A month ago, my daughter bought me an English version of ‘The DaVinci Code’ and insisted I read it.

I haven’t read a fiction book for around 16 years – from choice – so I left it to the side. But she insisted… and insisted… and insisted… until finally I realised, God must really want me to read ‘The DaVinci Code’.

So that’s what I’ve been doing.

There’s a few interesting things in there, for my own research ‘in the real world’ – not least that Dan Brown did a fabulous job of whitewashing the true, demonic nature of the Knights’ Templars, and making them seem all fluffy and cute – but the real pay dirt occurred yesterday.

That’s when I decided to look up the words: “Hieros Gamos.”


In The DaVinci Code, the discussion about ‘Hieros Gamos’ – or ‘sacred prostitution’ – comes up as part of a discussion about how the ancient religious cults used the power of this most holy act for their own ends.

You can read a scholarly, and fairly tznius, description of the basic ideas behind ‘Hieros Gamos’ HERE.

The bottom line is that there were two types of ‘sacred prostitution’.

  1. Each bride was required to spend her wedding night being defiled in one of the many Temples set up to the ‘goddesses’, who all had different names but were actually just pushing the same ‘religion’.
  2. These temples also has a group of ‘cult priestesses’ – aka sex slaves – and ‘sacred orgies’ were also a big part of the pagan religions.

(And now, maybe some readers are already starting to make the link between what is described above, and what was going on in Sabbatean-Frankist homes, beneath the ‘pious’ veneer.)


There are very deep spiritual considerations attached to all this.

Here’s a few scholarly quotes, from the above, to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. And then we’ll get down to the eye-popping tachlis – how all this connects to you and me, and the State of Israel, and the battle between good and evil.

“[W]e are talking about a high-level magico-operational ritual….

Mircea Eliade wrote about it this way: “In the most general sense, an orgy is a part of hierogamy. It correlates with the coitus of the divine couple, with the unlimited and ecstatic fertility of the earth… Excess energy is valuable and fruitful in sacred balances. The barriers between man, society, nature, and the gods are being broken; forces, life, and germs are being rotated and transferred from one level to another, from one space to all others.“”


Plain English: All that talk that xtians, and others, have about ‘the Holy Trinity’ is really a warped reference to the union between man and woman, that transforms them into a ‘god on earth’.

This idea is very deep, and once you really internalise what I just told you here, you’ll start to understand A LOT about what is really going on, with xtianity.


Another snippet:

The legendary stories of a woman being possessed by a” god”, or vice versa, a man converging with a goddess, are too well known to be retold…

[I]n ancient Egypt, a pharaoh who mystically reincarnated as Horus impregnated his wife to continue the dynastic line of the “divine kingdom”.

The culmination of the Hellenistic festival of Antesterium was a sacred sacrifice, and then the copulation of the wife of the archon king with Dionysus in the temple of Leneon; in Babylon, the hierogamy of the young woman chosen for this purpose was also known in a special wedding room, raised above the seventh floor of the sacred ziggurat tower (“on the other side of the number seven”) – there she was supposed to spend the night with a certain god.

The Greeks believed that the priestess of the temple of Apollo in Patara spent the night with this god on a “sacred bed”.


This is the ‘pagan, evil mirror image’ of our own, very holy traditions, the whole idea of the keruvim, the holy of holies, and our very deep ‘bitul’ to, and dvekut with Hashem.

There is nothing new under the sun, remember this.

So, when nuns talk of ‘marrying’ Yoshki… and when xtians talk about the Holy Trinity… and when gnostic-‘xtians’ talk about how Yoshki was really married to Mary Magdelene, and they had kids, and how ‘mainstream xtianity’ is trying to surpress that information…. while demon-worshipping Knights Templars (and all the other sex-magick based secret societies) are very big ‘feminists’ and believers in breaking down sexual morality….

We understand, again, that really, there is nothing new under the sun.


To sum up:

All pagan, idolatrous, evil ‘religions’ from the dawn of time have always tried to use and subvert the act of intimacy, and to harness the tremendous spiritual power it contains, to make themselves ‘powerful’ and a ‘god’, chas v’halilah.

This started right back in the Garden of Eden, when the evil Lilith ‘split’ from Adam, then enticed him to spill seed for 130 years, leading to creation of all the souls of the ‘demons’ that in our days became Nazis, ISIS – and Covid 19-pushing doctors and ‘rabbis’.

Amongst others.


So, what does this have to do with you and me?

Some how, my computer decided to search for images associated with ‘Hieros Gamos’, without me knowing. In a million years, even with a very strong filter, I would not have done that, because it’s literally asking for trouble.

But that’s what happened, and when I was closing down my tabs at the end of the day yesterday, I got to those search results – and here’s what I saw, that blew me away:


It’s the so-called ‘Star of David’, that the Erev Rav ,’Jewish Demon Scholars’ in our midst convinced us was a symbol of the Jewish people, around 300 years ago.

But really?

It’s the ancient symbol of ‘Hieros Gamos’, i.e. the ritual subversion of the act of intimacy, which sends all that ‘power’ to fuel the forces of evil.

And we have this symbol of evil literally atop every synagogue, carved on every Ark of Torah, inlaid on all our tombstones….

Can you understand, just how much they are laughing at the Jewish people right now?

There’s more.


Sharp-eyed readers probably already know the connection between the ‘Star of David’, and the Masons’ square and compass, with the ‘G’ in the middle.


That ‘G’ stands for gnosis, knowledge.

In our Torah, we speak of how a man knows his wife, as a reference to the act of physical intimacy.

In pagan religions, that time when a man ‘loses his mind’ at the end of the physical act, so to speak, is the time when they say he can ‘become a god on earth’.

This is deeply connected to the idea of demonic possession, amongst other things.


Judaism teaches that spermatozoa derives from a man’s mind – his very essence.

That’s part of why ‘spilling seed’ in a wanton way can literally drive a person mad. A  man’s seed contains the ‘spiritual essence’ that could theoretically create another 4 billion human souls. And when that seed is ‘spilled’ – all that ‘soul power’ just goes to the dark side.

Those 4 billion potential human souls are held captive by the forces of evil, which suck all the ‘juice’ out of them, and use that soul power to do bad things in the world.


That’s why Rebbe Nachman of Breslov revealed the ‘Tikkun Haklali’, or general rectification, to be recited after nocturnal emissions.

To fix the ‘sin’ of all this spilled seed, and to elevate those billions and trillions of ‘lost soul sparks’ back to the side of holiness.

That’s why true Breslov, and Rav Berland, put so much emphasis on a man guarding his eyes, and personal holiness.

That’s why, l’havdil, Eybshutz, and the Sabbatean-Frankists, encouraged adultery, wife-swapping, ‘sacred orgies’, homosexuality, and then incest and pedophilia.


There are so many links to make with all this stuff, it’s hard to know what to really write, but let’s make two more connections, and then we’ll leave it here for now.

In Judaism, there are strict guidelines for how the act of intimacy should be performed, including mandating the position of the man and the woman.

In pagan religions, this evil, ‘Hieros Gamos’ / Star of David representation has the woman and man as androgynous ‘equals’, forming a ‘divine Trinity’.

That ‘space’ in the middle of the ‘Hieros Gamos’ represents the Pharoah-nic, pagan, evil idea of ‘man as God’.

I.e. instead of being filled with God, the person becomes filled with their own evil, arrogance and lusts.


Again, all this has very ancient roots.

Remember that the snake told Chava that if she and Adam ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, they would become “like God…”

There is nothing new under the sun.


In the meantime, this is what our Torah teaches – the man is the head of the household, the man is ‘on top’, and the man and woman should ‘become one flesh’.

Here’s how that looks:


A diamond.


Remember what Rav Berland and Rebbe Nachman teaches about these ‘diamonds’?

This snippet comes from HERE:

When a person merits, however much they are putting him down, however much they are making him “mah — what” [i.e. nothing, nullified], however much they are making out of him dust and ashes, [as it’s said] “and may my soul be like dust to all” (Amidah prayer) — they are throwing diamonds onto you.

