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I just got more details of what happened with Rav Berland, over Rosh Hashana, and what he said about this year’s kibbutz.

The Rav ended up spending Rosh Hashana in Romania with some of his talmidim, after being refused permission to cross into Ukraine multiple times.

One of the local Jewish communities donated food, kindly, the last minute, but there was no refrigeration on site, so much of the food spoiled, but they managed to have enough for chag, still.

The Rav was very weak, as he’d been fasting all week as the Rav’s custom is to not eat when he’s crossing borders. And he was trying to cross borders all week.

So the first day of Rosh Hashana he was very unwell, but by the second day he came out to be with his students, and was apparently full of energy and enthusiasm, although still physically weak.


As already discussed here, the Frankist-Freemason State of Israel, and it’s agents embedded within the Meah Shearim community, paid huge amounts of bribes to get the Rav blacklisted, apparently until 2025….

(Again, ask yourself: where are these ‘poor rabbis from Meah Shearim’ getting hundreds of thousands of dollars from, to continually persecute the Rav like this? Who is funding them and their campaign?)

So, the Rav’s students found out about this, and tried to ‘reverse’ the blacklisting by raising a huge amount of money to overcome the bribe.

But it didn’t work – either because it was too late, and / or because they got double-crossed.



The Rav said that if he’d got to Uman, that would have cancelled out Putin…. but that didn’t happen.

So it looks like it’s going to be an interesting year for the Ukrainians…


Re: the tremendous mesirut nefesh of the people who went to Uman this year, in terms of the hours and days spent travelling, and the fact that everything was way more expensive, and people are still stuck at borders all over Europe, and missing their flights home.

The Rav said that all this mesirut nefesh has tremendously sweetened the harsh judgments – at least, for the Jewish people.

27,000 people overcame their fear of war, paid a ton of money, and travelled for days and days just to be by the Tzaddik on Rosh Hashana.

Spiritually speaking, that’s very impressive.


So, to sum up this first bit of ‘chizzuk’:

Even though the Rav didn’t get to Uman, the fact that so many other people went, with tremendous hardships, has done a great deal to mitigate the harsh judgements for the coming year, at least for the Jewish people.

(And Ukraine is probably on the cusp of being totally invaded by Russia….)


Now, let’s add in some more chizzuk.

I was reading one of the Rav’s lessons from a while back, where he started talking about what happens when Moshiach comes.

Here’s what the Rav actually said, and then I’ll bring the snippet of Lesson I:14 in Likutey Moharan, that he’s basing his remarks on:

Everyone says, we want Moshiach now! We want Moshiach now!

How is Moshiach going to help you? You still need to do the same work, and to walk around guarding your eyes, and to have the right intentions when praying Shmoneh Esrei.

Moshiach is just going to teach you how to guard your eyes, that’s what Moshiach is going to do for you. He will teach you how to pray the Shemoneh Esreh with kavana.

Rabbenu says that Moshiach is going to start to teach people how to pray the Shemoneh Esrey with correct intention, and how to distract your mind from everything that’s going on around you.


Regular life will continue with Moshiach

When Moshiach comes, people will still continue to build houses, and to build cities, and to make tables and cupboards.

Just, the Rebbe says, everything will be distributed for free. The ‘buying and selling’ will be nullified, in the secret of: “Until the last person leaves the marketplace.”

Whoever can’t learn [Torah], they’ll tell him, so make cabinets.


Here’s the passage itself in Likutey Moharan:

“Through peace we then merit prayer, by way of which we merit universal peace, peace in all the worlds.

And when we merit universal peace, all business transactions will disappear from the world, for all business transactions arise from a lack of peace, since it is impossible that the desire of the buyer and seller be the same – one wishes to sell and the other to buy. If their desires were the same, it would be impossible to make any transaction.

“Hence, all business transactions and trading arise only from an aspect of dissent, of a lack of harmony between wills….

But in the future, when there will be wonderous peace in the world, as the verse says, ‘The wolf will dwell with the sheep, and the leopard will lie down with the goat,’ business transactions will then disappear.


What’s happening with the economy is part of this plan of moving towards geula, and that time where there will be ‘wonderous peace in the world’.

There’s a lot more to say about ‘money’, here, and how it’s literally an invention of the side of evil.

Goods and services existed in the world before ‘money’, and they will exist in the world after ‘money’, too.

The in-between time is the difficulty.

And that for sure is not going to be so easy to traverse.

But, we will continue to hold God’s hand, to talk to Him, to pray to Him, and to follow after our True Tzaddikim, who are lighting the way forward, in these turbulent times.

But at least for the Jewish people, a lot got sweetened this Rosh Hashana, by the heroes of Uman.



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How’s that, for a snappy title?

If you’re still with me, kol hakavod – this post will actually get easier from here on in.

Over the last few weeks, there have been more and more headlines about things and people ‘collapsing’.

I was on the phone to my mum yesterday, who did a good job of summing up all the fear porn currently being churned out about the state of the British economy.

Electricity and gas prices are going through the roof….

The pound is tanking and going through the floor…

A bunch of pension funds nearly took ‘early retirement’ themselves yesterday, before the Bank of England apparently  stepped in and saved the day…

And interest rates are apparently about to spike up so dramatically (in an effort to prevent the pound being worth less than the paper it’s printed on….) that most people with mortgages are going to be squeezed in some very horrible ways.


If we didn’t have a spiritual context for all this – a ‘moshiach and geula’ context – this would probably also be worrying me a great deal, too.

As it is, I know that the ‘world of lies’ has to collapse before the world of truth and geula can really sprout, and anyone who thinks that we are getting into geula with our current way of life totally intact, if a bit battered, is probably in for an enormous shock.

