A few hours before Shabbat, someone sent me a message via the contact form.

Long story short, it said that a mekubal said that Moishy Kleinerman left home because he experienced something very difficult, and a few other things, too.

Then, someone else sent me a message that two different mekabalim are saying that Moishy is still alive, and one of them even drew a map of where he is.

I thought very deeply about this over Shabbat, and it seems to me to be at least possible that the reason no-one can find Moishy is not because God forbid, the worst has happened, and possibly not even because he’s been kidnapped.

But maybe, because he doesn’t want to be found at the moment.


Before that whole ‘fake arrest’ thing, where they took a homeless guy from Meron into custody and claimed they’d found a body, there was a story that Moishy had made a complaint that someone had been abusing him (in that most horrible of ways…) to the police back in January, that the police hadn’t taken seriously.

There is a certain ‘look’ that these abused kids have in their faces, especially the boys, and for a few different reasons I got to know it very well the last couple of years.

Moishy has that ‘look’ in his face, in his eyes.

So, I am starting to revise my idea of what might be going on here.


It seems at least possible now, that Moishy was being abused, and that the police and / or his parents either couldn’t or wouldn’t take it seriously, and didn’t act to get the abuse to stop.

Maybe the parents were being threatened or pressured with horrible recriminations from the abusers if they supported a police complaint, maybe, they didn’t even know what was happening to their son.

Separately, the police seem to have had an interest in covering the whole thing up, and not putting any effort into finding Moishy, because whoever the abuser, or abusers, actually are, they seem to have some protekzia going on with the police.

And what better way for the police to make that problem ‘go away’ for the accused abusers than to refuse to get involved in searching for Moishy?

This is clearly just speculation.

But it’s what I myself am starting to believe is the most likely scenario, given the information currently on the table, and the fact that multiple kabbalists are saying Moishy is alive, and still in Israel.


In the meantime…. more and more bits of this puzzle are starting to fall into place by themselves.

Someone just sent me a link to this story from today’s Dus Iz Neis site::

Well respected Rav & Dayan from Bnei Brak Banished and Exiled to Tzfat because he raped a married lady

While I was taking a look, I noticed this article in the sidebar:

“Groiser Rebbe” From Ramat Beit Shemesh & Montreal Charged with incest

It’s from June 17, 2022.

And I know the name of the man mentioned very well.

He is one of the key ‘curators’ (and descendants…) on many of the family trees of the ‘interesting’ families I have identified as being Sabbatean-Frankists still within the Orthodox community, on Geni.


If that’s not enough of a CO-IN-CID-ENCE, the accused’s late wife also comes from an ‘interesting’ family.

See HERE and HERE.

She died in a car accident seven years ago, coming back from Meron on L’ag B’omer.

Snippet from the Duz Iz Nies website:

According to a report from 2015, [the accused] was running a synagogue in Israel for a haredi congregation known as Kehillas Kosson.



‘Kosson’ sounded familiar to me, from all the research I was doing into R Eliezer Shick and R Yoel Roth last week.

Remember, Roth’s ancestor and namesake is Rabbi Yoel Tzvi ROTH of Khust (Chust).

Remember, ‘Chust’ leads us straight back to the ‘Chust-Israel Rebbe’ Baruch Leifer – father-in-law of Malka Leifer – who was recently arrested for the same crimes as this guy.

How does all this link to ‘Kosson’, you want to know?


The late R Eliezer Schick was married to Yachne Shifra Rottenberg.

Her father is Rabbi Asher Yeshayahu Rottenberg of Kosson.

The shul in Ramat Bet Shemesh where the ‘Geni abuser’ was hanging out in Israel is the Kehillas Kosson, currently run by another Rottenberg. Screenshot from the comments HERE:

HERE is part of that family tree, for those who may be interested in seeing what other ‘choshuver fish’ swim in that pond.



Let’s just pause to say that the very brave victims of this abuse (who appear to be mostly women, so far…) also come from these ‘interesting families’.

And they are exhibiting truly enormous strength of character, to decide to press charges and to go public with what’s happened to them.

This is clear proof that the yichus is not what matters, but the person’s own middot and emuna and drive to do good in the world, and to fix what has gone so wrong.

