A reader sent me this video, from last week.


It’s Daniel Amram’s video from over a week ago – a few days BEFORE the gag order was implemented in Israel, so not subject to it.

It’s in English, and Amram goes through in detail his meeting with R’ Yoel Roth, plus a bunch of other details about events leading up to Moishy Kleinerman’s disappearance, including false passports and a whole Shabbos that Moishy apparently spent in Meron with the R’ Roth group, which was the last day that anyone saw him.

Kleinerman’s family reached out to R’ Roth the week after he went missing…


I am simply amazed these details have not made it into the press, until Amram shares them here.

Listen, come to your own conclusions, and remember that Moishy Kleinerman DID NOT HAVE A PHONE.

He was calling his parents to check in from friends’ phones.

Something is being covered up here.

More than that, we can’t say.


But the truth will out.


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The last couple of weeks, I’ve been translating and transcribing the Channel 13 documentary on the pedophile ring in Sanhedria and Nachlaot.

You can see the original Hebrew HERE.

Why am I doing that? Because the journalist, Chaim Rivlin, actually did a very good job of putting together the information, and going forward, I wanted to have a record of what has been publically uncovered. And the second reason, is because when this stuff gets into English, then it’s instantly accessible to way more people in the world.

And public pressure is the only way that this stuff ever ‘moves’ (in terms of hishtadlut that is not praying for God to uproot all this evil once and for all.)

It’s all about keeping up appearances, didn’t you know?

So, the more people who can access and engage with this information, the higher the chances something might start to ‘catch’, and enough momentum will start to build for the very guilty parties in our midst to start being exposed, and held to account.


What I’m bringing you today is the very last part of the documentary, which begins around the 59 minute mark, where Rivlin is interviewing the police chief who was in charge of investigating the complaints of organised, xtian-based pedophila in Sanhedria.

(You can remind yourself of the basic details here:)



As we watch the ‘cover up’ of what really happened to Moishy Kleinerman unfold in full view, I thought it would be useful to understand whose side the police are really in, and the tactics they use to give the ‘appearance’ of investigating these crimes, when of course, they have absolutely no intention of really figuring out who did it.

Because they already know ‘who did it’, and they are covering up for them.



(Note: Chaim Rivlin will be abbreviated CR and italicised, the police chief will be referred to as POLICE.)

CR: When did you first hear about this matter?

POLICE: I have to tell you, that we are not talking about some sort of organised operation here, that began with a complaint that was made at the police station.

Rather, it began via a few different sources and routes, [the details] came by way of information and material. The investigation continued for a long time. There was no cooperation from the kehilla.

[Ed. note: This is something the police always like to claim, when dealing with pedophilia, and other crimes against children, in the chareidi community.]

When for two years – and this is the process I’m talking about – for two years you check things and you see that there is absolutely no evidence, also in the material that came to us that was ‘copied’ according to the idea that there is an organised ring here.


According to the material that I have, our argument is that the children were abused, but there is no connection between the cases.

The attempt to connect the victims, [was]in order to get some sort of what we call ‘financial gain’, or something, to get donations, it doesn’t matter what.


CR: No, you really think that therapists, who get 200 nis a meeting – and she BTW said that she didn’t take money from the parents at the beginning – that this is the incentive to go through this whole thing?!

That they would put such awful ‘imaginary’ ideas like these, into the heads of children?!

[Ed. note: In 2016, the police arrested one of the therapists who had been helping some of the pedo-abused children in Sanhedria, on the charge of ‘making the story up for money’.]


POLICE: See, when you see that on the one hand, there is absolutely no evidence to connect the cases – and I underline again, that there are cases [here] of sexual abuse – [but] there is absolutely no evidence to connect them.

From the other side, the reason for connecting them is to make it possible to collect very big sums of money, which essentially motivates a very, very big financial enterprise.


CR: Dani Brom, Joanna Silberg and also Ben Harosh [all licensed therapists / psychiatrists] appeared on our show, and they all said that ‘we have the feeling that all of the stories of the Christianity and the tunnels, etc, it’s a smokescreen designed to confuse everybody, and especially the kids themselves, so that they won’t be believed.

But, it seems to us that there IS an organised ring here.

Doesn’t that sound realistic?


POLICE: We live in a legal world of evidence.

I can’t bring rumors, ideas and thoughts. I need to bring evidence to court.


CR: If we were talking about some sort of singular occurrence, something unusual, like we’re describing, where kids are taken out of their schools and kindergartens in the middle of the day, whether with inside help or without the inside help of a whole bunch of people, and where it seems they are working in a very sophisticated way…

I can’t understand why the Israeli Police wouldn’t have picked up its feet, and used all the resources that it has, in order to beat this thing.

POLICE: Yes, yes.

CR: So, why didn’t that happen?


POLICE: Where is a complaint that kids are abducted from their institutions of learning, whatever they are, and there’s a camera, or there is…

CR: (Interrupting) So, you are saying that if the kidnapping happens in a place where there are no cameras, so then you’re not going to investigate?!

POLICE: That’s irrational. I’m just giving you an example.

CR: I don’t understand the logic. I just don’t understand the logic.


POLICE: It’s not logical that there is a complaint that a child is kidnapped and the whole story is based on the kid coming home late by 1/4 hour or 20 minutes!

CR: No, that’s not the story! No, no, no.

The mother recounted she was contacted by the kindergarten, which told her that today, her child came to school 1 1/2 hour late.

And during this time, according to the driver of the minibus, he was with him in the minibus. And afterwards, the kid comes home, and says that lots of the driver’s ‘older brothers’ got into the vehicle, and that he was very scared.

And afterwards, this kid develops exactly all the phenomena and symptoms that we spoke about [in the documentary]. And he said that he was taken from his school in a methodical manner. They did terrible things to him that I can’t even begin to describe.

This doesn’t sound to me like something that wasn’t worth properly investigating.

Who was this driver? What is this minibus company? And how did this kid get to school an hour and a half late?! And we know for a fact that this happened to him.

This doesn’t sound right.

[Ed. note: The police didn’t interview any of the drivers or ‘inside helpers’ who were suspected of taking these children out to the pedo ring.]


POLICE: So, like I said, I can’t [stuttering], I can’t refer to this specific case.

Also, complaints like this that came from the parents, if they existed – and there were some – at the end, A) the kid didn’t tell us this; and B) It’s impossible to get to any official information where it says this.

[Ed. note: Because the police refused to question any of the drivers or ‘inside helpers’, to start verifying whether this actually happened.]

CR: (Interrupts) But the nursery teacher said the kid came 1 1/2 hours late!!

POLICE: (Evasively) I don’t know, I’m not familiar with this, I’m not familiar.

CR: That’s not enough?

POLICE: No, I’m not familiar with this incident. I never heard about this incident.

[Ed. note: Remember, this is the police chief in charge of investigating the Sanhedria case for 2-3 years. Yet, he’s apparently ‘not familiar’ with a key piece of evidence that could have led to many different lines of enquiry and some very concrete ‘proof’ of what was really going on…]


CR: We collected 108 names of children.

This sounds to me like something that should have shaken the very foundations.

POLICE: The police doesn’t have any vested interests in not investigating this.

Agree with me. Ultimately, we are looking at the abuse of children [here].


CR: If that’s true, then you don’t believe them [the kids].

Instead, if that’s true, from the beginning you said that this is just regular pedophilia.

It’s chareidim, who want to try and pin this story on to non-Jews, on someone else. Yes, ‘tunnels’, and all that stuff. I heard these ‘theories’ from the police.

And then, you know, we don’t believe them. So, we’re really also not going to seriously investigate [their claims].


POLICE: The amount of time and resources that we’ve sunk into this investigation in total, is very large.

I would be, I wouldn’t say ‘happy’, exactly, but if I would have had a line of investigation that would have lead me to this ‘cult’ that you’re claiming, or to this group, whatever it’s objective is, I think that I would have put in much less resources into stopping these people, to investigate them and bring them to justice.

[Ed. note: This is an example of that phenomenon where these people ‘tell the truth’, despite themselves.]


CR: If 20 kids out of 108 tell you that they were videoed, shouldn’t this have pointed you in the direction of something called the ‘Dark Net’?

POLICE: Again, it’s possible to start many different lines of investigation…

CR: (Interrupts) But this is very simple!

POLICE: There was a mish-mash of complaints here…

CR: Did you check? Did you check on the ‘Dark Net’?

POLICE: (Evasively) We checked a lot of things. I’m not going to go over all the things we did with you.

CR: But you didn’t check on the Dark Net. You didn’t undertake a ‘cyber investigation’.

POLICE: (Getting angry) What do you mean, ‘Dark Net’?

CR: Cyber [i.e. internet]. A cyber investigation.

POLICE: If something was put up, and if I would have known that there is a line of enquiry, we would have [pause…] continued it.

[Now pointedly changing the subject…]


POLICE: Now, to return to the multiple complaints.

There were 100 names, or 2-300 names.

[Ed. note – here we see the real scope of the complaints was between 2-300 children]

This was a complaint that was alleged to us a few times. At the end, when you are giving specific details about this, a bill of indictment, evidence, an investigation, it’s not conducted upon 100 people. It’s conducted one by one, on the person who was hurt, the victim, and the suspect who hurt them. If there’s one suspect, or many suspects, it doesn’t matter.

CR: But these are small children who couldn’t say who was a suspect!!

And they were also psychologically manipulated, so that it would be impossible for them to give the name of a suspect. So, this requires a different way of thinking!


POLICE: So, we thought differently here! That’s what I’m trying to say! We thought differently here.

But ultimately, with the tools of the police, with ‘thinking out of the box’, we did a lot of things, much more than in the investigations that you call ‘regular investigations’.


The interview with the Police Chief ends.

You can see that the journalist Chaim Rivlin looks very uncomfortable and distressed throughout the interview, because even a moron can see that the police are lying through their teeth.

No-one was ever arrested, or apparently even questioned in connection to the pedophile ring in Sanhedria (apart from the therapists who were raising the alarm…)

Not the minibus drivers, not the caretakers and classroom helpers who were suspected of taking the kids out of school, not the large gang of ‘externally chareidi’ pedophiles, who appear to be acting as the go-betweens, ferrying these kids out to the xtian churches in the Old City, where they are then taken for ritual abuse sessions down in the basement of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre….

It’s hard to imagine what the police actually investigated for two years.

Also, none of the police investigators watched even so much as a frame of the recorded therapy sessions with the children, where they were telling their stories in their own words.


At the end of the documentary, Rivlin explains that the 100s of ritually-abused chareidi kids have absolutely no official framework helping them.

The Jerusalem City Hall isn’t interested, the social services aren’t interested. They have been left totally ‘hefker’.

45 of these families left Israel and went back to the States.

Many more of the families left Jerusalem.


But here’s the thing to understand, and that the journalists themselves stress:

This pedophile ring is still operating today.

Rivlin himself has a long list of suspects that he’s been given by vigilant parents, who are trying to figure things out themselves, to protect their kids, while the police continue to tell them they are imagining everything.

And apparently, it has now extended its operations beyond Jerusalem.


Remember  this, next time you hear a police spokesman blaming chareidim abuse victims for ‘not co-operating’ with them.

They just pull the same stunt again and again and again.

They did that in Nachlaot, ten years ago. They did it in Sanhedria six years ago. They are doing it again today, in Beit Vegan.

And in the meantime, the demonic pedophiles in our midst continue to get away with their awful crimes against children.

Until enough of us take this seriously, and say ‘ad kan’ – but no further.


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As soon as I saw the ‘missing’ pictures of Moishy Kleinerman, I recognised that look in his face that has become so familiar to me over the last few months.

