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I just had a fairly massive breakthrough in all the ‘false messiah family tree’ stuff.

I’ve been reading some of the family history books of a man called ‘Allen Goldenthal’, a self-confessed ‘Zadokite’ (Sadducee) and Karaite. who’s done a ton of work on his family tree, and also has ‘inherited memories’ from his ancestors that he can apparently access.

If that sounds weird, remember that epigenetics really is a thing, scientifically.

And also remember that as always, all this information has to continually be birur-ed and verified independently, to try and shake out more of the actual truth.

With those caveats out the way, lets dive in.


Very long story short, Goldenthal is a descendant of the Kahana clan, an ancient family of Kohens who were Sadducees (‘Zadokites’) in Second Temple times, before morphing into that anti-orthodox sect of ‘Karaites’ we’ve been writing about here.

You can read more about the Kahana family tree HERE.

Notably, Goldenthal includes some detailed family trees that pinpoints some of his Karaite ancestors intermarrying with apparently non-Jewish aristocracy, while others marry into leading families of ‘Rabbinic Jewry’, including one Kahana ancestor who marries Raisel Heller, the daughter of Yom Tov Lipmann Heller.

I am still picking through his books to do the birur, so for now let’s leave the personal stories alone – although many of them are eye-popping – and take a closer look at this family of ‘Kahana’ Sadduccee-Karaites with royal connections and a very pronounced heretical streak, who hate authentic Torah Judaism as codified by the Sages of the Gemara.


One of the claims that Goldenthal made, repeatedly, about his ancestors is that they embodied some prophecy, about the ‘rod and the sceptre’ being brought together.

The ‘rod’ refers to the priesthood, the rod of Aharon HaKohen, the first Kohen HaGadol.

The ‘sceptre’ refers to the monarchy, specifically, descent from King David.

I can’t find this prophecy in Jewish sources, I don’t know if it’s a Christian thing.

But according to Goldenthal, his family of ‘Kahanas’ bring together the ‘rod’ of the priesthood (i.e. descent from Kohanim) together with the ‘sceptre’ of being descended from King David, and as a result, they have been in the middle of so many disturbing episodes of Jewish history, particularly in relation to the ‘false messiahs’ that have plagued us since the time of Yoshki.


Now, let’s change gear, and go and take a look at some of the people Goldenthal identifies as being on that Sadducee-Karaite-Kahana family tree.

A key place to start is a guy called Hananya “Bustenai” ben Haninai, Exilarch & Gaon of Pumbeditha.

For those that don’t know, from the time the Jewish people were first exiled to Babylonia under Nevuchadnezzer, we were governed by our own lay Jewish leader, or ‘community king’, who was known as the Exilarch.

This Exilarch typically claimed descent from the House of King David – and a lot of them were very corrupt, spiritually.

Even when some of the Jews returned to build the Second Temple under Ezra and Nehemia, many Jews stayed behind in galut, and the office of ‘Exilarch’ continued until the 1100’s CE.


What’s really interesting about this line of ‘Exilarchs’ is that they apparently intermarried over and over again with the exiled High Priests, including these Sadduccee-Karaite-Kahanas that Goldenthal says he is descended from.


Let’s take a closer look at ‘Hananya ‘Bustenai’ ben Haninai’s family tree, HERE.

Here’s a snippet of some of the stories told about him, translated from Hebrew Wikipedia, HERE:

Bustanai (d. 660/5) was the first Exilarch to be recognized by Arab rule. His birth and much of his life is surrounded by legend. As a token of appreciation, Caliph Ali gave him the daughter of the Persian king Yazdeger (Yazadagird III of Parthia ) for a slave. Eventually Bustanai married her.

His first wife, Adoa, a Davidic Jewish princess (relative), had two sons: Hisdai I & Baradai;

His 2nd wife, Dara or Azdadwar Izdundad or Izdadwar daughter of Zamaspdukht and King Shahrijar III of Persia. The Parthi princess, had three sons: (a) Hisdai II , (b) Nehemiah , and (c) Haninai [Hananiah], who was “exilarch” of Sura 689-694.


Let’s sum up as we go along, as there is a lot of astounding ground to cover here.

Exilarch Bustainai had two wives.

One of them was Jewish – Adoa – and one of them was not.

The non-Jewish wife was either Dara, the daughter of King Charlemagne of the Holy Roman Empire, or she was Izdundad, a Persian princess.

Either way, there was a massive disagreement about whether Bustainai converted this wife to Judaism (if he was a Karaite, he probably wouldn’t have bothered, as they believe Jewish descent occurs via the father.)


We will come back to Bustainai’s non-Jewish wife and children another time, there are a lot of big secrets hiding out there.

But in the meantime, I want to draw your attention to another big debate going on,  about how Bustainai could claim to ALSO be a Kohen descended from the High Priests, and ALSO claim to be descended from King David.

HERE‘s a snippet of the discussion going on on Geni, about how all that actually is meant to be working. I’ll sum up the main point afterwards, don’t worry if you lose the thread here.

There is a major ambiguity in the paternity/maternity of Haninai al-Nehar Pekkod. In this profile he is the son of Hananya “Bustenai” ben Haninai, Exilarch & Gaon of Pumbeditha and Princess Adai binte Assad Bin Hashim which would make his sons part of the Davidic-Exilarch line.

BUT there is also Chanania bar Chaninai HaKohen who is the son of Chaninai Achunai bar Hunai HaKohen and Adda (or Addoi) daughter of Bustenai making him a Cohen. So in the first instance he is the Davidic son of Bustenai and his spouse Adai, and in the second he is the Cohanic son of Bustenai’s daughter Adoi and her HaCohen spouse.

If you follow the descending lines you will see they both lead to Natronai bar Hillay: 1) Naṭronay bar Hilay (Hillel), Gaon of Sura and 2) Natronai bar Hilay HaKohen, Gaon of Sura In the first profile there is no Cahonic title, while in the second he is HaKohen. This is an important point for those studying the descending lines of Bustenai.


Another user basically explains that:

It was suggested very recently by someone in this discussion, that this paternal lineage is indeed that of kohanim, and that these people are one and the same and this lineage of gaonim although not formally of the House of David, still uses this title “inherited” from a mother to maintain their prestige among the populous.


To sum this up, this chain of ‘gaonim’ descend from the Exilarchs of the House of King David only via their mother, but are actually Sadducee-Karaite-Kohanim.

So far, Goldenthal’s claims stand up.

Here’s why all this matters: This line of people lead to pretty much all the interesting people I’ve been writing about here on the blog, and also seem to have produced all the ‘false messiahs’ we’ve also been writing about here on the blog, in the so-called ‘Ashkenazi’ world.

THAT is why they were so keen to hang on to their ‘yichus’ of descending from the House of David, even though it was just via their mothers, because that is a pre-requisite to be Moshiach, and Kohanim – even very powerful Kohanim who repeatedly intermarry with non-Jewish aristocracy and place their scions in the position of ‘Chief Rabbi’ down the centuries – just can’t claim.


