I just wanted to start a thread to keep new information together, going forward.

***Even More Important Updates Below***

I learnt from the Meron investigation that when things are kept in one place, as much as possible, just makes it way, way easier to share the information around, and for more of us to apply our minds and our hearts to understanding what’s really going on here.

And to focus our prayers for the people who were killed.

Because just like Meron, this was no accident, and it was deliberately planned.

That building was ‘taken down’, it didn’t collapse.

The main question is why, and in good time, I’m sure more information will come out to help us understand that part of the equation too, if we have our eyes open to see it when it appears.


So, let’s start with some new information, then try to sum up where we’ve already got to, with God’s help.

  1. There are more and more statements coming out about an unexplained power outtage that occurred for a few hours, before the Surfside condos were brought down.

I just got this over email:

My friend lives a block away from the condo. Her friend came home late at night from a flight. They lived in that condo that collapsed. That night when they came home, there was a power outage. It was so hot, and the wife is pregnant, they decided to leave and go to a hotel. They left about 30 minutes before the condo collapsed.

As mentioned, we had guests on Shabbat who told us a similar story about a family they knew, first-hand, who also left the condo building to go to a hotel because there had been an hours-long power outtage, before it collapsed.


2. Despite this ‘power outtage’, there are new reports of residents hearing some sort of construction work going on in the building around 12:30am.

I was sent THIS link to a story on the Collive website, that doesn’t seem to be working:


It’s the small things like this that show you that you are on the right track…

Luckily, I think it’s the same account that commentator Nechama linked to HERE. Here’s a longish snippet:

Sarah Nir, a Chabad mother of 6, returned from a Hisvaadus [Chabad spiritual meeting] at 12:30 A.M and heard strange noises in the building. She thought that somebody was doing renovations but couldn’t understand why they were doing them at such an hour. Nir woke her 15-year-old and 25-year-old children who were with her…and went to the building’s guard on the ground floor to complain about the noise, which was getting louder. Suddenly she saw the car park filling with debris and told her children to run outside since there was “an earthquake.”

…[T]he three ran out and saw the building crumbling in front of their eyes….

…Gavriel Nir, Sarah’s son, told Israel’s Channel 13 that the collapse occurred in three stages and took a few minutes. First, he and his family heard noise from aboveand saw dust falling. They then heard a boom that they thought was an earthquake and rushed out of the building. Finally, from outside, they saw the collapse, with white clouds of dust following them as they ran.


3. Video showing flashes of light and dust falling inside the building immediately before it collapsed.

(BTW – I just changed computer, and I no longer have the video copying software on this version, until I figure that out again. So, if you have that ability to copy these videos before they are ‘disappeared’, and to stick them on Brighteon, please do! And then share the links here.)

THIS video is from inside one of the apartments in the Miami building.

It’s very short – 13 seconds long – but I want to bring your attention to the strong burst of light you can see on the left hand side, just BEFORE small particles of plaster start to rain down as the prelude to the collapse:



And here’s how dark it looks again a couple seconds later:


4. Video showing lights in windows, and strange flashes of lights on the roof and in the buildings themselves, immediately preceding collapse.

Let’s do some screenshots here, to keep things neat and tidy.

On the Arutz 7 website HERE, you see that the clip of the building coming down apparently taken from a CCTV camera begins with this very strange shot which says “No Video”.


Then you hear a man clearing his throat and saying: ‘Ready? Go?’ while in the background, you see the building coming down, while these two people having the conversation in the video apparently don’t hear or notice anything unusual.

All this is setting off the BS-o-meter, but what is particularly strange is why there is no footage of the half a minute directly before the building came down. What are they trying to hide?


Here’s how that video starts:


There was a power outtage for hours beforehand, which explains why there are no lights on anywhere – except in those 5-6 areas I’ve circled.

How was there light in those apartments, when there was a building-wide power outtage?


Now, let’s go frame-by-frame as I want you to notice there are strange, additional flashes of light just as the building starts to collapse:


Immediately after that second ‘light’ flashes, this central part of the condo complex comes down.

As part of a controlled demolition.


Now, pay attention to the light bang in the middle of the still standing right hand wing of the Surfside complex:


In the middle of an hours-long power-outtage; a few seconds after the central part of the condos already collapsed; this strange ‘light’ persists.

And one second later, it’s joined by another strange ‘flash’, below:



That first light I circled in red two frames back has now disappeared – and this second part of the building is now starting to collapse.