It was the look of a person who has been subjected to something soul-destroying.

I didn’t want to write that for the last few weeks, because God forbid any aspersions should be cast on his parents.

But today, there is more information about what is going on in connection with Moishy’s disappearance, which you can read on the VINN site HERE.

Here’s a screenshot of the headline, but please go and read the piece, it’s short and tells you a lot of info that once again, the government in Israel is trying to inexplicably cover up.


Let’s change the subject….

Let’s go back to what I was writing about the Nachlaot pedophile ring... and the Sanhedria pedophile ring… and the inexplicable gag order (that has now been lifted…) on the ‘rebbe’ that allegedly abused 15 5 year olds in the kindergarten in Beit VeGan.

Let’s remember that we live in a police state with the highest of hi-tech facial recognition cameras set up on every street – including places like Meron.

Let’s understand that there is NO WAY someone could ‘go missing’ in the State of Israel for a long period of time, and the State of Israel’s intelligence network would have no idea where that person is.


Now, let’s go back to Moishy Kleinerman.

Q: Why is it only now, three months after his disappearance, that the police started investigating his disappearance?

A: Because now, there is so much public pressure that the police have to pretend to look like they are doing something.

See how quickly things have moved now…. and see how quickly the gag order has been slapped on the story.


Even ‘secular’ Jews here are starting to notice that something is very ‘off’ about all this.

The following snippet comes from HERE, featuring Tal Gilboa, former winner of Israeli ‘Big Brother’ and an animal rights’ activist who is now affiliated with the Likud:


Don’t stop praying for Moishe, whatever is going on, whatever might have already happened,  the prayers can only help him.

But also, keep asking Hashem to uncover the truth, because there are demons running our communities, mamash, and these demons get away with murder, because they give the secular / non-Jewish powers who are really running the State of Israel whatever they want.

And what they want, is the ‘illusion’ that the State of Israel is a state for Jews, run by Jews, and that cares about Jews.

But that’s just an illusion.


I hope Moishy will be found alive and well.

And I also hope, that this investigation will help to blow more of the lid off the horrible abuse and spiritual corruption that is literally destroying the souls of so many of the kids in the ‘orthodox’ Jewish world – but which just keeps getting covered up, by the demons who are running our communities.

But the truth IS starting to come out, about what is really going on, and who these people really are.


So our heads don’t explode, in the meantime.



This is from a more recent story on Mordechai Shulman, since the court was forced to release his name publically because more than 11,000 people signed a petition against the gag order:

This is from HERE.

At the end of that 3 minute clip, one of the mothers involved says it straight up:

The State of Israel is a country that protects pedophiles.

That’s the reality.

And that’s something that every single parent needs to take seriously, and needs to start addressing.


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Over Shabbat, I read through pages 70-71 in Tractate Kiddushin.

I got to that Tractate from the MAHARASH’s responsa about the MAHARAL’s lineage.

First, I will bring the screenshots from that below (the highlighted area is where he specifically refers to the MAHARAL):


My husband translated this with me, and the MAHARSHAL refers extensively to pages 70-71 in Tractate Kiddushin in his very interesting responsa.

The Gemara begins by telling us:

Ten genealogical classes went up from Bablyonia to Eretz Yisrael: Kohanim, Leviim, Yisraelim, chalalim (disqualified Kohanim), converts, freed Caananite slaves, mamzerim, nesinim, shetukim and asufim.


The Gemara then gets into a whole big discussion about what a big, genealogical mess the whole thing is already (1800 years ago…).

Already back then, there were so many Kohanim who’d married goyim and ‘forbidden’ women without anyone knowing; and there were so many slaves who didn’t follow the proper procedure for being freed (which would render them as halachically Jewish converts) before marrying a Jew; and there were mamzerim walking around all over the place, due to adulterous affairs.

This is where the MAHARSHA starts quoting from, in his responsa.

Here’s some of what he says, taken directly from the Gemara in Kiddushin, 70b, with some ‘extra’ bits from the Gemara included for context.


R’ Chama the son of R’ Chanina said: When the Holy One, Blessed is He, rests His Divine Presence, He rests it only on the genealogically fit families in Israel….

[Another saying from R’ Chama the son of R’ Chanina:]

When the Holy One, Blessed is He, will purify the tribes in the Messianic era, by separating the genealogically tainted from the genealogically pure, He will purify the tribe of Levi first….

[FOOTNOTE 3: “[T]he sons of Levi” is a reference to the Kohanim, who are descended from Levi.]


R’ Yehoshua ben Levi said: Silver (i.e. wealth) purifies mamzerim, as it is said: And he shall sit [as] a refiner and purifier of silver, i.e. he shall purify mamzerim who mixed with Israel as a result of their ‘silver’.

Mamzerim that have gained acceptance into the legitimate congregation of Israel (e.g. through the use of their wealth) will not be isolated in the Messianic era….

[FOOTNOTE 4: According to R’ Yehoshua ben Levi, mamzerim will not be separated from the congregation of Israel, because too many families have been infiltrated by mamzerim.

When the verse says, He shall purify, it does not mean that the impurities will be removed; rather it means that the impurities themselves will be purified. (Rashi, see note 14 etc).]


The MAHARSHAL then quotes this next bit of the Gemara, in his responsa above:

R’ Yitzhak said: The Holy One, Blessed is He, performs and act of charity with Israel, in that once a genealogically tainted family (e.g a family into which a mamzer has married) is mixed with Israel, it is mixed.

Even in the Messianic era, the disqualified members of such a family will not be isolated.


Later on, there’s a story about R’ Pinchas, who made an announcement in the yeshiva in Babylon about ‘Eretz Yisrael’s genealogical status’ being inferior to that of Babylon’s.

FOOTNOTE 10 explains: “He anticipated that he would have to leave immediately after making this statement, because otherwise the students would demand that he corroborate his words by disclosing the identities of the disqualified families in Eretz Yisrael.”

The Gemara continues:

The students attempted to ascertain whether R’ Pinchas teaching was correct:

They sat and investigated the families of the Land of Israel, until the came to danger, and then they refrained from investigating further.

FOOTNOTE 12: “Their research led them to discover the disqualification of certain powerful families who would kill them [if their impurities were revealed] (Rashi).”


It’s very interesting that this is the page being cited by the MAHARSHAL, in relation to what was actually going on 500 years ago in the Jewish community.

Whoever understands, understands.


Let’s finish with one more story from the Gemara, in Kiddushin 71b, then we’ll sum up what we just learnt together.

Rav Ulla comes to visit Rav Yehuda in Pumbedita, and he sees that his son, Rav Yitzhak, is still unmarried, so he asks Rav Yehuda:

“What’s going on? Why haven’t you married your son off?” Rav Yehuda replies: “Who knows where I can find a genealogically fit wife for him?!”

Rav Ulla says to him: “Do we know where we come from?”

And then starts listing a whole bunch of verses stating how idolaters ravished Jewish women in the town of Judea in Biblical times; and talking about Jews who ‘defile their couches’, which R’ Abahu explains as referring to wife-swapping.


“Since our predecessors engaged in this type of adulterous activity, no-one can assume that he is genealogically fit!” says R’ Ulla.

So then, Rav Yehuda asks him, “So what do we do?” Ulla answered him: “Go after silence, i.e. seek a family whose members are quiet and peaceable…

[In Eretz Yisrael] they use the following method to investigate someone’s lineage:

“When two people would quarrel with each other, they would see which one is the first to quiet down, and then they would say, ‘that person is genealogically purer than the other.”


So, here’s the main takeaway points from Kiddushin 70a-72b:

  • Even 1800 years ago, there were so many forbidden and / or adulterous unions going on in the Jewish community, that even the head of the Torah Academy in Pumbedita was having trouble finding a ‘genealogically fit’ wife for his son.

  • Adulterous affairs and immoral behavior have been going on for so long, not even the most illustrious Jew today can be 100% sure that some ancestor of theirs didn’t put a massive spanner in their genealogical works.
  • It behooves us all to act with a little humility, and to stop thinking that ‘great yichus’ excuses terrible middot and evil actions.
  • When Moshiach shows up, he will declare everyone pure.

  • The exception to this is those people who pushed their way into the Jewish community ‘by force’, i.e. they never intended to convert sincerely, or to serve Hashem, they just wanted the status, money or other perks of technically being part of the Jewish community. Elijah the Prophet will push these people away.
  • The way you can tell how ‘genealogically pure’ someone is, is by checking their middot and temperament.

  • If they are angry, argumentative, brazen, obsessed with their own honor, always have to be right, and can never back down, make peace and apologise – then they probably aren’t so ‘fit’, Jewishly-speaking.
  • The more calm, conciliatory, peaceable and kind a person is, the more genealogically ‘fit’ they probably are.


There is so much more to say, as always, about how the ‘Kohanim’, dafka, are prominently in the middle of all these stories of mamzerim and unsuitable converts who ‘push their way in’ to the Jewish community, and use their money and government influence to stop anyone challenging them.

We covered some of those links already, like in this post, for example:

How Khazar Kings became ‘HaKohen Al-Khazari’


And also remember those missionary Elks, who claimed to be Kohanim?

Screenshot from HERE:


I was at the Israel Museum last week, looking at the sarcophagii that were found in Talpiyot, that many people claim are of ‘Jesus son  of Joseph‘ and his family.

It was found in a family tomb of Kohanim.

And that ties in with the claim that the early xtians themselves make Yoshki’s brother and first ‘Bishop of Jerusalem’, James, that he was some sort of alternative ‘High Priest’ – i.e. a Kohen.

And we know from our own sources, that Yoshki was a mamzer, and that everyone in the community apparently knew that.

All this stuff is very deeply connected to what is still going on in our communities today.

There is nothing new under the sun.


So, tachlis, we come back around to this:

Instead of focussing on yichus and external ‘status’, the discussion needs to be 100% on middot.

People with beards and payot – even Rebbes with beards and payot, even ‘modern orthodox’ Tzaddikim from RIETS – are doing unspeakable things in our communities, and enabling and excusing behavior that can only be called ‘pure evil’.

Any time that happens, there is a problem that needs to be addressed, not dodged or ‘shut down’ with personal insults against the people who are questioning what is going on, and trying to stop this evil from continuing.

At this stage, it seems nearly all of us probably come from ‘genealogically tainted’ families, one way or another, and Moshiach is going to resolve that issue, when he finally shows up.

But our part is to work on our middot.

As always.

And there are no shortcuts in that process, whoever you happen to be related to.


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The more bits of this we unravel, the more interesting things I’m learning.

Before we continue, I just want to talk a bit about King David.

As we all remember, King David’s yichus was awful. In fact, until the Prophet Shmuel actually annointed him King over Israel, there had been an argument raging for decades over whether David’s ancestor, Boaz, had even been permitted to marry a Moabite convert.

Because the Torah explicitly forbade converts from Moab and Ammon. 

It was only when the Prophet Shmuel showed up and finally clarified the halacha that the Torah’s prohibition was against male converts from Moab and Ammon, but that female converts were permitted, that the controversy finally died down.

And you remember, that Moab and Ammon came about as a result of an incestuous union between Lot and his two daughters…

And also, that Boaz came about as a result of the whole ‘affair’ between Tamar and Yehudah.


Why am I stressing this?

Because as the whole ‘yichus = automatically holy’ argument unravels more and more, we still need to remember that the very biggest souls like King David were sunk deep, deep in the hardest klipot.

Even if a person was born a mamzer, or descended from mamzers, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they themselves are ‘unholy’. It could even mean the opposite – that Hashem through those souls dafka into the deepest klipot, because they were the biggest souls, and had the hardest job of rectifying the evil in the world.