So, I start scrolling forward to see who this ‘Bustenai’ guy’s descendants are, and basically, we hit the jackpot here.

Let’s list some of the descendants you have heard of, and also some that you haven’t heard of:

Rabbenu Gershom (960-1040)

The REBAN, R’ Eliezer ben Natan (1090-1170)

And in the exact same bit of that family tree, we have someone called ‘R Yehuda ben Moshe HaKohen’, or ‘SIRE LEONTIN’, the grand-dad of the REBANs wife.


Here’s more about this ‘Sire Leontin’ and his family:

The Radhanites (al-Rādhāniyya) were Jewish [Qaraite and Rabbinic] merchants believed to have originated in the ninth century in the region of Rādhān, a district in southern Iraq. Their trade routes… stretched from China to the Iberian Peninsula…

[T]he Radhanites knew six languages and traded in slaves, silk, furs, and swords, as well as musk, aloe wood, camphor, and cinnamon.

You got that, that we are dealing with ‘Kohen Karaites’ here, who were trading slaves, amongst other things, and almost certainly were doing business with the Khazars?

We already discussed the links between the Karaites, who were intermarrying with the fake ‘Al-Kohen’ Khazar kings HERE, HERE and HERE.

Now we have to ask: were luminaries like Rabbenu Gershom (who outlawed kitniyot for the Ashkenazim, despite apparently being a Persian!!) a secret Karaite too?

The mind boggles.

Let’s continue, there’s way more.


Click forward a bit from the REBAN and his Karaite in-laws, and we find that the REBAN’s daughter marries one ‘R Elyakim ben Yehuda’.

Their immediate descendants include a bunch of French Tosafists, including the Baal HaTurim:


Click forward a bit more, and we get to Haim Henschel Isserlein, the ancestor of the ISSERLES clan, including the REMA.


But the links are deliberately broken between this group of ‘Karaite’ descendants and the REMA and his family on Geni.

Because they don’t want you and me knowing that the same very small group of Sadducee-Karaite-fake-Kohanim have been exclusively running the show in the Jewish world for more than 2,000 years.

Remember, we were all scratching our heads wondering how the REMA could have married Golda, whose father Shalom Shakna Kahana was a Karaite?

Well…. now we’re starting to figure more things out, here.


In that exact same family tree HERE, we find some more people you may recognise:

Levenshtams, Schors, and Oyzers – all there, in the Exilarch-Karaite family tree.


I get carried away with all this, and I know others don’t follow so easily, so let’s stop this side of the research, and go back to someone else who descends from these Exilarch-Karaite-Kohanim, that you will recogise, namely:

The Maharal of Prague.


Go HERE to see how that plays out, this is a screenshot:


This genealogy connecting the MAHARAL to these Karaite-Exilarchs has been deliberately scrubbed.

As I’m wondering why, my eye scrolls a little further down, and the mystery is at least partially solved:


False Messiah Jacob Frank was a direct descendant of the Maharal of Prague!!!!

And our ‘historians’ knew this, and have deliberately lied about it repeatedly, telling us ridiculous stories about how he was just some ‘merchant’ from a Sabbatean family.

You’ll notice that the Alter Rebbe’s family is close mishpocha to Jacob Frank.

We already knew that from previous detective work, but it’s good to see it set out here, and also reinforces how it could be that the 4th Rebbe of Chabad could marry the grand-daughter of the notorious Jacob Frank.


But there’s still more surprises to come.

I scroll down a bit more, and I finally get to a paternal line for Jacob Frank, that looks like this:



‘Yehuda Leib of Prossnitz’ was a very famous Sabbatian false messiah, who counted R Meir Eisenstadt, the ‘Ponim Meir’, and Jonathan Eybshutz amongst his very closest Sabbatean students.

See the Jewish Virtual Library HERE for more info, snippet:

Judah Leib was widely credited with magical practices connected with his attempts to bring to an end the dominion of *Samael and is reported to have sacrificed a chicken as a kind of bribe to the unclean powers.

The facts concerning this and his promise to reveal the Shekhinah to some of his followers, including Eisenstadt, are shrouded in legend, but they contain some kernel of historical truth.

Since by then he was widely considered by his foes to be a sorcerer, Eisenstadt left him and Prossnitz was put under a ban by the rabbinical court and sentenced to exile for three years; however, he was allowed to return after several months.

He persisted at the head of a secret Shabbatean group in Prossnitz, again working as a children’s teacher. Maintaining connections with other Shabbateans, in 1724 he tried to obtain the appointment of one of his closest followers, R. Sender, to the rabbinate of Mannheim…

Jonathan *Eybeschuetz, a pupil of Meir Eisenstadt in Prossnitz for several years, is said to have studied secretly with Judah Leib, who was then propagating teachings close to the radical wing of Shabbateanism.



THIS is Jacob Frank’s father?!?!?!?

Of course, it ties in perfectly with everything else we’ve learnt, and it makes perfect sense, but what shocks me the most is the level of cover-up we are dealing with here.

Jonathan Eybshutz and the Meir Panim were buddying around with JACOB FRANK’S FATHER, and of course, Jacob Frank spring-boarded off his father’s Sabbatean ‘false messiah-ness’ to even lower depths of depravity.

It all makes perfect sense now, also including how Jacob Frank could have married the daughter of another Sabbatean sorcerer, Samuel Chaim Falk, and how Jonathan Eybshutz’s son Wolf would be a Frankist / rival false messiah to Jacob Frank.



Just think, how our ‘rabbis’ and historians, religious and secular, have been so falsifying real Jewish history for the last 250…350…500…2,000 years.

Also, pay attention how this family of ‘Exilarch-Karaite-Kohanim’ are the source of EVERY SINGLE FALSE MESSIAH WE’VE HAD TO DEAL WITH, splintering and weakening the Jewish people from within.

And that is still happening today, BTW.


I will stop there for now, but I guarantee you I can also fit Shabtai HaKohen SHACH / Shabtai Tzvi easily into this picture.

And a lot of other pieces of the puzzle are starting to move more into place.

But I don’t want to explode your brains – or mine – so, we’ll let all this sink in a bit more before seeing what other revelations we kind find in that ‘Kahana’ family tree.

It sure is nice to have all the research start to be verified like this, tho, I have to say.

We really are being ruled by these Sadduccee-Karaite-Sabbatean-Frankists….

And after 2,000+ years of this, it’s time that finally changed.



There’s a lot more information about the links between Eybshutz and Prossnitz on the Kotzk blog HERE, including snippets of letters written by Jacob Emden and Eybshutz himself.



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A week ago, I was walking around the old Jewish cemetery of Krakow.

There were a lot of graves there of people I’ve been taking a closer look at here on the blog, including R’ Moshe Isserles, otherwise known as the REMA.


Over the last couple of years of research, I’ve discovered that so many of the strands of my investigation into who is really running the Jewish community have passed through the family nexus of the REMA.

Let’s just quickly sum a few things on, before we take a closer look at the REMA’s missing sister, Kendall Drucker.


