As ‘the truth’ about what is really going on starts to surface, I’m noticing a really interesting reaction.

I was talking to one of my siblings yesterday – the one who is very much on the same page as me, with all the ‘Covid shots’ stuff.

Truthfully, the ‘Covid shots’ was just the latest thing we were exploring and researching together.

Over the years, we deep-dived into the massive hoax on humanity that is ‘Darwinism’; and then we also tackled climate change; and then he challenged me to look into the whole ‘aliens’ thing, which kind of lead directly to figuring out Nazis created the CIA, NASA and DARPA – all those organisations that are very much part of the ‘deep state’ problem currently facing us all.

So when the the ‘Covid 19 plandemic’ kicked off, it was just the latest in a long line of things that we explored with an open mind.

But not everyone in my family is like that.


I have another sibling who also has strong opinions about things – but who doesn’t like to be challenged on those ‘strong opinions’.

You can’t ask questions, you can’t share real facts or information, and if you do…. well. It just gets pretty uncomfortable, pretty fast.

Again, not just about ‘Covid 19’.

About anything.

If I’m not prepared to ‘throw my brain aside’ and totally enter his world, on his terms, then we usually start to argue viciously within two minutes of saying hello. I have learnt that the longest I can spend in his company, in ‘brain off’ mode, is an hour and eight minutes.

Any more than that, and I get taken out emotionally for a week, and literally feel like I’ve been run over by a truck.

So the last few months, we haven’t been in touch very much, as this sibling has been ‘on a mission’ to encourage everyone to get ‘vaccinated’.


So, the ‘ping-pong’ game between us has been waged by proxy.

And the main ‘ball’ being batted around has been other members of my family.

Yesterday, I was talking to sibling number 1, mentioned above, when he told me of the very upsetting conversation he’d just had with sibling number 2.

Basically, two weeks’ ago, the ‘unvaccinated’ sibling number 1 – and his whole family –  ‘got Covid’, and didn’t die from it, as everyone around him was predicting. In fact, he barely noticed he had it.

He came out of his bout of ‘Covid’ even more convinced that the Covid shots are just a ruse to try and do something nefarious to people, and made the mistake of telling the great vaccinator that.

For a week, the great vaccinator was on the back foot.

Sibling 1 sent him a whole bunch of information from the Office of National Statistics, and other places, like THIS:


Then, the great vaccinator (who is a management accountant by trade) had an epiphany that no-one is liable for any injuries caused by these experimental gene therapy shots misleading labelled as ‘vaccines’.

This is the biggest bombshell you can possibly drop on a management accountant, and so for a week, the demands that everyone should get vaccinated!!! disappeared.

But now, they came back again.


Long story short, the great vaccinator – and so many of the others like him – have mostly now realised that the ‘Covid 19 plandemic’ is a hoax, a farce.

And they have also realised that the shots are not ‘good’, for some murky, still unknown reason.

But the implications of this information is so unpleasant to them, they prefer GID (going-into-denial), over finally admitting that God is in control, and making some sincere teshuva.


When I was unpicking the whole ‘narcissism’ thing a few years ago, I came up against a phenomenon that I called ‘the fork in the road’.

Basically, most people are not consciously aware that they are being bullied, manipulated and abused by ‘narcissists’ – especially those narcissists that are closest to home.

But then there comes a time, when the behavior of the narcissist becomes so extreme, and / or the impact of their behavior on other people becomes so toxic and damaging, it is no longer possible to keep ignoring the truth about what is really going on.

That’s the point we are now at with our narcissist ‘motherlands’, and their corrupt governments and institutions.


But, not everyone picks the path of ‘truth’ when they come to that fork in the road.

I’ve seen it happen time and again, that even when people are literally being made physically sick by close, un-boundaried proximity with a narcissist, and even when the mask comes off and they finally do understand, consciously, what is really going on….

They prefer to go into denial, and to actively continue living the lie.


There are many reasons for this.

But the important point to note is that when someone actively chooses, from their conscious mind, to continue living the lie – there is nothing you can say or do to help them.

Not only that, from this point on, they tend to become even more aggressive, and even more dogmatic in their efforts to get you to think and believe ‘like them’, because the bigger the lies being told, the bigger the ‘defences’ required to protect it.


So now, the great vaccinator is doubling-down on his position that everyone should get the shots and the boosters.

And he’s even starting to soften his position on giving his small kids the shots – even though he now knows they are experimental and ‘bad’ – because when you consciously go into denial, and start ‘denying’ the whisperings of your soul, it’s easier to go the whole hog, than to keep having uncomfortable ‘niggles’ that something is not right here.