The Rebbe brings in [Likutey Moharan] Torah 277, [that they are] throwing diamonds onto you.  When they are putting you down, they’re throwing diamonds onto you — don’t throw them back.

[If] they insult you, and you insult them back, you’ve lost a diamond.  They’re building a house of diamonds for you [from all the insults and put-downs].


This is the authentic, Torah-true, Jewish holy way of bringing God down into the world.

The man makes himself ‘nothing’ – and particularly in the home, where believe me, the diamonds get thrown at the guy every second of the day.

And this is how we really build the holy Temple, and really achieve that ‘union’ with Hashem in this lowly, gashmiut world.

By making ourselves nothing.

By hearing our own disgrace, and not answering back, and understanding that really, it’s just God who is behind everything.

This is the polar opposite of the gaava-dik ‘man as god’ approach of the pagan-xtians, represented by ‘Hieramos Gamos’ and the pagan, so-called ‘Star of David’.


The last thing, for now, has to do with the mysterious ‘Z’ on Russia’s tanks.

As I’m hoping you are starting to understand, these people are ALL about their symbolism.


For example, the double chevron is a favorite symbol of the Knights Templar, and is all over their castles and churches.

This is a screenshot from a video called ‘The Pharoah Show’ by Swiss alt-historian Sean Hross.

(Again, I don’t agree with a lot of his ideas, but much of what he says strikes me as credible. This is a process of birur, remember.)

You see these chevrons all over the place in Israel, on IDF uniforms – same as other militaries all over the world.


Once you understand that it’s a phallic representation of two men, you start to understand a lot more.

Here’s a screenshot of the Knights Templar’s seal from Wikipedia HERE:

Notice the two knights on one horse.

Also notice the ’round Templar church’ – modelled on the Dome of the Rock, and taken as the blueprint for Templar churches all over the world.

Round temples were always associated with pagan practices, particularly ‘sacred prostitution’ and ceremonies like the Hieros Gamos, which required an audience – and a large, empty ‘space in the middle’, as the focal point.



What does all this have to do with the Russian ‘Z’ on all their tanks?

THIS site (Google translate from Russian) has some interesting ideas – but again, all this needs very careful birur.

But what struck me is that this ‘Z’ is the symbol for ‘man’ and ‘woman’ back-to-back – i.e., back to that state that the pagans believe was the ‘perfect state of humanity’ in the Garden of Eden, before demonic Lilith was split away from Adam HaRishon – and humankind was androgynous.


We’ll stop there for now.

But lots and lots to think about.



One of the things I can’t stress enough is the two-faced nature of the leading Sabian-Sabbateans, and the Frankist-Freemasons who then took over from them, within the Jewish community.

Many of these people excelled at portraying a ‘super-pious’ and ‘super-holy’ appearance for the outside world, all the time while engaging in totally awful acts behind closed doors.

Also, many Sabbateans got into the habit of ‘denouncing Sabbateanism’ publically, in order to persuade onlookers that they were totally free of that stigma. In modern parlance, we’d call this ‘projection’. In Baal Shem Tov parlance, we’d call this ‘the whole world is a mirror’.

And this very successful method of ‘bamboozling’ people by denouncing the very things you yourself are up to, secretly, in a totally OTT fashion, is continuing today.


In this post, I want to go back to ‘Dr Cain Chenul Falckon’, aka Rebbe Chaim Shmuel Falk, the ‘Baal Shem’ of London.

I want to show you how the two-faced nature of the Sabbatian-Frankists actually plays out, in real time, where they build a reputation as a miracle-working ‘Rebbe’ or Baal Shem within the believing Jewish community – and then build a reputation as a fountain of occult, evil knowledge for satanic secret societies.

At one and the same time.


The journey begins back with the Rosicrucian secret society called the ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’.

And in particular, with Chuck Furnace’s site, on the Wayback Machine, where I found a whole bunch of interesting resources on what Chaim Shmuel Falk was really up to, on the dark side of the spiritual fence.

Here’s how that site describes the Order of the Golden Dawn:

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was one of the foremost gathering and training grounds for the Magicians….

While the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (SRIA), Madame Blavatsky‘s Theosophical Society, Rudolf Steiner‘s Anthroposophical Society, Frederick Holland‘s Society of Eight and Johann Friedrich Falk‘s Kabbalistic College of London all held lectures, dinners and discussions about occult subjects, these interests seem mostly intellectual rather than practical.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn introduced practice and ritual to what had been discussion, including exercises to develop occult skills. In this, there was little practical Alchemy, which had been the goal of the Order of the Golden and Rosy Cross in Germany, and a strong focus on Qabalah…”


There is a disagreement about whether the ‘Johann Friedrich Falk’ mentioned above is actually one and the same as Chaim Samuel Falk, the Baal Shem of London, or his son.

But there are plenty of other sources that show first-hand that the Sabbatian ‘Dr Falkcon’ was teaching black magic, or ‘practical kabbalah’ to a bunch of non-Jews with a satanic bent.

The following information about him was very helpfully gathered together on a page called ‘hagiography’, HERE, linked to from the Chuck Furnace site.

Here’s some of what we learn from the ‘other side’ (bulleted, to make it easier to keep up with the information, and with the source for the information italicised at the end.)


  1. Falk came to London from Podolia, and was known to be a kabbalist.

He was also known to be a Sabbatian who practised the most ‘extreme’ form of Sabbatian antinomianism as taught by Baruchya Russo, which included awful sexual immorality, including incest.

In fact, Falk had nearly been burnt at the stake back in Poland when word of his black magic and incest reached the ears of the Archbishop of Cologne, but he somehow managed to escape to Amsterdam, and from there he moved to London.

[It’s possible that Chaim Shmuel Falk is one and the same as the ‘Chaim Malach’, a very popular Sabbatean preacher in Podolia who influenced a great many people, but who is proving very difficult to trace ‘in the real world’.]


Falk’s main financial backers in Amsterdam were the wealthy Sabbatean ‘Boas’ family – now conveniently scrubbed out of Jewish history (possibly because Frank’s second wife may have been a ‘Boas’.)

Falk’s main financial backers in London were the Goldschmidt banker-brothers, and he also hangs out with the ‘Chief Rabbi’ David Tebele Schiff.

But Falk’s secret Sabbatean fan club spread around the globe, even to places like Algiers, in North Africa.


Falk also had close family who were secret Sabbateans in both Hamburg and Altona:

The Dr. Falk who died in 1782 had … kinsmen in Germany. From Kalisch’s diary, it is clera that Falk maintained contacts with Sabbatians [viz., who may have been his own relatives] in Hamburg and Altona.


Altona is where people like R’ Yehezkel Katzenellenbogen and R’ Raphael Ziskind Kohen – married to one ‘Tamar Falk’ were hanging out.

There is a lot of funny business going on with their family trees, and also with the family tree of  other famous Falks, like the Pnenei Yehoshua. Maybe, we’re starting to grasp a little more of what that is all about.

While ‘official Jewish history’ likes to tell us that Falk had no children, he had at least one daughter, Chaya Josefa Falcon – who married ‘Jacob Frank’ and had six daughters with him, before she died.

(One of Frank’s grand-daughters, Lea Golda, became the mother of the 4th Rabbanit of Chabad….)


  1. The Falk family in London were running a co-ed ‘Qabbalistic College’ in London aimed at non-Jews.

And at the same time, Falk was also busy setting up a new, secret branch of Sabbateans based in London.

He became a wealthy man, and managed to buy a big mansion in Wellclose Square, which was home to his ‘private synagogue’. Count Rantzau, one of his non-Jewish followers, also writes that Falk had a separate meeting place in London Bridge, too, where his ‘initiates’ would meet.

In his diaries, Rantzau also fingers Falk as being a ‘Rosicrucian Adept’ and ‘Prince of the Jews’.