In the post called FORBIDDEN RELATIONSHIPS, we already started to trip over the roots of the REMA’s family tree.

Here’s a reminder of some of the more pertinent bits, for this post:

  • Aharon Luria (‘the first Luria’) marries his aunt, Miriam Spira.

His grand-daughter is Dreizel Miriam Zeisel Luria – the REMA‘s maternal grandmother – who marries one Eliezer Lipman SHRENTZELS.

Aharon Luria’s great-grandson is none other than R’ Shlomo Luria, the MAHARSHAL.


You remember from HERE, we figured out that that REMA’s second wife Golda actually came from the ‘Karaite’ family of R’ Shalom Shachna (HaKohen) Kahana (Kohen Tzedek) of Lublin.

Golda’s brother, R’ Israel Shachna (aka R’ Israel Charif from Lublin) had a daughter, Rivka, who married one ‘Naftali Tzvi Hirsch Shor, ABD Brisk and Lublin’.

His daughter, Reisel Schor, marries her nephew, Israel Meisels.

Israel Meisels is the son of Reisel’s brother, Avraham Chaim Shor.

Israel Meisels’ brother is Simcha Bunim Meisels, the ABD of Krakow, who marries…. Dreizel, the daughter of the REMA.


And Dreizel’s great-granddaughter YENTA marries none other than…. the SHACH / SHABTAI TZVI.

Like this:



You remember HERE, we identified how the SHACH’s family of very probably fake ‘Kohanim’ actually descended from some more dodgy court Jews, who were happily converting in and out of xtianity, as the whim took them.


 ‘Akiva HaKohen Katz of Budin’, ancestor of the SHACH, was also ancestor of a bunch of two-faced ‘Christian Jews’ including people like Amschel von Schleusingen / Akiva Frankfurter Guggenheim.

And very possibly, he is one and the same as the ennobled, baptised, John Ernuszt, corrupt Hungarian tax collector extraordinaire.


Remember, all these families just kept marrying each other.

So, it’s no surprise to learn then that the SHRENTZEL family itself seems to have descended from a prominent court Jew in Hungary who converted to xtianity to avoid being executed, when he was caught committing adultery with xtian women.


B’ktitzur, the REMA’s family tree is a right old mess, both in terms of the Jewish-Christians he descends from, and also the strange phenomenon of aunts marrying their nephews, that is occurring repeatedly in the family tree of our dear leaders.

So, while I was poking around the cemetery in Krakow, I was trying to figure out a few more of the mysteries that small plot of land contains.

Many of the gravestones were smashed up by the Nazis, but the REMA’s original grave still stands:



We’re told that the REMA had three wives:

Krendel Eberles

Golda bat Shalom Shakne Kahana (Shor) – Karaite

Shprintze Eberles – Krendel’s sister.

But I could only find one wife buried next to the REMA in the Krakow cemetery, who was identified as his ‘first wife’ Golda Kahana (Shor), descended from that known Karaite family with links to royal courts.

This is a list of the known graves in the Krakow cemetery:

Krakow Jewish Cemetery grave list


And this is a close up of the graves associated with the REMA:


I’ve been at this long enough now to know that when there are missing – or additional – wives in the picture, THAT is the place I need to start digging.

So I did, and I got to this:


So, we already know from HERE and HERE that the REMA’s first wife descended from the Karaite Kahana family.

This Kahana family of Karaites has been causing massive trouble within the Jewish community from at least the time of Yoshki, and I hope to start doing more posts on them specifically soon. Not least, this family seem to have had close links to East European royalty, in a whole bunch of ways that I’m still trying to figure out.

Let’s park that bit of the discussion for now, and take a look at why someone is going to all that trouble to give the REMA a fake wife.


If you go HERE, to Shprintze Katz’s Geni profile, you’ll see that she descends from that same extended ‘TREVES’ clan we talked about in the post called FORBIDDEN RELATIONSHIPS.


  • R’ Moshe Gershon Altshuler (Ebereles) married his aunt, Chana TREVES.

And apparently, one of the daughters of this forbidden relationship, KRENDAL, married the REMA as his second wife, while her sister Shprinza married Yosef HaCohen Katz, the She’erit Yosef.


(While we’re on the subject, KRENDAL and SHPRINTZE also had a brother called YAAKOV EBERLES ALTSHULER, also apparently a product of this ‘forbidden relationship’. His grand-daughter ROZA married the MEGALEH AMUKOT, also buried in Krakow’s cemetery.)


Time and time again, we see that ‘Christian-Jewish-Karaites’, court Jews, false moshiachs, heresy and mamzerut comes together in one big, disturbing package.

And at some point, we’re going to have to come out of denial, and to really look at who has been leading our communities for centuries, and who is really controlling them, from behind the scenes.


So, who is this She’erit Yosef guy, who is he connected to, that marrying into a family of halachically ‘forbidden relationships’ isn’t fazing him?

Here’s his family tree:


Hey, would you look at that!!!

He also appears to be another ‘fake Cohen’ who descends from that same Akiva Hakohen Katz / John Ernuszt we talked about above:

 ‘Akiva HaKohen Katz of Budin’, ancestor of the SHACH, was also ancestor of a bunch of two-faced ‘Christian Jews’ including people like Amschel von Schleusingen / Akiva Frankfurter Guggenheim.

And very possibly, he is one and the same as the ennobled, baptised, John Ernuszt, corrupt Hungarian tax collector extraordinaire.


Let’s just connect the She’earit Yosef to the SHACH / SHABTAI TZVI, and also to the MAHARAL of PRAGUE, before we move on.

According to the standard genealogy (which is deliberately all mixed up…) the She’earit Yosef’s father is R’ Chaim HaKohen Katz – the brother of this same Akiva Hakohen Katz / John Ernuszt, above, who is the ggg-grandfather of the SHACH / SHABTAI TZVI.

And the SHACH / SHABTAI TZVI’s great-grandfather is Yitzhak HaKohen Katz (grandson of Akiva / John Ernuszt), who marries the MAHARAL’s daughter(s), VOGEL and / or LEAH.

We talked about the MAHARAL’s own convoluted family tree, with nephews apparently also marrying aunts, HERE.

It’s the same pattern, the same people, the same problems, over and over again.


Now there’s another link-up with another notorious family of court Jews in Krakow, who were mixed up with the Polish royal family in a bunch of still mostly unexplained ways.

The following details come from the YIVO article on the Fiszel family HERE.


The most influential family in Kraków’s Jewish community from the 1470s to the mid-sixteenth century.

Members of the Fiszel family served as creditors to King Casimir the Jagiellonian and his sons Jan Olbracht, Aleksander, and Sigismund I.


Moshe Fiszel and his wife Rachel Moyseszowa , from Prague, are in charge of the Polish Kings’ mint, and also lend them a lot of money, as their official, tax collecting ‘court Jews’.

They have six kids. One of them, (Moshe) ‘Stefan Fiszel Powidzki H. Korab converts to xtianity, snippet from YIVO:

Mosheh (Stefan) Fiszel served as a creditor to kings Jan Olbracht and Aleksander even before his conversion to Christianity.

