This is going to be one of my more ‘out there’ posts.

And if you’ve been following my blog for a while, that probably tells you that you are in for quite a ride.

The story begins with Chaim Walder’s suicide note, which you can see below:

As part of this apparently never-ending quest of trying to figure out what on earth is going on in the Jewish world, I decided to try and see if I could find out more details about ‘Rabbi Yehuda Silman’.

He is one of the Bnei Brak rabbis who together with Sariel Rosenberg put out a ‘psak’ telling the chareidi public this:




English snippet from HERE:

“If the allegations against him are true, it is prohibited to read these books,” the rabbis wrote, adding that one should not read books by an author who is thought to have committed something indecent, as “reading his books is like supporting these acts.”
Despite the accusations not being confirmed, and Walder denying all accusations against him, one should not read these books before the situation is resolved, the rabbis stated.
In his apparent suicide note, which to me, at this stage, appears genuine, Walder wrote this:

“I have gone to summon Yehuda Silman and Shmuel Eliyahu to a din Torah in shemayim (Heaven).”

I already knew that Sariel Rosenberg – mentioned in the Jpost report, referenced above – was ‘suspect’ – he was the key figure who ‘excommunicated’ Rav Berland and the whole Shuvu Banim community, based on the false testimony of just a single witness – that same guy who popped up everywhere in the media – and without hearing Rav Berland’s side of the story at all.
Does any of this sound familiar?
And then, Yehuda Silman jumped on that particular bandwagon, and also ‘signed on’ the excommunication note determined by Sariel Rosenberg’s disgraceful mockery of a true Beit Din.
When it came out that this decision had been made on the basis of a single (false witness’s) testimony; and in the absence of hearing Rav Berland’s side, leading other dayanim including Shimon Badani publically called out what had happened.
But of course, by then the ‘excommunication’ had already done what it was designed to do – namely, totally isolating the Rav and his community from the religious world, shortly before the police swooped in to get the Rav back in prison literally a week before ‘Covid 19’ kicked off in Israel.
So, I already knew these two gentlemen were suspect, when I started feeling out what ‘family connections’ they might actually have, that could help to fill out more of the real picture, of what is really going on here.

Honestly, I didn’t get very far, because almost immediately, I hit this guy, a Chabad mesichist and maths professor, by the name of ‘Shimon Silman’:


I highly recommend you watch and listen to the whole clip, so you start to get a feel for the true philosophy, and reach, of Chabad.

(Professor Silman is talking to R’ David Cohen. We will get to him in a minute.)
The two are discussing Prof Silman’s new book (published 2010) entitled:
Here’s a snippet from the book description on Amazon:
Scientific Thought in Messianic Times is a major treatise, seventeen years in the making, covering a wide range of topics in Torah, science and the Messianic Era.

It is based on the lectures delivered at the annual Moshiach and Science conferences of the Rabbi Yisroel Aryeh Leib Research Institute on Moshiach and the Sciences since 1992.Some of the general areas covered are:

The convergence of faith and intellect; Creation and the concept of intelligent design; History of major developments in Chassidic philosophy and modern science; Complete coverage of the concepts of Moshiach and the Messianic Era; 
Extensive documentation of the global Swords Into Plowshares phenomenon.

The book includes sections based on the lectures of prominent Jewish scientists including:

Dr. Naftali Berg
Prof. Herman Branover
Dr. Arnie Gotfryd
Dr. Tsvi Saks
Prof. Alvin Radkowsky
Prof. Levi Reiter


Rabbi Yisroel Aryeh Leib – aka Mark Gurari – was the last Rebbe’s younger brother, who was pursuing a PhD in Liverpool University in Theoretical Physics, when he died in 1952.

You can download one of his two papers about ‘eigenvectors’ (full of mathematical equations) HERE.

The Rebbe apparently lied to his mother for months, that his younger brother was still alive, and even had forged notes written in his name, so his mother wouldn’t suspect he was dead.

It’s small details like this that have always disturbed me about Chabad, even before we arrived at all the research of the last two years. Apparently, Mark Gurari wasn’t ‘religious’, and apparently he is buried in the Tsfat cemetery.

Also, according to THIS comment thread:

Mrs. Dalia Roitman [is] the daughter of R. Leibel Schneerson (aka Mark Gurari) [and] has 2 sons one is called Ariel (after his grandfather) and I do not remember the name of the other.
They are not observant Jews.
While the rebbe was sick in the period of 1992-1994 an Israeli reporter tracked down the family.Under questioning Rav Halperin of Beth Israel in Jerusalem said that the kids could eventually assume their rightful place in the Chabad leadership!


