Just a quick post, before another monster ‘real Jewish history’ post goes up.

The last week or two, they have turned up the juice in the 5…..G system, now installed all over Eretz Yisrael and most other places in the world, too.

There is a direct connection between new ‘waves of Covid’, ‘waves of MonkeyPox’ – whatever – and the elevated levels of radiation that we are now being bathed in.

Remember, these are the main signs of ‘microwave poisoning’:


Lots and lots of people (in Israel, at least) are now complaining that their eyes mamash hurt, after staring at a screen; that they feel nauseous; that they have bad headaches etc etc

This is NOT ‘Covid’ (even though it will be called that.)

It’s microwave / radiation poisoning from the increased power of the 5…G that is now bombarding us via our screens and devices.


We are stuck between a rock and a hard place with all this, but here are my suggestions to minimise how much radiation we are absorbing, while God gets on with finding a more permanent solution to what’s happening.

  1. Turn off your home WIFI router whenever it’s not being used – especially at night.

When I take measurements with my RAD-o-meter, the radiation coming off the router is high up in the ‘dangerous’ zone, above the safe level recommended for an outside space. (And those supposedly ‘safe’ levels are really dangerous already, BTW….)


Right now, I can ‘see’ about 10 different WIFI networks from my PC – that’s 10 different routers in my neighbours’ homes, all irradiating my house. If more of us get into the habit of turning the routers off at night – and spreading the word to others about how important this is – it will start to help our bodies have a ‘break’ from the radiation, and renew.


2. Seriously consider ditching the smart phone, and returning to a Nokia.

If you’re stuck on Whats App (as so many people apparently are) – buy a tablet, and check Whats App once or twice a day, using the tablet.

When the smart phones are ‘streaming’ content (i.e. movies) the radiation levels being absorbed by the face are through the roof.

Also, get into the habit of turning the phones off, putting them in airplane mode, whatever it takes, at night.

(Be aware that iPhones continue to emit radiation even when ‘turned off’.)


3. Return to an ethernet connection on the PC, if possible.

Here in Israel, it’s effectively IMPOSSIBLE to do that now. I tried a few months back, and the router is configured in such a way now that I just couldn’t do it.

I still have my ethernet cable plugged in, and I have the PC set to ‘airplane’ mode – but I also need the wifi to be ‘turned on’ for the ethernet cable to work….

But if you live somewhere where ethernet is an option, please do that (and if you know how I can do it in Israel, or what router I need to order in from abroad, please let us all know in the comments.)


4. Turn the internet ‘off’ on the PC or phone, when you aren’t using it.

I was doing a lot of typing with the WiFi on a few months back, and I noticed it was giving me ‘carpal tunnel’ issues.

When I type with the WIFI turned off, my arms don’t ache, and my eyes don’t hurt anywhere near as much.

For example, I am typing this blog post ‘offline’ – when I’m done, I just save the text and refresh the page.


For how to actually deal with the effects of radiation poisoning itself, go back and read THIS post.

I am also doing an experiment with Mineral Miracle Solution, and I’ll report back on that in a couple of weeks, once the results are in.


The last thing to say is educate yourself about what is really going on with the radiation poisoning we are all being deliberately exposed to now, by our governments and military.

The less time you can spend ‘online’, the better for your spiritual, mental and physical health.

If you live next to a mast – like so many people now do – you really need to understand where a lot of your new, weird and debilitating health issues are now coming from, and how you can mitigate them, at least a bit.

It’s not ‘long Covid’, it’s not a new variant of Covid – it’s microwave poisoning.

And once you know that, you can start to respond accordingly, to protect your health better, with God’s help.


Life is pretty exhausting at the moment!

I borrowed my daughter’s phone to WhatsApp my brother yesterday, in the UK, and I could see the tiredness etched on his face. He’s well, life is ok, mostly, Baruch Hashem – but he told me he’s totally fried out from the last two years of madness.

I also feel that way at the moment.

Life is good, Baruch Hashem – even really good, Baruch Hashem.

Except…. for all the uncertainty, ongoing mask fascism and worry about what the future will bring.

And that’s quite a lot to deal with, still.


Yesterday, my daughter showed me this clip of birds in Mexico ‘murmurating’ themselves, suicide-fashion, straight into the pavement:


The version she showed me was actually somewhere on a mainstream TV program in the US, where the presenter was saying these birds did this because:

a) They flew through some sort of ‘toxic cloud’.

b) They were somehow ‘electrocuted’ mid air (uhh, isn’t that impossible? But anyway….)

c) They were being chased by a hawk or a falcon, and thousands of them ‘panicked’ all together – and then ‘murmurated’ straight into the concrete floor.

(That last option was put forward by a ‘bird expert’ who I can only think must have been paid to say this, or is totally faking his credentials.)


Baruch Hashem, my 18 year old daughter solved the mystery:

Look Ima! More 5…G!!!

Yeah, like duh.

The birds got ‘fried out’.

Remember this?