The blueprint for what is going to happen with geula is what happened in Egypt.

At some point, people will have to stop fudging the issue of whether they actually really believe that Moshe Rabbenu can lead them out, and sustain them in a ‘desert’ where probably won’t be Starbucks, Netflix and bank accounts….

And that’s why it’s so very important to keep working on our emuna and bitachon now, and to get used to the idea that God doesn’t need supermarkets to feed us…

Or ‘doctors’ to heal us… (I tried, unsuccessfully, to type that without rolling my eyes….)

Or ‘omnipresidents’ – whatever the heck that is meant to mean –  to lead us out.


He just needs us to:

a) Believe in God

b) Believe in His true tzaddikim (and no, Donald Trump is not on that list) 


c) Believe in ourselves.


The first two are hopefully obvious – although many people get stuck, tachlis, even with A and B.

So many people spout so much nice-sounding, flowery stuff about ‘having emuna’ and ‘having bitachon‘, and ‘being ready for geula and  moshiach’ – but tachlis?

We can’t move into the ‘world of truth’ if we refuse to move out of the ‘world of lies’.

And that world of lies includes everything you see on TV and YouTube, pretty much everything you read from ‘officialdom’, including our governments and politicians, and a very big part of what we ourselves assume and believe – about everything.

So, let’s now move on to the discussion about how to really believe in ourselves, the good way, and collapsing people.


If you live on the moon, or are totally offline (lucky you!) then you might not be aware of all the people who are now collapsing all over the place.

The MSM is effectively ignoring this story, or pretending that ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’, as it’s now so snappily called, has always been happening, because people eat their food to fast…. or too slow…. or don’t get enough sleep…. or get too much sleep…. or play badminton…. or live on the wrong side of the road….



People are dropping dead from the GO nanotech in the Covid shots.

And before you rush to call me a ‘conspiracy theorist’, take a look at this:


So many of the horrible, life-threatening, life-changing side effects, including ‘sudden death’, that so many people are experiencing from these shots were included in ‘official bumpf’ that came along with these shots, right from the beginning.

Just most people didn’t bother trying to read up about what they were letting themselves in for when they rolled up their sleeve, and instead, preferred to ‘trust the experts’ like Bibi and Donald Trump, that this stuff is ‘safe and effective’.



I have never seen so many videos of people dying suddenly, in such strange ways, as I have done the last few months.

 These people aren’t ‘fainting’ because it’s hot.

They are literally keeling over dead, as they walk around, drive a bus, shop in the supermarket.

And social media is (apparently….) full of these videos and these stories. Like this:


Or like this guy, driving a bus in Turkey a couple of days ago:

(From the La Quinta Columna Telegram channel, HERE.)


You can go and look up ‘Sudden Death’ yourself, it’s currently trending massively across social media networks like Twitter, HERE.

You’ll probably learn a lot of very interesting, very important things along the way.

If you let yourself.

Which is where we now get into the ‘how to believe in yourself’ portion of this post.


So many people confuse ‘believing what they were taught at school’, or by their parents, or by the brainwashing-MSM and ‘experts’, with ‘believing in themselves’.

But really, these two things are usually literally poles apart, especially for a believing Jew.

The ‘you’ we’re talking about here, the real you, is the small, still voice of your soul, that part of us that is a piece of Hashem Himself.

The ‘real you’ doesn’t talk in soundbytes picked up from the brain-washing propaganda machine.

It doesn’t repeat, like a parrot, that ‘the Queen did her duty until the end’, or that ‘Zelenskyy is a heroic freedom fighter’, or, that Covid shots are ‘safe and effective’, and ‘masks reduce your chances of infection and transmission’.


Usually, the language the ‘real you’ talks in isn’t even verbal.

It’ll be that funny feeling you get, that something is not quite right here.

Or that uncomfortable sense that there is something ‘below the surface’, that could change the whole picture.

It’s the part of you that wants to ask questions – even difficult, uncomfortable questions that might provoke a reaction, from some of the people who have become brainwashed zombies.

Or that wants to do ‘inexplicable’ things, like calling up that relative you’ve been feuding with for years, to tell them you’re sorry and that you love them.

The ‘real you’ will give you clues, all the time, that you are crossing dangerous lines, believing dangerous lies, losing that connection with Hashem, with truth – with yourself!

If you’ll let it.


Of course, letting that part of you have the floor, even just for a moment, and accepting what that real part of you has to say, is the whole trick here.

And without regular hitbodedut, it’s very difficult, honestly.

But not impossible.

Especially now, when God is knocking down more and more of the lies, and collapsing more and more of the ‘certainties’ and false assumptions our world is currently built upon.


Thousands of young athletes dropped dead from heart attacks over the last year.

How do you explain that?

How do you explain that more people got serious ‘Covid’, or even died from ‘Covid’ (apparently….) the more times they shot themselves up with ‘safe and effective’ Covid shots?

How do you explain that Donald Trump did precisely NOTHING to change anything the four years he was president, and actually ushered in ‘Operation Warp Speed’, where the US was just as locked down, masked-up and force-vaxxed as communist China?

(And Trump is STILL enthusiastically pushing these killer nanotech shots…. There is literally no bigger red flag to wave in front of your face.)

How do you explain all these journalists and TV presenters, and even the Queen’s funeral escort, fainting and dying all over the place, on screen?

How do you explain that Turkish bus driver, and the young guy who died in the supermarket?




Economies and people and narratives seem to be collapsing all over the place.

And there is a very narrow bridge to be trod, between going into ‘losing touch with reality’ mode, where synagogues will sprout wings and magically fly to Israel, where Moshiach will give everyone a detached palace and servants to live in, and buying in to all the fear porn that our corrupt, bought-and-paid for MSM continues to churn out.