May Hashem give them the strength and the fortitude to continue.


Point is…. most of our ‘rebbes’ and our ‘leading rabbis’ all come from these interesting families.

Point is, most of these ‘interesting families’ seem to have very deep ‘Sabbatean-Frankist’ roots – just that all got covered up.

Screenshot from HERE:


Point is, awful abuse of children is rife in the chareidi and chassidic world, not least because THE PEOPLE AT THE TOP KEEP ENABLING IT AND COVERING IT UP – if they aren’t engaging in it themselves (because they come from Sabbatean-Frankist families where this sick behaviour has been a religious practise for hundreds of years, already.)

Point is, most of the chareidi kids who went sharply ‘off the derech’ are going off BECAUSE THEY WERE ABUSED BY SOMEONE ‘FRUM’ IN THEIR COMMUNITY and / or THEIR OWN FAMILIES.

Point is, this could easily have happened to Moishy Kleinerman, amongst so many others, and because he couldn’t see any other way of stopping the abuse, it’s at least possible he decided to totally disappear out of the picture, instead.



That’s the main point.


I asked a shailah last week if I should continue investigating this stuff, especially in connection with the direct ‘chareidi / chassidic’ connections to the pedophile ring still operating in Jerusalem.

I wanted to know if it’s safe for me to continue researching this, at the moment.

The answer I got back is that I should press ‘pause’ on this research, at least for now, so that is what I’m doing.

I still have my hands full with the Frankist family trees from 300 years ago, with the Covid 19 ‘vax’ aftermath, with the fact that the Israeli government appears to have totally destroyed the area all along the Dead Sea during the last two years of lockdowns, which is now an ecological nightmare of massive proportions….

Amongst other things.

(As I type this, Joe Biden is apparently landing in a helicopter next to the First Station, where I buy my kombucher… So I guess he’s taking my supermarket out of action as well as closing all the roads down in Jerusalem for his visit. Nice guy!)


So, until I get a different steer, this is my last post on this particular topic for now.

Lots to think about.

Lots to pray about.

And in the meantime, more and more information is coming to light all the time, about what is really going on under the surface in our communities, and why we haven’t been redeemed ‘the sweet way’ before now.


Who knew, that things were this bad, this tumah-dik, this hypocritical?

It really starts to explain a lot, doesn’t it?

But now we are starting to understand the contours of the problem better, that means we can also get on to finding the solution.

And that’s the bit I’m really looking forward to, BH.



In this third and final part, the focus is on how Eybshutz and the Sabbatian-Frankists have warped today’s orthodox Jewish community.

Before I begin, let me tell you a story I heard approximately three hours ago.

It’s about a young chareidi boy, who was brutally raped by an older ‘chareidi’ man in the ‘chareidi’ community of Ramat Bet Shemesh in Israel, seven years ago.

Even the boy’s parents don’t know what happened to him.

They just think he ‘went crazy’, ‘got ADHD’, then started ‘acting out’ at yeshiva so he got kicked out, and finally got into drugs and went ‘off the derech’.


That boy was deeply traumatised by being abused by one of the evil monsters who live in our ‘frum’ communities all over the world, who continue to get away with destroying countless lives in this way because the whole system is geared to cover their crimes up.


Enough is enough!

How much longer are we going to pretend that this evil of rampant sexual abuse – an obvious hold-over from the Sabbatian-Frankist culture that has infiltrated all our major Jewish institution from the top down – doesn’t exist?

How much longer are we all just going to set here whistling, while this evil continues unchecked even, and perhaps especially, in the externally ‘frum’ world?

So, I’m devoting this particular post to all the unnamed, unheard, undefended victims of Sabbatian-Frankist abuse in the Jewish community, and particularly, the so-called chareidi world.

And believe me, there are a lot of them out there.


Now, let’s get back to the precis of R’ Marvin Antelmann’s book, Bekhor Satan.

(Click the links to read Part 1 and Part 2).


R’ Antelmann explains that the ruins of the Churva Synagogue in the Old City, built by known Sabbatean Yehuda Chassid and his group of followers, was a holy place for Neturei Karta.

