I  have been musing on writing this post for well over a year.

And each time…. I ducked it.

Let someone else open that big can of worms…

But the last few days, I have come to the conclusion I can’t really ‘duck’ these issues anymore, however disturbing we might all find the information.

First, let’s be clear that I am not making any definitive statements in this post. With all the ‘disinformation’, cover-ups and deliberate lies that have gone on to obscure Shabtai Tzvi’s true identity and real connections, the most I can tell you is that this is a working hypothesis, that seems to have an awful lot of circumstantial information that supports it.

If you don’t buy the hypothesis, that’s ok and totally your prerogative.

God gave each of us a brain, and He is thrilled when we think for ourselves.


That said, my soul is becoming very wearied with certain commentators here who just mock me, personally, and seem incapable of discussing information without trying to always prove that everything I’ve written is BS.

As noted above, this is a working hypothesis, not a statement of fact.

There are a number of giant ‘holes’ in the stories of both the SHACH and Shabtai Tzvi, and until and unless more factual information comes to light, all anyone can do is ‘stretch’ the information they do have, over them.

So, feel free to have your own opinion, and even to express that here on the blog – but do it respectfully, and perhaps with at least a modicum of humility that you also don’t know everything.

Ergo – there’s at least a possibility that this hypothesis is more ‘correct’ than the current history we’re all being fed, that contains some ginormous, demonstrable, lies.

And with that, let’s begin.


First, here is my hypothesis, laid out bare bones:

False messiah Shabtai Tzvi and halachic codifier Shabtai HaKohen Katz are actually one and the same person.

How did I come to this conclusion?

Read on.



The false messiah ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ was not born and raised in Smyrna (now Izmir) in Turkey.

The earliest reports of him being in Smyrna are from 1650 onwards – and even then, he was only there for a short period of time before he was ‘banished’ for his strange behavior in shul.

Also, in Gershom Scholem’s book ‘Sabbatai Sevi: The Mystical Messiah, 1626-1676‘, he brings evidence that Shabtai Tzvi could not speak either Turkish, or Arabic, and had to have his brother translate for him, when he was dealing with the Turkish rulers.

This makes no sense, if he really was born and bred in Smyrna (present day Izmir, in Turkey).

Excerpt from pages 106-107 of Scholem’s book:

The name Sevi [Tsvi] is unknown among Sephardim, either as a personal or family name, and is likely that both the name and the family are of Ashkenazi origin. Emanuel Frances [a contemporary anti-Sabbatean] tells us that Sabbatai ‘belonged to an Ashkenazi family that came to live there’….

In the account of envoys from Poland who visited Sabbatai in  1666 [this was the TAZ’s son and son-in-law], we are told that he [Shabtai Tzvi] rebuked of them in German (or Yiddish)…..

[W]e know that before 1666 [Shabtai Tzvi] had no command of Turkish…

Long story short, there is no evidence that places ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ in Smyrna, before 1650, when according to the dates accorded to him, he would already be 24 years old.


In terms of his family, his father ‘Mordechai Sevi’ apparently dies – conveniently! – in 1663, at the same time as Shabtai’s uncle, Isaac Sevi.

This information about his immediate family only showed up, again conveniently, in 1935, and also conveniently, by that time the tombstones of his relatives were claimed to have all been destroyed in World War I.

He has two brothers, Elias and Joseph, who are meant to be traders in Smyrna with connections as commercial agents for the British and Dutch, and maybe, he had a sister too.

No-one knows anything about his mother, or her family.


While ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ was apparently married at least three times before he converted to Islam in 1666, nothing is known of his previous two wives, who he apparently divorced shortly after marrying them.

Then he married a third wife, ‘Sarah’, in 1664, who also has a very strange story, based on the fact that she was orphaned in the Chmielnicki massacres of 1648 onwards, in and around Poland and Lithuania. The following is taken from p 194-5 of Scholem’s book:

“The four accounts which we possess all agree that Sarah grew up as a Christian. In spite of the many fantastic details, the accounts show certain similarities and points of contact….

[1] In Ragstatt’s version, the orphaned girl was adopted by a Polish nobleman.

When she had reached womanhood, her father’s spirit appeared to her, told her that she was Jewish, and commanded her to return to her ancestral religion. Her [Polish] stepfather died, and the family wanted her to marry, but she was miraculously transported through the air to Persia, where her father had fled the Chmielnicki massacres…then to ‘Asia’.”

[The angel that’s transporting her around then tells her she is going to marry ‘the messiah’. Ragstatt was a Jew who converted to xtianity after the debacle of Shabtai Tzvi.]


[2] Leyb b. Ozer had heard from ‘reliable reporters and rabbis, and also from my late father,’ who had seen and known the girl and heard her own story, that from the age of six she lived in a Polish nunnery.

When she was 16, her dead father (who had been a rabbi in a Polish community)…commanded her to wander from one city to another until she found the messiah, who would marry her. She was finally sent to Amsterdam, whither her brother Samuel had fled from Poland.


[3] Baruch of Arezzo [a Sabbatean believer] recounts….she had been forcibly baptised and was thereafter brought up by a Polish noblewoman who wanted to marry her to her son.

On the day before the wedding, her father, who had died two years earlier, appeared to her and gave her a ‘garment of skin’ inscribed ‘She will be the messiah’s wife’.

[She ended up in Leghorn for a few years, and then went to Egypt, where she married Shabtai Tzvi in 1664.]


[4] [In] De La Croix’s account [a French xtian writer]…Sarah was forcibly abducted from the house of her stepfather (who was a famous rabbi) and brought to a Polish nobleman who wanted to convert her….


Scholem also states:

All sources record rumours about her licentious life.


(You’ll see in a minute why I’m bringing these sources in so much detail.)


Shabtai Tzvi himself seems obviously ‘psychotic’.

By turns, he’s ‘illuminated’ and not needing sleep or food, and singing psalms 24/7 while also engaging in his bizarre behaviour that goes against the Torah; alternating with ‘depressed’ periods where he secludes himself and regrets his bizarre actions while ‘illuminated’; and then ‘normal’ periods where he behaves mamash like a pious ascetic, fasting, learning Torah and regularly scourging himself and practising kabbalistic mortifications of the body.

The first concrete reports of this mad behavior are dated to 1650 – and even then, are only given over many, many years later, by a Sabbatian believer and ‘first friend’ of Shabtai Tzvi named Moses Pinheiro.

So for the first 24 years of his life… there are no records of him doing or saying anything crazy.


Shabtai Tzvi is obsessed with another false messiah, aka Jesus.

And also seems to have deep knowledge of ‘xtian’ doctrines pertaining to faith and redemption.

Again, quite a strange thing for a ‘mad Jewish man’ from Turkish Smyrna…


He’s obsessed with avenging the Chmielnicki massacres that happened in and around Poland, from 1648 on.

To the point of even making statements that the only xtian blood that is going to flow ‘once the messiah is openly revealed’ is in Poland and Germany.

He also apparently knows how to speak Polish, German and Yiddish.

But NOT Turkish and Arabic…


There are many, many more ‘holes’ in the official story told about Shabtai Tzvi, but let’s stop there, for now.

And turn our attention, instead, to the official ‘story’ told about Shabtai Hakohen Katz, author of many works including the Siftey Cohen, from whence he gets his nickname, the SHACH.


You can find the SHACH’s Wikipedia page in English HERE.

Here’s the standard story, told about Shabtai HaKohen Katz:

Shabbatai HaKohen was born either in Amstibovo or in Vilna, Lithuania in 1621 and died at Holleschau, Moravia on the 1st of Adar, 1662.

He first studied with his father and in 1633 he entered the yeshivah of Rabbi Joshua Höschel ben Joseph at Tykotzin, moving later to Cracow and Lublin, where he studied under Naphtali Cohen.

Returning to Vilna, he married the daughter of the wealthy Shimon Wolf, a great-grandson of Moses Isserles, and shortly after was appointed to the Beit Din as one of the assistants of Moses ben Isaac Judah Lima, author of Chelkat Mechokek.

In 1655, during fighting between Polish forces and the invading Swedish army in the Northern War, Shabbatai HaKohen fled Vilna with the entire Jewish community.

After a short stay at Lublin he went to Prague and later to Strážnice in Moravia, from where he was called to the rabbinate of Holešov, where he remained until his death in 1662.

While in Holešov, he gained the friendship of Magister Valentino Wiedreich of Leipzig [a christian]. The Shakh′s grave in the Jewish cemetery of Holešov still exists and is visited by people from all over the world.


I went looking for who this ‘Valentino Wiedreich’ was, and I got to an archived copy of the Jewish Encyclopaedia, HERE, that said this:

During the period he was rabbi in Holesov he became friendly with a Christian scholar. In the library of the academy in Leipzig there is a holograph of a Hebrew letter dated Feb. 3, 1660, which Shabbetai wrote “to him whom I love as myself, the philosopher magister Valentino Wiedreich.”

Shabbetai informs him that he has sent him the book of Elijah Bahur and asks him to keep in touch with him (Bikkurei ha-Ittiniy 10 (1829), 43-44)


Doesn’t it strike you as strange, that someone like the SHACH is described as being bosom buddies with a xtian philosopher?


Here’s some more basic details, then we’ll start to dig down, into some of the reasons why I believe Shabtai Tzvi and the SHACH are actually the same person.

  • His magnum opus, Siftey HaCohen, is published in Cracow in 1646.
  • He witnesses the Chmielnicki massacres beginning 1648 first-hand, and even writes an historical account about them in a work called the ‘Flying Scroll’.
  • He is an exact contemporary of ‘Shabtai Tzvi’, but apparently dies sometime between 1662-1664 – the year before ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ takes centre stage as the false messiah.
  • He has a reputation for overturning other people’s legal decisions and ‘walking his own path’, this from Wikipedia:

Shabbatai HaKohen was regarded by his contemporaries as more than usually learned.

He frequently contested the decisions of his predecessors, and followed an entirely new path in the interpretation of the Talmudic law. He made light, too, of the decisions of his contemporaries, and thus drew on himself the enmity of some among them, including David ben Shmuel HaLevi, author of Ture Zahav, and Aaron Shmuel Kaidanover, author of Birkhat HaZevach….


So now, let me explain how I even got started on this hypothesis, that Shabtai Tzvi and the SHACH are alter egos.

When I was trying to figure out who Jacob Frank really was, I spent literally days and weeks and months poring over family trees on Geni, and elsewhere, trying to piece together the family relationships of leading Sabbatean-Frankist families, including the Rothschilds, Montefiores, Shors, and Eybshutzs, amongst many others.

Very quickly in that process, I could see that there was a massive cover-up around Jacob Frank’s genealogy, and that while ‘official history’ was trying to make him out as a nobody from Salonika, he was actually a close relative of ‘Jewish royalty’, yichus-wise.

While I’ve made a lot of progress starting to sort his family tree out, I am still going through that process of birur today. But one thing I learnt to spot was the inexplicable inconsistencies in some of the family trees on Geni that always suggest ‘massive cover up happening here’.

And one of those family trees belonged to the SHACH, Shabtai Kohen.


At this stage, over a year ago, I simply couldn’t understand why anyone would be going to such lengths to confuse everything around the SHACH’s family tree – in all directions – so thoroughly, when he lived a full 80 years before Jacob Frank really began his career as the Frankist false messiah.

One day, I was looking at this portrait (below) of the SHACH, when I suddenly heard that inner voice whispering at me:

You are looking at the real Shabtai Tzvi.

This is not something that can be logically explained at all, but it’s happened on many, many occasions that I get these flashes of intuition, that seem totally ‘out there’, and then when I start researching them to see if they are actually credible, they nearly always pan out.