3. The secret Hebrew name of this organisation was inititally the Chabrah Zereh aur bokher.


  1. As his alter-ego ‘Dr Falk’, he taught occultists including Emanuel Swedenborg and Cagliostro ‘practical kabbalah’, aka occult black magic:

“The Dr. Falk who had such an influence on Blake’s Swedenborgian circle was Dr. Samuel Jacob Hayim Falk (1710?-1782), who lived in London for over forty years …

Other proto-Freemason-satanists who were in touch with Falk include:

  • Cagliostro
  • Pierre Lambert de Lintot
  • Russian actor, Dimitrevsky Narykov
  • Theodore the ‘King of Corsica’
  • The Duke of Chartres — Grand Master of the Grand Orient in Paris (visited Falk in 1777)
  • Simon von Geldern, the ‘Court Kabbalist’ of the Landgrave Ludwig of Hesse-Darmstadt.
  • French actor Jean Monnet, who wrote a fictionalised account of the ‘Jewish Rosicrucian’ who was teaching him and his friends Kabbalah, i.e. Falk.
  • Baron von Gleichen, Danish diplomat.
  • Waldenfels, a senior German Rosicrucian.


Emmanuel Swedenborg has a lot of connections with Jewish Sabbatean circles.

Before he met Falk, his brother-in-law, Eric Benzelius worked with a Polish Sabbatian who subsequently converted to Lutheran xtianity out of disappointment, when Shabtai Tzvi didn’t ‘rise from the dead’ as his prophets were predicting he would, in 1695/6 – 30 years after his passing.

That Sabbatian was a guy from Krakow called Moshe ben Aharon HaKohen, who took on the name Johan Kemper, post-conversion:

Snippet from YIVO here:

It is certain that he was active in one of the groups linked to Yehudah Ḥasid, which around 1695 began to prepare to immigrate to Palestine in order to await Shabetai Tsevi’s second coming in Jerusalem.

Mosheh ben Aharon was attracted to the preaching of the Sabbatian prophet Tsadok ben Shemaryah of Grodno, a former brandy distiller who appeared around 1694, traveled through Eastern and Central Europe, and foretold redemption in the year 1695.

Following the failure of this prophecy, Mosheh became receptive to the Christian message that Sabbatian expectations should be abandoned because the messiah had already come.


Benzelius’ son-in-law Ander Norrelius edited Kemper’s manuscripts in 1720, and also published his own treatise on the kabbalistic teachings of one ‘Knorr von Rosenroth.’

As well as hanging out with ‘Dr Falk’ in London, Swedenborg also spent time in the Jewish ghetto of Prague, were he apparently learnt about meditative states that could induce trances and telepathy.


  1. Falk spent the last 5 years of his life on developing a ‘Judeo-Christian Freemasonry’, where Jews wouldn’t be pressured to convert to Christianity.

It looks like this was the ‘Egyptian Rites Freemasonry’ that was later ‘marketed’, if you can call it that, by Falk’s protege Cagliostro (aka Joseph Balsamo from Italy, who may well have been another Sabian-Sabbatean, even before he met Falk.)

Cagliostro visited ‘Swedenborgian Lodges’ all over Europe, trying to coax them over to Falk’s new brand of satanic ‘Egyptian Freemasonry’. He was a big hit in North Germany, Vienna, Holland and also Poland.

“[T]he [Polish] Freemasons subsequently praised Dr Falk and Jacob Frank as true [Qabbalists].”

Remember, Frank was the son-in-law of ‘Dr Falk’, and the putative father of Falk’s six grand-daughters – all of whom married back into the ‘orthodox’ Jewish community of secret Sabbateans.

Cagliostro also met the Comte Saint-Germain in Vienna, who had become the ‘Rosicrucian mentor’ of Prince Carl of Hesse-Cassel.


  1. Defacto, Falk created a ‘new mystical religion, which would…transcend all sectarian divisions.”


7. Falk – and others – fused together the already warped Sabbatean theosophy with high-level Freemasonry rites.

One of the people Falk was in close contact with at this time was Count Nicolai Zinzendorf, who was another of these ‘two-faced’ people.

In one world, he was an upstanding xtian missionary, church leader, and xtian ‘zionist’, who had a big eye on getting Jews to convert.

This comes from HERE:

Over the years, Zinzendorf made several attempts to establish a Jewish “Kehila” (community). He organized mixed marriages of Jews and Christians according to Jewish rules, but never a large enough group was recruited to establish a separate community.


Then in the other world, he was the leader of an occult group called the Moravian Brotherhood, who wanted to totally uproot society and get rid of all class structures.

Zinzendorf’s Brotherhood had branches in Holland and in London, as well as in Moravia.

Moravia was the stamping ground of the Sabbatean Jonathan Eybshutz, and later became a stronghold of the Frankists who retained their Sabbatean-Frankist beliefs, whilst remaining the Jewish community. As we will discover, that was no coincidence.


In the 1750s, Zinzendorf developed a new, secret doctrine for ‘initiates’ to the top secret ‘German Pilgrim Section’ of his Brotherhood, which basically copied the worst antinomian Sabbatian practises of breaking every sexual taboo mandated by the Torah.

This snippet comes from HERE:

In the secretive interior section — called the German Pilgrim Section or Der Pilger — Zinzendorf revealed an esoteric doctrine of sexual antinomianism that bore striking resemblance to that of radical SabbatianismThroughout Swedenborg’s association with the Moravians in London, Zinzendorf was actively seeking contact with Sabbatian Jews, in the East End of London … .

In 1757-1758 the Count was stirred by reports from Poland about charismatic Sabbatian leader Jacob Frank.

And hey presto, another link up between satanic ‘xtian zionists’ and satanic Frankist-Sabbateans is formed…


  1. The brand of Sabian-Sabbatean-Satanism known as ‘The Illuminati’ was also brought to London at the same time that Falk was busy developing the Judeo-Christian new satanic religion called the ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’.

The people who introduced ‘Illuminati-ism’ to London were:


  1. Falk’s non-Jewish proteges create the ‘Asiatic Brotherhood’ in 1782, the year he dies.

In 1782, a Masonic convention is organised at Wilhemsbad by Royal satanists Frederick, the Duke of Brunswick, and Prince Carl of Hesse-Cassel.

The upshot of that meeting, which brings together occult satanists from all over the place, is the creation of a new secret society, called the ‘Order of Asiatic Brethren’, with the Duke of Brunswick and Prince Carl the new Grand Masters.

The ‘Asiatic Brotherhood’, as it’s also known, fused together Sabbatean theology and black magic kabbalah with the ‘theosophy’ of non-Jewish occultists including Swedenborg, Saint-Martin, and Georg Welling.

This is the same ‘Asiatic Brotherhood’ that Moses Dobruska, the nephew of Jacob Frank and grandson of Jonathan Eybshutz, is closely associated with.


The Brotherhoods main HQ is in Vienna, and a lot of Sabbatean-Frankist Jews join that branch.

Other lodges open up Copenhagen and Schleswig, under Prince Charles, and in Hamburg and Berlin, under the Duke of Brunswick.

In Hamburg, we come across another link between Jonathan Eybshutz, Falk and all these satanic-Sabbatean secret societies:

In the latter city [Hamburg], the “Asiatics” drew on the Sabbatian teachings of Rabbi Jonathon Eibeschutz, who had earlier maintained a mysterious relation with Elias Artista (Johannes Muller), the Rosicrucian patron of Swedenborg in Hamburg.


In case you are wondering what these ‘Sabbatian teachings of Rabbi Jonathan Eibeschutz’ are, it’s the infamous treatise VaAvo haYom el haAyin, that basically secretly glorifies things like incest with a very warped ‘kabbalistic’ explanation for why this type of evil ‘hastens the geula’.

In typical two-faced fashion, Eybshutz denied writing the work, but it was an open secret that he was in fact the author.