But here, we see a NEW light that just appeared, circled in yellow this time, a couple of floors down.

And then immediately afterwards, this part of the building also crumples.


Throughout the whole ‘demolition’ process, there are more strange flashing lights coming from the roof on the left hand side.

I’ve marked up a couple of stills to show you where to look, but slow down the video and see for yourself:







How was this building brought down?

Conventional explosives, or some sort of ‘Directed Energy’ laser?

I’m leaning towards the last option, for a few reasons, including:

  • Reports of an overpowering – and unexplained – smell of sulfur:

A bitter, sulfur-like smell hung in the air.

“The stench is very thick,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said.

  • The deep-burning fire under the rubble that’s hampering rescue efforts.
  • The speed these buildings came down.
  • The apparent lack of obvious explosions, or detonation noises.
  • The strange and unexplained flashes of light.

There’s a few more things, too, but we’ll get to that in another post.


Again, for the sceptics out there who don’t think that ‘Directed Energy’ weapons are real, take a look at this US government report (PDF) entitled:

Effects of Directed Energy Weapons


In terms of the motive for taking the building down, more information will undoubtedly appear soon, but my best guess now is that it is linked to former Deep-State-player-turned-rogue-agent, John McAfee.


And the last thing to say, for now, is that it is mind-boggling that in a first world country like the US, in a wealthy state like Florida, that four long days have passed and they still only retrieved 9 bodies.

This is totally not normal.

And it also suggests that something very unusual is going on here, both in terms of how the building was demolished, and also in terms of who or what they were going after, in the first place, which caused them to demolish Surfside.


I know many good Jews, and many other people have died in this terrorist attack – let’s call it what it really is.

There is no amount of damp, erosion or aging that can cause building like this to collapse like that, within ten seconds, in a total pancake movement.

All these maintenance reports from 2018 etc are a red herring.

The biggest ‘terrorist organisations’ in the whole world are our own governments, and the people who effectively control them from behind the scenes, and the media that covers up all their crimes and ‘spins’ a web of lies to confuse us all.

We owe it to all those people who died to get to the bottom of this, and to make sure the terrorists who are running our governments – all over the world – finally stop getting away with mass murder.

Whether it’s in Miami, or in Meron.



On the BBC website HERE, they have a before / after picture. Here’s a screenshot of the ‘before’ picture:


Now, let’s go back to the picture of the weird ‘lights’ in the building before it collapsed – and remember, there was a power outtage, so these strange lights are probably big clues as to what caused the building to fall:


Here’s where I think those ‘lights’ we identified above match up, to how the building looked ‘before’ it collapsed (marked in red):

Surfside where the lights were


Now, I don’t know the building, so here is where I could use some help from people who do, to figure this out.

But it looks to me like the ‘lights’ we saw just before it collapsed were in some sort of elevator shaft? Is that right?

But what is beyond question is that the lights were in areas where the main central support beams of each structure are located.

Demolition experts explain all the time that you need to blow these internal supports FIRST in a controlled demolition, to make sure that the building collapses in upon itself, instead of out, where it could damage other structures.

It causes the tell-tale ‘crimp’ in the crown of the building, that is so obviously present with the Surfside building.


Here’s a ‘controlled demolition’ placed side-by-side with WTC 7, for comparison purposes.

Spot the difference.

(The building on the right is the ‘controlled demolition’ they admit to…)


So now what I’d really love to know, is were those lights in the elevator shafts of Surfside, or were they in specific apartments?

And if they were in specific apartments, who owned those particular apartments?

And once we know that, I suspect we’ll know a lot more.



A new ‘story’ is coming out, that a missing resident called her husband before the collapse to tell him a sink hole had developed in the pool, in Surfside.

You can see that account HERE.

It’s amazing how this woman noticed that in the middle of an electricity black-out across the whole building, in the very middle of the night.

And it’s even more amazing that she didn’t raise the alarm at that point, if this story is true.

But what’s really interesting me are a couple of the initial comments beneath that ‘story’, where increasingly you find the real news:

Comment 1:

Ah, and here, when finding out about the incident, I was able to discern (the morning of) that Google Maps had initially tagged the wrong building. I did this by comparing the pool configuration to the other buildings in that area. It apparently didn’t sink very far.

Comment 2:

So many condos in the area are going up for sale……massed exodus !