So, when I first heard that little voice whispering at me – I shut my computer, took all my research and ‘family trees’ upstairs, and dumped them in a box for the next three months.

Because at that point, I didn’t even want to start down that path of checking whether ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ and the SHACH could be the same person.

For obvious reasons.

Over the next few months, I had so many arguments, both internally, and also with my husband about what to do about all this; I had so much new information coming out, about Jacob Frank, about the Sabbateans, and about the contours of a wider problem, that suggested the Jewish community had been corrupted from within, for millenia.


Much of it I put up here on the site, but everytime ‘Shabtai Tzvi = SHACH’ stuff started to coalesce again, I’d stop the research.

Because I didn’t want to challenge anyone’s faith in our true Tzaddikim unnecessarily, or stir things up any more than I had to.


Long story short, I came to the conclusion this week that I’m not going to have any ‘inner peace’ until I finally get this hypothesis ‘out there’.

I could write reams more about the struggle I’ve had with all this, behind the scenes, but you hopefully get the idea, and in the meantime, let’s move on with the information.


The more I was looking at the SHACH’s convoluted family tree, HERE, the more I realised how so many of the leading Sabbatians in Poland and Hungary, who then gave rise to the leading Frankists etc, were directly related to the SHACH.

That includes the Meir Panim, Meir Eisenstadt, (teacher of Jonathan Eybshutz) and his ‘Sabbatean-prophet’ brother Mordechai Mokiach, amongst many others.

That didn’t really make a lot of sense, if ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ was a native of Smyrna, and lived and died with his hard-core followers in Turkey.

BUT, it made way more sense, if the SHACH = Shabtai Tzvi.


Next, I kept tripping over descendants and relatives of the SHACH with the strange surname ‘Mi Geza Tzvi’ – which translates as ‘from the root of Tzvi’.

This was often shortened to ‘Mi Geza’, so initially I was translating it as ‘from Gaza’ – which was a weird enough surname in itself, for a guy who apparently lived his whole life in and around what is now Poland – until one day, I tripped across the full version of Mi Geza Tzvi.

From the root of Tzvi.

Why would the SHACH’s descendants be called ‘from the root of Tzvi’?

And then, why would the path between these descendants and the SHACH himself be so convoluted?


Here’s one example, “Admor Zeev Wolf Koch, Of Tcherni Austraha, Of Geza Tzvi.

Here’s a screenshot, of how he’s just kind of ‘hanging’ there, with no parents, and with some very interesting descendants that include the former ABD of Safed, R’ Avraham Heller – whose descendants are still playing a very big role in the State of Israel, even in our days.

(BTW, that ‘R’ Mordechai Wolf Zeev of Karlin’ is the nephew of R’ Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev’s wife, who is also bang in the middle of all the ‘interesting’ family trees I’ve been researching…. It’s a very small world.)





Here’s another example, ‘Aharon Moshe Mi-Geza Tzvi of Brod’, founder of the first chassidic community in Jerusalem (apparently…), screenshot from Kestenbaum, HERE.

This bio comes from HERE:

“Rabbi Aharon Moshe MiGeza Tzvi [1775-1858] was amongst the great Chassidic personalities, and a disciple of the Chozeh of Lublin and the Saraf of Strelisk.

He studied Torah and kabbalah in Brod and then in 1839 immigrated to Israel. He is considered to be the founder of the Chassidic community in Jerusalem and headed the Kollel Chassidim in Jerusalem. He mourned for the destruction of Jerusalem throughout his life and passed away in 1845. His famous will was published in Chernowitz in 1858.”


If you go back to the GENI (distorted…) family tree HERE, you’ll find many ‘Mi-Geza Tzvis’ descending directly from the SHACH.

I’ve screenshotted some of them, below – and let me point out at this stage that’s it’s a common trick that the disinformers pull, to kind of ‘switch yichus’ between the husband and the wife, to throw people off the scent of what is really going on, so don’t be fooled by the fact that the ‘Mi Geza Tzvi’ tag is being stuck on the SHACH’s son-in-law, instead of his daughter.

There may be another theory that explains this satisfactorily – and if there is, I’m happy to hear it – but at this stage, it started to seem more and more likely that ‘Shabtai Tzvi = SHACH’.


The next clues came from the Hebrew Wikipedia page for the SHACH, HERE.

Here’s a Google translated snippet:

During the war between the Polish-Lithuanian Union and Russia, he was exiled from Vilnius [Vilna] when it was occupied by the Russians in 1655 and wandered from place to place, until he arrived in the Austrian City of Halichoi (in present-day Czech Republic), where he was accepted as a rabbi, but died a short time later.

Legend has it that he lost his daughter Hilda in the forest when he fled his home in 1655, the year the Russians occupied Vilnius, and a local king or minister found her, and raised her as a princess, she maintained her Jewish ancestry, and found her father who identified her as his daughter.


I learnt a number of important things from the Hebrew Wikipedia page:

  1. The SHACH apparently wandered around a great deal, incommunicado, before apparently getting to Hollichau and apparently dying there either in 1662 or 1663.

2. There is a lot of confusion about the year he is meant to have died, which is strange because his grave in Hollechau – with a brand new tombstone – should be able to clear that fact up instantly (see screenshot to the left – and I’ll put a close up of this at the bottom of the post, if someone out there can help me decipher it).

3. There is a very weird ‘legend’ about the SHACH losing a daughter named Hilda, who is raised by a xtian as a princess, before being ‘reunited’ with the SHACH.


Last things first: does that strange ‘legend’ about the SHACH’s daughter remind you of another strange ‘legend’, brought above, this time about Shabtai Tzvi’s third wife, Sarah?

(In case you are wondering, I haven’t been able to track down any daughter of the SHACH named ‘Hilda’, in all my searching.)

For Hebrew readers out there, there is another long discussion of this SHACH legend on the Toladot blogspot HERE, where the SHACH’s long-lost daughter is replaced with his sister, Esther Ashkenazi.

(Or maybe, it’s the sister of the SHACH’s wife….)

But either way, this ‘holy virgin’ reclaimed from the non-Jew’s house ends up being the mother of grandmother of the secret Sabbatean the ‘Meir Panim’, Meir Eisenstadt, and his brother, the not-so-secret Sabbatean prophet, Mordechai Mokiach as brought above.

This ‘legend’ about the SHACH just smacks of the same Sabbatean-Frankist lies that now jump out at me from a mile off.

But why would anyone make up such a weird story about the SHACH being reunited with his long-lost sister like this?

(If you disagree with my premise that ‘Shabtai Tzvi = SHACH’, so there had to be a whole lot of shuffling genealogies around to protect all the rabbis directly related to him, whose descendants with Sabbatean tendencies have been running the show in the ‘orthodox’ Jewish community for a very long time. And still are.)


If you go to Esther Ashkenazi’s family tree HERE, you’ll see that all connection with the SHACH seems to be carefully scrubbed off her profile, despite all the evidence linking her directly to the SHACH, one way or another.

Why is that?

(Here’s a clue: see all the illustrious rabbis that she’s ‘officially’ connected to, both up and down the line, and then start to understand why such a magnificent cover-up of who Shabtai Tzvi really was had to happen, after it all went so spectacularly sour.)


The next clues came from Gershom Scholem’s book, Sabbetai Sevi: The Mystical Messiah, 1626-1756.

I still have 200 pages to go, and this ‘hypothesis’ is still a work in progress, but here’s a few of the things that I took from that book (so far, with lots more still to come.)

  1. A physical description of ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ as being physically tall and imposing, having a ‘swarthy appearance‘ and black, rounded bead, – together with the only contemporary, accurate sketch of him (on the left.):

2. Shabtai Tzvi is described as only starting his ‘manic-depressive’ stage in 1650 – i.e. two years into the Chmielnicki massacres in and around Poland and modern-day Lithuania.

This date is very meaningful, as we’ll see below.

3. He is expelled from Smryna by the Jewish community sometime between 1651-1654.

And then spends the next few years wandering around in obscurity, before popping back up in Jerusalem and Egypt, and couple of years before he began his career as a ‘false messiah’ in earnest.

4. Something very profound happens to ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ in 1648 – the date the Chmielnicki massacres begin, in and around Poland.

This excerpt comes from p 136 of Scholem’s book:

“When he [Sabbatai Sevi] passed through Aleppo, he told us… how in the year 1648 the Spirit of God descended upon him one night while he was walking at about two hours distance from the city in solitary meditation, until he heard the voice of God speaking to him, ‘Thou art the savior of Israel, the messiah, the son of David, the anointed of the God of Jacov, and thou art destined to redeem Israel, to gather it from the four corners of the earth to Jerusalem….’

From that moment on, he was clothed with the Holy Spirit and with a great illumination; he pronounced the [ineffable] name of God and performed all sorts of strange actions as seemed fit to him by reason of the mystical tiqqun intended by them. Those who saw him did not understand his actions, and in their eyes he was like a fool.”


Before I bring the last bit of stunning info, for this post at least, I just want to bring you the strange statement that Scholem makes about the gravestone of the SHACH, in his book on Shabtai Tzvi.

Excerpt from page 559:

[N]one of the numerous known inscriptions on tombstones from the years 1666 in the cemeteries of Frankfurt, Vienna, Hamburg and Prague make any reference to the advent of redemption, though earlier tombstones speak eloquently of messianic expectations.

Here, Scholem brings just one example – the tombstone of the SHACH, where he says this:

In 1664, the rabbi of Holleschau in Moravia, the renowned Talmudic scholar R. Sabbatai Kohen… died, and his epitaph gives the date of his demise as ‘the year MESSIAH SON OF DAVID’ (numerical value in Hebrew, 424′.)

Apart from the strange CO-INC-ID-ENCE, also notice that each time there is talk of the SHACH’s death, no-one can keep the year straight.


And so, to the last bit of information that turned up just yesterday, and that I find totally stunning, to be honest.

It comes from the Otzar Forum, in Hebrew, HERE, where I found a discussion of the following story, involving the SHACH, messianic expectations for 1648, and the same sort of ‘deal’ that I first heard about in connection with R’ Eliezer Berland, R’ Dov Kook, and the murdered Baba Elazar, back in 2016.

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go and read THIS first, entitled: The Deal: How three of our biggest Tzaddikim took it upon themselves to save Am Yisrael from the harshest Divine judgments.)


Here it is in Hebrew, than meet me below for a free translation into English:




And I heard in the name of our teacher, the Gaon and Rabbi Isser Zalmen Meltzer, ztzl, that there is a continuation to the subject under discussion.

And that this is that after his conversations with the Sitra Achra, that was undertaken by the great kabbalist Rabbi Shimshon, ztzl, he asked a ‘dream question’ [i.e. a question to be answered via a dream from Heaven] that would reveal to him from shemayim what he should do, in order to rescue his people from the awful gezirut of 1648-9.

And so, he recieved an answer to his ‘dream question’, and was responded to thus:

“That if two of the Gedolei HaDor would agree to sacrifice themselves, and to return their souls to HaKadosh Baruch Hu before their time [in the aspect of ‘the death of tzaddikim atones’ – Tractate Yoma 42a; and see ‘Gur Aryeh’, Vayikra 17a, ‘After the death of the two sons of Aharon’….] it would cancel the gezirah.”


R’ Shimshon said to himself then, that he was prepared [to sacrifice himself – i.e. that he knew himself to be one of the Gedolei HaDor], and he approached the SHACH, [the second Gadol HaDor, of that time period], and asked him to be prepared to sacrifice his soul, and to pass away from the world before his time, in order to sweeten the gezirah.

And the SHACH responded to Rabbi Shimshon that he needed to think about the matter, and promised him an answer within two days.

When two days had passed, the SHACH said to R’ Shimshon, ztzl, that he was prepared to partner with him in this matter – but on condition that he would be given another three months of time.