The book was totally banned and its ‘anonymous author’ excommunicated. It’s known that Jacob Frank drew some of his own warped philosophy from this work and that Moses Dobruska incorporated this work into the rites of the Asiatic Brethren.

(We can only imagine what… but clearly incest was a big ‘mitzvah’ for these people.]


  1. Another spin-off of the Asiatic Brotherhood is formed in Frankfurt, in 1807, called the Loge aufgehenden Morgenrothe.

Most of its members are Jewish, and it’s known as Aurore naissante in French, and ‘Rising Dawn’ in English.


In 1817, another branch of this Lodge is formed in London by the Duke of Sussex, but it apparently only lasts until 1822, when it’s closed by Anton Wolf, a representative of the ‘Mother Lodge in Frankfurt’.


A few more words about the ‘Asian Brotherhood’, before we sum everything up, and conclude with what all this means for the Jewish community today.

This from the Wikipedia page HERE:

It’s full title is “Order of the Knights and Brothers of St. John the Baptist, St. John the Evangelist from Asia to Europe”.

That’s significant, because we know that historically, the Sabians worshipped St. John the Baptist as their top guy.


Also from that same Wikipedia page, we learn this:

Initiated Asian brothers received the Hebrew order names at their initiation. 

Prince Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick, was admitted to the Order as a member of the Sanhedrin under the name of Ish Tzaddik (i.e., “a just man”), and Prince Charles of Hesse (who became Grand Master of the Order in 1786 after Justus) (in 1786) under the name Melchizedek.

In addition, Eckert’s brother, Hans Karl, was a member of the Sanhedrin under the name of Israel, Thomas von Schoenfeld [aka Moses Dobruska, Frank’s nephew and Eybshutz’s grandson] under the name of Zacharias…. as well as many doctors, lawyers, officers, and Jewish merchants.

Members of the Order also included influential Christian aristocrats (Prince Lichtenstein, Count Westerburg, Count Thun), wealthy Jewish financiers from Vienna (Nathan Arnstein, Bernhard Eskeles), as well as Rav Baruch ben Yaakov Shik from Shklov, Dayan (judge of the Jewish Court) in Minsk, and a reformer of Russian Jewry known for his Hebrew translations of Euclid. 


Notice, that last guy is Baruch Shick of Shklov, a leading maskil who is also meant to be one of the leading students of the Vilna Gaon, while hanging out with ‘Yehoshua Zeitlin’ in his Kherson mansion.

Other names to notice are Bernhard Eskeles and Nathan Arnstein.


I just want to end this by bringing a snippet from the letter of one of Falk’s adherents that I quoted HERE, that sets out a few more people ‘connected’ to the Sabbatean-satanist Dr Falk, aka ‘Rebbe’ Chaim Shmuel Falk, the Baal Shem of London:

Afterwards, [Falk] commanded this Moshe and another member of this holy Chevra, Rabbi Yaakov, grandson of R. Meir Eisenstadt (author of Panim Meiros), and they each lit a large candle. Then he commanded that the group enter barefooted into his room, and behold, we saw the holy man sitting on a throne, dressed like an angel…

The godly Kabbalist Rabbi Moshe David, known as Rabbi Moshe Ba’al Shem, wrote a letter to our master Rabbi Jonathan Eybeschutz, the famous Chief Rabbi of Hamburg, and told him all these great things and wonders regarding this holy man (=Falk). So R. Yonasan applied to him the words from the Tikkunim, that Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai said, זכאה דרא דהאי רזי עיתגלי ביה, “This generation is fortunate to have such mysteries revealed.”

The letter continues:

“I am grateful that I have been received into this Brotherhood, who by their piety can hasten the advent of the Messiah…my son, be very circumspect, and show this only to wise and discreet men. For here in London, this matter has not been disclosed to anyone who does not belong to our Brotherhood.”


You see what a difference there is?

Here, Falk sounds like a holy rebbe who is speeding up the geula and bringing Moshiach…

But that’s totally the opposite of who he really was, and what he was really doing.


There are a lot of ‘Eisenstadt’ descendants in a lot of illustrious people’s family trees.

And there are a lot of ‘Eybshutz’ descendants in a lot of illustrious people’s family trees, too.

Once you understand that ‘secret Sabbatean = person who practises incest and immorality as a mitzvah’, you start to understand so much more about what’s gone wrong in certain parts of our Jewish community.

You also start to understand why so many of the descendants of these Sabbatean-Frankists went to such great lengths to cover up their families’ past – and to totally distort Jewish history, in the process.

So many of the people who believe they have ‘impeccable yichus’ are probably mamzerim, mamash.


And the last thing to say, is that THIS is also the real reason why certain sections of the Jewish world, especially the externally orthodox Jewish world, apparently have a very big problem with sexual immorality and incest, behind closed doors.

Once you start tracing back most branches of chassidut, you find they are rooted in the same small group of families who are very closely linked to the secret Sabbateans who stayed hidden in the Jewish community.

That’s not to say all families, all chassiduts, have these problems, God forbid.

But it IS to say that many people were born into families where incest etc, was practised ritually for well over 200 years….

Today, most of them probably have never even heard of Shabtai Tzvi, but we know how these problems and issues are repeated down the generations, in any case.


I know this is hard to read.

But the cover-up has gone on for long enough.

We need to take a deep breath, pull back the covers on what’s really happening in our community, with compassion, and start the clean-up process in earnest.

It’s probably the single biggest thing we can do, to speed up geula and bring it the sweet way.

And that’s also why it’s probably going to be so challenging to get to grips with, for so many of us.


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Well, lots of pieces are starting to fall into place now, with the Frankist family tree.

(Click for parts 1, 2 and 3 of this series.)

I added the following to the LAST post, as an update – and then I had a lot of siyatta dishmeya:

There is another Warburg who also fits into this picture.

Gabriel Jacob Gunzburg’s grand-daughter, Theofilla Rivka Tova Warburg (married to Paul and Max Warburg’s uncle Sigmund) had a very interesting grandson.

His name was: Siegmund George Warburg.

This comes from the Wikipedia page about him:

In the period immediately before the Second World War he worked under cover for the Z Organisation, a highly secret offshoot of MI6/SIS, and reported impressively from Switzerland on his regular meetings with Hjalmar Schacht, then the president of the Nazi GermanReichsbank and thus the most powerful German banker.

He was forced to flee the National Socialist regime of Adolf Hitler and moved to the United Kingdom in 1934 where he co-founded S. G. Warburg & Co. in 1946 with Henry Grunfeld….

His most famous achievement was the establishment of the EuroBond market.

He firmly believed that financial integration of Europe was an essential and natural step in the development of the European economy.

He was a firm supporter of European Integration and involved in organizations dedicated to this goal, like the Action Committee for a United States of Europe, the United Kingdom Council of the European Movement, the European Foundation or the Bilderberg group.


I have a notebook – about six, actually – where I jot down interesting family trees.

The work is so tedious, and so boring, that I can’t do it non-stop, and I have to keep returning to it after breaks of a few weeks – or even months.

So, I found this stuff about SG Warburg, above, and then, as I was tidying my desk for Shabbat, I came across one of the family trees I started doing for Jacob Loeb Benjamin Frankel‘s descendants, in the real world.

And that’s where I saw that one of Jacob Frank’s grand-daughters, Hanale, married a R’ Samuel Levi WARBURG.


His profile has had the ‘Kevin Lawrence Hanit’ treatment, so I can’t tell you how exactly this ‘Rabbi Samuel Levi Warburg’ fits into the Warburg family tree – but honestly, I don’t need to.

If you want to read more about this ‘illustrious’ family, that is spread all over the Jewish world, and has tentacles all over the place – as we already saw with setting up the FED in the USA, and bankrolling IG Farben and Hitler, in Nazi Germany – go HERE, for a brief overview from 100 years ago.


Of the London branch, founded by Mendel Martin Warburg (born 1789; died 1877), the younger son, James, has settled at Manchester, where he is known as a musician. Moses Delbanco (born 1784; died 1848) attained the distinguished position of “Cancelliraad” at Copenhagen.

