I was going to leave Surfside alone for a bit, and tell you about the bonfire I did yesterday.

I am very blessed to be renting a house with a garden, and in that garden, I’ve built a fire pit. And in that fire pit, I love to burn bits of wood.

And so yesterday, I invited a few ‘mum’ friends who have been looking after their families 24/7 for a year and a half, and asked them to come chill out with me.

It was SO nice.

We drank some kombucha, we played some guitar, we sang (really out of tune…) and just took it easy.

It was just so restorative, in so many ways, to remember there are other people out there my own age, who I’m not married to, who at least sometimes want to hang out with me.

During COVID, I had many long months where I forgot that.


So, I was going to write more of a ‘Secret Diary of a Jewish Housewife’ piece today, about that fire.

But instead, I find myself returning to events in Surfside, because not unlike what happened in Meron, I have the feeling that if the ‘official narrative’ we are being told is allowed to take hold unchallenged, the 150+ people who were murdered in that ‘controlled demolition’ – and their families – will never see justice done, for what’s really going on here.


Yesterday, I got a call from a close acquaintance, who I met via my blog years ago, and we’ve stayed in touch periodically for years.

She told me that her sibling is one of the people still missing, presumed dead, in Surfside.

It’s a small Jewish world, and much like Meron before it, there is barely a degree or two of ‘separation’ between all of us, and the people who have died or been directly affected by the collapse of 8777 Collins Avenue.


Then I checked my emails this morning, and another reader sent me a couple more interesting things.

Thing Number One is THIS, from the antisemitism.co.il site:

USA – The synagogue of Bal Harbour evacuated after receiving a bomb threat

Belle Harbour, Miami, FL – A synagogue in Belle Harbour Miami received a bomb threat and all were evacuated. At approximately 4:30pm today and phone call was placed to The Shul by a woman who stated that the Champlain Tower partial collapse was not an accident.
She stated that it was a coordinated bombing and that The Shul of Bal Harbour along with other buildings in the area are being and will be targeted.
As a precautionary measure Shul security along with the help of Surfside police and police K9’s have performed a controlled evacuation and locked down The Shul and taken measures to sweep the building and construction site for any and all possible explosives devices….
As of 7:43pm the Miami Dade K-9 and Bomb Squad have found no potential devices and have given the all clear and operations have resumed back to normal.


Is this legit?

My correspondent asked me.

Before I could even try to answer that question, I first decided to take a closer look at ‘The Shul of Bal Harbour‘, who runs it, who built it – all those small details that start to build up into more of a correct picture of what might really be going on.

I start scooting around, and very quickly get to the Wikipedia site for Rabbi Shalom Lipskar, snippet below:

Sholom Dovber Lipskar (born 1946) is a Chabad rabbi who was principal of the Landow Yeshiva in Miami Beach in 1969. He founded The Shul of Bal Harbour in Surfside, Florida, as well as the Aleph Institute in 1981.


He sounds like a very impressive person!

But what’s that ‘Aleph Institute’ all about? Click, click, click, and we get to THIS, the organisation’s official site.

Here’s a little of what we learn there:

The Aleph Institute is a national, not-for-profit 501(c)(3), publicly-supported charitable institution founded by Rabbi Sholom D. Lipskar under the direction of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson O.B.M.

For over thirty five years, Aleph has been serving society by:

(1) providing critical social services to families in crisis;

(2) addressing the pressing religious, educational, humanitarian and advocacy needs of individuals in the military and institutional environments; and

(3) implementing solutions to significant issues relating to our criminal justice system, with an emphasis on families, faith-based rehabilitation and preventive ethics education.


Also, very impressive.

The ‘Aleph Institute’ and Rabbi Lipskar have three main programs they run:

“Operation Enduring Traditions” Programs for the Military:

Aleph supports and assists thousands of Jewish men and women serving this great nation in the U.S. Armed Forces with Jewish books, materials, and moral and spiritual support.

Spark of Light Prison Programs:

Most people are not aware of the plight of the five thousand Jews in prisons all across America today….

Aleph F.E.E.L.S. Family Programs:

Aleph sponsors support groups that bring together the spouses of inmates allowing them to compare and discuss their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.



On top of all this good work, the ‘Aleph Institute’ is also working very closely with the US military as an ‘Ecclesiastical Endorsing Agency’:

In recognition of the need for Jewish Chaplaincy in the military, the United States Department of Defense appointed The Aleph Institute as an Ecclesiastical Endorsing Agency to recruit, vet and endorse Rabbis for the Army, Navy and Air Force, Active, Reserve and National Guard.