According to another commentator on that same thread:

Roitman as well as Mrs. Dalia are both scientists at the Weitzman [sic] Institute in Rehovot. They are divorced. She may have married since.

That thread was written 16 years ago, back in 2005. As of now, the only ‘Roitman’ at the Weizmann Institute of Science is this guy, who may or may not be related:


Anyway, I’m sitting there listening to the Prof Silman name drop the ‘Melech Moshiach, the Rebbe’ literally tens of times (in 2011…), when around the 12 minute mark, he mentions one of the Rebbe’s closest chassid-scientists, a guy called Dr Naftali Berg.

What I hear next literally has my mouth hanging agape, in amazement.


Before [Prof. Alvin Radkowsky] moved to Israel, a friend of his named Dr Naftali Berg, who was a personality in himself, who is also featured in this book, er. He was the director of the Army Research Laboratory, um, also used to be known as the Harry Diamond Laboratory, um, the Defense Department, the Pentagon Laboratory.

So, he was the Director of the Advanced Technology Office, this Dr Berg….he also joined our organisation and he gave lectures at our conferences for a couple of years, until he passed away.”


I type in ‘Harry Diamond Laboratory‘ to see what comes up, and I get to the Wikipedia page, where I learn this:


In 1972, Jack Anderson reported that HDL was working on “short-time-span control of human behavior“, which Anderson characterized as “Experiments to control human behavior with science fiction devices“.

An Army spokesman responded that the research program was looking at alternative ways for crowd control.

In 1992, the Army created the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) by combining seven existing Army laboratories including HDL….

The Woodbridge site was closed in the 1990s, after the Army decided to stop electromagnetic pulse testing there.

In 1989, the commander of the HDL said that the decision to stop this testing was mainly based on the Army’s need to perform more powerful testing, something not appropriate for the thickly settled neighborhood around the site.


I almost fell off my chair.

Dr Norman Berg – apparently a Chabad chassid, close to the last Lubavitcher Rebbe – was the Director of the part of the US military that particularly focused on:

“[S]hort-time-span control of human behavior”; “Experiments to control human behavior with science fiction devices”; and “electromagnetic pulse testing”.

In case you are wondering what ‘electromagnetic pulse testing’ is, and why its so dangerous to human populations, take a look at this new video, below, with English subtitles, that caught a man being ‘pulsed to death’ on CCTV, while reading his bike around a neighborhood in Spain:



“La Quinta Columna analyzed a video in which an electromagnetic pulse causes the death of a man.

The video shows a glitch that occurs at the precise moment when the man falls straight to the ground.

According to Spanish researchers, electromagnetic pulses are seen as interference in-camera recordings when they occur.”



Now, are you starting to understand more of what these weird ‘speakers’ popping up everywhere in Israel, and elsewhere, can actually do?


Let’s get back to Dr Naftali (Norman) Berg.

I’m going to bring screenshots of the article from HERE, which describes exactly what Chabad Chassid Dr Berg’s lab was up to, back in the 1970s, when CIA ‘mind control’ projects like MK Ultra were going ‘underground’.

First, here’s a snippet from the Wiki page on MK Ultra:

MKUltra was first brought to public attention in 1975 by the Church Committee of the United States Congress and Gerald Ford’s United States President’s Commission on CIA activities within the United States (also known as the Rockefeller Commission).

Investigative efforts were hampered by CIA Director Richard Helms‘s order that all MKUltra files be destroyed in 1973; the Church Committee and Rockefeller Commission investigations relied on the sworn testimony of direct participants and on the small number of documents that survived Helms’s order.

In 1977, a Freedom of Information Act request uncovered a cache of 20,000 documents relating to MKUltra, which led to Senate hearings….

In December 2018, declassified documents revealed that the CIA made six dogs run, turn, and stop via remote control and brain implants as part of MKUltra.


Basically, Berg’s ‘Harry Diamond Labs’ took over where MK Ultra was forced to stop.

Experiments to control human behavior with science fiction devices are being conducted secretly at the Army’s high-fenced Harry Diamond Laboratories in Washington.

To perfect the electronic behavior machines, Army scientists are spending $50,000 this year and asking $200,000 over the next two years. Ultimately, human guinea pigs will be used to test the devices.

