Yesterday, I spoke to someone whose mother passed away in Israel last week.

She’d had cancer for three years, and had been in the terminal stage of the illness for the last year.

She died of a heart-attack nine days ago, after enduring tremendous amounts of medical ‘care’ (and suffering…).

The doctors pressured the family to let them write on the death certificate that their mother had died from Covid-19. 

They explained how it would help the hospital, if they agreed, because the government would pay them more money, if they could show they were ‘helping’ Covid-19 patients (who then died….).

The family refused.

But you have to wonder: how many other people have agreed?


Today on the Arutz 7 website (that seems to occasionally still have some real news, hidden amongst all the obvious propaganda), I read this headline:

‘Coronavirus patients are being neglected – and are dying’

Doctors at hospital in central Israel say coronavirus patients are being neglected or not properly treated by nurses.


The story went on to explain how a small group of doctors at the Wolfson hospital had again raised a formal complaint against management, as they were shocked at the total neglect ‘Covid 19’ patients were experiencing on their ward.

The complaint went on to say that they were certain that patients had even died from the neglect (and NOT from the Covid 19 that undoubtedly was written on their death certificates):

“Not a day goes by that you can’t go into the coronavirus ward and hear a patient screaming and crying for hours while shaking with cold and asking for a blanket, or because a patient was left in an uncomfortable position and needs help to be put in another position.”

I am so proud of those nine doctors, who decided that standing up for the truth, and for the welfare of their patients, was more important than protecting their own jobs and pay cheques.
There is no doubt, that they are going to get an extreme amount of ‘push back’  from the powers-that-be for their courageous action.
But their actions – and the action of the person whose mother died, above – is pointing to how we can all get out of this Coronavirus Hell that’s engulfed the whole world. And here’s what it boils down to:

Stop co-operating with evil.


This whole Covid-1984 plandemic is just a test from Hashem.

He’s sitting there watching how we’re going to react to all the lies being spread online, all the bullying and violence being doled out to various members of our community – especially in the chareidi areas – all the fearmongering and anti-emuna propaganda being pumped out 24/7.

He’s watching to see if we’re going to co-operate with evil, and to support it – or if we’re going to stand up for what’s right, and what’s true and what’s holy, even if it’s inconvenient, scary or embarrassing.

And at whatever level we find ourselves at, we are all being asked to pass that test.


Friday morning, I went to my local health food shop, as I’ve been doing for the last nine months, with my mask under my nose.

When it’s been more ‘relaxed’ the last few months, I’ve also gone in there with it under my chin, but right now, as another wave of government-stoked ‘mask propaganda’ has been blitzed all over the news, it seems people are more into wearing their masks again.

So, I went in with it over my mouth, but under my nose.

And I went to the till to pay.

And the cashier on the till (who I know has some severe bad middot issues, from previous interactions with her) barked at me:

Put your mask up over your nose!!!!

There was something in her bullying tone that totally made me bristle.

I don’t want to, I told her.

So she barked at me again, this time in English:


And this time, I got so angry – that I left all my purchases there, and walked out the shop.

Man, I love my kombucha for Shabbat.

But enough is enough.


In the car on the way home, I started to ponder what would happen, if more of us would decide that we’re not going to co-operate with evil?

What would happen, if we stopped blindly following all these government diktats? If we stopped dobbing in our neighbors for having small weddings in the own back gardens? If we decided to wear the mask as little as we can, and ‘broke the rules’ anyway we could, without risking a confrontation with the police?

How would things look, if each time the lying media wrote another anti-semitic piece attacking the chareidim for ‘non-compliance’ that we would publically laud those chareidim in the comments section, and praise them to each other, instead of piling on the abuse and blame?

What if we started to ‘push back’, by refusing to play their games? And by making a big fuss when do-gooding bullies started telling us to ‘put our masks up’?

Because believe me, no-one likes to be on the receiving end of verbal abuse, not even the bullies like my woman on the till.

However much it bothered me, I guarantee, our interaction also really bothered her.

Next time, she will think twice before barking orders at her customers like an ober-fuehrer.


Depending on your job, your role, your place in society, you may have more ways of ‘pushing back’, and refusing to co-operate with evil.

If you work in a hospital, or in government, you will have more of the information you need to start blowing the whistle on what’s really going on here.

If you write, you’ll be able to share more of the information and the truth.

If you pray, you’ll be able to ask God to open more people’s eyes, and to give us all the emuna and courage we need to stand up for the truth, and for justice.

And each of us can choose to not participate in ‘contact tracing’, and in downloading ‘Covid apps’, and in jumping through all the rest of their ‘Covid-1984’ hoops.

