You know why the world is in such a mess, right now?

It’s because us small people – you and I – are enabling all the evil going on.

Every time we ‘go along’ with all the force-testing, and force-masking, and fake emuna that ‘vaccines are the Mashiach’ – we are enabling the evil to continue to control us, the people around us, and the world, generally.

Those guys that yell at me to ‘put my mask over my nose’ in the supermarket…

Those people who tell me that they won’t come to my house, ‘because you’re not vaccinated’…

Those people who ask me to do a PCR test before I come to their wedding, or force my kid to do a PCR test before they can come to school – they are joining hands with evil.


It’s evil to scare the pants off small children, and to teach them that breathing fresh air, unmasked, is somehow dangerous for them, and also dangerous for the people around them.

It’s evil to keep ‘following orders’ with the force-masking in supermarkets, gyms and stores.

It’s evil to go along with the ‘green pass’ apartheid system, which is something straight out of the line-up for Dr Mengele.

Tav Yarok – to the right!!!

Tav Segol – to the left!!!

And you know who is perpetuating all this evil, and keeping it going?

You and me.


As soon as you and me stop going along with this – stop believing that ‘unvaccinated people’ are dangerous; stop believing that fresh air kills; stop believing that doctors are anything other than the paid agents of the Angel of Death; stop believing that DARPA-funded Pfizer and Moderna only want what’s best for humanity….

Stop listening and watching the corrupt, brainwashing news; stop trying to control other people, with force-masking and force-testing and force-vaxxing, just to try to contain our own mental illnesses called “anxiety and hyperchondria” – well.

The evil will stop.

Each of us has a responsibility here.

Each of us can stand up and be counted, and can really make a difference.


On the Habayitah website, you can read a great article by R’ Chananya Weissman that touches on this subject.

Snippet below:

Do you feel insignificant? Do you feel as if you are being swept along by the massive upheavals in our time, and it doesn’t matter what you do? Do you believe you are powerless to make a difference when rotten people control everything?

Eved Melech proves that you are very significant, and Hashem is keeping track of everything you do.

Your efforts to save someone might seem far-fetched, but they matter. Some of these efforts might even be successful; you might save a life!

Either way, you might just save your own.


Also today, I read THIS very powerful piece, on the website.

Here’s a snippet:

I told you that for everything they do, they need our collaboration.

Notice that even the guy at the newsstand collaborates with them when he asks you why you aren’t wearing a mask. Everybody is collaborating. At the moment we don’t collaborate with them —thanks to the knowledge we acquire— it’s all over. It’s all over. They always do it because they need us to collaborate. 

 ‘You, go there to make an atomic bomb.’ 

‘What do you mean? Why make an atomic bomb? I don’t work on that.’ 

‘Sorry? What do you want to do? I don’t know what? Mustard gas? What for? To kill who? I don’t want that job. I’m going to…’ 


In other words, we collaborate with them by hurting others.

Enough of hurting others for a salary, for a wage, or for whatever. Don’t hurt others anymore. 

‘What am I doing? Is this to harm someone? I don’t do it anymore. Or I change my trade and tell the one who orders me to do it. I don’t do this.’ 

‘I’m kicking you out.’ 

‘Well, I’m leaving. Goodbye.’ 

‘You’re not going to give me an employee’s salary here or I don’t know what for me to contribute to a crime.’ 

It’s as simple as that. 

And we can’t keep collaborating with these people. We’re all collaborating. Me included. 


Do you want to know what they are finding in these sealed vials of Covid 19 ‘vaccines’?

Not just the Pfizer vials – all of them! Moderna, AstraZenaca, J+J…

Here’s another snippet with links:

La Quinta Columna started showing the newest videos and photos from the analyses [and] the team they’re working with granted permission to share with followers. You can take a look at that exclusive material here:

    1. New exclusive photos and videos of COVID vaccination vial under light microscope

    2. More videos on unknown elements found in COVID vaccination vials

    3. Unknown materials found in COVID vaccines: Are they altering human DNA?


That the ‘vaccines’ are full of bio-toxic, radiowave-tunable graphene oxide is pretty much proved beyond a shadow of a doubt now.

