This time last week, I was stuck at the bottom of a huge, ridiculously steep dust mountain, with no way of getting my car up it.

(I wrote about that HERE.)

The message I kept getting from that day ‘off-roading’ in the desert is DON’T GIVE UP.

Don’t give up.

Don’t stop half way, just because you are feeling overwhelmed, scared and exhausted.

Don’t give up!


On Shabbat, I was doing some hitbodedut in my room, when my eye fell on my 30+ scrolls of Sabbatean-Frankist family trees, shoved in the spare room a few weeks ago.


Because I gave up. It was too hard, to keep breaking my head over those genealogies again and again and again.

On Shabbat, my soul started whispering at me:

You gave up half way….

Like duh!!! Of course I did.


My soul didn’t take the hint.

Continue…. there is truth that needs to be brought out for the Jewish community. Don’t stop half way.


I thought of that humongous, un-passable mountain in the desert.

I thought of how if we’d given up then, even though it seemed totally impossible we could get our car up it, at best we’d probably have had to ditch the car and pay thousands for someone to ‘tow it’.

Like you can get ‘tow trucks’ in the middle of the mountainous desert….

But anyway.

Point is, there was everything to lose from not continuing to try, and to pray, to get the car up the unpassable mountain, and everything to gain from continuing on.

But it was for sure scary and overwhelming.


Long story short:

I am back buried in my scrolls of family trees.

All this ‘genealogy’ is directly connected to all the ‘bad’ that’s going on in our Jewish community today that needs uprooting, especially in terms of protecting our children from predators, both of the body and of the soul.

So, posting may be a bit slower here again, until I get to some sort of ‘conclusion’, at least for this next stage of the process.

But in the meantime, strange as it is right now, worrying that it could be right now, that they appear to be ‘trying again’ with their masks and plandemics shtick – don’t give up.

Miracles do happen.

And unpassable mountains can be conquered on the way to freedom, peace and a good cup of tea.


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