Believe in yourself!

Believe that your prayers, your teshuva, can literally turn everything around for the best, in the blink of an eye!

Believe that God is running the world, and that God is behind every single thing that is happening right now!


Ein Od Milvado.

God is our King – but also our loving Father.

Remember what we prayed on Rosh Hashana.

Even if we’re just His servants, God is going to treat us kindly and fairly and compassionately.

But we’re NOT just His servants.

We’re also His children.

And He’s doing all this just so we stop running away from Him, and from our real selves, to finally take a deep breath and start talking to Him, and to start reconnecting again, spiritually and emotionally.

That’s it.

That’s all.

But it’s everything.


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I just got an urgent message from Uman.



We’ve just recieved an urgent message from Ukraine, that they urgently need to raise $100,000 before Rosh Hashana.

There is a much larger story to tell, which BH we will give more details of post Rosh Hashana when everyone has safely returned home.

But in the meantime, we are putting out an urgent call to all readers, all followers of the Rav, to please help the kibbutz for Rosh Hashana 5783.

You can donate HERE on the site, and the money will be sent directly to the people who are trying to fundraise the enormous amount required to [I’ll tell you what’s really going on post Rosh Hashana, but trust me, it’s really important…].


But each person who helps [with what I can’t tell you about] at this time is really just helping themselves and their families – as well as Am Yisrael.

In the past, we have seen time and time again how these large payments required from the Rav’s community are actually a type of ‘pidyon klali’ for Am Yisrael, or a redemption payment to sweeten the judgements looming over the whole nation.


5783 has the potential to be an extremely turbulent, troubled year, G-d forbid.

The headlines are still full of ongoing pandemics, food shortages, energy shortages, crazy inflation, massive earthquakes, civil unrest, potential wars….

There are a lot of things that need to be ‘sweetened’ for each of us, and for Am Yisrael, and for the world generally.


So, please help the kibbutz in Uman.

And in the process, you will also be helping yourself and your family, by paying the traditional ‘pidyon’ before Rosh Hashana, to sweeten any harsh judgments.

And also helping Am Yisrael to move into the next stage of the geula process, as easily and painlessly as possible, in a world gone mad.

Go HERE to the Rosh Hashana Donate page, and please give as much as you can.


A few months ago in May 2022, Rav Berland, shlita, gave over a class HERE, where he said the following:






Go HERE to donate, and every penny is going straight to the fundraising effort in Uman for Rosh Hashana.

Ashreich, whoever overcomes their yetzer hara to be a part of [this very important thing] for Rosh Hashana 5783.

May we hear good news!


Following on from the last post, let’s start to put more of the pieces together about what’s really going on in Ukraine.

Is there a war there?


Or rather, there is a localised confrontation between Russia and NATO-backed Ukraine around the area of Donbass and the Crimea.


Regardless of the propaganda you are reading in the media, and regardless of heavily publicised comments by people like Moshe Asman, ‘Chief Rabbi of Ukraine’ and just another propaganda puppet being used to try and stop people coming to Uman for Rosh Hashana.

HERE‘s a screenshot from the YWN propaganda site (but you can find a similar story on all the so-called ‘Jewish’ propaganda sites):


First, let’s answer that question, of WHO WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY?!?!?!?

God will take the responsibility, as He does for everything else.

Personally, with thousands of Ukrainian ne0-Nazis either dead, or otherwise busy fighting Russia, I felt much safer in Ukraine itself this time around. The people who really scare me there are the ‘government officials’, police and soldiers, and Uman was a walk in the park last week, compared to what was going on two years ago during Corona.


Of course, we don’t use that as carte blanche to go and play with the traffic on Highway 1, or to roll our sleeves up for more killer GO nanotech injections, but you do your basic hishtadlut, you pray your bottom off, you bind yourself to the true tzaddikim – and then you do what your soul is whispering that you have to do.


And for all those who think ‘this sounds crazy!!!!’ – let me just say we heard the same arguments when we were trying to move to Israel, two decades ago.

What?!?!? You’re going to go to that dangerous country where they are blowing people up on buses?!?!? Where you can’t make ends meet?!?!? Where everything is totally corrupt?!?!?!

And baal teshuvas heard the same arguments when they decided to do ‘ridiculous’ and ‘crazy’ things like keeping Shabbat.

What!?!?!?!? You think you can find or keep a job when you’re leaving early every Friday afternoon and you’re out of contact for more than 26 hours every single week?!?!??

Either a person really believes in God, and God’s ability to support them through whatever nisyonot they are going to experience by trying to keep His commandments, or they don’t.

That’s what it boils down to.


BTW, we wrote about Moshe Azman’s links to Ukrainian oligarchs before here on the blog.

Take a look at THIS and THIS.

So, each person can follow their ‘rabbi’, of course, but I’d prefer to stick with the advice of Rav Berland, who is telling people to go, and that going to Uman for Rosh Hashana 5783 will change the whole global picture and ‘sweeten’ what is currently happening all over the place, so we can get to geula in once piece.

But if you prefer to listen to the pal of people-trafficking oligarchs and gun dealers, then go right ahead.


OK, back to why so much fuss is being made about the ‘war’ in Ukraine.

I got sent this clip of Tucker Carlson by a reader that sums it up. Tucker Carlson is for sure ‘controlled opposition’ – otherwise he wouldn’t be on the MSM.

