Yesterday, I did something stupid.

I ‘binge-watched’ a couple of hours of footage from the recent Travis Scott concert, where at least 8 young people died of cardiac arrest during the concert, another 11 apparently went into cardiac arrest, but didn’t die on the floor, and another 300 were injured.

Right from the start of that happening, I had a few emails from people telling me it sounded very similar to what happened in Meron earlier this year, when 45 people were killed, directly and indirectly, by secret Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), located at the bottom of the stairs, hidden in the orange pipework.

Man, I just deleted my whole blog, I don’t want to get back into that subject right now…

As usual, God has other plans.


So it is, that yesterday afternoon I find myself watching a whole bunch of videos and first-hand accounts, about what really happened at that Travis Scott concert.

There’s a lot of people talking about the ‘concert from Hell’, and how Travis Scott continues to sing (if you can call it that), and to even laugh like a hyena, as one collapsed person after another is ‘body-surfed’ over the top of the crowd to the sides, to try and revive them.

The set is for sure creepy, all flames and a big tunnel behind the stage with the words ‘See you on the other side’.

And there are ‘eyeballs’ all over the place, and a bunch of other disturbing stuff going on.

But I tried very hard to ignore all that, because strange to say, I think it’s a red herring.


Whether or not people in the ‘entertainment industry’ are actually worshipping the devil (and there’s a strong possibility it’s true) – it’s still a red-herring.

And it takes a lot of energy and focus off the real issue, at least for me, which is what actually happened tachlis at Astro World, that led to so many young people dropping dead from cardiac arrest?

So I started trying to do what I did with Meron, and just listen to what the people who were there experienced and saw, first-hand.

Here’s some of the takeaways I gleaned:


  • Many people reported a weird ‘low hum’, that appeared to be happening on and off throughout the hours leading up to the Astroworld ‘disaster’.
  • Many people described how people were suffocating and couldn’t breathe – even though they were standing up and hadn’t fallen over. They were standing there, crammed, but with their heads up and mouths open – and still couldn’t breathe. I heard one account where the person said they thought they saw someone die like that, but they were still behind ‘held up’ by the crowd.
  • Other people reported that there was no more regular crowding that at any other concert – which seems to be borne out by the videos you see, of there being space to give CPR on the floor of the venue where people had fallen.
  • “Sink holes” developed in certain areas of the crowd, where people fell down, while other areas right next to them were apparently totally unaffected.
  • One woman who got trampled reported that the crowd surge that got people to fall, initially, CAME FROM THE FRONT OF THE STAGE, and pushed people backwards.


It’s when I heard that last one, that I really took a deep sigh and started to get a migraine.

Think this through logically with me.

When there is a ‘star’ performing, where are the fans pushing to get to?

A: Towards the stage, to get as close as possible.

What would have to occur, for a crowd surge to begin from the FRONT OF THE STAGE, and travel back?

  1. Either, a whole group of people would have to turn around, all at once, and start trying to frantically retreat AWAY from the stage.


2) Something else happened, that instinctively caused a large group of people to suddenly ‘jump back’ from the stage, instantly pressing back on those behind him.

Something like this (English subtitles):



We’re back to ‘Active Denial’, or at least, something like that, but certainly some sort of ‘Directed Energy Weapon’, that apparently achieved results very similar to what occurred in Meron, earlier in the year.

Now, let’s ‘follow the science’ to see how all this adds up, and may also be connected to the reduced Graphene Oxide that has now been proved beyond a doubt to be present in all the ‘Covid 19’ shots, whatever the brand.

And they are also finding more rGO in injections of all types – but of course, you won’t find that labelled on the package insert, so don’t bother looking for it.


PhD Chemist and researcher Dr Pablo Campra just finished his full report into his detailed analysis of what is really in the Covid 19 shots.

It’s currently being translated from Spanish to English, but his report lists the methodology he used, the equipment used, the chain of custody of the different vials of ‘Covid 19 shots’ he examined, all according to the highest levels of scientific due process.