Despite our many differences, I love the great vaccinator.

But because I understand what is really happening here, I also understand that there is absolutely no point me being in touch with him, at least at the moment.

Why do I need to spend an hour of my time being called a conspiracy theorist, and being told that I may as well just get the shots now, because they are going to make everyone do it anyway, and you can’t just drop out of life, or being told that ignorance is bliss, and everyone is just going to hate you, if you carry on telling them about your statistics from the ONS….?


That fork in the road is looming large in everyone’s life.

But remember, this is all just a spiritual test of emuna, that’s been set up by Hashem to really do a very thorough birur of humanity.

And also remember, that even when people pick the wrong path, they can always make teshuva and come back to the truth, and to God.

For as long as the candle is still alight, the work can be done.

But in the meantime, for your own mental health and peace of mind, you just have to let people walk their path of lies alone.

Pray for them, but don’t waste your breath on pointless conversations which will only take you out for the next week, and bring you down, and make you feel like you just got hit by a bus.

You need that energy for yourself, and for your immediate family.


All this IS going to turn around.

Whether it’s a week, a month, 9 months, doesn’t matter.

Just hang on, take each day as it comes, and carry on clinging to God and His True Tzaddikim.

As soon as God decides this test ends – it ends.

So, enjoy your life as much as you can, in the meantime, and try very hard to not worry about what tomorrow brings.

We aren’t in control.

God is.

And just like Yosef HaTzaddik, we are approaching that time, very soon, when the mask gets ripped off, and we finally understand that all this was just a test of emuna.


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The Rebbe Rayatz, and a bunch of ‘open miracles’.

Yesterday evening, I got an email from a good friend of mine, who likes to research things properly, before coming to a conclusion.

That is the way it should be for all of us, of course, but usually it’s not. Usually, we just absorb whatever PR and propaganda our bought-and-paid-for media feed us, and then go smoke some weed to silence that inner voice that is telling us ‘something isn’t quite right here’.

(I don’t smoke weed, thank God. But I know a lot of people who do, to try and get their soul to shut up and leave them alone for a while, when the anxiety strikes.)

But I digress.


So yesterday, the following email landed in my inbox.

I’m first going to reproduce it here, and then below, we’ll try to unpack it a little, to see what more we can learn.


Over shabbat I’ve been thinking a lot about the 6th Chabad Rebbe and what was really going on with him. I feel a need to share the following with you, even though I know you already know a lot of the information:

1) Yitzchak Y. Schneerson is imprisoned by the Russian in 1927 and sentenced to death. The following people got involved in his rescue:

  • Rav Avraham Yitzchak Ha-Kohen Kook, Chief Rabbi of Israel, who sends a telegram to the American Joint Distribution Committee asking for help.
  • Yekaterina Peshkova, wife of Maxim Gorky, who had personal access to the highest officials in the Soviet bureaucracy.
  • Vyacheslav Menzhinsky, the national chairman of the Soviet Secret Police (the OGPU). Peshkova enlisted his help.
  • Dr. Joseph Rosen, head of the Agro-Joint, a humanitarian organization run by the American Joint Distribution Committee in collaboration with the Soviet government, primarily to support Jewish agricultural settlements.
  • Rabbi Meir Hildesheimer, head of the famed Hildesheimer Rabbinical Seminary
  • Dr. Leo Baeck, leader of Reform Judaism in Germany. Together with Rabbi Hildesheimer he contacted:
  • Dr. Oskar Cohn, the Jewish representative of German’s Socialist Party. Dr Cohn arranged a meeting with:
  • Nikolay Krestinsky, the Russian ambassador to Berlin, who pledged to do all he could to ensure the Rebbe’s safety and release.
  • Alexei Rykov, the reigning Premier of Russia at the time.
  • Mordechai Dubin, Lubavitcher chassid and also a member of the Latvian Parliment.
  • Louis Brandeis, the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice.
  • Herbert Hoover, who at the time was the Republican presidential candidate, had lobbied for the Rebbe’s release. Yitzchak Y. Schneerson met with him in 1929 when Hoover had become President of the USA.
  • ( Allegedly even President Calvin Coolidge got involved but I can only find this stated here and not in any other place)


2) The following people were involved in Yitzchak Y. Schneersohn’s rescue from Warsaw during World War II:

  • Max Rhoade, a Washington lobbyist hired by Rabbi Yisroel Jacobson the 6th Chabad Rebbe’s leading emissary in the US. Rhoade lobbied many people, among them were Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis and:
  • Ben Cohen, an advisor to President Roosevelt.
  • Robert Pell, US diplomat, who got contacted by Ben Cohen. Pell was at the time working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and he had become friends with a German diplomat called Helmuth Wohlthat.
  • Cordell Hull, US Secretary of State, who got contacted by Pell. Robert Pell informed Hull that he had an agreement with Wohlthat. Wohlthat had assured Pell to be of help in any cause of concern to American Jewry. Hull contacted Wohlthat asking for his help.
  • Helmuth Wohlthat realized that the only force that could do anything was military intelligence since Warsaw was occupied by the German military. Therefore he contacted:
  • Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, head of the Abwehr, the German military intelligence service. Canaris in turn employed the help of:
  • Major Ernst Bloch, was the one who together with two other officers, did the groundwork and physically located Yitzchak Y Schneersohn in Warsaw and brought him and his entourage to the Latvian border.
  • Louis Brandeis and Ben Cohen put pressure on the Roosevelt administration to grant Yitzchak Y Schneersohn a visa to the US.
  • Jacob Rutstein an American businessman, philanthropist, real estate developer and lumber magnate (who has a rags to riches story) was also instrumental in bringing Yitzchak Y. Schnnersohn to the US. Rutstein is reported to have assisted Rabbi Schneersohn in launching Lubavitch in America. In addition to being a founder of the United Lubavitch Yeshivas, Rutstein helped Lubavitch locate and purchase the building which would become its headquarters on 770 Eastern Parkway.


So my question is, what are the odds that Yitzchak Y. Schnersohn was saved not only once, but TWICE with the help of top officials in the US and in cooperation with officials of countries, who hated and persecuted the Jews.
How is this possible???

Another question, if this amount of help was able to be mobilized in order to save Yitzchak Y. Schneersohn why wasn’t this help used to save more Jews during World War II????


These are both good questions.

I don’t really have the answer for them – particularly not that last one, which honestly is pretty disturbing on a number of levels – but what I want to do know, is to add in some more details, to see if we can fill out the picture, a little, about the Rebbe Rayatz’s contacts in high places.

Ready? Let’s begin.


EXHIBIT 1: Video of the Rebbe Rayatz becoming a citizen of the USA, in 1949


Here’s a few things that struck me about this video.

  1. Two US Supreme Court justices came to 770 to administer the ‘oath of citizenship to the Rebbe Rayatz.
  2. The United States government passed a special law, to enable the Rebbe Rayatz to have the citizenship ceremony done in 770, instead of coming into court, like everyone else.
  3. These two Supreme Court justices where then happy to hang around ‘recreating the ceremony’ for a second time, so the photographers could get better pictures.

Does anything about this strike you as strange?


Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the people who helped the Rebbe Rayatz get out of prison in Russia, the first time around, to start to feel out their connections with Chabad:

  • Rav Avraham Yitzchak Ha-Kohen Kook

Snippet from the biography on the Merkaz HaRav website, HERE:

Rabbi Kook was born in the town of Grieba in the Doynsk district of Latvia to his father Rabbi Shlomo Zalman and his mother Pearl Zalta (Palman). As a child, he was educated by his father who was a misnaged, but was connected with Chabad chassidim from his mother’s community (her father Raphael Palman was close with the Tzemach Tzedek)


  • Yekaterina Peshkova

Here’s what caught my eye about her, for this post, from her very short Wikipedia entry HERE:

After 1922, she was chairwoman of the subsequent organisation the Assistance to Political Prisoners (“Pompolit”).

Here’s the strange bit of all this, from a PDF called Exiled to Palestine, The Migration of Zionist Convicts from the Soviet Union 1924-1934, on Research Gate:

[There was] a time in the early history of the Soviet State when a small number of Zionist activists were allowed to substitute their sentences by going into exile to Palestine instead of Siberia.

In spite of the Bolshevik leadership opposing in principle to the idea of creating a Jewish national enclave in Palestine…

Given the draconian methods of the Soviet state, this relative tolerance was remarkable, although it only lasted from 1924 to 1934 and only about 1000-3000 were permitted to emigrate.

Although the leaders were often arrested there was no concerted effort to demolish the organizational base of the Zionist Youth movements or the parties. Even the Hechallutz farms continued to operate largely unhindered until 1926.


Peshkova was responsible for this very surprising policy.

It’s at least possible that she herself was one of the many ‘closet Jews’ with Frankist-Freemason tendencies, that were at the very top of the command structure, in the nascent Soviet Union.