But, for ‘controlled opposition’ to work, they have to tell the truth at least some of the time, to retain credibility, and so that’s where this following clip fits into the picture:


B’kitzur, the war in Ukraine is a fig-leaf for the genocidal maniacs who are really controlling our governments from the shadows to accomplish three main things:

  1. Stop the flow of gas from Russia to Europe, effectively plunging the continent into instant economic difficulties and government-enforced ‘energy blackouts’.
  2. Siphon more cash out of the Western economies to fund ‘the war in Ukraine’ – but really it’s all just flowing into the pockets of those self-same genocidal maniacs.
  3. Create a global ‘food shortage’ by using the war in Ukraine as a pretext for why food can no longer by shipped around the world.

And then hey presto, the economies collapse all over the place, leading to martial law, and enforced ‘covid shots’ for all.



And then, blame all this on China.

Please understand, ‘China’ is just a puppet, a distraction, a fig leaf for the real locus of power centred in the US military and secret service.

It’s the official ‘bogey man’ in this story, and has been right from the start, but China is just as controlled from the shadows as anywhere else.

Don’t get confused.


I just got sent something that says many of the kabbalists in Israel are predicting bank collapse and supermarket shutdowns imminently, across the world.

You have to understand something:

This is the scenario that will play out, if things aren’t radically sweetened beforehand with our prayers, teshuva – and mesirut nefesh to do things like go to pray gatherings in Hevron, and / or to go to Uman for Rosh Hashana.

That’s how this stuff works.


I can’t tell you how many times I have seen ‘scary predictions’ sweetened, totally, by the prayer gatherings, tikkun haklalis, fasts and other things that Rav Berland has been telling his community, and the people who still believe in real tzaddikim, to do.

It’s happened more times than I can count.

This ‘war’ in Ukraine fizzled.

It was meant to be the match that lit the whole world up, and brought all the economies instantly crashing down, leading to martial law.

That didn’t happen.


But they are still trying.


And that’s also why we are back to the old story of Israel deliberately trying to start a war with Iran again, too.

It’s all being orchestrated from behind, to light the touch paper that will bring the whole world crashing down into chaos.

And if it isn’t sweetened…. that may still happen.


I don’t go in for scare stories these days.

I am totally against pointless ‘predictions’ of suffering and bloodshed, that just get everyone all riled up and stressed and feeling hopeless and demoralised.

That’s not at all the point of this post.

The point of this post is to say:

We are currently facing some very difficult times ahead, economically and otherwise.



If we follow what the Tzaddik HaDor is telling us to do – to start reciting 7 Tikkun Haklalis a day; to attend prayer gatherings in Hevron, and other places, to book tickets for Uman even though it’s scary and daunting, to carry on working on overcoming our own bad middot, but particularly our fallen fears and our lack of emuna in Hashem and His true tzaddikim….


In that respect, all this is still in our own hands.

And prayer, teshuva and tzedaka overcome all the harsh decrees.


So, feel free to listen to whatever ‘rabbis’ you want to.

But let’s be clear, that if someone is sitting in the prophet’s chair, but is telling you that we all just kind of ‘coast’ into geula, without having to change ourselves, without having to do anything different, without having to make some real effort to fix our bad middot – those people are talking out of their derrieres.

They are giving you a false sense of security.


At the same time.

If all you are getting is fearmongering doom-and-gloom predictions – that’s also not reality.

Because everything can be changed for the better, if we bind ourselves to the true tzaddikim that do still exist even in our generation, and who are trying to lead us out of ‘Mitrayim’, whether or not we understand that is what is going on.

There’s a very narrow bridge to be trod here.

But the key is don’t make yourself afraid.

Do what you have to do as sensibly as you can, but then leave it to God to bring whatever outcome He deems is for the best, after you’ve stormed the Heavens with your prayers and mesirut nefesh and teshuva and tzedaka.

We can’t just wrap ourselves in cotton wool, go to sleep, or ‘polish buttons’.

There IS a war raging in Ukraine, after all.

But it’s mostly spiritual.

And Rabbenu needs as many soldiers as he can get, this Rosh Hashana.


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Join in online if you can’t make it in person:


The Rav has called for another prayer gathering, or atzeret, this Thursday evening, at 10pm in Hevron.

For more details or how to get there, or how to find a subsidised bus, call:

02 532 6502


02 800 8000

(And if you want to help meet some of the costs of putting on the buses, also call those numbers, and tell them you want to contribute.)


Alternatively, go to the ravberland.com site and try to join the live broadcast.

And remember, these prayers aren’t ‘for the Rav’, or for Shuvu Banim.

They are for us, you and me, and Am Yisrael.

And may we all hear good news, very soon.


See THIS for more info.

Things have kind of got ‘stuck’ again.

It’s happened so, so many times in the past, that you see a crescendo of truth building, a movement of awakening growing larger and larger, the penny dropping in millions and even billions of people’s minds….

And then it gets all stuck and ‘covered over’ again.

That seems to be what’s going on right now.

And throwing more ‘truth’ or information at the problem is not going to solve the problem, because the stuck-ness is spiritual.


So, let’s try this instead:


The Rav has called for another prayer gathering, or atzeret, this Thursday evening, in Hevron.

In the past, these atzerot have usually coincided with some big ‘uptick’ in the political or military situation in Israel, with the Jewish people – like a spate of new terrorist attacks, more rockets, more secret ‘discussions’ between corrupt politicians trying to sell us all down the river, that sort of thing.

More times than I can count, I have seen these prayer gatherings sweeten things in an openly miraculous way, including Israeli elections, and stopping the so-called ‘knife intifada’ from a few years’ back dead in its tracks.

I have no idea what this particular atzeret is aimed at, but for sure, it will produce a very big spiritual effect – not least for the people who participate.


So, if you’re in Israel – please consider going along, even for a little while.

And if you’re not – please consider joining in with saying some tikkun haklalis online, where I’m sure there will be a live feed from the event on ravberland.com.