In 1494, he represented the interests of the Jewish community in their disputes with non-Jewish residents of Kraków, and in that same year he was arrested with other Kraków Jews.

He served as collector of Jewish taxes in Great Poland (1499, 1503) and as director of the salt storehouse in Poznań (1504). In 1499, when the Jews of Gniezno accused him of excessive tax collection, he received the support of the archbishop of Gniezno, Cardinal Fryderyk Jagiellończyk.

After converting to Catholicism (between 1503 and 1504); Stefan was ennobled by Zygmunt the Old, receiving the Korab coat of arms.

His sons Jan and Stanisław also converted to Catholicism; their godmother was Elizabeth, the widow of King Casimir the Jagiellonian. Stefan divorced his wife, who chose to remain Jewish.


One of Stefan Powidzki’s brother is Efraim Fisczel, also known by the xtian name ‘Franczek’. Snippet from YIVO:

Efrayim (Franczek) Fiszel, Stefan’s brother, was appointed in 1512 to the position of general collector of Jewish taxes in Little Poland…

In 1524, Sigismund I (the Old), at [Queen] Bona’s request, named Franczek and his wife Chwałka (Falka) royal servitors, thus removing Franczek from the jurisdiction of any other court but that of the king or, in smaller matters, of the queen. Both were freed from the payment of Jewish taxes.


I just finished reading a historical account of the Polish Court at this time of Sigismund I and his Milanese Queen Bona Sforza by Polish Count Valerian Krisinski.

You can get a copy for yourself HERE, and while it sounds like the most boring thing imaginable, it’s actually REALLY interesting.

That ‘Queen Bona’ mentioned in the snippet above is one of the key figures in this account. After she’s widowed, she does a lot of things that aren’t very nice, but chief amongst them is poisoning Queen Barbara Radziwill, the consort of her son, King Sigismund Augustus of Poland.

Queen Bona is helped by her trusted servants, an ‘Italian’ doctor with links to some witch who lives in by the Jewish Cemetery of Krakow…. and her main maidservant is called ‘Falka’.

That would make ‘Rabbi Mordechai Gershon Katz’, the husband of ‘Falka Walka’ the alter ego of our Ephraim Fisczel.


Here’s another CO-IN-CID-ENCE:


Compare and contrast the above with what was brought down in the history of Valerian Krisinsky, referenced above:

Queen Bona is helped [to poison Barbara Radziwill] by her trusted servants, an ‘Italian’ doctor with links to some witch who lives in by the Jewish Cemetery of Krakow…. and her main maidservant is called ‘Falka’.


And what happens to ‘Moshe Fiszel’?

In [1541], Moses Fishel was accused of complicity in a ritual murder, in connection with which he was burned at the stake.


Moses Fishel appears to be the brother of the ‘She’etrit Yosef’….

There are some very strange links between Polish / Hungarian / Lithuanian royalty at this time, and the people who were mamash our Jewish ‘leaders’, rabbis and poskim.

It also seems to me at least possible that Bona Sforza descended from a family of ‘crypto Jews’.

And it’s also at least possible that the Polish Queen Barbara Radziwill, who Bona poisoned to death, came from a rival family of ‘crypto Jews’ called the Radziwills.

I am still figuring it out, with God’s help.


In the meantime, the REMA synagogue was built by the REMA’s father, a wealthy merchant banker officially called ‘Israel ben Yosef’, after he recieved permission from this self-same Polish King Sigismund II Augustus, son of Bona Sforza, in the face of huge opposition from the church.

Snippet from HERE:

 [T]he royal permission by King Sigismund II Augustus was obtained in November 1556, after long opposition from the Church.


I can also tell you this: the Kahana family of Karaites are slap, bang in the middle of this.

And there is a direct link between the Sadducees and Karaites and what happened around the whole Yoshki ‘false messiah’ debacle 2,000 years ago.

And there is also a strong link between the Karaites and the Khazar fake ‘Al-Kohens’ from the 9th century on.

And there is also a strong link between the Karaite-Kahanas and royal families and court Jews in the early Middle Ages.

And again, between the Karaite-Kahanas and our rabbinical leaders and families.

And lastly, between the Karaite-Kahanas and the false messiah Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH, who also seems to be a fake ‘Al-Kohen’.


We never got around to the REMA’s missing sister, Kendal Drucker.

We’ll have to save her for another post.

But it should be clear now, that the ‘hypothesis’ continues to stand, and if anything, each time we take another pass through, we get even more information that suggests that our community was hijacked by Karaite heretics, who worked with the xtian authorities to try to destroy authentic Judaism from within, not least with ‘false messiahs’ on a number of occasions throughout Jewish history.

And sadly, that’s still happening today.



PS: I just traced the ‘She’erit Yosef’s’ tree forward, and whaddya know?

I am deep, deep in Eybshutzs (including Jonathan Eybshutz himself), Bondis, Wehles and other known Sabbatean-Frankists.

It’s also connecting up to the real family tree of the devil-worshipping ‘Bad Baal Shem’ of London, Samuel Chaim Falk, first father-in-law of another false messiah, Jacob Frank; and also, another known Sabbatean ‘prophet’ and false messiah in his own right (as well as  being the brother of the Meir Panim Eisenstadt), Mordechai Mokiach.

Are you shocked that all these yucky people, who have inflicted so much tsar on the Jewish community, are dafka in this same family tree?

Because I’m not.

And there’s also a link up with a bunch of Chassidic Rebbes too… because the biggest ‘good’ and the biggest ‘bad’ is coming out of this same gene pool.

The question is, who was on which side of the equation.

And we’re still trying to figure that out.


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Over the course of my research into the false messiahs like Shabtai Tzvi and Jacob Frank, another name kept coming up around the edges.

That name was ‘Asher Lemlein’.

Here and there, I’d catch references to some ‘false messiah’ in the 16th century who wreaked havoc on the Ashkenazi Jewish world, and caused hundreds and maybe even thousands of people to ‘turn Christian’, when their messianic hopes turned out to be unfounded.

I know you never heard about this.

It seems that almost nobody has ever heard about this, but I decided to try and track down more info, if possible, to see who he really was, and what really happened, the century before Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH appeared on the scene.


Last week, I finally got the book that sets out the whole story.

It’s called: Disputed Messiahs: Jewish and Christian Messianism in the Ashkenazic World during the Reformation, by Rebecca Vos, associate professor of Jewish history at Goethe University, Frankfurt.

Here’s the basic story of ‘Asher Lemlein’, and then we’ll see if we can track him down in some family trees, which will also be a very interesting addenda, because there is nothing new under the sun.


In the Middle Ages, there was an open spiritual ‘war’ going on between xtianity and Judaism, as to who was really ‘God’s chosen people’.

The xtians believed that God had basically dumped the Jewish people, and was now orchestrating their ongoing persecution at the hands of the xtians, because the Jews has failed to recognise Yoshki as the ‘true Moshiach’.

