I updated the last post with more info, but I just found something else, so I’m pulling it out into a separate post.

***New updates below***

Let’s start with the ‘UPDATES’, below, then I’ll add in a couple of new pieces of information that are even more puzzling to me.


[Update 2, from the previous post:]

A new ‘story’ is coming out, that a missing resident called her husband before the collapse to tell him a sink hole had developed in the pool, in Surfside.

You can see that account HERE.

It’s amazing how this woman noticed that in the middle of an electricity black-out across the whole building, in the very middle of the night.

And it’s even more amazing that she didn’t raise the alarm at that point, if this story is true.

But what’s really interesting me are a couple of the initial comments beneath that ‘story’, where increasingly you find the real news:

Comment 1:

Ah, and here, when finding out about the incident, I was able to discern (the morning of) that Google Maps had initially tagged the wrong building. I did this by comparing the pool configuration to the other buildings in that area. It apparently didn’t sink very far.

Comment 2:

So many condos in the area are going up for sale……massed exodus !


Could we be seeing another hidden ‘real estate’ motive starting to swim into view here?

I mean, putting around ‘stories’ that expensive beachfront properties are suddenly collapsing in the middle of the night due to sinkholes, and running stories non-stop emphasising how ‘unsafe’ all these 40 year old structures suddenly are in that area is one sure-fire way to drive down property prices.

And when prices fall radically, some ‘lucky’ real estate developer can then step in, buy these properties for a song, and redevelop into something 4 times as expensive.

How I wish I was being sarcastic here.

But I’m not.

The only thing worse than their murderous tendencies is their greed.


So, let’s see how this story develops, shall we?

And let’s keep a careful eye on which property developers ‘ride to the rescue’ of all these poor people trying to sell their previously valuable beachfront condos for thrupence in order to avoid getting ‘pancaked’ in the middle of the night.

Because I’m sure we’ll learn an awful lot, if we do.


[Update 3, from the previous post:]

A reader sent me screenshots of the ‘missing’ Collive article mentioned above. I’m bringing the relevant sections below:


There’s a few things I find puzzling about this.

Firstly, how was Mrs Nir checking the emails in her home office when there was a building-wide electricity black-out, as we’ve been told from other people who actually left the building because of that black-out, to spend the night in a hotel?

Second, is there a record of the building security guard calling the police, to make a complaint about the noise, as per Mrs Nir’s account.

Third, if the construction noise was so loud in the middle of the night, why were none of the other residents were making complaints about it?

Let me put it out there as a question:

Did any other residents who left the building before the collapse, or who were in the still standing section of the building, also hear this construction noise?

This is a crucial piece of information, because ‘sink holes’ do NOT make construction noise in the middle of the night.


And lastly, Mrs Nir says that:

“As I was standing in the lobby, I saw the parking lot of the building collapsing, like an abyss that has opened up beneath it….She once again turned to the security guard and ask [sic] to call the police, this time reporting an earthquake. “There was a very loud noise,” she told him.”


If the noise was that loud, why wasn’t the security guard hearing it himself?

(I know, maybe on his phone, like everyone else, but even so….)

There should also be a record of the security guard making a call about this sink hole / earthquake to the police, or at least a partial call. He had enough time to do that, as the account shows that Mrs Nir then went back upstairs to wake up her children and get them out of the building before it collapsed.

So, I’d really like to hear the transcripts of the security guard’s call to the police, about the massive sink hole that apparently opened up in the car park just before the building ‘collapsed’ in a controlled demolition.

I have a feeling that’s never going to happen, but let’s see.


In the meantime, this prompted me to take a look at ‘8777 Collins Avenue’ on Google Earth.

I wanted to see where the pool was – where the ‘mystery woman’ from the Fox News report said she saw a sink hole open up – and where the carpark was – where Mrs Nir from this Collive report says she saw a sink hole upen up.

And now, the plot thickens.


This is a shot of 8777 Collins avenue, from the top:


According to Mrs Nir’s account, she saw a sink hole opening up in the outside carpark marked above, which is adjacent to the front lobby of the building.

But here’s the thing: the carpark is next to the part of the building that DID NOT collapse.


I checked to see if there was any other car park that Mrs Nir could have been referring to.