Getting geula to come the sweet way requires spiritual effort, and a lot of prayers.

The alternative is to just kind of ‘suffer it out’, massively, which may appeal to you, I don’t know, but it certainly doesn’t appeal to me.

Things have gotten ‘stuck’ again, in a whole bunch of ways.

And these atzerot can get things moving again the sweet way.

Instead of the dramatically horrible way that could otherwise happen to ‘get things moving’ again….

(You read all the scare story headlines going around, you see how they’re still trying to pull the same propaganda tricks about wars, monkeypox and economic meltdowns, topped off with the climate change cherry.)

But prayers really do work.

Especially when they are connected to the Tzaddik HaDor, and a few thousand other sincere and genuinely God-fearing Jews.


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Here’s a story of two prisoners being held in the Israeli Prison System.

One of them is Muhammed Atallah, a senior Fatah terrorist serving 15 years in Gilboa prison, for his part in murdering Jews in Israel.

Atallah has been getting a lot of ‘perks’ from the Israeli Prison Serivce.

Including the opportunity to have young female soldiers from the IDF sent to his cell in Gilboa, so he could rape them repeatedly against their will.

This was first exposed by Channel 20 four years ago, back in 2018, snippet from HERE:

The 2018 Channel 20 report revealed that the terrorist who demanded the female soldiers was Muhammad Atallah, a senior Fatah terrorist residing in Gilboa Prison having been sentenced to life plus 15 years.

The Israeli Prison Service buried the story, and accused the journalist and source of lying.

As if.

But now, the story is back in the headlines, as one of the former IDF soldiers is crowdfunding to take her case to court and hopefully blow the whole thing open.


This is another snippet, from HERE, which underlines just how disgustingly corrupt the whole ‘justice’ system in Israel really is:

…[F]ormer Gilboa Prison intelligence officer Rani Basha, whom female prison guards accused of allowing Fatah prisoner Muhammad Atallah to have access to them in exchange for intelligence information.

Noting that the Prison Service finally dismissed Basha last month, Silkoff pointed out that this happened three years after the investigation into the affair, which broke a year earlier in 2018.

Not only was Basha not dismissed after the 2019 investigation found that his actions left him “no longer suitable to serve in the IPS,” he was even promoted late last year.


Now, let’s meet prisoner number 2.

His name is Amiram ben Uliel, and he has been held in solitary confinement FOR SIX YEARS, after the Shabak used torture to extract a fake confession out of him that he was responsible for the Duma arson.

Like this:


You can read more about what happened HERE, where I wrote a whole big post bringing together the facts of that particular miscarriage of justice.

I just got an update about Amiram ben Uliel’s case from the Honenu legal aid organisation, who are trying to help him.

Here’s a little of what it said:


Amiram Ben Uliel is being held under extremely harsh prison conditions in Eshel Prison in southern Israel.

He is in a high-security wing, in isolation, without any contact with other prisoners.

He is allowed to leave his cell for only two hours a day, alone, to an empty, closed-in prison yard. Contrary to other prisoners, he is prohibited from phoning either his family or his attorneys.

His family is allowed to visit him once every two weeks for approximately half an hour, separated by a glass partition.

Additionally, he is not allowed to go to the prison synagogue to pray with a minyan and he is allowed to keep only five holy books in his cell.


First, let’s be clear that EVEN IF BEN ULIEL WAS GUILTY OF WHAT THEY ACCUSE HIM OF – this is totally outrageous.


He was framed for Duma, which if it was done by Jews at all, was probably done by our very own security establishment and Shabak, in order to create a phenomenon known as ‘price tag attacks’, which we will take a closer look at another time, as it segues directly into what’s going on in places like the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

And if Ben Uliel’s conditions weren’t harsh enough, now the Prison Service are also banning him from giving his seven year old daughter a hug, once  every two weeks.



Once again, the Prison Service has added a stringency to the prison conditions of Amiram Ben Uliel.

This time, the Prison Service denied Ben Uliel’s request to hug his daughter during the last ten minutes of their visit. The standard regulation for security prisoners is to allow them family visits separated by a glass partition, and small children are permitted to pass the glass partition during the last ten minutes of the visit to hug their parent.

With regard to Ben Uliel, for a long time the Prison Service has been making it very difficult for his daughter to pass the partition at the end of the visit, but usually allows him to hug his daughter.

For the first time, the Prison Service has denied the request submitted by Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar for Ben Uliel’s daughter to hug her father at their next visit, which is expected to take place on Friday.


So, let’s get this totally straight.

Mohammed Atallah – Fatah terrorist serving 15 years for murdering Jews, gets multiple IDF soldiers sent to his cell in Gilboa prison by the Israel Prison Service, for him to violently assault while no-one bats an eyelid.

Amiram Ben Uliel – falsely accused of committing the Duma arson because he cracked under Shabak torture to ‘confess’, kept in solitary isolation FOR SIX YEARS!!!!, not allowed to even call his family, and now, not allowed to hug his daughter for 10 minute once every two weeks.

Tell me again, about the glorious State of Israel, with it’s ‘moral army’ and it’s poor, persecuted global-victim status, because the State only ever does the right thing.

And then please pass me a sick bag.


Now, who was in charge in the State of Israel, when all this was happening for Mohammed Atallah and against Amiram Ben Uliel?

That’s right: our beloved ‘right-wing, ‘religious’ bloc’, headed up by Netanyahu and including Gur chassid Yaakov Litzman, and Yamina politician Ayelet Shaked.

In fact, Ayelet Shaked was ‘Justice Minister’ at this time, and agreed to the Shabak’s torture of Ben Uliel, and presumably the Prison Service’s treatment of Mohammed Atallah.