In our times, this idea is called ‘xtian replacement theology’,  and it’s at the heart of a lot of what is currently going wrong in the State of Israel.


In an over-simplified nutshell, the xtians knew their bible very well, and they knew the prophecy given to Rivka that ‘Yaakov’ would serve ‘Esav’, and that when one brother was up, the other would be down.

And they also knew all the prophecies about Edom (Esav) being destroyed at the end of days.

But, the xtians flipped everything on its head, to say that they were the ‘new Yaakov’, and that the Jews themselves had now been cast in the role of ‘red Edom’ / Esav.


Around this time, there was a lot of talk of the ‘Red Jews’, associated with the lost 10 tribes of Israel, who the xtians believed would show up again when the Jewish moshiach came to do battle the xtians and take vengeance against them for their horrible treatment of the Jews in their midst.

There is a set of stained glass windows from 1370 that commemorate these ‘Red Jews’, in St Mary’s church in Frankfurt an der Oder. One of them is called: The Antichrist with the Red Jews beside the Sambatyon River.

In case you hadn’t figured this out already, in xtian eyes, the true Jewish Moshiach is their ‘antichrist’, who was meant to come and fight against the xtians at the End of Days.

So, the xtians were super-vigilant about any potential ‘Moshiach’ candidates in Europe, and that also contributed to an atmosphere where the Jews usually tried to cover up the discussion about their fake messiah candidates, so it wouldn’t spark retribution from the xtians.


This is the background, and it’s part of why you’ve never heard of  the false messiah Asher Lemlein (Gunzburg?).

Let’s tell his story now, and then we’ll get to the other reason why you’ve never heard of him.

Vos starts her chapter on this guy with these words:

“At the turn of the sixteenth century, messianic expectations among European Jews and Christians reached a zenith.”

Europe was being convulsed by peasant revolutions; the Spanish empire (which had just kicked out or converted most of its Jews) was expecting ‘the end’ imminently; and the Ottoman Turks had just recently conquered the seat of the Byzantine church in Constantinople – and were on the march towards Europe itself.

Everyone was talking about geula.


On the Jewish side of the fence, Yitzhak Abravanel published Ma’ayenei HaYeshua in 1497, which identified the year 5263 (1503) as a very auspicious year for the coming of Moshiach.

Meanwhile, on the non-Jewish side, the astrologers were off calculating planetary movements, and saw that in 1503-1504, there would be an unusual and propitious ‘conjunction of the superior planets’, namely Mars, Saturn and Jupiter.

Let’s just press pause for a moment, to explain once again that there is nothing new under the sun.

Every ‘false messiah’ episode in Jewish history has always been fuelled by some sort of ‘auspicious year’ prediction for the coming of Moshiach, combined with weird planetary activity, plus wars, famines and natural disasters.

Personally, that’s comforting to me, as the world continues to disintegrate into madness.

There is nothing new under the sun, and just like we weathered previous crazy times, we will weather this period of time, too.


So, back to Asher Lemlein.

Whaddya know, in this heady atmosphere, a whole slew of ‘prophets’ suddenly turn up around 1500, both in the Jewish and the xtian worlds – and especially in Italy.

One of the more famous non-Jewish prophets around this time is Girolamo Savonarola, who preaches fire and brimstone sermons about people needing to repent because ‘the end is nigh’ – until the Vatican leaders decided to execute him, because they were sick of him pointing out all their corruption to the masses.

At this same time, one ‘Asher ben Meir Lemlein Ashkenazi’ suddenly steps into the limelight, on the Jewish side of the fence.


According to Vos, he first appears around 1500, and his family seems to hail from the city of ‘Reutlingen’, where the Jews were expelled in 1495.

I can’t find anything for ‘Reutlingen’, but there was a Jewish community at that time, at that place, in Treutlingen, which apparently burned down in 1495.

Snippet from HERE:

Treuchtlingen (among Jews, Troilingen) of Middle Franconia. Germany. Jews were among the victims of the Black Death persecutions of 1348-49. In the 17th and 18th centuries, they lived under letters of protection and constituted one of the important communities in Bavaria

 Vos explains that a lot of Jews from the area of the ‘Holy Roman Empire’ that we now know broadly today as Germany settled in Italy around this time, mostly as a result of persecution.


Istria, the area where Lemlein started preaching, near Venice, was known for having a Jewish community that was populated by bankers, traders and money lenders.

This snippet comes from HERE:


Asher Lemlein was a kabbalist with some very ‘controversial’ opinions about the transmigration of souls and techiat hameitim.

His kabbalistic teachings were strongly criticised by the author of the Shalshelet ha-kabbalah, amongst other contemporary kabbalists.

Vos states that his views “caused outrage and indignation”, even before he proclaimed himself officially as a prophet in 1500, to a group of h is students in the Italian town of Isola.

Snippet, from page 53:

[H]e professed the ability to produce signs and wonders with the help of angelic and divine names….Lemlein appeared to many as other insane, or possessed by a demon…”


These false messiahs ALWAYS have their hands mixed up with ‘practical kabbalah’ aka demon-conjuring, to perform their ‘miracles’ and persuade the masses that they are who they pretend to be.

We saw the same thing with Jacob Frank, and his father-in-law Dr Falk, the demon-conjuring bad ‘baal shem’ of London (and founder of the satanic Order of the Golden Dawn), who is still being venerated as a ‘tzaddik’ today….

There is nothing new under the sun.


So, Lemlein shows up, does some open miracles via the use of impure names and conjuring demons, then starts to tell the many hundreds of thousands of Jews that God wants to bring the geula very soon.

But, before that can happen, he tells the Jewish community that they need to go through six months of agonizing ‘penances’, bodily mortifications and teshuva.

Lemlein tells them if they do this (p55):

“[A] fiery column with a dark cloud shall surround all Jews, in the same way as happened in the times of Pharoah, and drive them again to Jerusalem, where the temple shall be rebuilt and offerings made.”


And the Jews, God bless them, they do it!!!

They fast 2 and 3 times a week, they flagellate themselves, they wear sack cloth non-stop

With maximum self-sacrifice. Even for more than six months, they do all this for almost a year.

And then…. nothing happens.

And so many Jews get so disappointed that after all that effort for the ‘false messiah’, they still didn’t get to geula, literally hundreds and thousands of them start converting en masse to Christianity, because they have lost hope of the geula ever happening.


One of those famous Jewish apostates is Johannes Pfefferkorn.

Pfefferkorn becomes one of the most vicious anti-Jewish, anti-Talmud opponents of his former brethren.

This snippet is from his Wikipedia page – which totally omits any mention of how Asher Lemlein caused the Pfefferkorn family to convert:

Johannes (Josef) Pfefferkorn (1469–1523) was a German Catholic theologian and writer who converted from Judaism. Pfefferkorn actively preached against the Jews and attempted to destroy copies of the Talmud…


Another famous apostate is ‘Anton Margaritha’, who converts in 1522, also despairing of geula.

Wikipedia states that his father was Rabbi Jacob Margolioth of Ratisbon / Regensburg.

