First, I’d like to thank ‘AnonymousYid’ for providing such ample material for this post.

Without his unceasing efforts to try and get a rise out of me, and to smear me in a million different ways, I never would have thought to give this masterclass on ‘How psychos work’ – so thanks!



Before we dive in, this is why you need to know more about ‘how psychos work’ going forward.

Psychos – especially psychos that are bought-and-paid for by the government and Big Pharma, to spread disinformation and ‘smear’ anyone questioning their totalitarian, anti-Torah policies and actions – have one main weapon in their armory, and this is it:

They want to make you feel bad about yourself.

They want to make you feel SO bad, and SO guilty that you might be ‘doing something wrong’ by questioning the official narrative, and SO confused about what ‘good’ and ‘bad’ really is – that you will shut up and go away, and not keep asking questions, or expecting real answers, or digging for truth.

The whole of our modern media is basically built on the twin pillars of trying to scare and guilt the population into compliance.

Full stop.


Once you understand this, you can start to understand how so much of what appears in the media works so successfully to:

a) Pump up fear


b) Create tremendous anxiety that anyone who is bucking the trend (as dictated by government and Big Pharma) is somehow ‘doing something wrong’.

We’ve seen this at work, big time, with the whole Covid 19 ‘story’, full as it was of fake stories of ‘millions’ dropping dead in the streets of Wuhan and Milan; and dropping dead in the hospitals – but conveniently only if they didn’t get the ‘vaccine’.

And of course, all the ‘save the grannies’ and ‘save the NHS’ and ‘save the hospitals’ BS propaganda, about why everyone needed to roll up and get experimental gene therapies, social distance and wear masks 24/7, even outside, even when they were walking by themselves.


These are the two emotions the corrupt media play off of, the most, to manipulate us into becoming obedient sheeple, who don’t ask awkward questions, and who don’t challenge the ‘official narrative’.


Now that I’ve set that out clearly, let’s turn to the latest – and very last – message this site is going to be posting from ‘AnonymousYid’.

You’ll remember that AnonymousYid first showed up when I was trying to pin down what really happened at Meron, and spent the whole time basically trying to undermine any of the factual information I was putting up here about Meron, plus my own credibility as a researcher.

For a long time, I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt – because I know that dealing with uncomfortable facts can be very challenging, for a lot of us, including me.

But recently, when I started looking into the backgrounds of the Lubavitch Rebbes, and how so much of the ‘stories’ we are told by Chabad just don’t make factual sense, on a number of levels, his personal attacks have gone through the roof.

Because I believe in the principle of accepting bizayon, as taught by Rav Berland, I continued to post his comments up, even though they were becoming increasingly unhinged.

Now, I’m of the opinion that ‘AnonymousYid’ is a paid disinformation artist, who is trying very hard to squash the healthy debate that’s happening on this blog, around a whole bunch of of important topics.


Before we continue, let me just share his latest – and very last – post with you, and then we’ll unpick it:


So now, as well as mocking my conclusions about ‘Active Denial’ being used at Meron; and accusing me of being a ‘Nazi’ for daring to explore the family tree of the Lubavitcher Rebbes, this guy is now saying I’m a secret xtian anti-semite…

This is actually hilarious.

Poor guy, if he wasn’t being paid to do this, you’d just think he was a total fruit cake whose momma clearly didn’t love him enough.

But I digress.

I want to unpick AnonymousYid’s latest – and very last! – comment on this blog, so you can spot the same, sad, techniques all these psychos use to try and control other people, and learn how to minimise the emotional damage they can do to people.


First things first, is to not fall into the trap of thinking you can ‘debate’ or ‘discuss’ with psychos, like you can with real people.

This is not about identifying the real truth, or getting the facts straight, it’s just about emotional manipulation and control.

So, don’t waste your breath arguing.

Second, is to identify the levers being used to try and spark off your ‘fear’ and ‘guilt’ – so you can disable them.


Here, AnonymousYid is trying to ‘scare’ me into submission, by saying I’m an anti-semite, for writing that there is definitely graphene oxide in the Covid shots.

He’s trying to do this by another standard ‘psycho’ technique, called ‘guilt by association’.

Here’s how that works:

Find a mass murderer who really likes porridge for breakfast.

Identify that *your target* also like porridge for breakfast.

Equate *your target* to a mass murderer, because they both like porridge for breakfast.


When I went to DuckDuckGo, and I put in the search term that ‘AnonymousYidWhoWorksForTheShabak’ used, these are the search results I got back:

I had to press the ‘more results’ button so many times, I don’t even remember how many page refreshes happened until I finally got down to that ‘anti-semitic’ website quoted by ‘AnonymousShabak’, above.

As always, do the experiment yourself, and see what happens.

Because the point is this, people like this are NOT interested – at all – in the truth.

They are interested in controlling people with fear and guilt, so the truth really stays hidden.

Once you finally figure this tactic out, you will spot it literally EVERYWHERE in our modern discourse, everywhere in the media – and sadly, probably everywhere much closer to home, too.



The third and last thing to share is that psychos always accuse you of being and doing what they are really being and doing.

This is called ‘projection’, and psychos do it all the time.

So, AnonymousYid is accusing me of being a secret, xtian anti-semite.


Now we understand why he’s ‘anonymous’, and making such a big deal of apparently being a ‘yid’, in his comments.


So, I hope this little practical ‘show and tell’ lesson in how psychos operate was helpful to you, in some way.

Remember, that authentic Judaism encourages people to ask questions, even difficult questions, and doesn’t try to shut the debate down, even if it doesn’t have a good answer for the kooshia being raised.

Whenever someone is calling you an anti-semite for asking questions – as sadly, our bought-and-paid-for media has been doing to a LOT of people, for a very long time – a red flag should go up in your head.

Facts are very powerful.

Facts tell their own story, without the need for people to ‘explain’ them away.

And that’s why facts – and the truth – must be suppressed, at all costs.


Let me just end by sincerely thanking AnonymousYidWhoWorksForTheShabak for all his sterling efforts, at giving me tons of bizayon on this site, the last few months.

Your IP address has now been put in my ‘spam’ list, and all comments will go there automatically now.

If you’re bored, I suggest you go get a job with Pfizer or the Ministry of Health, or Bill Gates, or something.

Or maybe, crack open a Gemara sometime, and learn how real Jews ask difficult questions, and are encouraged to do that by their real rebbes.

Questions shouldn’t be so scary that you’re constantly trying to close them down, and to smear the people asking them.

And Hashem’s seal is – and always will be – truth.