The entrance to the underground parking is on the opposite side of the building from the outside carpark, and not visible from the lobby.


So, the only place where a carpark is visible from the lobby is that external carpark marked below:


Which begs the obvious question:

IF a ‘sink hole’ opened up in that external carpark shortly before the controlled demolition that took down the whole back of the building, then WHY didn’t the front of the building collapse?

It’s still standing now.

And in the meantime, strangely, the ‘strongest’ part of the building – the middle part that was the furthest away from the pool, and the furthest away from this external carpark – came down first, within 5 seconds.


I’m also wondering how it was possible to see a sink hole open up in the outside carpark in the middle of the night, from inside the lobby, if it was pitch black.

And I’m also wondering if any cars were swallowed up in this ‘sink hole’, as presumably you’d expect to find in the middle of a carpark.

That part of the building is still standing.

These questions should not be hard to answer.


If any of my readers live close to Surfside, and have 5 minutes to spare, I’d love some shots of the carpark, if that’s possible.

Because if there wasn’t a sink hole, or an earthquake – then we are certainly looking at a controlled demolition.

And if we are looking at a controlled demolition – then this is mass murder.

And if it’s mass murder, the culprits need to be identified, and brought to justice, before they kill anyone else.


NOW, for the even newer stuff.

After I wrote that last ‘update’, I went HERE and saw this video:


42 seconds into the interview, I suddenly realise that they are showing an aerial shot of the front of 8777 Collins Avenue, and that external carpark.

And that’s when I realise that the carpark is totally intact, and there is no sink hole.

In fact, you can still see cars parked in it:




This is leaving me very confused about Mrs Nir’s account of why she decided to rush out of the building with her children in the middle of the night, shortly before the controlled demolition that took down the back half.

Here’s what she said, in the Collive story:

“As I was standing in the lobby, I saw the parking lot of the building collapsing, like an abyss that has opened up beneath it….She once again turned to the security guard and ask [sic] to call the police, this time reporting an earthquake. “There was a very loud noise,” she told him.”


Any parking lot that is visible from the front lobby of 8777 Collins Avenue is still intact, as you can see from the aerial shot above.

So, what’s the real reason Mrs Nir rushed out of that building in the middle of the night with her children, literally a minute before it ‘unexpectedly’ came down?

Did she have nevua, or was she given a warning to flee for her life?





I found a Russian Chabad site, HERE, with another version of Sarah Nir’s miraculous escape.

Here’s the pertinent snippet:

I got back to Miami after midnight-around 12: 30 at night. Then she heard a frightening, strange sound. It was like something was exploding and collapsing. She went down to the concierge and complained about the noise.Then her eyes fell on the parking lot: it was filled with construction debris, something was falling from above

In an instant, she ran into the apartment, woke up the children and dragged them outside. She ran with them away from the building and shouted: “Save yourselves! An earthquake!”

© Источник: https://moshiach.ru/view/miracles/18413.html


So in this version, Mrs Nir says she saw the parking lot ‘filled with construction debris’ – which again is strange.

Here’s the screenshot of where the parking lot is located, in relation to the front lobby:


It’s next to the part of the building THAT DID NOT FALL DOWN, and that is still standing now.

So, where did this ‘construction debris’ that she apparently saw falling into this carpark come from?

And if you go back and take a look at the video of Surfside collapsing HERE, you’ll see that everything happened so fast, there is no way that Mrs Nir could have seen something start to collapse at the back, then rush to her apartment to wake her kids up, and then rush out the front lobby again in time to escape.

The whole back collapsed from start to finish in 12 seconds.


Here’s some more ‘post-collapse’ shots that show, unequivocably, that neither the external carpark, nor the swimming pool:





This shot below was taken by a ‘first responder’ straight after the collapse, at dawn:


You can see that even after the back has totally collapsed, there is no sink hole, and there is no ‘construction debris’ visible in the carpark.


And here’s some shots of the perfectly intact swimming pool.

It still has water in it… so clearly, it didn’t even spring a leak EVEN AFTER the building pancaked next to it.



Why is all this stuff relevant?

Because the media is lying to us, again.

Remember THIS headline, from yesterday, from Fox News?


Honestly, does that pool look ‘caved in’ to you?