That kind of puts her ‘provocative’ ad campaign from a couple of years ago into a whole different perspective, doesn’t it?

Tell me again, that voting for anyone at the next election is going to change things in this country for the better.

And then please pass me the sick bag, again.


Litzman was happily running all over the place to get suspected pedophile Malka Leifer out of her tight spot.

But when it came to justice for Amiram Ben Uliel…. where was he?

Ayelet Shaked made a big noise about taking on the ‘corruption’ of the Supreme Court in Israel.

But where was she, when Jewish girls were being pimped out to Palestinian terrorists, or when the Shabak was torturing people like Amiram Ben Uliel – and a bunch of other people, many  of whom were young teens – to get false confessions out of them to serve a political agenda called ‘price tag attacks’?

And of course Netanyahu.

That guy who planned and oversaw the murder at Meron, the forced lockdowns, masking and intimidation of millions of people in Israel to ‘get the Covid shots’, bought for with billions of Israeli taxpayer money from his friend Albert Bourla, and all the other stuff written above.



What do we DO about this, what do we do?

All these people care about is appearances.

So, as well as keeping Amiram ben Uliel in your prayers, and maybe donating something to Honenu’s lawyers, here’s what I suggest:

Write to the politicians directly, and start to put some pressure on them.

Hold THEM accountable.

Write to Shaked, write to the Likud, to Smotrich, write Facebook posts sharing this story, send the information on to others, and really start to make some noise about the awful corruption going on here.


Once we make it clear that we are noticing what is going on, and we care, it will start to change.

Because it will have to.

The politicians are ‘in control’ in so many ways, but only as long as the masses believe the lie that they’re working for us.

As soon as that lie falls, the politicians – and the real power behind the throne behind them, in the shadows – effectively only have the card of ‘martial law’ left on the table to control us.

And that card also depends on enough people in the army and the police really believing in the system, and willingly supporting it.


So, add Amiram ben Uliel to your prayers.

And then take a deep breath, and figure out another five people you are going to pass this information along to.

Figure out what YOU are going to do, tachlis, to try to help this poor guy, who has been kept in solitary confinement for crimes he didn’t commit, FOR SIX YEARS.

What can any of us do to change anything, all by ourselves?

But if we unite, and we put God in the picture – then anything is possible, and the ‘bad’ can be challenged, totally peacefully, and overcome.

And that’s what they are the most scared of.


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I just got back from a brief, but very good holiday up North.

As usual, I had a lot of ‘spiritual lessons’ mixed in with the relaxing stuff, too, and here’s a couple I wanted to share with you, dear reader.

Let’s start with the incident outside the Cafe Cafe, driving up highway 90 to Tiveria.


We were trying to track down a bag of ice for the cool bag before heading into the Cafe Cafe to eat something, when me and my husband spotted an old guy standing in the middle of the thoroughfare, peeing against the wall.

Israeli men like to do that.

And as people who were raised in the UK, it always just seems so wrong and disgusting.

BUT – you can kind of understand when you’re in the middle of a desert, or in the middle of a forest, or on a stretch of road that has no toilets for 50 miles, that sometimes you just have to go when you have to go.

But in the middle of a shopping centre?!?!?

When there were literally four toilets less than a minute’s walk away?!?!?!?


My husband got quite upset about it.

He got so upset, he gave the guy a real piece of his mind, for about two minutes, and when he was done, the guy (who wasn’t ‘religious’) called him over so he could kiss my husband’s tzitzit.

That was kind of surprising.

We pick up the ice, shoved it in the cool bag in the car, then turned around to walk over to the Cafe Cafe and then horror!

We see the old guy also just walked into the Cafe Cafe ahead of us.


Well, this is going to be potentially awkward, I said to my husband.

And if that guy is the chef – then I’m not eating here….

BH, he wasn’t the chef.

He was sitting at a table drinking milkshakes with two people that looked like his teenaged grandchildren.

So now there was an even bigger mystery going on here:

Cafe Cafe has great toilets. If that guy was coming in here anyway – literally a 30 second walk from where he’d been peeing against the wall in the middle of the pavement, then WHY WAS HE PEEING AGAINST THAT WALL?!?!?!?


We slunk into a table far away from the old guy, while I kept an eye on him.

Suddenly, it came to me:

You need to tell your husband to apologise to the old guy. He kind of overdid his ranting a little too much….

It is the greatness of my husband that when I told him this, even though he was embarrassed and really didn’t want to revisit the scene, he agreed to go over and apologise.

He caught the old guy when his two grandchildren had gone on ahead after they’d got the bill and left, and he was alone, so it wouldn’t embarrass him.


Here’s what I see happens next:

My husband says something to the old guy. The old guy again kisses my husband’s tzitzit. Then they have a hug. Then, the old guy starts whispering something in my husband’s ear. Then they disappear to the  men’s toilet for like, five minutes.

What on earth is going on?!?!?

Just when I start to worry maybe the old guy kidnapped my husband, or something, he reappears with his best ‘rabbit in the headlights’ face, as the old guy waves goodbye and ambles out the front door to join his grandchildren.

Man, did I just get a pasting! my husband tells me.

What happened?


Long story short:

The old guy told my husband:

Because you took the time to say sorry, I’m going to tell you what was really going on. I have a urological problem, he continues. If I don’t go to the bathroom as soon as the urge appears, then it can burst and I can die from it.

If hearing that wasn’t bad enough – and believe my husband, it was plenty bad enough – the old guy decided to take my husband to the men’s toilet, so he could graphically SHOW HIM the problem, so my husband wouldn’t think he was making it up.