Yehuda Chassid and his group of Sabbatean ‘true believers’ moved to Eretz Israel in 1700 (in preparation for the ‘second coming’ being predicted for Shabtai Tzvi. ‘Second comings’ are a big thing for many of these false messiahs.)

R’ Antelmann explains that according to Zvi Hertz Graetz’s history, the beliefs of this group of Sabbatians was very similar to xtianity. But according to a letter brought in the book ‘Tradition’, written by R’ Yehezkel Kahana, people in Jerusalem were scared to publish this information, because they feared the retribution of the ‘extremists’.

Who are these ‘extremists’ who practise a Sabbatian theology that resembles xtianity?

R’ Antelmann identifies them as the ‘Shomrei HaIr.’


Translated snippet:

“After the death of Yehuda Chassid in October 1700…his movement of ‘believers’, after a few years had passed, started to embrace Christianity.

The ideas that characterise this anti-Zionist cult are connected to Jonathan Eybshutz.


R Antelmann then brings a passage from Gershom Scholem’s work, where he describes how most of the Shadarim – the ‘messengers’ and shlichim that went on journeys on behalf of the community in Jerusalem, were actually Sabbatians.

As part of their travels, these Sabbatian ‘Chachamim’ would also serve as messengers between the ‘known’ Sabbatians, and those who remained secretly embedded within the Jewish community, and would also act as a conduit for the secret Sabbatian writings.

Scholem writes that the radically ‘anti’ Eretz Israel stance of this group of xtianised-Sabbatians was identified by R Yakov Emden, in his book Edot B’Yaakov (page 44), as coming from Jonathan Eybshutz’s own mouth, in relation to the passuk about ascending to Eretz Yisrael, that reads:

Not with strength and not with force, but rather with My spirit.

In his drasha given on Shabbos Chanuka, Parshat Mikeitz, Eybshutz writes:

“Because Moshiach will not do signs and wonders and make war with the enemies of Israel, and gather the exiles, and return Israel to its land. Rather, amongst the nations will be found chanina (grace?) [for the Jewish people], through the great wisdom of the Melech Moshiach.”

Ed. note: Eybshutz had a habit of switching what our Sages said for the exact opposite. He did this many, many times, including when he censored and rewrote large parts of the Talmud in Prague, in conjunction with the Jesuit Father Franciscus Haselbauer.

Again, Eybshutz didn’t just take words OUT of the Talmud, he actively rewrote it, to present his warped ideas in a ‘seamless’ way that made it appear to the reader as though they were part of the original text.

More on that another time.


Rav Antelmann then brings an excerpt of the Neturei Karta writings published under the title ‘Ahavat Yonatan’.

These writings appear to be based on the Neturei Karta understanding of some of Jonathan Eibshutz’s lesson.

Here’s a translated snippet:

“If you provoke and awaken the ‘love’ against Kibbutz Israel (i.e. going to Israel), and if everyone learns together to go to Jerusalem and all the nations agree – even in this case, as if it’s His will to go there, chalila, (God forbid that you should go) – because the end of the exile is hidden. And maybe, this is not the real time, rather it is just an et ratzon, for its own sake.

And today or tomorrow, they will sin, and they will be forced into exile one more time. And the next time will be worse than the first time. Therefore, the request is made to not go, until she will want. That is to say, until the time when all the world will be filled with knowledge, and from then on, the One who is above everything promised that there will be no-one missing from the nation of Israel at all.

And this is the true time, that it should come speedily in our days.

And therefore he said [the passage about coming out from Mevasseret with the feminine declention]. And from here it’s hinted to you….that your God will come by Himself, and redeem you, etc.


Rav Antelmann next brings a lengthy passage from the Or Sameach to refute these ideas.

I’m not going to translate that here, because the main point is that Neturei Karta revered Jonathan Eibshutz; apparently had very strong links to the Sabbateans that moved to Eretz Yisrael under Yehuda HaChassid, and went to great lengths to ‘defend’ Eybshutz’s reputation, posthumously, against academics like Gershom Scholem.



In this chapter, R’ Antelmann states that many of the ‘yehi ratzon’ prayers that are found in many commonly-used siddurim – including the ‘Kol Bo’, and those put out by Artscroll – were written by Sabbateans, with Sabbatean intentions (kavanot).