Let’s remember that, going forward, because it’s a person’s individual actions that really count, and not their ‘yichus’.

And as I’ve mentioned before, some of our biggest spiritual lights, including the Baal Shem Tov and Rabbenu himself are also connected to the family trees being discussed here.

(I’m still trying to figure it out, but it’s seeming more and more likely that the Arizal is also in the mix here, too….)


These are the ‘souls of King David’, sunk deep in the klipot, so they can finally rectify the evil side and bring all the holy sparks there back to God.


So now, let’s take a closer look at the Maharal of Prague, and the ‘fake genealogy’ that was manufactured for him 300 years ago, by a known Sabbatean.

While I was tootling around on Geni trying to figure out more about the REMA’s family tree for THIS post, I came across the following remarkable document by two East European academics, Alexandr Putík and Daniel Polakovič, called:

Judah Loew ben Bezalel, Called Maharal– A Study on His Genealogy and Biography

I am finding so much more real, factual information coming out of Eastern Europe – where these ‘histories’ actually took place – than in the West, where we have basically been raised on a bunch of fables and deliberately misleading bubbe meises.


These researchers begin with the ‘official history’ of the Maharal of Prague, that was written by one ‘Meir Kuskes Perels’, two hundreds years after the Maharal was alive.

Here’s how that begins:


The researchers ask a couple of very pointed questions:

  1. Why would someone who is not even descended from the Maharal of Prague be the one who is writing his official history and biography?
  2. Why would Meir Perels clearly and obviously lie and distort the truth in many different ways, in his account of the Maharal’s life and family relations?

While they do a very thorough job of bringing together a bunch of contemporary documents and sources in their pursuit of the answer, ultimately, they remain baffled.

I’m not claiming that I can answer the above questions, but my starting point is that ‘Meir Kuskes Perels’ was a known Sabbatean, with close ties to another famous Sabbatean, Judah HaChassid.


Judah HaChassid collected a few hundred Sabbateans from across Europe in 1700, and brought them to Eretz Yisrael to await the ‘second coming’ of Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH.

He died very shortly after making aliya, his community of Sabbateans fell into disarray, Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH didn’t ‘rise again’ to rescue them all – and so, the whole ‘Sabbatean’ aspect of that wave of aliya was carefully and systematically hushed up.

The descendants of Judah HaChassid’s Sabbateans formed the backbone of what came to be known as the ‘Old Yishuv’ in the Holy Land.

And don’t forget, that many of the Sephardi families in Eretz Yisrael were also ‘original Sabbateans’, including the Najara family of Gaza, to give one example.

Nathan Ashkenazi of Gaza, Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH’s main ‘prophet’ studied in yeshiva in Jerusalem, and his father was the main ‘shaliach’ to raise funds for the Jews in Israel from Morocco; and of course, the SHACH’s extended family had deep ties all over the Sephardi world, too.

But I digress.


The point is, that this guy who is writing the MAHARAL’s ‘official’ biography and genealogy is a Sabbatean with some sort of vested interest in distorting the facts, 200 years after the events described.

The following snippet comes from his biography on Geni HERE:

Moses Meïr Perles: Rabbinical author; born at Prague 1666; died there March 30, 1739. In the beginning of the eighteenth century he lived at Vienna in the house of Samson Wertheimer, for whom he acted as private secretary and almoner and by whom he was supported even after he had returned to Prague.

We didn’t get to the Wertheimers and the Oppenheimers yet, in this whole saga. But we will, BH.

In the meantime, the researchers Putík and Polakovič turn up a mound of evidence to show that Perles had the education, intellect, access to information and ability to put together a detailed, accurate genealogy of the MAHARAL – but didn’t do that.


Here’s a pertinent screenshot, that sums up the problem:


Long story short, there are a few things these researchers identify about the MAHARAL of Prague, that I didn’t know before.

  • The Maharal was married twice – and Meir Perles’ main aim seems to be to ‘remove’ this first wife of the MAHARAL out of the picture, plus remove the MAHARAL’s grandson, Shmuel.
  • The Maharal and his brother Sinai were widely rumoured to have been ‘illegitimate’ in some way – and these rumours about him, and other leading rabbonim of that time was something that the Maharal himself tried to clamp down on.



  • The Maharal got into a conflict with the wealthy leaders of the kahal, or Jewish community in Prague, particularly over their self-enrichment from acting as the tax farmers over the Jewish population. Later on, he was also arrested (!) and actually spent some time in prison.



  • These ‘Kahal’ leaders initially prevented him from becoming the Chief Rabbi of Prague, as a result of the dispute, so the MAHARAL went to Posen for a while, before returning.


  • There was some sort of ‘scandal’ involving the kabbalistic approach of Israel Sarug and the MAHARAL’s son, Bezalal.

Israel Sarug is the guy who basically ‘stole’ the Arizal’s teachings, and formed his own distorted school of ‘practical kabbalah’ that flowered into many of the Sabbateans I keep writing about here.


Let’s see if we can try to unpick a bit more, what’s really going on.


First, let’s clear up some basic MAHARAL genealogy, set down by these researchers.

The MAHARAL was born in 1512, the youngest of 4 brothers, to his father, Bezalel.

These brothers were called:

  • R’ Hayyim of Friedburg
  • R’ Sinai
  • R’ Samson
  • R’ Lewa – Judah Loew, the Maharal.

This is undisputed, as David Gans wrote their history down in his book Tzemah David.



Hayyim of Friedburg also connects us directly to the REMA, and to his Karaite father-in-law, R Shalom Shakhna:


According to Gans, Bezalel’s brother was ‘Rabbi Jacob of Worms’.

According to the Sabbatean Perels, Bezalel also had another brother called ‘HELMAN’, and Helman and Jacob came to Poland specifically to study with R’ SHLOMO LURIA, the MAHARSHAL.



Here’s ‘TZVI LOEB HELMAN‘ on My Heritage:


See, that he’s married to an ‘unknown’ Treves?

Well, we figured out who that was in THIS post on ‘Forbidden Relationships’:


As well as the Maharsha, R’ Shmuel EIDELES, this also connects the MAHARAL’s uncle, R’ Tzvi HELMAN, with R’ Shlomo Luria, the MAHARSHAL.

(No wonder the MAHARSHAL was trying to shut everyone up, when they were discussing the apparent ‘illegitimacy’ of the MAHARAL…)



And Meir Perles said above, that ‘Helman’ and ‘Jacob of Worms’ came to Poland to study with the MAHARSHAL – he just forgot to mention they were close family.

But the modern researchers say, while ‘Helman’ ‘and ‘Jacob of Worms’ WERE brothers, it’s impossible that Bezalel the father of the MAHARAL was also their brother.

Instead, they say that ‘Jacob of Worms’ (and Helman) were the MAHARAL’s maternal uncles – and that his mum was the daughter of ‘Chaim and Vogele Issenheim’.

Let’s park that side of things for now, and focus in on some other questions.


Question 1: Who was MAHARAL’s first wife?

A: The MAHARAL’s first wife was one ‘Sarah Chayot’, the daughter of R’ ABRAHAM CHAJES / CHAYOT, and the sister of the guy who beat the MAHARAL to become Chief Rabbi of Prague, R’ Yitzhak Chayot (1538-1615).


Abraham Chajes / Chayot was born in Portugal, and so we surmise that he was a ‘converso’ who returned to the Jewish faith, when he landed up in Prague.

His parents are: PINCHAS CHAYES, who marries the daughter of R’ MOSHE EPHRAIM SCHORR (1510-1571) and HANNAH TREVES (1490-1571).

So, now we have a big question, how an outwardly Christian ‘converso’ living in Portugal – under the Inquisition – somehow manages to marry the daughter of people who are meant to be ‘big Jewish rabbis’ in France and Moravia.

Whilst still living in Portugal as an outward ‘Christian’….

Hannah Treves is the sister of ‘Eliezer Treves’, married to Jutta, whose family tree we covered extensively in Forbidden Relationshipswhere we see all those aunts marrying their nephews, in total contradiction to the Torah’s laws.


You see?

There is a lot of very dodgy things going on here, and ‘Jewish-Christians’ are to be found all over the place, with our major rabbinic families.


Question 2: why did the Sabbateans want ‘Sarah Chayot’ out of the picture?

It’s still not so obvious, so I started looking for a direct link to the SHACH / Shabtai Tzvi, himself.

Here’s another screenshot for the descendants of ‘R Yitzhak Chayot, ABD Prague’ – brother of Sarah Chayot, brother-in-law of the MAHARAL, and Chief Rabbi of Prague:


You see he married one Mindel Sax – (who could well be a descendent of the SHRENTZEL / Sachs / Sax family of ‘Jewish-Christians’.)

What we can see from this screenshot, is that Yitzhak Chayes g-grandson, R’ Menachem Manesh Chayot married his aunt.

(We covered this in the Forbidden Relationships post…) and then, apparently married the SHACH / Shabtai Tzvi’s daughter, ‘Esther Tzaddika’.


But is that enough of a reason, for the Sabbatean Meir Perels to go and scrub the MAHARSHAL’s first wife out of the history books?

Given that they were apparently all doing dodgy things like this, in that family tree, it just doesn’t sound we really figured this out yet.

But I’ll leave this here for now.

There are other fish to fry. And when God is ready, I’m sure He’ll send more clues about what was really going on way back when, in Prague.



These screenshots are the official response of the MAHARSHAL, referred to above, from his book Shealot u’Teshuvot.

Responsa 12 talks about the MAHARAL, and quotes Kiddushin 71a extensively.


Here is that specific section about the MAHARAL blown up:


Kiddushin 71 a and b (quoted in part by the MAHARSHAL above) are very interesting.

Long story short, it says that mamzerut was a huge problem in the Jewish community even 2,000 years ago – and that there were very powerful families with very dodgy genealogy in Eretz Yisrael, that it was literally ‘dangerous’ to investigate properly, because they would kill anyone who revealed their illegitimacy…

There is nothing new under the sun.

And Moshiach is really the only one that can fix this problem – and the Gemara says that he will fix the problem, by declaring all mamzers to be ‘pure’.

May it happen soon.


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It’s time to dive back into the murky depths of real Jewish history.

Before we begin, let me explain how I got to the information I’m going to share with you in this post.

After I put up the posts about the Megelah Amukot’s suspected ‘xtian-Jewish’ tendencies, and the post about the SHACH being an increasingly likely candidate for the alter ego of the false messiah Shabtai Tzvi, I decided I had to look a bit further back along the family trees, to figure out what was really going on.

I bought myself some more massive sheets of cartridge paper…. some more pens….and I got to work trying to figure out who are these people’s ancestors?


Very quickly, I understood that the job was going to be easier than I’d first imagined, because THEY ALL JUST MARRIED THEMSELVES.

Over and over again, down at least the last 1,000 years and probably well before that, too.

So, as I drew up the family trees, I kept coming back to the same names, the same people as the ‘progenitors’ of so many of our famous rabbis and leaders. We’ll talk about specifics a little later on.

Then, I started to notice a few more things, like nearly all these ‘progenitors’ seemed to have strange links to ‘Jewish Christians’ – they either converted to xtianity themselves, or married xtians, or had parents who notably converted out. And then sometimes converted back in to Judaism. And then just as often converted ‘out’ again….

And many of these ‘Jewish Christians’ also overlapped with the old Jewish banking families and court Jews.


We’ll get to some names and details shortly, but I first want you to grasp the simple idea that ‘Jewish Christians’ and Court Jews, and rich Jewish bankers, and NEARLY ALL OUR MOST FAMOUS RABBIS – they all issue from exactly the same families.


At the same time, I also noticed another weird, disturbing trend in these ‘progenitor’ families.