Could we be seeing another hidden ‘real estate’ motive starting to swim into view here?

I mean, putting around ‘stories’ that expensive beachfront properties are suddenly collapsing in the middle of the night due to sinkholes, and running stories non-stop emphasising how ‘unsafe’ all these 40 year old structures suddenly are in that area is one sure-fire way to drive down property prices.

And when prices fall radically, some ‘lucky’ real estate developer can then step in, buy these properties for a song, and redevelop into something 4 times as expensive.

How I wish I was being sarcastic here.

But I’m not.

The only thing worse than their murderous tendencies is their greed.


So, let’s see how this story develops, shall we?

And let’s keep a careful eye on which property developers ‘ride to the rescue’ of all these poor people trying to sell their previously valuable beachfront condos for thrupence in order to avoid getting ‘pancaked’ in the middle of the night.

Because I’m sure we’ll learn an awful lot, if we do.



A reader sent me screenshots of the ‘missing’ Collive article mentioned above. I’m bringing the relevant sections below:


There’s a few things I find puzzling about this.

Firstly, how was Mrs Nir checking the emails in her home office when there was a building-wide electricity black-out, as we’ve been told from other people who actually left the building because of that black-out, to spend the night in a hotel?

Second, is there a record of the building security guard calling the police, to make a complaint about the noise, as per Mrs Nir’s account.

Third, if the construction noise was so loud in the middle of the night, why were none of the other residents were making complaints about it?

Let me put it out there as a question:

Did any other residents who left the building before the collapse, or who were in the still standing section of the building, also hear this construction noise?

This is a crucial piece of information, because ‘sink holes’ do NOT make construction noise in the middle of the night.


And lastly, Mrs Nir says that:

“As I was standing in the lobby, I saw the parking lot of the building collapsing, like an abyss that has opened up beneath it….She once again turned to the security guard and ask [sic] to call the police, this time reporting an earthquake. “There was a very loud noise,” she told him.”


If the noise was that loud, why wasn’t the security guard hearing it himself?

(I know, maybe on his phone, like everyone else, but even so….)

There should also be a record of the security guard making a call about this sink hole / earthquake to the police, or at least a partial call. He had enough time to do that, as the account shows that Mrs Nir then went back upstairs to wake up her children and get them out of the building before it collapsed.

So, I’d really like to hear the transcripts of the security guard’s call to the police, about the massive sink hole that apparently opened up in the car park just before the building ‘collapsed’ in a controlled demolition.

I have a feeling that’s never going to happen, but let’s see.


In the meantime, this prompted me to take a look at ‘8777 Collins Avenue’ on Google Earth.

I wanted to see where the pool was – where the ‘mystery woman’ from the Fox News report said she saw a sink hole open up – and where the carpark was – where Mrs Nir from this Collive report says she saw a sink hole upen up.

And now, the plot thickens.


This is a shot of 8777 Collins avenue, from the top:


According to Mrs Nir’s account, she saw a sink hole opening up in the outside carpark marked above, which is adjacent to the front lobby of the building.

But here’s the thing: the carpark is next to the part of the building that DID NOT collapse.


I checked to see if there was any other car park that Mrs Nir could have been referring to.

The entrance to the underground parking is on the opposite side of the building from the outside carpark, and not visible from the lobby.


So, the only place where a carpark is visible from the lobby is that external carpark marked below:


Which begs the obvious question:

IF a ‘sink hole’ opened up in that external carpark shortly before the controlled demolition that took down the whole back of the building, then WHY didn’t the front of the building collapse?

It’s still standing now.

And in the meantime, strangely, the ‘strongest’ part of the building – the middle part that was the furthest away from the pool, and the furthest away from this external carpark – came down first, within 5 seconds.


I’m also wondering how it was possible to see a sink hole open up in the outside carpark in the middle of the night, from inside the lobby, if it was pitch black.

And I’m also wondering if any cars were swallowed up in this ‘sink hole’, as presumably you’d expect to find in the middle of a carpark.

That part of the building is still standing.

These questions should not be hard to answer.


If any of my readers live close to Surfside, and have 5 minutes to spare, I’d love some shots of the carpark, if that’s possible.

Because if there wasn’t a sink hole, or an earthquake – then we are certainly looking at a controlled demolition.

And if we are looking at a controlled demolition – then this is mass murder.

And if it’s mass murder, the culprits need to be identified, and brought to justice, before they kill anyone else.


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