit more, at home, and here’s some more thoughts.

  1. This sounds like the ‘evil side’ attempt at techiyat hemeitim.

Evil is always trying to ‘mimic’ what real kedusha, Hashem, genuine holy people can do.

We saw this in Egypt, with the first three plagues.

So, just like geula has the revival of the dead as part of the package, this sounds like some ersatz version of that.

(I can think of at least one group who would be very happy to use technology to bring their dead leader ‘back to life’….)


2. There are some technical difficulties to getting a zombie out of the grave and walking around.

Like, most people are buried in caskets, and are still stuck quite deep in the ground. You’d have to be a very determined, strong zombie to get out of that.

So this looks like it would only work with people straight out the morgue, or before people would be buried.

What’s really disturbing my husband about this whole idea (because we are British…) is that if they did pull of the ‘zombie’ thing, most of these corpses would be sans clothing.

Now that I’ve typed that, I’m also getting gooseflesh.

A plague of the undead is one thing; a plague of the naked undead over 80….. brrr, my teeth are chattering.


And lastly, back to what was going on with my ears, directed energy and ‘Omicron’.

They are trying to pretend that a bunch of weird ‘symptoms’ that are a direct result of being zapped with microwave radiation are ‘because of Omicron’:

In THIS article, they mention tinnitus as a ‘hidden sign of Omicron’:


Meanwhile, THIS article is talking about weird gastrointestinal issues being a ‘symptom of Omicron’:


Listen to this (10 minutes):


Don’t be fooled!

These are all reactions to the microwaves we are now being zapped with, as they try out their brand, spanking new 5…G towers that they are putting up all over the place.

We are all being targeted with ‘directed energy’ at the moment, whether we want to buy into that idea or not. It’s still happening.

And all these ‘symptoms’ of supposed Covid 19 variants are actually common reactions to being microwaved.


You might also like this article:

Finally, the evidence of what is really in these ‘Covid shots’ is starting to come clearly into view.

In the midst of all the deliberate disinformation, and accidental misinformation, the Spanish researchers at LaQuinta Columna have repeatedly been delivering the goods on what’s really in these shots, with solid, fact-based evidence backed up with a plethora of scientific literature.

The last few days, they have been making one breakthrough after another.

If you have time and inclination, first watch these videos (with English subtitles, from the website), and if you don’t have the patience for that, meet me below, where I’ll sum up the main findings, with some pictures.


In a single drop [of the Pfizer vial] that has been left to dry, it has been possible to observe microstructures that would explain the phenomenon behind the generation of MAC addresses.



As explained and proved by biostatistician Ricardo Delgado, certain qualities of electro-frequencies and radiation, in conjunction with biological processes, would make it possible [for the graphene oxide in the Covid shots to] create a network within the body.


OK, here’s the takeaway points:

The Spanish researchers got a tip from someone ‘on the inside’ that they should let a drop of the Cominarty / Pfizer vial ‘dry’ on a slide for a few days, and watch what happened.

So, they did that, and what they saw is that over time, as the hydrogel evaporates, they could very clearly see the graphene oxide contained in these shots ‘self-assembling’ into different shapes.

Initially, the shapes were very simple.

But over time, they continued to develop and to ‘self-assemble’, until the researchers found themselves looking at this:


Here’s some of the ‘stages’ of the graphene oxide self-assembly, that happened along the way to this nano-circuit board:

This shows two distinct pieces of graphene oxide in the hydrogel solution.


After a couple of days pass, these separate graphene oxide pieces line up, and start to fuse together.


A little more time passes, and the graphene oxide has now ‘self-assembled’ itself into this nano-structure – where you can see the first circuits starting to form.


Here’s one of the more ‘sophisticated’ structures that they see ‘self-assemble’ as the days progress.


Until finally, we get to this:

“What we see here is what’s formed on the last day of observation. By then, the components and the circuitry could be seen a lot better.”


Here’s a snippet from the researcher Ricardo DelGardo, explaining what’s going on:

[W]hen this material is injected, let’s say, that the parts of the puzzle are separated.

And once inside the body, through by action mechanisms of the organism itself, and the surrounding electromagnetic radiation in the environment, the pieces join together.

Self-assembly is the term.

And more and more complex structures gradually appear.

Let’s say that they’re certain parts of a micro-router or a micro-rectenna.  And these are, as I say, self-assembling to form a more complex artificial structure. 


Now, let’s take a look at the scientific papers describing this type of self-assembling nanotech, on the Corona2inspect site, HERE.

Two days ago, the scientist who runs that site put up a post where he correlated many of the structures being found in the evaporated Cominarty / Pfizer vial with nanostructures described in the scientific literature.

It’s a very information-dense post called:

Identification of patterns in vaccines c0r0n@v|rus: Evidence of self-assembly DNA-Origami

If you have the head for it, head over and take a look yourself. If you don’t, here are the main takeaway images:

IMAGE 1: Auto-assembling DNA origami, in the scientific literature (highlighted yellow), and also compared with the images in the Pfizer shots (blue):


Here are those images broken down, with a sentence explaining what you are actually seeing (Google translated from Spanish, so a little clunky:)




Here’s a particularly interesting snippet, and then we’ll move on to some other related stuff:

“DNA hybridization has been applied to assemble nanoparticles in superredes with crystal structures that are surprisingly rich.

It was found that the three-dimensional structure of DNA double helix (fixed-pitch, fixed diameter) has more advantages than other materials to guide the nanoparticles to an ordered three-dimensional assembly (Nykypanchuk, D.; Maye, M. M.; Van-Der-Lelie, D.; Gang, O. 2008).

The specific recognition between pairs of bases, and the ability to control the length of the DNA strand and the sequence of bases makes it a powerful weapon for assembly at the nanoscale.

The programmability of DNA makes it a ligand-oriented structure, extremely attractive”.

This confirms that the self-assembly using DNA, not only allows you to build 2D structures, it can also generate 3D structures thanks to the links of the double helix of DNA, which allows you to use it to set up [structures in] all kinds of ways, including the cubic and prismatic seen in figure 4 (above).


This stuff is real!

It’s all too real.

And they are using the programmable ‘DNA origami’ technique invented by Israel’s very own Ido Bachelet, to guide the graphene oxide ‘puzzle parts’ contained in the Covid shots to come together inside the body, and build the nano-routers, nano-antennas, and all the other pieces required, to give people their own MAC code and to start ‘remote-controlling’ them via the internet.


I just found THIS video of Bachelet explaining, together with George Church, how his ‘DNA nanobot’ works.

You can only watch the video on Youtube itself, and as these things have a habit of disappearing, I’ve screen-recorded the whole thing, including this bit, below.

BTW, if the name ‘George Church’ sounds familiar, this could be the reason why:

(Dor Yesharim, anyone?)

It’s all connected.


Here’s the snippet I want you to pay attention to:


In other words, this stuff that they are finding in the Covid shots:

Is being made by GO combined with DNA origami, like this:


You recall that Ido Bachelet went to work for Pfizer in 2015:



Previously Ido Bachelet and Shawn Douglas have published work on DNA nanobots in the journal Nature and other respected science publications.

One Trillion 50 nanometer nanobots in a syringe will be injected into people to perform cellular surgery.

The DNA nanobots have been tuned to not cause an immune response.

They have been adjusted for different kinds of medical procedures. Procedures can be quick or ones that last many days….

The team says it should be possible to scale up the computing power… to that of an 8-bit computer, equivalent to a Commodore 64 or Atari 800 from the 1980s….

Bachelet is confident that the team can enhance the robots’ stability so that they can survive in mammals. “There is no reason why preliminary trials on humans can’t start within five years,” he says.