Since its appointment in 2006, The Aleph Institute has endorsed Jewish Chaplains for the Army, Navy and Air Force, and appoints and works with Jewish Lay Leaders who assist Chaplains in providing leadership at military installations and ships at sea where Jewish Chaplains are unavailable.


And here’s a snippet about the Aleph Institute’s work with ‘Clemency Cases’:

We are very proud of our clemency work — much of which was done in collaboration with partnering organizations that reflect the diversity of the men and women of this country. Thank G-d, we were able to assist in providing a new lease on life for so many shattered families.

It is demonstrably false that contributions play any role in Aleph’s work, including clemency. In compliance with Aleph’s no-donation policy for advocacy, numerous donations have been declined or refunded, over the years. 



I went back to the Wiki for the Aleph Institute, to learn a little more about that side of things, snippet below:

The Aleph Institute advocates on behalf of many of the Jewish prisoners in the US as well as in some instances, prisoners abroad. Jacob Ostreicher credited the institute with helping to gain his freedom through contacting actor Sean Penn, who made a direct appeal to Bolivian President Evo Morales.

In 2010, Aleph Institute joined 200 Jewish organizations petitioning then Governor Charlie Christ for a stay of execution on behalf of Martin Grossman who was convicted of the 1984 killing of a law enforcement officer. Pope Benedict XVI also sent a personal request to commute the sentence but the execution proceeded and Grossman was killed in 2010.


Here’s a bit more about Jacob Ostreicher, from Wikipedia:

Jacob Ostreicher (born February 7, 1959) is an American businessman and investor. In June 2011, he was arrested in Santa CruzBolivia, while overseeing a rice growing agricultural venture that he had invested in, and was jailed for 18 months on suspicion of money laundering, though he was never formally charged.

Ostreicher maintained his innocence and stated that the allegations by the Bolivian government were “the scam of the century”. His family and friends initiated a public effort to plea for his release, and actor-activist Sean Penn visited Ostreicher in Bolivia and pledged to work for his release….

On December 16, 2013, Ostreicher arrived in the US after 30 months in Bolivia. He was reported to be in an undisclosed location with Sean Penn and receiving medical attention. It was unclear how he had fled the country.

In May 2014 Ostreicher revealed that after his release, Penn had personally nursed him back to mental and physical health at the latter’s home.


(Is it just me, or does all this stuff about Sean Penn’s involvement seem a little, ahem, strange?)

In any case, let’s park that side of things, for now.

We’ve done enough to fill out the picture, quite considerably, that ‘The Shul’ in Bal Harbour – via the Aleph Institute – appears to be keeping company with a lot of military personnel, has close connections with the US army, and is also working for clemency on behalf of a lot of interesting people.

So now, with all this background, let’s go back to the question above, asked about this statement:

[T]he Champlain Tower partial collapse was not an accident.

[The caller] stated that it was a coordinated bombing and that The Shul of Bal Harbour along with other buildings in the area are being and will be targeted.

Is this legit?

Probably, yes.

But probably also, things are not exactly what they appear to be.


Moving on, that same email correspondent sent me a link to THIS – an audio interview with Mr Nir, Sarah Nir’s husband, on the Yiddish24.com site.

You remember I’ve been keeping track of the many different versions of the ‘miraculous escape’ story on the site?

Well, now I have yet another version, which muddies the waters even more. Here’s a partial transcript, which I’m writing verbatim, despite the poor English and grammar, to make sure I’m not putting any words into Mr Nir’s mouth that he himself didn’t say.


[From around the 3 minute mark in the interview:]

While my wife is speaking with him [the security guard in the front lobby], the garage collapsed.

And they didn’t believe that she just go and saw it. She saw all the cars on the ground [or could possibly be ‘underground’].

So she told my kids that they are left, start to leave! Because they start to…Before, they heard like a wall collapse. The wall collapsed, and ehh, so they ran away from the the apartment.

But they being in the hall, close to the phone. And when they saw that the first floor, the garage, collapsed, they errr, they decide they must run away.

So they left to the building through the [long pause] door. And they just crossed the street, to the other side. They they heard a big boom, but didn’t look back.


[4.27 min] But all the area was with white dust. And they start to run, and they didn’t see each other from how much white dust. And that’s how they escaped…

My wife said ‘I felt Hashem just told the building, Excuse me, don’t collapse until they leave. Then it collapsed.’