Aby Warburg (born 1866) is known as an art critic and historian. Karl Johann Warburg (born in 1852 at Stockholm) is a historical and biographical writer of importance, has been appointed librarian of the Nobel Institute, and is a member of the Upper House of Sweden.

Otto Warburg studied at Berlin, where he is now professor of natural history, and is prominent in the Zionist movement. Emil Warburg is a professor at Freiburg and Charlottenburg.

One of the daughters of Marcus Warburg married R. Lassen, and her son was the composer and musical director, Eduard Lassen.

Felix M. Warburg (born in 1871 at Hamburg) settled in New York, where he joined the firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. He is at present (1905) commissioner of education in the city of New York, and is also one of the trustees of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.

At this stage, it’s enough to know that a lot of these ‘Warburgs’ descend directly from the false messiah Jacob Frank.


This is a good time to just flesh out, a little more, who the ‘R’ Joel of Wronke’, mentioned above actually is.

We know from the detective work we did HERE, that he’s the alter-ego of Chaim Samuel Jacob Falk in London (aka the Bad Baal Shem) – and also of ‘Joel Baal Shem of Zamosc‘ – who shows up in a starring role in the Chabad history written by the Rebbe Rayatz, as the leader of a special group of ‘mystics’ that Baruch Batlan, the Alter Rebbe’s father, is attracted to.

This guy is also Jacob Frankel’s father-in-law, good friend of Chief Rabbi of the UK David Tebele Schiff (directly related to the Schiffs of New York, who financed the Bolshevik Revolution) and also friends with a London banker called Aron Goldsmid.

You find a lot of interesting people in Aron Goldsmid’s family tree.

We’ll come back to that shortly.


First, I just want to make it super-clear, that R Joel of Wronke / Joel Baal Shem of Zamosc / Chaim Samuel Jacob Falk was REALLY EVIL, and also was kind of a ‘superstar’ in early Freemasonry.

This snippet comes from HERE:

Rabbi de Falk, also known as Cain Chenuel Falk, was a noted cabalist and magician living in London around this time, the late 1700s. His “son,” Johann Friedrich Falk was born in Hamburg and is mentioned in the classic Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia by Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie.

One Masonic historian believes they were the same person….

There can be no doubt that Falk was a magician.

He started out in Germany and accounts of his alchemical workings (in the late 1730s) have been published. He was eventually condemned for being a sorcerer. His punishment: to be burned alive. Luckily, he was able to escape to Holland before ending up in London.

Falk rapidly became known in England, both among Jews and even more so among Christians.

According to some historians, even the infamous Cagliostro was involved with Falk and learned from London’s Baal Shem both the secrets and rituals that later formed his Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry. These Rites, by the way, became one of the sources for the modern O.T.O.


Falk was involved with revolutionaries and Freemasons.

He is noted in a German history of Freemasonry as being a “very extraordinary man from every point of view. Some people believe him to be the chief of all the Jews…He is referred to…as a Rose-Croix [Rosicrucian]…He has had adventures with the Marechal de Richelieu, a great seeker of the Philosopher’s Stone.” It is also noted that that he predicted the death of Louis XV.

One of Falk’s enemies in London complained that wealthy Christians liked him and gave him money which he spent on the men in his “Brotherhood.” This Brotherhood was probably a high-degree, Rose-Croix Masonic group. For those who are not familiar with the Golden Dawn, their so-called Inner Order claims to be the true Rosicrucian Order (and no, they’re not affiliated with the AMORC Rosicrucians).

While on one of his frequent trips to Paris, Falk consecrated a talismanic ring made of lapis lazuli for the Duke of Orleans to insure that the Duke, who supported Freemasons (and vice versa), would ascend to the throne of France. As a leader of the Freemasonic movement, he supported the French Revolution and became known as the hero, “Phillipe Egalité.” But the Freemasons lost control of the revolution, and the movement toward liberty became, instead, “The Terror.”

He became an “enemy of the people,” yet firmly believed in the ring’s power.

He was beheaded on the Guillotine in 1793, but gave the ring first to a Jewish friend who then passed it to the Duke’s son. In 1830 that son ascended to the throne as King Louis Phillipe of France.


Non-Jewish Freemasons and ‘formerly Jewish’ Frankists go together.

And the Frankists are serving the interests of the non-Jewish Freemasons, who have close ties to royalty and nominally xtian ‘powers behind the throne’.

Don’t forget that, as we go forward, because these non-Jewish Freemasons are looking to use the real Jews as their scapegoats, for all the evil stuff their Frankist-Freemason lackeys are up to.


OK, so back to Aron Goldsmid.

Here’s a snippet about him and his family:

Aaron F. Goldsmid: London merchant and founder of the Goldsmid family of England; born at Amsterdam; died June 3, 1782. He was the son of Benedict Goldsmid, a Hamburg merchant. In 1765 he left Holland with his family to settle in London, where he founded the firm of Aaron Goldsmid & Son, subsequently Goldsmid & Eliason.

The firm of Aaron Goldsmid & Son experienced serious reverses through the failure of Clifford & Sayer, one of the principal houses in Holland. Hence only George, the eldest son, entered into partnership with his father. The other sons founded new businesses for themselves in which they amassed large fortunes.

Goldsmid left four sons and four daughters. The second son, Asher, was one of the founders of the firm Mocatta & Goldsmid, bullion-brokers to the Bank of England.

Benjamin and Abraham were famous as financiers and philanthropists.


Asher Goldsmid’s son married Sir Moses Montefiore’s sister, Sarah.

And you’ll remember that Moses Montefiore came from a Sabbatean family, and was Nathan Rothschild’s brother-in-law and business partner.

And so we see clearly, how the ‘Freemason-Frankist’ nexus that is still shaping our world, particularly here in Israel, continued to grow and grow.


If you take a look around the Goldsmid family tree some other interesting names pop up.

Like this guy, Wyndham Deedes.


While Wikipedia tells you that Wyndham Deedes comes from four centuries of English aristocracy, and was a strict xtian, we can clearly see that three generations earlier, his Jewish (Frankist-Freemason….) ancestors were hanging out with the black magician, Falk, in London.

And Wyndham Deedes had an important role to play, in the nascent Zionist settlement of Israel (snippet from Wikipedia):

From 1920 to 1922, Deedes served as Chief Secretary to the then British High Commissioner Sir Herbert Samuel in Palestine….

Although Deedes had pro-Zionist sympathies, he played a role in promoting the Supreme Muslim Council as an Arab counterweight to the Jewish Agency…. There is a street named after him in the Emek Refaim neighborhood of Jerusalem, Israel.


If you click that ‘pro-Zionist’ link, above, it takes you through to the ‘Christian Zionist’ page on Wikipedia.

But I hope you are really starting to see, just how fungible ‘religion’ really is, with these people.

Here’s a relevant snippet from the ‘Supreme Muslim Council’ page:

At the first election, held on 9 January 1922, the fifty-three former electors to the last Ottoman parliament, elected Hajj Amīn al-Husseini as president, by a vote of 40 out of 47.


Hajj Amin al-Husseini was appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem by the (secret…) Frankist-Freemasons who were working as the ‘front men’ for the ‘get the Jews back to Israel’ project, including Herbert Samuel and Wyndham Deedes.

He’s notorious for inciting the Arabs to start killing the Jews, most notably in 1929 and 1936:

Fearful that increased Jewish immigration to Palestine would damage Arab standing in the area, the Mufti engineered the bloody riots against Jewish settlement in 1929 and 1936.


But as always with this stuff, you have to dig a little deeper.

For example, al-Husseini studied at the Alliance Israélite Universelle school in Jerusalem, and that organisation has been another Trojan Horse into the Jewish community, for the Frankist-Freemasons, and the non-Jews who are using them to try and crush Torah-true Judaism.