I built a shul in Jerusalem for 7 million shekels, he tells my husband. I let couples use it for free for their weddings, when they tell me they have no money. I’ve been stopped by the police on the freeway out in LA where I also had to stop by the side of the road, while the cars piled up behind me. They also said sorry once they knew the real story. 

So next time, he concluded, try and judge le chaf zchut (to the side of merit).


What an unforgettable lesson on Azamra.

(Particularly for my husband).


Next day, I’m floating in the water at the women’s beach on the Kinneret, and I’m thinking to myself:

Wow, just going with the flow is so nice… Why do I keep trying to force things, I should just let God decide what I’m doing, and where I’m going in life….

After 10 minutes of that, I was so bored that I involuntarily started doing some treading water stuff, even though the water I was treading was barely a meter deep.

People are made to move.

They are made to progress, to create some ripples, to make some waves.

It’s true, that sometimes we need to take a break, and that only sharks move constantly.

But just ‘floating along’ in Gan Eden is nice for 10 minutes.

And then it gets really boring.


Lesson three: The Jordan River Rafting with 400 yeshiva boys.

Duh, I totally forgot it was bein hazmanim.

And I also forgot that this one site in particular is a favorite with the yeshivas and the sems, as they give deep discounts for big groups, and also let 12 kids crowd onto a dinghy built for eight without noticing….

So, there is me and my husband in our raft.

A couple more ladies with their respective families.

And then literally, 300 yeshiva bochurs of various ages.

All trying to paddle down the Jordan without capsizing.


Here’s what I noticed:

These yeshiva bochurs for the most part had really good middot.

They wished us ‘good afternoon’ as we overtook them, as our two person raft moved way faster than the class-on-a-raft they were paddling.

They were also careful to avoid soaking us in their splashing wars.

And one pair of bochurs even checked we were ok when we moored our raft to the side to jump in the water a little.

Torah-observant Jews are actually pretty nice!!!

I realised.

My heart leapt for joy.


Of course, there was a snake in Eden.

On the banks of the Jordan, a few people had their tents pitched, and were watching the rafters.

One of the viewers was a young woman who decided to sit in her deck-chair with no clothes on, as a whole yeshiva literally paddled down the river in front of her.

From what I could see, most of them were oblivious to the apparition on the hill, but there were still a couple who saw her.

How am I meant to judge someone like this favorably?! I asked my husband.

Tell yourself she has a mental disorder, he suggested.

Hey, that guy is starting to make some sense…. 

And clearly she did, because otherwise she’d have had at least some clothes on, in the first place.


There were many other lessons to share, but maybe another time.

But the theme of the trip was definitely ‘seeing the good’ in my fellow Jew.


In terms of how all that goes together with the research I’ve been doing here on the blog the last few months, it seems to me God is asking for a miraculous combination here.

A coming together of the two extremes of ‘researching and really seeing the problem’, and NOT whitewashing any bad actions or events, but at the same time, covering this stuff with a more forgiving eye.

It’s the fire-and-ice of the hail in Mitzrayim. 

Totally impossible to put together.

Unless God wills it.

But that seems to be the approach He wants me to take, with all this.


Behind the scenes, so much is going on.

So many weird car crashes happening, all over the world.

I just want to share a few headlines, which shows you how easier it was to ‘hack cars’ via the entertainment system and take over their function via remote control – SEVEN YEARS AGO.

This is from HERE:


Miller and Valasek’s full arsenal includes functions that at lower speeds fully kill the engine, abruptly engage the brakes, or disable them altogether.

The most disturbing maneuver came when they cut the Jeep’s brakes, leaving me frantically pumping the pedal as the 2-ton SUV slid uncontrollably into a ditch.

The researchers say they’re working on perfecting their steering control—for now they can only hijack the wheel when the Jeep is in reverse. Their hack enables surveillance too: They can track a targeted Jeep’s GPS coordinates, measure its speed, and even drop pins on a map to trace its route.


Remember, that was seven years ago….

HERE‘s another headline from 2015:

Watch this:



Keep on eye on all these ‘weird’ accidents with buses, which brought this ‘car hacking’ stuff to mind…

Sigh again.

The war isn’t over yet.

But the tide of the battle is turning.

That’s still what I think and feel.

With God’s help.


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Stew Peters put this documentary up a few days ago.

It’s about state-sponsored child-trafficking going on in the USA, as we speak.


I was debating whether to post the link, because Stew Peters and his group are very, very ‘xtian’.

They make a big deal about Yoshki caring about children, ‘these little ones’, but again if you go back and take a deeper look, here is a more famous saying of Yoshki (from the Gospel of Matthew):



All this starts to sound a little different now, doesn’t it?

 But I guess that is also part of this birur, to understand that there are many good people, Jews and non-Jews, caught up in a false philosophy, in a web of lies, who really do want the truth, and who really do want the world to be a better place.

Just they have been lied to and deceived for centuries.

I have no idea if Stew Peters, and the other xtians on his channel like Dr Jane Ruby are going to be able to ‘cross the Rubicon’, when we finally get down to the wire.

But in the meantime, I respect their courage and bravery, in trying to figure out what’s really going on, particularly with the Covid shots.


All this stuff is disturbing and also quite scary, I freely admit.

That’s how they’ve been getting away with it all for so long, because it’s much easier to go into denial and pretend none of this is really happening.

I read somewhere that evil’s biggest trick was managing to fool the public that it doesn’t really exist.

But it does.

And we can’t fight this evil by ourselves, at least, outside of working on our own bad middot and lack of emuna.

What we CAN do, is put our prayers, our efforts, our spiritual support behind the true tzaddikim, who will then use all that as ‘ammunition’ to really take the evil down at it’s spiritual root – without firing a single shot.