And when R’ Shimshon asked the SHACH about the meaning of this – because each day, there was an increased quadruple curse [upon the nation?], of killings and murders and persecutions and waves [of violence] – (i.e. the decrees of 1648-9 were the most violent that the sons of his people ever suffered) – and why should we wait such a long time, in such a situation, when each day there were murdering hundreds more of our brethren, God should have mercy?!

The SHACH answered R’ Shimshon, and these were his words:

“I need another three months in order to finish writing my commentary, the Siftey Cohen – [the SHACH’s commentary on the Shulchan Aruch.]”


When three months had passed, the SHACH completed his commentary on the Shulchan Aruch, and R’Shimshon and the SHACH passed away from the world, and the decrees of 1648-9 were cancelled.

And the gaon and rabbi Isser Zalman Meltzer, ztl, asked how can we understand the behavior of the SHACH, that he gave evil another three months to murder and persecute…. and everything just in order for him to add to his writings a few more chiddushims and clarifications? This is a ‘SHACH’ that is very hard to understand!

The author of the ‘Even HaEzel’ (i.e. Isser Zalman Meltzer) continued with awesome words…..[that the SHACH reckoned that] the chances of Am Yisrael to come through the decrees of 1648-9 [were small], but without the [merit of the] commentary of the SHACH on the Shulchan Aruch, the decrees of 1648-9 would have been many times worse, than they were with the commentary of the SHACH.


There is a lot of discussion about this story, including a PDF of the source document for the story, on the Otzar forum HERE.

The ‘R’Shimshon’ in the story is Rabbi Shimshon of Ostropoli, who did die a martyr’s death in 1648.

For the purposes of this post, here’s a couple of things to point out:

  • The story can’t have happened as described, as the SHACH completed his commentary in 1646, and according to conventional history, he only passed away sometime between 1662-1664.
  • Isser Zalman Meltzer (1870-1953) was a big ‘religious zionist’; and his original surname was ‘Eisenstadt’, which suggests he could belong the SHACH’s wider family, descended from the SHACH’s sister via the known sabbateans Meir Eisenstadt and Mordechai ‘Mokiach’ Eisenstadt.
  • I.e. – this is a ‘family history’, intended to justify the SHACH’s lack of mesirut nefesh for Am Israel.


Back on the Otzar forum, we discover there are different versions of this story, including this one:

(Hebrew screenshot, followed by a free translation into English):

And by the way, it is accepted that before the riots of 1648-9, three tzaddikim  received a message from Heaven that if they would agree to pass away al Kiddush Hashem, then they would atone for the children of Israel.

And each of the tzaddikim would atone for a third of the nation of Israel.

And these were the three elders:

  • Rabbi Shimshon of Ostropoli,
  • Rabbi Natan of Nemirov, and
  • The SHACH – [Shabtai HaKohen]

Rabbi Shimshon and Rabbi Nathan accepted this upon themselves, and they were killed al kiddush Hashem.

And the Shach argued that he still needed to compose his essays, and indeed a third of all Israel were murdered al Kiddush Hashem [in the Chmielnicki massacres of 1648-9].

Hashem should avenge their blood.


For the purposes of this post, and my hypothesis that the SHACH = Shabtai Tzvi, this story provides a strong explanation, for why someone like the SHACH could have lost his mind to the point of ‘devolving’ into false messiah Shabtai Tzvi.

Imagine: you are told by one of the leading tzaddikim of the generation, that if you agree to die al kiddush Hashem, you will avert the looming harsh decrees, and personally save a third of the Jewish nation from horrible death and destruction.

And you refuse, because you’re an ambitious young man who first wants to get his Torah novellae ‘out there’ and known.

And then, you witness the horrible destruction that did indeed occur – the SHACH was a first-hand witness, and even wrote a historical account of the massacres that was published in 1651, in Amsterdam.

And then…. your conscience gives you no rest.

And all that suppressed anger at God for letting it happen, and suppressed guilt from not doing what you could have done to stop it yourself, literally overwhelms your psyche…

And even though you still have lucid, ‘holy’, pious and ascetic stretches of time, increasingly, you escape into ‘messianic madness’, where on some subconscious level you try to ‘force the coming of Moshiach’ – by proclaiming yourself a ‘Moshiach’ –  to rectify the situation, bring geula – and finally give your guilty conscience some rest.

Honestly, doesn’t this sound at least possible?


How did a ‘madman from Smyrna’ win over so very many big rabbis to his cause?

But if he was a rabbi with the stature and learning of the SHACH – who then went ‘mad’ after the destruction witnessed in and around Poland from 1648 onwards – doesn’t that explain a lot?

Doesn’t it make to easier to understand, how this ‘talmudic genius’ could create arguments for antinomian behavior and ‘tikkunim’ that could sway even the biggest kabbalists and most holy individuals?

And doesn’t it start to explain so many of the other ‘mysteries’ we have been dealing with here, including warped family trees, Sabbatean-Frankists specifically clustered, dafka, around our ‘biggest rabbis’ – and the overall horrible mess all parts of our Jewish world is currently in?


This is my hypothesis.

I am still working through a lot more information, including the other rabbis who were known Sabbateans within the Jewish community – and whose descendants have been wreaking havoc for the last 350 years.

These people are still in the positions of power, and that’s a big part of why all this ‘real Jewish history’ is still being actively suppressed and covered-up.

By the lies are falling, one by one.

Because you can’t keep the truth hidden forever.


Can anyone out there help me to translate this tombstone, meant to be for the SHACH, in Holleschau cemetery?

In particular, I’m looking for the date of death given on this tombstone, but all information would be appreciated.

Ta in advance.








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You remember that I tripped across an expat Chilean journalist in the Ukraine who was actually telling the truth about what was happening there?


He’s alive.

He was picked up by the SBU, but apparently the huge amount of interest in his case helped him to be released unharmed.

Thanks to readers for sharing the update – look at the comments to see a short video he made.

Strange to say how relieved I feel that he’s still alive.

Also, another warning to me to not jump to conclusions so fast, given the huge amount of disinformation swirling around.

BH, we should only hear more good news, closer to home.


Not that fluffy, ‘Disney’ version, where Zelenskyy is a worthy successor to Moshe Rabbenu, and where all of the millions of neo-Nazis in Ukraine are just brave ‘freedom fighters’.

No, the real truth about the violence, murder and torture that has been going on for years in the Ukraine, with Zelensky just the latest ‘puppet leader’ of the country – deliberately installed as a kind-of Jewish dictator, to forestall any suggestion that Ukraine is actually being run by Nazis, mamash.

Here’s the post that Lira pinned to the top of his Twitter Feed, last month:


He last updated his social media on April 15th – almost a week ago.

He’s based in Kharkov, where the main fighting has now moved, so I didn’t know if just the internet was out – or something worse.

Now, it seems that Zelensky’s SBU secret police found his hiding place, kidnapped him, tortured him – and killed him.

The below from HERE.


As a journalist myself, this kind of thing hits very hard.

War is not a joke. Mamash.


Here’s Scott Ritter’s take on this:


It’s the last day of Pesach today, our festival of freedom.

I can’t tell you how much I’m hoping for the real ‘freedom from evil’ to manifest in the world more strongly, very soon.

But that process starts with us.

With each one of us.

Who finally makes a decision in our dalet amot to stop living in the world of lies, to stop ‘going along’ with things that we know to be bad and evil, deep down, and to be brave, and to start standing up for what we know – deep down – to be true and good.

There is strength in numbers.

And even a very small person can achieve some very great things, when they connect themselves to God.


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Is it credible that the Megaleh Amukot was really a secret xtian?

(You can read Part 1 HERE)

In the last post, I brought some lengthy snippets of some correspondence penned around the 1770s, by one Simon Ashkenazi, a secret ‘Jew for Jesus’ within the Moravian Jewish community, who spoke of a secret society of similar ‘Jews for Jesus’ operating out of Amsterdam.

In that text, this ‘Simon’ states that the modern ‘Jews for Jesus’ movement basically started with Jonathan Eybshutz’s great-grandfather, Natan Nata Spira, aka the Megaleh Amukot.

That’s a very explosive claim to make.

But does it stand up, in the real world?

Let’s find out.


At the end of that document, which you can read for yourselves HERE, orthodox Jewish historian Sid Leiman adds in a number of notes, on the factual accuracy of the information.

Here’s a quick run down of what he says:

  • In 1988, historian Yehuda Liebes noted that the Megaleh Amukot died long before 1680, and so couldn’t have been the founder of this Jewish-xtian sect in Amsterdam.
  • Liebes identified this sect as ‘Sabbatian’ instead – and Leiman apparently concurs with this opinion.


Essentially, he argued that when the sect became disillusioned with Sabbatianism, especially with the death of its hero—R. Jonathan Eibeschuetz—in 1764, it adopted Christianity.

  • Another historian, Pawel Maciejko claims, “(without citing evidence) that the “Herrnhut documents are a contemporary eighteenth-century forgery.”
  • These documents were found in 1890, around 120 years after they’d been written, in 1890, in the central archive of the Moravian Brethren in Hernhut. 
  • The ‘Jew for Jesus’ Simon identified a number of people in his text. Many of these people actually existed in the ‘real world’, in the time and place he located them. These include:
    • The ‘Rabbi Porios‘ who was meant to be at the deathbed of Jonathan Eybshutz, in the text, is identified by Leiman as follows:

“Almost certainly, Rabbi Porios is to be identified with a disciple of R. Jonathan Eibeschuetz, R. Moses Isaiah b. R. Judah Porios, who served as dayyan (rabbinic judge) of Nikolsburg and was a vigorous defender of his teacher during the Emden-Eibeschuetz controversy.”


  • The missionaries mentioned by ‘Simon’, Burgmann and Latrobe were protestant ministers who were trying to convert Jews to xtianity”

Burgmann had served as a missionary to the Jews in Amsterdam prior to his assuming the post of pastor at St. Mary’s German Lutheran Church in London in 1768. Thus, it was no accident that Simon of Amsterdam came to Burgmann for aid…. Similarly, Latrobe was head of the Moravian Church in London from 1755 until his death in 1786.

(Ed. note: that makes Burgmann and Latrobe contemporaries of Dr Samuel Chaim Falk, the demon-conjuring Baal Shem of London, who was also Jacob Frank’s father-in-law.)


  • ‘Simon’ mentions one “R. Chayim Ashkenaas” who apparently managed to convert a lot of Jews over to xtianity / Sabbateanism, and then later serves as the rabbi of Kreutz in Hungary. This ‘Chayim’ is also Simon’s grandfather. Leiman identifies him as follows:

R. Hayyim b. R. Jacob Ashkenazi of Prossnitz served as chief rabbi of Deutschkreutz from 1710 until 1748.

(Ed. note: This Chaim Ashkenazi could also be the ‘Haim Malach‘ who was known as a very successful ‘prophet’ for the Sabbatean movement.)


I’m going to quote another lengthy snippet from Leiman again here, because I want you to really understand the import of what we’re being told here:

In the history of the society, we are informed that Simon left Hungary and came to Schwerin in Mecklenburg.

In Schwerin, he met with the chief rabbi on the eve of Yom Kippur and confessed to him that he had secret Christian leanings.

The chief rabbi was sympathetic and advised Simon to visit R. Jonathan Eibeschuetz.

Before taking leave of the chief rabbi of Schwerin, Simon learned that his name was Prossnitz and that he was a relative of Simon’s grandfather, R. Chayim Ashkenaas of Prossnitz.

Here, too, it is possible to check the record books.