That article was written back in 2015.

So understand, those ‘preliminary trials on humans’ are now in full swing.

Guys, we’re just following the real science here, and look where it’s taking us!

Some more points, then we’ll end with another clip.


This GO / DNA origami nanotech IS IN ALL OF THE SHOTS, not just Pfizer.

In Dr Pablo Campra’s initial report (HERE), he put vials from Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Moderna and Janssen under the microscope, and he found graphene oxide in ALL of them. 

Whatever brand of ‘Covid shot’ you are taking, it’s just a cover to get this nanotech into your body.



The more of this stuff you let them pump you full of, the more of these ‘networks’ are being self-assembled in your body.

Graphene oxide seems to start biodegrading by itself within 3-6 months.

That’s why they want everyone having a ‘booster shot’ every three months now, because that is how they can maintain this MAC-code generating nano-network in your body.

Stop taking the shots!

Stop complying with the PCR tests (which are also laced with this same nanotech)!

Give your body the chance to start flushing this stuff out.

See HERE for some more ideas for how to actively detox from these shots, but please, please – don’t take any more!



Different batches of the ‘Covid shots’ appear to contain more of this bio-toxic, poisonous nanotech than others.

Commentator Hava clued me into this, but now I have tracked down a website where you can put in your batch number, and see if your ‘batch’ is one of those highly associated with serious disability and death:

For Pfizer, the really bad batches appear to be the ones that begin with EN or ER for adults, and the one that begins with EW, for kids.

Apparently, you should have the information of which ‘batch’ of this poisonous stuff you got injected with in your medical files, or in your ‘green pass’ documentation, in Israel (?)

If you know where to find that information, please share your knowledge in a comment.


And now, let’s end with this, the intro from HERE:

(Not shmirat eynayim friendly.)

Almost everyone I know ‘with Covid’ at the moment is triple-‘vaccinated’ – and one person I know ‘with Covid’ had 5 shots!

Two Astra Zenecas, and three Pfizers.

They are lying about everything, in case you hadn’t figured that out yet.

But it seems to me, so much truth is starting to come out now, that anyone who really wants the truth, can start to find it.

And more people are waking up, and joining that category, every single day.


You might also like this article:

Back when I was starting to study ‘sound’ as a healing tool, three years ago, I tripped over something called ‘The Schumann Resonance.’

Three years ago, the links between human mental and physical health and extremely low frequencies (ELFs) were still being deliberately obscured.

So there was a lot of ‘disinformation’ about whether the Schumann Resonance was even really a ‘thing’; what it’s true frequency was, and of course, how much all this stuff is so very closely connected to human health, in just about every way.

If you go HERE, you’ll find one of those earlier articles about the Schumann Resonance, that has a lot of good background and material, but is kind of struggling to put it into the right context.


Anyway, long story short, I had a deep feeling that ‘sound was the way to go’, when it came to healing us human beings, so I kept researching, and that’s when I stumbled across Eileen Day McCusick and her book:

Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy

I read the book two years ago, found it very interesting – so I ordered some of her tuning forks, to do the experiment myself, because that’s the only way we ever really know, if something is going to ‘work’, if something is ‘real’, or not.

Here’s a snippet, describing what ‘tuning the biofield’ is all about:

A guide to the practice of Sound Balancing, using tuning forks to clear trauma stored in the human energy field.

• Provides a precise map of the energetic biofield that surrounds the body, showing where specific emotions, memories, traumas, and pain are stored.

• Details how to locate stored trauma in the biofield with a tuning fork and clear it.


I started experimenting with Eileen’s tuning forks and method about 18 months ago – mostly just on myself.

Because 18 months ago, the idea that ‘sound’ could somehow ‘clear’ serious trauma and pain out of the system, and help me to stay healthy, sounded pretty looney-tunes, even to me.

So, I did some small experiments, noticed some interesting stuff – but then got completely consumed in other subjects, like what really happened to kill 45 people at Meron; and what’s really in these ‘Covid’ shots.

I had no idea, back then, how sound and frequency are so tightly connected to both these topics. But now, I do.


At the same time that the horrible idea was swimming into view that the State of Israel had deliberately targeted the pilgrims in Meron with some sort of ‘Directed Energy Weapon’, I noticed a whole bunch of new ‘tech’ going up on every street corner in Jerusalem.


The similarity between the ‘horn antennas’ used at the bottom of the stairs in Meron, and the ‘horn antennas’ suddenly showing up at parks and intersections all over Jerusalem was just too obvious to ignore.


I know this is difficult to hear.

I’ve had emails from people telling me that ‘for sure, these speaker-thingies are being put up all across Israel for a good, helpful reason’…

But when I ask them what that ‘good, helpful reason’ actually is – they have no idea.

It’s a case of the eyes clearly seeing, but the brain trying to explain things away, to keep us in the comfort zone, where we don’t have to worry that our government and military really ARE trying to kill us.


Below, I spliced the clip of the starlings in Spain colliding after being caught in a DEW / 5…G energy beam, with what happened in the crucial minute after the ‘horn antennas’ in Meron got switched on by the fake Hatzalah guy.

Draw your own conclusions.


I’m not going to rehash all of the info I’ve put up about 5…G and the human body here.

If you are interested, take a look at the following posts:

Orgone options and halachas: Recognising ‘Acute Radiation Syndrome’

A leap into the unknown

More antennas = more fires

How the nanotech in the Covid shots actually works

Cisco and electronic ‘tagging’

Nanosensors in Covid shots: Time to get real

Sound waves and the human body: An explainer


Let’s sum things up by saying that any scepticism I had about sound being an agent of destruction – but also a very powerful agent of healing – has now totally evaporated.

For three months, since Sukkot, I was in a very difficult space, mentally.

I was full of fear about what the future holds; I was fearing the ‘tech’ I see everywhere; I was fearing what’s really going to happen, when they have all their tech in place, and finally switch the 5…G on, fully – probably some time in the next few months.

Because I was ALREADY feeling the negative health effects of all the new antennas going up every 100 metres in Jerusalem.


And I had no idea what to do, to try to stop this from happening.

And I’m not injected with anything, Baruch Hashem.

(More on that in a moment.)


At this stage, one of my readers, who is a mathematics whizz, started sending me some very interesting emails.

Many of them are ‘over my head’, in terms of the equations and ideas being shared, but last week, I got sent this:

The coming year is (5) 783 = the Schumann Resonance

Along with a whole bunch of links, which I’m just going to put below.


If you are interested, click on:

Similar Spectral Power Densities Within the Schumann Resonance and a Large Population of Quantitative Electroencephalographic Profiles

The following short video is shmirat eynayim friendly, and explains in 2.5 minutes some of the basics, of how solar and geomagnetic activity can affect the human heart, amongst other things:


This screenshot comes from HERE:



Here’s where things got even more interesting – and started to develop a particular ‘Jewish’ twist, that gives me some real hope that we are about to see some massive open miracles.

My reader sent me this:

Here is the 783 in a different order:


Looking at the sound of the Shofar, you can see that the frequency is 376. You can therefore also get 378 as well – here is the ‘783’, again.

THIS link, to the ‘Vibration Data Newsletter’ from January 2007 discusses ‘Shofar Acoustics’.

Here’s the image of the ‘sound of the Shofar’, from page 8:


Here is the sound of ‘387 Hz’:


Then, he sent me this:


When  I read this, I got goosebumps.

783 – breaks down to 26.

387 – breaks down to 26.

26 is the gematria of Hashem’s ineffable name, the Tetragrammaton, Yud Kei Vav Kei.