According to halacha, it’s permitted for a niece to marry her uncle, and that happened a ton in these families.

But, even before ‘Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH’ showed up and started actively promoting inverse morality amongst his followers, I came across examples of:

Aunts marrying their nephews in these families down the generations – which is an halachically forbidden relationship.


Snippet from HERE:

The prohibition for a man to marry his aunt (and hence a woman to marry her nephew) is De’oraita (Vayikra 18;12-14 has all variations of aunt) while there is no verse in the Torah prohibiting a niece.

Why were they doing that?

I don’t have an answer. Yet. It could be, this was a ‘Karaite / Sadducee’ habit of thumbing their nose at the Torah’s rules. Or, it could be something else.

But one thing I can tell you for sure: It was happening a lot in these families.


So now, let’s dive in with some details.

Let’s begin with the illustrious ‘Treves’ family, whose descendants include people like the Maharsha, Shmuel Eideles; the REMA Moses Isserles, the TAZ, David Halevi Segal, the Megaleh Amukot, Natan Nata Shapiro – and of course, the SHACH and his wife, Yenta.

The story begins when I started trying to track down the ancestors of the ‘Megaleh Amukot’, Natan Nata Shapiro, to see if there was anything in his background that could suggest why he might have developed ‘Jewish Christian’ tendencies.

At that stage, I went back to the ‘first Shapira of Speyer’, someone called R’ Samuel Zalman Shapira of Speyer.

(The surname Shapiro / Shapira / Spiro / Spira derives from the town of “Speyer”.)

I sat down to do his basic family tree.


Very quickly on one piece of cartridge paper, I had a veritable ‘who’s who’ of the Jewish world.

There was Josel of Rosheim – ‘King of the Jews’, court banker and person suspected of ritual murders.

There was the ‘De Bonne’ family, AKA Stadthagens, AKA known-Sabbatean-Frankists-with-Jewish-Christian connections, GOLDSCHMIDTS.

There was Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH and his wife Yenta, the great, great granddaughter of the REMA.

And of course, the Megaleh Amukot and his problematic, incest-and-pedophilia-promoting descendant Jonathan Eybshutz.


And if that wasn’t enough, I also tripped over the first ‘Bacharach’ who started calling himself ‘Rothschild’.

He was Isaac Rothschild, who married one Keile Oppenheim.

His father, ‘Elchanan Bacharach z. Roten Schild’ was a first cousin of none other than the SHACH / Shabtai Tzvi.

(The Shach’s father, Meir HaCohen Katz Ashkenazi, had a sister Esther, who married ‘Isaac Elchanan Bacharach’. Esther and Isaac’s son is ‘Elchanan Bacharach z. Roten Schild, progenitor of the the known Sabbatean-Frankist Rothschilds.)


A long time ago, I was looking up stuff about ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ and the Rothschilds on Clifford Shack’s site HERE.

He had a picture gallery where he was saying that so many of the early Rothschilds seemed to bear a striking resemblance to false messiah Shabtai Tzvi.

Here’s a couple of screenshots:

Once you understand that Shabtai Tzvi = SHACH, and that the SHACH was the first cousin of Elchanan Bacharach Roten Schild, a lot more of those pieces start to fall into place.


So anyway, that first family tree really showed me that nearly all these people are mamash close family.

But I was still fishing for some more explicit ‘Jewish-Christian’, or ‘Jewish-Templars’, or ‘Jewish-Cathars’ link ups.

So I decided to go back even further.

R’ Samuel Zalman Shapira of Speyer was married to someone called Julia Minna Vergentlin TREVES.

So, I started doing the TREVES family tree – and that’s when I realised just how incestuous all this really is.

So many people are related to one couple in particular, called ‘ELIEZER and JUTTA TREVES’.


Here’s a photo of that particular bit of the family tree:


I know you can’t see much, but I want you to understand that the ‘findings’ I type up her are based on the information these trees help me put together.

First, let’s cover off some of the ‘aunts marrying nephews’ stuff – the obviously forbidden relationships, according to the Torah.

In this tree alone, we see that:

  • Aharon Luria (‘the first Luria’) marries his aunt, Miriam Spira.

His grand-daughter is Dreizel Miriam Zeisel Luria – the REMA‘s maternal grandfather – who marries one Eliezer Lipman SHRENTZELS.

(We’ll get to the Jewish-Christian Shrentzels in a minute.)

Aharon Luria’s great-grandson is none other than R’ Shlomo Luria, the MAHARSHAL.


When there were ‘rumours’ that so many of the leading rabbis of the middle ages were actually products of illegitimate relationships – including the Maharal of Prague and his brother! – the MAHARSHAL put out a statement saying that people should stop spreading these ‘nadler’ calmunies.

Screenshot from HERE:

As usual, we are seeing with hindsight that there was way more to the illegitimacy / nadler ‘rumours’ than official history is letting on.


Further back in the tree, we find this:

  • R’ Moshe Gershon Altshuler (Ebereles) married his aunt, Chana TREVES.

R’ Moshe Gershon  Altshuler (Ebereles)’s great-grandson is that same Eliezer Lipmann SHRENTZEL we saw above, the grandfather of the REMA.

Now, the REMA has ‘illegitimacy’ streaming down two sides of his family tree.

And the same ‘aunt-nephew’ pattern also continued going forward, in the REMA’s extended family.


You remember from HERE, we figured out that that REMA’s second wife Golda actually came from the ‘Karaite’ family of R’ Shalom Shachna (HaKohen) Kahana (Kohen Tzedek) of Lublin.

Golda’s brother, R’ Israel Shachna (aka R’ Israel Charif from Lublin) had a daughter, Rivka, who married one ‘Naftali Tzvi Hirsch Shor, ABD Brisk and Lublin’.

His daughter, Reisel Schor, marries her nephew, Israel Meisels.

Israel Meisels is the son of Reisel’s brother, Avraham Chaim Shor.

Israel Meisels’ brother is Simcha Bunim Meisels, the ABD of Krakow, who marries…. Dreizel, the daughter of the REMA.

It’s a small world.


Ok, now let’s a take closer look at some of the ‘Christian-Jewish’ stuff going on in the REMA’s family tree.

So very many of the ‘leading lights’ in the Ashkenazi Rabbinic world apparently descend from the SHRENTZEL family, that we’ve mentioned above.

Where did this ‘SHRENTZEL’ family come from?

That was the question.


Let me introduce you to:

Emerich Szerencsés (also known as Fortunatus; died August 1526) was deputy treasurer of the Kingdom of Hungary and a Jewish convert to Christianity.

Here’s a bit more from the Hungarian Cyclowiki page HERE:

Here’s another brief snippet, from Wikipedia (which is written like hagiography):

He was baptised by Ladislaus Szalkai, Archbishop of Grau, and took the baptismal name Emerich after his sponsor Emerich Perényi, Palatine of Hungary. His wife and his sons Abraham and Ephraim remained practising Jews.

After his conversion he was appointed deputy treasurer, using his position to send coded letters warning Hungarian Jews on imminent persecution, to secure the revocation of the expulsion of the Jews from Prague and to save a Jewish man and woman who had been condemned to death by fire.


That’s all the ‘good news’.

In reality, ‘Emerich Szerencses’ (Solomon Gluck SHRENTZEL’) was caught embezzling huge amounts of money, and his actions subsequently led to the Jewish Ghetto in Ofen being sacked by furious Hungarians.

This comes from the Jewish Encyclopaedia, HERE:

The nobility of the realm, headed by Stephan Verböczi, accused Szerencsés of being the cause of the financial embarrassment of the country; and some of the members of the Diet of 1525 even demanded that he be burned at the stake.

Szerencsés, indeed, had been grossly negligent in his official duties, and, in common with many of the most respected noblemen of the time, had made free use of the state’s money.

He was therefore imprisoned by King Louis II., whose favorite he had been, but was released shortly afterward. On the adjournment of the Diet servants of the nobles, reenforced by the rabble, attacked and plundered his home, and he escaped the rage of the populace only by flight.

At the same time the mob stormed the ghetto, and seized all the valuables belonging to the Jews.


Back on Cyclowiki, we’re told that he deliberately debased the coins in Hungary by 50%, and was actually burnt at the stake for his crimes.

(Is this a good time to remind us all that the Karaite-Khazars were also in charge of the royal mints, wherever they seemed to go?)


What happened to the Jewish-Christian ‘SHRENTZEL’ family?

His descendants adopted the name of Sachs.

Of course, we don’t know if that also included his two non-Jewish sons from his Christian girlfriend. (You’ll recall that most Karaites hold that Jewish descent is decided patrilineally, via the man…)

But before that happened, they also intermarried with a whole bunch of other dodgy Court Jews whose family members had ‘become Christian’ so they could carry on whispering in the ear of royalty, including the descendants of:

R’ Akiva HaKohen Katz  of Uban – (AKA John Ernuszt) – ancestor of Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH, amongst many other ‘big rabbis’.

R’ Moshe Fiszel (also accused of extortion in collecting tax from the Jewish community in 1499). Remember, one of his sons converted out and became ‘Stefan Fiszel Powidzk H. Korab‘, while another son Ephraim / Franczek Fiszel, had a son Moshe, who was burnt at the stake over accusations of ritual murder.

Ephraim / Franczek Fiszel was apparently married to Valentina LURIA – daughter of the MAHARSHAL, Shlomo Luria, who wrote that whole thing telling everyone to stop ‘spreading lies’ about the rabbis’ impeccable yichus.

It’s a small world.


A few more ‘forbidden relationships’, in this post, and then we’ll wrap it up for now.

I don’t want your brains to explode!

Back on that ‘ELIEZER and JUTTA TREVES’ family tree, we see this:

  • Daughter CHAVA TREVES marries YITZHAK SCHRENTZEL – and their descendants include the REMA, a bunch of ‘Ephraim Fischels’, a bunch of SHORs, and Yenta, wife of Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH. And CHAIM of VOLOZHIN.


  • Daughter CHANA YONA marries R’ ZVI HELMAN – and their grandson is the MAHARSHA, R Shmuel Eliezer HaLevi Eideles. In turn, the MAHARSHA‘s grandson is the MEGALEH AMUKOT, Natan Nata Shapiro, and his great-grandson is JONATHAN EYBSHUTZ.


  • Un-named daughter marries R’ SHLOMO ZALMAN HALEVI (STEINBERGER), and their grandson is the TAZ, David Halevi Segal. The TAZ’s grandchildren include R’ ELIEZER LIPPMAN HEILPRIN, who marries MARGOLA SHOR – the probable mother of false messiah JACOB FRANK. And R’ Eliezer’s brother, ‘R’ JOEL HEILPRIN BAAL SHEM OF ZAMOSCH‘ – aka, Avraham Shmuel Chaim Falk, the ‘bad Baal Shem’ of London, Jacob Frank’s father-in-law, and founder of the satanic ‘Order of the Golden Dawn.’ (More TAZ descendants include the wife of the Alter Rebbe of Chabad….)


  • Son R’ NAFTALI HIRSCH TREVES has two daughters. One marries R’ SHMUEL ISH-ZVI ASHKENAZI BAK, and they have a son, R’ CHAIM ISH ZVI (of Kremenitz) – who again marries his aunt, Naftali Hirsh’s other daughter. Their son is SHMUEL SHMELKE ZAK, whose son Aharon marries the SHACH’s daughter, Tova. Their descendants include CHAIM of VOLOZHIN.


  • Meanwhile, another son of R’ SHMUEL ISH-ZVI ASHKENAZI BAK is R’ YAAKOV KOPPEL ASHKENAZI, who marries SAREL MEISELS – the REMA’s grand-daughter, via Simcha Bunim Meisels, mentioned above. (Simcha’s brother Israel Meisels marries his aunt, Reisel Shor….)