But that’s not even the really worrying thing.

These ‘vaccines’ are literally swimming with stuff that looks and acts ‘alive’, that the researchers so far can’t even identify.

I think there’s a good chance it’s that DNA Origami, I wrote about in a bunch of places already (search for ‘DNA Origami’ on the site, and a bunch of articles will come up.)

Remember this?


It’s Israeli scientist Ido Bachelet, talking about how he was going to fit a billion DNA Origami nanobots into one syringe – and then use the internet to tell those nanobots how to perform ‘surgery’  inside the human body.

That was back in 2013, and then dear Ido dropped out of view and went to work on some secret project for….Pfizer.


Now, take a look at some of the images of the stuff being found in these ‘Covid 19 vaccines’:

(From HERE)


Show these pictures to your rabbi, your doctor, that guy in shul that keeps insisting you force-vax, force-test and force-mask, and have them explain to you what exactly this stuff is.

What is it?

Do they know?

Do they know what it’s meant to do?

Can they explain how this stuff is present in the Covid 19 shots, when none of it fits the ‘official description’ on the product insert?

Do they even know it’s in the ‘vaccines’ they keep telling everyone to run out and get?



Then how in God’s name can they be so sure these things are ‘safe’, and so sure these things are a ‘present from shemayim to heal people’, and so sure that doctors, and everything doctors do, only heals and doesn’t harm?

How in God’s name can they be collaborating with the people trying to pump these ‘vaccines’ into the bodies of even babies and small children?

That is the question.

But the bigger question is:

How much longer, are we all going to keep enabling this evil to continue?

And that’s something that only be answered by one person.




I only ever seem to find this stuff in a foreign language, but here’s Israeli cardiologist Dr Yehuda Adler, explaining how the number of people he’s now seeing with myocarditis has shot through the roof – and linking it explicitly to the Covid shots.

(Not shmirat eynayim friendly)


BH, I hope there will be more doctors and nurses who start to do the right thing, and to come clean about what’s really going on with these Covid shots.

(Clearly, I’m not holding my breath…)



Go and read this:


This isn”t just Israel’s problem, it’s happening all over the world.

Doctors and nurses and bureaucrats are the ‘smiling, caring face’ of what is effectively the 4th Reich.

And policeman, school principals, bus drivers and store owners are effectively it’s enforcement arm.

(And let’s not forget the army – where is the IDF in all this, when it’s not off ‘force-vaxxing’ new recruits in the middle of the night?)

We are all ‘joining hands with evil’…

And that really needs to stop.


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6 replies
  1. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    If you change “collaboration” to “consent” I said the exact same thing in a comment here not too long ago. Evil cannot force anyone to do anything. They can make the choice to do the right thing hard, even painful, but it is always our choice.

    If you want an inspiring and practical example of how to respond to the banal evil that surrounds and envelops us, read Rafi Farber’s tale of how he got his maskless, vaxless, testless children to attend school, despite the fierce intimidation he faced.

    We should all follow his example. Gird your loins and overcome your fears.

    On my just-ended tiyul to kivrei tzaddikim in the Galil, the tav yarok enforcement at the graves and batei knesset was non-existent. Not even 1% of the people around me were masked. The eating establishments were not so great if you wanted to eat indoors, but no one gave us a problem when we sat outside.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Yeah I read that. Very inspiring, and very courageous. There is also strength in numbers, which means the more people start to do this, the easier it should (theoretically…) get for others to start doing it as well.

      May Hashem give us all the emuna, and the courage, to stop consenting to and collaborating with the evil going on all around us.

  2. nechama
    nechama says:

    Ditto on what I wrote in the previous post. Don’t be confused. Its more testing. Remember Ain Od Milvado! Keep your eyes and mind on the goal = HASHEM! Keep talking to Hashem.

  3. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    Couldn’t agree more, except for….

    Hey, I am an MD, and there are many more like myself. Please stop insulting the whole profession, it’s really not right. Do you know how many doctors get vilified, dismissed, lose their license or worse for standing up for what’s right? Yesh Gevul!


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