And the findings are conclusive: There is reduced graphene oxide in these shots.

(I’ll update this post with a link to the report when it’s fully translated into English, hopefully in the next day or two. If you read Spanish, you can already see it HERE.)


Reduced Graphene Oxide, rGO, is biotoxic.

(Click the image.)


Alternatively, has pulled the findings of 60 different reports exploring the biotoxicity of graphene oxide into one PDF, which you can download HERE:


But that’s not even the main problem, big as it is.

Watch this (2 and a half mins long, shmiray eynayim friendly):


The long story shot, is that the electrons in graphene oxide can be manipulated by sound waves, to cause specific reactions in the human mind and body.

Here’s a snippet, from the video above:

“[E]lectrons in graphene can be manipulated by sound waves.

That’s it. The moment you can vary the molecular configuration of a molecule of this material through sound waves means that graphene also absorbs the energy that comes through sound waves. My friend, you know how it can be excited in front of a loudspeaker, for example. It can be excited there. That’s where it can. You have it there.”


(If you want to take a look at that scientific paper from 2017 yourself, in the original Spanish, it’s HERE.)

So now, let’s pull all the pieces together.

  1. Directed Energy Weapons like Active Denial can cause ‘crowd surges’ when they are applied, even when there is no graphene oxide present in a body to ‘excite’. People will still be affected by these ‘pain rays’, and respond by immediately trying to move out of range.
  2. But now, there is a second component to how these ‘Directed Energy Weapons’ can work, and that is by exciting the graphene oxide you arranged to have injected into everyone’s body, via sound waves.
  3. One example of this, is exciting graphene oxide by loudspeakers, to cause a range of events, including, apparently, a feeling of ‘instant suffocation’, and / or instant cardiac arrest.


Now, go back and watch this:


Notice the weird set of ‘loudspeakers’ right by the stairs in Meron.

Put two and two together, to understand how while a whole row of people ‘dropped’ altogether at the front of the stairs, and why some people died immediately, while others didn’t die immediately, or at all.

It’s at least possible, that the people who died immediately had a lot of graphene oxide in their bodies, that suddenly got ‘excited’. And we all know where that graphene oxide came from.


Now, notice this, from a lamp-post on a Jerusalem street – but for sure, already also by you, or soon on it’s way:


Ask yourself:

Who uses speakers to communicate like this, in 2021?


Speakers propagate soundwaves.

That’s their whole point.

Again, put two and two together.


All I am doing is showing you what is right in front of your faces.

No ‘conspiracy’ here, just a series of facts that should have you profoundly concerned.

There is still time to stop this.

Come out of denial, start praying, start dancing and clapping, pull your head out of the sand, and get behind the Rav.


Are you starting to understand why it is the Rav was arrested literally the week before the Covid 19 scam began in Israel?

He is the only person who speaks out against them, who isn’t afraid of them – and who is the spiritual backbone for literally hundreds of thousands of sincere Jews, across the world.

There is no yeoush in the world!!!

But we have to bind ourselves to the TRUE tzaddikim, to get out of the mess we currently find ourselves, and we have to start praying more, and crying out to God more.

And if we do that – and make teshuva for believing all the lies of these evildoers, and all their laughable ‘fake news’ about Rav Berland that wouldn’t even fool a brain-dead amoeba (unless of course, that amoeba wanted to be fooled…) – this will turn around.

May that happen really soon, Amen.


PS: This is what the government here is currently practising for today, just like they held ‘War Games’ the day before the disaster in Meron, practising for a fatal ‘mass casualty event’ crush.


The exercise will include representation from senior-level officials and teams from across ministries and sectors. It will evaluate preparedness in the health, legal, economic, internal security, travel and communication realms, and will look at specific policies for how to handle gatherings, quarantine, events, tourism and more.

Either the State of Israel has ruach hakodesh (consistently…) or, they just got the memo from the NWO telling them the ‘Omega Strain’ is about be rolled out, and it’s time for the dress rehearsal for all their fancy, brand spanking new ‘crowd control’ stuff they just set up all over the country.


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