(BTW, most of what we’re told about the ‘communist revolution’, and who was really behind it, is a lie. We’ll come back to this another time.)


This guy became known, notoriously, as ‘Stalin’s Executioner’, and his JOB was to hunt down and eliminate anyone who was involved in ‘anti-Soviet’ activities. Does it strike you as strange, that someone who had no qualms about killing and torturing literally hundreds of thousands of people for these activities would be willing to help the Rebbe Rayatz to get out of prison and leave the country?

How do we explain this?


  • Dr. Joseph Rosen, head of the Agro-Joint.

Here’s what stuck about him, from HERE:

From 1915 to 1918, Dr. Rosen directed the Baron de Hirsch Agricultural School in Woodbine, N.J.

I first came across the name ‘Maurice de Hirsch’ when I was researching the women trafficking and prostitution ring run by the Jewish mafia in Poland and Argentina, that was called ‘Tzvi Migdal’. Here’s a snippet about Maurice Tzvi Hirsch, from Wikipedia:

Moritz (Zvivon Hirsch, commonly known as Maurice de Hirsch, was a German Jewish financier and philanthropist who set up charitable foundations to promote Jewish education and improve the lot of oppressed European Jewry. He was the founder of the Jewish Colonization Association, which sponsored large-scale Jewish immigration to Argentina.

HERE is his family tree on geni – and man o man, did we just trip into the biggest ‘New World Order’ Frankist-Freemason bankers spiders’ web, there.

I’ll come back to this another time, BH, but when I researched the topic last year as a result of what came out about Jeffrey Epstein, there were at least some suggestions that Maurice de Hirsch’s ‘Jewish Colonization Association’ was basically a mafia front for trafficking Jewish women from the shtetls all over the world.


About the ‘Agro-Joint’ specifically, I found this, from HERE:

One of the interesting moments shared by Irena Ezekieleevna was a story about life in Moscow at the beginning of the XX century, in a mansion in Granatny Lane, 7. The Groer family moved there in 1924, after Irena’s father was appointed deputy director of the Agro-Joint in the Soviet Union:

“In those years, Joint enjoyed great prestige in the USSR. The mansion in Garnet Lane was completely at the disposal of Joint and its employees. On the first floor there was an institution, and on the second floor lived the families of the management of “Joint”. Everyone lived very amicably. It was a small state in greater Moscow.


Irena’s father was later rounded up, in 1937, as part of Stalin’s purges, and Dr Joseph Rosen tried to help his former colleague out:

Joseph Rosen, the director of the Joint in the USSR, tried to save them, got a meeting with Molotov. Molotov replied that nothing could be done, as they had confessed everything. Much later, we realized that at the time of this conversation, my father was no longer alive…We never heard from my father again.

So… the guy who used to work for the Soviets and believed in Communism got executed, and Joseph Rosen couldn’t help him. And the guy who used to apparently work against the Soviets, and was apparently doing everything he could to undermine Communism, got a free pass and was let out of prison and allowed to leave the country.

Does this sound right, to you?

Let’s continue.


HERE‘s his family tree on geni, and you’ll notice that these Hildesheimers are directly related to the (Frankist-Freemason) Bondis, and the Eibshutzs.

And in turn, the Hildesheimers are also descended from that same Shor family I’ve been writing about the last few days.

Ozer Shor is the GG-granddad of the Alter Rebbe of Chabad.

Ozer’s brother, Zvi Hirsch Shor, marries Chavalish Shapiro, the daughter of Natan Neta Shapiro III, the ‘Megaleh Amukot’. Their daughter Chava marries Rabbi Yeshaya Naftali Hildesheim, and their great-grandchild is Jonathan Eibshutz.


And here’s those Schiffs too, ancestors of Jacob Schiff who funded the Bolshevik revolution, in the exact same family tree.



Moving on – there’s a lot to cover!

Here’s a snippet from Wikipedia about him:

Leo Baeck became the “honorary head” of the Council of Elders (Judenrat) in Theresienstadt. As such, he was protected from transports and with his protection list, could also save his relatives from transports, among others his grand-niece Ruth (b. 1925). Moreover, Baeck became “prominent”, which meant that he had better accommodation, better food and could receive mail more often.

Hannah Arendt in her book Eichmann in Jerusalem examined Jewish cooperation with the Nazi authorities during the Holocaust, and names Baeck as one of those functionaries who withheld the truth from their communities of the end awaiting them, believing it more “humane” to bear the secret since “living in the expectation of death by gassing would only be the harder”. 


[Pass the sick bag.]