Over on, they recently put up a video covering the information they got from a whistleblower at Spanish cellcoms company, Telefonica.


Basically, 5…G operates across a range of frequencies, but the one frequency our NWO governments are focusing their 5…G efforts on is:

26 GHZ

Snippet (translated from Spanish, so a little clunky):

Graphene acts with the transistor phenomenon.

That is to say, it multiplies the frequency at the same time as the damage it causes inside the body since it is toxic or cytotoxic inside the body.

Moreover, depending on the radiation it absorbs, this toxicity is dependent on that radiation.

I want you to look at this article now, which is about 26 GHz graphene transistors exactly. Exactly the same frequency that the government is now going to launch in our country, and that will be launched everywhere. 

Notice. Why 26 GHz? 

Because that’s the optimum signal multiplication frequency of graphene transistors. Do you understand, therefore, that 5G and its 26 GHz are precisely to wreak havoc with these graphene transistors inside the body? Or that they act as transistors? What a coincidence! 


And in case you still didn’t understand that the Covid shots contain self-assembling graphene oxide nano-routers, LaQuintaColumna just released some new images, with another bombshell report to follow soon:

WARNING: Best to watch the subtitles and turn the volume off, for this video.

He speaks really loudly, because he’s so upset about what he’s just discovered in the Pfizer shot, image below:



So, the whistleblower at Telefonica shared a confidential report that said:

The human body cannot withstand 26 GHz.

When they turn 5…G on, sometime in the next few months, at that range – we will all be dropping like flies. Or like starlings. Or like the people at the bottom of the stairs in Meron, God forbid.


’26’ is also the gematria of Hashem’s ineffable name.

And ’26’ is also what you get when you break down 783 – the 7.83 of the Schumann Resonance, the (5)783 of the coming year, motzae shvit, when Moshiach is meant to be revealed.

And 26 is also what you get when you break down 387 – the sound frequency of the Shofar, and the ‘opposite’ of 783.

The only way we can get rescued from what is coming down the pipe is by crying out to Hashem, calling out to Hashem, blowing the shofar of repentance, both literally and figuratively….


While I was putting this post together, I got sent two more bits of information, one of the more ‘technical’ side, and one on the more ‘spiritual’ side.

Technically, I got sent a link to a promo for THIS event, which I watched last night:


The Sound of Music: Medicine of the Future live presentation by John Stuart Reid!

Snippet, followed by some screenshots of the presentation:

Over 20 years ago, acoustic-physics scientist, John Stuart Reid experienced a seemingly miraculous healing of a painful lower back injury during cymatics experiments in Egypt’s Great Pyramid. Inspired by this event he has intensively studied the biological mechanisms that activate the body’s healing response, without use of drugs. 

In his illuminating presentation John Stuart Reid will distill for us some of the important biological mechanisms discovered during his 20 years of research and will share with us his intuitive sense that the Sound of Music will become The Medicine of the Future.




John Reid ended the presentation by basically saying that the right music can literally heal old, diseased red blood cells, and create new, healthy red blood cells.

Think about that for a moment.

You can see more of his research HERE, and also download an app that enables the user to ‘visualise’ the sound of the music they are listening to:

(THIS one, that shows the effect of ‘meditation’ on a person’s speaking is even more cool…)


And the spiritual dimension to all this, as always, comes from the Rav, Rav Eliezer Berland.

For the last couple of years, the Rav was repeatedly making ‘throw-away’ comments about how everyone need to learn how to play a musical instrument, and how playing music, singing and dancing were going to bring geula and the Moshiach.

Initially, I thought all this was a metaphorical statement.

(But I still took the hint to start learning how to play the guitar….)

Now, I’m starting to understand, again, that the Rav was being very specific.


It’s Rosh Chodesh Shvat, 5782, tonight.

Here is the pray the Rav wrote to say for the molad of Shvat, 5782, and I’ll translate some of it below:



חודש השירה, ר”ה לאילנות לב”ש א’ שבט, לב”ה ט”ו בשבט, ומהמולד מתחילה הארת שירת המלאכים בסוד השירה בסוד גאלת שבט נחלתך.

The month of song, Rosh Hashana of the trees according to Beit Shammai, on [Sunday night], the 1st of Shvat, according to Beit Hillel, Tu B’shvat (15th of Shvat).

And from the molad, the emergence of the song of the angels, which is the secret of the song, which is the secret of [the geula of Shvat, which is your inheritance].

(The stuff is square brackets is not the literal translation, but the more hidden allusion.)



Let this month of singing, and angels’ song leading to geula begin already!

There is not a moment to lose.



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Here is some chizzuk and advice for each of those areas.


A super-short clip of Rav Berland giving across the single most important message you can hear right now:

Don’t be afraid!!



A new class of Rav Ofer Erez, in English explaining how to fix our feelings – and that ‘fixing our feelings’ is also really how we fix the world:



Please, please, please, can we stop talking about ‘spike proteins’ in Covid shots?

That was deliberate disinformation, to confuse us all into thinking that these mythical ‘spike proteins’ is what is killing and hurting people, when the real problem is toxic graphene oxide nanotech, and elevated levels of 4, 4+ and 5…G radiation.

This excellent 11 minute video from La Quinta Columna, dubbed in English, explains everything super-clearly, with tons of research and scientific literature:


While we’re talking about ‘deliberate disinformation’, I just want to mention Andreas Noack, and the recent ‘complaint’ made by a group including former Pfizer VP Mike Yeardon, to the ICC.

One of my switched-on readers sent me THIS, a few days ago:

(It’s an embeddable PDF file, but if it’s not working, just click the link above, instead.)


Here’s a couple of screenshots, of the complaint, and the people filing it:



Mike Yeardon is one of the main ones who has been pushing the whole ‘spike proteins’ story for months – and he’s a former employee of Pfizer.

The fact that they didn’t knock him off a long time ago, put the red flag up for me that he is actually part of the ‘controlled opposition’, and with this recent complaint, that suspicion has now been confirmed.

Read on.


I sent this doc to a very sharp lawyer, who identified this section as the ‘key’ statement:

10 Graphene hydroxide

Dr Andreas Noack is a German chemist and one of the EU’s top graphene experts, carbon expert and doctored in the field of activated carbon whereby for his doctoral thesis he converted graphene oxide into graphene hydroxide.

Professor Dr Pablo Campra comes from the university of Almeria, and alongside Dr Andreas Noack he examined the covid ‘vaccines’for the presence of graphene oxide with the Micro-Raman Spectroscopy, the study of frequencies.

According to both doctors, the vaccines don’t contain graphene oxide but do contain graphene hydroxide.

On November 23, 2021, Dr Andreas Noack released a video explaining what graphene hydroxide is and how the nano structures injected into the human body act as ‘razor blades’ inside the veins of ‘vaccine’ recipients. 

Dr Andreas goes on to explain how due to the nano size of the graphene oxide structures they would not show up onan autopsy as toxicologists can’t imagine that there are structures that can cut up bloodvessels causing people to bleed to death on the inside so they would not be looking for them,given their atomic size.

[Emphasis mine]


There’s just one problem with this statement:

It’s a total fabrication.

Dr Pablo Campra IS a real chemistry professor, and he DID release a real report – a few of them, actually, that you can view on Researchgate HERE – explaining that the Covid shots ARE full of graphene oxide nanotech.

‘Andreas Noack’ is a made-up person, who I spent a day trying to track down all over the internet, and I couldn’t find so much as a whisper of him, or his research, in any publication, any company, nor any institute of higher learning, anywhere in the world.