The original members of the society were Jews, and by far the largest number of its members belong to that faith, but the association has enjoyed the sympathy and cooperation of many prominent Christians.

Al-Husseini’s teacher was a Syrian ‘modern Jew’ by the name of Albert Antebi, who  just happened to be very good friends with secret Donmeh crypto-Sabbatean Jew and Freemason, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Ataturk was part of the ‘Young Turk’ secular group that overthrew the Turkish government – and then went on to commit the Armenian Genocide.


The new, ‘secular’ Turkey of these secret Donmeh-Sabbatian crypto Jews was also very popular with some other people you may have heard of, like David Ben Gurion, and Yitzhak ben Tzvi and a bunch of other proto-Zionists:

In 1912, [Ben Gurion] moved to Constantinople (now Istanbul), the then Ottoman capital, to study law at Istanbul University together with Ben-Zvi, and adopted the Hebrew name Ben-Gurion, after the medieval historian Yosef ben Gurion.

Different snippet, from HERE:

By [1912] many of the second Aliyah activists had gathered in the Ottoman capital, with Shochat, Ben Gurion, Moshe SharretDavid RemezGolda LishanskyManya Wilbushewitch and Joseph Trumpeldor all there.


Anyway, it’s just interesting, that all these ‘proto Zionist’ Freemason-Frankists were hanging out in Istanbul at exactly the same time as Al-Hussein was also there:

Prior to World War I, he studied at the School of Administration in Constantinople, the most secular of Ottoman institutions.

And then, more ‘Freemason-Frankists’ arranged for him to become the Grand Mufti in Jerusalem, just in time to start whipping up the ‘anti-Jewish’ hatred that the British hoped would ensure the State of Israel would be a permanent protectorate of the Empire…


Let’s just end with a few more snippets about ‘Aron Goldsmid’ and his descendants, big friend of the Bad Baal Shem of London, Jacob Frank’s father-in-law, ancestor of the yucky Warburgs and ‘inspirer’ of Chabad rebbes.

  • We have a link to the ‘people trafficking’ networks (aka the ‘Jewish Colonisation Association) of Moritz de Hirsch:

Other English descendants of Salomon Benedict Goldschmidt of Frankfurt were Mrs. Alice Model, Henri Bischoffsheim, Ellen, Countess of Desart and Sir Max Bonn. Baroness Moritz de Hirsch, wife of the famous philanthropist was also a member of the family.

  • We have a link to the Bank of England, and the ‘Crown Corporation’:

On the death of Aaron the firm combined with that of Abraham Mocatta [ancestor of Moses Montefiore], originally established in 1684 by an ancestor of our treasurer, as Mocatta and Goldsmid, bullion merchants. They have been agents of the Bank of England from its establishment.

  • There’s close links to British royalty:

The relations between Abraham [Goldsmid] and the royal Duke of Sussex were those of genuine friendship. It was under Abraham’s escort that the three Royal princes attended service at the Great Synagogue one Friday evening in 1809. He once actually entertained at luncheon, informally, King George III and his Queen.

  • There’s moving in and out of xtianity and Judaism as it suits them:

Benjamin [Goldsmid]’s family adopted Christianity after his death.

  • There’s links to promoting ‘Zionism’ before that was even really a thing:

Albert Edward [Goldsmid]… Born outside the Jewish Community he learnt only after he had attained manhood of his

Jewish ancestry. He turned to a study of Judaism and at the age of 24 adopted his ancestral faith. By a coincidence the lady whom he married, a distant kinswoman, followed a similar course and became a Jewess….

When Zionism was not yet fashionable he came out as a “Lover of Zion” and formed and took control of the Choveve Zion in England, the organization for the settlement of Jews in Palestine.


Let’s stop there.

I really hope you are starting to see how all these people are connected, behind the scenes, and always have been.

There’s so much ‘fake history’ to keep unpicking, sometimes it gets overwhelming.

But I am going to continue banging on this drum, because now it’s becoming obvious that the ‘christian zionists’ – or whoever the heck is actually controlling all the Frankist-Freemasons in our midst – are gearing up to put all the ‘blame’ for what’s going on with the Covid shots etc, on the Jewish people.

Here’s a recent video listed on the Stew Peters Rumble channel:


We know that all the nations of the world have to come against Eretz Yisrael, and Jerusalem, as part of the geula unfolding scenario.

It seems like blaming us all for the actions of the evil Freemason-Frankists in our midst – who are controlling our communities, on all sides of the divide – is going to be how this is done.

But at least for ourselves, and our children, we need to be super-clear that all these evil people with Jewish names and at least some Jewish blood are not authentic Jews.

They are Erev Rav Frankist-Freemasons.

And we need to do everything in our power to start calling out their connections, diminishing their influence in our lives and separating ourselves away from them, and what they really stand for.



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The last few months, I’ve been focussing on what was apparently happening in the Ashkenazi community, with all these ‘Freemason-Frankists.’

But today, I got the brainwave to go back to the drawing board, and to try and pin-down the Sephardi-converso aspect of all this.

After all, we know that is was the Spanish-Portuguese converso merchants, particular the ones from Portugal, who played a very big part in the diamond, sugar, tobacco, coffee and slave trades.

And who also acted as the ‘go betweens’, between different monarchs and their governing bodies.

And who also had a very hard time ‘letting go’ of their xtian identities, and who found it very easy to slip in and out of xtian and Jewish communities wearing different hats, as it suited them.

I’ve already learned some very interesting things, so let’s take a closer look.


The story begins, as so many of these stories have, with Jacob Leibowitz Frankel, the ‘false messiah’ whose followers hijacked the Jewish community on so many fronts, 200 years ago.

Although honestly, I’m seeing that what really happened is that these ‘xtianised former Jews’ were really already in positions of power, in the Jewish world and elsewhere, before Jacob Frank came along, and he just kind of took over as the new head of the snake.

I went back to Jacob Frankel’s family tree HERE, on a different genealogy site that is much more reliable, to try to pin down his Sephardi mother’s roots and connections.


You remember that Jacob Frank married one ‘Chaya Falkon’ – the daughter of the bad ‘Baal Shem’ of London, who was big into demonic ‘black magic’ kabbalah, and also one of the mentors of a whole bunch of neo-Freemasons.

Well, when I traced his family tree back, I discovered that the mother of Jacob Frank comes from exactly the same family as the bad Baal Shem of London:


I know the details make most people’s head spin, so let’s keep this simple.

Jacob Frank’s grandma six generations back is Esther Branca Marques Fernandes.

She apparently had two husbands.

One of them was called ‘Mordechay Franco Mendes’ – and Jacob Frank descends from that branch, via his mother.

Meanwhile, the bad Baal Shem, Hayim Falkon, also descends from Esther Branca Marques Fernandes, but apparently from another husband called ‘Abraham Levy Ximenes’.

And here is where the story gets interesting.


THIS is Mordechay Franco Mendes on Geni – as you can see, he descends from the famous Rabbi Isaac Aboab de Fonseca.


This is where the ‘hidden’ connection between all these Converso-Sabbatean-Frankist-Freemason Jews, and the UK, and the founding of the USA starts to swim into sight.

If you scoot over in exactly the same fellow tree, HERE, you get to this guy: Rabbi Isaac Touro, the first ‘rabbi’ in the USA.


Here’s what it says about him and his family, on Wikipedia HERE:

Isaac Touro (1738 – 8 December 1783) was a Dutch-born American rabbi. He was a Jewish leader in colonial America. Born in Amsterdam, in 1758 he left for Jamaica. In 1760, he arrived in Newport, Rhode Island to serve as hazzan and spiritual leader of Jeshuath Israel, a Portuguese Sephardic congregation. Soon after his arrival the congregation built the Touro Synagogue, which is the oldest synagogue in the United States.

When the American Revolution broke out, Touro was a Loyalist, and when the British captured Newport in 1776, he remained in the city with his wife Reyna and their children, while many of his Whig congregants fled.