What can we learn from this?

A lot.

Not least, that those families who became ‘notable Sabbateans’, and then later on, devolved even further down into ‘notable Frankists’, appear to descend from a bunch of ‘Jewish-Christians’ with the anti-Torah (possibly Sadducee/Karaite) habit of marrying nephews to aunts.

And their descendants are still controlling nearly all the bits of the the secular and religious Jewish world today.

And personally, I don’t think that’s a CO-IN-CID-ENCE.




I went back to check more of the SHACH / Shabtai Tzvi’s descendants, as I remembered seeing some ‘nephews marrying aunts’ stuff there, too.


THIS is a screenshot for a discussion around Menachem Meinish Chayot / Chajes of Vilna, who apparently also married his own aunt.


His great grandson and namesake married the SHACH’s daughter, ‘Esther HaTzaddika’.


Apparently, so many of our ‘biggest rabbis’ didn’t care a hoot, that they were marrying into families of mamzers.

This is mind-boggling.

And it suggests that the thesis that the Jewish Community got ‘hijacked’ by fake Jews (Sadducee-Karaite-Christian-Ekesaite-Khazars???) long before Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH came along is increasingly looking like a credible idea.



Here are more of the ‘Real Jewish History’ posts, to give you more background:

Yesterday afternoon, it got very gusty in Jerusalem.

It’s the kind of wind that signals that something ‘big’ spiritually is going on, and it blew and blew for hours.

I walked down to prayers by the Rav (first time I’d walked down in months and months and months), and I was actually a little cold, even.

The Rav came out half an hour late – and with tremendous koach.

Immediately, everyone in the crowd started clapping and jumping up and down, as part of Rebbe Nachman’s trusted techniques to ‘sweeten’ the harsh judgements.

When I’ve seen that in the past, it’s always been connected to something that the Rav is trying to ‘sweeten’, spiritually.

So, I stood there and jumped and clapped for 10 minutes straight – and then I had to leave to get something to eat with my husband.


I got home, and a friend called me to do a pidyon nefesh for her on the RavBerland site.

As is happening so very much, the women generally have a much greater intuitive grasp of who the real holy people are, while so many of the men are still sucking up the negative news stories, and working with their ‘logic’ – that is sending them in totally the wrong direction, when it comes to figuring out who the Tzaddik HaDor really is.

So, my friend has to do ‘secret’ pidyonot, where she sends me the money so her husband won’t know it’s going to the ‘cult’ of Shuvu Banim.


So at 10:30pm, I turned the PC back on – and that’s when I saw the government has apparently, finally collapsed.

Yair Lapid will be our new PM from next week, for 4 months, until elections on October 25th – which takes us up to Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan.

Cheshvan is the month when the world is meant to come and fight with the people of Israel, when the sea is meant to split anew – and when geula is meant to happen.

Trouble is…. we don’t know which ‘Cheshvan’ that’s going to actually be.

But we also know according to the Yalkut Shimoni that Moshiach is meant to be revealed motzae shvit – in the year AFTER the shemitta year.

So, I guess we’ll see what happens.


Unlike a lot of other people, I don’t think this Bennett / Lapid government is the worst we’ve ever had.

The more corruption we’re uncovering here, on so many fronts, the more I understand that the so-called ‘right-wing’ government of Netanyahu, that contained so-called ‘religious parties’ and their representatives were just as spiritually corrupt, if not more so.

Just they got away with it, because they were posing as ‘right wing’ and ‘religious’.

Netanyahu’s government encouraged all the LGBTQ+++ missionising in the country, and in our schools, and let a ton of pedophiles and xtian missionaries into the country, and the IDF, and everywhere else they could think of.

It pressed the ‘terrorist on’ button, every time they needed a quick ‘war with Gaza’, or a quick ‘Arab uprising’ to shore up their political power and take the public’s mind off their total corruption and incompetence.

And Netanyahu’s government is the one that played a leading role in the Covid 19 plandemic, first taking Israel into a totally OTT harsh lockdown (which the world then copied, on the understanding that ‘Jews in Israel are smart, and know what they are doing) – and then, forcing the Covid shots on everyone.

And of course, how could we forget the murders in Meron, planned and executed on Netanyahu’s watch, and almost certainly with his full permission.

(All extra-judicial killings in Israel have to be signed off by the Prime Minister. He knew exactly what was going on.)


So, Bennett and Lapid are WAY less scary to me than Netanyahu, and all his corrupt ‘fake religious’ cronies.

Even though Lapid is xtian-friendly, anti-Torah and spiritually corrupt, really he’s just more honest about who he really is, so he’ll ‘fool’ less people, and we’ll be more on-guard that the government is not our friend.


Every single politician out there is corrupt, and just a ‘pawn’ that wants power so they can fill their own bank accounts with the bribes that continue to flow in from the puppet masters behind the scene.


Here is what the Rav said, about the government falling:

The Rav said that we conquered Armilus, the government fell apart. (Armilus has 7 heads)


This is a clue as to who ‘Armilus’ really is.

Armilus doesn’t seem to be one individual person.

‘Armilus’ is the government itself.

If we’ve learnt one thing from the Bennett/Lapid government, it’s that it doesn’t matter who is in power, the evil agendas continue on regardless. You switch out the ‘head’ of the government – and whichever guy you pick at the polls, you get exactly the same evil, just it’s ‘dressed up’ a little differently for the audience, to maintain the illusion of democracy.

‘Armilus’ is the machinery that was set up to ‘lead’ the Jewish community into the abyss.


We can sit here and debate whether ‘Armilus’ is only the government of the State of Israel, or whether it also extends to all its institutions and Reform-funded NGOs and charidees, and all the corrupt ‘spiritual leaders’ on the frum side of the equation.

It could be that some of those ‘7 heads’ of Armilus are names we’ve never heard of, because they are pulling the strings behind the scenes.

But it’s clear that when the Israeli government itself gets to a stage where it can no longer operate and function, that’s a good sign that the whole ‘Armilus’ structure is about to implode.


So…. things are getting interesting again.

One last thing: the only politician I’ve ever heard the Rav speak badly of, publically, is Yair Lapid.

And I’ve seen the Rav publically ‘praise’ so many characters that are really bad – the more ‘praise’ he gives them, publically, the more I start checking them out because there’s an inverse relationship between the Rav’s praise, and how yucky they turn out to be, spiritually.

I have the feeling that Yair Lapid is going to be a totally wild card.

That doesn’t mean he’s good. But, it does mean that personally, I think there are still some big surprises in store, as we wind our way down into Motzae Shvit, 5783.


The next 3-4 months, we just have to hang on.

When you feel overwhelmed, despairing, like you want to give up – start clapping and jumping; start saying more Tikkun Haklalis; start joining the Rav’s prayers at 8:30pm every night, on Ido HaNavi Street, start paying your pidyonot to sweeten the judgements.

And start talking to God, about what is really going on, and what He really wants.

Rebbe Nachman already gave us all the advice we need, for how to get through the next few months.

But it only works if we follow it.


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I’ve been debating writing this post for a while.


It all began when I passed the massive Gur yeshiva in the Romema neighborhood of Jerusalem in 2020, when we were deep in the middle of the ‘Covid 19’ parsha, and I saw that it was finally being completed.

That building had been a concrete eyesore for over a decade, because Gur chassidut clearly didn’t have the cash to finish it off nicely, with fancy facing stones.

And now, in the middle of the lockdowns and the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression – a miracle!!!

I watched in fascination, as one load of expensive, shiny white facing stones went up on at the building pell-mell, transferring the eye-sore into one of the most impressive religious institutions in Jerusalem.


Who does this building belong to? I pondered to myself, as I drove past it, time and again.

The answer to that question would have to wait quite a few months, until they got around to sticking the name on it.

And then, lo and behold, I discovered it was a Gur building.

How did Gur get the money to finish that building so splendidly, dafka in the middle of massive Covid 19 economic recession and lockdowns?

I don’t know, exactly.

But trying to answer that question indirectly lead to this post.


As you may, or may not recall, the State of Israel’s ‘Health Minister’ when Covid 19 first began, back in February 2020, was one Yaakov Litzman.

Before he got moved out to let Yuli Edelstein take over, Litzman had been Health Minister in Israel for the best part of a decade.

He’s also a Gur chassid who apparently has very close ties to late Gerrer Rebbe, Simcha Bunim Alter, and his son and successor, current Gerrer Rebbe Yaakov Aryeh.



We all know that our corrupt politicians were totally bought and sold by Big Pharma and the shadowy forces behind companies like Pfizer, to force the nanotech Covid 19 killer shots onto the population here.

That’s not a chiddush, at this point, and I’m praying for the day when politicians like Netanyahu and Bennett also get full exposure, for what they’ve done to the Jewish people, and how much $$$ they got for doing it.

But right now, let’s focus on Litzman and Gur.

HERE‘s what was happening to our former ‘Minister of Health’, less than six months before the Covid 19 plandemic kicked off:


Sounds like the perfect man for the job of ‘Minister of Health’!

Then, all that apparently disappeared during Covid, with its ridiculous, draconian lockdowns and scare stories and forced face-masking and banning of weddings and minyans.

And instead, Litzman / Gur apparently got a big influx of cash, to they could finally finish their huge, fancy building in Romema.

I was curious as to where that money might have come from, so I started tootling around the search engines, and very soon, I had a pile of stories with headlines like these:


Apparently, Litzman and his associates had been caught, repeatedly, taking bribes from people in the ‘health’ sector.

This doesn’t need spelling out any more.


From that point on, I started to have less-than-fuzzy feelings towards Gur chassidut.

Then, all the hoo-haa about Australian pedophile Malka Leifer blew up again – and particularly, the fact that Minister Litzman, faithful Gur chassid, had been running interference for Leifer, to try and prevent her from being extradited to Australia, to face justice.

(Incidentally, try as I might, I can’t seem to find what ‘chassidut’ Leifer herself belongs to…)

Maybe this is a one off, I thought at the time. Maybe Litzman himself is just a bad egg, but Gur chassidut is mostly OK….


Then I really started to research all the Sabbatean-Frankists who have taken over the Jewish community, and subverted it from within.

And that’s where this post starts to get kinda interesting.

We first need to go back to secret Sabbatean-Frankist Jonathan Eybshutz, whose true history and deeds, including having an incestuous mamzer with his own daughter, have been completely scrubbed out of our history books.

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go back and read THIS post, first.)


In the process of writing all that stuff up, I started taking a closer look at where some of Eybshutz’s descendants had ended up, in the Jewish community.

Because remember, when you have a father secretly committing incest and promoting adultery and pedophilia, while externally pretending to be a ‘super-frum, pious rabbi’, that sort of behavior tends to pass down the generations, like a satanic piece of DNA.

So much of that information, especially as it pertains to the Chabad rebbes and the Litvak community centred around Bnei Brak, is still very covered up.

But some of the other chassiduts have been less careful with how they scrubbed their family trees.


This screenshot comes from the family tree of the first Rebbe of Gur, R’ Yitzhak Meir Alter, HERE:


It shows that that Gerrer Rebbes are direct descendants of the incest, pedophilia and hypocrisy-promoting Jonathan Eybshutz.

(And on the other side, they descend from that infamous SHOR family I’ve written so much about, who are also the ancestors of the Chabad Rebbes. And the Queen of England….)

Of course, that doesn’t mean that all of Eybshutz’s descendants are definitely engaging in these types of satanic, Sabbatean-Frankist activities themselves, God forbid.