The chief rabbi of Schwerin in the 1760s was R. Meir b. R. Jacob Prossnitz,a disciple of R. Jonathan Eibeschuetz. According to R. Jacob Emden, R. Meir Prossnitz was a notorious Sabbatian who belonged to the circle of Wolf Eibeschuetz [Jonathan Eybshutz’s son, and a known ‘Sabbatian prophet].

Indeed, Emden placed R. Meir Prossnitz under the ban in 1766.


  • Leiman believes this document was written in 1773.
  • Leiman doesn’t believe there was an “international Jewish-Christian sect” operating in the 18th century, and so feels it is unlikely that it was being headed up by Jonathan Eybshutz.

I have to say, on that last point I’m really coming to the conclusion that he’s wrong.

But maybe it wasn’t so much an ‘international Jewish-Christian sect’, but more a secret society that combined demonic practices and black kabbalah with an outwardly ‘pious’, Jewish-xtian exterior.

Exactly as we’ve set out at length in THIS article, about Shmuel Chaim Falk’s involvement in Rosicrucianism’s ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’ and the Asiatic Brotherhood.


Here’s some of the pertinent info from that post:

  • Falk’s main backers were the Sabbatean ‘Boas’ family in Amsterdam – the same city where this ‘secret sect’ is meant to be operating from.
  • Falk has close family in both Altona and Hamburg – the stamping grounds of Jonathan Eybshutz.
  • Falk spent the last 5 years of his life on developing a ‘Judeo-Christian Freemasonry’, where Jews wouldn’t be pressured to convert to Christianity – probably identical to the ‘Egyptian Rites Freemasonry’.
  • Falk has connections with Zinzendorf, aristocratic head of the ‘Moravian Brotherhood’ – the same organisation where these writings of ‘Simon’ are found, in 1890. Zinzendorf also creates an antinomian, immoral, totally deviant ‘inner circle’ for his movement called “the German Pilgrim Section or Der Pilger,” which acts very similarly to the Sabbatean-Frankists.
  • While in Hamburg, Eybshutz is connected to: “Elias Artista (Johannes Muller), the Rosicrucian patron of Swedenborg in Hamburg.“

Falk created a “new mystical religion, which would…transcend all sectarian divisions.”


  • Falk and Eybshutz had a ‘mutual adoration’ club going, that was also attended by relatives of Meir Eisenstadt, the Meir Panim. Meir Eisenstadt is explicitly named by ‘Simon’ in his writings as a secret xtian, and known in the Jewish world to have been a not-so-secret Sabbatean.


This snippet is from the letter of one of Falk’s adherents that I quoted HERE, that sets out a few more people ‘connected’ to the Sabbatean-satanist Dr Falk, aka ‘Rebbe’ Chaim Shmuel Falk, the Baal Shem of London:

Afterwards, [Falk] commanded this Moshe and another member of this holy Chevra, Rabbi Yaakov, grandson of R. Meir Eisenstadt (author of Panim Meiros), and they each lit a large candle. Then he commanded that the group enter barefooted into his room, and behold, we saw the holy man sitting on a throne, dressed like an angel…

The godly Kabbalist Rabbi Moshe David, known as Rabbi Moshe Ba’al Shem, wrote a letter to our master Rabbi Jonathan Eybeschutz, the famous Chief Rabbi of Hamburg, and told him all these great things and wonders regarding this holy man (=Falk). So R. Yonasan applied to him the words from the Tikkunim, that Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai said, זכאה דרא דהאי רזי עיתגלי ביה, “This generation is fortunate to have such mysteries revealed.”

The letter continues:

“I am grateful that I have been received into this Brotherhood, who by their piety can hasten the advent of the Messiah…my son, be very circumspect, and show this only to wise and discreet men. For here in London, this matter has not been disclosed to anyone who does not belong to our Brotherhood.”


In one of his footnotes, Leiman also brings some more information about Count Zinzendorf and the Moravian Brotherhood.

There, it says this: [T]he founding father of the reconstituted Moravian Brethren, Nikolaus Ludwig Graf von Zinzendorf (1700-1760), wrote as follows: “We believe in general, that the Time of the Heathen is not yet come. For it is believed in our Church that the Conversion of the Jews, and of all Israel must needs [sic] go before, ere the proper Conversion of the Heathen can go forward.”


Long story short….. so many of the real names and the real facts in ‘Simon of Amsterdam’s’ account actually fit in ‘the real world’, that it’s not so simple to just discount that he was plain wrong about the Megaleh Amukot being a secret xtian just because he got the dates wrong.

It’s not impossible that he was ‘massaging’ the year 1680 – the date of Eybshutz’s birth – to fit his story better about Eybshutz being the prophesied ‘savior’ of the Jewish people. When you are dealing with false messiahs, this type of fake PR stuff is typical.

For sure, there is an admixture of truth and lies in ‘Simon’s’ account, the whole problem here is trying to figure out what is what.


When we add in what we know about Falk, and Jacob Frank, and the Order of the Golden Dawn, the tale starts to become more credible.

So the main question, for me, is this:

Did the xtian world ‘seed’ the Sabbatean movement, by pushing the ‘Jews for Jesus’ idea and handpicking the false messiah Shabtai Tzvi and promoting him all over the place, to get the Jews back to Eretz Yisrael to fulfill their own xtian prophecies about when ‘the end times’ would come?

And then ‘Sabbateanism’, right from the start, was actually just another ‘xtian-zionist’ project?

Or, did the Sabbatean movement grow out of a pre-existing, secret, heretical ‘Jewish-gnostic-xtian’ sect that had carried on within the Jewish community for 2,000 years, and was always looking for ways to subvert Torah-true Judaism from within?

I.e., it was just the continuation of the Sadducee-Karaite-fake-Kohen-Khazars-Erev-Rav?

Or, are the people trying to sabotage the Jewish community from within actually descendants of the Erev Rav – the magicians who left Israel, relatives of Bilaam, the grandson of Lavan himself, who have always been trying to kill and corrupt us?

And then ‘Yoshki’ himself was just one on a long line of ‘false messiahs’ who were actually just pawns for this bunch of evil, demon-conjuring magicians?

I don’t know.

But in the next post, we’re going to do a deep dive on the ancestry of ‘Natan Nota Spira’, the Megaleh Amukot, to see if we can shed some more light on this.


Here’s why this matters so much:


THIS comes from the Daily Expose – a reputable investigative journalism site that’s done some sterling work fact-checking the stats on Covid 19 deaths, amongst other things, in the UK.

If we Jews don’t do this birur properly and fast…. I dread to think how all this is going to be ‘spun’ as the Jews’ fault, when the truth of what is going on here finally starts to go mainstream.

So, the race is on to get the truth ‘out there’, before all those xtians – and everyone else – just start spinning their own pack of lies to try and dodge the uncomfortable truth about who Yoshki himself really was….

It doesn’t get bigger than this.



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Manny Waks was abused in Melbourne’s orthodox Jewish community two decades ago.

He’s been on my radar for a while, but a commentator just sent me two recent documentaries (2014) where he and his family are telling the real story of what happened to him.

It’s entitled ‘An Orthodox Jewish father breaks his silence’.


He’s very brave to explain what happened to him, and the terrible impact it had both on him, and his family.

And his parents are also very brave, for telling their story publically.

They have been ostracised by their community for telling the truth – and it’s also caused so many problems within the family itself.

This is so very hard, for everyone who is involved.

But the main point here, is that we all need to stop covering this up.

This is much harder than it sounds, for many reasons.

We will come back to this topic of how to stop covering this stuff up in more detail very soon – in an halachically appropriate way.


This is the second documentary:

It particularly focuses on how the Chabad rabbis in Melbourne tried to cover all this up, and how they blacklisted Zephaniah Waks and his family, and made sure they were ostracised from the community for speaking out.

This is a screenshot of a text that a senior Chabad rabbi sent to Zeddy Lawrence, editor of the Australian Jewish News, attacking Zephaniah Waks during the Royal Commission proceedings where Chabad rabbis in Melbourne were put on the stand to explain their actions:


How can anyone justify this?

Please watch, and come to your own conclusions.


And while we’re at it, don’t forget THIS:


And this is not just happening in Chabad, or in Gur, or in Melbourne.

It’s happening in so many of the ‘orthodox’ communities, that devolved from Jonathan Eybshutz’s Sabbetean disciples and descendants.

It’s time to get to grips with this issue once and for all, and to uproot this terrible poison.



A friend just emailed me this. It so sums things up.


Also, I just had to remove the ‘Chabad’ tag from this post, as it wasn’t loading the site even for me.

This is one of the myriad ways all this information continues to be censored, so the abusers can continue abusing, while we all sit here none the wiser to what is really going oin…

Ad matai, Tatty?


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“He was the moshiach of the generation”.

Daisy sent me this chesped, where Rav Berland is eulogising R’ Chaim Kanievsky.


It’s around six minutes long, with Hebrew subtitles.

For those who don’t speak Hebrew, Rav Berland explains how he and his family lived next to R’Chaim for 20 years, and were very close.

R’ Berland says that his children used to go to BatSheva Kanievsky (R’ Chaim’s wife) to eat after school between the ages of 6 and 15, because Rabbanit Berland had a job teaching in school that kept her there until 4pm.

He says R’ Chaim never took his head out of a Torah book, and that even just seeing him for a second could inspire a person to go and learn Torah for 120 years.

He also says that R’ Chaim’s passing is an atonement for our generation, and that in his zchut, no-one should be harmed in Eretz Yisrael, from the decree to ‘destroy and annihilate’ the Jews (using the language of the Purim megillah).

And that R’ Chaim specifically passed away after the reading of Megillat Esther (where we read about the Tzaddik HaDor, Mordechai, saving his generation from the decree of destruction), as an ‘atonement’ for the sins of this generation.


If I misrepresented anything in the free translation above, by accident, let me know in the comments and I’ll fix it.

But the true tzaddikim are sweetening everything…

In hidden and revealed ways.


I also want to publically apologise for suspecting R’ Chaim of not being a true tzaddik, with all the false statements that were being put out in his name, around forcing people to take Covid shots.

It’s hard to imagine the amount of spiritual bizayon his soul must have experienced, knowing that the people around him were hurting Am Yisrael – in his name!

Which is why, I guess, his passing is also going to be such a huge ‘atonement’ for what’s gone on with all this, and at least part of how all this starts to be sweetened.


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The MSM is apparently telling everyone that ‘Russia is stalled’.

***UPDATES: New Video of Ukranian neo-Nazis indoctrinating their children***

That seems to be fake news.

There’s a guy called Gonzalo Lira who is an American living in Ukraine’s second biggest city of Kharkov.

He’s been ‘live streaming’ footage and news from Kharkov during the war, the last few days.

Watch this, where he explains that Russia is actually winning the war, and that he believes that all the ‘fake news’ about Russia being ‘stalled’ etc is just propaganda to set up a ‘false flag’ involving a chemical attack in Ukraine.

He covers a lot of ground, very clearly.

Watch here:



I’m near the center of the city, and over the last seven days it has been clear that the Russians are getting closer and closer.

I see them getting closer and I hear the bombs getting closer. I know for a fact that surrounding towns have been captured, either from news reports, or from people who live in these towns and have told me personally.

Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine, and the third most important target, the first being Kyiv and the second being the main Ukraine army in the east (some 60,000 man strong).

I know that they are about to completely capture Mariupol and I know that the Zelenski regime is not able to re-supply the various armies, so I understand what is happening: the Russians are winning. GL


Remember, everything is being sweetened by our teshuva and prayers, and Rav Berland, and the passing of tzaddikim of R’Chaim Kanievsky.

I’m trying to get to the Rav four days a week, to join in with the prayers there, and I can feel how much is being sweetened, with all the niggunim being sung about Uman at the Rav; and all the clapping and dancing to sweeten the judgments.