In 1779, he moved with the British to New York, but he had no means of supporting himself there, and was dependent on British charity, so in 1782 he moved to Kingston, Jamaica, where he died in 1783.

His sons Abraham and Judah were renowned philanthropists….

Inspired by the democratic ethos enunciated by founding US President, George Washington at Newport, Rhode Island when he visited the Touro Synagogue in 1790, the Touro family provided major endowments for universities, the first free library on the North American continent, community health facilities in the United States, and pioneering settlements in Israel.


His son, Judah Touro, is the man who gave Moses Montefiore a ton of cash, to build more projects and communities in Israel.

And his wife’s brother is one Moses Michael Hays.

Snippet from Wiki:

Moses Michael Hays (9 March 1739 – 9 May 1805) was an American banker, merchant, and philanthropist… Boston’s most prominent 18th-century Jewish citizen…

He helped establish the New England Masonic movement and in 1792 was elected as Grand Master, with Paul Revere as his deputy.


For the non-Americans out there, Paul Revere apparently played a crucial role in the American Revolution:

Paul Revere was an American silversmith, engraver, early industrialist, Sons of Liberty member and Patriot in the American Revolution. He is best known for his midnight ride to alert the colonial militia in April 1775 to the approach of British forces before the battles of Lexington and Concord, as dramatized in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s 1861 poem, “Paul Revere’s Ride“.


So, here we have a crucial ‘junction’ where suspected Sabbatean-Frankists and definite Freemasons overlapped, at the earliest stages of ‘independent America’.

But there’s still a lot more angles to this story.

First, let’s just take a quick look around Moses Michael Hays‘ family tree, as there are a LOT of interesting people hiding out there.

I’m just going to do names and brief snippets, in this post, as there is a lot of ground to cover:


Gershom Mendes Seixas:

Gershom’s father, Isaac Mendes Seixas (1709-1780), was a merchant born in Lisbon, Portugal, who first emigrated to Barbados before coming to the British colonies….

Isaac Mendes Seixas signed the Non-Importation Agreement Act, one of a series of acts of resistance which led to the American Revolutionary War.

His eldest brother, Moses Mendes Seixas (1744–1809), a merchant, helped organize the Bank of Rhode Island in 1796, became the president of the historic Touro Synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island, and led the congregation’s welcome for President George Washington.

His younger brother Abraham Mendes Seixas (1751–1799), was an officer in the Continental Army.

Another brother, Benjamin Mendes Seixas (1748–1817), was one of the founders of the New York Stock Exchange.


And here is what you should know about ‘Gershom Mendes Seixas’ himself:

As the British fleet approached New York Bay in August, 1776, Seixas preached an emotional sermon in English, warning that that day’s services might be the last held in the historic edifice.

His Patriot loyalties provoked Shearith Israel to seal its entrance as the British approached… 

In 1780, patriots who had fled to Philadelphia wanted to establish the city’s first permanent congregation and selected Mendes Seixas to officiate. 


There’s more people you might have heard of in this family tree, like this woman:


Emma Lazarus wrote the sonnet that ‘won first prize’ (of course a CO-INC-ID-ENCE!!) in the competition to adorn the newly-arrived ‘Statue of Liberty’, freshly shipped over from France.

Her dad was another one of the Portuguese Sephardi merchants and traders, who married Isaac Mendes Seixas Nathan’s sister, daughter (Gershom’s sister) – Esther.

There’s more.


In the same family tree, we find ‘the other Jacob Franks‘ – you know, that apparently American ‘rabbi’ from Germany, who has a lot of faked information in his family tree, and whose wife looks very similar to Eva Frank, the notorious daughter of the notorious false messiah, ‘Jacob Frank’.


Man, the can of worms just keeps growing.

One more thing from the ‘USA’ part of the Frankist-Freemason family tree, because then we need to take this back to old London town, again.

If you go back in Michael Moses Hays’ family tree, you get to Asser Levy.

Asser Levy comes from Vilna, was the first Jew to own a house in what became North America – and is definitely part of the interesting group we are looking at.

Just park that bit of info for now, because Asser Levy links us straight into the Gunzburgs, Bacharachs, Oettingens and Oppenheims – but we aren’t there yet.


Let’s get back to the ‘bad’ Baal Shem’s shared family tree, with ‘Jacob Frank’.

Because now, we are going to discover some more interesting links, this time in London.

That same ‘Abraham Ximenes Levy‘ who is the great-grand-daddy of the bad, demon-conjuring bad Baal Shem, Abraham Chaim Falk, has another famous descendent: Sir Moses Montefiore.


The links are all a big (deliberate…) mess on geni, but Sir Moses Montefiore’s parents are:

Joseph Elias Montefiore, and Rachel Mocatta, daughter of Abraham Mocatta – who was a very influential bullion broker in London.

These people were also very heavily invested in the slave trade, in various ways.

This screenshot, from HERE, details some of those activities:


But don’t forget, all these ‘court Jews’ we’re talking about were just the diplomats and businessmen for the crown and ‘church’ interests who stood behind them.

Going forward, I hope to start setting that part of the equation more clearly, as the anti-semites like to point fingers at the Jews, and blame ‘the Jews’ for everything.

But as we’re all figuring out, it’s becoming more and more questionable if most of these ‘court Jews’ were actually Jewish, on a number of counts. Most of them had been living as xtians for over a hundred  years, and it seems they maintained their ‘xtian identity’ whenever it suited them.

And my research is also turning up a lot of ‘court Jews’ who for whatever reasons not connected to the Spanish Inquisition chose to become ‘xtians’ under their own stream… These people were scrubbed and disguised throughout our history, as most of them continued to affect the Jewish community from within, in some notable ways.

We’ll try to get to some of the more notable ‘xtians in the closet’ another time.

But the point is, that these ‘court Jews’ were just the frontmen for the real power behind the throne (and on the throne…)

And just as it was then, so it still is today.


There are so many parts of this story, I keep getting side-tracked – sorry!

The ‘Mocattas’ linked up with the ‘Goldsmids’ to form Mocatta & Goldsmid, which is now part of the modern ScotiaBank.

The Goldsmid brothers, Abraham and Benjamin, played a crucial role in financing the wars with Napoleon – and then shortly afterwards, apparently both committed suicide:

When the financier Abraham Goldsmid died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on September 25, 1810, just two years after his brother and business partner Benjamin Goldsmid had killed himself, polite magazines and newspapers throughout Great Britain reported the event.

The Goldsmid family deserves it’s own post, and BH, I will get to that soon.


Long story short, the people at the heart of the ‘Frankist-Freemason’ nexus in the Jewish world appear to be Sephardi-converso-merchants, who seamlessly ‘morphed’ into ‘Court Jews’ and ‘Chief Rabbis’, in Europe.

I used to think that the Rothschilds were the main movers in all this, but increasingly, I’m starting to see that Sir Moses Montefiore appears to be the real ‘head of the snake’, at least in the UK, and that the Rothschilds were his apprentices, and not the other way around.


Let’s take a closer look at the Freemason connections to all this, now.

We’ve already surfaced that many of the leading figures involved in the ‘Patriot’ cause in the USA were Freemasons.

On the other side of the pond, we find the Freemason connections were also going strong.

If you go HERE, you’ll find the Wiki page for the ‘Premier Grand Lodge of England.

This screenshot lists some of its more notable members. You’ll probably recognise some of the names I highlighted:


Of the known Jews associated with the Lodge – that had massive backing from the aristocracy – you’ll notice that all of them are Sephardi – except for Nathan Mayer Rothschild, who was Moses Montefiore’s brother-in-law.

It’s so easy to get lost in all the details, but these gentleman, via their extensive family network and their ‘Freemasons’ connections, appear to have been running the show on both sides of the Atlantic.


Let’s just take a look at one of them, in more detail:

(UPDATE: Look at the end of this post, for more interesting snippets about some of these other Freemasons.)

Sampson Eardley.