At the time, I had a long back and forth about ‘Andreas Noack’ with another switched-on reader, who was asking me but why would they lie about there being ‘graphene hydroxide’ in the shots? Why would they fake this???

Now, we have the answer.


There is zero scientific evidence that there is any ‘graphene hydroxide’ in these shots.

By contrast, there are hundreds and thousands of research papers about graphene oxide; and its use in bio-nanotech applications (amongst many other things.)

And there are full-fledged scientific papers showing clearly that there is GRAPHENE OXIDE in these Covid shots.

But, by lumping the real ‘Dr Pablo Campra’ together with the fake ‘Dr Andreas Noack’, and by making the patently false statement in their names that:

According to both doctors, the vaccines don’t contain graphene oxide but do contain graphene hydroxide.

Mike Yeardon and this complaint just set up a legal ‘straw man’ that is guaranteed to get taken down, by even 5 seconds of genuine investigation.

There is NO ‘graphene hydroxide’ in these Covid shots (or at least, if it’s there, no-one has found it.)

But there IS tons of ‘graphene oxide’ in these Covid shots, that has proven applications in ‘remote controlling’ people by taking over their neurons.


Keep doing the birur!

Stop spending any more energy on ‘spike proteins’, and understand that people are getting ill and dying because of GO nanotech and radiation.

And don’t be afraid of anything or anyone, except Hashem.


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I was planning to take today off from the PC, but so much information is coming out about the GO nanotech in these shots, I feel obliged to share it.

Off the back of the Dr Pablo Campra’s recent microscopy review of what is really in these shots, which you can read in English HERE and HERE, (the second one talks specifically about ‘nano-structures’) a number of other scientists are now getting to grips with what the nanotech in these shots is actually designed to do.

One of them is ‘Mik Anderson’ – pseudonym for another Spanish scientist who is trying to stay anonymous, for obvious reasons, while he figures this stuff out.

He writes on the Corona2inspect blog HERE, in Spanish.

In the last couple of days, they translated his latest report into the wireless nanorouters that more and more evidence is suggesting is in the Covid shots, into English, with pictures.


You can download the full PDF below (it’s hosted on my site, so hopefully should be free of any ‘malware’ issues):

I’ve screenshotted the main images, and they tell the gist of the story easily enough for most people to grasp.

If you can handle the more technical explanations, download the PDF above and read it.













We’ve been here before, there are so many clues hiding in plain sight.



Everything written above is based on scientific papers, patents and materials that are already ‘out there’ and in operation.

This is not ‘made up’ – if you have the time and inclination, you can spend a couple of hours looking up all the terms used, and you’ll find reams of scientific papers and research, explaining exactly how they are designed, used and manufactured.


Don’t forget: All this can still be turned around for the good, even if someone has been triple-jabbed.

Here are some reasons to remain cheerful, even if you were MAC-cinated:

  1. The tech isn’t working the way they hoped it would.

Only 40% of the people ‘fully vaccinated’ are emitting MAC codes.

And many people – even here in Israel! – have still not even had one Covid shot, as MK Gadi Yevarkanrecently pointed out publically on Israeli TV, where he said:

43% of the public in Israel isn’t ‘vaccinated’ (i.e. with 3 doses)

And 33% didn’t even have a single shot.


2. The shots contain various doses of ‘nanotech’, and some of the shots are placebos.

Which means that even if you had 3 shots, you may still not have a lot of GO ‘nanotech’ going on.

3. Graphene Oxide degrades within the body, between six months to a year.

That’s why they keep spraying more and more of this stuff down, sticking more and more of it on masks, and in medications, and in other products.

Because the body can degrade and ‘flush it’, and the main way GO exits is through the lungs, and the breathing process.

If you want more ideas for ‘detoxing it’ faster in a gashmi way, look at THIS.

4. As more of us understand what these shots contain, and what they are designed to do, there will be even more solutions coming online, to detox from the shots.

As I wrote HERE, I really think it’s possible to ‘block’ or ‘cancel out’ the frequencies that are being used to ‘signal’ the nanotech, and also to irradiate people, even if they haven’t been jabbed.

All this requires more knowledge of subtle energies – which is where this conversation segues out of the ‘material’ world, and into the spiritual.


5. Prayer, teshuva and charity cancel all the decrees.

On Shabbat, I was reading through Rav Berland’s booklet of prayers and teachings to overcome anger, which you can get on the site HERE.

(It was hacked, but now it’s back up, BH.)

I had a lot of anger welling up last week, and I wasn’t totally sure why, even…

So on Shabbat, I decided to try to get on top of it, and this booklet has helped me to defuse my anger totally, in the past.

So, I was going through it, when I came across this awesome prayer on page 43, which basically describes exactly what is going on with the Covid shots:


To merit being saved from the trait of anger that causes the blood to rise and flood the heart and mind, and doesn’t leave a person any good portion, rather it devours everything. It destroys the body and causes many extremely horrible illnesses.

Master of the Universe, Who can do anything, and from Whom nothing is withheld.

Merit me, and save me, from the trait of anger, that causes all kinds of hell [literally: demons] to control a person, and they are turned into an animal.

And all the defiled blood rises up to the brain and floods the heart, “for if the face is of a goat and the body is of a human and it is reading from the Torah, and guests arrive, he arises and slaughters it in honor of the guests.”

For a person who gets angry, he slaughters himself to the ‘other side’, and he becomes a sacrifice of the ‘other side’.

Because anger destroys everything and doesn’t leave any good portion within the person.

And all his senses are warped, and all his intelligence disappears.

And no resemblance of human form remains, and all illnesses control him due to anger and depression.

And his entire immune system is destroyed.

And he is attacked by all kind of lethal and aggressive viruses and diseases, that leave no part of the body undevoured.

And the body is completely destroyed.


The Rav often leaves ‘hints’ and clues in his prayers, about what is really going on.

I read this, and all of a sudden a spiritual response to ‘detoxing’ from these Covid shots popped into my head:

We need to make eradicating our anger a priority.


Because spiritually, anger is the ‘portal’ that enables our human soul to be ‘overtaken’, from the outside, by demons and demonic forces.

When we get uncontrollably angry, our human soul disappears, and we are literally controlled by demons….

Now, go back and re-read what I wrote HERE, about Operation Crimson Mist, in Rwanda.

Snippet below:

Recognising and working on our bad middot has never been more urgent.

[I]t seems to me that the ‘Crimson Mist / Active Denial’ tech can’t create something from nothing, when it comes to manipulating emotions – at least, in a ‘crowd’ setting.

It can only amplify something that is already there.

So, get to work on trying to uproot anger, arrogance, jealousy, egocentric selfishness, hatred, rage, resentment, grudge-bearing, self-righteousness – all that stuff that falls under the rubriquet of hakpada.

This tech can amplify the vibe of ‘hakpada’, and literally turn people into homicidal, destructive maniacs.


Remember what our Sages teach:

‘Demons’ control an angry person


HERE is where you can get Rav Berland’s Kuntres to Defuse Anger, in English and Hebrew, that just helps make the feelings of anger disappear like magic, when you read it.

You can also buy a hardcopy for $1, HERE.


That Kuntres is where I just found the prayer brought above, on page 43, that describes how ‘anger’ is the gateway into the human soul, that enables the demons to take over a person and ‘remote control’ them from the outside.

So…. our work is cut out for us.

There is hope, lots of it!

The world was only created for free choice.

But we have to get real about what’s going on with these shots, and literally put every effort into ‘detoxing’ from all the poison inside of us – starting with the bad middot, and especially anger and hakpada, or harsh judgements against our nearest and dearest.

Because compassion and forgiveness could really be the ‘vibe’ that totally negates this nanotech, once and for all.