Usually, the prayers at the Rav start quiet and subdued – reflecting the real ‘heaviness’ in the world – but by the end, there is so much singing and dancing and clapping.

There is such a good, hopeful ruach there.

Take heart, dear reader!

Everything is really being sweetened, behind the scenes, and nothing is going ‘to plan’ for the evil people – not with ‘Covid 19’, not with the mac-cinations, not with the war in Ukraine…

It’s all being ‘turned around’ for them, which is why it’s so very hard to know exactly what’s going on right now.


Anyway, this guy gives Zelensky’s government a week or two, max.

And then, he thinks the whole war will be over by the end of April, once Mariupol falls – unless there’s a ‘false flag’ to give NATO and the USA a green light to get into the war in Ukraine.

And that’s when things will start to get even more interesting.



A reader just sent me a link that lead to this:


Highly, highly, highly recommended.

Here is one of the videos it brings, showing the extent of Ukrainian neo-Nazi indoctrination of their children:


Again, we have to ask:

How many of the 25,000 non-Jewish Ukrainians brought into Israel by the Frankist-Freemason puppets we call ‘our government’ are affiliated with these Azov Battalion neo-Nazis?

What background checks were made?

When are these people going back to their motherland?


BH, more people are starting to wake up all this – it’s heartening to see so many dyed-in-the-wool ‘patriots’ in the USA calling out the BS, and refusing to respond to corrupt media calls to ‘nuke Russia’.

One more must-watch video from David Sorensen’s site above:


Like most real journalists in the world right now, Sorensen is being heavily censored. If you feel like donating to his cause, he is certainly putting together some first-rate honest journalism at the moment.


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The gap between ‘my reality’ and ‘fake news reality’ seems to be growing each day.

More and more, I’m coming to the conclusion that the way the yetzer hara operates on the personal level is exactly the same way it operates on the global scale, too.

What do I mean?

It’s a Breslov teaching – Rebbe Nachman himself – that the yetzer hara isn’t so interested in ‘the sin’ that we do, but what happens after we fall, spiritually.

All of us are flawed human beings, all of us sin, and make mistakes, and get carried away by bad middot, and make ridiculous errors of judgement that can have massive consequences for ourselves, and those around us.

Even a Tzaddik falls seven times.

And me and you (whisper this…..) we’re nowhere near being a ‘tzaddik’.


So, it’s a reality that we have to deal with every single day, and probably more like every single minute, that we are going to stuff something up, spiritually, and ‘sin’.

As well as the more obvious aveirot like eating traif, breaking Shabbat, not keeping the laws of mikva and taharat mishpacha (family purity) – all big deals, that have a very big impact on a Jewish soul – there are a whole range of sins between adam l’havero – a man and his friend – that is really where so much of the work still needs to be done.

Most of us, even in the ‘orthodox world’, are still very challenged by the idea that we actually have a whole bunch of bad middot hiding out, underneath our ‘frum’ exterior.

Really, I think it’s only by doing hitbodedut regularly, and by following Rebbe Nachman’s teachings and advice, that a person can really start to ‘pop the hood’ on what is really hanging out, in their own subconscious and psyche.



Rebbe Nachman’s path of doing hitbodedut for an hour a day, and Rebbe Nachman’s advice and teachings are really the only thing I’ve come across that actually works to get under the hood, really start acknowledging the truth of what is going on, and then start cleaning out all the bad middot that we all have.

And when we aren’t following this path – even when we’re trying very hard, and we’re really very sincere – I see that most people kind of get stuck.

So, when the inevitable happens, and they do something wrong – that’s when a whole bunch of very unhelpful reactions kick in.


Rebbe Nachman teaches that the yetzer hara isn’t so interested in the sin itself.

What it’s really interested in is all the bad middot – the sadness and depression and yeoush and anger and fear and fakeness that’s going to be aroused in us, as a result of that sin.

Because once the yetzer can tip us over into ‘snake brain’ mode, where FIGHT-FLIGHT-FREEZE-FLATTER has totally taken over our cognitive functioning, that’s when the real damage to a person – and to the world around them – can begin in earnest.


Rebbe Nachman teaches:

Even if I did the worst sin in the world, I would still continue to serve Hashem!

That doesn’t mean going into denial about what’s really going on, or making excuses and rationalising away evil.

It means that we acknowledge reality, try to fix whatever we broke, ask God to help us do better in the future – and then, we let it go, and start seeing the good in ourselves again.

When people don’t follow this advice, they usually get stuck trying to pretend they never sin and are always perfect – and they get very angry with anyone who may suggest otherwise – OR, they fall into ‘beat-myself-up-I’m-worthless’ mode.

And a person operating in both of these modes can then easily transgress the whole Torah, because they already feel so bad about themselves, or are so disconnected from the bad they are already doing, what difference does a few million more massive aveirot make?


Right now, we are at something of a crossroads in this whole geula process.

More and more people are feeling ‘uncomfortable’ about what is going on around us.

That small voice of the soul is whispering to them that they are travelling down the wrong path; that they have been continually misled by people and institutions they were taught to trust and obey; that they made a mistake, in taking the Covid shots, in going along with the ‘normal view’ of things, in believing the lying MSM and our evil governments, full of fake puppets, and the military machine that is pulling the strings from the back.

That was the ‘original sin’, if we can call it that.

The yetzer hara is hoping that so many of us are going to either entrench in denial, or fall into despair, that it can continue to trash the world, willy-nilly, while we just sit back and let it.

That isn’t Rabbenu’s path.


Rabbenu’s path is to acknowledge the truth, but from a place of having great compassion for ourselves.

How could we not believe all the lies, when we have been raised to believe brainwashing propaganda from the youngest age?

And when the forces of evil also deceptively enlisted ‘big rabbis’ to tell us lies, knowingly or unknowingly, to overcome our innate sense that something was off, with the whole ‘Covid 19’ picture?

And when we were locked down, masked up, self-isolated and literally tortured with self-administered fear porn 24 hours a day?


That’s the starting point.

But now….

We are getting to the crunch point. Or at least, ‘a’ crunch point in this whole journey.

People aren’t going to be able to deny reality and dodge the consequences of what is going on for too much longer.

More and more people are inexplicably dropping dead, having strokes and heart attacks, experiencing all sorts of ‘weird’ physical illnesses that they never had before, because of the Covid shots.

(Scroll down to the update HERE, for a partial list of serious side effects for the Covid shots that Pfizer presented to the FDA BEFORE they got approval for their ‘safe and effective’ shots.)

It’s getting harder and harder to pretend that something very strange and worrying isn’t going on.


One of my husband’s clients in the UK told him yesterday that he’s been in bed throwing up for two weeks solid, and is starting to feel he’s been ‘poisoned’ by something.


The ‘something’ is 5…G, mixed with graphene oxide nanotech, and topped off with DNA origami and who-knows-what-else in the Covid shots.

Now that more and more of these stories are starting to swim into view, the ‘denial’ of what is really going on is about to morph into full-fledged fear, anger and despair.

But Rabbenu already told us: that’s not helpful!

That response to the mistake you made is not helpful!


Instead of beating ourselves up or telling ourselves ‘there is nothing we can do about it anyway’…. we need to see God’s hand behind all this.

Instead of melting into a puddle of depression and apathy… we need to start asking God sincerely, from the bottom of our hearts, to fix the mess we find ourselves in, personally and globally. That is the essence of really ‘having emuna’.

Instead of pouring all our energy into hating people (even those very evil people who have caused so much death and destruction)…. we need to put that energy into making teshuva, and overcoming the hatred and evil within our own hearts.

I know this is a tall order, believe me, I know.


The last two weeks, I have been SO angry, at everything and everyone.

I’ve had a justification for that, or a ‘rationalisation’ for that: something objectively yucky happened to someone I care about, and it upset me tremendously.

(Let me put this out there, that there are child rapists walking around in the ‘frummest of frum’ communities, including places like Bet Shemesh, who have been getting away with terrible crimes for years.)

At the same time… I understand that all this anger and hatred that has been welling up in my heart, unbidden, is rising to the surface so I can get rid of it.

So I can ask God to help me ‘sweeten’ things, and pray that all this anger – my anger – gets turned to compassion.

I have really had my hands full with this work, the past two weeks.

But I know it’s the ‘war within’ (that I wrote about HERE.)


As it is on the personal level – so it is on the global level.

The yetzer hara wants us to believe that after we’ve sinned, after we’ve made the mistake, after we’ve ‘broken something’ – it can never be fixed.

That’s the biggest and most dangerous lie that the yetzer hara is telling us right now, that there is nothing for us to do except fall into sadness and despair, or go deep, deep into denial.

This is not Rabbenu’s path!

Rabbenu tells us:

There is no despair in the world!!!!

With God’s help, with some sincere teshuva, with some heartfelt prayers, some dancing and clapping to overturn harsh judgements, with some pidyonot (to a real Tzaddik, not a faker) to ‘pay down’ all the harsh din at its spiritual root – all this can and must turnaround for the best.


I know that each time that anger wells up in me, and I feel like I want to lash out and destroy – that God is giving me an opportunity to fix the midda of anger globally, as well as personally.

Everything we do affects everyone and everything else, for good and bad.

If I take that anger and transform it into compassion (with a LOT of prayer and hard work…) – who knows what other ‘anger’, what other destruction, what other violence I just helped to sweeten in the world?

Everything you and me do is meaningful.



So, don’t lose heart dear readers.

Don’t fall into despair, as the reality of what is really happening here starts to come clearly into sight.

Remember, the ‘problem’ isn’t so much the Covid shots, the ‘war in Ukraine’, the very evil things that are going on all around us.

The ‘problem’ is how we react to all this.

And whether we draw closer to Hashem, or take ourselves further away, God forbid.

That’s the real battle being fought here, the real war.

And with God’s help (and Rabbenu’s advice….) we can win it.


You might also like this article:

One of the things I’ve been writing about a lot over the last few years is how ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are always mixed up in this world.

Our brainwashing education system drums it into our heads that the ‘good guys’ are always good, and can rape, steal and murder with impunity, because they are ‘always good’.

And that the ‘bad guys’ are always bad, and can help old ladies across the street, and feed the poor, and give starving children a loving home – but they will always be BAD, nevertheless.

This is, of course, total baloney.

It’s the opposite of yiddishkeit, that always teaches that an ACTION can and must be adjudged as being ‘bad or good’ – but that God is the only one that can truly plumb the depths of a person’s heart, and aggregate their good and bad actions over a lifetime, to decide if that person is ultimately ‘bad’ or ‘good’.


So, ‘good people’ and ‘bad people’ = xtian idea.

‘Good actions’ and ‘bad actions’ = authentic Jewish approach.

A lot of people, even in the orthodox Jewish world, don’t like this idea very much, because as soon as you have to start evaluating actions, instead of making blanket statements about ‘good and bad PEOPLE’ – that requires a lot more effort and spiritual investment.

And of course, it also brings up certain things closer to home, that many of us don’t want to deal with.

Am I still a GOOD MOTHER if I routinely use anger and shaming to coerce my children into doing what I want?

Am I still a GOOD PERSON if I hit someone else’s car – or dog – late at night, and ran off without leaving any contact details?

Am I still a GOOD JEW, if I fell off the derech, and tossed the Torah out the window, and just did a whole bunch of things that Jews are just not meant to do?


We have been trained to think in this ‘black and white’ manner, and to torture ourselves with thoughts of why ‘we’re bad people’.

But the questions above are actually baloney.

The only real question is whether an action is ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

And usually, the answer to that is way easier to ascertain, once you get all the false logic out the way, for why ‘good people’ like us can never do anything bad.

And why ‘bad people’ like them can also never do any good.

What baloney!


With that introduction out the way, I want to share some more comments I’ve got over email, about what might be happening on the ground in the Ukraine.