Snippet from Wikipedia, HERE:

Sampson Gideon (February 1699 – 17 October 1762) was a Sephardic Jewish banker who was active in 18th-century London. Gideon is most prominently known for his financing of the HanoverianWhig government’s suppression of the Jacobite Rising of 1745, subsequently becoming a trusted “adviser of the Government” who supported the passage of the Jew Bill of 1753.

Historian James Picciotto, in his book Sketches of Anglo-Jewish History (1875) described Gideon as the “Rothschild of his day” and the “pillar of state credit”.


Another snippet:

Sampson Gideon was born at London Wall in the City of London, second son in five children of Rowland Gideon (né Rohiel Abudiente), who traded in the West Indies, and his second wife Esther de Porto (also Jewish), daughter of Domingo (or Abraham) do Porto, a diamond buyer in Madras, India.

Sampson Gideon’s paternal grandfather Moses Abudiente was a Sephardi born at Lisbon, Portugal, but moved to Glückstadt at Holstein an area close to Hamburg, where Rowland Gideon was born.

The Abudientes (including Rowland and his brother) were active as part of the elite Sephardic planter ruling class in the West Indies, active in the production of sugar cane in first Barbados, Antigua and then Nevis (moving each time to avoid taxation).

The Abudientes made their extensive fortune from the sugar cane, worked by the unfree labour of enslaved Africans and European indentured servants on their plantations.


Esther de Porto is closely related to the ‘Mattos-Mocatta’ family, that gave us Moses Montefiore, Jacob Frank, and the ‘bad’ Baal Shem, Hayyim Falk, amongst many others.

You see?

It’s always the same people.


And they were known to be ‘Sabbatians’:

The Poet Moses Gideon Abudiente and His Family in Amsterdam and Hamburg: Echoes of 1666 Sabbatian Polemics in Hamburg Epitaphs

And there is a distinct ‘German’ connection to this family, which segues into how the Hanoverians, beginning with George I, somehow managed to come to the English throne.

Remember, Sampson Gideon basically paid for the mercenaries who put down the Jacobite uprising, enabling George I to stay put, as King.

And all this is also connected to the US colonies, which were famously ‘lost’ under George III.


Another branch of the ‘De Porto’ family called themselves ‘Gunzburg’ and ‘Rappoport’.

Most of our ‘big rabbis’ are related to them.

Like, for example, the REMA, R Moses Isserles, and the ‘Megaleh Amukot’ (ancestor of Yonatan Eybshutz).

Screenshot from HERE:


I’m still unpicking that side of things. (And probably will be for the next million years…)

But let me share another screenshot from Geni, that sums up how so many of our ‘chashuva’ Ashkenazi rabbinic families were so closely related to practising xtians and non-Jews:


At the top of the screen, I highlighted two big ‘Ashkenazi’ rabbis:

R’ Rafael Meisels, Dayan in Cracow, and the ‘Chelkas M’chokek‘ – R’ Moshe Meisels.

Right next to him, you can see ‘Deacon John Shaw’ – apparently a baptised, practising xtian in the US, and grandson of John ‘Weaver’ Shaw of Weymouth, who  played a leading role in settling the land as a ‘Founding Father’ in Massachusetts:


[John ‘Weaver’ Shaw’ lived in the times when the Indians were raiding. This culminated in King Philip’s War, during which John served as a Lieutenant & no doubt had his share in the ruthless punishment meted out to the Indians at the close of the ‘Swamp Fight’.

Another way to read ‘ruthless punishment’ is gen-o-cide, but I digress.


Rebecca Shaw – apparently not at all Jewish, and great-granddaughter of ‘John Weaver Shaw’ – marries the apparently very Jewish Abraham Shaw (Figueroa Pardo Meisels) – who is the great-grandson of the ‘Chelkas M’Chokek’, and of Simcha Bunim Meisels – the ABD of Krakow, and the REMA’s son-in-law.

We could say that’s an unfortunate ‘one off’, an example of a Jew marrying out, that does happen.

Except the non-Jewish ‘Rebecca Shaw’s’ son, ‘Francisco Ramirez de Figeuroa’ (1756-1801) then marries ‘Maria Narcisa D’Costa Sofer’ – who comes from another prominent, apparently very ‘Jewish’ family, with massive yichus:


Maria’s paternal great-grandfather is ‘Aaron Uri Phoebus Hart’ – the first Ashkenazi ‘Chief Rabbi’ of London.

And her maternal grandfather is ‘Rabbi Moshe Schreiber Sofer, III‘, grandson of the ‘Yalkut Shmoni’.

Guess who else has ‘Rabbi Moshe Schreiber Sofer, III’ as a grand-dad?

The Chatam Sofer.


So, we are continuing to learn a lot, about just what a huge mess all this is.

It seems that ‘SHAW’ can also be spelt ‘SHOR’.

And that ‘Meisels’ can also be spelt ‘Figueroa Pardo’.

And that so many of the people at ‘the top’ of our elite, Jewish family tree have some very strong ties to xtians and xtianity, going back at least 4-500 years.

Which at least for me, is beginning to explain quite a lot about what’s gone ‘wrong’ in our Jewish community, including on the so-called ‘religious’ side of the equation.

And why it really is imperative, that we take the Jewish community back, from these ‘elites’ who have hijacked Judaism, and Eretz Yisrael, on so many levels.


(Ad infinitum…)



Here’s some interesting snippets about some of those other Sephardi Freemasons, in the ‘Premier Lodge of England’:


Joseph Salvador (1716–1786) was a British businessman in London.

Descended from Portuguese Sephardic Jews, he is often mistakenly referred to as having been the first and only Jew to serve as a director of the British East India Company.

While Salvador invested considerable sums in East India Company stock and was active in Company politics in the 1760s, there is no evidence of his serving as a director….

 [T]ogether with the DaCosta family, he sponsored transportation for 42 poor Jews to Georgia in 1733.

These colonists lay the groundwork for what was to become the Jewish communities of the city of Savannah and Charleston, South Carolina. 

Joseph’s nephew was Francis Salvador, who emigrated to South Carolina in 1773, buying 7,000 acres in Ninety-Six District.

He joined the American Patriot cause and in 1774 was elected to the Provincial Congress, the first Jew to be elected to public office in the Thirteen Colonies (and future United States.) In August 1776, he was killed in a battle in South Carolina, the first Jew to be killed in the American Revolutionary War.



Meyer Löw Schomberg (1690, Vetzburg aka Fetzburg, Württemberg, Germany – 4 March 1761…was a German-Jewish physician who moved to London and had a successful business there.

[O]n 12 January 1726 he became a fellow of the Royal Society, and finally in 1730 he was admitted to the freemasons‘ lodge of the Premier Grand Lodge of England at the Swan and Rummer, Finch Lane (serving as its grand steward in 1734)….

Schomberg’s unpublished 1746 essay, Emunat omen, or ‘A physician’s faith’, written in classical Hebrew, [involved] his conversion to deism… [H]e also got increasingly entangled in one expensive lawsuit after another.

He also rejected the Jewish community by – after 1742 – encouraging his sons to become Anglican Christians if that would aid them in the liberal professions for which he had had them educated.



Coustos became a freemason around 1728-29 and was a member of the Premier Grand Lodge of England, while living in London….

Marsha Keith Schuchard claims that Coustos, allegedly of Marrano descent, who came to London in the aftermath of the public fallout of the Francis Francia trial (a Sephardic “Jacobite Jew”, who was involved in Freemasonry) caught the eye of the British government.

Prime Minister Walpole, a stalwart of the new Hanoverian regime, allegedly used Coustos (and other spies such as Michel de la Roche) to spy on French masonic lodges in London from 1730 to 1732 and report back on any activities of exiled Jacobites in Paris.


I plan to come back to John Coustos – he was at the heart of the ‘fight’ between Anglo-American Freemasonry and ‘European’ Catholicism that is probably still going on today, behind the scenes of the NWO.


Other people to take a look at in the meantime, include:



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