Here’s a few more pertinent details about Leo Baeck, from HERE:

[He was] head of the German Keren Hayesod (Foundation Fund for Palestine land purchases). Baeck was the president of the German B’nai B’rith.

I haven’t covered the role of B’nai B’rith, and its connection to all the Frankist-Freemasons yet. But BH, I will.


Of the list that remain, Louis Brandeis was a known Frankist.

You can read more about Mordechai Dubin HERE.


Let’s end this with a few more thought-provoking pieces of information, on the rescue of the Rebbe Rayatz from Warsaw, by the Nazis themselves, in 1939.

EXHIBIT 2: Video interview with Bryan Rigg, author of Rescued from the Reich, How One of Hitler’s Soldiers Saved the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Here’s a Tablet Magazine piece on this story, too.
HERE‘s the book on Amazon, and below I bring some more snippets from that book, to think about:
“Although the Rebbe had made a public statement in 1940 on behalf of all Jews in Poland, his organization now did not request help for Jews under Nazi oppression or ask that Hitler’s atrocities be made more public.

As historian David Kranzler says, “Chabad focused on its mission to rescue American Jews from assimilation and rebuild its community, working against incredible odds. It focused on its own mission.”


“The Rebbe’s obsessive quest on behalf of his library has unsettled many.

Historian Ephraim Zuroff, an Orthodox Jew, asks, “How can one justify expending even a small amount of resources and energies to try and save the rebbe’s library at a time when the rescue of lives should have taken precedence?” One wonders why no one talked about using the funds and political contacts necessary for retrieving the books to save more Jews, but the Lubavitchers never discussed this matter.
As Zuroff writes, Lubavitchers “do not consider such a set of priorities controversial or in any way problematic.” In other words, if the Rebbe wanted it to be done, then such an order was not questioned.
According to Rabbi Shalom Dovber Levine, head of Chabad’s library and archives, “There was something very secret and holy in building the Library from the start…. In the worst times of depression in Russia and Europe, he gave his life for it. He viewed it as part of the rebuilding of the Lubavitch movement.”

Someone sent me this over email, a couple of days ago, headlined in the Jerusalem Post from 2009:



An audio interview with Bryan Mark Rigg, which gives a lot more details about the Rebbe Rayatz’s rescue from the Nazis in Warsaw, by the Nazis themselves.

It’s very interesting, for a lot of reasons (you’ll find more on the two semi-trailers of books and silverware from Europe that were delivered to 770 in 1941, around the 19 minute mark.)
As always, remember that EVERYONE has their own biases, and part of the birur is to put the filter on the information coming in, to ask ourselves what is really happening, here? What is really true? 
I don’t agree with everything being said in this interview – at all! But there is a lot of information here that needs more consideration, and more birur.


What’s clear is that the Rebbe Rayatz, and Chabad, had a huge network of connections at the highest levels of governments across the world before during and after World War 2.

But this network was apparently never tapped to rescue other Jews during the Holocaust – not even Mordechai Dubin’s family.

Now that I’ve finished listening to this interview, I’m even more astounded about what’s gone on here.

As always, listen to it and come to your own conclusions.


This is an upside-down world, mamash, where the lowest of the low are praised as being the ‘highest of the high’ – and vice-versa.

There are so many good people on the frontlines of Chabad, so many good souls in that organisation.

BH, Hashem will guide us all back to the truth very soon.



After a bit more digging, I discover that Yekatarina Peshkova does have Jewish ancestry (color me shocked…)

If you go HERE, you’ll find an article talking about one “Yeshua Zolomon Sverdlov”.

Apparently, the Sverdlovs were a very prominent Jewish family in the whole Bolshevik uprising-thing, in Russia.

Yeshua Zolomon Sverdlov changed his name to Zinovy Alekseyevich Peshkov. If you go HERE, you’ll see his ex-wife is one Lidya Peshkov.

The Peshkov’s niece, Ida Auerbach, married the notorious Jewish head of the Soviet Secret Police (Vyacheslav Menzhinsky’s successor) Genrikh Yagoda – apparently ‘Russianised’ from Enoch Yehuda.


Genrikh Yagoda was mamash a monster.

Snippet from Wikipedia:

Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda  was a Soviet secret police official who served as director of the NKVD, the Soviet Union’s security and intelligence agency, from 1934 to 1936.

Appointed by Joseph Stalin, Yagoda supervised arrests, show trials, and executions of the Old Bolsheviks Lev Kamenev and Grigory Zinoviev, climactic events of the Great Purge. Yagoda also supervised construction of the White Sea–Baltic Canal with Naftaly Frenkel, using slave labor from the GULAG system, during which 12,000–25,000 laborers died.