The lies are so blatant, even from ‘respectable’ MSM channels, that more than anything else tells you that there is a massive cover-up going on here, and that the building came down due to foul play, as part of a ‘controlled demolition’.


I’m going to continue to keep my eyes peeled for more information, and strange anomalies.

And please, continue to send me details as you hear them or find them – even if they don’t accord with the theory I’m laying out here.

The truth is the most important thing to get at here.



I just came across this video, done the morning after the collapse, by CBS, where resident Barry Cohen is explaining what he experienced and saw.

(It’s strangely shmirat eynayim friendly.)


I want to bring the full transcript of what Barry experienced, as it gives way more credence to the ‘Directed Energy Weapon’ hypothesis for how the building was brought down.

But before I do that, let me also draw your attention to what’s going on with that external carpark, which does look like it ‘split’ at the back of the building:


I know that search and rescue terms tunnelled into the underground carpark to try to find survivors, so it could be from that.

See more HERE, screenshot below:


Or, it could have occurred as a result of the building coming down.

Or, it could have happened before the collapse, as described in Sarah Nir’s Collive account – which doesn’t tally with the two other accounts where she says she saw the carpark fill with construction debris.


Here’s what Barry Cohen has to say:

We opened up the door.

First we heard a crash of lightning, I thought it was lightning. And it went on for 30 seconds I’d say, at least.

And it was as loud as you could ever… the loudest thing I’ve ever heard.

Now I know what a building collapsing sounds like.

And we went out on our balconies and Surfside police were already there, and we said ‘what shall we do?’ And they said, ‘go back inside’, we don’t know what’s going on.’

And then we went out of our apartment to try to get out of the building, and we opened up the door to our apartment and there used to be a hundred yard lobby, hallway, and it was rubble. Gone. Gone.


Who ‘hears’ lightning for 30 seconds?

And then a whole building falls down in 12 seconds flat?


And lastly, just wanted to include a picture of the inside lobby of the Surfside Condo:


It’s hard to understand how you’d see anything happening on either side of the building, from this front lobby, where presumably Sarah Nir was talking to the concierge.

The doors on the left lead out to the front of the building, which faces on to the main road.

But why would she say that’s what happened to get her out of the building ASAP, if it didn’t really?




Here’s another version of Sarah Nir’s story, this time from the YeshivaWorldNews site, snippet below:

Sora, a mother of 6, had returned that night from a Chabad gathering after midnight and began hearing ominous creaking sounds. At first, she thought someone was doing home construction work and wondered who would do such noisy construction work at such a late hour.

Sara’s husband was out of town and she was in her ground-floor condo with her two children, ages 15 and 25. She decided to complain about the noise to the security guard at the entrance of the building.

As the noise grew louder and louder, the security guard told her he would check out the source of the noise. Suddenly, Sora saw that the parking lot was filling with debris from the building that was beginning to collapse. She rushed back to her apartment and saw her 15-year-old daughter in the hallway.

She screamed at her and her son to run: “There’s an earthquake!” she screamed.

Her daughter insisted that she couldn’t go outside in her pajamas but Sora responded hysterically: “Run, there’s an earthquake!” Her daughter draped two towels over herself and the three of them ran outside toward the street. When they got there, they saw the building collapse in front of their eyes.


The front part of the building didn’t collapse, so that concierge is probably one of the people who made it.

I’d love to hear an interview with him.

Call me pedantic, but there are just parts of this story that are bothering me. A lot.

The back of the building came down in 12 seconds flat.

That just doesn’t ‘fit’ with having the time to see debris falling into the parking lot ‘from the building that was beginning to collapse’, then running back to your apartment – even on the ground floor – then having an argument with your daughter, and then running back out the front door of the lobby again.

Could a person really do all this in 12 seconds?


I know we all have a tendency to exaggerate and embroider dramatic events in our lives – I’m also guilty of that.

So there could be a very simple explanation for the parts of Mrs Nir’s ‘miracle’ story that just don’t add up, and also for how each version seems to morph into something different with each re-telling.

Maybe, she just had a gut feeling to get out of the building, and then embellished it with all this other stuff to make it more ‘dramatic’. 

I don’t know.

Or maybe….

There’s another, more disturbing explanation for Sarah Nir’s nevua about what about to happen.