But it certainly does mean that when we see ‘religious leaders’ excusing and enabling pedophilia, specifically, we are at least entitled to ask if there may be some connection with the ‘Frankist-satanic minhagim‘ of their direct ancestors.


This is where I’d got up to 3-4 months ago, but I still didn’t really want to do a deep-dive on Gur.

Then two weeks ago, when I started researching all the Nachlaot Missionaries Christian / Fake-Frum Frankist pedo ring cover-up in Jerusalem, I read this, on the Linked-In page of one of the main Nachlaot activists, who has done more than most to expose what was really going on there:


Who was ‘Avraham Mondrowitz’?

That was the first question. Type his name into your search engine, and you’ll quickly see for yourself that he is one of the most demonic, ‘externally-frum’ child rapists out there, with hundreds if not thousands of victims all over the world.

He was / is also a Gerrer chassid.

He ran away from the USA just before he was going to be arrested, and of course, the Frankist State of Israel welcomed this monster with open arms.


Once he got to Israel, no-one could apparently touch him or extradite him back to the US, because he was being ‘protected’ by a very important Chassidic Rebbe.

Excerpt from HERE:


So the second question I had about ‘Avraham Mondrowitz’ was:


Why would anyone, let alone a ‘very important Chassidic Rebbe’ be protecting a piece of scum, like this?


While you are considering that question, let’s continue.

I was still debating writing something about Gur, when I tripped over THIS recent article, on the Voz Iz Neas website, entitled:

An open letter about the conflict in Gur

Here’s the excerpt, that finally decided me to write this post:


I really recommend you read that whole post by Zvi Gluck, who himself hails from a family of Gur chassidim.

He simply describes his efforts to try and stop the Gur leadership from using extreme violence and threats to prevent followers from breaking away from the current Gerrer Rebbe, to start following a different ‘rebbe’ within Gur.

And what happened to Zvi Gluck, as a result of his efforts to do this?

More ‘threats and punishment’ from the Gerrer Rebbe’s camp.

Another snippet:


So, what are we simple people to make of all this?

When we see people – Rebbes! – over and over again protecting the lowest pedophiles and predators, and these people are still welcomed at the top levels of their chassidut...

When we see people over and over again taking bribes….

When we see people – Rebbes! – over and over again using violence, threats and intimidation to retain control, and silence any opposition to their ‘rule’….

When we see people acting against the simple halacha again and again – I mean what?! Chemical castration?! And encouraging people to violently hurt others, and if that’s not enough, to do that on Shabbos itself?!


What are we, the simple people, meant to make of all this?


For one minute, let’s put all the brainwashing aside, and just look with clear eyes at this picture.

Do you think a ‘rebbe’ who protects pedophiles like this really has yirat shemayim?


I’m sticking to this one subject, because anyone who still has even a bit of soul left can see that there is never any excuse for protecting and enabling pedophiles.

Yet Gur chassidut seems to have gone out on a real limb, to help ‘fake frum’ pedophiles escape justice time and again.

And I can’t think of a reason why they would do this, if they weren’t deep in the whole ‘pedophilia is a mitzvah’ parsha themselves, inherited from the known Sabbtean-Frankists clearly hanging out on the family tree.

If you have a better explanation, I’d love to hear it.


Once again, what is going on in Gur is, sadly for us, not unusual.

Pedophilia and incest are huge problems, across large swathes of the so called ‘chareidi / chassidic’ world.

Most of the rebbes, most of the ‘chassiduts’, most of the leading Litvak rabbis, are rooted firmly in the Sabbatean-Frankist family tree.

That doesn’t mean they are all ‘bad’, God forbid.

But it does mean that there is a huge, painful and long-overdue birur of the situation required, here.


We’ll stop there.

For now.

But I still have an eye on what is going on in that kindergarten in Bait Vegan where 15 small children were abused by their ‘rebbe’, while the school is running to support him, and to try and cover it all up again, with the help of our corrupt Frankist judiciary.

It seems the accused has some serious protektzia for some reason, to the point where they even slapped a gag order on naming him.

9,000 people signed a petition asking the court to overturn that gag order, and I’ll let you know what happens next, when I hear about it.


One thing is clear.

Most of our ‘leaders’ are from the ranks of the Erev Rav, in this generation.

Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman, warned us that this would be the case.

If we’re going to sit here waiting for our ‘leaders’ to solve the problems they themselves have created, we are going to be waiting a very long time.

Geula starts with each one of us awakening out of our slumber, and taking the steps required to finally move out of the world of lies.

Nowhere is that more important, than in the area of middot, and especially, of treating our precious children with the kindness, respect and love they require to grow up mentally, physically and emotionally healthy.

And let me tell you this: pedophile-protecting, violence-encouraging, bribe-taking ‘rebbes’ are NOT going to be the ones to show you how to raise your children in a safe, loving and truly God-fearing environment.


PS: After I finished writing this, I came across two more bits of pertinent information.

  1. There are some very disturbing spiritual ideas being taught in Gur, around the whole subject of intimacy, which are referred to by the term ‘prishut’ – separation.

Take a look at THIS article on the Failed Messiah website, snippet below:


Remember, how we started to explore how some of the ‘Sabbatean-Frankist’ idealogy was to add more and more ‘chumrot’ and stringencies into yiddishkeit, to make it a horrible, soul-destroying yoke to bear?

I think we may have tripped over a classic example of that – and of course, in the most sensitive part of person’s life, their relationship with their spouse.


HERE‘s a response to that original article, that appeared in Ha’aretz, but which has now been scrubbed off the site, so only available as an archived copy.

It contains interviews with a few people who left Gur, and who describe their personal experiences:

Snippet 1:

If this is true, it’s disturbing beyond belief.


Snippet 2 is what the Steipler had to say about the Gur practise of ‘prishut’, from that same article:


And the last snippet describes more of what these ‘commandants’ are doing, within the Gur community:

L.: “Early on in my marriage, it sometimes happened that at 1:30 A.M. on the night of my immersion [in the mikveh, or ritual bath, to render her pure for marital relations], he would phone to consult.

The commandant told my husband to set a clock for 3 A.M. because only until dawn is it possible to observe the mitzvah.

We fell asleep and suddenly the alarm clock rang. It was pitch dark – because in marital relations you cover even the light of the clock. I didn’t wake up. The whole evening I had cleansed myself in order to be immersed in the purification pool at the mikveh. I had worked that day. I was tired. And nevertheless he performed the mitzvah.

If that isn’t rape, what is it?


Deep, deep sigh.

The second thing I learned is about the ‘Adass Israel’ school, where Malka Leifer was principal, but where I can’t seem to get a straight answer as to which ‘chassidut’ the school is actually affiliated with.

Is it Gur? Is it Chabad? Is it something else?

In any case, the person who took over from Leifer as principal when she fled Australia is Meir Shlomo Kluwgant, who we talked about HERE.

Screenshot from the Daily Mail, HERE:


It’s a small world, isn’t it?

Deep sigh again.

This is definitely To Be Continued.

All this shmutz has to finally come out of the ‘wound’, so the Jewish community can start to heal from the damage wrought by all these Sabbatean-Frankists, without and within the orthodox world.

But I know this process of cleaning the wound is painful, and I’m sorry for that.



Well, it’s starting to become clearer why Malka Leifer’s ‘chassidut’ has been covered up.

If you go HERE, you’ll find the Wikipedia page for the Israeli chassidic town of Immanuel, in the shtachim.

It is truly amazing how many of the chassidic  pedophiles seem to find their way to Immanuel, including Malka Leifer herself.

The town was apparently founded by Gur chassidim (yes, I know that surprises you tremendously….), with some help from Ariel Sharon.


Now, here’s the snippet from that Wikipedia article that I want you to pay particular attention to:

In 2016, Malka Leifer, a former high school principal facing 74 counts of alleged sex abuse of her pupils in Australia, returned to live in Immanuel, but was rearrested in 2018 and extradited to Australia in 2021. 

In June 2018, Emmanuel was cited as a “haven for paedophiles” by The Sydney Morning Herald, which exposed further alleged child sexual abuse there by Leifer, committed “without consequence.” 

Leifer’s husband, Rabbi Yaakov Yosef (Jacob) Leifer, fled to Israel with her and reportedly heads the small Chust (Khust) Hassidic community in Immanuel, where his wife was arrested.

The father of Rabbi Leifer and former leader of the Khust Hasidic, Grand Rabbi Baruch Pinchas Leifer, was arrested, in January 2022, and charged with historical sexual abuse of a minor to whom he is related, and a then 18 year-old male; he denies the charges, which are before Jerusalem Magistrate Courts.


HERE is that article about Immanuel being a haven for pedophiles from the Sydney Morning Herald.

This is probably a good time to remind you that Nachlaot Xtian Pedophile suspect Sarah Kramer-Vorst, and her suspected pedophile husband, also spent some time in Immanuel, before being forced to leave because her husband was suspected of molesting teenagers.

And now, let’s take a closer look at ‘Grand Rabbi Baruch Pinchas Leifer’, of the Chust chassidim.


First, here’s why none of us really heard about this here in Israel, even though it was reported in places like Australia back in January 2022:

(Screenshot from HERE.)


The Leifer family have a whole bunch of ‘admorim’ connected to Nadvorna chassidut, amongst many others.

HERE is the Wikipedia page, where you can learn lots more about the yichus of the illustrious Leifers.

And this screenshot pinpoints the yichus of Malka Leifer’s father-in-law:

HERE is the family tree on Geni, for those who may be interested.


You see?

They are all connected to each other, and all connect back to the Sabbatean-Frankist network that the Baal Shem Tov tried to ‘sweeten’ with chassidut – but only partially succeeded.

Again, this doesn’t mean that every member of this family is bad or engaged in awful, immoral acts, God forbid.

But it certainly does mean that the ‘Sabbatean-Frankist’ ideology of incest, pedophilia and immorality has a VERY strong hold at the very top of so much of the chassidic world.

And these rebbes are not going to clean up this mess themselves, because even if they themselves are ‘clean’, they are literally related by blood and marriage to awful pedophiles all over the place, and they probably – rightly – fear bringing down the whole edifice of religious Judaism down, if they went public.

But…. it’s still got to happen.



Thank God I’m connected to Breslov, and to Rav Berland’s bit of Breslov, and that I checked all this out in detail, before I got closer to it. I feel so sorry, for the people who have been fooled by all these ‘fake chassiduts’…

It’s Rabbenu’s story of the Hungarian Wine:



Yesterday, they lifted they finally lifted the gag order on the alleged pedophile ‘rebbe’ in Beit Vegan.

You can google translate the story that’s on the Makor Rishon website HERE.

His name is Mordechai (Motty) Shulman.

As usual, the police are failing to gather tons of the solid evidence that should have made this an open-and-shut case.

And as usual, the Talmud Torah where he worked in Beit Vegan is standing by their man, and pushing back against the poor parents and the poor kids, instead of cooperating with the police ‘investigation’, what little there even is.

But the mums are not backing down this time…

The time when they could just shut us all up and carry on abusing our kids is drawing to a close.

And they know it.


You might also like this article:

Where are all these holy kids of Jerusalem being taken, for the horrific, Christian-themed ritual abuse they are suffering?


That has been the question that has given me no peace, for the last couple of months.

I had two main sites under consideration, both of which are connected with ‘underground tunnels’, in the Old City.

The first site is the complex around King David’s tomb.


There is a church called the ‘Coenaculam’ that is built mamash on top of King David’s tomb.

As part of my research into the ‘Jewish Christians’ centred around Yoshki’s brother James, who consider themselves to be the ‘original and best’ xtians, and who retained many Jewish practices, I started looking more at King David’s tomb.