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Most of us have no idea just how ‘advanced’ all this nanotech electronic tagging and control is, already.

***Updates on ‘mysterious illness attacking yeshiva bochurs’, below***

That’s why so much of what I’m writing about here sounds ‘sci-fi’ – and yet at the same time, there are reams of journals, papers, and patents explaining how all this ‘nanorouter’ stuff that can connect people and other living animals to The Internet of Things is actually already in operation.

Let me give another concrete example of what I’m talking about.

A few days ago, I got sent this email by a reader in Israel:

These were just installed in our school:


Here’s a snippet, then I’ll plain English:

Cisco Meraki MR55

The Meraki MR55 is a cloud-managed 8×8 802.11ax MU-MIMO access point.

It’s designed for high-density public environments, and for faster browsing and downloading from mobile devices. Companies with 5G deployments, as well as offices with high-bandwidth usage would also benefit…

This access point has dual concurrent 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz radios.

And, the MR55 provides a maximum of 5.9 Gbps coming from a 5G Ethernet connection. Plus, there’s a dedicated radio that provides real-time WIDS/WIPS with automated RF optimization.

There’s also a low-power Bluetooth beacon, which can be used to track user movements around your property, or to broadcast messages directly to devices.


The bit I want you to really pay attention to is that last sentence, that says this:

There’s also a low-power Bluetooth beacon, which can be used to track user movements around your property, or to broadcast messages directly to devices.


Where have we heard of ‘Bluetooth beacons’ before on this blog, just recently, in connection with tracking people and ‘broadcasting messages directly to devices’?

Ah yes, now I remember.

In THIS post, I shared with you that 40% of ‘vaccinated’ people are now emitting bluetooth codes, or MAC codes.

Snippet below.

 HERE is an article from 2015 in a prestigious scientific journal describing all this, called:

Design of Wireless Nanosensor Networks for Intrabody Application


Nanoscale devices require a new communication paradigm; they perform simple tasks, share the collected data, and reach unprecedented number of locations over the Internet.

This new network paradigm is called IoNT….

Our research work is focused on the intrabody communications for healthcare providers to develop the network system architecture for realizing IoNT applications.

Human body is made up of almost 80 organs.

Here, the nanosensors may be implanted into the organs, detecting specific symptom or virus and forwarding the sensing data to the nanorouter. The nanorouter may collect data from the nanosensors.

The nanorouter then may send the collected data to the outside of the body….


Here’s the image of the ‘nanorouter’ that full chemistry Professor Dr Pablo Campra found in the Pfizer Covid shot:


Now, watch this short video, where the Spanish researchers explain how they’ve tracked down another ‘nanorouter’ project from 2015, called….CORONA:



On the most recent program of La Quinta Columna, a 2015 research related to a routing and nanonetwork system called “CORONA” was commented.

The details of this research are being reviewed by researchers who are decoding the nanotechnology included in the vaccination vials, including Mik Andersen, the author of the Corona2Inspect blog.


And now, I want to introduce you to another one of Cisco’s ‘animal tracking’ projects, that they launched back in 2018,

called: 5…G Rural First.

Here’s a clip from Reuters, explaining just how FAB-U-LOUS all this 5…G enabled tracking is going to be:


They tried the ‘track and trace’ tech out on the cows…

And now they are ready to try it out on our kids, and on us, too.

Except, they don’t need us to wear clunky (and removable…) necklaces.

They want the nanorouters injected, and constructing a wifi network internally in the human body, that (so far…) can’t be removed or disabled.

These were just installed in our school:

There’s also a low-power Bluetooth beacon, which can be used to track user movements around your property, or to broadcast messages directly to devices.


Baruch Hashem, more and more people seem to be waking up to what’s really going on.

There is probably around a third of the population who are totally bought in, totally brainwashed, and totally going to the end with this, wherever it leads and however bad it gets.

Then, there is probably around a third of the population who are awake, and are resisting this, overtly and covertly, with every bit of strength they have.

I  just saw this, on Chananya Weissman’s Rumble channel HERE, that shows that 33% of Israelis – not including children – HAVE NOT EVEN HAD A SINGLE JAB.

No-one is telling you this, in the MSM.


And then… there is the third in the middle, that will just ‘go’ with whatever they perceive to be the majority view.

That middle third all got ‘vaccinated’, when that was the recieved wisdom, but are now starting to wake up, and to fight back, a little…

But as my brother in the UK said, it’s hard to keep ‘holding the line’.


That’s why it’s so important to start speaking out, even a little, and to keep pointing out all the ‘holes’ in the official narrative, even when that’s uncomfortable to do.

Baruch Hashem, even though I live in Israel, I am living life pretty normally – and I’m totally ‘unvaccinated’, and also only ever did two PCR tests, and that was when I had to get to Uman.

A ‘normal life’ is possible without endless booster shots, as they try to perfect their GO nanorouters, and get the percentage of MAC-cinated people hooked up to the Internet of Things and producing their own bluetooth codes above 40%….

There is hope!

But each of us has a part of play, to try to get this thing stopped in its tracks, before any more damage is done.


Pray a lot.

Dance and sing a lot.

Work on overcoming bad middot, especially anger.

Get closer to our true Tzaddikim.

Speak to God.

Keep choosing God over GID.

And don’t lose hope!

Even though they are continuing to put up the 5…G tech and towers at a scary pace all over the world, God is not going to let them create a situation where humanity is reduced to a herd of remote-controlled ‘sheeple’ with no free choice.


Free choice is the only reason Hashem created the world.

And Hashem Himself is about to start fighting this battle with some supernatural miracles.

But until that happens – stick with the list above.

And stop letting them stick nanotech-infected swabs up your nose, and the noses of your kids, and injecting clot and heart-attack inducing GO nanorouters into your body.

This stops when enough of us stand up to the tyranny, and simply refuse to keep going along with this.

(Yes, I know that’s really in God’s hands. But we still have free choice, and we still have a responsibility to exercise it, to the best of our ability, to do the right thing.)


And may we hear good news, very soon.



On the Habayitah blog, I just saw THIS:


Let’s set out the cause of this ‘mysterious illness’ super clear:





It’s proven there is graphene oxide in the ‘Covid’ shots.

It’s proven that graphene oxide is used in geoengineering to ostensibly ‘seed clouds’ – and geoengineering is the excuse given for the chemtrails being sprayed all over the world.

See this research paper for more details on that:

Or watch this:


And it’s proven that 5…G ‘directed energy’ speakers, and AI facial recognition cameras are going up all Israel – and all over the rest of the world, too:


Go and spot this equipment in your local neighborhood.

Go and see, how close to these yeshivas there are now ‘directed energy’ speakers, and new 5…G arrays, like this:


Then, understand that these 5…G millimeter waves can be DIRECTED at specific targets, with specific frequencies, to achieve specific aims.

The yeshivas are the ‘test bed’ – because the psychos behind all this just lurve testing their sick science out on Jews, first.

So, the cause of the ‘mysterious illness’ in yeshivas has now been solved.

The yeshivas are being bombarded with targeted directed energy from the new 5…G equipment newly installed all over the country by the government and military, and the bochurim (many of whom were ‘force-vaxxed’ in order to keep on learning there….)are getting sick with acute radiation poisoning.



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Just a quick post, as I try to get stuff done for Shabbat.

More and more pieces are coming together.

BH, I will flesh this out more in coming days, and there is still a lot of birur to do, so remember we are on a journey of discovery here, and we still haven’t got to the end, where everything will be totally transparent and clear.

But here’s some more pieces of the puzzle, going forward.