That’s why so much effort has gone into pulling the Jews away from the true tzaddikim, and giving them one false leader, one ‘false moshiach’ to follow, one after another.


BH, you should have an easy fast, this Tisha B’Av, if that’s relevant.

And don’t worry too much, that there is no way of fixing this.

WE can’t fix it.

That’s the point.

But we can make sincere teshuva, we can make more effort to pray every day, and do some hitbodedut and say our Tikkun Haklalis, and after Sunday, to go back to dancing and clapping all this stuff away.

And we can trust that Hashem and His true tzaddikim actually have all this covered 100%.

And they are just waiting for enough of us to really wake up, and return to Hashem, instead of following after the Golden Calf.

May it be soon!


PS: I decided I need to take a break from blogging for a bit.

Probably a few days, maybe longer, just to ‘clear all this gunk’ out the system, and try to reconnect to more  good, healthy Jewish soul stuff now, like Rav Berland and Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

All this xtianity / satan-worship / Sabbatean-Frankist-Freemasons stuff is heavy…

And every time I try to steer away from it on the blog – like when I wrote the Turkey Trans post – somehow or other, I get pulled back into it even harder.

There’s a lot of stuff to go back and look at here, about xtianity, Jewish-Christians, Shabtai Tzvi and other connected issues.

Once I’ve recharged my batteries a little, I’ll be back.

And who knows, maybe something HUGE really is going to shift this Tisha B’av, that will change the whole picture around for the good.

Bezrat Hashem.


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So, y’all know that I very rarely post up my dreams here, because other people’s dreams are boring.

Also, let’s be honest that I don’t have a lot of dreams that I remember.

But occasionally, I have a dream that strikes me as really meaningful, AND that I actually remember.

And that’s what happened this morning.


In the dream, I was at some sort of press conference, with a bunch of ‘frum’ Jews who were being interviewed about something ‘bad’ that had just happened to them.

I was standing next to one of the minor characters in the whole story, and I just kept looking at him, trying to place him.

I told him: You look really familiar to me…

And that didn’t make him happy. He started squirming around all over the place.

Then, the ‘main character’ was talking to the journalists about the terrible thing he’d apparently just gone through, when I finally placed him.

Hey!!! You are the guys from the ‘murder in the Old City’!

I turned to the guy next to me and told him: Hey, you are the guy who is supposed to be dead!!!

He cracked up laughing, and admitted that yes, that was him.

And then I asked him why the government was being so retarded, that they were just re-using their crisis actors instead of getting new ones.


I woke up in such a good mood.


Because I just feel in my bones, that this world of lies is about to crumple into dust.

And especially, the ‘frum world of lies’, that has been keeping so many of us trapped in a fake version of Judaism that’s put the emphasis on external appearance, whilst totally neglecting the real work to be done, of developing emuna and working on overcoming our bad middot.


If you look around right now, ‘the narrative’ is imploding all over the place.

Even people like Fauci and Deborah Birx themselves are being called out on national TV for saying that the Covid shots don’t work and cause serious side effects.

Watch this:


And THIS piece highlighting the adverse side effects of the Covid shots comes from the NIH’s own website.


That last line reads:

According to European Medicines Agency recommendations, frequent COVID-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune response and may not be feasible.

(Hey, do you think they’ve also been taken in by all the ‘conspiracy theories’ about the Covid shots? Now, that would be a ridiculous ‘conspiracy theory’, wouldn’t it….)


All the ‘interfaith’ cack is finally starting to crumble, at least on the Jewish side of the fence, where more and more of us are understanding that any frum Jew who is pushing ‘interfaith’ anything is really NOT a frum Jew.

There is growing push-back now against the LGBTQ++++ whatever missionaries, who have been flooding our social media and ‘news’ sites with unchallenged propaganda.

And even in the small ways, the smaller stories, I’m seeing that most of the people who take the time to comment – about monkey pox being a bunch of BS; about the police doing nothing except cover up for pedos and criminals; about politicians all being corrupt, no matter who you vote for, about the ‘woke’ agenda being one of the most malevolent and evil bits of social programming ever foisted on society – are just not buying the ‘story’ anymore.

The world of lies is crumbling before our eyes.


Of course, this is the part that can be the most dangerous.

As the floor falls away, lots of people are going to suffer tremendously, unless they are holding on firmly to God, His Torah, and His true tzaddikim.

So many of the people who ‘think’ they have emuna…. who ‘think’ that they are following ‘true tzaddikim’…. who ‘think’ that the Daily Mail, or BBC, or CNN, or Channel 13, or Hamodia, really doesn’t lie about anything and is totally ‘independent journalism’ are about to get the shock of their life.

All those people who believed the government propaganda about the Covid shots….

All the people who still think that the State of Israel is only and ever the good guy, and that our Jewish community is only being lead by ‘tzaddikim’, mamash (with hundreds of millions in the bank and tight connections with corrupt oligarchs and puppet politicians…)

They are going to get the shock of their lives, when this whole world of lies finally comes tumbling down.

And it’s happening, before our eyes.


I have a feeling Moishy Kleinerman is a big part of this next stage.

I have a feeling he is still alive – based on what multiple kabbalists have said.

And that whatever he ran away from, is going to be the final nail in the coffin of the world of lies, especially the ‘frum’ part of it, if and when it’s fully exposed.

I guess we’ll see.


But in the meantime….

Even though it’s the three weeks….

There is a good vibe starting to spread out of Jerusalem.

A vibe of hope and truth and justice.

If it hasn’t yet reached your part of the universe, hold on, because it’s coming.

It’s pulverising the world of lies into dust.

And nothing can stop it.


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