Take a look at the entry for ‘Naftaly Frenkel’ – another ‘Frankel’ showing up in interesting circumstances, where no-one apparently knew where he came from, who then buddies up with Yagoda to commit crimes against humanity.

Point is….. there were so very many Jews, former Jews, tied up in the Bolshevik revolution.

That’s not the chiddush.

The chiddush is that many of these people were probably Frankist-Freemasons, and probably connected to other Frankist-Freemasons all other the globe, in the ways that are not externally obvious.

And not unusually, we find Chabad and the State of Israel somehow bang, smack in the middle of all this.

Yagoda’s son moved to Israel and died here in 2003.

The State of Israel was also a ‘communist creation’ – a Frankist-Freemason idea – right from the start.

And it’s true colors are coming out more and more.



The more I dig around Yekaterina Peshkov, the wife of Maxim Gorky (who changed his name from Alexei Maximovich Peshkovthe more confused I get.

On Yagoda’s Wikipedia page, it says this:

Yagoda’s wife was Ida Averbakh, one of whose uncles, Yakov Sverdlov, was a prominent Bolshevik, and another, Zinovy Peshkov, was the adopted son of the writer Maxim Gorky.

Maxim Gorky is apparently not Jewish, but writes a whole bunch of stuff supporting Jews, and his wife, Yekatarina, arranges for political prisoners who are Jewish to switch Siberia with ‘working the land’ in Eretz Yisrael.

And somehow or other, Maxim Gorky ends up ‘adopting’ this Jewish guy, Yeshua Zolomon Sverdlov, even though the dates and ages don’t really seem to fit this at all, as they should be the same generation, or Yeshua Zolomon could even be older…

One thing I can tell you for sure:

We are being lied to.

All the time.


Did you know that praying with intention is our secret weapon?

Rabbenu’s whole thing was prayer – hitbodedut, praying your heart out to God in your own words, reciting the Tikkun Haklali, to rectify spiritual problems at their root.

That’s part of why they went after him so much, because prayer is a Jew’s secret weapon – it’s the bow of Yaakov, that deflects the sword of Esav.


Two days ago, I was talking to a neighbor in my street, about all this AI facial recognition tech going up all over the city.

Once he grasped what I was telling him – that these weren’t normal CCTV cameras, and that Jerusalem was becoming an open-air prison – he immediately flipped into apathetic despair.

There is nothing you can do anyway! He told me. It’s all over the world this way, so just live your life and ignore it!


Yesterday, my dad basically said the same thing.

What’s the point in worrying, you can’t do anything about this, it’s in every country all over the world. Just ignore it and be happy.

I disagree.



According to a couple of commentators here who tried to lodge a protest against the government’s new dictatorial laws, they were prevented from getting into the Justice Department’s website to do that by a ‘password’ that they just couldn’t manage to get, no matter how hard they tried.

Of course, this was no accident.

It’s part of the dictatorship’s efforts to shut down opposition and maintain control.

If ‘this world’ is where we thought the battle is really taking place, then both my neighbor and my dad would be 100% correct, that there is nothing really to do, and we may as well just give up, and try this instead:


But the real battle here is being fought in the spiritual arena.

And every single one of us has a part to play.


This morning, I got inspired by THIS short video of an Australian policeman in Victoria, who quit his senior position to protest how the corrupt politicians are using the police to turn Australia into a ‘Covid dictatorship’ – and who asked his colleagues to follow him. (Not shmirat eynayim friendly.)


The main ‘present’ I got from my latest trip to Uman, is that dancing and clapping can sweeten all the judgements that can’t be sweetened any other way.

So, I’ve incorporated half an hour of dancing and clapping into my daily hitbodedut now, and it’s just making me feel really so much better about what’s going on.

But not because I’m ignoring the situation.

Instead, I first ‘bind myself to the true tzaddikim’, like Rebbe Nachman ben Feige and Simcha, and to Rabbi Eliezer ben Ettia, and then I am picking one subject a day to ‘stomp’ all the bad out of.


Last week, it was AI cameras and 5…G.

Today, I spent half an hour stomping the ‘bad’ out of our police force in Israel, so the pintele yid can ignite, and they will BH all make teshuva and stop enforcing the Covid tyranny.

Here’s the point:

I’m not doing anything. I am mamash nothing and nobody.

But, as soon as I get my ego out of the way, and really try to internalise my ‘nothingness’, then God can really take over.

And when we connect to God, anything is possible, because God is really all there is.