Although a classified memorandum in our hands specifies the tests are for riot and civil disturbance control, the memo admits the general purpose is ‘short-time-span control of human behavior.’

The control will be exercised through a devilish complex of flickering, steady and unseen light rays, audible sounds and other tones too high for the human ear to hear.

The main problem, the memo states, is that the ‘novel and unique devices-systems’ must be constructed so they will ’cause no permanent damage to target personnel’ and to innocent bystanders.

With this humanitarian thought recorded, the memo goes on to summarise the ‘ultrasonics, audible aversive stimuli, unique communications techniques and methods of speech interruption’ which make up the Army’s physiological-psychological studies.



TRANSLATED INTO plain English, the technical memorandum envisions such devices as these:

Flickering light of varying intensity which throw off the normal electric rhythms of the brain. This leads to confusion and can even break down the brain’s ability to control the body.

Sound outside the human hearing range, which can crippled a person’s ability to function.  Audible sound, some of it so loud as to cause unendurable pain, can have the same general effect.

Electronic sound devices which interrupt, distort or mask speeches by troublemakers at demonstrations.

While the Army memo complains that ‘the present state of development of sound and light devices is not adequate to achieve the desired objective,’ it notes hopefully that the potential workability of at least ‘two systems has been shown’.

By fiscal 1974, the art will be far enough advances to that the ‘development and laboratory testing of hardware (the behavior equipment) will be emphasized.’

When we contacted the Army to find out whether the tests were leading to a 1984 world of thought control, a spokesman pooh-poohed the possibility.

“This program is so limited,” he insisted. “Why, it’s just to see what the hell it takes to control a crowd as painlessly as possible. We think there may be a better way than billy clubs and pistols.”


50 years ago, the US Army was already perfecting its ‘Active Denial / 5…G’ ‘crowd control’ Directed Energy Weapon System.

And the guy in charge of that research was a Lubavitch Chassid called Dr Norman (Naftali) Berg.

Who could make something like this up?


If you go HERE, to the ChabadInfo website, you’ll find an article entitled:

Today Marks Rabbi Dr. Naftali Berg’s Yartzeit

Screenshot below:



In his famous lecture on “Swords into Plowshares at the Pentagon” at the Moshiach and Science conference of the Rabbi Yisroel Aryeh Leib Institute in 5753 (1993), Rabbi Dr. Naftali Berg (whose yahrtzait was last week, 27 Tammuz) spoke about the new program of dual use technology initiated that year as a Swords into Plowshares process.

In his words, “The main point is that we really see the revelation of Moshiach now that the administration is taking half a billion dollars per year and putting it into these ‘dual use technologies.’

It is certainly a fulfillment of the Rebbe MH”M’s sicha of a year ago [5752] that ‘v’chitzu charvosom l’itim’—‘they shall beat their swords into plowshares’—that the nations of the earth will take their military budgets and convert them into food production and other peacetime uses.”


Here’s another very pertinent snippet, from that same article on

The [Technology Reinvestment Project] TRP began to be implemented by the Clinton administration in early 1993 with a budget of $927 million for the first year.

Competitions for TRP grants were conducted by the Defense Technology Coordinating Council, made up of non-military people from the National Science Foundation, the Departments of Energy and Transportation, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The diversity of the council’s membership was meant to enhance the program’s technical expertise and to ensure that TRP managers were aware of recent technological developments in commercial markets and civilian federal agencies.

But the management and control of the program was assigned to the Pentagon’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA).


In other words, Berg’s research was taken forward by ARPA – or DARPA, as it later became.

You know, those cute former Nazis who recently brought us this secret nanotech, covertly put in all the ‘Covid 19’ shots that were developed with seed money from DARPA:


And this:


And this:



We’ve been lied to about so much.

I used to come across stories like the screenshot below, and dismiss them as the delusional ravings of anti-semites. Now…. I’m starting to re-evaluate everything, and everyone.


Let’s leave Dr Norman Naftali Berg for now.

I also went to look at what R’ Yakov David Cohen – the guy Professor Silman was talking to – is up to today.

He’s running the ‘One People One World Under God’ organisation (or at least Youtube Channel…), which a particular emphasis on making close links between Chabad and China.

Here’s one of his latest videos, talking about the ‘Israel Plan’ and ‘Solomon Forum’:

The bit that had me sitting up in my chair is where he mentions he is currently working out of the United Nations.