But according to the Encyclopaedia of Judaism, HERE, ‘Anton Margaritha’ was Jacob’s grandson:


There’s a few interesting things here.

Take a look at who Jacob Margolioth’s son is: Shalom Shakhna, the author of Yam she-Asah Shelomo.

Geni is totally missing this ‘Shalom Shakna’ out, for some reason.

I think he could be the same as this guy, the father-in-law of the REMA, who mysteriously has no parents despite being such a famous rabbinical figure, and who we’ve already written about being a suspected Karaite.

Screenshot from HERE:


In the meantime, this comes from the YIVO website:

SHALOM SHAKNAH (ca. 1495–1558), rosh yeshivah and rabbi in Lublin; chief rabbi of Poland.

Shalom Shakhnah ben Yosef was born into one of the richest Jewish families of Poland. His father Yosef (Yoska) and grandfather Shakhnah were successful farmers of customs duties in Poland. After Yosef’s property was plundered, he moved from Lwów to Lublin in about 1504 and opened a money-lending business.

After Yosef’s death in 1507, Shakhnah maintained the business, but subsequently turned to Torah study and a rabbinical career.


So, ‘Yosef (Yoska)’ turns out to be R Jacob Margoliyot;

  • The Margoliyots turn out to be ‘one of the richest families in Poland’, with tight links to the royalty and jobs as royal tax farmers;
  • Jacob / Yosef moves to Lublin the exact same year that false messiah Asher Lemlein is proven to be a bust, causing tons of Jews convert to xtianity;
  • One of his sons is Shalom Shachne SHOR, REMA father-in-law, tax farmer, suspected Karaite and Chief Rabbi of Poland
  • Another one of his sons is R’ Shmuel of Posen – ABD of Greater Poland before his brother Shalom Shachne, and father of the famous Jewish apostate ‘Anton Margaritha’…

Are you starting to understand why there are so many ‘mysteries’ all the time in these family trees?


Let’s get back to Asher Lemlein.

By 1509, he’s known to have run away to Israel – to Tsfat, specifically – where he’s writing things about why the Moshiach didn’t come the way he promised everyone he would, back in 1502/3.

He has a ‘vision’ where he’s shown that the main reason Moshiach didn’t come then… is because the Sephardim are mangling the prayers by mispronouncing the Hebrew letters…

But that’s not all. He also writes this about the Sephardim (p59):

“They all became apostate…, because they did not believe in God and had no faith in His redemption, saying belief is but an invention of the masses. And all of this is merely the fruit of philosophy.”


It’s all so strange, these writings, because a large percentage of the Jewish population had converted to Christianity barely 20 years before, in 1492, and were still living as xtians.

Like, duh!

Of course God wasn’t happy with them doing that…

And yet, this massive piece of information is so regularly and so casually overlooked, in ways that are hard to fathom.


Apparently one of Asher Lemlein’s ‘big believers’ was none other than Eliezer Treves.

He’s that same Eliezer Treves who married Jutta Treves, and sired most of ‘big rabbinical families’, plus a whole bunch of mysteries about why so many people in his family appear to be marrying their aunts.

Snippet from pg 71:

“[As told by David Gans, his student Frankfurt am Main] Decades after Lemlein’s prophecy, Treves was heard to say ‘that it was no empty word and that he had produced signs and wonders. And he said that perhaps our sins led to it and delayed him [the Messiah’.”


As to Lemlein himself… he apparently disappears without a trace of any family or descendants – like all these false messiahs always do.

But… I’m struck by the similarity in name of this guy, Asher Aharon Leamali Ulma Guntzburg, hanging out bang in the middle of the Guntzburg family tree that all roads eventually lead back to, when I’m trying to track down ‘interesting people’:


This guy seems to be 80 years too late to be ‘Asher Lemmlein’ himself.

But if I’ve learnt one thing about the family trees of false messiahs, it’s that they lie about just about everything.

And history has a funny way of repeating itself over and over and over again, when it comes to ‘false messiahs’ popping up in this particular extended family tree, which leads us to the SHACH / Shabtai Tzvi and also to Jacob Frank (and later on, to the Satmar Rebbe, the Chabad dynasty, and a whole bunch of other chassidic rebbes, plus of course, the Vilna Gaon.)


Who knows, really, whether ‘Asher Lemmlein’ just vanished in thin air in Tsfat, or whether he and his family got recycled again as the infamous Gunzburg clan?

But one thing is clear:

There is really nothing new under the sun.


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Let’s learn more about these ‘Jewish-Christians’, and see how they’ve been shaping history behind the scenes.

(You can read Part 1 HERE.)

First, a note on the sources for this information.

Much of it has been gathered together in a book called ‘The Secret Legacy of Jesus: The Judaic Teachings That Passed From James the Just to the Founding Fathers’, written by Lutheran Minister and adjunct Professor of world religions at Penn State, Jeffrey Butz.

In turn, one of the main places where Butz got his info was from a work written by ‘Hebrew Christian’ Hugh Schonfield, called The History of Jewish Christianity, (1937).

You can read that HERE.


Before we continue, I went to check out ‘Hugh Schonfield’ on geni, to see who he’s related to.

I hit the motherlode.

HERE is where you can see his profile on geni.

If you keep clicking back on his mother’s side, you get to a whole bunch of ‘Cohens’, ‘Boas’s’ and ‘Goldschmidts’.


Because I’ve been eating and sleeping these family trees for two years, I can tell you that the ‘Boas’ family were very wealthy parnessim in Amsterdam; they were known Sabbateans – and they were also the supporters of the Goldschmidt bankers in London, and the ‘bad Baal Shem’ of London, Dr Samuel Chaim Falk.

Here’s the relevant snippet from THIS post:

Falk’s main financial backers in Amsterdam were the wealthy Sabbatean ‘Boas’ family – now conveniently scrubbed out of Jewish history (possibly because Frank’s second wife may have been a ‘Boas’.)

Falk’s main financial backers in London were the Goldschmidt banker-brothers, and he also hangs out with the ‘Chief Rabbi’ David Tebele Schiff.


Falk is the guy who began the ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’, and who also encouraged the creation of a bunch more secret societies like the Asiatic Brotherhood – all practising black magic, and preaching a creed of ‘universalism’.

Here’s another pertinent snippet:

Falk spent the last 5 years of his life on developing a ‘Judeo-Christian Freemasonry’, where Jews wouldn’t be pressured to convert to Christianity.

It looks like this was the ‘Egyptian Rites Freemasonry’ that was later ‘marketed’, if you can call it that, by Falk’s protege Cagliostro (aka Joseph Balsamo from Italy, who may well have been another Sabian-Sabbatean, even before he met Falk.)….

Remember, Frank was the son-in-law of ‘Dr Falk’, and the putative father of Falk’s six grand-daughters – all of whom married back into the ‘orthodox’ Jewish community of secret Sabbateans….

Defacto, Falk created a ‘new mystical religion, which would…transcend all sectarian divisions.”