Talking of ‘fried out’, here’s another screenshot that someone sent me, about the crowds in Australia being zapped with microwave Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) by the police there, last week:

Message: I just HAD to send you a follow-up on your incredible coverage in Meron some months back.This hit my inbox yesterday:,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/




Pay attention to where the police say these energy weapons ‘were only used to convey spoken-word messages’.

That’s exactly the same cover story we heard about these things, popping up underneath 5…G powered facial recognition cameras all over Israel, together with thousands more 5…G mast arrays.

This one is from Emek Refaim, in Jerusalem:


And of course, if anyone actually bothered even asking what these weird, ‘temporary speakers’ were doing right there by the one exit in Meron, carefully crafted by the police before 45 people died there – because they were also ‘murmurating’ into the pavement, no doubt, or attacked by a hawk – that’s probably the same story the police would say to them, too:




In case you missed the original video clip showing the set up for the Directed Energy Weapons used by the stairs at Meron 2021, you can see it on Chananya Weissman’s Rumble channel HERE.


Here’s a quick reminder of some of the physical and emotional effects experienced, when we are being secretly ‘fried out’ by secret microwave weapons being used by our Governments, military and police:


I put a whole big post up with some practical suggestions for how to try to mitigate these symptoms, HERE.

Take heart, there really is a lot we can do to protect ourselves, with God’s help – and of course, most of this battle is spiritual.

The human soul is WAY bigger than 5…G, and once more of us get that – and start blocking the ‘electromagnetic energy’ being directed at us with our prayers and holy intentions, things WILL start to turn around.

Big time.


One more note about ‘kosher orgone’ options.

An orthodox Jewish friend of mine in Latin America who is good at arts and crafts got inspired to start trying to make some ‘kosher orgone’ pieces, without any avoda zora, weird stuff in Sanskrit or tumah attachments.

She’s just about perfected them now, so I’m happy to spread the word, if you want to try the orgone thing for yourself.

I am not connected to this in anyway, btw – I’m not being paid to advertise her stuff, or anything like that, just providing a public service for people who may want to try orgone, but were worried about buying from a tumah-dik source.

Here’s her price list (will bring up a downloadable PDF):

Kosher Orgone Price List and Contact Details


I’ve changed the link above, to include her contact details direct on the price list now, as the link wasn’t working on the site.

(Please don’t contact me! I’m just passing on the details!)


Hashgacha pratit!

As I was typing this, she sent me the following email and pictures:

My father is growing vegetables at home, he had not been able to do it for a long time (the animals ate the seeds and the plant did not grow) and he finally found a way to do it with recycled containers. It has orgonites placed in the planting (I gave it some that were aesthetically bad), and they have helped the plants a lot, those that are next to the orgonites grow much stronger than the rest and in general they have all grown healthy.



Do your own research, come to your own conclusions.

Everyone’s an adult, and can evaluate evidence and information for themselves, to see what they are happy and comfortable with.

But the point is:

We are all feeling ‘fried out’ right now, in a few different ways.

And fried-out people don’t have the same energy and patience that non-fried-out people do, so go easy on yourself and those around you, and don’t expect too much at the moment.

It’s hard to get out of bed some days (particularly when they are ‘zapping us’ with deleterious microwaves straight into our bedrooms at 5am in the morning – like what took those birds in Mexico out.)



This turns around soon, with God’s help.

But one more thing, before I go and try and make Shabbat:

It’s time to start gently pushing back on all the ‘Karens’ out there, who are still trying to do the government’s dirty work for them, by ‘reminding us’ to wear masks.

The last two weeks, I just have been finding it impossible to wear masks in shops anymore.

BH, I usually don’t shop places where that’s required, but I have an addiction to kombucha, which finds me venturing into ‘health food shops’ probably more than is good for me.

And there, I often come up against the ‘Karens’.


Last week, I turned around and walked out, when the owner of the shop told me to wear a mask.

If enough people also do that, the shop owners will stop asking.

And then yesterday, I had a ‘customer Karen’, who turned around at the till and told me to put a mask on.

I told her:

I’ve had Covid twice, do you want me to be putting a mask on for the next 50 years?!

It took her a second to recover from that, but then she doubled-down with her ‘it’s the law and you are making me feel uncomfortable’ speech, and then got the woman behind the till involved, too.

Of course.

So, I put my scarf over my chin, and said to her:

This makes all the difference now, right? Now, everything has changed, right?


She glared at me – because the situation is patently absurd, at this point – and then a small ray of hope broke through:

Another customer – who was wearing a mask, but under her nose – chimed in and actually took my side!

Why does she have to wear a mask, if she’s had Covid?

At this point, the Karen started muttering about how she was just trying to do some shopping, and she couldn’t believe all these ‘hyper-critical’ people around her, making that complicated….

And I let the scarf fall.


I know it’s hard, but we need to start pushing back on the masks in Israel – and the people using them to control us, in big and small ways – gently, but firmly.

As I said, if more people walk out of shops where they are being asked to mask, the shop owners will think twice about asking.

Take a look at the ‘Jewish Libertarian’ blog, for some more insight and inspiration on how to ‘push back’ against tyranny.


Hang on, people!

This does turn around soon.

But in the meantime…. eat a lot of chocolate, and drink a lot of coffee.


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