It’s an uncomfortable thought.

But there are 150 people dead, whose bodies still haven’t been recovered. And every avenue has to be properly explored to figure out what really happened here.



Another site, another version of the miraculous story.

This one comes from HERE, snippet below:

Nir, the son of an Israeli father, described how his mother went to check what had happened when the first part of the building collapsed, apparently a parking area, and then raised the alert for him and his sister. All three survived the disaster.

“We heard a lot of noise going on in the ceiling,” he said. “Minute by minute it got worse, it got more intense.”

Moments later a rumble shook the building and “we all panicked a bit.”

The family at first thought it was an earthquake and left their home to exit the building. Outside, Nir said, dust was billowing about from the parts of the building that had already collapsed.

Wasting no more time, the family ran for their lives, escaping with just moments to spare as the main part of the building collapsed, throwing up clouds of dust that chased them down the street.

“We couldn’t breathe,” he said.

Nir estimated that the whole process was no more than a few minutes. He said the first sounds of the collapse were heard at around 1:15 a.m. Thursday and that the entire building came down by 1:19.


Except… it wasn’t four minutes, it was literally 12 seconds.

And there was no debris in the outside parking lot.

And the underground parking was still so stable – even after the collapse – the Rescue services shored it up and then tried to get access to victims by digging through from the underground parking.

So, really not at all clear what’s going on here, nor why all these conflicting versions of the ‘miraculous escape’ are being told.


On a separate note:

Can anyone out there help me identify who owned the apartment that looks to be on the tenth floor, in the middle of the building, next to the two ‘flashes’ of light highlighted below?

It’s almost the only apartment in the whole complex with lights on, in the middle of the hours’ long ‘black out’.

That’s kinda weird.



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8 replies
  1. Nechama
    Nechama says:

    IMHO Just like the narrative of “stampede” was rightfully deemed a “Crush” likewise the narrative of “collapse” should also become “Crush” which is more like the halacha of skila or stoning. They are trying to disassociate this evil act from the others.

  2. Kaylynn
    Kaylynn says:

    I stumbled up on your site and am a bit alarmed at the leaps you are taking with your facts. Assuming that the the parking area or garage couldn’t be seen from the lobby because of where the lobby is, isn’t wise. I did an online search and found pictures of the lobby, which show tons of windows near the parking areas, some facing in the direction of the pool. This is an old listing for an apartment in the building and toward the end of the pics, they show some of the lobby. https://www.condoblackbook.com/surfside/champlain-tower-south/unit-511-for-Sale

    Your reasoning that no one could see damage to the pool or garage before the collapse because people reported that the power went out. Was the power on before the collapse of the building? Or were the street lights on in the area? If so, there would be light.

    Also, with the account where the woman said the pool caved in and you don’t think it did. She could have been referring to the slab next to the pool. And her husband may not be remembering what she said verbatim.

    There is a lot of evidence that the building had been damaged by water and was in disrepair. The pictures of the garage area under the pool from before the collapse are pretty telling. Also, have you ever been in a bad thunderstorm? Thunder can indeed go on for 30 seconds, if not minutes. Repeated claps of lightning do that.

    Also, pictures taken the day after the collapse show the parking spaces caved in and angling toward the pool. The rescue workers didn’t do that. The ground either sank before the building or as part of the collapse.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I wanted to come back and thank you for the link you pasted above, the pictures are very useful.

      If that carpark was visible to Sarah Nir, it was clearly also visible to the concierge whose desk would be facing that carpark the whole time.

      So then, why didn’t that concierge raise the alarm, as soon as he saw the external carpark ‘sinking’ – and again, it’s the part of the carpark that DIDN’T sink, even post collapse.

      So what exactly did Sarah Nir see, before the collapse, that escaped the attention of the concierge whose desk is directly facing that carpark, whereas Sarah Nir would have her back to external carpark, if she was telling the concierge about the construction ‘noises’ she heard?

      If something really did collapse in that carpark BEFORE the building came down, why would Sarah Nir be the only one to see and hear that?

      And then why would that middle and back end of the building be the part that collapsed, if the underground parking is meant to have collapsed first at the front of the building?

      And the front of the building is still standing even now, until they blow it up today?


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