OK, let’s get back to ‘Hebrew Christian’ Hugh Schonfield’s family tree.

If you trace it back, you see that he descends from the ‘who’s who’ of court Jews and Sabbatean-Frankists from the last 400 years, who I ‘ve been writing about here for months.

Gluckel of Hameln is in there; there are ‘Schwabs’ in there; there are tons of ‘Goldschmidts‘ and ‘Bacharachs’ in there, there are ‘Spiras’ and ‘Hildesheimers‘ in there.

And there are also ‘Rothschilds’ in there – the real family tree, not all the fakes ones I’ve been ploughing through the last few months.

If you go HERE, and click ‘direct descendants’ mode on geni, it will show you how the original surname of the Rothschild family was BACHARACH.

It will also show you that the Rothschild bankers ‘descend’ from the famous court Jew, Josel of Rosheim (Loanz).


We came across ‘Josel of Rosheim’ recently on the blog, here:

Akiva of Salonica, Ephraim Fishel, and ‘Christian Jews’

Snippet from there:

We know ‘Hayyim Samuel Jacob Falk’ well.

He’s the demon-commanding, black-magic practising, Order of the Golden Dawn-founding father-in-law of false messiah Jacob Frank….

And ‘Eliyahu the Baal Shem of Worms’ – aka Eliyahu Loanz – is also related to another famous tax-collecting Court Jew, namely Josel of Rosheim.

(Josel of Rosheim’s family were also accused of performing satanic ritual murders.… All this is starting to hit very close to home, isn’t it?)


This is the same family that ‘the Rothschilds’ descend from.

This is the same family that ‘Hebrew Christian’ Hugh Schonfield descends from.

And Hugh Schonfield is the guy who wrote a book explaining the true history of ‘Jewish Christians’, over the last 2,000 years.

You see how all this hangs together more and more, the more facts we uncover?


So now, let’s quote a little from Hugh Schonfield’s book, before I go back into ‘summing up Jewish-Christian history’ mode.

Gentile Christianity has been intelligibly enough preoccupied with its own rise to power and influence, and in the first flush of that power it sought by anathema, suppression and wholesale destruction of documents to overthrow the witness of Jewish Christianity…. Far from becoming a futile anachronism, its spirit and human activity has persisted until the present day, and is even now undergoing a revival on a scale unknown since apostolic times.

Jewish Christianity has always existed to supply that of which the Church has stood in need — the Messianic vision…. if the true preaching of the Kingdom of God had been carried out according to the Gospel injunction, the horrors of warfare would have long since ceased between so-called Christian countries. The only diplomatic corps that Europe would require would be “ambassadors for Christ.”


Plain English: ‘Jewish Christianity’ has always existed, despite the persecution of the Catholic Church, and it’s follower consider it to be the ‘authentic’ version of xtianity.

And the guy who is writing its history is descended from all those ‘court Jews’ with strange xtian links, and ties to other false messiahs like Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH and Jacob Frank, who in turn have been clearly linked to the Freemasons and other secret societies on this blog.


Now, it’s time to fill in a bit more ‘Jewish-Christian’ history.

The following outline follows that set out in Butz’s book.


In 313 CE, Constantine’s ‘Edict of Milan’ sets the scene to start treating ‘mainstream’ – i.e. gentile / pagan – xtianity more kindly.

At the same time, that means that the Jewish-Christian groups like the Ebionites, and the ‘breakaway’, more gnostic Elkecaites, start to be persecuted very seriously, to stamp out their ‘heresy’.

One Elkecaite who has a Jewish father and Persian mother, Mani, moves up to the more religiously tolerant Sassanid empire of the Persians, and creates another version of so-called ‘Jewish-xtianity’ but with a way more pronounced, devil-worshipping Gnostic creed.

This becomes known as ‘Manicheanism’ – and before Islam shows up, is a serious rival to the Catholic and Byzantine churches, in terms of how many adherents it has.

Butz writes on page 256 that it was:

‘likely that the Desposyni [i.e. Jesus’ blood relatives] were leaders of the Elkesaites in Mesopotamia’, and in contact with Mani.


Conventional history says all these Jewish-xtian groups including the Ebionites and Elkecaites ‘disappear’.

But, there are traces of the Ebionites in Saudi Arabia still, even in the 11th and 12th centuries.

And the xtian-gnostic groups who don’t believe that Yoshki was fully divine are said to have ‘Arian tendencies’.

Take note of that term: Arian.


In the meantime, these evolving Jewish-xtian groups start to organise themselves more like a ‘secret society’, thanks in part to all the persecution.

The Manicheans, for example, now divide into the elite ‘Elect’ – who know all the secrets – and the ‘Listeners’.

The ‘Elect’ are:

‘[E]ntrusted with the furthering of Mani’s mission, and they were bound to a strict ascetism including vegetarianism and celibacy’.

(Just to confuse us all more, sometimes these Manicheans are also known as ‘Mandeans’, and also as ‘Sabians’.)


In the meantime, many of these underground Jewish-xtians seem to migrate further North, particularly settling in the South of France.

Butz writes that there is a Jewish state in that area at that time, called ‘Septimania’.

Personally, this whole idea needs a lot of double-checking, going forward, because this is exactly the same period of time that ‘Khazaria’ had a lot of renegade (Sadducee / Karaite) Jews from Babylonia move up, as we covered in previous posts HERE and HERE and HERE.

So either the same sort of thing happened twice, in both ‘Septimania’ and ‘Khazar’, or Septimania is being used as a historical decoy.


Point is, the ‘Jewish-xtians’ were still going strong.

And over the next few centuries, Manicheanism (the more gnostic version of ‘Jewish-Christianity) starts to ‘morph’ again, into three specific movements, called:

The PAULICIANS – based out of Armenia, around the 6th century CE.

The MESSALIANS (also known as Euchites) – based in and around Mesopotamia, from the 4th century on

The BOGOMILS – began around the 10th century, and quickly spread throughout much of Europe.


This snippet is from HERE:

Bogomilism was a Christian neo-Gnostic or dualist sect founded in the First Bulgarian Empire by the priest Bogomil during the reign of Tsar Peter I in the 10th century….

The Bogomils called for a return to what they considered to be early spiritual teaching, rejecting the ecclesiastical hierarchy.

Their primary political tendencies were resistance to the state and church authorities. This helped the movement spread quickly in the Balkans, gradually expanding throughout the Byzantine Empire and later reaching Kievan Rus’, Bosnia, Dalmatia, Serbia, Italy, and France (Cathars).

They did not use the Christian cross, nor build churches, as they revered their [own bodies] and considered their body to be the temple. This gave rise to many forms of practice to cleanse oneself through purging, fasting, celebrating and dancing.


Meanwhile, this snippet from HERE shows how more of the evil practices that came to be the hallmarks of these devil-worshipping ‘Jewish-Christian’ sects were being rumoured, even a thousand years ago:

 Michael Psellos, a Byzantine monk, accused Bogomils and Euchites of orgiastic practices such as incest and homosexuality.