I did a bit more digging and here’s what I learned, from HERE:

Rabbi Yakov Dovid Cohen is the founder and director of Institute of Noahide Code (a UN NGO), born in Brooklyn, New York USA. Rabbi Cohen…was ordained in 1985 at the United Lubavitcher Yeshiva New York, and a graduate degree from Monash University Australia… Met with the President and world leaders…


Whaaat the heck?!

I go to the ‘Institute of Noahide Code’ website, and that’s where I watch THIS video (or at least, the first minute) where Cohen explains that the Institute of Noahide Code is an “NGO for EcoSoc“.

(This is a screenshot from their defunct Twitter feed:)

EcoSoc stands for the United Nations Economic and Social Council, who amongst other things is responsible for implementing the horrendous (depopulation….) Agenda 2030….


Once again, the mind boggles as to what is really going on here.

Once again, we find hardcore, mesichist Chabadniks at the very heart of this whole, hot mess.

And once again, I find myself yearning and yearning for the world of lies to finally and totally fall.

These Freemason-Frankists have been lying to us, and diverting us away from true God and kedusha for centuries already.

Tatty, it’s enough.


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13 replies
  1. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Thank you so much, Rivka, for exposing this horrendous story. Shocking beyond belief. These Meshichists are sick to the core – and their vibe is very bad, did you notice? -. Everything but Kedushah.

    Still my question remains: how much of the whole story did the Rebbe know when he gave brachot to those followers of his? What year was that? According to the video you shared, Naftali Berg arranged a meeting with the Rebbe for Prof Radkowsky before he left for Israel, which was in the 70’s. So I assume he himself must have had a meeting with the Rebbe too in those years. Makes sense? On the other hand, in 1992, the year the conferences started , the Rebbe was 90 years old, and he had had a stroke in February of that year. How clear-minded was he by then? Did he really know what was going on around him? (Remember poor Rav Kanievsky and how they exploited him – and continue to exploit his failing mind.)

    So – was the Rebbe himself involved in all of that, or not? Did he approve of these machinations? Did he really understand what was being done? What do you all think?

  2. Rivka Levy
    Rivka Levy says:

    Note to readers: Many of the comments are being blocked and censored on this post – always a good sign, that we’re heading in the right direction!

    I’m happy to post comments up via the Contact Form, if you have something you want to share.

  3. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Look at this, Rivka: absolutely crazy; from a very special lady ( not Shmirat Einayim friendly at all):

    It’s worth watching the whole video: this woman is very brave; she was a terribly abused child victim for OSS. Listen to her story; she is a first-hand witness. Did you know that MK ( ultra) stands for Mein Kampf??? Unbelievable. However she couldn’t get herself to say ” Jewish concentration camp victims”.

    This is who Naftali Berg worked for with the blessing of the Rebbe? What on earth? Do you really believe the Rebbe knew about the real story behind all of this? I frankly can’t imagine…

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      If people want to believe the Rebbe had ‘ruach hakodesh’ – how could he not know what was happening?

      Especially, as he seemed to be so ‘up’ on the science side of things, derech hateva.

      Was Chabad then lying about all the stories of the Rebbe’s ‘ruach hakodesh’ that are still all over the web and in books?

      • Daisy
        Daisy says:

        Sorry, Rivka, but I never heard stories about the Rebbe having had Ruach Hakodesh. All I know is my own first-hand experience , meeting him in Crown Heights for the first and only time during a Shavuot Verbrengen: I remember his eyes when he entered the hall: so profound, so deep, you could not miss him, his presence was so powerful in a very good way, he touched my heart on a very deep level. Very, very different from Rav Berland of course; but every Gadol is different . And after that he appeared to me in several dreams, either before or after his passing, I don’t remember. Even my son, who was a young boy at the time, seven years old or so, was so taken, he simply went and sat at the Rebbe’s feet for a whole hour without moving. Children feel when somebody is positive and special. That was my experience, I can’t speak for anybody else. And I also loved reading his divrei Torah; they were very deep and meaningful, all of them. Again, very, very different from the words of Rav Berland: the Rav is in a different world, in the sphere of Atzilut it seems to me, an amazing Mekubal whose mind is so perceptive, so intuitive, he speaks directly to our neshamah, he brings our understanding to an ethereal level. The Rebbe was a very spiritual and impressive person, a Gadol for sure, but not out of this world at all. My impression of him was extremely positive: it is impossible for me to imagine him doing dark, evil things. But who am I to know? Only Hashem knows what he was really about.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          I’ve heard lots of ‘ruach hakodesh’ stories…

          Re: appearing in dreams to people.