  1. Miracle of miracles – there are still some people with brain cells and natural human curiosity in Lakewood.

A couple of readers sent me this link, to a story about chemtrails in Lakewood that appeared in the Lakewood Scoop:

A Medical Professional Responds: This is What Could be Causing the Mysterious Virus in Lakewood The Lakewood Scoop

What is particularly interesting to me is the comments, and how so many people think that a two second look-see at Wikipedia counts as real research into anything…

Wikipedia is only a starting point, and is heavily censored and skewed, to put people off the real scent.

We have all been mamash brainwashed, from kindergarten, to think a certain way, and to not challenge authority, and to stifle our natural curiosity and urge to ask questions.

And sadly, that’s evident every where, including the ‘frum Torah world’.


Tachlis, if you read the Lakewood Scoop, I encourage you to start putting some real information out there, in the comment sections.

EG, people are asking how can bochurs in Israel also be getting sick with the same symptoms, if the Dr is saying chemtrail spraying is causing the ‘mysterious illnesses’ in Lakewood?

The answer is obvious:

They are also spraying chemtrails in Israel.

This is a co-ordinated action across international lines, and has been right from the start.

If someone posts this information up,  the truth resounds by itself.

You don’t need fancy explanations, or 5 hour long expositions to encourage other people to see the truth, because it’s there, right in front of their faces.


On that score, it’s also useful to start talking more widely about graphene oxide.

It’s in the ‘Covid 19’ shots – and you can prove that to people with scientific papers done by a full professor of chemistry called Dr Pablo Campra.

HERE is Dr Campra’s page on Researchgate.

And below are some links to relevant papers showing there is DEFINITELY graphene oxide in these shots:

This is factual information, with photographs, by a full professor of chemistry who has no vested interests in ‘lying’ about there being unexplained graphene oxide in the Covid shots.


Next, you can also explain how graphene oxide is toxic:

And how the symptoms of graphene oxide ‘poisoning’ coincide with many of the symptoms linked with this ‘mysterious illness’ in Lakewood, and ‘Covid 19’ more widely.


There’s much more to say – not least about how graphene oxide interacts with 5…G frequencies – but let’s keep this short and to the point, to get the discussion started in a way that ‘regular people’ can start to relate to.


I’m also looking more into the claims that the US is a corporation, and a subsidiary of ‘The Crown.’

And that ‘The Crown’ is actually way more than the monarchy.

There’s a lot of ground to cover, and I’m only just starting the process of digging down, properly, but I can already tell you that all my ‘Frankist-Freemason/Sabbatian-Sabbean’ family tree stuff appears to be tying in to what is really going on here.

Watch this 5 minute video for a quick ‘grounding’ into where all this appears to be headed – again, with the proviso that everything should be evaluated carefully, to see what is striking YOU, as true, and what is striking YOU as false.


The last thing to say, is don’t be scared to share this information, and to speak out.

I know that there is a mixture of paid trolls and professional ‘disinformation’ artists (like the ‘GadolHador’ commentator on YWN, to give one pertinent example) – and small-minded people who lash out at others who are making them uncomfortable by challenging their assumptions, who can make it difficult to want to stick our heads above the parapet.

But too much is on the line here now, to let these people continue to guide the conversation.

The truth needs to get out there, anyway it can, ASAP, so more people can at least have the opportunity and chance to begin to think for themselves, and to choose the right path, going forward.


Believe me, I know it’s not easy being on the receiving end of paid trolls and various psychos.

But, the Rav teaches that each time we accept bizyonot with love, it cleans off all of our sins.

So, do a bit of praying, and just start feeling out where it may be appropriate and correct for you to start ‘speaking out’, and sharing information that is literally going to save people’s lives, going forward.

Take a deep breath, and hold God’s hand.

There are worse things than being mocked for being a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

And a whole bunch of those mocking voices are about to find that out, the hard way.


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Honestly? I am feeling mentally exhausted right now.

Doing the continual birur between ‘fake’ and ‘real’ is really tiring, spiritually and mentally, and I’m currently feeling like taking a few days off to paint.

In the meantime, tho, someone asked me to put up information about how to detox from these Covid shots, that we now all know categorically DO contain graphene oxide nanotech (that wasn’t disclosed on the product insert.) Quelle surprise.

I just found a new video on the Stew Peters show – which is another potent admixture of ‘fake and true’, but which tends to have more ‘true’ than a lot of other places – from a naturopathic doctor Zandra Botha, who has a natural detox protocol that sounds at least reasonable.

(Not shmirat eynayim friendly.)


Here’s a screenshot of what she’s suggesting to do, to start ‘unclumping’ the blood:

(I’m not a medical professional, of course, so please be sure you check all this stuff yourself with someone qualified to properly advise you – and pray about it a lot, to get the right guidance.)


Here’s some other detox options to consider:

Get an ionising salt lamp

I got mine from HERE in Israel, and I have to say, I do notice a difference with it on, in both my breathing and my ‘calmness’.

Important point to note: the pink salt lamps from the Himalayas are potassium chloride salt.

This type of salt doesn’t help the respiratory system, and is toxic to the lungs in large quantities.

What I’m talking about here is therapeutic salt lamps made from sodium chloride salt.

This is a snippet that comes from HERE, (Google translated to English.)

[T]he company’s salt blocks of sodium chloride ( sodium chloride ) have been shown to be emitted into the ventricle ( air ) by nanoscale-sized salt molecules.

In addition, it has been shown that the salt molecules sodium chloride, penetrate the respiratory system of users ( already after 8 hours of initial use ) and they create hypertonic environment health ( salinity) and sodium ions and chlorine ions !!!!!!!!


Basically, this Israeli company asked 1500 of their customers with a salt lamp, who had caught ‘Covid 19’. The answer was…NO-ONE.

Why I think this is working, given my view that what we are experiencing as ‘Covid 19’ is actually a reaction to the aerolised graphene oxide nanotech being sprayed down on us from the heavens, is that the main way the body excretes this GO is via the lungs.

And these dry salt lamps help the lungs to detoxify, and expel these particles faster and safer, than otherwise.

Case in point: After all the chemtrails in Jerusalem 2 weeks ago, my husband immediately got pretty ill, and I also started to feel yucky. But my symptoms passed really fast, while his lasted for a week, and were much more severe.

I have that salt lamp next to my desk, switched on, for 8 hours nearly every day.

And my intuition is, that it’s really helping.


Take baths with Epsom Salts (or ‘melech angli’).

2 cups per bath, and stay in it for 40 mins.

Snippet from HERE:

The sulfates in Epsom salt assist the body in flushing out toxins. That provides a heavy metal detox from the body’s cells.

This can help lower the internal accumulation of harmful substances. Human skin is a highly porous membrane. By adding minerals like magnesium and sulfate to your bathwater, it sparks a process called reverse osmosis, which literally pulls salt out of your body and dangerous toxins along with it.


Consider using frequency (binaural beats) to heal the body.

I’m still researching this, so I’m just throwing this ‘out there’ for you to explore in the meantime.

But I used a tuning fork on my husband’s stubborn cough a couple of days ago – and it disappeared. We had the best night’s sleep for a week.

Here’s a couple of videos to try out for cleansing the blood – I’m making no claims for them, but I have a gut feeling frequency is the way to go, ultimately, with all of this:



And here is another video from Eileen McCusick, whose tuning forks I have bought and am using, about how frequency can ‘sonic clean’ energy from a room:

(Not shmirat eynayim friendly.)


After I watched this video, I did the experiment with the 528 hz tuning fork in my room – and me and my husband both noticed a real difference.

Of course, ‘sound frequency’ also includes our own prayers.