Furthermore, he argued that children born from these promiscuous activities were brought before a Satanic assembly after eight days, offered up to Satan and then cannibalistically eaten…. Euthymios Zigabenos is another source for these accusations.

The idea of these unholy acts can be tracked back to alleged practices of certain Gnostic sects.


Jacob Frank was hanging out with some Bogomils in Podolia / Ukraine.

This snippet comes from a post called ‘False Messiahs’:

  • The ancient sect of Jewish-Gnostic-Sabians were known to be present and active in the Ukraine / Podolia, at the time that “Frankism” really took off.

“Has’sidism and Frankism… belong to the long chain of heretic sects that goes back to the early Christians and the Gnostics…..from that remote corner of eastern Europe, the forest and mountain country of eastern Galicia and the adjoining Ukraine which saw the last offsprings of gnostic Manicheism and the Bogomils.


There is so much to unpick and sort here, the information can become overwhelming – even for me!

So for the rest of this post, let’s just focus on one area where these underground ‘Jewish-xtian-gnostic’ groups really took off: Northern Italy, and the South of France.

In these areas, the Bogomils influenced a new movement called the ‘CATHARS’, which suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the 11th century.

This snippet comes from HERE:

As Dualists, Cathars believed in two principles, a good god and his evil adversary (much like God and Satan of mainstream Christianity).

The good principle had created everything immaterial (good, permanent, immutable) while the bad principle had created everything material (bad, temporary, perishable).

Cathars called themselves simply Christians; their neighbours distinguished them as “Good Christians”. The Catholic Church called them Albigenses, or less frequently. Cathars.


Before we go on, I want to underline that ‘Good xtian’ thing, because the Cathars called themselves ‘Bon hommes’.

The Ebionites before them called themselves ‘Tobim’, or tovim – good.

And here’s one of those weird hook-ups that kind of makes a very big point, in a very simple way.

On geni, you see that the progenitor of the Goldschmidts and the Rothschilds (and Hugh Schonfield’s ancestor….) is called ‘Joseph de Bonne’ – ‘Joseph the good’. And that he hails from France – the same region as the Cathars.


But here is where we see he has a ‘double identify’:


In this version, Joseph de Bonne is called ‘Joseph HaLevy Goldschmidt Stadthagen’.

And that family tree leads us straight to ‘Jewish rabbinic royalty’, plus a whole bunch more court Jews, including the Oppenheimers.

(I will be unpicking this family tree for months….)


Back to the Cathars.

Here’s another telling snippet about what this Jewish-Christian-Gnostic group actually believed:

[The Cathars] largely regarded men and women as equals, and had no doctrinal objection to contraceptioneuthanasia or suicide. In some respects the Cathar and Catholic Churches were polar opposites. For example the Cathar Church taught that all non-procreative sex was better than any procreative sex. The Catholic Church taught – as it still teaches – exactly the opposite.

Following their tenet, Catholics concluded that masturbation was a far greater sin than rape (as mediaeval penitentials confirm). Following their principles, Cathars could deduce that sexual intercourse between man and wife was more culpable than homosexual sex.


Does any of this sound familiar?

Most of the nobles and aristocracy in the South of France become Cathars in the 11th and 12th century.

And most of the people.

So much so, that the Catholic Church was almost totally replaced. Pope Innocent III doesn’t like that – at all! – so he organises a crusade against the Cathars in the South of France, which comes to be known as the Albigensian Crusade.

It began in 1209, lasted 20 years – and killed a million people.


Who else is hanging out in ‘Cathar France’ at this point?

  1. The Knights Templar
  2. The Knights Hospitaller

These groups don’t participate in the crusade against the ‘Cathars’.

Interestingly, this is also the same time and place where we find RASHI (1040-1105 CE), and his group of scholars.


Butz claims that RASHI was a frequent and welcome guest at Count Hugo De Payens Court, in Troyes.

That’s a claim that needs more double-checking.

But what IS true, is that Hugo de Payens (1070-1136) was the first Grand Master of the Knights Templar, who set up shop in the Holy Land.


And so we see there is a lot of cross-over with these ‘Jewish-Christian-Gnostics’, and Eretz Yisrael.

In his book, Butz comments on the fact that the Knights Templar effectively become the first ‘multinational corporation’ in the World, and also set up the first real international banking system.

Honestly, I need to do a whole separate post about ‘Knights Templars’ and modern-day freemasonry, because there’s a lot of information to consider.

But let’s sum up the main points, from this post.



  • Hugh Schonfield is a ‘Hebrew Christian’, who writes The History of Jewish Christianity, in 1937.
  • He’s also related to the Boas, Cohen and Goldschmidt families, known to be a) court Jews, parnassim and b) wealthy supporters of Shabtai Tzvi, Dr Samuel Chaim Falk, and Jacob Frank.
  • Gnostic-Jewish-Christianity has been going on for the last 2,000 years, and particularly popped up again in France in the 11th and 12th century, as part of the ‘Cathars’ movement, that was put down by the Catholic Church.
  • The Knights Templars also began in France, at the same time that the Cathars was going strong.
  • Meanwhile, the Gnostic-Jewish-Christian ‘Bogomils’ had a very strong presence in Kievan-Rus – what is today known as Ukraine – amongst other places.
  • False messiah Jacob Frank was apparently in touch with these ‘Bogomils’ in Podolia.
  • So many of the ‘court Jews’, including the Rothschilds, appear to be connected to these ‘Jewish-Christian’ groups, who maintained a belief in Yoshki for the last 2,000 years, whilst trying to stay ‘culturally Jewish’.
  • The movement of Mani in the 4th century is when the ‘Jewish-Christian’ group called the Elkecaites really started to incorporate more devil-worshipping, ‘dualistic’ beliefs, that basically state there is a ‘good God’ and a ‘bad God’, chas v’halila, and that the ‘bad God’ is the one who created the material world.
  • This Gnostic belief system also teaches that ‘releasing’ people from their human body (i.e. killing them….) is the biggest kindest you can do for someone, and the way to achieve spiritual ‘Nirvana’.
  • So, instead of blaming the Jews for all the world’s ills, all the anti-semites out there can hopefully now start to understand that it is ‘believers in Christ’ who are really causing so much of the evil in the world, and mamash worshipping the devil. (A person can hope….)


There is still so much to write, not least about how all this ties in with people like Jonathan Eybshutz, and his censorship of the Talmud and gnostic-xtian tendencies.

And also, how it connects back to Dr Falk, and his ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’.

And also, how the Armenian church fits into this – with it’s ‘all seeing eye’ symbolism and connection to the Old City of Jerusalem, and the Templars, and the Armenian convert who lived in Jerusalem at the time of Yoshki, etc, Queen Helene of Adiabene.

And last but not least, where the whole question of ‘Christian Zionism’ and the State of Israel fit into this picture.

I guess we’ll get to all that in due course.

But in the next post, I want to go back to the beginning, to see if we can get a clearer picture of when Yoshki was actually alive, and what else was happening in the Jewish world, at that time.

I think we’ll learn some very interesting things.



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