But before I do that, I also just want to touch a moment on the question that Ein Od Milvado – that really, there is only God in this picture.

In my own dalet amot, I am totally, 100% responsible for my own decisions and choices and actions, BEFOREHAND.

I can’t make the decision to shoot a granny, God forbid, simply for being on the ‘wrong side’ of the equation and then turn around and wash my hands clean of it all by saying Ein Od Milvado  that’s what God wanted, so I did nothing wrong.

That way leads to total moral chaos.


There is a very narrow bridge to be walked here, as always, between taken responsibility for ourselves, and our own impact in the world, and still understanding that Ein Od Milvado.

It’s a very confused and confusing subject, finding the balance between histadlut and emuna – and many people have fallen into massive mistakes in this area, including yours truly.

The Breslov approach is this:

Before any decision, any choice, we have to do our best to beg and plead with Hashem to show us what HE really wants, and what decision HE really wants.

And then afterwards – we have to believe that whatever the outcome, good or bad, that is truly what Hashem wanted.


All of us make mistakes.

All of us.

All of us can be so easily fooled by internal and external yetzer haras that clothe themselves in mistaken assumptions that can’t be challenged, or a distorted picture that seems to point clearly to ‘the truth’ being something it really isn’t.

That’s why God created teshuva – and He wants us to use it.

So much of life really just boils down to admitting that we were wrong; that we have bad middot; that we don’t know as much as we like to think; that we are guided by the yetzer hara in a myriad subtle ways, even when we’re riding our hobby horse of ‘truth and justice’.

I know that’s certainly true in my own life, and on this blog.

Remember, the real war right now is the ‘war within‘.


We have to remember that the ‘globalists’ are actually running both sides of this war – as they probably always are – to achieve their own ends.

Those ends could include:

  • Having a great excuse to release more ‘dangerous pathogens‘ from ‘US biolabs in the Ukraine’ – what-ever.
  • Hiking up fuel prices and disrupting harvests and the easy flow of food and goods around the globe – something they’ve been trying to do for months and months and months, anyway.
  • Imposing more censorship ‘because we are at war’, and also using ‘war’ as an excuse to start taking down any independent social media etc – exactly like they’ve been doing, anyway.
  • Taking out the internet globally – that ‘cyber attack’ that they’ve been priming us for, for years.
  • Figuring out another way to pin everything on the Jews – because hey, Zelensky is a Jew…. and Putin is surrounded by Chabad Jews… and another Jew, Netanyahu, is apparently being asked to mediate….

The list goes on and on.

But the thing to remember is, Ein Od Milvado.


Don’t get confused:

Each person will be held 100% accountable for all their bad actions.

And each person will be given 100% of the merit they deserve for their good actions.

And that’s also true in our personal lives.

God doesn’t work on ‘aggregate scores’, where you can buy off adulterous affairs and murdering your business opponents just because you give millions to charidee…

We will have to pay for the bad we do – unless we make sincere teshuva – and, we will also get ‘rewarded’ for the good we do.

And just telling God that it’s ‘OK’ for us to do bad things because we are really ‘good people’, or because the ‘ends justify the means’ – that just won’t wash, and it’s xtian hooey, designed to reassure an awful lot of bad, evil people that they are still ‘good’, and getting a free pass into heaven.


So now, some snippets about some of the bad things Russia seems to be up to, in the Ukraine, recieved over email:

Here are a few videos of police brutality in Russia right now. And some of general large-scale police activity.

There are so many police everywhere. From what I am seeing and heard from a friend, Russia has gone full blown Fascist in 2 weeks. Every protest is met with an overwhelming response of force and brutal crackdown.


Strange to say, these brutal Russian police don’t look that different from the brutal Australian police, the brutal Canadian Police or the brutal French police, who have been cracking heads of people for ‘breaking curfews’ and not wearing masks.


This is what I mean, about bad actions being ‘bad’, whatever the excuse being made for them.

And that ‘bad’ is currently ruling on all sides of the equation.

Back to the email:


The situation is really bad, especially in Kherson and several small towns like Irpin and Chernihiv.

I know people who for a week have not left the bomb shelter. There was supposed to be a humanitarian corridor to allow civilians through, but the Russian military shot at the civilians as they left, and several (including a mother and her children) were murdered.
The so-called humanitarian corridor which Russia agreed to open turned into a death trap for civilians trying to escape, so people now stay put. There is also a video on Twitter from SkyNews Australia where the reporters were shot at for trying to escape via a humanitarian corridor, and barely escaped, despite being marked as “Press.”
From what my husband heard via a Ukrainian friend, there is NO wide scale looting, and there are NO gangs of criminals running the place at gunpoint. The criminals have not all gotten guns and taken over.
Ad kan.
I encourage anyone out there with more first-hand information to share it online as much as they can.
There are people being killed and hurt on all sides of this equation.
And the first casualty of war is always the truth.
Two more things, and then we’ll leave this for today.

1) God is deciding who gets hurt and killed.

And there are no ‘accidents’ in that calculation.
Again, that doesn’t mean that we go all nihilistic and uncaring, because there is God’s own cheshbon for these things,, involving very deep spiritual considerations and gilgulim, which we can’t know and therefore can’t question.
But separate to this, there is OUR PART, to keep feeling other people’s pain, and to keep grieving loss of life, and to keep doing whatever God is really giving US to do, in whatever way, to respond in a way that leads to more spiritual growth, light, prayer, teshuva and goodness flooding into the world.
It’s a narrow bridge.
A difficult balancing act.

But, we’re getting used to the idea that these ‘narrow bridges’ are actually all over the place.


2) There are some serious implications looming up again for me, about whether any of these violent confrontations can ever really be ‘good’.

Again, there is a narrow bridge to walk between ‘rising up and killing’ someone who you know is coming to kill you.

And then, taking that as carte blanche to harass, torture and murder anyone you want, in the name of ‘domestic security’.


It suggests that the real war that our armies, or militaries and our ‘intelligence agencies’ are actually engaged in, is the war against you and me.

And that applies in the State of Israel, as much as anywhere else.


Let’s stop there for now.

I have no idea how long I’m going to be able to carry on writing, honestly.

The censorship looks like it’s about to go sky-high.

My blog is kind of the safest place online, as it’s not connected to any social networks, and it’s an independent site.

But if they want to take me offline, they will undoubtedly find a way.

So, let me just end by saying, the time to work on your real connection to Hashem and the true tzaddikim, especially Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and Rav Eliezer Berland, is now.

Right now, we can still buy their books, we can still listen to online classes, we can still connect, spiritually and otherwise, to our true Tzaddikim, and we can also start to do the daily hitbodedut that will really connect our souls back to God.

And really, that – combined with sincere teshuva, charity and prayer – is what is really going to get us through the next few weeks, until BH, Purim comes to turn all this ‘bad’ around.


You might also like this article:

Like you, I have no idea what’s really going on in the Ukraine.

I’m still not watching ‘official news’ sites – which are all propaganda disguised as ‘news’, whoever seems to be running them.

And the few sources of ‘alternative news’ I still plug into also need careful birur, because some of them are also ‘controlled opposition’, and even the ones that aren’t are doing their best to present factual information, but with so many ‘lies’ around and deliberate disinformation, it’s not always easy to do that.

Add in to all this, the fact that our ‘brainwashing’ has been teaching us for a century that ‘Russia is bad, Russia is bad, Russia is bad’.

Communism for sure WAS bad.

But as we are learning on this blog, the Bolsheviks were funded by Freemason-Frankists operating out of the West, particularly in the States.


Those Freemason-Frankists are now busy trying to force a great reset that will lead to ‘Communism version 2.0’, where we will all own nothing, and be totally reliant on obeying ‘the State’ even just to have food to eat, etc.

Without rehashing everything again, the point is that Covid 19 was clearly planned by those self-same Freemason-Frankists – and the bio nanotech in these Covid 19 shots is patented by DARPA.

So to be clear: America is actually the prime mover in this global Covid 19 genocide being rolled out to every corner of the world, with some help from the Frankist-Freemason network that basically has its tentacles everywhere in our so-called ‘democracies’.

That’s not me saying that.

It’s Klaus Schwab:


So now, does that automatically make Putin and Russia ‘the good guys’?

No, not at all.

It’s part of our ridiculous ‘programming’, that we’ve been taught to approach everything as ‘black and white’, ‘totally good and totally bad’, when real life is nothing like that at all.

Putin has also rolled-out the Covid shots, Russia-style, named ‘Sputnik’.

No world leader today is ‘good’, because we live in the olam hafuch, and they are all scumbugs, one way or another.

That said, I am inclined at this stage to believe that Russia and Putin are the lesser of two evils, based on the information that is in the public sphere – i.e., not very much at all.

And what I know for sure is that whatever is going on in the Ukraine, there is way more we aren’t being told about, and lots of information that could change the whole picture, that is not being reported.


Please take this following information with a huge pinch of salt, and do your own research into this, and come to your conclusions.

This appeared on one of the few ‘alternative media’ sites that doesn’t seem to me to be controlled opposition, and who usually do their homework on their articles.

And I have done some basic due diligence myself, and much of what this article says seems to check out – click on the links below, to see for yourself.

But who knows what is really going on?



What this post is saying, is that four months ago Putin asked the US to rein-in it’s ‘biological experimentation’ labs in the Ukraine – and the US refused.

That seems to be true, this is my own screenshot of that story from the South China Morning Post, from October 8, 2021:


And the Ukraine IS hosting a number of US biolabs.

This comes from the US Embassy’s own website, HERE:



Here’s a pertinent snippet from the US Embassy site:

BTRP has upgraded many laboratories for the Ministry of Health and the State Food Safety and Consumer Protection Service of Ukraine, reaching Biosafety Level 2. In 2019, BTRP constructed two laboratories for the latter, one in Kyiv and one in Odesa.

And here are some screenshots showing where some of these other US Biolabs in the Ukraine are located:


Putin is apparently bombing the places in the Ukraine where the US’s biological weapons labs are located:


If this is true, then more bits of this story to start to ‘fit’ a bit better, like this, from the Washington Post correspondent Paul Sonne, yesterday:


I was also perplexed as to why Uman is apparently being heavily bombed by the Russians, as it’s not near Donbass, and apart from Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov’s tomb, there is nothing there….

…Except a huge military installation, which is why getting to Uman was always so tricky, in the Cold War times.

So very possibly, there is another hidden US bioweapons lab onsite there, too.


I will stop there for now, but the point is this:

America, and its intelligence agencies, and its MK Ultra projects, and it’s Nazi-run NASA and DARPA is truly the biggest source of evil in the world right now.

That doesn’t automatically make Putin and Russia ‘the good guys’.

But, it may suggest they could be the lesser of two evils – i.e. still very evil, but just not quite as bad.

Which makes that whole question of who really might be the ‘good’ in Esav – if such a thing actually exists – into much sharper focus.


One thing is for sure: The Jews in the Ukraine need our prayers, to stay safe and out of harm’s way, while all this is going on.

So, please pray for them.

And keep your ‘birur-o-meter’ switched on and operating to the max.

There is way more going on here, than meets the eye.



There’s lots of different opinions about this, and I am keeping a totally open mind here, about what is really going on.

I got this over email from a reader:

I don’t know what this is really all about either — ask 5 people and you’ll get 7 opinions — but it doesn’t make sense that this is about destroying biolabs in Ukraine. The US pushed for this war against Ukraine while doing nothing to defend it.

If they had labs there that were so important to them, one would think they would do a bit more than absolutely nothing to protect them.


And there’s more info being brought from the comments, that add more details and suggestions into the mix, too.

The only thing any of us really know for sure, is that we’re being lied to about what the real agenda is in the Ukraine – that much is obvious.