Rav Berland has a few books of prayers for health, both in English and Hebrew, that have some prayers for blood circulation, purification, and overcoming blood clots – many of the main symptoms resulting from these covid GO injections.


In terms of ‘guarding’ against 5…G, here’s a few other options to consider:

  1. Try ‘shielding materials’ for your home. has a lot of products to explore – I just got a ‘safe cave’, which definitely does work to block frequencies, but I find I don’t feel the need to use it anywhere near as much as I thought.

At least, at the moment.

2. Buy or make your own ‘orgone’ subtle energy converter.

THIS lady on Etsy is making the stuff by hand, and selling it relatively cheaply.

But it doesn’t sound so hard to DIY, if you are handy with resins and metal chips….

My ‘Geocleanse’ never showed up…. so I can’t vouch for it.

But HERE is the site, for that.


Personally, I’ve been experimenting with using thought waves / ‘prayer’ waves to ‘diffuse’ the negative frequencies and vibes.

All I can tell you is that I’m feeling much happier and calmer, because that is the power of the mind – that even if it’s not ‘working’ in an externally visible way, it’s still ‘working’ internally.


And of course, the more you can get off your phone, downgrade your smartphone to something more ghetto – the better that obviously will be.


The last thing to share, for now, is from

(Spanish with English subtitles.)


It’s a montage of some of the different research being done all over the world, to pin down what is really in these ‘Covid shots’.

It shows how GO graphene quantum dots are in these shots, and has images of them penetrating the blood cells of people who have been ‘vaccinated’.

I’m including this here, because it’s part of the whole ‘separating truth from lies’ thing.

These shots are about creating nano-wireless systems in the human body, to make humans ‘remote-controllable’ from a distance, via frequencies being aimed at them (maybe to their specific, unique MAC address…) from the 5…G tech and speakers being set up ALL OVER ISRAEL, as we speak.



PS: Going forward, if you are doing bloodwork, and you’ve taken the shots, and you find something that is working to ‘unclump’ your blood, please do share the information here on the site.

The more real, factual information we can put out there, the better.



This is another new video from, that explains in 3 minutes how the antennas caused the ‘weird symptoms’ being seen in that very first wave of ‘Covid 19’…. which were then swept under the table super-fast, because they didn’t want people to understand that what is sickening and killing people is really radiation poisoning, NOT a virus.

This explains it super simply, and it’s super easy to follow the logic.

Because it’s true.

And on the rare occasions in our world we still actually hear the truth, it resonates deep down.

In this post, I just want to set out a few basic concepts of what ‘science’ can do with soundwaves, and how that is already affecting our health.

I know that so much of this information sounds so ‘sci-fi’ and out there, it’s hard for a lot of people to really digest it.

So in this post, I want to try to explain what’s going on, with details and references to real patents, but in a very simple way, BH, so as many people as possible can grasp the basic information, and start educating themselves and others about the real and present dangers we’re facing.

So we can start to really entreat Hashem to save us, and also, so we can ‘dance and clap’ all this stuff away, at its spiritual root, as per the advice of Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

Let’s begin.


EXHIBIT 1: The patents of Elizabeth Rauscher

I mentioned these already in THIS post, but I want to look at them in more detail, so you understand what the tech CAN ALREADY DO.

This is a screenshot from the late Rauscher’s website, HERE.


Let’s take a closer look.

The first deep-dive will be into this patent:

Apparatus for modulating brain signals through an external magnetic field to reduce pain (click the link to get to the PDF itself.)

Don’t be fooled that this technology is all about ‘helping humanity’.

That’s always how these things are spun, but we see with our own eyes that this technology is actually all about mind control and enslavement, not about helping people live healthier, pain-free lives.

Here’s the first screenshot:


Notice that these magnetic fields are being specifically designed to ‘interact with the brain and the heart’.

Remember that so many people are now suffering from myocarditis and strokes, post ‘Covid 19’ shots.

This could be one possible reason why:

The inventors have discovered that the beginning of the normal cardiac cycle and response to pain cycle originates in the mid brain and the hypothalamus with excitation of the Purkinje cells and is 20 oscillatorily propagated to the heart of source of pain, respectively.

In dealing with the heart, the SA node in the heart is the site of the electric excitation impulse which directly produces the contraction of the cardiac musculature. The electric excitation is propagated within the heart by specialized conductive tissues which include in addition to the sinoauricular node, the AV node, the bundle of His with right and left branches, the Purkinje cells and fibers.


I know it’s gobbledy-gook to most people, but the plain English version of what Rauscher is saying is that the pain response of the human body is an electro-magnetic phenomena, and begins with the heart.

And in particular, it seems to be associated with something called ‘Purkinje cells’ and fibers.

The Wikipedia page for Purkinje cells is mostly just more gobbledy-gook, but there are still a few clues hiding out there, that begin to suggest how damaged Purkinje cells can account for many of the weirder and disturbing ‘side effects’ of these Covid shots.


In humans, Purkinje cells can be harmed by a variety causes: toxic exposure, e.g. to alcohol or lithium; autoimmune diseases; genetic mutations causing spinocerebellar ataxias, gluten ataxiaUnverricht-Lundborg disease, or autism; and neurodegenerative diseases that are not known to have a genetic basis, such as the cerebellar type of multiple system atrophy or sporadic ataxias.


If these cells are compromised by being ‘targeted’ by specific electro-magnetic waves, or poisoned by GO nanotech trying to ‘hijack’ them, we’d expect to see high rates of autoimmune illness and ‘neurodegenerative diseases’,  including uncontrollable tremors and spasming.

That’s a lot of what we’re seeing, with the strange side effects of these ‘Covid’ shots.


Let’s get back to Rauscher’s patents.

You can see she really knows her stuff, because she describes things fairly simply, for a scientist.

I will bring more snippets below, and ‘plain English’ as we go along.

Living biologic systems exist and function through a series of physical-chemical-electro magnetic interactions.

The physical and chemical interactions are fairly well understood by traditional science but a significant number of potentially beneficial advances in the medical arts have been ignored or considered of minor importance because of a lack of understanding of the non-linear interactions that take place between biologic material and electromagnetic energies… 

The cardiovascular system is a notable example of a system that in some respects is highly linear, and in others behaves highly non-linearly.


Plain English: the human body, and it’s physical and chemical processes, are governed by electro-magnetism.


The present invention is based on research and experimental evidence which indicates that at least three major components of a living system operate primarily on very non-linear far from equilibrium principles while yet retaining and utilizing their inherent linear qualities.

The three components are the brain, the cardiovascular and the nervous systems. 



Rauscher is identifying the three parts of the human body whose functioning can be affected at a distance, by electro-magnetic waves of ‘energy’.

These are:

  • The brain
  • The heart
  • The nervous system.


(This is one of Rauscher’s diagrams in the patent, showing the different electrical ‘bandwidths’ associated with different parts of the body:)


[B]one and collagenous material in biologic systems are not only piezoelectric but may, under the proper electrical-mechanical conditions function as semiconductors and also as light emitting diodes.

The apatite crystal substance of bone is P type semi-conductor material, and the collagen 40 fiber is N type semi-conductor material. The areas where these two co-exist is a PN junction diode which if forward biased with a voltage or induced current can emit an electromagnetic energy usually in the infrared region of the optical spectrum.



The human body naturally operates as a semi-conductor of electromagnetic energy.


As is well known, magnetic fields will induce currents in conductors….

[An]  artificially emitted field will not only induce a reciprocity of field emission from the biologic material it is acting upon, but will also intermix with the re-emitted signal. The interaction of the emission-remission
apparently behaves as an informational channel….