As it seems to be the location of the ‘first church’ of James and those early xtians.

The satanic-gnostic Knights Templar took a very strong interest in the site, and they are the ones who built the Coenaculam.

And I had one reader tell me their first-hand experience of tripping into that place, and witnessing a bunch of people dressed in black outfits and hoods – like the KKK – apparently engaged in some sort of satanic ‘religious service’. They were promptly arrested by the police, and forcibly ejected from the premises….


So, if you go HERE, you’ll find some details of the illegal tunnel that was built underground in that area, by the Dormition Abbey, apparently by the Catholic Church, 12 years ago.



So that was one contender for the ‘tunnels under churches’ were so many of the ritually abused children from Nachlaot, and also now from Sanhedria, said they were taken.

The other contender appeared to be the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.


That Church is the biggest historical ‘draw’ for xtians in Jerusalem.

This comes from Wikipedia:

According to traditions dating back to the fourth century, it contains the two holiest sites in Christianity: the site where Jesus was crucified, at a place known as Calvary or Golgotha, and Jesus’s empty tomb, where he is believed by Christians to have been buried and resurrected.

The first building on that site was apparently erected by Emperor Constantine’s mother Helena in the 4th century. She’s the one who dug around a bit, and decided that was where Yoshki had been crucified and buried.

(The Talmud states he was hung on a banana tree for practising black magic and pulling the Jewish people into avoda zora… I know which version I’m going with.)


The building was destroyed and built many times, but the current structure pretty much dates from the time of the crusaders.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in its current form was, again, built by the satanic-gnostic Knights Templars.

And again, there are tons and tons of tunnels underneath it.

If you visit Acco, another Knights Templar stronghold, you’ll understand that these people were smugglers, amongst many other things, who handled large amounts of gold, silver, jewels, sugar and other things that today are in the hands of the mafia and our security forces (i.e. the taxpayer-funded branch of the mafia).

Acco is also packed full of underground tunnels, leading from one place to another, also built by these same satanic-gnostic Knights Templars.


In fact, there are so many ‘secret tunnels’ under the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the place is said to be in danger of collapsing.

(Amen, may that happen very soon.)

This screenshot comes from National Geographic, HERE.


When I went to the Rockefeller Museum in East Jerusalem a few weeks’ ago, I saw the original, massive wooden lintels from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, that were removed for ‘conservation reasons’ 90 years ago.

This short video does a good job of explaining where they were, who built them (the satanic-gnostic Knights Templars…) and what they looked like.


Here’s a couple of screenshots:


This first lintel is celebrating the life of Yoshki.

The area I circled is meant to be the last supper.

I zoomed in on it here.

If you look closely, like I did when I was at the Rockefeller Museum seeing these things up close, you can see that Yoshki is mamash ‘cuddling’ one of the disciples on his lap.

The idea that Yoshki was married to Mary Magdelene, and that his wife was also one of his 12 disciples, is a hallmark belief of ‘Jewish Christians’ and gnostics, like the Knights Templars.

No wonder the Church decided to remove these lintels….


Interesting as all that is, it was the OTHER lintel that really got my attention, when I went to the Rockefeller museum.

Up close, you can really see just how satanic and horrible it really is:

It’s a bunch of naked, tortured figures, encoiled in some sort of never-ending demonic serpent.

Nice lintel for the ‘holiest place in xtianity’….


Here’s something else you should know about the Church of the Holy Sepulchre:

It doesn’t belong to anyone xtian denomination, but is ‘shared’ amongst all of them.

The Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Armenians, Syrian-Coptic, Ethiopians etc etc – they all have a hand in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.


So now, let me share this with you, which I tripped over on the Hebrew-language Rotter forum HERE, yesterday.

This link brings a whole bunch of credible information about the Christian ritual abuse of small Jewish children that the State of Israel has been aiding and abetting for decades.

(Please screenshot and save the stuff on that site as much as possible, they’ve already scrubbed off most of the links.)

I will bring the screenshots in the original Hebrew, side-by-side with the Google-translated screenshots into English.

Then, I’ll sum up below, what we’ve learnt, and tie it all together.



  1. The story of one mother amongst many.

Her children told her they had been taken to churches
And she, like others, decided to check for herself.
She took her children and asked them to show her where they had been taken.


In the evening, I asked my children [plural – this mother had more than child ritually abused in Nachlaot] to show me where they were taken.

As I don’t know the way from Meah Shearim to the Old City, I said to them that they should go before me, and I would follow after them.

They went from Meah Shearim to [the road] Shivtei Yisrael, and from there, to Highway 1, and from there turned to the walls [of the Old City].

From far away, already, they told me, and pointed to it: “This is the parking place, where they dropped us off.”

In the dark, I couldn’t even see that this was a parking area. But when I got closer, I could see a sign there, that said ‘haniya‘ (parking).


We went down in the direction of the parking lot, and there, they showed us the place where the children of the Old City used to wait for them.

[Ed. note – I’m not sure what ‘children of the Old City’ are being referred to here…]



From there, we were led towards the stairs of the stairs of Sha’ar Shechem [the Damascus Gate], where we entered in [to Muslim Quarter of the Old City.] I was shivering from fear, but the children were cheerful and relaxed.

They carried on straight, and when we got to a fork in the road, they immediately turned to the left, without even thinking about where they need to go.

Then they carried on straight, for a few more minutes.





When we went past the next shop, the children announced:

“This is where they bought us drinks. the servant of the priest would come out with us, to buy them.”









After a few seconds, we got to the next store, and here they told us that they were bought whatever they wanted.


We continued to go on, until we got to this ‘doll’, which I’d already heard a lot about beforehand, in the house, when they were describing the church to us.

They told us that by the church, there was some sort of ‘doll’, and we didn’t understand – at all! – what they were talking about. Now, we saw it.










The children stopped at this building, turned a little to the left, then pointed through the gate: “Here is the church.”

Here is where we had the ‘merit’ of greeting the Catholic Church – [or] the Armenian Church, according to what we saw written there. We didn’t go with them inside, despite the fact that the children had no problems, and no difficulty with going inside. It was clear that they knew the place very well.


They told us that from this church, they used to take them to a different church, which was the ‘big church’ with the ‘big priest’.

They used to get there via a tunnel, so they were unable to show us how they got there, from here.


***[Ed. note: Can any readers help me to identify this church? More on this below.]***






But, in one of the stalls that was selling postcards on the street, the children pointed with no hesitation to the following postcard, and said: “This was the ‘big church’.”

We bought the postcard, and then we verified afterwards what the church was called.

It’s called (lit:) the Greek Church, (the Church of the holy burial) – [the Church of the Holy Sepulchre]. And it is one of the biggest churches.


We returned home, and the children were happy and satisfied, that they had managed to ‘include us’ in these places, that were there.


So, now we’re starting to understand why the police keep yelling there is no organised pedophile ring in Jerusalem, preying specifically on frum, Jewish children.

Now, we’re starting to understand how every investigation is strangely undermined and inexplicably called off, before anyone can be charged for their crimes, and this satanic ritual pedophilia in Jerusalem can be stopped.

At the top of the tree, we have about 10 different xtian churches, and their satanic clergy, freely using and horrifically abusing observant Jewish children in their satanic rituals, down in the basement of the Knights Templar’s satanic ‘Church of the Holy Sepulchre’.

Much lower down the chain, there are a bunch of xtian missionaries who have infiltrated the Jewish community, nearly all with American passports, pretending to be observant Jews when they aren’t, sowing dissent and confusion and ‘shutting up’ any question and opposition from within.

And they are joined by our corrupt, Sabbatean-Frankist ‘rebbes’ and rabbis and religious leaders, so many of whom actually descend from people like Jonathan Eybshutz, who wrote the Frankist manual on how things like incest and terrible immorality are a ‘mitzvah’.

And of course, also by the corrupt politicians, police and judges, who EVEN IF THEY AREN’T SABBATEAN-FRANKISTS THEMSELVES, ARE UNDER STRICT ORDERS NOT TO ROCK THAT ‘XTIAN’ BOAT.


Now, do you understand how this massive, organised, satanic, ritually-abusing pedophile ring has managed to run ‘undetected’ for decades and decades in Jerusalem?

The State knows all about it.

The police know all about it.

There is not a square millimeter of the Old City of Jerusalem that is not under the watchful eye of police CCTV cameras….

And it’s been like that for at least the last 20 years.


If the police and the State wanted to, they could close down the ‘Church of the Holy Sepulchre’s’ satanic ritual abuse ring today.

But they don’t want to.

Because that is going to give them the biggest headache, politically and diplomatically, they’ve ever had.

And so in the meantime…. our children will continue to be sacrificed on the altar of appeasing all these ‘good christians’.


Before I forget, I think that church that has a tunnel that leads to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is the Armenian ‘Our Lady of the Spasm’:

(Screenshot from Trip Advisor – look at the shape of the entrance, and also, it seems to have the same letters on it, as the picture from above.)


If you see the route the children take from the Damascus Gate, this church fits perfectly:

It’s located at 36, Via Dolorosa.

This is the church’s official website HERE.


And here is how close it is, to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre:


This doesn’t mean only the Armenian Church is doing this.

ALL the ‘christian’ churches nested in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre are involved in this ritual abuse pedophile ring.



Ultimately, we only have Hashem to rely on.

Don’t we know that already?

And as more of us understand how our corrupt religious and secular leadership have totally sold us all out to the forces of evil, hopefully more of us will turn to God, to the true ‘solution’ for our problems, and beg Him to finally and permanently ‘uproot the evil in our midst’ once and for all.

When that earthquake does hit Jerusalem, I have a pretty good idea where it’s epicentre is going to be.

I used to think it was the Knesset…

Now, I changed my mind.

A little.



You can read more about this Church of the ‘Lady of the Spasm’, aka the Church of the Lady of our Dowager on Hebrew Wikipedia, HERE.

While the current structure was rebuilt in 1874, it’s built on the remains of a Crusader church – which means that it’s still feasible that ‘Templar Tunnels’ are located underneath, that link this church to the Templars’ Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

I am coming to the conclusion that most, if not all, the Templars’ structures in the Old City of Jerusalem are linked by subterranean tunnels.

That would certainly fit how the Templars operated in their other territories and cities, with Acco being a prime example.

The Armenian Cathedral of St James in the Old City was also built by the Templars, and is one of the few Crusader structures that has made it through to the 21st century intact.

As always in Jerusalem, the truth is well and truly ‘buried’.

But, it seems as though it’s finally starting to be revealed.



You might also like this article:

Ten years ago, when the ‘Nachlaot Pedophile Ring’ story exploded, there were so many people lining up to tell us we were all imagining it.

On the Times of Israel, they featured THIS post by one ‘Gertrude Regina Fishman’, a resident of Nachlaot.


It’s only when you get down to the comments section, that you understand that ‘Gertrude Regina Fishman’s’ spouse was one of the suspected pedophiles of Nachlaot.

If the commentators hadn’t pointed that out, we’d all just think that ‘Gertrude Regina Fishman’ was an objective commentator, just trying to calm things down in a rational manner so the real truth can come out.

BTW, that’s why having the context of who these writers and commentators really are is so very important, before being able to properly evaluate the bias in the information and opinions they provide. 


Here’s a couple of screenshots of the comments on that post, to keep everything together moving forward:


Who is this ‘murdered Professor Spielberg’?

At this stage, I have no idea.

But what I wanted to do in this post was to revisit some of the many people who were involved in ‘gaslighting’ the public about what really happened back in Nachlaot, because once you spot the modus operandi, you can see how it’s being applied by the same people, in the same way, over and over again.