So, let’s just keep pulling the pieces together, as we find them, until more of a real picture comes into view.


Lastly, I got a call from a friend yesterday telling me that in her community, people are pointing to this as a fulfillment of the words of Chaim of Volozhin, who apparently got from the Vilna Gaon that when the Russians invade the Crimea, everyone should go and get their Shabbos clothes ready, as Moshiach is close.

Personally, I’ve been around that block on a number of occasions before, so here is some advice that you can take or leave, as you wish.

  • We are meant to live EVERY DAY in the expectation of Moshiach coming.

That means every day, we are meant to work on a bit more of our middot, and to identify a few more of the ‘blocks’ in our own lives, that are maybe holding that process up.

It also means that we hang on to the hope of Moshiach coming at the national and global level, too, which is particularly important when times are difficult.

But we don’t get carried away.

If you think you are going to ‘change something’ when Moshiach mamash comes, then really think about changing that thing today.

Whether it’s moving country, getting a little bit more serious about your yiddishkeit, quitting smoking, working on your short temper – start that process today!


But don’t do anything rash or stupid, that you are really going to regret if Moshiach doesn’t show up in the next five minutes.

Sit down, do some hitbodedut, get some real yishuv ha’daat, before rushing into any life-changing decisions because it looks like Moshiach really might be coming now.

He is close, for sure – but ‘close’ could still mean another 200 years.


Like everything, it’s a very narrow bridge.

And yetzers jump all over big world events like this, to pull us into giddy excitement, and then plunge us into spiritual despair, afterwards.

I’ve been researching ‘false messiahs’ and ‘false dates for geula‘ for 2 years now, and each time that time comes and goes, it causes a huge wave of apostasy in the ranks of Jewish believers, when it doesn’t pan out.

So: expect the best.

But still plan for the worst.

And make ‘preparing for Moshiach’ a feature of every single day, and not just because a bunch of Russians are now bombing the Ukraine.



Talking this through with my husband, he made two more points:

  1. He thinks it’s meaningful that Putin is specifically speaking of ‘de-Nazi-fying’ the Ukraine. in that Tweet, above.

Remember, Operation Paperclip brought all those ‘former Nazi’ scientists over to the US, and other Western countries, to basically continue where they left off, in agencies like DARPA, NASA, the CIA and the NSA.

NASA’s budget is more than $23 billion a year.

If they aren’t spending all that taxpayer’s cash on really ‘going to space‘ – that’s a lot of funding that can go to other black op programs that we are now enjoying, including the graphene oxide / DNA origami self-assembling nanotech in the Covid shots.


2. Re: Why the US isn’t defending it’s bioweapons bases in the Ukraine.

He’s of the view that they can’t.

Because if America directly gets involved in this ‘war’, then we really are looking at WW3.

There is nothing in between ‘leaving this alone’ and ‘America getting directly involved, very possibly leading to WW3’.

It’s possible that the Frankist-Freemasons running all this wanted a war – but on their terms, that would see them with their ‘broad coalition’ baloney, and months of tedious propaganda softening us all up to think the way they wanted, when  they invaded Iraq.

And maybe, Putin beat them to the punch so they are now on the back foot.

We forget, that all these evil people are also just flawed, limited people, at the end of the day. And that things go wrong, and mistakes happen, and God mixes everything up for them, all the time.


So, TBC.


You might also like this article:

Yesterday, I spent most of the day speed-reading through a book called ‘Militant Messiah’, by Arthur Mandel.

It was written in 1979, about the ‘false messiah’ Jacob Frank and his movement.

You can read it online HERE, and if you intend on having an educated opinion about what is really going on with all these false messiahs in the Jewish world, I highly recommend you take the time to do that.

The writer is clearly ‘anti’ chassidut, and regards most of chassidut as a sham – with the broad exception of two individuals, namely the Baal Shem Tov, and Rebbe Nachman of Breslov (!)

I read the book, because he brings a lot of first-hand historical material about Frank and his movement, and especially about ‘Moses Dobruska’, who he states is the son of Frank’s cousin, Schondl Dobruska.

(‘Dobruska’ is a made-up name. When (if…) I can crack who the ‘Dobruska’ family really was, a lot more puzzle pieces will fall into place.)

I learnt a lot of important information from that book, but as always, this stuff has to very carefully birured, as lies and truth are mixed in together all over the place, with this subject.


I’m going to bullet-point the main things I learnt, to make it as easy as possible for others to follow this next stage of the historical trail:

  • Jonathan Eybshutz only escaped being excommunicated for writing VA AVO HAYOM EL HAAYIN in 1725 by signing a ‘ban’ against the Sabbateans.

That ‘ban’ was also signed by “Aaron Baer Wehle, a leading Sabbataian and prominent member of the Prague Jewish community.” Wehle’s descendants became the leaders of the Prague Frankists, and Eybshutz himself WAS excommunicated 31 years later, in 1756, by the Council of the Four Lands.


  • The Sabbatean heretics made up the ranks of the ‘Baal Shems’ who roamed around Europe after Shabtai Tzvi.

“From their ranks came the many messianic prophets and “balshems” (from the Hebrew baal hashem, master of the divine name) who roamed the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Most popular among them were Mortke Eisenstadt, Haskel Wormser, Moshe Kamionker, and particularly Yidl Hassid and Haim Malakh who, at the head of 1,200 white-clad penitents, wailing and weeping Jewish flagellantes, made, in 1700, their way from Poland via Austria and Italy to the Holy Land.”


Mortke Eisenstadt‘ is the brother of Meir Eisenstadt, the Meir Panim, who was also a secret Sabbatean who supported Leibel Prossnitz as his candidate for the next Sabbatian false messiah.

I am still trying to figure out who ‘Haskel Wormser’ really was, but Mandel is probably referring to ‘Yehoshua Hershel Tzoref’, the Sabbatian prophet whose descendants were big names in the proto State of Israel, and whose writings are said to have ‘inspired’ the Baal Shem Tov.

Yidl Hassid is Yehuda Chassid – who standard Jewish history usually forgets to tell us was a known Sabbatian, who was leading a bunch of Sabbatians on aliya to Jerusalem in 1700, which is when they believed that Shabtai Tzvi would be ‘returning in his body’ to lead the movement once again.

(Does any of this sound familiar?)


  • The ancient sect of Jewish-Gnostic-Sabians were known to be present and active in the Ukraine / Podolia, at the time that “Frankism” really took off.

“Has’sidism and Frankism… belong to the long chain of heretic sects that goes back to the early Christians and the Gnostics…..from that remote corner of eastern Europe, the forest and mountain country of eastern Galicia and the adjoining Ukraine which saw the last offsprings of gnostic Manicheism and the Bogomils.”

You can read about Manicheism on Wikipedia HERE.

I covered it in detail in two posts that I took down, but which I will probably stick up again, after this post.

Those posts make the connection between the ancient sect of devil-worshipping Jewish-Gnostic-Sabians, – and the religion of ‘Manicheism’ that spun out from them – and what is going on in the Jewish world today with the Sabbatean-Frankist-Freemasons, who hijacked our leadership structures and continue to subvert Judaism from within.


  • The Baal Shem TOV came to ‘tikkun’ what was going on with all these Sabbatean ‘Baal Shems’, and to extract the spiritual ‘good’ from the movement, while discarding the evil rind.

But the rest of the ‘Baal Shems’ were performing their ‘miracles’ by conjuring demons, writing amulets devoted to Shabtai Tzvi, and otherwise engaging in black magic and antinomian immorality that was all firmly rooted in a totally upside-down grasp of kabbalah.


  • There are also a bunch of Russian-‘xtian’ occult sects hanging out in Ukraine / Podolia at that time too, called the Khlyste.

You can read about the Khlyst on Wikipedia HERE.

I am in the process of researching them more, but I can tell you that Jacob Frank was in touch with them, was apparently ‘inspired’ by them – and I have a feeling that the Khlyst became the non-Jewish ‘force’ behind the Bolshevik revolution, which was fronted by the (formerly Jewish) Frankists.

The Khlyste may well have also morphed into the non-Jewish Russian peasant ‘Subbotniks’ who moved to Eretz Yisrael in their thousands, at the beginning of the 19th century – and intermarried with the Frankist Jews here.

Snippet from Wikipedia:

Subbotniks (“Sabbatarians”) is a common name for adherents of Russian religious movements that split from Sabbatarian sects in the late 18th century.

The majority of Subbotniks were converts to Rabbinic or Karaite Judaism from Christianity. Other groups included Judaizing Christians and Spiritual Christians.

Subbotnik families settled in the Holy Land at the time part of the Ottoman Empire, in the 1880s, as part of the ZionistFirst Aliyah in order to escape oppression in the Russian Empire and later mostly intermarried with Jews. Their descendants included Israeli Jews such as Alexander Zaïd, Major-General Alik Ron.


Are you starting to understand what a huge, ginormous mess is going on here?

Nearly all the old yishuv Jews in Eretz Yisrael descended from old-school Sabbateans, and then when the modern ‘Frankist-Zionists’ got going, a bunch of  non-Jewish Russians also moved to Israel, and intermarried with the secular, ‘zionist Jews’ here, without anyone keeping track of what was going on.

Man o man, it’s such a mess…

Let’s get back to Arthur Mandel.


  • Some of these externally ‘chassidic’ groups were resorting to murder, to away with people they saw as their opponents.

This isn’t news to Breslovers, who know that the Savraner Rebbe (a member of the extended Wertheimer clan of ‘interesting’ people) sanctioned his followers to actually try to murder Rabbi Natan Sternhartz of Breslov in his bed.

Rav Natan was saved when the murderer got the wrong ‘Natan of Breslov’, and murdered that guy instead….

But I learnt from Mandel that ‘chassidim’ were also murdering other people, too, like the Reform-minded rabbi of Lemberg, Arthur Kohn, in 1848.

Snippet from here:

Things came to a head on September 6, 1848 when Abraham Ber Pilpel, a Hasidic Jewish goldsmith, slipped into the rabbi’s kitchen. After receiving permission to light his cigar using the fire from the stove, Pilpel leaned over and poured arsenic into the soup.

The entire family was poisoned. Kohn’s infant daughter, Teresa, was killed and Kohn died the following day, at age 41.

Pilpel was put on trial, along with two leaders of the Orthodox community who had been among Kohn’s fiercest opponents, Jacob Naphtali Herz Bernstein, and Hirsh Orenstein.


Thank God for Breslov, and it’s never-ending emphasis on working on your own bad middot via a daily hour of introspection (aka hitbodedut).


  • Jacob Frank also sincerely believed he was doing what God wanted, and hastening the geula, with his antinomian actions.


The Frankist propaganda referred copiously to… talmudic quotations which picture “the end of the days” as an era of general depravity, when all houses of worship will be houses of whoredom, when the wisdom of the scholars will stink to heaven and virtue be scoffed at; in short, the world will be turned upside down.

Frank saw his calling in achieving this goal and leading humanity through this time: [The following is a quote from Frank]

“I have not come to uplift, I have come to destroy and debase everything until it has sunk so low that it cannot sink any lower.


  • Frank also wrote many beautiful things about serving and praising God – underlying the two-faced nature of the Sabbatean-Frankists.

Every ‘false messiah’ we’ve ever had has been charismatic, and capable of saying words that really touch the human heart.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t get anywhere. Yoshki also spoke ‘beautiful words’ – and there’s a whole list of at least 30 other externally Jewish ‘false messiahs’ on Wikipedia HERE, who also managed to mislead at least some of the Jewish people, some of the time.