And the main Sabbatean who initially wrote many of these prayers is none other than ‘Nathan of Gaza’, Shabtai Tzvi’s main prophet and cheerleader.

He bases this on the book written by David Kahana called: Toldot HaMekubalim HaShabtim ve’HaChassidim (‘The Generations of the Sabbatean and Chassidic Kabbalists’, p150.)

Translated excerpt:

“And with his great cunning, Nathan from Gaza succeeded in ensnaring many of our brothers, Bnei Yisrael, and up until today, there are found printed in many machsorim and siddorim the prayers ‘yehi ratzon’ and most of the ‘Ribono shel olam’ [prayers].

And they are copied letter-by-letter from the book Chemdat HaYamim, and not a person puts it in his heart to find out who is the person that put these things out….” 


Ed. note:

Just to make it clear, that I am sharing quotations from R’ Antelmann’s book here. I don’t know which ‘yehi ratzon’ and ‘Ribonu shel olam’ prayers the statement above is referring to, specifically.

And in our days, many other similar prayers have been been written by people other than Nathan of Gaza. Each person should do his own birur.


Rav Antelmann then brings a passage from the Kol Bo machsor (screenshotted below) and says the following about it:

“The Sabbatean-Frankists showed that they greatly succeeded to ‘infiltrate’ Yeshu HaNotzri – or so to speak, ‘Yeshua Sar HaPanim’ – within [?] of the machsor for the Yomim Noraim, in order to make a connection with avoda zara at this holiest time – the blowing of the Shofar….

…And so, the idea behind this ‘yehi ratzon’ prayer is that Hashem should forgive Yeshu HaNotzri, and should give him [i.e. Yoshki] the job of being the ‘Sar HaPanim’, instead of the Angel Metatron.”


R’ Antelmann then brings a list of rabbis who have outlawed the yehi ratzon prayers, because of their Sabbatean connections.

The list includes the Nodah b’Yehudah, the Minchat Eliezer, R’ Eliezer Fleckeles – and of course, R’ Yaakov Emden.

He thing brings a list of further prayers that he says were written with the same heretical Sabbatean intentions, as listed by David Kahane, mentioned above.

Here’s a screenshot of the Hebrew:



The last chapter in ‘Bekhor Satan’ deals with the tricky subject of how part of the Sabbatean project to destroy Judaism from within revolved around trying to make orthodox Jewish observance so ‘hard’ and stringent, day-to-day, that many people would become disheartened and turn away from yiddishkeit.

R’ Antelmann explains that turning super-strict ‘humrot’ into ‘halachas’ is a very old trick, and that it’s not for nothing that Chazal taught that it’s forbidden to take away anything from the halacha – and also forbidden to add anything.

He then refers to Rashi’s teaching on Parshat Bereishit where he explains how the Primordial Snake was the first to turn a ‘humra‘ into a ‘halacha‘ – with terrible consequences for mankind.

[If you don’t already know, the snake told Chava that it was also forbidden to touch the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and when Chava saw she didn’t die from touching it, then she was easily persuaded that she could also eat from the tree, too, without dying.]


R’ Antelmann then says:

“Jonathan Eybshutz’s mussar sichot (moral teachings) take this path. In his book ‘Ya’arot Dvash’ there are a lot of moral teachings that he gave over the 10 days of repentance, in the communities where he served as a rabbi.”

The two examples R Antelmann brings from ‘Ya’arot Dvash’ involve Eybshutz forbidding women to wear wigs made from the hair of gentile women; and forbidding mixed dancing.

But then, Eybshutz found a solution for his rich Sabbatean friends who wanted to continue wearing these wigs: he paskened that it was permitted to make wigs from the hair of a Shabbos Goy.


Ed. note: These examples show just how fraught this whole topic is, and how complicated the birur.

I’ll bring more of my own opinions below, but I just wanted to share here that Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, had a custom of dancing with his daughters at their marriages.

One daughter, Miriam, refused to dance with her father, Rebbe Nachman because her father-in-law was against ‘mixed dancing’.