[Question in Yiddish]

[5.25 min] I was in Atlanta. And they called me at 1:30 screaming and yelling and my wife, errr… When they ran with all the dust, the white dust and everything, my wife said, ‘I can’t breathe, I need water’. And nobody opened, nobody do nothing. Nobody was there.

And my son was the first one to call the police, and he called six times the police, before they came.


[5:45 min] They didn’t believe because my wife had start to scream, had start[ed] to scream that [it] is like [an] earthquake. And, er, they probably thought that somebody drunk maybe calling. And they see that nothing happened. Nobody said that, er…. So I think that’s what caused….

But, but, er, I think that there’s a lot of questions, because the alarm didn’t work, the security….

My daughter said that the noise was before. Around 11 o’clock it start.

And, er, so I believe that if somebody will [would have] pay attention, if the guard also pay attention what’s going on, maybe a lot of people can be saved….


[7:10 min] Any my wife, she left all her ID, phone, credit cards, money, everything, at the house. So my daughter left without nothing, my wife left without nothing, and the only, er, contact that we had is through my son. And after that they ran. My wife ran and tried to get water and all and er, some place.

And they ran up to 4.30 in the morning.

So they ran hours, maybe four hours, up to four hours, until they reach really an angel, a convert person, who convert to be Jewish. His n ame is Yona ben Avraham. God send him.

He saw my wife with my daughter, exhausting, dirty, probably panic a little bit, because my wife screamed to me, ‘I think the world is collapse. I don’t know what’s going on. I think our building is collapse, it’s probably earthquake. Who knows what.’

She was so afraid to look on the back, so she just, they ran. I think up to almost 5 o’clock maybe, or something like this, [almost] after.


The Residence Inn is approximately 700 metres away from where the Champlain Towers collapsed, on Collins Ave.


[8.34 min] And the guy saw them and he said: ‘Come on, come on. Come with me. Meet me at the Residence Inn, and I’ll give you a room. And when she came, he came after one or two minutes, and he set up a room for my wife and my daughter.

[8.58 min] My son was close to the building. He was shocked. He didn’t believe what the damage is. He always thought, er, that if they him go in, so he take all his stuff. He’s just graduated from a university, and he thought ‘hey, I need my resume. I need all my papers and everything.’

[9:28 min] But after a day, he start to realise that he cannot get nothing, unfortunately.

So, we lost everything. We don’t have insurance. But thank God, I am safe. And I am happy. But I didn’t sleep all night and imagine that you cannot talk to your wife and your daughter, and you don’t know they’re running, you don’t know what’s going on. Because my son wasn’t close to them.


[Skipping the next few minutes, where Mr Nir discusses ‘the message’ God is trying to give the Jewish people via all these tragedies.]


[11.45 min] We living in the hotel, in, er, Residence Inn. And, er, I think Thursday, er I think we need to find another place, I’m not sure yet. But I know the end of the week, is the Red Cross stop to pay for this [hotel room].

[12:35 min] We know several people that unfortunately, er, they are dead. I pray to Hashem to make, er, really a miracle, that they will be alive. But honestly, er…

It’s not just the dust that you can breathe. I see how much collapse they have, like a [unclear] pile. A big pile of, er, stone, rocks, and you know, concrete, and er, dust, and sand. 

And not just this. They have several fires….


[Skipping a couple of minutes until question in Yiddish about whether there was a blackout in the building.]

[14:40 mins] No. It was one apartment that the couple been saved. And we know them also very well. His parents we met, his name is Arik / Eric Tsiyon [?] 

And he came the same night, around I think 11.30 or so, er, or 12 o’clock, from New York. And he arrived, and his wife, she’s pregnant. And they came home, and they didn’t have power. And, he said I’m not going to stay in this 80 some degrees without aircondition[ing] and light.

[15:40 min] So, they decide to go to the hotel. And one hour after they arrive to [the] hotel, I think about, he heard about this, he saw lightningand all this. And he go back to the building, but from the beach, like the back of it.

When he saw everything, he was like ‘lost his mind’. Then he realised what the miracle that Hashem did to him.



So many contradictions between this account, from Mr Nir, and other details and accounts that we’ve covered previously, about what was going on with the cars in the carpark, and the timing of the collapse, and the black-out.

BH, I will go through everything again carefully, to try to get what we definitely DO know together, so we can start to figure out what’s possible, what’s probable, and what’s totally IMPOSSIBLE, when it comes to how that Surfside building collapsed.

But one thing I can tell you for sure:

The media is blatantly lying to us all about this.


How do I know?