So, it should come as no surprise that the satan-worshipping Jacob Frank also said things like this (all direct quotes, from his ‘Book of the Words of the Lord’ – the ‘lord’ being a reference to Jacob Frank himself):

  • A hero is not he who subdues his enemy by force, but he who can suffer distress and grief.
  • Do not let an ugly word pass your lips and do not say bad things about other people, for it was not given to you to examine the heart of man and to judge between good and bad.
  • Whosoever doe’s not love his neighbor and takes joy in hurting him, whosoever swears and slanders is not a true human being and cannot stay with me under one roof.


These people were total hypocrites, at the deepest level of the soul.

They engaged in all sorts of terrible things, including murder and outright devil-worship, but then could also spout pious words about not hurting other people, or speaking lashon hara….As if they weren’t guilty of doing this themselves, and other sins a billion times worse.

And they are still doing this today.


  • Other leading rabbis besides R’ Yakov Emden were also publically calling the Frankists out for their abominable practises.

The following is a quote from something written by Prague Rabbi Eleazar Fleckles in 1799, when he was trying to battle the Prague Frankists headed up by Jonas Wehle – descendent of the ‘Aaron Beer Wehle’ mentioned above, who hypocritically signed on the ‘ban’ against Sabbateans together with Eybshutz:

(Warning: it’s quite a graphic accusation.)

Elasar Flekeles, a Prague rabbi, accused the Frankists in 1799 of:

“[A]ll sorts of evil, godless and infamous deeds unheard of even among the wildest barbarians. These people are worse than all the villains and criminals who ever lived since the beginning of the world. . . .

They have a secret according to which it is good to masturbate and smear the body with the outflow. . . . They consider it pious and highly recommendable to sleep with your neighbor’s wife, in the presence of ten men-folk, and in addition recommend other abominations and horrors such as fornication with male persons and even with animals.

They worship idols, practice witchcraft, live in debauchery and whoredom. . .


And yet their leader, Jacob Frank, could still write things like this:

  • Whosoever doe’s not love his neighbor and takes joy in hurting him, whosoever swears and slanders is not a true human being and cannot stay with me under one roof.

Until and unless we understand the total two-faced duplicity of these people, it’s going to be very hard for us to really understand how someone could present such a ‘wholesome face’ to the external world, whilst engaging in the worst sins in the world behind closed doors.


Remember, the heads of the Erev Rav were called Janus and Jambrus.

The ‘symbol’ of Janus – a favorite ‘god’ of the Romans – is two heads or two faces.

Here’s a photo of the ‘Head of Janus’ on display in – where else? – the Vatican museum:


  • Jacob Frank also wrote down a number of ‘prophesies’ – including a prophesy that sounds very similar to what happened to the Jews in the (Freemason-Frankist-funded…) holocaust.

[Frank’s book of prophecies] contains abstruse prophecies about a coming world war in which the great powers of Europe will perish and the “new Jacob,” the man in the form of God… will rise from the dead.

He will gather Israel, “this little, despised, miserable, yearning, scarcely breathing people from all corners of the world and lead them to Jerusalem and the country God promised to Abraham. . . .

All nations then will turn to the house of Jacob; the proud rulers of the world will be imprisoned and deprived of everything so as to make them taste the fate of the children of Israel.

And Jacob will rule forever over his oppressors.”


We’ve all been brainwashed by our awful ‘education’ system to see things in a very simplistic way.

We have been taught to approach things in a very dogmatic, all-or-nothing way, where there is only ‘absolutes’ and no shades of grey. For many of us, it’s very uncomfortable to understand that good and bad can be so mixed up – also, inside of ourselves.

That’s why ‘narcissism’ – where people pretend to be perfect, and then project their flaws onto others because they can’t deal with the reality of who they really are – is such a scourge of our society today.

The Samech Mem has done a great job of splitting the world up into ‘only good’ and ‘only bad’ – and convincing us that the ‘bad’ is only ever in other people, in other groups.

But what I’m trying to show you, here, is that even the worst people in the world, like Jacob Frank, said things that you’d expect only a sincere ‘tzaddik’ to say.

Really think about this.

And really understand why actions speak far louder than words – especially when you are dealing with Janus-faced hypocrites.


  • Frank’s commune was run along the lines of a communist ‘kibbutz’.

Frank ordered “all money to be delivered to the treasurer who will husband it and care for the needs of the brothers.

Nobody is to regard anything as his own, but everything has to be shared with all others.”


The similarity between this and the WEF’s ‘you will own nothing, and you’ll be happy’ is obvious.


Frank pre-figured communism, and the Frankist-Freemasons who came after him really tried to put his ideas into action.

Most notably in Bolshevik Russia, but let’s not forget that ‘Labour-Zionist’ Israel was also a totally communist endeavor, and with its kibbutzim – where even the children were taken away from their parents and raised ‘by the group’ – it was by far the most ‘communist collective’ going at the time.


Here’s the last bit of information, for now, from the ‘Militant Messiah’ book – although I could easily go on for hours with this stuff.

  • Frank was a big believer in ‘zionism without zion’.

In other words, he was interested in getting a national, autonomous state for Jews – or rather, his Frankist Jews – where he could run things exactly the way he wanted to, and put his demonic ideas into practise, without being snitched on or arrested by the authorities.

“[Frank] petitioned the king to assign to him a territory in eastern Galicia where he could settle with his followers in a vassal state with himself at the head.

The Jews of the whole world would flock then to Poland and enrich her.

In other words, a Zionism without Zion, as it was advocated under the name of Territorialism in the first few decades of the present century, leading to various projects of settling the Jews of eastern Europe in Uganda, Biro-Bidjan and other places.”


I’ve had a few tabs up for weeks that link straight to the Frankist ideal of an autonomous ‘Frankist State’.

For now, I’m just going to  list them here, for the record, with a snippet, but they are all linked to people with Frankist connections:

The Jewish Colonisation Association

The Jewish Colonisation Association… is an organisation created on September 11, 1891, by Baron Maurice de Hirsch.

Its aim was to facilitate the mass emigration of Jews from Russia and other Eastern European countries, by settling them in agricultural colonies on lands purchased by the committee in North America (Canada and the United States), South America (Argentina and Brazil) and Ottoman Palestine.

Today ICA is still active in Israel in supporting specific development projects under the name Jewish Charitable Association (ICA).


Organization for Jewish Colonization in Russia

The Organization for Jewish Colonization in Russia….was a Communist-sponsored mass organization in North America devoted to supporting the settlement of Jews in new collective settlements, firstly in the newly established Ukrainian Soviet Republic and Southern Russia (Stavropol Krai), and latterly in the Jewish socialist republic of Birobidzhan in the Soviet Union.

The organization was founded in the United States in 1924 and soon spread to Canada.


Jewish Autonomous Oblast

Article 65 of the Constitution of Russia provides that the JAO is Russia’s only autonomous oblast. It is one of two official Jewish jurisdictions in the world, the other being the State of Israel.


Jewish Agricultural Colonies in Southern Ukraine and Crimea

(Google-translated from Russian.)

The idea of involving Jews in agricultural labor first arose at the turn of the 19th century, both among prominent statesmen and enlightened representatives of Jewry.

On the one hand, the Polish jurist T. Chatsky with his project (1788), the Lithuanian governor I. G. Frizel and especially the famous Russian poet and statesman G. R. Derzhavin, and on the other – the entrepreneur and Russian-Jewish public figure Nota Notkin (in 1797).


‘Nota Notkin’ was a famous Russian shtadlan who may be one-and-the-same as Joshua Zeitlin.

You can read more about him on the YIVO website, HERE.


(d. 1804), merchant, shtadlan (lobbyist for Jewish interests), and Jewish political leader in late eighteenth-century Russia.

In the late 1770s and 1780s, Notkin was a contractor for the court of Count Semen Gavriilovich Zorich in Shklov, and for Count Grigorii Potemkin, Russia’s “viceroy of the south.”…

Among Notkin’s many acts of political intercession was securing the release of Shneur Zalman of Liady after his second arrest in 1801 and averting the expulsion of Jews from Smolensk province in 1803.


Like ‘Joshua Zeitlin’, he’s at the centre of a massive cover-up.

‘Natan Nota’s agricultural colonies for Jews were located in Kherson – the same place where Joshua Zeitlin has his estates and where Chabad also had a very strong presence.

Snippet from the J-roots site HERE:

In the mid-nineteenth century, Kherson became one of the main centers of Chabad in the southern provinces of Russia and, in particular, among Jewish colonists; prominent Chabad rabbis Shlomo-Zalman Pinsker (?-1886) and his son Gershon-Ber (1845-after 1912) lived in the city.


Here’s how ‘enlightened’ Natan Nota’s plans to turn Jews into farmers actually played out, in Russia:

The Jews were in no hurry to become farmers….[So] Jews were driven out of the villages by force. They ” begged for a reprieve, screamed and groaned, but it was all in vain. they escorted out peasants and even soldiers!… They were driven, like cattle, to small towns and villages” and there they were thrown in the squares, under the open sky.

They were reduced to beggars, with no place to live or work. In this situation, the Jews finally responded to the government’s call.

“In the heat of desperation, they submitted tearful petitions to all the authorities to immediately transfer them to farmers in Novorossiya, believing that everything was ready for their services there.” The tragic story of people who, after many centuries of being cut off from the earth, they became the object of an experiment of the Russian authorities.


Lest we forget, the Frankist-Freemasons in control of Eretz Yisrael were also coralling Jews to become part of the exact same experiment here, in Israel, a little later on.

If you’re interested, go and read up more about Mazkeret Batya, and other places.

Jacob Frank was a big believer in Jews ‘working the land’.

And also, in Jews being soldiers – including even the women.

And also, in Jews having an autonomous country of their own.

Does any of this sound familiar?


We’ll stop there for now.

There’s lot more to share, as always, but it’s a lot to take in, I know.

I guess the takeaway point is this:

The ‘father’ of Zionism, and of the modern State of Israel, is the antinomian ‘false messiah’ Jacob Frank.

But his followers historically have had their fingers in just about every ‘Jewish pie’ going, one way or another, for the last 250 years, including in the so-called ‘frum’ community, where their ‘Janus-faces’ have served them especially well.

And that explains a lot, doesn’t it?



I just stumbled across THIS article in Russian (Google translate it) describing more details of ‘Natan Nata Notkin’ of Shklov.

He mamash sounds identical to Joshua Zeitlin, with both men being described as the principal Jewish court factor for Semion Gavrilovich’s ‘royal court’ at Shklov, who maintain ties with orthodox individuals while also pursuing ‘haskalah’.

Either ‘Joshua Zeitlin’ and ‘Natan Nata Notkin’ are the same person, or possibly they are brothers.

Natan Nata also has a son called ‘Shabtai’ – as happened a lot with the secret Sabbatians – and he marries the daughter of the Sha’agat Aryeh.

Interestingly, ‘Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin’ apparently also marries this same daughter of the Sha’agat Aryeh….

But I digress.


The last thing to note is that Nathan Nata’s actions and intentions were also mixed-up, between good and bad, as this snippet shows:

When zealous local officials set out to evict the Jews from Smolensk, Notkin wrote a bitter letter to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Count Viktor Kochubey: “This eviction is unpleasant for the Jewish people, only aggravates their despondency and makes them deplorable conclusions about their future fate… Have mercy on this unfortunate people! Strengthen his generously fallen heart!And-a miracle! – the relocation was immediately suspended — so great was the authority of the Note!

It is important that Notkin understood his activities for the benefit of Jews as Russian subjects as a manifestation of Russian patriotism.

“Burning with a fervent desire to see my fellow tribesmen in their old age at the level of prosperity to which our Most Gracious Sovereign deigns to elevate them, I now employ untiring efforts to hasten this sacred will of the August Monarch. A certain patriotic spirit encourages and encourages me to take upon myself the responsibility of interceding for the common good.”


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