And also, to fill in more of the details and facts that subsequently came out about some of the personalities involved in the Nachlaot pedophile ring, so we can compare and contrast what happened there, with what happened in Sanhedria with those 108 ‘kidnapped’ children, shortly afterwards.

The similarities are shocking.

Ready? Let’s begin.


***Before we begin, I just tripped over a mass of new information, that suggests that at least some of the rabbis below were deliberately fooled into writing these letters, by the fake-Jewish christian missionaries who are behind this ritual abuse of our children in Jerusalem.

I am leaving this post up intact, for now, as I try to figure out what’s really going on, but please bear this in mind as you read the below. And may God help us to get to the bottom of this, and stop this evil in its tracks, once and for all.***



(Thanks to C., for sending me the link.)

This blog was set up in 2012, by an ‘anonymous someone’ in Nachlaot who claims he was falsely accused of being a pedophile.

It has a treasure-trove of information on it, including letters from Rabbis claiming that no molestation or pedophilia ever occurred in Nachlaot, and that it’s all just a figment of people’s overactive imaginations.

You can see it HERE.


So you can get a feel for where this ‘anonymous author’ is really coming from, morally, I screenshotted his response to the sentences handed down to two of the child rapists of Nachlaot, Benjamin Satz and Zalman Cohen, after they were found guilty:


Take heart, if reading this is making you feel queasy, that’s a sign that your soul is still very much alive and kicking.

So now, let’s take a closer look at some of the gaslighting and fire-fighting techniques these pedophiles used, to try and convince everyone that ‘nothing was going on in Nachlaot’.



These letters were written after one of the suspected ringleaders of the pedophile ring, Sarah Vorst, was beaten up.

(We will come back to Sarah Vorst, and her links to the Ohel Sarah Imenu institute for ultra-orthodox conversions later on.)

Here’s how the anonymous blogger introduces these letters:

English translation of  letters written  by Rabbis, in response to the beating of  a 70 year old woman.  Also with references to the Child Molestation Accusations in Nachlaot.  A lot of the signatures are those of people living in the Nachlaot neighborhood. 

These letters were written as a result of extensive investigation into the matter at the request of the neighborhood by various Rabbis, social workers, the police, and the organization Yad LeAchim. 

If anyone would like the original letters in Hebrew, let me know and I will send them to you. Includes a letter from Yad LeAchim and several important Rabbis.


You can see these letters for yourself HERE.

Let’s go through them, one by one.

Here’s a pertinent screenshot – and again, pay attention to the very strange language this man is using:


Isn’t it strange, that someone who is apparently meant to be searching for the truth about what happens says openly he’s ‘happy’ he apparently found evidence that lets all the pedophiles off the hook?

And you can see for yourself, what sort of flimsy ‘evidence’ he apparently found to come to that conclusion…

Yehuda Porush was appointed by one R’ Zundel Kroizer.


Around the end of Kislev 5772 (end of December 2011) I was appointed by the personal request of Maran HaGaon HaGadol Rav Zundel Kroizer Shlit”a to serve as the representative of the committee, and so the one signed below (i.e., the writer of this letter) entered into the thickness of the spider’s web, with the agreement of the committee.


THIS is the geni page for R’ Zundel Kroizer:

Immediately, I see that R’ Kroizer is married to a ‘PORUSH’, and that his mother is an Eisenstein.

That suggests to me that ‘Yehuda PORUSH’, our letter writer, is close family.

And it also connects us straight back to Sarah Vorst, who was working closely with one ‘R Nochum Eisenstein‘ as part of her ‘Ohel Sarah Imenu’ conversion program.

This screenshot comes from the Luke Ford article on Ohel Sarah Imenu (written shortly before the pedophile scandal erupted), HERE:


As an aside, if you go HERE, you’ll discover that ‘R Leib Tropper’ was involved in terrible abuse scandals himself, and was forced to resign his position at the EJF.

You see, birds of a feather really do flock together.

Let’s continue.


The next letter was written by one ‘R Yosef Zilberman’, head of the Talmud Torah in the Old City:


Here is what he says:


Doesn’t anyone else find it totally shocking, that someone who is involved with educating children is basically saying that you shouldn’t believe anything your child tells you, about possibly being abused?

If we shouldn’t believe our child, then how on earth are we meant to protect them from abusers, even when they tell us what is going on?

So, I go and check out ‘Yosef Silberman’s’ family tree and whaddya know?

He descends from a whole bunch of Schiffs and Frankels that are some of the founding families of the Sabbatean-Frankist network.

I’m sure that’s just a CO-IN-CID-ENCE.


This next letter is one of the more disturbing, at least for me, because it’s written by Yad L’Achim.



I’m guessing that Yad L’Achim relied on the ‘investigation’ of the police in Nachlaot, who assured them there are absolutely no tunnels, and absolutely no way xtians and churches are involved in all this.

But fast-forward a decade, and so many of the Sanhedria pedophile victims – who were connected to each other, and presumably not reading up on old reports of what happened in Nachlaot before they spoke to their therapists – reported EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

Same xtian rituals, same tunnels, same abuse taking place in churches.

HERE‘s the documentary again, in Hebrew.

This is a google translated snippet of the reaction to that documentary (it should read Orly Levy-Abecassis, but got mistranslated):


HERE is where I wrote up a few things about what was going on in Sanhedria.

And the point is this: the police are obviously and deliberately covering up for the pedophile ring in Sanhedria, and were almost definitely deliberately covering up for the pedophile ring in Nachlaot too.


One more word, about why Lev Achim may have written this letter (assuming they aren’t also fundamentally corrupted).


Before we publicized this Announcement, we were happy to hear that we had understood the matter in the same way as Gedolim (Great Sages), and also that the Great Sages of Jerusalem had rejected the matter and the rumors entirely, and even published a shocking letter on the topic.


Who are these ‘great sages of Jerusalem’?

Why, it’s Zundel Kroizer and Yehuda Porush, who seem to have some very close ties to some of the people directly connected to the allegations.

And so we see, how the ‘secular’ and ‘religious’ Erev Rav in our midst conspire with each other to totally confuse sincere, God-fearing people who believe that the police would never cover-up for pedophiles, and that the rabbis are only and always good people.

Moving on.


You might recognise the name of the next letter writer.

It’s one ‘R Yehuda Silman’, of Chaim Walder fame, screenshot from HERE.


Here’s what this selfsame Yehuda Silman wrote to the concerned parents of Nachlaot, about not spreading rumours without first properly checking into things:

Ah, the stunning hypocrisy.

But what’s really interesting to me, is that we see how unilaterally, ‘the rabbis’ parachuted into this matter, and decided that THEY would have ‘sole authority to decide what to do and how to act’.

These types of ‘closed’, authoritarian processes become all too easy to hijack and pervert.


Here’s the last letter, for now, from one R Moshe Shapira.


I’m going to excerpt this one in full, as it brings us back around to some very disturbing questions that need answering.

****New information suggests that this is the letter, in particular, that may have been obtained by false means, as a way to ‘frame’ R Moshe Shapira.****


The sword of war comes to the world because of the perversion of justice and and for interpreting the Torah decision in opposition to the Halachah.

And behold, several people who are not certified to make Halachic decisions took upon themselves to judge a death sentence without witnesses and clear proofs on the basis of imagination and guesses and stories of words from the mouths of young children who were not speaking in innocence.

They made a judgment against a woman who was known to be a righteous person for many years, a convert who raised sons who are Torah Scholars and was trusted by the Batei Dinim (Rabbinic Courthouses) that are occupied with conversion of righteous converts.

They hit her and wounded her and bruised her from the sole of her foot to until her head, serious injuries that even a young man would have difficulty surviving, and she is a woman of about 70, and it’s about a month that she is suffering and being treated at hospitals. And it is a requirement upon the elders of the city to pray “atone for your people Israel which you Hashem have redeemed and do not put innocent blood in the midst of your people Israel”. A

nd on how many serious sins do we need a great atonement, on the prohibition to punish without clear proofs as it is written “and a clean person and a righteous person do not kill”, and on the prohibitions “do not add more” (i.e., don’t give more than 39 whippings when giving a punishment) which are very serious, and on all the 36 places that the Torah warned about the convert, and on the matter of between a man and his fellow which is awesome. Also it is upon the elders to clarify and make known throughout the public gates “our hands did not shed this blood”, and we command with full force and beg with every language of request, “stop doing evil deeds which are not according to Halacha”.

And from this Kosher woman who has not stopped being righteous, we request that she pardon those who injured her against the law and by mistake because in their mind they were doing it for the sake of saving their children.

Moshe Shapira

I hereby join in with a full heart and I came especially to fortify the righteous Kosher woman who is very strong in her pure faith and she should be blessed by the Master of blessings in every way and merit to celebrate Passover with happiness and enjoyment.

Shmuel Ben Adoni Avi Mori V’Rabi Gaon Yisrael Shlomo Zalman zllh”h Auerbach

I hereby join to what was stated above

Natan HaCohen Kopshitz

Nisim Karelitz

[in the handwritten version of the letter there is some handwriting which is hard to read here, which is signed by Rabbi Yehuda Silman]


There are some big names signed to this letter, written about Sarah Vorst.

The late R’ Moshe Shapira was Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Pischei Olam, wrote a lot of seforim, and according to YWN, was ‘one of the biggest Baalei Musar and Machshava in the generation.’

Natan Kopshitz runs (or at least, ran in the past) the Rabbinical Supervisory Committee in Bet Shemesh.

Nissim Karelitz, who died in 2019, also has an impressive biography, from Wikipedia HERE:

Karelitz was a nephew of Rabbi Avrohom Yeshaya Karelitz, known as the Chazon Ish. (The latter’s sister was Karelitz’s mother)...

In his youth, he studied in the Ponevezh Yeshiva…His wife Leah (d. 2015) was the daughter of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Kopshitz of Jerusalem and the great-granddaughter of Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld.

Rav Karelitz died in Bnei Brak on October 21, 2019. His funeral by tens of thousands, and he was eulogized by Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, his first cousin, and by Rabbi Gershon Edelstein, Rosh Yeshiva of Ponevezh.


So, we see from this that Natan Kopshitz and R Karelitz were also related to each other.

R Karelitz was also very involved in ‘ultra orthodox’ conversions.

Snippet from Wikipedia:

Karelitz’s beit din in Israel performs conversions on people who are residing illegally in the state of Israel.

This means several things: (1) The conversion process goes against Israeli law which gives the state more reason to reject such conversions. (2) The converts, who often live many years illegally in Israel, are eventually forced to leave (deportation, or due to lack of financial means to support oneself).


And so, we come back around to Sarah Vorst, and the ‘Ohel Sarah Imenu’ institute for ‘ultra orthodox’ conversions.

The following screenshots come from the Luke Ford article on the ‘Ohel Sarah Imenu Conversion Program’, HERE.


Zalman Cohen was one of the few people actually brought to justice, if you can call it that, in connection to the Nachlaot Pedophile ring.

Let’s see if we can figure out a bit more about Sarah Vorst and ‘Ohel Sarah Imenu’.

This is a screenshot of another comment from that Luke Ford article, referred to above:


For now, I’m going to leave this here.

There is a lot to think about.

I’m sure that when God is ready, more pieces of this sordid tale will fall into place, and then it will become as clear as day, just how badly all the Sabbatean-Frankists in our midst have corrupted the Jewish community, on all sides of the equation.

(I just tripped over some more mind-blowing information, that fills in a lot of the blanks, but slowly slowly with all this stuff….)

But let’s end with this:

If your child tells you they aren’t feeling ‘comfortable’ around someone – even if it’s a relative, even if it’s a ‘rabbi’, if it’s a ‘kosher, righteous woman’ – believe them.


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