          Just FYI, this was a very common thing that occurred with the false messiah Shabtai Tzvi. Part of what gave the movement so much traction is that literally thousands of men and women were having ‘dreams’ and ‘visions’ of Shabtai Tzvi, where he appeared to them as the Moshiach.

          We are talking about some serious rabbis here, not just ‘light headed women’ – although there were literally thousands of female ‘prophets for Shabtai Tzvi’.

          As history has a way of repeating itself, I find this interesting.

  4. Daisy J Stern
    Daisy J Stern says:


    First of all I never claimed, or even imagined, that the Rebbe was Mashiach, especially after his death when the Meshichist movement sprang up: I felt he was THE Gadol Hador: of all the rabbis I met before he was the only one that arose my soul and caused me to become more serious about Judaism. So if he was able to do Kiruv just by his presence – and believe me I was not the only person affected that way – how do you reconcile that with claiming he was false? He obviously was doing something very good during his lifetime.

    Re: apparitions in dreams, I can tell you that my righteous father Z”L appeared to me in a dream once, and it was a very powerful experience that also led me back to Torah. So, what does that mean? Just because a live or departed person – a righteous person – appears to someone in a dream that makes him or her a Shabtai Tzvi? How do you know there were no other departed Tzaddikim who also appeared to living followers or relatives in dreams: is that reserved for Shabtai Tzvi only? Is that a proof that somebody was a false Gadol? Maybe people did not report those events, or they were simply ignored throughout history because the person was not such a famous and controversial figure.

    Don’t you think you might a little bit biased against the Rebbe leChatchilah, because of the brillliant research you have done, or for some other negative experience you might have had with Chabad? Can’t you even imagine some good done by the Rebbe ZT”L? Which is not to minimize or deny the findings of your research, of course. I am not sure how to reconcile your findings and my own experience of him; and not only mine: the experience of myriads of Jews. Not an easy berur, for sure, not for me, and not for any of your readers I imagine. Maybe we should let the Beth Din shel Maala rule on that question, rather than us frail limited mortals???

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      No one is saying you said the Rebbe was mashiach.

      But I think we can agree that many people believe-d that he was – fair enough, when he was alive – and STILL believe that he IS mashiach today – even though he is dead.

      I think I have to write up more about what happened historically with Shabtai Tzvi, because he also caused a movement of sincere, mass teshuva amongst a million Jews – before it went sour, and what happened, happened.

      So of course, good and bad is all mixed up, and it’s part of our process of birur to keep trying to separate the ‘good’ – that certainly exists – from the ‘bad’ – which also certainly exists in each person, and in each movement.

      I am not biased against the Rebbe, any more than I’m ‘biased’ against Bugsy Malone.

      There is a lot of information, that begins to strongly suggest a lot of things that are wrong.

      And the huge amount of lies that Chabad tells – about so many things – does bother and concern me tremendously. Because every place I look, I seem to trip over more ‘lies’ being told by Chabad.

      Going back right to the beginning, with the Alter Rebbe, and the family tree, and the ‘argument’ with the Vilna Gaon that at this stage I’m sure either didn’t happen at all, or didn’t happen in the context of ‘chassid vs mitnaged’.

      Don’t all the lies being told bother you, too?

  5. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Rivka, after re-reading my comment an hour later I realized my tone was a bit harsh. So I am really sorry: I love you, and I respect you a lot; it’s just that I also respect the Rebbe very much, at least for the good part of his deeds, and I felt a need to defend him. So please forgive me if I insulted you in the process.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Totally forgiven, and I’m not at all insulted.

      I know this birur is very difficult.

      BH, God will help us all to do it as gently, and as ‘tzniusly’ as possible.

  6. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Sorry, I had not seen your reply before I wrote this last comment.

    Yes, of course, the lies and the story about Naftali Berg etc. bother me a lot, and that is why I am saying that I also need to do a birur and reconcile these two parts of Chabad. There are a lot of things that bother me about Chabad in general too, but that started after his death, not before, so I figured that other bad guys are doing all the bad stuff in the name of the Rebbe, ZT”L. From what I could tell, it seems that the Meshichist were the bad guys, while the non-Meshichists simply try to follow in the Rebbe’s footsteps and do Kiruv. But how many non-Meshichists are there left?!


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