 The informational channel of the human cardiovascular system apparently has a band width of approximately 30.4 Hertz with a frequency 55 swing of plus or minus 15.2 Hertz, and the second Bessel null at about 7.6 Hertz.

The human nervous system apparently has an informational band width of about 304 Hertz with a frequency swing of plus or minus 152 Hertz and the first Bessel component around 23 Hertz which represents the mix of the 7.6 and 76 Hertz generated signals.

The human brain informational channel band width is approximately 3040 Hertz with a frequency swing of plus or minus 1520 Hertz, and a more complex mix of frequencies peaking between 70 and 123 Hertz.


[Interesting how it goes up in multiples of ten, isn’t it? Brings to mind the 10 Sefirot.]



Magnetic fields create electric currents in material that ‘conducts’ electricity – in this case, the human body.

In turn, these electric currents can be configured to make the human body act and react in specific ways.

Rauscher then  lists the ‘bandwidth frequencies’ that the heart, brain and nervous system are operating at, and respond to:

  • Heart: 30.4 Hertz
  • Nervous system: 304 Hertz
  • Brain: 3040 Hertz

Once you know what frequency these systems are operating at, you can target them, and effect their functioning and operation, from the outside, at a distance.


(This is another diagram from Rauscher’s patent, describing the electro-magnetic waves governing the process of ‘hemodynamics’, or blood flow, in the human body:)


Narrow band FM is… the logical choice which nature evidently selected.

[T]he present invention relates to non-invasive devices which emit magnetic pulses that can penetrate through and interact with biologic materials and potentially all systems of the body in what is known as the ELF/VLF frequency range. These devices operate at low intensities and except for the noted exceptions, without direct contact with the material affected….

The present invention is concentrated on improving effects upon cardiac tissues, excitable tissues, and
neurological systems.

Each organ of the body has a given electrical or electromagnetic characteristic with which a given wave form will resonate and affect the function of that organ.

The key principles involved are as follows:

[M]agnetic fields generated at specific frequencies, and the harmonics of those frequencies, wave shapes, polarizations, or electric currents from cutaneously attached electrodes, will penetrate the system and stimulate specific and general nerves, and other parts of a biologic system either electrically, piezoelectrically, paramagnetically or chemically, or all in concert when certain biologic material resonant conditions are met.

There are also variable and mixed frequency ranges and intensities of magnetic impulses and electric current impulses which can affect specific and general areas of biologic tissues.



Directed electro-magnetic energy waves can radically affect and change how the human body – it’s organs, brain and tissue – work.

The human body reacts to electro-magnetic waves within the “ELF/VLF frequency range.”

ELF is ‘Extremely Low Frequency’.

5…G (and Active Denial) also operate at the ‘Extremely Low Frequency’ range.


Let’s leave Rauscher’s patent for now – feel free to take a closer look and to tease out more information, at your own leisure.

Because now I want to take a look at:


Government Files About “Remote Mind Control


The above diagram comes from an article on the Vigilant Citizen website HERE, from 2018.

(I dressed her up, a little, to protect the sensibilities of male readers.)


A journalist working for the non-profit organization Muckrock made a bizarre discovery after requesting documents from the US government through the FOIA. Indeed, as part of an ongoing investigation about Antifa and white supremacist groups, the journalist sent a request to the Washington State Fusion Center, a Department of Homeland Security, which specializes in counter-terrorism, detecting criminal activity, disaster planning, cyber-security and other threat assessments.

Along with standard documents such as emails, intelligence briefings, and bulletins, the journalist received a bizarre filed named “EM effects on human”.

One document describes the effects of “psycho-electric weapons” including “forced memory blanking”, “forced rigor-mortis” and even “forced o—-m”.


That link to the ‘EM effects on human body’ zipped doc still works, and I just downloaded it.

As well as three apparently random ‘STAC’ reports on minor crimes and incidents, it also contains three images.

The one above.

This one describing ‘Mass and Individual Remote Mind Control via the Mobile Phone Network and Mobile Phones’:


And a third one, which describes how every human being has a unique ‘bio-electro-magnetic’ field, which can be used to:

a) Identify them;


b) ‘Modulate’ their brain waves.


Hey, look!

There’s our good friends ‘Delta’ and ‘Mu’.


Compare and contrast these three diagrams describing deep state electro-magnetic ‘mind control’, with the earlier diagrams from Elizabeth Rauscher’s patents.

The deep state diagrams describe the ‘what this tech will do’, and Rauscher’s diagrams describe the ‘how this tech will do it’.


To understand that these diagrams are describing real things being done by the ‘deep state’ to real people, let me quote a bit more from that ‘Vigilant Citizen’ article:

Although these documents were sent by the WSFC, they do not appear to be created by a government agency.

The first image “Psycho-Electric Weapon Effects” appears to be part of a 1996 article from Nexus Magazine which describes a lawsuit brought by John St. Clair Akewi against the NSA.

The 1992 lawsuit claimed that the NSA had the “ability to assassinate US citizens covertly or run covert psychological control operations to cause subjects to be diagnosed with ill mental health”.


The article states:

A lawsuit filed against the U.S. National Security Agency reveals a frightening array of technologies and programs designed to keep tabs on individuals.

The following document comprises evidence for a lawsuit filed at the U.S. Courthouse in Washington, DC, by John St Clair Akwei against the National Security Agency, Ft George G. Meade, Maryland (Civil Action 92-0449), constitutes his knowledge of the NSA’s structure, national security activities proprietary technologies and covert operations to monitor individual citizens.


What reminded me of that first diagram describing the ‘psycho electronic’ effects of directed energy weapons was a comment on the last post by Becky.

Specifically, the unexplained ‘ringing in the ears’ that her husband is currently experiencing.

These documents are from the early 1990s.

Rauscher’s patents are from a couple of years’ ago.

But they are basically both telling the same story of developing tech to control the human body and mind remotely, just one plot is happening ‘below the fold’, while the other is in the more acceptable world of ‘science’ and ‘patents’, and is dressed up in flowery language ensuring us that all this is for the higher good of humanity.

As if.


The AI cameras are going up all over Israel.

The ‘Extremely Low Frequency’ 5…G is being rolled out all over the world.

The skies – and our lungs – are continually being filled with aerolised graphene oxide.

The Covid shots, especially Pfizer’s, seem to contain GO ‘nanorouters’, presumably to enhance the effect of the electromagnetic waves even more.

And post-vaccine, many people develop their own unique ‘MAC’ bluetooth code, that sounds exactly the same as this:


Let’s just add this into the mix again, from the World Economic Forum, back in 2018:


And really, it all starts to be pretty obvious, what’s really going on here.


I know this can be overwhelming, and very scary.

I’ve been grappling with this information for about three months now, ever since the ‘smart lamp-posts’ and AI cameras and funny 5—G speakers showed up on my street.

What I want to tell you, is that there is still hope.

A lot of hope!


The human soul is way, way bigger than any of this tech they are trying to use to control us.

But there is no time to lose, to start developing that real connection to our souls, and to God, that is going to enable us to overcome this outside manipulation.

If you aren’t already recognising the sound of your soul, if you haven’t already made that connection to your ‘true self’, it will be way harder to recognise when ‘external thoughts and feelings’ are being broadcast into your mind, and then to overcome them

There is no time to lose.

Start talking to God every day, even for just a couple of minutes.

Start binding yourself to the True Tzaddikim, with every thought, word and action.

And start praying and dancing that God destroys this malchut of evil, totally, this Chanuka, once and for all.

God is going to win, there is no doubt of that.

The only question is what has to happen before we get to that stage, and how long it’s going to take.



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