There is no nature.

There is no ‘police’.

There is no ‘Covid 19’.

There is only God.


This is how our ‘nothing’ can still do something – everything! – in the world.

Prayer is powerful, and prayer combined with dancing and clapping to sweeten the judgements, as prescribed by Rabbenu, is really the only thing that is going to work here.

I have a lot more to say about this, BH I will return to this topic.

But, I want to encourage you to not sink into apathy and despair because ‘we can’t do anything, anyway.’

In this material world, that may be true.

But in the spiritual world, we can mamash get this to turn around in the blink of an eye, if more of start to bind ourselves to the True Tzaddikim like Rabbenu and the Rav, and start to simply follow Rebbe Nachman’s advice.


So, pick how you want to ‘protest’, spiritually, and get on with it.

Here are some practical suggestions:

  1. Commit to spending 5 minutes a day (or more!) dancing and clapping, with the intention of ‘sweetening’ one particular area of evil that’s bothering you. That could be global stuff like poisonous Covid shots, corrupt judiciary, Freemason-Frankists – or stuff much closer to home, like a relationship or situation that is causing you a lot of pain. Literally just ‘stomp’ that problem into the ground…
  2. Start doing hitbodedut for a fixed period of time, every single day, where you just pour your heart out to Hashem about what is going on, and ask Him to fix things, and get more people to wake up and make teshuva.
  3. Say a Tikkun Haklali – or 7 – and again, have the intention that the prayer should sweeten a particular ‘issue’ or subject.
  4. Get hold of some of the Rav’s prayers on specific topics, and get into the habit of reciting a few a day. Go HERE for prayers in English, that have the Hebrew original attached.


If you want a suggestion for which prayer to start with, try this:

Awesome Prayer from Rabbi Eliezer Berland Shlit”a for his Speedy Release


Believe in yourself!

Believe in the power of your prayers, and your intentions, to turn this around!

Prayer is our strength, our real weapon.

But we just have to remember to bind our prayers to the True Tzaddikim before we begin, so they can use all this spiritual ‘ammo’ we give them with our prayers, to fight the battle where it really counts – in the Heavenly Court.


This is the statement of ‘binding’ that Breslov chassidim use, from Rav Arush’s site HERE.

Rebbe Nachman told his followers that it is beneficial to declare before davening: “I hereby bind myself to all the tzaddikim of the generation” (Likkutei Moharan I, 2:6, 9:4; Sichot ha-Ran 296….

* * *

This is because the tzaddikim elevate the prayers of the entire Jewish people, conveying each prayer to its proper Heavenly gate (Likkutei Moharan I, 9:3).

* * *

Therefore, it has become customary for Breslover Chassidim to recite the following verbal formula before each prayer service (as well as before performing any mitzvah or religious practice, such as immersing in a mikveh, studying Torah, lighting the Chanukah Menorah, etc.):

Hebrew: Hareini mekasher ‘atzmi le-khol ha tzaddikim amitiyim she-be-doreinu, ulekholha-tzaddikim amitiyim shochnei afar, kedoshim asher ba-aretz hemah, u-be-frat Rabbenu ha-Kadosh, ha-Nachal Novea Mekor Chokhmah, Rebbe Nachman ben Feige − zekhutam yagen ‘aleinu ve-‘al kol Yisrael, Amen.

English: I hereby bind myself to all of the true tzaddikim of our generation, and to all true tzaddikim who rest in the dust, “Holy ones who are interred in the earth” (Tehillim 16:3), and in particular our Holy master, the “flowing brook, source of wisdom” (Mishlei 18:4), Rabbi Nachman ben Feige − May their merits shield us, Amen.


Try it.

What have you go to lose?

And it for sure beats the heck out of pointlessly protesting on the street, or lying down ‘blissfully’, and just waiting for the truck to squash you.


One of the hardest klipot to overcome is fake emuna.

A picture speaks a thousand words.


When I was walking around Meron yesterday, I got a thought in my head that the only way to proceed forward at the moment, is by being ‘nothing’.

It’s interesting, what that idea really means.

Rabbi Berland teaches a lot, about this principle of nullifying ourselves totally to Hashem, and making ourselves literally ‘nothing’.

It’s a form of ‘extreme mesirut nefesh’, or self-sacrifice, that paradoxically can achieve great things in the world, because it takes the personal ego out of the picture, and just let’s God do His thing.


The last few weeks, I really haven’t been sleeping very well.

Ever since that 5…G lamp-post turned up on my doorstep erev Succot, I’ve been in a state of high anxiety about what is going on in this world of ours.