Let me give one cogent example to demonstrate. This snippet comes from this story on the Daily Wire, posted on June 28, 2021, entitled:

“It started from the bottom.”

“It does appear to start either at or very near the bottom of the structure,” a consulting engineer who is not affiliated with the search and rescue operation told the New York Times. “It’s not like there’s a failure high and it pancaked down.”…

In a separate report, Fox News noted that a female resident of the towers, who is now missing, called her husband shortly before the collapse and told him that it appeared the building’s pool had disappeared into a sinkhole.

“A woman missing in the deadly Florida condo building collapse called her husband as the tragedy unfolded — and said she saw a sinkhole where the pool used to be before the line went dead,” Fox reported.


Here’s a clear shot of the pool TWO DAYS AFTER THE COLLAPSE:


No sinkhole in sight.

And yet, MSM news sites are spreading this ‘story’ that the pool disappeared into a sinkhole, with the same breath that they tell us it ‘started from the bottom’ – when the only CCTV evidence available clearly shows the buildings collapsing from the top.

So, do you believe them?


Also, the underground garage didn’t collapse first – because if it did, the rescue crews wouldn’t have been filmed trying to access the big pile of pancaked building by wading through thigh-deep water via that selfsame un-collapsed underground parking.

And I already showed you pictures of the totally ‘uncollapsed’ outside parking area, on the right, that’s partially visible from the lobby:


And the last thing to say, is that not in my worst nightmare did I think you could get to DAY 6 after this event, and they still haven’t even really begun to clear the rubble away.

If you wanted to make sure that anyone still trapped in that building would definitely be dead by the time you got to them, this is the way to do it.

And, I also suspect that the site is so ‘complicated’ to clear, because it wasn’t brought down by conventional means, but by ‘Directed Energy’ weaponry that literally pulverised everything, and everyone.

That’s why they started asking family members of the victims for DNA samples already by Day Two.


I suspect that just like in the WTC, there will be very little in the way of identifiable human remains even when they do get around to finally clearing the rubble away.

And they’ll blame that on all these weird ‘deep fires’ that apparently took hold when the site was soaked with a foot of rainwater; when there was no electricity to ‘spark’ any fires; and when there was almost zero of the oxygen required, by physics, to enable a ‘deep fire’ to burn.

But don’t believe them, when that happens.

Because they are lying through their teeth.


So, check and verify every single detail you are being told about this story.

Compare it to the hard facts, the clear images post-collapse, and keep sifting the truth from the lies, as part of the ‘Surfside Reality Check’ we need to keep applying to this information, if we ever want a hope of the real story being told one day.

We owe it to the people who were killed, to not let their murderers get away with it.

And the first place that starts is by accepting this was no ‘accident’, or ‘structural decay’ issue.

It was pre-meditated mass-murder.


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6 replies
  1. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    Hashem Yerachem. What can we do, Rivka? I don’t have time or energy to assist you with this detective work….. what can we do short of crying out to Hashem?…. And continuing with our Tehillim?…. I am in tears. What a terrible, terrible thing they did. Nekamah!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Crying out to Hashem, with the tehillim, is probably all there IS to do, that’s really going to make a difference. It’s the prayers – and connecting those prayers to the Tzaddik HaDor – that really gets all this evil to fall apart, from behind the scenes.

  2. Darin Sunley
    Darin Sunley says:

    The most benign possible explanation for the incoherent avalanche of contradictory manure coming from the media is that they get paid by the word, not by the fact.

    People tend to forget this.

  3. Nechama
    Nechama says:

    This may help you in some way. It’s a video of 8777 Champlain South, done for prospective new tenants. It shows the apts, inside, outside the condo, garage, parking and pool, everything, and ends at the south side, the side that pancaked down. So one gets to see what everything looked like before the debris. Just think, all the appliances, furniture, etc is mixed in that debris. I really wonder if they can see these items, since the bldg was allegedly Scalar–ed or dewed??? https://youtu.be/HFWbCZG_6xA
    Let me know if what I send is helpful.

  4. TrueTzadikkim
    TrueTzadikkim says:


    Please, all of you see this option.
    The kosher phelephone gives location of targeted.
    Probably not seeing your answers.
    Think about this…
    Mikvaot, bet knesset etc are closing because we are entering there with a gun against the kdusha.
    Sending WHATSUP instead of speaking human to human.
    Dancing the Egypt dance of HEKA.
    Not ok, me quilty as well.
    Hope this helps and save .lives.
    Shabbat shalom.
    (i wish there was a balanit without a phelephone, just calling sms thing.)


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