Each of us has our test right now.

And God is watching carefully, to see how we’ll respond.



Readers are sending me some good things to include here – thank you!

First, an unverified report from someone who has a family member working in a hospital in Israel, who was told that:

“Hospitals that report more covid patients get a ton more budget for the hospital, and also get a ton of medical supplies for free. She said the hospital where she worked was suddenly ordering tons and tons of supplies because it’s all free if it’s for “corona patients,” so apparently the hospitals could definitely have a financial interest to report more corona patients.

It means more money and free supplies for the hospitals.”


If any whistleblowers out there want me to upload more information on this subject, send it along via the contact form!


Then, there is this open letter about how lockdowns are an awful response to even a real plandemic, let alone a fake one, from the World Doctors Alliance, which contains a TON of really good information:

(I’m spelling out the links in full now, as my links in words keep getting ‘broken’ with unceasing regularity.)

Here’s just a couple of snippets:

“The medical profession have not been allowed to let the public know that covid wards have been empty for months, nor that covid deaths have reached an all-time low for months, and this has unnecessarily added to the public’s distress and anxiety.

“The [UK] government’s own report estimates that some two hundred thousand (200,000) people will die as a direct result of lockdown – not the virus [which so far has ‘killed’ 42,000 people in the UK – less than the flu]. Hospitals being closed, suicide and poverty will result in more deaths than the virus.”


And then another reader sent me a link to Neshama’s blog, here, which is talking about the new Danish study done on 6,000 people to finally answer the questions of: 1) whether facemasks stop the spread of COVID-19, and 2) whether wearing facemasks damages the wearer’s health.

Guess what?

None of the ‘peer-reviewed’ journals want to touch this study with a barge pole, because it seems the REAL SCIENCE is showing that masks are 1) totally pointless and 2) also harmful to human health.

See the link here:

Is that the sound of millions of people running to sue the pants of hospitals, doctors, politicians and bureaucrats? I sure hope so!!


And then, the last thing to tell you is that I went downtown today, for the first time in about three months, as some of the shops slowly try to re-open. I needed to buy boots before winter really starts, as I wore my old ones for three years, and they fell apart in March.

Most of the clothing and shoe shops are GOING BUST.

One that was open let me in, in a super furtive way, where I sat behind a screen to try on shoes so the cops wouldn’t spot me and write them a huge fine (as happened to other shops on Yaffo, they told me.)

While I sat there, the wife was on the phone, talking about how bad ‘Bibi’ is, how he’s literally condemning millions of people to starving by taking away their parnassa, and how they paid 30,000 shekels for TWO MONTHS RENT in Yaffo, when no-one could come and buy anything.

More and more people are starting to wake up to the fact that ‘saving people’s lives’ is NOT what this plandemic is about.

If we band together, pray and stop supporting evil, all this can still change around for the good, very fast.

 And in the meantime, it’s time to give some serious consideration to the idea of where your own line in the sand is, and how you are going to defend it.

Read this, for some food for thought – but don’t get down!

The Rav is sweetening things still, behind the scenes, and as soon as he gets out of prison, all this will really start to move in a good way.

Personally, I can’t wait.



Here’s James doing what he does best: explaining what’s really going on, with tons of verified facts. Today, he unpicks the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ – which is occurring right now, as the elites deliberately crash the economy all over the world:

Time to draw your line in the sand!


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13 replies
  1. Daisy
    Daisy says:


    This is the best article you ever wrote! I love it.

    Will post it on my blog, with your permission, OK?

    We are clearly on the same wave-length.

    L’UNION FAIT LA FORCE, as I am sure you understand ( did you learn French in Great Britain schools???).

    Have a great day. I can see a turnaround already; many people are starting to understand the con played – shoved! – on us.


  2. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    Cont’d :

    And see this comment I wrote in response to a question a reader asked – regarding the video of Vera Sharav:

    “Unknown’s” question:

    “How do you wake up all these all these people who are glued to there stupid Tel-a-vision that doesn’t stop talking all day long about KORONA…..COVUD 19….ALL DAY LONG. I can’t even convince members of my own family about this big Pandemic lie……indeed very very scary.”

    My reply:

    “Good question, Unknown!

    I know what you mean: when people’s minds are sealed shut, it is very hard to penetrate. I think little by little trickle down, bring evidence, and DAVEN! Pray that Hashem – God for those who don’t understand that name which means THE NAME – open their eyes. But more than anything TV has to be eliminated! We haven’t had TV for decades.