The last couple of years, I’ve been ‘live blogging’ the destruction of the world as we know it, and bringing you as much facts and information and investigative journalism as I can, to help you steer through the world of lies, and to do the birur in your own space, about what God really wants from us, and what’s really going on.

That whole process kind of culminated in finally unpacking what really happened, that night in Meron, as I’ve been sharing here on the blog.


But as I walked around Meron yesterday, slotting that last piece of the puzzle into place as I eye-balled all the brand new, AI face recognition cameras that have gone up all over the place there, I realised that something fundamental has to change in my life, if I’m going to get through the next few months in one piece.

We are now at a stage where anyone who has eyes to see, can see something isn’t right here.

And conversely, where no amount of telling or showing or convincing is going to change the minds of the people who refuse to see what is really going on.

My job as the ‘investigative journalist’ kind of feels like it’s done, at the moment.

And I have other things I want to write about.


Yesterday night, just after I’d posted up the piece about the Orange Thing at Meron, I headed over to the site, where I read THIS, by the mekubal R’ Mor Golan:

“If we pray or perform an action for the Tzadik, there needs to be peace and unity between the souls of Israel — then the Tzadik will be saved from an unnatural death.

“Hashem should protect you from all evil, and if I will have the ability, I will also come to this holy and pure gathering — to protest the disgracing of a Torah scholar.  Anyone who doesn’t protest the disgrace of a Torah scholar could, G-d forbid, fall.

“Therefore, I plead in every way possible to keep the unity and peace of the Jewish people, not to harm anything in the world, whether religious or secular, policeman or policewoman, or soldier, to respect every soul of the Jewish people.


That last sentence had a massive impact on me.

The truth is important.

Digging out the truth is necessary, especially for things as awful as the destruction of 45 people at Meron.

But I feel I’ve done my part in that process now, and it’s time to move on.

It’s time to have a new start again.


So this morning, I saved all my old blog posts to word documents, so I can show my grandchildren some of what I was doing with myself in this crazy time – and then I pressed ‘delete’.

The Ari teaches that anything we keep around, that no longer has a use, kind of sucks our spiritual strength out of us.

I had almost 1,000 blog posts up here, and most of them were really in this category of ‘sucking my spiritual strength’.

Now that the information about Covid 19, about Meron, about the destructive shots, about 5…G and all the rest is out there, what point does it serve to keep it around?


Going forward, we are going to need a lot of chizzuk.

Going forward, we are going to need to cling to Hashem and our True Tzaddikim, to be able to weather this very challenging period of time, before geula finally happens and Moshiach is finally openly revealed.

There is so much bad and evil in the world right now, and it’s multiplying all the time.

So, I see my job now as trying to focus more on the good, as the ‘bad’ becomes more and more obvious to anyone with even half an eye to see.


All week, I’ve been grinding my teeth in my sleep, because of my rising anxiety about what is happening in the world.

I can’t live like this.

I don’t want to live like this, in a state of permanent fear, because then they already won.

So, I’m setting the intention to start writing more words of chizzuk, and to share more words of wisdom and strengthening from our True Tzaddikim like Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, and the Rav, Rabbi Eliezer Berland.

And also, to go back to writing more from heart and the soul again, and less from the ‘brain’, in ‘investigative journalist’ mode.


I think that’s what God wants from me right now.

I think that’s the message I got yesterday, to return to ‘nothing’ and let God fix the mess that’s been uncovered now, in Meron, and elsewhere.

If I get another message in the future to change direction again, I’ll take it.

But for now – it’s a total new start.

And in the merit of going back to ‘nothing’ here on the blog, I really pray God will also take all that evil out there, and reduce it back to ‘nothing’, too.



There is more video now of the Israeli police ‘arresting’ Rabbanit Tehilla Berland, a frail old lady in her mid-eighties with a lot of health issues.

You can see her being ‘escorted’ into a police van propped up on a stretcher (!) with the police (and undercover police in their t-shirts and jeans) violently shoving a whole bunch of people around, including some people I actually know personally.

As always, the lying YWN has the headline exactly wrong.

It’s not the ‘cult followers’ who are getting violent with the police…


Honestly, I half feel like just tearing kria for the awful state of affairs going on in Israel right now…

But in the meantime, I guess the test of birur is continuing.

The Rav said a long time ago that Moshiach wouldn’t come until he’d been accused of murder.

I guess we are now that much closer to Moshiach coming.

That’s the silver lining to all this, I guess. Although I’ll admit, it’s wearing thin already.