Rabbenu later said that if Miriam had danced with him at her wedding, she would have merited to have descendants. As it was, she had one child who died young, before she herself died relatively young. Miriam is buried in a cave next to David Shlomo Eybshutz, in Tsfat.


R’ Antelmann continues:

“And so, the Sabbateans wanted to increase the things that were minorly ‘forbidden’, and to expand the number of humrot (stringencies), and to make them ‘big deals’, and to bring things from every source to make more humrot, until many of the Jewish people would despair of keeping the halacha, and come to view it as something [heavy?], and impossible to endure.

And finally, they succeeded in introducing a few ‘leaders’, that we continue to suffer from them until this day, to distance the people from the ways of the Torah and the guarding of the mitzvot, following in the same footsteps as the Primordial Snake.”


He continues:

“The ‘Chareidi-Sabbatean’ stereotype lives as we’ve described: he looks ‘chareidi’ from the outside, but inside, he’s full of lusts. This is the stereotype that Jonathan Eybshutz himself belongs to. They run to fill every position in the ‘official religious’ world, and to be the heads of religious institutions….

[He then brings two specific, named examples.]

“These people wear black garb, they have beards and payot, and it was their custom to get up for chatzot. And whoever would have seen these people, it would have been very hard for him to believe [who they really were].

“The psychological approach used by the Sabbateans was to always emphasise small things in Judaism, and to over-exaggerate their importance, so that the truly important things would ultimately fall….”

He goes on to say that while the Sabbateans were externally obsessing over all these small details that really didn’t matter so much, they made it an unspoken rule to ‘ignore’ any number of major aveirot, including committing incest and adultery, eating neveilot, performing abortions, breaking shabbat, thievery and deception etc – which were all never spoken about publically.


Ad kan.


And so, we make a full circle, and return to the story I heard a couple of weeks’ ago, firsthand, of a 13 year old boy who was violated by a ‘talmid chacham’ somewhere in Ramat Bet Shemesh – in the frummest-of-frum area.

It’s an area where there are constant threats of violence and intimidation from ‘modesty patrols.

An area where neighbors will gang up on your for daring to bring a pet – a source of tumah – into your home.

An area where the advice given is to kick those kids who want MP3 players – let alone smartphones – out of the house, and let them live on the street, even at very young ages.

In this bastion of humrot, where every emphasis is put upon keeping up appearances, and every effort is made to force families to conform to the strictest, harshest interpretations of the Torah – child rapists roam free.


That boy who was assaulted in Ramat Bat Shemesh a few years ago by a ‘talmid chacham’ never told his parents what had happened to him.

Instead, he went totally off the derech and started doing drugs to try and dull the pain and shame, while his parents started dragging him all over the place to one shrink, one counsellor, one rabbi after another.

In these communities that are so focussed on humrot and external appearances, these terrible crimes of rape, incest and pedophilia – the hallmarks of secret Sabbatean-Frankists for the last 350 years – are all covered up, and never spoken about.

But that needs to change.


While this concludes the precis of Bekhor Satan, I have a lot more information to share with you in future posts about Jonathan Eybshutz’s ancestors – and also, his descendants.

Many of whom are heading up large swathes of the ‘ultra orthodox’ Torah world, both on the Litvak and the Chassidic sides of the equation.

While it’s true that just being a descendant of an evil person doesn’t make you evil, it’s also true that abusive behavior, and mentally-ill habits tend to be passed down from father to child, over the generations – until someone has the courage to acknowledge the truth, and to make a clean break.

Eybshutz had relations with his own daughter; wrote books encouraging other Jews to perform acts of incest and adultery – and was an arch hypocrite, who perfected the role of playing the ‘big tzaddik’ externally, while indulging in the worst sins behind closed doors.

And his descendants are heading up large swathes of the ‘ultra orthodox’ Torah world, both on the Litvak and the Chassidic sides of the equation.

Can you see the problem?


So, stay tuned.

We will definitely be returning to this topic soon.

Because personally, I am not going to rest until all these child rapists in the frum community are publically called out for their evil actions, and all the countless lives they’ve ruined, and countless numbers they’ve ‘abused’ out of yiddishkeit, and justice is finally done.



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