    For instance the short video I posted last night

    is pretty good evidence, and does not require a whole lot of attention span, although the man bringing the evidence is extremely weird and a turn-off, I have to admit.

    Maybe this helps?

    I am doing my best: INFORM, EDUCATE, PASS IT ON. The more people see the light, the more we have a chance of winning this WAR AGAINST EVIL.

    Hatzlachah! Wishing you success.”

    I hope you like this input.


  3. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    I had seen this Corbett report a few days ago, but decided to hold off to post is, as I have a lot of information specifically regarding Israel and the WEF and was planning a post about this, a long and detailed post.

    Hopefully will find the time. If not, then whenever……

    Just know that Israel is heavily involved in this, via the Peres Center for Peace, Ben Gurion University, Haifa University, and others. I remember seeing a video of the World Economic Forum where Klaus Schwab and Shimon Peres embraced! They were best friends. I tried everywhere to find out if Klaus Schwab is Jewish or not: his last name is Jewish, and he was born in 1908 in the north of Switzerland. But I could not find his biography anywhere. I personally believe his mother was probably a goy ( with that name Klaus, a typical German name ), and his wife is non-Jewish also. Probably comes from a Frankist – Frankfurt – family.

    [Interestingly his life took him almost to all the places I lived: Geneva University, Zurich ( I went to med school in Zurich before the US), passing the ETH every day on my way to school, etc. etc. I am pretty close to him in terms of curriculum vitae, although B”H I took a much better turn than he did. Just like Moshe Rabbeinu who was born in Pharaoh’s palace, I guess I had to grow up in Geneva in order to really, deeply understand where these people grew up, their culture, their society, how they think. Of course I am not comparing myself to Moshe Rabbeinu, Chas Vechalilah. Just explaining why growing up among the enemy teaches you a lot. ] So don’t be surprised if Klaus Schwab has such a deep influence on the leftist, Oslo state of Israel.

  4. Netanel Simcha
    Netanel Simcha says:

    Hi Rivka, I recently watched the video entitled ” the full investigation into Rabbi Berland’s case Exposed”. Have you seen this video. I believe 100% that Rabbi Berland is innocent and all that, just I didn’t understand in the video how did they just so happen to have all the recordings of random phone calls that many of the players in the story had, like Rabbi Berland, Rebbetzin Berland, Y.T.C, Rabbi Pinchas Bunker, Rav Yaakov Moshe Salmanovitch, etc….? If you would be able to answer this question for me I would greatly appreciate it

    Wishing you hatzlacha in all your endeavours,

    Netanel Simcha

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      the main psycho who was persecuting the Rav has been ‘secretly’ recording all his calls for over a decade. A lot of those calls got into the hands of the legal team defending the Rav.

      • Netanel Simcha
        Netanel Simcha says:

        Ok, I mean I understand why he would secretly record conversations that he had with gedolim, but why would he record his very own self. Like why would he record himself actually praising the rav very highly (as they show in the video), and certainly why would he record himself saying bad stuff to the Rav like commanding him not to come to shul and stuff like that, and also what would he gain from recording Nachman S’s criminal brother threatening one of the Rav’s talmidim?

  5. Ana
    Ana says:

    Perhaps not directly related, but certainly connected… on Arutz7, there is an article “World Organization of Orthodox Synagogues outlines plan for winter prayers” which lists the guidelines being suggested, which includes (among other things):

    Even if permission is granted for holding prayers indoors, it is advisable to continue praying in an outdoor setting, which is considered safer.
    The regulations governing social distancing, hygiene, and wearing of face masks should be meticulously adhered to, and anyone who feels unwell should not pray in a quorum at all.
    If a “capsule” system is approved for synagogues, it is still preferable to hold several separate prayer quoroms, one after the other (which may conduct the prayers more quickly than usual) rather than to have a larger number of people praying at one time [even if they are divided by partitions].

    This sounded strange… even when permitted to go inside – stay outside! Even when finally going inside, conduct prayers more quickly than usual! Whatever it takes to take away our kli of tefilah…

    Based on these suspicions, I looked up who this organization is… the quick Google search leads directly the the World Zionist Organization’s website, and I can only imagine who is funding and guiding that…

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      yay, so pleased you are digging into the propaganda, kol hakavod.

      The State of Israel – aka all the corrupt oligarch billionaire sabbateans – fund the World Zionist Organisation.

  6. Mo
    Mo says:

    I feel like I’m having a twilight moment, seeing the Corbett Report on your blog. So cool. Thank you for doing all this digging you’ve been doing. I bet James would like to be linked to what you find out too.


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